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A Short, Succinct Summary Of Mass
And Individual Mind Control - Here Is How
Your Tax Dollars Have Enslaved You

By Prof Eric Karlstrom

Special Forces Operations by Special Operations Forces (US Special Operations Command/USSOCOM, more accurately, USSCUM, or SCUM for short). Remote Neural Monitoring. Brain-to-Computer Interface. Neural-cognitive warfare. Havana Syndrome. Total Information Control, Total Individual Control, “Non-lethal weaons,” Pacification and Control. Slave/Biomedical engineering human experimentee trafficking. Man-hunting business. “Pay for play.” Psychotronic (psychological + electronic) warfare. Market share. Jobs. Satellite terrorism. DoD’s Global Information Grid Enterprise. NSA Global Spy Network. Torture voyeurism. Radical gaming. FBI’s COINTELPRO + NATO’s Operation Gladio + CIA’s Phoenix Program + CORDS domestic torture-terror-murder programs.

Full spectrum dominance. Routing EM frequencies through the human biofield, aka Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN). Five Eyes intelligence alliance. Signals intelligence (SIGINT) and human intelligence (HUMINT). “Dual use” emergent, exponential technologies to maim and kill. The (phony) “War on Terror” (aka “counterterrorism”) as netcentric-cognitive-drone warfare against anyone, anywhere.

Bio-hacking to create transhuman bio-robot slaves. Cybernetics, man-machine integration. Playing other humans like sims in a video game. De-platforming, de-personing, “signature reduction” (SIGREDUX), deletion of blacklisted expendables. “Identity management,” special forces ops, and gangstalking as lucrative professions. New World Order/Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution/UN Agenda 2030. AI-SMART Cities, C40 Cities, Internet of Things (IoT).

Aerial spraying with toxic chemicals (chemtrails) and metamaterials to create in-body sensors and in-body nano-networks. Deployment of neuro and directed energy weapons against civilians. Open-air prison/concentration camp. Police, military, psychologists, computer network engineers, politicians, judges, medical doctors, nurses, scientists, academics, Neighborhood Watch vigilantes, and lawfare “on the take” as gangstalking perpetrators.

The TI program is best understood as one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history. However, governments gaslight the population, maintaining that this black program (Special Access Program or SAP), ongoing since the 1950s at least, doesn’t exist.

The evil inherent in this program would be inconceivable were it not matched by the radical evil inherent in the systemic and expanding government-supported sex/child/slave trafficking of illegal immigrants in the US, the DoD’s and UNs injection of most of humanity with an “operating system” via the Covid jab, the systematic genocide (democide) of Palestinians by Israeli and American militaries, decades of aerial spraying of metamaterials, metal oxides, and toxic chemicals (chemtrails) into our skies, our earth and our bodies, and current attempts to technocratically enslave humanity via the “Great Reset”/UN Agenda 2030.

All of these crimes against humanity proceed today without effective opposition. Each of these state-sponsored operations is a multi-billion to trillion dollar industry. Each comprises depopulation genocide/democide, mass murder of innocents. Alas, all pretexts of decency and law and order seem to have vanished from America.

I met a very elderly lady at a campground once, Mary. She was the widowed owner. We had an interesting conversation in which she stated: "In the end, God hold's all the cards."