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Br Nathanael - Real Jews News IS Now Up!

From Brother Nathaniel

It's an idea whose time has come...BACK!

'For fear of the Jews' is not in my lexicon.

Real Jew News is now up  HERE!

That truth-loving url is back online  @

ALL my Vids, Articles, great Comments, that Jews and censors hate, are up.

Feast your eyes  on what you will never learn from a gentile, no one can come close to my 'Jewish' knowledge of the Synagogue of Satan.

The mask is off and all the world now sees the true colors of the Yids.

I'll be 'VID-ING' soon.

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Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River, ID 83856.

I'm in a fighting mood. 

I know just what and where to go to reveal the truth about how .0025% of the world's population arguably controls the PLANET.

+Brother Nathanael Kapner