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How Jews 'Get Away With Murder'
It Begins with billion$ and trillion$...

From Brother Nathaniel

Shared and created  by the Synagogue of Satan through its Lobbies, Equity Firms, Central Bank Printing Presses...the Jewish influence 'buck' STARTS and FLOWS from there.

How else does Jew-lover Lindsey 'Sissy' Graham get a free pass when asked 'is there a threshold on civilian casualties in Gaza?'  And he answers, ' NO'...

How else does Zio-bender Congressman Brian Mast get a free pass when saying, ' There are very few innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza .'

Then classifying mangled Palestinian children as 'nazis'...he says ' Looking at Gaza , w e would not lightly say there were innocent Nazi civilians .' 

Who scripted this? Certainly not this groveling goy. A monied Yid for sure!

Sissy Graham and Brian Mast know where the cream cheese goes on the bagel. 

Media, good press, campaign awards, are the 'lox on top' for the bastard children of the Jewish Lobbies.

Real Jew News  will be re-launched this week .

I've learned my lesson. 

Try to play by the Jewish rules, but with an effective Christian message, they'll change the rules, or simply throw your ass off of their venues.

Call it the 'PhD Education Of Brother Nathanael Kapner'

Well, 'Dr Kapner' is about to do his Doctoral Thesis.

The Yids won't like it. They never did...but for sure  not  this time.

Real Jew News IS Coming Back  with no holds barred.

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Mail:  Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River, Idaho  83856

We will win this time around! 

+Brother Nathanael Kapner