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NATO Moves 90000 Troops Into Position
...The Middle Game Begins

By Russell Bentley

Reuters  reports  that NATO "exercise" Steadfast Defender 2024, will begin on  Monday, January 22nd , and will run "through" May, which means until June. The deployment will include 90,000 troops, 50 ships, including aircraft carriers, more than 80 combat aircraft, including fighter jets, and over 1,100 combat vehicles, including at least 133 tanks and over 500 infantry fighting vehicles. The fact that the "exercise' begins next week, and the Western MSM is only now publicizing it, means that all the military assets are already in position. They're not "coming",  they're here.

This is the biggest NATO combined arms "exercise" since REFORGER 1988, back when the USSR and Warsaw pact were still in existence. In other words, this is the biggest NATO troop movement since the end of the Cold War, almost doubling the previous largest, which was 50,000 troops involved in Trident Juncture in 2018. 90,000 troops on the move for almost half a year, concentrating in the Baltic states on Russia's borders, in Romania, on the Ukraine border, and in Germany, the military logistics hub of NATO, and where it all started "last time". You know what I mean. 

Politics and war can best be exemplified by the game of chess. In chess, there are three specific stages - the opening, the middle game, and the end game. The opening is when the two opponents move their pawns into a defensive line and develop the major pieces for maneuver. It is relatively bloodless, and if done correctly, more strategic than tactical. There is no defining moment when the game transitions from the opening game to the middle game, but the middle game is where the fighting really begins, and you know it when you get there. 

The middle game is where the majority of pieces are lost, the fighting is most intense, and surprise moves are most likely. The game can often end in checkmate during this phase, with one side being totally defeated by a surprise move they did not see coming.  Remember that.

If there is no surprise defeat, the middle game is usually short, and when it is over, the chessboard is vastly different than when it began. In the end game, the majority of pieces on both sides have been eliminated, only a few pieces remain - the kings, of course, and a few pieces close to them, defending them. From here, the game ends in checkmate, a definitive defeat of one side or the other, or a stalemate, where both sides agree that neither can win, thus ending the game, and agreeing to start over at some time in the future. 

(Russell Bentley in the opening game, on frontline position "Blesna", 2015)

With Steadfast Defender, Europe (and probably the world) enter the middle game. Fasten your seatbelts, we are in for a rough ride. This middle game will almost certainly not be confined to Europe. and before it is over, will most probably include surprise moves in the form of the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. No place on Earth will be safe, except, perhaps, for the luxury bunkers of the world's billionaire elite. Maybe not even there...

The "Great Reset" has been interpreted by some as code for a depopulation plan to cull the human herd of the majority of its members. This idea has been dismissed by popular culture as just another "conspiracy theory", but in reality, it remains the most plausible explanation for the many developments of the last few years. For instance -

The proof that the covid virus, and the "vaccine" it engendered, are actually biological weapons grows stronger every day. The genocide in Gaza, and Israel's absolute disregard for international law and total lack of any meaningful response to it by the UN or international "community", the intentional destruction of the US and European economies, spending, borrowing and looting national treasuries as if there were no tomorrow, the ecological destruction fomented by the very ones who pass draconian laws they claim are in order to protect it, the disinformation and gaslighting aimed at destroying people's very ability to discern truth, and therefore, reality ... 

All of these developments that have intensified and accelerated in the last few years, when taken as a whole, can only be rationally and realistically explained thusly -  "They (the global Parasite Class) are not stupid, they are doing it on purpose."  If there really is a plan by world elites to depopulate the planet, (There is, because) everything they have done would be exactly the way they would do it. Think about it. Prepare. And don't forget to say your prayers. The middle game, just like Steadfast Defender, is already upon us. The end game begins soon, but it may well end in a stalemate like this...