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China's Dragon Spaceship Lays 'Eggs' Over
America's White Sands Missile Base

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Amid the news media hysteria over North Korean missile launches in the western Pacific, a far closer threat from China went unreported in the heartland of America’s nuclear defenses. Recall the Chinese surveillance balloon that glided over Montana toward the East Coast? A more recent low-altitude intrusion into the airspace of America’s strategic defenses, obviously for a bold spy mission on December 8 (one day after North Korea’s “Pearl Harbor day” launch), was flawlessly achieved by a far more sophisticated Chinese spacecraft, an upgraded and modified Shen Long (Spirit Dragon) space transporter, is far more intriguing, not only for its innovative technology but also for raising as it does the issue of total yet telling silence from a Biden White House in cahoots with China.

The airspace intrusion by the nuclear ion-powered hypersonic space plane, absent of any strategic treaty terms with China, such as the U.S.-Russia START accords, and unbeknownst to Congress and withheld from public knowledge, is in clear violation of the Constitution absent of treaty law. No President is authorized to allow an adversarial power to enter American air space without congressional approval in a bicameral vote, especially over a major defense facility like the White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico (located less than 10 miles from the sensitive border of Mexico to boot).

The lack of authorization under treaty terms raises the hard question: Why wasn’t the low-orbit Chinese intrusion over the White Sands missile center intercepted for capture by the U.S. Space Command or shot down by ground-to-air Army interceptor missiles (the latter plentiful at the White Sands base)? The official silence, indeed cover-up of a bold adversarial surveillance mission indicates how deeply the collaborationist Joe Biden and his son Hunter are subject to political blackmail by their Chinese masters, now verging into a matter of high treason against this nation’s strategic defense posture. (To clarity, this writer is not some hysterical anti-China nutcase, far from it, but aware that international law is quite clear about such unauthorized military-related intrusions over any target nation. Had the Russians flown one of their hypersonic jets over the UK missile arsenal at Lock Long, Scotland, there certainly would have been an angry outcry from Parliament and the European member-states of NATO.) By contrast, here in “the home of the brave”, there is abject silence due to the pathos of a Biden Vichy regime on its knees, losing badly even minor military engagements from Afghanistan to Ukraine - the once invincible USA at its nadir.

Enter the Dragon

On Friday evening, December 8 (at 7:15 p.m. in the Mountain time zone), I spotted an elongated pencil-shaped space ship releasing at least a dozen large golden orbs in the fading sunset. Its low-altitude position, below cloud level, had descended from orbit and appeared at low altitude northward in the vicinity of the White Sands missile base. Resembling a mother snake laying it eggs one after another, the strange elongated spaceship released a line of balloon-like spheres along a west-to-east straight line in the sky, north of where I was walking. Its trail of large orbs (their girth doubly wide as the mother ship) glowed with a golden sheen in the diminishing twilight, the earliest releases went dark at the edge of fading light and then the rest disappeared with nightfall. It was one of few times that I didn’t have a camera on my person, and in any case the fading golden glow would have been too faint and much too distant for its short-range lens.

Stretching out my arm toward the phantom sighting, the flat needle-shaped space vessel was about an inch long between thumb and forefinger, and its trail of about 16 orbs were lined in a straight horizontal file along my finger space of about nine inches. The low-altitude delivery, between 8,000 and 4,000 feet altitude, was transpiring on an approach toward the White Sands missile range. The sky ship was slowly moving eastward toward that strategic base at a slow constant speed, drifting without making any attempt at evasion or diversionary movements. Conversely, there was no attempt by USAF jets at Holloman Air Base (in the White Sands complex) to intercept the “dragon” ship, meaning there must have een a stand-down order from the White House and its sold-out Defense Department, resulting in the grounding of F-16 interceptors. Since White Sands bristles with rockets, the Chinese airship made an easy target. Nothing of the sort transpired. As nightfall descended, the strange airship disappeared without leaving a fiery trail or smoky contrails, indicating it is a hypersonic aircraft with thrust provided by invisible nuclear isotopes. (That’s all we need by the Trinity A-bomb site - more radioactivity!)

Needless to say, I was stunned at the strange sighting and, over the following week, even more disturbed by the lack of news coverage of this outrageous intrusion of airspace in the strategic heart of the USA. There was no mistaking about the intrusion since no flights of civilian spacecraft from the scheduled at the adjoining Space Port, which was shut down after the last of Richard Branson’s questionable Virgin Space flights. A congressional investigation is required to get to the bottom of this astro-aeronautical violation of American airspace. By comparison, the landing (and sabotage) of the Nazi-era Hindenburg air-ship (blimp) on the East Coast was less mysterious and non-threatening compared with this recent Chinese intrusion into the heart of America’s defense network. How could such an outlandish incursion happen unless Beijing had a bribery deal with the White House, arranged by Hunter Biden’s comrades in treason, agents of China’s military?

View from the Sands

A couple of weeks later, on a Christmas visit to rancher friends residing near the vast White Sands range, my car passed in front of surveillance domes bristling with telescopes. Of course, any potential “intruder” who approaches the sensitive defense site is monitored and the license plate kept on the digital record. Local citizens, especially the “down-winders” demanding medical support for radioactivity exposure from the Trinity A-bomb test site, are especially unwelcome as a greater threat to the federal budget than a nuclear-armed foreign power like China. Perhaps because I am racially Asian, the guards were ordered to give me a free pass on the assumption that my mission was for Chinese military-intel in cahoots with President Biden and his National Security Council. Nihao Tongjie! (Howdy, Comrades!)

The local ranchers also had witnessed the descent of that spacecraft overhead while their region was still quite bright during the late sunset over the flat desert basin. Their description of the sighting was identical to my observation of an elongated space vessel releasing a trail of large orbs from its tail section as it descended toward the military base. Nothing resembling the intruder had ever been seen before over the northern sector of the base (as opposed to target drones over the test range and civilian space center in the southern quadrant of the White Sands range). Local news had never reported on this advanced type of spacecraft being developed or launched from the White Sands range. Clearly, it was not one of ours.

Dragging his upward-pointed index finger from west to east, one of the ranchers said, “It was moving very slowly overhead while releasing those objects but then as it passed eastward over the Sierra Oscura mountain, we lost sight of it.” Its southeastern trajectory put the intruder over the Oscura bombing range halfway toward the White Sands missile base. Obviously, the timing of the pass-over mission was slightly in error, occurring in the twilight just minutes prior to nightfall. Otherwise, neither the ranchers nor I would have spotted the intrusion. (Sunset in this desert region doesn’t always conform to a seasonal timetable due to the angle of mountainsides, reflective clouds and variances in land-altitude along a varied terrain.)

Preliminary to Invasion

Am I being paranoiac? I certainly should instead of assuming my usual observation-based cold forensic methodology. Could the visitation instead have been a space vessel launched from another U.S. missile base? Unlikely, improbable and certainly not. America’s other major missile center is in Huntsville, Alabama, far to the east of the sighting and, farther still, Cape Canaveral, Florida. Could the needle-shaped vessel have arrived from Edwards Air Base or Area 51? That’s also improbable since there have been no other reports of sightings of a large spaceship along flight paths over California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona or western New Mexico. Nothing was seen over high altitude Silver City NM atop the Continental Divide.

The intruder therefore had steeply descended from high orbit to fulfil its surveillance mission over White Sands. The Dragon ship is, thus, astoundingly maneuverable, lightweight and maintains glider-like stability at slower speeds. Could it have been delivering weapons of mass destruction, such as a lethal virus? As yet, there’s been no recent local reports of mass deaths or strange disease outbreaks other than flu, indicating therefore that the mission was likelier surveillance with monitoring instruments and signals-intercepts capability inside the balloons, which presumably deployed over military facilities in the strategic Southwest corridor, which includes: Fort Bliss (the key Army base adjoining the border), White Sands missile range, Fort Carson in Colorado and, most vital, the NORAD command center at Cheyenne Mountain - all choice targets for nuclear strikes.

This region’s military bases, along with Border Patrol stations, are part of the continental defense corridor, the invasion route of choice from Mexico, where coincidentally record numbers of illegal migrants (many of them foreign military personnel in the guise of poor, hungry refugees) are penetrating the border to take their positions across a vulnerable and naive USA, betrayed by China’s agents on the ground and in the White House. Meanwhile, despite recent personnel boosts, the Border Patrol and other national security agencies remained woefully under-staffed, largely under-equipped and unappreciated by a negligent citizenry. The present situation along the border, frankly put, is far worse than at Pearl Harbor at the onset of the Pacific War, and the Biden administration is entirely to blame for the impending disaster that will trigger WWIII to the total disadvantage of Americans in a first-strike slaughter, given the immense power of nuclear weapon systems.

Treason of a Quisling regime

When considering the Shen Long’s descent from Earth orbit was slow enough for an easy shot down or, at least, warning shots from a ground-to-air missiles launched from the White Sands base, there must have been an official standoff order to the USAF command from “higher up”, meaning the Biden White House. Thus, there was zero attempt by the base’s defense units to counter the “dragon’ spaceship’s slow descent and careful unloading and release of its spy balloons, a process which lasted longer than a half hour. By comparison, the White Sands base guards can get quite rough with “downwinder” protesters demanding compensation for the ill effects and deaths of their relatives from the Trinity atomic-bomb test. But they are mere American citizens and lowly taxpayers of zero worth to the Democrat elitists who grovel to their Chinese donors and the likes of George Soros.

There is zero possibility of Joe Biden, the Joint Chiefs and the Pentagon not being in the know about the “Dragon Ship” intrusion, meaning the White House must have given the nod to Beijing to inspect the White Sands range and nearby defense facilities. (Several articles posted by this investigative journalist have proven without a shadow of doubt that President Joe Biden is a career-long paid agent of Beijing since his youthful posting on the Tianshan range in western China, and now apparently so are the majority among his National Security Council and his foreign-policy staff.) Bribery and sexual favors have succeeded where the FBI has failed. As put by a disappointed young Yankees baseball fan: “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

So with its total control of the White House by the Beijing leadership, what’s China’s game? The arrival of the Dragon ship indicates that one demand is permanent surveillance over the strategic Southwest defense corridor, the heartland of America’s military might, to guarantee no American reprisal against Beijing, for example, in event of its military conquest of Taiwan. Second, there will be no serious national resistance to a foreign invasion moving northward to divide the USA, reverting the Southwest states to Mexican sovereignty. Third, that democracy is to be replaced by a Quisling-like dictatorship. The handwriting’s in the sky: Surrender or Die, gweilo!.

Unlike the START treaty with Russia

It should be mentioned here that the only vaguely similar program for sharing military-related high-altitude detection involves the disposal site of decommissioned reactors from U.S. Navy nuclear submarines, left dis-assembled on the ground at the DOE Hanford Site (Washington State) for military-parity verification purposes by Russian satellites under the START Treaty between Washington and Moscow. That’s a far cry from accepting, without challenge or counter-response, foreign military-espionage intrusions over America’s active strategic military facilities.

Biden has zero legal defense for this betrayal of the nation’s military secrets since there is nothing remotely resembling a START treaty between the PRC and USA. Secret nuclear cooperation did exist during the Sino-Soviet split (to Moscow’s disadvantage) but any residual bilateral cooperation ended with the Sichuan Earthquake of 2009, when joint nuclear efforts ended with the collapse of several military-purposed nuclear reactors. The town of Beichuan, the decades-long center of joint USA-PRC nuclear weapons cooperation, was swarming with DOE employees in the weeks following the Sichuan Quake. However the American nuclear engineers were not permitted to visit the secret warhead-production sites that were destroyed and buried under collapsed mountains in the Beichuan valley. (My reports for print media and television news at the time were partly based on traveling aboard the last civilian plane flights over that valley of nuclear disaster. Wind-blown radioactivity posed a huge threat preparations for the Beijing Olympics, which the Chinese engineers overcame with a blanket of radioactivity-absorbing soil shipped in from the Tianshan mountain range in northeast China.

Bilateral nuclear cooperation was completely suspended following the Obama CIA-sponsored assassination attempt against then Chinese Communist Party Chairman Hu Jintao, which put a definitive end to bilateral U.S.-China goodwill and eventually led to a reconciliation between China, Russia and North Korea in a common front against the USA and NATO. (The boneheads at the CIA have repeatedly bungled foreign relations, alienating allies and pushing them into the arms of adversaries.) That put a final stop to the brief global era of American unilateralism. We dropped the bowling ball on our own feet.

(At this late stage in the nuclear game, Joe Biden’s tolerance of Chinese espionage intrusions over America’s main high-tech defense sites, therefore, smacks of high treason, arising from his long biography of coziness with Beijing ever since the Sino-Soviet split (which included his own youthful posting in western China as a junior CIA spy in league with the Red Guards on the Tianshan border zone near the Soviet Semipalatinsk missile base and nuclear weapons test site in Kazakhstan). Biden’s career-long collaboration with Beijing enabled his son Hunter to assume the role of messenger boy and well-paid agent of the Chinese Navy. Benedict Arnold was a lightweight by way of comparison to the treasonous Bidens. How can it be put? Something must be done about this intolerable situation.

What was it?

The Chinese mystery craft is an offshoot of Beijing’s “Shen Long” (spirit dragon) series. In the Mandarin dialect it is pronounced “shun-lun”. The standard version is a smaller craft than America’s lumbering space shuttle, basically a bloated space-plane with triangular dart-shaped wings. On its west-to-east circuits of the Earth, the original Shen Long delivered mini-satellites over the USA for unreported purposes, presumably for spy-in-the-sky photography and military signals intercepts.

The recent sighting of a much-modified spacecraft, by contrast, is an arrow-shaped vessel, somewhat flattened (wider than deep). Unfortunately, the far distance and fading light of evening were beyond the reach of my camera. (A rough drawing is attached to this article, below.) Based on my distant observation, the ship is about 50 and 70 yards in length (if my youthful track experience at the short dash remains valid). Presumably, its rear half, of up to two-thirds of the vessel, is an attached payload compartment for storage of the balloons and their internal monitoring equipment, rolled out along a metal track for delivery out the rear hatch. The guidance engines are probably mounted on the forward section, which comprises a third of the ship’s length. Since flames were not released over White Sands, thrust is presumably achieved by isotope pulse flows, possible at low altitude amplified with compressed air to maintain stability, thereby leaving no heat signature aka “flames”.

Were human spies aboard?

An intriguing question is whether the long dragon ship was piloted and operated by an onboard crew. Robotics have come a long way but precision delivery of inflated balloons in carefully time and targeted sequence requires adjustments for wind speed and high-altitude turbulence, especially over the temperamental desert climate of New Mexico. In addition to that main mission, a slow drift over White Sands provided a tempting opportunity to photograph America’s latest missiles and prototype aircraft. An interceptor missile strike on the spaceship by ground personnel in open defiance of White House orders, of course, would have necessitated the onboard crew to bail out, meaning there is probably a small emergency evacuation vessel aboard the long ship for escape and evasion with the aid of Chinese agents on the ground (of whom there is no shortage in the Southwest). A shoot-down could only have been prevented by a presidential order in an blatant act of treason.

No effort was made and no order given to scramble USAF jets to track the Chinese spy-ship or snatch one of the orbital balloons. It is even questionable whether an official order was given in the earlier trespass by the Gweilo Balloon to the USAF for the shoot down along the Atlantic Coast after completing its spy mission (which may have been a staged affair) or if in fact it was destroyed by an internal detonation after its coast-to-coast mission was accomplished. The question remains: Why not shoot down or, better, capture that ghostly balloon?

As yet, there is no indication of whether the 20-plus surveillance balloons from the Shenlong were retrieved by the Air Force or self-destructed after fulfilling their surveillance tasks. They could still be floating over your home. There is a farfetched but disturbing possibility of an exotic bioweapon payload (canisters) concealed some of those rogue balloons. Thus far, the shreds of evidence show China to be merely focused on surveillance rather than sabotage.

To be perfectly frank, the Chinese are merely taking what they’ve been given by Team Biden - total access to America’s military secrets, an irresistible offer. Over recent past decades, the USA has done the same sort of surveillance over China, although at much higher altitude or by agents on the ground. What made the Ghost Balloon and now the Dragon Ship so exceptional in terms of spycraft is how deeply compromised the Bidens have been and the lack of mass media questioning of these treasonous events. Good will to other nations is one of our national virtues but that has clear limits of discretion, restraint and common cause based on the national interest and global standards of cooperation. International friendship is not to be confused with fealty to foreign powers.

There is no present recourse other than to punish the Bidens’ high treason while preserving our nation’s dignity, best done with his removal on medical grounds from high office followed by silent exile to Guantanamo, where similar violations of the national interest are swept into oblivion as a warning against future betrayal and other such unacceptable indiscretions, if indeed only to protect a future for the United States of America. So what’s the lesson for occupants of the White House from this sorry affair? Effective action rather than loud words get the right results. As put by a highly intelligent women I once knew and - well, let’s leave it at that: “Discretion is the better part of valor.”