Headlines 2023

The climate has always changed and will
always change - there is no climate crisis

Roberts - In my lifetime I have witnessed the
death of independent medicine and fair trials

How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships
to Spy on Americans

Hunter Biden Lived In Classified Doc House
While Raking In Millions Through Chinese
Intelligence Ties

Are Those Running the Country Gearing Up
To Put The Incompetent Buffoon Kamal Harris
in the White House For Ten Years

‘Nothing has changed’ for Biden regarding 2024

US GOP Congressman Santos Allegedly
Performed as Drag Queen in Brazil

Does the LGBTQ Agenda Affect Children
in Biden's America?

The US is controlled by ten cartels

The Coming Chicken Egg Shortage in
The US in 2023 How to Prepare


Yellen’s Treasury halts 2 federal retirement
funds after government hits debt limit

As We’ve Been Warning - study finds the fully
‘vaxed' are shedding mRNA AND spike proteins
onto the unvaccinated

435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein
Molecules After 1 COVID Vax Booster - 'Their
Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover' from the ‘Vax'

French study - the boosters (second booster or
4th dose) Are devastating for vaccinees with
surge in risk of re-infection

Medical Profession Implements WHO's Digital
Diagnosis CODE For The Unvaxxed

Moderna And Regulatory Agencies Caught Leaving
Out Bivalent Vaccine Data - Physicians Skeptical
Of Timing

Martha Stewart - ‘Unvaccinated Citizens
Should Be Executed’

Are vaccine Injection Murders being
disguised as virus deaths?

Ex UK PM Calls for 'National Digital Infrastructure’
to Track People's Vaccination Status in the Event
of Pandemic

‘Anecdotes' - Formerly healthy 12 yr old who can
no longer walk - A surgeon whose career is over
A woman who can no longer cook or clean


Madness - CDC Pledge one Million for development
Of A ‘Public health tool to predict Virality Of ‘Vaccine’
misinformation narratives’ - Beyond Orwell...

UT Hero doctor allegedly destroyed vaccines
...gave fake shots

Alarming Study Shows Correlation Between
Plummeting Birth Rates And C-19 Shot

We eat microplastics In the equivalent
of a credit card every week

YouTube Is Handing Rumble the Crown on a
Silver Platter After Its Latest Policy Changes

Musk Twitter Poll Finds Millions Oppose
World Rule From Davos by WEF

Another Live Friday Night Talk Show
...With Jon Voight

Astronomers Detect 9 Billion Year-Old Signal
From Galaxy Far, Far Away

Retail Tales Tell a Bad Story about
the Economy

The US is massively importing Russian oil


The end of the US ‘Shale Revolution’…

Wall Street crashes on recession fears

'Peak-flation’ Watch - Campbell's Tomato Soup
Prices Keep Accelerating Higher

Food prices in Britain continue to skyrocket

Treasury Announces Start of ‘Extraordinary
Measures' as US Hits Debt Ceiling

The US Consumer Has Cracked - Discover
Plunges After ‘Shocking' Charge-Off Forecast

Car-mageddon? Auto Insider Predicts Car
Prices To Fall This Year

"Reports Of Gold's Death Are Greatly
Exaggerated’ - BofA

France Grinds To Halt Over Nationwide
Pension Strikes

UK Parliamentary Trade Committee to
Review Sanctions on Russia


Coca-Cola Breaks Silence After 200 Workers
Evacuated From London Plant Due to Acid Leak

‘Banned’ Russian oil in high demand

Russia slashes EU-bound gas transit through

WTI Extends Gains Despite Huge Crude Build
Surge In Cushing Stocks

Wyoming Lawmakers Propose Bill To
Phase Out EVs By 2035

Aramco 'Very Optimistic’ Sees Demand
Picking Up On China, Aviation Recovery

Why Arabs Bolster Energy & Security Cooperation
With Russia in Defiance of Western Sanctions

European Parliament passes resolution
on establishment of tribunal on Ukraine

EP’s resolution on 'tribunal' for Ukraine has
no legal force — Russian legislator

Finland, Sweden to become members of
NATO this year, Dutch prime minister asserts


UK, several NATO states announced new
'unprecedented' package of military aid for Kiev

Provocations by NATO, West root cause of
conflict in Ukraine — Iran’s MFA

EU Parliament Adopts Resolution, Condemning
Blockade of Lachin Corridor

Ex-Polish FM lambasts ‘corruption’
in EU parliament

Ukrainian refugees mistreated in Finland

West must contribute to Russia’s search
for ‘destiny’ – Macron

US authorities intend to start transferring
‘forfeited' Russian assets in favor of Ukraine

Serbia urged to align with EU’s policies

Macron issues warning on Europe's future

Tech Bosses Face Criminal Charges In UK
If Children Exposed To Harmful Content


UK to Adopt Law Recognizing Children
Conceived as Result of Rape as Victims

Catalan Leader Calls on Spanish Prime
Minister to Hold Referendum, Media Claims

China ready to cooperate with Russia to build
more equitable world order

Moscow, Minsk reiterate deep concern over
NATO expansion — Lavrov

Philippine President Rules Out Reopening
Former US Military Bases in Country

New Zealand PM’s resignation might
leave China nervous

New Zealand PM's Resignation - Who is to
Take the Helm After Ardern Leaves?

India accuses BBC of ‘colonial mindset’

Mexican Authorities Find Over 260 Migrants
in Trailer Near Southern Border

Iran joins Russia-led EEU free trade zone


South Africa to Host Second Joint Naval
Military Exercise With Russia, China

Alec Baldwin to be Charged with Two Counts Of
Involuntary Manslaughter in Fatal 'Rust' Shooting

David Crosby from Crosby, Stills & Nash Dead at 81

US May Assist Ukraine Attacks On Crimea

Col Douglas Macgregor - Ukrainian Brigades Have
Lost 70% Of Their Strength - Russia Has Changed
Strategy - Ukraine Is Finished

Pentagon Forced To Tap Secret Ammo
Stockpile In Israel To Support Ukraine
…The US Is Disarming Itself

White House Hints New Military Aid Package
for Ukraine Coming by End of Week

'French' Helicopter That Crashed Killing Ukrainian
Interior Minister Reportedly Had Tech Issues

Stoltenberg says NATO holds consultations
on sending tanks to Kiev

Budapest not supplying arms to Kiev over
concerns about Hungarians in Ukraine’s west

Military deserter ‘liquidated’ in central Russia

Russia indicates when Ukraine conflict may end

Supply of British tanks to Kiev to escalate
conflict in Ukraine - Russian ambassador


Polish president questions if Ukraine
will survive

We couldn’t ignore what was happening
in Ukraine – Putin

Russia’s victory ensured by people’s unity,
fighters’ heroism, defense sector — Putin

Russia sought peace settlement to Ukrainian
crisis but was conned, says Putin

Defense sector annually makes as much air
defense missiles as all other countries — Putin

Putin vows to continue documenting Kiev’s crimes

Putin - Extremely Important to Recognize
WWII Genocide Against Soviet People

West decides for Ukraine without Ukraine,
says Lavrov

Lavrov sees no way to return to former
relations between Russia, West

Biden requested Russian-US spy chiefs
meeting, Lavrov divulges


US defies key principle of UN Charter
of countries’ equal sovereignty — Lavrov

Nazi Police state formed in Ukraine with
West’s blessing — Lavrov

The Mighty Aircraft Carrier - Now Just a
Floating Graveyard?

Study identifies best place to hide
from nuclear blast shockwave

WHO, WEF Vow To Strip Nations of Their
Sovereignty, Create Globalist Totalitarian State

Disgraced former CNN anchor Brian Stelter
Teams With WEF to purge the internet of
independent media outlets who oppose it

WEF Staff Fear Forum Will Die With
'Unaccountable' Davos Boss Schwab

Davos Organizers - Elon Musk Not Invited
While He Calls the Event 'Boring Af'

Classified Docs Were At Biden House While
Hunter Took Millions For 'Representing F**king
Spy Chief Of China’

Rogan On Biden - 'They're Trying To Get Rid Of Him'


Whistleblower reveals US govt behind attacks
on America’s food infrastructure

US Lawmakers to Probe Millions of Dollars
in China Donations to Penn Biden Center

America Will ‘Soon' Have 'Hate Speech’ Laws
EU Commission VP Tells World Economic Forum

Video Evidence Suggests Grim Greta Thunberg
Detainment In Germany May Have Been Staged

John Kerry Says We Need 'Money, Money, Money,
Money' To Combat 1.5 Degrees Of Climate Change

Tearful NZ Prime Minister And Globalist Ardern
Unexpectedly Announces Resignation

Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western
Govts To MicroManage Their Populations?

Dr Peterson Pierre - No Life Insurance
Payouts for the ‘Vaccinated’

Fauci Still on Federal Payroll, Getting
Taxpayer funded Security Detail

Top UK Med Officer, Chris Whitty, covers up 22,000
COVID BioWeapon Heart-Related Deaths with FALSE
Claims about lack of Statins and BP Pills


Funeral Homes In Fully-Vaxed Norway
'Overwhelmed' With Corpses

The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted
that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal
We should be concerned...Very Concerned

FAA Admits to Lowering the Bar for Pilot
Heart Rates after Vax Push

Top UK Med Officer, Chris Whitty, covers up 22,000
COVID BioWeapon Heart-Related Deaths with FALSE
Claims about lack of Statins and BP Pills

CDC Study - 49% of Children Ages 5 to 11
Experienced Systemic Reactions After
Getting New COVID Bivalent Booster

Moderna wants to quadruple the price of its
Covid-19 vaccine as hundreds die per day

Top Scientist sounds the alarm -
Stop Covid Shots Immediately

Fed Chair Powell Tests Positive For COVID,
'Is Vaccinated & Boosted, Has Mild Symptoms'

25 yr old PhD pharmacist Dies suddenly

China Outpacing US In AI Research Production


World Economic Forum reacts to Musk 'insult'

Report Says 500 Advertisers Paused Spending
At Twitter, Daily Revenue Plunges 40%

IEA - Half Of All Cars Sold In Top Markets
Will Be Electric By 2030

Man Discovers Brand New EV Hummer Will
Take Five Days To Fully Charge - Too Funny

Tesla Video Depicting Self-Driving Car
Was Staged, Engineer Testifies

Bomb Cyclones and Atmospheric Rivers
...Is Someone Messing with the Weather?

SHOT Show Day One - Kamikaze Drones,
Robots With Shotguns And A Briefcase Gun

Pacific Coast Shark Attacks During 2022

14 Awesome Animal Videos That Will Help You
Smile During These Troubled Times (Snyder)

Prophetic signs in the sky


Crypto exchange Coinbase says it will
halt Japan operations

US Retail Sales Tumbled In December

FTX Says $413 Million Worth Of Cryptocurrency
Was Stolen From Failed Exchange

Check Your Bank Account - All Your Money
May Be Missing After Major Bank Suffers Problem

Poszar Was Right - Saudis Confirm Non-Dollar
Oil Trade Plans In Davos

Saudi Arabia Just Killed The Petrodollar

Russia’s seaborne oil shipments rise
to 10-month high – media

Report - IEA Upgrades 2023 Global Oil Demand
Growth Forecasts to Over 101 Mln Bpd

BlackRock's Larry Fink Struggles With
‘Demonized' ESG Narrative

Cryptocurrencies 'to control the masses' being
discussed at the World Economics Forum


How Russia Diversifies & Expands Its Gas
and Oil Supplies Despite Western Pressure

Austria Gains No Benefits From Gas Fracking,
Energy Minister Says

Russia exports record-breaking 1.2 Million
Barrels Per Day of diesel in December

Russia sees no obstacles for Pakistan
Stream gas pipeline project — minister

Russia’s inflation may reach 5-7% in Q1, could decline further — Putin

WaPo admits Russia’s economy beat
expectations, sanctions haven't worked

Bear Traps - Is China buying more gold? Yes

Iran And Russia Want To Issue Stablecoin
Backed By Gold; Report

EU official demands free Siberian overflights

EU Hopes to Resolve Disagreements With
US Stemming From Inflation Reduction Act


Thousands of Nurses Start Strike in UK Despite
Warnings From Government

Eu Auto Sales Hit Three-decade Low in 2022,
EAMA Reports

Up to 750,000 Workers Expected to Protest
Pension Reform in France on Thursday

UK Environment Agency Workers Go on
Strike Over Pay for First Time in History

500 ATMs Blown-Up By Migrant Gangs In
Germany In 2022, Setting New Record

Church of England Rejects Calls to Back
Same-Sex Marriage

Macron would like to see some Russian
regions at conference of European states

Russia moves to leave European treaties

Russian Orthodox Christian NHL Player Says
Not Wearing 'Pride' Jersey Due to His Faith

Russia hopes Europe realizes error of its
ways, stops ‘lying all the time’, Lavrov says


West may employ tools used against Russia
to strongarm other states, Lavrov warns

Global economic crisis was in the making long
before special operation in Ukraine — Lavrov

Russia building new supply chains protected
from Western colonialists, says top diplomat

US running out of ways to contain Russia,
China, Lavrov says

Japan rejected Russia’s invitation to sign
peace treaty, says Lavrov

Russia-China trade turnover to be calculated
in rubles and yuan — Lavrov

AUKUS bloc to get expanded, inflated, Lavrov says

Lavrov lauds 'golden age' of Russia-China relations

Russia determined to ensure national security near Japanese islands, says Lavrov

US seeks to raise tensions in order to split ASEAN


China Correctly accuses US of oil theft

Taipei warns of ‘worst-case scenario’ in
standoff with Beijing

Vietnamese Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan
Appointed Interim President

Iran and Russia want to issue new
stablecoin backed by gold

Arab League defied Washington on
photo op – Lavrov

Lavrov says West does nothing to settle
Middle East crises

Lavrov Points Out US Bill Countering Russia
in Africa Represents 'Colonial Mentality'

Russia wants to trade with African countries
in local currencies – Lavrov

US anti-Russia bill ‘totally unwarranted’
– South African FM

4 Studies Add to Evidence of Wireless Tech
Related Electromagnetic Radiation in Humans


Ukraine Interior Minister Killed In Chopper Crash In Kiev
18 Dead As Aircraft Said To Have Hit Roof Of School
In Foggy, Poor Weather - Pilot Error Said Involved

Col Douglas Macgregor - Ukrainian Brigades Have
Lost 70% Of Their Strength - Russia Has Changed
Strategy - Ukraine Is Finished

Snyder...Something Really Different Is Happening
A Lot Of People Are Now Behaving Very Strangely
As If The Level Of Insanity Has Ramped Up Notches
(Obviously, The BioWeapon Injections Triggered It)

Shimatsu - FTX Crypto's Unanswered Questions
...Yellen, Lai, Hunter - Part 5

John Kerry says an 'extra terrestrial' force brought
people to Davos to 'save the planet' in speech

Kissinger’s Huge About-Face - Now Says
Ukraine Should Join NATO

Fears At Davos Of Globalization 'Under Siege’
While Kiev Moscow Agree 'Russia Is Fighting

Biden In 'Very Big' Mess Over Document Scandal,
Needs To 'Get The Facts Out’ - Ex WH Adviser

Belarus, Russia Launch 2-Weeks Of Joint
Aerial Drills, Making Western Allies Nervous

Wagner Commander Describes How Soledar Was
Taken & How Nearly 10,000 Uke Troops Died For It


Ukraine DM Says It's a 'Fact' That Kiev
Is a 'De Facto' NATO Member

US Quietly Shipping Weapons To Ukraine
From Israel

Russian air defense systems intercept 14
HIMARS And 'Olkha' rockets in 24 hours

Russian army near Zaporozhye destroys
HIMARS during deployment

Crimean senator expects more resignations
from Zelensky’s team as aide resigns

Ukrainian soldiers crossing over to
Russian side

Three NATO AWACS Surveillance Jets
Arrive in Bucharest From Germany

Poland plans to gather tank brigade for
Ukraine with other countries

Tanks UK sending to Ukraine won’t make
‘significant difference’ – British MP

German chancellor dodges question
on Leopard tank deliveries to Ukraine


Russian property confiscation will have
long-term consequences for whole world

UK Users Troll Zelensky’s Wife Over
Her Visit to Davos Forum

Provocation in Dnepropetrovsk plotted by
Western special services ahead of Davos

Ex-Russian president Medvedev
blasts Davos forum

Medvedev slams WEF for discussing tank
supplies to Ukraine instead of economy

Security guarantees for Ukraine needed
before it joins NATO - Lithuanian president
in Davos

Provocation in Dnepropetrovsk plotted by
Western special services ahead of Davos

Now for the Rest of the George Floyd Psyop

Record 38% of Americans Postponed Medical
Treatment Due to Cost in 2022

Allgire - Leaked Plans From World
Economic Forum In Davos - Video


How Many Actors Are Dead Or Injured From The Vax

Zippered Body Bags Shipped And Prepositioned
Nationwide - Video Of Warehouse Full Of Pallets

The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted
that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal
We should be concerned...Very Concerned

Kelowna BC Precious Metals Store Sign Says
The Covid Vaxed Are NOT Allowed Entry!
This Has Been Store Policy For TWO Years!

How Many Vaxed Actors Are Dead Or Injured?

Big Pharma lobbied to censor calls for
affordable Covid-19 vaccines – Twitter files

NY Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID
Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers

Big Pharma lobbied to censor calls for
affordable Covid-19 vaccines – Twitter files

NY Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID
Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers

Elon Musk Mocks WEF


Musk Slams ’Satanic’ ESG -
World Economic Forum’s Infamous

Musk Sued Over Tesla Tweets That
Cost Investors Billions, Reports Say

Russian Antimonopoly Service Fines Apple
$17.3 Million For Market Dominance Abuse

Silicon Valley Lay-Offs Underline
US Tech Sector Woes

More Than Half of US States Ban TikTok
on Government Devices

Microsoft Reportedly Plans To Cut
Thousands Of Jobs This Week

A Cross Appears In The Sky Above
Kuzbass In Russia Last Week

Schiff - Inflation Is Going to Win the War

Putin - Russia's Oil Production Up 2%
Despite Sanctions

Russia's foreign trade surplus reaching
$282.3 Billion in 2022 — Central Bank


The Fed Is A Purely Political Institution
And It's Definitely Not A Bank...

Stocks Tank After US Regulator Threatens
To Break-Up 'Too Big To Manage' Banks

CBDCs Not Worth The Cost And Risks
Says Former BoE Adviser

UK Loophole That Keeps Russian
Oil Coming In From Indian Refineries

Wintershall Dea to exit from Russian projects

NatGas Flows Start To Freeport LNG’s
Long-Shut Export Plant

OPEC Is 'Cautiously Optimistic' About
Global Oil Demand In 2023

UK Loophole That Keeps Russian
Oil Coming In From Indian Refineries

Wintershall Dea to exit from Russian projects

NatGas Flows Start To Freeport LNG’s
Long-Shut Export Plant


OPEC Is 'Cautiously Optimistic' About
Global Oil Demand In 2023

French And German Power Prices Soar
As Cold Sweeps Europe

Stocks Spike On Report ECB
To Slow Hikes After February

German Economy Minister Says Risk
of New Trade Wars 'Very High'

UK Train Drivers' Strikes to Continue
Into February Amid Pay Row: Trade Union

Food prices in Austria skyrocket

French And German Power Prices Soar
As Cold Sweeps Europe

Scholz to Appoint Pistorius as New
German Defense Minister

New German Defense Minister vows
to make Bundeswehr 'truly strong'

Half of citizens in nine EU nations want
quick end to Ukraine conflict – poll


Turkey labels NATO applicant Sweden a
‘terrorist propaganda center’

Far-right group on trial over Macron
assassination plot

London Police Dismiss Serial Rapist Officer
Who Went Undetected for Decades

100s of British police officers suspected
of sex offenses – Scotland Yard

Scottish First Minister Threatens Court
Challenge to Westminster Block on Trans
Self-ID Law

Putin proposes to denounce Statute of Council
of Europe, conventions on human rights

Russian Strategic Missile Carriers Tu-160
Complete Scheduled Flight Over Arctic

Russia Explains It's Boosting Army Numbers
In Reaction To West's Proxy War

Kremlin - Enlargement of Russian Army to
1.5 Million Caused by West's Actions

Russian spy chief - US forbids Kiev
engaging in peace talks with Moscow


New meeting with CIA’s Burns ‘possible’
Says Russian spy chief

Russian economy doing much better
than expected – Putin

Production of upgraded iconic Russian
rifle kicks off in India

Russian Scientists Create Coating With
Antibacterial & Antifungal Properties

EU sanctions goal is to crush Russian economy
– Von der Leyen tells WEF

Putin allows sanctioned Russian firms to
disregard shareholders from ‘unfriendly’ states

Russian property confiscation will have
long-term consequences for whole world

Demographic Crisis Takes Toll on China
Population Down for 1st Time in Decades

China successfully tests ultra-high-speed
maglev trains that 'fly on the ground'

China castigates US for stealing oil
from Syria


US Struggling to Revive Military-to-Military
Dialogue With China

US, Taiwan Discuss Trade Facilitation,
Regulatory Practices at Talks in Taipei

Vietnamese President Phuc Reportedly
Voluntarily Resigns

Japan rearms for war - What it means for Asia

Japan May Start Developing Cruise Missiles
With Interchangeable Warheads in 2023

Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He Urges World
to ‘Abandon Cold War Mentality’ at Davos

Israel - a Refuge for Swindlers

Multiple Dead as Al-Shabaab Attacks
Somali Army's Military Base


Biden signs ‘Declaration of North America
(DNA)’ with Canada and Mexico

'A New System' – Inside The Davos Summit 2023

WEF Has Invented A New Word To
Describe The Extreme Chaos That
Is Gripping Our Planet

Is Biden Being Blackmailed to Send US
Combat Troops to Ukraine? - Whitney

Russia produces first batch of nuclear-armed
Poseidon torpedo drones - 1900’ Tsunamis

Acting head of DPR, Pushilin, Announces
Capture Of Strategic Village

Russia’s crushing blow - Ukraine ‘Energy
infrastructure destroyed...We need thousands
of high power transformers'

NATO tanks ‘will burn’ – Kremlin

Tanks shipped to Ukraine by NATO
will become scrap metal in Donbass, expert says

Donetsk expert suspects foreign tanks
to be supplied to Ukraine may have
foreign crews


Russian forces destroy two US-made
counter-battery radars in Ukraine operation

Russian air defense systems open fire on
Ukrainian drones over Berdyansk

Black Sea port repels two Ukrainian drone
attacks within 24 hours – official

Number of drones downed over Sevastopol
this morning grows to 10 — Governor

Kiev sent poorly-equipped volunteers to
defend key Donbass city

Lack of ammo prompts Kiev’s military to
abandon positions in Artyomovsk, Soledar
...Spanish paper

Ukraine’s defeat may lead to WWIII
...Polish PM

Whistleblower Reveals What is Behind the
Mass Attacks on US Food Facilities - Video

All The President's Men - Biden's Use Of
Lawyers Raises Additional Concerns Over
Handling Classified Material

Republicans Call Out 'Double Standard’
Over Biden Classified Docs Hypocrisy


Clinton & Obama Used to Mishandle
Classified Documents Akin to Biden

White House Has No Visitor Logs for
Biden's House in Delaware

MSM Admits That We Are Facing 'The Worst
Food Crisis In Modern History’ - Snyder

Food fraud secretly infiltrates America
... Here's how you can avoid it

We Have Geoengineered The World
Into A Death Spiral

Bolshevik Communist Democrat Introduces
Legislation to Make White People Criticizing
Minorities a Federal Crime

‘Unacceptable’ - Biden doesn't want Jews
to pray on Temple Mount

WA state community to give free
parking to people living in vehicles

Communist NYC Mayor Complains Of
’No More Room' For Invaders

Nightmare Of The Living Liberals


Very Heavy Chemtrails Over Vancouver, WA - Vid

Beyond Insanity - Vax Required BEFORE
Assisted Suicide in Germany

FDA Advisers Are Angry at Moderna for
Hiding Data - (Never Mind Millions Dead)

Something So Strange About The ‘Covid’
Death Toll Numbers In America And China

Sudden Deaths Continue to Explode
In Early 2023

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

Despair - Goodbye From A Vax-Murdered
Human Being Who Was Forsaken By All

XBB Covid Sub-Variant Said To Present
A Unique Threat - Report

American Idol Alum C.J. Harris Dies Suddenly

2 Yr Old Child Dies Suddenly One Day After
Parents Give Him Both Covid And Flu Vax


Musk Exposes Fauci

What Privacy? This AI Can Identify You
by Your Computer Habits

Musk Says ZeroHedge Did 'Nothing Warranting
Suspension' After 'Twitter Files' Expose Big
Pharma Bullying

Facebook Shuts Down 'RT in Russian' Page

John Barbour - Another Live Fri Night
Talk Show! With Jack Lemon, Ned Beatty

The Best Video On Climate Change
That You Will Ever See

Norway Replaces Russia As
Germany’s Top Gas Supplier

Introduction of new universal currency to
speed up dollar’s phaseout - French economist

Iran, Russia Reportedly Mull Creating
Common Digital Currency

Russian energy revenues soaring – official


Russian oil selling below Western price cap
...finance ministry

Gas price in Europe falls below $650
...first time since September 2021

Norway Replaces Russia As Germany’s
Top Gas Supplier

Russians top list of Dubai real estate
buyers in 2022

One River Digital On The Future Of Ethereum

US Tesla Owners Fume About Recent Price Cuts

Richest 1% grab two-thirds of world’s wealth - Oxfam

Economists signal rising risks of US recession

Most Canadian Companies Expect Recession
in 2023 - Central Bank's Report

US and NATO mistakes led to Ukraine
conflict – ex-State Department adviser


Bulgarian authorities deny reports
of Su-25 aircraft provided Ukraine

'Formed to keep European countries subservient
to US Imperialism’ - Irish MEP slams NATO

Economist sees dire consequences for
France once Paris has to foot Kiev’s bill

European Commission to Provide Ukraine
With Up to $19.5 Billion in 2023

German Defense Minister Resigns As
Criticism Over Ukraine Mounts

Moscow Barred From Financing Famous
Russian Cemetery in France

Large Hadron Collider Physicists Object to
Co-Authorship With Russians, Report Suggests

Italian Police Arrest Sicily's Cosa Nostra Mafia Boss

Russian Fighter Escorts German Spy Plane
Over Baltic Sea - Defense Ministry

Zelensky is destroying Ukraine – exiled
opposition leader Medvedchuk


Medvedchuk - Total Western support for
Zelensky tells us that the US and NATO
don't want peace in Ukraine

IAEA Expanding Presence in Ukraine
to Help Prevent Nuclear Accident

CIA director made secret trip to Kiev
prior to Ukraine conflict – media

S Korean President's Approval Rating Below 40%

Ancient Hidden Doors Found in Great Wall of China

‘Unacceptable’ - Biden doesn't want Jews
to pray on Temple Mount

Thousands of Students Protest Against Judicial
Reform in Israel

Russian to UN Commissioner - Pay Attention
to Fate of Arrested Sputnik Editor

Putin, Erdogan discuss normalization of
Turkish-Syrian relations — Kremlin

Putin, Erdogan discuss gas hub
interaction — Kremlin


Putin, Erdogan discuss prisoner swaps
between Russia, Ukraine

Turkish Foreign Minister Calls on US to Maintain
Balance in Relations With Turkey, Greece

Oscar-winning Russian director blasts
West’s ‘tsunami of hypocrisy’

S African President to Skip Davos Forum
Amid Energy Crisis

Somali Army Captures Port From Al-Shabaab
Terrorists - Reports

Fundraiser launched for 11 yr old Georgia boy
mauled by pit bulls, family releases updates
as he remains hospitalized

Ritter - Wagner, Gerasimov And Will NATO
Go To War To Save Ukraine?

Col Macgregor - Major Escalation By Russia
And What Will The US Patriot Missiles Do?

The WEF & WHO Are Elevating Themselves
Above the World’s Governments

Russia Warns That Belarus Could Enter
Conflict in Ukraine

Moscow details latest missile strikes
against Ukraine

Dynamics of special op are positive,
everything is going according to plan - Putin

Russian economy is stable – Putin

Families of Russian Soldiers in Ukrainian
Captivity Report Cases of Extortion

Russian aerospace forces units arriving
In Belarus to take part in joint drills

UK Sending Heavy Tanks Will Only ‘Intensify’
Conflict With 'More Casualties’ - Kremlin

Zelensky Imposes Sanctions on Nearly
200 Russian Cultural Figures

Ukrainian Refugees In Britain Are Going
Home For Medical Treatment Rather Than
Endure NHS Waiting-Times


Stoltenberg expects NATO members
to provide new weapons for Kiev

Stoltenberg rules out the possibility of
restoring relations with Russia

Zelensky imposes sanctions on Russian
journalists And people of culture
The sanctions are applied to 198 individuals

WEF Hires Unvaxed Pilots To Fly Them To Davos
'Safety of Our Members Is No. 1 Priority'

Kevin McCarthy Says He'll release 14,000
hours of hidden J6 tapes…

DHS loses control of border and now
it's an 'army’ that is invading - All Is
Intentional, All By Communist Design

Biden and the CIA Worked to Install
Current Communist Regime in Brazil
...It Was All Planned

We Won't Be Fooled Again - Inflation Is Most
Definitely Not 'Under Control’ - Snyder

Schiff Admits Possible National Security
Jeopardized With Biden Documents

Snowden on the Real Biden Scandal


Hunter Listed $49,910 Monthly Rent Payments
While Living at Joe Biden's Residence , Joe’s
Tax Return Shows Far Less in ’Rents Received’

Why Was Hunter Paying Joe $50k Per Month
To Rent House Where Classified Docs Found?

Latest fake science from White House
claims gas stoves cause brain damage
REAL damage comes from high-voltage
power lines feeding electric stoves

It’s Official - Leftist Researchers Lie
That’s Why Universities Are Doomed

LAPD Chief Blasted For Banning 'Blue Lives
Matter’ Flag From LA Police Stations

Robber Points .45 at Store Clerk’s Head
Then 3 Legally-Armed Customers Come
to The Rescue

Outrage In Brazil - Communist Lula Orders
Officials to ‘Forcibly Inject Protestors’
With COVID BioWeapons As ‘Punishment’

Clotting catastrophe due to the COVID
mRNA-DNA ‘Vaccine' injections

FDA Chief Calls for an Immediate End to
CV BioWeapon Shots - Millions Dropping Dead

Fauci Knew Boosters Could Cause Immune
Tolerance - Pushed for them Anyway


Pfizer buys favor with GOP - makes staggering
political donation to new KY HQ building

Historic Increase in Working Class Disabilities
and Deaths after COVID Vaccine Mandates

Multiple Young Athletes And Former Athletes
Died Suddenly This Past Month

Former AL Football Star Ahmaad Galloway
Dies Suddenly at 42

UK Rugby League Player Dies Suddenly
At Only 18

Young Priest 'My Heart Issues Began
When I Got Vaccinated’ - Pray Hard

new alcohol warning labels to address
'heightened risk’ of cancer but it’s just more
Coverup for covid vaccine induced cancer

They Promised 'Safe And Effective’
Instead We Got 'Sudden And Unexpected'

Microsoft AI Can Impersonate Your Voice
With Just 3 Seconds Of Audio

Nord Stream must be repaired Says
German state official


EU needs ‘war economy’ Says
veteran German diplomat

Italian Energy Giant Eni Discovers New
Gas Field Off Egypt's Coast – Statement

Moldova Did Not Join EU's Sanctions
Against Russia Over Energy Concerns

China forces journalists to take exam to
prove loyalty And political correctness

Meet Taiwan’s ‘unofficial Foreign Ministry’
a US-based group pushing hard for its

Chinese Chemical plant destroyed in
explosion - Videos

India to let banks use biometrics to
confirm transactions

Former Brazilian President Bolsonaro
To Be Investigated Over Jan 8 Riots
...Communists Make Their Move

Kurginyan tells why anti-human
concepts take root in the West

School superintendent makes more
than half a million dollars a year!


FL Man Arrested As Cops Uncover
‘America's Biggest Child Porn Stash'

Wigington - The Grim Truth About Weather
GeoEngineering And The Rains In The West

Ritter - Ukraine Will Be Destroyed By
Russia Air Campaign

Col Macgregor - NATO Mission Miscalculated In Ukraine
Very Badly - Uke Defense Is Slaughtered - TB Spreading
Widely Through Uke Troops

Russia hit Kiev with Unknown Weapon
Largest Thermal power plants are on fire
3 waves of attacks with 80 missiles

Before a massive missile attack on targets
in Ukraine, Russian Armed Forces used decoys

First Missile Strike on Kiev Since New Year’s
...Infrastructure Hit

Col Macgregor - On Major Russian Offensive
In Ukraine - ‘Putin Is Left No Alternative'

UK Confirms Transfer of Challenger 2
Tanks to Ukraine

How Kiev’s Promise to Reject Nuclear
Weapons Went Sour

Belarusian Army Receives New
Equipment for Communications


Ukraine ‘unable to exhaust’ Russian Armed
Forces with West’s aid - Erdogan spokesman

Ukraine conflict to end when West, Russia
strike deal - Erdogan spokesman

Tranny Men In High Government Positions
‘Can You See Them Yet?’ - Video

Trump Hints That Real Biden
was Executed by Firing Squad

Kari Lake Celebrates Arkansas County Court
Rejecting Voting Machines in Elections

How & Why Deep State Ruined Richard Nixon

Kentucky Dem Blows Up Twitter After
Suggesting Biden Should Be Impeached
for War Crimes in Ukraine

Five More Pages of Classified Docs Found
at Biden's Delaware Home

Trump Organization given maximum
fine for fraud

Chicago Mayor Lizard Lightfoot Asks Teachers To
Encourage Students To Help Her Win Reelection


Employee charged with manslaughter
after shooting armed robber

Your driver's license is valid in every state
...why isn't your gun permit?

Court destroys ATF on classifying
bump stocks as ‘machine guns'

ATF Final Rule - Stabilizer Brace Owners
Have 120 Days to Register Them

Man Taking Fight to ATF Alone, Goes Full Hero
Mode for Your Second Amendment Rights

Watch - These NFL Players Believe Their
Super Bowls were Rigged - Why?

Trump Hints That Real Biden
was Executed by Firing Squad

Kari Lake Celebrates Arkansas County Court
Rejecting Voting Machines in Elections

How & Why Deep State Ruined Richard Nixon

Kentucky Dem Blows Up Twitter After
Suggesting Biden Should Be Impeached
for War Crimes in Ukraine

Five More Pages of Classified Docs Found
at Biden's Delaware Home

Trump Organization given maximum
fine for fraud

Chicago Mayor Lizard Lightfoot Asks Teachers To
Encourage Students To Help Her Win Reelection

Employee charged with manslaughter
after shooting armed robber

Your driver's license is valid in every state
...why isn't your gun permit?


Court destroys ATF on classifying
bump stocks as ‘machine guns'

ATF Final Rule - Stabilizer Brace Owners
Have 120 Days to Register Them

Moderna To Quadruple Price Of Adenovirus
Based mRNA ‘Vaccine’ (BioWeapon)

FDA Adviser Says Young And Healthy
People Shouldn’t Get Latest COVID Boosters

We Must Have The Truth

BBC Presenter Jennie Gow Suffers
'Serious Stroke' at 45

Germany orders Holocaust survivor
institutionalized over Covid-19 shot

Contamination issues in COVID-19
injectable products

Wind Farms Eyed In Surge Of Dead
Whales On NJ, NY Beaches

Contamination in COVID-19 injectables

Roomba Robot Vacuum Testers Find ‘Intimate’
Photos Of Themselves On The Web

Look In Your Car! Are GPS Tracker And Kill Switch
Secretly Installed On Your Vehicle? - Video


CDC must investigate deadly
vaccine side effects

5 Reasons Why Gold Is Green

A Ticking Time Bomb - Rising Consumer
Debt And Rising Interest Rates

Hungary can’t replace Russian oil and gas

A Ticking Time Bomb - Rising Consumer
Debt And Rising Interest Rates

UN’s ‘sustainable' goal for renewable energy
is sheer fantasy, if not utter madness

Any peace plan for Ukraine to fail unless
Russia’s opinion included - Turkey

US senator aims to block $20 billion
F-16 deal with Turkey

Greek Prime Minister Doubts Possibility
of Armed Conflict With Turkey

UK Prime Minister Reportedly Agrees
to Send Squadron of Tanks to Ukraine


Finland Teases Battle Tanks For
Ukraine After Poland, UK Lead The Way

Romania Planning to Cut Financial Help to
Unemployed Ukrainian Refugees

Russia imposes sanctions on UK Foreign Secy
And Chief of General Staff — diplomat

Russia warns of ‘Western dominance’
over UN agency

Russian Ombudswoman Urges UN, ICRC
to Press Ukraine Not to Use Torture

Moldova’s Interior Ministry says rocket
debris falls in country’s north

New wave of strikes reported against
Ukrainian power grid

Corruption scandal in Ukraine ‘International
Legion’ - Why an Oz TV star is accused of
stealing millions

China reports record number of Covid deaths

US Trade Delegation to Visit Taiwan
From January 14-17


India to Buy Air Defense Missiles for
Contested Border With China

Peru President Addresses Nation Amid
Demonstrations And Apologizes for Death
of Protesters

Brazil Launches Formal probe Of Bolsonaro
And Arrests His Justice Minister Over Riots

Iran executes former deputy defense minister

London recalls ambassador from Tehran

Anti-Govt Protest Takes Place in Tel Aviv

US to Allocate $60 Million to Support
Lebanese Army

US Treasury Secretary to Start Tour of
Three African Countries Next Week

IMF ?hief to Visit Zambia, Rwanda By End
of January to Discuss Loans

CAR Delegation Led by Prime Minister
Headed for Russia – Russian Embassy


East African Community Single Currency
Can be Achieved in Three or Four Years

Demented Penn State Prof Asks Students
To 'Watch Gay Porn’ To Learn How To Be

Violent career criminal out on parole
shot and killed by mother

20 time convicted felon arrested again
...given $5,000 bail

Wind Farms Eyed In Surge Of Dead
Whales On NJ, NY Beaches

final phase of the Russian op in Bakhmut has begun
Videos Of AMERICANS Fighting Russians in the city
Madman Zelensky sent 25,000 troops

Russian missile attack targets Kiev infrastructure

Revealed - The blitzkrieg operation by Russian
Paratroopers - How they took the city in one night

how the attack on Soledar took place - MOD

refugee from Soledar tells how the Ukes Stole
the belongings of civilians and fled - Video

Strategic Donbass town of Soledar
fully liberated – MOD

DPR says Kiev used foreign-made
chemical grenades in Soledar, Artyomovsk

Ukrainian army’s defeat in Soledar to have
geopolitical significance, says Russian MP

Russian army set to up number of soldiers
to 1.5 million, create 24 new divisions

Ukrainian soldiers become aware they
were intentionally set against Russia


Half of those fighting on Kiev’s side
near Soledar are mercenaries

Russia Sends Its Biggest Gun To Ukraine

Serb volunteers join Sudoplatov battalion
Says head of Zaporozhye Region

Western-mediated Kosovo and Ukraine
deals were lies – Serbia

Ukraine is a ‘de facto’ NATO member – Kiev

NATO to deploy AWACS jets to Romania
for surveillance on Russia

US Abrams Tanks, Bradley IFVs Spotted
at Dutch Port en Route to Eastern Europe

Communist Dictator Zelensky Strips Clergy, MPs
Accused of Russian Sympathy of Citizenship

War Gaming Says US Should Bolster Taiwan’s
Defenses Now To Avoid Heavy Casualties

Cardinal Pell - The Pontificate of Francis
Is a ‘Catastrophe’


Paul Ryan - A 'Proven Loser’, Trump Is 'Fading Fast’
'Can’t Imagine Him Getting the Nomination'

Proposal to Place Zelensky Bust in Capitol
Speaks Volumes About Corruption in DC

Sanctuary Communist CA - Newsom Authorizes
Invaders to Police Us As Cops - Astonishing

Things We Should Understand - The
Aristocracy Is Eating The Peasants

'Catastrophic Outcomes’ - Davos Elite ‘Worried’
About Global Volatility, Cost-Of-Living Crisis

US Congresswoman Greene Says Preparing
to Move Forward With Ukraine Aid Audit

‘Even I handled classified documents better’
– Snowden on Biden scandal

US lawmakers issue warning to State Dept

Two 'Contractors' Allegedly Responsible For
Crashing FAA System, Grounding All US Aircraft

Australia’s covid ‘vaccine' rollout was
secretly headed up by the US Military


Pfizer Bivalent Booster Linked to Stroke
in One Safety Database

Vaxidents - travel by plane only when absolutely
necessary, drive during non-peak hours only And
avoid public transit

Moderna begins trialing mRNA shot that
is injected directly into the HEART

Japan Launches Official Investigation Into
Millions of COVID Vaccine Deaths - Video

Despair - Myocarditis & Pericarditis Only
3 Months After The Kill Shot

FDA, CDC see early signal of Pfizer bivalent
Booster COVID shot's link to stroke

20 Year Old Colorado College Tennis Player
Dies Unexpectedly In His Sleep

UK Doctors Have Doubled Antipsychotic
Prescriptions To Children And Youth

Dr. Malhotra on BBC News On Using
Statins and mRNA vaccines Together

Pharma Fail - Arthritis Drug Accelerates Arthritis
And Alzheimer’s Drug Approved Via Fraud


Redefining What It Means To Be Human

‘Vax' Death Spree Targeting Military Aged Men

Twitter Files Expose How Dems, Media
Defied Twitter 'Facts' To Spread 'Russian Bot' Hoax

EU Inaugurates First Orbital Launch Site

Pentagon Now Required to Research
Mysterious 1945 UFO Incident at
Trinity Nuclear Test Site

Spin It! Time Travels Are Possible if Universe
is Rotating, Study Suggests

Americans Finding It Difficult To Pay Credit
Card Dues On Time - Delinquency Rises
Amid All-Time-High Interest Rates

Pelosi Punts Stocks, Takes Huge Losses
In Tesla, Salesforce And PayPal

US may lose control of world finance due
to conflict in Ukraine - French expert

How Arming Ukraine Has Made US Weaker


Losses 'Accelerate' For Goldman's Credit-Card

Tesla Slides After Cutting US
Model Y Price By 20%

China's Oil Demand Is Set To Hit A Record
High In 2023

Bump in Russia-China Trade Reflects Failed
Bid to Squeeze Russia Into Submission

LBMA blindsided by Russia buying physical gold

Yellen Warns US Will Hit Debt Limit Next Thursday
Honoring US Debt (To Whom?) Is 'Sacred Obligation'

EU looks for targets in tenth round of
anti-Russia sanctions

Hungary in ‘culture shock’ from German
policies – Orban

British Man Fined For Throwing Egg at
King Charles — and Missing

Archaeologists Find 2,000 Years Old
Temple of Poseidon in Greece


Poll reveals scale of Russian public’s
confidence in Putin

US-Russian nuclear arms control has become
hostage to the conflict in Ukraine - here’s why
it’s so dangerous

Kiev envoy explains postponed Israel
And Ukraine phone call

Ukraine legalizes foreigners in
neo-Nazi regiment

How US Training of Ukrainians Exposes
Washington’s Grim Global Strategy

US state senator points to 'threat’
from Ukrainian troops in Oklahoma

Poland issues update on deployment
of German-supplied Patriots

UK sets date for Ukraine tank announcement

China Commissions AI-Controlled Drone
Mothership Research Vessel Zhu Hai Yun

China warns West to stop creating
‘imaginary enemies’


Indian town rapidly sinking – space agency

Will Turkey and Syria reconciling pave
the way to ending the Syrian conflict?

America's Most (And Least) Trusted Professions

Stress at Middle Age Raises Risk of
Dementia Later in Life for Men, Study Claims

Technology Developing Fast - Human Cloning
'Red Line' May be Crossed One Day, Scientist Warns

Russians Say They Now Have Operational
Encirclement Of Bakhmut (aka Artemovsk)

Rapid Russian advance to Seversk - Vesele taken
& Rozdolivka entered - Elite ‘British' counterattack
CRUSHED at Soledar - 200 Dead

Soledar Front Update - Fighting Continues
in the Western Outskirts

A resident of Soledar in her own words - We are so
fed up with this Ukraine - They fucked up their own
...Everything, the whole city of Soledar - They didn’t
consider us human beings, They shoot at their own

A resident of Soledar told how the Armed
Forces of Ukraine shelled the city with
phosphorus shells Trying To Burn All

Russian naval station empty - Sudden mass exodus
of warships, submarines and landing craft of the
Russian Fleet - Odessa is in the sights

NATO Assistance To Kiev Reaches New Level

Ritter - 2023 Outlook for Ukraine

US lawmakers slam 'insane’ Zelensky
bust proposal

'Decision To Arm Ourselves Or Arm Ukraine’
Navy Sec Admits Crisis In US Defense Stockpiles
...This is All Being Done Intentionally


Russian frigate carrying ‘unstoppable'
hypersonic missiles passes Dover

4 Submarines, 12 Warships, Hypersonic Missiles
& Nuke Bombers To Join Russian Military Set For
In Massive Boost In 2023

Phony Trump Skewers Conservatives - AGAIN

FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on US

Depraved Indifference

They Want Us To Have Fewer Babies As
They Thin The Global Herd - Snyder

Global Famine Is nearing

Shocking new Watergate-era tape reveals Nixon
Threatened to Reveal the CIA's Involvement in
the John Kennedy Murder

Fair Tax Act to Abolish the IRS
Has Zero Chance of Passage

Two monster storms about to bomb
already drenched California this weekend


Experts Warn CA Is Set for ‘Mega Earthquake’
Following Unusual ‘Parade of Cyclones’

6 Dead in raging Alabama Tornadoes

Live Coverage Of Alabama Tornados 1-12-23

Insanity - USC Bans The Word ‘Field’ Over Fear
It May Sound ‘racist’ - The Communists Have Won

‘Tons’ of food gets tossed daily by NYC hotel
because Invaders Reject It

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Denies Imbecilic Gas Stove Ban

Japan to begin releasing ‘treated' water
from Fukushima this year - Morbidly Insane

Illinois Sheriffs Say They Won't Enforce
Ban On so-Called 'Assault Weapons’

WH Argues Sudden Disappearance Of Invaders
during Biden Border Visit Is Just Coincidental

Seattle's ‘Dangerous' Homeless Camps
Keep Catching On Fire


Grocery Stores In NYC Are Considering
Locking Up Food Because Theft Has
Become So Rampant - Snyder

Asian Man stabbed Dead by 8 (Black) girls
in Toronto - Cops Call Attack ’Swarming’ And
State That All Took Part In The Festivities

Vaccines In Our Food - Insane Scientists
Working To Add mRNA ‘Vaccine' To The
Global Food Supply

Watch - Senior Director at Pfizer SPRINTS From
Project Veritas Journalist When Asked About
Use of Fetal Tissue in COVID Vaccines

mRNA Vaccines in Livestock and Companion
Animals (Pets) are here now - Malone

First case of ‘Kraken’ Covid variant
detected in Russia

Deadline Passes For Pfizer To Submit Results
Of Post-Vax Heart Inflammation Study To US

American Airlines cuts flights due to
covid Kill Shot Caused pilot shortage

Data Proves US Pharmacies Poisoned
The World

Lisa Marie Presley Gone At 54


Woman Drops Dead While Working Out
In Gym - Graphic Video

Chiropractor tells of his SHOCKING persecution
by the US Govt for recommending Via D & Zinc
for covid

More Despair - Posts From The Dying

Moderna Making 3-in-1 Jab for Covid, Flu, RSV

Over 2/3 of Viennese doctors want out

DirecTV Lays Off Hundreds, Blaming
Pay-TV's 'Secular Decline'

New UFO report shows hundreds more
incidents than previously thought - More
than 500 incidents are now being looked
at by the US government

Extreme 'Rogue Wave' in The North Pacific
Confirmed as Tallest on Record

Visualizing $65 Trillion in Hidden Dollar Debt

Top scientist says globalist left’s ‘net zero’
emissions agenda will destroy modern civilization


King Chuck Vows To Abolish the Church of England

Russia Accuses Sweden Of 'Hiding Something'
About The Nord Stream Sabotage

Moscow slaps new sanctions on UK citizens

Massive Protests Erupt In China's Megacity
Chongqing Over Abrupt Layoffs

South Korea and US Plan Tabletop Nuclear
Drills to Counter Communist North

S Korea threatens to acquire nuclear weapons

Large Cracks Breaking Up Hundreds Of Building In
Small Northern Indian Himalayan City - Video

Iran navy fleet will sail to Panama Canal

Israel Convinced (Ordered) US to Assassinate
Iranian Gen Qasem Soleimani, Ex Israeli Intel
Chief Boasts

Taliban Unveil New 'Mada 9' Supercar
With Trailer 'Filmed At Bagram Air Base'


The US Navy Submarine Force Could Sink
The Chinese Fleet And Save Taiwan But At
The Cost Of A Quarter Of Its Boats

Von Greyerz - Ominous Military & Financial
'Nuclear Threats' Could Erupt In 2023

Russia Appoints New Commander Of All
Russian Forces In Ukraine In Preparation
For Direct War With NATO

Unthinkable carnage - 25,000 Uke soldiers
killed in Total In Soledar -Hard video - Many
jumped from five story building - Russian raid
on trenches - Brutal Combat Video

Wagner Group Says Soledar Completely
‘Liberated' Of Ukrainian Troops

First 14 Polish Leopard tanks enter Ukraine
Belarus & Russia Prepared to Strike Lviv

Senator Says US Should Remain
in Ukraine Until ‘Putin Is Out’

Zelensky Tries To Reassure Hollywood A-Listers
At Golden Globes - 'There Will Be No Third World War'

Chief of General Staff Gerasimov Named Commander
of Russian Forces in Special Military Operation


French journalist, expert Bocquet applies
for Russian citizenship, political asylum

Wagner comments on Ukrainian casualties
in Soledar

Ukraine lost about 25,000 people in
struggle for Soledar

Kiev abandons its forces in Soledar
like disposable resource — expert

Inside Ukraine's 120+ Mile Salt Mine Tunnels
Just Captured By Russia's Wagner Group

Victory in Soledar Opens Door to Liberation
of All Donbass, DPR Lawmaker Says

Russian Troops Use High-Precision
Munitions Against Ukrainian Forces

Kiev army’s morale in Zaporozhye sinks
on news of Soledar’s loss — view

Ukrainians underestimate how much they
are outnumbered by Russian forces

UK will send tanks to Ukraine


Canada buys ‘high-priority’ NASAMS
air-defense for Ukraine

Poland to give Ukraine several Leopard tanks

Switzerland blocks military shipments to Ukraine

US To Hit Debt Ceiling One Week From Today,
Starting Countdown To Epic Chaos

Second Batch of classified documents
discovered by Biden aides

Experts Question Why Are Biden And
Trump Being Treated Differently In
Classified Document Cases

Mexican President Obrador Praises
Biden for Halting Border Wall - ‘Thank You’

Wooldridge - The Exponential Growth Factor
What It Means To Your Future in America

FAA Resumes Air Traffic Nationwide But
Causes 4,000 Flights To Be Delayed

Computer ‘Outage' Hits Canadian Flight System
Hours After US System Went Down


Russia Helped Foreign Aircraft as US Flights
Were Grounded Due to System Failure

'Literally Insane’ - AOC Mocked After Claiming
Gas Stoves Linked to Brain Damage

Torrential Rains Trigger Flash Floods Across CA

CA’s Mammoth Mountain ski resort closed due to
too much snow - 13 FEET in just 9 DAYS since Jan 1

California Pounding Continues But Large-Scale
Weather Pattern Change On The Way

A Day In The Life - SoCal's Fentanyl Crisis

Fentanyl-Related Deaths Skyrocket in US
Amid Unprecedented Opioid Crisis

Sales Of High Capacity Semi-Automatic
Weapons Banned In Illinois

Why Hitler HAD TO Intern Jews

Michigan’s Muslim majority city council
OKs animal sacrifice for religious purposes
…America Is Gone


Why, Even If You’ve Had COVID,
You're Likely To Catch It Again

Outspoken Ontario Physician Against COVID
Death Shots Has License Suspended

Supermodel Dies At 58 - Cause Not Revealed

FDA Failed to Present NEJM Study to Advisors
Before Voting to Recommend Bivalent Boosters
The study showed more people became infected
with the bivalent boosters (3.2%) than the people
who received the original booster shot (1.9%)

21 Year Old Air Force Football Player Dies
Suddenly After Collapsing Walking To Class

FTX Advisers 'Locate Over $5 Billion’
In Cash, Liquid Crypto

Peter Schiff - More Economic Pain Ahead
in 2023

Biden Rolls Out New Scheme To Turn
Student Loans Into Welfare

Cannabis Grower Tilray Mulls Expansion Into
Fruit And Vegetable Growing, Alcohol, While
Awaiting US Legalization

No Vaccine - Potentially Deadly Virus
Emerges in New South Wales, Australia


West Preparing New Price Caps on Russian
Refined Petroleum Exports, Reports Say

Kremlin 'Keeping Very Close Watch' On
Russian Oil Prices, Will Limit Oil Discount

Guinness Hikes Beer Prices In Ireland,
Risking 'Financial Hardship For Many'

Around 60% of French Approve Protests
Against Pension Reform, Survey Says

EU members accused of lagging behind
in Russian assets seizures

EU Moving Towards Geopolitical Rivalry
With China Through NATO Partnership

EU-NATO Declaration Suggests That
EU Subordinates to Alliance

EU-NATO Unity Only Ink on Paper as
Members Lose Grip, Analysts Say

UK, Japan to Sign 'Most Important’
Defense Treaty in Over Century

Uranium Found in Package addressed to
Iranian nationals at London's Heathrow Airport


EU requests compensation from Israel
over demolition of EU-funded Palestinian

Extra non-oil and gas revenues help
Russia in solving required issues — Putin

Nothing that our adversaries predicted
has happened – Putin

Russia’s space agency shares plan for
ISS evacuation

Kremlin Calls Reports on Closing Borders for
Military-Age Russians 'Hoax'

Rights commissioners of Russia, Ukraine,
Turkey meet in Ankara

Turkish leader backs idea of humanitarian
corridors for evacuation of wounded people

Kremlin closely monitoring allegations of
Turkish cluster munition supplies to Kiev

Kremlin currently sees no prospect for peace
talks with Ukraine

Philippines ignoring Ukraine’s calls


Share prices of NATO weapons makers surge

China Jet Fuel Demand Set To Soar Ahead
Of Lunar New Year

Chinese Scientists Report New Mode
of Plasma Found in Fusion Power Experiments

Chinese diplomat urges UK and Japan
not to invent 'imaginary enemies' in Asia

At Least 5 Killed In Kabul Suicide Blast
Possibly Targeting Chinese Delegation

China to Help Ethiopians Struggling After
Tigray Conflict, Chinese FM Says

China warns West on Africa

India won’t support G7 price cap on
Russian oil – analyst

Saudis make marriage rule exception for Ronaldo

Zimbabwe’s Gold Production Reaches
New Record in 2022


AI Predicts What Nuclear War Would Look
Like With Attacks On London, Moscow And

600 million year old fossils of TINY HUMANS
found in Antarctic - We’ve Been Here Many Times
Before, Sometimes Smaller, Sometimes Larger

House Passes Bill To Rescind Over
$70 Billion In IRS Funding

Schiff, Swalwell And Omar To Get Boot From
Committees As McCarthy Cleans House

Has American Culture Ever Been More
Violent Than It Is Right Now? - Snyder

’They’ Told Us In 1956 What Was Coming...

Col Douglas Macgregor - The Winter Offensive

Shimatsu - FTX Boss SBF Aided Biden’s CIA
Agenda For Weapons To Ukraine

Watch - She's exposing the TRUTH in Ukraine
and they don't like it - Eva Bartlett

Zelensky tells Golden Globe attendees
Ukraine will win its war with Russia


NATO, US ‘definitely’ taking part in Ukraine
conflict - Kremlin

Surovykin's first major victory - Soledar is over
The Russians took The town in 6 days - 400 Uke
soldiers trapped - 300 surrendered

Wild Scenes at Soledar - Russians 'Split' Uke
Forces and Annihilate Them - Captured Krasna
Gora, Paraskovievka

Wagner group releases video from
contested Soledar

Russian forces destroy two US-made counter
battery radars in Ukraine operation

Ukrainian forces have difficulty delivering
ammunition to Donbass

Report - US Strykers, Modern European
Tanks On The Table For Kiev

Battle for Bakhmut - Why the City is Key
to Russia’s Liberation of Donbass

Key Donbass town close to liberation
– DPR head

Ukraine Is Blowing Up Abandoned Russian
T-90 Tanks To Score PR Victory Over Moscow


Baerbock becomes first German minister
to visit eastern Ukraine during Russian operation

Why US Bradleys Are Just the Fighting
Vehicles Ukraine Needs

Ukrainian military receives first ACSV
armored vehicles

US company to produce 14 VAMPIRE
anti-drone systems for Ukraine

Ukrainians To Be Trained On Patriot
Systems At Oklahoma Base

Russian Hackers Tried to Break Into the Top US
Nuclear Labs - Report (like the US hasn't done The
Same to Russia and countless other countries)

EU threatens Belarus and Iran sanctions
over 'military support' for Russia

Top Marine General In Japan Bluntly Says
US Is 'Setting The Theatre' For Future War
With China

Medvedev’s talks with Volker, Nuland
in Turkey not confirmed by Kremlin

Corporate trail apparent in all four
assassinations of US presidents —
Russian security official Patrushev


January 10 Trends Journal - 'IN GOD WE TRUST?’
What God Supports War? - Gerald Celente

'Chaotic' Way McCarthy Became US
House Speaker Sets Dangerous
Precedent Says Senior Commucrat

House GOP Made No Official List of
Detailed Concessions McCarthy Made
to Become Speaker

Hero Customer Who Shot Armed Robber
At Houston Taco Joint Ordered To Face
Grand Jury By Soros-Funded DA

Torrential Rains Trigger Flash Floods
Across California

Trump Wonders if FBI Will Raid Biden’s
Home as POTUS Secret Docs Story Unfolds

US Intel Files on Ukraine, Iran & UK Found
Among Classified Docs in OBiden's Private Office

OBiden Dodges Questions on Classified
Documents Found at his Private Office

Biden Mixes 'Salvation Army' Up With
'Secret Service' on Trip to El Paso

Biden Is Lying About The Jobs Data


Insane - OR Advises Schools To Keep Student
'Gender Identity' Hidden From Families

Har! House-Big Stacey Abrams Says She
Will ‘Likely' Run for Office Again

Wooldridge - The Coming Water Disaster
Of America’s Southwest

Power-Crazed Biden Administration
May Ban Gas Stoves

Jewish Thugs Attacked Henry Ford & Father Coughlin

Taken for a Ride (1996) - How General Motors conspired
with Bridgestone and Standard Oil to dismantle the
electric streetcar system in major US cities to undermine
public transportation and promote Car and bus sales

FBI Underreports Defensive Gun Use to Congress

Pentagon Drops COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ BioWeapon
Death Shot Mandate For Troops

BBC Reports 51% of russians are jabbed - This is
not confirmed - Graphs Of World Graph Rates

Neil deGrasse Tyson Throws a Fit After Interviewer
Correctly Questions Covid Vaccine Efficacy


Project Veritas - Pfizer scientist Chris Croce was
aware that their experimental mRNA ‘vaccine'
was the likely cause of myocarditis.

Italian Tennis Star Accused of Using Fake
Vaccine Certificate to Compete

Air Force offensive lineman Hunter Brown
dies at 21 after 'medical emergency'

High school senior dies after suffering heart
attack at school, officials say

15 Yr Old Boy Collapses During Basketball
Game, Heart Stops - Bystander Gives CPR

How Nonexistent Imaginary Doctors
Pushed COVID Lockdowns

USDA Approves Vax For Honeybees

Fungi that cause serious lung infections
are found across the US

Green Comet to Pass Earth for the First
Time Since the Stone Age

Hypersonic Missile Arms Race


Wells Fargo, once the No. 1 mortgage player,
steps back from business

Present Fiat Monetary System Is Breaking Down

Eggs rationed at grocery stores,
prices at record highs

Black Sea Shipping Rates Jump 20%

Peer-reviewed Journal Vaccines Confirms
Long-Term Efficacy of Russia's Sputnik V

Andurand - Oil Prices Could Exceed $140 If
China's Economy Fully Reopens

Russia Restores Output At Sakhalin-1
Oil Project After Exxon Exit

California Judge Dismisses Lawsuit
About Big Oil Conspiracy

Jamie Dimon In Favor Of A Fed Rate Hike
Pause - Sees 50% Odds Rates Hit 6%

World Bank Warns Global Economy
'Perilously Close To Falling Into Recession'


Coinbase Fires 20% Of Workforce
...CEO Warns Of Dark Times In Crypto

Microsoft Reportedly Investing $10 Billion
In Musk Co-Founded ChatGPT Creator

Amazon to close three warehouses across UK

New declaration to strengthen NATO-EU
partnership, says Stoltenberg

EU, NATO should increase aid to Ukraine
Says NATO chief

NATO and EU deepen ties to confront
Russia and China

Hungary opposes Kosovo’s admission
to Council of Europe

EU parliament fund invested in cluster
munitions industry – media

Poland to create new eastern infantry division

Poland Asks US Congress to Solicit War
Reparations From Germany


‘No place’ for an independent Russia in
Western mindset – Moscow

Remarks about Russian President by US envoy
to Hungary unacceptable - Russian Embassy

Russian diplomat suggests Zelensky, Tikhanovskaya
keep in mind how US 'discarded' Guaido

LGBT tool to reduce 'extra people’ - Russian
official rips West’s anti-human 'Nazi' values

Russia opens first LGBT propaganda case

Where People From Ukraine Are Fleeing To

China-Pakistan Joint Drills Strengthen
Ties Between Two Navies

Is war on China in the offing?

Chinese military aircraft enter Taiwan’s air
space for fourth time in a week, defense
ministry says

The fake election in Brazil - Another thing
being kept from you


Colombian Vice President's Security Detail
Disarms Roadside Bomb Found Near House

Biden, Obrador Clash Over 'Disdain for Latin
America' Ahead of Three-Way Summit

Brazilian Senator Urges Supreme Court
to Seek Bolsonaro's Extradition From US

Half of South Africa's population are
100% dependent on state welfare

'Fuming' King Charles Demands Harry Take
Paternity Test To 'Prove He Belongs' in Family

NYC grocery stores consider locking up food due
to rampant theft - workers are 'traumatized'

Ozone Layer Recovers, Limiting Global
Warming - UN Report

A Wonderful Ride On An Overnight Sleeper
Train In Japan!


The Clear Path For The World
Is Now Full-Blown Collapse

Uke dominoes fall - Russians sweep Soledar and
enter Blagodatnoye, Paraskovievka - Seversk-
Bakhmut-Slaviansk communications cut off

China Has Opened Its Borders And Chinese travelers
Are Going To Flock Overseas To Get ‘Western mRNA
Vaccines’...Maybe The Chinese Aren’t So Smart!

Rapid collapse of Uke defenses - Pidhorodne and
Krasnaya Gora fell in Bakhmut - Ukrainian soldier
Says 'The situation is dramatic'

Putin Is, again, Reportedly Near Death As He
Prepares The Largest Russian Military Offensive
Since World War II - Snyder

Brazil’s Bolsonaro hospitalized in connection
with injuries from 2018 knife attack - Hmmm..

US ‘lawmakers’ want Bolsonaro deported

San Francisco has experienced the wettest
10-day period since 1871

War game simulation predicts outcome
of Taiwan conflict

Germany isn't ruling out sending tanks
to Ukraine


Ukraine has become the world’s Lab
And testing ground for military robots

'We Are Facing The Entire NATO In Ukraine’
Kremlin Says, As UK Mulls Battle Tanks

Russian Rocket Artillery Obliterates
Ukrainian Reinforcements

Russian troops destroy 200 combat helicopters
in Ukraine operation, top brass reports

Russian diplomats say Council of Europe forced
Russia to pull out of corruption convention

French tank deliveries to Ukraine won’t hinder
special military operation, vows Kremlin

Georgian MP warns Kiev against involving
Tbilisi in military operations

Georgia refuses to return weapons to Ukraine

No one doing ‘enough’ for Ukraine
foreign minister says

Who is the WH Official Who Shadow
Banned Tucker Carlson?


Controversy Swirls Over Mystery '3-Page
Addendum' To House Rules Package

GOP moving forward with Biden probes

CO SecState Admits Mailing Over 31,000 Voter
Registration Instruction Cards To Non-Citizens

Is There a Limit to US National Debt?

Biden Declares State of Emergency for
CA Due to Winter Storms

Dozen Dead, Over 100,000 Without Power As
CA Braces For Worst 'Atmospheric River’
Barrage Yet

Trump’s Tax Returns Show Evil of the Income Tax

A Cashless Society Is Here - Next Comes
The CBDC & Totalitarian Control

In loving memory of FREEDOM
1945 to 2019 - Rest in Peace...

Cardinal Claims Secret Plot To Oust Fake Pope Bergoglio


WEF Ghoul Harari - Humans May Need to ‘Relearn
How to See and Walk' in 'Virtual Reality' Future

Grooming from McDonalds - Video

Damar Hamlin Released from Hospital
Following Cardiac Arrest

Iranian Charged with Terrorism After Attacking
Las Vegas Solar Energy Plant - Video

Unvaxed Blood Is Now In Very High Demand

Outbreak of Group A Strep in Children

15 Children Dead From Group A Strep In UK
In Recent Weeks - The Kids Obviously Have
AIDS - Outbreak In US Underway

7000+ Nurses Go On Strike In NYC During
The Current Triple-Demic

Dr John Campbell Apologies For The Part He
Played In mRNA BioWeapon Gene Injection Pushing

Soccer Star Dies Suddenly After
Suffering 'Heart Attack'


17 Yr Old Basketball Player Dies Suddenly
At Home

CDC Finally Releases VAERS Safety Monitoring
Analyses For COVID Vaccines

Covid-related tech was exploited for mass
surveillance, just as we were warned

Russian Scientist Explains If Permafrost Zombie
Viruses Pose Threat to Human

Four Crypto Billionaires Subsequent Deaths
Spark Wild Theories Among The Community

Seattle Public Schools Sues TikTok,
Facebook, Google, and Snapchat over
Youth 'Mental Health Crisis'

6G wireless technology could use humans
as a power source, study explains

Facebook to Remove Content Supporting
Riots in Brazil

The Chaos In Brazil, January 6th,
And The Twitter Files

Suspected ‘Ball-Shaped’ UFO Shot Down
Over Russia’s Rostov Oblast


Sky turns mysteriously bright RED in the
middle of the night in Bavaria, Germany

US to host largest-ever Satanic gathering
Salem-based Satanic Temple Announces 2023
convention To Be Held in nearby Boston

China Owns A Shocking List Of ‘American’
Created Companies - Who Owns America?

When Bankers Choose War over Peace

US Farmers win right to repair Their Own
John Deere equipment

Mortgage Buy-Downs - A Worrying New
Trend For 2023?

Ron Paul - Here's The Truth About
The 'Strong US Dollar'

Goldman Sachs Epic Hiring Spree Ends
With Biggest Round Of Job Cuts Ever

Over 7,000 Hospital Nurses Strike in New York

Negotiations Between UK Health Minister,
Trade Unions Fail Due to Gov't Position,
Union Says


By Late 2023, UK Household Will Be £2,100 Short
…Living Standards Outlook 2023

Rolls-Royce Reports Record Annual Sales
in Its 118 year History

Swiss central bank reports $143 billion loss

Argentina and China expand currency swap deal

China's Yuan Hits Highest Level Since August
Amid COVID-19 Restrictions Lifting

Used-Car Prices Record Largest Annualized
Decline In Series History

China Signals Surge In Oil Demand With
20% Increase In Refiner Oil Import Quotas

US ‘Embargo’ Driving China to Pioneer Own
Semiconductor Industry

UK mulls unprecedented arms supplies to
Ukraine - (Sealing Its Own Doom)

Canada Purchases 88 F-35 Fighter Jets in
$14.2 Billion Deal With Lockheed Martin


Number of 'female pedophiles' in UK increased
dramatically after police started recording crimes
by gender identity

Switzerland to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Provide
Security at Davos Forum

Italy’s ex-PM Prodi says current crisis in
Ukraine worse than 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

NATO chief views deployment of nuclear
weapons to Sweden as non-issue

NATO may ship tanks to Ukraine at
some point, Secretary General says

UK mulls Challenger II main battle
tanks to Ukraine – Sky

Germany’s AfD leader calls for resuming
economic ties with Russia

Sweden to Nearly Double Annual Number
of Military Conscripts

Top diplomats of Russia, China denounce US policy
of sparking Moscow-Beijing conflict

China Responds To US Warship Presence With
Large-Scale Exercises Off Taiwan


War-game simulation predicts outcome
of Taiwan conflict – CNN

China won’t allow ‘geopolitical games’
in Asia-Pacific – diplomat

US, Japan Discuss Extension of Security
Umbrella Into Space

Militants Shell Aircraft at Airport in Indonesia’s
Highland Papua During Landing

Strong 7.6 quake strikes Indonesia

New Zealand to Vaccinate People Against
Mpox With Unapproved Vaccine

Jair Bolsonaro Hospitalized in FL for ‘Severe
Abdominal Pain’ - (Did He Get Chavez-ed?)

Brazil uprising - Bolsonaro supporters storm
National Congress - videos

Brazil Riot Leads to 1,500 Arrests, Dozens Injured

Brazil's Security Forces Cordon Off Military
Headquarters Near Protester Camp


At Least 5 Journalists Attacked While Covering
Protests in Brazil's Capital

How General Soleimani kick-started the
multipolar world - Escobar

Russia to Extend Syria Cross-Border Aid
Mechanism Only if West Changes Approach

South Africa to Advance African Agenda
in BRICS, Ramaphosa Says

Head of South Africa’s power utility alleges
murder attempt

Breakaway Somaliland Discovers Oil For
the First Time – Ministry

US Reportedly Donates $9 Million Worth
of Military Equipment to Somali Army

About 350 Million Africans Suffer From
Food Insecurity - Red Cross


As We've Been Reporting For Nearly 2 Years…
And Now Many Are Telling The Reality Of It
The Covid ‘vaccine' Is an Intentional Effort
at World Genocide - Paul Craig Roberts

Americans Extremely Pessimistic About
US Prospects in 2023 - Gallup

'Did Someone Seize Control of the United States?’
Yes, It’s Called A Communist Globalist Coup d’etat

Closeted Lunatic Lindsey Graham Calls
For US Tanks On The Ground In Ukraine
For War Against Russia

US Troops Delivering Military vehicles and
equipment to Ukes - Video

Putin poised to strike during the Big Freeze

Belarus legalizes digital piracy of content
from ‘unfriendly countries’

How Global Strikes Play Right Into
The Great Reset's Hands

Escobar - Bye Bye 1991-2022

More than 600 Ukrainian troops killed in
‘retaliation operation’ – Moscow


Kiev Forces Its people Into Russian Front
Meat Grinder by cunning and By violence

Uke Special Services Prepare Major Anti-Russia
False Flag in Kharkov Region, MoD Says

Ukrainian Army Conducted 100s of Strikes
During Russian Christmas Ceasefire

Russia says its forces eliminated over 600
Ukrainian troops in retaliation strike

Minsk, Moscow to hold joint tactical flight
training from Jan. 16 to Feb. 1, says ministry

Defense spending is at an all-time high - Both
major parties in the US are Beyond insane

Schools fear AI takeover

Stupid Woke Corporation Tells Applicants
Not to Reveal Their Alma Maters - Because
It Wouldn't Be ‘Equitable’ - SUCH BS

Biden accused of ‘stage-managed’
border tour

Netizens Troll Biden Over Reports of POTUS
Readying Launch of 2024 Campaign


Houston - Man Shoots Armed Robber
at Taco Joint, Returns Victims' Cash, Leaves

The Vatican After The Death Of
The True Pope…Benedict XVI

OK Will Ban Trans Mutilation of People
26 and Under

'After Hours' Drag Queen Show Offers
Free Tickets to Children Under 8

Massive Terror Attack at Las Vegas Power
Plant – Media Blackout

Sasha Latypova Again Reveals How The Pentagon
(DOD) Was Thoroughly Behind The Covid Kill Shots

Genocide Sudden Death Compilation
Warning Extremely Graphic Scenes

FOIA Docs Prove Covid 19 Vaccines Are Called
‘Medical Counter Measures’ And Had No
Manufacturing Safeguards Or Disclosures

Dozens of Covid strains circulate in Russia
that differ from Omicron strongly - scientist

Bill Gates Tells Al Jazeera How To Prepare
For The ‘Next Pandemic’


AI Created 40,000 New Chemical Weapons
In 6 Hours For Big Pharma

Fauci responds to Musk's Twitter-data
leak threat

Google disputes Android antitrust ruling
in India – Reuters

TikTok is at least as much an American
tool as it is a Chinese influence operation

'Eight is Enough' star Adam Rich dead at 54

Italian Tennis ace probed for alleged fake
Covid certificate

Old Dominion Basketball Player Clutches
Chest And Collapses Mid-Game

9,000 NYC Nurses Preparing To Strike If
No Tentative Agreements Reached With

FOIA Documents prove COVID ‘Vaccines’ were
treated as 'Medical Counter-measures’
to a Bio-Weapon attack - Entire COVID Operation
Run by US National Security Council

Over half the participants in the childbirth
preparation course have Lost Their Babies


OR hospital announces expansion of plans to
mutilate youth in the name of 'gender affirming’
surgeries, which include CASTRATION

FRAUD - Those ‘ER doctors’ on Twitter who
claimed hordes of patients were dying from
COVID every day were FAKE

Musk Aims To Move Fraud Trial From
CA to TX void 'Local Negativity'

Tesla Owners Flood Chinese Showrooms
To Protest Sharp Price Cuts

Luongo On 2023 - Biden Impeached, Riyal
De-Pegged & Fed Terminal Rate Closer To 7%

Home Sellers Get Desperate, Shower
Buyers With Concessions

China Using ‘Petroyuan’ in Oil Imports May
Lead to New World Energy Order

QatarEnergy, Chevron Philips to Build
Petrochemical Facility Worth $6 Billion

Global ESG Bond Issuance Records
First-Ever Annual Decline

Goldman's Report is Probably Why
Gold Went Ballistic Friday


China Extends Aggressive Gold Buying
With Another 30 Tons Purchase In December

Home Sellers Get Desperate, Shower
Buyers With Concessions

India Just Became The World's 3rd
Largest Automobile Market

England and Wales report 30,000 excess deaths
...The Real Number is likely FAR higher

US war against Germany through
the eyes of German journalists

German police detain Iranian alleged
chemical attack plotter

About 50% of Germans Consider Cabinet
Decision to Give Kiev Marder Vehicles Wrong

Sweden Planning to Join European Common
Air Defense System

Sweden complains Turkey is asking the impossible

West to Demand Serbia Recognize Kosovo
If Belgrade Slaps Sanctions on Russia


NATO Rejects Serbian Request for
Sending Military Contingent to Kosovo

Number Of Germans Rejecting Military Service
Quintupled In 2022 Following Outbreak Of War
In Ukraine

Almost 90% of China’s third most populous
province Are infected with COVID-19

Chinese Communists Add Animal tranquilizer to
bulk up illicit Wuhan fentanyl, making its impact
even more devastating - be warned

Chinese Army Conducts Military Drills
in Taiwanese Waters, Airspace

Mainland China Resumes Regular Passenger
Traffic With Hong Kong

China Extends Aggressive Gold Buying With
Another 30 Tons Purchase In December

Human Sacrifice - Many Australian Lives Lost
to Vaccine Profiteering And Greed

Brasilia Governor Suspended After Riots

‘Queen of Cuba’ spy released from US jail


Bolsonaro supporters swarm Brazilian Congress

Communist Lula orders ‘federal intervention’
against rioters

Luongo - Turkey's Erdogan Flips Syria On Its Head

Israel rescinds Palestinian foreign minister’s
travel pass

Anti-Daesh US-led Coalition Denies Reports
of Downed Drone Over Air Base in Iraq

US Airstrikes in Somalia Increased
By 30% in 2022

At least 40 dead, dozens injured in
Senegal bus crash


What Is Ukraine Hiding in the
Bakhmut Salt Mines?

Russian Official Put 'Zircon Hypersonic Missiles
...100 Miles from Potomac River'

The Russian army used the most powerful
self-propelled mortar in Ukraine

Ritter On US Bloggers Running With Ukraine Lies
And Propaganda - CIA Assets

Europe-wide plan to deliver hundreds of Leopard 2
tanks to Ukraine - US Bradley M2 Armored Vehicles
and Paladin M109A6 shipment begins

Ritter - US Is Misleading Ukraine & Europe Very Badly

Western Zio Media Blames Putin For Quick
Collapse Of His Own Christmas Ceasefire

Russia honors Christmas truce despite
Ukrainian strikes – Moscow

Russia says its forces foiled Ukrainian attack
on Russian positions near Donetsk

Kiev panders to NATO’s interests, betraying
Ukrainian people - key Russian MP - Kiev is
NOT Ukraine’s Legitimate Government


‘Satanism’ - Russian diplomat on Kiev stripping
13 Orthodox priests of citizenship

Zelensky introduces sanctions against
119 Russian cultural figures

Russia To Mobilize An Extra 500,000 Conscripts
This Month, Ukraine Says

Pentagram chief vows to encourage US allies
to donate air defense systems to Ukraine

Ritter - Ukraine isn't Going to Make Breakthroughs

Italian general Says US official bragged
Benedict XVI would be ‘forced’ to resign
weeks after His 2005 election To Pope

McCarthy Had Dinner With Herr Schwab...
Do You Get The Bigger Picture?

Here Are The Concessions McCarthy Had
To Make For Speakership

DeSantis takes swipe at Biden Over Invaders

CA National Guard General fired after
using troops for personal tasks


OR Dept of Education encourages schools
to deceive parents

WVA Law Restricting Sports By Biological Sex
Is Constitutional Says Judge

TX Sues Biden Admin Over Public Charge
Immigration Rule Change

Why The Spike Protein Can Turn Every Major
Organ Into A Graft - Spike Entry Via ACE2
Should Have Struck Terror From The Start

Two Las Vegas High School Kids Die
Suddenly This Week

MMA Rising Star Victoria Lee Dead At 18

Why Is The ‘Vaccine’ BioWeapon Killing
Our Young Men And Women?

Ivermectin Trending #1 On Twitter - Awesome Lineup
Of Doctors And Scientists - Must Watch

Astonishing - As We Have Explained For Over A YEAR!
Flash - AUTOPSY Body Temps Of The Vax Murdered Are
A Whopping 93 F! Even WEEKS After Death By Vax!
They Have Been Cooked 'From Within’...A Process that
Continues After Vax Death…This Data Proves It - Vid

Fauci Pulled From Retirement To Control
MSM Narrative on Damar Hamlin


After release of Pfizer’s new Covid (Bivalent)
‘booster’, excess deaths in Japan are up 400%

Skeptics of COVID BioWeapon DOD Injection
‘safety' branded ‘criminals' by Pfizer CEO Bourla

Died Suddenly in Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica,
Colombia Venezuela Brazil Paraguay and Argentina
- December 26-January 2 - It’s Worldwide!

Died Suddenly in India, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia
Malaysia Australia and NZ - December 26-January 2

Died Suddenly In Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan
and Russia - December 26-January 2

Anti-‘Vax’ Activist In Chile Trying To Awaken People

Scientists Admit Hair of Autistic Babies is
Loaded With High Levels of Aluminum

Twitter Fires More Censors

A Potent Reminder Of The Need For
American Space Independence

NASA warns of falling satellite


Archaeologists Discover Remains of
NEW Tiny Humanoid Species in Ireland

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski warns he
will slash many of its 200,000 corporate staff

CBDCs - Digital Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

Kentucky Joins Growing Movement
To Blacklist ESG Banks

11 Signs That The Economic Tipping Point That
Everyone's Been Waiting For Has Arrived - Snyder

IMF trying to bribe Egypt away from BRICS
with new loans

Threat Alert - Canada Launches All-Out War on
Doctors and Lawyers Who Oppose State Narratives

Columnist Outlines How Nazis Holding Kiev
Hostage ‘Stabbed Hungary in the Back’

Which Countries Doesn’t Recognize Kosovo
and What are Their Reasons?

President Erdogan Says Greece Should
Abandon 'Anti-Turkish' Plans in Aegean Sea


Greece to build fence on border with Turkey

Number of Germans rejecting military
service skyrockets – media

Russia Boosted Food Exports to Friendly
Nations by 25% in 2022 Year-on-Year

N Korea’s Kim increases tensions, shows he has
aligned with Russia And China

Two Trains Collide in Mexico City Subway

Mexico Judge Halts Extradition of Drug
Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Son to the US

Ecuadorian man changes gender to
win custody of kids

Anti-Government Protest Takes Place
in Tel Aviv

France May Withdraw Its Special Military Forces
From Burkina Faso's Capital

Journalists detained over video of
pants-wetting South Sudan president


Europe-wide plan to deliver hundreds of Leopard 2
tanks to Ukraine - US Bradley M2 Armored Vehicles
and Paladin M109A6 shipment begins

McCarthy New Speaker Of The House
On Fifteenth Vote As GOP Caves In

Putin ordered an urgent investigation into mass
grave of 100 dead Russian soldiers in Makiivka -
Rage in Russia - 'Execute those responsible'

Nuclear Ukraine? Amid 'concerns' over alleged
Russian threat, the world overlooks real danger

Ukes Shell Donetsk in first minute of
Christmas truce

Celente - WWIII Has Begun - Medvedev Wants
Hypersonic Missiles Near Washington

NATO chief Warmonger Stoltenberg nominated
for Now Worthless,Politicized Nobel Peace Prize

Pentagram Sending Bradley APCs To Uke

DPR Militia Wipes Out Company Of Uke Troops,
A howitzer and other equipment in one day

Ukraine suffering up to 1,000 casualties
per day in Donbass


Soledar falls into Russian hands - Russian Blitzkrieg
destroyed Ukrainian defenses - Ukrainians retreat
en masse - Thousands trapped in Salt mines

Soledar end for Kiev - Ukes surrender en masse
...Russian Officer Says 'We will cement them in
the mines if they don't come out'

In Kiev they are collecting books in Russian,
which they plan to send for Destruction

Trainload Of Russian troops arrives
in Belarus

US to arm Kiev with Sea Sparrows

US to Provide Over Another $3 Billion in New
Military Assistance to Ukraine

Ukraine conflict at 'critical point' – Biden

‘They’re Helping a Lot’: Biden Praises
Non-existent Patriot Systems in Ukraine

Kiev Continuing Shelling of Donbass While Russian
Troops Observe Christmas Ceasefire - Russian MoD

Belarus Lukashenko Visits Russian Troops,
Declares 'Common Cause'


Nuclear Ukraine? Amid 'concerns' over alleged
Russian threat, the world overlooks the real danger

US will supply Ukraine with Sea Sparrow
anti-aircraft missiles for the first time

The 2023 Theme Will Be 'Here We Go!’ - Snyder

OBiden Seeks To Solve Border Crisis by
Making It Easier To Enter the United States

Report - Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Arrested in DC
on Anniversary of Daughter’s Murder

John Fetterman Appears ‘Completely Lost’
At His Senate Swearing-In Ceremony

Inside The ‘Strong' Jobs Report - Full-Time
Workers -1,000 - Part-Time Workers +679,000

Biden's Bloated IRS Will Skewer Taxpayers

New Storm Expected to Hit CA Over
Weekend After Severe Weather Kills Two

US Gun Death Toll Over New Year Holiday
Hits 651, Including 396 Suicides - Report


US police killings reached record high
in 2022 – NGO

Will reparations finally resolve America’s
tragic slave trade legacy? (NEVER!)

How Coke Got Soda Included In SNAP
(Food Stamps)

Soros Doubles Funding for Efforts to Pack
Supreme Court With Communists

WEF Pushing To ELIMINATE Car Ownership,
Says People 'Can Walk Or Share’ – And Be
Happy About It

An Interview With Hitler…
Setting The Record Straight

Newt Gingrich Tells Joe Biden To Shut Up

Sidney Powell's Testimony to J6 Committee

Human Trafficking Ringleader Arrested by
Interpol in Sudan – Media

Rep. Adam Schiff Pressured Twitter To Ban Journalist


Capitol Riot Anniversary - 'Smoking Gun’ of
Trump's Crimes Nowhere in Sight - Observer

US House Holds Service to Commemorate
Second Anniversary of January 6 Capitol Riot

OPEC's Second-Largest Oil Producer
Issues Trump Arrest Warrant

Lawsuit blames Trump for Capitol riot death

Hillary gets new job

Declassified Doc Reveals How UK, France Tried
to Whitewash Responsibility for WWII

Raytheon Wins $208 Million Coastal Missile
Defense Contract From Romania

GOP Rep Blasts Ukraine’s Zelensky
for Rejecting Christmas Truce

NATO, EU to Sign New Joint Declaration
on Cooperation Next Week

Green Communist extremists are reinventing
feudalism by banning travel


Covid Kill Shot Boosters Ignite Deadly Mass Cancers
‘Overnight’...And Often Restart Latent Cancers

More Than 1-in-4 Think Someone They
Know Died From COVID-19 BioWeapons

Died Suddenly Was The Number One Cause
Of Death For Under 65s In 2021

More Than 270 Sudden Cardiac Deaths in
US Athletes After BioWeapon Injections
...Peer-Reviewed Study

Dr. Pierre Kory’s Update On Alleged Tera
Hertz Wands - Start At 43:45

Dr. Pierra Kory’s Analysis Of The Hamlin Injury
And His Thoughts On News Media - Start 1:06:20

BlueTooth Signals From The Vaxed? NO! Watch

WHO - Anti-Vaccine Activism Is Deadlier
Than Global Terrorism - Utter BS

OBiden's Societal Goal - to Hijack and Control
the Cells Inside the Bodies of Every Adult & Child

Before mRNA BioWeapons - 29 cardiac arrests per
year in sports - after the ‘vax' 1,500 in ONE year.
66% of those cases resulted in death - Awake yet?


Covid BioWeapon linked to 630% increase in
Excess Deaths among Children in Europe
The Mass Slaughter Of Humans Grows

Tucker, Mike Rowe laughing at tech snowflakes

6G Could End Up Using People As Antennas

F-35 Stealth Jet Crash Prompts Engine
Maker To Halt Deliveries

Japan, US Agree to Boost Cooperation in
Semiconductor Production

Samsung Profits Plunge 69% As Global Chip
Demand In 'Full-Fledged Ice Age'

Taiwan Seeking to Create Satellite Constellation
Similar to Elon Musk’s Starlink - Report

91% Of Cryptos From 2014 Have Died
...While Bitcoin Continues To Thrive

US Reportedly Scrutinizing Collapsed
Crypto-Empire FTX's Ex-Chief Engineer

More rate hikes predicted in Eurozone


2023 - The ABCs Of CBDC, The Great Reset(s)
And More Centralized Control

What the (manufactured) Anthrax ‘Crisis’ of 2001
and COVID Pandemic Have in Common

Prince Harry Relives King Charles’ ‘Sadistic’
Jokes in Memoir

Prince Harry Broke Four Military Codes With
Tell-All TV Show and Book, Says Ret General

Taliban rips Prince Harry over kill claims

Russia slams Germany's decision to supply
Kiev with Marders ‘a step towards escalation'

Latest saboteur attack foiled in Russia

US Destroyer Enters Taiwan Strait As New China
FM Argues 'World Is Wide Enough' For Both Powers

China to lose its most populous country title
to India this year

US rankles China with latest Taiwan ‘provocation’


Japan, UK Reportedly to Sign Military Deal on
Mutual Access During Kishida's London Visit

US Imposes Sanctions Targeting Iranian UAV,
Ballistic Missile Industries

Loan Servicing Drains 80% of Nigeria’s
Revenues, Finance Minister Says

Color Photos Of The ‘Titanic’ That
Bring It Back To Life

Shimatsu - FTX Was An MK-ULTRA Cult
Doing A Treasury Con And CIA Job - Part 3

Damar Hamlin Wakes Up, Asks Doctors
'Who Won the Game?'

Will Ukraine ever have enough Fire Power?
...Col Doug Macgregor - Video

US Troops Are Secretly Being Deployed And
Prepped For World War With Russia

101st Airborne Still Deployed in Romania
Simulating War With Russia

Putin Orders Orthodox Christmas Ceasefire
Across Ukraine January 6-7

Kremlin unaware of rumors about Putin’s
visit to Donetsk for Christmas

Ukraine Rejects Putin's Christmas Truce
Proposal As ‘Hypocrisy' & 'A Trap'

Medvedev sees Russian hypersonic missile
frigate’s trip as `New Year gift' to NATO

Medvedev says US keeping with
‘best traditions of Nazis’


Timofeev - In 2022, the world as we knew
it ended - Decades of conflict lie ahead

Ukraine’s Security Council rejects
any talks with Russia

Zelensky Says Russian 'New Mobilization
Process' For Major Offensive Imminent

Ukraine warns Germany of ‘Russians
outside Berlin’

Stoltenberg urges 'weapons are the way
to peace' for Ukraine

US, France and Germany preparing infantry
fighting vehicles for Ukraine – media

US won’t fulfill Ukrainian Abrams
battle tanks request – WaPo

Something Big Is On The Way - Whitney

Wooldridge - Educational Equity Racist
Mathematics Lowest Common Denominator

Signs Your Country Is Turning Into
A Failed State


ALIPAC - Kevin McCarthy Should Step Aside

Day Three - McCarthy Caves On Concessions
But Republican Holdouts Stand Ground

US national soccer team engulfed in
‘blackmail’ scandal

CNN hires never - Trumper Kinzinger

Buttigieg Took Military Aircraft to Attend
Sporting Event with Husband - Graft

New York Gun Control Law Unconstitutional
Says NY Supreme Court

Funeral home owners sentenced
over body chop shop

Black On white Hate Crime - Sub Animal Black Enters
Miami Train, Horribly Beats Pretty White Girl - Vid

More Than 270 Sudden Cardiac Deaths in US
Athletes After BioWeapon - Peer-Reviewed Study

Turbo Cancers Exploding In UK (And US)
New Video Of Top UK Doctor - Watch


Two more studies confirm mRNA-jabbed
people have highest risk of getting covid

3 Jabbed Judges Die

Turbo Cancers Exploding In UK (And US)
New Video Of Top UK Doctor

China admits its Covid deaths are 'huge’
and 70% of Shanghai's 25 Million residents
have been infected

Senior WHO Official Says China Is
'Under-Representing' COVID-19 Deaths

China Wants Objectivity From WHO Amid
Charges of 'Underrepresenting’ Covid Outbreak

WHO shares video stating online 'anti-vaccine
activism' is deadlier than 'global terrorism'

Tim Robbins Says COVID Has Become
'A New Religion'

How To Find Blood From Unvaccinated Donors

WHO warns XBB.1.5 is the 'most transmissible’ Covid
variant yet


Left Winger Hitchens - Wear a mask if you want but
understand it's about fear and control, NOT health (Oh?)

Cancer Tumors Sprouting Overnight After
Covid Boosters - Oncologists In Major Panic

MASSIVE Discovery - Known in 2007 - EXPRESSING THE
Reticulum Stress: An Explanation for Emerging
Heterogeneous Pathologies

Health Care Workers Cry Foul On FDA Claiming
It Didn’t Prohibit Ivermectin For COVID-19

WHO warns XBB.1.5 is the 'most transmissible’
Covid variant yet

Danger of Beijing Owned TikTok - Study Shows
Using It Changes the Brains of Teenagers - Another
Aspect Of The War On The US By China

US Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Plunges In
Biggest Drop Since Global Financial Crisis

WTI Extends Gains After Small Crude
Build, SPR At 1983 Lows

Colonial Pipeline Shuts Critical Conduit
Supplying Fuel To Northeast After Spill

Twitter Data Breach - Hack Put 200 Million
Users Private Info Up For Grabs


IMF issues call on US inflation

Southwest's Meltdown Reminds Us We
Must End Airlines Corporate Welfare

Estonia will create own laws to seize
Russian assets

Rail Union Leader Warns Tory Government
Against Anti-Strike Laws

'Tragic Thursday’ - Disruptions Widespread
As Rail Strike Hits UK

Germany’s CO2 Emissions 'Behind Schedule’

'Tragic Thursday' - Disruptions Widespread
As Rail Strike Hits UK

Rossiya Segodnya Head Kiselev Slams
Latvia for Illegal Detention of Sputnik
Lithuania Editor

Topics of Putin, Erdogan phone call

US Guided-Missile Destroyer Chung-Hoon
Transits Through Taiwan Strait in Fresh


North Korean Drone Flew Directly Into
No-Fly Zone Around South Korea’s
Presidential Palace

Watch - Violence Erupts In Culiacán
After El Chapo's Son Arrested

Trump Announces Plan to Destroy Drug
Cartels if Elected President

Israel Accused of Harvesting Human Organs
From Ukraine War Dead - TRUNEWS

US base in Syria struck as Biden
Steals More Syrian oil And wheat

Western media’s anti-Iran reporting
waives journalistic integrity to
manufacture hate

French FM Defends Expelled Envoy,
Describes Burkina Faso's Move as
'Not Standard Practice'

US Offers $10 Million for Information About
Persons Responsible for 2020 Kenya Terror

Just another day at Sam's Club - Savage
Black Females Brawl - Video

Scientists Grow 'Human Brain' That
Successfully Takes Root in A Mouse


Beyond Satanic Insanity - WEF Says Pedophiles 
Will Save Humanity

NY Times Op-Ed - 'Mate With Short People 
To Stop Climate Change' 

Data shows the Earth *cooled* by 0.20 degrees
 C. in the 35 years between 12-87 and 12-22 
Climate Change Is a giant Lie, of course

Black couple Gets land in Ludicrous reparations 
sells it back to LA for $20 million - Communism
Is annihilating America And Greed Is Assisting

Terrorists Take Down Four WA Substations
Top Cop Says They are 'Sending A Message'

Russian Widows Call on Putin to Mobilize Entire
Country to CRUSH Ukraine - Soldiers Widows
of Russia issued the call on Telegram after a major
Uke HIMARS Attack killed 200+ young troops

Ukes Use US HIMARS Rockets To Kill Five
More Civilians In New Attack

US closer to giving Bradley armored 
Vehicles to Ukes

Russian Military Faces Rare Outrage At 
Home After Devastating Barracks Attack 

US Forces in Europe Prepare for War 
With Russia


Niall Ferguson - 'Kissinger Is Right To Worry’ 
About Possibility Of World War 3

Update From Russian soldier - Uke HIMARS Attack 
Killed 200 soldiers And Wounded 150

General Russian attack on Soledar, Town falls 
Ukrainian forces enter salt mines under fire

Ukraine suffering up to 1,000 casualties
per day in Donbass

Admiral Gorshkov, First ship armed with 
Russian hypersonic missiles enters combat duty

Russia's Admiral Gorshkov frigate begins 
trip across Atlantic, Indian Oceans

Perm sub with Tsirkon hypersonic missiles
to enter service with Russian Navy in 2026

Why the Russia-Ukraine conflict is 
existential for both sides

Russian forces destroy five Uke sabotage
and reconnaissance groups in DPR, LPR

Ukrainian foreign minister announces 
start of transfer of Patriot systems to Kiev


Russian drones far cheaper than 
Ukrainian air defenses – NYT

Putin is far from finished yet

Confrontation with Russia leads Europe 
to suicide 

Poland Signs Deal to Buy 2nd Batch 
of US Abrams Tanks

Since Illegally taking office, Biden spent 282 days
(40% of his ‘presidency') on vacation, including 
191 days in Delaware and 66 days at Camp David

CA county sees highest monarch numbers 
in two decades

Trump Throws His Weight Behind Ailing 
McCarthy Amid House Speaker Deadlock

Is China Controlling Our Weather 
With It’s Own HAARP Instruments? 

Civil War? Gallup Poll Shows Americans on
a Collision Course...With One Another 

Group Demands 'Child Trafficking’ Probe
of Madonna's Malawi Orphanage Based
on Singer's Pro-LGBTQIA+ Content


The America We Grew Up In Is Already Gone 
What Remains Is Some Sick, Perverted Leftist
 Version Of The Twilight Zone Where People 
Now Identify As Cats And Dogs

Newlywed White woman Hacked to death by 
Happy-Looking Black Sub-Animal With Machete
In OH Dollar Tree Store

Cancer Tumors Sprouting Overnight After 
Covid Boosters - Oncologists In Major Panic 

DNA From AstraZeneca Vax Found
All Over The Human Body At Autopsy

Health Care Workers Cry Foul On FDA Claiming 
It Didn’t Prohibit Ivermectin For COVID-19

WHO warns XBB.1.5 is the 'most transmissible’ 
Covid variant yet

The Moment You Realize You 
Took The Same ‘Vaccine’...

30 seconds Of Other Athletes Collapsing
…Over 600 in Europe in The Last Year

The Wellness Company Requests that Damar
Hamlin’s Vaccine Status be Revealed as Part 
of Any Investigation into this Tragedy

VAIDS Confirmed - Up and Down Regulation 
of Gene Expression Identified at Autopsy in 
Persons Who Died Post-BioWeapon ‘Vax’


Why Are The Feds Moving In On Damar 
Hamlin’s Sudden Cardiac Event? Could It 
Be To Quash Vax Involvement?

The Real COVID Infection Fatality Rate

Bezos - 'Amazon Is Not Too Big To Fail’ - He's Right

Twitter suspends Palestinian journalist Arikat,
and media response is...silence – Updated 

Twitter announces decision on political ads

New Twitter bombshell - How American
spies used false claims of Russian election 
interference to bring the tech giant to heel

Pornhub Now Requires Louisiana Users
to Verify Age, Submit State-Issued ID

Harvard - Ripple (XRP) and Stellar Lumens (XLM)
will be backbone of payment system of the future

Biden’s Sneaky HR 5376 Is a Nightmare 
for Retirement Savers 

EU gas prices fall to lowest level in 
over a year amid mild weather


Effect of EU sanctions on Moscow is 
‘less than zero’ – MEP

A New Twitter Hashtag #RussiaFlushWithCash
Should Be Tweeted

A Mad Rush To Build More EV Factories 
...But Where Are The Minerals?

Sudan's Gold Sector Achieves Highest Ever 
Production in 2022, State Company Says

Fed Admits Recession Is ‘Plausible’...Pushes Back
Against ‘Unwarranted' Easing Expectations

Fed's Kashkari Predicts Fed Hikes 
To 5.4% And Pauses

On The Cusp Of A Global Liquidity Crisis

Central Bank Losses Make Them 
Buy Record Amounts Of Gold

Manhattan Home Prices Record First 
Quarterly Decline Since Mid-2020

Coinbase Jumps After $100 Million 
Settlement With NY Regulators


Salesforce To Fire 10% Of Workers As It 
Warns About 'Economic Downturn'

Females Are Not Safe in Sweden - 4 Eritrean 
Black Invaders Receive Short Prison Sentences
for Violent Gang Rape, None Will Be Deported

US fueled Ukraine conflict, making Europeans 
suffer – de Gaulle’s grandson

Polish WWII Reparations Demands of Germany
Constitute ‘Extortion’ at US Behest

Poland Furious After Germany Rejects 
Government's €1.3 Trillion WWII 
Reparations Claim

Germany showing disrespect to Poland
over World War II – Warsaw

Swedes adamant in face of Turkey’s
NATO demands

All Schoolchildren Should Study Math 
Until Age 18, British PM Sunak Says

German police union urges fireworks
ban on NYE

England Sees 39% Rise In Children Needing 
Help For Serious Mental Health Problems


France limits paracetamol sales after
China restricts exports

Ski Slopes Swapped For Biking Trails
as Weather in Alps ‘Worthy of June’

Will Complacency And Warm Weather 
Leave Europe More Vulnerable Next Winter

British Propaganda Takes a Swing at 
General Surovikin 

Ritter - Taiwan Ukraine-Russia-Turkey-Greece 

Ex-Russian space boss sends shrapnel
to French ambassador

China drone incursions drop a 
gauntlet on Japan

Russian Sappers Kick Off Mission to 
Clean Up Mess Left by America in Laos

South Korea May Ditch Landmark Military 
Pact With Pyongyang, President Warns

FIFA President Infantino Ripped For 
Selfie in Front of Pelé’s Casket


CENTCOM Confirms Its Syria Base
Was Attacked by Rocket Fire

Syria Continues Restoration of Medieval
Crusader-era Castle – Photos

US Tried to Weaken ‘Axis of Resistance’ 
by Killing Soleimani Says Nasrallah

Iran Inks Deal With Russia to Build 
Ship at Volga Port

Death toll from car bomb attack in 
Somalia rises to 35 

CA county sees highest monarch butterfly
numbers in two decades

SFGate glorifies gay cruising which
led to AIDS epidemic

1968 'Romeo & Juliet' Stars Sue Paramount
$500 Million Over Nude Scene Filmed When 
They Were Minors


Discredited 'Population Bomb' Author Predicts
The 'End Of The Civilization We're Used To'

The Year When Everything Started
To Fall Apart - Snyder

The 2nd Amendment Is the Only Carry Permit
Needed in 25 States

US Spreads Misery Across the Globe Imposing
Sanctions on a Third of Humanity

Russian military Now Says 89 Dead
In Uke Strike

Shocking video - Iranian drone penetrates all
NATO air defenses of Kiev and finally destroys
the target - Remarkable Technology

Russian Military Officer Says He Has ‘Favorable,
View' of Tactical Nuclear Weapon Use

How NATO aerial recon harms Russia
in Ukraine

Kiev, NATO Get Strategic Warning From Russia

Dictator Zelensky Expands Crackdown On
Ukrainian Media - Freedom In Ukraine?


Ritter Talks About The Russian 'Targeted Operation’
Which 'Will Blow Your Mind'

Russian revenge for Makeevka On Live French TV -
100 dead Ukrainians and NATO advisers - 8 HIMARS
& RM-70 systems were destroyed

US-made HIMARS destroyed in new
strikes – Moscow

How A Russian Mom Ended Up At The Front
Volunteer Patriot, Maria Marikyan

Ritter - Who is fueling this Ukraine-Russia war?

Treason - Gen Mark Milley Hid Nuke Codes from
Trump Held Secret Calls with Communist Chinese
Defense Officials -Then Surrendered to The Taliban
and Armed Them with $80 Billion in US Weapons

The American Military is not Prepared - Ritter

Communist Katie Hobbs breaks out
laughing during Oath Of Office

Kari Lake Takes Election Appeal to
AZ Supreme Court

McCarthy Loses Three Times As House
Adjourns With No Speaker


How The Deep State Mafia Controls All of Us
...Redacted Conversation with Whitney Webb

Scalise Reveals First Legislation For
Republican House, Vows 'Bold Agenda'

GOP Sours On Kevin - McCarthy Loss
Deepens As Jim Jordan Picks Up Steam

US schools are ‘cesspool of Marxist
indoctrination’ – senator

Parts of US Face Significant Winter
Storm on Tuesday, Wednesday

Labeling TikTok 'Digital Fentanyl' Absurd,
Showing Dysfunction of US Politics

List of Vaxed And Unvaxed NBA players
ahead of season

SF, NoCal Brace For Third Huge Storm - Photos

Idaho Mass Murder Suspect Stalked Victims
For Weeks And Wore Gloves After Slaughter
To Avoid Leaving DNA Evidence

One Of Thousands Of ‘Chimpouts' Across
The US Today - Multiculturalism Doesn’t Work


States Grand Jury to Hold Big Pharma Accountable
for Covid Vaccines is Approved by The Supreme
Court of Florida

17 Year Old Basketball Player Dies Suddenly
at Home, Coroner Reports Cause of Death

Peter Schiff warns of ‘crypto extinction’

Death in the air - How Moscow’s 18th century
plague outbreak resembled the Covid pandemic

Pharmacists 'running low on supplies of cold
and flu medicines amid huge demand'

Musk Says He Is 'Open' to Idea of Buying
Out Major Media Companies, Drops Another
'Fauci Bomb'

Apple Tells Suppliers To Build Fewer
Components For AirPods, Watches
And MacBooks, Nikkei Asia Says

Code Required to Enter DC Whole
Foods and May Be Used to Implement
A Mass Social Credit System

Grafting and mobile CRISPR for genome
editing in plants

Sammy The Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty
in sprawling crypto fraud case


Sammy The Bankman Asks Judge to Keep
the People Paying His Bail Secret

The Themes That Will Define Bitcoin
In 2023

Peter Schiff warns of ‘crypto extinction’

Today's Cheaper Gas Is The Calm
Before 2023's Storm

Money-Supply Growth Turns Negative
For First Time In 33 Years

Bleak Brits Believe Cost-Of-Living
Crisis Will Worsen In 2023, Poll Reveals

IMF Head Warns Third Of World In
Recession This Year

Berlin may seize frozen Russian assets
to help Ukraine if allies follow suit

Canada Sees Historically High Number
of Newcomers in 2022

Teenager Arrested for Threats Against
US and Chinese Embassies in Canada


Another state revokes recognition of Kosovo
– Serbia

The EU's Schizophrenia On
Hungary And Italy

UK Ministers Mobile Phones Could be
Cracked in 20 Minutes, Media Says

Irish PM Admits ‘Mistakes’ in Post-Brexit
Northern Ireland Protocol

Poland Asks UN for Help in Extracting
War Reparations From Germany

Russia Says Peace Treaty Talks With Japan
‘Impossible' Over ‘Unfriendly' Ukraine Stance

Australia defies health advice on Covid
tests for Chinese arrivals

Lula halts privatization of Brazilian
state companies – media

Egypt to Purchase 12 New CH-47F
Helicopters, Deliveries to Start in 2026

Iran Issues Court Notices to 73 People
Involved in Assassination of Soleimani


Man With Alleged Links to Daesh
Arrested in Istanbul

Arab Countries Condemn Israel for
Security Minister's Visit to Temple Mount

UK to label elite Iranian unit ‘terrorist group’

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry Summons Israeli
Ambassador Over Temple Mount Visit

West Turns to Africa for Natural Resources
Due to Ukraine Crisis, Angolan Ambassador Says

Resource-rich Angola wants major
investment from Russia

Car Bomb Targets Convoy of Nigerian
Ex-Governor, Kills Four Security Personnel

French ambassador expelled after
unrest in Burkina Faso

The Ghanaian giant reported to be the
world’s tallest man - Photo


Kanye ‘Ye’ West Is Missing According
To His Ex- Business Manager

Bills Say Hamlin Suffered Full Cardiac Arrest
But His Heart Was Restarted On The Field
...He's Currently Sedated And Critical

Agent - Hamlin Put to Sleep to Insert Breathing
Tube - Vitals Said Normal, Tests Ongoing

Looney Trump Attacks His Own Base,
Blames Pro-Lifers for Midterms

Russian missiles Kill 180 Mercs And
Officers In Western Ukraine

Making sense of NATO strikes
against Russia

Ukraine asked U.S. for 100 A-10 Warthogs
to fight Russians

Russian lawmaker sees little worth in any
talks with `externally governed’ Ukraine

Strikes damage energy facilities in Kiev

The High Cost Of Blowing Up The World
...Ukraine & The 2023 NDAA


Wait A Second! Merkel Did What?

Chilling AI predicts what nuclear war would
look like with attacks on London, Moscow and DC

You Don’t Have to be a Conspiracy Theorist
to be Worried About the WEF

TX 'Largest-Gaining State' in Terms of Population

Head of the Snake - Epstein, Wexner,
Maxwells, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed

They Want To Turn Us Into "Beautiful, Rich,
Dark Chocolaty-Looking Soil" When We Die
For The Good Of The Environment - (Snyder)

Speakership In Major Doubt, McCarthy Caves
On Key GOP Rebel Demand

Quake Prediction Says 'Signal Just Hit’ Warns
Of Potential Big Earthquake From SF To LA

Watch 'An Inter Dimensional Portal opens
over Taiwan’ on YouTube

Why They Don’t Want You To Know What
Types of Books the Nazis Burned


New Report Confirms 96% of Hate Crimes
in NYC are Perpetrated by Black Americans

At Least 30 Shot Over New Year’s
Weekend InLizardville Chicago

Chicago woman's killer will walk free
...at least for now

Jill Biden's New Year's Message - 'Go Get
that COVID Vaccine’ Death Injection

More Than 25% now Think They know someone
Who Died From The Death Infection

Nearly 50% Say It Is 'Likely' Coronavirus
‘Vaccines' Have Caused 'Significant Number
of Unexplained Deaths'

As We Said Long Ago - Internal ’Third Degree Burns’
The Spike Proteins ‘BURN' The Endothelium (And
Fats On Cells Anywhere They Come Into Contact With)

Dying, Vaxed Sheeple Waking Up - Nearly Half Say It
Is 'Likely’ CV ‘Vax' (BioWeapons) Have Caused
'Significant Number of Unexplained Deaths’
How About Tens Of Millions...

WSJ - Covid Shots Appear to be Fueling
New Covid Variants

Brianne Dressen discusses how suicide has
impacted the lives of COVID-19 Vax injured people,
including herself - Excerpted from the documentary


Little Did They Know The Vax Mandate
Would Be A Death Sentence

Yeadon - A Satanic Cult Behind The ‘Vaccines'

Dr. Bhakdi And Dr. Burkhardt - Killer Lymphocites
Pervading All Major Organs Of The Body Attacking
The Spike And mRNA Causing Mass Inflammation

A Year Of Football Fans Collapsing - Video

Former Purdue and NFL Player Dies Suddenly
in Home After Collapsing - He Was Only 38

Musk teases ‘Fauci Files’ release

Siblings Charge Tesla 6 Times in 1 Day
as Frigid Temps Quickly Drain Battery
...EVs Are Useless Junk

Third of world in recession this year
… IMF head warns

Russia reveals ‘new level’ of gas supplies to China

Germany acknowledges High energy prices
Are ‘new normal’


UK to Create $90 Million Fund to Develop
Nuclear Fuel Capacity

Tesla Delivers Record 405,278 Vehicles In
Q4 2022 But Misses Wall Street Estimates

Why Bitcoin Ban In The EU Is Likely And Stupid

Russia’s Cognitive Pilot plans to scale up
production of devices with AI

Alcohol tax scrapped in Gulf’s ‘party capital’

IMF Chief - This Year Will Be 'Tougher’
Than 2022 for Most of Global Economy

32% Inflation Final for the year

More than 27,000 people have died by
euthanasia in Belgium!

German MP warns against ‘unimaginable escalation’

NATO’s Military Committee to discuss conflict
in Ukraine, support to Kiev on January 18-19


David Stockman On The Parallels Between
The COVID Hysteria And The Salem Witch Trials

Poll reveals Brits backing new vote on Brexit

Mauritius & Britain Launch Talks on Sovereignty
Over Disputed Islands

Migrant-Fueled New Year Mayhem Turns
Berlin Into Warzone

After 100,000 Invaders Arrive In 2022, Italy Set
To Take Action Against NGO Ferry Boats

UK Health Service Under ‘Unbearable Strain’
amid ‘Toughest Winter’ To Date

Italian Eco-Activists Douse Senate Building
in Rome With Paint

Kosovo, Aided by Western Countries,
Aims for Escalation in Region - Deputy FM

US Continues to Try To Ignite War Over Taiwan

China could claim parts of Moon – NASA


Japan Scrambles Military to Keep Track of
Chinese Naval Movements in Pacific

US, S Korea Mull Holding Joint Nuclear War
Games Amid Tensions With Pyongyang

Pres Of Oz Medical Assn And ‘Wife’ Both
Hospitalized By BioWeapon Death Jabs

Russia discussing building two mini-NPPs
with Sri Lanka, envoy says

Juan Guaido Ousted By Venezuelan
Opposition As 'Interim President'

Israeli Strikes Shut Down Damascus Airport
Days After Netanyahu Govt Sworn In

Israel’s new foreign minister Cohen announces
plans to speak with Lavrov on January 3

At Least Seven Al-Shabaab Militants Killed in
Fresh Infighting in Galmudug - Somali Authorities

Jimi Hendrix playing with the 101st Airborne
while stationed in Fort Campbell, KY in 1962
…Colorized Photo


Ukes Hit Russian Base In Donetsk Housing Troops
With US Sent HIMARS Missiles - Russia Now Said
Reporting 400 Dead, 300 Wounded - Photos

That Was The Year That Was - 2022

CCP Meeting Shows Plan To Wipe Out US Population
And Military Via mRNA BioWeapon Injections And CV
Watch And Stop-Start To Read Captions Carefully

Kiev Media Report Explosions Rock City
For Second Time Overnight

Russian Military Says Victory ‘Inevitable’
In New Year Message

Air Base Attacks Deep Inside Russia Point to
CIA Covert Ops and a Planned War

Air Base Attacks Deep Inside Russia Point
to CIA Covert Ops and a Planned War

Ukraine kills and injures Donbass civilians –
Attacks on residential areas were ramped up
amid New Year celebrations

Uke Media Report More Explosions In
Kiev And Other Cities

Why Putin's Winter Offensive Will Prompt
Direct US Entry Into The War - Whitney

Uke drone depots destroyed – Moscow

BlackRock Logo to Be Added to
Ukrainian Flag - Johnstone Satire


Archbishop Vigano Calls for 3-Day Fast
for Jan 6 Detainees

A US-China War Over Taiwan Will Be A
Bloody Mess With A Horrible Loss Of Life

Who Will Start The First Major War
Of 2023? - Snyder

Will we make it to December 31, 2023?

'Something Big Is On The Way’ - Whitney

Collapsing Conspiracy Cover-Ups? - Unz

The Ever Widening War - Roberts

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Will Be
Validated In 2023

When Pilot Throws The Chemtrail Switch Too Early

World Economic Forum - The New Fascism


Nancy Pelosi stepping down as US House
Speaker...and few will miss her

One Person Killed, 9 Injured in Shooting in
US State of Alabama on New Year Eve

American Airlines Worker Killed After
Being Sucked Into Jet Engine

Excerpts For The Democrat-To-English
Dictionary - Updated For 2023

Meth hazard prompts closure of CO library

NY Begins Composting Human Remains
To ‘Combat Climate Change’

Incredible, Annual Christmas Truck Cavalcade In
Belgrade, MT - The Spirit Of America Burns Brightly

2022 Christmas convoy belgrade mt. I like this one because of the interaction with some of the crowd
Another View Of The Belgrade, MT Merry Christmas
Convoy - Families, Cookouts Line The Parade Route

Belgrade montana Christmas convoy straightforward film of all trucks passing by kids on roadside
Driving Wilshire Blvd In The Early 1950s - Colorized

The Spike Protein 'BURNS' The Endothelium

Pompeo - China wants to spread another COVID
variant by opening travel - demands US BAN
Chinese travelers after Beijing eased travel


Child-jabbing Oz Doctor DROPS DEAD after
taking very same covid injections he pushed
on Children

DeSantis - We’re Suing Big Pharma for
Killing Americans With Their COVID Shots

Covid Vax Is MASS Murder - Pt I - Roberts

Covid Vax Is MASS Murder - Pt 2 - Roberts

Anti-vaxers are identifying themselves
as ‘pure bloods’ - a Valid Moniker

Adverse effects

Bill Gates Roasted

Ex NBA Great John Stockton Reveals That
‘1,000s of Athletes Died From COVID Shots’

15 Million Americans Set To Lose Medical
Coverage As Public Health Emergency Ends

Pillars Of Light Appear Across US As
Ice Crystals In The Air Reflect Lights
From The Ground


Airline passenger photographs Large Disc
Shaped UFO Over Nevada En Route To Portland

NASA Probe Recovering Memory After
Radiation Surge Flying Over Jupiter

Watch Volcanic Eruptions of 2022 - Hunga
Tonga, And Volcano News Year in Review

In 2023, It Will Be All About The Dollar

Crypto 2022 - A Disastrous Year That Saw
Few Winners Among A Sea Of Losers

The Truth About Gold And Silver

Russia-Japan trade surges despite sanctions

UK NHS ‘buckling’ - Number of flu cases in
hospital seven times higher than last month

Up to 500 dying every week because
of UK hospital delays Says physician

Swiss National Referendum Will Limit
Population To 10 Million Through Strict
Immigration Control, To Save Environment


Croatia joins open-borders club and adopts euro

Kosovo Wants to Increase NATO
Presence in Order to 'Strengthen Security’

Record Number of Invaders Crossed
English Channel to Get to UK in 2022

Russian Army to Hold 9 International
Military Exercises in 2023

China's Manufacturing Industry Is
Rapidly Collapsing

Kim Jong Un orders 'exponential' expansion
of North Korea's nuclear arsenal

South Korea, US, Japan Say North’s
Provocations Will Deepen Its Isolation

China accuses US of ‘slander and hype’
over air incident

China Conducts Military Maneuvers Near
US Bases At Guam, Okinawa

'Unprecedented Vaccine Disaster’ Says
Professor Masanori Fukushima


US Accidentally Proves It Could Not Have
Spotted the Virus in China in November 2019

Canada, Australia, Morocco join countries imposing
COVID restrictions on Chinese travelers

India, Pakistan Exchange Lists of
Nuclear Facilities, Prisoners

Armed Man Detained by Cops After
Attempting to Infiltrate Lula’s Inauguration

Russia's Matvienko Conveys Putin's Message
to Brazil's President, Moscow Awaits His Visit

Ukraine exacts revenge on Israel at UN

Netanyahu - ‘Despicable' UN Vote Has
No Bearing On Israel

Scientists Discover New Organ in Human Body


Russia Prepares Something 'Very Big’ - Hits NATO
Advisers And Mercenaries As Over 400 Missiles
And Droves Strike In Last 3 Days

Political Strategist Dick Morris Makes Huge
Prediction About How Government Corruption
Will Impact 2024, Here's What He Said...

Alabama Will Allow Concealed Carry of Handguns
Without a Permit Beginning on New Year's Day

Melinda Gates Opens Up About Marriage To Bill,
Discusses 'Abhorrent, Evil' Relationship With Epstein

Putin Gives Unusual New Year Address

Douglas Macgregor - Underestimating Russia
Is A Bad Idea For The West - Video

Russia Beefs Up Air Defenses Over Moscow
For New Year Celebrations

Russian soldiers released from Uke captivity

Confessions by Hollande and Merkel are
‘formalization of betrayal’ – top Russian senator

Another, Smaller Russian Missile Barrage
Hit Ukraine

Kiev mayor criticizes Ukrainian authorities

Luongo - The Russian Regime-Change Trap

Putin Awards Commander of Russian Forces
in Ukraine, Gen Surovikin, With High Military Award

World War 3 Predictions In 2023 By Former
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev


Former Pope Benedict XVI dies at 95 - Illegally
Overthrown and Held In the Vatican For 9 Years

Trump hints at third-party run in 2024 - this Would
ensure the Illegal communist Regime stays in power
ALL National Elections Are Rigged And Suspect

Wigington - GeoEngineering Global News Alert - 12-31-22

One Great Big Nasty Prediction For 2023
...China will invade Taiwan

US Keeps Building Advanced Radar
on Palau to Keep Eye on China

The US Congress Gave Standing
Ovations To A Nazi, Zionist Thug

TV legend Barbara Walters dies

TX Supreme Court rules against Dad seeking
to prevent 'chemical castration' of his son

Scientist Warns of Fallout From Erupting
Volcanoes That Woke Up in 2022

2022 Same Sh*t, Different Year - 55 Years
Of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions


28 Yr Old Arrested In PA And Charged in Killing
Of 4 Idaho College Students

New Yorkers DIED in their cars from a storm
forecast DAYS in advance - Not Too Smart...

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden Spends Winter Break
with Communist Leaders in Cuba

OBiden Admin Expands Crackdown
On Ghost Guns

Gun Owners of America Classifies 18
Republican Senators as Traitors

That Awkward Silence You Hear Is The Vaxxed
Realizing The Purebloods Were Right

Two Young ABC News Producers Have
Died Suddenly in One Week

Musk first man ever to lose $200 billion

Tesla Experienced Worst Annual Stock
Drop of 65% in 2022

List Of OBiden Tax Hikes Which
Take Effect Jan. 1


Midas Crypto Exchange Declares Bankruptcy
Another One Goes Down In Flames

Macleod - Gold In 2023

S&P 500 Ends the Worst Year Since 2008
Housing Crisis with More Loses

Russia issues upbeat economic forecast
for 2023

China to roll out first national ‘digital asset’

Russian diesel shipments
soar ahead of EU ban

Invaders surge into Europe - Like Here, they
Will replace vast Numbers Of White Europeans
Who Are Dying From The BioWeapon Injections

Greek Citizens Concerned About High Energy
Prices, Blame EU Policies

'Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event' Could
Wreak Havoc Across Britain

China's Manufacturing Industry Is Rapidly Collapsing

China taps new foreign minister


VZ votes out US-backed opposition leader

Palestinians urge world to ‘reject’ new
Israeli government

Israeli soldiers charged in Palestinian
home bombing

Turkey agrees to withdraw troops from Syria
following Moscow talks

Pope Benedict XVI dies at the age of 95

Dumb Americans Didn’t Notice the Revolution
that Stole their Country

Millions Of Americans Have Left The Country
Where Are They Going, And Why?

Iran's Buy of the Century - 24 (And Then 40 more)
Russian Su-35 Fighters Land in Isfahan Along with
4 Mi-26s - Panic erupts in Israel!

Ukraine May Next Get American
M-2 Fighting Vehicles

Bakhmut falls! - Zelensky 'We have thousands of dead’
30 times greater losses than the Russians’ - Ukes Are
Outflanked, Destroyed By Overwhelming Russian artillery
...Numerous Videos Show The Annihilation

Ukraine Collapsed - Russia Launched Massive
Precision Missile Attack In WEST - Arms And Troops
Can’t Move To Front - At Least 500 Dead - Reserves,
Mercenaries & NATO Armament Hit

Hundreds of US troops are in Ukraine – Lavrov

Ritter - Diplomacy is dead, Minsk Scam Exposed

Ex President of France Admits Minsk Agreements
Were A Complete Fraud to DECEIVE Russia And
Allow Ukraine to prep for war

Over 3,000 bodies of civilians Slaughtered By
Ukes recovered in Mariupol


French politician - Zelensky is strengthening
his neo-Nazi dictatorship

Russia beefs up its strategic aviation - Video

Impossible to return to former relations with West
— Russia’s mission to UN

Integration of Russia’s new regions in full swing
— Kremlin spokesman

Sammy The Bankman-Fried Met With
Biden White House 4 Times in 2022

OBiden Border Crisis - TX Ranchers Live in Fear
After Third Attempted Break In By Invaders
Who are nothing more than 3rd World Scum

Are You A 'Thought Criminal'? - Snyder

It’s Not A Lie If You Believe It

Are Universities Doomed? (Let’s hope most are)

A Fiery Lump Lurks Beneath Yellowstone’s
Supervolcano - Study Reveals

House Sergeant-At-Arms Claims J6 Response
Would Have Been 'Vastly Different' If Rioters
Were Black


US House Committee Releases Trump’s
Tax Returns After Years-Long Legal Battle

Trump claims his tax returns prove success

MIT Adopts Free Speech Resolution - 'We Cannot
Prohibit Speech As Offensive Or Injurious'

Southwest Airlines Resumes Normal
Flight Operations After Week From Hell

Gas power saves Texas from blackouts
as wind power collapses

Texas Father Provides Heartbreaking Update
to Transgender Custody Battle Against Ex-Wife
Working to 'Transition' Son James Into A Girl
Named ‘Luna'

Black Thieves Thirst For Rolex Watches
Hits Major Western Cities

The Manufactured Myth of General Robert E Lee

Pervert condo president arrested for the
third time for recording tenants

Brain-Damage - Woman Defends Black Looters
in Buffalo Using Excuse That White People Stole
Their Land - Video


Dangerous New Cult Calling for Permanent
Lockdowns in the name of ‘Equity’

Moronic Time magazine mocked for
saying EXERCISE is racist

Thousands of Middle-Aged People
are Dying of 'Heart Conditions’ (From
The BioWeapon mRNA Spike Injections)

Suicide Among The Most Common Causes
Of Death In The US - It Will Soar In 2023
The Suffering Of The ‘Vax’ Injured Is Horrific

UK Introducing COVID-19 Testing for
Travelers Flying In From China

WHO Asks for More Anti-Covid Measures

US Mulls Testing Airline Wastewater As
China Covid Surge Expands

China’s Covid nightmare is the final proof
That lockdowns Were/Are a total failure

NBA Legend John Stockton Says ‘Thousands'
Of Athletes Have Died From The ’Vaccine'

International Blood Donation Center Opens
For Those Who Want Transfusions From
Unvaxxed People


Confidential Pfizer & Govt Documents confirm ADE,
VAED, and (V)AIDS due to COVID-19 BioWeapon Shots
Have led to Millions 'Dying Suddenly’ & still counting
NOT Mentioned Are Deadly Spike & mRNA Shedding

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Binds And
Modulates Estrogen Receptors

Molecular mimicry between SARS-CoV-2 and the female reproductive system
Bombshell Study Shows mRNA Vaccines May
Actually HARM Long-Term Ability to Fight Covid

China Hit By Tsunami Of COVID Infections
In Reopening Scramble But It's All Just Omicron,
As No New Variants Emerge

24 Yr Old Flight Attendant at Air Albania
Collapses and Dies Suddenly from Heart
Attack Shortly After Landing in London

The Twitter Files Have Confirmed (Again)
That Conspiracy Theorists Are Not Crazy

Researcher Reveals Google Home Speakers
Could've Been Hijacked And Turned Into Wiretaps

Twitter's COVID-19 Censorship Led To Loss Of Life,
Says Former White House Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas

Russia's Aeroflot Buys Ten Boeing 777 Aircraft
From Irish Leasing Company

Fed reverse repo facility hits record
$2.554 trillion


The Top 500 Richest People In The World Lost
$1.4T In 2022 - All Paper Wealth, Means Nothing

Bahamas seizes billions of dollars in FTX
customer funds

US Says Won't Consider Petroleum of Russia
Origin Once Transformed in Another Jurisdiction

Russian diesel shipments soar ahead of EU ban

French ministry responds to energy crisis

BlackRock, State Street Admit Signing Net-Zero
Pledges They Don’t Act On

Farmers Celebrate As Ag Boom Sends Incomes

Former Chinese Central Banker Admits
Results Of Digital Yuan Experiment 'Not Ideal'

One Prediction For 2023

Wall Street wraps up worst year since 2008
financial crisis


Stasiland 2.0: Germany’s New Communist
Government Declares War on Wrongthink...
Forces Companies to Set Up Snitching Units

Fury as Police in Scotland describe
pedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’

Russia warned NATO leaders about expansion in 2001

Echoing Merkel, Fmr French Prez Confirms
West Lied to Russia on Minsk Deal to Buy
Kiev Time to strengthen Military

Belgrade likens Kosovo's ideology to Nazism

French Politician Criticizes New Ukrainian
Media Law as Nationalistic, Anti-Russian

The Ever-Growing List of British MPs
Accused of Sexual Misconduct

1930s Germany - Colorized, Remarkable Film

China, Russia to build up cooperation
in trade and energy sphere — Xi Jinping

Russia’s energy supplies to China reach
unprecedented figures — Putin


Putin to focus on 'victoriously addressing’ some
issues ahead of election — Kremlin

Putin to abstain from sending 2023 well-wishes
to Biden and other `unfriendly’ leaders

Importance of Russia-China partnership soars
amid geopolitical tensions — Putin

Japan is offering families $7,500 per child
to leave Tokyo - Someone Knows Something...

South Korea Vows More Aggressive
Response To North's 'Provocations'

Major US Anti-Tank Systems Deal Underscores
Taiwan Fortifying Itself Against Future Invasion

US Restates It’s Locked in Global Struggle
With China as Beijing Urges ‘Recalibration’
of Relations

Chinese Foreign Ministry Urges US to Stop
Arms Sales to Taiwan

Bolsonaro Rules Out Military Intervention in Brazil
'I Have No Support from Other Institutions to Act
Against (Communist) Lula!'

Palestinians urge world to ‘reject’ new
Israeli government


Blast at Restaurant in Turkey Kills
Seven People, Reports Say

Fighting Between M23 & Rival Groups
Reportedly Breaks Out in Eastern DR Congo

Eritrea Withdrawing Troops From Ethiopia’s
Rebel Region of Tigray - Reports

Stunning Line-up Of WW2 German Tanks

Long Queues as Tesla Drivers Overwhelm
Charge Points

How Did EVs Handle America's Arctic Blast?

2022 - The Year ESG Fell To Earth


7,500 Americans are killed or disabled EVERY DAY
as BioWeapon jabs take heavy toll…USA imploding
under ‘Decivilization’ assault - Ed Dowd

Trump speaks at Davos, Basically gives middle
finger to WEF agenda in front of Klaus Schwab…

15,000 Active-Duty Troops from Poland on the
front lines in Ukraine - How Will Russia React?

Russians Eliminate About 20 Uke officers
in the Svatovo-Kremennaya in the Donbass

Ritter - How The Russians Tactics Began
And Where They Are Now

Kiev under ‘attack by drones’ a day after
Putin’s forces launched ‘100 missiles’

Lavrov suggests ‘hundreds’ of US troops
are in Ukraine - No Doubt

Lavrov Warns Russia Will Disrupt Western
Arms Supplies will target 'railway lines, bridges,
and tunnels,’ signaling more Russian strikes on
Ukrainian infrastructure

Parliament of the LPR adopted a new constitution

Russia bombards Ukraine for 24 hours with all
available conventional weapons - worst attack
since the start of the war


Lviv & Kiev Plunged Into Darkness After
'Massive' Missile Attack - Ukrainian S-300
Lands In Belarus In New Uke Attack

Surovykin pincer maneuver - Bakhmut flanked &
50,000 Ukrainians trapped – Advance to Toretsk,
Bila Hora, Kleeshevka And Pidhorodne

Report Warns Risk of Nuclear War At Its
Highest Since US Nuked Japan

Russian troops strike four Uke command
posts in Ukraine operation

Lunatic NATO SecGen Says Arms supplies
to Kiev are 'the shortest route to peace'

Russian aircraft firm masters mass production
of Su-57 fighter jets — top executive

US uses civilian satellites to support
Ukrainian army — Russian MFA

FSB busts Ukrainian spy transmitting
info on Russian troops

Russia shoots down ‘unidentified object’
near key airfield – governor

Belarusian air defense downs S-300 missile
fired from Ukraine


Ukrainian Missile of S-300 System Falls
on Belarusian Territory

Fragments of Ukrainian missile fell 66
meters away from private home

Detailed Proof Of 2014 US-Backed Coup in Kiev

Ukrainian mayor leaked military
deployment data

Ukraine considered blowing up key dam

BlackRock reaches deal with Zelensky to
finance the ‘rebuilding' of Ukraine

DAVOS 2023 - WEF shifts into high gear in
preparing for the next Pandemic…by ending
health disparities and systemic racism…what
on earth could that mean?

China Invaders Pour Across US Border, Too
...Many Are Likely CCP Assets

Biden Protects CIA By Withholding 5,000
Critical Documents on JFK Murder

Gun Owners Of America Labels 18 GOP
Senators ‘Turncoats’ - How About
'Traitors To The Constitution'


More Vote Fraud - AZ Judge Announces Dem Kris
Mayes Beat GOP Abe Hamadeh by Only 280 Votes
in AG Race After 60% of Election Centers Were
Malfunctioning on Election Day

Paul Pelosi Attack Suspect David DePape
Pleads Not Guilty To State Charges

11 Attacks On The US Power Grid Since November
And 60+ Dead From A Winter Storm Should Be A Wake
Up Call To Prepare Before It Is Too Late

FBI Hunter Biden cover-up

The Great Re-Sort - New, National Survey
Indicates Political Migration Will Soar

Drag Queen Groomers Defy DeSantis,
Parents with Vile, Despicable Christmas Show

Looters Steal Big Screen TVs, Alcohol And
More Amid Blizzard in Buffalo - US Is Dying

CA Bill Will Legalize Magic Mushrooms,
Other Psychedelics

Cosmopolitan lists '100 gender-neutral names’
for babies to push 'gender fluidity'

Jeffries - So Long, 2022, Don’t Let
The Door Hit You On The Way Out


American Officials Sound Alarm on China’s
Purchases of US Farmland

Hard Evidence For Spike Protein
Brain Stem Involvement

WHO chief says COVID boosters 'are used by
countries to kill children' - fake fact checkers
freak out

IgG4-related disease (IgG4RD) means
FIBROSIS and organ destruction

Elon Musk Says ‘Significant' Backend
Upgrades 'Rolled Out' At Twitter Amid
International Outage

Tesla Analyst - Elon Musk 'Asleep at
the Wheel’ as Stock Plummets

The FBI Is the Democrats Gestapo

FBI Twitter files corruption is 'tip of the
iceberg,' warns GOP senator

Unprecedented Financial Chaos Is Ahead

JPMorgan Sued By Virgin Islands Over
Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Sex-Trafficking Operation


Janet Yellen's Not-So-Good Name

Exxon Mobil sues EU over windfall tax

EU gas prices fall to ten-month low

Oil price cap will backfire – economist

Global shipping insurers to scrap coverage
for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Doug Casey - 2023 Will Be The Year
For Gold

2022 - A Year Of Grassroots Bitcoin
Adoption For Africa

Fiji's New Pro-Bitcoin Prime Minister Ponders
Legal Tender Bill: Report

New UK Trade Union Leader Threatens
'Co-Ordinated' Strikes Over Pay

Germans Losing All Hope as Economy
Totally Collapses


EU should test all Chinese arrivals
for Covid-19 – Italy

Serbia lowers troop alert level amid
Kosovo standoff – media

‘Descendants of Nazi criminals’ -
Zakharova slams Latvian, Lithuanian
treatment of migrants

Estonia explains language policy for

Polish PM calls for spending EU
pandemic funds on military

Denmark Lacking Replacement Soldiers
for NATO Mission in Latvia

Putin, Xi to Discuss Bilateral Agenda Via
Protected Channel on Friday

Russia and China complete joint drills

Moscow ‘outraged’ by crackdown on
Russian media abroad

Merger of Crimean and mainland electrical
grids complete – Moscow


Russia bans forced biometrics collection

Putin signs law imposing life imprisonment
for sabotage — document

Putin Says 4 More Nuclear-Powered
Submarines to be Built

Russia boosts naval nuclear force

US to Sell Taiwan Anti-Tank System Amid
Rising China Threat

China's Employment Outlook & Income
Confidence Hit Record Lows

S Korean Sex-Doll Trade Set To Inflate
After Ban Lifted

Kim sets new N Korea military goals for 2023

Pentagon claims Chinese fighter flew within
6 meters of US reconnaissance plane

US unveils major arms deal with Taiwan


US State Dept’s new anti-China
unit is a waste of time and resources

S Korean Military Drills Response to
Pyongyang's Drones Launch

North Korea’s leader sets new military
goals for 2023

Over 7 Million Chickens Culled in Japan
Due to Bird Flu

Chinese Army Ready to Cooperate With
Arab Countries on Global Security

Bolivia in turmoil after governor’s arrest

Trump accuses - Brazil Bans Firearms From
Capital Ahead Of Lula's Inauguration

Bibi's Back: Netanyahu Sworn in as
Israel's PM for Historic Third Tenure

Incoming PM Netanyahu Vows West Bank
Settlement Expansion A 'High Priority'

Israel may attack Iran – defence minister


Turkish Foreign Minister Says Erdogan,
Putin, Assad to Meet After January 2023

Turkey warns Greece against expansion
in Aegean Sea

Turkey warns Greece against expansion
in Aegean Sea

South Sudan to Deploy 750 Troops to Join
Regional Force in Fight Against Rebels in DRC

How The New Cold War Solved
'Global Warming'

US study reveals economic cost of
Covid-era school closures


Nostradamus predictions for 2023 - An antichrist
arrives, World War III and the monarchy dies

Nostradamus Predicts the Antichrist Will Return
and Cannibalism Will Be Popular in 2023

Ritter - The US Helped The Ukes Hit Russian
Nuclear Bomber Airfield

Kharkov, Kiev and other cities pounded - Massive
Russian attack against military and energy targets

Fierce battles of Russians with 12,000 Poles -They cut
down the 16th Polish Division in Donbass1200 dead
Warsaw officially enters war

Russia Warns US Against 'Decapitation Strike’
on Putin Amid Ukraine War

Russian T-80 BV Tanks Now In Zaporozhye Area

After Zelensky’s Washington Trip, Ukraine Launches
Another Attack Inside Russia - Obviously Told These
Direct Attacks On Russia Are Perfectly Fine With US

Zelensky Hires Globalist BlackRock CEO Fink
To Oversee Ukraine’s Money Laundering Scam

US adviser to Ukraine calls for banned
cluster bombs


Russia doesn’t feel like communicating
with West now - Lavrov

Lavrov says US wants New START Treaty
inspections to resume but isn’t ready to play fair

Russian top brass reveals 950 multiple
rocket launchers destroyed in Ukraine operation

How a Ukrainian law firm runs a campaign
targeting ordinary people in Western Europe

Ukrainian MP fakes ‘victim’ of Russian strike

Hero Worship of Zelensky in DC Would Make
for a Good Episode of the Twilight Zone - if It
Weren’t Real

Leak - Pentagon not planning to reinstate
8,000+ troops fired for COVID vax

Western Media Admit Ukraine Had a
Motive to Axe Nord Stream

Over 10,000 Polish nationals fought in
Ukraine in 2022, politician says

Number of Ukrainian refugees in
Poland revealed


Russia intensifies attacks on liberated Kherson
And eastern Ukraine

LPR People's Militia - Up to 85 militants and over
20 vehicles of Ukrainian armed units destroyed

Promising That Ukraine Could join NATO
in 2021 was Biden's mistake

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) forced
prisoners to give false testimony, said a
fighter from the DNR

Russian Ka-52 helicopter sent to be
studied by the Americans

Biden’s Unopposed Imposition of Stalinism

Civil Rights Group Says Holds Biden Admin
Accountable for US Border Crisis

Face of US Changing as Third World Invaders
Become Major Driver of Population Growth

Greg Abbott Says Texas Has Bused Nearly
16,000 Migrants To Sanctuary Cities This Year

Invader rapes 8 year old, then forces girl
to clean her blood from his vehicle


Bodies Found in Cars & Homes as
US Bomb Cyclone Rages On

Southwest Cancels Another 2,500 Flights As
'Atmospheric River' Pounds West Coast

Dane Wigginton - The Brutally GeoEngineered
Polar Express - Listen

Texas Refineries Could Take Two Weeks
To Fully Restore Operations After Storm

Leaked Southwest Memo Reveals 'State
Of Operational Emergency' Before Christmas Storm

Santa Monica Businesses Warn of ‘Outdoor
Mental Asylum' on Their Streets

NYC Mayor Declares 'Big Brother Is Protecting You'

Rep-Elect George Santos Under Fire For 'Jew-ish’
Roots Claim

Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes For Holocaust
Remarks Again

Latest Holohoax Child Abuse Targets 9 Yr Olds


Musk Ousts Fauci - 'Gain-of-Function Is Just
Another Way of Saying Bioweapon'

CDC confirms US suffered 338x increase
in reports of AIDS associated Diseases

Dr. Paul Thomas Blows Up the Conventional
‘Vaccine’ Narrative - Incredible Statistics

Biden Demands China Travelers Undergo
COVID Testing, Called Trump COVID Response
'Nakedly Xenophobic'

High-Vax Regions Show a 15% Higher Mortality
Rate in 2022 Than in 2021

Will 2023 be a 'Tsunami of Regret'? Dr. Sherri
Tenpenny Predicts the Worst is Yet to Come
with the Fallout from the COVID Shots

Bob Marley’s Fully Jabbed Grandson Dies
Suddenly and Unexpectedly at 31

Google currently employs 165
high-ranking spooks

Even AI Is Suspicious Of The Military
Industrial Complex

Amazon Begins Drone Deliveries in CA and TX


Roomba Vacuum Recorded Woman On
The Toilet - Images Ended Up on Facebook

Sam the Bank-man's 'Nervous' Parents Hire
Armed Guards Amid Death Threats

Alameda Wallets Suddenly Become Active
Day After SBF's Bail-'Out'

FTX Customers Slap Failed Crypto Exchange
With Class Action Lawsuit

Russia to halt oil supplies under current
contracts if they invoke price cap - Kremlin

Gazprom CEO expects production at some
fields to continue at least 100 more years

Russia and Turkey start work on
natural gas hub – Gazprom

Nord Stream 2 bankruptcy delayed

MP Says Franco-German Gas-for-Electricity
Deal Not Transparent, Robs Paris of Sovereignty

France issues vouchers for firewood


Unemployment in Russia down to 3.7%
in November, says Rosstat

Non-sanctioned Russians unlikely to
recover assets in EU - central bank

Grim Greta gets dragged on Twitter after
botched 'burn' of Andrew Tate

Scale of EU Parliament Scandal Investigation

Russia seeks to resolve situation around
Ukraine as soon as possible - Lavrov

US-led collective West has long declared
war on Russia, says Lavrov

Kissinger openly admits US-led collective
West at war with Russia - Lavrov

Hundreds of US service members
stationed in Ukraine - Lavrov

Pentagon seeks repeal of ban on ‘Azov’
funding from US military budget - Lavrov

Merkel suggested Moscow, Kiev negotiate
directly years ago, Lavrov says


US appears to shift stance after hinting
at strikes against Crimea, says Lavrov

US blocking Ukraine from conducting peace
talks, hopes to exhaust Russia - Lavrov

Another Ukrainian terrorist attack foiled

Almost Half of Russians Say Culture War
Afoot Against Their Country

Putin promises improved business

Over half of Russians believe ‘cancel
culture’ should be cancelled, poll shows

Ambitious radio telescope project
finally under way

China to Lift COVID-19 Testing Requirement
for Travelers Beginning January 8

'Extremely Irresponsible' China Reopens Borders,
Milan Sees 50% Of Arrivals Infected With COVID

Hong Kong Scraps COVID Curbs To Revive
Economic Hub


Ivan Zuenko - China unveils a surprising new weapon
in its information war against the West

Beijing warns Taiwan against using people as
‘cannon fodder’

China Protests Official Japanese Visit to Taiwan

South Korea Vows to Step Up Defense Spending
Over Next 5 Years

2nd Russian Lawmaker Assassinated
In India In A Week

Russia hosts high-level Türkiye-Syria meeting

US reveals possible steps to counter
Iran’s drone production

Gantz Says Israeli Pilots Might Attack
Iran in 'Two or Three Years'

German Companies Plan to Increase Investments
in Africa Amid Soaring Energy Prices in Europe

West Loses Influence in Africa, Whereas Russia,
China Expand Presence, Newspaper Claims


Somali President Chairs Federal State Leaders to
Unite Efforts in Fight Against al-Shabaab

Col Douglas Macgregor - Putin readies MASSIVE
offensive with 3 goals - Video

Tucker Gets It - Putin Doesn't Want American
Missiles on his Border - Whitney

Russian foreign minister cannot rule out
that US plans Putin's murder

'behead the Kremlin' proves the madness
of the US leadership to the world

Lavrov Says Pentagon Threatening ‘Decapitation
Strike' Against Putin

Russia - US-Made Missiles Were Destroyed En Route
To Targets In Belgorod, Russia - US Is Going To Reap
A Bitter Harvest…Get Ready For Hell

Russian Army enters Klesheevka While Bakhmut
is on fire - Ukes are blowing up roads and digging
trenches in the center of the city - Videos

Ukes lost up to 85 people per day in the LPR

After months in Ukraine training soldiers,
Ret Col Milburn Says Ukraine is a 'corrupt,
f*cked-up society' run by ‘f*cked-up people’
Uke soldiers 'kill men who surrendered’
And commit ‘atrocities'

Nuclear War risk At Highest Since
US Nuked Japan In WW2


NATO Decides to Attack Russia in Ukraine

The High Cost of Blowing Up the World
...Ukraine and the 2023 NDAA

Joe Biden leaving for Virgin Islands
vacation as dozens freeze to death in US

Shimatsu - FTX Crypto Bribed A Corrupt
US Congress To Send Arms To Ukraine - Pt 2

Emergency Preps from A to Z - The Organic Prepper

If you think Dems are finished transforming
America, think again

The Democrats Are the War Party

‘SMART Cities’ worldwide being converted into
‘open concentration camps,’ - ex-Silicon Valley
engineer turned whistleblower

Dr. Robert Malone calls for ‘decentralization’
to overcome government, medical tyranny

It Would Be ‘Dangerous’ Not to Prosecute
Trump Says Schiff


DOJ Employed 'Reverse Spying' In Attempt
To Shut Down Investigation Into Russia
Collusion Hoax

Snyder - 15 Facts Which Prove That A
Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already
Happening Right Now

How The Great Reset Gang Wants
to Impoverish You

US HHS Official Ripped For Urging Censoring
of Gender-Affirming Care 'Misinfo'

Southwest's Mass Flight Cancellations Continue
Prompting Transportation Department To Review

Outrageous! OBiden, Congress send billions
to Ukraine but fail to pay National Guard
troops on time

It Was Always About Control

National Guard Troops Deployed To
Buffalo Amid Blizzard Chaos

ICE Can't ‘Locate' Records Of
378,000 Invaders

Fentanyl Hybrids, Proxies Could Make 2023
Even Deadlier in America’s Opioids Crisis


Pedo Children’s Theater Director 'Accused of
Raping Dozens of Boys' Found Dead at Home
on Christmas Eve

$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill contains sinister
depopulation provisions - $575 Million to be spent
on abortions

Tucker Carlson and the JFK Allegations

Dr. Ryan Cole Says There Is Absolutely ZERO
Graphene Oxide In The BioWeapon Vax Viles

Merck’s COVID-19 Antiviral Drug Doesn’t Reduce
Hospitalization Or Death In High-Risk BioWeapon
Vaxed People - Fail

There Are More Flu Hospitalizations In The UK
Than There Are COVID Hospitalizations

Oz Mum Dead 6 Weeks After Turbo
Cancer Diagnosis

Bob Marley's Grandson, Reggae Artist 'Jo’
Mersa Marley, Dies Suddenly at 31

World Economic Forum Cancels Twitter,
Directs Followers to Use Communist
Chinese Social Media Apps

Musk Says 100 Starlink Terminals ‘Active’
In Iran Amid 100 Days Of Unrest


The Brain-Computer Interface Is Already Here

WEF to accelerate push for global 'Metaverse’
surveillance network at Davos 2023

The simple reason why you should
stop using Gmail

Musk’s Financial Empire Is in Trouble - WSJ

Every social media firm censors for
US government – Musk

63% Of Americans Want FBI ‘Censorship'
Of Twitter Investigated

Dr Martin Kulldorff 'Not Surprised' About Being
Censored By Twitter, Says Trust In Science
Has Been Undermined

Poor Australia - Communist Cops Demand Citizens
Report Neighbors Who Talk About ‘Conspiracy
Theories’ - How About Conspiracy FACTS...

GeoEngineering scheme launched to DIM the sun
POLLUTE the skies and FREEZE Earth’s ocean water
This Is Atlantis 2.0 - We’re Heading To Hell

Big Spending Bill Is A Big Problem For
The Fed's Inflation Fight


Dallas Fed Survey Drops… Respondents
Warn 'Biden Political Mentality’ Means
'Recession Being Planned For And Acted Upon'

Number of Attacks on US Energy Facilities
in 2022 Hits Record

US, Europe to Greet 2023 in Chaos

UK Retailers Likely to Bear the Brunt of Raging Cost-of-Living Crisis

Peter Schiff - I'm Even More Bullish
On Gold Now

Adidas Sits On Half Billion Dollars Of
Unsold Yeezys After Terminating Deal
With Kayne West

Spain Unveils New Aid Package Worth
$10.6 Billion to Help Cover Basic Expenses

King Charles kicks his brother out of
Buckingham Palace

Impoverished Canadians Seek Euthanasia As A
Solution While Turdeau Vacations In Jamaica

Christmas Grid Chaos And Blackouts Could
Bring Light To Transportable Nuke Plants


EU blackouts inevitable – Austria

EU shows complete inability to lead talks on
Kosovo - Russian envoy to Serbia

Vucic blames international community
for escalation in Kosovo

Kalashnikov Group Expanding Into Combat
Drones And More - Boosts Production

Russian space agency outlines goal for ISS

Russian Scientists Figure Out How to Create
Super-Powerful Laser Radars

‘Pro-Nazi’ Germany and Japan have no place
at UNSC – Russian ambassador

Beijing Concerned Over Japan's Increase
in Defense Spending

Japan to deploy air defense systems
on remote island near Taiwan

Oz Reportedly Planning to Deploy New Missile
Systems Amid China-Taiwan Tensions


Taipei Triples Compulsory Military Service
Time as Taiwan Strait Tensions Persist

Rapes, Robberies and Falling Plane Parts
Things Japanese Civilians Living Near US
Bases Worry About

S Korea explains major drone scare

Japan To Extract Rare Earths From
Seabed Starting 2024

India Conducts Inspection of Drug Production
Plants After Gambia Children Deaths

West’s ploy to stop Mexico from cooperating
with Russia backfired, says ambassador

Saudis Scrap $280 Million Jumbo Jet After
Just 42 Hours Of Flight

US corruption doomed Afghanistan – ex-president

Tehran Trolls France Following Crackdown
on Paris Protesters

Biden pledged to end the war in Yemen
but is doing the opposite


CIA Insider Explains Advanced Technology
Proof Biden Has a Double Or Triple Wearing
Astonishing, Latex Form-Fitting, 100% Full Head
Mask of PERFECT deception - It’s ALL Lies Now

Medvedev - 'World teetering on brink of WW3
...Nuclear Catastrophe'

Russia’s Lavrov issues ultimatum to Ukraine
‘For your own good’ Do What We Say Or The
Russian Army Will Destroy you

Predictions Of Dmitry Medvedev Given On 12-26-22

‘It’s Hell - Get Into The Building' Yell US Troops
As Russians Pound Them In Bakhmut - Video

Uke military surrender to the Russians at first
opportunity - due to unbearable conditions - Kiev
Is Now Drafting 13, 14, 15 YR OLDS To DIE At Front

Russian Armed Forces have occupied
new defensive lines in the Donetsk Region

Huge Losses Of Ukes In Bakhmut - Video

Uke Saboteurs Wiped Out Trying To Enter Russia

Scott Ritter - Ukraine's Last Stand - Start At 12:50


Kiev sends assault groups of mercenaries to
the Kremennaya area, said in the LNR

The Rightness of Russia in Ukraine reaches
the peoples of Europe

Deceit - Vehicles with humanitarian emblems bring
military supplies to Ukrainian army in Artyomovsk

Russian forces wipe out US-made M777
howitzer that shelled Donetsk - top brass

Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ killed on border with Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry Says Western
Inaction on Kosovo Breaches UN Resolution

Wretched McConnell Declares $45 Billion
More ‘Aid' to Ukraine 'Morally Right'

Russia ready to resume gas supplies to EU

Putin orders The defense industry to increase the
production of weapons to support the troops fighting
in Ukraine

Belarus says Russia-deployed Iskander
missile systems and S-400 ready for use


The macabre ad that breaks records in Russia
It shows hungry Europeans eating… hamsters
because of Ukraine!

Huge NATO arms deliveries to Ukraine,
Not helpful, Were And Will Be Destroyed

Ukrainian female refugees - We were trafficked
to Israel in order to become sex slaves

Klaus Schwab - 'We have penetrated the
governments of the world'

Watch - Busloads of Invaders Arrive at The
Kamal’s Home on Christmas Eve

Dems - 'Piece of Sh*t' Greg Abbott 'Belongs in
Prison' for Busing Migrants to the Kamal's Home

Death toll from America's big freeze rises over 50
as stranded drivers freeze to death in their cars

Footage Shows 'Looting Across Buffalo' As City
Plunged Into Chaos After Blizzard - America
Is Disintegrating

Residents feel Portland has descended
into ‘lawlessness'

Philadelphia Recorded 500 Homicides
for The Second Consecutive Year


Are You Ready For Climate Lockdowns?

The Left's Big Pitch - Embrace A Worse
Life In The Name Of Equality

Trump hails ‘mentally disabled Democrat’
in Christmas greetings

Footage Shows 'Looting Across Buffalo’ As
City Plunged Into Chaos After Blizzard

Alameda County Board of Supervisors Vote 4-0
To Ban Criminal Background Checks For Housing

Oregon Begins Training State-Licensed Magic
Mushroom Trip 'Facilitators’ - Guides To Fantasyland

Tom Crean unsung titan of the South Pole - Wow

Kwanzaa - A Phony Holiday Created by a Violent
Felon Who Tortured Two Naked Women - Video

Covid BioWeapon Injections Are Like ‘Chemical
Frontal Lobotomies’ Causing People To Experience
Major Psychological Personality Abnormalities

Study led by FDA researchers didn’t find that
the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine caused
blood clots, contrary to viral Social media claims


Remember How Trump Promised The (BioWeapon)
shot is great - 'The Vaccine Is One Of The Greatest
Achievements Of Mankind’ - He Knew And He Lied

Bill Gates Global Takeover Is Official - Global Pandemic
Treaty Goes Into Effect - WHO Dictates Binding On All
Members - Even Superseding The US Constitution

Crematory Overrun In Beijing's Southeastern
District - Burning 150 Bodies Daily

Discussion on Immune Changes Following Primary
Shots and Boosters - Permanent Homogenization of
Immune Response and Removal of Neutralization
Capacity For C -19

Booster-Caused Immune Tolerance Explains
Excess Mortality and ‘Chronic (Long) Covid'

Are doctors trying to ‘normalise’ horrible
vaccine damage?

Many People Fully Vaxxed Against
COVID-19 Are Now Going BLIND

Washed-up Loser - Hollywood nobody Sean Penn
says 'it’s time' for ‘unvaccinated' to be imprisoned

Can Routine Childhood Vaccines Contain mRNA?

As We Warned Over A year Ago, Lipid
Nanoparticles (LNPs) Are Highly-Advanced
Deadly BioWeapon Technology


Cardiologists alarmed over BioWeapon
Injections - The more shots You take
The greater heart risk

Is The Magic Wand a Death Ray? Hard Science
In PubMed Peer-Reviewed Paper - 'The Effect Of
Microwave Radiation On (The Human) Cell Genome'

Search engine with artificial intelligence

Twitter censored information about Ukraine war,
Covid vaccines under directions from US intell

Twitter Files - How Twitter Rigged
The Covid Debate

Why You Need To Start Paying Attention
To The 'Twitter Files'

Musk Says 'Almost Every Conspiracy Theory People
Had About Twitter Turned Out To Be True'

Twitter pushed the Pentagon’s Middle East war
propaganda, and both will likely get away with it

Netflix Customers Could Face Criminal
Charges For Sharing Their Password

Ex-Nuke Sub Operator Reveals Physics-Breaking
Object That Buzzed Past Them Underwater


Holiday Sales up 7.6% in 2022
...but Outpaced by 8.5% Inflation

Ever Kindly Russia Willing To Resume Gas
Supplies To Europe Via Yamal Pipeline
That’s Called Humanitarian Morality

Investors fleeing UK equity funds

Key ally hints at Boris Johnson comeback

Britain - ‘It is Orwellian and ridiculous
not to say 'Christmas'

UK Govt will stop publishing Covid data
from January on as country 'living with the virus'

Pristina’s policies may cause major conflict
in Kosovo, Russian MFA warns

Serbia to greatly expand its Special Forces

Pristina police prevent Serbian patriarch
from entering Kosovo and Metohija

One of UK's ‘most powerful warships’ longer
in repair than at sea – The Times


French reveal their priorities in Ukraine crisis

Germany becoming ‘dysfunctional’ state

'We Will Change Europe' - Polish PM Tells
Italian Media He & Meloni Will Return Europe
To A Union Of Homelands

Tehran cautions Kiev over its call to
liquidate weapons production in Iran

New aircraft engine will ensure Russia’s
techno sovereignty In Commercial Jets

Trade between Russia and CIS states to hit
$100 billion – Putin

Russia maintains plans to become major player
on global hydrogen market — Deputy PM

Kola NPP produces hydrogen in cutting-edge
process - Rosatom

Putin speaks about ‘threats’ to ex-Soviet states

Medvedev becomes Putin’s first deputy in
Military-Industrial Commission


Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Predicts
Downfall of Western Economic Leadership

Lavrov hits out at US pursuit of attaining
‘end of history’ through domination

Era of US unipolarity is over — Russian Foreign Ministry

Chinese people believe West seeks to play out
Ukraine scenario in Taiwan, expert says

China Flexes Muscle Near Taiwan After
US Ups Effort to Make Island a 'Porcupine'

swarm of N Korean drones reached Seoul!
...Stay In S Korea Airspace For 7 Hours

S.Korea Fires Shots, Scrambles Jets After
North Sends Drones Near Seoul

S Korean military fires 100 shots at N Korean drone

S Korea's operation against N Korean drones
lasts about five hours

South Korea Confirms First Case of
'Brain-Eating Amoeba'


India to deploy ballistic missiles near
China and Pakistan

Lula's Inauguration to Be 'Reassessed' as
Police Find Bomb at Brasilia Airport

SAS War Crimes in Afghanistan covered up

Why Has the CFA Franc Still Not Been
Replaced by a West African Currency?

Report - South & East African Nations Suffer
Spike in Cyber Threats Ahead of Festive Season

Somalia’s al-Shabaab Terrorist Group Releases
14 Iranian Fishermen

Mother kills her kids believing they were
possessed by demons



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