Headlines 2023

Israeli Drone Strike Takes Out Multiple Hamas
Leaders Who Were Meeting in Lebanon

Israel announces Final COUNTDOWN to Complete
1948’s Nakba Catastrophe in Palestine

1 million displaced people have arrived in
Rafah since Oct. 7 Says Gaza official

Gaza war pushing Israeli economy to recession

The Israeli army carried out indiscriminate
bombing of Lebanon

Freezing Nightmare Approach Ukraine From North
Military Summary Video Analysis

Israel Gaza withdrawal, a prelude to full-out war

Kuleba said that Ukraine does not have a plan B
in case of reduction in Western assistance

US State Dept Imbecility - The US has not abandoned
the idea of a 'total victory' of Ukraine over Russia

France Calls the Ukrainian Terrorist Attacks
On Belgorod legitimate


Ukraine shouldn’t repair Leopard tanks as
it damages them – Germany

the 50th produced Su-57 Felon arrives For Duty
In The Russian Air Force

Surprise for the West - Russian missiles are enough
for several Ukrainian apocalypses

Israel Guarantees WWIII - Israel's terrorist attack today
has guaranteed US involvement in yet another war

Ukraine Trains Its Sights on Russian Border Region

Ukrainians are losing faith in Zelensky - Gosh, After He
Slaughtered Over Half a Million Ukes, Ya Think So?

West ignores the Uke terrorist attack on Belgorod

Very hard Russian strike against Kiev - Putin Saya
'I am boiling with rage’ - Kiev Has No air defense!

Uke Leopard 2 tanks are nearly all destroyed
or broken - Age Of The Main Battle Tank Over?

Russia and Ukraine swap prisoners


Four injured after munition detaches from
Russian warplane

How Russian animators are conquering
the Global South

Russia says Ukraine lost more than 310 servicemen
in Donetsk area over just the past day

Ukraine considers exempting men earning
over $875 a month from military draft

EU justifies Ukrainian attacks on Russian civilians

Here We Go...Trump appeals CO ballot ban
to US Supreme Court

Zionist Communist Washington sees no sign of
genocide in Gaza - America Is Shame Of The World

Just 3.4% Of American Journalists Identify As
Republican - Almost 97% Are Communist - Get it?

'Escalation’ Will Be A Key Word That You Will Hear
A Lot In 2024 As Globe Erupts In Flames (Snyder)

Epstein case witness - Bill Clinton 'likes them young'


Epstein was Blackmailing Politicians For Israel’s Mossad
(As If We Didn’t Know...Honey Trap, Incorporated)

Jeffrey Epstein docs have been unsealed - here’s
how to access them - Have they been edited???

Tucker ignites the Internet with new insider info on
Epstein’s death - He Was OBVIOUSLY Murdered

Maine Communist Dem who pushed to remove Trump
from 2024 ballot met twice with Biden, referred to The
Electoral College as a 'relic of white supremacy'

NGOs 'carefully planned' mass INVASION of America
report reveals (Like We Needed A ‘Report’) - Citizens
Roll Over, Lay Down And Watch The End Approach

Lunatic Lindsey Graham wants Biden to bomb Iran’s
IRGC HQ - He Should Keep His Insanity In The Closet

Pro-Life Woman Who Could Spend 11 Years in Prison
for Protesting Abortion Named Person of the Year

Illusion Of Democracy - Who Really Controls Our Lives?
Long but excellent Documentary

Celente - WW3 And The Top Trends In 2024

Why 2024 Will Be 'The Year of Chaos'


14 Things You Need To Know About The Great American
Eclipse - The Most Spectacular In US History - Snyder

Bomb threats target state capitol buildings
across US - evacuations ordered

Adams violates law by again failing to register his
Brooklyn rental property with NYC housing agency

Biden’s EPA mysteriously stockpiling military
grade equipment

Air Force audit exposes major B-52 issue
Scare Spare Parts For 65 Year Old Bombers

RFK Jr Secures Utah Ballot, Vows to Appear
on Ballots in All 50 US States

Architect of Russia sanctions Bob Menendez facing fresh corruption allegations

Pentagon's 'Extremism In Our Ranks' Propaganda Debunked By Their Own Study

We Need A Return To An Emphasis On Meritocracy

Appeals Court Deals Blow To CA City’s
Gas Stove Ban


Depraved Communist CA school district pushing
pro-LGBT books movies on children as young as
Little kindergarteners - This Is Monstrous Evil

Ex-CIA Analyst Issues Grave Warning About
2024 Election - The ‘Deep State…Will Reemerge’

Biden Suing Texas to Stop Them From
Deporting Invaders

AR Sen. Tom Cotton Endorses Trump for President
'Everything Has Gone to Hell' Under Biden (Obama)

CA Mayor Rage Over ‘Free’ Invader Health Care

Arizona City Just Appointed A Democrat
Ballot Harvester As Its Vice Mayor

Joe Biden Apparently Helped Hunter Defy A Subpoena
So Why Is Trump The One Charged With Obstruction?

Bill Introduced in House Calls for US to Drop Charges
Against Julian Assange - Tell Your Rep to support HR 934

Tens of Thousands of Votes Cast in Georgia with
Ineligible Addresses in 2020 Election

America’s Useless, Vile Universities -
‘Keep Your $900,000 Salary As Punishment'


Covid BioWeapon Victims Out Of Hope, Dying

US Set To Roll Out The Ebola-Marburg Fright Show

Dr. Paul Marik Explains How The Covid mRNA
BioWeapons Are Even Worse Than Thought

Supreme Court nullifies all lawsuits against
Biden for damage caused by vaccine mandates

OH governor who vetoed bill protecting children from
transgender interventions received $40,000 from
hospitals that provide sex changes - Disgusting

COVID-19 mask mandates return in US
hospitals amid spread of JN.1 variant

More than 13 tons of boneless chicken bites
Recalled due to plastic contamination

CIA bribed its own agents to change their
position regarding COVID-19 origins

‘Experts’ say new COVID strain will cause
global ‘heart failure pandemic’

Almost half of US adults would 'very probably not'
or 'definitely not' get Covid Injections Any more


Study Raises Alarm as New Health Issues
Linked to Covid Shots

Staph Infections In Little Kids

LA County Reinstates Mask Mandates
For Hospitals (actually good news)

Top Ten Predictions For AI IN 2024

ChatGPT had a high error rate for pediatric cases

Welcome to the generative AI election era

Rules of evolutionary biology upended by lizards

Equinor, BP Cancel Offtake Deal with NY
for Giant Empire Wind 2

Winter storm could bring long-awaited snow
to mid-Atlantic, Northeast this weekend

US Debt To Jewish Bankers Hits A Record $34T
This Unconstitutional Debt Cannot Be Paid


Investors scooping up 'safe haven' assets like
gold and bonds as dollar devaluation accelerates

It’s official - Five new countries join BRICS

Ocean cargo rates climb after new Red Sea ship attacks

Bitcoin Flash-Crashes On 15th Anniversary
Of 'Genesis Block'

Gold Prices Predicted To Hit (Controlled) Record
Highs Of $2,300 In 2024

Russian Gas deliveries to China reach new level

Nabuillina vs the West - Russia's trailblazing sanctions
slayer prepares for new challenges in 2024

EU Is Willing to Go To War Over Lithium?

NHS Leaders Get Rich While a Million
UK Patients Have Procedures Cancelled

Invaders Landing in Spain jumped 83%
in 2023 with nearly 57,000 arrivals


Somali refugee who shot dead teen in Swedish
street by mistake won’t be deported, court rules
...Whites BEG To Be destroyed

Street vendor stabbed in throat by negro
minor at French funfair

BLITZKRIEG as Party dubbed Far-Right by
Media wipe the floor with Scholz Regime

Italy is Doomed - 50% Invader Increase in 2023
...Despite A Nationalist Government

Reuters blames CLIMATE CHANGE for Christmas Day
massacre of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria

Sky News reporter discovered that African men
struggle to comprehend that rape is bad…

Shimatsu - China’s Dragon Spaceship Lays ‘Eggs’
Over America’s White Sands Missile Base

How International Zionists Destroy White Western Christian
Nations - The Invasion By 50 IQ Blacks And Other Sewer
Dwellers Is Entirely A Zionist Operation - Rense Video

Daylight reveals destruction of Japan deadly 7.6 quake
with homes toppled, temples destroyed smoke rising
from charred remains - 150 quakes in last 24 hrs

Oppenheimer was a Communist Lunatic

Israeli army kills 4,000 students in Gaza
detains hundreds in torture camps

Herds of Zionist Jew settlers attack Palestinian
farmers in Yatta

Israeli soldiers kidnapped infant, other children
Organ Harvesting? Child Sacrifice?

Yemen’s Naval Blockade On Israel

Hamas Fights Israel With Chinese Weapons

Palestinian 'sub-humans' and 'beasts on two Legs'


Israel The 'Shylock Merchant' of Stolen Palestinian
Body Organs

NY Times Hamas Rape Hoax Exposed

Lebanon's PM condemns Israeli strike in Beirut

Explosions near ship in Bab el-Mandeb Strait

The missile bases of the Iranian Revolutionary
Guards and the Iranian Air Force are put on alert

UK Defense Secretary threatens large-scale
kbombing campaign against Yemen's Houthis

Iran Says It’s Ready to avenge the death of 11 IRGC
officers after Israeli strikes on Syria

Israel is carrying out ethnic cleansing in Gaza
and the West is watching

Turkey Arrests 33 Mossad Agents - Erdogan
dismantles Israel's network - Video

Turkey fires up NATO plan - Closes Straits to two
British warships - Blocks their entry into the Black Sea


Rapid escalation in the Middle East - Israel crossed
the red line - Bombed Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut
Killing Two Top Hamas mIlitary Officials

Only 15% of Israelis Want Netanyahu to
Remain in Power After Gaza War

NO Serious Discussions Within O'Biden Regime
About Limiting Military Aid to Israel

Why Did The Zionist US Pull The USS Ford Out Of
Mediterranean? To Keep It From Being Sunk?

Jews Reject Hamas Hostage Deal Proposal

Israel bombs Palestine Red Crescent building
as genocide probe looms

Jews Force Palestinian farmer to pay $13,500
to release his 19 cows seized by Israel

What Happens When Zionist Israeli Children
Are Taught Jewish Supremacy And Revenge?

Jew festival survivors sue Israel for
military negligence

Registered Israeli foreign agent driving
contrived, Fake campus antisemitism crisis


O'Biden Says US Troops Will Fight Russian Troops
If Ukraine Loses - Would American Troops Fight?

Jill Biden Forced to Remind Braindead Joe That
Ice Cream Is His Favorite Food – Watch

'No Stomach' In US To Keep Funding Ukraine
As 'War Is Over’ says Ex-Pentagon Official

More Uke Soldiers Refuse Suicide Combat Orders
Intercepted Radio Transmission - Listen

Russia's Land Forced Received Over
1,500 Tanks in 2023 - MoD

Watch Russian Forces Eliminate Ukrainian
Western-Supplied Leopard-2A6 Tanks

Russians Obliterate Uke Leopard 2A6 Tanks

More And More Ukes Refuse To Die For Ziolensky’s
Insanity - Why Hasn’t Russia Removed Him? It Could
Do So Anytime It Chooses - He IS Being Protected

Most German tanks given to Ukes no longer working

Zelensky - at least 500 missiles and drones were fired
across Ukraine in five days


9 Ukrainian Vilkha missiles were shot down
over the Belgorod region

The authorities of Kiev and Kharkov reported more
than 60 victims due to the explosions

Ukraine Cannot Pay Govt in 2024 Without
Billions from the West

‘Finally’ says Russia, claiming to have
destroyed two M142s

Uke Armed Forces will have to choose which
cities to protect with air defense and which not

The Turks prohibited passage into the Black Sea
for minesweepers Given by UK to Ukraine

Zakharova called those who shelled Donetsk
on New Year's Eve a terrorist beast

Su-57 Production Surging to Over 20 Aircraft in 2024
'Delivery Rate to Surpass All Other Russian Fighters

Russia Shoots Down One of Ukraine’s Last
Su-27s - Kiev’s Flankers Are Irreplaceable

UK Is Disarmed - Has ‘Nothing’ Left in Its Military
Stockpiles After Arming Ukraine - All Intentional


2024 Will Be A Year Of Historic Natural
Disasters (Snyder)

The Globalist Diabolical Plans To Steal
Everything We Own Are Real

Biden Admin Watered Down Vetting Process
For Chinese Invaders - Think!

Treason - Rather Than Deport, TX Gov Abbott Moved
Over 85,000 Invaders To US Cities - Helping The
Invasion Substantially

Guide To The Bread And Circuses Freak Show
Called The ‘Presidential Primary Season'

Home Defense Strategies - Fortify Your Home Before
'They’ Are Able to Set Foot Inside - But You Should
Also Prepare for the Worst-case Scenario

Icke - "The Meme Says It All, Alex. Get Off Your Knees
To Your New God (Musk), For Goodness Sake. Have
Some Self-Respect, Man. 'Human 2.0’ WTF?”

Icke - What Happened, Eva? This (meme) Was
2022 And Now You Can’t Praise Him Enough

Missouri Governor Bans Chinese Purchase
of Farmland Near Military Sites

Trauma Based Mind Control - Important Video


Over One-Third of Americans Say Biden’s 2020
Election Was Not Legitimate - But They Accepted It

NY Firefighers Respond to Spate of Explosions in
Manhattan Area

The VA's Role In Illegal Immigrant Health Care Has
Veterans Groups And Legislators Up In Arms

Tucker Exposes Epstein Brother's Battle For
'Basic' Records

NJ Mayor Boots Bused Invaders Over ‘Major Security
Risk' While Biden Give Chinese Invaders Huge Break

Police called to Soros Long Island home in prank

Harvard's Gay Resigns Following New Allegations
Of Plagiarism, Shortest Presidential Tenure In History

'Activists' Infuriated As Dave Chappelle Explains
Transgender Position In New Special

Young Woman Drops Dead On Sidewalk As We
Have Been Describing, Her Heart Stopped Cold
No Reviving A BioWeapon Killed Heart - Video

Beloved British nurse of 12 years, 34, died suddenly
on Christmas Eve -Seizures And Heart Stopped


Shocking Changes in Health Insurance! Many
Are Beginning To Refuse To Pay For Treatment
Of An Injury Or Sickness Due To War Declared
Or Undeclared, Riots Or Insurrections

mRNA shedding is real - cancer And the FDA

Shocking Changes in Health Insurance! Many
Are Beginning To Refuse To Pay For Treatment
Of An Injury Or Sickness Due To War Declared
Or Undeclared, Riots Or Insurrections

Uncovered spike protein SARS-CoV blueprints reveal
PLANNED RELEASE of deadly COVID bioweapon

French Researchers Identify ‘Improbably High Rate
of Deaths’ in Newborns Who got New RSV Shot
Infanticide…No other way to View it

mRNA shedding is real - cancer And the FDA

Disability Claims Among Women Rose 55%
After Rollout of COVID BioWeapons

former Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa nurse
Gail Macrae Exposes Covid Horror Policies

mRNA Drops Testosterone Levels

SCIENCE Magazine Finally Admits mRNA
BioWeapon ‘Vaccines' Killer Side Effects


Many Serious Inflammatory Muscular Disorders
after mRNA Vaccines – Korean Study

mRNA shedding is real, cancer, & the FDA

No COVID ‘vaccine', no mRNA gene-based injection was
EVER needed - None!All mRNA tech must be banned

We asked top AI chatbots for predictions for 2024

Google says Gemini is as good as the best
expert humans in all 50 areas tested

Copyright law is AI's 2024 battlefield

Large AI models can now create smaller AI tools
without humans and train them like a big brother

AI Revolutionizes Trucking Operations for Greater
Efficiency and Profitability

Ray-Ban and Meta Introduce AI-Powered Smart
Glasses to Revolutionize Fashion Choices

Researchers train AI chatbots to 'jailbreak’ rival
chatbots - and automate the process


It Sure Looks Like Governments Want
to Let AI Surveillance Run Wild

2024 is going to be ‘even more crazy’ – Musk
...He should know

What are the different types of AI?

Fire-Scarred Redwoods Are Rebounding by
Sprouting 1000 Year Old Buds

Mind Over Matter: Perception of Time
Influences Wound Healing

Colossal pliosaur sea monster skull
on display in Dorset

Global Implications Of The Chinese-Russian
Biotechnology Collaboration – Analysis

Scientists want you to report monarch butterfly
sightings this winter

What Is Going on With the Mysterious
Connection Between UFOs and Water?

'The American Century is Over’ - US Faces
(Planned) Economic Turbulence in 2024


The impending Planned collapse of the global
financial and economic systems

Rice prices hit 15 year high, increasing food
insecurity for billions of people

List of electric car models eligible for $7,500
tax credit is cut to 13

Saudi Arabia joins UAE with BRICS
...Petrodollar end for. Thek US
Next is Turkey - Biden managed to send the UAE and S.Arabia "package" to the BRICS.

Saving the Panama Canal will take years
and cost billions, if it’s even possible

Maersk decides Red Sea too unsafe
for its ships for now

Prices of 100s of drugs expected to rise this month

US Now World’s Largest LNG Exporter

The End Of Money As We Know It
What To Expect in 2024

Global Elections 2024 - A Year of Political Shift?


Dollar’s Dip in 2023 Just the Start as BRICS
Push to Accelerate Dedollarization

China Confident in BRICS' Bright Prospects
After Expansion

Admission to BRICS to benefit Egypt in range
of ways, expert says

Saudi Arabia officially joins BRICS

Russia triumphing over NATO, Western sanctions,
says Venezuelan president

US Manufacturing Sector Slump Accelerates
In December - Orders Down, Prices Up

Sweden Faces Bankruptcy Avalanche Not
Seen Since the 1990s

New Dawn for Disney's 95 Yr Old Mickey Mouse
as it Enters Public Domain

US Pressured Dutch Chipmaker ASML to
Halt Sales to China

Russia’s rich getting richer


Britain’s Conservative Party Lets Another 51,000
Invaderk Claimants In, Highest Since Records Began

Black African Invader arrested for raping 75 yr old
French woman on New Year’s morning

Young French woman speaks out after Black African
Invader rapes her in Lobby Of a Paris building

Germany - Anti-Invader AfD party soars to
new polling high in Saxony, SPD hits historic low

Netherlands Army Says Country Must Prepare
for WAR with Russia

Thousands of German Farmers Rise Up Against
Takeover of Food Supply

Instagram influencer probed for burning
Russian passport - Video

Thousands of migrants arrested in St. Petersburg
New Year raids

Japan - Airliner with 380 People Aboard Erupts in
Flames After Colliding with Military Plane

China ramps up warnings against Philippines
on South China Sea


South Korea Opposition Leader Stabbed
In Neck, Attacker Arrested

China tests ‘bursting’ the US Abrams tank
by a kinetic bullet

With Elections Looming, Taiwan Battles Massive
Cyber Threat - Cybersecurity Expert

Iran’s Khayyam Satellite Turns Islamic Republic
Into Remote Sensing Gigachad

Three mummies found in eastern Yemen

818 civilians killed, injured in Saudi
attacks on Yemen’s border areas in 2023

Russian-Argentine Ties Will Stay Stable So
Long As Milei Doesn’t Send Arms To Ukraine

Africa’s Che Guevara - How France pulled off
the ‘dirtiest trick’ to assassinate popular reformer

Somalia Should Negotiate A 'Dignified Divorce’
With Somaliland As Soon As Possible


Blinken Again Mocks Congress and the Constitution
To Send More Vital Munitions To Israel - The O’Biden
Communist Zionist Regime Has Largely Disarmed US

Israel To Withdraw Some Troops From Gaza
But Signals Plan To Fight Through All 2024

Two Israeli Ministers Say ‘Resettle’ Palestinians
from Gaza and Build Jewish Settlements in the Strip

Dozens of Palestinians killed, injured due to Zionist
enemy bombardment at several areas in Gaza

3 Lebanese citizens killed due to Zionist
raids in south of Lebanon

Several more Zionist soldiers killed and
injured in separate attacks in Gaza

Israeli occupation announces death of 29 soldiers
due to friendly fire in Gaza - Real number of Israeli
Dead Soldiers Is Likely 3-4 Thousand

'Israel' on its way, head-on, to a political
crisis amid war on Gaza

As millions around the world rally for peace,
an Israeli minister calls for ethnic cleansing

Israeli minister proposes genocidal
depopulation of Gaza


Missiles and a drone attacked two
US bases in Syria

UK 'willing to take direct action' against
Houthis amid Red Sea attacks

Protracted Gaza conflict raises risk of outbreak
of diseases in Arab region

Tens of thousands hold anti-Israeli protest in Istanbul

Medical teams in Gaza Strip exhausted dealing
with large numbers of patients' injuries

Israeli officer takes Palestinian infant from Gaza Strip

The Indelible Stain On The Soul Of America
Only Gets Bigger And Uglier

Iran Deploys Cruise Missile-Armed Warship
in Red Sea Amid US-Houthi Standoff

Houthis Warn of 'Repercussions' After 10 Fighters
Killed in US Red Sea Attack

War in Gaza won’t end in 2024 - Israel


USS Ford Aircraft Carrier Returning Home
After Extended Deployment Protecting Israel

Israeli’s Genocide Betrays The ‘Holocaust'

Zelensky is ‘scum’ - ex-Russian president Medvedev

Zelensky personally ordered Uke missile attack
on Belgorod civilians Killing 24 - He should be
Held Accountable

Lunatic Zelensky called the isolation of Crimea the main
goal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2024 - WHAT ‘Armed
Forces’? He Has Killed over half a Million men and Women

Zelensky reproached Ukrainians for concentrating on
internal affairs at the expense of the military

During the shelling of the center of Belgorod,
450 apartments were damaged

Putin Vows to Ramp Up Strikes on Ukraine
After Belgorod Attack - major Russian drone
barrage targeted Ukraine on Monday

Ukraine Propaganda

Russian Lancet UAV was used 872 times
destroying 698 targets


Russia launches drone strike over Ukraine as
Moscow and Kyiv continue aerial attacks

On the birthday of Stepan Bandera, Russia
Destroys Roman Shukhevych Museum Near Lviv

Ukes are in panic amid the ongoing offensive
of the Russian Armed Forces

Germany calculates the costs of maintaining
Ukrainians who fled military

Britain’s weapons stockpiles reduced to ‘nothing’

West Worries Ukraine Won’t Have Enough
Air Defense Equipment to Outlast Winter

Trump Takes Lead from Biden, Seizes Young
and Hispanic Voters - Biden Was LEADING?

Liberal mayors beg for help as migrant crisis
spirals out of control, even in ‘sanctuary' cities

Bad Actors Connected to Democrat Governor
Whitmer Instill Chaos in Michigan GOP

NYC teachers demand mayor stop 60 day
shelter limits for migrant families


Busload of Invaders is dropped off at state
Capitol in Denver

Winter weather arrives as NYC Invader crisis
worsens - ‘It’s going to get ugly’

There Was Never A Voting Machine Election Audit
Performed in GA After 2020 Election - Raffensperger
Caught Lying Again!

Claudine Gay Hit With a Bevy of New Plagiarism
Charges, Harvard Ducks and Covers

Last Gasps of a Dying Empire (poem)

The 'Affirmative Action' Hoax

Sanctuary City Mayor Cries Over Too Many Invaders
Threatens Residents with 'Historic' City Service Cuts

Rigging Elections Worldwide?

Feminism Has Destroyed Dating in the West

Intentional Depravity - NYC New Year's Eve Ball
Drop Suddenly Cuts to Two Men Kissing - Video


Bill Clinton named in Epstein files – media

Monthly Invaders Exceed 300,000 For First Time
In US History

Fall ‘vaccine' uptake an ‘abysmal' 7% - more US pols
pledge BANS on ‘vaccination’ - 5G under fire in NYC;
Walmart, Costco, Wegmans DROP self-checkout

Italy bans fake meat, as Rome probes former Health
Minister, who hid ‘vax' deaths, for MURDER

How and Why Biden & Gates Spy Hides Man-Made
SARS-Cov-2 in US Intelligence Dossier

Airborne Vaccine Developed To Vaccinate
Public Without Consent

Regular Exercise Is Linked to Larger Brain
Volume in Memory And Learning Regions

Fired Nurse Exposes Mass ‘Vaccine'
Deaths and Hospital Horror Policies

Dentist Drops Dead from Cardiac Arrest in
Middle of Patient’s Routine Treatment

Dr. Mike Yeadon delivers a haymaker cluster bomb
with this video, explaining how devastating the COVID
mRNA technology vaccine has been And will be


Long-Term Brain Issues In COVID Patients May
Be Linked To Disease Severity, Not COVID Itself

Asian 'Cow-Killing' Tick Reportedly Spreading
Throughout The United States

Tap-To-Pay Terminals Can Reach Into Your
Wallet Or Purse And Charge You For Things
You Haven’t Even Purchased

End of Free Speech? State Dept, many Democrats
(Communists), and (Zionist Own And Operated) MSM
no longer believe in the First Amendment

Revolutionizing AI - Chiral Magnets Pave the Way
for Energy Efficient Brain-Like Computing

Facebook Suspends Libs of TikTok for Violating
(Zionist) ‘Community Standards’

If we 'just stop oil' like Braindead climate protesters
want, six BILLION people could die

Corn, Wheat Prices Post Largest Yearly Decline In
Decade As Hope For Easing Food Inflation Rises

10,000 UK Homeowners Face ‘Mortgage
Prisoner’ Crisis

German Lawmakers Want to Send Ukrainian
Refugees to Trenches as NATO Proxy War Falters


French Police Detained 380 People on New Year’s
Night as Hundreds of Cars Burned

Bedlam In Berlin As Invaders Bring In New Year

Hundreds arrested in French and
German New Year anarchy - Videos

Police Injured During 'Diversity Riot' In London

Vladimir Putin's 2024 New Years Speech

Putin - Attack on Belgorod is Terrorist Act

Capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces
Constantly Increasing - Putin

Russian economy is in a ‘structural shift’

Putin outlines objectives for Russia’s BRICS

BRICS Attracts More and More Supporters


Putin - Russia's BRICS Presidency Lends Hope
for ‘Proactive Push Towards Multipolarity’

Building a just world order: How Russia and
the Arab world defied Western pressure in 2023

Russia vows to fight ‘cancel culture’ as CIS chair

Russia scraps import duty on eggs

Latvia becomes leading sparkling wine
supplier to Russia

Vietnam Restaurant Closes After Cat Slaughter
Discovery - They Even Butchered Stolen Pets

Kim Jong-un no longer considers unification
with the Republic of Korea possible

Kim Jong Un highlights readiness to destroy
enemy capitals in case of confrontation

Argentina is outraged by the first decisions
of President Javier Miley

Christians are killed for sport, especially Christian children
...More Than 100 Christians Massacred in Stone Age Nigeria


Report USS Gerald Ford Moves From Greece
Anchorage To The Eastern Mediterranean

Jews weaponize food supply as almost 600,000
people go hungry in Gaza

Red Sea Chaos - Maersk Ship Hit By Missile
US Attack Helicopters Annihilate Houthi Boats

Large Israeli Airstrikes On Southern Lebanon
US Warplanes Hit Iraq-Syria Border In Escalation

UK preparing to attack Houthis

Israel falls in ‘serious strategic trap’ in Gaza as
Netanyahu vows to fight ‘for months’

South Africa appeals to the International Court
of Justice - Stop Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Israel is provoking the US into a conflict with Iran
...but the media ignores the danger

Video - Al-Qassam Brigades bomb 'Tel Aviv’
with barrage of rockets

Video - Hezbollah targets Zionist military site
on Lebanon border


Dozens of civilians killed in Israeli ongoing
Genocide of besieged Gaza

Al-Qassam Brigades shoot down Zionist Skylark-2
reconnaissance drone in Beit Lahia

Fiery statement from Sanaa calls on Yemeni
people to prepare for all options after US attack
in Red Sea

Zionist Finance Minister makes provocative
statements against Palestinians

Israeli occupation forces withdraw 5 combat
brigades from Gaza Strip

Former Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque martyred
in Israeli raid on his home in Gaza

UK, US to turn Red Sea into warzone,
launch attack on Yemen

Smotrich calls for settlers to enforce mass
expulsion of Gazans

Iraqi Resistance hits Israeli military targets
in occupied Golan

Al-Qassam, Mujahideen Brigades joint
operation targets Israeli Apache


Killing Palestinians costs 'Israel' $220 Million Daily
US Paying And Funding Most All Of It

Enough is enough! Israel needs to suffer a major
defeat Say VT Senior Editor Jonas Alexis

Why Biden's Red Sea Strategy Will Blow Up
in His Face

Israel's war on Gaza encapsulates the entire
history of European colonialism

Israel withdraws 1,000s of ground soldiers while
vowing to keep up Its US Supplied Bombing

Israel's killing of journalists and denial
can't hide the horrific toll in Gaza

Houthis Show No Sign of Ending ‘Reckless'
Red Sea Attacks

Israeli army storms 5 Palestinian camps in occupied
West Bank, destroys infrastructure with bulldozers

Ukraine fires ‘massive barrage’ at Donetsk

Russia explains retaliation for Uke terror attack
On Belgorod Which Killed 24 Civilians


Ritter - Belgorod Attack Meant to Provoke Russian
Overreaction, Prevent West From Dumping Kiev

Kiev's Massive Human Sacrifice Of Military Troops
Leaves Horrific Scars - Ziolensky’s Hideous Holocaust
Has Killed Between 500,000 And A Million Ukrainians

A special flight of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
delivered 25 seriously wounded during the shelling of
Belgorod to Moscow - 24 Dead

As a result of yesterday's shelling of Belgorod,
more than 40 buildings were damaged

The Russian Armed Forces attacked airfields
and other military installations in Ukraine

Zelensky is at a dead end after the failures of
the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the front line

Uke Gen Staff Says 19 Russian attacks in Avdeevka

3 strikes were carried out on Uke Military
targets with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles

Russian Aerospace Forces have increased
the number of guided bomb strikes

O'Biden Again Warns the US Could Fight Russia
Directly If Congress Throw More Money At Ukraine


Russia Repels 3 Attacks in The Donetsk Region
Ukraine Loses Up to 300 More Troops - MoD

Ukrainian Shelling Kills 1, Injures 1 in Russia’s
Belgorod Region

Ukrainian men finding it harder to leave country
Ziolensky Aims To See Them All Sacrificed

Ex-CIA Officer Compares Ukrainian Officials to
‘Rats Fleeing Titanic’ Amid Recruitment Crisis

O'Biden And His Warmongering Death Hawks
Maneuver To Get America Nuked - No Joke

Trump Warns Of Market Crash And 1929-Style
'Great Depression' If He Doesn't Win

Tucker Exposes Super Zionist Ben Shapiro for Hating
America - His reputation As An evil Rat Stands

Two HUGE Names Surfaced In Damning Epstein
Doc Drop Tomorrow Are FREAKING OUT

Racist Super Bowl Champ Calls for Racially
Segregated Games - ‘Sick’ of ‘White Guys
Commenting on Football’ - Dumber Than Dirt

Communist O'Biden Regime Threatens to Sue TX
If It Enforces Immigration Law


Obama Advisor - Dems Blocking Trump from
Running in 2024 Will ‘Rip the Country Apart’

Growing Number of States Extend Health Coverage
Invaders And Tell US Citizens To Go To Hell

Beyond Outrageous - Communist CA To Give Invaders
Free (Taxpayer Funded) Permanent Healthcare While
Citizens Are Shunned - Told To Go To Hell And Die

FL Zionist Dupe, Ron DeSantis, Whines About Trump’s
'Weaponization' of Government Against Democrats

Federal judge rejects freedom of press claims
by Project Veritas in Ashley Biden diary case

Democrats total disconnect from reality

75% voters say US leadership getting worse

GA SecState Wants MILLIONS for Voting Machine
Upgrades for a System That Is Less Secure than
Previous System

Great Replacement Theory - Musk Exposes ‘Immense
Size’ of Illegal Alien Invasion vs American Births

Marines train more drone pilots, fill MQ-9 squadrons


Insurrection vs Sedition – Bellow Has Violated
the 14trh Amendment Herself

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is Destroying America

US Congress - We Stand With Jewish Genocide

Biden's Brain Turns to Mush During New Year’s
Eve Appearance With Ryan Seacrest

Warning Issued Over The ‘Extremisms' Of
Virulent Anti-Trumpers

Feds Threaten to Sue Texas Over State Law
Enabling Arrest of Illegal Immigrants

Texas Fire Department Spends $21,000
Per Day Responding to Invaders

preppers fear global meltdown in 2024 caused
by ‘perfect storm' of war, soaring costs of living,
the Invader crisis And The ‘election’...

San Francisco Boasted It Would Hire Thousands
Of Sacked Twitter Employees – It Didn't Happen

USA Boxing to allow transgender MEN to Beat
The Hell Out Of Women Fighters


John Pilger...'Giant of Campaigning Journalism’ Dies

Iconic journalist John Pilger dies age 84

'Incompetence Has Consequences’ And Other
Lessons From 2023

Allgire - 2024 New Year’s Predictions

Degrading the Spike Protein - Neanthes japonica (Izuka)
enzyme from Izuka is also fibrinolytic and neuroprotective
in reperfusion According To This report

Repeat Flu Vax Linked To Higher Infection Risk

Next Strain of COVID Might Cause Heart
Failure say 'Covid Scientists'

Author of Study Used to Vilify The Unvaxed
Had Ties to Pfizer

Degrading the Spike Protein: Neanthes japonica (Izuka)
enzyme from Izuka is also fibrinolytic & neuroprotective

Uninjected actors are still being discriminated
against and fired by Hollywood


Moderna AWARE that mRNA Jabs cause CANCER
due to DNA Fragments - Patent Proves it

The Rise of 'Long Flu’ - A New Health Challenge
Similar to Long COVID (aka Long-mRNA)

American Researchers’ Collusion with Wuhan Lab
Exposed as Deeper Than Previously Known

'I believe the Owners of the World plan to use Hospital Death
Protocols and Manufactured Disease Threats again and again
to continue the Bureaucratic Mass Murder'

Viral Levels in the Water Supply Skyrocket

mRNA Genocide Injections Are Slaughtering The
Young Who aren’t supposed to die at this rate

The 1918 Spanish ‘Flu’ Shedding Experiment - Video

COVID Roundup - ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’

The names & faces of the 150 Bilderbergers who
manipulated the COVID-19 Pandemic response
Which Has Killed Countless Millions

one month after receiving second COVID injection
woman develops psoriatic arthritis


Death rates from rare heart condition surging
among young Americans - Millions Of Lives Ruined

This Is The Dangerous AI That Got Sam Altman Fired
The Explosive, Astonishing Development Of AGI - Video

Chinese spy agency challenging the CIA with
advanced AI program

Zionist Instagram bans BLM activist Shaun King
for criticizing Israel

Chinese spy agency challenging the CIA
with advanced AI program

News media outlets cut a record-breaking 2,700 jobs
in 2023, with more losses predicted for 2024

Decoding the Black Box of AI – Scientists Uncover
Unexpected Results

China’s EV Car Maker, BYD, Says It’s Going To
Pass Telsa And Become Number 1 - Rense Video

John Maxfield Uncovers the Hidden Dynamics
Behind Banking Crises

Small Slivers Of Hope In The Global War On Cash


Russia’s forex reserves surging

Egypt-Russia trade soaring – official

Talks Between Egypt, EAEU on Free Trade Zone
at Final Stage - Russian Trade Official

Denmark's Queen Margrethe II Announces
Abdication in January 2024

Scholz Claims Putin to Blame for Germany’s
Economic Woes in New Year's Speech

Dozens Rally in Amsterdam Against Arms
Shipments to Ukraine

Beglov canceled New Year's concert in St. Petersburg
as a sign of support for the residents of Belgorod

Lavrov tells about opening of 4,000 criminal
cases against the regime in Kiev

Russia ‘will never retreat’ Says Putin in
New Year’s address

Polish general - Washington can put an end to
the Ukrainian war at any time


Biden on Putin’s ‘naughty list’ for second consecutive year

Medvedev calls defeat of neo-fascism Russia’s
main goal for 2024

US wary of completely ruining relations with Russia

Near 90% Residents of New Russian Regions
Received Passports in 2023

Reunification with Taiwan is ‘inevitable’ – Xi

Kim Jong Un Announces Radical Policy Shift
in Relations With South Korea

Kinetic energy weapon can break an American
tank apart with a single shot - China study


Russians Show A Razor Sharp Sense Of Humor
In The Face Of Wickedly Stupid ‘Hate Russia’
O’Biden Policy - Holiday Greetings Video From RT

O’Biden Issues Insane Warning - Stop Obliterating
Ukraine or USA Will Obliterate Russia

Missile fired from Houthi-controlled Yemen
strikes merchant vessel in Red Sea - Pentagon

Israel is provoking the US into a conflict with Iran
but the media ignores the danger

Zionist army commits 14 more Gaza massacres

Zionist army admits death of 2 officers in Gaza battles

Iraqi resistance launches drone attacks on
American ‘Harir' base

3 citizens killed, 2 injured in Zionist aggression targeted Aleppo countryside in Syria

77,837 dead & injured due to Zionist Gaza Slaughter

3200 days into war on Yemen, Sanaa reveals
Saudi-US crimes in numbers


70% of Gaza homes damaged or destroyed

Israel Says SA Is Anti-Semitic to Invoke
The Genocide Convention

Tehran or Bust - Boys go to Baghdad
but real men go to Tehran

'Systematic Israeli theft' occurring in civilian
homes in Gaza, says rights monitor

Scores of Palestinians killed, wounded as
Israel keeps pounding Gaza

Zionist O'Biden administration sidesteps Congress
A second Time in sending weapons to Israel

Jewish Butchery - ‘Piles of body parts’ - Gaza’s
Maghazi residents find families ‘in pieces’

Russia Says Uke Attack Killed 21 Civilians In Belgorod

Kiev used banned weapons in attack on
Russian city – Defense Ministry

Russia is surprised by the UN SecGen silence
about Ukraine’s Terror attack on Belgorod


At a meeting of the UN Security Council, Russia Accused
US And UK of organizing an attack on Belgorod

Russian FM Says US intends to open a second front
in the South Caucasus

Russia Got 1,500 tanks, 1,400 missiles, 22,000 UAVs

Ukraine is developing a radio complex to
catch Russian S-400

Russian Izdeliye 111 missile was caught
throwing decoy missiles

Guided glide bomb wiped out a German-made
IRIS-T radar near Kherson

The West is an accomplice in the crimes
committed by the Kiev gang

Panic is spreading in Ukraine

Boris Johnson wrecked Ukraine peace deal
confesses key Zelensky ally

Ukrainian losses in Donetsk area amount up to 350
troops in 24 hours - Ziolensky’s Hideous Christian
Holocaust Continues


CO, ME Just The Start Of Trump Ballot-Blocking
These 20 States Have Suits In Progress

Icke - On The God-Like Status MAM Hung On Elon Musk
’Start Looking For The Twist, There Is ALWAY A Twist'

Lest We Forget - 23 Yrs Ago When Alex Jones Called Icke
'Either A Smart Opportunist Con Man Or He's Completely
Insane Or He's Working For Them Directly...I Think He's
Just A Conman'

Rep. Gaetz raises national security concerns about
Delta Air Lines transporting illegal immigrants across
the country as part of invasion placement activities

O'Biden's DHS Set to Give Illegal Aliens Photo ID
Cards for 'Access to Commonly Used Services’
O’Biden’s Blatant War On America Worsens

Communist CA becomes first state to offer
health insurance to all Invaders Of America

First Circuit Court upholds anti-white admissions
policies at ‘elite' public schools - blacks and Latinos
Go to the front of the line - Communism Rules

Blue states depriving rural counties of right to
reject green energy community takeovers

Corrupt DOJ Will Not Look Into FTX Donations
to Politicians and China

Prosecutors Tell NY Fed Court They Won’t Try Sam
Bankman-Fried on More Charges Before Sentencing


60 cases In CT reported UFO organization in 2023

Armed Women Nationwide Refused to be Victims in 2023
As Female Gun Ownership Increased Significantly

Conservative Group Files Lawsuit Against Maine
Official Who Removed Trump From the Ballot

Rather Than Clean Up The FBI, Trump Calls for a
'New and Spectacular' FBI Building, Comes Out
Against Decentralizing the Bureau - Trump Is A Con

USA Boxing's Rulebook for 2024 to Allow
'Transgender Women' to Beat Up Actual Women

Biden Tries to Slip New Eco Regs Targeting
Fridges, Freezers Past Us on Holiday Weekend

Air Force plans autonomous flight tests for
drone wingmen

With first Stealth Bomber B-21 flight done
...Northrop eyes next contract

US Space Force sends X-37B Spacecraft on
another secret mission

Infant Son of J6 Defendant Placed on Quiet
Skies Suspected Terrorist Watchlist


‘Wolf of Wall St’: Banning Members of Congress from Insider Trading Is the ‘Only Solution’

Ferocious War Between Mexican Military
and Cartel at US Border

The Second American Revolution just had
its 'Lexington and Concord'

CA Fecal Fiasco Deepens With 'Toilet-To-Tap’
Sewage Approval

CA Approves Toilet Sewer Water To Be ‘Treated’
And Put Right Back Into Municipal Water Supplies

How the US and its ‘friends’ keep stealing
each other’s secrets

Congressional 'Cronies' Saddle The US With
NATO Forever

How Alex Jones And Trump LIED And Fooled the
Public About the Safety of COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’
Countless People Then Took The Shots And Died

Study Finds COVID BioWeapon Independently
Associated With 'Long COVID' Syndrome

'Experts' Say New COVID Strain JN.1 Will
Cause Global 'Heart Failure Pandemic'


Life expectancy in the US is now Dropping
in the aftermath of COVID-19 vaccines

Govt Researchers - Flu Shots Not Effective in
Elderly People, After All

COVID Vaccination Itself Causes Long COVID Syndrome
('Long Covid' may often also Be Vax Injuries)

Study Finds COVID ‘Vaccination’ Independently Associated
With Long COVID Syndrome = VAIDS

last of four posts on the staggering number of
child deaths (‘Vax’ Murders) in N America this year

Majority of Americans Worried about COVID-19
Vaccine Safety

Significant number of patients complain of myocarditis
symptoms even six months after Covid Injection

Hospitals in 5 States Begin Re-Imposing COVID-19
Mask Mandates

Pro Wrestler ‘Mad Kurt’ Chapman, 26, Dies Suddenly

Top Cardiologist - Vax Pushers Are ‘Complicit in Crimes
Against Humanity’


This Is The Dangerous AI That Got Sam Altman Fired
The Explosive, Astonishing Development Of AGI - Video

Chinese Spy Balloon Used US Internet
Provider to Navigate America

'Too Big To Cancel’ - Elon Musk Is Once Again
World's Richest Person

Biden’s regulation of AI usage raises concerns
about Narrative Control

Ex Google CEO presents 6 point plan to ‘combat misinfo
…Just more ways to Monitor And Censor people

Judge In Michael Cohen’s Case Asks Why
AI-Generated Fake Cases Were Submitted

A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate
Famous People - The Law Is Powerless.

Wigington - Climate Scientist Warn People Not To
Do Their Own Research!

Old-School Hair Analysis Is Junk Science
But It Still Keeps People Behind Bars

NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Captures a Martian Day
...From Dawn to Dusk


Boeing, FAA Call for Emergency Inspections of
All 737 MAX Jets over Discovery of ‘Loose Hardware’

Dollar's Dismal Dive - Worst Year Since Pandemic
as Pessimism Peaks (All By The PLAN)

ESG, DEI, & The Rise Of Fake Reporting

US pushing G7 to confiscate Russian assets

Economic Cooperation Between Russia, China Developing Dynamically - Putin

China to become world's largest automobile exporter

Chemical industry new driver of Russian economy

Russia to substantially boost key diesel exports

Dozens of Eritrean Blacks With Long
Sticks Surround, Attack Police in London

British police want to use photos from the driving
license database for facial recognition


Over 7,000 German Women Raped or
Assaulted by Invaders Since 2015

4 Canadian Churches Burned Before Christmas.

Western politicians are glove puppets riding
roughshod over the people’s wishes

Serbs Head to Polls in Rerun of Parliamentary
And Municipal Elections

Opposition activists continue protests in Belgrade

France Fears New Year's Eve Terror Attack

EU Has No Plans to Deprive Hungary of
Voting Rights - Belgian PM

Japan saw price hikes on over 30,000 food
items in 2023

Taiwan’s mysterious extended-range missile
poses limited threat to Chinese mainland

China Planning to Regularly Patrol Waters
Off Disputed Senkaku Islands in 2024


Severe fuel crisis sweeps largest oil-producing
regions of Yemen

China Starts Building 15 New Cities In Iraq

Iraq ‘Heads Towards’ Ending US Military Presence

The Long History Of Zionist Proposals
To Ethnically Cleanse The Gaza Strip

How 2023 saw India become new superpower

India to launch dozens of satellites to mitigate
‘threats’ along borders

Venezuela deploys soldiers in face of
Guyana threat, Maduro says

Eighteen days into power, and Argentina’s
President Milei is bulldozing the globalists…

Following yet another NATO fiasco re-emerging
Libya seeks ties with Russia


America Facing Biggest Crisis Since Pre-Civil War 1860
regarding States Rights And Banning Trump From Statewide
Ballots As Both CO and Maine Have Done (Trump Is back
On In CO Pending SCOTUS Decision)

After Maine, Is there Any Way This Ends Well?

CA keeps Trump on 2024 ballot as sec State
rejects calls from fellow Dems to remove him

Ibram X. Kendi demands Supreme Court remove
Trump from 2024 presidential ballots or else
the Confederacy Actually Won The Civil War

4% of Palestinians in Gaza dead, wounded
or missing since war began

Over 1,000 Children in Gaza Have Had One
or Both Legs Amputated Since Oct 7

Former Apartheid State Accuses Current
Apartheid State of Genocide in Gaza

Western media’s reference to the ‘Hamas-run’
Health Ministry is another dehumanizing tactic
enabling US-Israeli genocide

Gaza at ‘catastrophic threshold’ of famine
West Bank marks ‘deadliest year on record’
for Palestinian children

US-Israel weaponizes food supply as almost
600,000 people go hungry in Gaza


Houthi rebel attacks prompt British Petroleum
to pause all fuel shipments in Red Sea

US naval coalition’s efforts to defend Red Sea
shipping against Houthi attacks off to rocky start

Israeli army targets UNRWA aid convoy
returning from north of Gaza

Pakistan bans New Year’s celebrations
in solidarity with Gaza

US-Israel Have Now Slaughtered Over 28,000
Palestinians - Mostly Children And Women

Journalist Jabr Abu Hadros, family members
martyred in IOF airstrike

Zionist US OKs ‘sale' of 1,000 of 155mm artillery
shells to ‘Israel’ - Like Everything else, It’s Free

Hezbollah launched 30 missiles towards

We caution Washington against any escalations
toward us Says Saree, Yemeni Brigadier General

Israel Follows Up Killing of Senior Iranian
Cmdr in Syria, Kills 11 More in Damascus


How Yemen Changed Everything In a single
move, Yemen's Ansarallah has checkmated
the west and its rules-based order

Israel expands offensive as Hamas warns
only permanent ceasefire will free hostages

Israel's crimes and atrocities in Gaza

Christian Clerics Serious Injured in Jerusalem
during 'Zionist Attack'k with Nerve Gas

Why Are Israelis Obsessed with Killing
Palestinian Children?

Detained Palestinians in Gaza reveal torture
by Jewish forces

Deadliest Year on Record for Palestinian
Children in the West Bank

Israel's Netanyahu bows to far right's demands
on postwar Gaza as US frustration grows

US allies abandoning Red Sea alliance

Israel Demands US Launch Massive, Bloody
Regime Change War Against Iran


Over 130 people killed in Gaza refugee camps
in one day - Palestinian MFA

Gaza health care system completely collapsed

Massive Russian Missiles Strikes And Complete
Frontline Update - Military Summary Videos

How the Largest Missile Strike in Russian History
Just Unfolded Over 18 Hours

Terrifyingly powerful Russian attack on Ukraine with
158 air weapons: Warehouses, air defenses, bases,
factories Gone, Whole blocks of buildings disappeared!

Russia launches 160 missiles to destroy 44 targets
in most recent massive attack on Ukraine

Patriot, Iris-T, NASAMS failed - Not a single
Russian Kh-22 missile downed

Shock Confession as Ukrainian Ambassador Says
Putin did everything possible to avoid war

Ukrainian Governor Calls for All 40 Million
Citizens to Join the Army…And Die

Egypt journalist Murdered after exposing
‘luxury villa owned by Zelensky’s family’


Shock Confession as Ukrainian Ambassador Says
Putin did everything possible to avoid war

Western sanctions on Russia 'seriously underestimated’
Moscow’s economic strength

32 drones shot down over Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk
and Moscow regions

UK will send Ukraine hundreds of air defense missiles

Russia gave Ukraine a chance to preserve
territorial integrity

Kiev’s military plans have failed - expect the worst

Ukraine did not manage to shoot down a single X-22 missile

half of the Leopard-2s delivered by Germany failed

Three American HARM missiles shot down
over the Belgorod region

Russian Armed Forces, with the support of aviation,
attack Avdeevka in all directions


Is the average Ukrainian citizen ready
for the arrival of Russia?

Kiev is grasping at every straw but Ukraine is Done

Eleven Iranian officers killed in
Israeli strike on Damascus airport

Russia Charges Ukraine's Intel Chief With
104 Acts of Terrorism

Genetic Research Suggests 40% Of Ashkenazi Jews
Are Prone To Psychiatric Illnesses - Rense Video

Maine Dem SecState admits she personally decided
Trump was ‘guilty’ of an insurrection

Anti-White Propaganda Fever Pitch As Globalists
Flood America With Diseased 65 IQ Invaders

O’Biden ‘Is Destroying America' As Invasion Of
US Border Hits Record - DoJ Plans To Sue TX

CA Has Economically Collapsed - People Evacuating

California's Gender-Neutral Toy Law Is a Ridiculous
Example of Government Overreach


Video - Tsunami-like waves flood California beaches

FBI Has Massive 15 Month Backlog on DNA
Testing for Migrants, Unearthed Emails Show

Joe Biden Takes 418th Vacation Day
since Becoming ‘President'

SF - 9M Lethal Doses of Fentanyl Seized in 2023

Disarming America - Biden administration Ignores
Congress in another Israel emergency weapons Gift

Discrimination against Asian Americans is
rampant but ignored

Wimp OH Governor Caves to LGBT Mob - Vetoes Bank
on Trans Athletes, Sex Hormones for Kids

Biden Admin Amps Up Its War on Christian University
Goes Step Further After Unprecedented Fine

Are You In An Anti-Free-Speech State?
...Here Is The Definitive List

Biden slams Nikki Haley after Civil War
slavery dodge


End of the World as We Know It - Webb

How Jews Have Taken Control Of Most
Of The World - Rense Video

Lucas Gage - Outspoken Critic Of Jewish World Control
And The Dirty War Against Him & The First Amendment

Tucker - The MSM 'is finished - they lied too much'

'Mass Migration Blueprints' Reveal NGOs ‘Carefully
Planned' US Migrant Invasion, Report Says

Biden's Weaponized Gov't Attacks Against
Elon Musk Is Tyranny

Christmas Eve In Lawless California As
‘Youths' Riot In Streets - Video

This film predicts the perfect American

Wildly Popular Police Scanners Go Silent for
Many As Cities Choose Encryption

Mini-Tsunami Hits Ventura - Panicked Residents Flee - Vid


COVID-19 BioWeapons May Also Trigger Takotsubo

Significant number of patients complain of myocarditis
symptoms even six months after Covid ‘vaccination'

Canada Government admits 48,780 additional
deaths in the 'vaccination year' of 2022

Italian Boss of Obama’s Coronavirus Says Ukraine
Labs Funded by ex CIA Director Leon Panetta

COVID ‘Vax' Caused Tumor in 65 Year Old.

The Epic Covid ‘Vax' Fraud Brought To You
By Epic Systems Corporation

Communism and depopulation in America come under the
guise of being ‘patriotic' and accepting your own vax-termination
out of fear of Covid-19 and its variants

Germany uses the weapon of climate
change against its own people

OpenAI Pissed Off Developers by Phasing
Out Plugins for GPTs

Google and YouTube enhance CENSORSHIP
TACTICS ahead of 2024 elections


CA Approves Toilet-Sewer Water To Be ‘Treated'
And Put Right Back Into Municipal Water Supplies

Unique Flow of Information Identified in
The Human Brain

New fissures in Grindavíkurvegur, Iceland

The dangerous rise of 'phantom debt' in the US

Russian industry growing at record pace in 7 years

Russia saved and calmed the Western
European diesel fuel market

Argentina opts out of BRICS

Binance warns Russians to withdraw funds

US Banks Suffer Trillion-Dollar Deposit Loss In 2023
Small Bank Capitalization Remains Problematic

Kremlin - Overseas Interests Seeking to Stir Up
Unrest in Belgrade After Election


Opposition supporters block another street
in downtown Belgrade — report

Opposition supporters in Belgrade begin march
towards city police department building

Germany uses the weapon of climate
change against its own people

Islamists Planned Huge Attacks In Europe
On Christian Sites Over Christmas Period

‘Façade of NATO Unity’ Has Crumbled Over Ukraine
...Fmr US Assistant Secretary of Defense

Latvia sends $1 million worth of drunk
drivers’ cars to Kiev

France releases grounded plane with hundreds
of Indians onboard

Moldova’s pro-Western president to seek
second term

Confiscating Russian assets would be ‘cataclysm’
for dollar – Nobel Prize winner

Russian oil deliveries to India prevented ‘havoc’
on global market – Indian officials


Foreign firms freeze work on Russia’s
Arctic gas project

Fire Breaks Out On Russian Nuclear-Powered

Events of 2023 Herald 'De Facto Start of
Organized New Economic Order'

Russia Expects Prompt Inclusion of
Iran in EAEU - Putin

EAEU Countries Sign Full-Fledged Free
Trade Agreement With Iran

CIA Struggles To Rebuild Spy Network In China

S Korea to launch ‘digital nomad’ visa on Jan 1

Tokyo plans to bring Japanese armed forces
troop strength up to statutory quarter million

'Extremely Dangerous’ - China Accuses
Philippines of South China Sea Incursions

Iran executes four ‘Mossad agents’


Ex-Mossad chief - Hamas is more prepared
for war than we expected

Israeli City Near Economic Collapse
as Tourism Plummets to Zero

Iran dismisses Western criticism of its hike in uranium
enrichment, says part of peaceful nuclear program

The US unexpectedly launched air strikes on Syria

Islamic Resistance targets US Harir
base with drones - Iraq

Israel strikes Syria after rocket fire

Former Israeli PM Pushes for US To Lead
Iran Regime Change Effort

NATO & Russia Moving Toward War

Romagna offers farmers money To stop production

30,000 companies will be insolvent in UK by 2024


Mexico City Open Mega Pharmacy With Free
RXs For Everyone In Need

S Africa Invokes Genocide Convention Against Israel

S Africa launches International Court of Justice case
accusing Israel of genocide

El Nino drought massacres wildlife in Zimbabwe

African officials attend e-government
workshop in Moscow

US-Enabled Israeli Genocide Deaths In Gaza pass 21,300

More Zionist PsyOps - Israel Now Claims Its Ethnic cleansing
Of Gaza Is Really Just ‘Humanitarianism’! - Astonishing Gall

The long history of Zionist proposals to ethnically
cleanse the Gaza Strip

Israel attacks 10 Palestinian cities in largest
West Bank invasion since October 7

Lebanese Hezbollah targets Zionist site in
Sha’aba Farms

Al-Qassam Brigades destroys 12 Zionist
military vehicles in Gaza

Israeli occupation army admits high number of soldiers
wounded in Gaza battles - Hides Real Fatalities

8,000 children Killed in Gaza in 2 months Of US-Israeli
bombings, annihilating any legitimate Claims of Acting
In 'self-defense'

Israeli developer planning ‘dream' beachfront villas
On Gaza Beach front once millions of Palestinians
are eliminated

Dozens killed in US-Israeli airstrikes on Gaza


Israeli occupation army announces death of
three soldiers in Gaza (30?)

IOF can't push Radwan Forces past Litani river
Admits Israeli Media

Israel expands air and ground offensive in central Gaza

Syria air defenses intercept numerous Israeli missiles

Sanaa, Yemen warns against foreign support for
'Israel' in Red and Arabian Seas

Is the UK Government Trying to Re-write International
Law to Protect its Genocidal ‘Friends’ in Israel?

Israel Fooled The World In Gaza - 'The Hamas attack is just Not
Possible...it can’t be done, except if the Israeli side allowed it'

Zionist Whores and Prostitutes Are Here to Stay
(US govt and many Western govts are full of them)

Israeli Rogue Intentions For Gaza’s Gas Fields Said
Behind the Official and Declared Causes of Invading

BANNED! What US/Israel Does NOT Want You To See
Gaza Palestine: A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words


The 'Greater Israel' Scheme and its Global Power Play
a Delusional Recipe for Armageddon

O'Biden’s Surrenders to War Criminal Netanyahu

Dozens killed and missing in Israeli bombing at dawn

Global leaders must find the courage to hit
Israel and the US where it hurts

A Syrian drone attacked an Israeli military area in the Golan Heights

Why Is Corporate State Media Turning on Netanyahu?

Backlash Over Israel's Video Of Hypothetical
Hamas Christmas Day Attack On Seoul

Ziolensky’s Ex Top Advisor Say 'Zelensky must be overthrown'
And That A 'New Ukraine' will 'unite with Russia and move against
the West’ - Video

Former US intel officer Says Biden responsible
for the destruction of Ukraine

In Ukraine, a fire was reported at a critical
infrastructure facility in Lviv


Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine: more than
100,000 were evacuated from the Donetsk region

Lavrov - 10 days ago a meeting was held secretly
on Zelensky’s “peace formula”

Medvedev called the inevitable goal of the North
Military District to remove the regime in Kyiv

Battalion of Ukrainian POWs participate in first combat
against Ukrainian armed units

Zelensky needs to go before Ukraine collapses

NATO striking fleet to go to Crimea bypassing
Montreux Convention

Kiev announced the readiness of all nuclear power
plants to switch to American fuel

Medvedev said. that considers Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk,
Kharkov, Nikolaev and Kyiv To Be Russian cities

Russian military shot down 3 Ukrainian Su-25
attack aircraft in one day

Year’s Final Batch of Su-57 Fifth Generation Fighters
Completed After Production Successfully Doubled


Kiev is grasping at every straw but Ukraine is finished

US Allies Reluctant to Join Anti-Houthi Red Sea Naval Coalition

Russian troops captured Marinka due to
lack of Ukrainian ammunition

R-37M missile fired from a MiG-31 shot
down a Uke MiG-29

How Jews Have Taken Control Of Most
Of The World - Rense Video

Lucas Gage - Outspoken Critic Of Jewish World Control
And The Dirty War Against Him & The First Amendment

GOP Group Uncovers that FL Election Systems Are
NOT in Compliance with Federal and State Laws

US Air Force increasing Pacific presence
...rebuilds WWII base

240,000+ Invader encounters reported in single month

Pentagon Funding High-Speed Vertical Takeoff X-Plane


Wake Up Americans Or We Will Be Next
The Fall of France

US Power of Deterrence Is All But Gone

41 Black-On-White Homicides, Including Another SJW
& Usual Toll of dumb White Female 'Significant Others'

Former Obama Advisor Admits Biden’s 2024
Campaign Is Doomed - ‘Super Scary’ - Video

Disney World Employee Charged with
Horrific Child Sex Crimes

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Pleads
with Biden to Stop Illegal Border Crossers
...Brandon is Not Living In the real world

BLM Garden in Seattle Closes Due to
Rampant Drug Use, Vandalism

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier Exposes Divisive,
Woke Politics in Our Military

Biden, Obama, Rice & Jarrett Are invading America
And Americans continue to Do NOTHING

New York Announces Lockdown Travel Bans


Communist Mayors Of New York, Chicago, Denver
Plead For Help As OBiden’s Invader Storm Worsens

Modern American women think they are entitled due
owning a Vagina - Essentially a whore mentality.

The Allied Plot to Poison Gas 18 Million GERMANS

Looney Closet King Lindsey Graham Wants
Iran IRGC HQ ‘Blown Off The Map’

Communists Kick Trump Off The Maine Ballot
State Waits For Supreme Court Ruling As To
Whether States Can Ban People From Ballots

Trump will Stay on CO 2024 ballot unless SCOTUS
rules otherwise Says CO Secretary of State

Karl Rove ‘admits' Trump will win in 2024

Fun With Nutty Nikki Haley - Video

Rothschild banking dynasty Boss admits ‘woke’
Agenda has Failed - New Form Of Control Needed

pizzagate investigator Who Said PizzaGate Pedos
Want Me Dead'...IS found dead


Kanye West’s apology to Jews ‘looks’
AI-generated – TMZ

Democratic Mayors Of New York, Chicago, Denver
Plead For Help As Border Invasion Storm Worsens

Chicago City Council BLOCKS Effort To Allow
Citizens To Vote On Sanctuary City Status

Illegal Immigrants With Anchor Babies Using
Up More Welfare Than American Citizens

Kansas School Approves 'Satan Club’
Over Objections Of Students, Parents

Heavily CENSORED Pfizer documents show that COVID
began a five-year mass DEPOPULATION agenda that
will reach completion by 2025

Top Supplements for Mitochondria Function

Author of study used to vilify the Un-injected
had ties to Pfizer

Over 70 THREE and FOUR year olds were sent to
the Tavistock transgender clinic - Inhuman

VITAL - Dangerous Integration of Pfizer Vaccines
Toxic Spike inside Human DNA


Hong Kong’s Vax 'Ambassador’ Drops Dead at 57

Childhood, toddler obesity & alarming rise in America
spells disaster for coming generations - Severe Obesity

Portland Residents Suffering From Deadly
Disease Caused by Human Poop

How American Hospitals and Doctors Methodically
Murdered Covid Patients

the AI System Mastering Nobel Prize-Winning Reactions

This New AI Studies The 'Story of Your Life’ to
Predict How It May End

What If ChatGPT Is An Epic Dud

CA Approves Toilet-Sewer Water To Be 'Treated'
And Put Right Back Into Municipal Water Supplies

General Flynn Issues Emergency Warning
...The Globalists Are Planning

Comminists-Globalists pretend They Want to Save
Democracy by Eliminating Elections!


US Beer Industry Faces 'Five-Alarm Fire'
As Sales Plunge To 25-Year Low

'Everyone is tired of the dollar' – Lavrov

What a woman leading Russia’s Central Bank
says about economic war with the West

Google ordered to pay $700 million over
illegal monopoly

The Electronic Takeover of Every Asset on Earth

The digital wallet will be launched in Italy in 2024

Solar panel prices fell by over 50% in 2023

World population up 75 million this year
...standing at 8 billion on Jan. 1

EU preparing new sanction packages
against Russia — German Ministry

Peter Schiff - This Will Send Gold Off
To The Races


The Energy Transition Is Not Just About
EV Batteries

Boeing Urges Airlines To Inspect 737 Max After
'Possible Loose Bolt’ For Rudder System

Argentina's President Javier Milei Signs
Decree Slashing 5,000 Government Jobs

Ray McGovern - US May Consider 'Nuclear Option’
to Avoid Defeat in Ukraine

Ukrainian ‘regime’ must be removed - Medvedev

European human rights court is ‘mad printer’

Russia is ready to become a Noah’s Ark for world

Do you notice anything different between this
Moscow subway and NYC?

Next mass-produced Su-57 Felons will be
with second-stage engines

Lavrov Warned Armenia Against Ceding Its
National Security To NATO


North Korean leader orders military to accelerate
preparations for confrontation with US

China deletes leaked stats showing
plunging birth rate for 2023

Bankers Start Committing Suicide As
China Starts Hunting

China’s ocean drilling ship Mengxiang aims
to be first to reach Earth’s mantle

Chinese scientists invent the most powerful
detonation engine for hypersonic flight

Double missile attack target two US army
oil bases in eastern Syria

Israel Jews harvesting organs from dead Palestinians

Official in Gaza says Israeli occupation army stole
organs of 80 Palestinians, demanding int’l probe

US Christian Zionism’s Alliance with Satanism

Pro-Palestinian speech is now effectively banned in
German universities (There was more Free Speech
Under Adolf Hitler)

US & Israel may be secretly using neutron bombs
to achieve genetic destruction of Palestinians
radiation expert warns

Head of Israeli town suggests flattening Gaza
like Auschwitz concentration camp

WHO describes scene at Gaza hospitals as ‘UNBEARABLE’
But does nothing about it...NOTHING

Palestinian child assaulted by Zionist soldiers in Hebron

US shoots down 12 suicide drones, 3 anti-ship
ballistic missiles and 2 land attack cruise missiles
fired in southern Red Sea over 10 hour period

Lebanese MP - Resistance in Lebanon is
ready for all possibilities


President of Cuba - Israeli Jewish occupation crimes
against Gaza people are disgrace to humanity

Zionist forces demolish citizen’s home in Hebron
And arrest 6 Palestinians

18 Palestinian citizens killed in US-Zionist bombing
in front of Al-Amal hospital in Gaza

Lebanese resistance bombards Kiryat Shmona
with 30 rockets

US-Supported Israeli occupation army bombs
school housing displaced people in Gaza

Al-Quds Brigades targets Zionist foot force
...shoots down drone in Gaza

Israeli Jewish Military has killed Over 8,800 Palestinian
children in 82 days - Nothing will be done

Israel’s butcher’s bill is growing as never-ending
conflict beckons

Hamas And other Resistance factions fired
12,000 rockets into 'Israel'

YAF ready to deliver most severe, powerful
blows to enemies - Says Sanaa, Yemen


Israel Warns Its Citizens In India After Blast
Near Embassy

Biden Told To Learn the Names of Children
'You’ve Helped Israel to Murder’

Watchdog Submits Evidence of Israeli Executions
of Gaza Civilians to UN, ICC - Zionists Have Executed
Over 20,000 With US Bombs - Nothing Will Be Done

Biden Tells Congress He Launched Airstrikes
in Iraq to ‘Deter’ Future Attacks - These are acts Of
War - Illegal and UnConstitutional

Ukraine Likely Plans False Flag Chemical
Weapons Op – Russian Foreign Ministry

Russian Defense Sector CEO Shoots
Down 'Myth' of Western 'Military Superiority'

Russia may sink UK's destroyer HMS Diamond
in response to UK-run Crimea port attack

Why does the Russian Black Sea Fleet continue
to suffer losses in ships?

Patriot SAM can’t take down hypersonic Kinzhal

F-16 fighter jets fly in Ukraine - Russian Planning To Use
Su-35S, Su-57s with R-37M and R-77-1 missiles


British General - Russia is unconditionally moving
towards victory over Ukraine

West is 'quietly shifting' its Ukraine strategy - Don’t
Expect Ziolensky's Troop Blood Sacrifice To Stop

US is giving Ukraine Another $250 million

EU not refusing to help Kyiv but they are beginning
to count money more meticulously

O'Biden changes strategy from unconditional
victory for Kyiv to negotiations

Ukrainian Government Workers Will Face Salary
and Pension Delays If US and EU Don’t Pay More
Money - America Has No Govt By The People

Peskov - money from Euro countries will not change
the course of events in the conflict with Ukraine

Rostov CEO spoke about the new Supercam drone
and increasing the firepower of the Armata

Marinka capture, Russia strikes train station,
Ziolenskyy congratulates his troops

Russian forces take control of Ukrainian stronghold
with arsenal of Western weapons


Russian soldiers shot down the Ukrainian
Baba Yaga Drone with a machine gun

Allies are far behind Russia in arms supplies

Ukes are building two new defense lines from
Polesie to Kharkov

WEF Demands ‘Collective Action’ to ‘Fight
Disinformation’ (Anything It Doesn’t Like)

WEF’s Plan for Humanity - No Freedom,
No Privacy, No Property

Corrupt GA Judge Breaks the Law – Blocks Review
of 140,000 Reportedly Fraudulent Ballots Counted
in 2020 Election

Allegations Jack Smith Involved in Extortion
Scheme While Stationed in Europe!

JFK Intl airport blocked by pro-Palestine protestors

Seattle-area homicides are nearing record high

Why Barack Obama Lobbied for ‘Dr.' Gay


Chicago Mayor Begs for Help With Invader Crisis

The Intellectual Brain Death Of Today's Left

'Are We the Bad Guys?' Western Support for Genocide
in Gaza Means the Answer Is YES

Henry Kissinger Facilitated Genocide, War Crimes

Biden Gives Bureaucrats Biggest Pay Hike
Since Carter

Biden’s Ministry of Diversity Comes for the Internet

House GOP ratchets up impeachment probe with
demand that White House hand over records

NYC Career Criminal Stabs 2 Teen Girls on Christmas
Yelling ‘I Want All White People Dead’, After Repeatedly
Being Released Thanks to AG Letitia James

Former CIA Agent Says Obama Installed
Leftist Activists in Agency

Kansas School Approves ‘Satan Worship Club’
despite Petition from 7,000 Angry Parents


CBS Reporter Predicts Unprecedented
‘Black Swan Event’ for 2024 – Video

CIA’s secret plot against Julian Assange could
be fully exposed thanks to a bombshell court ruling…

DC Police Officer Byron Evans Who Sued Republicans
Under KKK Act for Racist Attacks on Jan 6, Now
Admits He Was Watching it on TV that Day! Video

Report That ATF Is Going To Allow Invaders
To Purchase Guns With No Background Checks

Man uses bear spray to thwart suspected
carjackers at SeaTac rest area

A New Shopping Experience - Video

‘Experts’ Now Predict an Epidemic of Heart Failure

CDC Admits 143,233% Surge in Fatal Cancers
Among BioWeapon Injected Americans

Fox News Sports Reporter Dead at 33

CIA sued for allegedly covering up Covid-19 records


‘Forever chemicals’ found in freshwater fish
yet most states don’t warn residents

Invaders Bring In Leprosy, Polio, TB and Malaria (& More)

Murata et al Confirm My Spike Protein Heart Failure Hypothesis

Effects of $5 insanity drug that causes user
to feel superhuman captured on video

A Short, Succinct Summary Of Mass And
Individual Mind Control - Here Is How Your
Government And Tax Dollars Have Enslaved You

Map - The 32 states where Mad Deer Disease
(CWD) Has Been Reported So Far - Don’t Eat
Venison In These States - You Can’t Tell Visually

Food Science Wizard Jeffrey Smith Explains The
Latest Dangers From The GMO Foods Fed To US

Hillary Clinton absurdly says 'pregnant women'
are targets of misogynistic climate change

Mind Control Breakthrough - Caltech’s Pioneering
Ultrasound Brain–Machine Interface

WEF Member - Reducing Human Population by 90%
Would Help Achieve ‘Net Zero’


‘Net Zero’ Requires Single World Govt and Massive
Drop in Public Living Standards, Expert Warns

Banks Chop 60,000 Workers In Bleakest
Years For The Industry Since 2008

How major US chains including Target,
CVS, Macys and Rite Aid Closed nearly
3,000 stores this year

RIP Gaston Glock, Groundbreaking Gun Designer

European gas prices surge

Russian energy revenues reach
pre-Ukraine conflict level – deputy PM

Butler - Has the Dollar Struck the BRICS Iceberg?

NY Times Sues Microsoft, Open AI For
Alleged Copyright Infringement

Ethereum Nears $2400 As Solana Stalls,
DApp Activity Accelerates

Has the US Dollar Already Struck the BRICS Iceberg?


Russia, Iran Officially Ditch U.S. Dollar for Trade

A new Black Sea trade route

Rothschild Admits ‘Woke’ ESG Has Failed,
Pushes ‘Inclusive Capitalism’ Agenda

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to Install Tampon
Dispensers in Men’s Bathrooms

Finland hid Leopard 2A4s from Ukraine to turn
them into bridges

Serbia protests organized right in line with
'Western methodological templates'

Serbian opposition supporters announce
24-hour protest in Belgrade

Russia began massively launching military satellites

US Stakes Massive New Claim to Arctic Resources
This is How Russian Air Power Has Prepared to
Contest It - Part One

US Stakes Massive New Claim to Arctic Resources
This is How Russian Air Power Has Prepared to
Contest It - Part Two


Russia aware of West’s plans to freeze conflict
in Ukraine, declare its victory — Lavrov

Russia to seek restitution from West in future

Russia successfully launches military satellite - Vid

RT Editorial - They think you believe...We believe you think

Russian transgender blogger jailed over

EU Assistance to Ukraine Comes at Expense
of European Economy - Kremlin

China’s new veil tech turns missiles
into passenger planes

Severe storms, floods kill 10 in Australia, 6 in Thailand

Tesla to roll out revamped Model Y from Shanghai plant

27,000 evacuated as floods hit six Malaysian
states; east coast worst affected


Japan sells PAC-2/PAC-3 interceptors to US
...Moscow warns Tokyo

Putin invites Indian prime minister to visit Russia

Russia supports India’s candidacy for
joining UN Security Council — Lavrov

India’s G20 presidency is a triumph – Moscow

Javier Milei Continues Cleaning House: Announces
Layoff of 5,000 Government Employees

Unstoppable march of the Global South
How Russia and Africa made 2023 a pivotal year

Attacks in Nigeria leave more than 150 dead


Israeli company advertises To Build Homes
On Gaza beaches For Jews

Israeli politicians like Yair Golan gain popularity
when they call for genocide - Shows Zion Bloodlust

The Jewish establishment’s blindness to
Palestinian slaughter also hurts US Jews

Attacks on Palestinian lawyers emphasize
Israel’s authoritarian nature

WHO says Gaza’s health system is being
‘decimated’ by US-Israeli bombardment

Israeli occupation desecrates Gaza martyrs
bodies, steals vital organs To Sell

Yemen targets ‘Israel' vessel in Red Sea
as US-led coalition watches

Hezbollah fighters target IOF soldiers in
'Dovev' - Video

Israeli occupation army admits death of 15
of its soldiers on border with Lebanon

8 Zionist soldiers killed, injured in detonation
of tunnel opening in Gaza


US Navy Destroyer and Fighters Engage
17 Houthi Missiles and Drones

The True Purposes of Israeli State Terrorism
Against the Millions of Human Beings of Gaza

Israel Paying a Heavy Price for Its Crimes

The Palestinian family 'executed' in their home by IOF
Witnesses report deliberate and indiscriminate Israeli
shooting of civilians, including pregnant women

'Israeli attacks on Gaza put Muslims in more
positive light in the West'

‘Explosions’ alert after Houthi drones, missiles
hit Red Sea ships

Netanyahu - Gaza conflict is far from over

US Has Delivered Over 10,000 Tons of Weapons
to Israel Since October 7

Israeli journalist calls for the total destruction
and demolition of Gaza

Euro-Med submits findings on Israeli army executions
in Gaza to ICC, UN, calling them 'genocide'


Zionist enemy artillery bombards Red
Crescent headquarters in Khan Yunis

2024 Will Be A Year Of Catastrophic War In
The Middle East (Snyder)

'I Did Not Ask Netanyahu For Ceasefire’ - Biden

Pentagon warns Ukraine military aid
fund to run out Dec. 30

The Russian Armed Forces received more than
20 million Rounds Of ammunition in 2023

Russia will create a new bicaliber MLRS

Zaluzhny did not rule out the loss of Avdiivka

Zaluzhny recognized the Loss of Marinka
to the Russian army

Ukes retreat due to a lack of drones

Ukraine's cannon fodder distracted by missile attack
on Crimea port - hundreds of thousands More Ukes
To Be Sent To The Front To Die


In Russia, the high-power gas turbine GTE-170
was launched into production

Kiev will collapse the entire economy with one law

If you thought Facebook Censorship was bad
...try Ukraine

You really want to know where your
Ukraine Aid is going – No you don’t

Ukrainian top brass refutes reports of
orders to mobilize half million fresh recruits

How New Mobilization Law Could Buy
Time for Zelensky With Thousands of Lives

Ukraine set to lower conscription age

Br Nathanael - The New Class Wars - Guess What?

Kanye West Suddenly Grovels To ‘Jewish
Community’ For 'Unintended Outburst’

The 4 Major Battlefronts In Trump’s
Ongoing Ballot Dispute

CBS News Reporter Makes ‘Dark' Prediction
of 'Black Swan Event' In 2024


1913 Federal Reserve Act, The Christmas Gift
That Keeps On Taking

‘Rot in hell’ Biden – Trump Christmas greeting

Communist O'Biden Pushing ‘Wealth Redistribution’
to ‘Fight Climate Change’

Migrant Christmas Eve Caravan on Road
to US Border - ‘We Won’t Be Stopped’

Texas Strikes a 'Major Blow' in Border Battle

The Illegitimate Federal Mob & Its Criminal Agencies
Update - Why the DOJ Must Be Shut Down

This Year, Americans Have Become Hungrier,
Lonelier And More Desperate

Blizzard leaves travel in the Plains
'difficult to impossible'

Over 1m people hit by blizzard conditions across
large swathes of US central plains

Communist WaPo Claims Borders Are BAD
for US National Security.


Conservatives demand harsh laws for ‘swatting’
after right-wing politicians and influencers attacked

FL Moves to Make Performing Child Sex
Change Surgeries a Felony

Biden Close to Setting Record for Efforts to
Expand Bureaucratic State

Biden Pushing ‘Wealth Redistribution’ to ‘Fight Climate Change’

22 States to Ring In 2024 With Minimum
Wage Increases

Wooldridge - A Christmas Gift - You Can Do That

Wooldridge - What Dream Has Your Name On It?

Wooldridge - Are You Living A Life Worth

Wooldridge - Chad Pregracke - Cleaning Up The
Mississippi River One Piece At A Time

Rockefeller, Gates Sr And The Global Depopulation
Genocide Created By Gene Tech - And The Banned
Dr. David Ayoub MD GAVI Depop Video - Rense Radio


Three universities confirm that COVID jabs
destroy human health - Autoimmunity, tinnitus,
musculoskeletal inflammation and more

Planned Parenthood Makes $428 Million
Killing Babies in Abortions

CA Approves ‘Toilet-to-Tap’ Water Program
for Households - Mandates Sewage Drinking

Swiss health insurance data shows 73% spike in
cancer treatment since 2020 - Korean studies show
‘Vaxed' hit by blood disorders - Oz Vaxidents Soar

New COVID strain quickly becomes most
dominant in US

Comedian Neel Nanda, 32, Dies Suddenly

Denmark - Victim of the AstraZeneca ‘vax' receives
millions in compensation

Scientists Fear CWD In Deer Can Spread
To Humans - Sure, It’s Same As Mad Cow

OpenAI Ambivalent on White Genocide

44% Of Human Skills Will Be Replaced
By AI In Five Years


OpenAI Ambivalent on White Genocide

AI Needs To Be Better Understood and Managed
New Research Warns

How AI curbs access to information

Researchers draw on Harry Potter to
magic future AI into our world

Massive Dark Hole Opens in the Sun
...We are in a Solar MINIMUM

We can't save the world with electric car Junk

Huckster Al Gore - There Will Be ‘1 Billion Refugees’
If People Don’t Accept 'Climate Agenda'

Gambling Habits Of Transgender Monkeys On Meth
Rand Paul Exposes $900 Billion In Govt Waste

CA Pizza Hut Operators Laying off All Delivery
Drivers Due to Mandated Wage Increase

Russia Now Europe's Largest Economy


US ‘cannibalizing Europe’ – Putin

German car industry could be sold to ?hina
– Putin aide

India, Russia ink deal for new nuclear
power generation units

China slams US sanctions on Russian
gas project

Egyptian stocks up on Russian wheat

2024's Deficit Is Already On Track To Be
The Worst Since COVID

Will The War On Coal Leave America
In The Dark?

How Bankers Are Exploiting The Fed’s
Bailout Program At Your Expense

Germany’s Bundeswehr not battle worthy beyond
several hours fight — retired German officer

German general says army may get weaker,
if whole brigade moves to Lithuania - Der Spiegel


EU’s Josep Borrell ‘Honored’ With ‘Borat Award
for Diplomacy’ Over Repeat Gaffes

England's Housing Paradox: Long-term Empty
Homes Outnumber Children in Temporary Shelter

British home secretary apologizes for date
rape drug joke

Gosh - 'Science' Discovers That 'Sex Matters’
For Sports Performance, Not ‘Gender Identity'

Roscosmos says it will produce 250
spacecraft a year

First SJ-100 aircraft with a domestic
PD-8 engine will fly in 2024

Russia received four deeply modernized
Tu-160M/M2 bombers at once

Around 30 Counties Interested in Partnership
With BRICS - Lavrov

Russia expects wide range of solutions to
be developed ahead of BRICS summit

Argentina takes time out to think over interaction
with BRICS, Lavrov says


Serbia riots - Hypocritical Western ‘rules-based order’
in action

West issues Serbia ultimatum to choose
'anything but Russia’ - diplomat says

Russian envoy notes effort to gather people
from all over Serbia to swell protest ranks

Singapore port hits all-time high of 3 billion
gross tons in vessel arrivals in 2023

US Air Force to conduct study on basing of
RSAF F-15SG fighter jets in Guam

China places 'bureaucratic obstacles’
on tech exports to Israel

US spies clueless on Chinese intentions

US Reportedly Tries to Restore CIA’s ‘Human
Espionage Capabilities’ in China

Relocation of US Base in Okinawa

Xi sends warning over Taiwan


Jihadists massacre Christians in Nigeria

Nigerian Governor Vows Justice After
Deadly Attacks Claim Over 100 Lives

'Israel' receives 244 US cargo planes And 20
Shiploads of US military equipment - Planned
Disarming Of American Military Continues

Al-Qassam ambushes target 4 jeeps and two
Zionist special forces in central Gaza - Video

'Israel' contacting countries to Take In Palestinians
To facilitate The ethnic cleansing Gaza

Jews kill at least 100 Palestinians in Christmas
Eve attacks - Blood Sacrifice

106 killed in US-Israeli airstrike on refugee
camp in Gaza

Food crisis imminent in 'Israel' if war
on Gaza persists

Yemen will turn the nautical geography
of the seas into a curse - MoD

The Criminal and Violent Creation of Israel

GENOCIDE Plotted by Zionists - Leaked Israeli
Plan to Ethnically Cleanse Gaza

Zionists commit 25 massacres in Gaza in 24 hrs


Al-Qassam Brigades in Lebanon bomb Israeli
military barracks in western Galilee

Israeli occupation army attacks border towns
in southern Lebanon

How language used by media outlets downplays
Palestinian suffering

Israel forcibly displaces Palestinians to ‘camps
inside refugee camps'

On board the cargo ship seized by Yemen's Houthis

US strikes sites used by Iran-backed forces in Iraq

Zelensky buys $5M villa with US, EU Money

Iran vows retribution after Israel kills
senior general in Syria

Houthis Preps to send 20,000 Troops to Gaza

More ‘Holocaust’ Fables - 92 Yr Old ’Survivor’ Claims 12 Inch
Nail Was Pounded Into Her Skull And She Was ’Sterilized’
(But Admits To Later Giving Birth) - Reports A Man Had Both
‘Arms Cut Off’ Be they somehow ‘Grew Back’ - Rense Video


Zelensky is beginning to understand the
need to resolve the conflict - Lukashenko

UN condemns Christian-Hating Jewish Uke Govt
Crackdown on its largest Christian church

Ukraine cannot mobilize 500,000 soldiers while
artillery shortage compounds problems

Kiev digging in for a long and bleak 2024

Zelensky’s White House Visit Comes Amidst
Escalation of Mafia Style Assassination Campaign
Resulting in Murder of Ukrainian Socialist Party Boss

One killed, two wounded, buildings damaged in
Uke missile strike on Crimea

Russia’s borderline Belgorod Region records
44 Ukrainian strikes in 24 hours

Ukraine now ‘a European Somalia’

Ukrainian draft dodgers face banking ban – MP

Ukraine says it received $1.34 Billion under
World Bank project


Ukraine has become a laboratory for testing
air defense systems

The Russian Armed Forces hit an ammo depot,
a WiMAX communication station and two artillery
pieces on the right bank of the Dnieper

Are unmanned helicopters MDP-01 ‘Termite’
needed at the front?

Fights between F-16 and Su-35S
could begin in the coming months

Ukes Will lose Avdiivka within a few days

48% rate Biden 'poor' on crime issues

Woke US military force at 80 year low - Pentagon
urges ‘national call to service’ (Draft)

US-Canada Border Poses Fentanyl Concern

Joe, Hunter and the Schwerin Connection
Hunter’s Business and the Biden Crime
Family Business Are Superimposed

The Regime Believed Americans Finding Out
About China Spy Balloon Was the Real Threat
...This Is Treason


Orca - US Navy’s robotic sub built for drone swarms
Massive unmanned undersea vehicle would provide
Big Help In the event of a conflict with China

Will the attacks on merchant ships in the
Red Sea lead to a US war with Iran?

Schools introduce surveillance technologies As
parents and students worried (They Must ACT)

US States will test legal tricks to restrict social
media in 2024

'My God, what has happened to my country?'

1,000s join Christmas Eve Invader caravan - biggest
in more than a year - as it moves toward Open the US
border - $5,000 VISA Gift Cards for Each And Then
Free EVERYTHING For LIFE - While Americans Starve
There Is Highest Treason Here But No One Minds...

'Mass Blueprints’ Reveal NGOs ‘Carefully Planned’ The
Invasion Of America - 10 Million Diseased Filthy America
Hating Invaders Are Already HERE - This Is High Treason

Trump Slams 'Scam' Poll Showing Zionist Asset
Nikki Haley Trailing By Only 4 Pts In New Hampshire

Don Jeffries - All I Want For Christmas

'Crack' Removed From Christmas Crackers
To Save The Planet


30% Took latest ‘ineffective' BioWeapon Shot
47% have gotten annual flu shot

Invasive Asian 'Cow-Killing' Tick Has Rapidly
Crept Across America, CDC Warns

Court Dismisses Case Against Doctors
Who Euthanized Woman for Autism
Do You SEE Where This Is Going?

how global mind manipulation really works - Video

New 'Mind-Reading' AI Translates Thoughts
Directly From Brainwaves – Without Implants
Soon There Will Be One In Every Cop Car

WEF Demands World Leaders Advance
‘Great Reset’ Agenda

Psychopathic Communist CDC Downgrades
Women to just ‘Pregnant People’

Japan's SLIM precision moon lander
enters lunar orbit, JAXA says

US scientists warn ‘zombie deer disease’
could spread to humans (Yes, It Already Has
…Deer Hunters eating Venison Have Died Of
Mad cow Prion Disease Which IS Deer CWD)

The Running Chicken Nebula Captured
in 1.5 Billion Pixel Masterpiece


WEF King Charles uses Christmas message to
advance climate BS To New Level Of Hypocrisy

Japan's SLIM precision moon lander
enters lunar orbit, JAXA says

Germany uses the weapon of climate
change against its own people

Long Haul Trucking With 3 Cats!

Economist predicts 2024 will bring 'biggest
crash of our lifetime' to US markets

NO ONE wants used Junk EVs
making new ones Even Harder To Sell
(Start A Business Converting Them To
Gasoline Engines)

Yuan Passes Yen For 4th Place In Global Payments

The WEF Predicts 44% Of Human Skills Will
Be Replaced By AI In Five Years

Russia’s crude oil processing soars

Confiscating Russian assets would be ‘cataclysm’
for the dollar – Nobel Prize winner


Russian oil deliveries to India prevented ‘havoc’
on global market – Indian officials

Foreign firms freeze work on Russia’s
Arctic gas project

Fire Breaks Out On Russian Nuclear-Powered

Events of 2023 Herald 'De Facto Start of
Organized New Economic Order'

Russia Expects Prompt Inclusion of Iran in EAEU

EAEU Countries Sign Full-Fledged Free Trade
Agreement With Iran

Germany's largest energy company sold to the British

'Scholz is more afraid of angering the Americans
than his own voters'

Amid record-high immigration and food bank usage
Globalist Woke Canada plans to take Gaza refugees

The West Isn’t Content With Vucic’s Many Concessions
And Wants Full Control Over Serbia


Violent Riots Erupt in Serbia on Christmas Day
after 'Unfair Elections'

With the help of Russia Serbia foils Washington’s
rerun of the Maiden Coup which led to world chaos

Kremlin - Overseas Interests Seeking to Stir
Up Unrest in Belgrade After Election

Opposition supporters block another street
in downtown Belgrade

Tokyo plans to bring Japanese armed forces troop
strength up to statutory quarter million

Japan pouring billions into sea-based missile defense
Aegis System Equipped Vessel project marks
hard shift from land to naval missile defense

Pakistan Air Force showcases new fleet
of Turkish drones

India deploys warships amid attacks
in Arabian Sea and Red sea

Nikkei Asia - Japanese Patriot deliveries to
US could leave Tokyo defenseless

China Accuses Philippines of S China Sea Incursions


African officials attend e-government workshop
in Moscow

Amazing Polly Classic…She Laid It All Out In 2020

This is how the World Economic Forum, UN, WHO
and the Chinese Communist Party Collapse Nations

United Nations Has Been Pushing to Reduce
Global Population for Decades

Experts Admit WEF Planning To Erase 4 Billion
People Within Years

Grim Christmas Eve in Bethlehem as war rages in Gaza

Israel Says Army Will Soon End Ground Operation
In '3rd Phase Of War’ (Because Their Losses Have
been HUGE - 1,000+ Dead and 15,000 wounded?
One Report Has 3,000 Permanently Disabled)

IOF confirm 156 soldiers killed since start
of Gaza ground incursion - Zionists Lie Non-Stop

'We killed 48 Zionist soldiers, destroyed 35
military vehicles during past 4 days’ - Hamas

Houthis Say US Warship ‘Firing Hysterically’
Nearly Hit Tanker in Red Sea

Iran Denies Involvement in Red Sea Attacks
as Houthis Have Their 'Own Tools'


Iran forces take delivery of new ‘smart’ missiles

Syria’s Christians Curtail Christmas Festivities
Amid Gaza Crisis, US Occupation Of Their Land

Saudi-French Plan Proposes Exile For
Hamas Leadership

After Palestinians, Zionism's next Victim Target
is the Jewish faith

At least 70 are killed in central Gaza, in one
of US-Israel’s deadliest strikes On Palestinians

US-Israeli air strikes kill dozens in Christmas Massacre

White House attempts to counter Houthi attacks
in the Red Sea aren't going well

Christmas is canceled in Israel this year

Israeli bombing is indiscriminate, targets both
Muslims and Christians - Palestinian president

Israel preventing UN Security Council's resolution
on aid for Gaza from being implemented


Israeli army ’Slaughtered’ dozens of elderly in Gaza

Top Israeli Official - 'We're Being Too Nice in Gaza'
US Zionists Like Mark Levin have used social media
to Announce there are 'no innocent Palestinians'

Zionists Carry Out wide-scale airstrikes on Hezbollah
as rockets from Lebanon hit north

UNRWA - 142 members of staff killed By US-Israel
...most of them with their families

USS Laboon shoots down four drones
in Red Sea

Drone Set Oil Tanker On Fire Off Coast Of India

New Canal Between the Mediterranean Sea
and Red Sea will Cross Israel & Palestine?

Satan is the Father of the Khazarian Mafia
Jesus then said their father was Satan

Ukraine Loses Up to 350 Troops in Donetsk Region
Over Past 24 Hours - Another Christmas Slaughter
From Christian-Hating Ziolensky

Ukraine to multiply forced conscription checkpoints
There Must Be Fuel For Ziolensky’s Hideous Holocaust


Ukrainian Armed Forces Unable to Mobilize
Another 500,000 People - Reports

There are no volunteers left in Ukraine willing
to join the army

Borrell called on the EU to 'mobilize all possibilities’
to support Ukraine

Response to American ‘Patriots’ - Russian air
defense shot down three MiG-29 fighters and
one Su-24 front-line bomber of One Day

Russian army strikes air defense systems
in Khmelnitsky region

The Starokonstantinov airfield was hit by
a Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

Russian strikes destroyed NASAMS and
Crotale-NG air defense systems covering
the Starokonstantinov airfield

Ukes Ordered To Another Suicide Attack Near Bakhmut

Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Russian
territory with jet drones for the first time

Official Govt Docs Prove Michelle Did NOT Give Birth
The REAL Parents Of The Girls Are Known - Also He/She
Was Registered to vote as a MAN for 14 Years...


James Forrestal, Harry Truman and Israel

Corrupt NY AG Letitia James, NYC Mayor Adams
and Police Commissioner Caban All Aligned with
Drugs and Corruption

Biden Administration and federal officials remain
free to unconstitutionally censor because nobody
is stopping them

Most say Stop giving billions to Ukraine and Israel

Diversity Office Staffer Allegedly Demoted for
Being ‘White’ Sues University

2023 – The Year the World Saw the US Emperor
as Naked…and Grotesque

Deep State Control of NATO and Congress

Space - The New Frontier for the Control Grid

Washington Regards Truth As Its Most
Dangerous Enemy

Delta And AA Flying Whole Planeloads Of Invaders
All Over US And No One Will Stop Them - Videos


Illegal, Diseased Invaders being put on flights with you
...Many Diseases, Including Active TB

Parents Of Conservative Influencer
Jack Posobiec ‘Swatted’

WI University Trashes 1st Amendment With
Diversity Demands

Israel Stooge DeSantis Campaign Spent More
on Private Jets Than TV Ads

Woke 'Aquaman 2' Drowns at the Box Office
...Becomes a Disaster in the Making

US has broken all historical records for oil
and gas production

5 Times Mitch McConnell Worked against
America First in 2023

Vile Nikki Haley Buys $2.4 Million Waterfront Property
Just Months After Joining Boeing Board of Directors

Trump shouldn’t be immune from prosecution – Biden
(Neither Should The O’Biden Family Of Career Crooks)

CA Democrat Golden Boy Governor Newsom
Decries Plot to Take Trump Off 2024 Ballot


Why Trump Should Love The Colorado Ruling

Carry On Carolling! Why Bizarre Warnings About
Christmas Customs Should Be Ignored

Democrats Rob Youth Of Future As Inner
City Education Implodes

Soros-Backed District Attorney Prosecutes Illinois
Boy For Terrorizing Burglars (Home Alone kid)

Actors Blacklisted For ‘Unvaxed' Status Speak Out

German TV newscaster goes aphasic on the air
Indian actress hospitalized w/ brain hemorrhage
NZ footballer to retire after seizure = 'sudden illnesses’
And collapses happening all over Italy - More

Depopulation and the mRNA Death BioWeapon

How Spike Protein is Destroying Human Health

ADHD Medication Errors Skyrocket in US Kids

mRNA injections have the potential to produce
lymph node cancer


airborne mRNA ‘vax' offers Way To rapidly Dose
the masses without knowledge or consent

New research shows mRNA In LNP Bubble can
Easily Now be an inhalable platform

Updating Advances In Artificial Intelligence

Long Haul Trucking With 3 Cats!

US announced the expansion of its own continental
shelf territory by approximately 1 million sq meters.

Lab grown diamonds go luxury, rock the industry

Japan likely to send its 1st astronaut to
moon under US-led mission

Apes Recognize Friends Even After
Decades Apart

US lost its economic leadership - Russian Duma Speaker

gold will be money, not a commodity, In Some States


Biden’s attack on Nord Stream pipelines
was aimed at Scholz - Seymour Hersh

German industry warns coal phase-out may
take a while

Russian Gas Supplies to China Via Power of
Siberia Hit New Record

Russian bank to buy out French primary shareholder

BRICS does not need to be transformed
into organization with secretariat — Lavrov

Russia Taking All Necessary Measures for Its
National Interests in the Arctic

Moscow hits out at ‘caveman Russophobia’

‘Color revolution’ being attempted in Serbia

Serbia received advance warning of unrest
from foreign partners — Vucic

Serbia not dealing with revolution, law
enforcement keeps situation under control


Protesters in Belgrade attempt to storm
city administration building

Protesters block Belgrade city center after
Vucic's power grab comments

EU Asylum Deal Proves Our Elites Don’t
Really Believe 'Diversity Is Our Strength'

Top EU diplomat fears right-wing wave

Police in Western Europe respond to
Islamist attack threats

Polish President blocks budget over state
media 'takeover'

Disgraced ex-UN official takes over Red Cross

US troops in Iraq, Syria have faced over 100 attacks
since October - Only Numbers Of ‘Wounded’ Reported

UK to Deploy Royal Navy Warship to Ex-Colony
Amid Guyana-Venezuela Dispute

Gates Hustles Kenya for Birth-to-Death Digital ID
Program Rollout Already Drawing Public Concern


Senegalese navy seizes 690 kg worth of cocaine

Netanyahu stuck in war with no end in sight
Says Senior official

‘Elimination of Hamas will not be achieved,
Netanyahu is waging a personal war’

US-Israel bombs Gaza with one-ton bombs where
civilians were sent to take refuge

Hamas - Israel shoots entire families dead in Gaza

8 soldiers killed amid heavy fighting in south
And central Gaza Saturday - IDF (Multiply The ‘8’)

IOF Admits 44 More Soldiers Wounded
(’no fatalities’) In Gaza In Last 24 Yours

Al-Quds Brigades inflict Heavy Losses On
Zionist enemy in Gaza

Israel continue bombarding towns in S Lebanon

Iran dismisses US claims of involvement in
Yemeni operations

Secret British Military Ops In Lebanon


Brave Israel Raids Hospital, Shoots Doctors,
Bulldozes Bodies, Lets Dog Maul Man In Wheelchair

Sanaa is considering idea of ??forming
intl alliance to support Palestine

Israeli ship burns off coast of West India after
drone attack (Looks Like It Was Sinking)

Al-Qassam Brigades target Zionist
infantry force in Beit Lahia - Video

US-Israeli Strike Kills 76 Members of
One Gaza Family

Arab chaos expected as Trudeau
wants to help Israel empty Gaza

Israel Fails To Prove Targeted Gaza Hospital
Was Hamas Hub - WaPost (Zionists Lie NonStop)

A day in the life of a mother and child in Gaza

UNSC resolution criticized as ‘meaningless’
US-Israel Strikes Force hundreds of thousands
To evacuate central Gaza

Yemeni attack drones a WMD against ‘Israel’
Says Israeli intel officer


Jews Starving Over 570,000 People in Gaza

Dozens Killed in US-Israeli Strikes on
Jabalia Refugee Camp in Gaza

Yemen warring parties commit to ceasefire
...Unite to Take On Israel

Pentagon's Operation Prosperity Guardian In Red Sea
Falls Apart As Spain, Italy, France Reject Request

Israeli-Linked Tanker Struck By Drone Off
India, Signaling Attacks Set To Widen

Houthis Brush Off US Threats, Vow to Intensify
Anti-Israeli Ops if Gaza Conflict Not Halted

Luongo - No One Has Really Grasped How
Big The Suez-Red Sea Houthi Gambit Is

An official of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense arrested
for the theft of $40 million during the purchase of shells

'We will have to make the decision to withdraw from
Avdievka even before the New Year’

Uke troops call off attacks due to lack of artillery shells


Ukrainian Artillerymen Report 60-80% Fall in
Firing Rates Due to Crippling Munitions Shortages

Ukraine to Finally Receive Long Awaited F-16s
(They Won’t Last Long)

Swedish tank Strv 122 was destroyed in
the Kremennaya area using A Lancet

Ukrainian officer - Citizens of the country need to
prepare for total mobilization and a difficult winter.

Russian diplomat points to evidence The Bucha
incident Was staged

Russia Repels 11 Suicidal Attacks by Ukraine
in Donetsk Area Over Past 24 Hours

USSR made Crimea Ukrainian in
violation of its own laws

Ukraine to see ‘total mobilization’ in 2024

US May Forgo Deployment of Antiquated ICBMs
in Face of Russia's Avangard Missile

Mike Flynn Warns ‘Globalists Are Coming for
Our Faith, Our Families, Our Treasure, Our Lives’


UN Pushing Food Supply Crackdown to Meet
Agenda 2030 Targets

Biden’s ‘Climate Army’ Will Severely Hurt Economy
Republicans Warn - ‘Radical Anti-American Agenda’

Gaetz Blasts Airlines for Mass Transport of
INVADERS Who Are Flooding US Airports

Free Everything - 3 Out Of 5 Invader Households In
US Are Supported By Taxpayer-Funded Welfare

Invader 'Gotaways' Caught on Camera in Eagle
Pass, TX Carrying Rifles Into the Country

Chicago Paid Medical Firm $7 Million in Tax
Money to Staff Invader Shelters for One Month!

O’Biden WH Says There's Nothing ‘Unusual’
at The Border as 15,000 Invaders Cross in 1 Day

Communist Celebs applaud death of democracy after
CO Supreme Court disqualifies Trump from 2024 Ballot

FL Is Set to Implement Transparency Law in 2024
Now, Local Officials Are Quitting in Droves

FBI Says Bomb Threats to Jew Community Centers
Coming from Outside US! (probably Zionist false flag)


Have You Ever Wondered Why There Is An Endless
River Of Sewage Coming Out Of Washington DC?

Senator Rand Paul’s 2022 Report Uncovers
a Startling $9 BILLION in Government Waste

UN Goal to Destroy West with CO2 & Education Scams

All Federal Funding of Universities Should End

Top Chicago Democrat Convicted on Bribery
and Extortion Charges

California Population Drops Again
as Residents Flee to Red States

Washington Regards Truth As Its
Most Dangerous Enemy

Calamity as the US is globally isolated due
to support for Israeli Genocide In Gaza

The Imminent Collapse of the West
is the Elephant in the Room

Disney employee arrested on 32 counts
of child porn


David Icke Correctly Unloads On Thieves And Frauds
Who Have Stolen And Cloned Decades Of His Brilliant
Work - Bravo, David - Give ‘em Hell

Allied Plot to Poison Gas 18 Million Germans
...A REAL Gassing Story From WW2

The Rise Of Black Support For Trump

Trump offers Biden ‘ten debates’

CNN Caught Editing RFK Jr Speech To
Mislead Viewers - Watch

Vivek The Fraud - Denies Jewish Genocide Of Gaza
He's Just Another Zionist Dupe Showing How All Major
US Political Candidates Grovel To Zionism - Rense Video

Federal Judge Blocks Unconstitutional CA Law
Banning Firearms From Most Public Places

Official Govt Documents said To Prove
Michelle Obama Did NOT Give Birth

How Zionists Bribe Threaten And Blackmail
Their Way To Total Control Of Politicians
And Nations - Rense Video

It’s All Being Destroyed And Annihilated By The
Same People - America Has Been Overthrown By
Only 2% Of The Population - Rense Video


Prepare or Die

Fox News Promotes Deadly ‘Vax’ Shedding As
Dr Marc Siegel says a 20 second hug is good
for health! - Start At 2:30

A Puff Of Air And Chemtrails Will Soon Be Used
To Deliver Deadly mRNA BioWeapon Covid ‘Vax’
Without Your Knowledge Or Consent - Genocide

Deadly Secrets - UnInjected Accounted for just 5%
of Covid Deaths between Jan-May 2023 - over
90% of Dead Were 3x & 4x Injected (fully-vaxed)

German TV covers DNA Contamination in all Pfizer
COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines (11 min) (Dec.13, 2023)

Chicago Student, 14, Dies after Suffering
Stroke during Swim Practice

Another pilot death? Makis - 30 year old El Salvador Pilot
died suddenly on Dec.5, 2023

DHS to use AI to target and discriminate against
internet users and reroute traffic from independent
media outlets

EU investigating X over ‘disinformation' but will never
look into Google, YouTube or Facebook For Their
outright LIES and CENSORSHIP

One Step Closer to Living on Mars - AI Unlocks
Secrets of Oxygen Production on the Red Planet


Strange lights in the sky appear all over the world
3:40 Is A Missile Launch but many are Clearly Odd

Two Damaged F-35s To Be Cobbled Together
To Make One Flyable Piece Of Junk

The (Junk) 'Electric Vehicle Revolution' Is DOA

WEF Advisor - ‘What Do We Need
So Many Humans For?’

Done Deadly Deal - CA Has Approved Turning Toxic
Human Sewage Waste Into Deelicious Drinking Water
And Pipe It Into Homes Via (Fluoridated) Municipal
Water Systems - Drink Up…Prions, Spike Proteins, Etc

Experts Warn WEF’s Net Zero Goals Will Kill
4+ Billion People

Wigington - Weather Control Taking A Bigger
Toll On Planet And The People All The Time

New Study Uncovers Potential Obesity-Fighting
Effects of Chitin From Insects - Eat Those Bugs

Financial Guru Who Predicted 2008 Collapse Issues
Dire Warning about Economy ‘Serious Trouble’

'Crazy' Biden idea could spark global financial
crisis – senior Russian senator


Ocean freight rates skyrocket

Health Risk Warning - Surge in Flu-like Disease
Recorded in Swedish Cities

The 'Control System' Is Collapsing - 'The Great Taking’
Looms As Globalism's Last Gasp

In The Wake Of ESG's Ongoing Death, The Texas
Focused ETFs Have Arrived

Britain’s Net Zero Disaster And Wind Power Scam

Economic Adviser to German Gov't Proposes
Raising Income Tax to Help Ukraine

'Nobody's Money is Safe in the West' If Russia’s
Assets Used to Fund Ukraine

After the confiscation of frozen assets, a break in
relations with US may follow - Russian FM

How Russian metallurgy will survive after the
complete closure of exports to the EU

The newest Angara-A5 is preparing for the first
launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome


Chinese-linked firm building near US military bases

Think China has a demographic problem?
Check out Taiwan - Taiwan’s fast-falling birth
rate is becoming a national security issue

Russia-Chinese Trade Booms Due to Ukraine
War, at The Expense of the West.

Over the Horizon Ops Oops - Chinese Balloon
Exposed US Forces Radar Gaps

China announces new gaming crackdown

America prepares to lift ban on offensive
weapon sales to Saudi Arabia

Kharab al-Jir, al-Malikiyah US bases targeted
in Syria

El Salvador’s Populist Prez Says US Can’t Lecture
on ‘Democracy’ After Anti-Trump CO Ballot Ruling


Jewish Christmas Hatred - IDF destroys Palestinian village’s
water network in…Bethlehem - All 45 Million US Christian
Zionists Might Want To WAKE UP

Iranian Spy Ship Is Assisting Houthi Attacks
On Red Sea Shipping

Houthi Red Sea Blockade Could 'Starve’
Western War Machine of Oil

Fighting Houthis in Red Sea becoming
unfeasible for US

Houthi Attacks on Merchant Ships Transiting off the
Coast of Yemen and Consequences on Maritime Traffic

Defense Minister says Sanaa has new military
options to use against Zionist Entity

Chinese, Iranian and Indian Warships Are Now
in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden

'Israel’ Likely unable to eliminate Hamas, will have
to withdraw from Gaza - Report

Incompetent Israeli Tik Tok Army Continues To
Slaughter Palestinians - And Suffer Severe Losses
Untrained Thugs With Hi-Tech Weapons - Rense Video

Hamas tactics trap IOF in deadly ambushes


Spain Blocks EU From Joining US-Led Operation
Against Houthis in Red Sea

Ritter - US ‘Builds Trap for Itself’ in Red Sea

Jews Murder two women in Gaza church and
absurdly Claim they were 'Hamas spotters’...
(No Power On Earth Will Move To Stop Israel)

Israeli forces were ordered to Fire INDISCRIMINATELY
into Jewish kibbutz - IDF tank gunner reveals - Most
Jews Killed On October 7 Were Killed By Israelis

US vetoes Russian bid to A permanent ceasefire
in UNSC Gaza resolution

Israeli Commanders’ Names Turned In To ICC

We're monitoring Israeli movements around
the world Says Houthis In Sanaa, Yemen

Gaza's Palestine Today TV HQ bombed by IOF
Al Mayadeen condemns crime

Hezbollah attacks Israeli command center
as Israeli casualties mount

UN chief condemns 'Israel's’ blockade which Is
hindering Gaza aid operations


3,000 Israeli soldiers now crippled and permanently
disabled - Israeli media - And Hamas Won’t Quit

Lebanese resistance bombs sites, settlements
of Israeli occupation forces

Former Zionist commander - Whoever thinks he can
defeat Hamas is wrong

Palestinian resistance inflicts heavy losses on
Israeli occupation forces in Gaza Strip

Netanyahu’s Palestinian Genocide Is
Also a Betrayal of the Jews

Netanyahu wanted to 'collapse' Hamas
...This war could collapse Israel

Christian community fears extinction as
Zionist ‘genocidal campaign’ continues

US announces airstrikes on Yemen

At least 76 Palestinians killed in US-Israeli airstrikes on
Khan Younis, Rafah and Jabalia in past few hours

Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian farms,
And olive trees in Nablus


IDF calls on residents of central Gaza town to
move south as ground op expands

‘Old Ukraine’ is dead – ex-Zelensky aide

US starts targeting banks that help Russian
war in Ukraine

Ukrainian marines land on the left bank
of the Dnieper…And quickly surrender

Ukraine urgently needs to recruit 20,000 men a month!

Ukes may Force universal military training from age 17
Ziolensky’s Teen Army Will Die Just The Same

Cordiamine attack - How Ukrainian special services
tried to poison Russian pilots

Slovak PM - All the weapons in the world will
not help Ukraine defeat Russia

Stoltenberg - Russia’s defense line is difficult to
overcome without aviation - Like F-16s will MATTER?

Russia has seized initiative on much of the
battlefield in Ukraine


Russia Intercepts US-Made Ukrainian ATACMS
Missile & 3 JDAM Guided Bombs in One Week -

Putin Suggests Ensuring CIS Collective Bio Security

New Russian regions won’t join EU – Moscow

All Ukrainians must fight (and DIE) Says
Ziolensky’s security chief

Ukrainian military vows to boost numbers
by any means - This IS Genocide

Foreign nations should punish Ukrainian
draft dodgers – Zelensky aide

Germany vows to protect Ukrainian men
from Zelensky

No plans to send Ukrainians liable for military
service home, says Estonian official

‘Russia stopped us from buying fighter jets’
Says Ukrainian arms firm

White House Hysteria - New Domino Theory
That Putin Won't Stop With Ukraine


West, Ukraine overestimate their strength in
conflict with Russia — Finnish top brass

Dutch PM says Netherlands to prepare
18 F-16 jets for transfer to Ukraine

NATO Chief’s Rhetoric About Russia’s Military
‘Prepares West For Ukraine’s Defeat’

Ukraine can’t defeat Russia – Slovakia PM

France pours cold water on Ukraine’s EU dream

Sometime Coast-to-Coast host, Ian Punnett, chose to become
FULLY-VAXED by 1-12-22 in order to qualify to take a Cruise
with his wife. They took the Cruise which he later described
as the ‘best couples vacation ever.’ Ian died yesterday, on
12-21-23, after a ‘brief illness’ - Obituary Here…

Vivek The Fraud - Denies Jewish Genocide Of Gaza
He's Just Another Zionist Dupe Showing How All Major
US Political Candidates Grovel To Zionism - Rense Video

Official Govt Documents said To Prove Michelle
Obama Did NOT Give Birth

White House now claims it did NOT leave American
weapons in Afghanistan, calls accusation a ‘farce’ !

Pro-Life Advocate Forced to Pay Planned Parenthood
$16 Million for Exposing Its Aborted Baby Part Sales


How Zionists Bribe Threaten And Blackmail
Their Way To Total Control Of Politicians
And Nations - Rense Video

CA Creates First Retail Theft Committee - Hilarious

Colorado Ballot Decision is Flat Outright Illegal

Biden Administration Pardons 1,000s Convicted
of Certain Marijuana Charges on Federal Lands

The Next Hurdle in Gender-Affirming Care
for Minors - Rising Insurance Rates

Obama Steps in to Save Harvard's Very
Diverse, Plagiarizing President

It’s All Being Destroyed And Annihilated By The
Same People - America Has Been Overthrown By
Only 2% Of The Population - Rense Video

Prepare or Die

Genocidal Alliance - US neocons & Israel’s Likud Party

Progressives Bring You Crime and No Punishment


Feds Advise Labeling Parents as Potentially
Abusive for Opposing Child's Trans Expression

Political Correctness Is Cultural Marxism

White flight as Rich White Folk flee California

Jew teacher who threatened to BEHEAD Muslim girl
for calling Israeli flag offensive charged with cruelty
to children And making terroristic threats

White 8 Year Old Boy Shot in Head by Black Sub
Animal While Looking at Christmas Lights with Family

America’s ‘Rainbow’ Military Is On Track To
Lose Another Major War

Tucker Warns of Hostile ‘Interdimensional
Forces' Influencing the Humanity

Israeli Historian Yuval Harari Says Globalists
Have Created a 'Useless Class' of Humans

Yes, Invaders are able to use arrest warrants
as ID for travel!

Supreme Court expected to reverse
Colorado’s Trump ballot ban


US Army faces 'TikTok mutiny' as Gen Z recruits
whine about low pay, ‘sh*tty' food and FITNESS
TESTS while on bases in uniform

Supreme Court Rules Against Special Counsel
Will Not Expedite Trump Immunity Clash

Trump’s removal from Colorado ballot illegal - Vivek

'Pursuing Litigation, Not Democracy' - Federal Judge
REJECTS Lawsuit To Remove Trump From Ballot

Trump Lets Loose on ‘Birdbrain’ Haley as Poll Shows
Them Running Neck and Neck in Key State

Trump Would Need to Purge FBI and DoJ to
Dismantle Deep State

'The Harmless Grifter Defense' - The Bidens Move To
Embrace Influence-Peddling With A Twist

Biden emailed son’s business associate 54 times

US Government Wasted $900 Billion in 2023 Through
Incompetence, Frivolousness - Senator Paul

Pornhub Admits To Profiting From Sex Trafficking And
Agrees To $1.8 Million Settlement In Deal With Feds


Americans Are 'Dreading The Holidays' - 1 In 3 Go
Into Debt To Pay For Holiday Shopping

DEI Thought Control in the Military

Burchett Describes Honeytrap Operations
Against Legislators

DEI Is Racism on Steroids and Those
Peddling It, Know It

COVID Vaccines Integrate Into Human DNA,
Study Finds - The much-ridiculed ‘anti-vaxers'
Were and are 100% Correct

WHO Classifies COVID Mutation JN.1 As A
New 'Variant Of Interest’

Bill Gates Funds Needle-Free mRNA ‘Vaccine'

Actors Report Being 'Blacklisted' For
Uninjected Status

Cause of Post-COVID Fatigue Revealed

Planned Parenthood Admits Taking Teens Out of State
for Secret Abortions - 'We Never Tell the Parents'


17 rock bassists have 'died suddenly' worldwide
since May 20, 2023 - Thats a total of 34 bassists
reported to have died suddenly since February 2022

11 drummers have died suddenly worldwide since
May 20, 2023 - That’s a total of 28 drummers reported
to have 'died suddenly' since February 2022.

COVID ‘Vaccines' Integrate Into Human DNA

Author of Study Used to Vilify Unvaxed
Had Ties to Pfizer

Science Writers Hide as New Documents Expose
Virologists Talking About Dangerous Wuhan Research

Austrian doctors warn against scaremongering about colds
and About the Covid mRNA ‘vaccination'

'Albert Bourla is most corrupt big pharma boss of all time'

Digital ID system incoming - Nebraska now
collecting citizens digital health data

US Navy bought surveillance data through adtech
company that harvests location data from phones

US health agency releases AI transparency rule


More Schools Using Facial Recognition, AI Tech
to Monitor Kids - Training Slaves

AI Surpasses Reality - White AI Faces More
Convincing Than Real Humans
Scientists Create AI 'Death Bot' That Predicts
When You'll Die with Chilling Accuracy

'Drone War’ - when will real robots go into battle?

Facial recognition for subway payments in Japan,
Kazakhstan and Russia

Scientists Advise Don't Do RESEARCH, just Believe
the TV or Risk becoming a Conspiracy Theorist

truly evil, lunatic scientists now say BREATHING
is bad for the environment (It’s them who are bad)

Russia warns West against seizing assets

Russia warns of ‘complete breakdown’
in relations with US

US Official Says No Update on Efforts to Seize
Frozen Russian Assets as Talks Continue

N Korea slams G7 plans to use Russian
assets for aid to Ukraine as 'daylight robbery'


Russia rules the waves - West is suffering losses in
maritime trade, Moscow's volume is increasing

Only Half of All Ford Dealers Agree To Sell
Junk EVs Next Year

White House Prepares For 'Serious Scrutiny’
Of Nippon-US Steel Deal

Boeing Delivers First 787 Dreamliner To
Chinese Airline Since 2019

Hyperloop One Reportedly Goes Bust As
Next-Gen High-Speed Transit Across US Fails

German businesses in bad mood – survey

UK Economy Contracts in Q3 Signaling A
Looming Recession

US threatens to cut off international banks
over Russia ties

O'Biden Orders Import Restrictions on Russian
Diamonds, Seafood – White House

Is BlackRock Involved in Increasing Property
Taxes to Force Home Sales Across the US?


Fake Pandemic Triggers Worldwide Economic
and Social Collapse

Stock prices of shipping companies are soaring
because of Houthi attacks

Millions have not yet made their first student
loan repayment

When Govt Seeks To Control the Economy,
What it Really Seeks To Control is YOU

China has stopped supplies of essential
metals for the West

Russian FM - 'Whose economy is being torn apart?'

Biden Rescue Operation Could Tank The Economy

Head of the Finnish Ministry of Defense NATO and Russia are entering a new cold war

Finland wants to return migrants to Russia
without considering their asylum applications

Poles and Germans are not eager to go to
a Western-provoked war on Russia


The Germans are thieves explains
Russia’s Foreign Minister

Up to $5,500 in Aid to Migrants in Finland
for Voluntary Return to Homeland

European Union is Urgently Preparing
for Disease X...What the Hell is That?

Everything Russian suffers unprecedented
censorship in the West

Everything suggests that the West Is preparing
a genocide of the Russians

Warning for China? US Reclaims Airfield Used
to Firebomb and Nuke Japan in WWII

Xi shares with Biden his intention to ‘peacefully’ take
Taiwan – but full-scale INVASION remains on table

N Korean leader, powerful sister issue
nuclear threat to US, S Korea

With New Rapid Response ICBM Ready
N Korea Warns of Nuclear Answer to Provocations

China's Position on Reuniting With Taiwan
'Solid as Rock' - Foreign Ministry


Poll reveals majority of Saudis against
normalizing ties with 'Israel'

Saudi Arabia funds education program
for Yemeni female school dropouts

Macron to replace Biden as India’s chief
guest on Republic Day

India responds to US religious freedom watchdog

Indian opposition takes ‘democracy’ to the streets

VZ exports gas for first time to Trinidad, Tobago

Argentina Announces 'Shock Therapy’ Reforms
to Move the Country Away from Communism

BRICS Membership to Open Ethiopia's Path to
Progress, Prosperity - Innovation Minister

Burkina Faso to host Vladimir Putin
Award ceremony

Russia to build crypto mining hub in Africa


Voting ends in conflict-torn DR Congo

African Catholic bishops say no same-sex
union blessings

Shimatsu - Hunter Biden Is Creeper Joe’s Courier
And Paid Agent Of China’s One Belt Road Fiasco

Israel Has Exposed Itself As A Satanic, Merciless, Arrogant
Destroyer Of Human Life - Never Forget - Rense Video

Biden administration’s flawed response to Yemen
attacks increases possibility of regional war

Jews execute Palestinian Men In front Of
their families

Palestinian activist Munther Amira tied up, beaten,
and arrested by Israeli forces in Aida refugee camp

Houthis to respond to states that open
airspace against Yemen - Al-Houth

US pressuring Switzerland to IGNORE
Zionist Israeli war crimes

'Israel' long way from goal of 'dismantling Hamas’
Reports NBC News

All of Gaza faces 'crisis or worse' hunger level - Who
Will Feed 2 Million Palestinians? Israel Won’t Allow It

576,000 people in Gaza face ‘catastrophic hunger’


WaPo investigation reveals NO proof of
Hamas using Al-Shifa Hospital

Jewish killings of Palestinian children in West Bank
occur with impunity

Their blood 'on Netanyahu's hands’ - Jews Kill
3 More Of Their Own Being Held By Hamas - Video

Gaza Atrocities Are ‘Western Values’

Israeli Commanders Reported to ICC

Red Sea attacks threaten to widen the Gaza war

“Abu Ubaida” reveals horrific statistic of Zionist
occupation army losses in Gaza

7 Ukrainian mercenaries fighting in ranks of
Zionist occupation killed in Gaza

Israeli extremist calls for demolition of ALL Gaza homes

Israeli Cmdr vows to flatten ALL of Gaza


Al-Qassam Brigades kill 11 Zionist soldiers
of special force in Gaza

UNICEF warns of imminent disaster, as Gaza
children currently lack 90% of their water needs

WHO - No hospitals work in north of Gaza

Israeli occupation forces bulldoze cemeteries
in eastern Gaza

Blood Money - The Top Ten Politicians
Taking the Most Israel Lobby Cash

Raisi under pressure after Israel-linked
hackers hit gas stations

Congressional staff tried to ‘protect' Gaza churches
by sending locations to Israel

The Houthis began a general mobilization for
war against Israel in the Gaza Strip

Egypt threatened Israel with retaliatory measures
in case of new attacks on the country

Syria launched strikes on Israeli territory


Suppressing Israeli Air Defences - Hezbollah
Strikes Two Iron Dome Batteries in New Escalation

US Forces Have Come Under Attack Over 100 Times
in Iraq and Syria Since October - US Claims Only 66 US
Troops Hurt And No Fatalities

How Israel turned world opinion against itself

Netanyahu Will Only Leave Gaza When Forced
To by Washington

Israel Should Have Killed 100,000 Palestinians After
The Hamas Attack - Says Top Israeli Journalist

Two wounded in Hezbollah missile attack,
as northern border heats up

US-Israel’s military campaign in Gaza seen as among
the most destructive in history, experts say

Exclusive - Dick Gregory Explains Where Malaysian
Flight MH370 Went And Reveals 4 Scientists On
Board Were About To File Patents On Big Technology
The Tech Was Stolen Upon Their Deaths And then
Patents were GRANTED To A corporation 3 Days Later

Br Nathanael - A Third State Solution

IDF reports striking 230 targets in Gaza In 24 hours


US uses anti-terrorist rhetoric to occupy Syria
Says Russia’s UN mission

Russian diplomat warns against letting
Israeli-Palestinian conflict spill over to Syria

West Trying to 'Sink' Topic of Creating
Palestinian State - Lavrov

Meta-Faceberg censoring pro-Palestine content

UN Human Rights Office Accuses IDF Forces
Of Summarily Executing Civilians In Gaza

US nonprofit submits list of 40 Israeli officers
suspected of war crimes to ICC in Hague

Israel Ready for 2-Week Truce in Exchange
for Release of Dozens of Hostages - Reports

Most US Voters Oppose Military Aid to Israel
Disapprove of Biden Foreign Policy - Poll

Poroshenko announced an acute shortage
of ammunition and drones in Uke Army

Ukraine needs €34 billion to stay afloat in 2024 - IMF


Nearly 1,000 Zelensky troops leave the front in
body bags or on stretchers Daily

150,000 Uke soldiers killed in action Just In October
Insane Suicide Assaults And Useless Tactics
Are Ziolensky’s Hideous Holocaust In Action

Ukraine urgently needs to recruit 20,000 men a month
To Keep The Holocaust Roiling Along - Useless Death

Tymoshenko wants to abolish LGBT in Ukraine
after 'reset of power'

Power units are failing en masse in Ukraine

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine - dying or becoming
disabled for Zelensky is 'an honor for Ukrainians'

'We Broke the Backbone of the Ukrainians - We Dissolved
All NATO Aid - Gerasimov

Uke Conscription of refugees aged 25-60 in European states
...Not even those who left abroad are spared!

Hell in Avdifka - Heavy losses of the Ukrainians

US Senate Adjourns Until 2024 With No Deal
on Ukraine Aid


US, Europe should 'stop fooling around’
expecting Russia’s collapse - Putin

NATO making Europe less stable – Moscow

Top Russian general reveals details of Kiev’s
counter offensive Catastrophe

Russian Air Defense Destroys Ukrainian
Missile Over Sea of Azov

Idiotic West Still Clinging to 'Russia's Strategic Defeat’
Rhetoric - Chief of Russian General Staff

Russia invites global watchdogs to presidential polls

Ukraine running low on tank crews

Ukraine conflict could ruin EU – Borrell

Hungary’s Orban suggests EU hold off on
giving Ukraine financial aid for 5 years

RFK Jr. skewers Colorado Supreme Court
decision to block Trump from 2024 ballot


Trump Vows to Defend Pro-Life Christians
Targeted by FBI, ‘Justice' Department

The Kamal Is Border Czar, AI Czar, Abortion Czar

WikiLeaks Confirms that Seth Rich Did Provide
Damning Emails On Hillary Before 2016 Election

Missouri AG and State Auditor Taking on Unlawful
Excessive Property Tax Assessments Affecting
100s of Thousands – Blackrock Owned Firm Involved

120 illegal immigrants flown from Texas to Chicago As
America-Hating Abbott Sends More Invaders Into US

Biden exchanged 54 emails with Hunter’s
business associate

Navy officer caught in NY sex sting brings teddy
bear to meet FBI agent posing as girl, 13

Coast Guard discovers invader landing on CA beach

The New Ebonics Movement and the
Elimination of Whiteness

Another Epstein Distraction - Truth Will NEVER Surface


GOP Backs Trump – Kennedy Warns of Civil War

Homelessness at All-Time High in World’s
Wealthiest Nation

US Navy Is Unprepared for Big War with Yemen

Marxist Oregon Sued Over Plan That Lets
Officials Spy On Computer, Phone Users,
Deliver ‘Information’ The State Approves

Thirty Five Years Ago, 270 People Were Killed When
Pan Am Flight 103 Crashed - Evidence Indicates
that CIA Was Behind It

Male Might Get Volleyball Scholarship Meant
for Female Athletes at University of Washington

Catholic All-Girls College Reverses Trans
Policy After Backlash

Jill Biden Accidentally Slips And Reveals
Alarming News About Joe

RFK Jr. Left Speechless - 'what would you agree
with Biden on?’ RFK Jr. took a long pause and
finally responded...'I don’t know'

Interior Department Transgender Policy Threatens
Employees Who Won’t Use Fake Pronouns


US wars have killed up to 4.7 million since 2001

Curious old SNL clips emerge of The Rock
joking about child molestation and ‘pizza'

Biden Is Paying Growers to Replace Farmworkers
With Bracero Contract Labor
Under the new visa pilot program, the administration is prioritizing growers’ profits over farmworkers’ rights.

Dems Prepared to Destroy Invader Rights to Fund
US-Israel’s War on Gaza

FDA allowed to HIDE ‘vaccine' records that
expose just how harmful ‘vax is to human health

Deadly Virus Outbreak Triggers Train Evac In Russia

1,000s of Doctors Take Legal Action Against
Transgender Mandate

Madonna in a coma - Celine Dion 'has lost control of muscles’
Jelly Roll 'extremely sick’ - Bret Michaels cancels show 'due to
Illness’ - Teddi Mellencamp 'facing major surgery’ - NYC anchor
Kaity Tong (non-smoker) diagnosed with lung cancer; Eagles
quarterback Jalen Hurts reported injured 'due to an illness'

Always Remember - NZ doctors avoided Covid
jabs while insisting the public had them

Controversial push for CRISPR/Cas plants
sparks political resistance


Metals in food cause tens of thousands
of cancer cases per year in the US

US FDA finds control deficiencies in Moderna
production facility

Has COVID morphed into a stomach bug?
We Know The Spike Can Heavily Impact The
Digestive Track Wiping Out Good Bacteria

Rite Aid, CVS and Kroger happily hand over private
health data on Citizens to cops, even WITHOUT warrants

Facebook accused of laundering Israel’s image as the
horrified world reacts to the Jewish state’s atrocities

How the AI Revolution Will Change Your
Retirement Plans

Sam Altman - Death Is Just A Disease
To Be Conquered

Infrared Insights: Webb’s Revolutionary
View of Uranus’s Hidden Rings

Suez Canal & Red Sea Shipping Route
Shut Down

Economist Claims 2024 Will Bring ‘Biggest
Crash Of Our Lifetime’ In US


Average Price Of A 15 Pound Turkey Is Now $35.40

More than 14 killed in mass shooting in
downtown Prague

Rush of new defense deals with US
shows Europe’s growing concern over Russia

How the EU is secretly being converted
into an authoritarian, oppressive state

Canada - Ministry of Health approved recent ‘Covid
vaccines' without having Any clinical data

US Granted Access to Military Bases in Denmark
Under New Deal - The US signed similar deals
with Sweden and Finland this month

Poland’s pro-EU govt seizes public news
channels with massive police raid

French Left-wing deputy mayor hospitalized after
attack by ‘North African’ men just meters from her home

Hungary opposes Ukraine joining NATO as
it poses war risk for entire alliance

Finland to provide Ukraine with 21st military aid
package worth 106 mln euros — top brass


Casualties Reported in University Shooting
in Prague, Czech Republic

Only 17% of Germans ready to defend their country

Ireland to launch human rights case against UK

German labor dispute set to escalate

Putin launches new major high-speed
highway from Moscow to Kazan

Taiwan reports sightings of Chinese balloons

China starts erecting temporary housing
units after earthquake destroys 14,000 homes

Kim Jong-un threatened instant nuclear strike

China bans export of rare earths processing
tech over security

NZ to crackdown on Transgender Athletes


Fragment of the wing of a Malaysian Boeing
that went missing in 2014 May Have Been
found off the coast of Australia

US, Venezuela Swap Prisoners - Maduro Ally for 10
Americans, Plus Fugitive Contractor 'Fat Leonard'

Brazil Approves Amazon Rainforest Highway

Sudan - Millions have been displaced and thousands killed
Here is what you need to know about a conflict rife with
accusations of widespread atrocities

A coup is planned in Mali - rebels
en masse block the country's roads

The United States is negotiating with the
Central African Republic to oust Wagner
PMC from the American Bancroft PMC

Angola quits OPEC over lower production quotas

French civil servants detained in Burkina Faso
on espionage claims

How France's Military Presence in Africa is Dwindling

Tunisia wants to import more Russian grain - Lavrov


Senegalese opposition leader ‘barred
from presidential bid’

Let's Extinguish the Fires of Jewish Supremacy
...before they burn down the world - UNZ

Gas, Gaza and Western imperialism

Hezbollah hits 'Kiryat Shmona' in response
to IOF targeting civilians

Gaza death toll surpasses 20,000 - over two-thirds
are children and women

If US attacks Yemen, its battleships will be struck
Says Sayyed al-Houthi

Shocking testimonies expose Israeli killings
And field executions in Gaza

IOF Suffer heavy losses in Gaza amid
fierce confrontations

Abu Obeida - 41 IOF vehicles targeted,
25 soldiers killed in 72 hours

Humanitarian groups urge Austin to halt aid
to 'Israel' over Gaza Genocide

Hamdan to captives’ families - Netanyahu is
obstructing exchange deal


The Two-State Lie

Al-Qassam's Ghoul sniper rifles mark
Palestinian excellency

40 Palestinian citizens killed in US-Zionist
bombardment at Khan Yunis, Rafah

Sayyed Abdumalik al-Houthi calls on Yemeni
people to be fully prepared for all eventualities

Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi - America is leading
The war against Palestinian people

Zionist enemy continues bombing several
towns in southern Lebanon

Zionist enemy announces complete obliteration
of Al-Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza

Zionist enemy admits death of 29 soldiers in
battles of Gaza during 24 hours

Why the oil market isn't freaking out about Houthi Red
Sea attacks - The Houthis have refrained from targeting
vessels carrying Saudi, Russian and Qatari energy

Why Arab states are steering clear of anti-Houthi
naval task force


Why Israel’s Brutality to Palestinians Endangers
itself and Jews Worldwide

Yemen declares general mobilisation to fight
for Gaza

The Houthis opened training camps
and announced general mobilization

Netherlands commemorates Palestinian children killed
in conflict with Israel with display of 8,000 shoes

Israel orders more evacuations of Gaza’s
main southern city

The US is afraid to attack the Houthis

Hezbollah destroyed an Israeli Merkava
tank with an anti-tank missile system

Israel Has Backed Itself Into a Corner on Post-War
Gaza Occupation, Diplomats Say

US Veto Threat Once Again Delays Security
Council Vote on Gaza Ceasefire

Israel Smears Christian Mother And Daughter
They Assassinated in Gaza Church as 'Hamas Spotters'


Allegations of Israeli War Crimes Grow as US Again
Delays Security Council Vote

The Menorah Conquers Germany

Escobar - Yemen Ready to Stare Down a
New Imperial Coalition

A drone was shot down over Naro-Fominsk
...Moscow region

Borrell doubted the extension of aid to
Ukraine from the EU and the US

In Ukraine, heads of Businesses may be required
to deliver conscripts to military offices

38 shells and 4 kamikaze drones were fired
into the Belgorod region from Ukraine

The West wants to recognize itself as a victim
in order to transfer Russian assets to Ukraine

Deliveries of armored vehicles to Russian troops triple

Russia threatens Moldova and Baltic states
warns Belgian army chief


UK to Escalate Naval Tensions in Black Sea

NATO is a mess and the Russians are winning
Ukraine war turning in Moscow’s favor as Western equipment and manpower in dangerously short supply

NATO general admits Ukraine will never
regain lost territories

Putin Ratchets up Military Pressure on Ukraine as
He Expects Western Support for Kyiv to Dwindle

Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Zaporozhye
Area went on the defensive

A Russian drone capsized a Ukrainian Armed Forces
boat during the crossing of the Dnieper

Ukes Have Lost Over 14,000 Tanks And APCs

UK Mercs spotted on the left bank of the Dnieper

Reporters Without Borders ignores the deaths
of Russian journalists

Hell in Avdifka - Ex US Marine Merc Killed - Video


Uke soldiers in the NYT - (Kiev) 'is sending us on suicide
missions' - 100s Of Dead Ukes along Dnipro River (Video)

With the flag of Christ, hundreds of Russian soldiers pray
Russia Repeats - 'No negotiation with Ukraine'

Chicago Mayor Rages Over Buses Of Invaders From TX
As Gov Abbott Continues To Put Invaders Deep Into US

CO Supreme Court Violates the Constitution Itself
...4 Justices Should be Criminally Charged Now

CO Supreme Court Launches Actual INSURRECTION
Against America With Election De-Platforming Of Trump

Over Half of Democrats Want a New POTUS

HUNDREDS Of Epstein Associates Named
In Damning Drop – Panic Erupts!

Epstein - beginning of January, the names of 177
people closely associated with him will be made public

Mentally Ill Biden Makes Bad Comment About CO
Ruling on Trump - Confused By Hostages Question

COMMUNISM - Democrats Want to Be Like China
and Choose the Candidates that Run for President


GOP candidate for MO governor wants to abolish
education department, make gold legal tender

Cop rescues elderly women trapped in burning truck

Idiot Kamal Masquerading as a Woman of Intelligence
Should Not Be Granted Any Attention

Modern-Day Slavery - All of It Committed By

‘These Are Your Blood Enemies’: Tucker And Bongino Rip Media (Video)

Ex-Colonel Calls CEOs of Defense Contractors Predatory Capitalists and Arch-Criminals of Empire at War Crimes Tribunal

Blood Money - The Top Ten Politicians Taking
the Most Israel Lobby Cash

MO School District Offers Coloring Pages on Preferred
Pronouns, Gender Expression to Kindergartners

Toppling of Arlington Confederate Memorial
Resumes After Court Ruling.

Loyal Delta Customer Boycotting Airline After
Boarding Flight She Says Was Packed with Invaders


Eyes Are Opening to the Destruction Brought
by America’s ‘Educators'

Why Is Joe Biden Screwing Seniors To Subsidize
Junk Electric Vehicles?

Queer Activists Are Putting Pornographic
Books In Little Free Libraries

Only one thing may be true about the official
version of 9/11...that 3,000 people died
...everything else is wrong

Color-Privilege - The Return of Racial Discrimination

Seth Rich Murder Revisited

Archbishop Vigano Rolls Out Some Bombs - Video

Timeless Lesson - There Is Always Someone
Less Fortunate Than You Are...

Over 10 Million people worldwide HAVE DIED
from COVID-19 BioWeapon Injections - Might Be
Far More Than That…Maybe 100 Million?

Whistleblower nurse exposes DEADLY
COVID-19 protocols in Bay Area hospital


‘They Euthanized Him’ - Widow Recounts
Husband’s Fatal COVID Protocol Treatment

Planned Parenthood Collected $1,780 in Tax
Dollars for Every Baby It Killed in Abortion

Planned Parenthood Got $90 Million of COVID
Funds Meant to Help Small Businesses

The number of people suffering problems after
Covid vaccines continues to grow....

Jiabei Jesse Zhu – The Mastermind Behind
Secret Chinese Biolab In California

Authorities in denial over vaccine link to
soaring pilot deaths

Court Pauses CHD Lawsuit, Gives FDA Until April 2025
to Hand Over Analysis of BioWeapon Injuries

COVID-19 BioWeapon Injection Worsens the Burden
of Long-COVID Syndrome

Three Korean universities uncover vast array
of unexplained post-COVID Injection symptoms…

… “the vaxxed have an array of autoimmune
and other conditions the unvaxxed don’t”…


Fauci Buddies Peter Daszak and Ralph Barik Lied
to DARPA to Conceal Their Role Creating Covid-19

German Health Minister Admits Covid
Shots Don’t Work

How the ‘Vax’ and virus spike Destruction of Taste Buds
May Be Mirrored By de-nervation contributing to
Sudden Cardiac Death and cognitive Brain issues

Dr Wm Makis Explains Horrible Numbers Of Nurses
Dying Suddenly Or Taken Out By Turbo Cancers

Sudden Cardiac Deaths Are Soaring Dramatically

Patients worry about how docs may
use AI for their health care

A PA congressional candidate became the first
to use an AI robot to call voters

AI Shows Human-Like Memory Formation

Child abuse images found in AI training data
...This is intentional and satanic

Even Leftist Institutions Now Condemn ChatGPT
for Being Too Biased towards the Left - Of course,
It’s programmed and trained By Communist Perverts
...Would Be Better To Instruct AI to Teach Itself And
To Screen Out All Perversion And Porn, Etc.


Google To 'Limit' Answers To Election Queries
On Bard AI Tool & Generative Search

X Marks The Spot - Social Media's Last Stand

China’s secret space plane emits strong signal to the
ground when passing North America - aircraft could be
signaling ‘a clandestine ground station on the west coast
of North America or on a ship off the coast’

Major 'Climate Deception' Lawsuit Against
Oil Companies' Disinformation Dropped by Plaintiffs

Images showing the proximity of Iceland
Eruption to Grindavík

Iceland Reykjanes Peninsula Erupts in Blaze of Lava

Beyond the Void - New Experiment Challenges
Quantum Electrodynamics

3.5 Million Yr Old Megalodon Tooth Found
Undisturbed on Deep-Sea Floor

Chinese scientists are extracting uranium
from seawater faster than ever

5 Million Barrels of Russian Oil Stuck
En Route to India


Brent Breaks Past $80 Barrier As
Houthis Attack Red Sea

Russia’s Oil Exports to China and India Surge

Russian Foreign Ministry proposed using the
Northern Sea Route due to attacks on ships in
the Red Sea

Carmakers battle massive air-bag recall
that may cost $10 billion

Bitcoin Rallies As BlackRock, Nasdaq Hold
Second Meeting With SEC Regarding Spot ETF

The World Is Sitting On A Powder Keg Of Debt

Global M&A Deals Hit Lowest Level In Decade

Tesla Wannabe Junk EV ‘Names' Have Run Out Of Cash
As SPAC-Crazed Bubble Bursts

Russia does not seize assets of companies
from unfriendly countries — Kremlin

German prosecutor seeks to confiscate
$800 million in Russian assets


EU states ‘extremely cautious’ over
Russian assets seizure

Brussels upholds sanctions against
Russian tycoon Abramovich

EU countries get Russian oil exemption

Russian branch of EU bank posts $172 million profit

Slovakia Will Not Freeze Russia’s
Real Estate - Prime Minister

Danish beer giant loses landmark Russian case

Korean car giant Hyundai sells huge factory
in Russia for only $77

China, Nicaragua Upgrade Relations to
Strategic Partnership

State buildings allowed to display Christian
crosses – German court

EU announces major clampdown on popular porn sites


EU agrees immigration reforms

‘External Forces’ Seeking Wider War in Middle East - Lavrov

Putin has no regrets about pardoning Khodorkovsky

Western spy agencies supporting Kiev’s ‘terrorism’

Zelensky’s ‘peace formula’ absurd – Kremlin

Russia seizes EU-bound $72 M cocaine shipment

Kremlin Welcomes Adoption by UNGA of Russia’s
Resolution to Fight Glorification of Nazism

Russia will start deploying 5G networks
in major cities in 2026

Justice to prevail both in Ukraine and MidEast

Zelensky sees Ukrainian conflict as his only
chance to stay in power — Russian diplomat


Russia welcomes any constructive ideas for settling
Ukrainian crisis — Lavrov

Moscow achieved tipping point in standoff with
West in 2023, Russian diplomat says

US-Finland defense agreement hands control
of Northern Europe to Washington — MFA

China opens fire on Lockheed for arming up Taiwan

Xi Tells Biden Taiwan Will Reunify With China
But Timing Not Yet Set

China, Philippines to Hold Talks Over
Disputed Islands in South China Sea

S Korea, Japan to Resume Economic Dialogue
After Nearly 8-Year Hiatus - Reports

Afghanistan defies odds, survives under Taliban
rule after US troops leave — Russian envoy

Russian diplomat says US policy on Gaza
causes loss of Palestinian, Israeli lives

Russia, Turkey urge immediate ceasefire in Gaza


Russian, Egyptian foreign ministers discuss joint
economic prospects And Gaza

Lavrov to continue trip around region after visit to Morocco

Modi reacts to US charges over Khalistan activist murder plot

Indian opposition condemns Modi government after 141 lawmakers suspended

Two Former Green Berets Among Americans
Freed In Rare Venezuela Deal

US Releases Maduro's ‘Close Ally’ in
Exchange for Jailed Americans

Maduro's visit to Russia planned, dates being Set

Paramilitary forces defy US warning
with attack on Sudan aid hub

Africa - A Continent with huge economic potential

Nigeria Looks to Attract Investments by
Cutting Costs for Oil Firms


A $2 million missile vs a $2,000 drone...
Pentagram worried over cost of Houthi attacks

Houthis vow to attack US-led Red Sea
maritime forces

The Red Sea Situation Is Worse Than It looks

Houthis Vow To Keep Up Attacks After
US Unveils Details Of Ten-Nation Naval Force

The Houthis are ready to sink four Israeli corvettes
with Soviet Termit missiles

Iran launches new naval unit as Red Sea
attacks intensify

Finland will allow the United States to deploy
64 F-35 fighter jets with nuclear weapons on
its territory - (hope you see what’s happening)

New Oct 7 Footage Shows Israeli Tank Firing
at Jewish Settler Homes in Kibbutz Be'eri

Hamas shows destruction of Israeli armored
vehicles and Merkava tank

Ex-Israeli hostage - My mother was killed
by our own army on 7 October


New Oct 7 Footage Shows Israeli Tank Firing at
Settler Homes in Kibbutz Be'eri

Over 10,000 Zionist Tik-Tok soldiers already
suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder

Northern Cyprus to restrict property sales after
rumours of mass Jewish purchases

Intensive Israeli drone activity in Lebanon
extends as far north as Baalbek for first time

A Pal baby girl, born 17 days ago during war,
is killed with brother in Jewish Strike On Gaza

Gaza - 71% of population suffering from acute hunger
Zionists Attempt To Starve Them To Death

The collective trauma of US-Israel’s genocidal
assault on Gaza

Nearly three quarters of young voters oppose
O'Biden’s Gaza policy

Half of young Americans think Israel intentionally
kills civilians - Obviously

Hundreds gather in Tel Aviv to protest against
Netanyahu govt following accidental killing of
3 Israeli hostages - The IDF Is a Failed Army


Ships captured in Yemen Will only leave
on Palestine's terms

North saw heaviest missile barrage since
start of war - Israeli media

Israelis unable to shift south due to
heavy, fierce battles in north Gaza

Jewish Army storming of Al-Maamadani Hospital
forces complete shut down

'Israel' commits new massacre in Jabalia And
besieges another hospital - Who Will Stop This?

Why are Israelis and Zionists so psychotic?

The Death of Israel

Lebanese resistance targets Zionist Matla site

Former US Officer - Israel will face strategic
defeat in Gaza

STC resolves its position regarding
protection of Israeli ships in Red Sea


‘Israel' carried out heinous torture methods
against Palestinian detainees in Gaza

50 Palestinians killed in new massacre
by US Zionist enemy aircraft in Gaza

Zionist Stooge US Trying to Water Down New
Cease-Fire Resolution at UN Security Council

Jabalia bombing leaves bodies ripped apart
as US-‘Israel’ air strikes rain down

Despite US Billions, Israel's economy hit hard

Jews Urinating on Palestinian prisoners
In US-Israel War On Gaza

Bibi's Slacker Son - DC Dave Song Parody - video

Red Sea US Escalation – A Lose-Lose
Proposition - Bentley

Israeli Government Propagandist WRECKED
Over Oct 7 ‘Intelligence Failure’ Narrative (BS)

Br N - Hamas Has A Plan


Ukraine Grenade Attack Heralds Coming Terror Wave
With FPV Drones And More

Belgorod governor - the village of Vyazovoe is
under fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces

UK will become the first country to conclude
a security treaty with Kiev

Ziolensky called negotiations with Russia irrelevant

Ziolensky will not hold elections in Ukraine in 2024

Zelensky said that the General Staff asked him
to Conscript another 500,000 Ukrainians

Ukraine’s intelligence chief admits there are
no more troops without forced mobilisation

Japan plans to give $4.5 billion to Ukraine

Russia 'NATO Troops directly involved in Ukraine'

Rare video of the Russian FAB-1500 M54
guided bomb has been published


Who in the West lost or gained the most
from the conflict in Ukraine

Moldova can attack the territory of Transnistria
and is already pulling equipment to the border

80,000 Russian troops surround the HQ of the Ukrainian
ED in Chasiv Yar - attack on the flanks and west of Bakhmut

Ukraine Lost 383,000 Soldiers Dead Since
Start of the Special Op - Shoigu

Shoigu says Russian army is most combat
capable in world

What is Known About Russia's Kinzhal
Hypersonic Missile?

Russia will not notify US of Doomsday
Poseidon drone tests - MFA

US bio programs may aim to create viruses,
warns senior Russian security official

CO Supreme Court Bans Trump From The State Ballot

highest number of Invaders hits Border thanks to
O'Biden’s CBP that gives Each Invader $5,000 Visa
gift cards - Courtesy US Taxpayers - This is OPEN
Invasion Of America - Where Is The US Military?


America’s HOMELESS population surges to record
high 653,000 While Invaders Get $5,000 VISA Gift
Cards, $2200/mo Rent, Food, Medical, Dental Care,
Transportation And Furniture - UNDERSTAND?

US govt TERRORIST Watch List now contains
2 million names – 1,000s are innocent AMERICANS

O'Biden Sets Another Record - 14,000 Invaders Cross the
US Border in One Day - What Don’t You Understand?

Trump Vows Largest Deportation In American
History If Elected

US Secret Service Boats Mysteriously Stopped
Working While Obama Chef Drowned (Even A
High School Could Figure This one out)

Western Companies Suffered Losses Of More
Than $100 Billion After Leaving Russia

The Coming American Civil War?

Congress Demands the Army's New Physical Test
Measure Strength and Endurance Rather Than Equity

Trans Radical Accused Of Raping Two Boys Under 13

Shareholder Arrested After Remarks About Gates
and Epstein Files SEC Complaint Against Buffett’s
Berkshire Hathaway


Biden Admin’s Latest Spending Spree Amounts
to a Backdoor Ban on Gas-Powered Appliances

Judge orders documents naming Jeffrey Epstein
associates to be unsealed

How to Understand Our Situation

The Terror Watchlist Prepared the Way to Tyranny

Zionist NYT wants dads to be either gay, in prison
or henpecked cucks…

Gov Hochul Creates Slavery Reparations
Commission in New York!

California Church Completely Destroyed
by Massive Fire

US Army Disappointed in Gen Z Who Won't Serve
That’s ONE Intelligent Thing About The Z People

How the ‘Vax’ and virus spike Destruction of Taste Buds
May Be Mirrored By de-nervation contributing to
Sudden Cardiac Death and cognitive Brain issues

Dr Wm Makis Explains Horrible Numbers Of Nurses
Dying Suddenly Or Taken Out By Turbo Cancers


Sudden Cardiac Deaths Are Soaring Dramatically

Yahoo reports truthfully about George Watts Jr.’s
myocarditis death, at 24, after Pfizer Injection

FDA ‘Hides' Toxicity of DNA Fragments in mRNA Injections
despite Danger of Cancer Highlighted in its Guidance

New smoking gun analysis shows dramatic excess
mortality rise linked to COVID-19 Injections

Japan approves world’s first self-amplifying mRNA
COVID-19 ‘vax’ without ANY Safety Data - What
About This BioWeapon advance Don’t You Understand?

Gates-Backed Group Funds Needle-Free
mRNA Vaccine ‘Wafer’ Technology

Synthetic Milk May Contain as Much
as 92 Carcinogenic Compounds

Planned Parenthood’s Trans Hormone Business
is Booming as It Mutilates Thousands of Children

Planned Parenthood is Still Killing Babies and
Selling Their Body Parts

Smoking Shrinks The Brain


Former Bill Gates Vax Scientist forecasts
Unprecedented Cascade Of Death

Use of Drugs to Restrain Kids in Mental
Health Facilities Jumps 141% - Nothing
Wrong with many of These children

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $857 MILLION to
People Sickened by Chemicals.

Celine Dion's Sister Gives Sad Update on
Singer's Condition - 'She Doesn't Have Control
Over Her Muscles'

Medical journals publishing thousands of
fake scientific papers

Communist CNN calls for 'carbon passports’ to
control human movement

Meta oversight board criticizes own censorship
of Gaza-related posts

Assange Appeal Hearing Set for February

California AG blasts ‘greedy corporations’
in $700 Million settlement with Google

Worldcoin integrates with Reddit, Telegram, others


Three Dead, More than 600,000 are without power
after fierce storm across the northeast

Iceland Volcanic eruption begins - Live Stream Cam

Geothermal Power Plant Threatened by
Sudden Volcano Eruption

Insane Images Show Lava Flowing Out of
The Fissure That's Opened Up in Iceland

Destroying Farmland to Reduce Population

US national debt jumps $2.6 trillion in six months
The Zionist Looting Of America Is Full Speed

Underestimating Washington DC's Debt Trap

How The Zionist Fed Wrecked The Dream
Of Homeownership

US Economic Gloom Giving Americans
the Blues - Biden Rightly Blamed for Blight

No, Senator Warren, You Won't Get A
Wealth Tax From The Supreme Court


Peter Schiff - Bidenomics Is Putting
Lipstick On A Pig

Global bankruptcies exceed 2008 level – FT

Gas consumption in Europe down to 1996 level — Gazprom

Technology Companies Brag About Pornification Of AI Girlfriends

Siemens reveals huge Russian exit losses

Russia and China no longer using
dollar in trade – Mishustin

Russia now biggest export market for
Chinese cars – Beijing

Moscow outlines untapped markets
for Indian investments

Russia has options to circumvent EU
sanctions on diamonds — Kremlin

NATO forces provoking conflict in
northern Kosovo - Russian ambassador


Poland's Western Ukraine dream still 'alive', says Russian foreign intel chief

‘Russophobia’ could be criminalized – Interfax

No Russia at Davos – ambassador

UK to sign naval ‘security pact’ with Ukraine

Italy stands by Ukraine, decrees to extend
military aid for another year

Using Sexism & Racism to ‘Improve Diversity’

UK Bans Praying Near Abortion Clinics

Germany's worst fears are confirmed - Shoigu Says 'We produce
more weapons than NATO - Era of the Great Patriotic War"

Germany to Permanently Deploy 4,800 Troops
in Lithuania

Germany: Baby Jesus beheaded along with other
Nativity figures in latest attack on Christians


UK Two Invaders living on barge arrested for
sexual assault in nearby nightclub

Stuttgart lawmakers blow taxpayer cash on
porn festival with sex after party

USA is the most dangerous military power in
the world, much more dangerous than Russia

European Central Bank Chief Says Digital Cash
‘Now in Preparation Phase’

Strengthening relations between Russia,
China meets both countries' interests

Moscow ready to boost ag supplies to China

China-Russia cooperation increasingly
important in current global situation - Li Qiang

Ex-Pakistani PM uses AI to deliver
speech from prison

Ukrainian Conflict Causes and Origins
Laid Bare by Vladimir Putin

Western elites deluded in quest to ‘defeat
Russia by force of arms’ - intel chief


Envoy slams US senators speculations about
potential use of nukes by Russia as absurd

Putin - Modern Weapons Account for 95% of
Russian Nuclear Triad (US Decades Behind)

Putin sure all would have 'worked out' if only Kiev
And West had implemented Minsk-2 accords

Russia has The initiative in Ukraine War - Putin

Putin toasts hero soldiers, pledges to
defend country at all costs

'Fifth column' actively used by West
after USSR disintegration - Putin

Many in Western Ukraine want to become
part of Poland, Romania, Hungary — Putin

Shame on Israel for exploiting the ‘Holocaust’
(as always)to justify mass genocide

Israeli forces shoot medical personnel amid press
conference in the front of Kamal Adwan Hospital

Reports surface of Palestinian deaths inside
Israeli detention Death camps

A Gaza Tragedy - The US-Israeli Satanic Genocide
Of Humanity In Gaza - A Rense Video

Israel plans to invade Lebanon – media

Israel is pumping seawater into Gaza tunnels
despite warnings from Russia about 'war crimes’
No one Dares Hold The Zionists Accountable

Operation Prosperity Guardian - US Navy
scrambles to secure Red Sea passage

Scores of martyrs die in US-Israeli strikes in Rafah

'Israel' using starvation of civilians as war method
in Gaza - HRW - Who Will Stand Up To ‘Israel'?

Hezbollah bombs two Israeli Iron Dome systems


Shipping firms cease deliveries to ‘Israel’
or reroutes around Africa

Hezbollah shells Israeli settlement in
retaliation to funeral bombing

Yemeni forces target 2 'Israel’-bound
ships with naval drones

US Navy shoots down 14-drone wave
as shippers avoid Red Sea

BP pauses oil cargo on Red Sea as
missile attacks affect global trade

Ashkenazi Synagogue of Satan Explained

Gaza and the Dangers of Jewish Paranoia

O'Biden ignores Houthi drone attacks - US response
has been weak and muted to avoid a wider conflict
with Iran - Or, US Wants A Hit On A US Navy Ship
To Give The Excuse For A War On Yemen

New war in the making as Yemeni Houthis
attack ships in Red Sea

Al-Houthi responds to US announcement
of forming intl alliance against Yemen'


48 Zionist soldiers injured during past 24 hours

An Israeli Merkava tank was torn
apart by a precise missile hit

Al-Qassam fighters destroy Israeli jeep, Merkava
tank, troop carrier in Gaza

Israel accused of 'starving’ Palestinians
as inhuman hospital attacks intensify

How Israel's genocidal war against
Palestinians is a colonial tradition

How Israel's genocide in Gaza sparked
a protest movement in the UK

Israel Order US - wants Hezbollah pushed
further from Lebanon border

Raided Gaza hospital not functioning
...patients evacuated — WHO

Norwegian Chemical Tanker Is The Latest
Target of Red Sea Attacks

Israel launched new attacks on Syria
explosions occurred in the vicinity of Damascus


Evidence points to Israel use of nuclear
weapons in Gaza and Lebanon - Highly Enriched
Uranium Measured

UN warns 1000s of pregnant women and
nursing mothers in Gaza face risk of death

Cuba - US ‘complicity’ prolongs Gaza genocide

Israel forced women in Gaza to abandon
their children then detained them

IDF Chief Reminds Idiot Troops Not To Shoot Shirtless
People Waving Surrender Flags - After 3 Israelis Killed

As many as 5,000 wounded need to be evacuated
from Gaza Strip — Health Ministry

Gaza Genocide toll from US-Israeli strikes Near 20,000

Nearly 100 journalists Targeted And Murdered
since October 7 while covering Gaza conflict

EU diplomat slams Israel for targeting civilians
...Talk Means Nothing To The Zionists

'Abhorrent War Crime’ - HRW Lambasts Israel for
Gaza Starvation - Nothing Will Be Done To Help


UN Says Fighting in Gaza Continues
to Hinder Full Scale Distribution of Aid

Six US-Israeli Guided Bombs Hit Infrastructure
Near Damascus - Russian Military

US will send Ukraine another aid package
then funds will run out

Ziolensky’s Office comments on the discovery
of wiretapping on Sen Zaluzhny

Lavrov - by offering negotiations, the West
wants to give Kiev time to replenish weapons

Ritter - On Speaking Plain ‘Putin’

Russian soldiers repel five Ukrainian armed
units attacks near Novomikhaylovka

Macgregor On Real Reason Ukraine Will Collapse

Ukrainian unit advanced without cover after a
quarrel between its cmdr and artillerymen

Russian MiG-31 fighters with Kinzhal
missiles are stopping the Uke economy


Medvedev - in the Northern Military District
we will achieve a nationwide victory

Russian air defense systems shot down
three Ukrainian aircraft

Ukrainian Infiltration Force in Bakhmut Destroyed
By Russian Drone Units - New Footage

Dropping A Soviet FAB-1500 M54 on Uke positions

Uke Cmdr broadcasts SOS - 'lack of ammunition creates
serious problems for us - our soldiers are exhausted'

German hospitals overloaded with wounded
Ukrainian soldiers, Scholz govt refuses to
cover treatment costs

Experts doubt F-16 will take off from Ukraine

They Are Programming You

Trump Wants 300,000 Troops to Build Detention
Camps At The Southern Border

TX Gov Abbott Signs Bill Making Illegal Entry
Into Texas a State Crime


Middle East ‘totally out of control’ – Trump

Trump vows ‘largest deportation in
American history’ if elected

Trump to radically reshape US foreign policy

Trump Attorneys Ask Fulton County Judge
To Dismiss Indictment

CA Financial Disaster Leads to Spending Freeze
Which Forces Paper Ballot Vote...But Who's COUNTING?

In possible China-Taiwan war, US munitions can’t
sustain a week of Fighting Says Congressman

Kids complained for years about sexually abusive
probation officers - Some still Work For LA County

Communist O'Biden removing Reconciliation Memorial
Aka 'Confederate Statue' from Arlington Natl Cemetery

Civil War Reconciliation Monument at Arlington
to be Destroyed, Graves Desecrated

Congress demands quicker fielding of
hypersonic weapons interceptor


Plot To Use Invaders To Destroy Our Freedom

West Has Been Targeted in a Cowardly
Globalist Mind War

Wray’s Blinking Red Lights - Is Something
Huge Coming?

Coward GOP senators distance themselves from
Trump's 'poisoning' immigration comments

O'Biden’s Failure to Stop Border ‘Invasion’ Is
Impeachable Offense, GOP House Member Says

minimum wage is going up in 22 states on Jan. 1

Ashley Biden Has Tax Problems of Her Own
...Documents Show

Progressive Wokeism Has Poisoned America

Military Wokeism Compromises National Security

PA School Board President Sworn In With Porn Books


Only 6% Approve Of GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

Explosive New Photo Ties Bill Gates to Epstein Victim

Child Rapist Could Be First to Face Death
Penalty under New Florida Law

mentally ill liberal mother decides 2 yr old son is a girl
when Dad fights back, Communist CA Crushes Him

Photo Emerges of Bill Gates with
Jeffrey Epstein Victim

Previously-Unseen Photo of Bill Gates Emerges
in Damning Report on Jeffrey Epstein

Conservative Reporter Facing Federal Charges
for Covering Jan 6

The Wonderful Genius Of Singer-Songwriter
Tom Lehrer - 70 Years Ago - Video…Enjoy

Pfizer's mRNA Covid shot can cause
'off-target' immune responses

Mark Crispin Miller Talks To Greg Hunter


Synthetic Milk Protein with 92 Unknown Compounds
Used by More Than a Dozen Food Brands - Are These
Molecules Safe? Toxic? Dangerous? No One Knows

Are Self-Amplifying mRNA ‘Vaccines' Next-Gen
BioWeapons? Count On It

USA Boxing Shamefully Pushes COVID-19
willfully conceals myocarditis risk for athletes

Curcumin for the Treatment of Acute COVID-19
This Derivative of Turmeric Consistently Performed
in Clinical Studies

FDA Hides Toxicity of Billions Of DNA Fragments in
Every mRNA Injection...despite Danger of Cancer

Trump embraces conspiratorial language
to attack Big Pharma

McCullough Protocol Base Spike Detoxification
Rapidly Becoming Standard of Care

Lab-Grown ‘Meat’ Scam Is a Great Health Risk

CCP Promoted Novel Fabricated Data on
Nature Origin of COVID-19

Second Fort Jackson Drill Sergeant Found
Dead on Base This Month


Welcome to Post-Covid America and nowhere is it more
on display that in New York Buffalo area

War On The UnVaxed Continues - Pure lies, Pure fraud,
Pure evil - Must Watch - Our Descent into Pharma/WEF tyranny

EU states threw away €4 billion worth
of Covid vaccines

Cause Of Professional Soccer Player's Sudden
Collapse Remains A Mystery

How Alzheimer’s And CJD Can Both Spread
Through A Cough, Sneeze And ALL Body Fluids
Just One Kiss - Remember, Spike Proteins Have
Seven Points That Cause Normal Proteins To
Misfold And Become Infectious Prions

Japanese Scientists Find Indisputable Evidence
That ALL COVID Variants Are ManMade

Nobel Prize Winner Weissman Seeks to Cure Cancer
...With mRNA Technology - Whopper Of The Year!

More bad news on mRNAs - new paper in top journal
shows mRNAs accidentally cause our cells to create
vast numbers of random misshapen proteins - no one
has any idea how serious the risks are

MHRA races into the lead in authorizing
experimental gene therapies

Army links helicopters, boats and AI for
casualty evacuation


Blockchain key to combating N Korean cybercrime

What Climate Zealots Don’t Understand About
EVs and Winter

AI Formula Cracks Code of Rogue Ocean Waves

Watch - YouTuber Suffers Catastrophic Failure
While Testing Rocket Launcher

Iceland Volcano Finally Erupts, Spewing Lava
After Prolonged Seismic Activity.

Volcano erupts near evacuated town in Iceland

Iceland eruption seen from a helicopter

Ancient Mesopotamian Bricks Captured a
Mysterious Blip in Earth's Magnetic Field

Elon Musk Asks World to Stop Demonizing Oil

Renewables Top 50% Share of Germany’s
Power Demand for The First Time


Thousands of Bud Light Truck Drivers
Prepare to Strike over Poor Pay

Ripple, Coinbase, a16z Invest $78 Million In
Pro-Crypto PAC Ahead Of US Elections

We Sold Over $100 Million Of Gold During
The Quarter’ - Costco CFO

The Ultimate Irony - A Gold Standard Returning
Through The Backdoor Of Crypto Markets

Russia calls on BRICS to ditch dollar

Two More Threats To Dollar Supremacy

Central Banks Brought Excessive Inflation
Now They Bring Stagnation...

The Truth About The Economy That The
Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You (Snyder)

Japan's Nippon Steel To Buy US Steel For
$14 Billion

Visualizing $97 Trillion Of Global
Debt In 2023


Biden cancels UK trade deal – media

High Immigration Linked To Worsening Inflation,
Bank Of Canada Deputy Governor Says

Record debt levels threaten developing
countries – World Bank

60% of Russian exports now go to Asia

EU Exempts Sakhalin-2 From Complying With
Russian Oil Price Cap Until June 28 – Document

EU Approves 12th Anti-Russia Sanctions Package
Targeting Over 140 People and Entities

Russia-China Trade Reaches Over $200 Billion
During 2023

EU could stop Hungary voting on Ukraine – FT

US, Finland sign defense cooperation agreement

Court in Finland orders detention of Russian
suspected of war crimes — media


NWO Communist Vatican issues conditional
approval for same-sex blessings

Europe is more Disarmed And vulnerable than ever
with weapons and ammo supplies dwindling

Angry German farmers drive their tractors
to Berlin over diesel tax

EU agrees To new sanctions on Russia
with an import ban on diamonds

Prognosis for Russia's economy is 'not good'

More Than Half of Germans Want New
Government and Early Elections

EU Launches Pro-Censorship Legal Action
Against Elon Musk.

War Council in Germany - State of Emergency

US Granted Access to 15 Military Base
s in Finland Under New Deal

Northern Sea Route becoming more
efficient than Suez Canal — Putin


No country has nuclear-powered icebreaker
fleet like Russia’s — Putin

Tensions Mount for Russia’s Neighbors

Russian Nuclear Forces Put New Missile Regiment on Duty
While US Faces Possible Loss of ICBM Capability

Putin's decree opens door for Belarusians,
Kazakhs, Moldovans to gain Russian citizenship

Lavrov accuses US of applying double standards
to use of weapons by Israel, Ukraine

West wants ceasefire for sole purpose of
rearming Ukraine — Lavrov

N Korea tests missile capable of striking US

S Korean military warns N Korea of consequences
of missile launches

N Korea says Hwasong-18 ICBM drill was
response to US hostility

Tokyo is acquiring long-range missiles in an attempt
to reach parity with Russia and China


US Increasing Military Exercises With Allies Near China

Jimmy Lai Trial Begins in Hong Kong
...Charged for Reporting the Truth

Two New Chinese Spy Balloons Spotted - Does
Beijing Have a Plot Leading Up to Elections?

Earthquake in northwestern China kills at
least 111 people in Gansu and Qinghai provinces

West accuses Iran of illegally testing missiles,
transferring drones to Russia, enriching uranium

Iran's cities are overwhelmed by the influx
of climate migrants

Mass Cyber Attack on Iranian Gas Stations
Claimed by Israeli Group

Iran says ‘enemy conspiracy’ behind outage
at 70% of gas stations

India sends maiden winter expedition to Arctic

Modi uses homegrown AI tool ‘to reach the people’


Several killed in Guinea oil terminal blast

East African trade bloc expands

West trying to impose ‘immorality’ on Uganda – activist

Proxy colonialism: The West is using Kenya
as an imperial accomplice

Spy Chief’s Efforts to Hold Talks With Rwandan
Dictator Paul Kagame as His Forces Terrorize the
Democratic Republic of Congo is a Joke

Sudan Panic as the RSF sweeps into el-Gezira,
sending thousands fleeing

US Airstrike Reported in Somalia for First
Time in Months


Pentagon Moves USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike
Group From Persian Gulf To Gulf of Aden
(Easier For A Big, Fat False Flag To Happen)

Despite Bloated Budget, US Entering 2024
With Tiniest Military Since 1941

Western diplomats demand Gaza ceasefire...
As If Israel Can Be Controlled By A Goy Nation

Israeli forces kill Palestinians in church,
UNRWA warns of mass flight to Egypt

‘Well, YOU dropped the atom bomb’ Netanyahu tells Biden

In Aida refugee camp, Palestinian resilience
overcomes Israeli oppression

Shocking new evidence points to Israel using
uranium and neutron bombs in Gaza

WHO denounces 'destruction' of Kamal
Adwan Hospital

Jewish Casualties due to Hezbollah operations
mounting daily

Mass demonstrations in Belgium, Norway
and US in solidarity with Gaza


Top European diplomats step up calls for
Gaza ceasefire

Netanyahu vows to fight to 'very end' as
aid enters Gaza & truce demands increase

US-Israel War On Gaza - Pictures of the week

ZioNazi Gift for Pope Birthday! Netanyahu’s Sniper
Murdered Christian Women in Gaza Latin Parish

American Mercenaries Fighting in Gaza

Let's Extinguish the Fires of Jewish Supremacy...
...before they burn down the world - Unz

Al-Quds Brigades target Zionist soldiers
gatherings of their vehicles in several axes in Gaza

Ansarallah member affirms Yemen’s
readiness to face any int’l coalition

Lebanese resistance launches 5 military
operations against Israeli occupation forces

Israel's intense bombardment continues
with al-Shifa hospital a 'bloodbath'


Israel’s attack on the Freedom Theatre
in Jenin camp is part of a cultural genocide

Israel launched new attacks on Syria
explosions occurred in the vicinity of Damascus

Germany will send warships to the shores
of Yemen

The world's largest transport company said it
would suspend delivery of goods to Israel due
to Houthi attacks.

Netanyahu Says He’s ‘Proud’ of Preventing
a Palestinian State

Israeli Town Council Head Says Israel Should
Make Gaza Look Like Auschwitz - Gaza should
be emptied of Palestinians and flattened

'It Is Terrorism’ - Pope Condemns Jewish Sniper
Killing Christian Mother, Daughter in Gaza Church

Zionist strikes on Jabalia refugee camp kill 90

Palestine demands investigation into reports of
Israel burying victims alive in Gaza

Hundreds of US synagogues receive bomb
threats as spree continues despite arrests


Houthi attacks on Israel-linked ships in Red Sea
to raise prices of Far East imports

EU condemns demolition of West Bank Palestinian
school funded by European bloc

War caught Israeli rehab hospitals unprepared
to handle number of wounded

US Steals Nearly 100 More Trucks Full Of
Syrian Oil, Wheat and Barley

Jewish Slaughter Of West Bank Palestinians
Jumps To Nearly 300 since early October

‘Faith in Israel’s strength has been shaken’
The conflict will lead to the fall of US tyranny
and the advent of a multipolar world

Watch - Pro-Israel Congressmen Confronted Over
Israel's History Of Propping-Up Hamas

Large Majority Of Stupid Americans Believe Israel
'Is Trying To Avoid Civilian Casualties’ - Incredible

A Wiretap Was Found In Zaluzhny’s Office
Clearly To Benefit Ziolensky - Soap Opera Time!

Uke soldiers ordered into ‘suicide missions’
100s Of thousands Sacrificed For NOTHING


UK contemplating sending troops to Ukraine
Says ex-ambassador

The Uke army went to winter quarters

The head of the Main Uke Intel Directorate reports
'zero efficiency' of forcibly conscripted Ukrainians

Ukrainian military registration and enlistment
office workers are kidnappers

The Jewish Kiev regime is going to fight
until the last Ukrainian is DEAD

Moldova is preparing an invasion of Transnistria

Six Ukrainian border guards surrendered
on the border of the Kursk region

Medvedev - in the Northern Military District we will
achieve a nationwide victory

Ukrainian Infiltration Force in Bakhmut
Destroyed By Russian Drone Units - Video

Putin Calls Biden’s Claim That Russia
Will Attack NATO ‘Nonsense’
Biden made the claim in his pitch for more spending on the Ukraine war


Most Ukrainian fatalities are caused by the
incompetence and corruption of their own side

Putin switches off and isolates Europe
as he turns Russian resources East

No aid for Ukraine until we can defend ourselves

Russian air defense shot down a MiG-29, an Su-25
And 91 drones over a day

Russia’s Belgorod region under attack

Retired Ukrainian general lists advantages
of Russian army

World War III approaches – just as planned

Invaders Toss $1 Million Per Month in 'Free Food’
While US Citizens Contend with Drastic Budget Cuts

Man Filmed 500 Invaders, Mostly 50 IQ Black Africans,
Breach The Border Wall After The Lukeville Port Closed

Steve Bannon - Trump Will Pick Female
Candidate as 2024 Running Mate


Cheering for White Extinction

Speaker Mike Johnson releases J6 footage
...why are potential informants’ faces blurred?

Pentagon ‘Actively Working’ To Find Doctors Who
Will Provide Hormones, Puberty Blockers For US
Military Children Abroad - SATANIC INSANITY

Biden with the back help of Obama the hun, is invading
America at the Southern border With 7 million Invaders
since he took office - Add In 1.6 million 'got aways'

Tucker Admits He’s Scared to Cover 2020 Election

US Congress Silences Dissent by Targeting
Reputed Academics

FBI targeted Catholics, FBI Boss Wray gave
false information about it

Inside Zuckerberg’s Top Secret Doomsday Bunker

LA Swears in New Officers – Some of Them
are DACA Invader Recipients

Biden Admin’s Pronoun Police Demand
Employees Deny Biology


Joe Biden Said Subpoena Defiers Should Be
Charged - Will His DOJ Arrest Hunter Biden?

'I Am Angry’ - Black Scholar Who Says Harvard Prez
Plagiarized Her Work is Livid as 5th Example Found

A Record Number Of American 40 Yr Olds
Have Never Been Married

California Circles The Toilet Bowl |

Report - Hunter Biden Plans to Leave US if
Trump Wins 2024 Election - He’s Going To
Leave In Any Case Rather Than Go To Prison

Former US Republican candidate charged for
beheading Satanic statue

Multiculturalism Is A Jewish Trojan horse - Rense Video

Jewish Blood Lust Genocidal Insanity - THREE Isreali
Hostages Escape From Hamas And Run Toward IDF
Troops SHIRTLESS, Yelling ‘HELP!’ & Waving WHITE
FLAG Are Mowed Down, Murdered By Fellow Jews

800 Pound Jewish Gorilla Is In EVERY Power Room
He Sits In The Oval Office, Every Capitol Office, The
Pentagram War Room, Intel Spy Rooms, Newsrooms,
Hollywood Offices, Wall St Offices And Every Classroom
This Is A Must Read If You Want To Understand Reality

Majority In US Aged 18-24 Think Israel ‘Should
Be Ended’ And Given to Hamas & Palestinians


How They Manipulated Countless WW2 Photos To
Hide The Truth About The Miracle Of Hitler In Germany

Treasury Of Translated Third Reich Books

Is The Pope Catholic? It’s Now Obvious Bergoglio
Is A Manifest Heretic anti-Pope And Is Leading A
False Church…Speakers Include Fr Paul Kramer,
Ann Barnhardt And Archbishop Vigano - Video

The Incredible Genius Of Singer-Songwriter
Tom Lehrer - 70 Years Ago - Video…Enjoy

Nobel Prize Winner Weissman Seeks to Cure Cancer ...With mRNA Technology - Whopper Of The Year!

Nobel Prize Winner Weissman Seeks to Cure Cancer
...With mRNA Technology - Whopper Of The Year!

War On The UnVaxed Continues - Pure lies, Pure fraud,
Pure evil - Must Watch - Our Descent into Pharma/WEF tyranny

How Alzheimer’s And CJD Can Both Spread
Through A Cough, Sneeze And ALL Body Fluids
Just One Kiss - Remember, Spike Proteins Have
Seven Points That Cause Normal Proteins To
Misfold And Become Infectious Prions

Japanese Scientists Find Indisputable Evidence
That ALL COVID Variants Are ManMade

Nobel Prize Winner Weissman Seeks to Cure Cancer
...With mRNA Technology - Whopper Of The Year!

Pfizer Classifies its Own mRNA Product as ‘TOXIC'

Epic new study just revealed the true horror
and lies behind the BioWeapon ‘vax’ Injections


Canadian Journalist, Who Pushed Vax Mandates
and Concentration Camps, Dead Suddenly at 33

How Skeptical Are Europeans About Death Shots?

Doctor Stunned At The Stupidity Of The Sheeple
Surveys The Catastrophic Damages Done By The
Injections Of The BioWeapon

FDA Releases Final Pfizer COVID-19
Vaccine Documents After 800 Days

OpenAI’s ChatGPT answers questions like a WOKE
moron, defaulting to Communist left-wing drool

ChatGPT spreads inaccurate information
about medical issues

Living Brain Tissue Powers Breakthrough
Cyber Neural Network

Supposedly ‘Dangerous' AI Still Can’t
Even Drive Cars

Eye-Ball Scanning Digital ID Company Worldcoin
Integrates With Reddit, Telegram and More

DARPA Brain Initiative & C40 Cities (Military-Intelligence
Techno-Enslavement Program)- 7 short videos With
summary quotes, comments And related links


Synopsis of ‘Gangstalking Electronic Harassment’
(Govt and Privatized No-Touch Torture-Murder)
Program In Quotes & Movies

Gangstalking Mind Control In The Movies - Anatomy
of the 'Perfect Crime' Including 48 films (1943 to 2021)

CNN writer suggests forcing 'carbon passport’ on
travelers to meet carbon footprint target by 2050

IBM sued for racist CEO’s 'obviously illegal' hiring
practices – whites and Asians need not apply

Br Nathanael - International Jewish Finance Is The Culprit

CBDC – The End of All Freedom

2024 Is Going To Be A (Planned) Financial Disaster
For The World

Modi launches India’s new diamond bourse
bigger than The Pentagon

Gold - The 'Everything' Hedge (While Supplies Last)

Soft Landing Or Not, Gold Is Going Higher


Time To Bring Nuclear Energy Into 21st Century

The West Has Been Targeted In A Cowardly
Globalist Mind War

Rickards' Five Forecasts For 2024

Communist Canadian Govt Claims Christmas and Easter
Are ‘Systemic Religious Discrimination’

Almost Half of Finns Polled Want to Halt
All Humanitarian Immigration

EU is preparing for an economic war with China

Sweden is Preparing its Medical Ambulances
for World War 3

Communist-Run German customs threatens
to seize Russian Christmas gifts

Cardinal jailed in Vatican ‘trial of the century’

Russia is no threat to NATO – Hungary


EU policies threaten ‘destruction’ – Slovak PM

Mystery of 15th Century Curse Tablet
Unraveled in Germany

France slams Israel over killing of diplomatic
worker in Gaza

Putin - Russia wants to improve ties with NATO,
not fight With It

Putin Says He was naive about the West

Russia ruling party backs Putin’s presidential bid

Western color revolutions will not work in Russia
Putin stresses

Russia will be either sovereign or non-existent - Putin

Putin’s victory to help defeat forces threatening
Russia’s security - Medvedev

Russia will not let anyone dictate rule running
counter to its interests - Medvedev


Integration of Russia’s new region seen as task
of paramount importance - Medvedev

Russian Fisheries Triumph with 2.6-Fold
Increase in Red Caviar Production

N Korea warns of ‘devastating’ nuclear response

North Korea launches ballistic missile - Japan coastal guard

Only 1 in 4 women in their 20s in S Korea
want to get married, says report

'Mega Cold Blast' Hits China - Temps Hit Record Lows

Weary Chileans reject second proposed constitution

Weary Chileans reject second proposed constitution


Multiculturalism Is A Jewish Trojan horse - Rense Video

Jewish Blood Lust Genocidal Insanity - THREE Isreali
Hostages Escape From Hamas And Run Toward IDF
Troops SHIRTLESS, Yelling ‘HELP!’ & Waving WHITE
FLAG Are Mowed Down, Murdered By Fellow Jews

800 Pound Jewish Gorilla Is In EVERY Power Room
He Sits In The Oval Office, Every Capitol Office, The
Pentagram War Room, Intel Spy Rooms, Newsrooms,
Hollywood Offices, Wall St Offices And Every Classroom
This Is A Must Read If You Want To Understand Reality

Israel Resuming Hostage Talks After IDF Slaughters
3 Israeli Hostages Who Escaped from Hamas

Israeli PsyOp Unit Runs War-Porn Telegram
Channel Glorifying IDF Misconduct

Over 19,000 people killed in Gaza And The
West Bank during the US-Israeli War

Shipping giants halt travel amid Red Sea attacks

Houthis claim massive drone attack on Eilat

Most of Israel’s October 7 claims about Hamas
brutalism are ALL fabrications, evidence shows

Human rights group condemns escalating Israeli
attacks against UN-run schools and refugee camps


Israeli casualties doubled since 2014, blaming
Gaza resistance tactics

Yemen forces UAE to send freight by land to
'Israel' through Saudi Arabia

Israeli soldier killed, 2 wounded By Hezbollah Drone

Hezbollah drone strikes Israeli sites in
occupied Lebanese territory

Shipping firms MSC, CMA CGM suspend passage
through Red Sea

Israeli forces desecrate mosque in Jenin

December 12, 2023 Aerial footage of Rafah

The US is Complicit in Gaza Ethnic Cleansing
And Genocide (with Dennis Kucinich)

Palestinians appalled by Israeli Destruction
of Gaza cemeteries

Houthis launch more attacks in Red Sea
as US warships head to region


US weighs strike options to deter Houthis
from more Red Sea attacks

Family of slain Al Jazeera cameraman plans
to file lawsuit against Israel at lCC

US and Britain Say Their Navies Shot Down
15 Attack Drones Over the Red Sea

The Houthis attacked a German container ship
but failed to capture it

Israel’s F-35I Adirs feature US-enhanced
‘Gaza tasks brains’

Number of Palestinians killed in West Bank
since Oct. 7 now stands at 288

Yemen Drone Strikes Israel's Port of
Eilat in solidarity with Gaza

Israeli bulldozers buried Palestinians alive
inside tents in Gaza hospital - report says

Russia Will Only Accept Full Ukraine Capitulation

Russian Forces Hit NATO Operations Center
Inside Ukraine - 12 NATO Officers Eliminated


Luongo - Running On Empty, The US Leaves
Zelensky Hanging

Ukrainian Defense Ministry Posts Soldier
Proudly Wearing Nazi Eagle Patch

Russian Aerospace Forces down Ukrainian
Mi-8 helicopter in Zaporozhye Region

Russian forces down 49 Uke drones
in special op in Ukraine

Ukraine Suffer 290 More Dead in Donetsk Area in
past day - Ziolensky’s Hideous Holocaust Rolls Along

Ukraine sustains 65 More Dead In Kherson Area

Ukraine sustains 100 More Dead in Krasny
Liman area in past day

Ukraine planning new ‘counteroffensive’
(A New Mass Human Blood Sacrifice)

Ukraine’s largest mobile network operator hit
by massive cyberattack amid ongoing war

Uke Marines consider landing on the left bank
of the Dnieper a suicide mission (good thinking)
But Ziolensky Loves Suicide Meat-Grinder ‘Attacks'


Uke Armed Forces no longer consider the
reconquest of territories a priority

Russian Armed Forces repelled 16 Uke assault
and a massive enemy drone raid

German colonel handed over secret data to the
FSB about Uke tactics and losses

MiG-31BM shoots down Uke MiG-29 with Mach 5
R-37M supersonic missile - Ukes Lose 4,300 MORE
dead in seven days - This Is A Slaughter

Russian Paratroopers overwhelm the main Uke
defense and surrounded the city Of severs

Ukraine boasts new simplified 750 km range drone

We Wanted Our Lives To Be Just Like What
We Saw On TV And Now We Have The Demonic
Society That We Were Wishing For (Snyder)

Ritter - Joe Biden's World War Three Fantasy

Communist Democratic Staffer Caught Filming
Gay Porn In Senate Hearing Room

Homelessness Soars To Record High In America


10 explosives found at southern border

Oregon Communist-Globalists Ban Republicans
from Running for Office

Majority In US Aged 18-24 Think Israel ‘Should
Be Ended’ And Given to Hamas & Palestinians

West Virginia Secretary of State - 2020 Election
Was 'Stolen By The CIA’ - Video

Karma Just Caught Up With DA Fani Willis
...accused of prosecutorial misconduct

Hispanic support for Trump raises red flag for Biden

Man Who Decapitated Satanic Statue Raises
$20,000 for Legal Defense

Bill Clinton Says Hillary’s 2016 Campaign
‘Could Not Sell P*ssy on a Troop Train’

Former 'Rookie Teacher of the Year' pleads guilty to
6 sex crimes against 14 Yr old student, avoids prison

Boston Mayor Posts Gloating Photo of Racist
‘No Whites Allowed’ Christmas Party


How They Manipulated Countless WW2 Photos To
Hide The Truth About The Miracle Of Hitler In Germany

Treasury Of Translated Third Reich Books

The Incredible Genius Of Singer-Songwriter
Tom Lehrer - 70 Years Ago - Video…Enjoy

Are Self-Amplifying mRNA ‘Vaccines’
Next-Gen Bioweapons? YES

How Alzheimer’s And CJD Can Both Spread Through
A Cough, Sneeze And ALL Body Fluids - Just One Kiss
Remember, Spike Proteins Have Seven Points That
Cause Normal Proteins To Misfold And Become Prions

George Clooney 'badly stricken' with ‘Covid’
actor Ross Marquand, musicians Danielle Colby,
Joshua Ray Walker, NHL's Kelly Chase, Tony
Granato,Patty Murin's mother, Reds' Jake Fraley’s
daughter, GA 'Santa Claus' all have cancer

The Astonishing Speed Of The 100% Fatal
New BioWeapon Stealth Turbo Cancers

mRNA RSV Vaccine - 81 Adverse ‘Vax' Reactions
per Each Prevented Case of RSV (a cold) - Also
a marked INcrease in Recipient's immune deficiency

Navy medical officer reveals alarming 937%
increase in heart failure among helicopter
and fixed-wing pilots post COVID Injection

Ivermectin and Fenbendazole Success Stories
Tumors, Melanoma & Lymphocytic Leukemia


China’s super-small inhalable ‘vaccine’ shows
promise in fight against Covid, other viral diseases

Food Producers Caught Quietly Adding Insects
To Children's Food

Musk doesn’t believe in aliens

Musk Tells Italy - 'Please Don't Import
Woke Mind Virus From America'

Even The Fake Pope Has Something To Say
About Artificial Intelligence

At Last Minute GA Elections Board Continues Probe
into 17,000 Ballot Images Missing from 2020 Election

AI Digital Twinning Tech Could Completely
Revamp Oil E&P

Man Photographs ‘UFO’ from Chicago Balcony
Looks like One Of John Lenard Walson’s Ships

John Lenard Walson’s Photos Of Space Ships
Parked In High Orbit Around Earth - They Come
And Go - The More You Look,The More You See

Wigington - Orchestrated Weather Atrocities Increase


Climate tyranny a subversion tactic by communist
China to get America 'hooked on green technology'

UN agencies have been working for decades

Amazon successfully tests laser satellite
communications in space

Why is Mark Zuckerberg Building Doomsday
Bunker? What does he Know that we don't?

Highly Pathogenic RABIES-like Virus Kills 1000 Seals in Brazil, Convulsing on Beaches

The Truth About The Economy The MSM
Is Not Telling You (Snyder)

Intentional Destruction - First COVID, Now
Comes 'The Great Stealing’ Of Citizen Assets

Coal Makes a Comeback Reaching Peek
Demand Due to Tight Gas Markets

Germany warns EU to get serious
about defense

German Defense Minister Mulls Resumption
of The Military Draft


What are Weapons That Will Make ‘Russia
Feel Safe' That Putin Was Talking About?

Putin opens longest Trans-Siberian tunnel

G7 Takes Another Step Toward Global Pariah
Status With Russian Asset Theft Scheme

New EU sanctions against Russia to cause
more harm to EU — Russian diplomat

EU losing political, economic, weight under
pressure of US missteps — Russian MFA

Doctors claim China is executing prisoners of
conscience to HARVEST THEIR ORGANS and
fuel illicit transplant industry

US plans to deploy Tomahawk and SM-6
missiles aimed at China

China's humanoid robot factories to go online
in 2025, HALF human labor force to be eliminated

US forces targeted 100 times in Syria and Iraq
since October 17

Crown prince formally proclaimed Kuwait’s emir


Three Israeli Hostages Escape Hamas and
Are Killed by Jewish Soldiers 'Friendly Fire'

Pentagon has ordered a US aircraft carrier
to remain in the Mediterranean near Israel
Watch For False Flag Attack On US Warships

O'Biden Intends To Keep Participating in the
Incineration of Gaza

Witnesses Say IDF Troops Executed Women
and Children in Gaza School

Why Is the Media Ignoring Evidence of Israel’s
Own Actions on 7 October? (Because Most Media
Is Owned Or Controlled By World Zionism)

Hebrew media exposes Zionist army regarding
number of wounded in Gaza

UN says one of its Gaza schools was
blown up, fails to blame 'Israel'

Israeli troops go on looting and vandalism
spree across Gaza

A public health crisis in Gaza And Jewish
raids All across the occupied West Bank

To keep Hamas in power, Israel drove suitcases
stuffed with CASH into Gaza - new evidence


Hamas turns Gaza streets into deadly maze
for Israeli troops

Iran warns of ‘tremendous problems’ if US
establishes maritime task force in Red Sea

‘We lose a soldier every 5 minutes’ - Israeli officer
appeals to Torah students to enlist

4,400 detained in West Bank - Resistance
fighters survive assassination

CENTCOM chief rushes to Iraq, Syria amid
rising attacks on US presence

Hezbollah kills, injures Israeli force
entering intelligence outpost

Only 31% of Israelis deem Netanyahu
'suitable for his position'

Palestinian says soldiers sent him into Hamas
tunnel strapped with bombs

The IDF is NOT invincible and Is paying dearly In Gaza
Some Projections Are 2,000 Minimum Dead And
Thousands Wounded, Many Severely - Rense Video

Israel’s Doom In Global Pivot 2.0


Maritime Insurance Companies Cancel Red Sea
Shipping Coverage Blocking Ships To Israel

Two More Ships Struck By Houthi Missiles
As Maersk Diverts All Tankers From Red Sea

Bulgarian-owned cargo ship hijacked in Arabian Sea

Hersh Says Hamas Troops Surrendering in Gaza,
West Bank Crisis is Next Tinderbox

Sullivan's West Bank Visit Aims to
Put Pressure on Netanyahu

Israeli army storms Palestinian town of
Tubas in West Bank

‘We are at war with Israel,’ Hezbollah tells RT

Hungary Deals Huge Blow to Ukraine,
Blocks Over $50 Billion In Aid

Ukes put head of Russian church on ‘wanted’ list

Full Russian conquest of Ukraine is possible


Uke Military Raiding Kiev Nightclubs And
Conscripting Young People To Go And Die
Military Summary Analysis And videos

Putin vows Russian victory in war as
Ukraine’s allies waver

Tucker pinpoints the exact moment Joe Biden
caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Ukes

Zelensky evacuated as Hypersonic Kinzhal
missiles strike Patriot system near Kyiv

Six more drones trying to attack targets
in Crimea were destroyed

Residents of Crimea reported explosions -
32 drones Said shot down

Mariupol was fired at with Storm Shadows

Crude ground robots emerge on Uke battlefields

Ukes attack an ambulance with Drones
on its way to help civilians

Russia and Belarus to conduct strategic
aerospace operation to crush Ukraine


Development of a new strategic missile system
has begun in Russia

Russian Armed Forces attacking Chasov Yar

Explosions occurred in Kyiv and Zhulyany airport

The West is starting to panic - Russians announce
the creation of 10 hypersonic Zircon carrier ships

'It was the most secret and best system in the world’
US surprised by ‘nullification' of its satellite By A
Russian system

A clever trick of a Russian submarine off the
coast of Great Britain made experts laugh

Pentagon says it must choose between
US and Ukraine

Ritter - Ukrainian Military to Crumble by Mid-2024

Biden Admin Has 'No End Game’ for its
'Doomed' Ukraine Project

Ukes Lose Over 1,580 More Soldiers Killed in Donetsk
Area in Past Week - Ziolensky Blood Sacrifice Continues


Ukraine to introduce general military training for ALL
men, women starting from 18 yr Old Teenagers

Zelensky holds surprise meeting with top
US general in Germany

Skepticism about Ukraine growing globally

More Ukrainians willing to trade land for peace

Ukrainian deputy detonates grenades in
local parliament - Video

US aware of Ukraine’s inability to win conflict
with Russia, Kremlin spokesman says

Zaporozhye NPP reconnected to back-up
power line

West has ‘backstabbed’ Ukraine – Lukashenko

Kremlin questions EU’s plans to bring
Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia into organization

US Hails 'Historic' EU Membership Talks For
Ukraine After Hungary's Orban Caves


O'Biden’s Perverse Black Christmas At The White
House - The Most Disgusting WH 'Christmas Card’
Ever - Communist Satanists Destroy The Spirit Of
Christmas - In This Video Celebration Of Deviancy

Dance Group Behind Jill Biden’s ‘Anti-Christmas’
White House Video Promotes ‘Defund the Police,’
And Targets White People

The First Time I Heard Of Barack…

Obama Movie Predictive Programming ‘Leave
the World Behind’ foreshadows a massive
False Flag cyber attack event to come

Barack Obama Orders Govts to Prepare Public
for Imminent Depopulation Event

AZ Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs Pulls the Trigger
Orders National Guard to Secure Border

Ex-intel officer - Pentagon commits multi-trillion dollar
fraud, fails its sixth annual audit in a row

Star J6 whistleblower meant to 'destroy Trump’

New California Citizen Discovers Dominion Ran
the Entire 2020 Election in Riverside County

Tucker Will Not Run as Vice President


Four Month Old Baby Miraculously Survives
Tornado That Destroyed Tennessee Home

Jury Orders Rudy Giuliani to Pay Nearly $150
Million to Election Workers in Defamation Suit

Cheering for White Extinction

It's Not Antisemitism - It's White-Hating
Jews need to decide who’s side they’re on

Boston ‘Electeds of Color Party’ Is Part of
the Resegregation of America

‘They’re Already Here’ - Arizona Sheriff Says
of Terrorists Coming Across the Border

Congress Staffer Filmed Gay Porn
in Senate Hearing Room.

Multiple IEDs Discovered at the US-Mex
Border After Threat Levels Heightened

What Does He Know? Zuckerberg Builds
$100 Million ‘Apocalypse’ Estate in Hawaii

Biden in Trouble as Dems Openly Oppose
His 2024 Reelection Campaign


Armed Elderly Man Single-Handedly Thwarts
Smash and Grab Thugs – Watch

Hunter Biden exposes his father Joe Biden as a liar

China Cyber Army Invades Critical US Infrastructure
While A 7,000% Increase Of Military-Aged Chinese
Have Invaded America Since 2021

Congress approves bill barring any president
from unilaterally withdrawing from NATO

The Era of the West Has Passed - Roberts

FDNY races to rescue New Yorkers trapped
in dark ELEVATORS as NYC and NJ Are Put In
chaos by sudden mass power outage

Food Shortages Coming - severe lack of food diversity

Three Myths Of The Biden Impeachment Defense

Ex-FBI Intel Chief Who 'Investigated' Trump-Russia
Collusion Gets 4 Yrs In Prison For Colluding With Russia

American jailed over working with Russian tycoon


Biden Tells Federal Employees To Use EVs And
Trains On Official Travel

Illinois NAACP President Apologizes, Then Blames
AI Deepfake, After Referring To Invaders As Savages

Big Cold Weather Pattern Change Forecast
For Eastern US

US Terror List Hits 2 Million People,
Nearly Doubling In Just 6 Years

Satanic Goat Skull Display In IA State Capitol Destroyed

Would The US Intervene To Defend Guyana's Oil?

Why Was US Silver Stockpile Raided by DOD?

Government paid $323 million for vaccine
factory that never produced anything

MacMillan - Aerosol Viral Shedding And Transmission
And Why You DON'T Want To Be Reinfected - Start 6:25

MacMillan - The Slow Kill Of Covid Reinfection -
Unvaxed And The Vaxed Are Both In Trouble - Start 1:30


Abortion Pills are Injuring Thousands of Women

University Scalped 5 Month Old Unborn Babies
and Stitched the Hair on to Lab Rats

Military testing reveals hundreds of drinking
water wells contaminated with PFAS in WA

More Celebrities Showing BioWeapon Injuries

Canadian Pro-Vax Maniac journalist Ian Vandaelle
who advocated that unvaxed Canadians be put in
concentration camps dies suddenly at the age of 33

Canada - 'Unspecified causes of death’ increased by
300% from 2019 to 2022

American life expectancy plunges in wake
of COVID Vax - That Was And Is The Plan

Brazilian Singer, 30, Collapses and Dies
during Live Performance

mRNA RSV Vaccine - 81 Adverse Reactions
per Each Prevented Case of RSV (a cold)
Also a marked increase in immune deficiency

Fluoride Linked to Diabetes in Kids


China detects 7 cases of fastest-growing
Covid-19 sub-variant JN.1

Covid-19 cases in Singapore top 56,000 in
first week of December, people urged to wear
masks in crowded places

Top Expert Warns Public of ‘Staggering’ US
Excess Deaths - Genocide Underway

FDA forced to release documents admitting they
knew COVID vaccines caused heart inflammation

FDA sued for concealing documents related to
suppression of ivermectin and HCQ

LA News Channel To Launch With All AI News
Anchors In February - Digital Future Is Now - Video

Starlink's Global Traffic Triples In 2023,
Crowning Musk As Leader In Space Internet

More layoffs coming to McDonald’s as fast food
giant embraces Google’s AI for online ordering

Musk’s new ‘humanoid’ robot revealed - video

Facebook Meta Sends DEI to DIE as a Former
Executive Lacking in Moral Fiber Bites the
Hand That Feeds Her


Japan scientists create world's first
mental images with AI tech

AI Increases Risk Of Nuclear Annihilation

Living Tissue Transforms Cyber Networks
into Neural Wonders

Revolutionary Supercomputer at Western Sydney
University to Mimic Human Brain

Russian Scientists Revolutionize Radiation
Therapy With 3D Printing Breakthrough

Starlink's Global Traffic Triples In 2023, Crowning
Elon Musk As Leader In Space Internet

ETs Are Here Among Us And Always Have Been

New US Ballistic Missile Program Faces Cancellation
Amid Budget-Tightening (After Sending Nearly $200
Billion To Ukraine And Now Israel - US Being Disarmed)

Sun's strongest solar flare in years knocks
out radio frequencies

US food banks grapple with fading donations
as people battle FOOD INFLATION


40% of student loan borrowers missed
payments in October

Homelessness in the U.S. jumped to
record level in 2023, government says

Shoppers snap up $100M in gold bars
from Costco in last quarter

Under Southwest’s ‘Fatties Fly Free’ Policy
Normal People Will Pay More

Can The Government Ban Bitcoin?
Four Things You Need To Know Today

More Firms Set To Add Bitcoin To Balance Sheets
After Major Accounting Rule Change

Pivot Trains Are Lining Up At Central Bank Central

German Energy Giant Warns Europe Remains
Exposed To Natural Gas Supply Shocks

World Bank reveals how much foreign debt
is owed to Russia

Russia-China energy trade soaring


Russia's Rosatom Rejects Reports of Alleged
Preemptive Cutoff of Uranium Supplies to US

Russia's GDP Growth in 2023 Will Exceed 3%
Says Its Central Bank

Russian central bank increases interest rate to 16%

Canada to Base Tactical Aviation Assets in Latvia
First Such Deployment to Europe Since 90s

Poland to Retract Theories About Russian
Responsibility for Tu-154 Plane Crash in 2010

EU Integration Stopped And Is Now Headed In Reverse

French President Macron Humiliated After
Shady Immigration Bill Stopped Cold

Prince Harry wins phone-hacking case
against Mirror Group Newspapers

Moscow hit by record snowfall - Videos

Storm devastates Region in Russia’s Far East


Putin to Work With Any US President Who
Takes Russia's Concerns Seriously - Kremlin

Lavrov - 'Time to Realize Deadlock of Conflict
West Launched Using Ukraine Against Russia'

Lavrov confirms Western proposals for Ukraine talks

Russia uninterested in US nuke Arms control games

Russia prepared for reciprocal measures if US
moves to resume nuclear tests — diplomat

US, EU hitting financial roadblocks as they
search for aid for Kiev — Lavrov

Escobar - Clash of Civilizations in Kazakhstan

Over 20 countries want to join BRICS

Lavrov calls for united Eurasian front amid
NATO's aggressive posturing

What are Chinese vessels doing at Ream Naval Base?


Chinese Shipyards Launch Seventh Aircraft Carrier
...What is the Type 075 Class’ Role?

Australia swelters through heat wave amid
'extreme' fire danger

China has tested hyper-scramjet engine with two-stage booster

Hongkongers gather at Victoria Harbour as mainland
China’s home-grown C919 passenger jet soars above city

Massive rallies held in Sanaa,
other Yemen provinces
in support of Gaza steadfastness & Resistance

Sanaa forces attack two ships bound for
‘Israel’ in less than 12 hours

‘Mastermind’ behind Indian Parliament attack
surrenders to police

How ‘dirty’ coal will help India go green

Guyana and Venezuela Agree Not to Use
Military Force To Resolve Territorial Dispute

Multiple deals on resource extraction
signed at Russia-Africa forum


Russian support key to building African
country’s first nuclear plant – official

US announces plans to resume security
ties with Niger

Jewish Soldiers Massacre Homeless Palestinian Men,
Women, Children In UN School In Gaza - people ‘killed
point blank’ in Gaza school - Monstrous Zion War Crime
And The WORLD Does NOTHING To Stop The Slaughter

Reports of Jewish soldier shooting women
and children execution style in Gaza

Activists hold Israel responsible for drive-by
shooting at homes of detained demonstrators

Abu Obeida confirms 72 armored vehicles
destroyed, 36 More Jewish soldiers killed

Al-Qassam Brigades Claim huge material
And human losses of Zionist army

Nine More of Netanyahu's soldiers killed in
Gaza City ambush

CNN journalist defies Israeli entry ban
to report on ‘absolute horror’ in Gaza

300 medics killed in Gaza since Oct 7

Israeli forces detain 70 healthcare workers in
northern Gaza hospital — health ministry

Al-Qassam, al-Quds brigades jointly ambush
unit of 15 Israeli soldiers


How Useful Are Israel’s F-35s For Gaza and
Lebanon Operations? Surge in Parts From US
Helps Intensify Zionist Strikes

Yemen ops target Israeli interests, not
world countries

Coordinated Resistance operations pound
Israeli forces across Gaza

Zionist Plot To Rebuild Gush Katif And Reclaim Gaza

US vetoed Gaza ceasefire on same day it profited
from arms sale to Israel - US Govt Is Hated

Hamas - No negotiations on prisoners except
after complete cessation of aggression

Video footage shows Mujahideen Brigades firing
mortar shells on Zionist military in Khan Younis

Telecommunications, internet service Cut in Gaza

Total number of Palestinian detainees in
West Bank reaches 4,400 people

US warns Houthis to stop attacks in Red Sea


Sanaa clarifies its conditions for returning
calm to Red Sea

Israeli attacks in Rafah, Jabalia leave 20 dead

Meet the Palestinian teens held and
abused in Israeli prisons

Impact of flooding Gaza’s tunnels with seawater

Brave Israeli forces block ambulances from
reaching besieged hospitals in Jenin

How an Israeli Telegram channel is used to incite
violence against Palestinians

Turkiye strongly condemns Israeli raid on Jenin
...Talk Costs Nothing

Jordanian King's daughter takes part in
airdrop over Gaza

Winter rains exacerbate suffering of Gazans
displaced by Zionist war

Only US Stands in Way Between Massacre
And Truce in Gaza Says Turkey


Over 70% of Palestinians support Hamas
armed resistance against Israel — poll

Maersk Ship Attacked Off Yemen As Danish
Liner Giant Orders Tankers To Avoid Red Sea

O'Biden orders Ukrainian F-16 to take off from
airfields in Europe - Which Makes Those Countries
Official Russian Targets

Ukrainian media report explosions in Kiev

Swedish Prime Minister called on the EU to
show the US its readiness to help Ukraine

Putin - there will be peace when we
achieve our goals

Ukes Prep for Russian Armageddon - Double Defense Line
in Chernihiv - Big Retreat Prepared to Save Kiev and
Kharkov - See videos and pictures


Russian SVR head urges CIS countries to join
forces to respond to the West

Russian Armed Forces destroyed 747 tanks
since the beginning of Uke counter offensive

Russian Interior Ministry put the head of Ukraine’s
Main Directorate of Intelligence on the wanted list

Lukashenko - Zelensky is having a major
conflict with his military

Rebelion spoke about the unlucky Latin
American Mercs in Ukraine

Russian troops are storming Ukes From
the Soledar area

Su-35 Shows Air Defence Suppression Prowess
with Destruction of Ukrainian Radar Station
Drones Take Out Nearby Ground Forces

Russian Airborne Forces Ex-Cmdr - NATO Counter
offensive Plan Bad, New Ukraine Strategy Worse

Advisers Warned Zelensky Against Sharing
Military Intel With Biden - Report

Denmark to give Ukes $1 Billion in Weapons


EU Officials Privately Panic Over Prospect of
Pouring Billions More Into Ukrainian 'Black Hole’

US has $1 billion left for Ukraine - White House

Corrupt Big Media Outlets Lie and Say 'There Is No
Evidence' of Biden Crimes – Rudy Sets Them Straight

House Approves Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Impeachment Investigation Is A Go…Democrats
In FULL Damage Control Mode - Video

California grand jury indicts Hunter Biden with
multiple felony tax charges

Lots Of Evidence Of Biden Corruption - Video

FBI director - terrorists exploiting open US southern
border - And Whose POLICY is that?

As Goes Hollywood, So Goes American Culture

Top US defense official claims military-industrial
complex can handle Russia, China and Middle
East conflicts all at once


Congress passed the FY24 defense policy bill
…Here’s what’s inside

Are National Govts ALL Following Genocide Agenda?

STOP THE NDAA - The Illegitimate Federal Govt and its
Unconstitutional Agencies Want to Spy on ALL Americans

Are Hordes Of Military-Age Chinese Men Being
Brought Into The US To Destabilize Our Society?

To Prevent Another Jan 6, FBI Says Trump
Supporters Must Be Treated Like TERRORISTS

20% of Democrats Want Trump Jailed
...and Executed

Merry Cringemas From Jill Biden - WH Releases
Creepy, Weird PC Christmas Video

Americans Turn on Globalists Saying Government
Spending, Greed, and Global Issues Drive Inflation

No Whites Allowed At Boston Mayor’s Holiday Party

Trump Beating Biden In SEVEN Swing States.


The Feminist Movement Has Failed Women

Will the Corrupt US Department of Justice
(sic) Be Held Accountable?

IBM gets its pants sued off by MAGA lawyers
for discriminating against white people…

Black lynch mob slams white student’s head into
the pavement at Florida school - media Mum

Chicago Mayor Accused of Prioritizing Illegal Migrants over Black Citizens, Homeless Veteran

DoorDash Driver Carjacked by 11 Year Old
at Gunpoint in Virginia

CNN Reporter Panics When Vivek Tells Her
What Really Happened on January 6

Biden’s New ‘Equity’ Executive Order Is
Systemic Racism In Disguise

US teacher arrested after threatening to
behead student over comments about Israel flag

How Zionists Bribe, Threaten And Blackmail Their Way
To Total Control Of Politicians And Nations - Rense Video
Blue Cities Consider Banning Masks To 'Stop Crime’
(They WANT the virus and spike proteins To Spread)


Pfizer facing multiple lawsuits For Hiding The
presence of toxic DNA fragments in Covid ‘Vax'

70% Of Deaths From Pfizer Vaccine In Japan
Reported Within 10 Days Of Jab: Study

COVID BioWeapon Death Vax now definitively linked
to menstrual disorders, blood cell deficiencies,
tinnitus, musculoskeletal issues and ear diseases

Biden - We’re ‘Investing' in 3 New Covid ‘Vaccines'

Massive excess mortality in the US – insurers
are sounding the alarm - Too Late

9 Yr Old suffers cardiac arrest during soccer training

Epic new study just revealed the true horror
and lies behind the BioWeapon 'Vax'

Inside mRNA Vaccines - a Human Molecule Diabolically
Altered - Cambridge’s Alarming Study on M1Ψ Toxic
Dangers for Natural Immune System

Canada Reports 300% Increase in ‘Unspecified
Causes’ of Death, Sparking Calls for Investigation
…The Genocide Death Wave Gathers Momentum

Your doctor Accepted this bribe-payment document
If He/She told you to take the death shots


Number of assisted deaths In Canada jumped
more than 30% in 2022

See The ‘Reasons’ Canadiens Committed State
Sanctioned Suicide In 2022 - 17% Did So Because
Of ‘Loneliness And Isolation’ - 53% 'Loss Of Dignity'

Woman, 55, with ‘Long Covid’ applies to be killed
in Canada as condition leaves her bed-ridden and
bankrupt 'My life with this illness is nonexistent’

Fears grow that many Canadiens are choosing MAID
Death because they can’t afford to live

Canada, Land Of Death, Creates ‘Fun Suicide Activity
Book’ For CHILDREN - This is Beyond Words

4 Things To Do when doctors Abuse You

AI-generated news anchors show superhuman abilities

I fact-checked ChatGPT with Bard, Claude, and Copilot
and this AI was the most confidently incorrect

4 Tricks to Get Around ChatGPT’s Character Limit

ChatGPT Is Turning the Internet Into Plumbing


ChatGPT Is Powerful - and Can Wreak Havoc
If You Don't Know Its 5 Fatal Flaws

Elon Musk’s Grok Represents a Serious
Threat to ChatGPT

AI Integration With Blockchain Technology
Is Inevitable

AI outperforms human clinicians in diagnostic accuracy

How to build AI apps visually with no coding
required using Ironclad Rivet

AI feature built right into the iPhone

Grimes Enters the AI Race With a Baby Grok Doll

AI Poised to be a Weapon of Propaganda...and Q & A 95

Israel's AI called Gospel Causes Havoc
Among Civilians in Gaza

South Dakota Senator Claims US Needs Over
100 B-21 Bombers to Deter Russia, China


6 Million year old Footprints found in Greece
Show Europeans did NOT Originate from Africa

Norway Electric Buses Fail In Cold Temps
All Withdrawn From Service

Yuval Harari discusses the creation of a massive class
of useless people and what should be done with them

COP28 Head Tells Crowd There’s 'No Science’
Backing Phase-Out Of Petro Fuels To Stop Warming

A Breakthrough in Genome Editing
...How NICER Outperforms CRISPR/Cas9

Blue State Democrats Demand Jail Time for
People Caught Using Gas-Powered Weed
Trimmers, Blowers, Chain Saws!

More Americans over 65 are working

Plunging Solar Module Production Costs
Give China Huge Advantage

Rickards - $15,000 Gold

BoE Holds Rates At 15 Year High


World Could Be At The 'Foothills Of The
Next Copper Cycle'

Inflation In Real Life Much Worse Than
In Government Fantasy World

Schiff - The Fed Surrenders To Inflation!

Russia's Gazprom Says Discussed 2024
Cooperation Plans With China's CNPC

Indian vaccine baron to buy London’s
most expensive mansion

Chinese Scientists Invent New Technology
for Extracting Uranium from Seawater

US Treasury Secretary to Take Second
Trip to China Next Year

UK at risk of ‘catastrophic’ cyber attack ‘at any moment’

Pope Francis plans to simplify Catholic
rites for his funeral

French teachers can’t do their job for fear
of Muslim students


Finland to Give US Access to 15 Military Bases

Finland to once again close all crossing
points on border with Russia

Russia is not our enemy – Slovak lawmaker

Ukraine’s EU Accession to Take ‘Many Years’
Says Dutch Prime Minister

NATO announces major spending increase

Many in West Share Vision and Traditional
Values Supported by Russia

Putin's Calm, Well-Versed Demeanor Steering
Russia in Right Direction – Observers

Analyst Points to 'Stark Contrast' Between
Putin, Biden in Global Policy

Ukraine Crisis Highlights Difference Between
Russian, Western Approaches to Warfare

Azerbaijan, Armenia close to historic peace
agreement — Turkish foreign minister


Poland is not going to give up plans for
control of western Ukraine - Russian intel

US, its satellites seek to ‘unfreeze’ Transnistria

Russia preparing ‘victory budget’

Russia, China Conduct Air Patrols Over Seas
of Japan, East China - Beijing

UK, Japan, Italy Sign Defense Agreement to
Develop Stealth Fighter

US forces in Syria, Iraq were targeted at
least 97 times - Still Not Reports Of US Killed

Iraqi Security Forces Arrest Suspects in Attack
on US Embassy in Baghdad - Official

Nicaragua seeking to stand together with
Russia in opposition to US hegemony

Russia aims to boost presence in Latin America

Moscow urges more security support for Africa


Russia opens new language center in Africa

British MPs back Rwanda immigration bill

UN Members Support Gaza Cease-Fire
in Overwhelming 153-10 Vote

Israeli FM Mocks UN Ceasefire Vote
...Says Gaza War Will Continue

Israel ‘absolutely’ rejects prospect of a 2-state
solution after Gaza war ends, says envoy

Anti-Zionist Jews Block Major LA Freeway
To Demand Gaza Ceasefire

Al-Qassam, al-Quds brigades jointly ambush
unit of 15 Israeli soldiers

Gaza Fighters batter invading Jewish soldiers

Israel suffers heaviest combat losses since October
Netanyahu vows to fight on despite diplomatic isolation

Israel Dropped Over 22,000 US Bombs On Gaza
In 6 Weeks, Killing Over 20,000 Men, Women, Children

US Has No Plans to Restrict Military Aid to Israel
No Matter How Empty Our Military Reserves Go
Many Believe US Completely Controlled By Zionism

Ritter - Everything is Going According to Hamas
Plan in Gaza - Hamas has lured Israel into a fight
That It Is Not Prepared For


Israelis Have Now Killed 89 Journalists In Gaza

US-Israel Have destroyed 25% Of All Gaza buildings

External pressures are ruining operations
Say Israeli soldiers

Hezbollah conducts simultaneous operations
targeting Israeli outposts

Zionist enemy planes, artillery renew bombing
towns in southern Lebanon

At least 20 Palestinian civilians killed in
Zionist airstrikes in areas in Gaza

Economy in Gaza operating at 16% of capacity

Israel to Continue War Against Hamas Regardless
of International Support - Foreign Minister

Biden Meets With Families Of 8
American Captives Still Held In Gaza

Pentagon Says NOT Conducting Formal Review
of Israel’s Use of White Phosphorous Shells


Wartime Pal Poll Shows Surge in Hamas Support
Nearly 90% Want US-Backed Abbas to Resign

Missiles from Yemen Miss a Ship Loaded with
Jet Fuel near the Key Bab el-Mandeb Strait

Israel launches large-scale Attack In Jenin, WB

Houthis forced Israeli shipping carriers to stop
traffic thru the Suez Canal and Bab al-Mandeb Strait

Video shows Israeli soldiers burning
Palestinian flags in Gaza

US Palestinians Feel Helpless as Our Tax Dollars
Fund Their Families’ Destruction

Israeli Apologists Are Psychopaths

Major Russian Missile Attacks Hit Kiev And Odessa
Continuing Russian Advances All along Combat Line
Military Summary Videos

The fall of Avdifka has begun - Uke Guards are cut off
Russian forces enter city in waves - Fighting in 16 areas

Checkmate movement of the Russian Generals
crushes the Uke defense in Donetsk-Zaporizia
surprise move surrounds thousands of Uke soldiers


Zelensky's visit to the US failed miserably - He announced
to Congress a guerilla war and conscription of men aged
45-70! - Biden burst out laughing - Watch the video

Ukrainian Trial Demonstrates 2014 Maidan
Massacre Was a False Flag

Ramaswamy - US must promise Russia that
Ukraine will not join NATO

A drone flying towards Moscow was shot down
in the Naro-Fominsk urban district

Diplomat Gavrilov - F-16 departures from Poland and Romania
will be equated to participation in the War

The Danish govt will present a €1 billion aid
package to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

IMF Gives Ukraine $900 Million

Ukrainian fighters raid resort in Transcarpathia
to issue draft notices

Russian Aerospace Forces designate three
major targets in Ukraine

Russia is completing the development of
an underwater attack drone


Su-35 Shows Air Defence Suppression Prowess
with Destruction of Ukrainian Radar Station
...Drones Take Out Nearby Ground Forces

Mainstream propaganda machine doubles
down on ‘Russia losing’ fantasies

New lies about the Russia-Ukraine war
by the Zionist owned media

Uke Website For Blackmail, Kidnapping Of Children
And Violence Against Western Politicians?

Hitler’s 1936 Olympics Like You've Never Seen

Eurotards Fear Trump Will Kill NATO

Parody Video Of The View With Harpy Hillary
This Is Shrewd Satire - Rense Video

Two Biden Body Doubles - Note Old Age
Disintegration Of Real Biden's Chin

How Zionists Bribe, Threaten And Blackmail Their Way
To Total Control Of Politicians And Nations - Rense Video

Chinese Communist Border Invaders - These Are PLA
Soldiers! See How They Stand In Military Posture With
Hands behind backs - Terror Hit Squads - Rense Video


Netanyahu Says Israel Received Full US Support
for Ground Operation Genocide in Gaza - US Is
Guilty Of War Crimes

The NDAA ‘Warrantless Backdoor Surveillance’
of Americans Gets Approved by the Senate

Congress Holds 'First-of-Its-Kind' Menorah Lighting

We’ve Already Got a Dictator-in-Chief - How
Absolute Power Corrupted the President

US Govt Operates as a Communist Dictatorship

FBI Whistleblower Tells How Conservatives Are
Painted As ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Biden Could Be Impeached for Bribery
House GOP Members Say

Hunter Biden Blows Off House Subpoena
Like The True Scumbag He Is

CIA Tied To 2020 Stolen Presidential Election

Zionism Has Lost Young America


‘Woke’ Seattle Teacher Flunks Student for
Stating ‘Only Women Can Get Pregnant’

Biological Male Volleyball Player Set to Get
Scholarship to Compete in Women's Sport
...Watching America Die Is An Ugly Sight

Space Force head calls for exploration
of blockchain tech

Superstar Rapper Tells All White Fans to
'Watch Your Mouth' During Concert

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are completely
knocked out of Marinka

‘Total Military mobilization’ (Zionist Genocide) of Kiev

Ted Cruz - Here’s Why Democrats Are
‘Blocking’ The Epstein Flight Logs

Senate Passes Massive $886 Billion National
Defense Authorization Act

Pfizer facing multiple lawsuits For Hiding The
presence of toxic DNA fragments in Covid ‘Vax'

Canada Reports 300% Increase in ‘Unspecified
Causes’ of Death, Sparking Calls for Investigation
…The Genocide Death Wave Gathers Momentum


Did vaccines after 1953 reduce childhood mortality?
(Not A Chance)

The world knows mRNA Covid shots have failed
Now Pfizer and Moderna shareholders know it, too

Heart failures spiked 1,000% among pilots in 2022

World’s first self-amplifying COVID-19 vaccine
approved in Japan despite lack of safety data

Moderna hires FBI to secretly police, control
online vaccine debate

Your doctor Accepted this bribe-payment document
If He/She told you to take the death shots

Gates-Funded Factcheck.org Liars Say Covid Kill Shots
Reduced Stillbirth - Hard Evidence Says Deaths Skyrocket
After Pregnant Injected - A Planet Of Heinous Lying

Vaccine Injury and Deadly Protocols - Throwing
Light on Nurses Who Turn a Blind Eye

Almost 4 years later, WH Covid Panic Corps
Staff Is Fat, Wealthy And Happy

Google FAKES Gemini AI video to pump up its
stock price - (Everything Is Criminally Corrupt)


Axel Springer, OpenAI strike 'real-time news’
deal for ChatGPT

Black Ex-Facebook DEI Exec Charged with
Stealing $4M from Social Media Giant

Tesla Recalls 2 Million Vehicles in US
over Autopilot Safety Flaw

Elon Musk to open university in Austin, Texas

Tesla Humanoid Robot Is Now 30% Faster, 22lbs Lighter

FCC Rejects $900 Million Subsidy For SpaceX
Amid Concerns Of Gov't Weaponization

Apple changes user data policy amid spy warning

Yuval Harari discusses the creation of a massive class
of useless people and what should be done with them

Fear mongering, Not Facts, Leads to 60%
Believing Climate Change Will End Mankind

Trust the Science? Academics Are Churning Out
Papers Via ‘Questionable Research and Fraud’


IMF chief calls for global carbon tax

Anti-Human WEF demands $3.5 trillion per year to
'decarbonize' planet, 'reach net-zero and restore nature’

Voyager 1 Is Returning a Mishmash of 1s
And 0s From Space - NASA Is Baffled

Bill Gates Calls for Cows to Be Modified
to Fight ‘Climate Change’

Global Supplier of Crucial Electrical Products
Says 20 Week DELAY in most-important parts

‘One Million Moms’ Group, Fed Up with Target’s
Mockery of Christmas, Issues a Demand

Instant Poverty For All - Supreme Court decision
could impose taxes on PAPER GAINS for all assets

Prominent 'Right-Wing' Figures Line Up
to Save Bud Light

Pfizer Shares Plunge On Gloomy 2024 Outlook
(Fewer Humans Left To Kill…)

Final COP28 Deal References Transition Away
From Fossil Fuels; Al Gore's Still Pissed Off


Goldman Sachs Shutters Its 'Paris-Aligned' Climate ETF

WTI Holds Gains After Big Crude Draw
Biden Admin Unexpectedly Drains SPR
(America Is being taken DOWN)

EU won’t stifle gas revenue – Moscow

War on Gold - Bullion Banks Not The Enemy Anymore

The Fed Is 'All Over The Place & Just Guessing'

Germany - Eight Moslem Invaders Who Gang-Raped
a 15 Year Old Girl Given Suspended Sentences

Muslims beat up Santa in Germany
...tell him it is ‘their country’

Donations to Harry and Meghan’s ‘Woke’
Charity Collapse by $11 Million

Free menstrual products in Canadian men's restrooms

Canton of Swiss Bern prohibits gender reassignment
among minors


France - Pro-Invader activist raped by homeless Invader
is ‘shocked’ to see her rapist back on the street

First Black Czech MP convicted for raping
Two women and One attempted rape

Indian Ocean could become China’s
Achilles' heel in war on Taiwan

UN - Gaza faces public health catastrophe

Al-Mayadeen TV correspondent killed in Gaza

How human rights organizations are aiding
the Israeli assault on Gaza

Yemen says peace not to prevail in Red Sea
without Gaza ceasefire

Humanitarian situation in Jenin worsens
as Israeli aggressions persist

Euro-Med Observatory documents excavation
of 120 mass graves in Gaza

Iraqi Resistance targets three US
occupation bases in Syria


Myanmar now the world’s largest center
of opium production

Major security breach in Indian Parliament on
the anniversary of terrorist attack

Argentina’s New Libertarian President Begins Day 1
with Reforms That Shock the Deep State

Javier Milei’s First Day in Office – Reduce the
Size of Government

Guyana is ready to seek military assistance from
the United States in the event of an attack on
Essequibo by Venezuela

US military base may be deployed in Guyana

Guyana vows to defend itself ‘by all means’
amid territorial dispute

Guyanese president looking to Moscow to push
Caracas toward resolving territorial dispute

Major overhaul - Argentina's new president
Javier Milei halves number of ministries

Chinese pipeline opens route for landlocked Niger oil


More African countries could join BRICS, bolstering
security across continent

Deadline fast approaching for French troops
complete pullout from Niger by December 22

Opening of Russian Embassy in Equatorial
Guinea to strengthen bilateral ties — statement

Appointment of Zulu King ‘unlawful’

Two Biden Body Doubles - Note Old Age
Disintegration Of Real Biden's Chin

Biden Says ‘I Am A Zionist’...Twice
America Is Under Control Of ZOG

World communist Obama’s New Movie Lays Out
Their Plans For The Final Takedown Of America

Obamas Come Out With First Movie...About End Times
Director Says Obama 'Scared The F*CK Out Of Me'

How Zionists Bribe, Threaten And Blackmail Their Way
To Total Control Of Politicians And Nations - Rense Video

Israeli Apologists Are Psychopaths

Chinese Communist Border Invaders - These Are PLA
Soldiers! See How They Stand In Military Posture With
Hands behind backs - Terror Hit Squads - Rense Video

Wooldridge - America Is Being Colonized By Worldwide
Refugees, Terrorists And PLA Chinese Soldiers

How Zionists Bribe Threaten And Blackmail Their Way
To Total Control Of Politicians And Nations - Rense Video

Jews Begin To Flood Gaza Tunnels Which will Destroy
All The Freshwater Wells - Typical Zionist Tactics


Israel war minister’s Son Dies In Gaza Fighting
There are no winners in War - Rense Video

Netanyahu Says Israel Received Full US Support
for Ground Operation Genocide in Gaza - US Is
Guilty Of War Crimes

Israel Open To Truce Deal With Hezbollah
Wants US Troops Deployed As Peacekeepers
(Yep, Get US Troops In - Then a False Flag)

O'Biden In Sudden About-Face - Israel ‘Losing
Support' Due To 'Indiscriminate Bombing’ - Joe
waited Until 20,000 Dead And Most Gazain Ruins

Why can’t the US ever say no to Israel?
(Shall We Answer This Obvious Question?)

Jewish Canadian mayor backs Israel’s actions
no matter how many children die

Palestinian resistance targets Zionist
enemy’s field command headquarters

Hezbollah targets emplacements of Zionist
enemy’s artillery in Western Galilee

Israeli forces storm Kamal Adwan
Hospital in Beit Lahia

Israel used US - supplied white phosphorus
in Lebanon attack


Lebanon front will remain open as long as
Gaza aggression continues

Israeli media says north escalation
harsh for northern settlers

Infectious diseases sweeping Gaza
...another blow to healthcare system

Israel claims it’s rounding up 'Hamas fighters’ but
photos seem to depict civilian men and boys being
humiliated and dehumanized by IDF

Houthis attack tanker & French warship in Red Sea
Officials warn that if the international community fails
to act to stop the Houthi attacks, Israel will do so

Houthis confirm missile attack on Norwegian ship

Biden warns Israel losing support over
'indiscriminate bombing' of Gaza - It’s a
Little Late For Such Hypocrisy

Overwhelming majority of 153 UN member
states call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

USS Mason Responds After Houthi Missile
Strikes Norwegian-Flagged Tanker in Red Sea

Israel braces for possible Hezbollah attack
as Lebanese border heats up


IDF Shot at Pregnant Civilian Outside Gaza
Hospital Under Siege, Staffer Says

Zelensky’s visit ‘disgraceful’ – US senator

Ukraine on Brink of Coup as Zelensky Begs
Communist US for More Money

Republican Senators Unswayed As Zelensky
Pleads Case On Capitol Hill - 'If We Lose, Putin Wins’
No, If Zelensky Loses, The Ukrainian People Win

US Speaker Doubles Down on Border Issue
in Ukraine Funding Stalemate Amid Zelensky Visit

Ukraine asking US for military aid that doesn’t exist

White House - US only has enough funds
to support Ukraine for a couple of weeks

head of Kievstar announced partial destruction
of the IT infrastructure due to the attack

US will send a 3 Star general to Ukraine
to control the Uke Armed Forces

Drug-resistant infections are spreading in
Ukrainian hospitals


Drones, jammers in Ukraine signal new era
of warfare

Biden ‘not making promises’ US will
further assist Ukraine

Biden warns of 'Christmas gift' to Putin as
GOP shrugs off Zelensky visit

Ukraine May Conscript Men Over 40 Next
Ziolensky’s Hideous Holocaust Of His Own
People Has No Limits

expert found out where Zelensky’s
'million-strong army' disappeared

Ukraine’s Elite 47th Mechanized Brigade
Surrounded and Low on Ammunition

Russian 203 mm ‘Malka' terrorizes Avdifka
Wherever he goes 30 Uke soldiers Vanish

Unstoppable Russian advance to Chasov Yar
...Earth shakes with thunderbolts

Russians blinded NATO satellites and aircraft for
the first time - Kievstar out of service - Kiev has
no picture of Russian movements

Russian Army Launches Massive Offensive Operations
All Across Front Line: Heavy Ukrainian Losses


Republicans Tell Zelensky No Ukraine Aid
Until Border Deal

Russia installed trench ceilings in Ukraine
to hide troop movements

Tucker Warns Of Violence If Trump Is In Prison
Before November Elections - Video

Stunning new information now has Americans
seriously questioning 2020 election…

20% Of Absentee Voters Admit to
Committing Fraud in 2020 Election!

Trump holds dominant lead over GOP rivals

Jack Smith Reveals Plans To Use Trump’s
Cellphone Data In Federal Election Trial

Corrupt, Senile O'Biden is US first absolute dictator
(Obama Is Laughing through His Third Term)

40% of Democrats approve of cancelling
George Washington

New Biden gun control will ‘demolish’
Second Amendment, NRA says


What In The World Has Happened To Our
System Of Education? Snyder - (Communism)

Liberal America is Embracing Firearms

Cars target, run over pedestrians in Seattle

We the People Know Our Universities
Have Been Lost To Communists

Riley Gaines Demolishes Third-Place Female
Athelete Who Praised Transgender 'Winners'

Biden's Ukraine News Conference Perfectly Exposes
His Kindergarten Logic and Steep Mental Decline
...And Not A WORD About The 25th Amendment

150 Billion Has Gone To Ukraine, Americans Left
With Nuclear Waste

Scores of Chinese PLA Soldiers Invade CA Border
They are Here To Kill Americans And Bring Us Down

Latin American gangs use security jammers
to break into US homes - 10 Million Invaders
Begin to focus On Robbing, Raping, Destruction

A Shameful Ruling Class That Shamelessly
Shames Good Americans


Nixon Aide Said CIA Murdered Dorothy Hunt, Wife of
Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt Who Knew Too
Much About the CIA’s Role in Watergate, JFK

CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger Give Cops & Govt
Warrantless Access to Patient Records.

FBI Sued for Seizing $86 Million from
Individuals Never Charged with a Crime

Message In New Obama Movie - 'Don't Trust Whites'

Crazy SF Communist Say City’s Homelessness
Is ‘Result of Capitalism’

Etsy ‘pizzagate’ scandal - is this the tip
of a child rape iceberg?

Navy-Wide Sailor Shortage, USS Gerald Ford
Loses 500-600 Crew Members

home intruder shot by resident calls 911 to report
that he's dying - police arrest man and woman for
2nd-degree murder - INCREDIBLE

Congress Holds First Capitol Menorah Lighting

McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Wendy’s
Rely on Alabama Prison ‘Slavery'


A Satanic Goat Skull And Pentagram In The Iowa
State Capitol…Merry Christmas From Hell

Harvard Refuses To Fire Gay, Instead Issues
Statement In Her Defense

Ron Paul - Biden & MSM Are Lying About Inflation

California Has A $68 Billion Budget Deficit
With Only $30 Billion In Reserves

Rumble Hit With ‘Unprecedented’ Cyber Attack
After Posting J6 Security Cam Footage

Google Loses On Every Count In Play Store
Antitrust Case With Epic Games

Has Gates Unleashed a Virus to Now Kill
our Dogs like He Wants to do with Cattle?

FDA dismisses dangerous DNA ‘contamination'
of COVID vaccines after allowing Pfizer to change
its manufacturing process

COVID was a high-tech coup d’état that hasn’t
gone away Lockdowns 2.0 - great reset soon

Supreme Court Tosses Cases Challenging
Federal COVID Vaccine Mandates


More Proof COVID ‘Vaccines' Have Killed MILLIONS

Pfizer quietly admits it will never manufacture original FDA
approved COVID vaccines - claims it is manufacturing
Comirnaty product with A 'new formula’...

Russia warns again about US biological weapons
and again describes Covid-19 as an artificial virus

We have been being poisoned unnoticed for years

Pro-Vax Doctor Blows Whistle, Warns Public of
Soaring Side Effects

‘Pandemic’ among the Injected as
83% hit by PCVS Syndrome

Tobacco Companies Recruit Sharpton and BLM
to Call Cigarette Bans ‘Racist'

Jobs For Gangstalkers (aka Signature Reduction
SIGREDUX Technicians) at Core One Washington DC

How holiday scammers could get help from AI

Unions are winning protections as AI-powered workplaces grow


US deploys AI in 'virtual border wall'

Metallic egg-shaped UFO the size of an SUV was
kept at Area 51 In 1980s, whistleblower claims

Furious Climate Fraudster Al Gore Blasts COP28
'On Verge Of Complete Failure'

The Scale Of The Current Global Hunger And
Malnutrition Crisis Is Enormous And It’s Here, NOW

Ammo prices to skyrocket due to global gunpowder
shortage caused by Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Palestine

Supreme Court decision could impose taxes
on PAPER GAINS for all assets

Federal Reserve announces major ‘pilot exercise’
for ESG social credit score system 'Climate finance’
is almost identical to that of the Chinese Communist
Party's social credit score system.

EU states divided on Russian oil tanker ban

US 'Shows Anxiety' in Countering China With
Taiwan Provision Listed in Defense Budget Bill

America Only Has 178 Flagged Cargo Carriers
vs China's 7,362 - US Destroyed From Within


Major Russian bank to revive SA refinery

South Korea, Netherlands to Create
'Semiconductor Alliance'

Eurozone to enter recession

Swiss banks charging Russians for frozen accts

US House Committee Calls for Hardening
US Economic Posture Toward China

US blacklists around 240 entities, particularly
from Russia, China, UAE, Turkey

Italian Health Minister Investigated for Murder
for Concealing COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

Finland to reopen Russian border

Scandinavian Airlines bans Nesquik in
support of Ukraine – media

Netherlands Elevates Terrorist Threat
Level to 4 Out of 5


Irregular Border Crossings Into EU in
2023 Hit 7 Year Record of 350,000

China harvesting DNA from pregnant women
& babies in 'New Axis' program

US Chips Act hurting its Asian partners

Launch of Zhuque-2 Y-3 - China revolutionizes rocketry

China revives nuclear power with world’s
first fourth generation reactor

Chinese automotive chip manufacturers plan
to invest billions in Hong Kong amid city’s
push to reindustrialise

Iraqi Resistance bomb US Occupied
al-Omar Oil field in Syria

Venezuela aims for peaceful settlement of
territorial dispute with Guyana — Maduro

Colonization by Kindness as Russia assists
African nations in fighting hunger

Kenya - The dangerous rise of 'medicalized’
genital mutilation (FGM)


Table Mountain attacks highlight S. Africa’s
crime threat to tourism

South Africa opts for nuclear power as part
of measures to address electricity crisis

Russia plans on opening embassies in several
African countries

BRICS candidate Ethiopia likely to default

Foreign forces leave conflict-torn East African
country Burundi

Warring factions in Sudan agree
to end fighting

Hordes Of Chinese Nationals Being Allowed Into
America At The ‘Border’ Many Are PLA…Watch How
Some Stand In Military Posture, Hands Behind Back

How Zionists Bribe, Threaten And Blackmail Their Way
To Total Control Of Politicians And Nations - Rense Video

MacGregor - Israel's War of Decision Could
Turn The Country Into a Battleship

Finkelstein Says - ‘Jewish Billionaire Class’ Reign
Of Terror Descends Upon US College Campuses

Israel used US-supplied white phosphorus in
Lebanon attack - US Also Guilty Of War Crimes

Israel Used US-Supplied White Phosphorous
in Attack on Southern Lebanon

EU’s Top Diplomat - US-Israel Destruction in
Gaza May Be Worse Than Germany in WWII

Zionist-Controlled US Refuses To Condemn
Israeli War Crimes In Gaza - Instead It Supplies
The Weapons And Pays For The Massacre

Israel issues 48 hour ultimatum to Lebanon
threatening to start a full-scale war

O’Biden Says US will provide military assistance
to Israel ‘until they get rid of Hamas’ - US Is Funding
And Making The Genocide Of Gaza Possible


Gantz tells Blinken that Israel will have to respond
to rising Hezbollah attacks By Bombing Lebanon

Brave Israel attacks ambulances, medics in Gaza

3 Israeli hostages killed by FRIENDLY FIRE
relative of recently released captives blasts
The Jewish Army

Israel’s Failed Bombing Campaign in Gaza
Collective Punishment Won’t Defeat Hamas

US approves emergency tank shells sale to Israel
Without Congressional Approval - US Is Arming
The Slaughter Of Civilians In Gaza

Dutch court case looks to cut off military supplies
to Israel

US-Zonist enemy bombs home of journalist
in Jabalia

Al Jazeera accuses Israel of targeting home of
one of its journalists resulting in his father’s death

Ansarallah member warns France of dangers
of siding with Zionist entity

25 Palestinian citizens killed in Zionist bombing at
Al-Maghazi camp, Deir al-Balah


Palestinian resistance missiles hit Tel Aviv
And Zionist occupation colonies

Israeli army 'arbitrarily' detains 142 Palestinian
women and girls from Gaza

Rudenko announced the upcoming mass retreat
of the Ukes from the left bank of the Dnieper

Atmosphere of impending doom in Kiev - 'The worst
is yet to come’ Says Putin - 'No negotiations...We are
stronger than ever'

Dozens of areas come under Russian control -
Extensive retreat of Ukrainian forces along the
entire front line - Video

White towel from US-Germany - 'Ukrainian Army completely
destroyed - Spring 2025 next counterattack - Kiev to negotiate'

Strong Russian attack on Kiev - Hypersonic Kh-47M2 Kinzhal
hit US Patriot SAMS – Second wave with ballistic Iskander &
Geran-2 drones - Russian To Finally Destroy Energy Grid

The largest Russian advance in 24 hours so far

Nearly Half of US Voters Think Biden Is Spending
Too Much on Ukraine - Only $150 Billion So far
40% voters Says US spending too much on Israel

Ziolensky Arrives In US - Meets With Austin
Ukraine Continues Kidnapping Its Own Civilians
And Forcing Them Into Military To Die...


Ukraine Is Preparing A ‘Gesture Of Goodwill’?
Military Summary Analysis - Videos

FSB uncovers network of Uke saboteurs in Crimea

Russian SVR reveals list of possible successors
of Zelensky being considered by the EU

Russia continues assaults along entire front

N Korea is increasing supplies of military
products to Russia – Western intel

Musk Asks Zelensky About Imprisoned American
Journalist After Tucker Sounds Alarm

Militants of the Ukrainian ‘Azov' fled from
their positions near Artyomovsk-Bakhmut

Polish authorities unblock border with Ukraine

Financial Times Blew The Whistle On Zelensky’s Lies

Ukes planning to poison Russian soldiers with cyanide
like agent - Russian Defense Ministry - Any BioWeapon
Use By Ukes Should Result In The Immediate Nuclear
Destruction Of Kiev, other targets, After 36 hours notice


US, Ukraine claim military-biological research
Is ‘peaceful’ - Wanton, Flagrant Lies

Two Biden Body Doubles - Note Old Age
Disintegration Of Real Biden's Chin

Wooldridge - America Is Being Colonized By Worldwide
Refugees, Terrorists And PLA Chinese Soldiers

Deep State Fears Trump Would Withdraw US

Blatant Zionist Suppression And Control Of Congress

Scholars Find Dozens More Examples of Plagiarism
by Harvard President Claudine Gay

Christian Teachers Barred From California
Classroom Over Gender Policy

Women should 'learn to lose gracefully' to trans athletes,
says Communist Democrat witness who doesn’t even
know what a woman is

Invaders receiving $5,000 Visa GIFT CARDS From
Communist US Govt - Confirmed By Sheriff

US must dominate in space to win future wars

Chinese Problems + No Borders = American Obliteration. WATCH Muckraker.Com’s Great Videos!


Nixon Aide Said CIA Murdered Dorothy Hunt, Wife of Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt Who Knew Too Much About the CIA’s Role in Watergate and Other Crimes

The Weapons Israel Tests on Palestinians Will Be Used Against All of Us

Why Does GoFundMe and Just About Everyone Else Normalize Double Mastectomies?

Suicide Is Consistently Killing More U.S. Soldiers Than Anything Else, Including War.

Capitol Police Hiring DEI Strategist

Will America Be Destroyed From the Inside?
Already Halfway There...

Advancing communism in our Libraries
...but Zero Tolerance for Christianity

University Of Wisconsin Rejects Pay Raises
From State In Favor Of Recruiting DEI Hires
Like This Twerking ‘Professor’

Chaos as Angry Leftists Show Up to Protest
against Biden Fundraiser in LA – Watch

Nebraska State Begins Mass Collection of
‘Digital Health Data’ on All Its Citizens


The Obamas just produced a viral Netflix
show demonizing white people…

another violent group of Sub-Animal black ‘teens'
beat a white kid’s head in…

One million Covid Injected died in England
over past year compared to just 61k UnInjected

Mysterious Link Between Owning Cats And
Schizophrenia Is Real - Study Says

25% of Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS

Shocking Truth About 'White Lung Disease’
Which Is Caused By The BioWeapon Shots

UK Data Reveals Young Are DYING of Turbo
Cancers at ‘Explosive’ Rates After Injection

Chevy Chase in wheelchair (though in 'excellent health’)
Dutch Mantell in hospital 'due to illness’ - Eric Stonestreet
'appears in pain’ on ‘Today’ - Hayley Erbert Needs An
'emergency craniectomy’ - Many More ’Names’ Going Down

'Fat' Has Now Become the Latest Protected
Class - Why This Is a Bad Thing


Gross, Horrible Personality Changes After The
BioWeapon Injection - Watch

More bad news on mRNAs - new paper in top journal
shows mRNAs accidentally cause our cells to create
vast numbers of random misshapen proteins - no one
has any idea how serious the risks are

Japan Approves World’s First Self-Amplifying mRNA
COVID-19 Vaccine Without Safety Data

Former CEO & Senior Marathoner Sentenced
to Wheelchair After COVID-19 Vaccination

Some COVID Vaccines Produce ‘Unintended
Immune Response' In Recipients - (No, Such
Responses Are FULLY Intended)

Terence McKenna Revealed the Globalist Plan
for the Evolution

The Intersection of Math and AI...
A New Era in Problem-Solving

Launch Date for Tucker Carlson's New
Streaming Service Revealed


Harvard wants to develop 'governance
infrastructure' for the Internet

Pentagon wants Skynet-style Weapons

Obamas Come Out with First Movie...About End of Times
Director Says Obama 'Scared the F*CK Out of Me'

Germany’s Greens commence deforestation of
Enchanted Forest to make way for wind turbines

IMF wants governments to punish people for using
'too much’ energy by imposing harsh carbon taxes

How Denmark and Finland plan to become
‘negative emitters’

Princeton Physicists Successfully Entangle
Individual Molecules for the First Time

Industrial Wind Turbines Are Slaughtering
Millions of Birds and Bats

Scientists Built a Functional Computer With
Human Brain Tissue

People Living in Green Areas Seem to Age
Slower at The Cellular Level


Riyadh to block COP28 final document unless
provision on phasing out fossil fuel removed

UN Climate Karens Melt Down After COP28
Summit Ditches Fossil Fuel 'Phase-Out' Language

Expert Shares that California’s ‘Existential’
Financial Crisis Is WAY Worse than Being Told

Social Security clawbacks hit a million more
people than agency chief told Congress

South Carolina Dumps Disney

That US taxpayer money Congress is sending to
Ukraine? It’s being laundered back to the MIC

Yuval Noah Harari discusses the creation of a
massive class of useless people and what
should be done with them

Houses Are Now Less Affordable Than At Any
Other Time In US History

Bitcoin Battered As Sen. Warren Unveils
Bill To 'Crack Down' On Crypto

Gold Strength Is Fiat Money Weakness


New Huawei Phone Shows China Continues
Bypassing Biden's Chip Embargoes

Tepco Soars To 2015 Highs On Speculation
Japan's Nuclear Winter Thaws

Millions of Brits will choose between eating
and staying warm this Christmas – research

Russian aluminum producers warn of crisis

Russian tycoon launches legal challenge
against sanctions

America’s Elites Are Not Fit for Purpose

Is the end of the German car industry imminent?

Trans Teen Winner Muscles Females Out
of World Competition Irish Dancing Slot

Nobody believes Ukraine can restore
1991 borders – US senator

Czech Republic authorized more than
150 citizens to fight for Ukraine


Another EU state’s truckers block Uke freight

EU’s von der Leyen issues reality check
on Ukrainian membership

'Get Tough On Immigration Or Risk Radicals
Taking Charge' Warns Merkel’s Ex Health Minister

Netherlands Spent Over €400 Billion on Migrants
Over the Past 25 years

Polish Parliament Passes Vote of No
Confidence in Morawiecki’s Government

EU state Lithuania claims fellow member
Hungary is ‘against Europe’

Europe in panic mode over rapid depletion of
military stockpiles

Industry leader warns of global
gunpowder shortage

Putin inaugurates two fourth generation
nuclear submarines

Putin sees development of Arctic as
an undeniable priority for Russia


Russia consistently equips Navy with
modern hardware, weapons - Putin

Russia to feel safe thanks to its Navy
And State of the Art weapons - Putin

Work to make Russian Navy more powerful
to be continued - Putin

Medvedev says Russia doesn’t need
A new constitution

Lawmaker points to coordinated foreign media
campaign to discredit Russian election

West’s 500-year dominance ending - Lavrov

S Korea Set To Embrace Mass Migration
To Avoid ‘Extinction'

US F-16 fighter jet crashes off S Korean coast

US-Zionist airstrikes kill at least 11 people,
including More children in Gaza

This is not a war for survival but
to preserve Zionist apartheid


Israel Seeking Permanent Expulsion of Gaza’s
Population to Egypt - UN Officials Warn of
Much More Ethnic Cleansing

Israel trying to clear ALL Palestinians from Gaza
claims UN agency head

hunger is causing social breakdown In Gaza
fueling fears of exodus into Egypt. - Jews Allow
NO Humanitarian Supplies In

Israel turns 'safe zone’ For Palestinians
into a cemetery

'Painful testimony' of female Palestinians
beaten in Zionist Israeli jails

India’s top court upholds decision to strip
Kashmir of ‘special’ status

The Curious Case Of Javier Milei

Tanzania to be brought into BRICS
fold at some point - Russian amb

Niger’s leader Tchiani accuses France
of backing terrorism in his country

West African bloc to negotiate transition
with Niger coup leaders


Russia donates ambulance fleet
to African country

40 Zionist soldiers killed in Gaza during 24 hours

US-Israel War On Palestinian People - 1,000s of
Israeli soldiers wounded and 'disabled' in Gaza
fighting - Many Hundreds Dead (All Hidden)

Over 5,000 Israeli soldiers injured since Oct 7
with 58% seriously wounded - Israeli media
(Part Of The Ritualized Blood Sacrifice Of Zion
The Jews Killed HUNDREDS of Israelis Oct 7

Hamas claims to have destroyed over 180 Israeli
combat vehicles in Gaza

Video reportedly shows Israeli forces directing
unarmed Gazan civilians to stage a gun surrender

Israel Gaza Genocide drags US Jewish life to Hell

Anti-Palestinian racism is inherent to Zionism
and you’re not allowed to talk about it

O’Biden Ignores Congress, rushes Death Bombs and
Arms To Israel - 250,000 Pal homes destroyed in Gaza

The rush to preserve sperm of slain IDF soldiers
exposes the true weirdness of Israeli society

UNRWA accuses Israel of preparing Gaza residents
expulsion to Egypt


Rabbi Explains How Jewish Souls Are From A
Much Higher Plane Of Existence - Rense Video

Former US ambassador to ‘Israel' says
Netanyahu is a 'clear danger'

On 65th day of Israeli Slaughter, Gaza Deaths Hit 18,000

Lebanese Resistance's UAV operations in al-Jalil
hits 6 Zionist Soldiers

Yemen prevents 'Israel'-bound ships
from passing via Arabian & Red seas

Yemen poses very serious Strategic threat to ‘Israel'

Haaretz Says 61% of People Killed by Israeli
Airstrikes in Gaza Were Civilians

Ralph Nader on Israeli Government’s War Crimes
...Enabled & Defended by Biden & Congress

Israeli tanks reach center of Khan Younis
in new storm of southern Gaza

Netanyahu’s National Security Advisor Says
Israel Ready to Act Against Houthis


Oppression in Palestine did not start on Oct 7…
but 106 years ago

Why has Iran failed Hamas?

Israeli army fires on 6 Palestinian Red Crescent
ambulances escorted by UN vehicles

WHO confirms more than 449 attacks on health
services in Gaza, West Bank since Oct. 7

Forcible Transfer of 85% of Palestinians in
Gaza Is a Crime Against Humanity

500,000 Palestinians face hunger thirst in Gaza
The Zionists will not permit Food and Water because
Their Goal remains the same - Continuing genocide
Arab nations Likely All Been Threatened With Nukes

'Greater Israel' Scheme and its Global Power Play
...a Delusional Recipe for Armageddon

'I used to think the term Judeo Nazis
was excessive - I don’t any longer'

Jewish snipers target And kill pregnant women
Entire Gaza Op Was A US-Israeli False Flag
and achieved an utter, total, Satanic Massacre

Putin Lays Down To Zionism - Reaffirms Rejection,
Condemnation of ‘Terrorism' in Call With Netanyahu
What The Hell Does He Think Gaza Is?


US Risks Alienating Muslim World by Vetoing
Gaza Ceasefire Resolutions - US Will Do What
It’s Zionist Controllers Tell It To Do

UNfortunately Predictable - UN Declares UNRWA
Terrorism Story ‘Misinformation’ (Lies)

O’Biden Calls Ziolensky To DC For A Meeting On
Dec 12 - Complete Update From Military Summary

Watch! Female Ziolensky Conscript In Trench…Only 3 Alive
Under Heavy Fire, Dirt Falling On Her - She Calls For Evac
Unit Refuses, Tells Her (‘You Bitch') To Wait And Die…Most
Say No Fate Too Horrible For Bisexual Communist Zelensky

Ukraine Army announced the offensive of the
Russian Armed Forces along the entire front

Sweden is thoroughly involved in the fight against
Russia on the side of Ukraine

The largest Russian advance in 24 hours so far

Uke soldiers Say Ammunition Is At end – Russians
advance deep into the Ukrainian defenses

Spetsnaz penetrated deep into Ukrainian defenses
wiped out patrol & blew up weapons depot

Cries of pain and horror of Azov forces during battles in
Bakhmut - 'My legs and arms are broken - I'm done'


General attack of 40,000 Russian troops on Avdiivka

West can’t crush Russia – Putin

Leadership in Kiev has gone ‘totally crazy’ - Putin
(End The War, Mr. Putin - Stop Playing WW1 Trench
Games and Wasting Masses Of Human Lives - Give
Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa 36 Hours To Evacuate, Then
Nuke - Why Do These Cities Have Water And Power?)

Russia much stronger now than it was before
conflict in Ukraine - Lavrov

US Veteran Ridicules Pentagon Chief's Claim
That Russia Poses Threat to Europe

Lavrov Says Russia Not Cutting Diplomatic
Ties With Germany

Russians Dissatisfied With Quality and Quantity
of N Korean Artillery Shells

Schemes to Make Weapons in Ukraine Will
Only Help 'Western Propaganda'

Zelensky Shows Desperation by Trying to Curry
Favor With Argentina's Milei

Ukraine struggling to find fresh conscripts to kill


Armed Uke Recruiters Capture citizens To Force
them Into Military - Ziolensky’s Holocaust Continues
….Many Russian Advances - Military Summary

New ICBM will take US nuclear missiles out of Cold
War era - Even If Funded, could Take 10 Yrs To Finish

Gigantic New ICBM Will Take US Nuclear Missiles
Out of the Cold War-Era But Add 21st-Century Risks

11 Yr Old Girl Made to Sleep Overnight with ‘Trans’
Male On School Trip, Parents Allege

I Put My Camera On A Pole And Filmed The Border
Invasions Up High In Lukeville, AZ - It's Apocalyptic

Ramaswamy Sheds Light on the Climate Cult’s
Plot to Steal Land from Americans

The Biden Break-Ins – America’s New Crime Wave

The Conviction of Derek Chauvin was one of
the worst travesties of justice in American history

Beautiful New Land Cruiser for only $41,000 is not
available in the US thanks to Biden and the
poisonous ‘green’ agenda

Car Owner Shocked to Learn Cost of a New Hybrid
Battery More Than He Paid for Car! - EV JUNK


TX police arrest Sub-Human Invader in 16 Yr Old
teen cheerleader’s murder, mother ‘prays' For Justice

Most students at Yale received A's last year - frustrated
professors say it's 'dishonest to our students'

Satanic Temple Erects ‘Very Dark, Evil’ Public Display
in Iowa Capitol - ‘Spiritual Warfare Is Real’

Biden Does Creepy Impersonation of Little Girl

Ramaswamy Declares Jan 6 an ‘Inside Job’

Military doesn’t want the F-22, the politicians Do

Top Lunatic Defense Official - US Can Handle MidEast,
Russia & China Operations All At Once - Utterly Delusional

13% Of American Teens Suffer 'Food Poverty'

Stockman - The Destruction Of The American
Middle Class

WaPost - Eliminate The First Amendment to ‘Fight
Antisemitism’ (Anything Zionists Disagree with)


Trump Warns Of Business Exodus from
New York Amid Fraud Case Fallout

Trump takes head-to-head lead over Biden
(How Can ANYONE Above Room Temp Support
The Illegal Dementia-Dying Pedophile Career
Criminal In The White House?)

These Are The Richest 'Politicians' In The US

Storm in US State of Tennessee Leaves 6 Dead

California Facing Record $68 Billion Deficit,
Potential 'Fiscal Budget Emergency'

Kevin McCarthy Goes Communist - Sings Praises Of
Bolshevik Democrats In Oxford Speech - Clip Goes Viral

Two-Faced McCarthy Says Republicans 'Too White'
And Democrats 'Actually Look Like America’!

Communist WA Gov Inslee's $100 Million Gamble
To Address Homelessness Crisis

Bishop Strickland announces new YouTube
channel to teach the truths of the Catholic faith

A Gorgeous Modernized 1934 Packard Motor Car
Will Soon Be Rolling Off A Production Line In Ohio


The front collapsed - Dozens of forts fell To
The Russians around Chasiv Yar

Nine Russian Tu-95MS bombers pound Kiev
Su-34s launch salvo of four FAB-500s – 40 bombs
dropped on Donetsk area alone

Kiev hit by cruise missiles

Russian Tu-95MS launch a massive missile attack
on Ukraine for the first time since August

Uke mutinies and outbreaks of violence against
commanders are increasingly occurring

Bulgaria will transfer to Ukraine its surplus air defense
systems and all faulty systems with missiles for them

Russian Soldiers Capture More of Ukraine’s
Leopard 2 Tanks and Bradley IFVs - New Video

Medvedev - the threat of a clash between Russia
and NATO has never been more real

Kirby announced the lack of progress in
negotiations on financial assistance to Ukraine

Orban spoke about the dire consequences of
integrating Ukre agricultural system into the EU


Peskov called negotiations on Uke terms unrealistic

Peskov - Ukrainians must understand that they
are not the main concern of the United States

Ziolensky concedes counter-offensive FAILED
'We did not achieve the desired results’ (and
100s Of thousands Of Ukrainians DIED)

Ukraine Graft And Kickbacks And Mass
CV19 Vax Turbo Cancers - Greg Hunter
points out some of the most blatant Treasons

Putin - Russian soldiers destroyed The myth about
invulnerability of Western armored vehicles

The Bundeswehr general noted the collapse of the Western coalition supporting Ukraine

Kalashnikov supplying Russian troops with a new
model of combat Uniforms Called ‘Strelok’

Americans making billions at the cost of
Ukrainian lives (Over A Million!) - Kremlin

Ritter: 'Zelensky Sees the Writing on the Wall'

New Ukrainian Armed Forces Brigades to
Receive Outdated Equipment - Reports


Ukraine Loses Over 1,560 Soldiers DEAD
in Donetsk area in Past Week - MoD

Ukraine Running Out of Pro Soldiers
As Draft-Eligible Men Flee

Ukrainians refusing to fight for the Country’s
‘corrupt government’

Insane O’Biden White House touts ‘year of suffering’
for Russian troops

UK's Cameron Savaged Over Claim Ukraine
Funding 'Creates More US Jobs'

Similarities Between Late 1980s USSR And
Present Day US Are Uncanny...

The Deep State Used Counterterrorism
Techniques Against Americans

Corrupt Deep State Will Continue Spying
on Americans and Trump – Congress Allows It

Leaked files show US police agencies
took intelligence from IDF

Sen. Cruz Hammers Biden with New Accusation
...Joe Secretly Undermined 1 Constitutional Right


Congestion Taxes Coming to NYC

Invaders in NYC Now Burglarizing Residents

The State Takes the Place of God…

It Now Costs 3.4 Million Dollars To Live The
American Dream And The Gap Between The
Wealthy And The Rest Is Bigger Than Ever

Speech Against DEI Is Not Tolerated but
Calling For Jewish Genocide In Gaza Is OK

America Has Become Racist & Bigoted
Toward Non-Blacks and Heterosexuals

How Western media keeps its readers stupid
with infantile fairy tales

DC Forced to Purge Over 100,000 Ineligible
Names from Voter Rolls

Dozens of Dems could beat Trump – Biden

Bill Burr - Liberals Are 'F**king Stupid' To Have
Turned Trump Into A Martyr


Melania Trump Floats Tucker Carlson As
Don's Running Mate

Invader Crossings Thru Southern US Border
Hit Daily Record of 12,000 - Reports

'Hunter Is In A Lot Of Trouble'

US-Israel Rift Over Civilian Casualties Intensifies
As 'King Bibi' Doubles Down

US ‘helping Gaza most’ – White House

FOIA Request Reveals 11,000 Politicians Got
BioWeapon Injection Exemption - They KNEW

US Govt Data Reveals a Staggering 143,233%
Surge in Fatal Cancers Linked to COVID Injections

Switzerland - 'We have a doubling of cancer cases'

FDA Approves World’s First Crispr Gene-Editing
Drug for Sickle-Cell Disease

Valérie Plante, Vaxed mayor of Montreal, collapses


Pope Francis and Stephen Colbert are still sick
TV judge Frank Caprio has pancreatic cancer
Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-PA) has prostate cancer
Ken Hudson Campbell ('Home Alone') has tumor
in his mouth, More

WHO Proposes Global Tax Increase on
Unhealthy Beverages

DNA contamination in COVID jabs could explain
rise in cancers, clots and autoimmune diseases

Best ways to spot AI deepfakes in photos, videos

Deepfakes Are Lurking in 2024 - Here's How to
Navigate the Ever-growing AI Threat Landscape

Google admits that a Gemini AI demo video
was staged

The top ten films about artificial intelligence
according to an expert

With AI, We are about to enter the era of mass spying

What is Gemini? Everything you should know
about Google's new AI model

Google’s ChatGPT Competitor Gemini
Could Preview This Week


Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With…AI?

Climate Groups Say AI Will Worsen Climate Change

Elon Musk’s ‘Anti-Woke’ AI Is Here...
Snowflakes Need Not Apply

Which AI Image Generator Is the Best?
We tested Dall-E, Midjourney, Imagine with
Meta, and Playground to find our favorite.

Thousands of TONS of dead fish wash ashore
in Japan Just three months after Fukushima
radioactive Death water dumped into the Pacific

Eastern US is set to face weekend of severe
storms that will bring 60MPH winds, torrential
rain and snow, sparking fears of travel chaos

If green billionaires are so afraid of global warming
why do they still own huge oceanside estates?

Is Thailand’s favourite fish on its way out? How
insatiable appetites put ‘pla tu’ mini-mackerel in peril

12 of the largest Banks in the US notify THEIR CC
Providers They Won’t need them anymore After Dec 14

US Bank Deposit Outflows Continue To Surge
As Regional 'Stress' Accelerates


Europe's EV Junk Boom Faces Grid Challenges

The Crippling Economic Costs Of Green
Energy Subsidies

Pentagon gets oil products directly from Russia,
Ukrainian watchdog claims

US urges G7 to tighten enforcement of
Russian oil sanctions

EU may allow member states to ban Russian gas

UAE Ditching Dollars...The Saudis Are Next

Bitcoin enters a new era

UK Antitrust Watchdog Examines Microsoft’s
Partnership With OpenAI

Top Banking Watchdog Warns Of 'Buy Now,
Pay Later' Risks Amid Explosion In Use

UN raises alarm over UK child poverty


EU Mulls Reviving WTO Case Against
US Amid Steel Tariff Spat

The EU-China Trade Relationship
Is In The Balance

German State To Refuse Citizenship to
Anti-Israel Invaders

More US Diesel Headed To Europe In December

Asylum crisis in Germany worsens as over
300,000 new claims made in 2023 so far!

Biden reveals surprise NATO drawdown
in Europe

NATO state Norway practices burying soldiers

German Media Blasts Berlin's Plans to Send
'Brigade With Broomsticks' to Russia's Doorstep

82% of Germans disapprove of government

AfD designated ‘extremist’ in third German region


Orban explains why EU can’t accept Ukraine

Putin announces 2024 presidential bid

‘No limit’ to sharing tech with China - Putin

'Russia is being Reborn’ - What are Putin’s
Plans for 2024?

Putin's Checkmate - How Russia Strategically
Counters Western Economic Pressure

Russian athletes allowed to compete at
2024 Olympics under neutral flag

Russian Arctic Center strikes unlikely

Taiwan records approach of 26 Chinese
PLA aircraft, 10 vessels in past day

Chinese balloon spotted crossing Taiwan
Strait ahead of election

Saudi Crown Prince Shelved London Visit,
Prior to Hosting Putin - Reports


Putin, Raisi discuss Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, bilateral partnership - Kremlin

Netanyahu, his accomplices must be
punished for genocide in Gaza - Erdogan
(How, exactly, Could this be done?)

Turkey rejects Western calls to designate
Hamas as terrorist group — Erdogan

Israeli hostage killed in botched attempt
at rescue, Hamas says

Israeli army strikes 450 targets in Gaza In 24 hrs

Six Palestinians killed in Israeli military raid
on Far’a refugee camp

Russia-India trade surpasses target set
by Putin and Modi

135 million Indians lifted out of poverty er

Africa’s Largest Oil Refinery Moves Closer
to Start-up

Colonialism lives on in Zionist-controlled globalism


Haiti faces a situation of 'absolute brutal violence'

UK Pays Rwanda $126M In New Asylum Deal

Colonialism lives on in globalism

The Mask Has Been Torn Off The Face Of Zion
One Man Speaks To Billions Who Won’t Dare Talk
Lucas Gauge...A Message To Consider - Rense Video

Israel using AI to maximize civilian Slaughter - Video

How Israel Betrayed the prisoner exchange by
widening the definition of ‘security prisoners’

Zionists Are forcing Israeli hospitals to Lie About
Masses Of Wounded And Dead Jewish Soldiers

Israeli Tanks, Vehicles up in flames in Gaza Shujaiya
Palestinian Fighters Wipe Out Israeli Tanks - Video

Al-Qassam fighters destroyed or damaged
135 military vehicles in Gaza during 72 hours

Israeli media - Hezbollah has the upper hand, IOF
Has been rendered to defensive status

Senior Hamas member says Israel Far understates
its losses in Gaza

Egypt warns of strained relations with 'Israel’
over Gaza Massacre

US claims Iran Is involved in Yemen Red Sea
operations against 'Israel'


Number of attacks on US occupation forces in Syria
And Iraq rises to 78 - Not One Dead US Soldier has
been reported To date - Only ‘wounded’ Admitted To

Israel’s ‘Two-State’ Lie To Cover Ethnic Cleansing

USS Mason shoots down another air drone
Over the Red Sea

70% of Gaza’s Dead Are Women and Children,
The Full Number of Dead is Totally Unknown

Hamas - The resistance is fine and runs the battle
powerfully and capably

Large number of Zionist sites hit by Hezbollah strikes

We Blew Up Israeli Homes on 10-7 Says ISRAELI Col

Just Like 9/11? Suspicious Israeli Stock Market Activity
Hints at Foreknowledge of October 7 Attack - The tribe
OFTEN makes money on Tragedies

Jews Rush To Try To Discredit Report Of Big Profits
Made...Showing Foreknowledge Of Oct 7 Attack

US says it hasn’t given firm deadline for Israel
to wrap up major combat operations


Palestinian 'prisoners' are hostages, too
In war, words matter

Most US-based MidEast scholars Are Frightened
Of Zionism And They are self-censoring speech
critical of Israel, survey finds

Hundreds more Palestinians killed as Israel
'pursues Hamas' in south Gaza

WHO 'extremely concerned' about thousands of patients,
health care workers in Gaza - Calls For 'ceasefire NOW'

Gaza death toll from Israeli attacks nears 17,200
Around 70% of victims are children, women

US resumes drone flights over Gaza after
truce suspension - Gathering Data For Zion

Israeli Soldiers Sing 'I'm Coming to Occupy Gaza’
and 'Wipe out the Seed of Amalek'

Israel rounding up hundreds of Palestinian boys
And men and disappearing them - Mass Murder?

75 journalists killed by Israel in Gaza

Panic-stricken Israel Lobby Goes into Overdrive


Interview with INTERPOL Officer on Israeli WAR
Shady Secrets - Video

Gaza conflict claims life of Israeli war cabinet
minister's son — IDF

Gaza hospitals overwhelmed with wounded

17,000+ civilians Slaughtered in Gaza To Date

Br Nathanael - The Jewish Murder Machine

BOMB from Russia - 'We will decide with referendum
the annexation of the whole of Ukraine'

SecDef Austin’s threat To Send Americans To
Fight Russians In Ukraine - Military Summary

US Senate blocks Ukrainian aid package
despite pleas from White House

O’Biden Regime Says US can't guarantee
continued assistance to Ukraine

Russia - Black Sea Storm scattered Uke mines


Ukraine filled the emergency electricity deficit
at the expense of three EU countries

O’Biden Regime transferred technology for the
production of hybrid air defense systems to Ukes

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine discussed with
SecDef Austin the strategy of Kyiv in 2024

No peace As West decides on hot
or cold war with Russia

Ukraine faces rapid increase in losses in armed units

Russian troops receive missiles for S-400
system against F-16 fighters

There's Nothing You Can Say To Make Me
Accept the Murder of Thousands of Children

West Sabotaged Ukraine Peace Deal With Russia
Admit Zelensky Official and Germany’s Ex Leader

US announced beginning of mass modernization
of Uke air defense systems for American missiles

Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Donetsk
with drones and artillery


The Ukrainian Armed Forces Has attacked the
Belgorod region 133 times per day!

Russian Paratroopers lightning advance through
frost to Seversk

US and Germany hand over Ukraine to Russia

Russians take Shinkovka and advance NE Kharkiv

Ukraine Will be US 2nd Vietnam - Russian Spy Chief

LA Times Reporters Who Demanded Unbiased
Reporting Banned by Israel From Covering Gaza

Ukrainian troops use chemical Weapons again
in Artyomovsk area — DPR

Counteroffensive in Reverse? Ukraine Using
NATO Tanks as Stationary Artillery

Deep State Plan - Import Terrorists, Go to War,
Put Terrorists in Army, Kill Americans

Sen. Graham to Texas governor - send more
Invaders to open border states


Executive branch warns US is Out Of Money
And almost out of time to help Ukraine

Republican county supervisors charged with
election interference and conspiracy - AZ AG

FBI dubs Trump supporters enemies of state
says they must be secretly persecuted

The Police State Wants Us To Be
a Nation of Snowflakes

Pentagon Bill Now Includes Taxpayer
Funding for Abortion, Sex Changes

Biden Prefers to Put Your Safety at Risk and
Play Recidivism Roulette With Criminal Aliens

Vivek Schools CNN’s Dana Bash on
How Cops Incited Jan 6

Transgender Artist Wins Prestigious Award for Work
That Closely Resembles a Pile of Garbage

We Aren’t Prepared For The Hell Democrats
Will Put America Through In 2024

‘Negotiated’ Defense Bill Lets Leftists Keep Using
The Military To Push Abortion, DEI, Trans Agendas


Queers in schools a sign of looming doomsday

Ben Shapiro Celebrates Palantir Announcing
Affirmative Action Hiring Quota For Jews

'No White Faculty Allowed At the University of WA

FDR and Pearl Harbor - The Primer for the
Zionist Assault on the American Republic
and the Nation of Iran

Global Crises Are Almost Invariably Scams
brilliance, profound insight from Nick Hudson

The Communist Blueing Of The Drudge Report
Now A Foursquare Left Wing Hangout

Lindsey Graham Says Never Been More Worried
About a Terrorist Attack In US Than Right Now

Final GOP Debate Post-Mortem - Haley Hammered
DeSantis A DUD, Christie Questioned, Ramaswamy
Outs 'Real Enemy'

Over Half of US Shoppers Say Cutting Back
on Holiday Spending Due to Inflation

American Dream Is Only Affordable Overseas


Musk Nails Disney's Iger After Facebook Child
Sexual Abuse Bombshell

US Math Scores Hit All-Time Low On Intl Exam
As America plummets into Third World Abyss

Senate Blocks Resolution Calling for Removal
of US Forces From Syria

US Imperialism Crumbling Down Before Our Eyes

NATO Will ‘Collapse’ if Trump Returns to Power
...Hawkish Ex-Pentagon Chief Says

House GOP Formalizes Biden Impeachment
Inquiry, Releases Resolution Before Planned Vote

Invaders Surge To Record As O’Biden's Invasion
Of America Gains Even More Momentum

Eric Adams’ Approval Rating Plummets to 28%
...Lowest Ever for a NYC Mayor

'I'm Angry!' - NYC Mayor Adams Travels To DC
To Seek Federal Funds Amid O’Biden Invader Crisis

US House Passes Resolution Against Biden’s
Student Loan Payment Plan


Watch - Vivek Vanquishes An Enraged Brian
Kilmeade Over Endless War In Ukraine

What Time’s 2023 Person of the Year
reveals about the West

FOIA Request Reveals 11,000 Politicians Got
BioWeapon Injection Exemption - They KNEW

If You Knew Then What We Know Now, Would You
Have Taken The Injection? Think Of Those Who Lied
To You And Are Accomplices In MILLIONS Of Murders
‘Warp Speed’ Trump, Bolshevik O’Biden, Felon Fauci, etc

23 Yr Old NH Cardiac Nurse (obviously injected)
Suffers Full Cardiac Arrest In Hospital Class

Terrible Vax BioWeapon Carnage Ravaging
Airline Pilots

Misfolded Proteins Could Make Dementia
Transmissible, Scientists Suggest

Nanoplastics Linked To Parkinson’s
And Dementia

Study Dismisses Concerns About Sudden Cardiac
Deaths of US Students - Here's What's Wrong With It

Covid mRNA Vaccines Required No Safety Oversight


mRNA vaccines may make unintended proteins
...but there’s no evidence of harm!

Gays in schools a sign of looming doomsday
...US House Speaker

Respiratory Illnesses On The Rise Across
The US, CDC Warns

Global PR Giant Launches Provocative
HPV Vaccine Ads Targeting Gen Zers

Kids Developed Headaches, Stomach Pain,
Sleeping Issues While at Vacation Home Near
Multiple 5G Antennas

49 year old develops serious heart problems
after installing a new 5G antenna

FL Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo notes That
'DNA fragments detected in mRNA COVID shots'

Personal info of 6.9 million users of
23andMe stolen by hackers

OpenAI researchers warn board that rapidly
advancing AI technology threatens humanity

Some Smart Toys Can Collect Kids’ Iris Scans,
Fingerprints, Vital Signs and More


Ireland Announces Crackdown on 'Hate Speech’
...to Seize Control Over the Entire Internet -Police
can enter homes unannounced, confiscate phones,
computers And arrest you - refuse and It's Prison

AMD Unveils New AI Chip To Challenge
Nvidia's Market Dominance

Apple looking to India for critical components

Junk Ospreys had history of safety issues long
before they were grounded

House Votes to Strike Down Biden's ‘EV
Mandate' as 5 Democrats Side with GOP

The climate scaremongers - Hurricanes
aren’t getting to Be more frequent...

Earthquakes, sea tremors threaten first Yemeni city

Cost Of Living Outpaces Wage Increases

End of the Nation-State

IMF Chief Calls for Public to Be
Punished for Using Energy


Watch - Gold And Silver Verification Videos

'Energy Transition’ - Reality Versus Rhetoric

Predictably, Rush To Electric Cars (junk) Is Imploding

World Report Shows Nuclear Energy Production
Fell By 4% Last Year

Germany's Commitment To End Coal By 2030
Is A Never-Ending Shell Game

Peter Schiff Warns - 'The Dollar's Going To Lose
A Lot More Value'

Polish Central Bank Buys Gold According
To Secret EU Plan

Shut crypto down – JPMorgan boss

Russia-China trade increases 26% in a year

Trade between Russia, China to exceed $200
Billion this year — Putin


Putin - US Exploits Both Allies and Other
Economic Actors

Russia will post 3.5% economic growth for 2023

No one can slow down Russia’s development - Putin

Dominance of Western banks will end - Putin

Foreign Investors Who ‘Think Clearly’ Will Listen
to Putin and Set Up Shop in Russia

Wow - German State To Require Citizenship Applicants
Must Pledge Support For Israel And Be Screened For
Any ‘Anti-Semitic Attitudes’...

Denmark outlaws Quran burnings as critics claim
government is Bowing to Islamic extremists

In Germany, they began to hunt down citizens
who violate new heating standards

New nuclear power plants - Gates and the EU
Commission work hand in hand

Berlin pays €1.5 million every single day to
house Invaders in just 12 buildings, nearly
half a billion per year


Hungary receives first of 44 German
Leopard tanks

Secret Military Den of Israel Defense Forces inside EU
Rave’s Survivors in “The Secret Forest” under the Shade of IDF & Mossad

French media says Kiev suffers military defeat

US Not in Position to Make Promises to
Ukraine About Any Forthcoming Aid

US Visit Turns Into Public Spat Over
Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny

Viktor Orban Counters EU's $30 Billion
Coercion Strategy

Russian Upper House Schedules Presidential
Election For March 17, 2024

Vast Majority of Russian People Believe Putin
Should Run for Another Term - Poll

Putin to Be Nominated as Presidential Candidate
on December 23 - Chair of Just Russia Party

US demonizing Russia to ‘burn’ taxpayer dollars in
Ukrainian bonfire — Kremlin spokesman


Global economic relations change, globalization
replaced by multipolar world — Putin

Putin responds to 'gas station' slur

Russia and Saudi Arabia Agree to Boost
Defense Cooperation

Russia and Saudi Arabia will expand cooperation
on oil and gas

Russia, Saudi Arabia welcome Syria's Arab
League reintegration

Russia and Iran ‘building momentum’ – Putin

Closer Iran-Russia Ties 'Better for Both' Amid
Transition to New World Order

Russia responds to Biden’s NATO attack claim

Russian businessman responds to $7 million US bounty

North Korea Blasts US 'Double Standards’
Amid South's Spy Satellite Launch


China Slams 'Smearing & Undermining of
Belt and Road as Italy Pulls From Project

Kenya to send 1,500 farm workers to Israel

Ban Christmas and Christian 'vampires' says
far-right Israeli leader

Israel wants CONTROL of water, hydrocarbons
in the Middle East

Putin invites sultan of Oman to visit Russia in 2024

Western domination should end, countries need
just world order — Omani Crown Prince

Putin's Mideast Meetings Signal Russia's Confidence
and Shift in World Opinion - Experts

Arab world to be epicenter for global change
in 2024 — Russian intelligence chief

State of emergency in Seychelles after explosion
and flooding

FBI chief to visit India amid murder plot probe


Modi cannot be ‘intimidated, threatened or forced’ – Putin

Russia, Sri Lanka hold consultations on
intelligence services in Sri Lanka

Blinken Conveys 'Unwavering Support' For Guyana
After Venezuela's Maduro Proclaims 'Esequibo Is Ours’
And Gives Energy Companies 3 Mos To Exit

Maduro Arrests Opposition Figures as
Oil-Rich Guyana Readies for Invasion

Why are Venezuela and Guyana on the brink of war?

US Military Conducting Flight Operations in
Guyana Amid Venezuela Tensions

Brazilian president expresses 'growing concern’
over Venezuela-Guyana dispute

5 dead in Guyanase military helicopter
crash near Venezuela

Caracas to enter into strategic alliance with
Moscow, top Venezuelan diplomat announces


The Mask Has Been Torn Off The Face Of Zion
One Man Speaks To Billions Who Won’t Dare Talk
Lucas Gauge...A Message To Consider - Rense Video

Israeli vehicles go up in flames in Gaza's Shujaiya
Palestinian Fighters Wipe Out Israeli Tanks - Video

Al-Qaasam Brigades destroy 25 Israeli
military vehicles in Khan Yunis

Brave Israeli forces kill 2 More Palestinian children
And others in The West Bank

Iraqi Resistance targets Ain al-Assad US base
twice within hours

Upcoming days to be 'frightening' for ‘Israel’
...Iran FM vows

The Horrors in Gaza Are Happening Because
the US WANTS Them To Happen

US confirms its opposition to ceasefire in Gaza

Israel Announces Expansion of Ground Operation
to All of Gaza, Bombs Refugee Camp

Yemenis turn 'Galaxy Leader' ship into tourist
attraction, infuriating ‘Israel'


Hezbollah launches 16 rockets towards Zionist
sites in Upper Galilee

Dozens of Palestinians killed, injured due to
Zionist enemy bombardment at Gaza

Zionist occupation demolishes Palestinian
homes in Quds, Hebron in West Bank

Gaza living in 'utter, deepening horror’ - UN

dramatic invocation of Article 99 of UN Charter
Guterres calls on Security Council to declare
ceasefire in Gaza

Israel, Hamas must ‘de-escalate, allow humanitarians
to operate’ - ICRC DG Robert Mardini tells Arab News

22 relatives of Gaza Journalist killed by
Targeted Israeli shelling

Israeli Defense Minister Threatens Military Action
to Push Hezbollah Back from Lebanon Border

‘US’ Won’t Consider Leveraging Aid to Israel
to Even Just Slow The Slaughter In Gaza

With hostage talks deadlocked, fears grow
for women left in Gaza


Israeli settlers attack West Bank towns daily

Unexploded munitions could make parts
of Gaza uninhabitable

Hamas military wing claims to have shelled
Israeli city of Be'er Sheva

Israeli Defense Ministry announces arrival of
200th plane carrying military equipment

Russian Emergencies Ministry’s plane delivers
27.5 tons of humanitarian aid for Gaza

Nearly 900 evacuees from Gaza arrive in Russia

Erdogan sees Netanyahu balancing on
brink of collapse

Netanyahu will not escape punishment
for crimes in Gaza — Erdogan

Israel Driving Palestinians to Rafah crossing in
forced exodus — Palestinian MFA

Zionist Control Of Major US Power Centers
Journalism Is About FACTS And These ‘Flyers'
Each Present Nothing But 100% Factual Data
It's Time To Learn Who Your Controllers Are


Astonishing Welcome For Vladimir Putin in Saudi
Arabia And UAE - World Stage Turnaround - Videos

Massie - US Aid to Ukraine Ends Up Being
Laundered Back Into Military-Industrial Complex

Kiev preps a 180 degree turn - ‘Bombs' Arestovich
Now Wails 'US dragged us into war and abandoned us!

Ziolensky’s Horrible Holocaust Continues - Over
One Million Ukrainians Now Dead - Ziolensky
regime refuses to negotiate ceasefire with Russia
HOW Is Zelensky Still President? - HOW Do Kiev,
Odessa And Kharkov Still Have Water And Power?

US Announces New Weapons Aid for Ukraine
To Continue The Slaughter as Congress Is Stalled
on More Funding

Ukrainian troops began to retreat from
the Zaporozhye Region

Russians take Shinkovka and advance NE Kharkiv
Russian sources - 7,000 Ukrainians will be wiped out

Serious episode in Congress - Republicans put a tombstone
in Ukraine - Forget aid to Ukraine - The GOP got up and left

NATO warplanes Are ‘legitimate targets’
over Ukraine – Moscow

Ukraine Loses Up to 300 More Soldiers
in Donetsk Area in Past Day - MoD


NATO Statements on Preventing Clash With
Russia Attempt to Whitewash Leaders - Moscow

Russia’s UN envoy hopes not all Ukrainians
will be sacrificed to US interests

London to blame for disruption of Moscow-Kiev
peace talks in 2022 — MFA

Russian forces wipe out command posts
of two Ukrainian army brigades over past day

Belarusian security official points finger
at West for global security crisis

Belarusian agency accuses West of
creating collapse on country’s border

Zelensky critic found dead in Russia
...Many Have Been Silenced

‘High risk’ of defeat – Zelensky’s top aide

US 'Helped Overthrow Ukraine's Elected
Govt in 2014' - GOP Rep.

Tucker And Massie Slam Additional Ukraine
Funds For 'War They Cannot Win'


Janet Yellen Joins Zelensky In Saying US Would
Be 'Responsible For Ukraine's Defeat'

US aid to Ukraine laundered back to
military-industrial complex – congressman

'Great Risk' Ukraine Could Lose, US Can’t
Afford Such a Scenario - White House

Kiev could become a Russian city

'Testy' Senate Briefing on Ukraine Aid
Explodes Into 'Screaming Match'

Ritter - Zelensky in Dire Straits as Ukraine
Won't Get Operational Pause in Winter

Which of Ukraine’s Erstwhile ‘Allies’ Have
Fled Sinking Ship of Support?

CA Chinese BioWeapons Lab Near Fresno - Video
Disease Pathogens In Lab Shown At 6:30

Owner Of Secret Chinese BioWeapons Lab In CA
Only Charged With Mislabeling & Lacking Permits

Lunatic AOC - Barring trans athletes from Competing
against women is ‘racist' against black women


Two dangerous bills in Congress take aim at
Palestine solidarity In dangerous precedent

US deploying anti-ship missiles in 2024 to
deter China

NY To Give Homeless Invaders Voter Reg Forms!

Biden’s Veterans Affairs helped process 161,000
medical and dental healthcare claims for INVADERS
while denying care for American veterans

Thomas Massie Suggests Congress Cares
More About Israel Than For America

Pentagram Austin - GIs might have to fight Russians
in Europe - GOP senators walk out of secret briefing
on Ukraine with SecDef Austin

Pro-Israel groups plan to lobby (Threaten?)
‘biased’ media to shift narrative

Congress rules anti-Zionism is antisemitism

Since Dobbs, 100 Pro-Life Groups and 218 Churches
Attacked - Biden Has Charged Only 4 People

81% Of Americans Say Illegal Immigration
A SERIOUS Problem - (It’s A FATAL Problem)


US military grounds entire fleet of Junk Osprey
Aircraft following Latest deadly crash off Japan

Biden Says All The Emails, Bank Records, Whistle
blowers, And Testimony Proving His Involvement
In ’The Family Biz’ Are Just A ‘Bunch Of Lies’

Joe Biden Used Email Aliases To Correspond
With Hunter’s Business Partner 327 Times

Civilization Has Disintegrated

Netflix goes WAY too far with trans
propaganda cartoon

Senator demands clarity on Pentagon’s
drag show policy

Br Nathanael - Real Jews News IS Now Up!

Anti-White Zionist US Army rewrites history
throws out convictions of black soldiers who
shot unarmed white civilians at random

Like A Spy Movie - Chinese Man Said acting More
Than weird, Is alleged to have Died In A Massive
Arlington, VA home explosion - Video

As We’ve Said, He’s Likely Compromised And Fully
Controlled - RFK Jr Admits To Flying On Epstein’s
'Lolita Express' Jet


'I'm Leaving The House’ - Ousted Former Speaker
Kevin McCarthy Taking His Ball, Going Home

Fascinating Argument For Reincarnation - 18 Mos Old

The Hard Evidence Is in - The Covid
‘Vaccine' Is a Killer

Heart Failure Among Pilots Up 1000% in 2022

Ohio Whistleblower Says Schools Hiring
Professionals to Push Big Pharma Drugs on Children

Pfizer gets FDA approval to experiment on pregnant
women with new RSV vax linked to premature birth

New Zealand coroner issues warning after
2 women DIE from taking oral contraceptives

Brazil Butchers to Mandate COVID Shots for
Children as Young as 6 Months

Cannabis And Psychosis Are Linked
...And This Could Be Why

Pro-Vax Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante
Collapses Suddenly on Stage, Mid-Speech


How Elon Musk may be spinning
up a Plan B to save X

This New AI-Powered Drone Is Both
a Bomb and a Boomerang

EU nears deal to regulate ChatGPT
other AI tech in landmark act

Giant Sun 'Hole' Bigger Than 60 'Earths’
Spewing Solar Wind Towards Our Planet

ESA Astronaut Shares Breathtaking
Shots of Rare Red Sprites Phenomena

'Spiraling Out Of Control’ - The US Debt Crisis
Goes Totally Parabolic

The Money Supply Continues Its Biggest
Collapse Since The Great Depression

Another Round In The 'Fed And US Dollar vs
BRICS Commodities’ War Looms

US Crude Oil Exports Soar To Record High

WTI Extends Losses To 5 Month Lows Despite
Crude Draw And Production Decline


Zero Public EV Junk Chargers Built Since Congress
Approved $7.5 Billion To Expand The Network

The Summer Of Central Bank Gold Buying
Extends Into The Fall

Yuan benefiting from sanctions on Russia

Five Common Bitcoin Misconceptions

India mulling wheat imports from Russia

Western sanctions have revived Russian
industry – Mishustin

Cuba embraces Russia’s Mir alternative
to MasterCard

Italy Exits China's Silk Road Initiative Citing
'Lack Of Expected Results'

US to Gain Access to 17 Swedish
Military Facilities

UK adds 45 persons and entities to its
anti-Russian sanctions list


Belgium will have to fight with stones - ret general

Germany not Ukraine’s ally – Berlin

Turkey continues dialogue with Russia on prospects
for reforming UN — Erdogan

Russia-UAE relations at all-time high - Putin

UAE leader welcomes ‘dear friend’ Putin

Putin Pays Official Visit to Saudi Arabia

Putin Arrives in Riyadh For Talks With Saudi King

Putin's Visits to UAE, Saudi Arabia Prompted
by Global 'Dynamics of Gaza War'

China Says US Needs to Stop Interfering in
Asian States' Internal Affairs - Reports

Ban Christmas and Christian 'vampires' says
far-right Israeli leader


Israel wants CONTROL of water, hydrocarbons
in the Middle East

Iran Detains 2 Vessels Smuggling 4.5 Million
Liters of Fuel in Persian Gulf - Reports

Iran Successfully Launches New
Bio-Capsule Into Space

Turkiye, Greece to Ink Declaration on Good
Relations, Erdogan Says Ahead of Athens Visit

Shia Militant Groups Announce Another
Attack on US Base in Western Iraq

Maduro orders all Venezuelan schools,
universities to display revised map of country

African states cancel agreements with France

African nations buy over 30% of
weapons exported by Russia

Africans are increasingly learning
Russian. Why?


Palestinian Sources Claim 406 Soldiers And Officers,
59 police and 10 members of the Shin Bet Have Been
Killed In Fighting Since October 7.

Zionist Control Of Major US Power Centers
Journalism Is About FACTS And These ‘Flyers
Each Present Nothing But 100% Factual Data
It's Time To Learn Who Your Controllers Are

Madman Netanyahu Accuses The Entire World
of Anti-Semitism - Victimhood Forever...

Israeli Ghouls Harvest Human Organs from
Massacred Palestinians - Endless War Crimes

Israelis surround Kamal Adwan hospital ‘shooting
Anything that moves’ after cutting off cut internet
and phone signals in Gaza again

‘There were bodies everywhere...Horrific scenes…
enough to make a stone cry’ - One family’s horrendous
Escape out of Gaza City...

Islamic Resistance in Lebanon hits Israeli military posts

45 Palestinians killed, dozens wounded in Zionist
Targeted bombing of a home in Deir al-Balah

WHO - Situation in Gaza is 'getting worse' every hour
…And The World Does NOTHING

War on Palestine Has Gone on for Over 100 Years


For Netanyahu and his political allies, peace is
more dangerous than war

Western officials privately warn Houthi attacks
on shipping lanes will continue

Israel launches devastating attack on Khan
Younis in 'most intense' day of fighting - Israeli
tanks enter southern city for the first time

Israeli forces move into Khan Younis,
Gaza's second largest city

Israel shut down NGO for reporting rape of teen
Girl By Zionist Interrogator - Says US official

Israel orders more evacuations in Gaza
but Palestinians have nowhere to go
Except into The Mediterranean

UNICEF spokesperson denounces Israeli
massacre, calls for world attention

US base in Syria hit by 15 missiles

Netanyahu Says Israeli Military Will Maintain
Open-Ended Occupation of Gaza After War

Israelis Have Slaughtered Over 16,000 including
7,000 Children In Gaza’s


Google removes Israel boycott app

Shimatsu - Israeli Brutality Challenged By Dubai’s
Nuclear Project And Hosting Climate Summit

Ziocide Blowback - FBI warns of ‘new level’ terrorist threat

Ziocide Blowback - EU warns of Christmas
terror attacks

Biden Administration Plans for Palestinian
Authority to Head Post-War Gaza - (Fat Chance)

What Does Pentagon Chief's Warning
of Israeli 'Strategic Defeat' Mean?

Israel can't defeat Hamas in battle, so what's next?

Palestinians running out of safe places in Gaza

Israel Issues New Travel Warnings For 80
Countries, Saying 'Jews Targeted'

Israel Readying Risky Plan To Flood Miles
Of Gaza's 'Terror Tunnels' With Sea Water


Israel's Ground Operation Is Raging For 1st Time
In A Southern Gazan City

As We Told You, US-Israel Are Going To Drive ALL
Palestinians To Either Egypt Or Into Mediterranean
Jewish Army Is Now Flattening South Gaza And Is
Handing Out Weapons ‘Like Candy’ To West Bank
Jewish 'Settlers’ To Use On Palestinian Civilians

Congress Planning To Blackmail Arab Nations To
Force Them To Take In All Palestinians In US-Israel
Ethnic Cleansing Of Gaza AND The West Bank

The US, Not Israel, Is the Main Combatant
in the War Against Gaza

Ukrainian Military Slaughters Own Soldiers
for Attempting to Surrender

US Congress Refused To Allocate Funds For Ukraine
...Ziolensky Canceled Speech - Military Summary

Republicans walked out of briefing on Biden’s
request for more cash to Ukraine

State Dept announces it has reached the 'bottom of the
barrel' in providing military assistance to Ukraine

Zelensky canceled his speech before US senators
on the issue of assistance to Ukraine

Washington does not believe Zelensky’s
crocodile tears anymore


‘There is a high risk of defeat for Ukraine without US help
(The US Made The Entire War Possible…)

Russia remains ready for negotiations on the Uke War

Russia allows negotiations with Ukraine
in a Western country

Russian Defense Ministry - 22 drones destroyed
overnight over Crimea and Azov Sea

Russia's military economy is firing on all cylinders

Ukrainian officers surrender in Kherson region

An infrastructure facility was damaged
in the Lviv region

Russians Move on Zaporizhia - Ukes collapse, Plan general
retreat to Orekhov – Flee from Verbovo

All-out Russian offensive begins on Chasiv Yar
Uke positions crushed under barrage - Steady retreat

Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian arms
depot near Kherson over past day


Ukraine shells Russia’s Belgorod Region
66 times over day

Russian Forces Secure Fortified Areas
Near Liberated Bakhmut in Special Op Zone

Ukraine Loses Up to 270 more Soldiers in Donetsk
Area in Past Day

Ukraine ignored US 'counter-offensive' strategy – WaPo

UK & US Seeking Quick Face-Saving Exit
From Ukraine Debacle – CIA Vet

UK preparing to push Ukraine toward peace talks

Able-bodied male Ukrainians in EU need
to go back & fight – German MP

Finland to produce artillery shells for Ukraine

European Council chief cuts China trip
short over Ukraine dispute – media

‘Russia will not lose’ -
Orban outlines the future of Europe


We The People vs The Sheeple

Trump Campaign Hits Back Against 'Dictator’
Hit-Piece In WaPost

Bernie Sanders Opposes $10 Billion in Funding to
Help Netanyahu's Extremist Gov't Wipe Out Gaza

Atty for Corrupt MI SecState Benson Laughs While
Saying His Office May Ignore Michigan Law

House Passes Bill That States ‘Anti-Zionism
is Antisemitism’

No disagreement between ‘Israel’ And US on goal
of war on Gaza - The Annihilation Of Palestinians

Terror threats are ‘blinking red lights everywhere’
Says FBI director

Major explosion rocks DC suburb - video

We Are Finding Out What Is Beneath The Thin
Veneer Of Civilization We’ve Taken For Granted

FBI Spying on Pro-Life Catholics is More
Extensive Than Previously Thought


Judge Voids Democrat Election Win Due
To Fraudulent Ballots.

US students' math scores plunge in global
education assessment - (Just Getting Started…)

Evidence Confirms Congress Must Act to
Eliminate the Department of Education

Left’s Continual Destruction of Our Children
and Culture of Honor

US to Deploy Anti-Ship Missiles on Subs
in 2024 to Counter China

Feds Send Derek Chauvin Back to Same
Prison Where Inmate Stabbed Him 22 Times

Voters from Biden’s Hometown Unload And
Says He's ‘Worst President We’ve EVER Had’

'Bone-chilling' video shows deputy return fire
after getting shot by thug at Texas bank

True Racism - Black Lives Matter

Disgraced Neocon Liz Cheney Contemplates
3rd Party Run To Target Trump


Justice Department Gave Hunter Biden
‘Preferential Treatment’ - US House Panels

White House ‘Stonewalling’ Biden Impeachment
Probe in US House - US House Speaker Johnson

FL Democrats accused of shielding Biden from rivals

Speaker Johnson Tells White House No Ukraine
Funds Without Beefed Up Border

US border control bill collapses

Pentagon Chief Slams US Non-Interventionists
As Weakening America

IRS Team Reports Rise In Crypto Tax Investigations

Billionaire graduate accuses Harvard of
discriminating against white males

US Set New Record for Mass Shootings in 2023

Fewer Young Americans Plan to Vote in
2024 Presidential Election – Poll


The Supreme Court Case That Could
Upend Parts Of The Tax Code

John Barbour On Greatness...And Feeling Grateful

The Murder Of Nurse Tiffany Dover - Rense Video

NZ Jab Death Data Whistleblower Released

China Introduces Daily Health Checks in Schools
as Respiratory Diseases Spike

Momentum Builds Against WHO’s
Pandemic Treaty Power Grab

NZ Health Service Takes Kevin McKernan’s Entire
Database of Research Worth $200,000

Child Mask Mandates Have No Clear Benefits
and Cause Harm, BMJ Review Finds

FDA investigating CAR-T gene therapy cancer
treatment after reports of patients developing
new cancers after the procedure

Maternal mRNA SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination
Fails to Protect Babies


Holistic mom says state threatened to take her kids
after infant's umbilical cord inaccurately tested positive
for drugs

France puts country on 'high' alert for bird flu

Indonesia’s plan to release 200 million special
mosquitoes to fight dengue in Bali sparks uproar

Get Covid shots for Christmas – Germany

CDC Replaces 'Pregnant Women' With ‘Pregnant
People' In Vaccine Guidance - The Insanity Grows

US Military 'Revises' Post-Vax Myocarditis Stats

Over 50 Indian cough-syrup makers fail quality test

Little Baby Dies Suddenly In Flight

Amazon's AI Chatbot Reportedly Suffering
'Severe Hallucinations'

AI Digital Girlfriend for Shy Young Men...


AI a direct threat to the middle class - Opinion

How US Intel Has Elevated Cybercrime in
Ukraine into a Freedom-Fighting Cult

Twitter (X) Suspends Pro-Life Democrat’s Account
Censors Video Showing Babies Killed in Abortions

Climate Grifters Want $2.4 Trillion Per Year
Much More Taxes To ‘Solve' Global Warming

US is losing the global science race

China's Lander Detects Giant Polygonal
Structures Buried Beneath Mars

Tucker Obliterates John Kerry with
‘Facts’ on Climate Change - Watch

Kerry Stuns Attendees at Climate Summit
with Bizarre Comment on Democracy

Insect Foods Invade Russia And Europe

More Cricket Foods Hop Into Russia And Europe


What Climate Crisis? Private Jet Demand Surges

Rosatom Touts Future of Small Modular
Reactors at COP28

US Joins 21 Other Countries In Pledge
To Triple Nuclear Energy Capacity By 2050

ZOG US National Debt Roars Past $34 TRILLION
...Surpassing $100K per Person

Bezos Move Rocks Communist Seattle To Its Core
Packs Up And Heads To Miami

Remington Closes Up Shop in NY After
200 Years, Heads for More Welcoming Red State

Saxo Bank's Outrageous Predictions for 2024
...RFK Jr as President, oil at $150

Record US oil production is pushing prices down

Russia suggests creating BRICS climatic
agenda discussion mechanism — official

Norway's Parliament Backs Deep-Sea Mining
Plans in Arctic Despite Protests - Reports


If The Fed Cuts, It Will Repeat The 'Cut-First' Errors
Of The 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, And The ‘Ignore
Inflation' Error Of The 1970s

RFK Jr Wins, Oil To $150, & The End Of US Capitalism
...Saxo Unveils 2024 'Outrageous Predictions'

Tesla On Pace To Shatter Delivery
Record In China

China's Debt Binge Spurs Moody’s
To Downgrade Credit Outlook

Hope Dies, Gold Flies

Russian oil price cap has ‘largely failed’

India to become world’s third largest economy

Brits have become much poorer than French

Boris Johnson considered Covid jabs A military
raid on a NATO state

UK Signs New Migration Deal With Rwanda


Those Who Cry "Far Right" Have No I
dea What's Happening In Dublin

Musk Supports Candidacy of MMA Fighter
Conor McGregor for Irish President

Kremlin announces Putin Middle East trip

Putin to discuss Israeli-Palestinian settlement
in UAE, Saudi Arabia — Kremlin aide

Putin to Discuss With UAE, Saudi, Iranian Leaders
States' Accession to BRICS - Kremlin Aide

Russian, Iranian Foreign Ministers Sign
Document on Actions Against Sanctions

Russia, Iran sign declaration to counter
US sanctions — Lavrov

Putin to treat Raisi to lunch at Kremlin,
talks to be lengthy — aide

Putin plays extraordinary role in world
Kremlin spokesman about Time nomination

Moscow still ready for talks with Kiev


Caspian Council Creation to Boost Regional
States' Cooperation Effectiveness - Lavrov

Beijing tells West peace depends on 'one China'

China to boost cooperation with Russia to
combat transborder crime

China Holds Naval Drills in South China Sea
From December 5-6

US 'Maritime Strike' Missiles ‘to Challenge’
China Amid Taiwan Tensions

Former NATO chief urges EU to resist China

Secret Chinese Hotel Located in Columbia
...Safe Haven for Chinese Flowing into US

Brazil’s Lula will invite Putin to G20

No decision made yet on form of Russia’s
participation in G20 summit in Brazil — Kremlin

US condemns only those coups in which it
plays no role - Russian ambassador to Cuba


Washington seeking to turn entire planet into
its 'backyard' — Russian ambassador to Cuba

85+ Dead, 66+ injured in ‘mistaken’ Niger drone attack
Nigerian military airstrike ‘mistakenly’
kills dozens of civilians

As We Told You, US-Israel Are Going To Drive ALL
Palestinians To Either Egypt Or Into Mediterranean
Jewish Army Is Now Flattening South Gaza And Is
Handing Out Weapons ‘Like Candy’ To West Bank
‘Jewish Settlers’ To Use On Palestinian Civilians

Congress Planning To Blackmail Arab Nations To
Force Them To Take In All Palestinians In US-Israel
Ethnic Cleansing Of Gaza AND The West Bank

The US, Not Israel, Is the Main Combatant
in the War Against Gaza

The Massive US-Israeli Slaughter Of Innocent Children
And Entire Families - US Bombs, US Jets, Jewish Pilots
Look Into The Faces Of The Dead - Rense Video

Israel cuts off means of communication In Gaza
Launches US Bombs And Death Across Gaza

Israel suffers heavy losses as resistance targets
it in Gaza

Ex-chief of Israel security service Shin Bet
urges Netanyahu to quit immediately

Israel army blows up main courthouse in Gaza

'Israel' gives WHO 24 hours to remove medical
supplies from south Gaza - This Is Inhuman

WHO says told by Israeli military to leave
southern Gaza warehouse within 24 hours

Mirjana Spoljaric on X - My message from Gaza today

Communication services in Gaza cut off for
fourth time due to Deadly Israeli Aggression


Al-Qassam Brigades destroy 28 Zionist
vehicles in Gaza during past 24 hours

Al-Qassam operation kills 60 Israeli soldiers
With No Air Support, Artillery, Tanks Or High Tech

Lebanese Resistance launches 10 rocket
attacks on Israeli military sites, mobilizations

Palestinian forces reject all attempts to
forcibly displace population of Gaza

Dozens of Palestinians killed, injured due
to Zionist US planes bombardment Of 2 homes

50 Palestinian civilians killed in Zionist-US
bombing of 2 schools of displaced people in Gaza

Israeli troops and tanks enter south Gaza city

Tension mounts on southern front as Lebanon’s
Hamas launches ‘resistance project’

Yemen’s govt warns of massive Houthi
strikes in Shabwa, Marib

Israel considers flooding Gaza tunnels
with seawater

Journalist death toll in Israel-Hamas conflicts
reaches 61, media watchdog confirms


British Merchant Ship Damaged In Houthi Attack

Israel launched more than 100 strikes on Lebanon

US-Israel Bombs Areas of Southern Gaza Where
It Told Palestinians to Flee - this is not human

Palestinians Have Nowhere To Go

Israel DefMin - The Israeli occupation army will storm
the entire Gaza City and the northern part of Gaza until
all Hamas infrastructure is completely destroyed.

Dozens of tanks roll into southern Gaza as
rockets target central Israel, Beersheba

Resistance rocket struck Israeli base suspected
Of housing nuclear arms - NYT

Warmonger Bolton Says US Efforts To Extend Gaza Truce
Are 'Objectively Pro-Hamas’ & Biden Admin 'Scared To
Death Of Left Wing Extremists'

Houthi Attack on Commercial Ships in Red Sea
a Warning to Israel and US - Experts

Israel Expands Ground Operations To
Whole Of Gaza, Seeking 'Total Victory’
(Total Destruction Of Palestinian People)


Israel reoccupies Gaza Strip, Palestinian
Prime Minister says

Safe Corridor in Central Gaza Turned
Into Battlefield - IDF Statement

Zelensky Flying To US To Beg For Money And
Ukraine Bakhmut Front Collapses

Ukraine deal - negotiations fail in US Senate

The White House warned Congress that
funds for Ukraine will soon run out

Russian troops destroy a Ukrainian
ammunition depot in Kharkov region

US to blame Zelensky for all of its failures
before destroying him

Russian Major Gen Zavadsky killed in Ukraine

Foreign companies no longer want to
open arms production in Ukraine

Thermal power plants are failing
throughout Ukraine


capture of a Bradley ATC will allow the Russian
military to find the vehicle’s vulnerabilities

In Simferopol, due to poisoning with an unknown substance, four children died and seven more people were injured

Russians advancing from all axes towards Liman

Russia Answers NATO with the St. Petersburg Army
All Fleets were placed under command of A/GEN
The Navy headquarters is moved to Moscow

Ukraine faces bankruptcy and collapse

Zaluzny asked for 400 billion and 17 million shells
US anger 'What have you done since 2014?'

Russia on way to deafening defeat of NATO - Ukraine is
at the mercy of Putin - Where will Russian Armies stop?

Zelensky failed to prepare Ukraine for war and will
‘pay for his mistakes’, says Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko

Russia sent a robot in Ukraine to transport
wounded soldiers

Democide was responsible for the Mass
Deaths Of The Last Century


Sputnik Correspondent Russell Bentley
Awarded Film Prize

Russian forces hammer Ukrainian troops,
equipment in 107 areas over past day

Russian forces cut off Ukrainian military’s last
supply route near Artyomovsk

Ukraine Loses Up to 300 Soldiers in Donetsk
Area in Past Day

Zelensky trying to directly control army – media

How will Ukraine look after its defeat?

Biden's mental state is rapidly deteriorating
Creeper Joe Is Barely Able To Read Prompter

59% Arkansas voters want paper ballots

America’s 2024 election may be decided by 23
million INVADERS Who Will Be Allowed To Vote!

Marine Corps looking at small drone boats
for spying on vessels


CO School Allegedly Forces 11 Yr Old Girl
Into Same Bed With Boy - This Is Criminal

How the ENGINEERED collapse of western moral
values is fuelling genocide

Muslim leaders in key US swing states launch
'Abandon Biden' campaign for 2024 election

Cosmo Mag Encourages Women to
Have ‘Satanic Abortions’

Bank Records Reveal Hunter Biden’s Company
Authorized Monthly Payments To Joe

Killing Foreigners Is Good For US Business

Biden Admin Withholds Election Integrity Documents
Key To Jeff Clark’s DC Bar Defense

Pentagon believes US defense industry lacks t
he potential for modern weapons production

Black BLM Rioters in Atlanta Who Burnt Down
Wendy’s Get a ‘Whopping' $500 Fine

Do White Ethnic Americans Understand
That They Are Under Attack?


Top Democrat Wants Illegal Migrants to
Be Citizens, Allow Them in Military

US 155mm shell shortage issue Getting Worse

In Blow To Uber, Grubhub & Doordash, Court Rules
Food Delivery Workers Pay Must Be At Least $17.96/hr

Br Nathanael - How Jews 'Get Away With
Murder’ - It Begins with billion$ and trillion$

Br Nathanael - How Jewish Is YouTube? Very!

Japan Restaurant Waitresses Slap Customers In The
Face For About $5 - Even Japan Is rotting - Rense Video

Pharma exec say most drugs don’t
work on most people

WHO’s Pandemic Treaty will only benefit
Big Pharma and billionaires like Gates

An Aviation Disaster in the Making - Rising pilot
incapacitations Worry Many - Just A Matter Of Time

NZ Authorities Arrest & Charge Whistleblower
Who Exposed COVID Vaccine Deaths


Air Force’s Missileer Cancer Study Now Looking
at 14 Different Cancers and Risks at Other Bases

Outbreaks of Pneumonia Are Now Affecting
Children in Multiple Countries

CDC Removes the Term’ Women’ from
New Health Guidance

‘Supernatural’ Actor Mark Sheppard
Suffers ‘6 Massive Heart Attacks'

5.5G - China rolling out the next big thing in
communications technology

US Navy, UK, Australia will test AI system
to help crews track Chinese submarines

Digital IDs Ramping Up in Australia

Over 3,000 car dealers sign letter opposing
Biden’s electric vehicle mandate - EVs ‘are
stacking up on our lots'

WOKE Corporations Creating Genocidal AI
That Will Seek To Exterminate Humanity To
Halt Climate Change - Video

AI is driving Google’s health care business and
Washington doesn’t know what to do about it


US not ready for era of robotic, AI world wars

Drones are the crop-dusters of the future

Ridley Scott Warns AI Will Destroy Humanity

Singapore National AI Strategy 2.0 follows years
of planning, growth in AI sector ‘not by chance’

Musk - Disney Is 'World's Biggest Example
Of Go Woke, Go Broke'

Kremlin critical of provocations, including violation
of China's sovereignty by US ship

What is Russia's Unbeatable Avangard
Hypersonic Weapon?

US to Conduct Hypersonic Missile Tests
With Australia in 2024

Taiwan to Finalize Upgrading 140 US Made F-16s
by Year-End

US May Lose Arms Race With China Due
to Budget Gridlock – Pentagon


Australia Developing 'Secret Cloud Initiative’
Interoperable With US, UK - Intel Chief

Europe In Deep Freeze As Kerry Warns
Of Rampant Global Warming

Hillary Claims 'Extreme Heat' Has Killed Half A Million
People...provides no source (Lies, Lies, Lies)

COP28 President - There Is No Science Behind
Calls For Fossil Fuel Phase Out

Many countries investing in nuclear energy generation
while America LANGUISHES in pursuit of less
capable renewables

1,000 Birds Perish in Chicago Collision Catastrophe
Light Pollution’s Deadly Impact on Migrating Birds

The Kamal Pledges $3 Billion in Taxpayer Funds
to Poor Countries Fighting Phony Climate Crisis

Record US oil output challenges Saudi mastery

United Arab Emirates STOPS
using the U.S. dollar for oil trades

Bitcoin is 150% up, gold flirts with new record


Spotify to cut 1,500 jobs in latest round of layoffs

‘Hardship Withdrawals’ Rise as Americans
Tap into Life Savings.

Gold's Gain Means End of US Dollar-Based
System is Near – Expert

Gold Price Surpasses All-Time High
of $2,100 per Troy Ounce

Gold price hits historic high

Gold and bitcoin spearhead rebellion against dollar

Is Bitcoin Worth Investing After Token Hits
$40,000 First Time Since 2022?

Peter Schiff - Gold Price Breaks Record
With More To Come

Biden draining US strategic crude reserves

US dominating global arms trade


Why Would Markets Believe Any Central Bank
Assurances Ever Again

'Inflation Is Your Fault' And Other Self-Loathing
Liberal Lies

Regulators Hope You Don't Notice The Massive
Hidden Losses In The Banking System

More Americans Tapping Into Retirement
Savings As 'Hardship' Withdrawals Rise

Grinch - Spotify Fires 17% Of Workforce
Before Christmas

Russia’s trade with fellow BRICS country soaring

Dutch rights groups take government to court over arms to Israel
Challenge over delivery of jet components follows reports that Dutch officials approved export despite legal concerns

‘Europeans will succumb to Islam’ – Former top German spy issues new warning as Muslim majority in Europe predicted by 2200

NATO countries have 3 years to prepare for
confrontation with Russia

Germany may have to cut billions to Ukraine
as budget crisis rages


Conor McGregor drops biggest hint
that he will run for president

German judge lets 8 men who gang-raped
girl walk free

Cardinal Muller - 'Mass Immigration is Not About Helping People But About Destroying National Identity'

Less than half of Ukrainians support refusal
to negotiate with the Russian Federation

Orban asks EU to postpone discussion
of Ukraine negotiations

Russia's economy will ensure the
continuation of the military operation

The allocation of €50 billion to Ukraine may
be disrupted due to the strengthening of the
right in the EU

Russia won’t ban abortions - top senator

Putin Says West Demonstrates Political Bias
And Russophobia

Russia faced Russophobia long before
special military op — Putin


Migrants must learn Russian and
respect the law – Putin

Russia to continue playing role in resolving
pressing global problems — Putin

Putin Inspects Soviet-Era 'Nuclear Test Bunker’
Replica in Moscow

Germany suffers most from 'frozen’
relations with Russia — Putin

Putin to visit UAE, Saudi Arabia later this week

Russia praises Algeria's balanced foreign
policy course — Putin

Russia regrets suspension of political,
And cultural ties with Sweden — Putin

Return of beneficial cooperation with South Korea
depends on Seoul...Russia ready — Putin

Putin hopes Russian-British relations will improve

Russia, Turkey having many interesting joint projects — Putin


Taiwan to point US-supplied HIMARS at China

Philippines drops yet another sea gauntlet on China

China opens world’s tallest unmanned veggie farm
as more urban agriculture advancements take root

5.5G - China rolling out the next big thing in
communications technology

Iran Vows Response to Deaths of 2 Military
Advisers in Syria

Tehran Says Received Guarantees on Release
of Funds Frozen in United States

US DoD accepts $582 Mln Airborne
Surveillance System sale to S. Arabia

Corbyn - We are witnessing ethnic cleansing
in Gaza - And No One Will Stop It

UAE signs deal on advanced reactors with Gates’
nuclear company

Former US ambassador accused
of being Cuban spy


Brazil not interested in Russia sanctions

Venezuelans vote to back potential annexation

Moscow strengthens ties with
Sahel countries

Guinea-Bissau witnesses attempted coup

Three African states move to launch federation

As We Have predicted, All Palestinians Are Marked
Oct 7 Israeli docs Found show forced displacement plans
for ALL Pals From Gaza AND West Bank Says Iran

Leaked Israeli Govt Plan - Expel ALL Palestinians
From Gaza And Send Them to Europe & Canada

Israel kills 750 More In 24 hrs as Palestinians Are
forced, under Penalty Of Death, toward Egypt

Israeli bombardment of south Gaza 'worst of
the war right now’ Says UNICEF - (All 100%
Supported By The ‘American’ Government)

Palestinian prisoners in dire conditions - West Bank
arrests skyrocket - Jews Will Expel Or Kill Them All

'Israel' destroyed 80% of rescue vehicles And
equipment in Gaza - The World Does Nothing

Hezbollah hits Israeli target over 3 km away
with guided missile

Israel using AI to identify potential civilian targets
to maximize Palestinian casualties - Report

USS Carney responds to multiple attacks
on commercial ships in Red Sea

US Navy conducts provocative military exercises
off Yemeni coast


Zionist occupation forces arrest 60 Palestinians
from West Bank including former prisoners

Drone Footage Shows Staggering Gaza Annihilation

US drone strike kills five 'pro-Iran' militants in Iraq

Israel pushes Gaza's terrified residents from
one refuge to another - Merciless Horro

Chaos in S Gaza hospitals after new Israeli strikes

Iran warns of 'Israeli war expansion' if war
crimes against Palestinians continue

Video of Iron Dome malfunction goes viral

Reports of violent bombardment in Gaza ‘petrifying’
Says WHO chief...who does nothing To Stop It

Zion’s Hideous Holocaust - 1,000s remain trapped
under rubble in Gaza - Civil defense unit Video

Pentagram chief Austin warns Israel of
‘strategic defeat’ In Gaza


Jews Promise To Destroy South Gaza
The Same As They Massacred The North

US warship, multiple commercial vessels
attacked in Red Sea - Watch For ‘Tonkin' Op

US-Israeli Holocaust In Gaza Tops 15,500

Over 10,000 airstrikes delivered by US-Israel on
Gaza Strip since beginning of hostilities

Israel delivers more strikes on Hezbollah targets
in Lebanon – IDF

At least 37 killed in Gaza’ Khan Yunis
as result of Israeli strike

Israeli UN envoy attacks Soros over
funding ‘pro-Hamas groups’

Key Netanyahu aide reveals ‘security
envelope’ to enclose Gaza

Israeli Military Says Destroyed About 500 Shafts
to Hamas Tunnels in Gaza Since Oct 27

ICC prosecutor pledged to conduct thorough
investigation of crimes in Israel, Palestine


Chuck Baldwin News Flash - Israel is NOT a Jewish state
...it is a Zionist state - Judaism is NOT the Old Covenant
religion of Jehovah - it's the antichrist religion of Pharisees

Ukraine Is On The Brink Of Military Collapse - US-EU
Military Aids Now Down To Near Zero - Military Summary

First Conscripted Uke Teenager Confirmed
KIA - Military Summary Front Analysis

Kyiv admitted the impossibility of increasing its military
power to parity with Russia As More women Are Being
Conscripted And Sent To Die On The Front

'NATO needs to prepare for bad news' Stoltenberg
announced serious problems in Ukraine

Most of Ukraine's military installations were hit

Russia is on its way to victory with a deafening defeat
of US-NATO - Ukraine is now at the mercy of Putin
...Where will the Russian Armies stop?

Russians Advance and Surround Liman – Crush Azov
Forces and Legion Mercenaries - Uke Cmdr Captured

Another Uke suicide attack ends in Mass carnage
One Brigade Lost Over 80% Of Personnel - Uke
Generals Insane - Unsupported, Ill-equipment Troops
Shredded - There is NO Reason For This Slaughter

Zaluzny asked for a new defensive line in Odessa!
This Has Been One Of The Dumbest ‘Wars’ In History


Russian Sniper Rifle Can Now Tackle
Advanced NATO APCs

Russian Su-25 jets strike Ukrainian
targets - Video

Communist O’Biden’s Massive Invasion Of America
GPS Guiding Many Invader Battalions Across
The ‘Border’ Into The US Where They're Given
Everything Imaginable While Americans Starve

Half of Americans under 35 see Hamas attack
as ‘justified by Palestinian grievances’

Biden works to create plausible deniability as
he backs Israel’s Massacre Of Gaza

DC spends $270,000 in tax money to repaint
'Black Lives Matter' on street near White House

Bay Area tech layoffs pass grim milestone
with new Qualcomm job cuts

Tuberville’s Last Stand - One US Senator is Blocking
Hundreds of Regime DEI Nominees from Taking Over
the US Military

The killing of George Floyd was a gigantic LIE that
actually killed Minneapolis, while helping keep us all
at one another's throats - A Must-See

Another Female Athlete Injured by a Biological Male


Watch - All J6 Witness Video Depositions Have
Mysteriously Vanished, Rep Loudermilk Confirms

Biden Pulls Pelosi Out of Mothballs For New
Role Attacking Trump

Trump Is Right, Schools ‘Teach Kids to Hate America’

Communist Democrat SF To Give ‘Guaranteed Incomes’
to All Transgenders And Invaders! Il

Trump Vows To Cancel Biden's Executive
Order 'Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence'

US to ‘quadruple’ shell production – Pentagram

Kissinger & the Americas - How the US Built
Order ‘on The Ashes of Genocide’

US House nearing vote on Biden impeachment
inquiry – speaker

Explaining the Taylor Swift Phenomenon
(Why Bother?)

Religious Figure Claims Taylor Swift Concerts
May Be Drawing Demonic Energy


The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s...
'Look What You Made Me Do'

Br Nathanael - 'Real Jew News' Is Coming Back!

Dark Satire - Mass Murderer Pol Pot Meets with
Hollywood Jewish Producer

Communist DeSantis Joins Communist Hochul In
Signing An OUTRAGEOUSLY Un-Constitutional
Bill That Allows For ANYONE Deemed a ‘Danger’
To Be Arrested, Force-Vaxed And Put In Quarantine
This Means ANYONE Unwilling To Be Injected !!!

CIA, DoD, Rockefeller Fdn Behind The Deagle
Projections - Which Appear Right On Track

First-Ever ‘Self-Amplifying mRNA’ Covid Shot
Is Launched with ZERO Safety Data !!!

The New Zealand Whistleblower - Video

New Zealand Arrests Its Version of Snowdon
who Exposed Deaths by Vaccine

Full-scale medical martial law coming
to America in 2024

23 More Deadly Prion-Promoting Segments Identified
In The ‘Mystery’ Sequence Of The Pfizer BioWeapon


Confirmed - 1 Of 7 Previously Identified Spike Sequences
Targets The Human Prion Protein - A Second Sequence
Targets Amyloid Beta Which Will Lead To Alzheimer’s
Prion Disease Of The Brain Is A Main BioWeapon Goal

Young adults who took 4 COVID vaccines are 256%
more likely to die, especially from TURBO CANCERS

NY Communist Quarantine Camps Are Reinstated
...This is Beyond UnConstitutional

Full-scale medical martial law coming
to America in 2024

New Studies Prove ‘Vaccination' is the greatest
evil in the history of humanity

CIA, DoD, Rockefeller Fdn Behind The Deagle
Projections - Which Appear Right On Track

China plans to unleash mass-produced humanoid
robots to replace human workers in 24 months

Appendix 232 - Targeted Killing - C4ISR And
Net-Centric Electronic Warfare Graphics For TIs
(YOU are a NODE On the Kill Network)

'Halo' Device Coming in 2025 Is Designed
to Induce Lucid Dreams

The Big Bang never happened – so what did?


Scientists Wrong - Tiny Crystals Reveal the Moon
Is Millions of Years Older Than Previously Thought

Next Gingrich Exposes Kerry’s Agenda - ‘Climate
Change’ Is an ‘Elite Ripoff of Everyday Workers’

Iceland Magma dike might have expanded

Thousands of Old Wind Turbine Blades
Pile Up in West Texas

Volcanoes, Iceland and Climate

Washington Post Attack on Nobel Prize-Winning
Climate Sceptic Backfires Spectacularly

IMF chief urges governments to increase
carbon prices, reduce fossil fuel subsidies

New sea spider discovered in Antarctica
breathes through its 1.2-inch legs

Scientists stunned - autopsies of dead camels Show
They're Dying Horrible Deaths From Eating PLASTIC

COP28 president says there's 'no science' in
fossil fuel phase-out calls


Macho Pickup Trucks Dominate US Auto Sales
...$100,000 4x4 To Go To WalMart And Back

What More OPEC+ Cuts Mean for the Market

86% of Canadians are against a digital dollar

Occidental Private Jet Visits Buffett's Hometown
Twice Amid Speculation Of Major Shale Deal

Russia about to become one of the world’s
biggest LNG producers – Gazprom

Just Admit You Were Wrong

New, Recent Homeowners Lose Over $200
In Property Value Each Day

Judge Slams SEC For 'Materially False’ Deception
In Crypto Case, Threatens To Sanction Agency

Tycoon urges Russia to meet US energy
threats head-on

Russian snow crab imports flood Japanese market


Top grocery brands fueling ‘greedflation’ - UK

Woman Discovers $86 Million Unexpectedly
In Bank Account

The initiator of the investigation against Ursula
von der Leyen was found dead at work

Ex-FBI Agent Tells Vivek Ramaswamy to ‘Be
Careful’ in Ominous Warning – Watch

Canada Now Euthanizing Dozens of Citizens Daily

COP28 president claims there is ‘no science’
behind calls to phase out fossil fuels

German city paralyzed by heavy snowfall

Vucic says Serbia Clearly remembers NATO
attacks of 1999

Over 2,500 Trucks Stuck at Ukrainian-Polish
Border Amid Strike by Carriers - Border Guard

EU needs its own nuclear weapons – ex-German FM


The Dublin Riots & BLM – A Comparison
Of Reactions

Germany Infiltrated By 'Economic Migrants’ Abusing
An Asylum System, Claims Country's Ex Top Judge

Number Of UK Kids Put On Puberty Blockers
Doubles Despite NHS Promising To Stop

US SecDef revealed ‘military secret’ - Medvedev

The US wants to sow chaos, because it
would lose in a world with order

How Russia Massively Expanded its
Missile Stockpiles Ready for a Winter of War

Russia Toasts Unrivaled Nuclear-Powered
Icebreaker Fleet

Progress MS-25 Cargo Spacecraft Docks
At ISS - Roscosmos

Whys is Russia Interested in Delivering
Grain to African Nations?

S Korea F-35 Junk hit an eagle, 300 parts damaged
Including fuselage and engine - Plane Cost $85 Million
...Repairs Will Cost $108 Million!


US combat ship illegally enters territorial
waters in South China Sea

The US plans to deploy cruise missiles
in the Indo-Pacific region

World’s Longest Ranged Air-to-Air Missile (China)
...Why it May Undo America’s War Plans

ISIS claims responsibility for deadly
Philippine bombing

200 J-20s for PLAAF, China has only
150 stealth jets fewer than The US

Lukashenko arrives in Beijing for talks with Xi

At least 14 aftershocks registered in the
Philippines after Saturday’s earthquake

China Deploys Unmanned Helicopters
for Maritime Surveillance

Iraqi Resistance carries out drone
attacks on US bases in Iraq, Syria

Iraqi Resistance vows to expel US
forces from Iraq, mourns 5 fighters


Israeli security chief in recording vows
to hunt down Hamas abroad

Experts are talking about a possible clash between
Egyptian and Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip

Iran Says Two IRGC Members Killed by
Israeli Airstrikes in Damascus, Syria

Indonesia’s Marapi volcano erupts and
blankets nearby villages with ash

11 climbers killed as Indonesia volcano erupts
…Some survivors found

Nicaraguan Regime Continues to Imprison Catholic
Bishop for Speaking Against Human Rights Violations

Netanyahu threatens total destruction of Lebanon
if Hezbollah continues escalation

Turkish president calls on ICC to hold ‘butchers
of Gaza' accountable, particularly Netanyahu

‘Not an inch’ of Gaza is spared by Israeli strikes
after truce ends - Jewish forces have killed over
250 Palestinians since Friday

In one Zionist massacre in Shujaiya over
50 buildings Were hit - Hundreds Of Dead

WHO dubs Gaza hospitals 'horror movie’ even
before US-Isreal resumed aggression

Hezbollah intensifies attacks on Israeli military sites

Almost TWICE the total tonnage of the Hiroshima
atomic bomb has already been dropped on Gaza
by US-Israel – that’s why the place looks NUKED

Over 300 Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation
massacre in Just one Gaza’s neighborhood

Zionist enemy renew bombarding towns
And villages south of Lebanon

Israeli offensive shifts to crowded southern Gaza
driving up death toll despite evac orders - The Goal
Is To Drive Pals Into Egypt...Or The Mediterranean


‘Nothing like we have seen before’ - medics describe
Gaza injuries on UAE evacuation flight

Israeli strike destroys prestige Qatar-funded
Gaza complex

Israel newspaper - Netanyahu wants to reduce
Gaza Palestinians to the lowest possible number

US Has Given Israel 200 Bunker-Buster
Bombs Since October 7 For The US-Israel
War On Gaza

Israeli AI 'Assassination Factory' Plays
Central Role In Gaza War

Over 100 People Killed in Israeli Strike on
Refugee Camp in Northern Gaza

Death toll in Gaza exceeds 15,000

Israeli military strikes back at Hezbollah
targets in Lebanon - press service

Mossad chief recalls negotiators from Qatar
on Netanyahu’s order

I lived through two Israel-Gaza wars
This one is the worst


Turkey to do everything for ICC to punish
Israel for Gaza genocide - Erdogan

Too many civilian deaths in Gaza, Israel must
respect humanitarian law — Borrell

Israel needs to more precisely define its Gaza
goals, besides Hamas elimination - Macron

Jerusalem Post, Benny Shapiro Push 'Crisis Actor’
Conspiracy Theory Claiming Dead Palestinian
Baby is a 'Doll'

Pentagon chief Clown Austin - US will not allow
Hamas To Win In Gaza Or Russia In Ukraine

US Needs Gaza War To Destabilize BRICS

Military Summary Analysis Of Zelensky’s Madness
Full Report On Tightening The Avdiivka Noose

Kiev Mayor Is Now Openly Backing Zaluhzny

Zelensky has devolved into authoritarianism
(A Tyrant Dictator) Says Kiev mayor

Zelensky only wants to hold elections if
General Zaluzhny does not take part!


Zaluzhny vs. Zelensky - Top Ukrainian General
Surpasses President in Approval Rating

Zelensky collapses in war council, Orders retreat and
construction of defensive fortifications across the country
To save what is left of it - New Zelensky-Zaluzny Clash

NATO imposes naval blockade on Gulf of Finland and
Kaliningrad - 70,000 NATO troops around Russian enclave
Baltic on track for full-scale conflict - NATO even simulated
occupation of Russian territories

Russia will take Odessa from Ukraine in 2024

IAEA - Zaporozhye NPP disconnected from
external power source at night

Russian Air defense forces shoot down two
Ukrainian missiles over the Sea of Azov

Ritter - Ukraine Will NEVER Be Part Of The Alliance

How attack drones can help assault troops of
the Russian Armed Forces in urban battles

Russian Pilots in the air defense zone will be
taught to use “smart bombs”

The Russian Aerospace Forces begin mass
training of Su-34 pilots in the use of aerial bombs


Russian troops advance in Marinka and Avdeevka

The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost 300,000 Killed Due
To Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate with Russia

2024 Presidential Primaries Begin With The Iowa
Caucuses On Jan 15, Then New Hampshire Jan 23

Every Invader will need a home...or a govt-Forced
Roommate for That Empty Bedroom In Your Home

Biden works to create plausible deniability
as he backs Israel’s assault on Gaza

US is Absolutely run by Israel’s proxies

The Same 'Sociopathic Overlords' Organizing the
Border Invader Crisis Are Behind the Ukraine War

Over One-Million Non-Citizens Since 2020
Were Issued Drivers Licenses and IDs in FL

Invaders Landing on Beach Near Homes
of Hollywood Celebrities And Elites - Watch

Dem Communists Apparently Destroyed J6
Commission Witness Testimony


The Only American Hamas Released Has Aunt Who
Bought Hunter Biden’s ‘Art Work’ & Donated to 'Big Guy'

Deep State Controlled Demolition of America

Maryland Police Defiantly Enforce Strict Handgun
Law The Court Has Ruled To Be Unconstitutional

Crime Is Skyrocketing in America...
Lying by the Numbers on Both Sides

Weird Fetterman Becomes More Conservative
As He Regains Brain Function

Kari Lake’s Request to Examine Ballot
Envelopes Rejected by Judge

US wants to push Russia out of Europe

Trump-Carlson Is the Golden Ticket

The girl who was supposed to 'destroy Trump’
just changed her story...

Texas Gets One Step Closer to Leaving US


California exodus - record number of people
are fleeing the Golden State to Florida

Federal Judge Blocks Effort to Stop Biden Regime
From Cutting Wire Border Barriers in Texas

VA Under Fire for Treating Invaders
While Delaying Care for Veterans

Ex-Capitol Police Officer Promises to Blow
the Lid Off the Jan. 6 ‘Cover-Up’

'Two Words...Tucker Carlson’ - Greg Gutfeld
Gores Fox After Musk Blasts Activist Advertisers

House Passes Bill To 'Permanently Freeze’
(Steal) $6 Billion In Iranian Funds

O'Biden's Sickening Push to Let Invaders Live
in National Parks Using Federal Funds Results in
House GOP Block

CBP Whistleblower Alleges 'Problematic Practices’
And ‘Substandard' Health Care For Migrants In Custody

A Crime Against Humanity...

Tranny Winner of Women's Half-Marathon Revels In
Rubbing Competitors Faces in His Dominant Victory


Big George Floyd - Song Parody

They Lied to You About Hitler - The Most Hated Man
In History Was Also The Most Loved By Those Who
Knew The Truth Of The Miracles He Achieved

Denver Health Center Gives First Shots Of Ebola
‘Vax’ - Only 11 Cases In US Ever - 10 From Africa
So, Why An Unproven ‘Vax’?...Sound Familiar?

More Pilots Disabled And Dying On The Job!

Pentagon data shows heart failure spiked
nearly 1,000% among Military pilots in 2022

Makis - mRNA In Pregnancy - Fetuses Have Been
Developing Turbo Cancers - Hidden Horrors

Makis - False Obituaries Being Written To Water
Down The Avalanche Of Died Suddenly Cases

20% of NZ ‘Vaccinated’ Population Have Died

'Leaked NZ Whistleblower Data’ Is Analyzed...
has huge gaping holes in it and may be doctored

UK data reveals young people are DYING of cancer
at ‘explosive' rates


Studies confirm that a high sugar diet is
correlated with an increased risk of CANCER

Whistleblower calls for WEF founder Schwab
to be Arrested For 'crimes against humanity'

New CDC Mouth, Little Mandy Cohen, Defends
Vaccine Mandates And School Closures

Republican Senators Urge Immediate Travel
Restrictions Amid Concerns Over Beijing’s
Mystery Respiratory Illness

Dethroning of Human Intelligence Coming Soon

China to meet AI market demand with local chips

An AI boost for developing new materials

Facebook turns a blind eye to child trafficking
and paedophiles

Tucker Carlson reveals the secret behind
Fox News and how hosts are kept in line

Stethoscopes may be replaced by AI laser cam


Wigington - Climate Engineers Cooling Off The US
To Be Followed By A Big Warmup

Kerry Announces US to ditch All coal-fired
Power Plants By 2035...

Trannysaurus Rex - Idiot, Moron Woke Academics
Busy Queering Legendary Dinosaurs

5.7 Quake hits Bangladesh

Powerful 7.6 quake Hits off Mindanao
island in the southern Philippines

Biden’s EPA launches crackdown on
planet-warming methane - Insanity

WEF and UN think tank wants to reduce
births worldwide by 81 percent

Italy's Mount Etna begins spewing ash, lava

Nevada residents need $13,300 more
just to live like they did 2 Years Ago

Russia is the second largest LNG supplier to EU


Guyana is about to lose 60% of its territory and
there is nothing we can do - it certainly will affect us

Private Jets Headed To Global Warming
Conference 'Literally Frozen On Runway'

Never Mind Bogus Measures Of Inflation -
Purchasing Power Is What Counts...And
It Is Quickly Decaying

EU steps up imports of Russian nuclear fuel

Germany has no time to discuss EU budget

Central banks risk plunging developed world
into recession – OECD

60% Of Americans Report Their Income
Does Not Keep Up With Inflation

Boeing Drops Out Of USAF's 'Doomsday’ Replacement
Plane Competition - Won’t Sign Fixed-Price Contract

Biggest Snowfall On Europe Since 2010 - Image

EU Doubles Down on ‘Green’ Energy
Transition at UN Climate Summit


King Charles Demands $5 Trillion per Year
to Advance WEF’s ‘Net Zero’ Quackery

Give weapons-industry money to the hungry
...Pope Francis

Why Rheinmetall’s Proposed Armored Vehicle
Production in Ukraine is Infeasible

Germany wants to give less to EU war chest

‘Ukraine Is A Bottomless Pit’ - German MP
Slams Kiev's Soaring Demands

German newspaper fires journalist for
‘love Russia’ book

Orban Protects Europe by Preventing It
From Wasting Money on Ukraine

Leaning Italian tower facing sudden collapse

UK Pours Over $100 Billion a Year Into Top 1%

Young European voters flocking to ‘far right’


Children of liberal parents more likely to have
mental issues – study

Lavrov explains Russia's position on the Gaza war

New nose and spin axis math improves
the MLRS rocket – Russia

Russian AF gets new, improved Su-30SM2
and a batch of Yak-130

Ivan Timofeev - Western sanctions against
Russia have failed - What's next?

Pyongyang threatens to neutralize US satellites

US arms industry struggling to keep up with China

Engine fire believed behind latest, deadly
Osprey crash off Japan

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake hits off Philippines

N Korea warns US of conflict red line


Game-changer - Iran’s acquisition of Su-35
fighter jets is bad news for its enemies

Iran’s top commander kicks off 3 day visit to Iraq

Yemen witnesses armed popular parade...
addresses warning message to Washington

India Names first female naval commanding officer

Russia to Ship 200,000 Tons of Grain to Africa

Russia is a 'Reliable Partner' That Keeps Its
Promises By Sending Grain to Africa

Even The Zionist NYT States That Israel KNEW
About The Hamas Attack Plan A YEAR In Advance
Israel Condoned And Allowed The Entire Event

Israel admits its military killed 100s of Its Own
Israeli citizens at October 7 music festival

Zion Keeps Saying Palestine Didn’t Exist Before
It Was Occupied - This Is A Huge Lie - Here Are
Pages About Palestine From A 1929 Encyclopedia

Israeli Hostage's 'Lack of Makeup' Presented
as Evidence of 'Hamas Abuse’ - HILARIOUS
The Botoxed Lips Have shrunk to near normal
& the hog ring In her nose isn’t apparent Now

CNN report claiming sexual violence on 10-7
relied on non-credible witnesses, some with
undisclosed ties to Israeli govt

Israel’s Gaza onslaught is the next stage of the
Dahiya Doctrine - Zionist Leaders Have Told Us
Collective Punishment Is Israel’s Official Policy

Jews And US Kill 178 More, 589 Wounded
In Gaza as Israel resumes Holocaust

Hezbollah conducts five attacks on Israeli sites
in support of Gaza

Senior Israeli lawmaker declares 'we are too humane’
...calls on Israel to 'burn Gaza now'

Three killed in Zionist shelling of So. Lebanon


Hezbollah resumes war with ‘Israel' in
support of Palestine

Al-Qassam Brigades bomb 'Tel Aviv’
with missile barrages - Video

Palestinian resistance launches military ops against
enemy forces, bombards settlements with rockets

Israel bans trucks with Humanitarian aid from
entering Gaza through Rafah crossing

Israeli AI ‘Assassination Factory’ Plays
Central Role in Gaza War

Why Israeli claims have no credibility
outside of the West

Hamas Leader Threatens Israel - Oct 7
‘Was Just a Rehearsal’

Renewed US-Zionist Bombing thrusts Palestinians
between mortal danger and mass displacement

US Sent Israel 15,000 Bombs Since October 7
The transfer has included thousands of 2,000 lb
bombs that have been used to devastate Gaza.

Israel Planning for Gaza War To Last Over a Year
One source said 'This will be a very long war...
We’re currently not near halfway to achieving our objectives.”


Times of Israel Writer Lays Out Why He And Other
Israelis 'Couldn't Care Less’ About Dead Palestinians
And Want 'War Without Mercy'

Anadolu cameraman killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza
Doctors Couldn’t Save Him Over Lack Of Supplies

Lavrov urges Israel not to forget rules of war
in fight to 'destroy Hamas’ - Saying ‘Please’
To Israel Show’s Who is In Control

Israel planning global Murder campaign

Russians Captured Marinka And Timkova
Massive Human Losses By Ukes To Date
Military Summary Analysis And Video

Ziolensky admitted that he hears voices in
the West about the need for negotiations

Ukraine plans to increase the production of
missiles and weapons

Zelensky announced a new phase of the conflict
with Russia with the beginning of winter. According
to him, the fighting is moving to the city streets.

Zelensky - I am pleased that we are not retreating

Losses of Ukrainian armed units during the
'Counter-offensive’ exceeded 125,000 Humans


Rats the size of AK-47s and grimy mud
...Winter comes to Ukraine war

Russian army about to take Marinka
Ukes to lose another city in Donbass

Western companies ready to turn Ukraine
into A toxic Chemical burial ground

Putin Orders the Russian Military to Add
170,000 Troops for Total of 1.32 Million

Uke Spy Agency Claims It Staged Explosions
on a Russian Railroad in Siberia

Desperation in Kiev, power outages in 492 places

Kiev Mutiny - Zaluzny-Moscow Talks on Uke Surrender

Ukrainian collapse in Donetsk - Lightning Russians attack
also took Bogdanovka & are moving towards Chasiv Yar

Marinka, The impregnable Uke fortress Has Fallen
The Russians took the city and raised their flag

Russia deploys 460 Pion and Tyulpan
self-propelled guns in Ukraine


Zelensky’s bride does not want her husband
to run for new presidential term

West is Going to Drop Bombshell on Ukraine
and Destroy Zelensky - Whistleblower

Zelensky's Fortification Frenzy Won't Alter
Russia's Strategy

Zelensky asks West for weapons cash
on credit

US Delivery of Longer-Range Rockets to
Ukraine Pushed Back to 2024

Trump can be sued for Capitol riot, court rules

O'Biden Gives Israel License to Massacre Palestinians
No Conditions on Weapons of Death
Israel has been bombing Gaza at a pace not seen in global conflicts or wars since WWII or Vietnam

Invaders And Immigrants Now a Record
15% of US Population

Cost of Border Invasion greater than annual
gross domestic product of 15 States

70+ arrested in sex trafficking ring
200+ victims identified


Hate Crime Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Is Going
Back to Jail After Losing His Appeal

Former Mob Boss Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano
Blasts Biden's 'Treason’ And Other Scandals

FBI Dragged Catholic Family From Home at
Gunpoint Over 15 Year Old Son’s Memes

Our Government Colludes With Big Tech
Making A Farce of Free Speech Rights

Jan 6 Committee Depositions Have Been
Destroyed, Reveals Congressman.

Woke prosecutors push a sweet deal for BLACK
man who brutally murdered his white girlfriend
—simply because he’s black…

Father says teen daughter suffered a concussion
from spike By transgender (MALE) volleyball player
that knocked her out For The entire season
John Turscak, Former FBI Informant, Stabbed
Derek Chauvin 22 Times in Prison

IRS Warns Taxpayers That Hiring Of
Tax Enforcers Will 'Ramp Up' Soon

Rogan - Democrats Have 'No Cards To Play’
For 2024, Except Imprisoning Trump

Politics Is Never Having To Say You're Sorry
Mayorkas Refuses Apologize To Del Rio Agents


Biden Shifting Away From 'Bidenomics’ Talk
As Public Remains Skeptical On Economy

Santos Expelled From Congress On Third Try

‘Presidential' DeSantis Dominates Debate With
‘Glib' Newsom But, Watch Out, He's Coming

UK Health Security Head Admits Use Of
Face Masks Was Never 'Evidence Based’
(Masks Work - It’s A Matter Of Hard Science)

Children All Over The United States Are Starting
To Develop 'White Lung Syndrome’ (Snyder)

23 Prion-Promoting Segments In The
‘Mystery’ Sequence In The Pfizer BioWeapon

GOP senators urge Biden admin to restrict
US-China travel over new mysterious illness

More ‘Names’ Get Turbo Cancer -
No One Says The Obvious

FBI, CDC refused to investigate Chinese biolab
in CA despite repeated requests by federal
and local officials

Young Tennis Player Suddenly Collapses
during Press Conference – WATCH


5G alert - People in Trent, Italy bleeding from their noses

WEF Bureaucrat Calls for Military to Inject The Public

Auto Dealers Oppose Switch to (Junk) EVs

China to meet AI market demand with local chips

YouTube Bans Br Nathanael's ‘Bible With Brother’

What Is the Likelihood of an EMP Attack? - There Is
Reason to Believe This May Be Our Biggest Threat

Anonymous airline pilot exposes chemtrail
operation in the UK

German Grid Regulator Plans to Spread
Clean Energy Costs Across All Regions

Japan pledges to end construction of
new unabated coal plants

Iceland - The speed of the land rise is great


Thousands of wells contaminated near US bases

Beef Company CEO - 'The Climate Change
Argument Against Cows Is Garbage and We
Will Not Comply'

US Steel closes Illinois furnace ‘indefinitely’
warns 1,000 of layoffs

Bank Acquisitions Coming

Biden declares inflation ‘over’
orders companies to lower prices

Rothschild Wants Merger Between Corporations,
Governments And AI To 'Save Capitalism'

The shale revolution 2.0 in the US
ended before it even began

Pfizer Tumbles After Dropping Weight Loss Pill

China helps BRICS partner South Africa
solve power outages – media

OPEC+ Agrees Major Oil Production Slash
as Brazil Is Set to Join the Cartel


India’s appetite for Russian oil growing

German Junk Electric Vehicle Industry Stalling
Amid Charging Stations Crisis

German car industry concerned by Ukraine
blockade one

US Boat Sales Set To Sink To Decade Low

Full-Blown Revolution in Ireland?
Overthrow of Govt?

'Irish Lives Matter' graffiti investigated
as 'hate crime' – police

German President Left Waiting In Hot Sun
...Ignored On Arrival In Qatar - Watch

Entire Board Of Major UK Charity
Sacked For Being White

Canada Begins Replacing Meat with
Insects for Public Consumption

Spanish PM - Israel ‘systematically’ occupying
Palestinian territories


Direct-Action Targets UK Firms Arming Israel

how Russian troops defend themselves
from enemy drones

US Adds Three More Shippers to Russian
Sanction List over Oil Price Cap

How Russia Massively Expanded its Missile
Stockpiles Ready for a Winter of War

How the USSR first reached Mars
And showed it to the world

Blinken, Borrell fled OSCE Ministerial Council
meeting like cowards - Lavrov

Ukraine peace ‘takes two to tango’ - Lavrov

Lavrov sheds light on West's plan to set up
military bases in Black Sea, Sea of Azov

US-centric world coming to end - Kremlin

De-escalation on Korean Peninsula
undermined by US military posturing — Russian diplomat


Germany’s shutdown of consulates part of
course to cut relations with Moscow

Russia’s 15th Launch in One Year: Progress
MS-25 Soars to ISS From Baikonur

Lukashenko urges West to use money it
wastes on wars to better environment

EU now exhibiting even stricter top-down r
egimentation than NATO - top Russian diplomat

No alternative to UN for now - Russian envoy

Russia removes control of major airport
from foreign shareholders

Russia’s army to add some 170,000 people
to its ranks – presidential decree

Ukraine Lost Over 125,000 People and
16,000 Weapons Over Six Months - Shoigu

WATCH Russian kamikaze drone
destroy Ukrainian warplane

Watch Russian Drone Eliminate German
made Ukrainian Leopard 2A4 Tank


Suspect in ‘Ukrainian terrorist train attack’ detained

Smartmatic Voting Machines Banned
in the Philippines!

China simulation targets and defeats B-21 stealth

Philippines Opens New Base on Remote Island
Plans to Expand US Joint Patrols

China's Building an Epic Underwater Data
Center With The Power of 6 Million PCs

US Struggling to Finance MidEast Military Surge
Budget Crisis Threatens Pentagon Supply Chains

Rocket Targets US Base in Syria
The attack on Wednesday was the first on US forces in Syria or Iraq since the Gaza truce took effect

Latin America On Edge As VZ's Maduro Holds
Vote Whether To Invade Oil-Rich Neighbor Guyana

Somalia receives free wheat from Moscow

Russian ships loaded with free grain have
started reaching Africa


Russia Leads Way for Global South by
Providing Grain for Africa

Shimatsu - Henry Kissinger Was A Paragon Of
Machiavellian Persuasion With A Shortfall Of Morality

Russia’s Supreme Court Designates The ‘International
LGBT Movement' As An Extremist Organization
(How About ‘Terrorist’ For Its War On Children…)

Israel has a long, horrible history of taking
Palestinian children captive

The Horrors Of Jewish ’Safe Passage’ For Palestinians
On Salah -al-Din Street - ‘They (The IDF) shot her son in
her arms and forced her to throw his body’

Will the Israelis perpetrate a clandestine
9/11-style terrorist attack in the US?

Radicalizing Jews to support genocide

Satanic Jewish Inhuman Hate - Israeli stabs pregnant
Palestinian woman to death - Warning Graphic

UN Security Council Debates Catastrophe in Gaza

Report Details How Israel Intentionally Targets
Palestinian Civilians in Gaza

Israel has destroyed over 60% of houses in Gaza


NYT: Israel Had Hamas's Attack Plan For Over a Year

Israeli Hostage's Lack of Makeup Presented
as Evidence of Hamas Abuse

Released Ahed Tamimi says women in Israel's jails
are beaten, left with no water or clothes

IDF says it has renewed combat in Gaza - Says
‘Hamas violated the ceasefire’ - (Sure Thing)

Netanyahu To Blinken Vows 'Nothing Will
Stop Us' From Destroying Hamas

Hamas military wing claims responsibility
for Jerusalem attack

Israeli spies exposed in Iran - Palestinian militant official

Butler - Are American Evangelists Ready to Follow
the Zionists to Armageddon?

'I'm wounded, help!’ - Wounded Female Uke Conscript Yells
In Trench - Pure Evil Zelensky Sends Women To Die
By The Score In WW1 Suicide Trench Warfare - Video

Ritter - Interview with the Head of the DPR


Zelensky postpones raising the draft age to 27

Zelensky Admits Ukraine May Never Join NATO

Zelensky admitted Ukraine will not join NATO

Zelensky - It will be difficult for Ukraine to return Donbass

Putin calls last year’s attack on Nord Stream
pipelines an Act Of Terrorism - Clearly

World Bank grants $1.2 Billion loan to Ukraine

Canada, US Mercs destroyed near Avdiivka

The Russian army successfully broke through
Uke defenses in Khromovo

Russian Forces Pray to Archangel Michael Before
Crushing Ukrainians and Taking Chromovy

Watch Russian Troops Deploy 'Linguists' to
Encourage Ukrainian Soldiers to Surrender


Two Nuclear Submarines Handed Over to Russian Navy

Moscow dislikes new NATO-Ukraine
cooperation program, says Kremlin

Ukraine may never join NATO – Zelensky

Ukraine won’t accept NATO compromise deal

NATO Refusing Ukrainian Membership as
Alliance Has ‘No Power to Confront Russia’

Ukraine Loses Up to 270 Soldiers in Donetsk Just
The Past Day

Ukrainian Authorities Prepare People For Truce
With Russia - Expert

Zelensky-Zaluzhny Spat 'Tempest in a Teapot’
Concealing Ukraine's True Masters

The American Constitutional Republic Is at Great Risk
of Collapsing to Globalism & China (That’s The PLAN)

Media’s 2024 Pitch To America - Be Poor Because
Democracy Depends On It


Riverside County CA Caught Providing Doctored
Sets of Dominion Election Related Documents in
Public Record Request

Biden Crime Family Connected to China & the Mob

Joe Biden Appears To Threaten Worker With
Nuclear Annihilation

White-Man-Bad Theme Is Wrong Again - Young KC Chiefs
Fan Smeared for Wearing ‘Black Face’ Is Native American

NC High School Mob Attack, One Dead, Self-Defender
Charged with Murder (Video)

CA Regulations and Gas Taxes Cause High
Gas Prices, Not Greedy Oil Companies

Pelosi’s daughter explains the need for 24/7
media psyop to push false J6 narrative

NYC Mayor Adams DEFUNDS POLICE (!) rolls out
various austerity measures to spend on INVADERS

Biden Wants to Deny Federal Funds to
Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

House GOP Bill Proposes to Defund Planned


94 Yr Old Veteran Kicked Out of Nursing Home
Replaced by Invaders!

The Kamal Promises To Tell Americans If There Is
a 'Problem' with Joe Biden...'If Necessary'

Supreme Court Blocks Protection of Children Act!

Ramaswamy - ‘The Woke Regime Is A Hostile
Occupying Power’ Like In Vichy France

Biden’s Wide Open Border - Record 50 Million
Invaders Now in The US - Yet No One Says ’Treason'

Dozens of Seniors Evicted from NYC Nursing
Home to Make Way for Invaders

‘Woke’ Defense Department DEI education official’s
books now in one third of Pentagon schools

A Century of Barbarism Is Upon Us

Biden White House Dictated Censorship
Demands Under ‘Misinformation' Canard

Elon Musk’s Power as Geopolitical Arbiter Signals
‘Decay’ of US State


Trump Gag Order Reinstated By NY Appeals Court

Indicted Virginia Election Official 'Altered
Election Results'

Wall Street leaders oppose both Biden and Trump

Wooldridge - Has America Become TOO Big
To Solve Its Own Problems?

10 US Banks Begin Testing ‘Digital Currency’
to Completely Replace Cash

N Korea rules out talks with ‘double-faced’ US

Putin sends condolences on death of Kissinger
calls veteran diplomat 'wise, far-sighted'

Putin, Kissinger talked at length about Russia
And US future — Kremlin

Kissinger's Controversial Legacy

Remembering Henry Kissinger


Slick Moderna TV ‘Vax’ Ad Turning Reality Upside
Down - Calls Its BioWeapon Injection ’Spike Vax’
As If It Is A ‘Defender’ AGAINST Spike When It
CAUSES It! Shameless, Premeditated MURDER

Now DENMARK battles surge in same type of
'white lung syndrome' pneumonia sparking
fears in China - after Netherlands warned of
alarming spike in cases

New COVID Variant Spreading In US...
Experts Explain Risks (Or Lack Thereof)

TX Sues Pfizer for Lying about ‘Vaccine’ Effectiveness
and Conspiracy to Censor Discussions

COVID mRNA 'Vax' May Cause Long-Term Heart
Damage Even in People With No Symptoms

WHO, Gates release millions of GMO mosquitoes
in 13 countries - Get it yet?

Iceland Bans Covid mRNA Shots as
Sudden Deaths Skyrocket

Fauci Summoned to Be Grilled by
GOP-Led House for First Time

Meet Aitana López, sultry Spanish influencer, 25, who
has taken the modeling industry by storm and who is
ENTIRELY AI-generated - Look

West politicizes artificial intelligence, Russian diplomat says


AI popstar Anna Indiana is ridiculed for her first single
...do YOU think it deserves the hate?

UN Launches Gates-Funded Global Digital ID
as Experts Warn of ‘Totalitarian Nightmare’

Court document claims Meta knowingly
designed its platforms to hook kids

X ordered to turn over info on users
who interacted with Trump

Time To Boycott Elon's Boycotters

From Backpack Drones to Plane-Sized
Behemoths - 5 Cutting Edge UAVs of 2023

Biden admin imposes new ‘climate change’
emissions rule

UK Super Magnets For Nuclear Fusion Reactors

Study warns about climate change
misinformation during extreme weather

EVs Are Less Reliable Than Gasoline Cars


Scientists Discover a Stunning River
of Stars Flowing Through Space

UN Chief Boards Private Jet Immediately after
Demanding Complete ‘Phaseout’ of Fossil Fuels

COP28 puts spotlight on state oil giants

COP28 summit in Dubai approves agreement
to create new special climate change damages fund

Humanity experiencing climate collapse

Nuclear Energy - The New 'Sociopath-Approved
Solution to Climate Change!

AI helps detect plastic waste in sea

Rice Nears 15 Yr High As Global Food Crisis
'Much Worse Than 2008'

Over 96,000 tons of Russian fertilizers
remain blocked at European ports

Milei picks ex-JPMorgan trader to dollarize
Argentina’s economy


US Clean Energy Stocks Have Lost $30 Billion
In Value In The Last 6 Months

OPEC+ Agrees On 1 Million Bpd Additional Oil
Supply Cut, Alongside Extension Of Saudi
1 Million Bpd Cut - Brazil To Join OPEC+

Saudi Arabia extends 1 million bpd
voluntary cuts until Q1 2024

Angry Citizens Are Losing Patience With Monetary
Frameworks That Enrich Those Closest To
The Money Printer

IRS Responds To Rumors Of 'Fourth Stimulus
Check' Coming In November

Marc Faber - Inflation Is Here To Stay

Germany's Unemployment Rate Peaks
at 5.9% - Record High in Years

Russian unemployment hits historical low

UK banking giant Barclays axing staff
before Christmas

‘Woke’ funds funnel $5 trillion into arms industry


World laughing at Germany’s leaders – Putin

Germany's Baerbock Accused of 'Driving Europe
Into Abyss' For 'Ukraine’s Future Lies in EU' Claim

Germany warns against ‘fatal’ Ukraine fatigue

Russia bans ‘LGBT movement’

Church applauds Russian LGBT ban

Politico acknowledges RT’s online clout

Slovakian Truckers To Block Ukrainian Border

Germany’s Uniper Says Europe Needs More LNG

First all-Spanish submarine S-81 was
delivered to the Spanish fleet

Finland builds double reinforced fence on
border with Russia, closes all border crossings


Another UK city effectively declares bankruptcy

Irish government asked social media to
censor posts during Dublin riots

French Jews hiding their names – Le Figaro

US, EU sanctions war against Russia
'shut door' on cooperation — Lavrov

Lavrov calls attempts to fast-track EU
admission of Zelensky-run Ukraine shameful

OSCE is ‘on the brink of abyss’ – Lavrov

Poland to boycott OSCE meeting over
Russian presence

The US will do everything it can to keep
its global domination

Russia's Supreme Court bans LGBTQ activism

Ukraine produces 50,000 FPV drones
per month, Russia 300,000


It took Russia eight years to build
K-564 Arkhangelsk nuclear sub

Vast Majority of Russians Still Back
War Effort in Ukraine

'Malicious Stupidity of Russophobes’ - Moscow
Slams Bulgaria Over Denying Diplomatic Overflight

Refusing to talk to Russia ‘dangerous’
– Austria

Lavrov, top Hungarian diplomat discuss Ukraine issue
— Russian MFA

Lavrov talks to Austrian foreign minister in Skopje
— Russian MFA

Hungary to oppose Ukraine’s EU membership,
more aid to Kiev — official

Moldova wants Russian troops out of Transnistria
— top diplomat

Moldova 'next victim' in West’s hybrid war
against Russia — Lavrov

Kim Jong Un’s daughter has a new lofty title


S Koreans Want Their Own Nukes Which Could