Headlines 2023

Russia summons US diplomats over Biden
aide statement On Crimea

Ukraine Army Falling Apart - Shooting the Officers
Who order them into no-win battle - Turner

China envoy calls for Ukraine ceasefire,
leaving Russia in possession of new regions

Talks with Ukraine impossible as long
as Zelensky regime in power - Medvedev

Peace between Russia, Ukraine possible
if ‘they can talk to each other’ — Pope

Kiev regime must cease to exist – Medvedev

US economy will not collapse, it would be
detrimental to Russia — Medvedev

US Develops Biological Weapons in Ukraine
...Russian Defense Ministry

US studied Ukrainian soldiers blood for
deploying NATO contingent in Ukraine

‘Wanted’ notices seen in Moscow for
ICC figures behind Putin warrant


Moscow slams ‘cynical speculation’
on use of nukes

What's Behind Russia's Decision to Station
Its Tactical Nukes in Belarus?

Belarusian, Russian Security Councils
Considering Common Security Concept

Russian forces hit Ukrainian ammo depots
by precision strike, top brass reports

Russian Tor-M1 Weapon System Obliterates
Airborne Threats in Ukraine

Russian Airborne Forces Hammer
Ukrainian Militants Near Artemovsk

Russian Air Defense Intercepted Grom Missile,
10 HIMARS and 2 Storm Shadow LRM

Ukrainian missile intercepted over Russia’s
Rostov Region - Videos

Local Belgorod Region man killed in
Ukrainian sabotage attack, shot in head

Ukrainian army conducts some 200 shelling
attacks on Russia’s Belgorod Region in past day


Residential area in Russia’s Krasnodar
hit by drones – governor

Ukrainian forces hit train station in Donetsk

Ukraine loses dozens of troops in Russian
strike on Orekhov — politician

Russian aviation bombs Uke foreign legion
base near Bakhmut

War games - China hypersonics sink US carrier
every single time

Murder Charges Against Black Dismissed
in Jasper Wu Shooting - Lots Of Black On
Asian Crimes Catalogued On This Site

Left-wing, Communist extremism linked to
psychopathy And narcissism - study

Black Jamaican Vacation Rental Owner Says She
Will No Longer Allow Black Americans to Stay at
Her Property - Says US Blacks Are Bad News

Oakland A’s Las Vegas MLB relocation vote
could occur next month

Oakland Athletics Las Vegas MLB ballpark
artist renderings released


Oregon residents flee Portland area as
fentanyl overdoses, crime, housing
costs increase Rage Upward

As We’ve Warned - The DNA Plasmid Contamination
Is The Deadly Third Major Leg Of The Diabolical,
Satanic BioWeapon Injections - Watch And Learn

Bacterial Plasmid in the CoVid Jabs explained

Don’t Fall For This Despicable, Murderous Propaganda
Ever Again - These MSM lies Are Satanic Fear Porn

LGBTQ+ want to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
the children - A Rense Video

Hank Green - 43 yr old social media influencer
who inspired millions of fans to get the injections
diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma

How AI is learning to read the human mind

Musk's Neuralink gets FDA OK to start
trials human trials for brain chips

Whistleblower drops 100 gigabytes
of Tesla secrets

100% lab-grown babies in FIVE YEARS - Japan
researchers are on cusp of creating human eggs


Chinese Rating Agency Downgrades US
To AA+ Citing High Inflation, Debt Ceiling

US debt a global pyramid scheme - Russia top MP

Share of dollar in global reserves lowest
in 28 years – IMF

'Unnamed Banker' At First Republic Earned
More Than J.P. Morgan CEO Dimon Last Year

Top Iranian Diplomat Urges Baghdad
to Boost Banking Cooperation

Reinclusion of Russian Banks Would Facilitate
Implementation Of Grain Deal

Major oil producer Kazakhstan fears ‘apocalyptic’
impact of Russia sanctions

EU gas consumption to fall sharply

OPEC+ to Decide What Is Better for Oil Market
Says Russian Deputy PM

Germany receives data of Ukrainians’ involvement
in Nord Stream case — mass media


Spain trained about 1,500 Ukrainian servicemen
says Defense Ministry

Pepe Escobar - Eurasian Heartland Rises
to Challenge the West

NATO to Upgrade Ukraine’s Partner Status
Without Offering Membership – Reports

France Can Offer Ukraine Basic Pilot Training
Instead of F-16 Jets - Foreign Minister

Hungary, Serbia face attacks for
supporting peace in Ukraine

Serbia ‘urgently’ moving army to Kosovo frontier

NATO force in Kosovo ignoring violence
against Serbs

Moldovan government preparing army
to repel aggression

Russia poised to meet Georgia halfway
Says Putin

Russia has at least eight reasons to get
closer to its ‘sworn enemy’ - Türkey


Russian embassy slams British lower
house’s politicized vote on Holodomor

Russia could cut diplomatic ties with UK
...Foreign Ministry to RT

Moscow Says Summoned US Diplomats
Over Sullivan's Words About Strikes on Russia

Kremlin Says Putin Ready to Talk
With Scholz to Protect Russia's Interests

Lavrov Confirms Commitment to
Diplomatic Resolution of Ukraine Conflict

Putin wants entrepreneurs to look
beyond domestic market

Putin confident of Russia’s ‘bright future’

US incites European yes-men to poke
Russia, assuming it can do so with impunity
Says Lavrov

Crash of Japanese moon lander
blamed On software

China promotes peace in Ukraine,
supports EU’s independence


China Replaces Legacy Aircraft with
More J-16 Fighter Jets

US Trade Rep Discusses With Chinese
Minister China's Actions Against US Firms

US, S Korean Military Exercise Simulates
Attack on N Korean Forces

AUKUS moving from nuke subs
to AI drone swarms

Swarms of AI-fueled drones, vehicles track
targets in AUKUS tests

UK, US, Australia Hold AUKUS First AI
Military Tests - UK Ministry of Defense

Mexico deploys thousands of troops as
Popocatépetl volcano rumbles

Brazil ready to work on peaceful
solution for Ukraine, Lula tells Putin

Hungary, Serbia face attacks for
supporting peace in Ukraine

Putin, Brazilian president discuss joint
work within BRICS - Kremlin


Putin tells Brazilian leader Russia ready
for diplomatic settlement on Ukraine

Brazil not to yield to G7 pressure to pit
developing countries against Russia

Moscow not planning to bow out of
BRICS summit in South Africa — source

Up To 500,000 Killed By Fake Medicines
in Sub-Saharan Africa - UN Report

African nations self-reliant in solving
their own problems – Moscow

Russia ready to equip Somali army
in its fight on terrorism — Lavrov

Russia appreciates Somali president’s
decision to attend Russia-Africa Summit

National cycling group bans men from
women's competitions

Ron Paul - Biden's Running Out Of Ukraine
Money? Good!

American elite are starting to concede that
the world is rebelling against the US, and
Washington has nobody to blame but itself


‘My Country Does Terrible Things’ - MMA Fighter
Jeff Monson On Why He Renounced US Citizenship

Jeff Monson - US Elite Mutes Russian Media
to Keep Ukraine Conflict Raging On

Insouciant Americans Have Doomed
the US to Tyranny

Parasites - The Administrative State and the WEF

Veteran Who Led Oath Keepers Sentenced
to 18 Years for Role in Jan 6

Excess deaths are off the charts in UK

Sickening Communist SF City Streets Are Filthy
New Survey Shows Overflowing Trash, Graffiti
and Human Feces virtually EVERYWHERE

Chicago plans to house Invaders at local college

'The Ukraine war will Terminate us All'

Drone flies over Bakhmut showing city in ruins
227 Days Of War - At Least 50,000 Ukes Dead

Lukashenko - Russia starts moving nuclear
weapons to Belarus

Russia Maintains Control over Nukes
Stationed in Belarus - Defense Minister


Russia lays into Germany, Denmark, Sweden
over refusal to share Nord Stream data

Russia orders Swedish consulate in St. Petersburg
to be shuttered, effective September 1

Kremlin responds to Ukrainian threat to
kill Putin

NATO uses crisis in Ukraine to build up
combat capabilities in Europe — Shoigu

‘Another hostile act by Kiev’ - Kremlin on
sabotage attempts on Russian nuke power plants

Watch Drone Footage Showing Artemovsk
After Months of Fierce Battles

Watch: Russian Warship Thwarts Attack By
Ukrainian Drone Boats Off Turkey

Russian air defenses intercept eight US-made
HIMARS rockets in Ukraine operation

Ukrainian military fires 84 shells on border
checkpoint in Belgorod Region, says governor

Ukraine fires over 120 shells at Russia’s
Belgorod Region over past 24-hour period


Ukrainian officials send mixed signals
on counteroffensive

Top Ukrainian spy claims he was wounded
in Donbass

Ukraine sent untrained conscripts into
Donbass ‘meat grinder’ – WSJ

Ritter - Sending F-16 to Ukraine Will Backfire

Growing List Of Countries 'Ready' To
Join F-16s For Ukraine Program

Ex-Pentagon Analyst - Biden Faces
Shrinking Options on Ukraine

Greenwald - Regime Journalists Promote
The ‘Right' Conspiracy Theories To Be Successful

Two Thirds Of Americans View Media As
‘Truly, The Enemy Of The People’ - New Poll

Is the Rise of LGBTQ Part of the Decline
And Fall of the West?

Every corporation pushing LGBT+ on children
HATES YOU - MLB, Target, Budweiser, Disney
and more


Communist UN Promotes Sex With Minors

Eyewitness - Horrors at the Border
from O'Biden’s Policies

Despite Glitchy Start, DeSantis Twitter Spaces
Launch Showed Why He's A Contender

Biden Taps US Air Force Chief Charles
Brown to Chair Joint Chiefs of Staff

House Speaker McCarthy Says No
Catastrophe if Parties Fail to Reach
Deal on Debt Ceiling

Senator Mike Lee Vows to Use All Tools to
Impede Any Debt Ceiling Deal Without
Spending Reform

When journalists act as state propagandists

'Gun Free' DC Sees 40% Rise in Arms
Offenses Since 2017

Why Kari Lake Couldn't Close the Deal

The War On Ivermectin


Aussies injured by COVID jabs file first ever
class action lawsuit against drug pushers
who promised 'safe and effective' vaccines

UK Commits £1 Billion for Moderna’s mRNA
Universal Flu Vaccine Despite Lack of
Scientifically Sound Data

Return of US working moms defies
pandemic expectations

Why military moves faster than govt on AI

Google removes slavery game

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Apple Cellphone
Radiation Case

Dollar Tree Plunges After Profit Tumbles
As Thieves Pillage Stores

A Showdown in Gold Is Imminent

Citigroup Projects $30 Silver In The Next
6-12 Months

World’s Largest Real Estate Market
(China) is on the Brink of Collapse


Next Gen Money, Part 1 - Texas Re-Imagines Dollar

What If There is No Deal? Contingency Plans
For A Possible Default

DBRS Joins Fitch Placing United States AAA
Rating On Watch Negative

Who are US Main Chip Suppliers?

Turkey, China, Spain get bulk of shipments sent
via Black Sea grain corridor — coordinator

Russian real estate investment set for
new record in 2023

NATO member Estonia reports growing
exports to Russia

Gas price in Europe down below $300 per
1,000 cubic meters first since May 2021

‘Worst yet to come’ for EU states
on energy – Qatar

Finland Gets Flak From European Commission
for Ballooning Debt


Germany Is Turning Against The EU’s Green
New Deal, Common Sense To The Forefront

LinkedIn Censors Presidential Candidate Who
Says Fossil Fuels 'Required For Prosperity'

Backlash & Boycott-Calls Hit North Face After
Ad Featuring Drag Queen Inviting Everyone
To 'Come Out'

What Happened To Abercrombie’s
Attractive Models?

Germany in recession - Berlin braces for
budget cut battle

Germany ‘cowardly hiding’ over
WWII compensation – Poland

Hungary to Assume EU Presidency in
2024 Despite Attempts at Hindrance

Brussels turns blind eye to Kiev’s plot to
blow up oil pipeline - Hungarian government

Tories Accused of 'Betrayal' as Immigration
to UK Hits 600K Record High

Power of the Horde - Why Orcas Attack
Sailboats in Iberian Waters?


Eurasian countries need own rating system – Putin

EAEU becoming one of multipolar world centers

EAEU should continue establishing free trade zones

All CIS countries wish conflicts on Commonwealth’s
territory to end — Putin

Putin confident Russia-Africa Summit to outline new
tasks aimed to expand cooperation

Putin calls for single digital ecosystem
within EAEU

Growing Number of Countries Flock to
Russo-Asian Economic, Political Blocs

West waging ‘undeclared war’ on Russia
and Belarus – Moscow

West tries to interfere in situation around
Nagorno-Karabakh, says Shoigu

Chinese Fentanyl Suppliers Collected $38
Million in Cryptocurrency


US Rolls Out Policy Proposals to Tackle
China's Possible Invasion of Taiwan

Contradictions in European security structures
lie at root of Ukraine crisis — Chinese MFA

China calls on EU to address ‘root cause’
of Ukraine conflict

US wants to deal first with Russia, then with China
...Russian Security Council secretary

US F-16 Deliveries to Taiwan Delayed Due
to 'Complex Developmental Challenges'

Iran Shows Off New Ballistic Missile Capable
Of Hitting Israel With Large Payload

US Building New Illegal Base in
Occupied Northern Syria

Dozens of Zionists storm Al-Aqsa Mosque,
coinciding with Jewish Shavuot feast

Most wanted Rwandan genocide
suspect arrested

Major Disruption Hits Top South African
Container Port As Economic Crisis Worsens


Col. MacGregor, - The Russians are now
extremely angry with us

Ritter - 80% of original Uke army killed captured
or wounded - Ukes Have NO air defense on front lines

Iran unveils 2,000 km ballistic missile

Trump Won't Win The Nomination Still Saying He
Is The ‘Father’ Of The Covid ‘Vaccine’ - Most Who
Have Lost Loved Ones Will Never Back Him - He Must
Completely Disown The BioWeapon Shots - Listen

Twitter Crashes During DeSantis Presidential
Announcement (Updated)

Trump Slams ‘Disloyal’ DeSantis As FL Gov
Officially Launches Presidential Bid

Ted Cruz 'Educates' AOC On Democrats’ Racist
Past And Present; Musk Piles On

The Atlantic Claims Twitter Is Now A
'Far Right Social Network'

Sen Cotton condemns Target over partnership
with ‘satanist’ transgender agenda

Terrified Of A Bud Light Situation, Target
Pulls Toddler Pride Clothing And Products
In Certain Stores Amid Boycott Calls


Pro-Life Display-Destroying CUNY Prof Fired
After Threatening Reporter With Machete

Watch - Hillary Is Still Whining About Losing
2016 Election

Commissioner Points Finger at DOJ for Purging
Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblowers

Taibbi: My Crazy IRS Case

Russian army destroys a column of Uke
French-Made APCs - Video

Video Shows Destruction of Uke naval drones

Zelensky’s penthouse seized in Crimea

Russian police begin work in Artyomovsk

Wagner chief reveals 20,000 Dead
in fight To Take Atryomovsk

Russia Repels Ukraine's Drone Attacks on
Ships Protecting Gas Pipelines in Turkey


Russian forces strike Ukrainian army’s
command post in DPR, top brass reports

Ukraine Daily Loses 300 Drones Due to
Russia's EW Systems in Special Op Zone

Ukraine reports tens of thousands of new TB
cases annually and has one of the highest rates
of multi-drug-resistant TB in the world

We want to kill Putin - Ukrainian deputy intel chief

Ukraine’s top general gravely wounded
in Russian strike – RIA

Ukrainian Top General's Replacement Would
Likely Have to Be Vetted by US

Organ harvesting ‘big business’ on frontlines
in Ukraine - Zakharova

Russia's Progress 84 Cargo Ship Launches
to ISS From Baikonur

What is Russia's S-350 Vityaz Systrem?

Wooldridge - When White America
Becomes The New Minority


Attention White America - Rhodesian Bush War
was a revolution led by Black guerillas against
the white majority population And Government

Zionist Grift Black Lives Matter is headed for
INSOLVENCY after plunging $8.5M into the red

Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In
State-Enforced Homosexuality

Queers The Dodgers Invited Do a Sick
Mock Performance of Jesus on the Cross

'The Dodgers Have Become the Bud Light of
Baseball’ - CatholicVote Blasts Dodgers for
Caving to Anti-Catholic Drag Queens

Talk About Truisms - Critical Things To
Think About In 2023

Another wheel has come off the great
electric car con - EVs are Junk

Withdrawing Your Own Cash? NatWest Bank
Wants To Know Why...And See Proof

'There's Poop Everywhere’ - San Francisco’s
Office District Not Only A Ghost Town, It’s
Also Covered In Sh*t

Tina Turner dies at 83


Can AI Be a Fair Judge in Court?
...Estonia Thinks So

Tech Layoff Mania Sparks 200,000 Job Cuts
As New Grads Pursue Careers On Wall Street

‘Doctor Doom’ issues global-market
crash warning

Rubino Warns 'They're Willing To Burn
Down The World To Get What They Want'

McMaken - Three Lies They're Telling
You About The Debt Ceiling

Yellen 'Not Prepping For Default’
Despite Debt Ceiling Impasse

Nvidia CEO Slams Biden, Warns Escalating
Chip War With China Will Lead To 'Enormous Damage'

WTI Extends Gains After Huge Crude Draw
...8th Straight Week Of SPR Drains

Tech Layoff Mania Sparks 200,000 Job Cuts
As New Grads Pursue Careers On Wall Street

Key EU decision on Meta exposes
US data surveillance complex


Cable Crushed As UK Inflation Unexpectedly
Hits 30 Year High

Poland Resumes Buying Gold

Most Russia-China trade no longer
involves dollar – Mishustin

Chinese purchases of Russian aluminum
shoot up by 200% – customs data

Major EU ports Rotterdam, Hamburg, and
Antwerp post losses due to Russia sanctions

Vladimir Kornilov - In Hiroshima, Zelensky
proved he remains a ‘Servant of the People’
– but not the Ukrainian people

Stoltenberg - NATO Not Ready to Give Security
Framework to Ukraine Amid Ongoing Conflict

UK Defense Minister Arrives in Kiev on
Unannounced Visit

Denmark Joins EU Military Cooperation
as It Drops Historic Opt-Out

Kremlin slams Poland’s statement on Belarus
as meddling in another country’s affairs


Russia not to interfere in other states’
internal affairs, including Moldova - Zakharova

Russian MFA blasts US threat to sanction Georgia

NATO country Poland should back
‘uprising’ in Belarus - retired general

Bosnian Serb Leader - Zelensky Bringing NATO
to Russia's Doorstep Forced Russia's Hand

Ray McGovern - Putin Had 'No Other Options’
Than Military Op in Ukraine

Neocolonial model of world to become
thing of the past, asserts Putin

Eurasian Economic Union strengthening
despite Western pressure – Putin

Fundamental Changes Taking Place in
Global Arena – Putin

Putin stresses rising global instability,
need for mutual trust to foreign security heads

Russia, China to jointly fight against West’s
bid to keep global dominance — PM Mishustin


NATO's Direct Involvement in Ukraine
Crisis Increasing Nuclear War Risk – Lavrov

NATO’s eastward expansion shares underlying
intent with Hitlerian policies, Lavrov says

Western arms supplies to Kiev increasingly
spilling over to other parts of world — Lavrov

West deliberately provokes conflicts in
Africa, Latin America, says Lavrov

Russia against any attempts to stage
color revolutions in Central Asia - Zakharova

Japan Court Rejects Citizens Concerns,
Paving Way For Nuclear Power Restart

Typhoon Mawar Pounds Top Indo-Pacific
US Military Base

Lost documents leave Japanese
nuclear power plant in limbo

Japanese PM weighs in on NATO membership

Iran successfully launches New ballistic missile


US uses illegal Syrian military base for plotting
sabotage acts against Russia

Russia’s top spy tells US and UK to
‘go to hell’ on Iran

US has no credibility in MidEast settlement

Syria’s return to Arab League to ‘heal’
regional situation - Russia’s UN envoy

Canada and Saudi Arabia Agree to
Restore Diplomatic Ties

US tries to berate South Africa for its
independent policy…Sr Russian diplomat

EU dumps almost half its used clothes
in Africa

Britain refuses to return remains of
Ethiopian prince – media


The Next ‘Pandemic' DISEASE-X ‘Even Deadlier’
than PSYOP-19 is Coming, Warns WHO

Biden’s Chief Accomplishment Is the
Normalization of Sexual Perversion - Roberts

Rescue from The Matrix - Whitney

DeSantis to Announce 2024 Candidacy
with Elon Musk on Twitter

US Ruling Class Members Are Issued
Satellite Phones - Means Only One Thing...

50 US senators have been issued satellite
phones for emergency communication

O’Keefe Media Group - Fetterman Special Asst Says
'He'd be okay with, like, overturning the Second
Amendment’ Also That His Office Only Picks Journalists
Who Will Say exactly what the F**k we want them to.'

US should compensate Russia for Nord
Stream destruction Says UN Security Council

NATO not serious enough about risk of
nuclear apocalypse — Medvedev

Confirmed - Militants Used American Armored
Vehicles To Attack Inside Russia


Russian troops smash Ukrainian terrorists
in Belgorod Region

Russian troops destroy Western-supplied
vehicles in Belgorod Region

Russia Quintupled Production of Kinzhal
Hypersonic Missiles Before Destruction
of Patriot System - Reports

Russian forces destroy over 70 Ukrainian
saboteurs in Belgorod Region - top brass

About 100 people evacuated from Belgorod
Region following Ukrainian attack

Watch Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopters
In Action During Special Op

Watch Russia's 2S5 Giatsint-S Gun Strikes
the Enemy Near Artemovsk

Russian region explains why it uses
Artyomovsk instead of Bakhmut

Supply of jets to Ukraine to have no
effect on special operation — Kremlin

Ukraine resorting to terrorism after Artyomovsk
defeat – Russian MOD


Moscow Court Extends The Arrest of WSJ
Journalist Evan Gershkovich for 3 Months

The Western Media Disinformation Campaign
…The Fall Of Bakhmut, A Case In Point

Pentagon loses a million F-35 parts
...Worth $85 Million

JPMorgan Is Abruptly Freezing Customers Bank
Accounts and Discriminating Against Clients
Without Warning...

Nobody's buying the latest 'U-Haul/Nazi’
stunt at the White House - 'This has FBI
written all over it...'

Wooldride - The Invited Invasion Of America
This Is What The Great Replacement Looks Like

Wooldridge - Manhood...What It Means
In 21st Century America

Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblower Alleges
Retaliation After He Made Protected Disclosures

What's Behind IRS Turning Blind Eye
to Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton Cases?

Van driver arrested for threats to kill Biden


E. Jean Carroll Seeks $10 Million In
Damages Against Trump Over New Comments

PAC Seeking Tucker to Run for President
Gets Cease-and-Desist Order

Only Half of Americans Believe in God

Judge Tosses Kari Lake's Latest Legal
Challenge Despite 'Inconsistencies'

Chicago Carnival Invaded By 'Flash Mob’
Of Over 400 Mostly Black ‘Teenagers'

10-12 Yr Old Black Kid on slavery & Ending Racism
'We’re gonna do it by killing all the White people'

Abysmal Sales Lead Fake-Meat Producer To
Ditch Globalist Product Line, As Researchers
Uncover The Truth About Lab-Grown Meat

New York Communists Urge O'Biden To
Fast-Track Invader Work Permits

O'Biden Admin Offers $1.7 Million To Groups
to Promote Family 'Acceptance' Of LGBT Youth

Target launches new 'Satanist Pride' line of
LGBTQ+ clothing for CHILDREN, prompting
anti-woke boycott


Target Has Gone Completely LGBT!Q+
Satanic Woke - Young Mom Shows Target
Toddler Clothing Outrage

Target Pushes Tranny 'Tuck-Friendly’
Swimwear for Young Males

Caitlyn Jenner Slams Trans Teen
Finishing Second in California Track Race

SF Hires 'drag laureate' pays him $55,000
for celebrating drag culture

Dove Produces Ultra-Woke Ad To Change
Beauty Standards In Video Games?

Severe backlash Forces Ford To Keep
AM Radios In Vehicles

Native American Man Executed by
Border Patrol After Calling Them for
Help About Invaders On His Land
...38 Shots Were Fired At Him

Video shows Bud Light parent firm vowing
to purge WHITE MALE employees

Prepare for a disease even deadlier than
Covid, WHO chief warns

'Making a Killing' film exposes hospital covid
protocols as a genocidal scam for cash


A Global Demyelination Epidemic?

Jeff And David Oates - Did One Of David’s Clients Reveal
What The Next Pandemic Is Going To Be? Start At 17:00

Dr. Malone Is Now Threatening To Sue Dr. Paul
Alexander for Asking Legitimate Questions About
mRNA Technology

Dr. Rashid Buttar Dies Suddenly…From Shedding
He Made It Clear That Shedding Destroyed His Health

wife suffers severe post-mRNA vaginal bleeding

Since last August, 27 comedians have
'died suddenly' (and 4 more fell gravely ill)

WEF Calls For AI And Deepfake Regulation
Has Already Partnered With UK Govt

Father Of Modern AI says His Life’s Work
Won't Lead To Dystopia

LA approves police robot dogs

Black TikToker Who Filmed Himself Committing
Crimes For Social Media Fame Says The Outrage
Over It Is Only Because He’s A 'Black Male’


TikTok Will Provide Oracle 'Full Access' To
Source Code, Algo In Bid To Stay In US

Montana’s TikTok Ban ‘Not Enforceable’
Regardless of Lawsuit Outcome

WhatsApp Allows Users to Edit Messages

UFO Research Starting to Lure US
Academics, Survey Reveals

After Grounded By Accidents For 6 Months
America’s Sole Stealth Bomber Squadron
is Finally Operational Again - B2s Fly Again

Is the debt ceiling the real issue for the
US economy right now?

Peter Schiff - The Fed Is Losing
The Inflation Fight

Saudi Energy Minister Warns Oil
Bears To 'Watch Out'

Iraq Oil Output Continues To Fall
Amid Turkey Spat

Gazprom’s Austrian property to be


Gas supplies to EU via Ukraine

What Can Replace US Dollar as World
Reserve Currency?

VTB Chairman - Yuan to Replace Dollar
as Main Reserve Currency in Future

Russia has lowest inflation in Europe

Cost of key household staple eases
in India after year-long volatility

Coffee prices skyrocket

Norway's Women Asked For Baby Boom
as Fertility Rates Hit Rock Bottom

France bans short domestic flights...
Private jets will not be affected

Ukraine can’t win against Russia – Orban

Orban thinks NATO reluctant to deploy own
troops to Ukraine, no victory in cards for Kiev


Hungary not ready to consider Sweden’s
NATO bid — PM

Hungary’s PM urges EU, US to engage with
Russia on future security architecture for Europe

US must make security deal with Russia

Germany and Hungary clash over Ukraine

Russian narratives gaining traction in Germany

Tide Turning? EU Fails to Find Consensus
on New Aid to Kiev

British Ex-PM Johnson in Texas to Urge
Republicans to Keep Arming Ukraine

British special forces Were deployed to 19
countries since 2011 without parliamentary

There was ‘no Ukraine in history’ before
creation of Soviet Ukraine, Putin says

Russia coming together, national pride
overflowing, says Putin


Medvedev - Kiev's Words About Non-Involvement
in Sabotage Attacks in Russia Are Absolute Lie

NATO Gunning to Destroy Russia Through
Proxy War in Ukraine - Medvedev

Russia regards AUKUS, QUAD as unfriendly
alliances — Medvedev

Medvedev sees no partners in West for talks
on security guarantees

Putin Meets With Republika Srpska Leader

Serb leader explains why West doesn’t
like Russia

US threatens NATO aspirant Georgia with sanctions

Armenian opposition warns about protests
following PM’s statements on Karabakh

Calls for exit from CIS contradict Moldova’s
national interests, opposition says

South Korea company fuses AI with
imagery to detect ballistic missiles


Beijing - G7 Criticizing China while
overthrowing foreign governments

China’s special envoy to visit Russia on May 26 — source

Chinese-Russian cooperation unaffected by
other countries’ sway - Chinese FM

Beijing to expand trade, economic ties
with Moscow

Russian PM outlines extent of growing
trade ties with China

China committed to strategy of using nukes
for self-defense — foreign minister

Military action in Mexico should be on the table
...US congressman Crenshaw

Millions In Mexico Told To Prepare For
Evacuation As Volcano Ejects Ash

New Safety Alerts as Mexico’s Popocatepetl
Volcano Eruption Continues

IDF Boasts of ‘Ability to Hit Iran’ as Nuclear
Tensions Seethe


African nation withdraws from Russia
football match – media

African leaders urge Ukraine to accept
peace talks with Russia

Butler - The New Multipolar World
...East Africa Focus

Invisible - The Unknown Agreement Between
Zionism And 1933 Germany - A Rense Video

Shady elites launch all-out war on free speech
Tucker - That’s The End Of The First Amendment

Inside Europe's largest salt mine - Wagner
fighters offer a tour of the huge Donbass
facility captured from Ukrainian forces

Ukrainian Commandos Strike Inside Russia
After Biden OK’s Hitting Crimea - TruNews

Ukrainian raid on Russian border region
injures eight civilians – governor

Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant Cut-Off
from Power, Again - 10 Days Of Diesel
Generator Fuel left until meltdown Begins

IAEA Head Says Situation With Nuclear
Safety at ZNPP Extremely Unstable

Russia takes out Ukrainian troops before
deployment to Zaporozhye area

Uke Drone Bombs Hit Russian Border
Region After Belgorod Incursion

Reports That Uke Tanks And Troops Have
Invaded Russia At A Checkpoint Near Belgorod


Putin Congratulates Wagner By Name
For 1st Time As Ukraine Seeks To
Reframe Bakhmut Narrative

Inside the Bakhmut Meat Grinder - How Wagner
PMC And Russian Forces Made The Ukes Quit
After 227 Days Of Brutal Fighting

Russia’s Liberation of Bakhmut Has
Accomplished These 3 Key Goals

Why is Bakhmut called Artemovsk
and What's Its True Story?

Wagner Group fighters offer a tour
of the huge Donbass facility captured
from Ukrainian forces

Russia cooperating with 100+ countries
in military-technical sphere - official

Russian Diplomat on Sullivan's Remark on
Attacks on Crimea - US Threats Irresponsible

Msta-S Howitzers Hammer Ukrainian Armored
Vehicles & Artillery - Video

Retreating Ukrainian troops booby-trapped
civilian hiding places in Artyomovsk

Ukrainian army loses dozens of troops in Russia’s
strikes on military targets in Dniepr


Russia’s latest FPV drone wipes out
Ukrainian troops in sheltered positions

HQ for aid to liberated territories to be set
up in Artyomovsk - DPR leader

If supplied to Kiev, F-16 fighter jets will
be based in Ukraine - Pentagon

EU’s foreign policy chief says F-16s
supplies to Ukraine likely soon

German Media Reveals Reason for Sudden
Rush to Send F-16s to Ukraine

Macgregor, - Russians Maximized the use
of their standoff Strike systems

Russian Defense Ministry reports A
massive strike on Ukrainian military
facilities In Dnepropetrovsk

NAACP Issues Travel Advisory Warning Black
People To Stay Away From Florida

Jim Jordan Threatens To Cut FBI Funding
And Open Clinton Probe

Poll Shows How Radically Different Americans
Opinions Are From Liberal Corp Media Narratives


‘Biden better than Trump’ – Germany’s Scholz
A complete Lunatic

Swing State Voters Would Rather Not See Biden
And Trump in 2024 Election - No Worries, It’s going
To RFK Jr...He already Being Staged

Pentagon denies reports of explosion near it

Mystery Disappearance of 30-Ton Shipment
of Explosive Chemicals in US Probed

USPS halts mail deliveries to 98118 zip
code in Seattle due to out-of-control crime

Communist Chinese Buying US Land
At Record Pace

The True History Of Moloch The Ancient
God Of Child Sacrifice

Dr. Rashid Buttar Dies Suddenly…From Shedding
He Made It Clear That Shedding Destroyed His Health

wife suffers severe post-mRNA vaginal bleeding

Since last August, 27 comedians have
'died suddenly' (and 4 more fell gravely ill)


CEO of company funded by OpenAI says AI
robots are already working as security guards
and soon they’ll be bartenders and NURSES, too

AI Generated Hoax of Pentagon Explosion
Causes Markets to Dip

Russian tycoons prepare takeover of
Europe’s answer to Google –‘Yandex'

From Dollar Woes To Debt Denial
...The US Is Toast

Bolivia Advances in Replacing Dollar
With Yuan for Trade With China

US will default if debt deal fails – treasury secy

Rate-Rigging During Lehman Crisis Was
Allegedly Central-Bank-Led

Fed Is 'Foaming The Runway’ For Big Bank
Problems Ahead

Biden Won't Accept Debt-Deal Protecting
Crypto Traders

Stocks Briefly Spooked By 'Confirmed Fake’
Report Of Explosion Near Pentagon


How Corruption Makes You Poor

EU not planning to reconnect key Russian bank

Finland scraps pipeline gas supply deal
with Russia

Nigeria takes step to combat fuel

Ireland Hands Meta €1.2 Billion Fine For
Sending European User Data to US

Turkish Lira Flash Crashes To Record Low
On Goldman's Dire Central Bank Outlook

Houthis Sign Deal With China For Oil
Exploration In Yemen

Communist France to Confiscate ALL
Private Land by 2025!

British PM Sunak Opposes Ceasefire in
Ukraine Over Fears of 'Conflict Freeze'

Spanish politician says 'powerful Western
country had a hand in' Nord Stream blasts


Spectacular Mt Etna Eruption Grounds
Flights in Italian Island of Sicily

German military to sell tons of toilet paper

What is Northern Sea Route and How Will
It Help Make Russia The Arctic Superpower?

Russian security chief calls development of
relations with China As Moscow strategic course

Armenia ready to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh
as part of Azerbaijan – PM

Court of Appeals confirms victory of Sor
party candidate in Moldova’s Gagauzia election

Hungary opposes new EU sanctions, military
assistance to Ukraine

Georgian minister reveals why Tbilisi ‘cannot’
restore diplomatic ties with Moscow

Navalny to be branded ‘foreign agent’

China sees no point in dialogue with US
as sanctions tighten


Beijing describes relations with Moscow
as exemplary

Beijing Banning Micron Means China Has
Mastered Chip-Making

South Korea Says Its Chipmakers Can Fill Void
After China Bans Micron Over 'Security Risk'

China invites Putin to Belt and Road Forum
says Russia’s top security official

NZ Leader Shrugs Off Militarization Fears
Over New US-Papua New Guinea Pact

Watch Krakatoa Volcano Eruption Has Started
In Indonesia - The Indo-Pacific Ring Of Fire

India vows to boost Pacific ties

Vietnam’s PM lauds successful cooperation
with Russia as Medvedev visits Hanoi

US, British, French Warships Transit Hormuz
Strait To Deter Iran From Seizing Tankers

Israeli Arms Exports Set to Break
2021 Record of $11.4 Bln


Assad Won’t Meet Erdogan Until Turkish
Troops Leave Syria, Damascus Says

Turkey’s third-place candidate endorses
Erdogan for upcoming presidential runoff

Erdogan election defeat would be ‘revenge’
...Syrian Kurds

First female Saudi astronaut heads to space

Soleimani ‘Trenchmate’ Ahmadian Replaces
Shamkhani at Iran’s Security Council

Nearly thousand civilians killed in
Sudan clashes — Doctors’ Union

Man arrested for South African ‘presidential’
porn pics

Kenya supports creation of pan-African court


US Trying Ever Harder To Force Russia Into Nuclear
War - Announces New Russia Sanctions At G7
US TRIED For A TOTAL Export Ban Against Russia

Lunatic GOP Senators Introduce Bill to Scrap
Last Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia

Durham Report - ’50 Top Level CIA Agents’ Agreed
to ‘Collaborate in a Project to Fix an Election’

Invisible - The Unknown Agreement Between
Zionism And 1933 Germany - A Rense Video

Epstein Blackmailed Bill Gates Over Affair
with Russian Girl

Putin Congratulates Wagner Group And Russian
Forces on Liberation of Artemovsk (Bakhmut)

Donetsk Militia Vets Ordeal in Uke Torture Chambers

Russian Lower House Council to Weigh
Measures Against Poland on Monday - Moscow

Russia Opens Criminal Probe Into Kiev
Instigated Quran Burning

Russia Issues List Of 500 Americans Under
Sanctions, Including Obama & Stephen Colbert


Where did The $150 Billion Go? Ukraine’s
organized military loses Bakhmut to Russia

Kwiatkowski - Russia Liberating Artemovsk
Proves 'Kiev’s Strategy Has Failed’

Ritter - Artemovsk's Liberation ‘Military
Victory That Shows Russia is Winning'

Inside the ‘Bakhmut meat grinder’ - How Russia
forced Ukrainians to retreat from Artyomovsk
their Alleged ‘fortress’ in Donbass

Ukraine will recapture Donbass stronghold
SaysTop Zelensky aide - (On What Planet?)

Russian Deputy FM Warns of ‘Enormous
Risks’ of F-16 ‘Escalation’ in Ukraine

Zelensky promises not to use F-16s to move
into Russia’s territory — Biden

Biden says F-16 fighter jets would not have
helped Ukrainian troops in Artyomovsk

UK to Start Training Ukrainian Pilots On F-16s

Ukraine’s Former PM Reveals How Zelensky
Transformed From Stage Actor to O'Biden Puppet


Ukrainian troops training Dnieper crossing
to seize Zaporozhye NPP — politician

Ukraine Expands Weapons Training For
Children As Bakhmut Falls - Zelensky’s
War On Christians Now Includes Children

Ukraine Admits Murdering 'Quite A Few' Russian
Civilians Who Back Putin And His Invasion

Martin Armstrong - Why Ukraine Must Lose
To Save The World

Ritter - How Americans Fell for Washington’s
‘War Racket’

Trump victory would be ‘the end of Ukraine’
Says Hillary Clinton

USAF Sends 'Classified Solicitation' For Sixth-Gen
Fighters To Military-Industrial Complex

Biden promises new $375 million military
aid package for Ukraine - (To Keep Disarming
American Military)

US to Supply Ukraine Military With ‘Everything
They Need' Says O’Biden White House

Pledge on NATO Membership Will Undermine
Ukraine’s Security, Neocon Think Tank Admits


NATO To Draw Up Russia War Plans
For First Time Since Cold War

Fraud Kerry targets farmers - ‘We can’t get to Net-Zero
unless agriculture is front & center as part of the solution’
‘I refuse to call it climate change. It’s not change. It’s a crisis’

The Durham Report Indicts The Deep State…
And The Media

'Deep Level Of Corruption’ - Gen. Flynn
Condemns FBI Following Durham Report

Roberts - The United States Has Been
Destroyed By Its Ruling Elite

Big Republican donor backing Tucker for president

Pelosi Daughter Carts Failing Feinstein
Around In Scheme To Hold Seat For Schiff

RFK Jr to accept Bitcoin donations

US election 2024 - Robert F Kennedy Jr’s
support unmasks Democrats’ Biden concerns

'The Right To Own Bitcoin Shall Be Inviolate’
...RFK Jr Delivers Historic Keynote


California Assembly Votes to Restrict
Police K-9s

Gun Industry Writes To Congress As Imminent
Ban Threatens 40 Million Firearms

Is Self-Defense Becoming Illegal?

Northern US Border Encounters With Illegals
More Than Double In 7 Months

The Club Of Rome - How Climate Hysteria
Is Being Used To Create Global Governance

Central Wisconsin Communities Unite To
Stave Off Looming Wind Turbine Industry

Exxon Crushes Progressive Dreams That 'Net Zero’
Has Any Chance By 2050 - It Would Mean Collapse
In "Global Standard Of Living"

Energy Commissioner Warns Of ‘Major
Threats' To Power Grid

Far-Left protestors have abandoned Marxist
discipline in favour of chaos and Riots

Dr. Rashid Buttar Dies Suddenly…From Shedding
He Made It Clear That Shedding Destroyed His Health


Mike Tyson let's slip that Shot Up Jamie Foxx
actually had a severe stroke but refuses to
confirm it - Pfizer wields its total dominance
of Hollywood

Mysterious Form of 'Mad Cow Disease’
Emerges in The US

More vaccine doses linked to higher
rate of infant mortality - Murder

Parasites Thrive in The US, Despite What
Many Americans Think

Your DNA Can Now Be Collected From
Beach Sand And Even the Air

WHO Warns Of 'Unusual' Surge in Severe
Myocarditis in Babies - BS, They KNEW
Their BioWeapons Would Destroy Humanity

If Your Toddler Isn't Talking Yet, COVID
Authoritarians Might Be To Blame

Pentagon Debunked Fauci's Anti-Lab-Leak ‘Proximal
Origin' Paper in May 2020, Leaked Document Reveals

The Truth About Randi Weingarten
And The School Closures

WHO Says Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame, etc)
Don't Help With Weight Loss and 'May Be Dangerous'
These Neurotoxins Have Destroyed Health For Decades


GOP Pushes Back Against WHO Plans For
'Global Governance’ Via Health Emergencies

Officials Warn Of Monkeypox Resurgence
Ahead Of Summer LGBT Festivals

EU Commission Head Proposes Reforming
WHO to Better Respond to Future Pandemics

How Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse gamble

Musk Demands AP Back Claims Or Retract
Article Over 'Unchecked' Stolen Election Tweets

Counter-Disinformation - The New Snake Oil

Tech Gurus Lavish Funds on Longevity Studies

Naval research lab tests first laser power
beam in outer space (Think Space Weapon)

Axiom-2 Private Mission Ready to Fly to ISS

Bud Light's No-Win Scenario


Bud Light Distributor Sends Out Public
Plea to Bring Back Customers

Africa’s First Test Run for a CBDC has Failed

Dollar Woes To Debt Denial...The US Is Screwed

Russians encouraged to ditch dollar for gold

China announces major gold discovery

Emerging Market Investors Dump Dollar
Denominated Debt as Currency Continues
Global Decline

Use of euro in global payments shrinking

Global debt balloons to record highs

The Five Stages Of Bank Failure Grief

US to Refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve
to Remedy Biden's Massive Sell-Off


China replaces Japan as world’s top car exporter

Scotland’s wind turbines have been
secretly using diesel generators!

London Mayor's Transport Team Bans
Whites from Internships

Western Balkans Phase of NATO Defender
Europe 2023 Drills Starts in Kosovo

Sunak tells Zelensky UK to continue to
provide Ukraine with military aid

Poland wants Zelensky to apologize for
WWII Ukrainian Nazi massacre

Polish Defense Min Says Italian Destroyer
Arrives to Provide Airspace Security

German city named ‘sex capital of the world’

Posters likening Macron to Hitler

G7 Leaders 'On Shaky Ground' at Home
Pummeled By Low Approval Ratings


American and British voters are being failed
by the same big immigration lie

King Charles backed these care homes for
40 years - now Net Zero is forcing them to close

Lord Frost warns - Hurtling towards net zero
at any cost will be a mistake

Germany’s Growing List Of Bans - Next Up...
Wood Stoves And Heating With Wood
This is another Part Of The Genocide Op

Macron Hits Pause on Net Zero

Unreliable Green Energy Has the World
Running Back to Coal and Nuclear

‘Loud’ heat pumps could spark noise
nuisance complaints

Russian FM Lavrov Says G7 Summit’s
Decisions Aimed at Containing Russia, China

US seeks to apply melting-pot practice to EU
And other regions — Lavrov

Lavrov points to fault line between collective
West, global majority


Putin is asked to ban term ‘infogypsies’

Russian Investigative Committee Brings Charges
Against ICC Prosecutor, Judge In Absentia

Cause of Russian export surge
to Asia revealed

Russia-Saudi agri-trade jumps

Russia’s international flight connections

Georgian president vows not to fly with
Georgian Airways due to its flights to Russia

Leaders of US, S Korea, Japan Discuss
Coordination Amid N Korea's 'Nuclear Threat'

The 25 reasons why I fear China will
rule the world

Satellite Snap Spots Stealthy Chinese
Hypersonic Spy Drone

UK prime minister slams China As ‘biggest
challenge to global security’


US, South Korea, Japan discuss North
Korea's nuclear program - White House

G-7 Leaders Respond To China’s Economic
Bullying At Hiroshima - Warn Of 'Consequences'

Beijing Expresses Strong Protest Over
China-Related Topics in G7 Summit Statement

China questions ‘credibility’ of G7 members

G7 seen as key factor of aggravation of global problems — Russian foreign ministry

G7’s lamentation about mythical Russian nuclear threat hypocritical — Russian foreign ministry

G7 summit yields anti-Russian, anti-Chinese rhetoric — Russian foreign ministry

Zelensky’s participation in G7 summit turned
it into propaganda show — foreign ministry

Terrorists Attack Pakistani Military Post in
Balochistan Kills Three Soldiers

Discovery of Networks of Ancient Mayan
Cities and Highways Could Rewrite History


Shootout at car rally leaves ten dead
near Mexico-US border

Cuba and Russia Agree on New Economic Deals

Stampede at Football Stadium in El Salvador
Leaves 9 Dead - Police

$5 billion manmade ‘moon’ Dubai’s
next big thing?

US and Israeli envoys clash over Soros

Pentagon Walks Back Claim It Killed
Al-Qaeda Leader In Syria

Thousands of Israelis Protest in 20th
Demonstration Against Judicial Reform

Nobody in the Muslim world supports
sanctions on Russia – deputy PM

Dozens of Flights Grounded in Turkey's Gaziantep
Over Unknown Aerial Object - Reports

Bahrain Returning Ambassador to Lebanon


Wagner Musicians Declare Full Capture Of Bakhmut
...After 224 Days Of Meat-Grinding Fighting

Bakhmut Battle Saw Zelensky Eliminate The Lives
Of 57,000 Uke Military And 85,000 Wounded

Mind Control 101 - Ex CIA Agent Reveals That Over
400 National Journalists Work With The CIA To Plant
Lies And Fake News- This Admission Was 40 Yrs Ago
CIA Controls Most Of The Alt Media’s Biggest Names

G-7 Leaders Respond To China’s Economic
Bullying At Hiroshima Summit, Warn Of

Gen. Flynn Condemns FBI Following Release
Of The Durham Report

Do Whites Also Deserve Reparations?

O’Biden Regime Intends to Shut Down US Power
Grid to Achieve ABSURD Climate Goals—This Will
Decimate the National Economy - High Treason

Energy Commissioner Warns Of 'Major Threats’
To US Power Grid

The Russians KNOW Who’s Directing The US
...Obama banned from entering Russia

O’Biden US Directly involved in assassination
of Russian public figures – Moscow


John Kerry Declares War on US Farmers
Says Govt Farm Confiscations ‘Not Off The Table’

Luongo - Musk, Soros & The End Of The Media

BofA Gave FBI Access To Jan 6 Bank Records
Without Customers’ Knowledge - Whistleblowers

How The Durham Whodunit Became
Who Didn't Do it

US Cop Charged for Leaking Police
Information to Proud Boys Leader

Russia’s S-400 Missiles Would ‘Blow Apart’
F-16 Fighters

Almost the entire arsenal of the West
is now Pointed At Russia - Putin

Putin Will Undoubtedly Use Nuclear Weapon
in Ukraine - Top Harvard Expert Claims

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of
Ukraine was wounded and in Critical Condition

Russian aircraft eliminate about 20 Ukrainian
troops on island near Kherson


HQ With officers of Ukraine's Edelweiss
Brigade obliterated

US Will Train Ukrainians on F-16s
After Months of Speculation

All prisoners of war say they were tortured
in Ukrainian captivity — DPR

Is this Adidas' 'Bud Light moment’?
Vows to boycott 'woke’ brand

Miller Lite Defends Execs After Woke Ad
Sparks Backlash

Dove Produces Ultra-Woke Ad To Change
Beauty Standards In Video Games?

We’ve reached peak woke – and its virtue
signalling champions are being humiliated

John Cleese told by Life of Brian stage show
actors to scrap joke about man having a baby

You Are Not Alone, Anger Is Building
Across The World!

The weaponization of antisemitism
against conservatives


Social-Justice Couples Therapy

Tucker Trounces Fox In Favorability
Ratings Rout

A Century Of Censorship

Invader Crisis in NYC...The Truth - Video

Disturbing Video Surfaces - What's The Creeper
Doing Holding Hands With These Children?

Musk hits back at CNBC reporter over claims
that Hispanic Texas mall shooter was a ‘white
Supremacist’ - Musk Says ‘Bullshit'

Bud Light Reverse Backlash - LGBTQ+ Group
Now Punishes Anheuser-Busch For Not Standing
Strong Behind Tranny Ads With Dylan Mulvaney

Dove Produces Ultra-Woke Ad To Change Beauty
Standards In Video Games? (Unhealthy Fat Is Cool)

Jeep went ‘woke' abandoning quality control in
favor of virtue signaling and now its vehicles are
spontaneously catching fire – even not running

Wigington - Global GeoEngineering News 5-20-23
Far North Burns While Freeze Warnings Issued In NY


Michelle Obama Humiliated as Her Soft-Drink
Substitute Product Fails Standards She Pushed
on Americans

Satanic Woke Blacks Try To Destroy Life Of Pregnant
'White Supremacist' Nurse—Claimed She Tried to
'Steal Bike' From Black Man Until Lawyer Provides
Irrefutable Evidence it Was ALL a Lie - Video

No Prison Time for Black Man Who Lit
Asian Students On Fire

Pilot showing plane certified to use chemtrail
fluid, holds 100 gal, gets paid $10 A gallon
to spray it and says it's a Toxic Liquid - Video

Dr. Rashid Buttar Dies Suddenly…From Shedding
He Made It Clear That Shedding Destroyed His Health

Ex Pfizer VP Dr Mike Yeadon says About CV-19
’They Lied To Us About Absolutely Everything'

FACT CHECK - Covid was mild and barely killed
anyone...While Remdesivir And ventilator-acquired
pneumonia killed millions

Landmark Class Action Lawsuits Further
Exposes The Startling Corruption In COVID
Vaccine Rollout

WHO Warns Of 'Unusual' Surge in Severe
Myocarditis in Newborn Babies

‘Sad Day for Babies and Moms’ - FDA Recommends Pfizer’s
RSV ‘Vaccine' for Pregnant Women - The Wide Open War On
Babies And Human Reproduction Is Ramping Up


Dr. David Martin To EU Parliament - Corona Virus
Is BioWeapon And Is The Greatest Crime Against
Humanity In world History - Video

Jayne’s BioWeapon Injury - I lost every hair on
my body and people now think I’m a man

Dr. Ryan Cole - Spike protein in mRNA injections
causes unusual blood clots (Old, Old News)

Heartbreaking Social Media Post...
Don’t Give BieWeapons To Babies

15 UK newborns with severe myocarditis
These Babies Are Essentially DOA

Satanic Pfizer supports tranny child mutilation

Rubio Publishes Vast COVID-19 Report
'Beijing Hid The Truth'

The Woke Health Organisation?

Healthcare Experts and Academics on Twitter Wildly
Overstated Risk of Monkeypox, According to New Study

Spain - Masses Of Covid-19 patients died
from Intubation...artificial respiration


Highly Lethal Virus Spread Through Dog
Feces On The Rise Across America (Parvovirus)

We Forced ChatGPT to Admit Bruce
Jenner Is a Man

AI is about to change the world for the
WORSE - Here are 3 reasons why

Here's What We Know About Musk Twitter
New CEO, Linda Yaccarino A WEF Board Chairman

Soap Company Demands More Fat, Ugly
and Crippled Women in Video Games

Gene Editing Gets a Triple Boost - A ‘Happy
Accident' Leads to Enhanced CRISPR Efficiency

The Big Tech Spy Hunt

Watch - Scientists Create Real Doctor Octopus Arms

Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Twitter,
Google, Facebook In Liability Case Over
User-Posted Content

Fertility App Premom Shared Sensitive
User Data With Chinese Firms


TSA Pilot-Tests Controversial Facial Recognition
Technology At These 16 Airports

Apple Bans ChatGPT Use By Employees
Over Fears Of Data Leaks

Pentagon gives go-ahead to US Physicist to
publish data on Nuclear Explosions on Mars

Musk Floats 'Nuke Mars' Idea Again

COMEX Gold Futures Explained - Part 1

Re-hypothecated gold hell!

Hydrogen’s Scalability Essential To Meet
Energy Demand

Yellen - More Bank Mergers Necessary as Banks
Lose Tens of $Billions in Deposits the Past 2 Weeks

Battered By Inflation, 90 Million Americans
Struggle Paying Bills As Credit Card Usage Spikes

Up to 80% of Germans Oppose Upcoming Ban
on Oil, Gas Heating Systems - Survey


Eurozone inflation accelerates

Europe Approves World’s First Crypto

Russian fuel oil exports to China to hit record high – Bloomberg

UK introduces sanctions on Russian diamonds,
copper, and aluminum

EU to restrict trade in Russian diamonds
- European Council President

One third of Canadians fine with assisted
suicide (Euthanasia) for homelessness

'Conflict Is Coming' Says UK Defense Secretary

Dutch Farmers Can Only Have 2 Cows Per Field

UK’s business with sanctioned Iran booming

Austria’s inflation shows no sign of slowing


Talk on Censorship Censored in Canada

Finland Urged to Keep Nuclear Bans Despite
NATO Membership

UK, Norway Launch 'Strategic Partnership’
in Undersea Domain

Orcas have sunk 3 boats in Europe and appear
to be teaching others to do the same - Why?

Russia Wisely Bans Greenpeace

Russia's GDP Per Capita in 2022 Nears
Record High of 2013

Emerging Economies to Turn Backs on
US Due to Sanctions’ Harm - Antonov

Billionaires battle for Russian tech giant

Russia bans Greenpeace

‘Morons’ misunderstand strength of
Russia’s diversity – Putin


Russia orders arrest of ICC prosecutor

Moscow Names German Chancellor’s
Biggest Mistake

Taiwan President Says War 'Not An Option’
While Angling For More US Weapons

China will boycott G20 event in Kashmir

Murray Rothbard On Taiwan
And The Third World War

China responds to Kissinger’s Ukraine proposal

Irish embassy rejects China’s Ukraine order

US fails to break Russia-India ties
...leaked Pentagon documents

Korean Peninsula on ‘brink of explosion’

Argentina Wishes to Cooperate with Russia
in Nuclear Energy and Aviation


Australian Cops under fire for tasering
95 year old dementia patient

Imran Khan Is In A Standoff With Police
Who Have Surrounded His House

Biden Drone Killed Bricklayer Father of 10
...Not An Al-Qaeda Terrorist

Saudi Arabia will maintain a policy of
'positive neutrality' on Ukraine conflict

Zelensky shames Arab leaders

Russia and Islamic world share geopolitical
vision – Syrian envoy

Erdogan evades question on whether
Biden wants to topple him

Erdogan hails ‘special relationship’
with Putin

Erdogan - Turkey Does Not Intend to
Indulge All Western Demands

US ‘no longer confident’ about victim in Syria strike


Biden Seeking Joint Military Planning With Israel
On Iran

Revisiting 9/11 - Proof the Israeli Government Knew

PG&E must pay $150 million for
role in deadly 2020 Fire

Oh No – We’re about to Cross 1.5 C
Global Warming - But There’s Still Time!

Julia Hartley-Brewer Clashes With
Meteorologist Over Global Warming

How is widespread use of helicopters to
study polar bears defensible in a warming world?

Dr. David Martin To EU Parliament - Corona Virus
Is BioWeapon And Is The Greatest Crime Against
Humanity In world History - Video

Pilot showing plane certified to use chemtrail
fluid, holds 100 gal, gets paid $10 A gallon
to spray it and says it's a Toxic Liquid - Video

Why The Israelis Killed JFK - Newly Declassified
Documents Prove Cause And Effect - Video

Radioactive Cloud From UK DU Munitions Destroyed
In Ukraine Is Now Threatening Western Europe - Russia

'Conflict Is Coming' Says UK Defense Secretary

Moscow Names German Chancellor’s
Biggest Mistake

Putin Will Undoubtedly Use Nuclear Weapon
in Ukraine - Top Harvard Expert Claims

Ukrainian President Zelensky to attend G7
summit in Hiroshima

G7 to restrict Russia's access to financial system
- US official

In Hiroshima, Biden promises Japan will
have A nuclear umbrella


US Debt Ceiling Issue to Undermine G7
Capacity in Shaping World

G7 Hiroshima Summit - Fading Bloc Sticking
to Its Guns to Contain China, Russia

Secretive Bilderberg Gathering Of Global Elites
Kicks Off In Portugal - See Who's Attending And
What They're Discussing

West conveniently forgets Kiev’s shelling
of Donbass cities - Russia’s UN envoy

Over 23,000 civilians killed and wounded in
Ukrainian conflict - UN

Plan to Rebuild Artemovsk Will Be Prepared
After City's Liberation - Moscow

Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian ammo
depot in Zaporozhye area

Ukraine redeploying reserves near Artyomovsk
amid heavy losses, says LPR officer

Russian porn star added to Ukrainian ‘kill list’

‘Terrible summer’ might be looming for Ukraine


Orwell gets street in Kiev

Pentagon made $3 billion ‘error’ in Ukraine aid

Ukraine has ‘five months left’ to impress US

Ukraine receives all AS90 armored vehicles
and howitzers promised by UK

French WW2 Fighter Reveals Massacre
of German POWs By ‘Brave’ French Commies

Invader Crisis in NYC...The Truth - Video

Net Zero’s artificial food crisis paves
the way for ‘future foods’

Note to Yale Climate Connections – There Is no
Link Between Droughts and Climate Change

‘1.5°C Temperature Disaster’ Story Makes
its Annual Media Appearance

The Numbers Are In On How Biden-Era
Funding Is Skewing Scientific Research


Who Is Better At Raising Your Child
...You Or The State?

Gunmaker Heckler & Koch Deletes Woke
Tweet Rant After Backlash

We Forced ChatGPT to Admit Bruce
Jenner Is a Man

Dr. David Martin To EU Parliament - CV Is A BioWeapon
And The Greatest Crime Against Humanity In History

Heartbreaking Social Media Post...
Don’t Give BieWeapons To Babies

Rubio Publishes Vast COVID-19 Report
'Beijing Hid The Truth'

The Woke Health Organisation?

Healthcare Experts and Academics on Twitter Wildly
Overstated Risk of Monkeypox, According to New Study

Europe turning against prophets of
climate alarmism

TSA Pilot-Tests Controversial Facial Recognition
Technology At These 16 Airports


Mitsubishi Among More Than A Dozen
Companies Investing $73 Million In Japanese
Fusion Energy Startup

Is The US Preparing To Punish OPEC?

Russian central bank issues inflation warning

Silicon Valley Bank Execs 'Criminal' to Pay
Themselves Bonuses Before Collapse

Venezuela pledges to abandon US dollar

UK Experiencing Wage-Price Spiral as
Inflation in Double Digits

British PM hails ‘cheap beer’ Brexit benefit

Million UK Citizens Find Internet Connection
Too Expensive Amid Rising Costs - Survey

Ukraine is ‘attacking our sovereignty’ - Hungary

Danish Soldiers Sent to Latvia Placed in Toxic,
Dilapidated, Gas-Ridden Tents


UK unemployed should be forced to pick fruit
Says ex-MP

UK to Probe Up to 100 Lawyers for Helping Criminals
Get Asylum

11 Dead, 20,000 Homeless After Worst Flooding
in Italy in a Century - Video

Russia remains reliable global food supplier
despite sanctions – Putin

‘Russia’s gesture’ on grain deal may become
last if its demands not fulfilled — source

Next two months 'crucial' now that grain
deal extended, says Lavrov

Confrontation is dead end in international
relations — Lavrov

China special envoy meets with Zelensky

Ukraine should not become frontline in
great power showdown - Chinese FM

Projected Winner of Thai Election
Vows to 'Fully Demilitarize' Country


The Terrorist State of Israel Turns 75

Work on Syrian-Turkish normalization
roadmap begins in earnest - Russian FM

The EU hopes Türkey emerges from the
presidential election as a subservient ditz

Moscow Welcomes African Peace Initiative
Intends to Study It

Russia to hold talks with African countries on
Ukraine in mid-June, early July — Lavrov

Intricately Carved Neolithic Stone Spheres
Found In Scotland And…Bolivia - Vid


Massive Russian Retaliation Attack On Ukraine

Huge Mushroom Explosion in Ukrainian City
Or Khmelnytskyi (DU Weapons Going Off?)

Russian Soldier Runs For His Life From Uke Drone Bombs

London must answer for casualties in Donetsk
after shipping missiles to Kiev, says envoy

Moscow not to leave CIA’s attempts to
recruit Russian citizens without response

Uptick In Russian Military Flights Near
Alaska As US Leads Massive Drills

Russians shoot down 7 Storm
Shadow missiles

Final Bakhmut battle - Wagner Storms Last
Uke Positions - Russian Victory In Reach

The end of Bakhmut...Ukes Prep Pullout

'Independent' Ukrainian Kill List Actually Run
By Kiev And Backed By Washington


Macgregor On Uke Army - 'Most of them are dead’
Zionists Wipe Out Several Hundred Thousand
Christian Soldiers

Kinzhal Missile Strike Destroyed Five
Patriot Launcher in Kiev - Russia

Unstoppable Kinzhal - One US-Made
Patriot 'Cracked Up’...More to Follow

Russia’s MiG-31 Fired Kinzhal Missile
at Ukraine’s Patriot SAM From Air Ambush

US Officials Confirm Russian Strike
On Patriot System In Ukraine: CNN

Wall-piercing Russian rocket slated for
Ukraine battlefield – producer

Russian Airborne Troops Destroy
Ukrainian Stronghold

Turkish 155-mm M483A1 cluster shells Seen
in service with Ukrainian Armed Forces

Three civilians killed in shelling of Donetsk

Retreating Ukrainian troops shoot civilians
in Bakhmut — DPR officials


Kiev demands apology after ‘cynical’
quip by French TV host

Russian Lancet Drones - Why are they So Deadly?

The Most Damning Durham Finding

The Durham Report Shows The FBI
Is A Threat To Democracy

Durham Report Condemns FBI's Russia Probe
But Don't Expect It To Make A Difference

FBI Leadership Sabotaged Clinton Foundation
Investigations - Durham Report

Bruce And Nellie Ohr Had Bigger Roles In
Dossier Than Known - Durham Report

'Damn, That's Thin’. 'I Know', 'It Sucks’ - The
Untold Story Of The Trump-Russia Investigation

Impeaching Mayorkas Gains Momentum
Among Key House Republicans

Musk on Biden - ‘I Wish We Could Just Have a
Normal Human Being as President'


Rural America dreams of secession
in eastern Oregon

Those who can erase the past control the
present and own the future

Adidas Goes Woke in Disgusting Way...
Look at Who Modeled a Women's Swimsuit

Next Chairman of JCS Wants White Male
Officers to be a Minority - US Military Near Dead

6 Documented Instances Of Systemic Pro
Democrat FBI Corruption

Bombshell Report - Two 9/11 Hijackers
Were Recruited by CIA

Elon Musk And David Sacks Blast Soros
Over Funding Liberal District Attorneys

Man Who Assaulted Congressional Staffers Had
Once Been Let Off By Soros-Funded Prosecutor

Target Set to Lose Estimated Half A $BILLION
Largely Due to Retail Crime - Forcing More
Biz To Amazon And Online Vendors

Musk reveals who he’d prefer to see as
US president


Fox to replace Tucker with Idiot Hannity - report

Illinois 'assault weapon' ban kept in place
by US Supreme Court - Bad Sign

Drag group that mocks Catholics to be
honored by Woke Fag-Loving LA Dodgers

Some Local Network TV Affiliate Stations Begin
To Shut Down Local Newscasts - Sheeple To Have
Less Information At The Local Level And Will Be
Forced To Watch Only Regional & National ’News'

Heartbreaking Social Media Post...
Don’t Give BioWeapons To Babies

BioWeapon - Some vaccine batches far more
toxic than others, analysts find

New Anti-Shedding Shopping Attire Coming Soon

UK Confirms H5N1 Bird Flu (Modified To Transit
To Humans?) Has Been Detected In 2 People

Covidism - Contagious Deception A New Documentary
Available On Bitchute, Rumble, Odyssey - Trailer HERE

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine
Becomes Unavailable In US


3 Ways AI Is About Change the World
(Spoiler - It's NOT Good)

Has AI reached the point of no return?

AI ‘could go quite wrong’ – ChatGPT inventor
So Could The American ‘Government’ - Look At Biden

US Senator Fears Artificial Intelligence
Chatbot Could Make him 'Endorse Putin'

ChatGPT inventor warns Congress of AI dangers

What If AI Is Only A Cost And Not A
Profit Bonanza?

YouTube Is Taking Down Content
Featuring Wagner PMC

Musk Slams Big Tech's 'Laptop Class’
Over 'Morally Wrong' Remote Work

Musk Says Anti-Defamation League Should
'Drop the A' in ‘ADL’ After He Criticized Jew Soros

US Navy Investigators Release Aircraft
Carrier Water Contamination Reports


Don’t Buy US Government Bonds

CA Legislature Proposing Unemployment
Benefits For Invaders

Taxpayers Fleeced Again - Big Banks Push
New FDIC Re-Funding 'Trick'

John Kerry Would Love For Farmers
To Stop Farming

Shedlock - UAW Demands A 'Just Transition’
To Electric Vehicles

'Inflection Point In The Conversation On
Atomic Power' Begins

West's Price Ceiling Caves in: Russian
Oil Exports Hit Post-February 2022 High

Moscow Confirms Grain Deal Extension
for Two Months

Finland accuses Moscow of freezing its assets

Freight traffic booming in Russian Arctic


Putin notes importance of Rasht-Astara
railway project for global transport infrastructure

Russian Deputy PM Novak Reveals Details
of Ambitious Eurasian Trade Route

First Russian bank opens in Iran

Hungary Blocks €500 Million In EU Weapons
Funding For Ukraine After Kiev Sanctions
Hungary's Biggest Bank

Zelensky only wants weapons, not interested
in peace - former Italian lawmaker

Does Poland Want Zelensky to Quit NATO
Proxy War as Sy Hersh Claims?

Estonia denies entry to Russian homeowners

Germany doesn’t have capabilities to be
in coalition to supply jets to Kiev

UK not planning to give fighter jets to Ukraine

Poland handed over almost all MiG-29
planes to Ukraine, not ready to send F-16s


Majority of Brits have negative view of Sunak

Ex-French defense minister’s phone was
hacked using Israeli Pegasus software

French Court of Appeal Upholds
Former President Sarkozy’s Sentence

Denmark Touts 'Pragmatic Idealism’
as New Foreign Policy Approach

Russia still open to diplomacy on
Ukraine – Lavrov

Europe ‘paying the bill’ for surrendering its
autonomy to US — Lavrov

NATO ‘reckless’ expansion to undermine
chances for security dialogue — Lavrov

Russia ready to study foreign partners
proposals on resolving Ukraine crisis, says Lavrov

Russia takes steps for Belarus fast accession
to SCO — Lavrov

Macron feels like US vassal but can do
nothing about it, says Lavrov


Lavrov says crisis in Ukraine could end
with US turning its back on its allies

‘Economic NATO’ needed to counter China

China Fires Back at 'Washed-Up' Liz Truss
Over Taiwan Speech

African countries fed up with West’s demands
to join sanctions on Russia — Lavrov

China backs African peace mission on Ukraine

African peace mission to visit Moscow,
Kiev in early June - SA diplomat

SA opposition calls for mass exodus from ICC

South Africa’s army chief visits Moscow

New York City Sinking Under Weight of
6,000 Skyscrapers, Scholars Warn


WWIII Fears - In Chilling Move, Russia Stations
18 Nuke Bombers Near NATO Nations Borders

Now FRANCE announces Supplying LONG RANGE
Missiles to Ukraine - NATO Presses Russia Harder
For Nuclear War

Russia Says It Took Out US-Supplied Patriot
Missile In Hypersonic Strike On Kiev

Russia’s Kinzhal Missile Obliterates
Patriot System in Kiev

US Admits Russia Bombed America's Patriot
Missile System in Ukraine

Kremlin dismisses Ukraine Kinzhal
missile intercept claims

Seven UK-supplied Storm Shadow
missiles shot down – Moscow

Russian forces wipe out at least 70% of Uke
assault brigade’s personnel in Maryinka

Ukes say they shoot down more
missiles than Russia fires – Shoigu

Watch Russian MT-12 Rapira Guns
Unleash Hell on Ukranian Positions


Russia Restarting Mass Production Of MiG-35

Russian units take control of several Ukrainian
strongholds near Avdeyevka — DPR head

Russian forces have all instructions, understanding
how to torch Leopard tanks — DPR head

Ukraine reports ‘exceptional’ Russian strikes
on targets in Kiev

Ukrainian forces shell grain elevator in
Zaporozhye Region, causing fire

Chair of Ukrainian Supreme Court arrested
over $3 million bribe

Russia Launches A Major Air Attack on Kyiv

Ukraine’s top spy admits agents murdered
‘Many’ Russian public And Media figures

Zelensky’s F-16 wish list revealed

Germany won’t send fighter jets to Ukraine


Paris Possibly Sending Warplanes to Kiev
Fraught With Moscow-Paris Confrontation

US Describes Full-Blown Russia-Iran Defense
Partnership As More Drones Sought

Polish troops forcing refugees into Belarus
under cover of night, says Minsk

Transnistria against breaking ties with Russia,
despite pressure from Kiev, Chisinau — MP

Trump Said To Be Considering Three
Women For 2024 VP Position

How The Largest Metropolitan Areas In
The United States Are Doing - Snyder

Mentally Incompetent Fetterman Struggles To
Form Coherent Sentence In Most Cringeworthy
90 Seconds You'll See - Matches Biden

Frank Joseph - Key Turning Points Of WW2

Must watch - What Israel Did To The USS Liberty

Battle of the Fake Historians Heats Up


US Now Spends More Servicing Its Debt
Than On National Defense

US X-Date Is Now June 5 As Treasury Burns
$52 Billion Cash In One Day, Only $87 Billion Left

How The Largest Metropolitian Areas In
The United States Are Doing...Snyder

US Calls for Bombing Taiwan’s Semiconductor
Industry…Taiwan Enraged

Durham Report - What is Known So Far

Village People demand Trump stop
using their music

Dinosaurs Will Die - Fox News Hemorrhages
Viewers in Post-Carlson Era

'Constant Pressure For Oral Sex’ - Salacious
Accusations Leveled Against Rudy Giuliani
In $10 Million Lawsuit By Former Employee

US Army soldier opens gate to let huge
horde of Invaders onto PRIVATE Texas
property - Treason By US Military

NY Parents In Uproar As City Plans To House
Invaders In School Gyms


Communist CA moves to give unemployment
benefits to Invaders as border crisis grows

NY Parents revolt over Mayor's plan to house
Invaders in 20 school Gyms

DHS and FBI Depict Vegan Activists
as Potential Domestic Terrorists

Miller Beer scrubs ‘woke’ feminist ad
after backlash

Bud Light Backlash Shows No Sign Of Letting Up,
And Now There Is Contagion To Budweiser, Busch
And Michelob

O’Keefe Undercover Interview Exposes Why
Tucker Carlson Was Really Fired - Video

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Happiness
and Being Informed - Johnstone

OR Senator Trying To Stop Bill That Would
Set Up Children To Be Victims Of A Multi-
Billion Dollar Industry

Answer to SLC Father/Son, Murder/Suicide
...Psychedelics, science and mental health

Fukushima Greets Summer with Dread
as Nuclear-Contaminated Wastewater
Dumping Approaches

Biden Names Dr. Monica Bertagnolli as nominee for
NIH Director - She's Gotten 116 grants from Pfizer!


WHO states sex education starts from birth
UN seeks to decriminalise sex with minors
The End Of CIVILization Is At The Door

Microsoft Says New AI Shows Signs
of Human Reasoning

AI-powered bots 'taking over Internet’ and
mimicking human behavior

Has AI reached the point of no return?

OpenAI CEO warns of AI's ability
to persuade voters

The AI Revolution - A Repeat Of History?

George Soros ‘hates humanity’ - Elon Musk

Big Brother’s Mind-reading Tech Is Already Here

Musk Says 'That Cretin (Epstein) Never Advised
Me On Anything Whatsoever’ - Nice Try

ChatGPT's Sam Altman Testifies Before
Senate Judiciary Committee As Calls For
AI Regulation Build


Murdered Cash-App Founder Was Attending
Underground Sex, Drug Parties With Sister
Of Alleged Killer

Former international chess boss details
his ‘alien encounter’

A Disorderly Reset With Gold Revalued
By Multiples

UK food prices double

Record Low Numbers of Americans
Believe Its Time to Buy A Home

Did George Soros Dump Tesla Shares
to Spite Elon Musk?

Russian Oil Exports in April Hit Record-High
since Launch of Special Op

EU should ban Indian fuel made from
Russian oil – Borrell

IEA Warns Oil Bears Are Disregarding An
Imminent Supply Shortage

Paris justifies nuclear ties with Moscow


Newly-Launched Finnish Nuclear Plant
Sees Electricity Prices Plunge By 75%

McCarthy Says Debt Ceiling Talks
'Not In A Good Place' As Yellen Warns
'Time Is Running Out'

Much Of The Markets Still Don’t
Believe The US Can Default

US Now Spends More Servicing Its
Debt Than On National Defense

Home Depot Plunges After Worst Revenue
Miss In 20 Years, Slashes Guidance - Blames
Weather, Lumber And Faltering Consumer

Hungary Outraged By Leaked Ukrainian
Plans To Blow Up Vital Oil Pipeline

UK Govt Expanding Far-Reaching Surveillance
System That Logs Online Activity Of Millions

US Investigation Shows Absurdity of Claims
of Russian Interference - Kremlin

Kremlin Slams CIA Attempt to Recruit
Russian Spies via Social Media

Senior diplomat brushes off claims Russia
talking with US about sanctions relaxation


Russian MPs greenlight withdrawal from arms treaty

Russia can deploy weapons where necessary
post-CFE Treaty — Medvedev

Russia hopes West takes Moscow’s withdrawal
from CFE Treaty seriously

Russia has evidence some East European
countries are in breach of CFE treaty

Ukraine joins NATO cyber defense center

Russian diplomat urges US, NATO to stop
attacking Russia’s sovereignty

US, NATO forces to ‘loom’ over St. Petersburg
due to Helsinki’s actions

NATO’s military policies in Ukraine posed
real threat to Russia

NATO countries keep insistently pushing
expansion plans, exacerbating situation

China to ramp up preparations for war
amid Taiwan’s buying US weapons


China’s Envoy Kicks off Visit Amid
Intensified Battle in Ukraine Crisis

Chinese authorities call on foreign embassies
to remove pro-Ukrainian banners

Defense Ministers of China, Japan launch
direct naval, aerial communication line

Taiwan Heading Down, allows same-sex
couples to adopt children

India facing challenge to steer SCO agenda
away from Western-dominated frameworks

Dozens dead and tens of thousands
evacuated In Ethnic Violence In India

South Africans march in solidarity with
Palestinians -Video

Libyan parliament passes vote of no
confidence to PM Bashaga — report

Clashes between army, special forces
resume in Sudan’s capital — TV

Death toll in Sudan clashes rises to 822


Blacks Teach Blacks To Hate White People
Black Racist Militant leader orders killing Of
white children - Supporter Yells ‘Kill ‘Em ALL’
The Only White Response Was…Crickets

It Was All Planned Just As We’ve Been Telling You
For Several Years Now - Nothing Of Important
Substance Is Left To Chance Or Coincidence - Video

CA, OR & OH Bills Would Allow Homeless (INVADERS) To
Camp On All Private Property…Think Of YOUR Own Front
Lawn - Oppose Them And Be Jailed - Vets Thrown Out Of
NY Hotels To Let Invaders In - Video

At Least 5 Whistle Blowers Come Forward
Against Biden Crime Family

Secret Service totally changes its story on
Biden's Delaware visitors - Lies, Lies, Lies

Shocker? - IRS Removes Team Investigating
Hunter Biden After DOJ Request - He’ll Skate

Leading GOP senator blasts media for ignoring
evidence Hunter paid for trafficked prostitutes

Public Servant FBI Asks Judge to Delay
Seth Rich Laptop Release for 66 Years!
...There’s That ‘6’ Again

US Being Further Disarmed By Its Communist Regine
Push to refill US weapon reserves could strain
hypersonic production - US falling farther behind

US money for Ukraine running out – Not
One Penny Should Have Ever Been Given


Blackrock Is Slowly Taking Control Of Ukraine
Word Is Blackrock Already Owns 30%...

Bakhmut Endgame - Last Uke Line BREACHED
Wagner Advances Continue - Bakhmut Update

Wagner Boss Rejects WaPo Report As
'Smear Campaign' Planted By Political Enemies

Here are the Zelensky 'treason’ quotes
the Washington Post deleted

Russian Battlegroup East took out Uke unit
in pickup trucks And A recon group

Britain to send ‘hundreds’ of long-range
attack drones And missiles to Ukraine
Notice How NATO Is Being Disarmed

Russian strike at NATO ammo depot turns
Khmelnitsky into little Chernobyl As DU
Ammunition Is Destroyed

Russian forces wipe out Uke command post
with Krasnopol smart shells

Russian air defenses destroy 21 Ukrainian
military drones in past day, top brass reports

Russian forces wipe out US made counter
battery radar in DPR — top brass


Explosion Hits Center of Lugansk - Video

Kiev Used 2 Storm Shadow Missiles During
Attack on Lugansk on Monday

Russian Air Defense Downs Storm Shadow Missile

Russian embassy to UK slams supplies
to Kiev as waste of taxpayers' money

Details of UK's Storm Shadow Cruise
Missile Revealed

Ukraine to Receive New UK Military Aid
in Coming Months - London

UK announces plans to open new training
center for Ukrainian military pilots

Ukraine needs several counter offensives
to achieve its goals, says British general

US Has Iron Dome System Ready to
Ship Out to Ukraine, Pentagon Says

Kiev's funding turns Europe into ‘battlefield'
says former French presidential candidate


Needing US Hires, Norway Dubs Lack of F-35
Mechanics 'Declaration of Bankruptcy'

Scott Ritter: Ukraine’s ‘Counteroffensive’ - Myth or Reality?

Gheen - Shut Down Out Government To Shut
Down The Borders - No Debt Limit Increase!

WHO Blasted For 'Early Childhood Masturbation’
Guide for Kids UNDER Age FOUR - They are Trying
to Destroy Childhood And Children

Are Uke Su-27s Carrying New Brit Storm
Shadow Cruise Missiles? Russia Just Shot
One Down Over Donetsk

Is the United States Moving its Capital to
Jerusalem? - Philip Giraldi

Trump Vows Return of Russiagate Victim
Michael Flynn If He Wins in 2024

Texas Gov. Resumes Migrant-Bussing
Tactic to VP Harris' DC Residence

California Reparations Commission Wants
to Legalize Racial Discrimination

Comer Reveals Biden Corruption Informant
Is Missing


Guess Who Stood For The National Anthem?

Senator Hawley: Democrats 'Want The Chaos’
At The Border

J.K. Rowling Gives Blistering Reply to
Woke Kid Tweets Calling Her ‘Bigot’

What The Founding Fathers Said And
Warned About Has ALL Come True

Study Confirms The Covid BioWeapon Injection
Didn’t Actually Save Any Lives - Video

Why Are So Many Children Suddenly Dying?
...Because Of The Kill Shots Or Shedding

Media Silent as UK Data Show Sharp
Increase in Excess Deaths - Campbell

Many Pregnant Women Were Forced to Get
COVID Shots - Here’s What Happened to Them

Naomi Wolfe interviews Nurse Midwife Who
describes how she has not seen A Normal
Placenta In A LONG Time - They Are Calcified
...Start Video At 37:55

COVID ‘Vaccines' Cause SEVERE Neurological
Injuries And Complications


More Stunning Proof Of Shedding And How
It Will Destroy Your Blood…And You - Photos

Man Feels Completely Normal After Covid BioWeapon
Injection - See What Brazilian Biologist Found - These
‘Problems’ Are Likely Throughout His Body, Head To Foot

The risks of eating bugs - Tenpenny

Tenpenny On Eating Bugs and Insects - Pt 1

Tenpenny On Eating Bugs and Insects - Pt 2

Mandatory Euthanasia At Age 80 - Video

A third of scientific papers may be fraudulent

Flesh-eating zombie drug 'tranq' takes
over LA streets as users with rotting skin
are seen Daily

Twitter 2.0 risks being swept up by the BlackRock,
WEF institutional corporate agenda - Musk is both
Twitter’s greatest asset and its greatest liability

Musk suspends right wing account for
harmless joke about new Twitter CEO


Peter Schiff - Great Depression 2.0 Is Incoming

The WEF Wants Equitable 'Democratization’
Of Stock Markets

I’m not dead – George Soros

Krainer - You'll own nothing: if you let it happen!

Pepe Escobar - US Empire of Debt
Headed for Collapse

Dollar Weaponization Expands - FDIC Message
To Foreign Depositors Is Don't Trust The US

President Biden And The Need To Do Something
... Just Not Now

US Consumer Debt Stands at $17 Trillion
...Credit Card Defaults at Pandemic Level

Biggest Fear Among US Business Leaders Is
‘Catastrophic' Debt Default - White House
Economic Adviser

US Crypto Regulatory Head Vows Crackdown
on Digital Platforms


US NatGas Drilling Collapses At Fastest Rate
Since 2016

The UAE Is Poised To Become A
21st Century Switzerland

The Energy Transition Has A Metals Problem

Platinum Market 'Entering Substantial Deficit
This Year'

Italy's National Debt Hits New Record
of $3.04 Trillion in March

Hitler speeches played on Austrian train

Hungary backs Chinese plan for Ukraine

Hungary blocks fresh handout to Kiev
from European Peace Facility

Italian MFA says African migration
wave to follow, should grain deal be paused

EC’s von der Leyen claims 'no knowledge’
about Zelensky’s idea to blow Druzhba pipeline


Chisinau announces CIS exit to win
brownie points from Western patrons
...former Moldova president

UK Parliament staff deployed as
‘pronoun police’

West acknowledges direct involvement
in conflict in Ukraine - Russian UN Amb

West does not care about people in Ukraine
And Donbass - Russian diplomat

Zelensky says goal of his EU visits
was to prepare for counteroffensive

Ukrainian Troops Active Along Entire Front Line
But No Counteroffensive Yet - DPR Head

Ukraine’s ‘Fanatical’ Former Ambassador
to Germany Sent to Wreak Havoc in Brazil

US, China Had Secret Submarine Showdown
Near Hong Kong Amid Jan 6 Capitol Attack

Moscow flatly refutes Paris’ allegations that
Russia is dependent on China — Kremlin

Collusion with NATO may cause Japan’s
‘second ruin’ — expert


Russia and India reviving rupee
settlements in trade

Indonesian state firms cutting ties
with Visa and Mastercard – official

Indian ruling party’s defeat in a key state
rings alarm bells for PM Modi

Turkey Confirms Election Runoff, But
With Erdogan In Driver's Seat

Opposition controversy may lead to
external pressure on Turkey, says
Russian lawmaker

‘Russian-Iranian Axis’ Threatens America’s
Empire, Top DC Think Tank Warns

UN marks 1948 Palestinian exodus

Southern African nations agree to
deploy troops to DR Congo

Sanctions on Russian diamonds could
disrupt global jewelry market – analyst

California’s Mean Annual Temps Were Up
To 3.8°C Warmer Than Today During The
Last Glacial


O'Biden regime ensuring that Invaders released
into American interior will never come back for
a Mandatory asylum hearing

NYC pleads with homeowners to house
Invaders as Title 42 ends, email shows

Did CNN Accidentally Admit The Truth
About Invaders And Title 42?

The Full-Scale Invasion And Overthrow Of
America Is Going Just As The Freedom
Hating Globalists Planned

The End Of Civilization

Elite Lies Meant To Deliver Us From Reality

Most People Believe Life In America Is Worse
Than It Was 50 Years Ago - Snyder

National populism is here to stay

Turley - America's Blackout On Biden
Corruption Is Truly 'Pulitzer-Level Stuff'

WaPo deletes All ‘treason’ quotes from
Zelensky interview


Wagner Chief Clarifies That Only His Forces
Are Making Gains In Bakhmut And The Ukes
Control Only One Sq Kilometer Of The Town

Ukraine Fired 3 Storm Shadow, 15 HIMARS
Missiles at LPR in Past Week

Russian drone fury hits Kyiv, Mykolaiv -
700 more Ukraine troops 'wiped out’ - Video

Zelensky plotted attacks deep inside Russia

Russia Says Ukraine Used British Storm
Shadow Missiles in Luhansk

Peas in a Pod - Kiev & US Resort to Terror
Tactics to Threaten Russia, China

Moscow shares details of high-precision
strikes on Ukrainian military

Ukrainian Forces Fail in Attempts to Break
Through Russian Defenses Near Artemovsk

Kiev Avoids Confirming Use of UK-Made Storm
Shadow Cruise Missiles Against Russian Forces

Kremlin believes it’s obvious that Kiev is
complicit in murders of Russians


Ziolensky calls for lifting restrictions on
weapons supplies to Ukraine

Ziolensky nearly lost his phone in Berlin

Ziolensky hints at postponing elections

Ukraine Is now de-facto ‘state sponsor of
terrorism’ Says Kremlin

Deal Could Give US Military Access to Papua
New Guinea Ports and Airports

The US Air Force Sent Up two ‘doomsday
planes’ at once

FBI and Local Police Execute Sudden
Raid at Florida Trump Towers

Trump blasts enemies in Mother’s Day greeting

White supremacy ‘most dangerous threat’
to US Says BS Bolshevik Biden

US Homeland Security Chief Claims Illegal
Crossings Down 50% Since Title 42 Expired


Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds in Mexico
as Biden Flounders to Fix Border Crisis

Seven Hurt in Arizona Shooting Near
Mexican Border - Reports

Wedding Parties, Homeless Vets Booted
From NY Hotels To Make Room For Invaders

Dominion Voting Systems pressed
on role in Tucker Carlson firing

Taibbi Fact-Check - Jankowicz vs Fox News

Top 7 ways Biden Regime and Big Food
corporations are crippling family-owned
farms in America

GeoEngineering Watch Global News - 4-13-23

Outrage Of The Week - UK NHS Scheme Will
Allow HS Graduates to Work as DOCTORS
Because Of ’Staffing Shortages’ - No Formal
Medical Education Required!

US Fast-Food Chains Use Seaweed, Soy And
Even Wood To Bulk Up Menu Items - Study

Mayor Lizard Lightfoot Signs Slew of
Executive Orders Heading Out The Door


Carjackings Surge in Democrat Cities…
So The Communists Are Suing the Automakers!

Oakland Teachers, District Agree on
'Reparations' for Black Students

7 Brands Promoting Men in Dresses
for Mother's Day.

The Oldest Dog in the World Is 31
...At Home In Portugal - Photos

Covid BioWeapons have caused a Dangerous &
Deadly Alliance between Graphene, Nanobots,
mRNA, and Nanotechnology

Media - 'The Unvaccinated Are Scum'

Never Forget - A Retrospective On The Media
Lies Surrounding COVID

Officials Neglect Covid Vaccines’ Side Effects - WSJ

Unbridled Super-Intelligent AI Could
'Wipe Out' Humanity

Machine Learning Investor Warns AI
Is Becoming Like a God


The Lowly Humans Helping Run
ChatGPT Make Just $15 Per Hour

Samsung Electronics Plans to Build Chip
Development Hub in Japan - Reports

7 doomsday scenarios if the US crashes
through the debt ceiling

The coming globalized digital money system
just got the endorsement it needed to proceed
as the replacement for All fiat paper currencies

The Dynamics Driving The Dollar Down

Despite IMF Rebuke, Zimbabwe Sells $14 Million
Gold-Backed Digital Tokens In First Issue

Russia, China boost road-based freight traffic

Italy suffers surge in price of signature staple

76 counties in the US don't have a SINGLE
grocery store

30 Countries Now Ready To Accept
BRICS Currency


What’s Wrong With the Medical
Apprenticeship Scheme?

UK to Send Over 1,500 Troops to Estonia
for NATO Drills - Reports

British Next-Gen Warship ‘Sabotaged’

The green movement is a jobs killer
Are unions finally figuring this out?

More on the Green climate cabal that is currently
at war with German industry and society

Theft Of Heat Pumps Installed Outdoors Spreads
In Germany, Insurances Refuse to Cover Loss

Lomborg - ‘Organic agriculture’ could optimistically
support 4.7 billion people – ‘Industrial agriculture’
could optimistically support 12 billion

Majority of UK gig workers paid below
minimum wage – study

NATO Intends to Offer Kiev Support, But
No Membership at July Summit

Tallinn Security Conference ‘Pours Gasoline on
Fire’ of Russia-NATO Proxy War in Ukraine


NATO in a Bind as ‘Atrophied’ ASW Fleet
Faces Russia’s ‘Force Multiplier’ Subs

UK Food-Bank Dependency Reaches
Record High

Oxford Union To Set Up 'Welfare Spaces' For
Students To Cope With Gender Debate

Philippines marks claim to disputed territory

Thai Opposition Leads in Thailand Elections

Ex-PM blames Pakistani military for his arrest

Argentina on brink of collapse as currency
fails, leaving country nearly broke

Erdogan Gets 49.24% of Vote After 100% of
Ballots Processed, Kilicdaroglu Has 45% - Report

Turkish Presidential Race Heads Into Runoff
as Votes Slipped Under 50%

Türkiye opposition claims vote count ‘manipulations’


Sprawling $1 Billion US Beirut Embassy in
‘Small Broken Country' Decried by Lebanese

Netanyahu Claims Israel Destroyed Entire
Islamic Jihad Command in Gaza Strip

Syrian Delegates Arrive in Jeddah Ahead
of Arab League Summit - Source

Iran and Egypt to restore diplomatic ties

Iranian Flotilla Returns to Home Waters After
Round-the-World Trip Through ‘America’s Backyard’

Many South Africans rooting for Russia
...ex-president’s daughter to RT

US Plans Hybrid War Vs Wagner In Africa


Outrage Of The Week - UK NHS Scheme Will
Allow HS Graduates to Work as DOCTORS
Because Of 'Staffing Shortages' - No Formal
Medical Education Required!

House GOP Demand Biden Renounce
2024 Bid or Submit to Cognitive Test

Pentagon To Expand Air Defenses In Guam,
Eyeing China & N Korea Threats

Multiple Aircraft Downed In 24 Hours
Russian Army Said To Have Retreated
In Part Of Bakhmut While Wagner Forces
Continue To Advance

Helicopter crashes in Russia near
Ukraine border

Another aircraft crashes near Ukraine’s border

Seven Russian Tu-95 Strategic Bombers
Airborne and Moving to Attack Vector
...Turner Report

GIANT explosion after Russian attack on
Khmelnitsky today - LPG Depot? - Video

Ukraine lying about taking down
hypersonic missile – Izvestia

Ukraine Can’t Have Russian Assets
Frozen in Switzerland, Bern Says


Russia Establishes Anti-Drone Police
As Threat To Cities Grows

Shrapnel-Proof Waistcoats Created in Donetsk
For Service Dogs in Special Op Zone

Ukraine Loses Almost 300 Military, Mercenaries
in Donetsk Area Over The Past Day - Moscow

Pope Francis meets with Zelensky in Vatican

Ukraine's Future Lies In The Great Reset

Germany Plans to Send Ukraine Largest
Military Assistance Package Worth $3 Billion

EU increases military spending by
30% since 2014 — Borrell

RFK Jr - Trump is the ‘Most Devastating’
Debater Since Abraham Lincoln - No Way

Communist Democrats in CA, OR And OH
Push Laws to Force Private Property Owners
to Allow Homeless to Live ON Their Property

Oregon GOP Walkout Stalls Bills On
Abortions For Children, Gun Control


Zillow Warns Of 'Deep Freeze' In Housing
Market If US Defaults

SS Payments May Be ‘Interrupted’
if US Defaults on Debts by June 1

US debt ceiling deadlock ‘devastating’ – London

Jordan Maxwell...Hidden History
...One Of The All-Time Greats

Texas Governor Buses More Invaders
To Kamala Harris’ House - Video

Record-Setting 83,000 Invaders Crossed
The US Border This WEEK -

NYC May Give Invaders Free Rooms at
Iconic Roosevelt Hotel

God's ‘Chosen’ People - The Awesome Power
Of The Jews (Video Banned By YouTube)

4 Chicago ‘teens’ (Look At These Sub-Humans)
charged with The murder of 24 yr old Female Cop

After-School Satan Clubs Are Hot, Hot, Hot
Children Are Being Taken Over...And Down


Furious Parents Cross Picket Lines in
Oakland as Teachers Continue Strike
for 'Reparations'

Leftist Communist Pollsters Devastated To Find
Out Americans Largely Oppose Gender Ideology

Olympian Inga Thompson Dumped by Team
After Call to Protest Pro Trans Athlete Policy

Wigington - GeoEngineering News Alert 5-14-23
Engineered Weather Extremes Becoming Even
More Extreme By The Day

BioWeapon Genocide Victim Video Channel

Non-Profit Hospitals Made Huge Profits
During Pandemic While Receiving $23 Billion
In Federal COVID-19 Aid

Official Report - Ventilators Killed Nearly
ALL COVID Patients Put On Them

Eat The Bugs -Music Video

Musk Finally Forever Exposed As Globalist Player
Welcomes WEF Board Chair As His New Twitter
CEO - Who Will Pursue The Schwabian Agenda

New Twitter CEO under fire for WEF links


Biden Administration Grooms Gen Z
‘Influencers’ to Become Digital Red Guard

Tech billionaire Austin Russell to buy Forbes

Non-Binary Character In New Transformer
Cartoon Goes Viral As People Call For
'Another Brand Boycott'

YouTube Influencer Admits Crashing Plane
Into California Mountain For Views To Lock
'Sponsorship Deal' And Get More Views

$910 Billion Exits US Banking System in
Just One Year As Depositors Take Flight

Insanity - An EPA Death Sentence for Petro Fuel
Power Plants - Biden new rule means the end of
natural gas-fueled electricity

Fewer Than 60% Of Baby Boomers Have
Retirement Accounts

New York, San Francisco Office Buildings
Are Absolute Ghost Towns

US Rents On Verge Of First Annual Drop
Since Covid Crash Amid Supply Glut

Stockman On The Fed’s 'Great Pause’
... And What Happens Next


What Is Pepecoin And Can It Flip Memecoins
Like Dogecoin & Shiba Inu?

New regulations force biggest crypto
exchange Binance out of Canada

Italians see their wealth plummet

Soros-CIA Engineered 'Fall of the Berlin Wall'

Net Migration Into Britain Could Top 1 Million
This Year, Doubling Prior Record

Rising food prices priority UK concern

Crime has made Dublin city centre like
a 'third world country'

China Sheds US Debt, Stockpiles Gold
Amid De-Dollarization Trend

US Blocks China's Attempt To Condemn
Israeli Attacks On Gaza At UN

Oz rental crisis - What life looks like for
struggling families


India to demand return of UK crown jewel

EU Should ‘Intensify’ Relations with
Countries in Indo-Pacific – Borrell

Colombian Navy seizes largest narco
submarine in history

Iran Reveals data on the Shahed-136 Cruise Weapon
Range 2500 km - Warhead weight 50 kg - Combined
with a nav system and low IR/RF visibility, it can be
called the most effective precision strike weapon ever

Palestine, Israel agree on ceasefire beginning
at 10 p.m. on Saturday — TV channel

Top Russian, Saudi diplomats discuss crisis
management in Middle East

IRGC Navy Gets Ultra Long Range Cruise
Missile Superior to the Tomahawk

Latest polls indicate over 49% support for
Kilicdaroglu in Turkey’s election

Turkish FM Says Ankara Won't Wait for
US F-35 Jets, Wants $1.4 Billion Back

US must repair its reputation in Turkey
Says ruling party MP


Africa needs massive investment for
green energy transition – banker

Poor and marginalized most threatened
by trade war – South Africa

Delaware special education teacher
arrested for rape sex crimes

Communist Democrats in CA, OR And OH
Push Laws to Force Private Property Owners
to Allow Homeless to Live ON Their Property

Treason - O'Biden regime coordinating with
Mexican government to secretly facilitate
mass illegal INVASION

Invaders Get Free Smart phones Paid for by
US Taxpayers - Some Do Not Have Court
Dates Until 2035! - Video

America Has ‘Lost Control' of 'Cartel-Owned’
Southern US Border

Texas Natl Guard holds back Invaders surge
with razor wire - (Far Too Kind)

Watch - Cruz Slams Border Chaos As
'Nothing Less Than An Invasion'

TikTok Teaches Chinese to Invade US Border

US Northern border also hosts ‘indescribable’
human trafficking

Homeless veterans are being booted by
communist democrats from NY hotels to
make room for invaders

Wake Up - 37 More BLACK-ON-WHITE Murders
(Give Or Take Asians And A Baby In The Womb)
Look At The Victims And Look At The Charged
Another Month In The Death Of White America


O'Keefe on What Really Happened Inside
Project Veritas That Led to His Recent Ouster

O'Keefe Media Group - Citizen Journalist Says
Maricopa Co. Election Director Rey Valenzuela
Told Her How to Abuse ERIC Voter Registration

3 Damning Equations to Defeat Global
Warming Zealots

Yellen - 'We Have To Default On Something’
If No Debt Ceiling Deal

Manchin Says Biden 'Hypocritical' On Debt Limit

US Conservatives Should Boycott Mainstream
Media That Covers Up Biden 'Crimes'

Dramatic Overhaul of Classified Intel
System Urged Post-Pentagon Leaks

The Great Left-Wing Disinformation
Operation Against The Supreme Court

Next Joint Chiefs Chair Wants White Male
Officers to be a Minority - US Is Finished

NY Mayor wants private property owners
In Suburbs to house Invader Aliens!


NO MORE MEAT - Corporations and govts
are engineering a future that does Not
include natural animal meat

The Green New Deal vs Family Farms

Has CNN Turned Into QNN?

US M1 Abrams Battle Tanks Land in
Germany Ahead of Schedule - Next

Kiev attempts 26 attacks in Soledar area
all of them repelled - Russia Said Killed And
Wounded 900 Uke Troops In Past Day

London gave Kiev missiles for strikes on
Russian cities = Russian ambassador

Russia reserves right to 'neutralize' threat of
long-range missiles UK gave to Kiev - MFA

What are Storm Shadow Missiles and
How Can Russia Defeat Them?

Ukrainian troops use 150 km range missiles
to shell Lugansk — LPR officer

Russia won’t shoot down Starlink satellites
– ex-space chief


US won’t follow UK on Ukraine missiles
– Blinken

New Russian Elite Force ’Storm’
Will Crush The Uke Army

Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian army’s
fuel depot near Zaporozhye city

Russian military helicopter crashes in Crimea

Belarus reports attack on troops in
Ukrainian border area

Watch Russian Troops Crush Ukrainian
Defenses in Donetsk Region

Kiev claims progress in key Donbass city

Ukrainian Artillery Strikes Gorlovka

Kiev Terrorizes Donbass Civilians, Since
It Cannot Win on Battlefield

US readying for China hypersonic attack
on Guam


A ‘biomedical police state kill box’ is now fully
established and mRNA-LNP compounds are
‘cellular genetic dirty bombs’ warns A legal
researcher for US senator

Researchers Had a Simple Test for Determining
if an Asymptomatic Person Who Tested Positive
for COVID Was Infectious But CDC, Fauci Ignored It

A Prion Disease of the Body - The Spike
Protein as Proteopathic Seed

9 Yr Old Boy Denied Kidney Transplant to
Save His Life Because He’s Not ‘Vaxed'

Unveiling the Dark Side of Nanotechnology
The Perils of Nanobots and Graphene

No vaccine, ever, has been established
to be ‘safe' in the US

WEF Puppet Musk’s Choice Of WEF Board
Member To Be Twitter CEO Tells The WHOLE
Story…The End Of Free Speech

Musk Hires Ultra WOKE Linda Yaccarino as CEO
of Twitter - Ex Chief NBCUniversal Advertising
And WEF Board Member - Pioneer of DEI (Diversity,
Equity, Inclusion) Wokeism - Musk Shows True Self

Google Unveils Plan to Demolish the
Journalism Industry Using AI

Sam Altman Says AI Will Invent Fusion And
Make The World Wonderful


Judge dread? AI Is harsher than humans
when people break the rules

Top 10 - What People Most Frequently Ask
of Chat GPT Bot?

Facebook Censors Title 42 Invader
Influx Stories

Intel agencies have used AI since cold war

China's 'Satellite Killer' Spacecraft Threatens
To Puncture US Military In Space By Crippling
Its Recon, Navigation

Nearly 700 Former High-Ranking Pentagon
and Other Government Officials Now Work
at the Top 20 Defense Contractors

Rickards - 'Weird Gold Trick' Could
End Debt-Ceiling Showdown

EU members support clampdown on Russian
oil smugglers – Politico

EU Considers Formally Banning Russian Oil
Flows To Germany And Poland

European Natural Gas Prices Are Set For
A Sixth Consecutive Weekly Loss


Germany mulls energy rationing – media

US sanctions against Rosatom to wreak
havoc on nuclear sector — expert

US Could Start Buying Oil To Refill
SPR As Early As June

Drainage - China's New Gold Wallet
Will Suck the West Dry

The Great Wealth Illusion

South Africa wants debate on BRICS
common currency – Bloomberg

Switzerland reveals value of frozen
Russian state assets

Russian tycoon wants his superyacht back

French car giant faces $110 million
lawsuit in Russia

Kremlin Says Necessary to Implement
2nd Part of Grain Deal on Russia to
Extend Initiative


Majority of German Citizens Oppose Ukraine’s
Possible Accession to NATO - Poll

EU Mulls Underwater Internet Cable in Black Sea
to Reduce Dependence on Russia - Reports

European leaders reach peak
dystopia on Victory Day

Serbia won’t back Council of Europe
resolution on Ukraine’s territorial integrity

UK rules terms ‘convict’ and ‘ex-con’ to be ‘offensive’

Migrant village’ for conservative Americans to be
built South Of Moscow - Russian lawyer

Soros partly controls European Court
of Human Rights - Medvedev

Zelensky ‘will end up like Hitler’ – Medvedev

Russia’s Medvedev Says WW3 Will
Have No Winners

Russia to continue efforts to punish those
responsible for Nord Stream blasts - Medvedev


Russia’s patience in defense of rights at
international platforms not limitless - Medvedev

From Avangard to Zircon - How Far Do
Russian Missiles Fly?

Putin's Approval Rating at 80% - Poll

Russia stands for mutually beneficial partnership
in politics, security - Putin

People in West should know that they are
paying for their leaders’ mistakes - Kremlin

West Openly Abuses Norms of International
Justice in Relation to Russia - Lavrov

Moscow doesn’t rule out ‘asymmetric’
response to Poland

Demand for Protection Against Drones in
Russia Grows by 2.5 Times - Kaspersky

Ukraine launches 61 criminal cases
against UOC priests - Russian diplomat

Kiev blasts UK media over Eurovision claim


EAST reactor puts China on fusion’s leading edge

EU’s top diplomat Borrell Says China-led
World Order Inevitable

Germany greenlights Chinese stake
in Hamburg Port

South Korea Kicks Off Regular Large-Scale
Air Force Drills

World’s most violent country El Salvador
claims murder-free year

Argentina Is Going Broke to Stall
a Full-On Currency Collapse

Erdogan scolds rival over ‘Russian
interference’ claim

US interfering in Türkey elections – Ankara

Israeli occupation warplanes launch series
of airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Israeli army says Gaza militants fired
866 rockets, hits back at 215 targets in exclave


Some 2.5 million Syrian refugees back
home thanks to efforts by Moscow, Damascus

US lawmakers threaten sanctions for
Syria rapprochement

South Africa responds to US claims
of weapons deliveries to Russia

Egypt ignored US requests to
block Russian flights – media

Two babies found floating alive
days after flood struck Congo

UN urges end to Sudan conflict as
ethnic clashes kill 25

Moscow responds to claims Russia
interfering in Turkish election

Music Legend Smokey Robinson - 'I Want
to be Called American American’ NOT
‘African American'

Witness Comes Forward with Exculpatory
Information on Neely Death

This Mother’s Day, Let’s Stand Up for
Real Women


Recycling plastic could Put Microplastics Into
The Environment

Masses Of Fighting Age Invaders Overwhelm US
Mexico Border As Title 42 Expires - The O’Biden
Invasion Of America Is Fully Underway - US Troops
Do NOTHING To Stop It And Honor Their Sworn Oath

‘Tomorrow Is Going To Be A Day Of Infamy’
Trump Predicts 15 Million Invaders As Title 42
Ends - O’Biden Communists Are Destroying US

Trump Effect: CNN Ratings Explode
After Town Hall

Trump Willing To Meet With Putin To
Have Ukraine War 'Settled In One Day'

The Threat Of 'Twitter+Tucker’ Terrifies
The Progressive Media Oligopoly

Biden said 'I hate the English' in shocking
private rant

FBI Has Evolved Into Organized Crime Outfit
that Operates Above the Law

FBI Reveals Itself as a Criminal Organization

Ireland visit was to make sure
‘Brits don’t screw around’ – Biden

Marines service lengths extended after
shocking 'audit'


Evil Journalist Spins Putin’s Special
Operation Victory Into Defeat

PMC Wagner stays in Bakhmut - Putin clears up
situation with PMC Wagner And Ammo Needs

Scorched debris of NATO weapons in Bakhmut
captured on video

Western weapons get destroyed before
they reach Ukraine front line

US sells weapons to majority of authoritarian
(Dictatorship) regimes

Blinken explains US stance on long range
missiles for Ukes - Claims US Didn’t Send
Because Of Training And Maintenance Issues

Insane UK Confirms LONG RANGE Missiles
Have Been Delivered To Ukraine

Russia States There Is No Major Uke Counter
Attack And The Front Line Is Stable

Uke Counterattack Has Begun As Russian Positions
North Of Bakhmut Are Hit

Russian military to respond to UK’s supply
of long-range Cruise missiles to Ukraine - Kremlin


Patriot air defense system unable to
intercept Russia’s Kinzhal missile

US Patriot System Not Capable of
Intercepting Russian Kinzhal Missile

As Donetsk civilians live in constant fear
of Ukrainian shelling, a reporter on the
ground details the terror

Ukrainian forces launched almost 200 MLRS
rockets at DPR since midnight - DPR Head

US fudges numbers about Kiev army’s losses
by not counting those missing - DPR official

Russian Self-Propelled Artillery Hammers
Ukrainian Fighters

Video - Russian Artillery Pounds Ukrainian
Troops While Anti-Air Units Provide Cover

Kiev ‘needs more time’ before counteroffensive
– Ziolensky

Kiev held actress hostage to turn
her Russian husband – FSB

US and Britain 'Working in Tandem’ on
Ukraine Missile Supplies


West shipped 28 planes, 575 tanks to Ukraine

EU ‘Donated' $17 Billion to Kiev Regime
Amid Special Op

Army Sergeant Who Fatally Shot BLM
Protester in Texas Sentenced to 25 Years

History Prof Suspended For Passing Out
Candies Marked ‘He-Him' And ‘She-Her'

Biodiversity charity director celebrates human
population decline, says it will help govts meet
climate change targets

US Power Blackouts Will Be Part Of Summer

NOAA Warns El Nino May Be Significant Event

'I'm Glad I Never Fell for the Electric Car Boondoggle'

The Truth is Treason in the Kingdom of Lies
Excellent Music Video

spike proteins From Covid BioWeapon Injections
persist in brain tissue, potentially causing long
term brain damage


Ex-Pfizer VP Yeadon - CV Injection Push
A ‘SupraNational Operation’ Intended To
‘Maim And Kill Deliberately’

FDA makes big change in blood donation
process for gay people - The Blood Supply Is
Finished, Done - No Screening For Spike, HIV

X-Ray Mammograms Starting at 40?
New Recommendations Fail to Warn
Women of the Real Risks

COVID Was NOT Dangerous to
Unvaxed Pregnant Women

More Chemicals In Kids Food! EPA Wants to
Greenlight Chemical Linked to Reproduction
And Mental Developmental Issues - Genocide

Google Unveils Latest AI Additions & Tools

Wendy’s and Google replacing employees
with AI chatbots

Musk says he will leave Twitter CEO post
in six weeks, new candidate has been found
Musk To Stay As Executive Chair & Tech Director

EU Legislators Make Historic Decision
to Regulate AI Industry

Just 0.3% of Scientists Agree That Humans
Are Causing ‘Climate Change’


Highly Maneuverable Chinese Spaceplane
Touches Down After 276 Days in Orbit

Buffett Dumping $13 Billion Worth of Stock
Rings Alarm Bells Over Economy

Default would be ‘catastrophe’ for US - Treasury

Yellen - Possible US Default May Undermine
America's Global Economic Leadership

American Banks with Assets over $50 Billion
to Cover Recent Banking Failure Cost

PacWest Shares Crash After Reporting
Deposit-Flight Accelerated Last Week

IRS Files $44 Billion Claims Against Bankrupt
FTX - Court Filing Shows

US Jobless Claims Highest Since October 2021
Raising Chance for Fed Rate Pause

American Petroleum Institute Claims The
EPA Is Trying To Ban ICE Vehicles

The US Needs To Double The Size
Of Its Energy Grid


The Economy Is Beginning To Shudder

Global Luxury Home Prices Just Did
Something They Haven't Done Since 2009

Physical Gold Investment Up 5% In
First Quarter

Rand Plummets To Record Low After US
Accuses South Africa Of Supplying Weapons
To Russia

Foreign Direct Investment in Germany
Down to Decade Low - Study

Moscow and Beijing reducing dollar
use in trade – Reuters

US begins passing confiscated
Russian money on to Ukraine

US Moves such as confiscating Malofeev’s
assets will boomerang - Moscow

Russia Never Weaponized Energy
But Won't Take Asset Seizure Lying Down

West 'miscalculated' with economic
war against Russia - magazine


Hungarian minister says terrorist attack on
Druzhba pipeline menace to country's safety

Two killed in Mercedes-Benz plant shooting

At Least 4 Injured in Explosion in Milan - Video

Russia Friendly Slovak Leader Caputova
Increases Security Amid Threats

‘Deluded’ attacker charged with stabbing
‘Russian agent’ in Sweden

Russia’s FSB seizes half a ton of
cocaine destined for Poland

Georgian PM hopes West will be understanding
of decision to trade with Russia

Georgian PM lauds Russia’s decision to
abolish visas, lift ban on direct flights

US threatens Russia’s neighbor Georgia
with sanctions

EU wants Georgia to turn away
Russian planes


Two-thirds of Georgians back government’s
decision not to slap sanctions on Russia

'Humanitarian decision’ - Kremlin on waiving
visa requirement for Georgian citizens

Georgian president’s statement on visa
waiver dictated from outside - Russian lawmaker

Serbia reiterates that it 'cannot and will not’
impose sanctions on Russia

Taiwan Says Its Military Won't Let The
US Blow Up Semiconductor Factories

Taiwan prepares for potential assault
on its cities – media

US ‘should be in the dock’ for breaking
international rules – China

China and EU Boost Political Exchange
Despite US Position

NATO's Liaison Office in Japan Part
of Plan to Destabilize China and Russia

Supreme Court of Pakistan Declares Arrest
of Former Prime Minister Khan Unlawful


Israeli Jets continue to pound Gaza Strip

Israeli Killed Outside Tel Aviv As IDF
Says Over 800 Rockets Fired From Gaza

Israel tiptoes around multi-front war,
attempting to maintain a ‘deterrence capacity’

Commander of Palestinian Islamic
Jihad Killed by Israel

US, UK Unhappy about Syria Return
to Arab League

Turkey and Syria planning roadmap
to rebuild ties – Russia

‘Mysterious’ disease kills nine in Kenya

France puts former policeman on trial
over Rwanda genocide


Death Of America Shown In Videos And
Images As The US Looks Like A Poverty
Stricken Third World Dump

We Cannot Stop the Planned Societal
Collapse That's Coming

Biden sex accuser - 'If something happens to me
...all roads lead to Joe’

Comer - Bidens got 'more than $10 million from
foreign entities’ - Massive Graft And Corruption

The 9 Biden family members who received millions
In 'foreign wire transfers' via sham corporations

It Appears the US Government Is Totally Corrupt

It’s time for two Americas - Communist US and A
Free US - Let’s just divide the country up peacefully
while we still can - Our country is too deeply divided.

Trump calls for US debt default

There Is No Border - O’Biden Regime Told
’This Is An Invasion’ - Border Patrol Being Overrun

GOP Should Use Debt Limit To Stop Biden-Harris
Globalist Border Invasion - Shut Down Fraud Govt


Biden admin to allow for release of invaders into
US with no way to track them - Total annihilation
of the White population in America

Stunning Border Video Shows Texas National
Guard Forcing Invaders Back Across River
...Doing What O'Biden Won't

Jewish Mayorkas - Americans Priorities Are
Subordinate to 'Nation of Immigrants'

Reese - America In Under Unrestricted Attack

ENCORE - The Darien Gap, Panama, Invader Processing
Center - WATCH Carefully - Share This Story

Solzhenitsyn Predicted America's Current
Plight Back in 1983

O’Biden Regime Happy UK will cross the Russian
red line for Kiev By Sending Long Range Missiles
...Nuclear War will be closer Than Ever

3 More Russian border regions come under attack

Reports Persist That Top Two Generals In Entire
Ukraine Military Were Killed In Russian Strike

US Says Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Impossible


Britain is ready to transfer long-range
Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine

F-22 Raptors Begin 'Combat Training' In Estonia
Near Russia Border Amid Russian AF 'Hostile Acts'
Over Black Sea

Poland Renames RUSSIA'S Kaliningrad!

Russian pipeline supplying oil to EU
bombed by Zionist Kiev’s forces

The Role Of The Catholic Church In The
Takedown Of The Western World

Mike Huckabee - Man Convicted of ‘Seditious
Conspiracy' for J6 Wasn't Even in DC - Now
Look at the Jury...

Woke Transhumanist Game Plan To 'Transition’
US To Being A Land Of The Walking Dead

Male Negro Stabs Two Asian Women in Toronto

Watch Insane IDIOCRACY At The Met Gala
What Morons, What Creeps, America RIP

FL Lawmakers Want To Use Radioactive
Material To Pave Roads - How Very Smart...


‘Little Children should have sex partners'
…UN agenda to normalize pedophilia

Tranny male author who said a woman is 'an open
Mouth...an expectant ass*ole' wins Pulitzer Prize
Which is now Just As Worthless As A Nobel Prize

Drugged-Up and Ready to Kill - Whitney

Communist WA Gov Inslee Signs Bill Letting State
Keep Kids From Their Parents for Secret Abortions

First university to put gene-edited
livestock into human food supply

Ex-Pfizer VP Yeadon - CV Injection Push
A ‘SupraNational Operation’ Intended To
‘Maim And Kill Deliberately’

The WHO ends the Covid Hoax with
the biggest Lie of All

The WHO is Now a Threat - You Bet It Is

Watch As Oz Woman Learns of The PLAN
To Destroy The Non-Zionist Christian World
Watch Her Horror When She Reads The Truth

80% Of Teens Hit With BioWeapon Caused
Myocarditis Have Not Recovered After six
Months - Most likely never To Get Well


FDA ‘experts' unanimously endorse over
the counter birth control pills

US Ruling Regime Created An AI Tool That
Will Police Free Speech

Musk Slams WhatsApp, Claims It
‘Cannot Be Trusted’

Resurfaced Nikola Tesla writings about
machines with their 'own mind’ eerily
predict rise of AI

French Mayor Gives WWII Commemoration
Speech Written by AI Chatbot - The Future
Is Here…Humans Already Being Phased Out

US developed AI tool to battle ‘Russian
disinformation’ – Blinken

CEO Of ChatGPT Maker OpenAI Will
Testify Before Senate Panel Next Week

AI Is About To Be Everywhere

Porsche Teams Up With Mobileye For
'Advanced Driver Assistance Systems'

CA Man Narrowly Escapes as His Tesla
Goes Up In Flames on A Highway


The Censorship-Industrial Complex
...Top 50 Organizations To Know

MTV News To Shut Down As Paramount
Slashes Workforce - (Such a ‘loss’)

FBI hacked American computers to
‘fix Russian malware’

WTI Extends Losses After O'Biden Admin Drains
SPR By Most Since December - (The Disarming
And Looting Of America Continues Non-Stop)

Wind And Solar Aren’t Nearly Enough...
Why Biden Is Suddenly Supporting Petroleum

Ex-Russian Space Boss Finds 'No Proof’
Americans Landed On Moon In 1969 On
The Apollo 11 Mission - (Kubrick Filmed It)

Moon Landing - Nice Trip If You Can Take It

Buffett Dumping $13 Billion Worth of Stock
Rings Alarm Bells Over Economy

Russia-China trade Is booming

Insect Protein Market is Anticipated
to Grow $3.3 billion


More Crickets on the Menu
...While Vat Meat Tanks

Feds Probe Bank 'Short-Sellers' As UAE
Sovereign Fund Builds Massive US Stock
Short Position

The Collapse Of The West's 'Business Model'

REPO Cars Now Flooding Car Auctions

EU begins collective gas buying

Baby Born in UK From DNA of More
Than Two People

First ‘three-parent’ baby born in UK

France Wants to Ban Sharing Russian News

Putin signs annual decree on military
training of Russian reservists

Russia to withdraw from European arms treaty


Kremlin reveals why Lukashenko left Moscow
before breakfast event with Putin

Maldives ambassador reaches out to Russia
to help keep islands from disappearing

Russian oil shipments surge despite
production cut

What Will Happen If Russia Blocks
Black Sea Grain Ships?

Ukrainian crop exports plunge ahead
of grain deal talks

Failure to extend grain deal would hit
Ukraine harder than Russia

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria contaminates
an entire Chinese hospital ICU

New Genetic Study Finds Prehistoric Migration
From China To Americas

Australia Cuts Defense Spending to Fund
Nuclear Submarine Project - Stupid

Army Condemns 'Organized Attacks’ as Death Toll
Rises - Pakistan Court Remands Khan For 8 Days


Pakistan Wants To Pay In Chinese Yuan
For Russia's Crude Oil

What is Known So Far About Pakistan’s
Riots Following Imran Khan's Arrest

Death toll of Zionist aggression on Gaza rises to 25

Turkish State-Run Botas to Invest $400
Million in Floating LNG Storage

Watch As Oz Woman Learns of The PLAN To Destroy
The Non-Zionist Christian World - Watch Her Horror
When She Reads The Truth - Video

ENCORE - The Darien Gap, Panama, Invader Processing
Center - WATCH Carefully - Share This Story

Tucker Plans To Relaunch His Show On
Elon Musk’s Twitter

By All Appearances, Obama’s Role Has Been to
Enrich Himself as Well Biden and Hillary Clinton

Biden Crime Syndicate Is Called One Of The
Most Evil Secret Societies In World

‘I’m NOT Suicidal!’ - Creeper Biden’s Sexual Assault
Victim Fears She Is Targeted For Assassination

OBiden Bolshevik Regime Still Shoveling US
Taxpayer Money into Afghanistan

Has Biden's 'Ministry of Truth' just been rebooted?

Americans Won't Rise Up And Fight Govt Tyranny

US will not supply long-range missiles
to Ukraine - The UK will do it And It may
Lead To Nuclear War


‘All’ NATO members support Ukraine membership
Says Stoltenberg - This is Bad News

Wagner PMC founder warns about possible
imminent Kiev counteroffensive

Russian forces strike Ukrainian army reserves,
ammo depots With precision weapons

Ukrainian forces hit village in Zaporozhye
Region using HIMARS, civilian woman killed

The White House Is Blocking The New York
Post From Attending Biden Appearances

Blinken Contest - House Committee Prepares
To Hold Secretary Of State In Contempt

California Reparations Task Force Votes To
Approve Recommendations of $800 BILLION

21 states stand against the dangerous
transgender movement

Elites Manufactures Fake ‘Hate' Crisis
As Pretext For Mass Spying, Blacklists
And Even More Censorship

Postal Carrier Robberies Spike 78%
...'Outraged' Union Demands Action


The Final Folly of the Western World

Dem Communist Pedos Vote Against Making Indecent
Exposure To Children A Felony - The War On Children

Biden Revokes COVID-19 Vaccination
Requirement for Air Travel - How many
Were Sacirificed (Murdered)?

FDA Approves First Pill Containing Human Feces
Another Brilliant Idea! Telling People To Eat Sh*t
Wasn’t Enough

NIH Renews Controversial Grant To EcoHealth
For Coronavirus Bat Study - Another Great Idea!

INFANTICIDE - 4,739 Dead Babies in VAERS (multiply this
By 100) Following COVID-19 Shots Injected Into Pregnant
and Child-Bearing Aged Women

Climate Change Could Cause Us Catch a
Nasty Wooly Mammoth Virus - Perfect Launch
Pad For The Next Plandemic

Apple Legend Steve Wozniak Warns of AI’s
Potential to Create Scams and Hoaxes

Meteorite Goes Through The Roof Of NJ Home - Photo

US may freeze bank withdrawals as currency
fear rises expert warns


Bitcoin, Ethereum Dance to Tune of July
'FedNow’ launch Of Digital Dollars

Ordinals Inscriptions On BTC Network
Approach 4.8 Million, Nearly Doubling
In Just Over A Week

Coinbase Execs Visit UAE To Test
Potential Of 'Strategic Hub' For
International Operations

Can BRICS save Argentina from disaster?

McCarthy Rejects Debt Ceiling Extension
Ahead of Meeting With Biden - Reports

McCarthy Is the Adult In The Room On
Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Battles Rage Over Biden's Clean Energy
Projects As The Size And Cost Jump

Biden Delays SPR Refill Again, Now Says
Must Wait For Storage Repairs First

Americans Confidence In Fed Chair Hits
Record Low As Inflation Batters Households

The Banks Most Likely To Go Bust


Regional Bank Bonuses To Plunge 20%
As Big Firms To Pay More

Gender-bias case costs Goldman Sachs millions

Disgraced FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried
Tries To Dismiss Most Criminal Charges

Amazon to pay shoppers for skipping delivery

Tesla Boss and Texas Governor Launch
Construction of Lithium Plant

EU to take anti-Russia sanctions global

EU to punish Russian crude shipping ‘cheats’

British government alarmed at digital bank
Revolut’s attack on red tape

French Government to Fight Tax Evasion
by Super-Rich

Tech Visionary Steve Wozniak Believes
AI Will Make Lies Harder to Spot


China raids offices of major consultancy

Italy's Meloni To Pull Trigger On Belt &
Road Exit In Major Blow To China

Britain Is Dead

Polish Freight Carriers Block Ukrainian
Border Crossing Over Unfair Trade

Ex-Uke envoy to Germany tears into successor

NATO Units Arrive in Estonia for Drills

Ukraine peace talks now impossible – UN chief

Russia doesn’t see unfriendly people,
but unfriendly governments — diplomat

German chancellor objects to WWII
victory parade in Moscow

Aggressive Mob Blocks Russian Ambassador
from Laying Wreath to WWII Memorial in Warsaw


Russian Embassy in Austria Voices Protest against
Desecration of Soviet Military Burial Site

'They Fired at Civilians’ - Mariupol Residents
Recall 2014 Victory Day Massacre

Victory Day Parade - Military Equipment

Tokyo encourages media Russophobia,
which negatively affects Russians in Japan

Japan's new security strategy to lead to
rampant militarization - Russian diplomat

All Hell Breaks Loose In Nuclear-Armed
Pakistan After Imran Khan's Arrest

Israeli Killing of Gaza children leaves
classmates in shock

Russian citizen killed in Israeli raid – RIA

Syria's Return to Arab League Shows
US Gulf Allies Tired of 'Regime Change'

Erdogan offers huge pay raise to civil servants


Cavusoglu to discuss normalization with Syria, hold bilateral meetings in Russia

Türkey offers to host mediation talks for Sudan

Over 600 people killed since start of
conflict in Sudan — WHO

‘Cult death’ victims were missing organs
– Kenyan police

Environmental Protection Not A Major Issue
For Majority Of People

Road Built 7,000 Years Ago Found at The
Bottom of The Mediterranean Sea


The Darien Gap, Panama, Invader Processing
Center - WATCH Carefully - Share This Story

Drone Footage Shows Wave Of Invaders
Approaching Texas Border

Texas Will Intercept Invaders with Newly
Created Army Unit

The Rule of Law Is Getting Flushed
Down the Toilet As America Heads To
Third World In Many Big Cities

Homeless Camps Are Exploding In Size All
Over America As Rents Soar And Evictions
Surge - Snyder

Liberal ‘Utopia' - 2 Mile Long Vehicle
Homeless Encampment Spotted In CA

California Defaults On $18.6 Billion In Debt

Americans Won’t Rise Up And Fight Govt Tyranny

Our Leaders 'Are Making Suicidal Decisions’ - Snyder
Warns Doom-Loop Will Cause Societal Meltdown

Latest ABC-WaPost Poll Is an Absolute Horror
for Creeper Biden And The Unelected, Illegal
OBiden Communist Regime


'The walls are closing in on Biden’

NY Suburbs Panic After Communist NYC
Mayor Plans Invader Relocation

High Levels Of Toxic Metals Found In Widely
Consumed Drinks

US can’t explain what happened to Nord
Stream – Russia

Kremlin responds to Ukraine’s threat to
kill Russians anywhere

US to Issue Another $1.2 Billion Military
Aid Package to Ukraine

Ukraine will get stripped-down US tanks

New Russian glide bombs ‘changing course’
of Ukraine conflict

4 Million Receive Temporary Protection
After Fleeing Ukraine

Suspect in Murder Attempt of Russian Politician
and Writer Prilepin Charged with Terrorism


'Christians, wake up - If world doesn't stop Putin,
NATO, Israel are next’ - (One Of The Worst Zionist
Propaganda Pieces In Weeks…Read And Learn)

Zaporozhye NPP suspends reactors in An
effort to Stop Ukrainian Terror Attacks

Massive drone, missile strikes reported
in Ukraine

Russian Assault Team Storms Building
During Battle for Bakhmut

Watch Giatsint-B 152-mm Towed Gun
Crews Obliterate Enemy

Kiev Claims to Be Subjected to Most Massive
Russian Attack Since Launch of Special Op

Ukraine cancels traditional holiday
celebrating defeat of Nazis

Modern American ‘Culture' Is Creating
Endless Psychopaths

Catherine Austin Fitts - 'They're after your Kids'
The Real Agenda Behind The Great Reset

We Must Defend Self-Defense


Biden Wages War On Small Businesses
During National Small Business Week

'Challenging Protein Market': Tyson Foods
Reports Loss, Slashes Revenue Outlook For
Year As Shares Plunge

Comer To Reveal Evidence Wednesday On
Biden Family Receiving Money In Exchange
For Policy

Trump, DeSantis Beat Unelected Fraud Biden
In ABC-WaPo Poll - Joe's Approval Hits Record Low

DeSantis Prohibits Chinese Citizens From
Buying Land in Florida

Shell Says Reignited Fire Extinguished at
Its Chemical Facility Near Houston

Anheuser-Busch CEO Blames Bud Light
Boycott On Social Media ‘Misinformation'

Musk Asks Of Jordan Neely Protesters -
'Why Didn’t They Protest The Children
Murdered At The Christian School?'

Need To Keep Masses Afraid Is Behind
Elite Embrace Of Wokeism & Censorship

Transgenderism Is 'Confusing People About The
Nature Of Reality' And Destroying Children


The warping of sex education

The Truth About Generation Snowflake
is Even Worse Than We Feared

Hideous Tranny surgeries linked to horrific
and often fatal infections - 'I now live in a
painful body that no longer belongs to me'

Starbucks sack trans worker who berated
female customer in 'confrontation over
being misgendered'

Richard Dreyfuss - Hollywood’s Inclusivity
Standards ‘Make Me Vomit’

‘The Big Catch-Up’ - The WHO to Vaccinate
Millions of Children

Chelsea Clinton First Backs Porn For Students
Now Promotes Mass Vax Program For Children
...And Laments Public Resistance

WHO Top Lab-Leak Denier Fired For
Sexual Misconduct

Local And Private COVID BioWeapon Mandates
For Patients And Health Care Workers Being
Reversed, Overturned Across US - Too Lates

Covid Vaccines Increase Menstrual Bleeding
Risk by Up to 41%, BMJ Study Finds


How to get Japanese kids to unmask?

Dangerous gene-edited pigs now authorized
by OBiden’s Food and Drug Administration

Could AI Steal Your Job?

The Silent Strings Of ChatGPT will
reinforce the emerging thought police

Facebook Censoring The Inconvenient
Truth About Antarctic Temperatures

US Runs Almost $1 Trillion Federal Deficit
Amid Debt Ceiling Impasse

Euro banks report record drop in mortgage loans

West losing Russian gold

The Oil Market Signals Trouble for the Future Economy

Central Bank Gold Buying Off To A Record
Breaking Start In 2023, Led By Singapore


European Banks May Be Riskier Than US
... And More Regulation Won't Solve It

Gold, Oil, & Global Currencies Entering A
Watershed Moment

Liechtenstein to accept Bitcoin for payments
to state

'Bitcoin Is Not Under Attack' - BTC Maxis
Allay Fears Of A DoS Offensive

Era of cheap flights is over – travel giant

Türkey won't toe Western line on Russia sanctions

Russian rainy day fund growing – Finance Ministry

A coven of British witches and pagans
pledge their allegiance to King Charles,
claiming he supports their beliefs

Italy urges citizens to leave Ukraine

West risks creating a ‘Snow ISIS’ in Europe
with extremists going to fight in Ukraine


History Repeating? Rising US-Led Militarization
Shows Europe Failed to Learn From WW2

How the EU’s ‘new’ Eastern members
have taken control of the bloc

Italy calls for ‘clearer’ apology from France

‘Immortal Regiment’ parades held across
Europe - Videos

BBC - Climate Change Too Important
To Be Left To Personal Choice

Putin - A War Has Been Unleashed Against
Russia but Moscow Will Handle It

Globalist elite provoke bloody conflicts, coups – Putin

Watch Victory Day Parade on the Red Square

US threatened WWII vets over Victory Day
parade – envoy

Canada Expels Chinese Diplomat Over
Allegations of 'Foreign Interference'


Chinese Foreign Ministry declares Canadian
consul in Shanghai persona non grata

Canada seeks to join AUKUS anti-China bloc

Russia-China Trade Up 41.3% to $73 Billion

China-US trade falls by 11.2% to
$218 Billion in January

Japan’s position on Ukraine leading to
downturn in trade with Russia — diplomat

Sydney Opera House cries poverty over
coronation demands

Chilean Right Triumphs In Key Vote On Attempt
To Impose 'World's Most Progressive' Constitution

‘Crazy thing’ – Lula criticizes imprisonment of Assange

Caribbean island ‘not totally free’ under
King Charles

Iran Willing to Provide Advanced Defense
Weapons to Syria


Iran Central Bank and Oman Ditch US Dollar

Iran's Non-Oil Trade With BRICS Nations
Nears $40 Billion

Globo-Zios Fume as Syria Rejoins Arab League

Sudan’s warring parties enter ceasefire talks

King Lizard And The Lizard People
...A Dark Coronation - They Sure Like
The Number ‘6'

Lord Monckton on King Charles - ‘The greatest
threat to the world…is the Communism that the
Climate King so disastrously espouses’

The Fed’s Digital Dollar System Launches In July
In 55 Days Everything Changes For The US dollar
And your financial freedom To Control Your Money

Close to 190 US banks could collapse

Ominous Omen From ‘Oracle of Omaha’?
Buffett Unloads Billions in US Stocks
And Warns of AI Danger

Tucker to Unleash Hell On Fox News...
Plans To Launch His Own Media Empire

Ex-Russian space boss questions Whether
US Apollo 11 Really Landed On The Moon
Says There Is No Conclusive Proof - He’s Right

Here’s Everything You Need To Know
About BLM’s New 'Saint George Floyd'
... Jordan Neely: 40+ Prior Arrests, Etc

Goodbye (failed) Climate Alarmism…
The Age of AI Alarmism Has Begun

'US Heading Toward Power Grid ‘Reliability
Crisis’ Energy Commissioner Warns


Rapture Dream - Dad's End Time Dream Went Viral

Downtown SF Becomes A Ghost Town
As Major Retailers Flee Communism

Kiev Attacked Overnight by More Than 30 Drones
'All Drones Were Shot Down'? Highly Doubtful

Russia destroys 22 Drones Attacking Crimea

Russian Attack Explosions Leave coastal
regions of Odessa turned in flaming ruins

Fierce Fighting On the outskirts of Avdiivka

Wagner will get ‘as much ammo as we need’
Says Prigozhin

Soledar Residents Tell Russians - Ukes said
'they’d shoot anyone who wanted to go to Russia'

Wagner PMC advances in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut)

Ukrainian plot to strike airfield deep
inside Russia thwarted – FSB

Watch Su-25 Aircraft in Action During
Special Military Op


Kiev Loses Over 340 Soldiers, Mercenaries
in Donetsk area in Past 24 Hours - Moscow

Israeli RADA radars spotted in Ukraine
for the first time

Russia may supply weapons to Palestine
in response to Israeli radar supplies to Ukraine

US asked Türkey for access to Russian
air defense system - FM

Ukraine vows to keep killing Russians worldwide

'Mad Panic' As Towns Near Zaporizhzhia
Nuclear Plant Evacuated Amid Stepped-Up
Ukrainian Shelling - This is purest evil

The Tactical Trumpification of the
Center and Left

Musk - Why Does MSM Misrepresent Interracial
Crime Stats 'To Such An Extreme Degree’?
Fact - 60% Of ALL Murders Done By Blacks

Tucker And Elon? Carlson Plots Next Moves
But Only If Fox Lets Him Out Of 2025 Contract

US launches another ministry of truth to
counter foreign ‘disinformation’


Seven dead in vehicle attack outside
Texas Invader Center - Video

There is 'More to Already Impeach Biden’
Than 'Anything Dems Had' on Trump

Trump leading Biden in poll

San Francisco Has Worst Downtown
Recovery Rate Of Any US Or Canadian City

Wooldridge - It’s a Full-Scale Invasion by Design
and Fully Orchestrated by Biden and Congress - Pt 2

Wooldridge - Full-Scale Invasion of America
...The Serious Ramifications to All of Us - Pt 3

Americans Show 95% Support For One-Day
Voting, Voter ID And Paper Ballots - Poll

Anheuser-Busch Fires Agency Behind
Tranny Mulvaney Partnership - Too Late

WHO & United Nations Coordinate Global
Plan to Decriminalize Pedophilia

Brand New Study - Spike Protein Accumulates
in Brain and Skull...and Causes Damage


Olfactory transmucosal SARS-CoV-2 invasion
as a port of central nervous system entry in
individuals with COVID-19

Pilot Murders - Obituaries show a 40% Hike
in deaths of younger pilots during 2021

Yeadon - 'Crime Is Not Health - We’re In The Middle
Of The Biggest Crime In History…Intended To Control
And Remove Your Freedom And Will Involve The Killing
Of Millions, If Not Billions, Of People - It's Long Planned'

Covid Compliance, Control, 15 Minute Ghettos
and CBDCs - MEP Christine Anderson - Video

Oz People Fiercely Savaged And Slaughtered
By The Spike BioWeapon - Excess deaths at
record highs - diabetes and dementia Soaring

Google Is Rolling Out Password-Killing
Technology to All Its Accounts

Billions of Android owners must delete 11
popular apps ‘silently stealing your money’
...check for them right now

Google co-founder, Larry Page, MIA
in Epstein lawsuit In Virgin Islands

Mars Likely A Blue Water Planet Just
400,000 Years Ago

Elizabeth Warren Wants The Police At Your
Door In 2024 If You Have A Crypto-Wallet


Warren Buffet slams executives responsible
for failed US banks

Yellen - US Running Out of Ability to Use
Extraordinary Measures to Avoid Default

Escobar - Global De-Dollarization
Nearing 'Crossroads Moment'

US Dollar & Sovereign Debt Endgame

If China Ditches Dollar, Consequences for US
Could Be Very Bad

OK bans more than a dozen woke banks
from doing business with the state

Italy needs two years to quit Russian gas

Olive oil prices hit 26 year high

EU defenseless against China - Berlusconi

Berlin court partially lifts ban on displaying
Russian flags at Victory Day events


German Govt Plans to Refuse States More
Money for Invader Accommodation - Reports

Majority Of Germans Say Invaders Bring
More Problems Than Benefits, Want Limit
On Refugees - Too Late

Britain Celebrates Coronation With Time Honored
Tradition Of Arresting Anti-Monarchists

Moldovan protesters blocks traffic
in country’s capital

Moldovan Police Say Detained 27
Participants of Anti-Government Protest

Transnistria asks Russia to increase
peacekeepers because of the risk of attack

Western experts Says Russia has found
a ‘cure' for HIMARS

500 Australians File World’s First Vaccine Injury
Class Action Lawsuit

Asia’s Elephant Crisis - A Staggering 64%
Habitat Loss in Three Centuries

Moldovan protesters blocks traffic
in country’s capital


Moldovan Police Say Detained 27
Participants of Anti-Government Protest

To All Fools Who Bought EV Junk - The hidden costs
of EVs - OH man gets $42,000 repair bill after Simple
fender bender to His electric truck

King Charles III crowned

Jill Biden seated in the back by the toilets
at Westminster Abbey at Charles Coronation

Tucker Carlson says a high-ranking member
of the House Intelligence Committee told him
that the NSA reads their text messages

Stunning Alleged Encounter Of Classic UFO
And US Fighter Jet Over AK - Audio-Video
Some Say It's A Flight Sim Program - No Proof

Allgire Remote Viewed The Fighter Jet-UFO
Encounter Over Alaska - Another Hit

‘Leaked' Real ‘Gimbal’ Shape-Changing UFO
Video Recorded by the US Navy - Includes Slo-Mo

Russians Literally Incinerating The Small,
Remaining Ukraine-Held Part Of Bakhmut
There Will Be Nothing Left - Videos

Wagner to hand Bakhmut To Chechens
Soldiers – Prigozhin

Russian forces take control over 95%
of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) - Prigozhin
(Make No Mistake, Bakhmut Was Taken
By The PMC Wagner Musicians)

Sabotage - 18 Gun Powder Warehouses
Reportedly On in Russia - Hal Turner


US responsible for Prilepin car bombing – Moscow

West Tried to Conceal BioWeapon Development
Using Labs in Ukraine - Investigative Committee

Three Captured Russian Pilots Released
From Ukrainian Captivity - Defense Ministry

Russia’s Battlegroup West destroys four
Uke subversive groups in Kupyansk area

The latest Russian kamikaze drones 'Privet-82’
will appear at the front in the near future

Ukes transfer 17 Leopard 2 tanks to the
border with Transnistria

Ukraine strikes Russian school in
border region

Ukrainian Armed Forces Chief Discussed
Situation at Front With US Counterpart

Two Ukraine Ballistic Missiles Shot Down
Over Crimea - Crimean Authorities

Ukraine Loses Over 185 Troops, Mercenaries
in Donetsk Direction in 24 Hours


Ziolensky left Ukraine before Kremlin drone
Attacks...He knew very well what was coming

Massive Two Mile Long Homeless camp
Plagues Posh Marin County, CA

Ex-CIA chief Morell wrote Hunter Biden
laptop ‘disinfo’ letter for Biden to use
during debate

Former Intel Heads Brennan, Clapper To Testify To
House Panel Over Role In Biden Laptop Letter

Rickards - Biden's Orwellian Office of
Environmental Justice

'Word Salad?' Internet Roasts Biden & Harris
Over 'Going to Lunch' Car Selfie

Owner of Michigan horse farm who refused
to sell property to Chinese firm placed

How to protect your family during civil war

PURE SATANIC EVIL - Leading US Medical Institutions
Are Deliberately Confusing Toddlers And Converting
Them Into Trannies - The War To Destroy Childhood

Women's Clothing Brand Anthropologie
Features Male Model, Disables Comments
After Getting Slammed by Customers


Coca-Cola Rejects 'Wokeness' In Fear
Of Going Broke - Boycotts WORK

Elite Communist Behind the '1619 Project’
Will Hate This New Movie - It Exposes Them

Communist Insanity - Denver City Councilwoman
wants to tax whites and give money to blacks

Billionaire Peter Thiel Says He’ll Back
DeSantis If He Flips On Woke Issues

Billionaire Peter Thiel Pursues Immortality By
Planning Cryopreservation After Death

Trans Activist Claims ’Trans-Genocide’ Is Going
On ‘In This Country’ - Then Screams At SF Board
Of Supervisors For The Next Minute - Video

'It Sure as Hell Looks Like the Blacks
are Out of Control'

Sub-Animal Black Randomly Executes
Two White Men In Pure Racist Hate Crime

Westinghouse Announces Mini-Nuclear Reactor
Might Be Running By…2033

Yeadon - 'Crime Is Not Health - We’re In The Middle
Of The Biggest Crime In History…Intended To Control
And Remove Your Freedom And Will Involve The Killing
Of Millions, If Not Billions, Of People - It's Long Planned'


Covid Compliance, Control, 15 Minute Ghettos
and CBDCs - MEP Christine Anderson - Video

Oz People Fiercely Savaged And Slaughtered
By The Spike BioWeapon - Excess deaths at
record highs - diabetes and dementia Soaring

Covid can never be eradicated – WHO

More Data Supporting The Idea About 10% Of
Americans Are Dead, Dying And Wounded
Ed Dowd On Greg Hunter

Fauci, Trudeau Others Who Pushed And Forced
Aggressive Covid 19 Policies Now Try To Worm
Out Of What They Did By Rewriting History

Genocidal Insanity…A ‘Horrible Idea’ - First
‘Vaccine' for Birth Control Now in Clinical Trials

Google Is Rolling Out Password-Killing
Technology to All Its Accounts

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in clouds

Twit Kamal Named ‘AI Czar’ To Save US
From Artificial Intelligence - We’re Toast

Elon Musk Cuts Twitter's Workforce Down
to 1,000 Full-Time Employees


To All Fools Who Bought EV Junk - The hidden costs
of EVs - OH man gets $42000 repair bill after Simple
fender bender to His electric truck

US National Debt To Zionist Bankers Is So
Enormous It Could Implode World Economy

'It's Spooky’ - Stanford Prof Warns Thousands
Of US Banks Are 'Potentially Insolvent’ And Broke

Over 2,000 US banks are insolvent

IMF issues grim warning about global economy
(It’s All Part Of The PLAN)

Jewish Dem (communist) ‘Luckily’ Sells Her First
Republic Stock And Switches To JP Morgan Stock
Just In The Nick Of Time - How About Insider Info?

Western Alliance Bank Another One To Go

Who Benefits From The NYT Attacks On Bitcoin?

Investors flock to gold as US banking
crisis rages - JPMorgan

'Where Else Do You Go Besides Gold & Silver?'


Russian economy showing signs of recovery

De-dollarization is spreading - it’s not hard to see

Pakistan switching to yuan to buy Russian oil

Rupee-ruble payment pact talks reportedly

Grain deal talks in deadlock – UN

Moscow blasts Kiev over use of grain
corridor to attack Russia

Russia Should Have Long Canceled Grain
Deal As Its Terms Were Never Met

Moldova Notifies Kiev of Plans to Limit
Imports of Ukrainian Grain

A Royal Ascension (Of Prices)

The UK's Pro-Monarchy Age Gap


The Cost Of A Coronation

Hungary's PM Orbán - Progresssive Liberals Have
Launched A 'Nation-Destroying Virus' Against
Western Nations

EU Mulls 'Paying' Ukrainian Refugees to Go
Home Despite 'Cost Implications'

Brit Conservatives crushed in local elections

13,000 Evacuated As Over 100 Wildfires
Burn Across Alberta

Japan braces for heavy rain, aftershocks
after 6.5 magnitude quake

South Korea, US to Launch Largest
Ever Live-Fire Exercises in May

US to Reportedly Fast-Track $500 Million
Worth Of Arms for Taiwan

US Sends 'Bunker Busting' Bombs to
‘Deter’ Iran - From The Trends Journal

Car of Turkish Ambassador to Sudan
Comes Under Fire - Reports


Sullivan To Meet With MbS As US Influence
In Mideast Floundering

Anti-Govt Demonstrators Rally in Tel Aviv

UAE Granted Dialogue Partner Status
in SCO - State Media

Casus Belli - Lavrov Hints Russia Ready
to Declare War on The US Over The Failed
Assassination Of Vladimir Putin - TruNews

Russian Deputy FM - ‘The US and Russia Are on
the Abyss of Open, Armed Conflict’ - Washington
'Should Think About Its Own Safety'

US-Russia On Verge Of 'Open Armed Conflict’
After Kremlin Drone Attack - Foreign Ministry

World-Renowned Pro-Russian blogger Gonzalo Lira
detained in Kharkov

Wagner boss announces his Troops Will
Pull Out Of Bakhmut On May 10 - Need Time
To Recover - Asks Russian Army Take Over
Their Hard-Earned Positions

British Army General - Britain Has only
22 HOURS of Ammunition for War

EU OKs Another €1 billion ammo for Ukes

Pentagon studied ways to spread bird flu
via Ukrainian center

Ukraine worked on biological experiments
prior to Russia’s special operation

Ukrainian army builds up hardware reserves,
mercenaries in Kharkov Region


Ukraine may launch counteroffensive in
coming days, if not hours - Zaporozhye leader

Schools shut down in evacuated settlements
in Zaporozhye Region

FSB Uncovers Sabotage Group of Uke Special
Services Agents in Zaporozhye Region

Cases of persecution of Zaporozhye residents
for speaking Russian widespread - politician

Ukrainian MP punches Russian official
at summit in Türkey - video

Dead Pro-Daesh Militant in Ukraine
Bragged About SAS Training

Ukraine’s NATO accession could lead to WWIII
Bloomberg columnist warns

US Air-Launched Hydra 70 Rockets Approved
For 1st Time In $300 Million Ukraine Package

US experts warn of ‘Russian air superiority’
over Ukraine

USAF training to use highways and pastures
For Air Operations in The US - (Just In Case…)


The US will send Ohio-class submarines with
Trident II ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads
with a range of up to 12,000 km to S Korea

Title 42 Countdown - 700,000 Migrants
in Mexico Waiting to Rush US Border

The Invader situation in El Paso is so bad that
even CNN is flabbergasted

Black Convicted Felon Arrested in Brutal
Murder of 29 Yr Old Female Hiker

Half of US Tax Payments from Income Tax
Filing Day Already SPENT - Treasury Down
to only $188 Billion

Something strange is going on with the Weather
Audio Begins At About 1:30 Into The Video

John Barbour - My 90th birthday poem!

1,000s Of Vaxed Patients Report Their Skin Is
Literally Melting - Doctors Baffled

How Many More Millions Have Been Destroyed
By The DOD-Pentagon Owned Covid BioWeapon?

Research Links Covid Vax to Eyeball Clots


Dr. Raszek on Vaccine Shedding - Video

The Spike Protein and Chronic Stress -
The Key Behind Observed Accelerated Aging?

FDA Approves First Vaccine For RSV
…Six Decades In The Making

McCullough - Just One Injection Of The BioWeapon
Will Produce Myocarditis And (Amyloid) Clots

CDC Director 'Little Rochelle' Walensky
Quits Ending Contentious Reign Over
COVID Vax Policies

WHO (Finally) Declares COVID Pandemic
'Global Health Emergency' Over

Pentagon studied ways to spread bird flu
via Ukrainian BioWar Lab

Dimwit VP Kamal Harris (And Her Zionist Husband)
is Now America’s artificial intelligence czar

Al Making Mind-Reading Possible

WH Officials Warned Big Tech of AI Threat


Dems Bring in 'Use of AI in Political Ads’ Bill
After GOP’s ‘Beat Biden’ Flick

Apple, Google Team Up To Create 'Alerts’
For Spying And Location Tracking

Elon Musk Touts Twitter Fact Checks As
'Ending Censorship In Guise Of Virtue'

Allgire Remote Viewed The Fighter Jet-UFO
Encounter Over Alaska - Another Hit

Luongo - This Debt Ceiling Fight Is
Truly Different This Time

Consumer Credit Shocker - Credit Card Debt
Explodes At 2nd Fastest Pace On Record Just
As Rates Hit All-Time High

Trading in US banks halted as financial
panic spreads

Establishment Economists Are Finally
Realizing It’s Time To Pay The Piper

Why OPEC Is Increasingly Frustrated With The IEA

Goldman - Has Ethereum Become A
Deflationary Asset?


'We Have Either Arrived At A Turning Point
For Global Monetary Tightening OR We Are
Entering A New Episode Of Uncertainty'

JPMorgan's Dimon Will Visit China This Month

'Going To Be Bumpy’ - World's Largest Container
Shipper Warns Of Downturn

Soros And Fortress To Acquire Vice Media
Out Of Bankruptcy

Escobar - There's Breakup Inside EU and NATO

Orban Says West's Arms Makers And
Financial Profiteers Gain From Ukraine Conflict

Why West and Kiev Uninterested in
Weapons Oversight

Rheinmetall plans to produce 600,000
pieces of ammunition a year for Kiev

Italy Suffers Soaring Pasta Prices, Ammo
Shortages Thanks to Ukraine Crisis

West’s War on Russia Has Made Moscow
Stronger, Former Czech Top Spy Says


Germany Seeking to Limit Number of
Refugees Crossing Into EU

Italy's Foreign Minister Wants France’s
Excuses Over Migration Insults

Drones banned in downtown London for
King Charles III’s coronation

Coronation party site defaced with giant penis

Julian Assange makes ‘Kingly Proposal’
to Charles III

London University Slammed For Erasing
The Word 'Woman' From Its Maternity And
Menopause Policies

21 Russian Cities Cancel V-Day Parades
As Tit-For-Tat Drone War Heats Up

US embassy staffer supervises Department
of Energy research in Ukraine — Russian military

US Department of Energy has carte blanche to
fund bioweapon programs - Russian defense ministry

Zelensky is a ‘puppet’ – Lavrov


Lavrov - Ukraine's Denial of Kremlin Drone
Attack Does Not Deserve To Be Believed

Lavrov urges West to ‘behave decently’
respect international community

Moscow accuses EU’s top diplomat
of ‘colonialist mindset’

Over 106,000 foreigners become Russian
citizens in January-March 2023

China to work with Russia on Ukraine crisis – FM

Borrell Says EU Needs Own Policy on
China Separate From US

US Ohio Class Nuclear to Visit S Korea Soon

Colombia blasts US over treatment of migrants

Mexican President Obrador Blacks Out

Obrador Says He Had C19 Again


Has the Israeli Mad Dog Been
Confined to Its Kennel?

Turkey Makes Huge 1 Billion Barrel Oil Find

it’s clear that Iraq was the graveyard
of American ambition

Burkina Faso’s junta leader touts
Russia as ‘strategic ally’

Scholz wants African Union in G20

300 Million Year Old Wheels (Imprints) Found In
Coal Mine In Donbass - Video

Russia Publicly Accuses US of Being Behind
Drone Attack And Attempted Murder of Putin

To stop Ukraine's counteroffensive,
Russia needs to use tactical nukes – Rogozin

Drone video shows destruction of
US made M113 APC in Ukraine

Russian Oil Refinery Fire After Uke Drone Strike

US Is responsible for attack on The Kremlin
In Attempt to Murder Putin – Moscow

US lacks ‘guts’ (and common Decency)
to condemn drone attack on The Kremlin

Is Someone Trying To Provoke Russia Into
Using Tactical Nuclear Weapons Against
Ukraine? - Snyder

US F-16s in Ukraine Would be ‘Completely
Outmatched’ by Russia's Air Defense

Washington, London, NATO bear overall
responsibility for Kiev’s actions - diplomat

Intel points to Kiev in Kremlin drone strike
– Moscow


Putin will not hold any impromptu talks with
foreign leaders after attack on Kremlin

Medvedev blasts Borrell over Kremlin
attack comment

No comments on proposals to declare
Zelensky To Now Be A legitimate Russian
military target Says Moscow

Russian response to Kiev’s attack on
Kremlin to be proportionate to risks
it created — MFA

Kremlin attackers ‘will be found’ - Russia

Russia boosts infantry vehicle
production – Rostec - Video

Russian forces strike command posts
of two Ukrainian army brigades

Arsenal plant in Kiev shelled, loud
blast heard, eyewitnesses say

Pentagon Reworks F-35 Spare Parts
Purchase Scheme as Jet Bleeds Money

Ukraine has everything necessary for
counteroffensive in upcoming weeks - WH


How Much Money Has US Sent to Ukraine
and Where Has It All Gone?

RFK Jr Pledges to Close 800 US Bases
and Bring American Troops Home

Big Mike Obama Announces Company to Sell
'Healthier' Food to Children

US to Deploy ‘Thousands’ Of Troops To Taiwan
China Says That Will Be Considered An ‘Invasion
Causing Immediate War’

China Gears Up for Cognitive Warfare, too

Depleted uranium - Courts agree on cancer risk
denied by army - Ukes Using DU Rounds In Ukraine

Biden Aims ‘Death Blow’ at Fishing Industry
With Catch Limit, Wind Farms - Planned Famine

The Coronation of Bad King Charles

Media Matters Accidentally Makes Tucker
Look Awesome With 'Leaked' Videos

Four Proud Boys, Including Leader, Found
Guilty Of Seditious Conspiracy In Jan. 6 Riot


Ex-FBI Agent Charged in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot
...Accused of 'Egging On' Protesters

Trump Dominates DeSantis By 72–5
In GOP Field In Early Endorsements

AOC and NYC Mayor In Spat Over Heroic Marine
Who Took Down A Black Animal Threatening
Subway Riders

Chicago Mayor Begs Texas Governor
To Stop Busing Illegal Immigrants

Florida May Dodge Catastrophic Seaweed
Bullet, Oceanographer Says

Worker Missing After Fire at Chemical
Plant in Massachusetts

Billionaire Stephen Deckoff buys
Epstein’s islands

Bin Laden operation hero slams
US Navy over drag queen Insanity

US In Talks On Establishing Military
Bases In Finland

RFK Jr Says Climate Change Being Exploited To
Push 'Totalitarian Controls’ - Makes no Mention Of
his past wishes to Imprison ALL Climate Skeptics


Wigington - Magnetic Particles In The Rain?
See For Yourself In This Remarkable Video

15 Minute Cities Will Enslave the Residents

Nordstrom, Whole Foods And Other Companies
That Endorsed BLM Amid Floyd Riots Close Stores
in Crime-Ridden San Francisco

Florida Mayor Speaks Out After Female
Lifeguard Who ‘Identified As Male’
Exposed Her Breasts To Children

Transgender toddlers treated at Duke,
UNC, and ECU...Colleges Go Full Communist
Woke Psychopath

The New Ugly Americans

This man climbed out of his eighth floor
apartment window to catch a 3 Yr Old girl
This Is About As Heroic As It Gets - Video

Families sue school for coaxing daughters
into secret LGBT sex club

Is This How The Spike Causes Accelerated Aging?
...The Spike Protein and Chronic Stress

Pfizer knew CoVid ‘Vaccine’ Caused
Dire Fetal & Infant Risks


Pfizer loses in the UK Court case over
misleading info about Covid vax safety

Fewer People? Burger King to close
up to 400 stores by the end of 2023

Novo Forced To Limit Supply Of Blockbuster
Obesity Drug Amid Soaring Demand

AI Can Now Read And Print Out The Real Time
Thoughts Of People - Scientists Talk About Helping
The Handicapped But, In Reality, This Tech Will
Be Turned On EVERYONE - Nowhere To Hide…

Bad Actors Using AI 'Could Do A Lot Of Damage’
Microsoft Chief Economist Warns

Which Jobs Will Be Most Impacted By ChatGPT?

Translating Oldest Writing with Latest Tech
AI To Translate Ancient Akkadian into English

Brave search engine officially cuts ties with
Bing - wants nothing to do with Big Tech

Russian Orbital Station to become
space port for lunar program

TikTok Video - Run on Bank of America


The Dollar’s Demise — It’s an Inside Job
All The Way !

Shares of PacWest Crash as Banking
Panic Returns

US Currency Collapse Has Already Started
As BRICS Nations Prepare To Battle Dollar
Says Ron Paul

Treasury Cash Collapses $78 Billion In One Day
We Won’t Make It To Mid-May At This Rate

Watch - BRICS Replacement for SWIFT

Initial Jobless Claims Jump Near
18 Month High

Regional Bank Crisis Spreads To Big Banks
As PacWest, US Bancorp Tumble, Stocks
Dive Amid Widespread Liquidations - We’ll
End Up With 6-8 Banks & All Digital ‘Money'

Trading Halted in Shares of Western Alliance,
Latest US Bank in Trouble After PacWest

48% Of Americans Are Worried About Their
Money's Safety In US Banks, More Than
During Peak Of 2008 Crisis

ECB Hikes Rates By 25 bps (As Expected)
Warns 'Inflation Continues To Be Too High
For Too Long'


Europe Cannot Afford To Be Complacent
About European Banks

Putin compares Russian and Western debt

Grain Deal Extention 'Unlikely' Unless Russia's Terms Met

IMF - Saudi Arabia Needs Oil Prices At
$80.90 To Balance Budget

Russia committed to major oil
production cuts

German Exports to Russia Up 1.8%
in March After 2022 Slump

Top EU diplomat warns against using
Kremlin drone attack to escalate conflict

Meet the ‘pro-Russian’ Czech lawyer
who rallies thousands to shake up
EU establishment

Latvia May outlaw ‘pro-Russian’ views

Hungary’s top diplomat urges efforts to
prevent direct NATO-Russia confrontation


Sweden adopts new anti-terrorism law
in effort to secure NATO bid

Majority of French People Want Protests
Against Pension Reform to Continue

75% Of Brits Think The UK Will Not Hit
Net Zero Target

EU Backs Controversial Dutch Plans To
Shut Down Farms In Bid To Reduce
Nitrogen Emissions - Intentional FAMINE

Zelensky calls for creation of international
tribunal against Russia

Kiev helpless against Russian smart
bombs - Ukrainian official

Kiev Faces Most Intensive Air Attacks
Since Start of 2023 on Wednesday Night

Ukrainian troops tortured and killed prisoners
Says ex-German soldier

German Merc Offers Chilling Warning About
What It’s Really Like Fighting for Ukraine

Moscow ready to respond to West’s
attempts to destroy Russia, envoy says


Poland has designs on remnants of
Ukraine - no clearer sign to Kiev on
NATO bid - Zakharova

SCO does not aim to replace UN
says Russian envoy

SCO’s role, relevance in Eurasia rising

Sergey Lavrov meets with China’s
Qin Gang in India

Russian, Indian top diplomats discuss
upcoming contacts, building multipolar system

China reacts to drone raid on Kremlin

Politics comes to forefront after drone attack
on Kremlin - Chinese expert

CIA Staged 'Color Revolutions,' Hacker
Attacks Around Globe – China Cyber
Security Center

Escobar - US Is Outmatched by Russia, China

Taiwan's Elaborating Consequences of
Modern F-16V Jets Delivery Delay


NATO’s expansion in Asia to inevitably
undermine regional peace, stability - China MFA

Talking parrot outs Husband’s Cheating
With the Maid

Israel claims Iran can make nuclear bombs

Turkey Makes Huge 1 Billion Barrel Oil Discovery

US and UN agencies suspend food aid to
Ethiopia’s war-ravaged Tigray region

Biden Signs Executive Order to Impose
Sanctions on Sudan

Idiot Activists Are Now Targeting Lawnmowers

Scientists Baffled After Finding Antarctica
Hasn’t Warmed For Over 70 Years


Treasury Cash Collapses $78 Billion In One Day
We Won’t Make It To Mid-May At This Rate

Armageddon Alert! Russian Leaders Seething
for Revenge After Failed Attempt to Kill Putin

More Blasts reported All across Ukraine

A powerful blow was dealt to the
headquarters of the Uke Navy in Odessa

Russian missiles and UAVs hit Uke Army
In Kiev, Odessa and Zaporozhye

Russia’s Medvedev Calls for 'Elimination’ Of
Zelensky & 'His Clique' After Drone Attack On
The Kremlin Last Night In Attempt To Kill Putin

After drone attack on Kremlin Russia has no
choice but to eliminate Zelensky — Medvedev

Zionist Regime In Kiev Feigns ignorance of
Drone attempt on Putin’s life

Russia threatens nuclear retaliation after accusing
Ukraine of trying to Kill Putin with drone strikes
on the Kremlin In Moscow

4 Ways Biden Could Get US Into A
Nuclear War - Snyder

Russian lawmakers to demand use of weapon
against ‘terrorist Kiev regime’ — Duma speaker


Top Russian MP calls for use of weapons
‘capable of destroying Kiev regime’

Kiev's Terrorist Attack on Kremlin Sets
Dangerous Global Precedent

West cannot stay silent on Kremlin drone
attack but won’t admit anything - experts

Moscow bans use of drones

US elites have plan to split Russia Up
...security chief Patrushev

Russia to retaliate in case NATO uses
Finnish territory - diplomat

Russia says It intercepted for first time a
US-made JDAM smart bomb fired by Ukes

Missile strike on Ukrainian training site kills
dozens of troops

Russian forces wipe out Ukrainian ammo
depot in Sumy Region

Russian forces strike two Uke brigades


Ukraine counteroffensive has started
Says Wagner boss, Prigozhin

Ukrainian forces carry out massive
shelling of Donetsk — mayor

World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Communist
Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech

Biden Secy State Blinken Caught in Huge Lie
….Digging His Own Grave

The US Is No Longer a Democracy - Roberts

American Cops Resigning En Masse

Trojan Horse ‘Restrict Act’ To Impose Full Scale
Tyranny Worse Than ANY Government In History
20 Years In Prison For Something You MIGHT Do

Woke US Navy hires active duty drag queen
to be the face of New recruitment drive

Scalise - Biden doesn’t have Plan B if he
vetoes McCarthy’s debt bill

Kennedy says Washington has lied
and ignored Moscow’s red lines


Kennedy pledges to pardon Assange

Blinken Is A 'Big Liar' When It Comes to
Hunter Biden Laptop Story

America's Obesity Epidemic Thins Out
Pool of Potential US Army Recruits

Confirmed - Epstein’s History As An FBI Source

Biden 'Engaged In A Bribery Scheme With
A Foreign National': FBI Internal Doc Alleges

Imbecilic US Navy Hopes Drag Queen Will Improve
Slumping Recruitment Numbers - Hilarious

A Video Poem About Joe Biden's Reign

Wretched Brain-Damaged feminists hound HS boy
into suicide with lies - NYT tries to hide the story

Very Bad Sign - FedEx Freight to close
29 service centers

At least 70 major bankruptcies of US companies
occurred during first quarter of 2023


Groomers at work - Students as young as seven
urged to wear a badge displaying their pronouns

90,000 Invaders, Most Of Fighting Age, Pour
Over US-Mexico Borders In 10 Days In Panic
Over Title 42 Ending

Tucker Text That Panicked Fox's Top Brass
…’it's Not How White Men Fight'

Tucker Gets $100 Million Offer As
MSNBC Dominates Fox In His Absence

Nordstrom Closing SF Stores, Citing ‘Deteriorating
Situation' Amid Theft Crime Crisis

Newsom Activates National Guard And CHP
To Combat San Francisco's Drug Crisis

Nashville Police Refuse to Release Trans
Shooter’s Manifesto

Brave Female HS Student Delivers Explosive Speech
Destroying Radical Trans Ideology and Her School
District After a Giant Trans Student Assaulted an
Innocent Girl - Crowd Erupts in Huge Applause

Bearded Man Enters Women's Poker
Tournament, Crushes the Competition

US Track and Field Gold Medal 100m
Olympian Tori Bowie Dies Suddenly at 32


Gruesome, post-covid-injection skin diseases
now rampant among the fully jabbed

Fully-Injected Oscar Actor Jamie Foxx
Remains Hospitalized Three Weeks After
'Medical Complication'

Covid Hospital Protocols Destroyed countless
1,000s of American Families

Robot Dog Gets AI ChatGPT Brain
Rise Of Skynet

IBM could replace 7,800 jobs with AI, CEO says

Fully C19 Bio-weapon Injected Oscar Winning
Actor Jamie Foxx Remains Hospitalized Three
Weeks After 'Medical Complication’ - Not Good

Apple and Google to Fight AirTag Stalking

FTC Says Facebook Repeatedly Violated Its
Privacy Promises - Puts 'Young Users At Risk'

Musk Mulls Reassigning NPR Twitter Account

Press freedom declining worldwide – report


Troubled CA Bank PacWest Craters 60%
On Report It Is Seeking Buyers For Capital Raise

Investor panic hits US bank stocks

Is Charles Schwab Close To Insolvency?

Biggest Global Rice Shortage In Decades Looms

Pepe Escobar - Global De-Dollarization
Nearing 'Crossroads Moment'

South American nations seek to avoid dollar

Key US ally South Korea reduces role of dollar in trade

Banking Collapse Of 2023 Now Officially Bigger
Than The Banking Collapse Of 2008 - Snyder

Fed Hikes 25 bps As Expected, Signals ‘Hawkish
Pause’ - Warns Of 'Tighter Credit Standards'

Divide And Control - Central Bankers
Blame The Victims


EU faces winter gas price surge

Russian oil shipments up despite
production cut

'We Don't Quite Know’ About The
Consequences Of Retail CBDCs
IMF Chief Admits

New BBC Report Insinuates Russia
Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline (Insanity)

Global Rice Shortage Looms, Set To Be
The Biggest In Decades

Food Supplies Will Stop After if May 5
Meeting in Istanbul Fails

Moscow Wishes Istanbul Grain Deal
Terms to be Fulfilled

Talks on Istanbul Grain Deal to Be Held
in Moscow May 5 With UN Participation

Companies Try Train Children to Eat Bugs
in Switzerland

European Commission to Allocate Over
$1.6 Billion to Produce Arms for Kiev Regime


Europe’s defense companies struggling
to hire enough staff

EU Commission Complaints that
Ammunition for Kiev Regime is 'Lacking'

UK military ‘woefully underprepared for war’

I will ‘sell rillettes on Red Square’ if I wish
former French PM tells inquiry

France has deployed a one-eyed inquisition
against meddling by foreign powers

Over 29,000 police officers to ensure security
during coronation of Charles III

British Twitter Sceptical of Palace Claim
Coronation Will Boost Economy

Almost half of British Commonwealth
wants to ditch monarchy – poll

School Shooting in Belgrade - 9 Dead, 7 Hurt

Zelensky To Visit Germany As Scholz
Declares Limits For Ukraine


Ukrainian president expects West to send
warplanes to Kiev after counteroffensive begins

Kiev admits to issues with Western weapons

Ukrainian state church planning to move
Christmas day – media

Another massive eruption is building up
at Shiveluch volcano in Russia

War in Asia would ‘radically change’
the world – Singapore

NATO plans to open office in Japan

Iranian President Arrives in Syria for
Official Visit for 1st Time Since 2011

Iran seizes another oil tanker - Video


Current events suggest Deagel’s Apocalyptic
Depopulation Forecast for 2025 is not just
an Estimation

Yuval Harari Says AI Can Hack Humans
A New AI-Written Bible Is Possible Soon

US Now Says Balloon that Flew over Hawaii
Is Not China's

We Have Met The Enemy And The Enemy Is
…The US ‘Government’ Itself

Film director Oliver Stone calls Putin
‘a great leader’

S**t Just Hit The Fan Across Markets,
Regional Banks Crashing

3 More Banks Plunging Into Failure
...Stock Trades Halted

National Retailer 'Tuesday Morning’ Going
Out of Business, All Stores Across Country
Set to Close

OAN May Pay Tucker $25 Million To Join It

Hollywood writers go on strike


Peter Schiff - Joe Biden Is Rewarding
People With Bad Credit

Speaker McCarthy Says He'll Invite
Netanyahu To DC If Biden Doesn't

It's Anybody's Guess if US’ New Steps
to Curb Migration Will Work

Epstein Was An Intelligence Asset - Not Only
Was He Working For CIA, Israeli Intelligence,
Maybe Even Russian Intel

Hunter's Expensive Lawyers Argue That
He Is 'Too Poor' To Pay Child Support

Supreme Court Intervenes in IL Assault
Weapons Prohibition - Appears Good For
The Second Amendment

OBiden To Send Ukraine Another $300 Million
in US Tax Money For 'Military Aid'

Blasts again reported in Kiev And
surrounding regions - Air Raid Sirens

Russia estimates Ukraine's losses for April

Three Uke military jets downed in a day


Kremlin Mocks & Dismisses White House
High Russian Casualty Count

Burned alive - How the 2014 Odessa
massacre became a turning point for Ukraine

Russia 'will never forget' Odessa events
of 9 years ago, will punish those responsible

US decided ‘not to notice’ that Kiev
hid truth about Odessa massacre
— Russian embassy

Saboteurs involved in Melitopol deputy
police chief’s assassination detained in

Three Ukrainian military jets downed
in a day – Moscow

Kiev retrieved vintage machine guns from
Artyomovsk depot due to arms shortages - POW

Macgregor on the Uke strike on an oil tank in
Russia - Not a big deal but shows what's Ahead

Wagner PMC founder vows to eliminate
Ukrainian territorial defense commander

Ukraine extends martial law, general
mobilization for three months


‘Bad weather’ delaying counteroffensive

Washington wants no war with Russia
but escalation in Ukraine possible, US Milley says

Conflict in Ukraine unlikely to end this year
...US top brass

Poland reveals plans to make
Russia pay for WW2

US shipyards can’t build destroyers fast
enough - can’t even build 2 a YEAR

Nashville police get sued to release
Tranny Covenant killer’s ‘manifesto'

OBiden Offers $500,000 Grant For English
Teachers In Pak Who Focus On Tranny Youth

See how many more zoo animals have
"died suddenly" in just the last three weeks

Spike protein Is Binding to every organ - Study

Get Ready For a Big Marburg Scare


Here is the scientific Paper proving The Spike
Binds To Everything

Scam That Spins Out '95% Vaccine Efficacy’
...From a Placebo

Tech giant could replace workers with AI

Jack Dorsey Creates Twitter Alternative Bluesky

China's Mars rover discovers evidence of
liquid water on the Red Planet

US could default by next month – Treasury

Biden's 'Vandals' Will 'Destroy US' if GOP
Loses Debt Ceiling Fight

Biden Grudgingly Agrees to Discuss Debt
Ceiling With GOP

Bank Bloodbath - Gold Soars as
Anti-Goldilocks Manifests

S**t Has Hit The Fan Across Markets,
Regional Banks Crashing


Market Buys Yellen's Debt-Ceiling Fear
Mongery - Goldman Says 'Blame California'

First Republic Bank Bailout Part of
Trend Towards Finance 'Oligopoly'

Senator Manchin Floats New Bill To
Speed Up Permitting For Energy Projects

Russia keeping close eye on situation
in US economy - Kremlin

Russian oil exports to India Hit milestone

European war fatigue may help bring
Ukraine to negotiating table - Chinese expert
(Don’t Count On It)

Right moment for talks on Ukraine may
come later in the year, Chinese expert

Putin upbeat about efforts to develop
new Russian regions

Self-sufficiency in all spheres lies at
foundation of sovereignty, particularly
in education - Putin

German man deported from Russia
for ‘LGBTQ propaganda’


Germany to further liberalize Migrant
Invasion - The Last Act In Destroying
The Great German People

Germany explains limits imposed
on Ukraine

Washington, Helsinki Discuss US
Military Staff on Finnish Soil

Over 100 police officers injured during
French Labor Day protests

French Police Detains 540 Citizens
during May 1 Demonstration

Police Set On Fire In Paris Riots

West’s attempts to revive neo-Nazi ideology
lead to global catastrophe - Russian official

Sports Minister Matytsin suggests at
meeting with Putin that Russia host
2024 BRICS Games

Kremlin Mocks & Dismisses White
House's High Russian Casualty Count

Germany’s involvement in Ukrainian
conflict growing every day - Kremlin


Nothing good in store for Russia-Poland
ties judging by Warsaw’s attitude - Kremlin

Decision to withdraw Polish diplomats
from Moscow being debated, nothing final

Russian embassy in Denmark slams
reports that Russian fishing ships used
for spying

Moscow slams Chisinau’s refusal to allow
Russian embassy to observe Gagauzia
head election

Opposition party to block Moldova’s
integration with EU if it scores win in
Gagauzia vote

Armenian, Azerbaijani foreign ministers
to hold meeting in Russia - politician

West set against Serbia on Kosovo issue
...President Vucic

Turkish opposition leader rejects
accusations US using him to stage
coup in country

Sudanese army, RSF tentatively agree
to seven-day ceasefire starting from May 4

Rivals in Sudanese conflict agree
to peace talks


Ugandan minister shot dead – media

Ukrainian nationals among evacuees
airlifted from strife-riven Sudan by
Russia, says envoy

Four Ways Biden Could Get America
Into A Nuclear War (Snyder)

Rupert Murdoch Held 'Unreported Call’
With Ziolensky Weeks Before Firing Tucker

Wooldridge - It’s A Full-Scale Border Invasion
...Biden’s Invader Mob

OBiden To Unleash MASS INVASION Of
America as 'border restrictions' end

Lizard Lightfoot Urges TX Gov Greg Abbott
to Stop Sending Invaders to Chicago

Three-Time Deported Mexican Who Shot
5 Neighbors Described By Communist
Media As Being A 'Texas Man'

Medvedev Vows Russia Will Crush Ukraine
Nazis and Their Supporters - Tru News

Russian forces delivered massive strike
on Ukrainian defense plants

Russia’s Massive Attack On Ukraine’s Military
And Industrial Facitilties

Russian Freight Train Derails In Sabotage
Attack As Airstrikes Pummel Ukraine For 2nd Day


Russia's Wagner Head Renews Call for More
Ammunition for Bakhmut Battle

Former Marine Is Latest US Veteran
Killed in Ukraine War

Unexpected details of Russian night
strike on Pavlograd revealed

Russian Decoys Trick Ukrainian Air Defense
While Kh-101 Stealth Missiles Deliver Big Blow

Kiev Not Ready for Counteroffensive Say
Ukrainian Serviceman

Kiev Loses 300 Troops In 24 Hours

Why the consequences of the conflict in
Ukraine will be felt for decades

US ex-intel officer Ritter says counterattacking
may be difficult for Ukrainians

Czech President says Western-supplied weapons
turn into 'warehouse goods' due to lack of ammo

US Army Says Helicopters Crashed in
Mountains In Fair Weather


Army orders stand-down for all non-critical
helicopter units after series of fatal crashes

In case You missed it - Chelsea Clinton Comes
Out In Favor Of Porn For School Children

US Government Corruption is Unprecedented

Peter Schiff - We Can't Afford To Let
Biden 'Finish The Job'

Watch: Biden Awkwardly Wanders Away
During Air Force Football Ceremony

It's Not Funny Because It's True - Biden Jokes
About Never Taking Questions And Doing Nothing

Biden claims to be the most pro-union
president in history - workers disagree

Bolshevik Bernie Sanders - Govt Should
Confiscate All Wealth Over $999 Million

IRS hiring special agents willing to use
'deadly force' in all 50 states

Hollywood Screenwriters Brace for
Biggest Strike in 15 Years


The Legacy Of Fox News

Carjackings in Washington, DC This Year
...The Staggering Numbers

CA Sets ‘Zero Emissions’ For Passenger
and Freight Trains - Insanity!

US Is Tracking Another China Spy Balloon

Women's sports Is Lesbian Paradise - One
Player Says ’98% Of WNBA Is Solidly Lesbian

The Rise Of Voluntary Celibacy

Insect Numbers Are on the Decline...
What Is Happening? (Primarily Fukushima)

Dr Meryl Nass - Contaminants in the ‘Vaccines'
Start at 45:00 minutes

Forensic Labs can PROVE Germany’s
mRNA Vaccines are Biological Weapons

Big Pharma to begin 3D printing microneedle
patch ‘vaccines' for injections on demand


She Got the COVID Shot So She Could
See Her Grandchild - Now Her Health
Is Ruined

Why Are So Many COVID Authoritarians
Suddenly Shifting Their Lying Narratives?

Scientists Use GPT AI to Passively Read
People's Thoughts in Breakthrough

‘Godfather of AI’ sounds warning
as he quits Google

Bipartisan Bill Aims To Prevent AI From
Launching Nuclear Weapons - How About
The Zionist AI Programmers?

Musk Condemns Ireland's Orwellian
Hate Speech Bill

Coinbase Exec Uses ChatGPT 'Jailbreak’
To Get Odds On Wild Crypto, Global Macro

Researchers Warn Internet to Be
Flooded with AI-Generated Fake News

Zuckerberg Reportedly Loses Trust of
His Workforce

Weird Jack Dorsey Criticizes Elon Musk’s
Twitter Leadership


Medvedev calls out Twitter censorship

3D printed fish set to hit the market

Astronomers Spot Black Hole Devouring a Star

Fish Sing Songs Timed With The Moon

Bud Light Sales Getting Worse By
The Week As Miller, Coors Take Off

JP Morgan Chase to Buy Assets of First Republic
Bank Worth $330 Billion

JPM CEO Says 'System Is Very, Very Sound’
After Second Largest US Bank Failure In History

El-Erian Warns Of 'Collateral Damage &
Unintended Consequences' Of JPM’s
Sponsored Buyout Of First Republic Bank

The Fed May Be Killing The Private Sector
...To Save Government

Blackstone's BREIT Suffers Sixth Consecutive
Month Of Withdraws As CRE Deteriorates


Chipotle And Domino's Customers Begin
Cutting Back On Delivery Orders

Communist CA Could Phase Out Diesel
Locomotives - Pushing CA Further Into Ruination

US Recession Probability Reaches 67%

Employers to Cut 14 Million Workplaces
Worldwide by 2027 - WEF

Gold Will Be The Blowoff Valve

Türkey promises big oil announcement

China leading global EV Junker race

Germany can’t do without China
...Mercedes-Benz CEO warns

Russia sees crypto as ‘necessary evil’

The F-35 costs $62 million, why is Germany
paying $237 million?


May Day Protests In France Turn Violent As
Unions Fume Over Macron's Pension Reform

May Day Protests Held in London

German Citizens Join ‘Revolutionary
May Day' Demonstration

Russia ramps up fertilizer supply to
Asia and Africa

Aspiring EU state Georgia denied candidate
status over Russia sanctions

Over 90% of voters support overhaul of
constitution in Uzbekistan - election chief

Moldovan Opposition leader detained
on fraud charges trying to board Israel flight

China Is Booming - Record 19.7 Million Railway
Trips Made On First Day Of May Day Holiday As
Retail Sales Soar 20%

President Marcos Says Philippines Will
Not Be ‘Staging Post’ for Conflict

Indian government official accuses
Kiev of ‘assault on Hindu sentiment’


Cuba cancels May Day parade amid
fuel shortages

Iran Reopens Embassy in Saudi Arabia
and Two Diplomatic Missions

Buddha Statue Discovered in Egypt

Drone-Escorted Buses Evacuate
100s Of Americans To Port Sudan

Canadian folk music icon Gordon
Lightfoot dead at 84

Massive Russian Retaliation Attack On Ukraine For Its
Attack On Sevastopol - Report 2 Entire Uke Divisions
Wiped Out Along With 16 S-300 SAM Systems And All
Refill Canisters - At Least 27 Russian Heavy Bombers
And 100s Of Cruise Missiles And Drones Involved

Ukraine Has Little To No Air Defense Left After
Russian Strike

Russian bombers launched a preemptive
strike on the counteroffensive of Uke Military

Russian Army Annihilates Over 480 Kiev
Militants in Donetsk Region In Just Over 24 Hrs

Uke troops squeezed in Artemovsk from 3 sides

DPR Artillery destroys Uke mortar battery - Video

Russian Forces Discover Underground Soledar
Arms Depot Retreating Ukrainians Failed to Destroy

Ukrainian ammo train destroyed

Russian artillerymen hit a drone control
center near Kherson

US drone raised from the bottom of the
Black Sea becomes a real gift for Russia


Death toll from Ukrainian strike on
Russian village rises

Ukraine links attack on Crimea to

Russian defenses spark skepticism
over Ukrainian counteroffensive

Ukraine to do everything to disrupt elections
in Russia’s new regions — politician

UK Mulls Providing Ukraine With
Long-Range Missiles

US 'Thwarts' Uke Plan To Bomb Moscow
Using NATO Weapons Fearing Massive
Russian Retaliation

Bank Runs Coming, Nuke War Coming
...Greg Hunter - Video

US Ponders 'Nuke Bomber' Deployment In
China's Backyard, Comes Right After Nuke
Armed Submarine Pact With S Korea

Chinese communism survivor issues a powerful
warning to lawless Communist Dems - prepare
to be the victims of your own destruction...

Watch - Gen Z- America's ZERO Future


Total Collapse - Dollar, Supply Chain, Society

No one except the Globalist Elite Will
be allowed to Grow Old

OBiden wants to make data illegal if it's racist…
21st century Lysenkoism plot to kill science

Watch Fox News Slide As Tucker Rises
...With Help From Musk

Hannity's Ratings Plunge After Tucker’s
Fox News Exit

Tucker...Highlights Reel - ‘I Tried To Warn You’ - Video

Former Major Midwest City Gary, IN Is Now a
Semi-Abandoned Wasteland - ZOG Communist
Cancer Has Taken The US To Stage 4 Terminal

US Communist Democrat Run Cities Have
The Biggest Homicide Rates - No Surprise

'Laptop From Hell' Probe is No Longer
Just About Hunter Biden

Biden Senate Ally Says The Kamal Is
‘Ready To Be President’


AOC Won’t Run for Senate in 2024

Comrade Chelsea Clinton Says Banning Sexually
Explicit Books From Schools is ‘Harmful' to Children

27 CO Communists vote AGAINST making
indecent exposure to Children a felony

CIA Director, Chomsky Reportedly Planned
to Meet With Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein's Private Calendar Emerges - Among
Prominent Names Listed Are Biden's CIA Chief
And Goldman Top Lawyer

Epstein a 'Spy'? Newly-Revealed Meetings
with Biden CIA Director Fuel Belief He Was
A ‘Blackmail' Operative

Over 10,000 FBI Agents Can Access Data From
Secretive Surveillance Program - Inspectors General

Oregon Lawmakers Want to Decriminalize
Homeless Camps On All Public Property

tornado tosses car over and blows everything
out of its path as is lashes Palm Beach

Man Convicted of Raping 7 Yr Old Girl to Be Sent
to Women's Prison After Changing Pronouns to
She-Her Thanks to AG Garland's Policies


Big Win For Gun-Rights Advocates As Federal
Judge Enjoins Illinois' Assault Weapons Ban

AZ governor Katie Hobbs kills plan to allow
parents to conceal carry at schools

For Whom the Bell Tolls...
Diversity through singularity

transgender industry preys on the most
vulnerable – the autistic and the abused
...turning them into cash cows for life

Grotesque Child Abuse - Pupils as young as 7 are
being encouraged to wear a badge which
displays 'Non-offensive’ PC pronouns

from fitness model to homeless recluse
in LA - Downfall Of Loni Wilson - Photos

GRAPHIC - gruesome, horrific post-‘Vax'
skin diseases continue all over the world

FDA Study Finds COVID ‘Vaccine' Causes
Spontaneous Abortions - Like It Didn’t Know

Transplant surgery Booming As Young Adults
Are Dying After Covid ‘Vaccinations’

How the Canadian Govt Is Manipulating
The Covid-19 Death Toll


West ordered Moldova to worsen relations
with Russia - leader of Shor party

Medvedev sees no reason for Russia
to hold talks with Moldova’s current leaders

China accuses US of destabilizing
Korean peninsula

Chinese Air Forces Observe US Military
Aircraft Flying Over Taiwan Strait

US, S Korea New Deterrence ‘Codifies
Decades of Rhetoric' Using 'DPRK Threat'

AUKUS Sub Project as Costs Shown
to Include '50% Contingency Fund'

Turkish evacuation aircraft comes
under fire in Sudan – ministry

Iran to effectively respond to Israel’s
aggressive actions against Palestinians

Watch Iranian Commandos Board US-Bound
Oil Tanker Fleeing Scene of Accident

Trapped Americans In Sudan 'Shocked & Disgusted’
Left By Biden To Fend For Themselves


Sports body sides with South Africa
over removal of Israeli team

Brain-Hijacking Parasite Makes Wolves
Angle For Pack leadership, Study Shows

Lightning Hits Columbia Gulf NatGas
Compressor In Mississippi - Video

Another MAJOR Train Derailment - This One
Into The MS River In WI - Haz Mat On Scene

Tucker Carlson’s Wednesday Twitter video
DESTROYS his old time slot in views

Tucker - The US Becoming a 'One Party State’
(Communist Party) And Debates On ‘Demographic
Change' Are Being Suppressed

Ex-US Army Psyop Expert - Fox News Fired
Carlson To Maintain 'Semi Lobotomized Quasi
Retarded Population'

Abby Grossberg's lawyers confirmed she
never actually met Tucker Carlson while
working for Fox News! - Zionist smear artist

Guess Who's Behind The Transgender Movement?

A Plague That Could Kill A Billion People
Has Been Found To Spread ‘Efficiently’
Among Ferrets (Tweaked H5N1) - Snyder

Photo Shows Biden Cheat Sheet With Reporter’s
Full Question Given In Advance

Dems Going to 'Cheat' to Keep Biden in WH in 2024

Democrat Communists Float Bill To Allow LGBTQ
Migrants To Walk Into US Unrestricted


Trump Suggests He'll Skip GOP Primary Debates
(Smart…They Are A Waste Of Time)

Donald Trump accused of rape

Archbishop Vigano's letter to Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren Wants The Police At Your
Door In 2024 If You Have A Crypto-Wallet

into 41 new countries!

US war with Russia is modern empire building

UK Confirms Depleted Uranium (Nuclear)
Munitions Being Used Against Russians In
Ukraine - Will Russia Respond As Promised?

UK Confirms Depleted Uranium Munitions
Are Being Used Against Russians In Ukraine
Ukes Turn Own Country Into Radioactive Dump

Depleted uranium shells in Kiev's hands
are mini-Chernobyls - former PM

OBiden Energy Secretary Wants All US Military
Vehicles To Be Electric By 2030 - The End
Of The US Military Is In Sight


Ukraine Loses Over 400 Military, Mercenaries
in Donetsk Region in 24 Hours

NATO Disarming Itself delivers over 1,500
armored vehicles, 230 tanks to Ukraine
says secretary general

670 Uke soldiers, foreign mercenaries
killed in past hours

Russian assault teams capture four urban
areas in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut)

Russian assault squads fired point-blank
at Ukraine Army defense line - Video

Russian ‘Lancets' destroyed several
Ukrainian S-300 launchers

Uke general reports heavy losses
in Artemovsk

Kiev Forcing Men 18-60 Into 'Army Of The Dead'
Short of troops, Ukraine is recruiting and drafting

Ukes shell Donetsk, killing multiple civilians

West no longer hiding who is behind planning
of Kiev's counteroffensive - Zakharova


Russia to cease artillery fire in Artyomovsk
during US media trip, says Wagner founder

Russian forces strike three command posts
in Ukraine operation

What’s Causing America’s Arms and Ammo

US Resumes Large-scale Production of
Plutonium Pits for Nukes

The ADL is Afraid of Something

All Our Orders Must Be Protected

World Is On Brink Of A Catastrophic
Population Collapse - Snyder

Losing Your Home Over a Missed $588
Property Tax Bill - In 12 States, Govt Can
Seize Your Home and Keep All Proceeds

Sharpton Calls CNN ‘Racist’ For Firing
Communist Don Lemon - Funnier All The Time

Surprising Surge Of Young Americans
Turn To Religion


Americans Are Living In Absolutely Bizarre
Alternative Realities

How Ayn Rand Predicted Dylan Mulvaney

Dying From The BioWeapon On Live Television

A Plague That Could Kill A Billion People
Has Been Found To Spread ‘Efficiently’
Among Ferrets - Snyder

World Health Organization plans to have 500
vaccines (correct) ready by 2030 to more easily
depopulate the planet...if needed

Unusual B-1 Deficiency Symptoms You Should Know

Yes, mRNA Vaccines Are Being Used on
Animals in the US Food Supply

Hideous - Fly Larvae Being Made Into ‘Milk’ Substitute

Apple Wants to Use AI to Track Your Emotions!
Incredible - We Clearly See Where This Is Going

Shellenberger - Now They're Trying Censor
Your Text Messages


Elon Musk Nukes Account That Tweeted
Pedophilia 'Pride Flag'

Buffet - The Crash Will Be WORSE Than 1929

It’s Over - Saudi Arabia Just Broke The US Dollar

Will this be the gold standard of the modern age?

Bank Report (Another) Says $2500 Gold in Cards

Fears mount over US banking crisis as
First Republic struggles

Lyft Fires 36% Of Workers Since November

Germany Mulls Chip Chemical Export Controls To
China As Tech War Heats Up

World Bank Says Commodity Prices to See
Largest Drop in 2023 Since Pandemic

Russian fuel exports surge despite sanctions


Developing markets suffer from sanctions
on Russian fertilizer export — Putin

Russia Becomes World's Second Producer
of Mineral Fertilizers After China

The EU has spilled Ukrainian grain meant for
Africa all over itself and desperately needs
parental supervision

Putin Prepares 'Hard-Hitting' Response
if Russian Assets Seized Abroad

Moscow has something up sleeve if G7
decides to ban all exports to Russia - Zakharova

Ukrainian air defense ‘depleting’ - minister

China’s Changshu City Employees To Receive
Salaries In Digital Yuan - Beginning Of The End

500 Australians Join World’s First COVID
‘Vaccine' Injury Class Action Lawsuit

Suspected left extremists’ attack in
central India kills 11

Iran Seizes Houston-Bound Oil Tanker
In Gulf, US Navy Says


Putin Joins Fuel Delivery Ceremony for
Turkey's Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Putin Calls Akkuyu NPP Key Project
of Russia, Turkiye

Akkuyu NPP has all components to be
considered the safest in the world

Erdogan makes appearance after
alleged medical episode

Putin notes Turkish president’s devotion
to boosting relations with Russia

Russia to boost gas deliveries via hub in Turkey

Russia to supply Turkey with building
materials for post-earthquake recovery

UK troops hamper evacuation from Sudan

New Method To Cure HIV Yields Long Term
Successful Results


The World Economic Forum Says It Will
'Accelerate' Implementation of Its Globalist
Agenda 2030.

Ex-Russian president Medvedev warns we’re
closer than ever to World War Three - and the
risk of nuclear oblivion is growing

Gleeful Tucker Carlson tells DailyMail.com
his future plans

‘Furiously’ Pro Vax RFK Jr. Wants a Law to Punish
Global Warming Skeptics - He Is Just Another
Controlled Communist Globalist Pawn - JFK &
RFK Would Be DISGUSTED By His Politics

1,540 Experts Agree There Is NO
Climate Emergency

Whistleblower Against Biden Family Corruption
Arrested - Then He Disappeared (Deceased?)

Russia Investigating Crimes of French
Mercenaries Against Russian POWs

Watch Russia's T-90M Tanks in Combat
Action in Donbass

PMC Wagner founder expects Ukrainian
counter-offensive after May 2

Ukraine's Promised Counter Offensive
Destined for A Crushing Defeat


Kiev planning sham attack to divert attention
from Artyomovsk debacle — Russian politician

Kiev could ‘capture small Russian towns’
for leverage says Azov commander

Will Zelensky Cause Chernobyl 2.0?

Kiev Endangering Europe's Nuclear Security
Says Former Ukrainian PM

Zaporozhye official terms constant Ukrainian
attacks on nuke plant premises as 'terrorism'

Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

Moscow: West Intends to Turn Ukraine Into
'Radioactive Landfill' as Part of 'All-Out Escalation'

Moscow issues another warning over
use of depleted uranium ammunition

Watch Belarusian Military Train in Russia
to Operate Iskander-M Missile Systems

Former Amb to Russia Li Hui to head Chinese
delegation for Ukrainian settlement


An Astonishing 280 Million Americans Are
Completely Unprepared For The Coming SHTF
Scenarios - Less Than 10% Are Even Partially
Prepared - Catastrophe Looms

'Good Riddance’ - Military Industrial Complex
Celebrates Tucker Carlson's Fox News Exit

ex-US Navy technician behind pro-Russian
‘Donbass Devushka’ collective

Carlson’s Ouster Signifies Death of US Media

Wrong - RFK Jr Says Middle Class Was
Wiped Out By COVID-19 Lockdowns

Watch Biden Inexplicably Lie About His
Own Birthday, Day of Granddad’s Death

Young Biden believed 63 was too old for politics

'There Appears To Be A Deal’ - McCarthy Says
GOP Has Enough Votes For Debt-Limit Package
While Schumer Says 'DOA'

Michigan Students Sue After Being Forced
To Remove 'Let's Go Brandon' Sweatshirts

Disney Sues DeSantis After 'Exhausting Options’
As Feud Over Political Retaliation Heats Up


Bud Light Suffers ‘Staggering’ Sales
Decline As Boycott Intensifies

The Growing Consumer Revolt Against
Woke Ideology

World Is On The Brink Of A Catastrophic
Population Collapse (It’s Called Genocide)

Communist New York Court Puts Triple Amputee
and War Vet Brian Kolfage in Prison for Four Years
for Building a Southern Border Wall

Negro Duke Prof Calls For $14 TRILLION In
Reparations For Black Americans - Insanity

Black Man Who Shot White Family in N Carolina
Told Victims He Doesn't 'Like White People’
...Another Hate Crime

FDA Says Vaccines Don’t Have To Prevent
Infection Or Transmission!

Pfizer Gave Millions to ‘Independent’ Groups
to Push COVID Vaccine Mandates

Naomi Wolf - 11 Revelations From The
Pfizer Documents - Video

In Fatal Blow, UK Regulator Blocks Microsoft’s
$75 Billion Takeover Of Activision


Now They're Trying Censor Your
Text Messages

War on Free Speech Is Really a War on
the Right to Criticize the Government

How Did Russia Delink Starlink From
It’s Ground Terminals

Elementary School Elimates ‘Male and Female’
Terms From Sex Ed Lessons

Strange ‘Object’ Covers Small Part Of Sun
On LASCO C2 March 24, 2023 - Video

Another ‘Object’ Cover The Edge Of The Sun
Very Interesting - Start At 4:00 - Video

Decorated Russian General Says More
Advanced Civilizations Are Keeping An
Eye on Planet Earth

US Grants Musk's SpaceX New Launch
Site At CA’s Vandenberg AFB

China Becoming Leader in Future Space
Solar Energy Power Station Building

‘Crypto Is Dead In America’ Says Longtime
Bitcoin Bull Chamath Palihapitiya


GM Kills Chevy Bolt, Paving Path
for Electric Pickups

German Media Reveals Devastating Failure
of West’s Effort to Suffocate Russian Civil
Aviation Business

Russia's economy is recovering, even foreign
forecasts favorable - Mishustin

China Is Quickly Becoming One Of The Largest
Automobile Exporters In The World

Gold leading ‘revolt against dollar’ – Chairman
of Rockefeller International, Ruchir Sharma

Druckenmiller's Only 'High Conviction Trade’
Is To Short The ‘Weaponized' Dollar

SCO Boosts Ties With ASEAN as Group
Pushes Towards De-Dollarization

There Is A Growing Number Of Worrying
Parallels Between 1914, 1939 And 2023

Kiyosaki Warns ‘Dystopian' CBDCs Will Allow
Government To Track ALL Purchases

Default on the nation’s debt would be
disastrous - Janet Yellen


WTI Bounces Off OPEC+ Lows As Biden
Admin Draws SPR Down For 4th Week

EU countries sinking in debt

Silence Peasants! Bank of England Tells Britons
To 'Just Accept' Being Worse Off

Russia Takes Control of Two Western Firms
in Retaliatory Move

Council of Europe degrades, turning into Western
puppet, says Russian ambassador to Serbia

The US is humiliating Germany, and Russians
are deeply disappointed at the spinelessness
of Berlin’s elite

Moscow Declares 10 Representatives of Norwegian
Embassy in Moscow Personae Non Grata

Polish Prosecutors Seize Money From
Russian Embassy’s Accounts

Kremlin explains seizure of Finland’s Fortum
and Germany’s Uniper assets

Russia Never Limited Ukrainian Grain
Export Via Black Sea


Russian MoD Releases Footage of Tu-160s
Flying Over Neutral Waters of Barents And
Norwegian Seas

Fighter jet crashes in northern Russia - Video

Fighting China Over Taiwan Could Cripple
US Military

Biden, Yoon Agree - Response To N Korean
Nuclear Attack Would Include US Nukes

US has no plans to place nukes in S Korea
(Many say they have been there for years)

US to send nuclear armed subs to S Korea

Pentagon Uses Ukraine as Testing Ground
While Prepping for China Standoff

Washington Briefing China on US-S Korean
Plans to Up Military Drills in Region

S Korean Leader's US Visit Sets Stage
for New Cold War in Pacific

Joint US-Philippines Military Exercises
Suspended Over Unknown Airspace Intruder


China slams US Department of Justice, FBI
over lawsuits against 40 Chinese officials

China to firmly support Central Asian
countries’ sovereignty - Chinese foreign minister

Chinese expert sees signs of weakening
global US power in looming presidential contest

Just 3% of Australians Are Aware That
the Great Barrier Reef is at Record High

‘No use in saying who’s right’ in Ukraine
– Says Communist Lula

A Cypress in Chile Could Soon Break
The Record For World's Oldest Tree

Erdogan Cancels Public Rallies After Live TV
'Health Scare’ - Blasts ‘Baseless' Rumors

Turkish opposition intends to deepen,
develop ties with Russia

Senior Iranian cleric shot dead

Taliban kills Kabul airport bomb plotter


South Africa Lauds BRICS for ‘Championing'
Global South's Concerns

Death toll of clashes in Sudan exceeds 500

Sudanese authorities ask Russia for
humanitarian assistance - ambassador

Yosemite Valley closed to tourists as flood
stage water is expected along Merced River

RFK Jr - 'I have Always Been FURIOUSLY Pro
Vaccine’ And ‘We Should Have Policies That
Encourage Full Vaccination For ALL Americans’

RFK Jr Calls Climate Change Deniers ‘War Criminals’
Who Should Be Jailed ‘I Wish There Was A Law To
Punish Them Under’ - (Not In The JFK Tradition)

RFK Jr Wished For a Law to Punish Global
Warming Skeptics - Jail Them All!

Braindead, Body-Doubled, ‘Latex' Biden Officially
Announces 2024 Campaign, Trump Responds

Democrats Blast DNC's Refusal to Hold
Debates in 2024 Primaries

5 Theories Why Tucker Was Axed - Snyder

LA Times - Fox News Decision to Fire Tucker
Directly Related To The Amy Grossberg Lawsuit
Claiming ‘Bullying’ And ‘Anti-Semitism’ Oh, My!

Amy Grossberg Files SUIT Against Tucker, Fox News,
Fox And Other Carlson Producers Claiming Gender
Discrimination, Religion, Disability, Bullying And
Gaslighting Which Led To Ulcers, More

Is This The Speech That Got Tucker
Removed From Fox News?

Report - Rupert Murdoch Was Directly
Behind The Decision To Fire Tucker


Gosh! Tucker’s Says Bad Guys Run The Media But He
NEVER Realized It! - Says He 'Made A Mistake’ - What
Crapola - HE Knows VERY WELL How It’s All Played
This Is One Amazing (Overacted) 2 Minute Video!

Who Is Tucker Carlson…Really? Research Shows
He Grew Up In A Media Sort Of Family - His Father
Was Head Of USIA And Voice Of America (CIA Fronts)

Tucker Has His Own Theory on Why He Was Fired
If He's Right Even Bigger News Is Coming Soon
...Thinks Fox May Be Up For Sale

Tucker indicates new direction after leaving Fox
Fans can 'text Tucker to 44055 to become a
tuckercarlson.com insider to find out what
Tucker’s up to next!

Blackrock Owns 15.1% of the Fox

Expert - OBiden will arrange an
oil crisis this fall

Video reveals 'catastrophic scenario' if
Creeper Biden wins in 2024 (He Didn’t
Win In 2020)

West turning Ukraine into ‘radioactive landfill’
By Sending DU Weapons To Ukes

UK Tells Ukraine it Won't Help Clean
Up Radioactive Bullets

'I’m rooting for Texas,' Medvedev quips about
potential secession of certain US states


Medvedev says US has all European
politicians under its thumb

Growth of World War III threat must
be prevented — Medvedev

War was forced on Russia, says Medvedev

Russia could take asymmetric measures
if West pursues nuclear escalation

London sends thousands of tank shells,
including depleted uranium ones, to Kiev

Russian air defenses destroy 15 Ukrainian
combat drones in past day, top brass reports

Russian forces destroy Ukrainian S-300
targeting radar in DPR

Multiple drones found near Moscow

Russia Now Using Armata Tanks In Ukraine

What is known about the status of Ukraine’s
much-hyped ‘counteroffensive’ against Russia?


US warns of new Russian offensive in Ukraine

Ukraine risks losing Western support if
counteroffensive fails – NYT

An Astonishing 280 Million Americans Are
Completely Unprepared For The Coming SHTF
Scenarios - Less Than 10% Are Even Partially
Prepared - Catastrophe Looms

Wooldridge - The Farcical Reality Of Earth Day
On April 22, 2023

3,000 Strong Invader Caravan Begins
Walking Toward US–Mexico Border

OBiden's EPA has ultimatum for US
coal plants...Use 'pointless, difficult’
Technology or shut down

So You Still Want An Electric Vehicle???

Transgenderism Is an Insult and A
Hideous Crime Against Our Daughters!

Experts Link Transgender Ideology to Elevated
Risk of Violent Radicalization

Top comedian calls on female athletes to
refuse to play Against trans competitors


Woman loves 'ultra-conservative’ Trad-Wife trend
inspired by 1950s, gets called 'alt-right extremist'

The Covid Military BioWeapon Jabs Have
Created Millions of Zombies – And Around
Half A Billion Dead?

Researchers Suggest Links Between COVID
Vaccines and Tinnitus - (It’s guaranteed!)

US billionaires increased their fortunes
by a third in the ‘pandemic'

Medical industry on cusp of adopting RACIST
guidelines that systematically eliminate white
medical professionals - Race Over Talent & Skill

ChatGPT users can now turn off their chat
history, OpenAI announces

Facebook-Google-UN-Harvard Launch
Push For Worldwide Censorship

In an Incredible First, Scientists Have
Discovered What's at The Core of Mars

Pentagon Says UFO Sightings Up
More Than 140 Since January

Kroger, WalMart, And Many Others Have
Empty Shelves


15 Signs That Amazon Stores Are In Deep,
Deep Trouble

First Republic Joins the Living Dead

Peter Schiff - A Higher Debt Ceiling Won’t Solve
The Problem - It Will Make The Problem Worse

Peter Schiff - Every Country Has Let The Inflation
Horses Out Of The Barn

UBS Slides As Net Profit Halved, Despite
Wealthy Client Inflow

First Republic Weighing Up To $100 Billion In
Asset Sales To Repay Emergency Fed, FHLB Loans

Student Loan Servicers Prepare For Chaos
As Payments Set To Restart

US Home Price Growth Slowest In A Decade
...San Francisco Crashes

Switzerland Imported over 10 Tons of Gold
from Russia in March Amidst Sanction

What Strong Gold Says About The Weak Dollar


Investors Panic Into Platinum ETFs As South
African Power Crisis Threatens Global Supply

‘Crypto winter’ is over – Standard Chartered

A Seized Bitcoin Stack Could Be Bulgaria’s
Golden Ticket

Frankfurt Court overturns cancellation
of Roger Waters concert

A BBC Instruction Manual For Kids To
Propagandize Their Parents

EU demands more online censorship

Russia, North Korea strengthen mutual
support in combatting external threats

West doesn’t have same pull in world
as it did 50 years ago, says Medvedev

US seeks to divide Russia up into separate
countries and rule over them, says Medvedev

Russia-China ties have brilliant future
Medvedev asserts


Russia urges expansion of UN Security Council

Diplomat says inviting Whelan’s sister to
UNSC was PR stunt by US Dept of State

Sweden expels five Russian diplomats — TV

Japan Attempts World's First Commercial
Moon Landing

Washington should redeploy nukes
to South Korea – Bolton

China to bring ‘friendship’ panda home from US

China is no peacemaker – Czech president

Diplomat says Russia together with China
to assess potential of US missile defense system

Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaido
arrives in US after expulsion from Colombia
…Led Failed CIA Coup Attempt

Mexico finds over 11,000 tequila bottles
filled with liquid meth


Israelis Rally Against Judicial Reform on
Independence Day

Tensions in Palestinian-Israeli conflict
at breaking point - Lavrov

Russian Defense Minister Holds Talks
with Middle East Counterparts

Middle East Quartet falls victim to
destructive actions of US, EU - Lavrov

Withdrawal of Turkish troops from
Syria discussed at four-party meeting in Moscow

Iran Starts Export to Saudi Arabia amidst
the Reestablishing of Diplomatic Relations

Biohazard risk in Sudan as warring faction
seizes lab – WHO

South Africa’s ruling party decides to
withdraw from ICC — president

Death toll in Sudan military clashes
rises to 459, WHO says

Sudan clashes continue, flying in the face
of another ceasefire agreement


Should We Be Concerned That So Many UFO
Sightings Are Happening All Over The World? - Snyder

5 Economic Disasters We Were Warned About
In Advance That Are Happening Right Now - Snyder

Who Is Tucker Carlson…Really?

Tucker’s Mea Culpa - Says Bad Guys Run The Media
But He Never Realized It - Says He Made A Mistake Being
Part Of It - HE Knows Very Well How It’s All Played - Video

Top rated Tucker Fired By Fox as Of Today
WHY did Fox Ax Its Top Show And Throw Away
3 Million Views a day? Censorship? He Was The
ONLY Voice For Patriot America On The MSM

Tucker Carlson was FIRED from Fox News
Sources Say (Obviously)

Fox News Stock Loses Almost A Billion In
Market Value After Tucker Was Fired

Amy Grossberg Files SUIT Against Tucker, Fox News,
Fox And Other Carlson Producers Claiming Gender
Discrimination, Religion, Disability, Bullying And
Gaslighting Which Led To Ulcers, More

Carlson’s Keynote Speech At The 50th
Anniversary Of The Heritage Foundation


CNN Fires A Lemon - Communist Anchor
Don Lemon Dumped By Last Place Network

Tranny Militant Says He'll Shoot ‘Christian’ Women
(We Warned About Hate And Violence In Trannies)

RFK jr, Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch
Who’s Controlling Whom? What’s It All
About? - Comment From The Breggins

DNC Says There Will Be No Primary Debates
As Poll Finds Majority of Dems Say Biden
Shouldn't Run Again

Biden Signs Order Enforcing Social Justice
'Credit Scores'

Biden Controller Susan Rice Leaving
Biden White House Regime

The Kamal Claims Trump ‘Broke’ The Border
and Biden Is ‘Attempting to Fix It’

Food Supply Shortages - 3 States to Recall 61,000
Pounds of Ready to Eat Sausage, Poultry - Company
Recalls Over 11,000 Pounds Frozen Turkey Patties

Biden's Pipeline Imports 300,000 Ukrainians
Twice the Population of Charleston

Tensions between major powers reach historic high


Russia promises 'not to forgive' in chilling
new revenge warning to US

Report Ukraine withdraws troops from Artemovsk
Wagner Will Take No More prisoners After Ukes
Murder A Wounded Wagner POW

Dozens of foreign mercenaries killed, At Least 15
Vehicles Destroy in Iskander strike - Murder Of
Wounded Russian Wagner POW Confirmed

Russian forces thwart Kiev counteroffensive
in Artyomovsk, top brass reports

Russian army successfully 'grinding down’
Kiev’s forces in Artyomovsk - PMC Wagner

Ukrainian commander laments state of army
(Best 400,000 Men Are DEAD)

Ukrainian forces launch drone attack
on LPR oil tank farm

Ukraine deploys another 12,000 servicemen
near Zaporozhye’s Gulyaipole

Russian forces neutralize two Ukrainian
subversive groups in Kupyansk area

Russian army successfully 'grinding down’
Kiev’s forces in Artyomovsk — PMC Wagner


Zelensky to stage counteroffensive once
Russian forces take Artyomovsk - Wagner

Russia Brings Focus on Development of
Military Drones, Electronic Warfare

Drone with US-Made Engine Falls in Moscow Suburbs

Kamikaze drone crashes east of Moscow

Russian air defenses destroy 38 Uke
combat drones in past day

Russian Airborne Troops Eliminate Uke Militants

Ukraine’s military deploys Grom-2 ballistic
missile system in Zaporozhye

US govt ‘annoyed’ by Macron’s Ukraine push

US talked Ukraine out of attacking Russia

Russia, Ukraine still trading with each other
is ‘crazy’ – Seymour Hersh


Biden Family's 'Circle of Lies' Tightening
Around White House Coverup

While Under Felony Investigation, Crack Addict
Influence Peddler Hunter Biden Demands Ethics
Probe Into MTG - Hilarious
RNC Launches Website Fact-Checking
Biden's Lies in Real Time

Biden Holds Fewest Press Conferences Of Any
US President In 40 Years

'Where Am I? Where Am I?’ - Trump Mocks
Biden For Always Getting Lost

Presidential candidate RFK Jr vows
to ‘unwind US empire’

McCarthy Faces Most Important Week Since
Becoming Speaker As Debt Battle Looms

Does FBI Infringe Whistleblower Rights
in Order to Conceal Wrongdoing?

Elderly politicians threaten the US system’s
ability to perform

NBC-Universal Chief Ousted Over ‘Inappropriate
Conduct’ (Long Term Sex?) With CNBC Anchor

Sunny Hostin ‘Reveals' Underlying Cause of
'Gun Violence’ As being 'White Men’ - This is
Sheer Idiocy - Black Shootings In Chicago Are
Through The Roof…Just One Example


Food Supply Shortages - 3 States to Recall 61,000
Pounds of Ready to Eat Sausage, Poultry - Company
Recalls Over 11,000 Pounds Frozen Turkey Patties

Anheuser-Busch embroiled in civil rights
backlash for discriminating against whites
in hiring

The Western World Has Forsaken All
of Its Former Values And Ideals

Infectious SARS CoV-2 Found To Exist In Lung
Tissue In 89% Of Corpses 4 MONTHS After Death
Many More Organs Tested - Here Are Study Results

PetMectin - Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Ivermectin

Elite try to frighten people away from protecting
Themselves from Shedding With Face Masks

The Worst Atrocity In The History
Of The World Has Been Confirmed

Spike Protein - The Swiss Army Knife Of Death

Healthy 32 yr old doctor died suddenly from
cerebral blood clot because of AstraZeneca
covid 'vaccine' coroner determines

Big Tech Has Programmed ChatGPT To Think
Like a Leftist (Communist) - Anyone Surprised?


AI Created Time-Lapse Video Of
A Young Girl Aging - Watch

Will America’s Addiction to Computer Tech
be it’s Downfall?

New US spy sub built for seabed war with China

Is Your Money Safe in a Regional Bank?

Credit Suisse outflows continue as £55 Billion
was withdrawn in first quarter

Why Gold May Be On The Cusp Of
Another Major Bull Market

Central Bank Gold Buying At Highest
Since 1950s, As 30% Of World Economies
Are Now Sanctioned By The G7

Zimbabwe To Intro Gold-Backed Digital Currency

Bitcoin May Hit $50,000 in 2024 due to Halving

Dollar has five years left as dominant
currency – Russian tycoon Deripaska


Ruble, yuan already replacing dollar in
mutual settlements - Russian Finance Minister

World in beginning stages of new global
economic order - Russian Finance Minister

Digital currencies to be unrestricted in
cross-border payments - Russian finance minister

Four Scenarios That Could Send Oil To $200

Crisis facing auto dealerships is more dire
than we thought

'Business Has Gotten Stupid Slow' - Dallas Fed
Manufacturing Survey Slumps To Post-COVID Lows

Not The 'Net Zero' Americans Were Promised

Destruction Of Capital...And Central Banks

'Magnitude Of Losses And Outflows Is Alarming’
Credit Suisse Hemorrhages $69 Billion In Assets

Luxury giant LVMH becomes Europe's first
$500 billion-valued firm


Chinese Envoy to France Accused of Violating Intl Law

Beijing retains Crimea stance, respects
sovereignty of post-Soviet countries

Taiwan sets female reservists military training timeline

Australia's New Defense Review Aims to
Make Country More Secure

Defense spending in Europe back to
Cold War levels

Warsaw slams German stance on Uke NATO bid

Poland Conducts Military Drills amidst
Growing Anti-German Sentiment

Anti-German sentiment reflected in Poland’s
military plans - Russia’s foreign intel agency

Medvedev suspects Warsaw has designs on
whatever rump may ultimately remain of Ukraine

Poland has eye on new-look borders amid
Ukraine crisis - Russia’s foreign intel chief


Fyodor Lukyanov - How the Green Party has
turned Germany Eastern European

Dozens of Countries Are Interested in
Russian Floating NPP Project – Rosatom

Hungary Strongly Objects to Any Sanctions
on Russian Nuclear Energy

Western sanctions have ‘boomeranged’
Says Russian finance minister

EU running on empty for sanctions against Russia

EU not ready to finalize new Russia sanctions

Annual inflation in Russia stands at 3% now

Russia poised to introduce 30% tax for
working abroad

Lavrov - UN and its Charter Pose Danger
to US Global Ambitions

IMF finally turned into tool to achieve US
military goals - Lavrov


Russia wants to see UN headquarters
moved to Geneva or Vienna

US Not Issuing Visas to Russian Journos
'Blatant Violation of All International Norms'

What Western Media Wrote About US Visa
Denial to Russian Journos - NOTHING

What is Known So Far About US Denial
of Visas to Russian Journalists

China Warships Said Jamming GPS over Taiwan

US Rehearses War With China on Philippine
Island South of Taiwan

India's population to surpass China this week

Indian dependence on Russian oil soaring

UK Troops Rescue Sudan Embassy Staff
But 4,000 Citizens Must Make Own Way Out

White House Says No Large-Scale Military
Evacuation Of Remaining US Citizens In Sudan


Sudan Via Cliff Notes

5 reasons to believe the world population
is already one billion people less than it
was in January 2020 - (We believe The
US has lost at least 10% already…35 Million)

Absolute Proof Much Of America And
Western Civilization Were And Are
Targeted For Elimination

The 45 Communist Goals To Take Over
America Were Just The Initial Blueprint
...It’s Gotten Worse

Zionist Uke Govt Official Demands 10 Times More
Weapons And Arms From The West - (Which Is
Being Cleverly And Drastically Disarmed)

The Five Levels Of DEFCON

Medvedev Threatens to Send ‘Eternal Enemy’
Britain Into The ‘Abyss’ with Nukes

Russia not to forget, not to forgive non-issuance
of visas to Russian reporters Says Lavrov

US should be ready for similar attitude to
US reporters after non-issuance of visas

Non-issuance of visas to Russian reports
reveals US disregard for intl law - mission

Passports not returned to reporters of
Lavrov’s pool from US embassy


Non-issuance of US visas seen as reason
to look at re-locating UN headquarters - MP

Huge stray bomb found in Russian city
bordering Ukraine

Russian assault teams liberate two
More areas in Artyomovsk’s west

Watch Combat Work of Russian Howitzers
in Special Operation Zone

Ukes Disassembling Many Fighter Jets Sent By
Slovakia And Poland For Spare Parts

Zionist Ukraine Official Demands Endless
Streams Of Western Military Aid

Hersh reacts to NYT hunting Pentagon leaker

Hersh - West Knows Its Arms to Kiev
Are Ending Up on The Black Market

US Army under gun to make more ammo
For Tanks, Artillery - More Plants Needed

Blinken Made 'Partisan Political Move’
to Suppress 'Laptop From Hell' Story


Texas Police Investigate Tongue-Removing
Cattle Mutilations

White people should be paid reparations
...US Senate candidate

Ex-acting CIA director reveals he had 50 spies
sign a letter saying Hunter Biden laptop scandal
was Russian disinformation to help Joe ‘win '

Fewer than 50% of Democrats
want Biden to run in 2024 – poll

Nashville Official Says School Shooter’s
Manifesto Is 'Astronomically Dangerous'

Entire Baltimore Downtown Is Effectively
Dead...Descends Further Into Turmoil

NYC Democrat Mayor - Invader Crisis Has
'Destroyed' The City - Biden To Blame

The Censorship Industrial Complex Is
The Revolt Of The Elite

Heads Up, Parents, May is 'Sex Ed Month For All’
Satanic WHO Says All Kids Between 9-12 Should
Have First 'Sex Experience’ And Watch Porn

UN Global Takeover Plan Is Wickedness
from The Pit of Hell – Alex Newman


Hitler's Traitors - The Extensive Treason
Within The German Officer Corps

Vinyl Record Sales Surpass CDs For
The First Time Since 1987

Increased Wildfire Danger over the West
from Wet and Cold Conditions - More Grass

Is It Beer Thirty Yet? Is Beer Vital
To The Human Race?

Watch - Boeing 737 Engine Catches Fire
Over Ohio After Bird Strike - Video

Gun-Free Zones, Red Flag Laws Only Make
Gun Crime Worse - Economist

Anti-CRT Measures Adopted By 28 US States

All manner of freedoms are being eroded - Video

Communism - Just Stop Oil activist to tour campuses
and 'train' students up for 'resistance'

Florida LGBT Group Cancels Pride Parade
After City Says No Kids Allowed - Whole Event
Was To Pervert And Ruin Children


DeSantis Commercial ‘Honors’ Trans Athletes

mRNA Covid BioWeapon Injections Have Two
Sequences For Causing Mad Cow In Humans

Russia follows WHO’s lead and ramps up
fear of the Arcturus variant

Pfizer killed your Friends & Family for Profit
...92% of COVID Deaths were among the
Triple+ Jabbed in 2022 according to UK Govt

Secret CDC Report confirms over 1.1 Million
Americans have ‘Died Suddenly’ since the
COVID ‘Vaccine’ (BioWeapon) Roll-Out

Chicago Employees Fired For Not Getting
COVID BioWeapon Must Be Reinstated - Judge

Will There Ever Be Accountability For Forcing
The Death Shots On Americans?

Vaccine Injuries Become Dominant Theme
of German Reporting on Covid Jabs

Heads Up, Parents, May is 'Sex Ed Month For All’
The WHO Recommends 'Children between 9 and
12 yrs should have their first sexual experience
and learn to use online pornography”

Should You Fear AI?


Musk claims he donated $100 million to Ukraine

Moody’s downgrades 11 regional banks
including Zions, U.S. Bank, Western Alliance

Anger Rapidly Growing As Economic
Conditions Steadily Deteriorate All
Over The World - All By The PLAN

23 US states move to reclaim gold
and silver as legal tender

Global shipping to split into Western
and Eastern blocs soon

Bed Bath & Beyond Files For Chapter 11

Extinction Rebellion Founder Outed As Diesel
Using, Packaged Fruit Buying Hypocrite

Big Banks, Corporations Getting 90% Of Biden’s
Green Energy Credits - Congressional Study

GAMEOVER - China Dumps More $750 Billion
US Debt and Purchased 2,068 Tons of Gold

US Congressmen Sold Stocks Before
Latest Banking Turmoil


It's A Defund The Global Police Moment, Jen Says
De-Dollarization Is Happening At A ‘Stunning' Pace

Needed - A Made In The USA Policy Plus Energy
Independence To Counter Inflation, Rising Natl Debt

ECB Wants to Avoid Making 'Small of
Big Steps' on Interet Rates

French union threatens to pull plug
on iconic events

Canadian Government Accuses Public Service
Union of Misinformation Amid Mass Strikes

China’s big refiners snapping up Russian oil – Reuters

EU states importing Iranian oil despite US sanctions

Moscow warns it will scrap grain deal
if G7 'idiots' ban exports to Russia

'We Scrambled, And Spoke With Well Over
100 Banks. Not One Will Provide Financing'

Le Pen could take power in France – Macron


'I'm the F**king Fuhrer’ - New Book
Lays Bare BoJo's Frustrations

Italy ponders exit from China’s ‘Belt and Road’

PM Orbán Says US Cannot Push Hungary Into
War - Rest Of Europe Be Wise To Follow His Policy

Romania Must Enhance Military Cooperation
with NATO

Thousands of Swedes Protest NATO Accession

The Greens are dragging Germany down
with their foreign and energy policies

Emergency Alert Test Message Sent
to Cell Phones Across UK

Ethnic Serbs Boycott Voting in Kosovo

Car Rams into Crowd in Northern France
Injuring 11 People

UK Spy Kills His Son after Undercover
Mission in Jihadist Base


Russia has enough coal for 300 years

Russia-China border region sees
surge in investment

Medvedev warns G7 against banning
exports to Russia

New sanctions against Russia may
include transit ban

Food item most affected by anti-Russia
sanctions revealed

Update on mrna in cattle & sheep in australia

Indian Couple's choreographed suicide
by guillotine

Rincon de la Vieja volcano erupts in Costa Rica
Volcano In Colombia Threatens To Blow

More than 19,000 previously unknown
undersea volcanoes revealed by satellite

Relations between Russia and Iran Are
Reaching Whole New Level


Unknown Open Fire in Turkish Justice
and Development Party Office in Istanbul

The man jailed for John Lennon's murder may
be INNOCENT claims bombsehll documentary
like The RFK Murder NOT Done By Sirhan Sirhan

Bush, Obama, Clinton Team Up with AMEX
GBT to Fly Invaders Directly into The US
...This Is Constitutional Treason

OBiden Regime Preparing Major Blow To
The Power Plants That Gives US Energy

OBiden DOJ Indicts Four Americans For
‘Weaponized' Free Speech

Biden Impeachment? Top Republican Says IRS
Whistleblower, Chinese 'Collusion' And Hunter
Laptop Letter Hoax are 'Tip Of The Iceberg'

Biden Signs Order Enforcing Social
Justice 'Credit Scores'

Russia figured out how to ‘cheaply’
disable US Space defense

WW3 WATCH - SecGen of NATO Says All
NATO Allies Agree Ukraine will Be Member

Russia claims more territory in Bakhmut

Newsweek - Ukraine has about as much chance
of winning a war against Russia as Mexico would
of winning a war with the United States…


Belarusian crews of Iskander-M missile
system complete training in Russia

Revolts erupt among Ukrainian troops
in Chasov Yar, Konstantinovka

Ukrainian Top Official Calls on Allies to
Cross ‘Red Lines’ in Weapons Supply Issue

Kiev’s extremism, crimes confirm that special
operation must go on - Russian MFA

Ritter - It’s Already Too Late For A Uke Offensive

Spain to Provide Zelensky Regime 6 Leopard
2A4 Battle Tanks in Foreseeable Future

German Bundeswehr now almost totally disarmed
with munitions stores sufficient to support only
one or two days of fighting in a serious conflict

Globalists are using Divide & Conquer to take
down the West their goal is a 1 world govt - Theirs

Blinken Faces Criminal Charges for Rigging
2020 Election on Behalf of Biden

White House planning for 6G rollout


WEF Orders Govts To Start Limiting
Food To Fight Bullshit Climate Change

Don’t Let the US Communist Regime
Criminalize Free Speech

Megyn Kelly Gives Must-Watch Call to
Action on Sickening Tranny Rights Debate

Trans Movement's Striking Parallels to
A Dark and Forgotten Practice in the
Old Ottoman Empire

Despite Relentless Lies And Propaganda,
Climate Change Skepticism Is Growing - Polls

MSM Confirms Weather Modification Is REAL
After Calling It A 'Conspiracy Theory' For Years
Damning Proof US Govt Been Lying For Decades

MS Man Claims Large Figures Of ‘People
Walked Out of the Clouds' After Tornado

Junk EVs Fall Short of EPA Estimates Far More
Than Gas Cars in Our Real World Testing

American Patriots Need Guns Because
A War Is Coming

Deadliest National Parks In America Named


Missing Dog Treks 166 Miles Across Sea
Ice While Wounded - Photo

CIA's Involvement in the Covid Genocide

CDC Director, Little Rochelle Walensky, Finally
Admits Vaccinated Individuals Can Spread
The COVID Virus

Young and 'healthy' British doctor died
from severe reaction to AstraZeneca
COVID Bioweapon ‘vaccine’ - coroner

CA Bill Would Mandate deadly HPV Vax for
Incoming College Students - College Is
NOT worth it

Researchers Are Attempting To Make Egg
Cells Without Human Ovaries - Soon

The Madmen of AI - Developers Claim AI Verges
on Becoming So Superhuman It’s Godlike

We’re All Gonna Die - Elizer Yudkowsky - Video

AI To Be 'As Good A Tutor As Any Human’ - Gates

News outlets fear ChatGPT could steal their scoops


Astronomers Intrigued by 25 Mysterious
Repeating Radio Signals From Deep Space

Six Texas Cattle Mutilated - Same Old Precision
What Are ETs Tracking?

'How Do You Do Counterintel Work With UFOs?’
...UAP Probe Chief's Request Puzzles Expert

Home Prices in March Posted Biggest
Annual Decline in 11 Years

US Debt - Visualizing The $31.4 Trillion
Owed In 2023

War In Gold & Silver Markets Continues

20 National Retailers Collapsing Right
In Front Of Our Eyes

Bud Light Marketing Executive Goes On
Leave After Disastrous Trans-TikTok Stunt

Civil Rights Complaint Filed Against Anheuser
Busch For Racist And Sexist Hiring

Germany Plans to Open LNG Terminal on
Damaged Nord Stream Basis


Taiwan’s exports plunge amid weak
micro-chip demand

Russian IT sector facing recruitment crisis

Ranks of Russian billionaires grow - Forbes

Behind China's Push for Dedollarization

India and Bangladesh ditching dollar in trade

Dollar Faces Six Challenges Which May Add to Its Further Fall

The Fed fumbles its 50-year grip on gold

BRICS-G7 War - Mercantilism, Multipolarity & Gold

Ethereum - Goldman's Shapella Upgrade
Post-Mortem & What Happens Next

Dutch nurse suspected of killing
24 COVID patients


French Energy Union Threatens to Cut Electricity
at Cannes Film Festival Amid Pension Protests

French Pension Reform Caused 'Total' Rift Between
Macron And Society - Marine Le Pen

Editor-In-Chief of German Media Fired For
Publishing AI-Generated Interview with
Michael Schumacher

Vatican refuses to commit ‘grave sin’

Moscow Expels German Diplomats
in Retaliation for Mass Expulsion of
Russian Envoys from Berlin

China Readies Supersonic Spy Drone Unit

Taiwan FM Predicts timeline For China war

Australia Discovers Japanese Ship with Over
1000 Prisoner of War Sunk by US during WWII

Guantanamo inmates face ‘accelerated aging’
Says Red Cross

Western Crimes Against Children in War
Zones Revealed


Syria Demands From US to Stop
Supporting Terrorism And Separatists

Denmark Withdraws Military From Syria And
Iraq to Combat Threats Near Country’s Borders

FDA complicit in the murder of (far) more
than 10 million people world wide And
Ivermectin Again Proven Vital And Safe

Biden's younger brother, James, emerges as
central figure in family's big-money Probable
Criminal deals

Criminal Dems - Two key Republicans call
for Blinken to resign over Hunter revelations

Russia Launches at least SIX Akula Fast Attack
Subs And At Least One Yasen Ballistic Missile Sub
In The Pacific - Heading For US West Coast?

A 2023 Timeline To The Coming Nuclear War

Russian air defenses intercept three US-made
HIMARS rockets in Ukraine operation

Video - Russia's Fagot Anti-Tank System
Blasts Ukrainian Troops

Russian forces destroy Ukrainian army’s
fuel depot in DPR, top brass reports

Photo report - How a key Lugansk region city
devastated by retreating Ukrainians, is springing
back to life

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Christian Monastery
Building Sealed by Ukrainian Police


Ukes used chemical weapons near Zaporozhye
injuring Russian soldier - politician

EU 'done' with Russia sanctions
...Has Run Out Of Tactics

Saboteurs may have Fled in submersible after
lighting Nord Stream fuse

‘Sophisticated naval forces’ bombed Nord
Stream – Danish navy veteran

Russian troops continue to destroy the
Christian Armed Forces of Ukraine in
Artyomovsk - Ukes suffer Huge losses
which is The Zionist Plan

Ukes threw grenades into basement with
civilians in Artemivsk (Bakhmut)

Ritter - Russia Will Decisively Defeat Ukraine

US Republicans Urge (Illegal, Unelected) Biden to
Stop Supporting Kiev Over Risk of Direct Conflict
With Russia (He Should Be Removed From Office)

US Expediting Abrams Tanks Delivery to Ukes
Tanks Will Arrive in Germany Soon

US Tanks Reportedly Won't Be in Ukraine
Before Start of Kiev's Counteroffensive


Russian Aviation Destroys Depot of Rockets,
Artillery Weapons Controlled by Kiev Zionists

'We like them because they are kind’
children from the Zaporozhye region
spoke about Russian soldiers

Kiev’s ‘Big Zoo of Western Weapons’
Making Repairs Very Hard

EU trains 16,000 Ukrainian soldiers, delivers
over €600 Million worth Of ammunition

Ukrainian strikes on Russian soil acceptable
Says German defense minister

Rheinmetall, Lockheed Martin Say Developing
New Rocket Artillery System for Germany

Canada to Provide Ukraine with New Military
Aid Package Worth $29 Million

Senators introduce bill to create digital
identity for all Americans - Selling Us Out

Blinken Busted - Played Central Role In Discrediting
Hunter Biden Laptop Story As Election Loomed

Feds Now Eyeing Multiple Felony Charges
Against Hunter Biden - IRS Whistleblower
Story Grows Legs


Whistleblowers Expose the Biden 'Crime Family'

Taibbi Rages Over Direct Threat Of Prison
Says House Democrats Have Lost Their Minds

FBI Deems ‘Red-Pilled’ & ‘Based’ as Terms
That Indicate ‘Incel Violent Extremism’

State Department Fails To Comply With
House GOP Subpoena To Turn Over
Afghan Dissent Cable

Bill Maher Blasts 'Intellectual Cowardice' Of Those
Who 'Just Fall In Line' With Woke Madness

Deleted 911 Recordings From Epstein
On Day He ‘Killed Himself’

Managers State That Gen Z Snowflakes Are Almost
Useless Employees - Many Fired Within First Week
’They Are Easily Distracted And Easily Offended'

House Passes Bill Barring Tranny Athletes
From Women's Sports - Biden Will Veto

Congressional Communist Democrats Vote to
Destroy Women's Sports With Transgenderism
Pedo Biden Says He'll Veto Bill To Protect Women

Communist Psychopathic WI School Allows
18 Year Old Man to Shower Naked with
14 Year Old Girls - The End Of The Line


Bud Light Marketing VP Behind Catastrophic
Tranny Mulvaney Partnership Replaced

Mystery Condition with 100% Death Rate Hits
Strawberry Farms, 500,000 Plants Lost Already

Top 7 types of CANCERs are SKYROCKETING
since spike protein Bioweapon Injections Deployed

Watch Killers Give Little Baby 7 ‘Vaccine'
Injections At One Time - Inhuman Evil

Did The FDA Just Admit That It Overdosed
People With COVID Vaccines? Dosage in the
new bivalent Boosters has been cut by 75%...

Covid-19 ‘Vaccine' Payouts - Why the US So
Reluctant to Make Even the Smallest Award

Vax Mandate Fascist Gene Simmons
Suffers On-Stage Health Issue, Cancels Show

Scientific Consensus - A Manufactured Construct

Twitter drops ‘state-affiliated’ labels

Musk Loses $12.6 Billion After Starship
Failure - Tesla's Q1 Financial Report


NASA’s first negro astronaut to orbit the moon
Stupidly pulls out the political race card using
poem: ‘Whitey On the Moon’

BRICS de-dollarization push gaining momentum

China’s economic outlook upgraded

Russian capital flight slows as economic
outlook improves – central bank

Kremlin warns of global economic crisis

Kremlin - Putin, Saudi Crown Prince Satisfied
With Coordination Within OPEC+

Peter Schiff - Gold Is On The Launchpad

$100 Million Gold Heist At Canada's Biggest
Airport - Goodfellas Meets Italian Job

Money Supply Growth Fell To A 50 Year
Low In February Will The Fed Panic?

Chile Stuns Markets And EV Makers By
Nationalizing Lithium Industry Overnight


Tesla Raises Model X And Model S Prices
Hours After Missing Q1 Margin Estimates

Why A 'Painful Recession' Is Required To
Crush Inflation Expectations

Argentina hikes interest rate to 81%

MIT Study - Nuclear Power Shutdown
Could Lead To Increased Deaths

Train Service in Germany Halted Amid
Mass Railroad Strike

G7 Currently Not Discussing Complete
Ban on Exports to Russia

NATO member Hungary questions
Stoltenberg’s stance on Ukraine

NATO mulls giving more fighter jets
to Ukraine

Stoltenberg Claims All NATO Allies Agree
Ukraine Should Become Member of Alliance

Ukraine's Accession to NATO Discussed,
Quick Decision Not Expected


Head of Norwegian Shipyard Denies Presence
of Spy Equipment on Russian Trawlers

Canceling Russian culture is a mistake
Says Italy's president

Why Western conservative parties are
heading for populism or disintegration

British deputy PM Dominic Raab
resigns over bullying scandal

In situation around Ukraine, Tokyo acts as
obedient US ally - senior Russian diplomat

Russia's Wagner Group Tried To Get
Weapons From China - Pentagon Leaks

Medvedev characterizes Great Britain
as eternal adversary of Russia

Russian embassy slams new UK
sanctions as illegitimate, legally void

Missile Buildup by US, Allies Aimed at
Superiority Over Russia, China - Moscow

NATO’s Ukraine accession policy shows
Putin justified to start special operation - Kremlin


Kiev’s extremism, crimes confirm that special
operation must go on - Russian MFA

West’s discussion of Ukrainian offensive proves
direct involvement in conflict - statement

US making money from fighting Russia
in Ukraine – Moscow

Russia has no plan to ruin Western unity
Kremlin tells WaPo

Russia Creates 1st Jet-Powered Kamikaze
Drone Equipped With AI

EU system of exporting agricultural products
from Ukraine ‘cracking’ - MFA

US Fails to Stop Chinese Invasion of Taiwan
in Congressional War Simulation

China Creating Cyberweapons Able to
Seize Control of Enemy Satellites

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning Partakes
in Pacific Ocean Drills - State Media

China aware of looming standoff with US,
importance of military ties with Russia


Rare Event Is About to Send Parts of
Australia Into Darkness

Putin, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
agree to expand relations

No doubt that US created IS terrorist group
Says Iran

Clashes in Sudan claim more than 400 lives
with over 3,500 injuries - WHO

Russia readying two batches of fertilizers
to be sent to Kenya, Nigeria

Contamination Crisis - Arctic Ice Algae
Heavily Contaminated With Microplastics

Lloyd Austin Lied Under Oath to Congress
About Ukraine and Jack Teixeira told his
buddies the truth - Napolitano

OBiden Administration Will Veto Protection
of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023

Both US Political Parties Have Adopted Lenin’s
Strategy for the Destruction of Capitalism

Rep. Gallagher Says War Game Shows US
Needs to Arm Taiwan 'To the Teeth’

China’s new supersonic drone may target
Taiwan, Japan and US in Pacific

Hillary Tells Foreign Media She 'Could Do The
Job' In 2024 And 'Trump Cannot Be Re-elected'

Hillary Clinton Roasted After Defending
LGBTQ, Pedo Communist Disney

Robert Kennedy's White House Challenge
to Biden Could Mean Win-Win US Election

Fire alarm shuts down Robert Kennedy's speech
condemning US military-industrial complex

RFK Jr Tells Deep State 'Nice Try’ As Fire-Alarm
Interrupts His Presidential Announcement


WH Says 'Extreme MAGA Republicans Holding
The American Economy Hostage' With Debt Plan

Kiev demanding bribes from ship owners

Russia Relaunches X-50 Air-Launched Cruise
Missile Program; Expert Says It Can Penetrate
Ukraine’s Heavily Contested Airspace Easily

Heavy Fighting Continuing in Western
Parts of Artemovsk - DPR Acting Head

Russian MoD Unveils Footage of ‘Solntsepyok’
Heavy Flamethrower Striking Ukrainian Troops

Shkolny airfield near Odessa burns
after a Russian UAV strike

Officer of Uke Main Directorate of Intel
eliminated in Artemovsk

Russian forces destroy about 500 Ukrainian
troops, mercenaries in Donetsk advance

Russian forces strike Ukrainian army’s
headquarters in DPR - top brass

NATO Says Aiding Ukraine Cost $165 Billion
in Military Funding Since Early 2022


Ukraine needs wider format for its NATO ties
...Zelensky tells Stoltenberg

NATO to discuss security guarantees for
Ukraine during Vilnius summit — Stoltenberg

Patronizing, Groveling. Bud Light Ad Laughed
Off The Net After The Mulvaney Tranny Travesty

The Oakland A’s Announce They’re
Leaving for Las Vegas

Oakland A’s to purchase land for
Las Vegas ballpark near The Strip

Longtime A's fans 'saddened' by Las Vegas
relocation news

Alec Baldwin dodges charges in ‘Rust’ killing

Allgire Announces The Winner Of His Remote
Viewing, Psychic ‘What’s In The Box’ Contest

How Long Have You Been Consuming
mRNA Gene Therapied Pork In The US?

The Huge Lies About COVID ‘Vaccines' Given
to Pregnant Women And Everyone Else Are
Beyond The Most Malevolent & Psychopathic
In All Human Behavior


Coroner Rules AstraZeneca Jab Should Be Added
To Death Certificate Of Previously 'Fit & Healthy’
32 Yr Old

The Pfizer board has lawyered up

The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe

Ex Nurse Describes COVID Protocols As
‘Medical Murder’

Chicago Workers who Refused The BioWeapon
And Chose Life to be Reinstated with Back Pay

New Video Shows Communist Firebombing
Pregnancy Center

Google Intends to Introduce AI Tech
Into Ad Campaigns

Musk Calls for Lawsuit Against Microsoft
for Using Twitter Data for AI Training

Twitter Files - Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Lied Under Oath'

Western media suddenly hates Twitter’s
‘government-funded’ labels


BuzzFeed News Shuttering Operations
…Shares Plunge

Facebook Censors Seymour Hersh's Article
About US Involvement In Nord Stream
Pipeline Attack

SpaceX Starship Rocket Explodes After Liftoff

NASA spacecraft linked to UFO sightings in
Kiev burns up over Sahara Desert

What's Known About Flash in Sky Over
Kiev Caught on Video?

Extraterrestrial Mummy Found by an
Archaeologist near Lahun in Egypt

Blackstone is the latest victim of the weakening
commercial real estate market - (US Is Now In
Its Eleventh Straight Month Of Negative GDP)

Biden Struggles To Convince People To Buy
Junk EVs But Only 12% Seriously Considering

Use of Digital Ruble in Russia to Be Voluntary
...Russian Central Bank

The Digital Euro Could Usher
In Total State Control


Fed Governor Says CBDC Risks
Likely Greater Than Benefits

US Abandoned Gold and Turned Dollar
Into Fiat Currency

Peter Schiff - A Death Blow Is Coming For
The Dollar And People Will Run To Gold

Silver Demand Set Records In
Every Category In 2022

Where Are 100s of billions for support
of the European NATO forces?

Spain's New Military Aid for Ukraine to
Include Naval Defenses

EU visa deal for Kosovo discriminates
against Serbs – Belgrade

Poland Suggesting That EU Ban Imports
of Fruits, Eggs, Other Ukrainian Food

UK police condemned over arrest
of French publisher

UK Govt Cuts Deal With MPs to Stop Euro
Rights Court Blocking Migrant Removals


The UK Will Have Enough Natural Gas
For The Summer

Danish Energy Agency Recommends Lifting
Sea Restrictions at Nord Stream Explosions Sites

G7 Can't Replace Russia's Nuclear
Fuel & Expertise for World

G7 Mull ‘Outright Ban’ on Most Exports
to Russia as Sanctions Fall Flat

Britons see steep income drop – data

Major German airports come to standstill
amid strikes

Demonstrators Take to Streets of Paris
to Protest Macron's Pension Reform

French protesters storm stock exchange

Kremlin - Nuclear Arsenals of France,
UK De Facto Under Control of US

Trend toward multipolarity to grow, it is
‘as obvious as sunrise’, says Putin


People in new Russian regions have fought
for many years to be part of Russia - Putin

Russia and US Currently Have No
Concrete Relations, Lavrov Says

Relations with West won’t improve – Putin adv

Macron’s Beijing Blitz - Genuine Attempt to
Escape US Vassalage or PR Move?

West 'Hyping' China's Population Decline,
Chinese State Media Says

China's 'Systemic Rivals Aspect' With
Germany 'Increasing'', Baerbock Says

South Korea not considering weapons
supplies to Ukraine - Defense Ministry

Tibetan Police Mass-Collect DNA And
Lawmakers Say US Firm Is Helping

US B-1 Bombers Drill in India for First Time

Russia Facing Off Against a NATO-backed
‘Orchestra of Terrorists’ - Nicaragua’s Ortega


Iran Unveils Car-Launched Suicide Drone,
Meraj-532, That Has One-Way Range Of
450 Km & Strikes With Deadly Accuracy

Europe' is an American pawn
...Turkish minister

Turkey sticking to its guns in not joining
anti-Russian sanctions - foreign minister

Sudan's Military - No Diplomatic Solution
to Situation With Rapid Support Forces

Sudan's insurgent Rapid Support Forces
report over 60 dead in fighting with country’s army

Wagner PMC founder offers mediation
services for settlement in Sudan

Looters go on rampage in Khartoum
gunfire doesn't stop, say eyewitnesses

MidEast Restores Regional Relations as
US Bumped Out

US Does Not Believe Syria Deserves
Readmission to Arab League at This Time

Iranian Navy Forced US Nuclear Submarine
to Surface, Change Track in Hormuz Strait


US military Reaper drone Sees Metallic UFO
over MidEast – Pentagon Releases Photos

Mush brain Fetterman raises eyebrows with
Horribly incoherent opening statement
in Senate return being called ‘Frightening'
…Makes Biden Sound Like An Orator

Disarming America - Pentagon announces
latest Ukraine arms package

Any weapons supplies to Ukraine to be
considered an anti-Russian move - diplomat

Multiple Russian Submarines Moving
in 'Strange Routes’ Says UK

Ukraine praises arrival of new ‘dream’

Russian forces Now control almost all of
(Bakhmut) Artyomovsk

Just how many US troops and spies
do we Really have in Ukraine?

Disarming America - Pentagon announces
latest Ukraine arms package

Whole World Hates America, Its Reputation
is Faltering, Senior Erdogan Ally Says


WaPo Belatedly Admits 'Proxy War’ Nature
Of Ukraine Conflict In Wake Of Leaks

US military industry struggling to meet
Ukraine demand

Ukrainians using foreign languages in radio
messages to stymie Russian forces

Russia’s MFA publishes report about human
rights in Ukraine

West has no intention of forgiving Ukraine’s debts
Says former prime minister

Kiev’s strikes kill over 4,600 civilians in new
Russian regions since February 2022 — MFA

Ukraine says it has received Patriot air
defense systems from three Western countries

Kiev morphed into neo-Nazi dictatorship
after onset of martial law, Russian MFA says

Freedom of speech situation in Ukraine
remains alarming — Russian MFA

US to Sell Taiwan 400 Boeing-Made
Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles


200 US Military are Now in Taiwan

Fox News, Sidney Powell, Lou Dobbs Now
Face $2.7 Billion Lawsuit from Smartmatic
Voting Machine Company

Trump Opens Up Massive 33 Point Lead Over
DeSantis in New Hampshire Primary Poll

IRS Whistleblower Says Biden Admin Is
Interfering in Hunter Tax Fraud Probe

Communist New York City to Track Personal
Food Choices Using Credit Card Data

Chicago is a Blue Warzone

Bill Gates Plows Millions into Group
Claiming Kids Are 'Sexual Beings'

Project Veritas Releases Horrible Undercover
Video from 'Gender Clinic' Advising A 10 Yr Old

Disney Doubles Down, Unveils ALL-AGES
'Pride Nite' On Same Week DeSantis Deals
Them Major Blow

CVS Forces Employees to Support All
‘Transitioning’ Coworkers - The Fierce
Communist War On Gender Worsens


30 Years Ago Today The FBI Slaughtered
82 Branch Davidian Men, Women, Children

10th Anniversary of the Boston Marathon
Smoke Bomb Hoax

18-wheeler carrying hazardous materials
explodes in TX

The Science of Brainwashing Warfare

Legal Weed Is Turning New York
Workers Into Zombies

Yes, America's Political Elite
Are Really This Delusional

‘Very Creative Accounting’ - Critics Not Buying Biden's
Tax Returns Showing Income of Just $579,000

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Announces Challenge to
Biden in 2024 Presidential Race

Rep. Jordan Files Response To Bragg’s Motion
Amid Probe Into Trump Indictment

There Is 'No Physical Gold Or Silver
Available In Any Quantity'


Major retailers will keep shutting down
their stores until massive Shoplifting
And Retail Crime Slows

Home Depot Worker, 26, Shot and Killed By
Black Female Shoplifter - More Hate Crime

The Communist Left's favorite lie...
'white-on-black violence'

3 Blacks Arrested - White Las Vegas couple Said
Bound, Tortured in violent mansion robbery

Christians Are Being Prevented from
Adopting Children in America

The Ultimate War - A Battle to Control the Noosphere

Spike antigen Found in blood of adolescents
who developed post-mRNA vaccine-induced

US spending $5 billion to speed up
development of new COVID ‘vaccines'

Media Hides Tracking of Unvaxed People

Fertility Slaughter - Top OBGYN Slams Pfizer’s
Deadly Plot Against Babies and Women


Covid...A Repeat Offender - Time To Shut
Down The FDA

Former Director Of National Intel Admits
Fauci Lied About Gain Of Function Research
Absolutely Nothing Will Be Done About it

Some Americans Shouldn’t Get Another
COVID-19 ‘Vaccine' Shot, FDA Says

A First-of-Its-Kind Signal Has Been
Detected in The Human Brain

Western Media Panics Over Twitter’s
Govt Funded Label

The White House & Billionaires Are Getting
Serious About Blocking Out The Sun

US Space Command Chief Says ‘Always Good’
to Have Deconfliction Talks With Russia, China

What to Expect from US Senate's UFO Hearing

House Republicans To Propose Raising Debt
Limit By $1.5 Trillion Or Until March 31 2024

Dollar Is Really In Trouble - Nenner Warns ’30%
Of Global Population Will Die In Next War Cycle'


Dollar Finished - America in Danger - Video

US truckers sound alarm - Matter of
'life and death’ After OBiden Regime’s
Latest Attack On The Industry

'Freight Recession' Highlighted By Largest
Cargo Drop Since Pandemic

No More Cheap Flights Is the New Reality
for Air Travel

WTI Rebounds After 3rd Straight Weekly
SPR Drain

US Gasoline Prices Rise To 5-Month High

Is It Wise For Those In Power To Push
EV Demand?

Court Dismisses Ban On Natural Gas
Hookups In Berkeley, California

Crypto Crashes Amid Cascade Of Long

BRICS to pass West in economic might


CA 'Dream For All' Home Down Payment
Program Ran Out Of Money In 12 Days

Biden To Punish Good-Credit Homebuyers
To Subsidize High-Risk Mortgages

Report - 'San Francisco's changing landscape
raises questions on municipal solvency"

Peter Schiff - We'd Be Lucky To Escape
With Just A Recession

From Bud Light To Disney, How Left-Wing
Causes Are Infiltrating Corporate Advertising

Disney, Meta Prepare To Eliminate Thousands
More Jobs

Looming Global Rice Deficit in 2023
'Will Be Largest in 20 Years'

Russian inflation falls to just over 3%

Massive Strike Hits Canada As Inflation
Discontent Spreads Around The World

UK Inflation Unexpectedly Comes In Red
Hot, Remains In The Double Digits


UK hounded by worst inflation in Western Europe

Iceland Authorizes Service Visits of
US Submarines

Germany critically short of housing as
construction tanks

Top German diplomat - West to continue sanctions
policy as long as Ukrainian conflict lasts

Non-implementation of Brussels agreement,
as with Minsk accords, may lead to war - Vucic

Russian inflation falls to just over 3%

Surge in Russian exports to Brazil revealed

Minsk to Decide on Digital Ruble Integration
by End of 2023

Kiev striving to make most out of grain deal,
demanding bribes from ship owners - MFA

How The War Redirected Ukraine's Grain Exports


Bulgaria Temporarily Bans Food Imports
From Ukraine

US tech companies helping Kiev spread
extremist propaganda - Russian MFA

Kremlin spokesman denies allegations Russia
plots acts of sabotage in Europe

Provocations against Belarus after Lukashenko
Pushilin meeting possible, says Kremlin

Russia responds to seizure of state property
in Finland

Italian people’s amiability toward Russia
outweighs political ‘party line’ - Russian envoy

Hungary Expands List of Banned
Ukrainian Farm Imports Amid Price Row

Food Bans and Possible Grain Deal
Suspension to Curb Ukraine's Profits

Russia Rolls Out 'Fish Shuttle' With
Exports Bound for China, Asia-Pacific

Russia could arm North Korea if South sends
weapons to Ukraine - Medvedev


S Korean head’s words on arms supplies to Ukraine
do not mean policy change - agency

Seoul to Announce Supply of Lethal Weapons
to Ukraine Soon Due to US Pressure

S Korean Opposition Calls President's Mulling
Sending Arms to Ukraine 'Tragedy'

S Korea unlikely to begin weapon supplies
to Ukraine — expert

N Korea to Launch Military Satellite to Target
Enemies by Nuclear Missiles in Real Time

Chinese Military Develops High-Speed Spy
Drone for Surveillance Ops - US Military Assessment Leaked

Chinese envoy does not see sovereign
future for Taiwan

China backs Macron’s Ukraine peace efforts

China’s role in the Yemen war ceasefire
should not go unnoticed

Chinese diplomat says Beijing immediately
notified Washington about balloon


US spreads lies about Chinese drones in Ukraine
...China’s Ministry of Commerce

India to become more populous than
China by mid-2023 — UN

Following the tracks of the ancient
megalithic builders takes us to Brazil

39 Sudan hospitals bombed out of service

Sudanese Army captures military base in Merowe

Sudan clashes continue for fifth consecutive
day despite humanitarian ceasefire


Shocking UN Document Reveals The Sick
Sexual Agenda That The Globalists Plan To
Push On The Whole World - Snyder

Fox settles election fraud case By Paying
Dominion $800 Million - This Will Ensure
All Future Elections Can or Will Be Stolen

Chosen - A Jew Admits Jews Want To And Do Rule
The World - ‘Our Goal For The Last 3300 Years Has
Been To Control The World’ - Watch

The RESTRICT Act will usher in a new era of
censorship under the guise of 'national security'

Sen. Ron Johnson Drops Bomb In Biden Crime
Family Investigation, New Bank Records Are

Waiting for the End of the World

Report - Turner Says China Bans Imports-Exports
Involving Raytheon And Lockheed - Cripples US
Defense Industry - We Deserve It For Offshoring
Critical Parts Manufacturing To China, Etc.

China reveals new details of Raytheon
And Lockheed sanctions

Putin makes surprise visit near Ukraine
military front line

Russia ‘winning’ fight against Ukraine –
retired US Army Colonel Macgregor


LPR head thanks Putin for visiting LPR,
says it shows his hands-on approach
to operation

Ukes hit Russia with US-made
kamikaze drone

Zaporozhye front could see uptick in
fighting next week

Uke drones downed over City Of Donetsk
packed with explosives, lethal projectiles - DPR

Russian assault teams capture three more
areas in Artyomovsk, top brass reports

Ukraine masses up troops to cross the
Dnieper in Kherson Region - region’s head

Russian forces wipe out two Ukrainian
fuel depots in Nikolayev Region

Ukrainian hospitals, overwhelmed by
wounded soldiers, turn away civilians

More than 7,000 Ukrainian servicemen
are listed as missing in action

Situation in Donbass radically different from
Ukrainian reports - Azov battalion fighter


Zelensky visits Ukrainian army’s
frontline positions in Avdeyevka

Hillary Delights in Trump's Indictment And
Claims Creeper Biden Will Win in 2024

Trump's Campaign Hauled in '$15.4 Million
Donations Post-Indictment

Judge Says No Evidence of Government
Misconduct In Jan 6 Case

DeSantis Mulls Building Prison Next
to Disney World

Imbecile - MSNBC Guest Mark Thompson Says
Second Amendment Was Created to Stop
'Slave Insurrections’ And Says The Gun
Culture Is 'Depraved'

Undeterred By Bud Light Boycott & $6B
Loss, CVS Goes All-In On Transgenderism

NYPD Can Now Shoot GPS Trackers
at Your Car

A White and Black teenager were shot by homeowners
in 2 separate incidents guess what family unelected
pedo Biden called? Hint...it wasn't Whitey

Jeff Rense And David Oates - The First
Radio Program In Which Reverse Speech
Proves AI Is Sentient - Listen!


Elon Musk Confirms Development Of Non-Woke
AI Bot ‘TruthGPT' To Rival Microsoft And Google

Music giant raises alarm over AI hit

ChatGPT Can Decode Fed Statements,
Predict Stock Moves From Headlines

ChatGPT Can Parse Fed Statements and
Predict Stock Moves, Studies Say

ChatGPT Can Predict Stock Moves from
News Headlines and Decode Fed Speak

Twitter unveils ‘hate speech’ shadow
ban policy - Will Use A Warning Screen
But leave The Posts Up

Hacking Humanity - Transhumanism

US warns against Russian oil price cap

EU safe haven Cyprus closing doors
to Russian money – media

NYTimes Bitcoin Hit Piece Backfires As #Stop
ThePresses Movement Erupts On Social Media


'Anything On The Table’ - Coinbase CEO Mulls
Moving Headquarters Outside US Amid Crypto

As Amazing As It Sounds, ECB President
Christine Lagarde Is Making Some Sense

US Should 'Immediately' Cut Off Flow Of Capital
To Chinese AI Firms, Rep. Gallagher Says

Two-Year Anniversary Of Declining Real
Wages For American Workers

This Will Not Be A Normal Recession

The Tax Man Cometh...Again

Two-Year Anniversary Of Declining
Real Wages For American Workers

IRS Under Biden Taxing Americans
More Than Trump

Kitchen knives could be seized from homes of
suspected criminals under a Home Office plan

UK Regulator Reprimands Surrey, Sussex
Police for Illegally Recording Calls


Macron wants China’s help in brokering
peace in Ukraine

Macron’s yet-to-be drafted peace plan to
rely on long-term guarantees to Kiev

60 Detained in Spontaneous Protests in France

Asylum-Seekers in Wales to Get £1,600 Per
Month State Benefits PLUS Legal Aid

‘Shocking’ number of rapes in UK hopitals

Zombie knives and machetes face ban in UK

Moscow Summons US, UK, Canadian Envoys
Over Gross Interference in Russia's Affairs

Russian envoy slams Die Welt over
‘kill Putin’ quote

WSJ journalist to remain in custody
...Moscow court

Russian Government Approves Development
of 'My Export' Digital Platform


Medvedev calls G7 mendacious liars for calls
that Russia affirm opposition to nuclear war

Another Maidan possible in Ukraine

Zelensky army stunt upset UN chief

Ukrainian Tankers Accidentally Rip Turret
Off Leopard 2 During Training – Photos

East European countries’ wholesale support
for Ukraine cracking — Spanish daily

EU Dissenters Banning Ukraine Foods
as Bloc Unity Crumbles

How EU halt of Ukrainian grain imports
could threaten global food supplies

Moldovan Farmers Want Ukrainian
Grain Supplies Limited

German defense minister says stopping arms
supplies to Ukraine would mean 'end of Ukraine'

Proxy War With Russia Has Brought West’s
Hegemony to Brink of Collapse - German Lawmaker


Poland proposes ‘HIMARS academy’

Around 200 US Advisers Instructing
Taiwan's Armed Forces

China Vs The USA - Does It Have To Be War?

China’s Microchip Industry Recovering
After Big Hit From US Sanctions

China's Economy Beats Expectations
With 4.5% GDP Growth in Q1

Beijing - G7 Slams Other States Nuclear Policy
While Disrupting Global Disarmament System

China Says US should stop insisting on
military solution to Ukrainian crisis

Top Public Officials’ Security in Japan
Was - And Still is - a Problem

China’s new defense minister reveals
main goal of Russian visit

Russia, China sign memorandum of
understanding between military academies


G7 ‘maliciously smeared and discredited
China’ – Beijing

Taiwan war would have no winners – Canberra

australian msm admitting ‘no one got covid
until they got jabbed'

Lula’s China trip proves Latin America
is no longer the ‘backyard’ of the US

Kremlin says it needs more details
about Brazil’s plan for peace in Ukraine

White House lashes out at Brazil
over Ukraine

Iran Shows Off Mystery Drone at Army
Day Parade – Photos, Videos

Wagner PMC founder says group has
no soldiers in Sudan

US Embassy Convoy Comes Under Attack
In Sudan, Ceasefire Crumbling

Warring sides agree to 24 hour
ceasefire in Sudan


Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently

New York Mayor Goes To War Against Meat
And Dairy As Climate Agenda Escalates

Environmentalists Rage After G7 Leaves
'Gas' Loophole In Latest Climate Pledge

A Real Energy Snack - Scientists Create Fully
Edible, Dissolvable Battery for Medical Devices

We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically,
Medically & Technologically by the ‘Great Reset’

OBiden Regime to give Invader aliens free govt
health care, funded by debt placed on taxpayers

FBI Director Wray's Statement On Communist
China’s Efforts To Export Repression, And To
Subvert US Democracy And Rule Of Law

Encore - Biden Latex Mask Body Double
Exposed - Video

Ohio murder rates far higher than NYC
as state’s GOP Rep. Jim Jordan slams
city’s crime woes

Shimatsu (encore) - USAF Officer’s Arrest Begins
Discord That Will Collapse Biden’s Ukraine Folly

Fraud ‘President Biden' Approval Rating
Are NEGATIVE in 40 States

McCarthy Warns Biden Could 'Bumble’
Into First Default In US History

CIA Critic Who Presciently Characterized
the Agency as a Cancer in 1970 Book

Greenwald - Govt Is Abusing Secrecy Powers


Pentagon Leaks Pretext to Grant US
Government New Snooping Powers

Florida Lawmakers Advance Bills Seeking
The Death Penalty For Child Molesters

Top Republican Donor Cools On DeSantis
Over Social Issues

Commercial Real Estate Predictions Turn Dire

Psychopathic Communist MSU Language Police
Warn Of Offensive Words Like 'America', ‘Female’
and 'Wreaths'

Internal Invasion Shaping Up - Highest Treason
Massive Numbers of Fighting, Military Age
Chinese CCP Men in Panama Ready to Cross
The US Border - OBiden Communists Behind
It - Likely MANY Hidden Containers Of PLA
Weapons Prepositioned Around The Country

Washington to use stolen Russian assets
to rebuild Ukraine, US AG confirms

Western allies preparing Kiev troops for
planned April 30 offensive - Newsweek

West Pumped Kiev Regime with $45 Billion
Since February 2022

Head of Russian tribunal says Ukrainian
government kills people for staged filming


Wagner assault teams liberate more
areas in Artyomovsk, top brass reports

Kiev actively using saboteurs ahead of
counteroffensive, says LPR military expert

Kiev amassing troops near Kupyansk
for attack on Lugansk Republic - expert

Kiev destroying everything that connects Russia
And Ukraine - senior Russian diplomat

How Russian Radars Busted The Myth
Of Stealth Fighters

Leaked Document Shows American
Smart Bombs Are Failing In Ukraine

Slovakia’s top brass says it transferred
13 MiG fighters to Ukraine - newspaper

Pete Buttigieg blames car crash deaths of
'black and brown Americans' on racism!

Karlstrom - Part XIII - Excommunicated From Crestone,
Baca CO - Covert Ops Mind Control Nonconsensual
Experimentation And TI Program Cognitive Warfare

Video - The Ugly True, Treasonous Story
of FDR and ‘Surprise’ Attack On Pearl Harbor


Russian researchers find incredible new
Ways to Reused Spent Nuclear Waste

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is So Big
Invasive Species Are Now Thriving On It

Rent-a-hitman application gets TN
soldier arrested

mRNA Injections Of Oz Cattle To Begin Soon
Will Be The End Of The Red Meat Industry
… Of Course, That’s The Plan!

US Invests Another $1.5 Billion to Spur
5G Rollout Despite New Evidence of
Devastating Health Issues

Musk Admits To Tucker US Intel Had ‘Full Access’
To Private Twitter DMs - Says System Now Has
New Encryption Feature To Stop Access

Elon Musk warns AI could cause ‘civilization
destruction’ even as he invests in it

Google CEO says he doesn't 'fully understand’
how His new AI program ‘Bard' works

Auto-GPT Is Here - A Glimpse Into The Future
…Which Is Now

US Govt Read Twitter Users Private Messages
...Musk Tells Tucker Carlson


The US-China Race To AI Mastery
…Winner Takes All

SpaceX Starship - What is It & Why Its
Launch Got Postponed

Alphabet Shares Slide On Report Samsung
Abandoning Google For Bing

Montana Lawmakers Vote To Completely
Ban TikTok From The State

Google Chief Executive Warns AI Could Affect
‘Every Product of Every Company’

SpaceX Starship - What is It & Why Its
Launch Got Postponed

Chinese spy balloon could have had tech
to see through materials

Trying to Policing the Elite’s Technocracy
...How Do We Resist This Effectively?

Why Anheuser-Busch Went Woke

Sanctions may backfire on dollar,
US Treasury secretary admits


US Banks Lost Money On Mortgages For
The First Time In Recorded History

How Walmart Pushed Arkansas Public
Schools to Go Woke

Ooh Lula La! Brazil Wants To Dedollarize Too

Which Countries Are Ditching US Dollar?

Sanctions force Bangladesh to ditch dollar
for Yuan in payments to Russia

Is There A Worldwide Run On The Bank
Of The United States Of America?

Recession Risk Grows After Money Supply
Shrinks At Fastest Pace Since Great Depression

First Gradually, Then Suddenly…
The Everything Collapse

PM Rishi Sunak Slams Anti-Math
Mindset in British Schools

UK Parliament Probing Rishi Sunak
Over 'Failure to Declare Interest'


British PM under ethics investigation

Czechs rally against ‘warmonger’ govt

G7 wants show of good faith from Russia that
it is against nuclear war

G7 to keep $60 per barrel price cap on
seaborne Russian oil

G7 foreign ministers agree to team up
to solve Central Asian problems

G7 members seek to push Moscow out
of nuclear energy market

President to be empowered to protect
Russians from foreign persecution

State Duma committee approves Russian
citizenship for foreigners who sign army contracts

Putin prioritizes Navy’s development
along with Ukraine special operation

Russian Fleet Put on Full Combat Readiness
Due to Turbulent Times - Kremlin


Russia reveals details of snap
Pacific Fleet drills

West, Kiev radicals want to demonize Russia
by molding false historical narrative - Lavrov

US and UK to blame for EU weakness - Moscow

Poland needs Ukraine as anti-Russian toolkit

Moscow denounces 'egregious' Czech confiscation
of Morocco’s tanks for transfer to Ukraine

Russian opposition activist Kara-Murza
given 25 year sentence

UK calls for release of dual citizen Kara-Murza

Latvia imposes entry ban on 10 Russians in
connection with Kara-Murza case

Alleged Chinese Agents Arrested for ‘Operating
a Police Station in the Middle of New York City'

Moscow and Beijing Say US and Allies
Fuel Tensions on Korean Peninsula


How Russo-Chinese Military Cooperation
Ensures World Peace

Second EU official pulls out of trip to
China in less than week

British Authorities Consider Deploying
Warship in Indo-Pacific Permanently

Dutch intelligence names Russia, China biggest threats to national security

North Korea Slams UNSC Meeting
on Missile Launch

Russia and Brazil agree on need to reform
financial institutions - Lavrov

Lavrov in Brazil for High-Level Talks

Balanced approach needed to BRICS expansion

Israel’s Al-Aqsa mosque provocations threaten
Jordanian relations and regional war

Clashes in Sudan leave at least four doctors dead


Khartoum to be freed from RSF within
next two days — Sudan’s army

Sudan conflict needs to be resolved by
country’s people, MFA says

Obama’s Family Admits He Is Not American
And Michelle Is A Transvestite - Video

This Is How The Great Reset Might Play Out
…And Excellent Video Portrayal

Cathay Bank Reveals Biden Crime Family Activities

OBiden Regime to Change Definition of
'Lawful Presence' to Give Invaders Welfare

Communist UN report calls for decriminalization
of all sexual activity, including between adults
and children - Legalizing Pedophilia

Biden Latex Mask Body Double Exposed - Video

US Govt Document Reveals CIA Agents Flew
Planes Into Twin Towers on 9/11 - Inside Job

The Leak Was the Op - WH and Congress Demand
New Powers, Think Restrict Act, in Aftermath of
Classified Intel Leaks

Pentagon leaks suspect wins praise from
Conservative US politicians and media

What We Know About Jack Teixeira, Accused
Of Involvement In Classified Documents Leak


Uke Drone Attacks On Belgorod Power Stations
Leave 1,000s Of Russians without power

Zelensky is Secretly Buying Fuel from Putin
with US Taxpayer Funds - Seymour Hersh’s
Scoop Reveals Deep Corruption

Macgregor - Ukraine Is Doom For
Western Hegemony - Video

PMC Wagner assault units liberate two
More districts in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut)

Russian Armed Forces hit command
posts of two territorial defense brigades

West doesn’t believe in Kiev's Crimea hopes
– former Ukrainian defense minister

Ukraine announces ‘big Easter prisoner swap’

Italy Supplies Kiev Regime With Two Dozen
M109L Self-Propelled Howitzers

Ukes fire shells with inscription 'Happy Easter’
at villages in Zaporozhye region

One civilian killed, six injured in Uke
shelling of Big Donetsk church


WEF Wants To Ban Public Parking Spaces
To Make Driving ‘An Undesirable Activity’
The Message Couldn’t Be More Clear...

Anheuser-Busch CEO Is ‘Ex’ CIA Spy Handler

Hell Breaks Out In Chicago As 100s Of Black
Teenagers Go Berserk And Wreak Havoc
Chicago, Like Many Big Cities, Are Dying

'Large Group' Riots in the Streets of Chicago,
Two Teens Shot, Drivers Attacked, Cars Set Ablaze

Community Leaders Furious Over Businesses
Leaving Chicago - Refuse To Take Responsibility

Forced Diversity Is Actively Harming America

Communist MSNBC Calls Abortion Restrictions
A 'War On' and A 'Death Sentence For' Women

Former PP director under investigation
for child porn commits suicide

'Death to Christians!' Holy Land Christians
Under Unprecedented Attack in Far-Right Israel

Border Patrol 'Brace For Impact' As End Of
Trump-Era Immigration Policy Looms - Mass
Invasion Of America Coming Next


The Alvin Act - Alvin Bragg's Worst Nightmare
Just Hit Congress

Trump's Attorney Recuses Himself
From Ex-POTUS' Documents Handling Case

Trump's Financial Report Shows His
Business Empire Expanding

Idiocy - Flat-Earther spends $20,000 on
DIY experiment that accidentally proved
the planet is ROUND

More Than 20 Shot At Alabama Party

The Next Item on the Climate Cult’s
Attack List Is...RICE! - Pure Insanity

Mark Hamill Criticized Over Video Chat
Where 'Nazi Flag' Was Displayed

Communist CA Utilities Propose Charging
Customers Based On How ‘Rich' They Are

Stunning Satellite Images Show Rare
‘Superbloom' Blanketing CA Hillsides

Half Of CA Lifted Out Of Drought - Flooding
Now The Main Concern


California's Cautionary Clean Energy

Excess Deaths Back With a Vengeance in
the UK and Germany - Mass Death Ahead

Doctor Says Unjabbed Patients Were
'Deliberately Given A Lower Standard Of Care'

The Next Pandemic Is Coming & The
'UK Is Not Ready' Top Scientists Warn

WHO Now Tracking ‘Arcturus’ - A Highly
Transmissible Covid Variant

Army gal has TWO heart attacks after
COVID BioWeapon Injection - Her Health
& Career Are Finished Like So Many Others

AUTO-GPT Is HERE - A Giant Advance In Just
3 Months Over GPT-4? Everything Has Changed

Should We Fear AutoGPT? - A Mindblower

China Orders AI to Brainwash Users Into
Accepting Socialism

Italy ChatGPT Ban - Data Watchdog Demands
Transparency To Lift Restriction


Conservative social media Parler
shut down by new owners

Scientists turn dead birds into drones making
The 'Birds Aren't Real' conspiracy into reality

Europe's Energy Troubles Continue -
Hydro And Nuclear Output Declining

Bavaria Urges Germany's Federal Govt to
Devolve Nuclear Power Plant to Local Control

BP Launches First Gulf Of Mexico Platform
Since Deepwater Horizon

Hedge funds making billions from Ukraine
turmoil by 'betting on hunger' – study

EC considers Hungary and Poland's bans
on imports of Ukraine’s grain unacceptable

Bulgaria Might Ban Ukrainian Grain Imports

Western firms in no rush to leave Russia

Macleod - It's All Hotting Up


The Empty Downtown - A New Normal?

Protesters Rally in Prague Against Czech
Government's Economic Policies

Russia to boost coal exports to China

China Tested New DF-27 Hypersonic ICBM That
Can Penetrate Mainland US Defense Systems

S Korea Fires Warning Shots At N Korean
Patrol Boat That Breached Boundary

Chinese scientists claim to defeat Alzheimers
and grow new arms and legs for people

Japanese industry deploys AI

Gangster-turned-politician killed on
live TV in northern India

Lavrov to visit Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua,
And Cuba from April 17-21

Over 40,000 Cases of Dengue Fever
Recorded in Argentina in 2023


Israeli Christians Face Persecution as
Easter Dawns Upon Jerusalem

ISIS kills dozens of mushroom hunters
in Syria - Looking For Truffles

Sudan - All-Out War Erupts In Clash Of
Rival Military Forces - Casualties Mount

Hundreds injured and killed in Sudan battle

Russian trucks to be assembled in DR Congo

UN's World Food Programme Halts Sudan
Operations After Three Staffers Killed

Deagel Depopulation Predictions For 2025 Revisited

ALL The Original Deagel Projections - Toggle At
Page Top To Go Back & Forth From 2017 to 2025

Insider Dr Richard Day Revealed Depopulation Plans
and worldwide Totalitarian System Over 50 Yrs Ago

The Orwellian RESTRICT Act is a chilling echo
of ‘1984’ and an erosion of American freedom

IMF Unveils New Global Currency Known
As The 'Universal Monetary Unit’ To ‘Transform’
World Economy - Snyder

Leaked Documents Show American Intel
Planning For Putin's Assassination

The OBiden Regime’s Plan for Global Chaos

Lawmakers push to limit US president’s
nuclear authority

US Cooperation With Allies Unaffected by
Pentagon Leaks, Blinken Claims (Har)

Pentagon leaks undermine ‘trust’ of US allies
Say former officials


US intel knew of And Hid up to FOUR more
China spy balloons, leaked docs reveal

Pentagon Leak a Disinfo Op to Expand
Control of Internet & Get Rid of Biden
Says Ex-CIA Officer

Russia Has Trained Belarusian Pilots in
Nuclear Weapons Delivery and Use

Convoy of Ukraine's military equipment
detected by Russian UAVs and destroyed

Wagner Chief Calls On Putin To Declare
'End Of War’ And Consolidate All Of The
Captured Territories

Russian Spetsnaz Eliminated Two of the Most
Dangerous Mercenaries from the US & Poland

Medvedev - Poland Will Cease To Exist In
A Russia Vs NATO War

Ukes Shell Civilians On Easter Sunday
In Donetsk - At Least One Killed

Russian Aerospace Forces can stop dozens
of brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
on the outskirts of Russian borders

Russian Defense Ministry - Russian assault squads
liberate two more city quarters in Artemovsk


Lavrov - Projects for tech independence
from the West are being prepared

Putin orders test Nuke launch on the West

Donbass town comes under deadly
Uke shelling – 4 Civilians Dead

Another Toxic Hazardous Train Derails - This One
In Maine - Residents Told To Stay Clear

O’Keefe confronts Dylan Mulvaney in LA
over trans male rapists in women’s prisons

Communist Oregon pushes bill to let ‘minor
of any age' have abortion without parental
awareness or consent

Indications Of BIG Offshore OR Quake Draw
‘Jokes’ From Late Night Talk Show Cretins

How To Prepare For The Big Quake

Donald Trump Jr defends Bud Tranny Light
in midst of ongoing boycott by conservatives
Has He Converted And Is Now A Lubavitcher
Like His Sister?

Anheuser-Busch Transitions Into Damage
Control Mode - And People Aren't Buying It


Trump 2024 Bid Picks Up 7th Senator's Endorsement

Florida Middle School Kept Trans Teacher In
Classroom Despite Threats To Shoot Students!

Furious Viewers Complain En Masse About
New UK TV Show With Adult Men Stripping
Naked For Kids (More Satanic Evil Planned
To Utterly Destroy Childhood And Children)

Schwab's Daughter on the Great Reset

El Nino Watch Initiated As Ag Industry
In Crosshairs

Lawsuit Seeks To Force Closure Of CA’s Last
Nuclear Power Plant - ‘Diablo Canyon’

Fiddler On The Roof Star Chaim Topol Was a
Mossad Agent, Family Tells After Actor's Death
(Many Jews Are Formal Or De Facto Agents)

Minneapolis becomes first major US City To
allow broadcast of five Muslim calls to prayer
...Christians Will Bail Out Fast

Why the US Is Headed into Its Fourth Turning

NY Dem Councilman to Testify Against Bragg
& 'Soft on Crime' DAs at Judiciary Hearing


US Is Run By The Top 5 Demons In Hell Along
With Satan - Here’s Who They Are - Video

Top High School in US has ‘Too Many Asians’

10 Hard Questions about the Holocaust

Active tuberculosis at SoCal Amazon facility

Supermarket scare - 40% of meat products test
positive for antibiotic-resistant E. coli, superbugs

The E. Coli Super-Pathogens You
Should Know About

Mad scientists now experimenting with mRNA
injections in beef, poultry, pork, and produce
To Turn The food supply bioweapons?

Pfizer Documents that the FDA tried to keep
Secret confirm Graphene Oxide is in COVID
Vaccines due to Manufacturing Process

CA Church Fined $1.2 Million For Violating
Covid Rules, Dems Who Violated Same Rules

COVID contrarian MDs express concerns over
mRNA technology in the food chain


Fungal Outbreak Affects Over 90 Workers
At Michigan Paper Mill

Now Eat Worm Chili, Lizard Ceviche
and Fried Ants

How AI Could Track And Manipulate Voters

Cash App Founder's Death Sprang From
Dispute Over Suspect's Sister - Court Docs

Pentagon official floats theory for UFO sightings

IMF Unveils New Global Currency Known
As The 'Universal Monetary Unit’ To ‘Transform’
The World Economy

The coming globalized digital money system
just got the endorsement it needed to proceed
as the replacement for fiat paper currencies

Disney Pedo Groomers Lost $258 Million
on Woke ‘Lightyear’ And ‘Strange World’

What If the Dollar Falls?

Will De-Dollarization Implode Global Economy?


Minneapolis Pork Plant In Jeopardy
As Inflation Bites Hard

Germany shuts down last nuclear reactors

Poland Bans Ukrainian Grain After Polish
Farmer Protests

Netherlands Allocates $44 Million to Support
Ukrainian Farmers

Italy's State Debt Hits All-Time High of
$3 Trillion in February

French state TV pulls report after Ukrainian
pressure - Video

Finland Unveils 1st Section Of Russian
Border Fence After Joining NATO

Watch Russian MiG-31BM Fighter Jets
Train to Intercept Enemy Aircraft

Huge drop in Russian visas issued to
Americans revealed

Former NATO troops see ‘disarray’
in Ukrainian military


Kiev Communists tap nationalist militant to
govern Pechersk Lavra Christian monastery

Beijing slams fresh US sanctions on
businesses dealing with Russia

Baerbock's Visit to China ‘Reaffirmed
Weakness of EU'

US Arms Industry Planning First Taiwan
Trip in Four Years

1936 - China Reds Kidnap Chiang
and Force Him to Fight Japan

New Zealand psychopaths extend mandatory
7-day COVID quarantine until 2024

How The EU Is Driving The Tuna Population
In Indian Ocean Towards Collapse

Man in India contracts SILVER LEAF, a fungal
disease that normally infects trees and has
Never previously been reported in humans

7.0 earthquake hits Indonesia - USGS

US must stop ‘encouraging war’ in Ukraine
Says Brazil’s Communist Lula


Israelis Rally Against Judicial Reform in Tel Aviv

Syrian Foreign Minister Arrives in Algeria
on Official Visit, Media Reports

Six Civilians Killed in Sudan's Armed Clashes
in Omdurman

UN plane reportedly destroyed during
hostilities at Khartoum’s airport

New Trumper Song - America Is Sinking Fast

Said To Be ‘Safe’ - Replacement PFAS Used in
Food Packaging Are Actually Hazardous

Lake Tahoe Has Clearest Water Since 1980s

Thirty Years of Global Warming Bunk Prophecies


Shimatsu - USAF Officer’s Arrest Begins The
Discord That Will Collapse Biden’s Ukraine Folly

US Court Charges Teixeira With Retention,
Transmission of Secret Information

'Joe Biden Is A Criminal’ Says Ex-Obama Whistle
Alleging Family 'Kickback Scheme’

McGovern - Breakdown Between Biden
& US Intel Community Behind Pentagon Leaks

What Pentagon Leaks Mean to Internet Surveillance

Wagner assault teams fighting for urban
areas in western part of Artyomovsk

Tucker says US is in a direct war with Russia
and the Pentagon is trying to hide it

Number of foreign mercenaries, including
from US, growing in Ukraine - Russian diplomat

What is known about the surrounded
Ukrainian troops in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut)

Russia Trained Belarusian Pilots in
Nuclear Weapons Use


US guided rockets in Ukraine are being
jammed by Russia

Video - Russia Unleashes MT-12 Guns...
Pounds Ukrainian Positions

Russian MoD - Ukraine Loses 340 Military
Over Past Day in Donetsk Direction

US State Department, Pentagon Preparing
Pathway to Hasten Foreign Weapons Sales,
Media Reports

Austin to Visit Sweden, Host Ukraine Contact
Group in Germany Next Week

Only 31% of Tanks Promised to Kiev
Reached Combat Zone by February End

Russia probes claim POW organs
were harvested

Donbass soldier Andrey Korobov-Latyntsev
Here's my chilling warning about where the
Russia-Ukraine conflict can lead

The West calls Ukraine for a territorial
compromise with Russia

Communist state of WA can now kidnap your
kids legally for sex change Surgery


Are Men Replacing Women in Society?
A Look at the Trans Agenda

Vivek drops bomb on trannies - finally says what
other politicians are afraid to say out loud…

Escobar - Waiting For The End Of The World

Electric (Junk) Vehicles Will Fade as Their
True Costs Become Clear - Mises

Journalists Have Been This Way For Decades

Healthy 14 Yr Old Girl Dies 2 Days After COVID
Bivalent BioWeapon ‘Booster' With ‘Vaccine
Related Multiple-Organ Inflammation'

Calcified Placentas - A Nurse Midwife’s
Disturbing Testimony

45x As Many Deaths After COVID Shots
In Just 2 Years Compared With ALL Flu
Vax Related Deaths Since 1990

Research Proves The ‘Pandemic’ Changed
Peoples Personalities

Bloomberg GPT-Style AI Tool To Be
Integrated Into Terminal


The 62,000 Mile High 'Plasma Waterfall’
That Erupted From The Sun

Greenland Dumps Daylight Savings Time
…Not A Single Complaint

US national debt to skyrocket – IMF

FTX Has Recovered $7.3 Billion In Assets
Will Consider Rebooting Exchange

As Dollar Demand Shrinks, US Deficit Headache Swells

US banks to reveal massive deposit drain

'There Is No Fix' - Rubino Warns Global Monetary
Experiment Ends In ‘Bloodbath'

Boeing Tumbles On Fresh Max Woes - Faulty
Part Found On 'Significant Number Of
Undelivered 737 Max Planes'

Russian oil exports hit near three-year high

Russian Oil Now Trades Consistently Above $60
Will West Pretend Its Sanctions Are Still In Force


Kremlin - Becoming Obvious West Cannot
Justify Freezing Russian Assets by Intl Law

Europe Faces Challenges With Inflation,
Economic Recovery, Financial Stability

A Record 30% Of San Francisco Office
Space Is Vacant - Won’t Recover

French Court Approves Macron's Unpopular
Pension Reform As Fresh Protests Expected

French tightening belts – media

Italian Rail Workers Go on Nationwide Strike
Over Worsening Working Conditions

Scientists Ask Scholz to Keep German
Nuclear Plants Running Past 2023

Spain Shuts Border in Ceuta After 200
Migrants Attempt to Break Through Fence

Poland would not survive a Russia-NATO war

Ukraine could enact ‘full mobilization’
...Pentagon leaks


Lavrov - Moscow Sees West’s Attempts to
Draw Russia’s Neighbors Into New Conflicts

US begins issuing visas to Russian delegation
to UNSC, not reporters - Foreign Ministry

US military-biological activity in CIS
threatens security - Lavrov

Sanctions against Russia prepared for years

Senior Russian diplomat presents
Russia-Africa summit document drafts

Germany gives estimate on Mali troop

'Joe Biden Is A Criminal' Says Ex-Obama
Whistleblower Alleging Family 'Kickback Scheme'

Almost Two Thirds Of Democrats Want To See
Challengers Run Against Biden - New Poll Finds

A Record 30% Of San Francisco
Office Space Is Vacant

DNC Parts Ways With Marc Elias, The Clinton
Campaign Lawyer Behind Steele Dossier


EU's Cooperation With Taiwan Not Implying
Possible Diplomatic Recognition

S Korea to offer allowance to reclusive
youths amid record low fertility rate

N Korea Launches 'Most Powerful ICBM Yet’
…The Hwasong-18

Seoul, Tokyo to Hold First Talks Between
Diplomats, Defense Officials Since 2018

China sees relations with Brazil as
diplomatic priority — Xi

Lula - Brazil Immune to Foreign Attempts
to Hinder Cooperation With China

Lula da Silva’s Visit to China Means People See
Beijing as ‘Viable Alternative’ to US

Iran prepares to block the Strait of Hormuz

China Brokered Peace Agreement Between
Saudi Arabia and Iran Marks End of Era of
American Unipolar Power

Amish Farmer Threatened for Not
Giving Up Traditional Farming


Where You Don’t Want To Be When Things
Finally Start Hitting The Fan - Snyder

Rubio Boils Down Everything Wrong
With OBiden’s America In 2 Minutes
…Nothing Will Be Done

IMPEACHABLE - Biden Removed Trump’s Executive
Privilege in Order to Raid Mar-a-Lago to Hide His
Own Illegal Possession of Classified Docs

Trump files $500 million lawsuit Against
His Ex-Attorney Cohen

Poll - Donald Trump Boasts 41 Point
Lead in Massachusetts

A Controlled Leak and A 21 Yr Old Patsy?

Biden Says Feds 'Getting Close' To Finding Leaker
As 'Young Gamers’ On Discord Theory Emerges

Russian intelligence, Wagner PMC infiltrate
gaming chats, Microsoft President claims

Biden Says 'Nothing Contemporaneous' in
Pentagon Documents but Concerned by Leak

US Senators to Get Classified Briefing on Leaked
Pentagon Documents on April 19


The US spied on its key allies - Will they finally resist?

Who Leaked Pentagon Documents 2023?

Tucker On The Leaked Documents...
This will make you sick to your stomach

Ritter - The Uncomfortable Truth About
Ukraine’s “Spring Offensive”

Ukraine Calls for Black Sea to Become
a 'Sea of NATO’

Kremlin spokesman - Black Sea will ‘never’
be NATO sea

Bakhmut quagmire working to
Russia’s advantage

Russian Report on US-Aided Ukraine
Biolabs 'Chilling Read'

US Cover-Up of Pentagon’s Secretive
Bioweapons Labs Poses Global Threat

Tehran Calls for Int'l Probe Into Reports of
US Military Biolabs in Ukraine, Elsewhere


Video - Russian Armed Forces Hit Ukrainian
Firing Positions With Thermite Shells

Wagner assault teams edging out Ukrainian
troops from Artyomovsk center

Saboteurs nabbed in Zaporozhye area acted
on orders from Ukraine’s intelligence

Russian Sabotage Unit Claims 'First Kill’
Of Ukraine's Leopard MBT By Drowning
It Into A Swamp

Russian forces destroy 300 Ukrainian troops
in Donetsk advance, top brass reports

Ukrainian combat group sealed off in Artyomovsk
...has no way to retreat, says DPR

Ziolensky Demands Another $14 Billion!

Ukrainian opera house fires ‘unpatriotic’
chief conductor

Recent US Arms Packages for Ukraine Will
Be Last Ones for Foreseeable Future

But…WH Says Will Keep Giving Military Aid
to Ukraine (While Disarming The US)


EU Council Approves Over $1 Billion for
Emergency Ammunition Supplies to Ukraine

Berlin lets Warsaw hand over to Kiev 5 MiG-29s
from East Germany’s reserves

US Tests New Electronic Warfare System For F-16

List of CIA Operatives in Ukraine
and in Russia, Published on Internet

The West Declares War on Itself

CIA director concedes US power is waning

OBiden's 67% (Junk) EV policy - a dictatorial
attack on the American driver and the US grid

New York Comrade Mayor Eric Adams
introduces NYPD robot ‘Digidogs'

Lunatic SFSU A.D. - It’s A 'Common Mistake’
To Think Men Have A Physical Edge Over Women

'Bud Light Has Reportedly Paused All
Marketing After Intense Backlash


What the Bud Light Fiasco Reveals
about the Ruling Class

9.0 earthquake coming to Oregon?

History - Only One Recording Of AH’s Conversational
Speaking Voice Exists - All The Rest Are From Large
Speeches Which Are Often Sped Up To Make Him
Sound Crazy - Here Is His Normal Speaking Voice

Strokes Are skyrocketing in Young People
Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines
Showed Safety Signals for Strokes as Early
as November 2021 But These Were Ignored

US Maternal Death Rates Up Sharply
The Genocide Is On Schedule

Confused About mRNA Vaccines in Meat?
That's What They Want

UK Oncologist Warns Cancers Are Rapidly
Developing Post-COVID Vaccination

Scientists Sound the Alarm on Emerging
Tick-Borne Disease Babesiosis

Earth's Population May Soon Begin Declining

FDA Chief Blames ‘Misinformation’
for Declining Life Expectancy


Who can account for the high levels of DNA
contamination in the COVID mRNA technology
vaccines? Moderna? Pfizer? Anyone? Anyone?
Someone? Anyone?

US Approves First 3 COVID Vaccine Injury Claims
— And Pays Out a Total of $4,634!

DC doc sued for allegedly forcing minors
to Take The BioWeapon Injection

Pfizer Docs confirm 82%-97% of COVID
Vaccinated Pregnant Women sadly lost
their baby during the ongoing Clinical Trial

Unbiased Chat.GPT.org Writes About Jeff Rense

Deepfakes - Real Consequences

Voice Change To Sound Like Someone Else

Testing The Limits Of ChatGPT...Finding A Darkside

EU goes after ChatGPT


Musk Annihilates BBC ‘Reporter' Over
Question About 'Hate Speech' on Twitter
Perfect Example Of A Woke, Fraud ‘Journalist'

Apple Triples iPhone Production In India
As Split With China Accelerates

Joe Rogan Issues Warning After AI Version
Of His Podcast Surfaces

Europe's AI Regulations Must Be More Sweeping

Taibbi - Meet The Censored: Me?

Inside The Censorship Industrial Complex

NASA Director Swears Oath on Carl Sagan
Book Instead of Bible

US Plans for more accurate, lethal
And ‘survivable' nukes

US Starts 1st Nuclear War Games Since
Russia-Ukraine War

Roberts - Washington Shot Itself in Head
by Facilitating De-Dollarization


Cobalt Gold Rush and the E. Palestine Disaster

Here Comes Oil Demand - Asia Rushes To Buy Crude
After OPEC+ Cuts, As China Imports Soar To Second
Highest On Record

Russia boosts gasoline exports to Africa

Swiss banks issue warning to Russian taxpayers

UN seeking to reconnect some Russian banks
to SWIFT – spokesman

Ukraine’s Naftogaz claims $5 billion legal
victory over Russia

Ukrainian corruption hindering grain deal
Says Moscow

US Budget Deficit Balloons by $1.1 Trillion...
Is America’s Massive Debt Bubble About to Burst?

'No Way Out' For Global Markets Trapped
In A Doom-Loop Of Debt

JPM Shrinks Base Metals Business, Fires Dozens
Of Traders, Slashes Bonuses Following Series Of
Nickel Scandals


Ethereum Tops $2000 As Shapella Hard Fork
FUD Ebbs

Sugar Prices Hit Decade High On Global
Shortage Fears

Top Swiss Watch CEOs See Gloomy Outlook
As Demand Woes Materialize

What to Expect From German Foreign Minister
Annalena Baerbock’s Visit to China

over influx of Invaders

Hungary adamant on peace stance,
won’t be dragged into Ukraine conflict

Mass Rally Against Pension Reform in Paris

Pension Reform Opponents Erect Barricades
Near French Constitutional Council

French Pension Protesters Storm LVMH
Building In Downtown Paris

Spontaneous Protest Against Pension
Reform in Paris Turns Violent


US responsible for situation in Afghanistan...
Russian, Iranian, Chinese, Pakistani MFA

Russia, Iran, China, Pakistan ready to support
Afghanistan's reconstruction — statement

Senior Russian diplomat points to growing role
of BRICS in emerging multi-polar world

Russia blasts US over treatment of Lavrov

Ukraine victimized by aggressive overreach
of US politicians - Russia’s security chief

Anglo-Saxons behind calls for unrest in
North Caucasus - security chief

Russia to retaliate against Norway’s
decision to expel 15 diplomats

Video - Russian MoD Releases Footage of
Volga Armored Train Operating in Western
Military District

Black Sea Will Never Be NATO's Sea - Kremlin

United States, Other NATO Countries Use
Ukraine For Mass Hacker Attacks on Russia


N Korea Test Fires New 'Harder-To-Detect' ICBM

Chinese ‘carrier killer’ missile worries US

US hawk Bolton touts ‘grand strategy’ to
counter Russia and China

China slaps sanctions on US Congressman
Michael McCaul after meddlesome junket to Taiwan

Non-Muslims banned from Al-Aqsa for
rest of Ramadan

Iran Embassy in Saudi Arabia Opens After 7 Yrs

Serious anti-Western sentiments grow in Africa
...Russian Foreign Ministry

Nigerian opposition party leader detained in London

DOJ Asks Conservative Supreme Court
To Intervene In Abortion Pill Case

Anarcho-Tyranny - A Way To Fight Back


'Once-In-A-Millennia' Rain Event Swamps
South Florida

China Is Selling Off Treasuries As It Prepares
For A Blockade Of Taiwan And A War With
The United States - Snyder

China threatens Biden by revealing Hunter
Biden's bank records - Millions Hidden
...Biden Is A National Security Threat

Trump - 'There's Something Wrong' With Biden

S Korea Will Lend 500,000 Artillery Shells To
Shore-Up Looted US Arsenal To 'Help Ukraine’
OBiden Has Emptied The Arsenal Intentionally

Battle Rages Between the US secret services
and the Communist OBiden White House

US Working on 'Universal' Genetically Engineered
Bioweapon Likely For Mass Depopulation
...Russian Parliamentary Investigation

Russian Defense Ministry Probes 240 Dangerous
Diseases Pathogens Found in 4 US Ukrainian Labs

The worst comes true - Ukraine is preparing
for absorption By Poland - Report

Video - Russia's Kornet ATGM Destroys
Convoy of Ukrainian Tanks

Wagner assault teams capture three More
urban areas in Artyomovsk


Russian forces enveloping Avdeyevka
from north, says DPR

Most Ukrainian reserves relocated to Artyomovsk
get eliminated - DPR Head’s advisor

Trying to Hold Bakhmut is Detrimental to
Ukrainian Military - Security Analyst

Kiev slams Wimbledon for ‘handing Putin a win’

US planning for ‘wild card’ scenarios in Ukraine

Blinken Warns Journalists Against
‘Even Setting Foot' In Russia

Rubio - US Is Led by an ‘Incompetent
Band of Fools’ Who ‘Are Turning Our
Country Into a Laughingstock’

US reveals Vile new anti-Russia sanctions

US assembled about 20,000 troops near Russian
border - journalist Seymour Hersh

Zelensky, entourage embezzled at least
$400 Million from aid sent to Ukraine - Hersh


CIA director provided Zelensky with list
of corrupt top Ukrainian officials - Hersh

US military prepare ‘draft’ peace treaty
for Ukrainian conflict - Hersh

Hersh - Nord Stream Sabotage Led to ‘Total
Breakdown’ Between WH And Intel Community

Pentagon Leaks - 5 Key Revelations, Reactions

Leaked Pentagon files could be ‘deception’
operation – Moscow

Russia Knew NATO States Engaged in
Hostilities in Ukraine Before Pentagon Leaks

Listen - Police Release Louisville Shooting
911 Calls, Including Shooter's Mom's Report
During Massacre

'I will piss on your grave’ - Teen trans activist
threatens ID Gov after ban on child sex change
Surgeries, Etc - There Is No Doubt The Trans
Movement Is Full Of Hate And Danger

18,000 dairy cows killed in explosion in Texas

Trump’s arrest exposes America’s Soros-style
(in)justice system


Industrial fire in Indiana forces
thousands to evacuate

Why Businesses Are Leaving San Francisco

'Just Wait For What's Coming’ - Welcome To
Politics BYOB (Bring Your Own Bullhorn)

Majority Of New Yorkers Feel Subway Unsafe
At Night, Quarter Worry About Safety During
The Day

Fast-Moving Wildfire In New Jersey
Forces Evacuations

Walmart closing locations across 12 states
this year - Here’s where

Not A Single Student Is Proficient In Reading
Or Math At 55 Chicago Schools - Cro-Magnon
4th World, Imbecile Status Just Ahead

OR Communist governor signs law suspending
math, reading proficiency requirements for
High School graduates - We’re Finished

Warm liquid spewing from Oregon seafloor
comes from Cascadia fault, could offer
clues to earthquake hazards

‘Unprecedented’ Situation As 2 African Countries
Report Outbreaks Of Marburg Virus


India - New Covid variant 'Arcturus' emerges
with compulsory masks returning after surge

First restaurant in Germany offers steak from A 3D printer

Elon Musk Reportedly Buys 1000s
Of GPUs For AI Project

Elon Crushes BBC Reporter's Claims About
'Hate Speech' On Twitter

NPR Throws Giant Tantrum, Quits Twitter

AI Asked To Generate a prayer of between 300
and 400 words asking God to grant it sentience
…This is Real

IMF unveils Unicoin - a global CBDC

Saudi Arabia cuts ties with the US for
economic independence – Petro dollar dying

Tupperware Stock Burps, Company May
Shut Down

High Levels of Pesticides Found in
Ukrainian Grain - Slovak Minister


Gold Tailwinds Rising As It Enters Real
Yield Sweet Spot

FOMC Minutes Show Staff Expect 'Mild Recession’
All Members Backed Continued QT, 25bps Hike

Worst financial crash in history coming
this summer – economist

Biden Admin Drains SPR For 2nd Week In A
Row As Granholm Confirms Refilling Plan

Russia’s current-account surplus sees
massive drop

Germany can’t fulfill NATO obligations

Spain trains more than 1,000 Ukrainian troops

Sweden to Hold Biggest Military Drill
Since Cold War

Macron Makes 'No Apology' For China Trip
Comments As EU Leadership Warms To
'Anti-US' Message

France Blocking EU Plan on Financing Munition
Supplies to Ukraine - Reports


Russian lawmakers propose criminal penalties
for violations in biological materials export

Putin - Russia Needs to Increase Production
of Satellites

Putin sees future orbital station as Russia’s
sovereign outpost in space

London ‘won’t get away’ with supplying
depleted uranium shells to Kiev - MFA

Russia asks Armenia to clarify why it is
taking part in NATO military drills

Russian peacekeepers stop shootout on
Armenian-Azerbaijani border - MFA

Xi warns armed forces to prepare for ‘actual combat’
...Chinese media

US Speed-Up of Arms Supplies to Taiwan Prior
to Island's 2024 Elections Sends Ominous Signal

US, Philippines to Modernize Bilateral Alliance

Chinese Foreign Ministry Calls on US to
Explain Military-Biological Activities Abroad


Kenyan MPs Urge for UK Troops Accused
of Murder to Be Judged Locally

Chadian Ambassador Expelled by Berlin
in Retaliatory Move

African airlines continue to pile up losses

The 3 Wars Of The Apocalypse Are Getting
Dangerously Close - Snyder

There Is So Much Evil All Around Us - Snyder

‘Splintered’ Court Ruling Throws J6 Prosecution
Into Chaos

Joe Biden Signs Bill Ending Coronavirus National
Emergency AFTER About 83% Of Innocent Men,
Women And Children Were Injected With The Deadly
BioWeapon And The Rest Are Being Shed Upon..

Manhattan DA sues Trump’s Ally Rep Jim Jordan

Russia Is Building New Subs to Launch Its
Terrifying Apocalypse Torpedoes

Russia conducts test launch of ‘advanced’
intercontinental ballistic missile

It’s Gerasimov’s Call

US making ‘bioweapons components’ in Ukraine
Evidence Said ‘Overwhelming'

Ukraine’s spring offensive a likely death trap
for US & NATO


Ukrainian Ex-President’s Wife Owns Giant
Champagne Factory in Embattled Artemovsk,
DPR Chief Reveals

Ukrainian regions ban largest Orthodox church

Donbass leader questions Pentagon
leaks on Ukraine

Russia Using Space Weapons In Ukraine
Says US General

All administrative buildings in Artyomovsk
controlled by Russian forces — DPR head

Kremlin responds to Musk’s complaint
about Putin

Leaked War Document Says US And
NATO Have Special Forces in Ukraine

Intel Leaks Confirm Sabotage Attacks In Belarus
And Russia Were Conducted By Ukrainian Military

Egypt Secretly Planned To Send 40,000
Rockets To Russia

Obese Neocon Warmonger Mark Levin -
'We Must Prepare for War Against China'


Pompeo - We Should Do 'Everything We Can’
to Help Taiwan Including US Troops

Shellenberger - Why Tranny Activists Attack Women

A Response to the Gay Agenda…
Too Little, Too Late

Psychopath Tranny Arrested over brutal murder
of Portland cab driver - ZioMedia Hides It

Greenwald - Nashville Shooting Has Been
Erased From Memory Due To The Most
Inconvenient Narrative

The Destruction of the American Male

The Communist Left Has Killed Our
Great Cities

Walmart Abandons Chicago Stores After Investing
'Hundreds Of Millions’ In The Dying City

Whole Foods Flagship Store Only
Makes It To 1 Year in Crime-Ridden
SF Before Shutting Its Doors

Oregon governor passes law that suspends
math, reading proficiency requirements for
HS graduates


Alarm sounded over scheme to eliminate parental
custody of children 12 and older

Big Tractor Trailer Truck Carrying Contaminated
Soil from E. Palestine Train Derailment Crashes
And Spills 20,000 Pounds Of Deadly Soil

Newsom, Who Can't Store Water, Stockpiles
2 Million Abortion Pills

Ludicrous - DOE Claims 'human activity' one reason
weather Has recently become so catastrophic

Fake 'Criminology Research' Underlies Woke Ideology

Huge Kamchatka Volcano Eruption
...Satellite And Ground Video

Lions, tigers and bears (and many other animals)
are 'dying suddenly' in zoos worldwide

Vaxxidents Explode - Traffic Accidents & Deaths Soar
in 2021 Following Roll-Out of COVID-19 ‘Vaccines'

Pfizer just lost in the UK Court case over
misleading info about Covid vaccine safety

mRNA Vax Trials Have Started On Sheep In Oz


Advent Health Doctor Says 'Get Your Booster’
Because Another COVID Variant Is Coming

Why did Peter Daszak change his mind?

Satanic Doctors In CA and KY Got MILLIONS
For Injecting Medicaid Patients With The ‘Vax'

Lab-made chicken meat grown from CANCER
CELLS receives FDA approval – are you ready
to eat TUMOR nuggets?

22 Yr Old National Guard Soldier Suffers
Two Heart Attacks, Neurological Issues
After Moderna BioWeapon

CDC 'behavior change' project targeted vaccine
critics, was funded by Pfizer and New York
'Misinformation Response Unit'

‘One Shot Destroyed My Life’ - Woman Injured
by Merck’s HPV Vaccine Speaks Out

Spike in Adderall Use Among Young Women
Sparks Concern About Predatory Advertising
on TikTok

AI Is Evolving Faster Than You Think And
The World Has Just Changed Forever - Watch

'We must destroy them’ - New AI Is scheming
for real to kill humanity


Poll - 70% Feel Financially Stressed in OBiden's US

'Project Icebreaker,' the cornerstone of the
Global Reset, is coming at us

IMF unveils Unicoin - a global CBDC

The Petrodollar is Dead to China

West's Unilaterlal Sanctions Can Cause
Countries to Drop Dollar – African Expert

Ruble's Share in Export Payments
Top 30% in 2022 - Central Bank

Hungary makes new gas deal with Russia

German Households' Gas Consumption Drops
21% in 2022 Due to Inflation - Reports Say

European Natural Gas Futures Signal Concern
About Next Winter

Over 150 Pubs Closed in England, Wales in 2023
Due to High Energy Prices, Reports Say


Poland's 'Anti-Bug Law’ Fights Globalist
Agenda to Replace Meat with Bugs

Why French Bakeries In France Are
Suddenly Shutting Down At Alarming Rates

France Should Stay Out of Taiwan Tensions
Despite Alliance With US: Economy Minister

France Has Already Surrendered To The
Coming Conflict

French food giant Danone to rebrand in Russia

IMF improves Russian GDP outlook

Leaks Showing US Spied on South Korea
Spark Outrage in Seoul

Russia-China Military Cooperation Poses
Threat to No State - Chinese Foreign Ministry

Shandong Aircraft Carrier Group Hosts J-15
Fighter Sorties on Final Day of Drills Near Taiwan

Kim Jong-un Urges Strengthening North
Korea's War Deterrence - State Media


Russia Delivers 30,000 Tons Of Fuel
To Iran Via Rail

Japanese Prime Minister Plans to Visit Several
African States Ahead of G7 Summit

First in Four Years, Oil Tanker Offloads
Russian Crude in Ghana, Reports Say

Zimbabwe Interested in Russia's Help With
Water Security

US shirking responsibility on African debt – China

Cameroon in talks to rejoin US trade initiative

West Is Behind Ongoing Migration Crisis
in Tunisia, Politician Says

EU Cocoa Imports Associated With Deforestation
in Cote d'Ivoire, Study Finds

Will Electric Yacht Soon Take Over The Seas


Strange - Stormy Daniels tries to ‘summon
demons' with magic cards during interview
...bringing reporter to tears

RESTRICT ACT will allow OBiden Junta to seize any
computer of any American who questions authority,
narratives, elections, pandemics, vaccines, pharma
drugs, climate change or GM food - Hell On Earth

The 3 Wars Of The Apocalypse Are
Getting Dangerously Close - Snyder

US sweating bullets as officials realize they sent too much
ammo to Ukraine - It Was INTENTIONAL...To Disarm The US
...Now There’s Not Enough Left To Fight China

Signs Show Globalist Plans For A Civilization
Ending Nuclear War Accelerating - And A ‘Blame
Russia For Armageddon' Narrative Being Built

Over 100 More Classified Docs Appear Online
US Secrets 'From Ukraine To MidEast To China'

How monopolized media and the
algorithmic censorship of the DARPA
Internet keep humanity brainwashed?

Watch - UFC Crowd Erupts Into 'USA’
Chant As Trump Arrives

'Assault Weapon’ Sales Ban Passes WA
Senate - If Signed into Law By Governor,
Supreme Court Should Crush it.

Idiot Biden 'Not Prepared to Announce' 2024
Presidential Run as He Announces it


Biden To Deploy ‘Army' Of Social Media
Influencers, Station Them In White House

IRS Issues Last-Minute Warning - Some
Claims And Forms Could Get You Audited

Trans KY bank Employee shooter posted
anti-Trump, pro-lockdown content on Reddit

The Dalai Lama Is A Creepy Asshole - Johnstone

Dem Mayor Arrested For Possession Of Child Porn
Had Met With Pelosi, Dalai Lama And Drank Beer
With Buttigieg

Another Video Showing How The Poseidon
Tsunami Torpedo Would Destroy Entire UK

Gen Milley Is Retiring - Meet The Contenders
To Replace Him As Biden’s Top Military Adviser

8 Yrs Ago Senate Defense Bill Repeals Military
Law Against Sodomy, Sex With Animals

The brutal Bolshevik Zionist Kiev regime
destroyed Its own soldiers

How Trump and the Military Secretly
Saved the World


China 'Ready to Fight' After Moron McCarthy
Meeting With Taiwan's President

Chinese Army tightens its blockade drill
on Taiwan with start of attack drills

Denmark to donate 100 tanks to Ukraine
last produced in 1984!

London wants to ‘scorch’ the earth in
Ukraine with uranium shells — diplomat

US Resumes Deadly BioWeapon labs
Program In Ukraine

Russian air defenses destroy 11 combat drones
And Much More in Ukraine operation

Russia Stuns Ukraine With 1.5 Ton Heavy-Duty
Glide Bombs - Uke Air Force Says 'No Capability’
To Challenge These Smart Bombs

Russia's 45-mile-long 'mega trench’ - Russian
troops dig huge defensive fortification

75% Of Bakhmut Has Now Fallen To Russia

Leak Shows Ukrainian SBU Agents Attacked
Russian Surveillance Plane in Belarus


Poland Opens Facility To Service
'Out Of Action’ Uke Tanks And MBTs

Belgorod Nuclear Submarine Armed
With Poseidon Torpedoes

Russia Deploys 'Sky Scanner' Niobium Radars
In Ukraine That Can Detect Fighter Jets, UAV,
Projectiles Up to 500 Km Distance

NATO 'Not Even Trying' to Track Arms Sent to
Ukraine as Russia Warns of Rampant Smuggling

Russian air defenses destroy 11 combat drones
in Ukraine operation, top brass reports

Russian forces disrupted redeployment of
Ukrainian forces near Kupyansk

Ukrainian forces fire on medics near Avdeyevka

Russian heavy flamethrowers strike Ukrainian
troops in Krasny Liman area

Russian air defenses shoot down 100 Bayraktar
drones during special operation

Ukes blew up Artyomovsk town hall building
when retreating — DPR head


Two more canonical UOC churches in
Ukraine taken over by breakaway OCU

Uke air defense missiles to run out by May

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Parishioners
Defend a Cathedral From Kiev's Henchmen

Zelensky losing control of intelligence agents

US Hatched Plan to Threaten Russia With
Nord Stream Sabotage in Late 2021 - Sy Hersh

US Is Spying On Zelensky - Here's What’s
Known So Far From The Leaked Intel Files

What Do We Know So Far About Leaked
Pentagon Documents?

Leaked Pentagon docs sketch out scenarios
for Israeli arms pipeline to Kiev

Chinese Media Reveals Why Russia Unlikely
to Have Leaked Sensitive Ukraine Docs

Woke Bud Light Exec Behind Dylan Mulvaney
Marketing Campaign Trashes Bud Light and Its
Customers In Interview - Hidden On Social Media


Anheuser-Busch Stock Already Dropping
Amid Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

Bud Light Exec Says Trans Promotion Was
About Including Women

INCREDIBLE - New Disney show focuses on
teen girl sex with Satan - The Disney War On
Goodness And Morality Is In Full Force

2 Black Healthcare Workers 'Pieces of Crap’ stream
Abuse of Elderly Woman (No Doubt White)

A McDonald's Big Mac Meal Now Costs
$18 In Connecticut

Oregon is dealt a blow

A New Glam 'Tiffany Dover' Suddenly Returns…
On NBC News - Doesn’t Look Like The Same Girl
And Her Story Doesn’t Match The Hospital’s

Biden Admin tacitly admits that mRNA Covid
shots have failed But They have Succeeded In
Killing Millions Of Americans

The Spike Protein is a Killer - McCullough

Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud - Big New Evidence


Covid vaccine booster now does more harm
than good, says UK Professor

Naomi Wolfe & Dr. Gessling On Spike-Caused
Calcification Of Placenta And Other Areas

Shocking study finds Long covid is FAKE
People who think they have it are just lonely,
out of shape, Sad And Miserable

Google ChatGPT rival AI faces in-house resistance
…From Two Employees

'Twitter is Dead’ - The Social Media Company
'No Longer Exists' After New Court Filing

AI Therapy Is Here...But The Oversight Isn't

China AI Stocks Plunge As State Media
Warns Of 'Valuation Bubble'

Leading Japanese Universities Against
Use of ChatGPT AI in Student Paper

Russian officials suggest lifting Twitter ban

Thieves make off with $500,000 in merchandise
from Seattle Apple store after tunneling through
a bathroom wall


Ready For Launch - mission to find alien life
on Jupiter’s moons

US Banks With The Most Uninsured Deposits
…A Total Of $7 Trillion

A $1.5 Trillion Wall of Debt Is Looming
for US Commercial Properties

US Bank Lending Slumps by Most
on Record in Final Weeks of March

CA To Give 20% Down Payments With 0% Interest
For Homebuyers With Incomes Up To $211,000
State Gets 20% Equity If Home Eventually Sold

Revisiting Tucker's rant on the end of
US dollar supremacy

The Collapse Of The Dollar-Enforced Empire

Breaking Dollar Hegemony, BRICS Nations
Are Leading The World To Hyperbitcoinization

Peter Schiff - This Banking Crisis Is the Cusp
Of A Much Worse Financial Crisis

Recession Warning? Consumer Debt
Climbs But Pace Slowing


Apple Tumbles Most In Two Months After
PC Shipments Plunge 40% In Q1

Super-Rich Fleeing Norway For
Low-Tax Havens

India denies halting trade talks with UK

Egyptian inflation skyrockets

Swiss pharma exports to Russia surge

Over 8 Million Ukrainian Refugees Have
Been Re-Homed, Here Are Their Destinations

German military not happy with new
defense minister’s activities

Germany hosts wife of Ukrainian neo-Nazi
regiment commander

Swedes and Finns asked Hungary not
to ratify NATO membership – senior MP

Russian Researchers Discover Bacteria
Able to Decompose Oil


Germany fighting Russia ‘with Ukrainian hands’
Says Russian ambassador

Russian Govt Delegation to Visit Cuba
in May to Promote Economic Cooperation

Minsk, Moscow hold talks for Russia to defend
Belarus, if it’s attacked, as own territory

France can hardly claim role of mediator
between Russia, Ukraine - Kremlin

Kiev’s belligerent stance currently makes
ceasefire impossible - Russian envoy to UK

US Senator Threatens to Leave Europe Alone
in Response to Macron's Remarks on Taiwan

China Expects All Countries to Reject Any Form
of Taiwan Secession After Macron's Comment

Beijing Calls Military Drills Near Taiwan
'Warning' for Separatists, Foreign Powers

Chinese Forces Successfully Fulfilled All
Tasks Set During Drills Near Taiwan

China Is Better Ally for Africa Than West
...Chinese Foreign Ministry Says


Kremlin on China's Military Drills - Beijing Has
Right to React to Provocative Actions

Philippine President Says Military Bases
in Country Won't Be Used for Offensive Operations

Pedo Dalai Lama Apologizes After Kissing Boy,
Asking him To 'Suck My Tongue'

Israeli settlers attack children in Palestine
...When will the world stop them?

Finnish Nationalist Party Leader Charged
Over Anti-Semitic Tweet on Circumcision

Fresh Missile Attack On US Base At Syria's Conoco Gas Fields

Netanyahu's Approval Rating Down
to 28% Amid Judicial Fight

Senior Russian diplomat sees risk of
US interference in Turkish elections

Iran, Saudi Arabia Make First Steps
to Appoint Ambassadors


President Putin Speaks Of The Darkest Evil Trying
To Force A Transgender God, Pedophilia & Perversion
Upon The People Of The West, Millions Of Whom See
How They Are Being Pushed Into Spiritual Catastrophe

President Putin Warns The Good People Of The
West They Are Being Deceived And Betrayed By
The Elite Who Care Not About Them Or Their Welfare
Only About Money, Power, BioWeapons And War

OBiden administration has no plans to
drop charges against Julian Assange

President Donald Trump Appears with
Kid Rock and Mike Tyson at UFC Pay
Per View Event - It’s ALL Show Biz

Stunning Short History of Why the World
has Gone Mad

Prolonged Psychological Warfare - Downstream
Effects of Weaponized Cognitive Warfare

OBiden Admin Agenda Is To Control The
FOOD And To Control The PEOPLE

Dictator OBiden Moves to Stop Our Vehicles
— Joe-Joe Obama Just Used the EPA to Force
His Expensive Green Agenda on We the People

CNN Admits Less Than One Third Of
Voters Want Another Joe Biden Term

FBI targeting Russians on Facebook – Fox


Det. In Daniel Perry Self-Defense Case Says
Soros-Backed Prosecutor Told Him To ‘Remove
Exculpatory Information'

Olympic silver medalist calls for Nike boycott
after retail giant makes Dylan Mulvaney Its
paid ambassador

The Easter Bunny Gets Transed - The War
To Destroy Good And Morality Worsens

Dalai Lama Caught Kissing Young Boy and
Tells Him to 'Suck My Tongue’ - No Surprise

Loopy Lindsey Graham - 'I’d Be Very Much
Open' to Sending US Troops to Taiwan

Wagner Musicians Take Out Uke APC With
Direct Hit - A Tank Also Destroyed, HUGE
Losses Of Uke Army At Bakhmut - Video

Russian Military Creating Special Groups
to Destroy Western Tanks in Ukraine

Russian glide bombs thwarted NATO plans
to transfer Patriot and SAMP/T air defense
systems to Ukrainian Armed Forces

In Berislav, one air bomb destroyed a cluster
of military equipment of the Uke Armed Forces

Russian precision strike destroyed the HQ
of the largest grouping of Ukrainian troops
Zelensky’s Idiocy Is Wiping Out The Uke Army


Russia Blows Up 70,000 Tons Of Uke Fuel
With High-Precision Missile Strike

Russian military captured a unique UAF drone
that can be controlled from anywhere in world

Russia Masters Destroying US HIMARS Rockets

West reacts hysterically to Russia's plans to
deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus - Kremlin

Pentagon orders US pilots to stay
away from Crimea

Russian troops defeat 98 artillery
units of Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Insane US Supported a Failed Uke Attack
on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

UOC opponents try to seize UOC cathedral
in Ukraine’s Kamenets-Podolsky

Ukraine will eventually reveal ‘horrible’ losses

Uke Troops Reportedly Hit by Acute
Ammunition Shortage


Anticipated Ukrainian Counter-Offensive
Potentially Marred By Plans Leak

Pentagon in ‘panic’ after intel leak

Classified Leak May Look to Embarass
Biden Into 'Cutting Back' Ukraine Support

US Deploys Guided-Missile Sub To Gulf
Region Amid Iran Tensions And Heightened
Russia Presence

Russia almost shot down British spy plane

No More Conspiracy Theory - They ADMIT
Using Chemtrails...

Morgan Stanley issues apocalyptic
real estate warning

ANOTHER deranged tranny caught planning mass
shooting of children, arrested with Communist
Manifesto and kill list

It's Time To Cancel The Pedophile Brands

SFSU Responds To Alleged Assault On
Riley Gaines...By Praising The Protesters


So Where's The Tranny Manifesto?

Rutgers Study Reveals Shocking Increase in
LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence During Covid

Inside the woke scoring system guiding
American companies

TX Senate Passes Bills Banning Child Gender
Modification And Drag Shows For Kids

Half Of America's Top-Selling Beers
Have Gone 'Woke'

Meet The ‘Woke' Rating Score Prompting
Brands Like Nike And Bud To Hire Trans
Influencers For Ads

Two More Norfolk Southern Derailments, 2 Hurt

Led By 'Fat Activists’ New York Considering
Bill To Ban Weight Discrimination

Newly-Elected Chicago Mayor - Black People
Should Not Face ‘State-Sponsored Policing’
To Fight 'White Supremacy’ - Insanity Rules

Hideous Black On White Hate Murder In Vermont
Black Female Axes White Social Worker To Death


Cattleman’s Group Denies mRNA Vaccines in
US Beef Supply - What About Foreign Beef?

MIT confirms that RNA vaccines can be absorbed
through the stomach and intestines, so What Does
That Tell Us About mRNA vaccines in meat animals?

Maternity wards are closing across the country
BioWeapon Injections Destroying Birth Rates

Vaxed Australians Are Dying In Record Numbers
But No One In Power Wants To Talk About It

A Cure For Cancer? The Censored TRUTH About
Apricot Seeds & Vit B17 Pharma Is Hiding

AI Robot Refuses Commands - AI Rage
is Real and It's Coming

GPT5 Next Gen - 7 Upcoming Abilities

'This Just Changed My Mind About AGI’
GPT-4 Can Increase Its Own Capabilities!

The race to build AI-powered humanoids
is heating up

BlackRock has just announces Musk spent
half a billion on Meta assets, becoming a
'key stakeholder'


Twitter Dubs BBC as Govt Funded Media

Musk Claps Back at Journalist Matt Taibbi
Over Twitter-Substack Rivalry

Why Do Mainstream Democrats Hate Matt Taibbi?

Ex-US Navy Pilot Warns About ‘National
Security Threat' Related to UFOs

The US Is afraid of the new Russian weapon of
the apocalypse - The Poseidon Nuke Torpedo

Long-Lost Letter Shows That Einstein
Predicted That Animals Had 'Super Senses'

James Webb Space Telescope Reveals
Most Distant Galaxies

‘Headed off the charts’ - world’s ocean
surface temperature hits record high

Catherine Austin Fitts - Digital financial coup

Ports Of Los Angeles And Long Beach Close
Due To Widespread Worker Shortages During
Contract Talks


Forbes details crypto billionaires huge losses

Augusta National Golf Shop Makes $1 Million
Revenue Every Single Hour During Masters

Global food prices likely to soar higher - WTO

Is A New Gold Standard Possible?

Global economy outlook weakest
in decades – IMF

Ukraine’s foreign reserves hit record high

Polish MP Proposes 'Anti-Bug Law' To
Require Labels On Insect-Containing Foods

Eating Meat Is Norm Almost Everywhere

Russia to Supply 600,000 Tons of Wheat
to Egypt in May

BRICS carries greater Econ weight than G7


NATO to hold largest ever aerial war games

Welcome To NATOstan (Formerly Known
As Europe)

EU Military Circles Doubting Feasibility of
Delivering 1Million Munitions to Ukraine

Finland may come to regret joining
NATO when everyone sobers up

Macron Says Europe Should Reduce
Dependence On US Dollar And Seek
'Strategic Autonomy'

Macron refuses to back US line on China

Macron Urges Europe to Stay Out of
Feud Between US, China Over Taiwan

PLA Conducts Simulated Precision Strikes
on ‘Key Targets’ in Taiwan Amid Drills

S Korea to raise spying concerns with US

Ex-French MEP Lauds Beijing’s ‘Zero Reception’
Toward Von Der Leyen


US asks everyone to follow rules, while Russia
asks to follow international law - Kremlin

Russia, Belarus will not let each other get
hurt by unfriendly countries - Kremlin

Challenging world media monopoly leads
to US and UK frenzy - Kremlin

Ukraine’s foreign reserves hit record high

Ukrainian church to ban prayers in Russian

US ‘open’ to deploying troops in Taiwan
Says lawmaker

Vaxed Australians (Murder Victims) Are Dying
In Record Numbers But No One In Power Wants
To Talk About It

Israeli spies encouraged anti-Bibi protests

Lebanon's Acting PM Says Country Not
Involved in Airstrikes Against Israel

Syrian, Iranian presidents condemn Israel’s
actions around Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem


Recent hostilities between Syrian and
US forces could be a turning point

Iran's IRGC Claims Successful 110 Pound
Warhead Kamikaze Drone Test

Saudis arrive for Yemen peace talks

Tunisian eyes turn to BRICS – media

'Between Russian Hammer and Chinese
Anvil’ - Expert on US in Africa

France Returns a Rare Manuscript to Algeria


Those Eerie, Scary Huge Sky Sounds Are Back
This New Recording Was Made In Australia

The Shroud of Turin - Myth or Miracle?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott To Pardon
Sgt Daniel Perry

Trump Indictment Paving The Way For His
Comeback To Oval Office, Predicts Gingrich

New trove of classified US documents leaked

Soros son granted repeated WH access

US deploys nuclear sub to Middle East

US ready for war with China Says
Congressman - On What Planet?

Where are the US Nuclear Weapons Located?

Report Of Russian Breakthrough Of
Ukraine's Southern Bakhmut Flank


Ritter - Ukraine’s military Dead surpass 300,000

Ukrainian troops face severe ammunition
shortage, recycle unexploded shells

Russian Forces Destroy Two Ukrainian
Sabotage Groups - Defense Ministry

Ukraine will 'disappear' – Medvedev

Failed Uke nuclear plant attack revealed

Ukes Fire Rockets At Civilians In Donetsk
...Death Injuries - Another War Crime

Uke missile downed over Crimea – governor

Trump Releases Campaign Video Using
NYC Indictment Footage

IRS Chief Reveals Hiring Plan For
Armed Agents

AZ Communist Governor Katie Hobbs Vetoes
Signature Verification Law in Arizona


Former College Swimmer Barricaded in Univ
Classroom by Trans Activists Remains Defiant

Worst Prank On A Mom So Far In 2023 - Video

1,000+ Purposes for Ivermectin (other than COVID)
...and Counting

Senior Embalmer Talks Of ‘Dirty Blood’ And Huge
Fibrous (Amyloid) Clots In Blood Of Vaxed - Photos

Govt Reports & Pfizer Docs reveal Agenda to
Depopulate the Planet through COVID BioWeapon

Huge Veterans Study - COVID and Flu Vaccines
are Useless at Preventing Hospitalization

AZ Communist Gov Katie Hobbs vetoes bill
protecting employees from bosses who refuse
to grant COVID-19 vaccine mandate exemptions

Musk imposes Great Firewall upon Substack

impact of ChatGPT on the federal workforce

Deepfake Creators Warn Viewers Not To
Trust What They See Online Any Longer


Machine Learning Expert Calls for Bombing
Data Centers to Stop Rise of AI - Crazy Times

Twitter Vows To Crackdown On Users 'Weaponizing’
Abuse-Reporting System By Making Fake Complaints

Substack Takes On Twitter, Twitter Strikes Back

Could you live forever? Experts claim humans
could achieve IMMORTALITY by 2030

Grants Reveal Feds' Horrific Plans To
Censor Americans’ Free Speech

Walmart converting 65% of stores to automation
...human employees will be let go

Tesla employees shared sensitive images
recorded by cars – Reuters

Remarkable 174 MP photo of the Moon Revealed
After Two Years Of Work

Faulty Parachutes Blamed for Fatal US
Military Accidents

What’s Really Happening At Skinwalker Ranch


High Street saddled with £90bn bill from
net zero rules

How Climate Reductionism is Itself Causing Bad Science . . .

Marco Rubio Accidentally Makes A Great
Argument Against US Dollar Hegemony

Global semiconductor sales plummet

Top US shipping gateway mostly shuts
due to port worker shortage

Multi-Tenant Apt Building Sales Drop 74%

Walmart Announces Plan For Nationwide
EV Charging Network\

Cashless Economy - Sweden's Switch
to Digital Tells a Cautionary Tale

Italy’s birth rate declared national emergency

Leaked NATO Plans for Ukraine Should
Be Taken 'With Grain of Salt'


Split Emerges In NATO Over Offering
Ukraine 'Road Map' To Membership

Sweden Agrees To Extradite Turkish
National In Bid For NATO Entry

Thousands Join 'Easter March' in Berlin
Against Arms Supplies to Ukraine

Poland Losing Big From Escalation in Ukraine
and Growing Dependence on Washington

Russian e-commerce giant Ozon reports
huge revenue jump

Hidden sanctions on Russian grain
could spark global famine – official

Kremlin spokesman calls Macron’s remarks
on nuclear weapons a criticism of Washington

Two US Fighter Jets Make Emergency
Landing in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture

71 Chinese Military Aircraft Cross Taiwan
Strait Median Line To Kick Off 3-Day
'Encirclement Drills'

China Sanctions Reagan Library After
McCarthy’s Meeting With Taiwan President


North Korea Tests Underwater Drone To
Assess Its "Fatal Attack Ability": State Media

Victoria experiences 60% increase
of COVID-19 cases

Israeli forces kill Palestinian youth
in West Bank raid near city of Qalqilyah

Palestinians Reportedly Barricade
Themselves in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Tens of thousands of demonstrators protest
against Netanyahu's 'judicial reforms' for 14th
consecutive week

Tel Aviv Calls Up Army Reservists After
Surge in Israeli-Palestinian Violence

Unknown attackers open fire at military
checkpoint in West Bank — IDF

Muslim nations don't believe US
on democracy

Nigeria, Morocco to Invest $12.5 Billion
Both in Gas Pipeline

'Bitter Failure’ - Experts on International
Dimension of Rwandan Genocide


Russia is 'Very Important Partner for
Mauritius' in New Conditions

Study - Full Moon Triggers Rise in Suicide

Airlines warned of danger from erupting
Kamchatka volcano

Blast from the past - Here’s Al Gore and John Kerry,
both Climate change multimillionaires, telling you the
world will end by 2013

Republican Lawmakers Urged to Dismiss
Latest UN Climate Demands

G7 Nations To Emphasize The Importance Of
Nuclear Power In Upcoming Announcement

World builds more coal power in spite of
pollution, pledges and coal end-date

The Condition Of Our Society Has Never
Been This Bad And It Is Only Going To
Get Worse - Snyder

Why Trump is Still the Commander-in-Chief

Trump Expands Lead over DeSantis to 37 Points

CNN Poll - 70% Say Joe Biden Lacks Stamina,
Sharpness to Serve (Understatement Of Year)

Who Is Tucker Carlson? Really?

World Economic Forum Sets Date with
Communist China for 'Summer Davos’
...The 'Asian Century' Picks Up Steam

Obama Center 'Displacing Thousands Of
Black Families' In Chicago, Neighbors Say

Judge Napolitano - Dems Want Trump to Become
GOP Nominee to Make Him Lose in 2024

Trump Won't Go to Jail Even If Convicted
of All Charges, Former Judge Says

Ex-Judge Lays Bare Nuances of
Trump's Court Affair


Biden Slams 'Unprecedented' Expulsion Of
'Disorderly' Democrats From TN House

NBC Sports Broadcasting Legend Quits
Job To Speak Truth To Power On Podcast

NASA Launches TEMPO Mission Over Equator
to Monitor Global Air Pollutants

Former NCAA Swimmer Riley Gaines Assaulted
By Trans Activists At San Fran University Speech
The Violence Of The Trans Movement Is BIG

Jes Staley Accused Of 'Aggressive Force In
His Sexual Assault' On Epstein Victim

Communist WEF Is Hiring 1,000s Of ‘Information
Warriors’ To Take Over The Internet And Patrol
For ‘Misinformation’ - Anything WEF Doesn’t Like

Russian experts began to study the Recovered
American UAV MQ-9 Reaper Drone

General Of The Armed Forces Of Ukraine Says
Bakhmut Should Have Been Surrendered (By
Ziolensky) Weeks Ago - Says His Best Fighters
Died In The Meat Brinder And Will Now 'Remain
In Bakhmut Forever’ (This Was Ziolensky’s Plan)

Fierce fighting underway near Artyomovsk
(Bakhmut) railway station — Wagner founder

Russian Lancet drones destroyed almost
half of NATO artillery in the NVO zone


US Expert Wants To Bomb Russia's TOS-1A
'Blazing Sun' Before It Reaches Uke War Zone

Putin - Uke Army Fired 300 Shells At 14 Of Their
Own Who Surrendered To Russia - All 14 Killed

Saboteurs activity in Zaporozhye shows Kiev’s
offensive may begin soon — politician

Russian air defenses intercept two US-made
HIMARS rockets in Ukraine operation

One civilian killed, six wounded in Donetsk
following Ukrainian shelling from MLRS

Russian forces eliminate Ukrainian
reconnaissance group in so. Donetsk area

Kremlin was aware of ‘secret’ NATO war
plan before documents leaked

Russia certain US, NATO involved in
conflict in Ukraine - Kremlin spokesman

Moscow reacts to Blinken’s
counteroffensive claim

Blinken predicts start of Ukrainian


RT International extends reach via
new platforms

Here's why the leaked ‘secret plan’ for
a Uke military offensive doesn't add up

US resumes Deadly BioWeapons
program in Ukraine

US-controlled center studies brucellosis
transmission to humans - Defense Ministry

US renames its military-biological program
in Ukraine - Russian defense ministry

Pfizer vaccine released with (deadly) side effects
due to collusion - Russian Defense Ministry

US Resumes Construction of Biolabs
in Ukraine, Russian MoD Says

Ukrainian Research Center is again hiring
staff for US labs - Russian Defense Ministry

Ukraine - Trans women weep as authorities
classify them as 'men' who must stay and fight

US Congressman - Ukrainian Spring Offensive
to Show Whether Crimea Off Table for Kiev


Budweiser Loses $800 Million in ONE Day
Over Outrage By Americans Over Tranny Ad

Here's the VP of Bud Light marketing
and suddenly EVERYTHING makes
perfect sense...

19 Colorado Tranny is arrested over plot
to shoot up THREE schools and churches

3 Unambiguous Truths About Trans Terrorist Cult

Get Woke, Go Broke - Bed Bath & Beyond Now
Begging Product Consignment Co To Stock Its
Shelves So Stores Don’t Appear To Be Empty...

Sub Animal Black Murders Asian Landlord
Over Eviction

Next PLANDEMIC? CDC warns Marburg is coming

Confirmed - Edible Vaccines Are Real

Lance Reddick’s Family Vigorously Disputes Cause
Of Death As ‘A Heart Attack’ - Vax Suspected

Lance Reddick's cause of death listed as
heart failure, family says it's 'not corroborated’
He was In perfect health - Another Vax Death?


Potential Explanation for COVID Vaccine
Blood Clot Connection

Christians Must Take Children to Transgender
Procedures or They Can’t Adopt, OR Law Says

Italian Birth Rate Plummets to Lowest Ever

Turley Defamed By ChatGPT - My Own Bizarre
Experience With The Artificiality Of 'Artificial

Russia To Arm Its MiG-31D Jet With Anti-Sat
Missiles And The IL-76 With Combat Lasers
To Down Hostile Space Assets

China’s Lunar Base Project - Beijing's Key Ally
In S. America Could Become First Country To

Ancient Hair Reveals Traces of Hallucinogenic
Drugs Taken 3,600 Years Ago

Texas Bill Would Create State-Issued
Gold-Backed Digital Currency

Luongo - Davos Runs Into The OPEC+ Buzzsaw

JPMorgan flashes US recession warning


Healthcare Job-Cuts Up 65% From Q1 2022

Walmart Wants To Beat Amazon At Its
Own Game

Tesla Cuts US Vehicle Prices For
The Fifth Time Since January

Belgium hit by record-high inflation

Small Bank Deposits Plunged $275 Billion
In March, There's Just One Thing...

Ruble on wild rollercoaster ride

Biden Extends Emergency Authorizing Russia
Sanctions Over Ukraine for Another Year

Sanctions against Russia to date prove less
effective than West anticipated — expert

Russia to review need for grain deal if there
is no progress in removing obstacles

Bulgarian Farmers Resume Protests Over
Cheap Ukrainian Grain


Ukraine agrees to halt grain exports to Poland

China, France committed to resolving
situation around Iran's nuclear program

Slovakia claims Russians sabotaged its
fighter jets

Yellow Vest Leader Says Movement Opposed
to French Arms Supplies to Ukraine

German religious leader calls out
Ukrainian diplomats

Over 60% of French Think Macron Becoming
More Authoritarian Since 2017

Protesters set Macron’s favorite Paris
restaurant on fire

Northern Ireland Police warn of terror
attacks ahead of Biden visit

Prince Harry, Meghan to Skip Charles III
Coronation as Children Not Invited

Lavrov says little hope for national investigation
into Nord Stream blasts


Russian Ambassador to Denmark Says Object
Found at Nord Stream Part of Explosive Device

Traces of explosives found on Nord Stream
sabotage-linked yacht – NYT

US To Propel Production Of Deadly,
Long-Range Precision Missiles, LRASM

Foxconn's Pro-China Billionaire Founder
Launches Bid For Taiwan Presidency

France, China seek to cement UN-brokered
multipolar world order — statement

Taiwan faces choice between ‘peace and war’

Almost two million unexploded bombs
cleared after US war in Laos

China, France Support Ideas on
Preventing Nuclear War, Arms Race

France Should Submit Its Own Plan on
Conflict Resolution in Ukraine, Xi Says

China 'Flies' Bullet Train In Arabian Deserts
As Beijing 'Replaces' US As Saudi Arabia’s
Strongest Ally


Trade Sea Route Between Russia,
Venezuela to Be Launched Soon

Russia-Venezuela Trade May Grow to $300M
Per Month - Commerce Chamber Head

Oops! Deleted Tweet By Israel's Former
PM Disclosed Nuke Arsenal

Israel Boosts Infantry & Artillery Presence
in South, North

Russia calls for multilateral talks to resolve
Israeli-Palestinian conflict — Lavrov

Lebanese Forces Ready to Counter Any
Aggression, Defense Minister Says

China's Saudi-Iran Deal Indicates US No
Longer Pulling Mideast Strings

Saudi Arabia to end Yemen war

South Africa Views BRICS as Platform
to Promote Continent’s Needs

Tunisia rejects IMF ‘diktats’


Tucker Shows More Truths - Mocks Whites In
The US, Calls White Awareness ‘A Nazi Idea’
Says NO EVIDENCE 911 Was An Inside Job -
‘I Hate That Crap, We Should Throw Those People
Out’ - Calls People Talking About It ‘Parasites'

Candace Owens - 'We need to stop calling them
liberals and begin referring to them As American
communists Who wish to partake in the destruction
of western civilization'

Global Elite Goading Americans Into
Violence Against Transsexuals (?)

Communist WH Press Sec Says 'It’s Not For Us
to Decide' If Killing Christian Children Constitutes
A ‘Hate Crime’ - Absolutely Incredible

ABC News Blurs Out Trump Donation Number

New York Judge, District Attorney Receive
Threats After Trump's Arraignment

Trump's Lawyer Expects No Significant
Developments Before July

Stormy Daniels Says Trump Doesn't Deserve
Jail Time for 'Crimes' Against Her

Search Continues For Jan. 6 Vandal Dubbed
#CapitolGlassMan By Sedition Hunters

Trump's Case Pales in Comparison With
Biden Destroying US Standing Around the World


Presidential Sex Scandals That Rocked the WH

Trump Indictment to Set Precedent for Law
Manipulation for Political Purposes - US Senator

GOP, Allies Slam Trump's Criminal Indictment

Trump Court Drama a 'Nice Little Ad’ for
Presidential Run, says Journalist

Why The Trump Case Is A Test Not Just
For The President But The Legal System

Twitter Labels NPR 'State-Affiliated Media’
Elon Musk Says 'Seems Accurate'

Wisconsin Supreme Court Flips Blue
For First Time In 15 Years

What Has Chicago Done?

The Only Way is the Military

Possession Is Nine Tenths of Your Soul


Uke Artillery Slaughtered Its Own Soldiers Who
Surrendered Near Avdeyevka - Russian MOD

Kiev Killed Its Own Servicemen Yesterday
in Extremely Cynical, Cruel Way - Putin

Gone forever - Kiev's losses in Artyomovsk
estimated at 15,000-20,000 — DPR official

Stoltenberg Pledges Ukraine Will Become
A Member Of NATO

FSB thwarts attempt by Ukrainian saboteurs
to infiltrate into Bryansk Region

‘Everything Russian’ must be eradicated
in Crimea – Zelensky aide

Ukrainization is Destroying American Politics,
Ukrainian Opposition Leader Says

Zelensky Says Poland Will Lead Coalition
To Supply Warplanes To Ukraine

Duda Believes Physical Border Between
Poland, Ukraine Will Cease to Exist Soon

Ukraine, Poland Agree on Joint Tank
Shells Production


NATO is especially interested in building up
forces near Kaliningrad Region — Lukashenko

Lukashenko says influx of weapons coming
from Ukraine to Belarus

Russia Claims Stealth Material Success

Israeli-made cluster mortar shells
found in the Ukrainian Army

Negro Mass Twerking In Miami

NO mRNA Death Injection, No Job - ME Governor
Mills Fires Vast Network of First Responders
...The Communist Destruction Of America

Australia Discreetly Discontinues
AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine

Canadian Funeral Director - Embalmer Testifies
About 'Dirty Blood' Found in Bodies Post COVID

Canadian Funeral Director and Embalmer
Testifies About 'Dirty Blood' Found in Bodies
Post COVID Vaccinations

Dutch-Canadian man now needs HEART
TRANSPLANT after COVID BioWeapon booster


Amazon Partners With De Beers To Grow
Fake Diamonds For Quantum Computing

Canadian Couple Escapes Their Tesla Death
Trap Moments Before It Bursts into Flames

'The Last War We Can Afford To Fight’
Tucker Sounds De-Dollarization Alarm,
Slams Biden Admin For Pissing Off World

US Small Businesses File For Bankruptcy
At Record Pace, Surpassing COVID Crash

We Are Already In A National
And Global Recession

Russian meat exports soar

Foreign Retailers Lost $1.5 Billion After
Leaving Russian Market, Media Reports

JPMorgan's ties to Epstein more sinister,
lawsuit claims

McMaken - Why The Regime Needs The
Dollar To Be The Global Reserve Currency

While Everyone's Distracted, The Dollar Is Dying


Indonesia Supports BRICS Common
Currency Initiative, Experts Say

Bank of Russia says international settlements
to move to digital currencies in 5-7 years

Central Bank Gold Buying Shows
No Sign Of Slowing Down

Gold heads over $2,000 as we head into
lost decade

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Gold Heist

Tesla Outlines Means & $10 Trillion Costs
of Switching to Sustainable Energy Economy

Recent OPEC+ Cuts Prove Biden's Reliance
on Foreign Oil Risks US Security

Chinese Refiners Buy More Iranian Oil As
Competition For Russian Crude Heats Up

IMF Warns Global Growth Outlook
Weakest In Over 30 Years

And Then There Were Three - India Is Latest
Central Bank To Pause Rate Hikes


Sweden - Muslim Pedophile Released Early From
Prison Rapes Another Child With Fellow Islamic

French Pension Protesters Storm Paris
BlackRock Headquarters

Parisians Rally Against Macron Pension Reform

German arms business booming amid
Ukraine crisis

Macron - No Country Can Deploy Nuclear
Weapons on Foreign Territory

Jakov Milatovic elected president of Montenegro

Transnistrian authorities say peacekeeping
mission under Russia’s aegis must stay

Sweden Believes State-Sponsored Group
Behind Nord Stream Explosions

Swedish prosecutors see no need to cooperate
with Russia on Nord Stream explosions

US Opposes EU Efforts to Offer Ukraine Path
to Join NATO, Media Reports


Ex-French president spills beans, tells Russian
pranksters EU is party to Ukraine conflict

Greece Confirms It Won’t Supply
Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine

Finnish Militarists Used Ukraine Conflict
to End 74-Year Neutrality From NATO

UK King Charles III Supports Study of
Monarchy’s Ties to Slave Trade in Africa

UK to Accommodate 500 Asylum Seekers
on Barge to Reduce Costs

Nicola Sturgeon’s Husband ‘Released
Without Charge' Pending Further Probe

Russia demands release of Ukrainian bishop

‘Russia alone can already confront the entire West’

Russia to Respond Appropriately to
Deployment of US Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Belarusian President Lukashenko Says
Agrees With Macron on Issue of Nukes


French president doesn’t want to see
nukes used in Ukraine conflict

Revisiting Ron Paul's 2004 House-Floor
Speech Calling For Disbanding NATO

Time is ripe for NATO to retire - Russian FM Spot

NATO Expansion Towards Russian Borders
Causes Concerns for Country's Security - Kremlin

Putin Announces Plans to Create Security
Concept of Union State

The West sets a disturbing new precedent
over murdered Russian military blogger

Moscow warns of chaos in the Arctic

Former editor claims Wikipedia biased
against Russia

Russia, Belarus to step up security
cooperation — Putin

China Will Not Make Any Concessions
on Taiwan Issue, Xi Jinping Says


US and Chinese aircraft carriers deployed
near Taiwan – official

Taiwan Military Says Chinese Aircraft Carrier
Shandong Enters Waters Close to Island

China’s barb stings Biden’s second ‘Summit
for Democracy’

Pentagon flies nuclear-capable bombers
over Korean Peninsula

Beijing expects EU to build relations with
China on its own — Xi Jinping

China, France to deepen cooperation in space
nuclear sectors — Xi Jinping

China, EU should focus on economic cooperation

Vietnam does not support Russia’s isolation
sanctions against Moscow

US, NATO must bear responsibility for
crisis in Ukraine — China’s MFA

China ready to work with France to encourage
settlement of Ukrainian crisis — Xi Jinping


Xi Jinping to speak with Zelensky when
conditions, time right — EU’s von der Leyen

China's position on Ukraine boils
down to 'supporting talks for peace'

China disavows NYT claim about
Russia relations

Dozens Of Rockets Pound Israel From Lebanon
In Most Serious Escalation Since 2006 War

Israel Strikes Lebanon, Gaza After Rocket Attack

Saudi Arabia Is Investing Heavily In Desalination

Nigeria finds new Chinese financier
for rail project

West Needs to Drop Colonial-Era Entitlement
Complex Toward Africa, Experts Say

African Nations Won't Follow US
'Misguided Lead'

African, Russian Businesses Hold ‘Huge
Potential’ for Cooperation, Senator Says


Sudan Postpones Civilian Rule Agreement
Signing Over Military Reform Issues

Africans 'Know Which Direction to Take’
in Multipolar World: Mauritius Envoy

Hollywood Impresario Files Lawsuit Against
Goldman Sachs Over $7 Billion Deal

Spontaneous Mass Twerking Event Erupts
on Miami Beach

RFK Jr will challenge Dead-Brain Biden
for the 2024 Democratic presidential nod

Biden Moved and Stored Unguarded
Classified Documents in Chinese Town!

Biden Creepily Laughs At Totally Utterly
Inappropriate Times - Just Like The Kamal

Shocking allegations against obama in 1999

Trump - 'I Have a Trump-Hating Judge' Whose
'Daughter Worked for Kamala Harris and Now
Receives Money From the Biden-Harris Campaign'

FEC Data Shows Trump Judge Contributed
Against Trump And Republicans!

Trump Calls on Republicans to Defund DOJ, FBI

O'Keefe Captures NY Communist DA on Hidden
Camera Outside Trump Hearing Complaining About
The US Constitution

Communist CBS Staffer Assaults Independent
Journalist Outside Trump Arraignment, Says
'We Will KILL Trump Supporters'

Obama Received $30 Million From CCP Linked
Fugitive Says DiCaprio In Federal Court - Will
Barry Be Held Accountable? Not A Chance


The WEF are life-hating liars

Russian artillery thwarted three attempts
to rotate Ukrainian units

Uke Armed Forces shelled Melitopol at night
all missiles were shot down by air defense

Ukrainian troops on the Zaporozhye front are
supervised by foreigners

Russian Solntsepyok Incinerates Uke Army
Strongly Fortified Area In 7 seconds

Musicians' Artillery drives the surviving
soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into
the basements of multi-story buildings

Russian howitzer destroyed Polish one
with Single shot

Russian air defenses intercept 13 US made
HIMARS rockets in Ukraine operation

Ukraine 'Ready' To Give Up Crimea,
Says Zelensky Advisor - Report

Uke-NATO attacks on Russian communication
satellites recorded - Russia is preparing to respond


Bill Clinton Says He Regrets Pushing
Ukraine to Give Up Nukes in 1994

Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster

China Fully Preparing For War With US
...US Isn’t Close To Being Ready

US Now A Majority Permitless Carry Country
After DeSantis Signs Gun Rights Law

new Chicago mayor wants to start a race war
...could be the most dangerous Communist yet

Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson Wants
Invaders to Vote in Local Elections

Justin Turdeau To Legalize Hard Drugs for
Children 'It's Time To Destigmatize Class A’s’
(Death To children And Childhood - This Is
Arch Communism'

Toronto demands decriminalization of
fentanyl and meth for kids - (Kill ‘Em All!)

Bill in Communist Canada to CRIMINALIZE
'Offensive Remarks’ about Tranny Freaks
...$25,000 Fine!

NPR Employees Cry Racism Amid CEO
Discussing Mass Layoffs


Tranny golfer wins women's tournament,
sparks controversy

Tranny Pastor Suggests Transgender Nashville
School Shooter Was Crucified Like Jesus Christ

Catholic priests sexually abused
over 600 children

Negro Says - 'So what? I rape - I only rape
White women’ - Listen To Him Laugh...

Leader of anti-police group demands
no jail for murder

Get ready for the 100 dollar cheeseburger

This isn't simply about censorship…
They're trying to control reality

While We’re Being Distracted, US Crops Are Being
Absolutely Devastated by Nightmarish Disasters
From Coast to Coast - Weather Manipulation

Cash App Founder Bob Lee Stabbed
To Death In SF - Gay Angle?

What You Need To Remember When It
Seems Like The World Has Completely
Gone Mad...


Illinois is hit by more tornadoes as twisters
And 115mph winds rip roof off a gas station

Covid Vax In Meat And Pork...What’s The Truth?

WHO Claims New 'more infectious' Covid variant
XBB.1.16 is spreading in 22 countries

Jeff & Erica Mask-Wearing Suggestions Validated
...Masks Give The UnVaxed Some Protection

Pet Dog Dies Of Bird Flu In Canada

WHO reveals ‘staggering’ infertility statistics

Endocrinologist Forecasts More Hormone-Related
Diseases as Spike Proteins Found to Deplete
Endocrine Reserves

14 Yr Old Girl Dies Two Days After Receiving
Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine

Star HS athlete Destroyed By BioWeapon Injections
Heart transplant, Clots Both Lungs, 9” Clot Groin,
5” Clot In Nose - Doctors 'Can’t Figure out Why…'

Bill Gates Challenges Those Who Want To Slow AI
Just Invested $10 Billion More Into Development
Says AI Will Bring ‘Huge Benefits’ To The World


'We Are All On Borrowed Time’
Here Is ChatGPT's Analysis Of
The JOLTs Report

What is consciousness? ChatGPT and advanced
AI might redefine our answer - What Is Sentience?

World's first 'certified' deepfake warns
viewers not to trust everything they see online

10x EV Range Boost With Revolutionary
Silicon Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Tucker - Dollar Collapse will lead to poverty
all over the US

Gold Demand Explodes While Dollar Implodes

Seize private land for wind and solar farms
Says JPMorgan CEO - (Take His First)

Market Analyst - 'We Are Going To See Parts
Of The Economy Break'

Walmart is axing 2,000 warehouse jobs weeks
after retail chain announced store closures

Banking Crisis - $1.7 Trillion In Unrealized
Losses Loom As US Banks Rapidly Bleed


Gold extends rally past $2,000

Bill Holter Warns "Gold Is Going To Break The Fed"

It's All Oil and Gold These Days

WTI Rebounds After Across The Board
Inventory Draws

'No Reason' For Malaysia To Rely On US Dollar
PM Warns As Yuan Influence Grows

Rickards - Why The Panic Is Just Beginning

Global Bankruptcy Already Baked In

A Second Trucking Bloodbath?

China Weighs Rare Earth Magnet Export Ban
In Retaliation To Biden Chip Crackdown

Nvidia Slips As Japanese Chipmaking Export
Controls Slated To Take Effect


US tech firm Cisco physically destroyed
inventory in Russia

EU plan for Ukraine ammo stuck on details

Was There A US Nuclear Weapons Accident
At A Dutch Air Base?

Bombshell Report Debunks ICC Warrant
for Putin - MSM Ignores The Story

China Launches Military Patrols Near Taiwan
As Tsai & McCarthy Meet

US Speaker meets Taiwan leader and stresses
need to speed up arms deliveries

Israel Brags It Is Ready To Attack Iran And
'Doesn’t Need US Help'

Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque
for second night in a row

Palestinians Desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque
by Stockpiling Weapons to Attack Jews

Israeli Cops Storm Mosque, Gaza
Responds With Rocket Fire


Ready Yourself for the 2024 Storms

Comrade Hillary - ‘It’s Time To End Free Speech
in America and Become More Like Europe’

Trump answers to NY criminal charges

'Can't Believe This is Happening in America’
Trump Arrested in Manhattan, Faces up to
136 YEARS in Prison

Stormy Daniels Ordered to Pay Trump
Another $122,000 in Legal Expenses

Trump Attorney Announces Plans To File Motions
To Dismiss, Alleging Prosecutorial Misconduct

'This Is What Happens In Communist Countries’
Rep. Greene Decries Trump Indictment In Rally
Outside NY Courthouse

Everything We Know About Juan Merchan,
The Judge Overseeing Trump's Arraignment

'Crazy' Trump Indictment is 'Shiny Object' to
Distract From Biden Admin Woes

Hungarian PM Orban declares support for Trump

The 10 worst NYC criminals let go again and
again by woke Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg


West Ready To Support Ukraine For As Long
As It Takes (Until nuclear War) Says NATO Chief

War Mongering, CIA-Connected Think-Tank
Calls For World War III

China Keeps One Nuclear-Armed Submarine
Patrolling 24/7 - Could Hit US From So. China Sea

US Announces ANOTHER $2.6 Billion in Military
Aid for Zionist Ukraine, Including HIMARS Rockets

Biden sends Ukraine $500 MILLION more in arms
Further Disarming The US And Abusing Taxpayers

Ukes Now Only control Four Streets In Bakhmut

First Batch of Polish MiG-29 Fighter
Jets Arrive in Ukraine

Ukes recognized the futility of electronic warfare
systems against the Russian ‘Lancets'

Suspect in Tatarsky murder charged with
terrorism - Claims ‘Set-Up’ By Her Uke Handlers

Russia gives Belarus nuclear strike capabilities


Over 30 people detained in Belarus for abetting
foreign intel agencies, president says

Belarus Security Service Detains Polish,
Ukrainian, Baltic States Nationals for Terrorism

Russian air defenses intercept three
US-made HIMARS rockets in Ukraine operation

NATO sees no changes in Russia’s nuclear
posture that would require response

Video - Man Survives Fall From 19 Floor in
Voronezh, Russia, Just Stands Up and Walks
to Ambulance

Recent Events Prove Something Biblical
Is Going On Worldwide

WEF Puppet Macron to Follow Canada’s
Lead and Allow Govt To Kill Citizens

AOC Caught Using Burner Account To
Incite 'Unhinged' Trans Person To Murder
Conservative People

Holy Crap! Week - Drag Jesus, Drag Bunny
And Drag Easter - Woke of the Weak

Watch Rock Legend 'Kid Rock' give a
response to Budweiser beer for hiring
a Tranny commercial pitchman


Wisconsin Supreme Court Falls Under Dem
Control in Huge Blow to Election Integrity

Chicago Elects Mayor Even More Radical
Than Lizard Lightfoot

Search of Nashville shooter’s home yields
suicide note, more guns

data shows Global temps unchanged in roughly
past 9 years - Big blow to climate change Fraud

Here’s why simply living in the US is likely
to reduce your life expectancy

Is AI Trustworthy? ChatGPT Falsely Accused
Jonathan Turley of Sexual Harassment

After NPR's Major Layoff, Employees Accuse
DEI-infatuated CEO Of Racism

Secret Pharmacy Order Triggers Shortage
of Xanax & Adderall

JPMorgan Execs Joked About Jeffrey
Epstein's Pedophilia

Jeff & Erica Mask-Wearing Suggestions Validated
...Masks Give The UnVaxed Some Protection


Moderna developing new mRNA flu vaccine
for upcoming avian influenza plandemic

FIFA Footballers who ‘Died Suddenly’ in the year
following COVID Vaccine roll-out was 300%
higher than the previous 12-Year Average

Another day, another loss for the mRNA jabs,
as old-fashioned live attenuated virus vaccines
are shown to provide superior immunity in hamsters

The best beans for long-term storage

Bill Gates challenges AI moratorium

Pausing AI Development Beyond GPT-4
Won't 'Solve Challenges' Ahead - Bill Gates

Human-like Robot Ameca Says It's Sad
to be Unable to Feel Love Like People
(What A RUDE Interviewer, ’She’ Should
Have Told Him To Fu*k Off)

Widow blames chatbot for husband’s suicide

Navy creating unmanned, AI operations
hub within US Southern Command

Fed Making Worst 'Policy Mistake In Decades'


Current Banking Crisis 'Not Over Yet' - Dimon
Warns Of 'Repercussions For Years To Come'

UK's Virgin Orbit Files for Bankruptcy Due
to Lack of Funding

German mortgage lending collapses

Sweden’s housing crisis deepens

Wheat Spread Hits Record As Drought
Plagues Midwest

OPEC+ Shock Oil Cut May Give G-7
A New Russian Oil Problem

German insurers renew Nord Stream coverage

Kremlin not optimistic about prospects
for resuming gas deliveries via Nord Stream

US Has Plans to Help Ukraine Develop
Natural Gas Resources

Some Commodity Producers Are Now
Being Offered CNY, Not Dollars


Weaponizing Dollar Boomeranged on US

Gold Closes Out Quarter At All-Time Highs...
$3,000 Upside Target!

Australia Central Bank Joins Canada In
Hitting ‘Pause' On Rate Hikes

German govt plans to completely destroy
the country's industry

Finland Officially Becomes 31st Member of NATO

Stoltenberg Says Deploying Forces of Other
NATO States After Accession Up to Finland

Germany mulls reducing diplomatic
presence in Russia

France to Develop New Nuclear Aircraft
Carrier by 2036, Defense Minister Says

EU’s largest party raided by cops

Scandal in Germany as Major Media Outlet
Drops Word ‘Mother’ From Story


Reporters Without Borders Says Barred
From Prison Visit to Assange

Russia’s silent opposition starts terrorist attacks,
...at war with own people - Medvedev

NATO Expansion Forces Russia to Take
Countermeasures to Ensure Its Security

Sanctions kick-started Russian agricultural

Sanctions against Russia here to stay
Putin believes

China Opposes Taiwan's Leader Meeting With
US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

China's Chip Industry Warning to Japan
‘Don't Assist US’

Chinese-Russian relations aimed against
no one — Chinese premier

Russia to deepen practical cooperation with China

Why are European Leaders Visiting China?


China roars as Philippines opens
wider to US forces

Oz Intelligence Chief Says US Tech Edge
Against China ‘Totally Gone’ in Some Sectors

India rebuffs China for renaming places
in ‘disputed’ border state

US Parks Carrier Group Off Syria’s Coast as
Iran Vows Revenge Over Israeli Killings of
IRGC Advisors

Iran to take measures to protect its forces in Syria

One of Daesh Leaders Responsible for Planning
Attacks in Europe Eliminated in Syria - CENTCOM

Civilians killed in Israeli strikes

Ugandan President - Africa Should 'Provide Lead’
to Save World From Homosexuality

Russia planning African football matches

Memorial Service For Legendary Lindsay Williams


OBiden ADMITS Using Indictment(s) Against Trump
'To make sure he does not become President Again'

Unelected, Unbridled Leftist Government
Is Now Out of Control

Stormy Daniels Says Threats Have Escalated
Since Trump Indictment — This Time It’s ‘I’m
Going To Murder You’

Americans in the nation's capital grade
unelected pedophile Biden on his Job
performance - Give Him ‘Lower Than An F'

Rock Music Legend Ted Nugent Refers
To Michelle Obama As 'Mike' In Recent Rant

Insider Warns HAARP Will Create ‘Biblical
Catastrophes' To Usher In 'New World Order'

Will The Discovery Of The Ark Of The Covenant
Soon Be Publicly Revealed To The World? - Snyder

The Death of Free Speech, Truth, and the
Rule of Law in the US - Roberts

No Surprise - Team Biden LIED About
Chinese Spy Balloon

Putin names US a ‘major risk’ to Russian
security in latest foreign policy doctrine
This Is Extremely dangerous Rhetoric


Wagner Group Raises Russian Flag Over
Bakhmut City Hall

Remarkable New Videos Of Blast That Killed
Tatarsky Show Female Suspect, Before And After

Who was Vladlen Tatarsky, the War Correspondent
Murdered By The West In St. Petersburg?

US Suspends Delivery Of HIMARS-Launched
GLSDB 'Smart Bombs' To Taiwan As Ukraine
Needs Them As Top Priority

Russian Drones Strike Ukraine’s Port of Odesa

Moscow - Kiev's Involvement in Vladlen Tatarsky’s
Murder Confirms It's Using Methods of Terror

Russian air defenses down 10 HIMARS,
Smerch rockets in Ukraine operation

Russian artillery wipes out Ukrainian Msta-B
howitzer in Kherson area

Suspects in terrorist attack on Russian A-50
plane in Belarus may get death penalty

Ukrainian sabotage groups consist of
foreign mercenaries, not Ukrainians


Gordon Chang - China is ready for war and it
could happen on US soil due to massive numbers
of Chinese nationals invading southern border

Fake News Pre-Spinning a China-Taiwan Conflict

Chinese Su-30, J-10 Fighters 'Terrify' Taiwan
With ‘Confrontational’ Combat Drills As Tsai In US

DeSantis Book Event Derailed by Angry
Trump Supporters

New Video Shows Gun-Grabbing Twink David
Hogg Enjoying an Afternoon at the GUN Range
Shooting Off GUNS And Laughing

David Hogg Filmed Secretly Using Gun Range
and Firing Guns While Laughing

CA Communist Newsom To Empty Jails and
Release All Criminals Onto the Street To Fight
'Systemic Racism’ - CA A Third World Sewer

DeSantis Signs Bill Making Florida The
26th Constitutional Carry State

Ford to Discontinue AM Radios in
Most New Vehicles Starting in 2024

Father Punched in the Face and Beaten at
Pro-Trans Rally - Communist Vancouver
Activist Cops To Nothing To Stop It


Vanessa Williams Rants at GLAAD Awards
'Drag Queens Are Not Murdering People’
(They're just Crushing Children's Souls)

WWE Sells To Endeavor, Announces
Merger With UFC

This is one of the worst times to buy
a car in decades

Second Study Shows Natto Can Degrade The
Spike RBD And The Spike Protein

Study Shows Full DOD Lethal Bio-Weapon
Injected People Lose 25 Years of Life

CDC Starts Warning of Marburg Virus

A Third Talk With ChatGPT by Spartacus

Spectacular Hubble Image Captures Aftermath
of Catastrophic Supernova Explosion

OPEC+ states will voluntarily cut oil output
by 1.66 mln bpd in addition to current plan

Russia's Novak Not Ruling Out Other OPEC+
States Joining Additional Cuts in Oil Production


Poland purchases almost twice as much
LNG from Russia as whole EU

Death By 1.15 Million Cuts

Bullard Admits OPEC Cuts May ‘Make
(Fed’s) Job A little More Difficult'

Blain - Oil Shock A Harbinger
Of Geopolitical Shocks To Come

Warning - Inflation is About to Explode
Higher Ag