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Expiration Dates For Billions Of Vaxed Nearing

Jeff & Erica

The fact that the vaxed have AIDS, and very little reserve strength left to respond immunologically to much of anything, is one of the biggest factors that is going to do them in.

Plus, they have compromised blood that can hardly carry oxygen and is so thick it barely flows...wearing out tired, exhausted hearts decades earlier than would normally be, damaged hearts that cannot even generate enough ATP to function normally...let alone under the terminal stress of trying to force sludge blood through obstructed veins and arteries, kidneys that are clogged with amyloids and can't filter properly, fibrotic lungs and livers full of iron, spikes, clots and wrecked proteins, their brains drowning in personality and intellect-destroying micro-clots and misfolded prion proteins...with virtually every other organ in their clotted and clotting bodies stricken to one degree or another with these same end-of-the-road pathways.

And to top all this horror off, their P-53 and other tumor-suppressing natural defenses have been crushed by spike proteins, resulting in the growing, horrifying cascade of turbo cancers which often deliver diagnosis-to-death outcomes in a matter of days or a few weeks.

The expiration date of the billions of vaxed souls, with or without any new variants, is rapidly approaching.