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Airstrike On Gaza's Anglican Hospital Recalls
The Zionist Terror Bombing Of King David Hotel

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

There are 14 hospitals in Gaza (four of these are major medical centers), so why was the Anglican (Church of England/Episcopalian) hospital targeted for aerial bombing, which killed some 600 patients, family members and medical staff on the night of Tuesday, October 17? Controversy continues to swirl as accusations and denials are flung by the murderous crew of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and his totally compromised National Unity government along with its howling lap dogs Biden and Blinken. Before delving into background narratives to this ongoing plot against the Arabs and rest of humanity, the keyhole issue is: Whodunit?

First, a bit of forensic analysis of the shocking mass-murder event is necessary. The hospital tragedy was not due to an explosion of a leaking gas line; all sides agree that it was a powerful munitions blast. Second, the Israeli claim of a errant Hamas rocket as the cause is transparently false, based on a few seconds of video of a rocket arcing and then sputtering out. The fragmenting warhead and rocket components were too scattered and fragmentary to have penetrated the hospital walls, blown apart walls, cratering the steel-reinforced concrete floors.

Third, eyewitness accounts from Palestinians outdoors indicate that an F-16 fired two rockets at the tall multistory structure. Since the roof top was not blown to bits, the hospital ward at a lower level took its twin hits at a low angle closer to horizontal than vertical, approximately 30-to-45 degrees, smashing through the exterior wall and windows but leaving the roof intact. By contrast, an independently launched rocket’s warhead (like the ones from Hamas) on descent would have crashed through the roof, leaving a series of gaping holes through the interior ceilings.

Fourth, which aircraft? Hamas lacks an air force, and any neighboring Arab military with air-power has yet to be deployed and also would have been radar-tracked by IDF entering Israeli airspace. That leaves two options as the source of the rockets: a rogue Israeli Defense Force (IDF) jet, which did not register its flight; or a U.S. Navy or Marine fighter-bomber from the USS Ford or Eisenhower. Did I just say “USA”? Did Joe Biden authorize a covert American airstrike on Gaza, similar to how Democrat President Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade on May 7, 1999? (I for one wouldn’t put it past him, especially when considering his addled brain condition of late.)

OK, so let’s consider these two possibilities of who-dunnit: The usual suspects aka bad-boy Israelis or the sly foxes of the Democrat Party USA (to stare down dissenting Republicans for unlimited aid to Yiddish Ukraine). Meanwhile, Israel’s unprincipled mega-coalition, which includes the rightist Likud and the liberal National Unity, is divided over the fast-arriving total-war scenario in the Middle East. Benjamin Netanyahu aka Bibi is ready to take on all comers from the Arab world in a final apocalyptic Armageddon; whereas the friendly opposition leader, ex-IDF chief Benny Ganz, is a proven realist who understands the limits of Jewish chutzpah (boldness). Benny’s one tough hombre but he’s got the basic ethics to avoid massive civilian casualties, whereas Bibi’s secret slogan seems to be: “Fewer but Better Dead.”

The Usual Suspects in Disinfo Ops

Behind the scenes, the macho Old Money Rothschilds and Bronfmans ecclesiastically believe “We did it before, Natches (children) so we can do it again, bring ‘em on!” By contrast, the New Jew wealth of Silicon Valley and the tech industry (Page, Ellison, Ballmer, Brin, Dell, Zuckerberg, etc.) are invested in Israel’s Silicon Wadi and realize total war is bad for online gaming sales and home-delivery of cannabis, while realizing that AI is nowhere close to ballistic readiness to exterminate all the undesirable Arabs and Muslims. Besides without Middle Easterners on every corner, how would anyone find good falafel in New York and LA? Besides, who’d want to ruin a dinner date with either Gigi or Bella Hadid?

So the New Money says, “Send in a jet-jockey from the Ford to create trouble for that madman Bibi; and whatever happens, Save Dubai!” That’s the choice of logic in war: Craven Capitalism versus Macho Fantasy. Sorry about the hospital; just apply to our corporate foundation for a brand-new Bethesda in Gaza.

An American airstrike on that Gaza hospital is not implausible and, ominously, there are Jewish pilots in the U.S. Navy. Thus, perfectly timed with the hospital air-strike, Biden was on his way to Tel Aviv, where he gets his campaign funds as two USN aircraft waited offshore from nearby Lebanon. How do suggest such counter-theories against the drivel from CNN and ABC? Logic.

Bidens wedded to Zion

Question: Why is Joe Biden, a nominal Irish Catholic, so pro-Israel to the point of being dis-invited by Jordan’s super-hospitable King Abdullah II and the lame-duck aid recipient Mahmud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority? Answer: Uncle Joe’s three children are/were married to Jews. His late elder son Beau’s Yid wife is Hallie nee Olivere. Ashley Biden’s spouse is Jewish doctor Howard Krein. The rogue Hunter’s second wife Melissa Cohen aka “Batya” is a sworn South African Yid foe of Dutch Protestant Boer anti-Semitic sentiment straight out of a far-right synagogue, betcha didn’t know that. And uh-oh, the First Lady’s maiden name is Jill Jacobs, as in Jacob’s ladder and she’s not part of a Christian congregation.

No shyte, Shylock, is Judaism all in at the First Family? Joe Biden’s paternal line is Irish, but the origins of his England-born mother Catherine Eugenia Finnegan is dodgy and maybe even Yiddish. Finnegan is an Irish name, popularized by the James Joyce novel “Finnegan’s Wake”, whose hero is the Hungarian Jew Leopold Bloom, a good bloke like George Soros who likes young men and fat women. As for “Eugenia”, that is a common name for Jewish women in France, Spain and Italy. Are we starting to get to somewhere between Dublin and Tel Aviv? Indeed, Biden vouched to the late Brit Queen for a knighthood for that mensch Michael Bloomberg in 2015, an honor prearranged via the Rothschild family, close friends of Joe. So here’s my more intriguing antisemitic questions: Was the U.S. Navy jet that bombed the al-Ahli hospital flown by a Jewish pilot? And when was Joe circumcised? Ouch!

A Matter of Motive

Why would a strategically placed agent of American Jewry (choose between Joe and Tony) order the bombing of a hospital in Gaza? Answer: To replace a caustic Netanyahu with a stooge of American Jewry, someone who is willing to heed advice from Secretary Tony Blinken and toe the line for Joe. Why? The greatest asset of world Jewry is NOT Israel; it is control over the USA, especially now when Judeo-American power is being challenged by the Russians, Chinese, the Arabs, Iranians and the rest. The mysterious hospital hit smells like a Soros operation, aimed at plucking the hot-headed revisionist Bibi out of the cabbage patch and planting instead a smooth operator such as Yair Lapid or Isaac Herzog. Nevertheless, the current conflict will meanwhile be pursued to kill off Hamas militants and depopulate Gaza, with the aim of reinforcing complaint Palestinians to accept the future scenario of a minuscule West Bank dependent on welfare payments from the UN via Israel and free passage out of Israel.

But, but, but - Isn’t the targeted hospital founded and funded by Episcopal diocese of Palestine and a legacy of the Church of England prior to the formation of the Israeli state? Anglicanism isn’t Kosher, so it’s fair game. Al-Ahli (All Hail!) Hospital was founded in 1882, as part of the Anglican mission to the Turkish Sultanate, which then controlled the Holy Land. (English Protestants were traditionally allied with the Turkish Sultanate to counterbalance a common foe, the Roman Catholic Church). Then during the First World War, Thomas Edward (T.E.) Lawrence served as adviser to the Hashemite dynasty of Hussein, the Sharif of Mecca, and his warrior son Faisal bin Ali to liberate Palestine from Turkish rule. Please do not inquire about what transpired inside the Turkish prison for all that’s known is that Lawrence left with a smile.

In June 1922, the League of Nations belatedly recognized Great Britain as supreme authority over the Palestine Mandate. That was in tandem with French control over Syria, carved out under the infamous Sykes-Picot secret treaty. So how did the Jews in the olden days become scattered outside their former homeland? The crushing of the Zealot resistance at Masada was followed by mass expulsion from Israel by Roman commander Titus (later crowned Emperor), who enacted a deportation policy known as the Diaspora. Much later in history, in the dying years of the Ottoman Empire, Jewish shysters managed to hoodwink apathetic Turkish rulers to allow subservient Jews to “teshuva” or simply “shuv” (return) to Palestine, including the Shabbetai Tsvi, a group-sex cult, known simply as “Donme” (Done Me!) and infiltration by hucksters such as the German Yid Isaak Schnitzer aka Mehmed Emin Pasha. Yes, another Wiener wurst.

Stealing Judea, thanks to Japan

The so-called Eretz Yisrael movement or “return to Israel” began in earnest thanks to Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s youthful disgruntlement with the Anglo-Japanese Naval Accords against Russia. While still the crown prince, the eager lad spent 5 months in England without the company of girls in either slim kimonos or buxom satin gowns, much to his disgruntlement, which later was undoubtedly the cause of so much vengeful hardship for Brit prisoners on the bridge over the River Kwai.

Hirohito’s disgruntlement with British “hospitality” promoted the rise of diplomats Yosuke Matsuoka, wartime foreign minister, and Chiune Sugihara, who was not a “humanitarian” as claimed by Bibi Netanyahu but a Japanese military-police run spy working under diplomatic cover. Sugihara provided visas to transport Lithuanian and Polish Jews out of the Hitler-threatened Baltic region aboard the Siberian Railway, with secret approval from Joseph Stalin, to Harbin, Manchuria and then onward to Shanghai. According to Polish scholars, Sugihara’s mission to Germany was based on two priorities: First, to recruit the Free Polish resistance to spy on Adolf Hitler (a Japan hater) and second to transfer radical young Jews for training in Shanghai to wage a guerrilla campaign against the British Army in Palestine (at the farthest reaches of the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere in league with longtime ally Turkey and Mussolini’s Jewish advisor Ze’ev Jabotinsky.) Humanitarian concerns had nothing to do with warfare, covert or otherwise.

The distrust of Hitler arose during the Japanese siege of Shanghai and during the so-called Nanjing Massacre of 1937, when the German Chancellor backed the Chinese Nationalist chief Chiang Kai-shek as the “Franco of Asia”. As a WWI trooper, Hitler loathed the opportunistic Japanese for “stealing” the German colonies in the Pacific islands and on the Shantung Peninsula (Tsingtao). To combat both the Germans and British, a Jewish exile community was thereby restarted in the old opium hub of the Sassoon dynasty, the power behind the Opium Wars that wrecked China’s morals and public health. There the seedbed of “Asiatic” Jewish resistance against the white Europeans was planted.

Japanese intel officers, several of whom had toured Palestine since 1927, oversaw weapons training for the Betar Zionist youth movement. Infiltrators were then secretively dispatched aboard Swedish ships to Yemen and then by local Arab dhows to Palestine, to prepare an underground network known as Irgun and the militant Stern gang, the latter launching hit-and-run guerrilla raids against British Palestine, in 1942 soon after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Blowing up the King David Hotel

While infiltration continued under the Jewish-Japanese covert operation, the Palestine operation was delayed by priorities closer to home in Tokyo, namely the invasion of Hong Kong, Singapore and Burma. Following Japan’s defeat in World War II, the belated covert struggle in Palestine resumed in earnest on June 1946, with the “Black Sabbath” British weapons raids against Jewish homes (based on British Jew informant tip-offs). Less than a month later the posh King David Hotel, headquarters of British intelligence services, was attacked by the Irgun with dozens of secretly planted bombs timed to explode on July 22, killing more than 90 British officers and staffers. That marked the real beginning of liberation of Israel as the Manchukuo of the Near East. Chiune Sugihara’s vision was at last realized on May 14, 1948 with the establishment of the State of Israel as a rogue nation pitted against Europe.

Deception, misdirection, covert-ops, media disinfo, sabotage, treachery and outright lies have since been the hallmarks of Israeli expansionism as just seen in the nighttime airborne missile attack on the Anglican-funded hospital in Gaza, falsely blamed on Hamas, yet another a continuation of the Black Sabbath struggle of the “Jew-panese” secret alliance against the West. The dark past of ideological Revisionism and Fascist ideology continues to thrive under the Nazi Jew Soros dynasty, their loyal puppet Antony Blinken (his parents Vera and Donald Blinken are longtime agents of George Soros’ Open Society hucksters in Europe) and, of course, that brain-added Golem Joe Biden, who’s not a Catholic at heart.

By comparison with these lying and cheating bloodthirsty assassins, tunnel-digging for Hamas is just a kindergarten exercise for nice Muslim kids. Hopefully, the Jewish hostages will be released when the Israelis and their foreign stooges wake up to the necessity of a prisoner swap and an honest peace deal. Otherwise the surprise hostage-taking, the bombing and the hatred goes on and on. It’s a grossly unfair fight that the Arabs have yet to master, while the Western “powers” remain subservient pawns of the Tribe. Remember always Masada, if only because a similar ending for the present generation of Israeli Jews may be the only way out of the unending brutality.