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Why, Even If You've Had COVID,
You're Likely To Catch It Again


"People who haven't had COVID will likely catch XBB.1.5 – and many will get reinfected." Paula Cannon, a virologist  at the University of Southern California in an interview with the USA today stated:

"The newest COVID-19 variant XBB.1.5 is so contagious that roughly 80% of Americans who've already been infected are likely to catch it again." "All the things that have protected you for the past couple of years, I don't think are going to protect you against this new crop of variants," she said.  The XBB.1.5 cases are growing The latest variant, called XBB.1.5, grew from 1% of cases to 27% from December 2022 to January 2023 according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Variant XBB.1.5: Symptoms

XBB.1.5 symptoms can range from almost nothing to  shortness of breath  and  dangerously low oxygen levels  that require  emergency medical attention .  Please read this to safeguard your health against the latest variant - XBB.1.5. Even the  Un-Vaxxed are experiencing symptoms  now. Sadly, the truth you need to know to safeguard your health has been taken down and ruthlessly censored.  CENSORED:  Dr. Richard Bartlett Interview that was Taken Down 
Read what Dr. Richard Bartlett had to say: "I was shocked because there was a proven solution to COVID that is readily available, it's at every pharmacy on every corner in the United States." "This remedy is called budesonide and costs $3 for the medicine for a treatment. It's so safe it's used on 2-pound premature babies in the NICU for decades." And if that doesn't make you think twice about the news you hear on the mainstream media channels... Then take a look at this:  Anthony Fauci recruited Matthew McConaughey, an A-list actor to interview him to blacklist the safe, effective and inexpensive COVID treatment - " Budesonide".

In the interview Matthew McConaughey asked Anthony Fauci:

"What about budesonide? People think that works against COVID." 

Anthony Fauci answered: 

"Well in reality, Matthew, it's just a placebo. It doesn't really work,"  Fauci did not offer any science or anything to back it up! 

You need to see this:

Oxford University, the oldest university in the English speaking world, founded in 1096 with 72 Nobel Prize laureates, did 2 randomized controlled trials. Here are the STOIC trial, and the PRINCIPLE Medical Trial results - on  Budesonide . Each trial was studying 1 medicine: inhaled budesonide against 1 disease COVID.

In fact, they stopped the studies early because the evidence was overwhelming - IT WORKED! 

The Oxford University concluded that  90% of hospitalizations and ER visits, and even urgent care visits, could be  PREVENTED  with budesonide, an inhaled steroid, for COVID (and it likely works well for COVID variants like XBB.1.5. too.)

Read What Dr. Richard Bartlett Recommends:  "How To Protect Yourself Against Variant XBB.1.5"  Our Health Experts and Medical Doctors know how to boost their natural immunity and properly protect themselves from the harmful spike proteins, foreign pathogens and the new COVID variants (like XBB.1.5) that can harm their immune system.  They know how to avoid getting sick from COVID and the new "XBB.1.5" variant. I've released a brand new eBook, telling you all about the exact protocols our Health Experts and Medical Doctors use to protect themselves from this new "XBB.1.5" variant...  Read the book today so you can find out  what you're missing out on  because of YouTube, Facebook, and CNN's  censorship. After you read the ebook you will know how to safeguard your body from spike proteins, all the new variants (including XBB.1.5) and protect yourself against "vaxx shedding" - whether you've been vaxxed or not.  It's time you found out the truth about the  4,000 Patents  and the  inexpensive remedies  our Health Experts and Medical Doctors want to share with you...

Get the rest of the informative interview and find out what  Dr. Richard Bartlett recommends for your vaxx shedding protocol too.

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