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Arkansas Plane Crash Linked To Ohio
Train's Chem-Weapons For Ukraine - Pt 3

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

This third part in an investigative series on the Ohio train derailing examines the mysterious plane crash in Little Rock, Arkansas, that killed five employees with the environmental laboratory contracted by Norfolk Southern for field studies of the chemical residues left from the EPA-ordered burn-trench disposal at East Palestine. The highly suspicious downing of a Beechcraft twin-prop plane, owned and operated by the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH), which has been revamped with a bright young team following its 2002 takeover by Irvine-based Montrose from the founding toxicologist, who had been widely criticized for laxity in favoring corporate polluters.

Despite exaggerated local media reports of strong winds at noon on Wednesday, February 22, the weather conditions posed no threat to flying, which raises serious questions of why the company-owned plane crashed within a minute of clearing Runway 18 at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. The irregularities surrounding the air-crash included an official cover-up of the actual crash location inside a 3M industrial complex, suspension of phone reception at Little Rock 911 and blatant disinformation by the Gannett newspaper group on the ill-fated Beechcraft’s destination.

Thus far, a review of that midair blast along with the registered flight destination suggests that the CTEH team was targeted for elimination under the pervasive Biden cover-up of chemical warfare agents in the tanker cars destined for secret use in Ukraine, which instead derailed at East Palestine, Ohio. Crashing a short distance from takeoff, the Beech BE20, an upgraded Beechcraft 200 Super King Air, which has an excellent reputation for flight performance and air safety, was blown to shreds midair before its fiery nose-dive into a 3M factory warehouse on the north end of the complex, barely averting a highway pile-up on Route 440, the link road between I-40 and I-30.

The planned destination, according to the flight plan, is inconsistent with the major media accounts from Gannett and the news agencies. Indeed, the travel plans of those investigators are shrouded in secrecy, indicative of an evasive maneuver to avoid detection by the high-level perpetrators of the East Palestine toxic cargo shipment, the EPA, which was fronting for the Biden White House to deploy the train cargo for a secret chemical warfare shipment to Ukraine, as disclosed in the first two parts of this series. To spare the lives of more American citizens here at home and in Ukraine combat, this essay is exposing the secret operation by Biden and rogue U.S. Air Force officers at their Little Rock base preparing to wage chemical warfare with drone delivery and napalm drops by Ukrainian-piloted F-16s “donated” by American taxpayers along with billions of dollars of other military equipment.

Drone Warfare over there and here

This essay, Part 3 of the Ohio chemical-cargo saga, presents compelling evidence that indicates the CTEH researchers were assassinated on executive orders from the White House, in an attempt to conceal the training in chemical warfare of the corps of Ukrainian military personnel training at the U.S. Air Force Base in Little Rock, the main center for teaching foreign military pilots how to fly F-16s, operate weaponized drones, and pilot C-130s for rapid delivery of heavy weapons and munitions into combat zones under enemy fire.

The use of a drone-delivery of a satchel of powerful explosives onto the targeted CTEH civilian airplane in Little Rock is reinforced by the fact that in the weeks prior to the Little Rock downing a Ukraine-deployed drone was battle-tested to plant a bomb onto a Russian aircraft during flight in a successful test of that technology. That breakthrough in drone deployment for midair demolition discloses the type of technology used to blast the CTEH Beechcraft on its departure from Clinton National Airport. Indeed, drone warfare has been rampant across Ukraine since the start of this year.

A review of the crash evidence in Arkansas suggests that the Ukraine War has come home to the USA, brutally ending the lives of five employees of the research firm assigned to uncover the truth about the illegal chemical-warfare cargo destined for Kiev, which was set afire in East Palestine on orders of the Biden White House. Within the first hour of the air crash, a media cover-up was well underway by Little Rock security officials, those holdover bureaucrats from Clinton’s term as governor, who are anxious about the incoming Republican governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter and political successor of conservative stalwart Mike Huckabee. At the time of crash, Ms. Sanders was intensely preoccupied by the assignment of appointees to her new administration, a situation known to her political adversaries among the Old Guard Democrats.

This report also challenges the liberal media disinformation campaign led by the monstrously bloated Gannett newspaper empire, the owner of USA Today. Being a career-long foe of propaganda as a journalism professor and investigative reporter, I am challenging the smear campaign by USA Today aimed at debunking a blogger’s suggestion that the CTEH team’s actual destination was East Palestine, which is partially and perhaps largely correct as shown farther along in this article. The Gannett media group’s harsh response to any suggestion of a connection between the Little Rock plane crash and the East Palestine derailment (despite the CTEH lab’s involvement in both incidents) had the chilling effect on the mainstream press and social media to altogether avoid any mention of the Little Rock air-crash mystery, the mysterious details of which far exceed the low-grade crime rehashed by any television-networks’ murder-investigation series.

The state-sponsored murder of truth-seeking forensic experts on a high-risk journey to uncover the facts behind the East Palestine contamination, and in pursuit of justice for the victims of toxicity, is reminiscent of that antiwar anthem against unjustifiable state-sponsored violence in the 1960s: “Four Dead in Ohio”. With prayers and condolences for their families and colleagues, along with the abandoned residents of East Palestine, this series will continue do whatever necessary to dig out and analyze evidence relevant to that beleaguered community’s search for truth and hopefully with luck bring the guilty parties at the highest level to a court of law. May the Little Rock Five rest in peace knowing that justice will be done, come hellfire or high water.

Short Takeoff at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

Contrary to the liberal hysterics against the research firm in charge of the East Palestine mop-up, CTEH was sold by its local corporate-friendly owner less than two years ago to Irvine-based Montrose, an investment-fund management firm consolidating the industry for greater efficiency and accountability in the troubled environmental pollution sector, plus yes, of course, sustainable profits, a cold hard reality in an uncharitable American economy. Fortunately, in a sign of improvement, the Little Rock operation has hired a corps of eager young staffers and improved its research standards in a clean break with past practices by an underweight local lab under enormous pressure from unethical corporate clients out to whitewash their toxic spills.

One of the drawbacks in this field, the quiet and rather repetitive routines of chemistry, has not attracted a lot flamboyant personalities, at least not since the long-gone era of Lavoisier and the field’s superstar of all time Marie Curie.

It must be psychologically difficult, indeed traumatic, for the newly assembled research team that their challenge of national significance results in not just one but now two terrible tragedies. Is it any wonder than CTEH management is keeping a low profile away from media reportage? Hopefully the loss of respected colleagues will not be a cause of career-long dejection and self-questioning but, to the contrary, compels the team to pursue the facts on the ground with the aim of busting open the high-level cover-up of the East Palestine affair.

This investigative reporter, who was educated in the organic chemistry department at Purdue University, is by now convinced that the burn-trench disposal of chemical evidence was not in any way a call by the Norfolk Southern executives but instead directly ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to shield the highest level officials at the White House and Pentagon from prosecution for blatant violations of the Chemical Weapons Treaty banning production and use in warfare or against civilian populations. The end-goal of the Biden White House and its fawning military coterie was a dirty victory through a chemical massacre in Ukraine. After the horrific setback in Little Rock with the deaths of five investigators of chemical spills, let’s not cave into fear but keep calm and carry on until justice is done. The bad guys are as bad as they get, and so we have to be good at rounding them up and dealing out justice.

Crash and Burn at 3M in Pulaski County

Just prior to noon on Wednesday, February 22, toxic site inspectors Micah Kendrick, Kyle Bennett, Gunter Beaty, and Glenmarkus Walker boarded the CTEH-owned twin-engine Beech BE20 (a 9-passenger business version of a Beechcraft 200 Super King Air) at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. Earlier predictions of light rainfall had not materialized and winds from the southwest were subsiding to below 40 mph. On takeoff from Runway 18, which is reserved for small aircraft, pilot Sean Sweeney planned to keep the plane climbing toward the south, into the wind, with the aim of circling leftward over the Arkansas River onto a northeasterly flight path toward Ohio with the added advantage of a tailwind. All systems were go, there was no cause for concern at takeoff.

After clearing the runway, at the start of ascent along a straight line and immediately after crossing the Highway 40 bypass (which connects I-40 with I-30), less than a mile from takeoff, the BE20 was suddenly blown to bits by a powerful explosion. The fragmenting plane nose-dived toward the rear of the 3M industrial complex, crashing through the roof of a large warehouse with truck-loading docks. A pillar of black smoke from burning aircraft fuel rose into the gray sky, and was caught on video by a nearby weather helicopter. The steep fast dive allowed no time for a bail-out by the passengers or pilot, who were likely killed in the powerful blast and within a few seconds after crushed on impact. Phone calls to 911 went unanswered over the next hour.

Meanwhile, as an emergency crew closed off the 3M grounds and hosed the flames, another team from an as-yet identified agency set up a fake crash-site farther south in a junkyard, hauling pieces of wreckage to that decoy site for reporters to snapshot. To veteran reporters the show-piece performance and transparent lies must have seemed like a throwback to the Governor Clinton era

Challenging the Official Cover-up

One of the lyrics by Bob Dylan goes: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” While the cause of this trivial “accident” was put on a cold back-burner in the FAA archives, the local news media were guided by sheriff’s deputies to pieces of the downed plane under a metal canopy at an outdoors junkyard in an overgrown wooded area, very poor stagecraft for a “crash site”. This sort of hurried cover-up is too damned typical of those rogue governors of Arkansas Bill Clinton and his suspected biological father (or uncle) Winthrop Rockefeller, whose political careers left a trail of missing millions and unclaimed cadavers.

The newly incoming governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of the Republican stalwart Mike Huckabee, was preoccupied at the time with appointing a long list of incoming state officials and lacked the information to make a critical comment on the crash shenanigans, leaving that task to Pulaski County’s African-American Sheriff Eric Higgins (her first misstep), the sort of yes-man “Yassah! Ahz gonna do what you say”, who substitute for genuine civil rights for truly talented and studious deserving blacks.

The blatant cover-up of the deaths of four toxic site inspectors employed and their pilot by the company hired by Norfolk Southern to conduct the assessment of health risk at East Palestine, now puts the burden on this writer, for starters, to connect the dots before federal and state governments shut down investigation of both the train derailment and the Arkansas plane crash and the mass media collaborators impose a ban on discussion. As yet the plane crash is categorized as an accident and not a murder case. So the clock is winding down as evidence is suppressed or destroyed on secret orders from the Biden White House. Oh, well, situation normal, all forged up, yet another SNAFU. We’ve gotten used to it decades ago.

Cleared for Takeoff

Could engine failure or pilot error have caused the crash? There are overwhelming odds against these two possibilities when considering the fact that Sean Sweeney, 64, was an long-experienced pilot and also a graduate of an aircraft maintenance and repair program who kept close tabs on the condition of his planes. The Arizona native’s first job after graduating from flight school was flying a crop-duster and later he worked as a stunt flier and airplane mechanic before his career as a corporate pilot over the past three decades. The public outcry over the East Palestine derailment, for which CTEH served as toxicology consultant, surely heightened his pre-flight precautions, which would have included thorough inspection of the aircraft, nighttime security precautions against a break-in and watchfulness for any equipment tampering. Since takeoff was scheduled for noon, Sweeney had the entire morning to inspect the company-owned prop plane.

The worldwide list of Beechcraft air accidents shows that the most recent crash of this model in the USA occurred in the early 1990s. There have been many more crashes of older models but the overwhelming majority involved resold planes operating on the African continent or South Asia, where routine maintenance and inspections are considered bothersome foreign-rituals aka a lot of rigmarole. The BE20 has an excellent reputation for reliability and safety among American pilots and corporate executives. Midair explosions are extremely rare in this country unless for a criminal purpose or a CIA plot.The downing of the CTEH plane could not have been due to equipment failure or pilot error. It was ripped by a bomb.

The Ukraine war comes home

One of the more puzzling questions is why the CTEH plane was downed so close to the main civilian airport in a major state capital and at risk of halting traffic on Highway 440? If the objective was to assassinate the toxic-site inspectors aboard, wouldn’t it have been better for the assailant(s) to set a time-bomb or arrange a ground-to-air rocket strike over a remote countryside area with an absence of witnesses in event one or more passengers survived the crash? Any survivors could then be easily be dispatched with a gunshot or, better, head-slammed with a sledgehammer by the death squad. As in a mafia job, a lack of eyewitnesses is the hallmark of professionalism for a hit-man.

Since the CTEH job was inside the confines of a major city, in clear view of heavily trafficked Highway 440, the explosive devise had to be sufficiently powerful to ensure that there were no survivors, meaning the bomb was as hefty as a heifer. Why immediately outside the airport? Because the cover-up had already been arranged with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and the Little Rock city manager’s office. Across the county line, there’s no telling what some ambitious young DA who went to law school out East might do with the fake narrative, sort of like Gary Cooper in “High Noon”.

How to Sabotage a Sitting Duck

How they did it: To avoid detection by security cameras on the surrounding hangars, the delivery system for the explosive device was likely a drone placing the bomb at late night hours or, far less likelier due to the risk of detection, while the targeted plane was slowly rolling down a taxi lane toward the runway. Given the uncertainty of an exact time of takeoff for small aircraft between large passenger jets and cargo planes, the detonator to trigger the blast was remote-controlled, which accounts for the very short distance between takeoff and downing. The bomb included an incendiary charge to ensure that the documents and research notes were incinerated at high temperature, leaving no possibility of text survival on a carbonized sheet of toasted paper scattered in the wind. (BTW, it can be presumed that all the security video footage in the vicinity has been confiscated and destroyed by the accomplice cops.)

For such a clean-cut operation inside the airport perimeter, the drone operator already had an airport access pass. He or she would have had either prior experience or expert coaching from a maintenance crew member or pilot familiar with Clinton National and also, of course, the BE20 model. Once the plane was identified in the darkness around midnight February 21-22, the saboteur would signal for the drone’s liftoff from a truck or van parked near the fence and steer it over the perimeter toward the aircraft. On approach, the drone with a flat metal-box cargo hovers over the plane for a gentle touchdown on the plane’s upper fuselage, aka roof, a couple of meters behind the pilot’s clear canopy (windshield). After the suction cups of the PBX (polymer-bonded explosive) attach to the fuselage, the saboteur pushed a button, releasing the drone from its cargo, and then quickly sends it back across the airport fence toward a waiting van. The operator then goes to a familiar hangar to wait until the morning shift arrives and departs with the rest of the night crew. Over his mobile phone, he says something curt like “the job’s done” since ‘mission accomplished’ might trigger a signals intercept.

As a fact relevant to this affair, rather than a random coincidence, is that several Ukrainian drone attacks have been launched in the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus against Russian aircraft, some of these during midair flight. CNN reported “In early December, Russia reported multiple attacks by Ukrainian drones targeting military infrastructure, including air bases that lie hundreds of miles inside Russian territory and beyond the reach of Ukraine’s declared arsenal of drones.” Admittedly, Little Rock is quite a stretch from Kiev so how did a Ukrainian saboteur manage to acquire a drone and the PBX explosive in, of all places, the Arkansas of those comic-strip forerunners of the Ozark Clintons: Li’l Abner, Daisy Mae, Pigpen Sally and Mammy Yokum? (There is a resemblance to Bill’s biography.)

What’s the probability that a Ukrainian sabotage team purely on their own initiative had penetrated Clinton National Airport security, obtained the CTEH flight plan, remote-operated a drone to place the bomb, video-recorded the takeoff and blast, and then made their escape as the bomb detonated at their command? Nada, no way; it had to be a covert operation by locals familiar with that airport and expert with explosives and drones. That points to the local day-job trainers of the Ukrainian saboteurs, as we venture into The Wild Blue Yonder!

The Little Rock Air Force Base is located across the Arkansas River at a driving distance of 16 miles north of Clinton National. Of course, military crewmen can obtain entry passes to the nearby airfield. Veteran USAF “forward observers” are expert at the dark arts, honed in Syria and Afghanistan, of midnight raids and black ops, for which they are training their Ukrainian pupils. These tech-savvy ninjas are eager to kill the Russkies in droves, earning plush retirement terms in remote areas such as Montana, Idaho and rural Pennsylvania. Drone warfare is what beefburgers are to fast-food chains, the main course, all the rage in Ukraine combat decimating the Russkies. Drones are US.

Cat and Mouse Game in Ohio

The decision to down the BE20 aircraft was likely approved as a last-minute gambit to prevent the CTEH crew from flying to an unexpected meeting in a switch of destinations in Ohio, planned for the late afternoon following landing in the Birthplace of Aviation. Contrary to the bogus Gannett claim, the BE20 was not destined for the Cleveland location of a copper metal-working fabrication plant. The fact checker at Gannett lied to the public. The flight plan was from Little Rock to Columbus, the state capital of Ohio and location of the office of Republican Governor Mike DeWine and his staffers, who would have a personal interest in the CTEH forensic findings on the actual names of those chemicals inside the burn-trench at East Palestine.

My surmise is that preliminary lab tests of contaminated soil samples done at CTEH Little Rock, using chromatography, ion spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy along with PCR for organics, and perhaps newer detection methods such as infrared and ion detectors for oxidized aka burnt organic substances along with intact chemicals from soil samples, would identity the liquid contents of the destroyed tanker cars. Those substances from the Dow-Mallinckrodt’s complex of “obsolete” storage tanks in Madison, Illinois (across the Mississippi from St. Louis, MO) to have been far more weaponized than the EPA derailment report had claimed. The preliminary findings, leaving the more complex samples for further testing, were what the four-staffer crew were to deliver to the Ohio governor’s office and perhaps other key individuals. The list of smoking guns would have been sufficient to call in an FBI probe and possibly launch an international investigation under the Chemical Weapons Treaty.

The secrecy involved shows the CTEH was aware of the possible threat from federal goons, but what they probably did not count on was that military intelligence officers at the Little Rock AFB were listening in, through communication intercepts unimaginable to the chemists and other despised civilians. Access to those data findings could enable Republican leaders or eco-activists to threaten a chemical weapons case against Joe Biden and his runt of a sidekick Zelensky, effectively throwing the Democrat Party presidential campaign into chaos and putting the Ukrainian Army into serious peril. Contrary to folklore, military intelligence is not an oxymoron, they are a threat to critics anywhere on the planet or in near space and even on the Moon, and probably by now on Mars and one of the moons of Saturn. This is not local sparring or international conflict, it’s a battle for the Solar system.

Aware of the emerging threat out of East Palestine, the Ukrainian saboteurs training at the nearby Little Rock Air Force Base were therefore ordered by the DIA to “kill the messenger”, the offending toxic-site investigators aka the enemy inside the gates. This mentality that justifies no-holds-barred summary executions is one of the blow-backs from the White House’s primitive warfare without civilized rules of conduct waged in the outlands of Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Somalia, Chad and the Turkic tribal regions of Ukraine, a psychological reversion into the dark heart of tribal warfare, as done by that memorable character played by Marlon Brando in “Apocalypse Now” - the master of beheading, Colonel Kurtz.

One could easily add Arkansas during the Civil War to the list of wars of atrocity, being the heartland of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rites Freemasons, the secret society founded by Albert Pike, the scholar of occult paganism and commander of Confederate forces at the Battle of Pea Ridge (in the northwest corner of Arkansas). There, his vanguard troopers in gray uniforms from the Five-Tribe alliance of Oklahoma Indians scalped Union soldiers and plucked out their internal organs to eat raw, to the shock of stunned Federal troops and also many genteel Confederate officers. Following the bloody fight to a draw on the battlefield, the gentlemanly Robert E. Lee demoted Pike from his command for unacceptable barbaric conduct. This legacy of no hold’s barred responses to perceived enemies continued during the Civil Rights movement, with violent opposition and attack dogs against the 1954 desegregation of Little Rock schools, which required President Dwight Eisenhower to order federal troops to occupy the Arkansas state capital, an unprecedented move in modern times.

It is impossible to comprehend the current Ukraine conflict without an understanding of gleeful beserker barbarism, which was a factor in the CTEH airplane downing and, by inference, the ghastly poisoning of East Palestine, these being logistical necessities for continued tribal warfare in Ukraine by Zelensky’s suicidal Turkic Kipchak followers versus Russian Orthodox Christians, the latter being remnants of the Byzantine-Roman civilization of Constantine the Great. Blood runs thicker than the waters of the Black Sea. That distant war and now the consequences at home are a horrifying Albert Pike moment for this generation of young Americans. (I completely disagree with toppling Pike’s statue because it should be left standing to remind Americans of our own hearts of darkness, ready to spring back like a vampire from the crypt at any given moment.)

That legacy of no-holds-barred warfare was a signature leadership trait of that outstanding President from Arkansas, Bill Clinton, from his support by cocaine trafficking thugs through Mena Airport in support of the brutal Contra zealots in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, the NATO invasion that dismembered the Republic of Yugoslavia into religious blocs waging war on Serbia, the unprovoked bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, the military intervention against Haiti which reinstalled voodoo cultist militias, an endless mission Afghanistan, three troop boosts in Iraq, covert war in Yemen and a dozen other nations, and the ill-fated invasion of Somalia aka “Blackhawk Down”. As a blood-thirsty Scottish Rites initiate, Billy was a proven successor to Albert Pike. Joe Biden has a lot of catching up to do to earn his statue in the big boys’ circle, after losing the Afghan game and now on the ropes in Ukraine. Dragging his heels to avert the embarrassment of another big loss, however, could cost a whole lot of lives of innocent civilians and America’s covert-ops teams in brutal combat.

On a minor note, the fierceness of localist opposition in Little Rock was depicted in the racial attitudes of the leading lady played by Mary Martin on stage and Mitzi Gaynor in the film version of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical “South Pacific.” The point here is not to demonize one attitude or the other, over the long stretch since Gettysburg, but to work out a modus vivendi based on law and, as much as possible without being hypocritical, mutual respect for local custom. Hating confederate hold-outs is no better than the alternative of joining up with Pike. Forgiveness and reconciliation are the only way to put the madness behind us, meaning the Ukraine war must be brought to a quick end ASAP and all those issues dealt with at the negotiating table. Victory for our side is no more achievable that it was on the Korean Peninsula, Vietnam, Syria or Afghanistan. Solutions other than warfare and sanctions need to be pursued with enemies and ruthless friends alike, for the world is not a gentle loving place.

Right now, five staffers with a crucially needed environmental research firm are dead, while the population of eastern Ohio remains at risk of serious environmental poisoning. Business as usual, taking orders from one’s superiors, is not going to result in resolution of the crisis at hand. A bipartisan congressional committee, with a nod from the Supreme Court majority, needs to encourage or force Joe Biden to step down and enable a new president untainted by the Ukraine war to lead the negotiations with Moscow, Kiev and NATO member-states. That is the big-picture coming out of East Palestine and Little Rock before many more Americans are slaughtered in a hopeless crusade. Chemical weapons will not rescue the Ukrainians and certainly cannot save us from moral culpability. When human effort goes astray, unfold and read the dollar bill: In God We Trust.

Gannett’s Gaffe

When a blogger got a mere 80 views, mine included, for his claim that the CTEH staffers were heading to East Palestine, his post was bashed and berated by USA Today (Gannett publishing group) for being a patent liar and that the team of investigators were instead destined for Bedford, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) for an inspection visit to a metals factory damaged by a workshop fire. These competing claims demand our close attention.

The BE20 flight record shows neither airport at Cleveland nor Columbiana county airfield, near East Palestine, as the planned destination. The CTEH Beechcraft was bound for Columbus, the Ohio state capital, about 140 miles driving distance to either Cleveland or East Palestine. That means the blogger was less in error than USA Today, or to put it in reverse more correct than the self-appointed corporate-news fact checkers.

Why Columbus? There were three possible/probably reasons of a compelling nature. First, Columbus is the location of the office of Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, who has shown a strong interest in learning about the forensic evidence aka the unpleasant facts of the chemical payload in the East Palestine derailment. Second, apparently as a security precaution, the CTEH team used the ploy of “flying to Columbus” to avoid being intercepted by Biden’s lackeys or USAF-CIA intelligence officers aka assassins, which might have led to a possible plane crash over Ohio by a “stray” missile fired from an F-22 Raptor.

Following their presumed, off-record late-afternoon session with DeWine’s aides and attorney, the CTEH team would likely have split into two parties driving rental cars, one to Cleveland-Bedford and the other to East Palestine. What might have been the purpose of an unscheduled trip to the train-wreck site? My guess is the handover of an initial chemical-analysis report to CTEH staffers still on site awaiting a chem-testing report (to help with selecting contaminated areas to dig up) and, possibly, handing a copy to the town mayor to read under terms of confidentiality. Also East Palestine is close enough to the Pennsylvania state line to arrange for one of Governor Josh Shapiro’s to pick up a summary of findings.

Yet the most compelling reason for a secretive visit to East Palestine was to provide the initial toxicology report to anti-pollution activist Erin Brockovitch on her site-visit to East Palestine on February 24, just two days after the CTEH plane crash. Her law firm would have a keen interest in the chemical findings and also a reference from the research team for a meeting with the executives and laboratory chiefs at Montrose Environmental in Irvine, CA, conveniently close to her home base in California. On the part of the young staffers at CTEH, the Ohio trip was brilliant move on the chessboard, which was blown away by a bomb. Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do in the docket. No American president has yet been hanged for crimes against the people and the Constitution, it would be an excellent precedent and warning to future would-be dictators.

The Air Force’s clandestine role in the Ukraine conflict

The Little Rock Air Force Base, across the Arkansas River, north-northeast of Clinton National, is the key planning, training and mobilization center for Biden’s secret war in Ukraine as the first step toward World War III. Imagine the imperial hubris: Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, and Joe Biden, conquerors in three world wars, carved into the second Mount Rushmore. The thought is sickening.

At LRAFB is the home of the 18th Air Force’s weapons training school, which instructs and provides combat training to military personnel from 47 allied nations to fly tanks, artillery and ammo aboard C-130 armed transport planes into war zones around the globe. At present, the star students are Ukrainian airmen training as pilots, crewmen, logistics personnel and forward observers.

Fort Chafee, southwest of the city of Fort Smith in northwest Arkansas, has recently been reopened, apparently for live-fire gunnery training by Ukrainian pilots flying F-16s out of Little Rock. The revived base will probably host drone-warfare exercises, after the “successful” drone attack at Clinton field.

Computer-based simulations for trainee pilots at Little Rock AFB are followed by live-fire exercises and war games at the Nellis testing range in southern Nevada. The 29th weapons squadron at Little Rock is a detached unit (geographically only) under the command of the USAF Weapons School at Nellis. Top-secret training in airborne chemical warfare at Nellis is happening despite the illegality.

Thus, the abortive flight of the CTEH Beechcraft provides us with a dark insight onto the behind-the-scenes war planning by the Biden-Obama-Clinton cabal, which now so casually threatens the health, lives and environment of the environs of East Palestine as insignificant collateral damage in pursuit of the greater goal of launching World War III. The present arsenal of chemicals for use in warfare is a giant step farther than Obama’s CIA-USAF war crimes in Afghanistan of spraying so-called “sleeping gas” against Afghan family compounds and, earlier in the Vietnam War similar narcotic tactics by the CIA in the secret war in Laos, followed up with indiscriminate use of Agent Orange compounds. The unlawful mania of our fathers must not be repeated against our children, their grandchildren.

Under international treaty law, the use of chemicals is illegitimate in warfare and categorized as a means for genocide. Even Adolf Hitler, who as a young soldier in the First World War witnessed the indiscriminate horrors of gas warfare, refused to deploy poison gas while the Soviet Army was converging on Berlin, making him arguably a more decent soul than our recent presidents. That’s how far this nation has fallen from God’s grace.

The Chiaoscuro of Montrose and Gannett

The Italian Renaissance art term translates as “contrast of light and dark”, an appropriate way to regard the fact-based environmental mission of Montrose versus the black hand of press censorship that is Gannett. The moral struggle in the Star Wars series, arising from the temptation of slipping into darkness (as put by Eric Burdon) is far likelier than redemption for murderous villains. Helping CTEH-Montrose from derailing from its mission is part of the environmental trust, rather than heaping abuse on the politically powerless team of chemists. Public opinion matters because that’s all there is against organized evil.

While size is factor in any economic sector, the Montrose strategy of sector consolidation through major investment fund participation is perhaps the only means of effectively dealing with toxic waste sites and pollution on a large scale, given the inability of smaller labs to challenge major corporations that are their clients, question the lack of progress by the EPA at toxic waste dumps, and summon the political muscle to enact effective anti-contamination legislation. Now with its lethal role in the East Palestine cover-up, an EPA beholden to an untenable political agenda demanding secrecy about the cargo of universally banned chemical weapons will be discredited in a matter of months.

The young team at CTEH-Montrose, therefore, need to summon the courage to resist official pressures and illegal demands to cave into a whitewashing of their assessment and final report. Abject Surrender to illicit pressures will not only stain their corporate identity but also destroy the credibility of the entire field of toxicology since the professional mission is to prevent toxic pollution rather than to promote poisoning of the public. For an earlier generation of aspiring organic chemists, our ethical resistance to the MK-ULTRA project and Agent Orange was waged at a terribly high personal cost, the crushing of our youthful dreams. Yet, in hindsight, our individual loss redeemed the credibility of organic chemistry. Personal sacrifice for the ethical standards of scientific research is today the same core theme in the tragic loss of five brave professionals at Little Rock. Their sacrifice should instill pride in their colleagues, summoning the “impossible” courage to pursue the truth, whatever the obstacles or threats from cynical high-ranking liars with zero respect for scientific advancement in the service of humanity.

The courageous residents of East Palestine are on the front-line of the American people’s desperate battle for truth, justice and environmental health, refusing to be treated like meek sheep to the slaughterhouse. The embattled communities along the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line deserving of our respect and full support. The spirit of the American Revolution is not buried in the deep past, it is with us today alive and well and still kicking. Thank you, brave people of eastern Ohio for showing us that brute power shall never eliminate human decency and that the American spirit of liberty lifts our hopes and calls us to rally against tyranny.

The third part of Toxic Train Derailment series should conclude with a critique of mass media collaboration in the federal cover-up. As a journalist and former professor of journalism, my professional beef with the Gannett empire centers on its suppression of press freedom, diversity of opinion and free-for-all public debate, curtailed and sacrificed for media monopolism and top-down editorial control by the Gannett group, which owns and controls 100 major daily newspapers nationwide, including the Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Inquirer, the Akron Beacon Journal, The Vindicator serving Youngstown among other Ohio dailies and the Beaver County Times in Aliquippa PA across the state-line from East Palestine. A genuine democracy would disband that monopolistic and dumbed-down propaganda empire and restore press freedom as demanded by the signers of the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776. Without a free press, there is no freedom of expression, thought and action. That is not a opinion but a proven fact worldwide. Here again, the People vs. the official press compelled a lone blogger to challenge the false official narrative, and it was his perception of a cover-up in Little Rock that inspired the effort put into this essay.

Author’s note: Yoichi Shimatsu was enrolled in world-leading organic chemistry program at Purdue University in the mid-1960s but, along with 10 other chem and biology students, dropped out following the gunshot assassination of the brilliant dean who was a consulting chemist with Eli Lilly. Some 30 years later, a government file was released indicating that Lilly, in that dark era of the Vietnam War, produced LSD for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA assassin-training program. After that traumatic experience he opted for a career path of investigate journalism.