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John Barbour On Tipping...


I am either very stupid or very sweet.

This morning, I was notified by my insurance company that my auto coverage went up $120 a month even though I have an unblemished driving record. I was enraged. So I got the nice young lady broker on the phone and asked her what was going on. She said other things, including uninsured drivers in Las Vegas, have increased the rates by 1/3 to all drivers, plus inflation. So, the cost of everybody's auto insurance went up.

When I asked her how do people get by, she said she didn't know, except just paycheck to paycheck. Well, after that, I was so pissed I just wanted to go and have a private lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant just a few blocks away, which has the greatest food in town at the lowest costs. I got there at 3:00 and was the only one there. I ordered my usual delicious salmon teriyaki and a glass of plum wine and tried to calm down.

Soon a 20ish Asian woman entered who was very very pregnant. She sat alone a few tables away in a corner. When the waiter approached her and asked her what she wanted she humorously replied, 'A girl!' My first chuckle of the day, then she then added, 'Just some small greens, all I can afford.' Now I was back to thinking how does anyone get by these days.

I ordered the usual takeout dish for my wife Sarita. While I waited for my check I saw there were only five of us in the place, two customers two waiters, and the chef. When the check finally arrived I just could not help myself. I gave my waiter 15 bucks for himself, 15 for the other waiter, 15 for the chef, and an extra $50 for the waiter to pay for the young mother to be, and if there was change, to just give it to her. As I walked past her on the way out I told her that my wife Sarita looked just like her when expecting and that she had the greatest boy. So, good luck!!

It was money well spent not to feel pissed! I have no idea why I did it!