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Chemical Weapons In Ohio Train Wreck
For Genocide By Drones In Ukraine

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

It was heartening to learn that the anti-pollution activist Erin Brockovich has visited East Palestine residents to warn residents not to accept government claims of a harmless chemical burn-off at face value. The deceitful lackeys in the Biden administration are not about to admit the criminal operation compelling the White House executive order to eliminate incriminating evidence of chemical weapons from the derailed railway tankers to avert international scrutiny of illegal transfer of banned substances through that Ohio-Pennsylvania border region and consequent water poisoning for downstream communities along the Ohio River on its route past Wheeling, WV, and Cincinnati.

The EPA (which acted more like Eco-Pollution Agents) under its deceitful director Michael Regan has been heaping sole blame on the Norfolk Southern Railway company for the chemical conflagration at East Palestine, Ohio, rather than admit the White House’s own culpability for illicit smuggling from a Dow-Mallinckrodt chemical-weapons storage site in Madison, Illinois for a secret military deployment of a planned NATO offensive against Russian troops in Ukraine. Among these toxins, the precursor for chlorine gas warfare banned since World War I was discussed in Part 1 of this series. Here, in Part 2, four other toxic chemicals frantically disposed of in the East Palestine burn-off are shown to be part of the illegal chemical weapons stockpile hidden in Madison, Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, the home-field of the implicated Mallinckrodt pharmaceutical and chemical weapons supplier.

Joe Biden is not the first, and probably not the last American leader suffering delusions of grandeur and symptoms of psychosis, as did his WMD predecessor George W. Bush of Gulf War syndrome notoriety. These worst-case executive psychos should be treated by the public like mad King George III, tyrannical law violator despised and opposed by the Founding Fathers of these United States.

Here, the same international standards on chemical weapons voiced by NATO to oust Saddam Hussein should be similarly applied to Joe Biden and his closest subordinates who deserve capital punishment for their plans for false-flag first-use strikes in the Ukraine conflict. You may recall that the ousted tyrant Saddam hid in a hole for months before his capture, whereas the dictator Biden shows the temerity to still occupy his “presidential palace” aka the Oval Office in defiance of the legal precedents from the Tokyo War Crimes trials and Nuremberg verdicts against production and deployment of chemical weapons and in violation of the treaties banning chemical weapons of 1925 and 1997.

On humanitarian grounds, let me agree here that the formalities of law should precede the executions by hanging, and so the Grim Reaper must await a proper judicial verdict. If the International Court at the Hague, which looked the other way as their suspect Slobodan Milosevic “succumbed to suicide” in prison, should apply equal standards of justice by ordering the arrest of Mr. Biden based on the telling evidence of planned genocide with long-banned chemical weapons disposed illegally to hide the evidence in East Palestine, Ohio. Be very clear, dear Justices of the Court, a double standard toward Biden would invalidate the ICJ’s legitimacy. International law is based on a single standard, justice for all, or else your jurists will have to revive Gaddafi, Hussein and Milosevic from their coffins. By giving privileged use of poison for some chosen leaders destroys the validity of both the international Court and NATO, leaving it up to the victimized communities to avenge their grievances. Joe, you can hobble but you can’t hide. And don’t go canoeing on the Ohio River.

Given the severity of international law toward production and deployment of chemical weapons, the Biden lackeys have told a string of bald-faced lies to residents in Ohio and nearby Pennsylvania, assuring local communities of the safety of air quality and their water supply. If so, why was an order for burn off issued? When only a single liquid cargo was detected to be overheating, why would between a dozen to 16 tankers in total be set afire? What is the White House hiding? There is only once obvious answer: Team Biden was caught red-handed preparing and planning chemical warfare in Ukraine with chlorine and at least five other toxic compounds (and probably more that are too notorious for international mention). The White House is under hostile occupation by war criminals.

As this analysis proceeds, there is every indication that the most fatal of chemicals, the Unholy Trinity of nerve gas warfare (sarin, tabun and VX), have been redacted from the EPA manifest of burnt cargo at East Palestine. Disclosure of all the lethal contents would, of course, bring about the fall of the present Democrat regime, once and forever, and Joe Biden’s dispatch in shackles as a defendant on trial at The Hague. One notable point, the Dow partner company in league with chemical weapons and A-bomb maker Mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals, are already implicated inr the Manhattan Project’s nuclear waste burial, burning and perpetual smoldering radioactive smoke in a vast industrial waste site, monitored by the criminal EPA, at a St. Louis suburb, which serves as the unheeded precedent for the East Palestine rail fires polluting the Ohio River region. We are dealing again with hardened environmental criminals while the self-appointed “Green movement” looks the other way for funding from next-generation polluters.

Chemical Warfare planned for Ukraine

The findings of this article series so far indicate that the chemical contents (each described below) of all the tankers in the derailed train were intended for military use against Russian military forces in Ukraine during a planned major NATO counteroffensive. The lethality of these compounds are, in this situation, best described in an order of battle, specifically for a deep-penetration NATO armored offensive across eastern Ukraine and onward into southwestern Russia.

Due to the sensitive nature of chemical weaponry in public opinion, all vehicles and drones involved in spraying or torching with banned substances will be identified with the blue-and-yellow Ukraine flag. In the event that bizarre accusations by ethically troubled NATO officers, Russian survivors or Ukrainian civilians caught in the crossfire, the Pentagon can assure the UN that the sole suspect for violations of the Chemical Weapons Treaty is a zealous “Mr. Zelensky, who’s been acting off his rocker of late and likely traded the missing American weapons systems for banned chemicals from North Korea or Iran.” Zel, you are as disposable as newly issued toilet tissue, and as easily forgotten as Milosevic, Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Watch your backside before squatting on a landmine! And don’t drink the water.

The targeted terrain comprises rolling plains of steppe grasslands, ideal for tank offensives and offering long-range visibility for aircraft. Many of the troop concentrations are in sub-taiga forests with added camouflage netting to avoid aerial detection. In the order of battle, a series of chemical weapons releases planned in secret by the Pentagon and White House shall prepare the way for the NATO blitzkrieg offensive Russian ground forces. Independent media coverage will be banned, “for safety reasons”, to maintain the element of surprise and suppress any disclosure of the illegal use of chemical weapons on the largest scale since trench warfare in Belgium and France during World War I. The prime delivery system will be agricultural drones, recently adopted for crop dusting pesticides over large areas of farmland. (Details given further on here.) The following list is the foreseeable sequences of the false-flag operation.

First, for cover and propaganda purposes, the false flag chlorine gas attack is to be blamed on Russia with a massive chlorine bombardment against “unsuspecting victims” in western Ukraine and eastern Poland, and possibly also Romania and Hungary, in order to trigger a NATO counterattack as a “mission to protect” civilians from mass murder, basically a declaration of “just war” by the conniving Alliance against Russia. Remember always, war is good for industry!

Second, NATO’s bold rejection of Russian denials will soon be followed by a rapid “Ukrainian” response with night-time spraying by (crop-duster) drones of ethylhexyl acrylate (rare use as an insect poison) to cause eye damage and nasal-lung disorders impeding breathing by Russian soldiers asleep outdoors in camps and dug-out bivouacs at battle positions, killing the targeted personnel or maiming them sufficiently to put them out of action and suffering health damage for the remainder of their shortened lives. The tanker load of ethylhexyl acrylate is sufficient to kill off the population of New York City. The news media will be told by NATO publicists that “the Russians were caught napping”.

Note: Some facts about sprayer drones must be mentioned. Quad-propeller drones with up to 3 meter wingspan can deliver a chemical load of up to a quarter U.S. ton or 0.225 metric Euro ton, approximately 50 gallons. These flying machines are used on larger farms for spraying of liquid pesticides or for seeding. The largest capacity drone is the DJI Agra line produced by Shenzhen DJI and another type, the helicopter UAV built in Chiangjiang, made in and shipped from China. Some U.S. distributors, including Hylio Agrisol, claim their products to be Made in USA but these are actually assembled here from Chinese kits. These early-model drones are mainly used for spraying fungicides that are highly toxic for humans, wildlife, farm animals, fish and, of course, insects. The EPA has approved the most toxic ag chemicals with lethality levels comparable to nerve gas, including paraquat, pyrethroid, dichloropropene and methormyl, many of these banned in Europe, Brazil and even China. In no-holds barred Ukraine, outside of EU safety protocols, these chems are routinely spread over wheat fields, and therefore serve as excellent vehicles during the springtime planting season for chemical warfare against humans. Many of the large drones have already been delivered to the Ukraine military for surveillance purposes and can be readily retrofitted for their original purpose of crop-dusting. Of course, to spread poison on humans, the drones must descend for flight paths easily targeted by snipers and machine-gunners like a turkey shoot or duck hunting. Just don’t go near those dead birds.

- Third, early morning bombardment with artillery-delivered canisters of EGME aka ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (used in cleaning solvents) for a chemical fog over massed Russian troop movements atop staging areas and along highways. EGME bonds with blood corpuscles to induce seizures of the lung followed by rapid death due to asphyxiation following sudden blood loss from rupture of lung cells. (Meanwhile NATO propagandists will deny any knowledge about chemical weapons by blaming the Russians for mishandling their own chemical arsenal or drinking contaminated vodka.)

- Fourth, in towns and villages with a dense civilian population, NATO will use nonlethal butyl acrylate (a flammable, toxic substance used for making plastics, paints, sealants and adhesives) sprayed over urban neighborhoods to induce headache, dizziness, nausea and irritation to the nose, throat and lungs, to discourage local residents from leaving their homes so that the streets, parks and fields can be designated as free-fire zones, killing off Russian soldiers, medical workers and ambulance drivers.

- Fifth, flamethrowers using isobutylene, a derivative of butane as from your cigarette lighter, to set afire armored vehicles, set fire to buildings and destroy pockets of resistance in trenches or foxholes, similar to its effective use against bunkers during the U.S. invasion of Okinawa at the end of World War II. Isobutylene explains madman Zelensky’s ardent desire to obtain F-16s, which are useless in air-to-air dogfights with Russian Sukhoi jets but an effective means to drop canisters of napalm-like incendiary gas onto enemy positions as pioneered in the Vietnam War.

- And sixth, the finishing blow against the Russian regional headquarters in Crimea, along the Donetsk and southern Russia with a secret nighttime strike with the most feared and totally illegal types of organic chemical nerve gases, sarin (GB), tabun and VX, which remain abundantly present in the U.S. military arsenal against all international conventions, and likely present in the unmentioned tanker cars set afire in East Palestine. This knock-out blow went unreported by the EPA, due to its absolute illegality following the Tokyo Subway Gassing of 1995 (where less toxic substitutes were actually used). These nerve gases hidden away in the U.S. Army arsenal originated from Rodia, a subdivision of Solvay. Whether the organophosphates were hidden at the Madison secret storage and sent aboard the doomed train to East Palestine remains unsolved.

Of course, CNN and propaganda arms like ABC News will not present any hint of American first use of banned chemical weapons during a NATO invasion of Ukraine, Belarus, Crimea and the Donetsk region, and southwestern Russia. Any burnt remains of military equipment, camps and blackened corpses or piles of bodies without bullet wounds will be blamed on the Russians themselves. In terms of evil designs and propaganda lies, Joe Biden and his criminal associates in government are arguably worse than the Nazis or Mussolini in terms of planning a deceptive propaganda war. Their plans and potential conduct are absolutely despicable for a self-proclaimed “Democrat” government proud of being a UN member. The chemicals do not lie, governments lie.

Even after bulldozers and dump trucks removed hundreds of tons of solid waste (contaminated dirt) from the derailment site, the sputtering fumes spread traces of these toxic chemicals over the hundreds of square miles along the Ohio-Pennsylvania borderland. Thousands of wild birds and mammals were killed in the neighboring fields, meaning the landscape is impregnated with these chemical weapons.

Even a residual trace amount of ethylhexyl acrylate, ingested by breathing, or of EGME in water can do lifelong damage to humans, their pets and wildlife. The impact on regional agriculture is yet to be determined, but all food and fodder production should be independently monitored for poisonous substances. Cold winter temperatures ensure that these chemicals will remain intact until washed along by early summer rainfall through Beaver creek into the Ohio River, which demarcates the Oho state borders with West Virginia (and its capital Wheeling) and Kentucky. The city of Cinncinnati, hundreds of miles downstream, has ceased use of Ohio River water as a precautionary measure.

A Mallinckrodt Legacy for the EPA

These lethal chemicals likely originated with the Dow-partnered Mallinckrodt pharmaceutical firm, a defense contractor working under cover of pharmaceuticals. Following the fold-up of its secret chemwar operations in the early 1970s, much of the chemical waste was transferred by Continental Mining to Berkeley, Mo, and by Cotter and Commercial Discount to Canon City in Colorado, south of the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain complex. Other high-grade chemicals simply vanished into thin air. An aerial photo of the Dow uranium-purification facility in Madison, Illinois, shows dozens, even hundreds of pit-like storage facilities, without clear identification of their contents or purpose. The EPA controls both the former Mallinckrodt and Dow facilities on either bank of the Mississippi, meaning its director Michael Regan is a shameless bald-faced liar, to be one of the first in the docket at an international war crimes trial. Unfortunately for him, African Americanism will offer no cover or defense against an attempted genocide and mass poisoning charges.

Taking the lead among the high-ranking Democrat culprits trying to evade personal responsibility for their botched Ukraine chemwar plot are Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and EPA chief Michael Regan, bumbling lackeys and fall guys of the Biden-Zelensky gas-warfare criminals. “The man” Redd Foxx had better sense than these Toms. The fact that the dirty work for chemical warfare was assigned by a sneaky self-serving Joe Biden to his African American “Stepin Fetchit” lackeys exposes the cowardly contempt of politically correct liberal-left Democrats toward their black colleagues aka gangsta’ underlings, the very worst type of sly hypocritical racism that is far more demeaning and pervasive than the up-front and brutally frank attitudes of old-world slaveholders who dared to say what they thought rather than hide their prejudice under a hoop skirt of political correctness.

If black dignity and racial heritage are going to mean anything other than to get away with shoplifting, Austin and Regan should clear themselves of the ultimate responsibility for these heinous environmental-linked war-crimes by stepping forward with voluntary testimony to the Supreme Court and Congress, exposing this sorry episode that besmirches the national character, as did similar episodes regard Agent Orange and the still-concealed laboratory weaponization of coronavirus.

A first admission should be that the Norfolk Southern railway did not act on its own initiative but was following direct orders from the Biden White House. The fact remains that the ultimate cause of derailment was the combined weight of more than a dozen chemical tankers, wrongly positioned at the rear of the train. The heavy cargoes were hitched to the rear of the procession of boxcars, the most dangerous location, causing unbearable drag on the front of the train, where consequent friction (from the pull factor of excessive weight at the rear) caused damage to the steadily overheating wheels. Under standard loading procedures, liquid loads are placed in the front or middle of the train to reduce weight-caused tension and to limit abrupt buckling, as happened at East Palestine. As shown in Part I, the plan was to unhitch the illegal chem cargo at the Conway rail yard to continue the journey to the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground north of Baltimore, for final weaponization prior to secret transfer to Ukraine.

It was the EPA, carrying out last-minute secret orders from the Defense Department and White House, that demanded Norfolk Southern Railway to add those tankers in the rear (without disclosure of their contents) from storage facilities at the derelict Madison, Illinois, site of the Dow-Mallinckrodt weaponized-uranium center, which was established for the Manhattan Project more than 80 years ago. The ripe old age of the chemicals in storage for decades added to their volatility and increased toxicity levels, a factor which only added to their desirability for use against Russians on the battlefield.

Let’s not but the entire burden of blame on the Sanford and Son duo of Austin and Regan, who are just the fall guys. Only a dastardly maniac like Joe Biden would relish poisoning the adversary while they slept in their tents. The perversely cruel batard deserves some of his own “medicine” for a good night’s rest. Excuse my use of French. Since Old Joe is not the most original of thinkers, I suppose this means that the unfair tactic was probably devised by that evil comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, in a Danny Devito role of raging bombastic midget. “Hey, Vlad, didn’t I tell ya to get the hell outahere?!”

Profiting from the Fatherland

The Mallinckrodt pharmaceutical and chemical firm, with the aid of Dow, refined and perfected metallic uranium into a fissile material for the world’s first atomic bomb. The now nearly defunct Mallinckrodt company’s ghost-like role in the East Palestine disaster is a legacy of Germany’s once-leading position in modern chemistry, starting with the extraction of aniline dyes from coal and ending with nuclear fission. This deep hidden history of the Dow-Mallinckrodt alliance holds many secrets yet to be discovered, due to its barely liminal connections with the Manhattan Project, MK-ULTRA program, the Air Force’s thorium-powered world-circling bomber project, and more recently the Chinese opioid syndicate. Started at the end of the Civil War by three immigrant brothers from an aristocratic family in Westphalia, Germany, their family drugstore developed into one of largest and least-known pharmaceutical companies in the USA.

In the German immigrant hub of St. Louis, Mo, the Mallinckrodt brothers gained their foothold through their homeland connections as importers of ether and morphine aka medical narcotics (which later would lead to the company’s downfall), thereby gaining prominence in medical education and banking, gaining the trust of the likes of Robert Brookings, who founded the Brookings Institute. Their major source of income turned out to be barium sulfate as the medium for x-rays, which also enabled them to dominate half the market for chemicals used in photographic developing.

Their descent into the dark space of military innovation began in April 1942 with an appeal from the Manhattan Project to develop extremely pure uranium rods (for use in reactors to generate fissionable elements for atomic bomb development. The Mallinckrodt chemicals partnered with Dow’s metallurgic division to develop a rod-purification process, secretly transferred from Nazi Germany, using chlorine at a 1 million sq. feet site across the Mississippi River in Madison, Illinois (more recently, the departure point for the ill-fate Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio.

The uranium rod production was a critical success, enabling production of the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in summer 1945, ending World War II. In 1954, the family-owned firm went public a share-offering, resulting in a takeover by Avon cosmetics and sold off to the International Metals and Minerals Corporation (IMM). While the founding family drifted off into charitable and educational funding, their legacy Mallinckrodt corporation focused on increasing profits through high-priced items, becoming the world’s largest seller of oxycodon, ahead of the more notorious Purdue pharma.

There are many missing chapters from the Mallinckrodt history, including the development of thorium as a jet fuel and also as a mind-numbing psychiatric medication, the firm’s role in working with German Jewish immigrants and then in the post-WWI era, rehabilitation of the Nazi regime’s scientists transferred under the CIA’s Operation Paperclip. The curious thorium-fueled bomber project was based on novel design by the Nazi era’s most creative aircraft designer, Richard Vogt, who worked in a joint project with Dornier Aircraft of Germany and Kawasaki in the Akashi region of Japan. In the postwar era, during my own youth in Kobe, that amazing design was transferred from Japan to Edwards Air Base with technical work done at Wright Patterson Airfield near Dayton, Ohio, with the thorium fuel developed in St. Louis by Mallinckrodt.

The Germanic firm’s other secret projects, in concert with Dow throughout the Vietnam War era, included the pharmacological effects of Agent Orange and improving on the burn-rate of napalm. Aside from those notorious agents, the gems of Nazi era research were the organic-chemistry poisons tabun, sarin and VX. These became a part of the U.S. Army’s secret postwar arsenal, which was only possible though the Mallinckrodt dynasty’s homeland connections that enabled sponsorship of those top German chemists following the defeat of the Nazi regime, under Operation Paperclip.

(During my lead investigative journalism role in the wake of the Tokyo Subway Gassing in 1995 uncovered government-sponsorship of the Aum Shinrikyo sect, which provided a media-targeted distraction from the actual state-sponsored sarin production lab, hidden not at the cult headquarters near Mount Fuji but deeper inland at a fertilizer factory in the Japan Alps.) The truly lethal compounds in the postwar arsenal, including the actual path of COVID development, are never disclosed to the public by the chemistry establishment. These super-lethal organic chemicals were obviously deleted under strict censorship from the Biden White House list released to the news media in watered-down version via Norfolk Southern.

The ill-fated Norfolk Southern train’s starting point was the EPA-controlled Dow uranium-rod facility that was shared with Mallinckrodt chemicals under the auspices of the Manhattan Project. The liquid contents of that derailment indicates that the two defense contractors had cooperatively produced chemical weapons in secret for the dark-side of military operations from World War II through to the Korean War and the Vietnam conflict. The dark legacies of those Democrat-sponsored overseas wars continues today in the cosmetic “clean-up” of the toxic mess in a small area of the poisoned Ohio-Pennsylvania border region.

These “verboten” dimensions of mass murder by the chem-dependent Democrat regime are examined here at, far out of bounds for the cowardly media hacks and gas-war collaborators like Mother Jones, The Atlantic, the NYT, NPR, ABC News, the Washington Post and the rest of the cowering liberal-left pack, those apologists for homemade genocide, arguably worse than the their hokum about the Holocaust. Their standard of “press freedom” aka pervasive censorship is a bad joke, a whiff of chlorine gas during this era of mass extermination by pharmaceuticals and industrial accidents in the ongoing war to save the appearance of “democracy” under this totalitarian regime.

The government-caused disaster for East Palestine signals to us to rally for the present and future of this Republic against the impostors who falsely pose as defenders of world democracy while permitting none at home. As citizens loyal to the promises of the Founding Fathers, we must struggle on against tyranny whatever the risks that arise. As put by Albert Camus amid World War II: “To create today is to create dangerously. Any publication is an act, and that act exposes one to the passions of an age that forgives nothing.” (Resistance, Rebellion and Death, 1944).

The author of this article Yoichi Shimatsu received training in organic chemistry and thereby studied German language at Purdue University in the era when that esteemed school cooperated with Eli Lilly, which secretly produced and tested LSD for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control program to train assassins.