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A Davos Mindset Instilled The West's
Delusions About Israel Ukraine And Taiwan

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

The purposefully delayed IDF military response by the ruling Netanyahu coalition to Hamas rocket fire was a transparent ploy to scare the daylights out of decadent Israelis to accept - demand - the mass execution and permanent ouster of Gaza Palestinians from the quasi-Jewish homeland (of more than two thousand years ago). If Neanderthals were to still have an intact group of cave-dwellers on this planet, they’d probably commit the same ploy against us beastly cannibalistic Homo Sapiens. Wait for a slender human to toss a beer can out of a passing car’s open window can before dragging them out onto the road and clubbing them to death. An eye for an eye, right?

The issue for the rest of us who are not Zionists or Islamists is whether to join the fray in a blood vendetta that is fundamentally not a core issue for the Christian, Hindu or Buddhist majorities of the Americas, Europe and Asia. What is our stake in that tussle when there are so many “other fish to fry” closer to home? Are we still tough enough and properly equipped to take on the gamut of threats from emerging powers that are not in the least enamored with the USA, Western Europe and East Asia, the core powers of the non-official military alliance of wealthy populations (against the unlucky, aching and tired rest of the world)?

It’s been increasingly clear as time goes by that we citizens of the rich societies are not really up for an all-out tooth-and-nail, life-and-death struggle as our noble ancestors were in the World Wars. Dad, grand-dad and great-grandfather were Titans compared to us desk-bound mild-mannered online clerks, media be-essers, designers, actors, librarians and short-order fast-food service staff, a bunch of nobodies.

Compared with our cowboy, coal miner, farmer, steelworker and seamen ancestors we have none of the Right Stuff; that’s a fact not an opinion. So what’s a Joe Biden or a Blinking Tony doing flexing their puny muscles on CNN and NPR? We are not Israeli “Sabras”, sun-tanned settlers as tough and spiky as desert cactus. In fact, neither are most Israelis nowadays, spoiled lazy dwarfs, just like us. The greater problem is that toughness is not just physical, as from pumping steel at a gym; it is about mental focus in total disregard of the trivia that defines contemporary society, which is absolutely trivial in its mindless and soulless pursuits.

Race and Gender Coddling

Thus, it takes an abundance of inflated arrogance to maintain a flabby Atlantic alliance, which is now based on retardation of traditional military values with the drag of skin-tone based political correctness, ultra-feminism and a policy of coddle and smile at, but don’t kill people of weird color crossing over our borders. We the emasculated wimps of the West and certainly not Julius’s ruthless Romans, Alexander’s Macedonian tough guys or the tireless Mongols of Genghis Khan, or the knights of Arthur’s Round Table, for we are, excuse me for not being nice to pets, pussy cats (except that we are not feline). Purr, little pussies!

A consequence of our “humane” values, the decline of the USA and Europe has been guaranteed by liberal acceptance of a ceaseless flow of the worst type of sly hustlers, deranged rapists and cartel gunmen from the Third World into our once polite safe-haven communities, the worst effect being not only weird genetic bastardization but more so technological retardation and an inbred dread of intellectual achievement. Act dumb, stand in line for your benefits and don’t complain about being held-up in a parking lot by a poor unfortunate lost soul who can’t speak proper English. Feel sorry for the criminal who just tossed your empty wallet into a trash barrel and spat at your face, and ran off with your pre-teen daughter. Don’t complain if you’re a law-abiding citizen of Wimp World.

Losing the Ball Court

Meanwhile “enemy” (smarter) nations including Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and, of course, Russia and China, are taking over the ball court, running over our side. The rout is on - so, never mind, keep playing computer games and streaming wide-screen hero worship. We are just starting to lose it all.

The national illness of PC myopia is further legalized and lethalized by the automatic choice of elitist families to send their children to safe universities in intellectual dead zones such as the Ivy League, the UC system and Ox-Bridge rather than to foreign nations as dreaded as the UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, the Koreas and India. How many parents in the West are considering enrollment of their children on that list of “rogue states” such as North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or Lebanon, at least to learn how the other half lives? If anything, returnees who manage to survive schooling in hell-holes could be helpful to the Defense Intelligence Agency, whereas the CIA out of concern for budget survival (since wealthy donors control Congress) promotes loser hacks from Yale and Harvard. Then again, it’s all about self-interest when the Agency leaves it to a military comprised of foreigners and new immigrants (and nowadays the National Guard) to win medals and do the dying.

Rogue Survivalism

So, here, let’s much too briefly go down the list of rogue states to ponder what we might learn about our own national survival vis-a-vis the lethally armed new kids on the Bloc.

Israel-Palestine: The “rockets glare” out of Gaza began on Saturday, October 7. What is significant about that deadly date? On the 7th of October 2001 the U.S.-NATO alliance began its war on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Go figure. So now 22 years later, what’s the significance of a double-two in Islamic numerology, specifically Chapter 22 of the Koran (Quran)? 22:1 - Oh, you foolish humans! Fear the Lord for the violent quaking is surely dreadful.” 22:3 “Still there are some without knowledge who dispute the existence of Allah and follow every rebellious devil.” 22:38 “Allah defends those who believe, whereas those who are deceitful and ungrateful are despised.” So, indeed, there was a “hint-hint”, writ large, about the coming “surprise attack” against an unprepared Israeli Occupation of the Holy Land of Christian, Muslims and true Jews (Sephardic not Khazar bloodline).

The western media and Tony Blinken shed alligator tears over the brutal fate of those supposedly agrarian Jews living near Gaza, despite the fact that all three of those wrecked kibbutz’s were actually armed bases for militia units keeping watch over Hamas activities. If the kibbutz were the mythic settlements of innocent Jewish farmers, according to Leon Uris’s “Exodus”, why then are there more than 5,000 farm-workers from Thailand toiling in the fields instead of Jewish immigrants for Brooklyn growing barley and cucumbers while happily singing “A New York State of Mind”?

Answer: Because a kibbutz serves the same purpose as the Nazi-era Toten-kopf (Death-head) guards barracks adjoining the WWII concentration camps. (BTW, my father was among the 442nd regiment's Japanese American regiment who broke open the gates of Dachau, one of the first Nazi-era camps to be liberated. No Jewish Americans had enlisted for that task.) Forget the Holocaust myth! Always remember that thousands of Jews voluntarily served in the Nazi-era German army, the Wehrmacht, in the war against Russia. The Jewish word for “hypocrisy” is “tsvuak”.

Pakistan: How is it that Palestinians confined in concentration-camp isolation along a sealed Egyptian border could have assembled and amassed rapid-fire mini-missiles without arousing the curiosity of the much-vaunted IDF armed with surveillance technology from Tel Aviv’s “Silicon Wadi” aka valley? Simply put, by smuggling a few bright kids to Pakistan for computer schooling and later through online classes established by that electronics genius A.Q. Khan (father of the Islamic A-bomb), whose practical focus on electronics and physics has resulted in training tens of thousands of whiz-kids who surpass the limp nerds and eager newbies at MIT, Stanford and Carnegie-Mellon who are instead zooming into online gay porn or engaged in utterly useless video games?

Iran: Let’s move on from the Holy Land. Tehran college students must be super-geniuses to devise Iran’s clever array of advanced weapons that can sink aircraft carriers, down jet fighters and track dozens of flying objects with just a small boat-mounted radar unit. Ancient Persia in its prime could boast of hundreds of geniuses, the inventors of chemistry, but that is not our human condition nowadays, when there’s so much Iranian talent bored with the lousy quality of food in the West. Persian grass-reared fire-roasted mutton scented with pomegranate seeds and native saffron is to die for, or better relocate home to enjoy, as done by hundreds of Iranians abroad (whose parents backed the rather indolent Shah’s clan, who failed to make a royal comeback). Throughout the West, the children of Americans and Brits and Swiss got the plum jobs while the Iranian engineers watched their brain-child inventions be appropriated (stolen as in patent theft). Since most Iranians could never rise to the top in the West’s biased academic pecking order, they simply went home to reap proper rewards for their work. The global battlefield is therefore by now a test of wits, a struggle to realize the mental potential of a new generation, and face it, they’re way smarter and more diligent than us.

North Korea: During the tenure of 3G Kim Jong-un a string of military upgrades and a slew of rocket launches have put Pyongyang into the global forefront of weapons design and production. Educated in Switzerland and more multilingual than any U.S. Congressman, Kim the Younger put his nation’s money where his mouth is by purchasing state-of-art CNC computer-controlled machine-tool systems from Germany. The sophisticated milled products include thrust-rings for rocket engines that are so precise as to make Patek Philippe watch movements seem crude. While most of those clockwork-orange rockets are aimed at Japan (and Hawaii), in fact Kim owes credit to Japanese universities and technical schools for churning out bright Korean graduates, who return to their homeland due to many generations of ethnic discrimination. In contrast to our digital media obsession, a waste of idle hours, the Koreans have plenty of time to think and work out technical problems.

Russia: Remember perestroika, those “reforms” that rewarded billionaires while starving the Russian workers? Well, that concentration of wealth into a few ambitious hands has since been invested in high-tech industry and weapons development (even though the lioness’s share went into the purses of rich wives shopping in Paris). Yet sufficient funds went into development of hypersonic missiles, which render that pair of American aircraft carriers in the eastern Mediterranean into easy target practice. Planning air-strikes on Gaza without a green light from Moscow is suicidal murder of 3,000 vulnerable American seamen and pilots. But, then again, there’s a hitch to getting Putin’s approval of non-intervention on the high seas, a little problem called Ukraine.

China: Big Bad Beijing, what are we going to do about it? Answer: Absolutely nothing if you hope to survive. As for tiny Taiwan, the next Ukraine or Israel on the hit list, is it worth losing LA, SF and Seattle? In contrast to Hamas’s mini-rockets, PLA ballistic missiles are huge, super fast, deadly accurate and nuclear armed. Any attempt at a preemptive strike against Chinese mobile-launchers is futile because they move along rails, on roads and over rough terrain for tactical hit-and-run. As for their blast, don’t say “nuclear”, because that will not matter way out at sea east of Taiwan. Then there are those small U-boats powered by silent electric motors, which will prey like a swarm of sharks against America’s bloated fleet of nuclear whales.

The Up And Coming Versus Our Has-Beens

In contrast to America and Europe’s nicely tailored diplomatic corps and media lap-dogs, as a journalist I chose to do on the ground reporting from China to Cambodia, Malaysia to Saudi Arabia, because that’s the obvious future, where ambitious nations are thriving as opposed to a bloated decadent West in precipitous decline due to its all-important profit motive. Old powers fade, new nations rise, that is the repetitive theme of history, from Athens, Rome, the Hapsburg Empire and the Kaiser’s Reich to the present decline of NATO. What’s next? Today’s barbarian rises like an Alexander or Charlemagne to become the next overlord. Since history defies eternal stability, one must begin to learn the arcane logic of history, roll with the punches and go with the flow.

Meanwhile, have you heard from Davos lately? There’s a pall of silence over Europe and palpable fear at the White House. Do not mourn the passage of the present order into oblivion, overrun by barbarians aka “refugees and travelers” on par with the Vandals, Goths and Huns. Instead celebrate what’s still rough wasteland along the fringes for a yet untamed future to be. Yesteryear’s great empires are starting to bloat and disintegrate, so it’s best to situate oneself in the vicinity of a still to-be discovered new edition of King Arthur and his Knights of the Holy Grail. The young Arabs have their heroic vision, but where is ours? As the doctrine of the old guard crumbles into decadent oblivion, a new hope will surely arise. When every indicator points to doom, the tantalizing question is: Can Americans make yet another comeback, as they’ve done before when the chips were down? The bets are on.