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Hong Kong Singer CoCo Lee's Death
Is Linked To Jewish Dope Financiers

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Under normal circumstances a marital spat involving a celebrity singer is relegated to the gossip column of trashy magazines read by idle housewives and online influencers squatting at hair salons or waiting for their eye surgery to heal. The controversy over the apparent (yet to be medically verified) death by suicide of Hong Kong songstress Ferren “CoCo” Lee on July is revealing a darker side to the fashion and entertainment industries. Her reported suicide was so contradictory to her spunky optimism and inner strength as to demand an investigative inquest into the undue pressures that may have prompted the tragedy, as in sadistic threats that verged into violations of criminal law.

Her close friends have asserted that Ms. Lee was in good spirits psychologically despite several painful health issues despite a miscarriage amid the breakdown of her marriage. Before accepting suicide as a given fact, one should consider the possibility that CoCo did not commit suicide but may have been the victim of a clever assassination plot as happened to martial artist Bruce Lee at the Durant Hotel in Berkeley, California, and also to actor David Carradine in Bangkok. The kung-fu hero’s drug overdose has long afterward been questioned, as to whether his female companion had been ordered to administer the fatal dose, possibly as retribution for his disclosure of sworn craft secrets. Soon after Carradine’s death, Shimatsu interviewed the staff at the Swiss Hotel, who stated that the actor did not return from his film shoot on the evening of his death, thereby making auto-strangulation rather unlikely. Asked whether the body could have been conveyed in a large wheeled luggage carrier through a door near the far end of a long hallway, the staffers agreed that it was the only way to slip the body into his room undetected. Thus, in all probability Carradine was died by accident or ill intent while rehearsing his film role at a sadomasochist club in the Patpong district.

Then, of course, official anxiety over a burgeoning scandal will certainly put off Hong Kong’s introverted political class, despite their historic debt to Ms. Lee for her courageous support for the reunification process. Politicians are moral cowards, which is not unique to that island in decline.

Another challenge is the many barely discernible methods for debilitating an unsuspecting person, say, with a toxic meal delivery, a gift of baked goods or chocolate; dining on deliberately tainted Kosher meal for the Sabbath, or a tainted pizza delivery. Rather than ingestion, other methods exposure to biotoxins that also cause vomiting, toxic chemicals in cosmetics or lethal bacterian inserted in toothpaste, or nerve gas in the back of taxi. The dark methods are innumerable and often diabolically clever. The motive is often the most difficult factor to pin on a given suspect. The possibilities include a family member’s desire to inherit a large share of her considerable fortune; a pressing need to suppress her threat to publicly expose one’s darker secret(s); a strong desire to be rid of her as an obstruction to an illicit relationship; or to terminate her before she files for divorce or seeks a court injunction or rewrites her will. Thus it was a wise decision by her two sisters to block undue intervention in CoCo’s affairs by possible suspects and pursue a medical-pharmacological inquiry.

The Rag Trade

In a troubled marriage, suspicions often are focused on the alienated spouse, sometimes quite unjustifiably. In the case of Ms. Lee, her estranged husband has acted badly enough to draw widespread public curiosity. Character becomes an important question even if a gentleman can commit the ultimate crime as well as a brutish monster. Her emotional distress is widely blamed by grieving fans on her Canadian Jewish husband Bruce Rockowitz, a man of mystery whose Colby International is a supplier of made-in-China clothing to major American fashion labels in a longtime partnership with the island’s entertainment kingpin Allen Zeman, a fellow Jew also of obscure Canadian origin who wheedled and greased palms on his way into the upper tiers of the Hong Kong governing elite through favors and campaign donations aka payoffs to politicians. Meanwhile at ground level on the island’s steep hillsides, his Jewish associates on weekends in Zeman’s Lan Kwai Fong boozing district tend to suffer an addiction to interracial fetishism known as Yellow Fever, an insatiable lust for sexual abuse of Chinese women or boys for that matter.

In this report on the rise and loss of Ferren “CoCo” Lee, the authors Shimatsu and Hamamoto discuss her coerced conversion to Judaism as demanded in the groom’s nuptial proposal, as subordination strategy which eventually led to irreconcilable marital problems that proved fatal due to her naive reluctance to become enmeshed in the Western entertainment sector or the fashion scene aka the high-end sex industry and the global drug trade. The refusal to degrade herself by turning a blind eye to Rockowitz’s infidelity and illicit activities, without comment, is the hallmark of a proper lady leading a sheltered life, that is until the axe falls. She acted in honor, he in callous disregard and indeed sadistic public taunting with flagrant infidelity.

Disreputable Friendships

Perhaps CoCo became aware of secret illicit activities by her husband’s Jewish network. That clothing shipments can serve as a conduit for drug smuggling was exposed by the gunshot execution of fashion designer Gianni Versace by the N’Dragheta mafia, for his cooperation with Interpol and his brand’s failed attempt to break free of the crime syndicate’s share of the profits. Along a similar tangent, co-author Shimatsu discloses the trans-Pacific Jewish connection in the Hong Kong-Hollywood financing of Mexican Cartel shipments of opioids (fentanyl), cocaine and heroin into the USA, which led to several as yet “unsolved” murders, including the lethal AK-47 ambush of the Southwest’s top narcotics investigator State Trooper Darian Jarrett. More details on the cross-border drug-related murders are disclosed further along, as relevant to the demons that haunted Ms. Lee.

A Singer’s Life

The Jewish-China-Cartel connection is part of a larger global strategy of the neo-imperialist ideologists in the Shanghai clique and in Beijing dreaming of a takeover of the USA, Europe, Asia and South America in a reverse Opium War, which comprises a larger context behind the CoCo Lee case having financial, political and cultural significance far beyond her domestic troubles. The synergy between criminal gangs and self-righteous politicians is nothing new, and the situation in the Chinese world, especially Hong Kong goes far beyond the noxious influence of Al Capone on Prohibition era Chicago.

Here’s a brief summary of CoCo Lee’s biography, which is available in greater detail at several online sites. Ferren “CoCo” Lee was the child of a Malaysian father and her Hong Kong native mother. The death of her father prompted Ms. Lee to return with her three daughters to Hong Kong. In the paranoiac run-up to the British handover of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty, CoCo’s family moved to San Francisco where she attended local schools and on graduation enrolled at the University of California Irvine. After one year of college, she and her kin returned to Hong Kong in response to reassurances that the mainland leadership had no intentions of a political purge and promised a 50-year interim period with the Basic Law protecting local rights. (That solemn promise by reformer Deng Xiaoping lasted less than 25 years.)

Halfway through that grace period, the lackey politicians in Hong Kong fearful of Mainland pressures abandoned Deng’s pledge with a massive crackdown on the schoolchildren’s Umbrella Revolution followed by far more violent suppression of low-end street vendors catering to tourists from the mainland, who wanted a taste of real Cantonese food as opposed to the fake local fare at the big restaurants taken over by newly arrived mainlanders. So much for high-minded promises, which at the time of Handover an astute and upset Prince Charles suspected to be a deceptive ruse, prompting his disgruntled departure on the Royal yacht.)

While there’s much to be said for realistic pessimism, optimism is by contrast an affirmation of the human spirit in the belief that we can overcome our fears, narrow norms and limitations to achieve a better world for future generations. In the run-up to the Handover, a youthful CoCo was a true believer in a coming time of reconciliation of a broken and divided Chinese realm. After taking second place in a singing contest, she was signed by Sony Music to compose and sing a theme song for the British Handover in both Mandarin and Cantonese, becoming one of the first dual dialect Mando-pop and Cantopop singers. However delusional and even misguided, the belief that patriotism could overcome geopolitical cynicism and parochial interests, her faith in the near future came across in Coc1co’s sincerity. Throughout China’s history, the skeptics have nearly always been right to be pessimistic, for instance, in the tale of the Three Kingdoms. Victorious decency is rare in the chronicles; evil usually wins. Then again, miracles do happen although rarely, as when the noble Duke of Zhou defeated the wicked cannibalistic Shang Dynasty. The Duke’s impossible victory was the stellar inspiration for the sage Confucius. There was a golden moment just a few years ago when the improbable reunification of the Chinese realm seemed imminent, if only one believed in the impossible as did CoCo, but then that brilliant dawn has since faded into the present darkness.

Later, CoCo sang the Chinese theme song for the Disney animation “Mulan” about the woman warrior of ancient western China. Later, Taiwanese director Ang Lee drafted her for the theme song of “Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger”. In all, 20-plus albums of hers were issued. She drew the largest ever crowd in Taiwan, other than by Michael Jackson, with a repertoire tailored to promote friendship and forbearance between the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in anticipation of closer relations on the near horizon. Of course, it’s easier to sing about unity than to achieve a consensus among self-centered cliques and factions, a reality that’s always been the case in a parochial jigsaw puzzle of a fragmented nation.

Backstabbing Jews, Again

Her media-splash wedding with the wealthy fashion exporter Bruce Rockowitz drew hundreds of celebrities, followed by a party featuring Bruno Mars and the Black Eyed Peas. Later she hosted Bruce’s two daughters by an earlier marriage or affair, which remains undisclosed along with their mother’s identity and whereabouts. A her voice faded, Lee retired from her music career at age 38, due to multiple health issues, including a recurrent leg disorder, a successful operation for breast cancer and a failed attempt at artificial insemination. She was broken-hearted over the absence of children and her husband’s blatant infidelity, including with minor celebrities previously on friendly terms with her. However, there never emerged any indication of a determination to end her own life, and if so as a vocalist she would have put that dark desire into lyrics for a sad song.

Two years prior to her death, she composed an enigmatic message signaling her acceptance of the hurtful insults from a philandering husband. Hers is a sad case that is all too common with Asian women who become enchanted with a marriage proposal with a “sincere” foreigner, only to wake up one morning as a unwanted burden. Her sisters have sworn to cut the money-hungry Rockowitz out of CoCo’s substantial fortune leaving him with a Hong Kong penny.(There is no such thing,) Lesson: Warn your daughter to never marry a slick Jewish promoter no matter what the financial enticement may be offered because promises from a “youtai-ren” are a convenient cover for an ulterior motive.

With the same disingenuous pose, the Jewish Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s kowtowing with six bows to her Chinese counterpart was a disgraceful and demeaning betrayal of America’s anti-colonialism tradition as practiced by earlier White House administrations never to seek treaty port privileges from the Ching Dynasty or to seek special favors as was done by the fawning and groveling Jewish-influenced Europeans who kowtowed to the Empress Dowager. The USA is weakened by opportunistic Jews fawning on enemies.

Black and Yellow Media Scams

As put jokingly in LA street rap by the good professor of Asian Mix (during his off-hoursas musician and hipster on the town), “The Erev Rav Khazars (Juden) know they can swindle White Christians, African Americans and Latinos, but realize they cannot defeat the Chinese-Thugee.” Well, stated, bro’, in an ever-expanding lexicon of racialism in politically correct America! Due to their quaking fears of taking on Bruce Lee’s nephews from the triads means that the cowardly Jewish focus instead on conquest of Asian girls with dinner at Robuchan’s or late-night dessert at Death by Chocolate (although the HK cake shop’s name not inspired by hip hop). Intriguing name, though, when Tupac Shakur’s gunshot murder on the Vegas strip was blamed on a dark chocolate gangland underling, who took the rap for Death Row records boss. This is a world of ceaseless deception.

Rolling in the dough from Cartelistas

Allen Zeman’s ownership of two movie production companies in Hollywood is examined here in regard to several drug-related murders involving loans to the Sinaloa-Sonora cartel, including the assassinations at the Steins ghost town. As told to Shimatsu on a late-night date by a big Beijing studio recruiter with a fantastic figure in a zip-down leather dress out to recruit him as an expendable lover to be used as her cross-Pacific money-transporter. Another of Zeman’s key business partners, Courtney Solomon, co-owns of After Dark Films and Sweetpea Entertainment based in Hollywood, which has been central to lucrative Chinese short-term loans to front major dope deals with the Cartel. Major Chinese studios are offered a 50 percent return on a 6-month loan (of several million dollars), supposedly rolled over for the start-up phase of a new film production.

The reality on the ground, however, is bad blood when a deal crashes due to theft or confiscation of the money by the Mexican police, as shown in the gunshot deaths a dozen years ago of the owner of the Steins ghost town near New Mexico’s western state line with Arizona and disappearance of a Jewish production assistant from Los Angeles, presumed dead. Eleven years later chief investigative officer Jarrett was assassinated on Highway 10 with an AK-47 by Cartel hitmen. The Chinese studio loans through Hollywood were being used as upfront collateral payment to the Sinaloa-Sonora Cartel for large-scale shipments of South American cocaine, Chinese fentanyl reprocessed in Mexico, heroin and other illicit drugs. The money is rapidly recovered with an added surplus through nationwide distribution to drug dealers throughout the U.S. The advent of legalized marijuana has barely dented the profits of the smugglers and their facilitators.

The Jewish poseurs Zeman and Solomon have been able to suppress investigative reporting by making secret payoffs to Microsoft, Facebook and the other pay-for play web providers to suppress online reports. “Smeck” is the Yiddish term for heroin, which has been mispronounced by Americans, including the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana who was felled by an overdose of “smack”. The China-allied Democrat Party also receive their share of the blood money from schmuck (Yiddish for lousy scum) donors.

The untimely death of CoCo Lee, then, is related unwittingly to international trafficking, via her husband’s partnership with the principals in the massive Chinese-Jewish-Mexican illegal trade in cocaine, marijuana and fentanyl into the United States. The ill-gotten lucre goes a long ways toward explaining the fabulously expensive Lee-Rockowitz wedding some 15 years ago, which reportedly cost several million dollars and featured performances by Bruno Mars and the Black-Eyed Peas.

Lee was rewarded financially by her rather naive marriage into the Jewish cabal, and so she complied with the demands to convert to Judaism (guaranteeing a lifelong oath of silence), but in the end refused to deliver the goods to her Jewish masters. Instead of entering that dark realm, CoCo shrank from public life and avoided business dealings. Her refusal to be a collaborator and whore for Zionism explains the absence of reporting on her death in the Hollywood press and entertainment TV shows. This may sound cruel and crude: Somebody should have warned her in advance about dirty Jews because she’d be alive and well today, and maybe even recover her voice.

Hopefully, further details will be forthcoming about the Jewish mafia connections in Asia and North America leading to a wider investigation of these crooked successors to those “dirty Jew” Sassoons, Bronfmans, Meyer Lansky and Adel Silverstein of Sands infamy along with the Rothschilds in London. Corrupt government leaders in Hong Kong, Shanghai and wherever there’s a pile of loose cash have every selfish reason to hide their ties to black money sources from the Jewish mob.

Now after the brutal repression of the idealistic high-school students who staged the Umbrella protests, does anyone have any sympathy left for those discredited Beijing-appointed lackey “leaders” in Hong Kong? Perhaps the Chief Executive can ask Rockowitz and Zeman to re-inhabit the territory’s classrooms with obedient imported Israeli children and relegate Chinese kids to the status of Palestinians. (As told to Shimatsu by the late director of HK’s main TV news station, the Shanghai gang of party leaders who set investment policy, under influence of the Sassoon legacy, are thoroughly yellow-arm-banded with pro-Jewish colors and crooked business deals arranged by Judeo Wall Street).

The long-running criminal alliance between Hong Kong officials and the Jewish mob is a throwback to old Shanghai under the iron-fist rule of the Emperor of Opium David Sassoon whose lethal drugs killed millions of Chinese, turning that Confucian nation into “the poor man of Asia”. History is repeating itself in reverse with the financial decline of today’s China, which is being bled to death by the new Taipans of a Wall Street aka the major brokerages controlled by Jews laundering funds for the Colombian and Mexican Cartels. Is Rocko still bawling over his abuse of CoCo? That’s a sick joke when he’s likelier to be ingesting a Levitra pill before bonking a younger substitute out of one of those basement discos in Wanchai. Remember the Yid business plan is to “Find ‘em, Flog ‘em and Forget them.”

Black and Yellow does not mean WASPs

Professor Hamamoto, who tracks and probes the various racialist agendas in a multicultural America on the basis of equal rights to crime, raises a fascinating point: “Rockowitz and Zeman are Lyor Cohen wannabees.” CoCo Lee was going to be the ticket using the Yellow birds like Cohen used the ghetto Blacks.” Lyor Cohen, the Russian Jew file clerk who took control of Def Jam Records from its founder Rick Rubin, insinuated himself into a near-monopoly over the black music scene to become master of the hip hop plantation from early selection of potential stars to retirement of has-beens like Snoop to do Corona beer commercials. Those who refuse to comply with his rules end up sidelined or in the same predicament as brand-stripped Kanye West or even the more unlucky Tupac Shakur.

Lyor then moved upstairs to take over Seagram booze scion Edward Bronfman Jr.’s position as boss of Warner Music. Another parasite feeding on black dancing boys is Universal Music hijacker Sir Lucien Grainge, a London Yid with ears as big as Dumbo the elephant, hardly the type to be smoking a spiff in Brixton or Peckham. He might be smoking something else long and brown, given the absence of females from the hip hop scene, which hints at Afro-Judeo homosexuality, an ancient tradition that goes back to the Egyptian Captivity. An angry Moses, and even earlier the prophet Job, did try to save the chosen people from their own vices, but ultimately failed due to their greed and chicanery.

When the likes of Lyor Cohen pose at loyal charitable patrons of black talent rather than as an exploiter, that claim mirrors the self-promotion of the ADL and the Southern Legal Defense Fund founded by Joseph Levin and funded by the Soros fortune. In historical fact, as pointed out by Wayne Madsen, the Jews profited massively from slavery, from dominating the human cargo trade out of Africa to running the Charleston slave market, owning plantations and financing the Confederacy through its Secretary of War Judah Benjamin’s cotton-export connections with the British Rothschilds’ textile mills. The Yiddish word for temerity is “chutzpah”, an apt term along with “tsvuak” meaning a hypocrite. A hypocrite’s temerity is the perfect description for the fake “Holocaust survivors” who never set foot in a death camp but instead bribed their way into Canada. Oh, the chutzpah, the tsvuak! Yep, it’s an apocalypse now.

The World of Suzie Wong

One of the intriguing points raised by Hamamoto is the similarity of CoCo Lee’s rise to Hong Kong’s first international media celebrity Nancy Kwan in role of bar girl in “The World of Suzie Wong” focused on the theme shocking theme of an interracial love affair, co-staring William Holden. In British English, the short-term relationship was a mere bonk in the night in Wanchai. “It was Vidal Sassoon’s hair-styling of Kwan’s bob for the movie ‘A Wild Affair’ that made him into an international business player instead of just your average salon boy” Hamamoto observes. Unrelated to the opium dealing clan, Vidal, who spoke with a lisp, was probably gay with “his fireball of a wife Beverly most likely the brains of the operation.”

Kwan herself was mixed race, the daughter of a Scottish woman and a Chinese student at Cambridge. After fleeing the Imperial Japanese invasion of China, her mother remarried without ever contacting the stepmother or first husband. Hamamoto recalls, “Nancy always looked more Persian than Chinese even when I was a little kid seeing her in ‘Flower Drum Song ‘ at the Leimert Park Theater in Los Angeles.”

These no-blinders insights on the ideology of selective race-mixing cast a harsh light on the cultural Orientalism that was promoted by the British and French Jews to advance European colonialism into the Near East and onward toward China. The exotic Oriental female singer, dancer or actress in the Jewish employ was more often than not recruited to teach Asian languages to the colonial military for the conquer, domination and exploitation of Asian societies. In this historical perspective, CoCo Lee hoped to reverse that tradition of collaboration with her Mandarin and Cantonese songs for the Handover of Hong Kong, but later fell prey to the very same sexual bondage under Jewish drug cabal domination, and then paid the ultimate price for her mistake as yesterday’s poster girl for globalized Zionism.

CoCo Lee’s tragic death puts a ding on the Israeli “Haaretz” article on racial intermarriage “Asian Jews challenge white American Jews”, focusing on the question “whose on top?” as with the Mark Zuckerberg-Priscilla Chan power couple. That question becomes especially keen after after the recent expansion of opium poppy cultivation in the Golden Triangle.

From Tennis Bum to Rag Picker

The Devil’s in the Details. Right? There are hardly any tangible facts in Bruce Rockowitz’s biography. The pseudo facts are skimpy: The son of a Canadian couple in Boston; played tennis at the University of Vermont; dropped out of college; went to Hong Kong, where he was hired at the HK Country Club as a tennis instructor; met powerbroker Allan Zeman at an ice cream parlor in nearby Repulse Bay; partnered with Zeman to form Colby International Group, a middleman agency between American clothing brands and Chinese sweatshops; continued as top manager after the local Li and Fung exporters bought Colby for $2.5 million, and later married CoCo Lee at a posh wedding. That’s it. Nothing else on the record from a very short bio with huge holes.

A cursory check of genealogy sites show no such person or parents in Boston or Canada, just a few other Rockowitz families, which are of Polish Jew ancestry. The University of Vermont is ranked at 145th place among American colleges. That school’s tennis team is not among the leading squads of New England colleges. Zip, nada, zero confirmation of the suspect’s actual origins. What this charade resembles is the mid-1960s television series “I Spy”, starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby as a salt-and-pepper team of Agency spooks traveling the world in the guise of tennis bums. The MI6, which is controlled by the Rothschilds, however, comes to mind instead.

By coincidence, his mentor Allen Zeman is also a Canadian, but born in Montreal to Jewish immigrant parents from Regensburg, Germany. He got his start as an importer of women’s lingerie, which required travel to Hong Kong for purchases. He amassed more than $1 million by age 19. If that claim sounds fishy for the rag business, then his next step was to launch Colby International in partnership with tennis bum Rockowitz.

As an investigative journalist, quite familiar with the drug-trafficking of that era (I had acquaintances in the notorious Air America dope-smuggling operation), panties and bras may have been an excellent way to get a shipments past customs into Vancouver, then to Montreal and on to Boston past the U.S. Customs Bureau. The Hong Kong Police and Beijing’s Guan-bu security force, and the RCMP and FBI, need to take a closer look at these Jewish clowns, who somehow managed to obtain official protection in Hong Kong aka the Fragrant Port, ah, the scent of poppy blossoms and sewage. Advice to the surviving Lee sisters: Take No Prisoners!

OK, so now for the Pop Quiz! If indeed, the evidence suggests foul play in the CoCo Lee case, then who do you think did it? And why? Well, the second question is more easily solved: To frighten her sisters into surrendering her financial fortune. If lacking opinions of their own, her fans should follow the old-fashioned method by asking the fortune-tellers on Temple street on a dark night. What to do about the demons, those gweilo? Next, go seek out an effective remedy from a kung-fu center.

How the arrogant rich and powerful can tumble! Take for instance, the universally hated Jewish OxyContin-peddling Sackler clan, which just got their prime assets stripped in a federal court decision. Dope peddling is as Kosher as bagels and matzo ball soup. Taking a cue from anti-opioid movement across the USA, Beijing should realize that a common cause with Americans to end the murderous scourge of drug addiction is probably the best way to mend the bilateral relationship. Face it, complacency in doing business with the Mexican Cartel is going to backfire, as happened after the Empress Dowagers’s caved in to foreign demands, which prompted the Boxer Rebellion. History goes forward; it does not grind a standstill nor move in reverse. Justice shall prevail.

Cozying up to smack dealers is not going to get Hong Kong politicians anywhere but inside Stanley Prison or Shek Pik penitentiary as co-conspirators paid off with bribe money. Question: Wouldn’t the vast majority of Hong Kongers love to see the Chief Executive and his Jewish mobsters exchange places with good-natured clown Long Hair and the innocent youth crusaders of the Umbrella Revolution sitting in jail? On that glorious day, we can then urge the kids of Hong Kong to roll up their umbrellas to bask in the sunshine and learn to laugh again.

Apropos to this study’s theme, which may be relevant to a slew of past dreadful disappearances of young Hong Kong women, here’s a number from the James Bond archive at MI6 Babylon:

“Goldfinger, he’s the man

The man with a Midas touch, a spider’s touch,

Such a cold finger beckons you to enter his web of sin

But don’t go in!

Golden words he wiil pour in your ear

But his lies can’t disguise what you fear

For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her,

It’s the kiss of death

From Mr. Goldfinger.

Pretty girl, beware of his heart of gold,

This heart is cold!”

Authors Yoichi Shimatsu served on the journalism faculty at Hong Kong University and broke a major scoop on the Clinton-era targeted bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade; and Darrell Y. Hamamoto is a professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis campus.