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Sodom And Gaza Firestorm
Derives From Sins Of The Israelis

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

It was during this past summer’s massive gay, lesbian, pedophile and sadomasochist protests across Israel against the governing conservative coalition in the Knesset that I had uneasy premonitions of “fire and brimstone” retribution storming down from the sky, a repeat of the doomsday that befell Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19: 1-38). Stern punishment for blatant sexual profligacy is a theme from the dark ages, now repeated by profligate fools of this licentious apocalyptic moment, which inevitably brings on well-earned retribution. A century of Jewish settler influx upon a once Holy Land has introduced all the sordid vices of European moral decadence, American chicanery and Asian drug addiction, which have been on open display over this past year’s gay and lesbian protest marches and orgiastic rave events, worthy of ancient imperial Rome during its fall into barbarism, making a mockery of that myth of the cactus-tough upright Sabra born in Israel.

Today’s Israel and the Jewish enclaves of California, New York and London are morally and ethically defiled wastelands of self-indulgence, petty greed and drug dependency...collapsing under their own moral lethargy and therefore no longer worth defending by Christian goyim. There is no longer a path to moral redemption from vice, only another step into the hellish inferno. It’s happened before, just open the Bible to Jeremiah and Isaiah, the prophets who condemned the Jews for being their own worst enemy, thereby opening the fiery gates to dispossession and enslavement by the likes of the divinely-appointed Nebuchaznezzar, instigator of the Babylonian captivity; Shalmanezer the Fifth, the wolf of Assyria; and Emperor Titus, the liquidator of Jerusalem. Now history repeats, with evermore ferocity. Again, history reaches the brink of destruction, the sure sign being the moral corruption of a perverted generation of young Jews who spit at their own God.

Serious Ready aka the Bible

I first read an undiluted biblical tale of pride and perversion before the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah as a fifth-grader in a seriously conservative Catholic Marist order’s school in Kobe, Japan, which was valiantly resisting the dilution of doctrine and morals by Pope John’s namby-pamby Second Vatican Council. The super-tough principal of our school, Brother Charles was a Munich-born card-carrying Nazi loyalist who later survived torture by the Chinese communists. The harsh war experiences prepared the good brother to put the fear of the Devil and its minions, the Freemasons, into his quaking students. Back in those good old days, Kobe beef was not a super-expensive exquisite culinary delight; my schoolmates at lunch hour devoured huge roasts carved from the rumps of bulls that pulled plows across farmland in a Buddhist society that still banned human consumption of meat.

While having qualms about my earlier education in a parish school in California run by a liberal order of nuns (not to mention my Protestant Sunday school), those Basque, Castilian and German brothers appreciated my scoring goals for the soccer team despite blatant cheating, biased calls by referees and on-field pummeling from a lunatic Korean squad in our local league. I was also a choir member, stage actor who never objected to but indeed relished taking the role of Satan in our school plays, and worked hard at cutting down trees and moving logs during after-class detention for various infractions such as singing Elvis songs in the chapel. I was barely a passing grade (C-minus) Christian, even though I did score an A in geometry, French, Latin and history, but also on the dance floor with desperate girls from the other Catholic school. In hindsight, our infractions could hardly be called sins as compared with the present era of flagrant rejection of moral norms and genital health precautions.

Rain of Fire

Instead of running amok on the playground during the lunch-hour break, my idle time was better spent in the library, which had stacks of dusty old leather-bound history books packed with fascinating accounts, especially of warfare and assassination of heretics during the Reformation era. There was also a huge antiquated Bible in Olde English that was far more detailed and truer to the original Hebrew text than all the reformed post-Worms redacted bibles. Packed with obscure words and twisted verbs, it read like Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. That was my first, and most shockingly accurate encounter with the tale of the prophet Lot, the nephew of Abraham and forefather of bastard tribes of tainted Jewry during his drunken sexual frolic with his own daughters. Incest at its worst or best, depending on your moral make-up. Other than Revelations, it is the most perversely weird tale from the Good Book, without any of the vagueness and gloss of the redacted Gutenberg misrepresentation.

As the world’s very first liberal, Lot and the females of his family travel to Sodom with good intentions of sparing those urbane sinners from their horrific and well-deserved punishment to come. Even pedophiles are human, especially if they are Jewish, since God still loves them, right? Wrong! To his dismay, the prophet discovers that a couple of angels dispatched from Heaven have been gang-banged by the rogue city’s queer thugs who love nothing more than the most extreme acts of perversion. Lot’s way out being complicit in a divinely ordained massacre was to come up with a mercy plea to spare those jolly boys from a richly deserved whipping.

“If I can find a hundred good men, will you spare the city?” Delighted with the chance to issue a reprieve, although skeptical, God nods. Merciful forgiveness is a cop-out, however. The astounding biblical account delves into the reasons for divine-ordained destruction of the twin sin cities to punish sacrilege, sexual crimes and stupidity. The worse offense was the homosexual gang rape not just of local boys and visiting foreign men but also of an angel sent by God, who after the event was so traumatized and ashamed that he (it) lingers by the city gate since a fallen angel can never go back home to Heaven.

Two other angels in need of a place to overnight come to Lot’s home to escape a riot of horny homosexual rapists aka chickenhawks (that passage reminds me of the fate of all those runaway boys on Castro street in the 1980s San Francisco) who insist on initiating the newcomers into their brotherhood. Lot offers the rowdy crew his two young daughters instead to satisfy their lust. Members of the mob grimace at the utterly disgusting thought of penetrating a foul vagina, yuck! (This cannot be fiction because nobody can invent this stuff.)

Failing to reach the quota of decent men, Lot’s back to his meetings with the Big Guy in the sky. “What if I can find (an ever-declining number of souls worthy of salvation)? So after a couple more pleas and no good men in sight, a by now impatient God tells him “Get out of town, pronto, and don’t look back!) The rest of the tale is history. His no-name wife, sometimes called Edith (like Archie Bunker’s wife) or Ado, as in much ado about nothing, disobeys God’s order and looks back at the greatest shopping center ever and, zap!, she famously turns into a pillar of salt, the world’s first fashion manikin. Then the hailstorm of fire and brimstone begins in earnest, a horrific sight like those Iranian-supplied rockets ripping the State of Israel.

Let’s Party!

The summer protests across Israel by the LGBTQQIP2SAA freaks, who dare celebrate their sexual perversion in the Holy Land, is a reenactment of the wicked celebrations of their long deceased ancestors in Sodom. Then came those lighting bolts out of god-fearing Islamic Gaza. It’s weird indeed how history (or myth) repeats itself, though in strange ways, in a repetitive cycle of birth, self-discovery, joy, crazy excess and brutal termination. Judging from all the Hamas flags fluttering around the world, the Last Night in Sodom option is probably close to the Muslim way of looking at this past week’s events (well deserved punishment for sinners). The Orthodox Jews aren’t commenting but just pretending to act tough on terrorism while gleeful about the extermination of that rock and rave concert, with more dire results than the washed-out Burning Man festival.

The events transpiring in the Holy Land are a warning to the sweet Loretta Martins as in that Beatles’ song: “Get Back”. Perverse fantasies, gender poseur exhibitionism, gang-banging, outright rape, looting, shoplifting, cheating and screaming insults in public are the sexualized equivalent of seizing and occupying other people’s land, chain-sawing orchards, driving families out into the barren desert and depriving children of sustenance and worse. The Israeli rip-off model has by now been adopted as a way of life throughout a corrupted West, from Tel Aviv to Bel Air, Toronto to Tierra del Fuego. Now, at last, the rockets’ red glare, whether retribution divine or human-sourced, has started to arrive and won’t cease till it’s all over.

Face it, anyone who believes that they can defend the State of Israel from its own self-destructive impulses is a suicidal fool, a dancing boy in the depths of Sodom and Gaza. Lilah Tov, good night and good-bye.