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Accident Or Sabotage Against SETI,
Why Was The Titanic-bound Sub Destroyed?

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

This article (which could evolve into a longer series, depending on available leads) on the catastrophic fate of the OceansGate submersible raises a host of issues involving science ethics, adventure enterprise, nautical history, possible criminal intentions against its motley crew and even contact with alien civilizations. The unconventional mix of issues prompted me after a lapse of a quarter-century to seek the investigative advice of Thomas Caldwell, who in the 1990s was a Tokyo-based a radio journalist on my team of reporters investigating the Tokyo subway gassing and the roles of the Aum Shinrikyo cult and its political sponsors. The passage of time has since seen his emergence as a well-versed expert on esoteric movements and paranormal events along with their connections to political affairs. His insights are essential toward comprehending the possible motives and the line of thinking behind the OceansGate Titan’s last dive, which ended in the destruction of the submersible vessel by the wreck of the RMS Titanic on the Atlantic seafloor.

The dual approach, of my rather conventional science journalism and Caldwell’s esoteric analysis, to an admittedly sensational event stands in contrast with the news media’s blame game against the uber-rich “adventure tourists” (castigation that besmirches the memory of the unlucky explorers as irresponsible thrill-seekers). In contrast to vile disparagement from the mainstream press, here we focus on the team of different types of specialists aboard the good ship Titan as researchers confronted by the enigmatic mysteries surrounding the Titanic, which still remains largely a mystery 111 years after its demise.

Even after the discovery of the end-caps of the submersible, hopefully with the remainder to follow, the public remains largely uninformed of the various theories that have compelled explorers to seek and recover the more arcane artifacts from the deteriorating vessel. The popular imagination of that disaster is further ill-informed by romantic fantasies reduced to a maudlin love story, notably the remake starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslow. Several sea-bottom treasure-hunting videos have come up with very little of popular interest, when intact bodies of drowning victims are tossed in the outtakes, thanks to “good taste” in editing. The human remains of passengers pickled in sea-brine are rarely, if ever, mentioned discussed, even if these could provide insightful evidence of what is popularly known as “life after death”, or in esoteric terms, transmigration of the soul. The secular media, full of its own idolization of technology-oriented science and anti-religious philosophy have, therefore, failed to detect, much less comprehend the more serious aspects of the Titanic affair.

The approach taken here could well enrage the hidden investors behind Titanic recovery projects, family members of the abandoned drowning victims, and special interest groups capitalizing on the romantic myth. Aside from those venal interests, any plunge into these murky waters, indeed far into the paranormal depths, may carry risks for the explorer and media interpreter alike. To paraphrase Freidrich Nietzsche, “If one stares into the abyss for too long, the abyss stares back into you.” So let us cast good sense aside and toss vertigo overboard, and venture into the forbidden zone.

A Competent Research Team Aboard

A preliminary study of this unfortunate “accident” begins with the roles of the participants:

- the submersible’s designer, operator and pilot Stockton Rush;

- French underwater explorer Henri Nargolet, who on earlier probes with drones has recovered a trove of artifacts from that sunken ship;

- Hamish Harding, a British national who owns a Dubai-based aircraft leasing firm and an amateur adventurer, who notably accompanied astronaut Buzz Aldrin to the North Pole;

- and the father and son team of Shazada Dawood, a wealthy Pakistani-British business executive and his son Suleiman.

One might assume that the millionaire Dawood to have been “the last and least” among this rather impressive exploration group, but one of his roles has been kept largely out of the news reports: his role on the board of trustees for the SETI institute, the acronym standing for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Given the assets of those on this brief list, it is fair to assert that the news media has been slack in reporting, failed perhaps deliberately to take the right angle on this mystery, and possibly worse, complicit in a major cover-up of this rather intriguing disaster, which challenges the secular atheist and materialist Establishment, which dares not raise the question that has intrigued humanity’s greatest thinkers over the millennial: The question of the existence of an after-life or, phrased different, the journey of the human soul after death. That issue, by extension, points to the matter of God or deities and other entities of pure spirit, including angels and demons. Is there a connection between matter, mind and spirit?

Window to the Afterlife

Perhaps the loss of the OceansGate opens the doorway into the heart of the matter: Whatever did happen to the 2000-plus passengers aboard the Titatic who went down with the ship? One claim of a witness account of the escape of the souls aka minds of the doomed passengers, the seance-based narrative of the daughter of W.T. Stead, a notable British investigative journalist, comes into focus in regard to these questions, if indeed telepathic communication with the “other side” proves valid, as it seems to do in the WTS narrative. Note here: As a science-based journalist, I am a skeptic of claims related to “easy karma” but can admit that many post-life accounts have the ring of truth. Certainly, mere journalists and lab-stuck physicists have no authority to dump the majority of humanity’s experiential connection with the afterlife into the trash bin, for that would be misguided secular hubris.

In brief, the WTS seance sessions provide a “journalistic” window into souls being literally ripped out of drowning bodies to join a procession into the afterlife. The ultimate destination fades with distance, leaving us with traditional belief systems, and in the case of the Titanic, recurrent stories of ancient Egyptian artifacts in its cargo holds, which cannot be verified or entirely rejected until a thorough search by undersea drones is completed.

One thing can be said about the team aboard OceansGate submersible: Their combination of skills and assets was up to the task: Nargolet was familiar with extraction from the ship’s vast interior; the Harding-Aldren friendship speaks for itself about an open mind to alien civilizations; and Dawood had a fascination with the afterlife and destination of the soul, given his background as a Muslim familiar with the vast spiritual legacy of the Subcontinent. Indeed, OceanGate founder Rush apparently had a familial connection to a doomed couple aboard the Titanic.

At this point, it is best not to speculate about this most recent Titanic-linked tragedy, that is until further evidence surfaces prompting resumption of the conversation and inquiry. There is also a dark side to this most recent affair, which is the sustained hostility by a powerful cabal of industrialists and politicians against any mention of non-human intelligence. The disaster that befell the OceansGate submersible may not have been an accident, but instead a deliberate act of sabotage.

Denial of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

This tragic, and possibly criminal even may well be connected to series of attacks to quell recent attempts to establish contact with off-planet aliens. In recent years, I have penned articles for on the collapse of the Arecibo radio-telescope jointly operated by SETI and NASA to pick up distant signals that might indicate sentient life in distant regions of the Universe. Immediately following that setback for interstellar science, I visited and wrote an article on the mysterious crisis at the Vatican Observatory on Mount Graham, near Safford, Arizona. This incident, likely involving sabotage by scientific foes, is now followed by the third major catastrophic, the implosion of the OceansGate submersible vehicle.

First, the collapse of the Arecibo steel-net antenna was precipitated by the deliberate shearing (incision) of one of its main suspension cables, as opposed to the official claim of a stretch-and-snap event over a longer duration in time.

Second, the delay in operations at the Vatican Observatory were caused neither by new telescope installation or the COVID pandemic but were likely due to a combination of uneasy astronomy findings, which were suppressed by an “accident”, which I could not precisely determine at the time of article writing. On further consideration of the closure of the entry gate just below the summit and the presence of high radioactivity levels in the higher slopes, I later concluded that a small nuclear reactor had exploded, irradiating the astronomy facilities. This suspicion was confirmed by my subsequent search on foot along the uphill roadway, which showed an absence of any underground electrical power line, supposedly buried parallel to the concrete road bed. Therefore, the electric power for rotating the massive telescopes was provided by a mini-nuclear generator, which could have been deliberately blown up. Why?

Deadly Fear of Aliens

Perhaps the insider sabotage was prompted by the sighting of a distant object or radio-wave signal (a message) indicative of an intelligent life-form at a far distance from Earth, which would “disprove” to blind believers of ancient Jewish tribal lore that Adam was the sole intelligent creation in an otherwise benighted Universe. Yet, there was that other man, the fellow in linked armor that resembled the scales of a snake skin. His transformation into an evil tempter of the rib-bone woman Eve is rather dubious without explanation of his planet of origin. Mars? Biology would indicate this dark stranger to have fathered the first son, Cain, thereby setting the stage for the murder of his good-natured half-brother Abel. There is also the narrative of the fallen angels involved in sexual perversion with the locals in the doomed city of Sodom, encountered by Lot, in passages nearly always expurgated by religious censors. These chronicles of “alien” angels and demons, and their role in the formation of human intelligence, seems too strange to be mere invented myths, especially when such entities are in the lore of other religions more ancient than Judaism or Christianity.

It’s these sorts of human entanglements, possibly with non-human species with some level of intelligence, that challenge the conscientious human heroes of Genesis and result in evasion and denial in religious studies. What does these biblical mysteries have to do with the Titanic and the destruction of the good submersible ship Titan? Perhaps nothing, yet maybe everything. When doctrine and narrative are at odds, kill the messenger. That’s how it’s always been done since the demise of honest Abel. And it’s just happened again with the elimination of the ardent researchers, derided by the news media as wealthy adventurers on a lark in the Atlantic deep.

The Bell Curve: Death Penalty for Heresy

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the doomed OceansGate submersible was home-ported and went out to sea from Nova Scotia, the Canadian birthplace and home of Alexander Graham Bell, the father of electronic communications. At this gap in the road to truth, I should give mention to the little-known network of deniers of nonhuman intelligence organized by the late Alexander Bell, founder of ATT, and his cohort, many of them connected with his National Geographic Society. This secularist mono-Protestant cult is based on a melding of biblical fundamentalism and human superiority doctrine. In summary, the core belief is that Man in made in the image of God, and therefore any species or specimens that might have a resemblance to humans must be ruthlessly eliminated, as abominations of the divine plan for purity of Creation or destroyed as children of Satan.

My introduction to Bell’s species-purity cult began, oddly enough, with an encounter with the hunting guide for the King of Nepal (who was soon thereafter assassinated along with his royal family). I realize that this is a bizarre episode, no matter how serious the warped beliefs and fatal consequences, especially for one as myself raised in the Christian tradition, even with some Buddhist influences from my maternal grandparents. This information is disclosed as an act of solidarity with the victims of the Titanic-related disaster and their next of kin, if only to realize that we do not live in a totally irrational and immoral Cosmos, and that judgments of good versus evil are more often than not the work of fallible humans rather than the will of almighty God.

Christian doctrine of the fundamentalist sort tends to elevate man in the relationship with the divine. But contrast other religious systems, notably the practice of the ancient Egyptians honor animals such as baboons, cats, crocodiles, birds and other species as beings rich in spirit in this life and beyond, following death. Animal spirits are a foreign notion to those of us raised in the human-centric Judaic and Christian traditions, which reserves the afterlife solely to our own species and only to those of our narrow congregation. Many world religions are ultra-inclusive, whereas Western faith systems tend to exclusive, ready to condemn competing faith practitioners to damnation in hell or, at best, in the waiting line in purgatory.

The entire homo-centric belief system, however, is challenged, indeed endangered by the possibility of non-human intelligence, as is being challenged by SETI. However one thrills at Star-Trek, intelligent aliens will in all likelihood not resemble us, and may even seem quite different from mammals, a shock that is sure to threaten our smug superiority complex, especially if and when they prove to be smarter, stronger, happier and more ethical than us. Even the Bible authors admit that we are a degraded species rife with sinful thoughts and criminal intentions. That means big trouble if, indeed, our kind of space outlaw ever encounters model-citizen aliens. Angels or demons, which do we more closely resemble?

I am not a member or supporter of the SETI project, but do admire their nearly fearless openness to contact with totally foreign species, possibly far smarter and stronger than ours. Due to our received Judeo-Christian-Muslim tradition, however, we harbor an overpowering fear of intelligence aka cunning, which is equated with the diabolical cleverness. Whenever encountering a stranger who is obviously smarter than oneself, a panic reaction often occurs, involving fear, shame, nervousness and a strong desire to be rid of the challenging menace. Interestingly, each of us believes than humans are the most intelligent group in the Universe. What if our smugness is shattered by an alien with ten times our aptitude? We probably will try to kill “it”, doomed as we are to mortal sin. Of course, that behavior would give any powerful aliens every excused to wipe out humanity as a nest of vile deceitful monsters.

In either case, a dedicated sponsor of the SETI project would have had a keen interest in the historical Egyptian claim of ET communications. In the unlikely event that such a hierogliphic code can be replicated with electronic technology for transmission by electromagnetic waves (like a telegraph or digital phone call) to distant galaxies and actually receive a reply, well, that should quell any skeptics or, to the contrary, result is a massacre and banishment of heretics.

Himalayan “monkey men”

Therein lies the rub, the risk of preemptive murder of non-human cognitive species. Allow me to divert from the ocean floor to the heights of the Himalayas, where I learned of the systematic extermination of other intelligent species by a secretive organization founded by Alexander Bell, founder of the ATT communications (aka phone) company and a prominent booster of the Explorers Society.

In Nepal, where I had gained a reputation for fairness and an open mind to traditional beliefs, I was introduced by a local scientific research group to the reigning King’s hunter. An amiable fellow, he was delighted by my having an interest in linguistic studies of other species. I offered him a glass and decanter of excellent Scotch whisky, which befit the occasion, and he got to talking about this experiences in the field.

The majority of days and hours in his life were spent in the jungles on the lower slopes of the Himalayas, where he had encountered three types of great apes (other than homo sapiens): the tiny “chuti”, a mid-size humanoid a meter-plus in height, and a gigantic beast, about 7 feet tall, that swings through tree branches like Tarzan. The chuti has or had the most developed language and, indeed, a rare few could communicate in Nepalese. In prior discussions throughout the Himalayan region, I had heard similar accounts of intelligent apes. In discussions with Sherpas, I was informed of chuti sages, the equivalent of human Buddhist monks who practice meditation. Similar tales were told to me in Baltistan, a Himalayan region of Pakistan, from a guide who described his mother’s recollections of “abominable snowmen” who stole sheep during harsher winters.

The King’s hunter explained that the increasing rarity of encounters with intelligent apes was due to a relentless secret program to capture and exterminate our simian cousins, on orders from top executives with the National Geographic group, continuing the ecocide devised by Alexander Bell. The philosophical rationale for species elimination (genocide, if these apes are indeed close cousins of humans) was motivated by a fundamentalist interpretation of the Genesis account, that God made Adam in his own image. This linear descent meant to fanatic Christians and Jews that human-similar species are an abomination, and likely the children of Satan, which therefore must be ruthlessly exterminated.

Since that I was raised in the Christian church, the hunter’s account was troubling indeed. His account was sincere and as convincing to me as Tarzan movies were in my childhood. The hunter witnessed an incident when villagers in a remote area swarmed a caravan of jeeps, one of which conveyed a chuti, which was crying, shedding tears and calling for a rescue. “The westerners accelerated and drove right through crowd,” he recalled with traces of anger in his voice. “The road led to the border of India, a former British territory, where the local authorities are readily bribed to maintain silence of this illicit activity. (By contrast, Nepal maintained its independence from Western colonialism.)

Later, on a stopover in New Delhi, I visited the poor neighborhoods on the other side of the River of Death, amid public hysteria over the escape of the “Monkey Man”, a hairy giant that could leap across rooftops, that is before it disappeared from public sight, apparently shot dead.

The fate of near-human mammals on Earth, aliens in our midst, partly explains the many denials, omissions and silence accorded by the scientific community to SETI, and thus could have had a direct role in the loss of the good ship Titan and its crew of five. If a NASA space-expedition were to land on Mars and stumble on underground caves inhabited by human-like residents, would the next arriving mission be a nuclear warhead? Go ask the boys at NatGeo.

A neutral observer remains unable to distinguish between the open-minded scientist and true believers hell-bent on keeping the Universe safe for the bishops and rabbis. Which brings me to my research visit to Mount Graham in Arizona to visit the (shutdown) Vatican Observatory, which apparently has faced the fate of Galileo, of termination of space studies. In my article posted at, I avoided finer details other than dosimeter readings of my suspicions about the high levels of radioactivity near the off-limits summit ridge, where the Vatican telescopes are situated.

At this point along the curve to nowhere, I should disclose that the electrical power source for the large telescopes was, supposedly, an underground power-line buried along the shoulder of the uphill mountain road. Well, I searched for any trace of cables or conduits along several sections of the road and discovered the total absence of any trace of an electrical line. That was just another lie. The radioactivity, then, was from a small nuclear reactor hidden on the summit of Mount Graham, operating without state or federal approval.

The explosion of the reactor spreading radioactive contamination explains the closure of the observatories and removal of staffers. It was probably not an accident but deliberate sabotage to suppress the Vatican’s search for “Angels”, humanoid life-forms with interstellar travel capability aka the good-guy astronauts involved in “Top Gun” aerial engagements, dogfights with their foes among the Satanic Space Force. Star Wars. Again. We are to the angels what the chuti are to us, as not the brightest of hominoids. After all, Adam was never presented as some sort of Superman; his job was to be a gardener along with his pesky kids and a flirtatious wife, just a regular guy. NASA and NatGeo just don’t get it, that there’s nothing special about our kind. We are fruit-feeders barely out of the treetops, resentful that so many of our kin are freeloaders, skinflints and schmucks.

As for SETI, then, it’s not much of a stretch to assume there are probably a lot of Adam and Eves stuck on various rocks rumbling through space, having trouble paying off their home mortgages yet curious about the mystery of the glittering night sky. Is there anyone like us out there at the outer edge of the Milky Way? Hello!?

So to the next of kin of the courageous explorers, with special mention for the Dawood family, my condolences go out for the terrible loss, while the mourning is tempered by admiration for the visionary courage of father and son and their research colleagues, working together in search of truthful science to better comprehend the merciful Divine plan for this Universe. And to Shahzada’s colleagues at SETI: “Search on, sisters and brothers, through the vast distances until your calls for interstellar response are answered.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Caldwell and I shall await further details about the loss of the brave team aboard the OceansGate, and for any stunning revelations to surface. The search for truth goes on.