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Fukushima Radioactivity Powered The
Strange Storms That Bashed California

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

An unholy perversion of Constantine’s vision of a glowing cross in the sky appeared over the Continental Divide, so I eased up on the gas pedal to peer at the luminous golden spike hovering above the far horizon, amid vaporous low-hanging clouds announcing the approach of the rain storm from California to ease the drought in these arid borderlands. The shimmering pillar of eerie light was not a divine summons to battle but something more ominous that I’ve been well familiar with after seeing so many sparkling atmospheric luminaries in the vicinity of the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant. Can it be by now a dozen years ago? It seems like a past life on another planet.

From what I could tell from my university studies in spectroscopy, a tool of chemistry students , the glowing ions were probably from tritium in partially tritiated water droplets, interacting with sulfur particles escaped from natural gas wells and pipelines on both sides of the highway. It’s a lot of tritium as compared with, say, from the wastewater shot sky-high from the Palo Verde nuclear reactors west of Phoenix.

Similar visible atmospherics due to drifting Fukushima isotopes have been detectable by the naked eye over the western USA since 311 (referring to the March 2011 triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and reactor meltdowns at Fukushima). I’ve witnessed dark particles of fallout-contaminated ashes from Tokyo incinerators floating on the jetstream during a flight across the California-Oregon border. Another sighting a few months later occurred over the Rocky Mountains near Denver, in the eerily glowing pink and yellow lanterns of cloud heading southward toward the Sangre de Cristo range in New Mexico.

The recent storms causing havoc across California are not sadistic freaks of nature, but were powered by nuclear particles from massive dumping of millions of tons of radioactive wastewater from Fukushima storage tanks into the Pacific Ocean. Not a single weatherman or meteorologist in Japan and even more shamefully here on the receiving end in the USA will admit this obvious legacy of the 311 nuclear disaster. A cynically false global-warming theory is often deployed to cover up the ill effects of radioactivity, much as how the symptoms among Hiroshima atomic bombing victims were attributed to seafood poisoning or bacteria in wells and treated with placebos. Similar official deceptions are happening across the USA as the nuclear industry attempts to revive after the San Onofre shutdown. Diablo Canyon’s lifetime has been extended by the “environmentalist” governor Gavin Newsom.

The first line of defense, which is avoidance of contact with radioactive particles streaming over from the other end of the Pacific, are ignored here in the States or, worse, attributed to unrelated factors to distract public attention. The disinformation is also disseminated by meteorologists via television weather reports. Their false narratives beyond the bounds of credibility include bogus claims that the destructive storms hitting the West Coast were caused by “atmospheric rivers” and the “Pineapple Express” originating from the sub-tropical seas off the Philippines. That’s absolute nonsense since the storms originated from pipes bleeding nuclear waste from the wrecked Fushima reactors into Pacific currents that transport the lethal waste to North America. The Weather Channel is often wrong but in this case nearly a dozen years of nuclear dumping that affects the USA is still being covered up.

The clownish disinfo role of TV weathermen

Attendees at the annual meeting of American Meteorology Society, held this past week in Denver, have raised concerns about the evermore frequent use of unscientific terms by television entertainers in front of weather maps. The nub of this controversy is that colorful descriptions are often grossly inaccurate, since both atmospheric rivers and pineapple delivery are based on the erroneous presumption that the recent storms were generated in subtropical waters and then move on a northeasterly path the coast of North America. Nothing of the sort has happened of late.

The term “atmospheric river” was first used by MIT climate researchers Reginald Newell and Yong Zhu in the early 1990s to describe the length and narrowness of moisture plumes in the middle atmosphere. These phenomenon are usually several thousand kilometers long and only a few hundred clicks wide. Originating in warm and humid tropical regions, a typical atmospheric river can convey more moisture than the entire water content of the Amazon River. The colorful term “Pineapple Express” denotes a sky river generated offshore from the Philippines, the center of Dole fruit production, which moves northeast toward the North American coast. While the amount of water conveyed is greater than other types of clouds, the frequency of sky rivers reaching San Francisco is on average only once in three years.

By contrast in a span of less than two weeks, Northern California was struck by at least nine distinct storms, none of them originating in the tropics. Their starting point was in the vicinity of Japan. The scary procession of fog-bound clouds moved along the 40th Parallel from the coast of northeast Japan to San Francisco Bay. This straight-line progression across the northern Pacific is typical of winter storms that pummel the West Coast.

The distinctive factor for the huge volume of rain over California is, in all likelihood, due to the atomic energy in water particles, partly released as heat, which expands the storm’s capability to transport vast amounts of precipitation. The source of that power in wastewater is tritium from the reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant. After storage for nearly a dozen years, the tritiated wastewater was released from storage tanks by pipe directly into the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The lack of any other possible source has led to the media misdirection pointing toward the Philippines.

To protect America’s nuclear-power industry and the Pentagon’s atomic weapons program, the Department of Energy has deployed a vast campaign of denial to deflect scientific research of any contamination affecting the health of humans, domesticated animals and wildlife, especially here in the USA. The Japanese nuclear industry is a beneficiary of this cover-up, for the venal reason that the Obama administration, in which Joe Biden served as vice president and chair of the National Security Council, had authorized secret shipments of highly radioactive MOX fuel as an experimental power source for the No.3 reactor at the Fukushima No.2 plant. In mid-March 2011, Reactor 3 blew sky-high.

I reported on this disaster with a Japanese colleague, the photojournalist Takashi Morizumi, over the following months from a steep slope overlooking the destroyed plant. Needless to say, radioactivity levels there were extraordinarily high, indeed life-threatening, which forced me to take herbal countermeasures for more than a decade to prevent cancer. Untold numbers of local residents were soon felled due to radioactive contamination internally ingested, cesium and strontium being present in their food, water and environs. On several other reporting visits to the Fukushima region, I described the scintillating sparkles in the sky from radioactivity escaping from heat vents, much of rising up to the jetstream and then heading to the USA and Canada, which consequently suffered massive wildfires and a rise in cancer cases. .

Well, the chickens have come home to roost for Biden and Obama, thanks to their explosive nuclear “gift” to TEPCO, the price for which has never been disclosed by seller or buyer. Self-protection from arrest on grounds of illegal foreign bribery is the reason that the American and Canadian populations have been told nothing and must endure the cross-Pacific stream of radioactivity that has deformed embryos, permanently harmed children’s brains, and cause cancer in adults, with cases as yet uncounted, under the same type of crude official secrecy that abetted the “disposal” of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange herbicides. We have met the enemy and it is U.S. politicians mired in corruption and lies. Now the risk quotient for the western United States has notched up again due to the Radioactivity Express storms.

Starting point of the January storms

The two dozen storms that just impacted California were generated by the Siberian high-pressure zone that pushes a cold air mass across the Japan Sea and beyond Honshu island’s northeastern Tohoku region. Direct-hit areas such as Niigata Prefecture on the Japan Sea endure massive snowfall, with drifts in some places reaching 20 feet high. The isolation and loneliness caused by the winter ordeal is the theme of “Yukiguni” (Yuki Kuni) or Snow County, the title of a romantic novel by Yasunori Kawabata, which earned him a Nobel Prize for Literature. Despite their outdoors work in the lush rice paddies, the young women of that agrarian region were traditionally admired as “bijin” or beauties for their pallid snow-white skin complexion due to short daylight hours of weak northern sunlight.

Superficial impressions aside, the hardy residents of Niigata are enthusiastically prepared for bitter cold winds and immense piles of snow, as ruddy-cheeked boys and cheerful men shovel away drifts as much as 8 feet high from steep rooftops of large houses. A day’s work out in the freezing cold makes imbibing warmed flasks of the premium local sake all the more enjoyable in the chill dry air.

The deep-winter storms cross the Tohoku (Northeast) region to the dark unforgiving Pacific coastline to the east, which by contrast lacks any hint of rural romanticism because of the cloying arthritic dampness, slushy precipitation and grim overcast skies. The harshness of rural conditions there in the Fukushima region is intensified by fierce gusts from the Bering Strait, when the best survival strategy is for local guys to commiserate around a fire pit or cast-iron stove and drink hot grain alcohol-infused rice wine, sake with a bite. Instead of the wide smiles of Snow Country folk, the residents of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, the homeland of my grandparents, tend to be stoical, tight-lipped and grim since parting lips to talk is painful and happiness and joy are unimaginable in that harsh dreary climate.

The assumption that life is cruel and nothing can be done to change the situation results in the code of solemn persistence through a lifetime of suffering, which explains the near-total silence in local reaction to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, as yet one more crushing blow in this hopeless mortal existence. Complaining is useless. In order not to psychologically crack in that situation (as many people do), I tell jokes to the locals, who vaguely smile in bitter silence unless they are totally drunk with way too much hot sake and roll on the tatami mat with spasms of unfamiliar laughter. There’s not a hell of lot else that I can do for them, since the healing power of herbal medicine beccomes void after the second year of constant radioactivity exposure.

I figure it’s crappy to die alone, shunned by the government and even their distant relatives so why not joke before the end to an outsider who won’t take offense? Perhaps San Franciscans with their casual air of political correctness and delusions of ethical superiority deserve a little taste of that sort of bitter reality from radioactivity exposure. There’s nothing like the approaching prospect of death to pull one out of the clouds back down to earth.

Prior to the TEPCO nuclear disaster, surfing became popular along the Fukushima coast, despite or because of the shock from a plunge into the chilly waters, a ritual cleansing away of misery and depression, somewhat similar to how Buddhist priests meditate under ice-cold waterfalls. The Oyashio, known to the Russians of Siberia as the Leman Current, sweeps down from the Bering Strait past northeast Japan’s coastline and turns at Choshi Point toward the east where it links with the North Pacific Current. Meanwhile, this is important to the weather dynamics that swept California, the warm moisture-bearing Kuroshiro current, pushed northward from the tropics, also turns eastward at Choshi where its waters are intermingled with the Oyashio. Their merger creates the North Pacific Current bound for North America. This geophysical intersection is much like ballroom dancing of two individuals who join hands to become a couple circling wildly in the dark.

The warm and cold waters jostle and collide, and the windy chill of the Arctic high-pressure atmospheric zone causes swirling eddies and conflicted clouds. This witch’s brew of stormy weather is then challenged about a third of the way across the North Pacific by the rush of southward moving super-cold Arctic clouds and icy water. A titanic clash of swirling winds and sea foam is transformed into a demonic sumo match of near-freezing seawater against a cloud-laden dark sky. Meanwhile, the Fukushima wastewater content releases ever-more free-moving particles of tritium, which is irradiated H20 atoms containing a neutron. When that hot particle is eventually released, triggering chain reactions with other tritium particles and any loose plutonium, it irradiates whatever it touches. The turbulent forces of wind, water, vapor, air and radiation are thus amplified to fever pitch as the North Pacific Current lumbers straight toward the Golden Gate or splits off to Monterey Bay.

Radioactive Whirlpools

This fast-approaching juggernaut is no Pineapple Express or atmospheric river; it is a whirlpool of destructive energy out of the plutonium mass from a wrecked nuclear power plant. Radioactive chaos unloosed at the subatomic level and on a massive scale became a runaway train of events that clobbered California and scattered its lethal innards like fallen giants decomposing to create a far different reality of mutant species and a strange madness across North America.

What was so terrifying about this cloud front is that it was just the first of dozen more storms. Hitting shore, the waves blasted the iconic Seacliff pier and several others shattered into toothpick-size splinters, seawalls crumbled, rivers flowed upstream, buildings were smashed and swept away like toy blocks, trees felled like bowling pins, and homeowners became trapped in debris as the death toll rose. Every time the sky cleared and residents felt relief, another powerful storm rumbled toward landfall, and behind it many more titans of wind and rain and radioactivity. It’s not over when the storms are over, now that the water supply of nearly all of California is radioactive.

Thus, instead of atmospheric rivers, a misnomer, satellite images showed dense clouds of Fukushima-sourced fog banks sumo-wrestling with hordes of chilled jetstream air masses charging down from the Arctic region. On a time-capture satellite image, it looks like a pillow fight. Perhaps this supra-natural phenomena should be called “Radioactive Whirlpools”. Post that on the Weather Channel.

By now the San Franciscans who are proud of their defiance against biblical injunctions about sex are humbled, cowed and scared. Nobody dared to emulate Gene Kelly dancing with an umbrella and singing in the rain. With every passing squall, raw fear became more palpable among the huddled nonconformists, sexual deviants, dope-heads and politically correct fraudsters fearful of the prospect of being thrashed to death and drowned. The arrogant are humbled and the humble cowed.

The California Dream is over, dark days are coming. Electric cars are underwater and ready to go up in battery smoke, piers are gone, farms fallow, but there is still hope because Joe Biden promises an emergency bailout to his Mini-Me, Gavin Newsom, that is if the budget goes through and the Republican House majority agree to coddle California. The cost of cleanup will put San Francisco mayor with the suspect name London Breen is now in a pickle after promising to deliver $5 million to African American residents who can provide proof of racial discrimination in housing at any time between the 1930s and 1960s.

When local homeowners cannot afford the repair costs and hike in insurance rates, the liberal idiots are readying to roll out “Reparations” for black migrants from Texas and Arkansas who arrived to work in California defense industry. But not a dime will be offered to the descendants penniless Okies who arrived in beat-up model-Ts during the Depression fleeing the Dust Bowl storms that overwhelmed Oklahoma. The liberals speak of “equality” for selective subgroups but cannot face up to the Grapes of Wrath for the majority of dispossessed Americans. I hate to say this but the stuck-up A-holes of NorCal got what they richly deserved and hopefully more licks will soon be on the way. Repent and maybe some folks might feel pity for those arrogant losers.

Sharp Turn Ahead

After wreaking coastal destruction, the passing storms continued the assault deep inland, flooding streams, blowing away doors and shutters, swamping cars and shorting power transformers. Then at its forward edge, the first storm followed by the rest suddenly turned in a sharp 90-degree angle, usually toward its left, to head northward, and alternatively with less frequency swinging to the south toward Southern California.

Online publisher Jeff Rense, an astute observer of these sorts of anomalies, sent me an email about this odd phenomena, asking why and how can a passing storm make a sudden 90 degree turn. His question became even more challenging when motion-maps showed the storm was not guided by the rock face of the Sierra Nevada. The raging wind simply swung 90 degrees northward or sometimes due south for no apparent reason and by no discernible cause.

As far as can be surmised without a million-dollar field study along the flaultlines, the change of direction without a visible source of energy was due to two factors: the massive force of electromagnetic energy released by its free-flowing tritium content, aka nuclear energy; interacting with north-directed ground current; and second by a juncture at the 120th meridian, an electromagnetic channel below ground conveying enormous amounts of energy from sources including earthquake fault-lines, seams of ore underlying the foothills’ gold mines, and underground waterways.

While appearing to zig-zag when seen close-up at ground level, the extended network of underground ore deposits form large energy lines along a primary direction, in this case south-to-north. This electromagnetic line is similar to the ground current under the Continental Divide (which invisibly held the golden cross in place), the atmospheric luminosity that I spotted a week later as the storm moved deeper ashore. A veteran miner has informed me of this phenomenon along at least some of the meridians, indicating the existence of geologically pre-positioned magnetic bands. The origins are probably from the era of Earth upheaval and reordering of its energy-transmitting “backbones”.

Due to the lack of incisive news coverage, this report is skipping the severe flooding and pier damage to Monterey and Salinas, the bailiwick of Clint Eastwood. I will miss the garlic cloves from Watsonville this autumn. Despite the extensive resources of the U.C. system in NorCal, a center for global warming theory, nothing of worth is coming from those pseudo-scientists in dire need of funding, repentance and truth.

Field Knowledge from Australian mines

None of this nearly imperceptible energy network could ever have made sense to me had it not been for the late Australian mining geologist Harry Mason, who gained fame in Japan after tracing a sub-nuclear blast in a mine shaft near Kalgoorie in western Australia. That field experiment of Alaskan-sourced beam energy involved a spooky science research team from the Aum Shinrikyo cult of the bearded guru Shoko Asahara, prior to the the 1995 Tokyo subway gassing. Aum, in cooperation with other Japanese followers of paranormal cults and their Australian collaborators did not laze around a commune but instead set up a laboratory on a sheep ranch in a god-forsaken corner of an aborigine colony in the Outback, for purposes then unknown to the press or police. This military-related research had to do with electromagnetic weapons amplified by atmospheric energy aka HAARP, as was displayed by strange luminous configurations in the clear sky over that arid region, as shown in a photo taken by Harry of a high-flying cross, similar and perhaps identical to the God-sent vision for Constantine on his path to desperate battle for control of the leaderless Roman Empire.

Yes, it is eerie how history repeats itself first as a tragedy and then as the farce that I’ve been entangled in. I wonder about the Continental Divide and what that beam of light might symbolize, not that I intend to become Emperor of America, what a crazy thought! For one thing, I lack Constantine’s army and second his strength of faith, and besides I’d probably falter at the brink of mass destruction, due to a lack of ambition other than for the pastimes of reading, writing and planting trees, and sometimes meditating like an exiled Irish monk during the Dark Age. Oh, and add to that quaffing a pint of ale by a fireplace. Being an escapist a nowhere location is preferable to the near-death experience being of a confrontationist, a realization of mine during the Fukushima decade.

The geologist Mason visited Tokyo, where as an editor of the Japan Times weekend folio I introduced him to key members of the Aum cult who were astonished at his findings and cooperated by opening their records for his perusal and candidly answered his questions. From those exchanges, it became clear that Aum was a synthetic cult assembled by state-sponsored agents recruited from cells plucked out of Sukyo Mahikari, Soka Gakkai, the Unification Church of Reverend Moon, and the Hindu-related Agon Shu. The purpose was R&D of exotic futuristic weaponry in remote test-sites for the coming Final War aka Doomsday. San Francisco just got a little taste of that bizarre project.

During our discussions with a German pastor long-stationed in Kyoto, who shared a strong curiosity about that aberration of religion, it became clearer that Aum’s electronic monitoring of the soil was actually a means of tracking and harnessing underground electromagnetic pulses of sufficient power for the mine blast. This realization may well be of importance to deeper comprehension of the recent Northern California storms aka electromagnetic pulse events, especially when the storm’s Right Turn passed nearby the naval weapons research center at China Lake while the Left Turn crossed the Sierra Army Depot. Never heard of the latter? Neither have I. How could I have missed it during my tour of Death Valley?

That’s none of my beeswax, only speculation of the X-Files type. No reports of flying saucers, yet, emerging from the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento. My academic interest is more about the cultural aspects of wealth accumulation by mining. Harry Mason spent a period of his younger days in Wales and England, where he gained a lot of historical insight into the Scottish-English border region between the great walls of Hadrian, which the Romans erected to keep out the Picts and Scots from rich veins of gold. That was a place where an electromagnetic detector came in handy in his search for ancient artifacts, which was Harry’s first step (unbeknownst at the time) for his future detective work inside that collapsed mine near Kalgoorie). Adventures in life are much like reaching over to touch a grime-covered switch that has no apparent purpose and discovering it shines the light onto somewhere far beyond one’s intellectual horizon.

Dragons over our heads, Gnomes Underground

One of my interests in a long-awaited sojourn in the Southwest was to search for deliberately hidden sites of “neglected” cultures and obscure research projects, that is until a fine day for hiking that one stumbles on vast open-pit mines poisoned by arsenic and mercury or legendary old Spanish digs that remain booby trapped to discourage curious spelunkers. Yes, the Trinity test site is such a spooky place. Dreams of wealth are a lure for fools. Finding a lode of gold or uranium ore is something of a death penalty from the people who hid it. In any case the BLM has taken over the more interesting zones and protect these sites with misdirection and fees for hunting licenses.

Misdirection is exactly what the Greens, the eco-activists, the Sierra Club elitists and the absurdist Climate Change deceivers, along with lackey weathermen, are all about, hoarding the natural wealth of this planet for the grandchildren of creepy elitist Gnomes of Davos like George Soros and Klaus Schwab, the Rockefellers, Mellons,Cheneys and those minor vermin, aka shareholders, burrowing into the seaside cliffs of Carmel, Monterey, Santa Barbara, the Palisades and Newport Beach. As a fan of Tolkien, I rest content that the only predictable outcome will be the self-extermination of these pathetic dwarves with the aid of their blood-thirsty wolves and lords of the Ring.

Whistle while you lurk, pull wool over the eyes of jerks! The news channels, especially their sketchy smiling weathermen and tornado girls, are hewing to a script of fanciful but inaccurate weather myths, which otherwise might give away the plot for the agenda of climate-control warfare, disenfranchisement and depopulation under the guise of egalitarianism. Misdirection, I’ve discovered, must be overcome by moving in the opposite direction, into the unsuspected and unknown arroyo. If I ever do discover the secret mine of the Sierra Madre, be damned sure that I will dynamite the entrance to prevent “the rightful owners” from ever finding it again. Much better to be a spoiler swilling a chalice of holy brew from Santa Fe than a dead millionaire.

So to conclude this meandering diatribe on natural causes versus the possibility of man-made climate change known as weather warfare, the question remains: Were the Pacific Compression Storms that just clobbered California a live-fire weapons test. Could it have been in retaliation for a submerged blast that unloosed the tsunami that triggered the Fukushima reactors? As the easiest retaliatory strike ever, all it took is to open the valves on the storage tanks at Fukushima to send the tritiated water on its way back to America.The reality of undersea sabotage of the Nordstream gas line off Denmark harkens back to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The job is easily done by sending a large nuclear torpedo to the seafloor to cause an artificial tsunami, and meanwhile launch an explosives-armed drone or missile hurtling over the waves toward the nuclear plant aiming below sea level. After that Baltic blast, nobody and nothing can be trusted anymore. There are no good guys.

This essay is dedicated to keeping alive our memories of trusted guide and friend Harry Mason.