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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen
Ran The Democrats' FTX Crypto-Theft - Part 6

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Part 6 of the FTX series now probes the highest levels of t Obama-era chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, and masterminding of the global financial crimes of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange for fund transfers from Beijing and Shanghai for Democrat candidates and Joe Biden’s presidential bid. As discussed in earlier chapters of this ongoing report, FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried engaged in illegal campaign finance included funneling slush funds from Hunter Biden’s liaisons with leaders of the Chinese Communist Party into Hong Kong crypto-accounts and onward into Democrat campaign coffers. Later, after FTX’s flight from regulatory inspectors to the Bahamas, millions of dollars from the Aid For Ukraine charity were stolen for kickbacks to the Democrat leadership in illicit payoffs for Pentagon weapons to Kyiv. FTX was a money laundry for Democrat politicians aka crooks.

By a long stretch, Janet Yellen has set an unenviable record as the most corrupt chief of the Fed and Treasury ever, a female Fagin who masterminded the Democrat vote-rigging in the 2019 elections. Along with her minions, the Bankman-Fried family and Biden’s drug-addled son on the lam, her treasonous theft and poliitcal bribery raise the curtain on the elite Jewish Democrat cabal that has dispensed bribes to subvert and control the highest levels of the U.S. government.

One of Yellen’s key instruments is Mind The Gap, a secretive multi-million dollar superPAC run by Stanford economists Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman, the parents of SBF. These illicit money flows were used to fund voter fraud and ballot tampering, which led to the 2019 rigged election of Joe Biden as president. Grand larceny to throw ballots overboard and subvert the electoral process is treason and therefore deserves the sternest punishment to discourage would-be dictators of the future. This generation of Americans must set the precedent with no less than capital punishment for usurpers who violated the fundamental right to vote. Otherwise the door will be left wide open to tyranny. The Constitution demands no less of us than the solemn duty to protect this basic right of the citizenry.

Yid Mob Troika

At the end of November that liberal Jewish rag, The New York Times, gave away the plot behind its DealBook conference in the Big Apple, held on Wednesday, November 30, which featured the Big Three of Cryptocurrency Crime: the financial “whiz” out on bail Sam Bankman Fried, CEO of the collapsed FTX fund; the evasive Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen; and Ukrainian mafia boss and international arms reseller Volodymyr Zelensky. The trio of brazen Jewish embezzlers mumbled nonsense from the podium or by Zoom videoconferencing. The actual purpose of their participation at that illustrious gathering of hustlers was a secret three-way Zoom parley in New York to coordinate their alibis and pleas of ignorance about their fraudulent transactions, including the heist of Pentagon weapons that were shipped to Ukraine for resale by mafia arms traffickers to the usual-suspect rogue regimes and crime syndicates.

Another guest speaker at the NYT’s DealBook conference was Shou Chew, the CEO of TikTok, that espionage window of the Chinese leadership, to watch for any fallout from the FTX scandal for Beijing and Shanghai elites who seek to maintain a clean image for themselves above the fray. As secret mega-funders of the Democrat Party, the Beijing higher-ups and their intelligence agents have a strategic economic interest in the piecemeal takeover of the U.S. economy through control of turnkey politicians.

The Chinese agenda for a captive USA is now being advanced with the Beijing-invested U.S. gas industry’s reallocation from home-heating toward super-profitable mega-shipments of American-sourced gas to a shivering Europe, a trade opportunity caused by the CIA-NATO sabotage of the Nordstream pipeline in the Baltic Sea. This globalist financial plot is behind the sharp spike in consumer gas prices across the USA during an exceptionally cold winter (which invalidates the Democrats’ global warming hoax). Another China-targeted operation is conversion of American transport to electric vehicles, the Chinese monopoly on production of two-ton toxic battery units for EVs. The burial of used batteries made of lethal heavy metals is another way to exterminate Americans without declaring war. (Note: According to the liberal version of American history, we did something like that to the Indians so it’s just desserts, right?). Then there are geopolitical issues, for instance, blackmail of the Biden Democrats to prevent American intervention in the Taiwan crisis. If you have further questions about these issues, phone Hunter Biden to explain the new global reality on behalf of his brain-dead Dad.

Janet’s Evasion on the FTX Collapse

Alarmed by potential fallout from Treasury’s blase attitude and Yellen’s hands-off order on the FTX collapse, the Democrat head of the Senate Financial committee Sherrod Brown penned an open letter to Treasury Secretary Yellen, which reads: “As we continue to learn more details, the failure of this crypto exchange brings to mind the litany of financial firm failures due to the combination of reckless risk taking and misconduct. It is crucial that risks in this area are contained and do not spillover into traditional financial markets and institutions, and we draw the correct lessons regarding customer and investor protection.” That dire appeal fell on deaf ears, because the troika of Yellen, the Bankman-Frieds and Zelensky were more focused on saving their own rotten carcasses from investigation and prosecution for malfeasance.

Yellen had the temerity not to reply. Like the Sphinx of Egypt her lips are sealed. On the spot to say something, anything to Senator Brown, a lowly clerk at the Treasury Department had to regurgitate her comments at the DealBook Summit: “To the extent that the crypto world could deliver faster, cheaper, safer transactions, we should be open to financial innovation. That said, that’s not what most of it has been about. And I strongly believed and continue to believe and I think everything we’ve lived through over the last couple of weeks, but earlier as well, says this is an industry that really needs to have adequate regulation. And it doesn’t.” RU kidding, Janet? Who’s in charge? Allow me to simplify your rambling excuse: I supported crypto wholeheartedly even though it’s a fraud.

The obvious question in the minds of Congressmen was and still is: “In whose bailiwick is financial regulation, Ms. Yellen? Who is supposed to be in charge of imposing some rules on the crypto-sector?” Her evasiveness and inane blame game mirrored right back onto herself, the fat pig in a poke. AKA the bag lady at Treasury.

Oh, sorry about the Scottish lingo. A friend recently asked me: What’s a poke? Well, it’s the Scots’ term for a bag, tightly woven with goat hair or plant fiber, used to carry hogs to county fairs. A pig in the poke. In the remote Highlands, ruffians and thieves were sometimes crammed inside a poke to be beaten with walking sticks, a fitting punishment for embezzles and lying treasurers too. The Scots are renowned for fiscal penny-pinching, a fine trait to be restored to the U.S. Treasury. Oh, and that curious term “poky” refers to a tight small room with a latch on the door, which is used to hold pigs and thieves, a perfect vacation home for SBF and his Fagin-like godmother Yellen who should soon be oinking to be released on bail. Oh, let’s not get into details of how I learned Scottish terms during my sojourn in Hong Kong when it was still a Brit colony. She was a beauty beyond compare.

What has changed since the Three Cabbage Rolls appeared at the BookDeal conference is an upheaval of reorganization at the House of Representatives following the mid-term election disaster for Biden. Speaker Kevin McCarthy should now be able to launch an extensive congressional inquiry into the FTX-MTG (the latter: Mind The Gap) circus and the illicit Yellen-SFB connections with Beijing and Kyiv, along with the middleman role of the despicable disappearing Hunter Biden. Oh, well, like father like son, both being Beijing’s stooges, ever since at a young age Joe was an “old China hand”, way before volunteering as their Manchurian Candidate in the 2019 presidential elections.

A Woman Scorned

Lesson 1: How to become U.S. Treasury Secretary. After retirement from Stanford’s economics department, Ms. Yellen spent two decades in the pecking order of bored economists at the Federal Reserve, much like the line-up of eunuchs in old China’s waiting rooms hoping for appointment to the Imperial court, only to die of old age or be rolled away to a senility ward. If you ever visit Beijing, the “Eunuch’s Gate” is on the east side of the old palace aka the Imperial City, and it costs nothing for a stroll inside along the moat.

Our chief national accountant’s brain is presumed to be best when its aged like a barrel of whiskey and as wrinkled as a shrunken prune. Little Janet’s cognitive capabilities are more like a golden raisin, diminutive but glowing at the sight of gold. At long last, in 2014, her number came up when President Barack Obama appointed her to the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve as a reward for loyalty to the Democrats’ agenda of the total welfare state. Oops, that’s chairwomanship.

Then unanticipated misfortune loomed with the 2017 electoral victory of Donald Trump versus the raging mad feminist Hillary Clinton. His very first dictat after being sworn into office was to shout at Fed chairwoman: “You’re fired!” Janet thereby set a new term record as the shortest-serving Fed chairperson, an unbearable insult. I suppose Trump didn’t need to keep on an Apprentice to count his money.

Yellen took even greater umbrage at Trump’s snide remark that, at 5 feet 3 inches in height, she was too short to oversee the Fed. Never been inside, but my guess about that call is that the desks at the Fed are six feet above the floor. Sure it was a tall order and therefore quite a stretch for the stubby lady. His blatant prejudice against short people (Don’s no fan of Danny Devito), the insult was compounded by her being the shortest serving Fed Chair. That’s shortest term as chair, not the height of her sofa.

Hell hath no fury as a little woman scorned. Especially if she had her stay-behind loyalists sworn to avenge the insult, never mind injury. By comparison, the legendary big-hearted Ivana even during her rages of jealousy over infidelity (get the pun? in Fed) was a strawberry shortcake, just take her shopping for a new gown and she’d be as sweet as Swedish berries on whipped cream, whatever she really might have been, presumably of Polish-Odessa ancestry like Janet. If you ever date a Jewish girl, never ever get her angry and/or jealous, as I’ve learned to my surprise at my over-the-limit credit card and the empty chair at my table at our favorite restaurant as the waiter asked for cash instead.

Thoroughly ticked off, excuse the English crudity, Janet Yellen and her gal pal Barbara Fried spent the next four years crafting and implementing the election-bribery fix known as FTX, to be hatched in China’s front porch aka Hong Kong, out of the reach of Trump loyalists. Sorry, Don, I was long gone from Suzy Wong’s Wanchai by then, at long last back to the ho-hum USA.

So how did the young punk Sam Bankman-Fried and sidekick Gary Wang get past the Treasury and Fed gatekeepers at the U.S. Consulate, and the uptight Hong Kong banking regulators, to qualify to operate in that island’s heavily supervised finance sector? Probably by (mis)representing Operatiion FTX as a super-secret Treasury-Fed approved entrapment scheme to bait and snare drug lords, dictators and gunrunners into signing up for crypto accounts, which were to be monitored from DC. Just ask the Treasury Secretary if we’re legit, undercover agents like Crockett and Tubbs of Miami Vice. They got a pass. They were in. The only thing left to do on the list was to wait for the phone call from Hunter. And if any lowly clerk at the consulate on Garden Road dared phone in an inquiry to Treasury’s front desk, the curt answer would have been: “They’ve got clearance. Any further questions?”

Guardians of the Democrat war-chest

So how did Sam Bankman-Fried’s respectable parents become acquainted with high holy Janet Yellen? Their friendship began when plain Jane was a lowly economics professor at the Hass Business School at UC Berkeley, Janet was on collegial terms with professors Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried at the nearby Stanford Law faculty, just a new faculty member at Cal, I hear she’s Jewish. The proximity of those campuses was convenient for visiting lecturers and participation in law forums, as well as advisory roles with the state legislature and governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom, along with Nancy Pelosi’s gang of drug dealers and thieves. Thus, mutual loyalties among the Bay Area and Silicon Valley Democrats forged an inter-familial alliance of Yellen with the Bankman-Frieds in service to Joe Biden and other assorted crooks.

Now with our focus shifts from FTX onto the Yellen-Bankman-Fried cabal, as the author of “Alice in Wonderland” Lewis Carroll put it: “Things get curiouser and curiouser.” The key to comprehending the secret pact between Yellen and the Bankman-Frieds is the British term “Mind The Gap”, an oft-used code term among these Democrat operatives. In the American dialect, that expression sounds unfamiliar and weird, but for Yellen, the Bankman-Frieds, the Brit-connected Soros clan and their distant English cousins the Rothschilds, Mind The Gap is the prime rule for respectable Jewish families and their shady involvement in financial crime. So down the rabbit hole we go, down, down into London’s Underground.

In 1977, soon after his affair with and divorce from a Chinese American architecture student at UC Berkeley, the roving economist George Arthur Akerlof spent a year as a visiting research economist for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, where he met his future wife and coauthor, Janet Yellen. After Berkeley's department of economics failed to appoint him due his gadfly theories verging into utter nonsense, Akerlof and companion Yellen moved the UK to teach at the London School of Economics (LSE), the Rothschild stronghold where he was appointed as Cassel Professor of Money and Banking, while the wifey accepted a tenure-track lectureship. They remained in the UK for two years before returning, rather abruptly, to the USA. Some faux pas was undoubtedly the unspoken reason for their departure. Let’s hope it was something too juicy for the Brit press, like Georgie boy making a pass at Princess Margaret. If Janet had done it instead, they’d still be there. Just another American girl, it was a whirl, eh chaps?

It was on her commute to class through the Tube that Janet became enchanted with the Britishism on the edge of the train platform: Mind The Gap. That succinct phrase, enigmatic to a newcomer from the States, could be translated into American slang as “Watch Your Step”, which conversely makes no sense at all to a local commuter reading a folded Times of London on his way to work. Mind The Gap does address the difference between an static platform and a decelerating train, which requires a narrow span between stasis and speed so that sparks don’t fly and crisp the knickers.

Then, like one of Einstein’s light bulbs (or was that Thomas Edison’s invention?), something clicked in her bored brain, the differential between lousy pay and rising prices in a booming economy, the gap between income and the rising cost of living aka inflation. Presto! That was her meal ticket as an brainy economist, a theory of wages depressed by rising prices aka inflation. By minding the gap between income levels and price inflation, minor adjustments can be made to either side of that equation, usually with minor wage increases or, conversely, by lowering the cost of living by introducing discount stores like Dollar Tree. The balancing act is feasible if routinely done by employers nudged by the federal government rather that doing nothing until a full-blown inflationary trend results in an economic crisis and another Great Depression.

Then, as it turned out, Sam’s mom and dad adopted “Mind The Gap” as the name of their Democrat slush fund, the gap being, uh, between super-wealthy tycoons and their Democrat minions, and between electoral candidates and their flat-broke constituents. This is the essence of gap theory: Voter turnout is managed by greasing palms of constituents. Here’s an economics quiz: What are Democrat aldermen in New York City good at during election season? Answer: Minding the Gap.

So to get back on track, Trump’s insensitive insults were paid back with venom while Joe Biden was transported on a magic carpet of Chinese cash into the Rose Garden, where Joe’s very first act as president was to appoint the Honorable Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary, a prestigious appointment that unfortunately she wrecked within a span of two years by failing to Mind the Gap in FTX’s crypto-accounts. Trump understood clearly that the fix was in, thanks to that lady who’s too short to run the Fed. If it was a rich big guy that did in this presidency, Don would have been fuming and called him out. No, a short little Jewish woman had stuck it to him, a frustrating humiliation that was unbearable. So that explains Donald Trump’s moment of madness when hot under the collar he unloosed the militia on the Capitol. Janet must’ve been smiling while watching his craziness. Revenge is best served cold.

Her African Safari

As the deadline for debt rollover passed without Congressional extension, Ms. Yellen took off on a two-week junket to supposedly confer with indebted African leaders who are unable and/or unwilling to pay a penny for the interest on bad loans from foreign powers. The sideline or perhaps main agenda of this oddly timed safari was to meet with a Chinese delegation tasked by Beijing with discussing, again, repayment terms for their funding of the Biden-Harris campaigns. Apparently, one of the IOU concessions was to allow the Chinese to divert natural gas from American homeowners for shipment via Corpus Christi to Europe in replacement of energy supply from the NATO-bombed Nordstream pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Outrageous home-heating price hikes are aimed at convincing Americans to live without heat in order to pay Mr. Biden’s debt to his Chinese creditors.

Whether these political debt negotiations are in the Treasury’s bailiwick is hardly a question, they’re not. It’s the leadership of the Democratic Party along with the Biden family who are responsible for immediate repayment of illicit campaign loans from Beijing. Yet it is Janet Yellen who’s left holding the bag, the poke without a pig. Perhaps while gazing at the African sunset, she may have realized that high office is a curse not an honor, which eventually crushes any last traces of idealism and contentment, even destroying one’s trust in God. At this point on the curve of corruption, there is no path of escape. An ivory-toothed tusker on the Serengeti has a better chance of survival against the Chinese demands.

An American Medea

With this turn of fortunes as in a Greek tragedy, the Fates aka the Republican avengers are prepared to punish her hubris by sticking Yellen with the blame for FTX default and the crash of the cryptocurrency sector, which has lost multi-billions in accounts of panicked patrons.

If there’s an analogy from the ancient Athenian theater, the Treasury Secretary is stuck in the role of Medea, the queen of the Land of Dragons, who now has no choice but to curse her mate Jason (Biden) and stab their children (Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison and Democrat candidates who received the stolen funds), destroying her own legacy for a posterity who shall judge her as a usurper, madwoman and witch. The divinely ordained disaster is beginning to take hold on its relentless path toward total destruction, as forecast by that ancient Greek playwright Euripides.

As the whirlpool of financial crisis gains strength, everything she ever touched shall be sucked under into a cesspool, the Ukraine adventurism, the China connection, Biden’s legacy, reparations for black welfare recipients, the influx of illegals for mercenary purposes, electric vehicle mandates and green energy, beyond meat veganism, multilingualism, anti-police theatrics, buggering rights for queers, legalized pedophilia, Go Fund Me for liars, hiphop fashion, Black Lies Mutter, global warming hysteria, fake vaccines, mandates and certificates, since these sorts of manias are what constitute the Democrat Party agenda, to be flushed like an indigestible meal down the tube. There were far worthier priorities in the American agenda, which now are financially impossible to launch.

As for the cross-planet routing of unreported campaign funds from a foreign power, which on many fronts around the world is hostile to America’s alliances, along with the theft of personal savings of private depositors, planned at the highest level of the Treasury in collusion with Democrat bundlers, the sum total of these financial violations is not mere grand larceny or illicit election interference since the core rationale behind those crimes is far worse, collusion in high treason, which deserves the ultimate punishment. To spare the nation the agony of a long drawn-out judicial inquiry and media ordeal and to maintain the illusion of representative democracy, the way out for a remorseful gentleman or a lady for their shortsighted treason is traditionally done with a pistol or inside the cavity of a gas oven, even if the burden of guilt does not die with the perpetrators. The FTX affair was an American tragedy on our watch. In one way or another, each of us bears some blame.