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Who is Tucker Carlson?

By Miles Mathis

Before we get started, I wish to announce that I now have all four of my science books in stock in both hardback and softback for the first time in months. So I can fill old orders. Please recontact me, since I regret to say I haven't kept a waiting list. I do have my short suits, and keeping records of anything is one of them. Sorry for that.

OK, like a lot of you, I have started watching Tucker in the past couple of years, after avoiding him before that as a FoxNews twit like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc. I have admitted he is saying a lot of the right things now, since that is his current script. He is playing the level-headed opposition to the berserk left, and doing it pretty well. Hence his great popularity now. I have also shown you how he is misdirecting, but I won't hit that again here. In this paper I just want to show you where he came from, so you can better understand who he is and what he is up to. Most of what I will relate here has been hit by others before me, but I have a few things to add that I don't think anyone else has suggested. Possibly making this worth your while.

It is known that his father Richard (Dick) Warner Carlson was head of USIA and Voice of America, making him a premier propagandist. What is less known is that Richard's bio is the usual cocknbull story, complete with claims of adoption and so on. They break the Carlson lineage by claiming Richard was born Richard Boynton, adopted at age two by the Carlsons, names not given. All Wiki tells us is that they were “wool merchants”. You have to laugh. We know what that means. They might as well have told us they were Phoenician boat builders. But why did they do this? My readers know: to hide Tucker's connections to other famous Carlsons. If you ask, they can tell you he isn't really a Carlson, so he isn't related to any. And if you search on his genealogy, all links are broken, since they won't tell you who his adopted parents are. They also hide his “real” grandfather Boynton, since if you consult the genealogy at, his name is LaVoie, not Boynton. Conveniently, this guy with two last names allegedly killed himself at age 18, making him even harder to trace.

My guess is Boynton/LaVoie doesn't exist at all, and that Dick Carlson was never adopted, being a real Carlson. This adoption story was manufactured to hide the fact that Dick is related to another famous

Carlson. Who is that? That would be Bruce A. Carlson, four-star general and head of NRO, a serious bigwig in Intelligence and the Mormons. My guess is he is Tucker's uncle, but they don't want you to know that. To hide it, they also scrub Bruce Carlson's bio, refusing to tell us his parents or where he has lived. tells us Dick's adoptive mother was Mainer Florence Carlson, but Instantcheckmate has never heard of her. She isn't listed for any state. Her husband is given as Carl Carlson, but Instantcheckmate has never heard of him, either. No Carl Carlson of Boston is listed with a relative Mainer, Florence, or Richard. We find a Carl Carlson of Yarmouth and Waltham related to a Richard, but no Florence or Mainer on his list. His wife is given as Josephine L. Carlson. We do, however, find a Florence Carlson of Roslindale, MA, with Murray, UT, on her list. Her relatives list is the dreaded i, which I also take as a clue, since it means her listing has been scrubbed. This link to UT tends to confirm my guess we have a link to the Mormons here, which confirms my guess Tucker is related to Bruce Carlson.

Also not explained is where Dick Carlson got his middle name Warner. That is also a peerage name, and you don't normally get your middle name from your adopted parents. In the story, it just comes out of nowhere. My guess is it links us to the Warners of TimeWarner, Warner Bros., etc. Polish Jews.

Another possible clue is that one of the Bruce A. Carlsons in his 70s and from MN we pull up at Instantcheckmate is related to a Jennifer Andrews. Tucker Carlson's wife is an Andrews, telling me he may have married a cousin.

There has been a lot of press on Tucker's stepmom Patricia Swanson, since it connects him to the billionaire Swansons of the turkey dinners. But her mother was a Fulbright, and that is usually passed over, though it may be an even bigger connection. Not only were the Fulbrights originally Volprechts, Jewish bankers from Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony, they were related to the Rothes. Is that Rothes as in Rothschilds? Probably, since the Fulbrights were still bankers in Arkansas in the 20th century. This also links us to the Waughs, since James Fulbright's mother was Roberta Waugh. Does this link us to famous British writer Evelyn Waugh? Of course, since Roberta was also a Stratton, and the Waughs of the peerage are related to the Strattons. Geni tries to break the link by telling us Roberta's daughter was Helen Statton Douglas, but she was Helen Stratton. Her husband Hal Douglas is another clue, one they have to scrub, since of course the Douglases are more peerage cousins of the Waughs, Strattons, Herberts, etc.

So you see why they don't mind if your attention is on the name Swanson instead of the name Fulbright. They also want your eyes off Tucker's real mother's maiden name Lombardi, since—as we know—that is Jewish. Even more obviously Jewish than the rest of this. Geni scrubs her completely, but other sites admit she was a Kimball from Texas, and before that an Emerson from Cornish, NH. Her father Caesar Lombardi was from Switzerland. He came over to the US to go to school at the Jesuit College in New Orleans, meaning I suppose Loyola.

In yet another line, Tucker descends through his mother from the Pecks, who were Rogers of New York. See Lily Rogers Peck at Findagrave, daughter of Thomas Philip Rogers and Phoebe Bennett. This links us to H. H. Rogers of Standard Oil, as well as the Bennetts, cousins of the Queen. Thomas Rogers links us to the Buffetts and Scudders, with the Scudders being Scudamores, top peers closely related to the Stuarts.

The McNear line seems very important to his family, since it was used as his middle name, and you see why if you research it. His 2g-grandfather George W. was a ship's captain, and he came from Erskines of Maine, previously of Scotland. This makes Tucker a cousin of Andy Murray, whose mother is an Erskine of these lines. They both come from the Erskines, Barons of Restormel Castle. Which links us to the Cadwalladrs, which links us to the Scudamores, which links us to the Stuarts. In this line Tucker is also a Saunders/Sanders, linking him back to Ben Franklin.

Wiki admits Carlson is related to Ebenezer Hoar, first head of the Dept. of Justice in the 1870s. He was also US Attorney General. What they don't tell you is that this means Tucker is a cousin of Jennifer Aniston, who is also a Hoar. We have seen the these Hoars/Hoares many times, since they come from Salem, being involved in the fake Witch Trials. Before that they were British peers.

They also admit Tucker descends from Henry Miller, cattle king of California, who was one of the largest landowners in the country in the same period. He was really Heinrich Kreiser, Jewish/German. They hide his parents at Wiki, but his mother was a Fischer. His bio is the usual sob story, he arriving in the US with only six dollars in his pocket, yadayada, but they admit his father was a big cattle baron back in Germany and that his mother was from a rich family of vintners.

So Tucker isn't just American royalty in one line or two, but dozens. He grew up at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, his childhood house being next door. His family owned houses in three states and also Canada, and owned two islands. It got even better when Tucker was ten, since his dad then married the Swanson heiress. Giving them property in a dozen states.

Tucker went to posh boarding schools in Switzerland and Rhode Island, then to college at Trinity College, Connecticut. At Trinity he was a member of the Dan White club, supposedly in reference to the Dan White who killed Harvey Milk. But since we know that was fake, this club was just an Intelligence Club. We have more proof of that, since they admit Tucker applied to the CIA right after graduation. We are told he was rejected, but we have no evidence of that. My assumption is he wasn't rejected. But of course they have to tell you these people (young agents) were rejected, to keep their cover from being blown. “No, he doesn't work for us, we swear!” We aren't told on what grounds he was rejected. Possibly flat feet. Or maybe he asked for an aspirin, like Jack Kerouac.

He immediately went to work for the Heritage Foundation, a CIA front, proving my point. It was soon acquired by the Hoover Institute, another CIA front, explaining why Tucker is always interviewing Hoover blowhard and covert fascist Victor Davis Hanson to this day.

Tucker is always making fun of CNN now, but many forget he worked for them from 2000-05. He and Robert Novak were the conservative side on Crossfire, which is interesting since the dark Jew Novak was also a Sanders through his mother. So Novak and Carlson were probably close cousins as well. Remember, we just saw that Carlson is also a Sanders. Novak came out of the Army in 1954 directly into the Associated Press, indicating he was also a CIA placement in the media. He was soon covering the Senate for the Wall Street Journal. He had been at CNN since its beginning in 1980, and since CNN was yet another CIA front, we have more indication Novak was, too. Which goes without saying: all national reporters are CIA fronts. The entire thing is scripted from both sides, and always has been.

And that includes PBS. We have proof of that in 2004, when Tucker was hired by PBS to helm a new show, Tucker Carlson Unfiltered. Not sure how PBS could justify airing straight up propaganda, but there it is. It always has, supposedly with your tax dollars but also with heavy funding from the billionaires. Didn't you ever think it was strange that “public” television would be brought to you by ExxonMobil or the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation? Did you really think they were just philanthropists? I guess PBS is now underwritten by Pfizer and Gates. I don't know since I haven't watched it in decades.

Tucker now makes fun of MSNBC, but he also had a show there from 2005-2008. Indicating the divisions are all manufactured.

Tucker finally hit his stride in 2016 when he moved to Fox. He already had high ratings by 2017, and they have risen since then, so it isn't all a result of Covid. However, he did have a big lull in 2019, with ratings dropping drastically. It looked like he might be fired for cause, but he was saved by Covid and a new script in 2020. After criticizing BLM and being dropped by Disney, his numbers went through the roof in summer of 2020, making him number one in TV news.

Many people think Tucker writes his own material, but they admit at Wiki he has a team of writers, formerly headed by Blake Neff. For myself, I believe his material comes right out of Langley, using one of their top teams. Why wouldn't it?

And here's a shocker: Tucker was registered as a Democrat in DC from 2006 to 2020. Make sense of that, if you can. He says he did it to vote in Democratic primaries, where he voted for the worst candidate on purpose. Right. So Tucker thought he was going to swing the primary with one insincere vote?

In 1999 Tucker called Trump “the single most repulsive person on the planet”, with his Reform Party being run “by a bunch of whackos”. But by 2016 Tucker's script was to promote Trump, and to keep quiet otherwise.

Tucker did not vote in the 2004 election, which was Bush and Kerry, if you forgot.
Tucker is both a Dead Head and a Phish Head. So, kinda strange once again. Very few conservatives can say the same.


The Fox host has a new daytime show, and he's using it to poison the meaning of patriotism.

By  Megan Garber

First comes the piece of timber.  Then the strip of leather. Then the fence, the mountain, the trees, the river. The pictures whirl, like icons in a Western-themed slot machine, until they land on their final image: the smiling face of Tucker Carlson.

This spring, Carlson began hosting a new show on Fox Nation, the network's digital streaming service.  Tucker Carlson Today  features interviews, one-on-one and in-depth, with Carlson's preferred guests—skeptics of multiculturalism, skeptics of science, skeptics of "the system" as it currently operates. The show is pretty much what you'd expect it to be, save for one thing: It takes place in a Foxified version of Frontierland.

It begins, episode after episode, with that reel of images. And Carlson hosts it from a gaudy facsimile of a log cabin. The set is constructed almost entirely of wood, or a wood-like substance. Just behind Carlson's chair is a backlit American flag. The space is otherwise spare: a shelf with a display of tattered books, a sepia-toned globe, a rug, a large desk (made of thick glass, the set's one concession to cable). A screen mounted on the wall sometimes serves as a portal for the guests who do not come to Carlson's cabin in person. Its default image, however, offers a window into the cabin's imagined environs: a farmhouse and a field, overlaid with the words—rendered in lowercase, because all things are casual in the daytime— tucker carlson today .

Log cabins, those mainstays of American iconography, typically suggest hardiness, homeyness, humility. Carlson's version, though, is a show of force.  Tucker Carlson Today , a homestead on a manufactured frontier, is one of the spoils of Fox's deep investment in its star, evidence of the trust the network has placed in him to continue its basest and most basic project: insisting that some Americans are more American than others. Fox has long reinterpreted manifest destiny  as a media product , treating the American mind as a vacant space upon which any dream, or any delusion, might be constructed. The network's webward expansion continues that effort. Tucker Carlson, spewer of marketable mistrust, has conquered prime time. Now he is coming for the rest of the day.

O n the june 16 episode of Tucker Carlson Today , Carlson hosted a man the Southern Poverty Law Center  classifies  as an extremist—ideology: white nationalism—on the basis of his use of "racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the Black and Latino communities, women and the poor." Carlson spoke with Charles Murray for nearly an hour. He flattered. He fawned. "We are  honored  to have you," Carlson told him.

Murray, who disputes the SPLC's assessment of him, spent the episode issuing the kinds of claims that have made him infamous. At one point, he stated as fact that white people are more qualified for cognitively challenging professions than Black people are. Carlson did not push back on the assertion. He nodded appreciatively as Murray dismissed Fox News's latest manufactured threat,  critical race theory , as "a repudiation of the American creed."

The Carlson of the evening is overt about stoking his audience's anxieties; a recently updated intro reel for  Tucker Carlson Tonight  features a Border Patrol vehicle and a person holding a sign that reads  freedom over fear!! america . The Carlson of daytime is more casually branded: just Carlson and a pal, the whole thing suggests, chatting in his cabin after a day of hunting or fishing—a little bit cable, a little bit  Cabela's . The setting helps hide the propaganda in plain sight. It takes the argument implied in most everything that Carlson broadcasts— they are coming for you —and recasts it as a natural outgrowth of rugged individualism. The April 26 episode of  Tucker Carlson Today , an ode to the AR-15, is titled "I Will Not Comply." The May 12 episode warns of the American education system leading to the "complete indoctrination of all kids K through 12." The June 21 episode takes a stand against the "climate consensus."

Fox News, at this point, is a fantasy factory, churning out historical mythologies in real time.  Cancel culture  gives way to  woke culture  gives way to  critical race theory , the terms denuded of their true meanings and summoned as metonyms for people Fox does not include in its vision of "real America." The pilot episode of  Tucker Carlson Today  featured Douglas Murray, an editor at  The Spectator  in the United Kingdom and a critic of identity politics as Fox defines it. He claimed that the path to success in today's America is "to show that you are an oppressed minority." He cast aspersions on "race hucksters and oppression-mongers" and proceeded to offer the kind of insight that can get one booked on the inaugural episode of a Fox News talk show: "The American people are proud. They have a lot to be proud of."

America deployed as an easy branding exercise is not new. What is new, though, is the insistent ahistoricism of this version of America. Also new—and given the way propaganda has worked in the 20th century, this should serve as a dire warning—is the notion that the facts of the past should be sources only of national pride. Many conservatives, the historian Matt Karp recently argued, are abandoning the old rhetoric of the Lost Cause in favor of a more flexible form of nostalgia. "People on the right seem to be sort of sacrificing the Confederacy, to some extent, because it doesn't do the work they want it to do," Karp  told  Slate's Rebecca Onion. "What does work is laying claim to the nation at the heart of the idea of America. Not in the old-school 'the founders were geniuses and set aside universal freedom from everyone' Lynne Cheney kind of a way, but in a new school way that just says, 'America, fuck yes!'

A video:  Exposed! Tucker Carlson Is A Fraud v=Vheft-iMIt0