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Brother Nathanael's Apology To Jeff Rense


August 1, 2023

Dear Jeff!

Good to speak with you this morning, good to hear your voice again. We did work very well together on Rense Radio and our talk this morning brought back old times.

Speaking of which, I did say some things after our fallout two years ago due to my stubbornness; words that were both tactless and false about you.

For these words, which I now regret, please accept this apology to you and your wonderful listeners.

You have my eager willingness that you post this public apology to you on your highly-read site.  

It will be great to be back working with you on your program and news site.  There is much work to do and the world has never been in greater danger.

Most Sincerely And With All Good Will,

+Brother Nathanael Kapner