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The Darien Gap, Panama, Invader
Processing Center - WATCH

By Jeff Rense
From Gab

The US Government Is Forming Its Replacement Army To Kill You.

Here's Video Of The BIG San Vicente Invader Processing Center In Darien Province In Panama - In The Second Video, Watch The Huge Buses Leaving The Center Transporting Endless 1.000s Of Fighting Age Males To The US Border - NONE Have Been Vaxed! They Are To Survive And Be Ready To Fight.

There Are Likely Many Shipping Containers (Think COSCO) Full Of Weapons (AKs, RPGs, Land Mines, Drones) Prepositioned In The US

Courtesy Michael Yon

Now Watch A Typical Large Scale Bus Convoy Leaving Darien Gap
For The US Border Carrying Hundreds And Hundreds Of Invaders
THIS Is What The US 'Government' Is Doing To America

Courtesy Michael Yon