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America First But Israel Firstest
Some countries are more equal than others

By Donald Jeffries

First of all, I think we owe a debt of gratitude to all the terrorists in the world. They'd been kind enough to stop launching attacks at defenseless civilians for nearly four years. Which coincides with the emergence of COVID-19 into the world. Now, they're back. Bigger than ever. Can terrorism and COVID coexist? 

Israel, despite being about the size of Rhode Island, has the fourth most powerful military in the world the last time I checked. Of course, that couldn't happen naturally. They had help. Lots of help. From American taxpayers.  We  built all of that. But despite the fact they have this magnificent defense system, we are supposed to accept that they were caught by surprise by Hamas, who'd been hibernating along with Isis, Isil, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al-CIAeda since early 2020. Evidently, even they were afraid of a viral strain that still hasn't been isolated (i.e., proven to exist). Terrorists don't scare easy. But then again, the terrorists caught the most powerful defense system the world has ever seen- our Military Industrial Complex- by surprise as well on 9/11. I wonder if the security cameras were working in Israel?

With the great success the tallest Arab the world has ever seen had on 9/11, you'd think he would have hatched more nefarious schemes from his secret cave. After all, we've done nothing to upgrade our ancient power grids. And with most of the sensors provided by China, it should be pretty easy for any aspiring terrorist to take them out. Mild winds and light rain can do that. And what with the wide open southern border, they should be able to sneak some suicide bombers in there, alongside the drug lords and battle-aged male migrants. Nobody's checking anything. It's America 2.0. Take off your COVID masks and start looking for "sleeper cells." If you see something, say something! I wonder if "White Supremacists" are still our greatest threat?

I haven't seen any comments from politicians, along the lines of, "Gee, we really need to stay out of that crazy place. It's none of our business!" They could follow up with, "Our infrastructure hasn't been upgraded in over 60 years. The disparity of wealth is larger than ever. They claim we're somehow running out of water. People are crapping in the streets." Funny, we used to be concerned when dog owners didn't pick up  their  crap from the street. But no one's even cleaning up the human waste. That's really not fair to dogs. Why can't they crap in the street and have no one worry about it? Don't dogs have rights, too? Someone call the ASCPA. 

When your own home is as dilapidated as America's is, you don't worry about fixing the neighbors' houses first. When your own kids are starving, you don't buy food for the neighbors' kids. Sorry if that sounds like America First, but charity begins at home. But let's say your society is run by a corrupt criminal elite, whose souls have been figuratively or literally sold to Satan. Then you'd want to distract from your voluminous bad deeds. You'd want to construct foreign hobgoblins, to use the great H.L. Mencken's term, to keep the public pleading with you to keep them safe. Hitler, Castro, Hussein, Qadaffi, Bin Laden- a murderer's row of bogeymen.

But the greatest collective hobgoblin, since the 1970s or so, has been "terrorism." As has been said, one man's (or woman's, or transgender's) terrorist is another's freedom fighter. George Washington and the Minute Men would have gone down in history as despicable terrorists if we had lost the War for Independence. And England didn't come over and take our land, then literally claim we never existed, as was done to the Palestinians. Sure, Palestine can be found on old maps, but that doesn't matter to the most die-hard Zionists. They will tell you "there was no such thing as Palestine." It's bad enough, when the world's greatest military powers arm your religious rivals to the teeth, and steal your land. But then to claim you never existed?

Tulsi Gabbard made an ass out of herself by proclaiming, "We stand with Israel." RFK, Jr. has already made amends for sharing some tweets from Roger Watters. Who can forget him running out and waving the Israeli flag in a parade? Nikki Haley is demanding that the Palestinians be wiped out. At least that's the way I interpreted her comments. That's bound to give Trumpenstein a healthy orange erection. DeSantis is probably scheduling his next trip to the Wailing Wall. The new Speaker of the House, Steve Scalise, shockingly expressed wholehearted support for Israel. Never let it be said that our politicians aren't consistently willing to court controversy. 

Fox News should just superimpose the Israeli flag behind every one of their talking heads. Dan Bongino dropped the MAGA stuff and almost tearfully warned us how dangerous the situation is now. In this country. He advised us to keep looking over our shoulder. There could be a terrorist, or even a "sleeper cell," behind the local McDonald's. Anyone named Mohammed is suspect. Didn't conservatives like Bongino rightfully decry the COVID fear porn? What exactly is he selling, other than fear porn? I heard ominous predictions about "terrorism" going back to the 1980s. We need more money to combat terrorism. And Israeli  really  needs it. Could Israel even exist without our financial aid? How are they anything but a welfare state?

I've analyzed what videos are out there of the Hamas attack, and they consist mostly of lone individuals being dragged from cars, or bodies lying in various places. Lots of Arabs jumping up and down and shouting. I caught an "Allah" or two. I don't know what the greatest mass attack on civilians ever seen, which is what some histrionic commentator called it, is supposed to look like. Just like I said I didn't know what a pandemic was supposed to look like, but it shouldn't look like those empty hospital videos. One photo of what we were told was a naked Israeli woman (she was not naked), looked, do we put it? As I pointed out on Twitter, her right leg appeared to have been in an impossibly contorted position. Shades of the backyard photos that helped to incriminate Lee Harvey Oswald. 

The bloody bodies that I saw reminded me very much of the footage from the Boston Bombing. Dave McGowan analyzed all that brilliantly, before he developed a Jack Ruby- style of galloping cancer. And died on November 22. You can't make that up. If I wanted to create a "terrorist" video, I think I'd hire a bunch of guys who looked Arabic, and tell them to jump around and shout something the audience wouldn't understand. Whoop it up, like the Indians used to do in Hollywood productions. But I'm not a filmmaker, so what do I know? I'm just a community college dropout, using my critical thinking ability to make observations. 

It just seems like the world's fourth largest military should be able to spot and stop a bunch of guys yelling "Allah!" Just like our own Military Industrial Complex, the greatest defense system the world has ever seen, should have been able to respond to hijacked planes flying around for over an hour. Sure, they were armed with box cutters and plastic knives, but I feel confident even an entirely transgender military unit could have stopped them. And this was in 2001, back when there were only two genders. Men were still sometimes not telling if they were asked. There were no transgender armed forces. It's a "Support the Troops thing," you wouldn't understand. 

I want to make it clear that I condemn all atrocities. I write a lot about them in my books. Many were committed by us, not "terrorists." I doubt any terrorist could kill some 39,000 toddlers, like we did during the bombing of Dresden, one of the meccas of culture in the world, and absent any military value whatsoever. But that was done by "good guys," in a "good war." So it's all cool. If Hamas, whatever it is, and however it was formed and is financed, killed women and children in Israel, that's a horrific thing. Of course, we mourn for those losses. Civilians should never be targeted by armies, in Israel now, or during Sherman's "march to the sea" during the Civil War. 

Israel has a long history of targeting Palestinian civilians, including children. Just don't mention that to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Rachel Corrie was an American activist who unwisely sat down in protest, in front of an Israeli Defense Forces bulldozer. The brave Israeli soldier bulldozed her to death. And then demolished the Palestinian home she was trying to protect. The IDF has destroyed an unknown number of Palestinian residences like this. I don't know, but it doesn't seem right to give billions to those doing the bulldozing, while castigating those who escape the bulldozers and dare to protest. My Substack is called "I Protest," after all. When your land is stolen, and then the area allotted to you constantly shrinks, you  should  be protesting. 

Our government, naturally, did nothing when Rachel Corrie was murdered by our foremost ally. Just like they did nothing when the Israeli military attacked the U.S.S. Liberty. That event was covered up for decades. More recently, a Palestinian journalist who was an American citizen was shot and killed, not accidentally, by an Israeli soldier. They even know the soldier's identity. And yet, Joe Biden, friend of the Squad, which fights for Palestinian rights, hasn't attempted to extradite that soldier for prosecution. Come to think of it, I haven't heard AOC, or Ilhan Omar, or any other "Woke" activist comment on this, either. It's funny, because usually they're  so  vocal.

When the true believers in Zionism got together and planted people on territory that had been occupied by others for centuries, because the Jews needed a "homeland," they should have known that would create some severe backlash. Why, exactly, do Jews need a "homeland," anyway? Should the Methodists be given Peru? We think of Jews as a religious sect, but they appear to think of themselves as an ethnic group. A race. So which are they? Both? How can so many label Christopher Columbus a "racist" for exploring a new continent, but ignore Menachem Begin's part in blowing up the King David Hotel? Columbus is treated like a serial killer, who purposefully gave the Indians smallpox. Begin and others were actual terrorists, by any definition. 

There was considerable initial opposition to the creation of Israel. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.- JFK's dad- for instance. I will publish an extraordinary letter then 22 year old JFK wrote to his father, almost a decade before Israel was established, in my upcoming book  The American Memory Hole.  It is remarkably insightful, especially for one of his tender years. He foresaw all the problems that did indeed ensue. Truman's Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, was close friends with both JFK and his father. He was also one of the most vocal critics of the infant Israel. He wound up falling out of a window at Bethesda Naval Hospital. We know what happened to so many Kennedys. Opposing Israel isn't good for one's political career. Or life expectancy. 

I don't know what this incident will mean. Will this really precipitate World War III, which so many Americans seem to long for? Those propaganda films from the 1940s do make it look cool, don't they? The handsome soldier palookas, and the slim and fit dames dancing with them at the canteens. The air raid wardens and victory gardens. It will spur the economy. And cull the herd. Sure, the vaccine may wind up doing that, but millions of mostly young White males dying is always good news at Eugenicist headquarters. You'll have a chance to prove your loyalty. No loose lips. They sink ships, you know. Let's further erode this "free speech" thing. It threatens democracy! 

Maybe this is just a momentary blip. The alt media has been predicting World War III ever since Putin dared to rattle sabers with the world's only penis-piano-playing- former-comedian head of state. Who is, naturally, an arch Zionist. Does the sudden attention focused on Israel mean Ukraine is yesterday's fake news? Zelenskyy seems like a very jealous guy. He wants his billions and he wants them now! At the very least, our "democratic" government will simply hand out more billions to this actor unconvincingly portraying a soldier. And they've already handed out the first emergency billions to Israel. Instantaneously. You don't have to legislate or appropriate, or budget, when it comes to war spending. 

Those kinds of "democratic" niceties are reserved for infrastructure. And social safety net programs. Anything that might possibly help those most in need who were actually born in this country, is always tied to a new gas tax or a raise in personal property taxes. Where do they get the money to keep giving Ukraine? Where did they get the emergency billions for Israel? Obviously, if they cared enough about those suffering in the United States, they'd "appropriate" it in short order. Millions for illegal immigrant health care, but not a dime for homeless citizens. It's all a matter of priorities. And their priorities are cheap nonwhite labor, and Israel. Not you. 

We are told that Iran is a "state sponsor" of terrorism. How does that work? What does "sponsoring" mean in this context? My sister lived in Iran for many years. She described it as a threat to no one. It's even poorer now than when she lived there, prior to the religious fundamentalists taking power. Do they "sponsor" with funds? How do they have funds to spare? Do they give these "terrorists" military hardware? How powerful is Iran's military? Are they really a threat to the world's fourth largest military? I think we've probably invaded at least a dozen countries since the last time Iran invaded anyone. We're worried about them potentially developing nuclear weapons (and been warning about it for decades), but who dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? 

Israel, meanwhile, was developing nuclear weapons back in 1963. Right around the time John F. Kennedy met his end in Dallas. JFK was engaged in a heated battle behind the scenes with Israeli prime minster David Ben-Gurion, over this very issue. Since November 22, 1963, there have been no other presidents- and very few politicians- who have dared to take on Israel. Look at the response to the Hamas attack on Capitol Hill. It's embarrassing. Fewer of our own leaders would "stand with" America if Hamas attacked Des Moines, Iowa. There is the familiar insinuation that America must "act," must "do something," to help out our "only ally" in the Middle East. Why isn't there an outcry to "do something" about our pothole infested roads? 

I'd like to think Americans would be weary of war, or even threats of war. But they aren't. They have become indescribably dumbed down. Except for all the kind folks reading my Substack, that is. They are lapping up the hackneyed "baby" propaganda, which began during World War I. Then it was the dreaded Hun bayoneting babies. During the Gulf "War," a tearful young girl testified to Congress about babies being thrown out of incubators. She was exposed as the daughter of the Kuwait ambassador, who was lobbying for war. And now, Hamas is beheading babies. You'd think people would understand what wartime propaganda is by now, even when we're not officially at war. They don't even try to diversify the propaganda. Diversity is not their strength. They never vary the script. 

I have no idea what will happen next. We could commit troops to Israel, to combat a reinvigorated Hamas, or connect Israel, Ukraine, Iran, and North Korea in some kind of battle lines that would fool the public, and give them that new World War they seem to be begging for. They don't have to try very hard to fool  this  public. Or they could pivot to COVID Part 2. The level of obedience the sheeple showed, all over the world, must have warmed their evil, Luciferian hearts. We're essentially lab rats to them. They ring the bell, and like Pavlov's dogs, we always respond appropriately. Has there ever been a lab rat rebellion? Well, that's the stage we're at now. They control  everything,  and tell us we're "free." 

I don't think a kind and benevolent God would approve of the actions of the Israeli Defense Forces over the years. But then, I've never understood the whole "chosen people" thing. Why would they be "chosen" over all others? Christian Fundamentalists feel obligated to support Israel, no matter what, because of this. I don't know, I would expect God's "chosen people" to exhibit better behavior. It doesn't seem very holy to destroy people's homes, and to declare that they were never part of a nation that provably existed. America is all in on Israel. We've got a lot of money committed here. We're concerned about their borders, not ours. 

I just look around me and see a visibly crumbling nation. A true Banana Republic. I see taxation without representation. I see an out of control police force. I see a literally insane culture revolving around transgenderism. I see a disparity of wealth that has consigned the bottom half of the population to poverty or near poverty. I see a never ending flow of impossibly poor immigrants entering our country with no opposition. And so I just can't worry about what's happening in Israel, the Ukraine, or anywhere else in the world. Even if I accept what's being reported at face value, we have huge concerns right here at home. That simply aren't being addressed, let alone fixed. There is no reason to believe anything they say. I will hope for peace. Shalom.