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China's White Ghost Balloon Stalks
America's Deadbeat Debtor Biden

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Local Montana correspondent Tim Kosinski provided timely reporting on the Montana pass-by of the Chinese airship, describing the explosive over-flight as “a hell of big deal for local residents”, which confirms the report of a shootout by a USAF fighter, perhaps as a warning shot. Also from that northern state, one of the more curious incidents in the Chinese Balloon affair was the video footage posted by state resident showing a mid-air explosion and trail of smoke, apparently from an air-to-air missile fired by a USAF interceptor, in the vicinity of the purported “weather balloon”, which appears to have been a warning shot (on the presumption that the aircraft had an on-board crew or maneuverable.

Other aspects of the official U.S. claim that the balloon originated from East Asia on a curving trajectory over Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, crossing south of the Bering Strait over Alaska and then southward toward Canada and the USA does not appear to be based on either radar detection or sightings. Basically, the North American Aerospace Defense command (NORAD) was caught with its jumpsuit down to its ankles. Please flush before shutting the lid on this embarrassing lapse of vigilance.

Phantom of the Operation

Halloween arrived early this year with the shocking penetration of the American continental air-defense network by the Gweilo Qiqiu aka the White Ghost balloon over the USA’s ICBM fleet, scaring spectators with its eerie drift along the jet stream, about 20,000 feet (4 miles) above ground level, a tad higher than the summit of Denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley. The meteorological research platform supposedly drifted off course over the mid-Pacific after the ground crew lost control, according to the Chinese claim.

The official explanation from Beijing seems to be a convenient cover story since there are two possible secret missions that would justify the financial cost and the political risks entailed with such an outlandish blimp mission, the first being a test of the NORAD system. Penetration of the second defense shield involves the discrete network of Democrat campaign finance bundlers, who are protecting President Joe Biden from angry Beijing bankers demanding overdue repayment of billions of dollars in loans to rig his 2019 presidential victory aka ballot fraud. Curiously, the National Weather Service and the American scientific community have not said a peep about the possible reason for China’s madcap balloon adventurism.

Things get curiouser by the fact that American and Canadian weathermen and meteorology scientists are silent about the balloon intrusion, which occurred just below the northern jetstream, the primary conveyor belt for radioactivity from the burnt-out Fukushima nuclear plant over the past nearly dozen years. Official silence continues.

Specs of Hot Air

So what is known about this Phantom of the Skies? If you are interested, buy one through Amazon or, better, Alibaba. Here’s the online info on the Ghost Balloon:

“Changsha, PRC: A total of 20,000 weather balloons produced by a Chinese company have been distributed to 16 African countries for upper-air meteorological observation. The operating altitude of the product is 20 percent higher than that of the (western-sourced) weather balloons currently used by the countries, including Benin and Mauritius, according to the Zhuzhou Rubber Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. of ChemChina, the manufacturer.

“Higher altitude means that the balloon-borne monitoring can acquire more accurate data on wind speed, temperature and humidity to help the countries improve their capacities for preventing and coping with meteorological disasters. Its balloons are used for 75 percent of China's upper-air meteorological observations. The product has also been recognized by the procurement department of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), as well as foreign meteorological research institutions, universities and government departments. The company exports over 130,000 balloons each year to more than 40 countries and regions, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, India and Turkey.” End

The White Ghost that just penetrated U.S. air defenses was obviously larger and equipped with a solar-power unit to maintain internal pressure, temperature and operate scientific equipment and radio data-transmitters. Other than meteorology, it also functions as a nearly undetectable spy craft for close-quarters visual and chemical surveillance of military sites and hidden bunkers, that remain undetectable by near-Earth Observation Satellites (EOS), the standard for surveillance purposes.

Political Blackmail with Military Aims

The second and more convoluted motive behind the arrival of the Gweilo (White Ghost) Balloon was a military-centered spy operation, done in plain sight of millions of Americans, as a rebuke to Joe Biden and his Democrat pickpockets for his/their failure to repay the Chinese elite for billions of dollars in loans for the 2019 election campaign (which also involved the recent collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency fund). The Irishman Joe Biden is a deadbeat, which make a lot of sense to Americans but none at all to the Chinese who expect fiscal responsibility from their political lackeys worldwide. “Long past due date, Joe, and what happened to all the money harvested from your international supporters by sonny boy Hunter?” The best way to get his goat is to arouse the Defense Department to ring alarm bells over the breach in national security.

The billions in foreign cash for sordid election-cheating, especially for foreign lenders promised prompt repayment by the Democrat Party, probably within 18 months of Biden’s State of the Union address, provided sufficient time for the Oval Office to misappropriate federal funds for their Chinese funders rather than making further payoffs to the black riffraff and pampered illegals who have already been paid enough to cast ballots. Get your priorities straight, Biden Dems! Your wealthy creditors come first before your penniless camp followers! The overdue loan notice in the sky means that no campaign funding is forthcoming in 2023, you dumb losers!

Failure to pay back the borrowed money has put the lying rogue aka Irishman president in a serious predicament. So stand back, folks, when the short Asian man arrives at one of Joe’s speaking appearances like that gunman at the mushroom farm in Half Moon Bay. The Chinese have a massive surplus population worldwide like mosquitoes in a damp summer, and Old Joe being fair game, the hunters will be shooting at each other to get at him.

My personal advice to the Secret Service is: It’s not your problem, just business ethics at work. Stand back and look the other way since there’s another crook in the wings to take his place, assigned by the San Francisco-Cartel mob. Your kids deserve a father who’s still alive and paying the bills. They also deserve a future without lying cheating scum in charge of this nation of otherwise honest hard-working citizens.

Rather than standing by waiting for the next hitman, the merciful way out of a debtor’s grave is fir the lame Supreme Court to find Joe guilty of treason and confine him in the fresh air inside a primate cage at the Brooklyn Zoo as a useful lesson to those youngsters who would-be traitors and wannabe embezzlers. May the heavens have mercy on the retired president so that curious kindly members of PETA might toss bananas at him. Umpah! Umpah! Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!

Ride with the Wind!

The understandable demand for immediate repayment for billions in campaign funds arrived with the high-flying Gweilo, the Cantonese term for “White Devils”, or alternatively “Caucasian Demons”, the term for Jewish drug dealers and mercenary British drug shippers during the Opium Wars. White Devil is a popular expression perfectly suited for the likes of spaced out Joe and his drug-addled son Hunter. Of course, to appease one billion taxpayers in China on an overdue campaign debt, the airship’s primary mission besides scaring the daylights out of feeble-minded doddering Joe was strategic military surveillance, if only for reasons of getting the cash-flush PLA to pay some of the costs of the house-size balloon.

The Gweilo Balloon was possibly released from a research ship off the southern coast of Alaska to catch the wind along the curve of the jetstream. From that improbable lift-off point, the initial flight path cut diagonally over British Columbia, a scenario that later that week resulted in the Governor General of Canada dressing down the Chinese ambassador to Ottowa, a tempest in a teacup for sure, given the Canadian dependency on Chinese financial investment and exports to China. Plus, nobody in Canada is going to stretch their neck on the Chinese chop-chop chopping block for Joe Biden.

My reasonable suspicion is that the spooky Gweilo actually lifted off from a land-based civilian airfield used for hot-air balloons on the bay-side shoreline of Vancouver, which accounts for the Americans’ astonished late detection after it crossed the Canadian border. Unfortunately, the price of a cup of coffee is super-expensive during the long wait while the wind’s blowing from the mountaintops, so I don’t recommend balloon flights in B.C.

Atomic Row

The Pentagon brass were uneasy, to say the least, about the White Demon’s sudden appearance over Malmstrom Air Base, on the outskirts of Great Falls in central Montana, and its row of nuclear ballistic missile silos of the North American Defense Command. The Soviet-era counter-strike force, in place for nuclear equilibrium aka mutually assured destruction (MAD), is a sitting duck target for setting off a radioactive Armageddon dooming biological survival in North America, thereby putting a definitive end to elk hunting season.

What puzzled Pentagon analysts is that Malmstrom is a leftover of the Cold War standoff with the Soviet Union, and any nuclear warheads can be detected by infrared detectors aboard satellites as an video image of glowing spots. This essay examines the actual nefarious military objective for passing across ICBM row, which has to do with electromagnetic warfare, that is, wiping out the militarized sections of this nation’s 5-G network.

Adding fuel to the bonfire, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was “dis-invited” to his planned talks in Beijing and went home instead under the pretense of cancellation due to the balloon escapade, when in all probability he was told to return after he obtains the borrowed money. As a longtime China watcher with my finger on the 9-beat holistic pulse of Beijing, the Chinese are calling in Biden’s overdue debt. In the 5,000-year Chinese perspective payment of debt on time is the proper behavior of a civilized man, whereas uncouth rude barbarians try to evade repayment with lame excuses or by declaring war. To prevent Biden from declaring war on some bogus pretext in order to cancel his debt, the creditor must issue a warning before taking stern action to teach ethical conduct to a barbarian warlord.

Americans, by contrast, are ethical slouches, pushing bad debts, corporate, political and personal, onto the sagging shoulders of taxpayers. That is, financially and morally, a slippery slope. The Chinese are teachers in this case, to be demonstrated in either of two ways: Joe and his Democrats pay back in full, with accrued interest for tardiness, and a kowtow to their benefactors in Beijing, or be treated as well-deserved by dull-witted evil barbarians aka dogs.

So the Gweilo Balloon arrived as an overhead overdue-date notice for all of America to see on TV. Now whenever an overdue borrower in China feigns angry outrage at being cheated on interest in old China, the impaled head is staked to a pole at a crossroads to inform the peasantry that there is no lapse in financial law or good government. This time-proven fiduciary method is much more effective than cancellation of a credit card.

There is only way one out for spendthrift Joe. The delinquent Manchurian Candidate can wiggle out of the squeeze only by keeping his promise to deliver Taiwan on a platter, which would result in another extension of payment of the massive loans from China for his fraudulent 2019 presidential election fix. Swift return of Taiwan should reduce Comrade Joe’s debt by more than half. Otherwise the traditional punishment for a lying borrower is the executioner’s halberd. Chop!

With only two years left in his term and his past due-date life expectancy, the Chinese cannot be blamed for tightening the tourniquet on his neck. Business is business, right? Unfortunately, Beijing will not accept food stamps or discount coupons instead of gold ingots. By the way, the Chinese are not the only ones cheated, it’s becoming all too common for the USA to demand other nations to pay for an idiotic foreign policy. The only escape, Joe, is to move to Kyiv, pronto!

After taking its sweet time crossing the continent,the Ghost Airship in defiance of a lame White House, the bad boy went out to sea from the South Carolina coast on Friday, February 4, where it was shot down by an F-22. Too bad the Sino Blimp did not stop at the White House to take Joe Biden for a ride over the Atlantic as to witness the shoot-down, saving American taxpayers a lot of grief. Mission accomplished, until Phase 2 of Operation Dead-Beat, coming up sooner than later.

Ghost Rider in the Sky

The Gweilo in the sky was huge, although from ground level visually smaller due to its rotundity as opposed to the stretched-out football shape of the Goodyear blimp. Presumably without passengers aboard, although not with any certainty given the plentiful population of midgets in Tibet (who piloted the Nazi flying saucers), the less-than stable spherical design was shaky in the jetstream gusts but stable enough for its payload of surveillance equipment.

It’s flight path did not cross the massive defense complex from Puget Sound southward to San Diego, the reason being that these regions of Democrat control have been under constant surveillance on air, land, sea and in the bedroom by Chinese espionage assets and its fleet of airliners. The continental interior has, until this past week, been a cypher, a vast strange flat expanse of real Americans and hidden assets underground, in need of an airborne survey with all manner of electronics detection systems.

Hopefully without compromising America’s continental defense systems, I outline here its probable/possible mission tasks, including atmospheric chemical sampling (to detect secret airfields and also emissions from defense-related industries); gravity measurement over weapons ranges (to detect large underground aircraft hangars and bunker complexes); and, not least, identification of hidden nodes in the defense-related 5G network.

Chemical testing is done with an onboard spectrometer, which are quite small nowadays, fitting on a desk top, and air or water-droplet samplers are readily sent and measured, as the data is output by signals, which can be picked up by Beijing’s fleet of satellites. Gravity waves, being nearly infinitesimal at close range, are much more difficult to detect, especially in passing. This task requires a bulky laser-interfering device that can detect vibrations at a subatomic level. Theoretically, Chinese physicists have discovered a laser-based method of tracking subtle variables in gravity (over broken ground below). If so, then underground structures such as tunnels, bunkers, missile silos and aircraft hangers would be readily detected from the data transmitted back to Chinese labs. An alternative type of detection is with X-ray bursts, but the probable disadvantage is its limitation in depth-viewing.

At a more practical level, in terms of nuclear warfare, the 341st Missile Wing at Montana’s Malmstrom air base is at the far end of the military-dedicated 5G transmission lines that spans more than half the width of the American Continent. At certain points where a secondary line splits off toward another defense-related facility, relay hubs are disguised as an ordinary tract home or truck garage and other innocuous civilian structures, these sites housing power-boosting transforms, radio-wave relays for satellite communications and in certain sites decryption devices. Electromagnetic pulses and surges emitted from these secret defense-network sites were being tracked by the Ghost Airship, for mapping target coordinates for incapacitation by satellite-based laser strikes. Knocking out 5G communications would buy sufficient time for a first-strike without fear of retaliatory missile launches.

The pass-over was unlikely to have been a pioneering mission but merely a confirmation survey for double-checking the strategic U.S. data secretly provided to Beijing by Biden’s cabal of traitors. If any of the defense secrets provided by Biden proves to be falsified, watch for the Chinese to reveal some shocking facts related to his background as the Manchurian Candidate for the American public, a dropping of key hints before their taking executive action or out of honor Americans take responsibility for his punishment. Ancient empires have their ways and rules, and it’s unfortunate that American scholars do not pay attention to the refined art of signaling.

As for data transmission, the research findings from each info-gathering instrument aboard the Gweilo Balloon would be immediately encrypted for transmission to a relay satellite(s) and on toward a central military-run data center in coastal China, where the scrambled signals would be converted to photos, video and text messages. Any signals intercepts picked up from U.S. bases, laboratories and ground stations would be forwarded for decryption, even if only mere glimmers of key information could be deciphered and rendered into intelligible language. Probably there was not a lot to the findings, although some might be sufficiently intriguing to be followed up and confirmed by other types of espionage.

Again, this pass-over by the Ghost Balloon was not a direct threat but more of a warning of retaliation to come if Biden doesn’t cough up the money owned for his illicit campaign thievery. Face it, if the billions in debt is not recovered, then we could be soon watching Executive Action on the evening news, a great reason for Kamala to pop open a bottle of champagne aboard Air Force One. The first woman president from Jamaica and India, a huge step for feminism that Hillary managed to fumble.

The Politics of Bubble Blowing in the Wind

Another purpose of the Ghost Balloon mission was psychological warfare, in this case to blackmail President Biden and his top-level Democrat funders to pay back the Chinese Communist Party for its multi-billion dollar campaign loans, now that the repayment deadline is long overdue. For reasons of political survival against a resurgent post-Trump Republican Party, Biden has been tossing up all sorts of diversions for his Chinese creditors, for instance, his wasteful start-up funds for another Hudson River tunnel when a bridge over an existing tunnel would be cheaper and faster to build. The plan would involve Chinese contractors’ participation in that project so that American taxpayers pay Mr. Biden’s debt to a foreign power.

Realizing that it’s two years and out for Biden, his Chinese funders suspect, for good reason, that Joe is a dead-beat who plans to ditch his IOUs to Beijing. The rogue President is trying to evade his campaign debt and also his promise to deliver Taiwan on a platter. So to remind him about payment due, the CCP sent the Ghost Balloon as a reminder and also as a warning that if the campaign debt is not repaid in cash and political concessions there will be hell to pay. So it’s basically a reality check; you borrow, you pay back. Or else, because we own you.

Escape from the Village

Biden’s sleazy attempt to escape from pay off of past due-date debt (by feigning memory loss due to senility) is reminiscent of the Patrick McGoohan character in the British TV series, The Prisoner, focused on the mysterious protagonist Number 6 attempts to escape his captor/controllers on an island with no name, only to be detected, pursued and engulfed by the bubble called Rover and hauled in its belly back to his controllers. That remarkable 1967 show was the first-ever glimpse into AI, artificial intelligence.

In contrast to other escape adventures, the hidden-away controllers intend no physical harm to their captives. To the contrary, the hidden masters seek to preserve the physical health, and indeed the mental “well-being” of the captives who are subjected to memory loss in order to be happy with a vacation-like existence in what appears to be an island resort. Under presumably benign confinement, the captives whose offenses are never disclosed appear to be suffering from psychological disorders veiled by their vacation lifestyle. The McGoohan character is a stubborn exception, given his repeated escape attempts. The lack of overt controls is what disturbs him most, not only because he’s an antisocial rebel but for reasons of his still intact sanity informs him that the real world is not a beachside vacation resort.

Joe Biden desperately wants to escape his owners and overseers in Beijing, but this desire for freedom on the lam is impossible because his Chinese masters have ample evidence of his IOUs, which if released to the international press would result in impeachment and a treason case against him in a federal court. There is but two years left of his presidential term, and therefore at the midway point the Chinese dispatched the Ghost Airship as a reminder than repayment of his balloon loan is long overdue. In short, own up to the borrowed money or keel.

The boldness of the Chinese move was met by the weak-kneed response from Biden and his lackey State secretary who canceled his meeting in Beijing. The ruling party is cowering in fear from the shadow passing over their heads. The message, as far as I can detect as a China-watcher since 1977, is that Beijing isn’t kidding this time around. The genius of the Chinese mind, much like kung-fu, is never to be underestimated. It took an oversized balloon to throw the Homeland Defense system into a tizzy; what comes next is guaranteed to be far more bewildering and without a happy ending.

Fu Manchu reborn

Well done, Fu Manchu or whoever devised the Gweilo Demon plot. Another chapter on par with the imagination of Sax Rohmer. The only question that matters at this point is: Who is Biden going to rob to pay off his Chinese creditors? The contract for his proposal to construct a redundant tunnel under the Hudson River? Too little, too late. Joe, call Zelensky.

Oh, about Fu Manchu, the super-villain of the Sax Rohmer series. In the aftermath of the Opium War, the villainous hero emerged from eastern Burma with his dacoit (secret society thug/enforcer) henchmen into the London, the heart of the British Empire to mete out revenge. A cunning and invincible master of deception and disguise, his assassinations were invariably fatal for his long list of British foes. As ruthless as he may have been at vengeance, Fu Manchu was a high-born gentlemen and a leader of the secret council of wise men who planned the recovery of China from the European imperialists. Westerners who scoff at the Chinese should read Rohmer to sober up about failing to keep promises to the Celestials, or else. Enough said.

The flight of the Bubble is a bizarre announcement from a collection agency, yet more of a floating billboard like the Goodyear Blimp over a football stadium with blinking lights that announce “Biden owes Beijing - Big Time”. Unless you are a Democrat insider, the squeeze is not on you, yet. So far, this is a gangland affair between the Triads (aka the Chinese) and their gweilo lackey, the Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office. Impeachment is the shortest route to removal of the disgraceful liar from office and banishment in the Virgin Islands, where Fu Manchu can confer with him. I suppose that is the best option so that Congress can wash their hands of this scandalous treason. Otherwise let the Celestials do what they do best.

Remember the Shenandoah!

So at journey’s end for this first Ghost Airship, rather than caving into paranoia and fear of total mass destruction, which hovers over our heads nowadays from birth to death, let’s first thank the Chinese for reminding us of the glorious Age of the Airship, a part of Americans’ own history of technology that is being neglected and nearly forgotten. So here’s a brief recap of that most intriguing conveyance into the wild blue yonder.

The destruction of the Nazi-era Hindenberg blimp is by far the best-known episode in airship history, the causes for which remain contested between a lightning strike and sabotage. The gigantic swastika-emblazoned flag put that fiery spectacle at the top of the list of a doomed technology. My personal preference for amazing airship disasters, however, was the mid-air explosion of the Shenandoah, the U.S. Navy’s massive blimp which split into three sections, which made landfall many miles apart.

Eastern Ohio, once littered with the Shenandoah’s debris, was therefore my chose path on the return drive from investigating the Buffalo (New York) assassination of the inventor of a functioning method of using an internal combustion engine to generate steam power for its pistons. Along a winding road in rather remote hills near Caldwell, eastern Ohio, I came upon one of the wreckage sites from the September 2, 1925, air accident caused by a lightning strike. Among the naval crew, 18 servicemen were killed, but many more made daring mid-air escapes at incredible risk. Despite my combing the ground at two of the three widely separated sites, time and curious locals left no traces of ripped wire, crumpled struts or fabric, to my expected disappointment. The Shenandoah was the Navy’s Z-1 (Zeppelin-One).

Another fascinating chapter of airship heroics was the use of hot-air balloons as observation platforms during the German Army’s siege of the Paris Commune. In my mind’s eye, I’ve imagined two young Parisian boys stealing one of the enemy’s balloon for a delirious ride across the chaotic old city (which was later rebuilt under a master plan) over barricaded alleys and can-can halls, across the the spires of the Notre Dame cathedral on the Seine, past rows of enemy artillery and toward the sunset over a bucolic countryside, a sort of premonition of the thrill and glories of flight. As compared with propeller aircraft and jets, there is something spontaneous and unpredictable about the romance of airships. And of course, there was that coal-fired balloon that conveyed David Niven and Cantiflas in “Around the World in 80 Days” based on the wonderful Jules Verne sci-fi novel.

In Conclusion: Biden is the Democrats’ Baby, Not Mine

My advice to his Democrat supporters is to take responsibility for your ethical lapses, delusions of a populist LBGTQ government, depose Biden and then go into conference with the Chinese about how much much he owes and pay them with your ill-gotten money from Pelosi, Hillary and Obama. This is no way the fault of Donald Trump who avoided compromising financial connections with the Chinese authorities. Obviously, the Democrat Party faces a long term in political exile, and in my opinion it should be dismantled to make way for a more responsible libertarian party.

Innocent Americans have no part in the election theft for his patrons in China, nor of course the Republicans. If you’re a diehard Biden loyalist, put you head on the Chinese chopping block or commit hari-kiri. But first cough up the borrowed money to pay it back. Don’t leave you debts on the rest of us. Get it over with, so the rest of us who have no part of your dirty deal can live our lives in peace and whatever happiness is possible amid destruction.

The Balloon was a harbinger of retribution to come if the Biden-Dem debt is not pay back the debt for the electoral theft in full. Then we might be able to start a new chapter in campaign fiscal management with strict spending limits. The Biden Democrats have brought on an end to American supremacy, which their hated predecessor Donald Trump had tried to revive. From now on, the electorate should not allow hot air to determine the outcome of any election since we’ve had enough of ballooning debts.