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Fukushima Lethal Water Releases Are
Americans Baptism Into Demon Worship

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

A mumbling sorcerer performing diabolical rites for his familial “demi-gods”, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is opening the cocks of the Fukushima radioactive storage tanks to drain amassed toxic tritium into the Pacific Ocean. The ritual ablution is meant to wash away the blasphemous sins of his honorable patrons of the Kishi-Abe clan, reduced to wandering souls in the ghostly realms, by pouring the onus of a lethal blew onto “his allies, their sworn foes” aka the damnable self-righteous Americans. The ritual pouring of holy liquid (normally excellent sake but this time fiery water) is a practice of the Shinto cult of Japan in which appeasement of demons has precedence over the honoring of beneficial deities such as Onari Okami, the god of the rice harvest.

The basic cause of the radioactive plague on Japan, that’s causes thousands of abortions of sub-human embryos that resemble lizards or alligators in the eggshell, is America’s insistence on globalization of nuclear power, from Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace program to the secretive shipments of mixed-oxide (MOX) weapons-grade fuel rods to Japan by George Bush and Barack Obama. Bush enabled the heist from the PANTEX nuclear warhead dismantling center in the Texas Panhandle for secret shipment out of Houston to Japan of plutonium-enriched rods via an Israeli shipping firm.

As it turned out the Israeli-Bush partners-in-crime stole the higher grade mix of plutonium and uranium for their own nuke-bomb program at Dimona, and meanwhile murdered the CIA-contracted port inspector. Then to compensate the Japanese for the low-grade material on arrival, Obama and his energy secretary Steven Chu sent another shipment of MOX fuel rods along with a GE crew to upgrade Reactor 4 with a plutonium-resistant shield (or curtain as it’s called by nuclear engineers). Overheating of the MOX fuel in the non-reinforced Reactor 3 was the underlying cause of nuclear bombardment of the nearby conventional reactors. Then Reactor 3 blew sky-high to knock Planet Earth off its axis (which explains the weird planetary weather ever since, which has been covered-up by “climate change” hocus pocus.) The Green Energy scam is a front for the global nuclear cabal.

Return to the depths

Enough of the scientific gibberish because the far larger crime considered here is human culpability aka diabolical evil. In the medieval mentality of Japanese society, the scourge of sheer evil (aka “ghosts”) must be sent back to from whence it came, into the depths of a morally putrid USA, which is why the EPA has been coercing the state of New Mexico to dig a second nuclear storage site. (The solution to appeasing radioactive Japan is to bury the glowing mess under the feet of Indian, oil workers and Mexican illegals).

It has taken a dozen years for this horror-movie script to be enacted, now with its fatal finale. Americans are culturally unprepared to understand, much less counter, the ongoing theatrics of the Abe-Kishida legacy Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Americans just don’t get it. Untold numbers of gaijin (foreigner) scholars and tourists have sat through the deliberately slow-paced Noh theater, in which many of those plays focus on appeasement of angry spirits of the unjust dead and the process of ridding those spirits of the onus of evil achieved during the lifetimes.

Kishida (how his surname sounds like Kishi!), assumes the role of a mendicant Buddhist priest in this drama conducting a seance to hear the moaning of lost souls. Not by sheer coincidence both family surnames contain the ideogram for “coast”, with Kishida’s having the added element of “field” (ta or da), implying a rice field, which for the Japanese is more valuable than a gold mine. And you think Tokyo is the world’s most modern society! Maybe it is, as in “back to the future” this being the Age of Retroversion to the Dark Ages.

So Kishida is in the role of an itinerant priest who consoles the aggrieved survivors of the disastrous mass evacuation of Fukushima, but to do so he must send off the guilty demons, with bows of respect and wishes for a happy afterlife for those evil souls who still wander the earth and halls of the U.S. State Department. Strike the drum! Slap the clappers! Chant through your nostrils! Their dispatch to peace at last is a ritual affair, in this case with the symbolic draining of Fukushima toxic wastewater on a journey to the Netherworld, toward the farside of Hell that is America.

Ghost Trains of Tritium

Christians who might take offense, might castigate me for such reverse-stereotypes, which unfortunately need to be considered for cross-cultural understanding. After all, Japanese (along will billions of others) considered the USA, the source of their nuclear disaster, to be evil by nature (remember the A-bomb), while at the same time considering Christianity to be a moral system nearly as good as Buddhism and Shintoism. Americans likewise also look through the mirror darkly at other societies with a mix of admiration and disdain. As for his supposed Christian beliefs, Obama has been a dedicated member of Indonesia’s satanic Subud cult of whirling dervishes aka dust Devils. Meanwhile, GWB belonged to the UMC, the bent feminist coven of Hillary Clinton. Ancient myth gets it right on every dart toss. This world is a house of horrors and peace can come only in the next life.

This priestly role of Kishida on the Fukushima coast, in preparation for the latest tritiated water release, was therefore partly theatrical and thus benign for Japan while murderous for America. The PM referred to this watering ceremony as the “first” such dump. That claim should be amended to the first offering to the sea dragons following the untimely death by gunshot of his mentor Shinzo Abe. The oceanic dumping has been a constant process since the reactor pipes were engulfed by the 311 tsunami, a dozen years ago. On site in the Fukushima plant site and on nearly shores, I monitored the high radioactivity of seawater flowing past the wreckage since the summer of 2011, just a few months after the reactor meltdowns.

The most frightening sight along the seashore for the locals appeared in 2012, with the series of massive shoebox-shaped clouds of tritium slowly moving from the bays and along the capes. Appearing like a ghost train on the near horizon, the tritiated fog frightened the local residents worse than the nuclear blast itself. Kishida’s claim of the present water release being the first out of Fukushima is utter pseudo-religious nonsense. There has been at least two mega-dumps of radioactiive water as well as a steady flow out of the caverns under the plant structures.

The present water release is a very weird “spiritual” homage to the father and son, Nobusuke Kishi (sponsor of wartime Japan’s atomic bomb program in colonized Korea) and his beloved bonehead of a son, Shinzo the retrogressive imperialist-wannabee. In Japanese custom, after lambasting that esteemed family so vilely, I am personally required by custom to say something good at their sendoff to paradise. Gentlemen, father and son, Shoguns of the Atomic Age, I bow my humble head to rid my silly evil thoughts in honor of your magnificent achievement of transforming a ruthlessly imperialistic nation into a humble gathering ground of impoverished peasants without arable land, for you have taught us how to grovel in humility and appreciate our short lives one minute at a time until we join you, our beloved Kings of Hell.

So what’s the punch line? It’s that Tokyo-born Fumio Kishida's family is originally from Hiroshima, where dozens of his kinfolk were massacred in the atomic bombing on August 6, 1945.