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A Firestorm Raises Grounds For Suspicion In
A Crime-Infested Hawaiian 'Paradise'

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

While the facts are trickling in from a stunned Hawaii, some early-on mention should be given to the massive fire-storm that torched the historic whaling town of Lahiana on the island of Maui in that subtropical archipelago. The ramshackle old wooden structures are/were reminiscent of those early visitors to that outpost in the Pacific: Hermann Melville, who was inspired at the whaling port to pen "Moby Dick", and Jack London, likewise impelled to draft "The Sea Wolf". The still inexplicable destruction of Lahaina is a blow to world literature and, more pointedly serves as a warning to an American cultural heritage increasingly threatened by political correctness and gangland association.

After probing into possible arson in the dark struggle for control over illegal cannabis production of "Maui Wowee", consideration should also be given to another possible causal factor which is the dozen years of airborne contamination with incendiary radioactive particles from the wastewater dumped into the Pacific at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant. The radioactivity factor is examined farther on, since initial attention should first be given to the criminal connections between the local mob and super-wealthy global elites on this most desirable tropical paradise.

The raging forest fires in Maui that converged on the historic whaling port of Lahaina is perhaps the consequence of a more complex crime than some sloppy camping fire, involving brutal competition over illegal cultivation of a legendary marijuana varietal of intense potency and, for the global elite, the irresistible desirability of selling and buying super-expensive resort mansions on the hills of Maui overlooking the Pacific.

My instinctive reaction, based on past conflicts on behalf of local farmers against the Honolulu mob and their corrupt patrons in the islands' Democrat Party, is that Maui's fairly recent transformation into an exclusive privatized haven for billionaires opened up a luxury real-estate business, with the added value of easy purchase of high-grade marijuana. The casualties, numbering in many dozens with many bodies yet to be retrieved from the ashes, did not include wealthy outsiders since the fire's fury was concentrated against the poor old-timer residents, many of them descendants of plantation laborers and fishermen, living in shacks and farm hovels. Meanwhile the luxury estates of the rich and famous mainlanders went unharmed. Was this tragedy the result of secret class warfare by wealthy outsider interests against the rural poor? Maui is not the first, nor will it be the last site of brutal displacement of native populations to clear lucrative real estate for wealthy intruders.

The big property owners on Maui include Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Matthew McConahey, Woody Harrelson, Mick Fleetwood and liposuction queen Steve Tyler. The Zuckerberg-Chan duo own a vast estate in Kaui, not to be confused with Maui. The dodgiest of all rich squatters is a virtual unknown to Americans but a notorious financial operator across the South Pacific, Sir John Key, who secretly arranged the illegal refueling of the Japanese whaling fleet to enable the sea-dumping of Fukushima-sourced nuclear waste into the Southern Sea around Antarctica. Partners in global money laundering for Asian dictators, Obama and Key are the best of golf partners. As the presidential elections draw ever closer, the global elites are scrambling to raise campaign war-chests and secret slush funds.

Smoke at Your Own Risk

Where's Jack Lord when Hawaii Five-O is needed to suss out the possibility of murderous arson and criminal real-estate dealings? This is from the DOJ National Drug Intelligence center: "Controlling cultivation in these (island) areas is particularly challenging for law enforcement because of the vast tracts of unincorporated land available for hiding cannabis plants among native vegetation. Outdoor cultivation operations are conducted primarily by local Asian and Polynesian DTOs as well as some Caucasian groups, including those that have relocated to Hawaii from the U.S. mainland." Oprah and Michell are dedicated to sustainable gardening, right? Light a match to clear new fields! DTO, btw, stands for "Drug Trafficking Organization".

The bad news for dopeheads is that the Hawaiian islands are drenched in radioactive particles from Fukushima and Pearl Harbor naval base. Contrary to denials in the mainstream media a dozen years ago, there was a clear-cut Fukushima angle in the massive amounts of radionucleotides drifting on the easterly winds from Japan over the past 12 years. Biologists from Down Under doing field research in the Hawaiian islands discovered that the arrival of radioactive fallout had wiped out several tropical flowering plant species, rare butterflies and small songbirds. Thanks to Sir John Key, those early findings were quickly suppressed with pressure from foreign governments and the Obama regime. Notably the University of Hawaii at Manoa, secretly connected with the CIA, failed to do this biological research on the effects of radioactivity. Another cause for concern is that the Obamacracy in Hawaii is the Jewish carpetbaggers, starting with the Yid Governor Josh Green and Senator Brian Schatz. (For those who've not read the James Michener novel, the original white settlers were Protestant missionaries from New Haven, Connecticut and a Republican faction led the revolt that forced the independent Kingdom of Hawaii to become a colony of the United States. )

The Japs and the Jews Postwar Hawaii was a political stronghold of second-generation Japanese or Nisei veterans of the WWII 442nd Regiment and Merrill's Marauders, and later Korean War returnees, who had paid their dues in blood to their American homeland to clearly demarcate themselves from the fanatic perpetrators of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. (I was the chief field researcher for two documentaries on those veterans.) Senator Daniel Inouye was a forerunner of that group.

It is grotesquely ironic, then, that Japan's infamous gangland Yakuza, ever loyal to that wonderful victory on December 7, 1941, in league with Jewish mobsters from the U.S. mainland, managed to pull off a coup against the loyalist Nisei, in a stealth political version of Pearl Harbor v.2, this time capturing the Hawaiian islands, lock, stock and barrel. The clincher came 24 years ago with the mob-orchestrated brutal murders of populist politician Roland Kotani and his wife Grace, which were covered up as a family dispute involving infidelity, topped off by her death supposedly with a pistol pulled out of the holster of a police office inside the Honolulu Police Station. Hawaii Jive-0. Revenge will be sweet, indeed.

The mainland Jewish hijack of Hawaii's state house and its super-lucrative real-estate sector was accomplished through the good graces of The Company, the motley Asian-Polynesian mob that enabled the criminal takeover of the political hierarchy in league with the remnants of the Meyer Lansky mob. That insidious alliance arose in the crazy '80s when Japanese tourists were dumping suitcases filled with cash into the Hawaiian property market. Just maybe, the drift of Fukushima radioactive particles onto the Hawaiian Islands can be seen as warning against the contamination of paradise by snakes in the Garden.

However uphill their future prospects may be, the traditional and indigenous residents of Maui should come first in terms of property rights and restoration of their homes, as opposed to bureaucratic land clearance orders and condemnation of buildings of low-income residents to make way for lucrative property sales to overseas billionaires. I remain hopeful although certainly not optimistic. In another throwback in decades, just prior to his murder Kotani was working in the state senate on a proposal to convert pineapple fields being abandoned by Dole into farmlands for food production by local farmers of Okinawan origin. The sellout Longshoreman's Union, dominated by the communist party vociferously opposed this project to cash in on selling off the land for resort housing for wealthy mainlanders, opening the gates to Hell in Hawaii.

There will come a precious moment when the plutocrats and their criminal consorts slip on a banana peel, right when the ancient spirits of the islands make their move to regain paradise. I hope to be there then. Justice will be sweeter than any pineapple.