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FTX Boss SBF Aided Biden's CIA
Agenda For Weapons To Ukraine
- Part 4

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Here in Part 4 of this series on FTX, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange, whose CEO Samuel Benjamin-Fried steered into bankruptcy by doing the impossible, which is to deplete nearly all its supposedly code-protected accounts, raises a slew of questions that panicked account holders, for instance, at CoinBase that just fired more than a 1,000 employees.

So the question is: Did SBF act alone as a rogue banker or was he run by the Treasury Department with overseas assistance from the CIA? During its final year of operation, 2022, nearly all FTX customer accounts were drained of cash to finance the bogus Aid For Ukraine “charity”, which served as cover for purchasing state-of-art weapon systems from major U.S. defense contractors for shipment by the Biden Pentagon to Kyiv, free of charge, including shipping, training of operators and cost for the first batch of samples, as discussed in this report. As for the political motive of “enlightened imperialism” the bloodshed in Ukraine is directly linked to the bloodthirsty Biden-Obama-Clinton Democrats who orchestrated the vicious Contra Wars in Central America, the illegal invasion of Yugoslavia and the jihadist Arab Spring spree of assassinations and terrorism, and now the vote-rigging to reinstall a thieving-leftist cabal in Brazil.

Do I blame Sam BF for this latest outrage? No, it’s all the fault of the lazy, perverted, doped up brain-dead parasites on freebie “student loans” who followed their marching orders from local Democrat paymasters to vote for Joe Biden, a known crook. The voting age should therefore be raised to 35 to keep this nation solvent and free of debt to the Chinese and Jews.

Who’s upset at FTX?

What is intriguing, another smoking gun so to speak, is a subsequent lack of a loud outcry from FTX account holders who have yet to emerge to pursue a class-action lawsuit against the Bankman-Fried family financial enterprises. As this article series progressed, there arose a growing recognition that FTX and its partnered Alameda Research firm were a Trojan Horse for the Treasury Department and CIA to ensnare wealthy individuals with suspicious sources of income, including the sons and daughters of the Mainland Chinese elite, South American drug lords, rich Americans relocated to tax havens, money launderers and other usual suspects.

Here in Part 4, this autopsy examines how Sam Bankman-Fried paid bribes/klckbacks to the Biden staff and members of Congress for the clearance sale of weapons from the Department of Defense arsenal. This theft is probably not much of a secret among NATO countries or allies in Asia Japan and South Korea, who are keeping their mouths shut and following orders. The gaping hole in military preparedness tempted the “mouse that roared” aka North Korean troublemaker Kim to fire dozens of heavy missiles with impunity and zero challenge from a timid White House. Japan and Taiwan are not Jewish, of course, and therefore not worthy of protection from China, North Koreans and Russians.

Joe Biden and Janet Yellen, whose Brooklyn family is of Polish Jew descent, will have a lot of explaining to do at the Supreme Court in defense of abetting mass murder and committing high treason if the smoking gun evidence, below, is heard in federal court.

Loot for the Zelensky Mob

The other disturbing aspect of the FTX scandal is the reluctance, or unwillingness, of the major media cowards to pursue this scandal as anything more than a malfunction or lapse in incryptocurrency accounting procedures. The cloak of secrecy is consistent with the official veil around the criminal record of the Zelensky mafia and its Democrat lackeys, which by now has already re-shipped American-donated weapons to non-NATO buyers on the international black market for rogue dictatorships. The gunrunning to America’s foes is done by Ukraine’s unrepresentative government run by Ukrainian “Jews”, who are historically savage Khazar and Kipchek Turks by bloodline like the majority of “American Jews”, cunning and ruthless barbarians out of Central Asia. Tribal blood is thicker than the water of the Potomac.

The paucity of verifiable facts in this official cover-up has required a unconventional approach to this narrative, which is to rely on the methods of satire (Comedy) for the lighter moments related to the scandal while treating the more serious issues with a strict factual approach presented as “Tragedy”. The fragmented record of events and connections, deliberately obscured to protect the White House rogues, is obviously not helpful to an inquiry like this. Thus this combination of approaches, exploiting the methods of the detective novel, hopefully can provide a more integrated narrative, albeit satirical, closer to the actual events prior to an official cover-up. This is by no means an easy juggling act, which requires estimates of scenarios from my perspective as a long-time “over the hill” investigative journalist reporting on political violators and financial criminals around the world. I hope to get this one right, with more truth content than a Netflix series. Obviously a lot of the details have to left unexplained for future researchers and historians, but that’s just one of the obstacles when contesting the veracity of the Democrat Machine.

Blood Money to Rearm Zelensky’s Minions

Tragedy: At the height of his career as CEO of the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried aka SBF co-sponsored a charitable fund called Aid For Ukraine in partnership with Everlast, a crypto fund in Kyiv, under the patronage of the Zelensky regime’s Ministry of Digital Transformation. This thinly disguised “aid” project raised more than $60 million in cryptocurrency transfers, most of that from Ukrainians “working” in the U.S. and Europe. Some of that money was spent on the purchase of used bullet-proof vests, helmets and night-scopes, basically Army surplus junk, and about $15 million in digital cash was cypto-transferred to Kyiv. The majority of the donated funds never made it to Kyiv.

Comedy: The remainder, around $40 million, disappeared down a rabbit hole. So lurching after Alice’s footsteps, let’s follow the white rabbit into the sewers to the stinking intestines of the White House. The White House staff and their CIA lackeys are wondering whatever happened with the Ukrainian Democrat mafia caucus’s money entrusted to Bankman-Fried. Meanwhile in another dark corner of the labyrinth, a distraught SBF is bemoaning his failure to send Corsican rockets and Haitian submarines to battered Ukraine’s defense. Desperately trying to appease his Digital Transformation partner, the grim thug Zelensky, from sending over a hit squad to recover the missing money in the Bahamas (We came, we saw and now we conquer for a refund!), Sam kvetches to his little brother about the burdens of being a fake banker. So bro Gabriel, whose namesake has wings, says: “Promises, promises. Keep your head down. If the bullets start flying at your beach condo, use one of those toy shovels to dig a foxhole in the beach. Meanwhile, I’ll see if Mom can arrange a speedboat to get you to safe haven, like Guantanamo or Medellin.”

The prospect of being a beach bum cheers up Sam enough to light up a joint. Lil bro’ says calmly: “Typically, us Yids are short-memory promisers. That’s cause we prefer Chinese food. Eat it and in 20 minutes you’re hungry again. Nothing ever sticks! Never mind that angry midget in Kyiv so long as he’s not at the front door, eh? Hey, the world’s first arms-dealer, a guy named Cain lied to God and what punishment befell him? Ownership of 90 percent of the Earth’s surface. There’s nothing wrong with being a crook.” Long pause. Sam, holding his lit joint, is now morose about skipping Hebrew school aka Saturday bible class. Cain? Is that the name of the Ukrainian hitman coming for me?

Tragedy: Being an angel investor in charitable projects, Gabriel Bankman-Fried has a lot of contacts in the nation’s capital, where he delivers the payoffs in exchange for favors, a nice little business. Although not a frequent visitor, he’s been to the White House due to his parent’s connections through their Democrat superPAC known as Mind The Gap. Also Gabe makes a respectable impression with thick glasses, trimmed and neatly combed hair and slim figure, a nice Jewish boy who wants to do good and make gobs of money, unlike his slob sibling who is totally self-centered without any social awareness other than playing online war-games.

Comedy: Gabe can’t figure how Sam got to head up a $60 million cryptocurrency fund but, then again, a lot of corporations have incompetent executives as bagmen to Congress to serve as fall guy in event of any leak of truth. To help his older brother (not the first time), Gabe arranges a meeting for him with the President’s top-notch lobbyist. Hey, what’s family for anyway? Gabriel, in other words, is a Jewish mother’s watchdog on her fumbling loser son Sam.

So on Friday, April 22, Sam finds himself in an Uber crossing the Potomac, stomach tied in knots and necktie unknotted. While passing the Tidal Pool, he asks the driver: “Hey, buddy, where’s all the famous cherry blossoms?” The bored response is: “You should have come here last month.” That snide rejoinder sounds to a dopehead as a rebuke, something like: “Late as usual, dumb-bell.” Now Sam is wide awake. Who’s he think is paying the trip receipt? The problem with the hoi poloi is the average Joe’s lack of manners because they have to work a crappy real job. Sam was tongue-tied without a snappy reposte for the arsehole driver. That’s because Jamaican weed gums up a conversation like a smoking brake on the synapses: The wheels get out of alignment and burn rubber. Hey, man, what time is it? Forgot to reset the watch. The bored driver, used to stoners and congressional aides, says “Remember? You told me to get to the door by 2 p.m. You will be there early. Wanna stop for a donut at the State Department cafeteria?” And to rub it in, “Back at the pick-up curb, you said the flight was from Nassau, Bermuda. Same time zone, dude.” Moment of deep silence and fuming unrelated to the spiff.

Sam wanted to blurt out: “Who do you think you are to call me a dude, raghead?” But then again, regaining consciousness, he realized that an unshaved guy in wrinkled shorts and T-shirt with blurry eyes and a distinct odor of sweat and smoke didn’t have any grounds for complaining about getting no respect, like Rodney Dangerfield. “I really appreciate your driving me there ahead of time, pal.” No reply. So at the drop-off at the side entrance, Sam tucks shirt into his trousers, yanks the knot up to his Adam’s apple, and smiles with an “I actually made it!” To the Big Con Job. “Want a receipt?” Uh, yeah, sure, oh and here’s a little tip for getting me here on time and, oh, I really appreciate your courtesy. A hundred-dollar bill should teach that punk some manners. With generosity in cash though not in spirit, Sam remembered that for all his obvious faults he is still a multi-millionaire with money in a cash box under his bed. A reputation of frittering away so much as a champion of global causes might just pay off here at the White House, and maybe meet a better built Girl Friday with the right connections for my comeback.

The entry swings open to a waiting pair of interns who enthusiastically greet the legendary boss of the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency exchange with awe and shock of recognition of their next job application. Indentured labor at the White House is a fast track to food stamps and homelessness as a congressional aide. “This way, sir.” SBF can’t take his eyes off his future secretary, whose back is turned to him. A soft knock and a peek, and the taller aide, a boy, relays “Mister Ruh-kut-tee will see you in a minute or two.” Sam winches: “Oh, no, not another Hindu jerk!” Then an evil thought flits across his forehead. If that jock of an aide is the boyfriend, he’s definitely not invited to the penthouse swimming pool in the Bahamas. SBF is a fierce competitor, a gaming hero at League of Legends, no quarter given or taken for the fallen foes.

Tragedy: While they’re waiting for the man of the hour with connections to all the important people, let’s disclose the deep secret that the crypto accounts at FTX were down from $6 billion to a measly $2 billion. The disappeared $3 billion-plus was being secretly held in Alameda Research’s cash vault in “safekeeping” from the rightful owners, whose accounts were rigged with fake numbers. The financial shiftiness was necessary, much like high-stakes game of poker, with a pile of chips pushed into the kitty and a few more in case of emergency hidden under the coaster of a shot-glass of bourbon. And few cards up the sleeve. Making the kill, the big win.

His cheating by looting private accounts with supposedly airtight security codes was first inspired by the no-holds barred play at SBF’s favorite online game, League of Legends. Fighting for control of planet RuneTerra, two teams of five players in character roles battle it out mercilessly with the weapons suited to one’s particular persona. No huge unwieldy spears for Sam, since he goes in for the close-range fast takedown. Dirty tricks are an attraction to many players tired of being bound by strict rules of namby-pamby fair combat. Psychologically speaking in terms of morals and lack of such, the combat in Ukraine was a near-perfect match with the ethical disregard of gamers in LoL. War imitates art since both are based on deception and a flair for cruelty. Getting away with dirty tricks to crush fool opponents, and you too can be the winner laughing out loud as the bet pays off. Anyone as morose as Sam likes nothing better than an evil cackle as winner takes all. Light up another joint.

Tragedy: Earlier in March, FTX had been appointed the sole foreign partner in Aid For Ukraine, in tandem with Kyiv-based Everstart, under the far-sighted authority of Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, which oversees the cryptocurrency market. This honor of being appointed Zelensky’s chief foreign arms trafficker was better to Sam than being given the Holy Grail, especially since his Jewish family would not approve of communion and melt it down for the gold content. He admired Zel for being a different type of Jew, un-Europeanized, never squeezing humble hat in hand and instead always a rough-and-tumble knight holding aloft the blue and white banner for his enemies to choke on. For the first time in his life, Sam realized what it means to be a champion and not a money-grubber, a fearless Ashkenazi warrior and not just another groveling penny-pinching Jew. Although short in stature, his bold hero Volodymyr towers over all the muppets on Wall Street.

Comedy: So far in the laborious research aspect, there is no record of Sam ever meeting Volo in person, although the two became acquainted via mobile phones and possibly videoconferencing, of which records remain missing. My suspicion is that the adventurous Sam, who set up shop in exotic places like Hong Kong and Nassau must have ventured into Ukraine to meet his personal role model. The private jet record could eventually surface. Whatever the delays in shipment of military hardware, an arm’s-length association kept their gunrunning partnership on track rather than off the rails at a weekend in Vegas casinos and the Mustang Ranch. It takes a lot of self-discipline to run a profit-making war.

After a couple of minutes passed anxiously, Sam’s knees started to shake, his teeth began to chatter and he’s about to burst into tears and fall to the WH carpet. Then the door swings open wide and a smiling fellow waves him in. “Great to see you made it up from the Bahamas because I’ve got good news about our project.”

Tragedy: The initial meeting went well, since there seemed to be no obstacles from the halls of Congress, other than the usual obstructionism from that annoying Rand Paul. “The senator can be gotten around, but still try to be friendly if you ever have the misfortune of running into him at the Capitol.” In other words, smile at any insults hurled your way by the honest bastards. Three weeks later (record time for proposed legislation), on Thursday, May 12, Sam returns to the White House for a post-victory celebration with counselor Ricchetti. Their rough draft after editing and some shifting of priorities had gotten immediate presidential approval and then sent post-haste to Congress for an appropriations vote for a Pentagon weapons shipment to Ukraine. The Treasury agreed to fund the replacement weapons acquisition. Deal done. That SOB Vladimir is going to get the shock of his life.

On the following morning of Friday the 13th, Samuel and brother Gabriel met with White House staffer Bruce Reed, the lead for the lobbying efforts with the few reluctant congressmen and senators. Reputedly a smooth operator, Reed gets approval of budget requests without a whole lot of objections who appreciate his cheerfulness and deference to their mutterings. If he had worked at IHOP instead, his job would be buttering up the toast. Be assured, a lot of money passed hands, not only from the Bankman-Frieds and FTX-Alameda but also from the major U.S. defense contractors who stood to profit from the Ukraine deal.

The Raytheon Connection

Tragedy continued: Advisor to the President, Steve Ricchetti sped up the pecking order as Bill Clinton’s loyal aid during impeachment proceedings, on the mop-up crew for the Lewinsky affair. That’s when the novice aide learned the meaning of: Send it to the dry-cleaner’s. Although the most powerful First Lady wanted to see her hubby hanging from the White House Christmas tree, Ricchetti ran the whitewash with funding from the Mena Airport mafia to cut Bill loose to restart his philandering. A graduate of Obelin, located in the vicinity of the Cleveland Mob, Steve quickly became a master of lobbying as the bagman, so to speak crudely, for Obama and Biden. During the Trump inter-regnum, Steve set up a lobbying firm with an A-list of clients, topped by United Technologies. Hold it there for a second. UT was the defense contractor that merged with Raytheon in 2020 creating the mega-weapons group Raytheon Technologies (RTX).

This past May, after SBF’s discussions at the White House for weapons for his Ukrainian masters, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin (LMT) in a joint venture were awarded a $309 million contract for 1,300 Javelin anti-tank missiles for the U.S. Army in replacement of rockets delivered to the Ukrainian Army. This contractor also supplied 50 counter-artillery radar systems to Ukraine’s army. Also on the table was a deal-in-progress for Patriot missile batteries at $400 million for the launcher and $600 million for the missiles, since been delivered. The tally for this initial replacement order was about a billion dollars. One of the unanswered questions is: Did FTX-Alameda front the money in expectation of eventual repayment from OMB-Treasury? Well, it wasn’t a freebie if only because Sam needed to refill the looted accounts at his FTX.

After initial weapons shipment was followed up with several other arms giveaways to Kyiv, that has cost American taxpayers $68 billion to date. A lot of this gifting has been hidden between the lines in accounting dodges, with other estimates even higher. In September, following trial tests with the weaponry on the battlefields of Ukraine, and immediately after SBF’ fourth visit to the White House, the Defense Department ordered 1,800 more Javelins valued at $311 million from Raytheon and LMT to replenish the U.S. supply that was shipped in entirety to Kyiv. In that same autumnal time-frame, RTX shipped more than 1,400 anti-aircraft Stinger missiles to Ukraine, which have been used mainly to de-target Russian cruise-type missiles.

Who picked up the eventual billion-dollar bill for this October Surprise (brother Sam or Uncle Sam) has yet to be reported. The timing is significant because soon thereafter FTX and Alameda, Sam and Caroline Ellison, found themselves one morning to be flat broke. Soon thereafter their staffers flew home to Hong Kong economy class. That sucking sound out of the Bahamas came from the implosion of FTX.

Comedy: Unfortunately, The Great Zelensky forgot to reimburse his water boy Sam the mere $3 billion spent on priming the pump. You can see the difference now, Sam is out on bail while Volodymyr remains a cut-throat in high office. And any throat will do, especially of gullible fools who know too much. Which gets us to another question: What are the odds of SBF surviving in a federal prison cell shared with a Ukrainian mobster? That’s why I’ve been rushing to get this article series out and about before the story is killed like Jeffrey Epstein’s. Epstein lives but his story is as dead as a coffin nail. Well, if there is any compensation in going to the trouble of investigating this sad story, it’s because I’m at last earning the same amount as that tycoon Sam Bankman-Fried: zero, goose eggs. Democracy and jail time are the great levelers. As the Eastern European saying goes: Eat your revenge cold. My advice is to also to park the vodka overnight in the freezer before tossing back a “Mazeltoff!”

Tragedy: Thanks to its missile orders in fiscal 2022, Raytheon earned $1 billion, reversing an earlier slump in revenues following the Afghanistan debacle. In that same period FTX and its partnered Alameda Research lost about $3 billion (actually twice that amount before some of that money was returned by as yet-unnamed parties implicated in the payoffs scandal). The numbers shown here are the initial round-ball estimates as there could be other obscure channels of unreported revenues for arms transfers by Raytheon, along with Lockheed and General Dynamics.

The dollars for the rogue state of Ukraine that went out the doors of Congress at public cost are unbearable to an American public hammered by two years of lockdown, price inflation for food, gas and medication, and an impending hike in tax rates. The explosives we supplied-caused the sabotage of the Nordstream pipeline ordered by the big oil companies, which will raise the cost of living for Europeans and energy consumers worldwide for at least a decade. The the most recent blowback from the Ukraine involvement is the new federal plan to ban gas stoves, not due to fears of suicides across America, but so that American gas wells can fill LNG tankers out of Corpus Christi for Western Europe following the explosion of the Nordstream pipeline, a financial killing to be made atop the mass-grave cemetery formerly known as Ukraine.

I really dislike the onus of being the bearer of bad news, but the fact remains that the majority of Americans allowed themselves to be jerked around like beef cattle with rings in their noses. The energy war involving Ukraine with the goal of halting Russian oil production is being paid for with the early deaths of the elderly, veterans, and even the liberal-cherished homeless, gangster kids and so-called refugees. Death stalks this continent. Now that the aftereffects are in, try to recall all those yellow-and-blue flags waving over every neighborhood in America? Who were the clowns who ran that publicity stunt?

I do not believe that any court in the Western Hemisphere, or anywhere in the world, is actually willing or capable of rendering justice, though the last paragraph below is an appeal to lawfulness, a wake-up call. Lady Portia’s verdict in defense of Romeo against Shylock, that Merchant of Venice, whose avarice is a precedent for today’s weapons industry and its sycophant politicians. The aberration of law in favor of felons, cheater, merchants of death and loan sharks has gone so far beyond social remedy that perhaps the only relief comes from God’s merciful counteraction as in Shakespeare’s character Portia in her closing speech: “The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.”

One of the overlooked points in Shylock’s sadistic demand for “a pound of flesh” to be carved out with a knife from Romeo’s body is the deviant homosexual threat of assault on the genitals of a young man. Sexualized violence is one of the features of extremist militia groups that plague the world, including the fascistic Azov Battalion that installed Volodymyr Zelensky into leadership. Tears of suffering people in wartime and under economic oppression are a prayer for rain from heaven to end this ceaseless sufferingt caused by the injustice of warped minds.

It is the Lady’s appeal for forgiveness and reconciliation that is the civilized verdict rather the Venetian usurers barbaric debt-claim that sets the standard for a civilized society. Instead of shipping armaments, American diplomats over past decades should have patiently counseled both sides toward compromise, mutual trust and reconciliation. In that explosive situation, powerful modern weapons have only one purpose, which is to encourage mass murder, a holdover of the barbaric past.

Grist for a War Crimes Tribunal vs. Biden, Zelensky, Bankman-Fried et al.

Re: Prosecution of the Government of Ukraine and the United States on grounds of illegal acquisition and transfer of military-grade weaponry by defense contractors Raytheon Technologies (RTX), and co-defendants Lockheed and General Dynamics, to Ukraine, a non-NATO regime engaged in international arms-trafficking and repeated human-rights violations against ethnic Russians, third-generation immigrants working in the Donestsk industrial belt.

Summary: This case involves an international conspiracy to defraud account holders of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange (Hong Kong and Bermuda) of $3 billion for the purposes of kick-starting illegal transfer of heavy armaments, including Patriot, Stinger and Javelin missiles, and other weaponry through bribery of American public officials and the upper echelon of the U.S. Department of Defense. While the defendants may argue that these advanced weapons were limited for “defensive purposes”, missiles have been deliberately targeted at and launched into Russia’s territory on several occasion, causing casualties.

These charges involve multiple criminal offenses, including: financial fraud through illegal withdrawals and transfer of $6 billion from private accounts at the FTX cryptocurrency exchange and its affiliated Alameda Research; the expenditure of those stolen funds for bribery of and influence-peddling among the Oval Office staff with approval by war-crimes suspect President Joseph Robinette Biden; illegal purchase in violation of U.S. federal and state laws of heavy weapons from the country’s three major defense contractors; the shipment of these armaments aboard U.S. military aircraft and cargo vessels and trucks of contract shippers in violation of EU laws and NATO protocols destined for Lvov and Kyiv and thenceforth to battlefronts in non-NATO territory; the secret dispatch of American military officers and combat veterans for training of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in live-firing of said weapons, including in combat situations resulting in both military and civilian casualties; these extraordinary offenses being abetted by substantial bribery of Ukraine’s politicians and military commanders.

The plaintiffs seek a guilty verdict resulting in extradition to The Hague of the culpable individuals involved in planning this criminal plot, along with the key participants in the logistical and training operations, especially the commanding officers to include: Joseph Biden, White House aides involved in coordination; Pentagon official and officers who failed to reject these unauthorized transactions; and the partner individuals in the Government of Ukraine, Zelensky et al.

What Next?

I am hoping this fourth essay wraps up the FTX saga, but then again things are never so neat and easy as our wishful thinking, especially when financial crooks are profiteering while the American economy is failing to deliver the basics to families and veterans, when children have fallen from the moral path by gangster “entertainers” and Internet deviance, and as the nation’s vast agrarian expanse is no longer providing the basic necessities to its inhabitants. Restoration of this nation’s decency and compassion may seem a mission impossible, but it is a war of a different kind; as expressed in the words of General George Patton: “Urge your men to pray, not just in church, but to pray everywhere.” GBA: God Bless America. May this unbearable tragedy end in a happy comedy so that we might all learn to laugh again.