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International Jewish Finance Is The Culprit

By Brother Nathaniel

'International Jewish Finance' has nations in a chokehold.

No suprise that the ADL pulls kosher wool  over  the goyim's eyes:

" While the notion that Jews control the world economy and its banking system is an obvious antisemitic trope, Jews are well-represented in the fields of finance and international trade ." 

That's Jew-Speak (language decoy) to dupe the goy.

You see, all Western nations,  where Zionism thrives , are  under the boot  of 'International Jewish Finance.'

The FED,  Banque de France, Deutsche Bundesbank, European Central Bank, Bank of England, are ALL satellites of the Rothschild Dynasty.

You see, if nations and its industries are helpless without money from interest-gouging Jewish bankers, then tell me, who drives domestic and foreign policy? 

AND if nations are  strangled by debt and interest payments to Jewish bankers , then tell me,  to whom  and  to what  are nations and its politicians enslaved to? 

To JEWS and JEWISH interests.

AND with the Jew-owned media, and 'our democracy,' (which contains within its entrails the Jewish spirit of massive leverage), then a recipe for condoning and supporting  murder in IsraHell, Ukraine, and soon World War 3, is pinned to Capitol Hill.

It's the ' flying kike in the financial ointment of national governments .' 

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