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Israeli Army Preys On Gaza's Premature
Babies For Organs To Rich Jews

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Elite special ops teams with the Israel Defense Force held off their assault on Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital, the supposed “underground headquarters of Hamas rebels”, a blatant lie, while waiting for the local electric power plant ran out of diesel fuel, shutting off the lights to blind witnesses to the kidnapping that comes next. After planting rusty old weapons from the Yom Kippur War in the hospital basement as proof of a fictive “Hamas HQ”, the IDF troopers encircled the newborn clinic where dozens of premature Palestinian babies were being removed from their respirator chamber. By then, deprived of their crucial feed of life-sustaining oxygen and liquid nutrients, these vulnerable infants began their slow death process. What was and is the motivation for this strange Israeli military maneuver to entrap dozens of helpless preemie infants?

This predatorial waiting game of the organ harvesters with the IDF was/is aimed at confiscating billions of dollars worth of top-value human organs from preemie kids, more precious by the ounce than gold or diamonds, to be plucked out of the tiny bodies of those helpless children for wholesale bidding to elderly super-wealthy Jewish parasites in Europe and North America: bankers, stock brokers, property developers, defense contractors, real estate moguls, university professors and other well-to-do criminal scum, devoid of ethical boundaries other than self-preservation and plastic surgery for a few more sessions with high-class hookers on the back seat of a limo, the worst of sinners lost in a pit of depravity.

As in the biblical mountaintop tale of a fanatic Abraham about to sacrifice his first born son with his blade for roasting over the flames, the Jewish and their convert Khazarian Turk brethren are utterly ruthless in their quest for life eternal on this godforsaken planet, since to hardened sinners passage to an afterlife is the Great Unknown. The patriarch was spared the guilt of that gristly burnt offering of the flesh of his son with quick substitution by a wandering ram for split roasting on a makeshift barbecue. Divine Agency acted in the nick of time to summon the sheep up the steep slope. The Palestinian babies, now far beyond the pale, are highly unlikely to be saved by a herd of sheep wandering in through the Israeli bombing and shelling of the Gaza strip.

Given the hysterically evil reaction of the Netanyahu fanatics, the moral temerity of world Jewry was on display at Washington’s Capitol Mall in a rally of racialist mania beyond unspeakable, but speak we must against that nation of Shylocks demanding their pound of flesh from those tiny Romeos and Julliets of Palestine, a land stolen on May 14, 1948 from its rightful Palestinian inhabitants by the Rothschilds and Bronfmans via their real estate agents at the CIA and MI6, James Jesus Angleton and his notorious British associate Kim Philby. To be perfectly clear, the Palestinians and neighboring Arabs are Semitic, whereas the majority of Jewish immigrants to their so-called “Promised Land” are of Khazarian tribal bloodline with origins in Ukraine and before that Central Asia, who were earlier exiled from China by the Tang emperors and fellow Turkics. Wherever they migrated due to their crafty art of usury and appetite for organ meat to wherever the human sheep could be fleeced, including Palestine, where only half of the supposed “Jewish” population are Near Eastern Sephardim (and most of those from Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Iran). The majority of Yid fakers are Turkic parasites not Semites, but then again fraud is the main Khazar Jewish business model. (The details on Israeli organ plucking and trafficking are in the final section of this far-off the beaten track essay. )

Prejudice or Prideful Practice?

Question: Is this writer a Jew hater? Far from it, I have befriended many a Jew down on their luck, sometimes to my regret and on other occasions to laugh off the boozing encounter as a good joke. Then again, I’ve never been evicted from my rightful property (other than by my immediate Buddhist relatives, arguably more despicable than any Yiddish crook but perhaps for their own good reasons for hating Christians). This world has room enough for Jews in a place called Brooklyn, my former residence, which also happens to be an enclave of Palestinians in exile. Yet we for incomprehensible reasons lament the shocking events that Israel swept clean of Jews some 2,000 years ago under Roman orders to eliminate cut-throats, violence-prone fanatics and, worst of all, pathological liars.

Now back to that tenth of an ounce of sexual desire to be surgically reinstalled in some doddering senile idiot with a penile fantasy in his wheelchair hoping for a one last blast in a bordello. What Jewish “culture” lacks (as compared with Asian) is the nobility of age. As with a fine bottle of wine calmed in a decanter, the aging mind loses its superficial harsh edge to reveal its true depth with an appreciation of the sweetness of this short lifespan. Then there’s the restless minuscule minority among us who prefers the tang of bitterness, like James Bond’s gin martini shaken not stirred. It too, the adventurous life, is soon gone. To paraphrase master Confucius: “If one does not know life, how can one comprehend death?” So the wisdom of the East is: Don’t trade in your masculinity for an ill-gotten trove of money because which is tougher to lose?

The Bitch Queen

This fourth essay in the Gaza series exposes the cultural-historical background to the demented “logic” of the Israeli cutoff of water and food supplies to Gaza hospitals, which dooms the premature babies at Al Shifa Hospital. This social-psychological blasphemy ultimately derives from the cult of Baal, the child-devouring Levantine demon worshiped by the bitch-queen Jezebel, the social-influencer princess of Sidon and domineering wife of Judea’s King Ahab, who raised inside a forest grove a temple of Baal in her honor. You can see representations of her beautiful ghoulish image all the time, prancing and dancing to idiotic music to the screaming of horny girls.

In a fit of culturally correct rage on behalf of neglected ethnic cultures, Jezebel ordered the arrest of the bigoted prophet Elijah, aka the Tishbite of Gilead, who dared to speak out against spending Israelite tax money to erect a foreign temple where local children were to be tossed into the flaming mouth of a graven idol named Baal. As an eccentric priest without a following, Eli scurried off into hiding in the wilderness, proving that in grim reality evil much too often prevails.

Queen Jezebel was a connoisseur of fine wines, and so the next bone of contention for her hubby Ahab was to gain title to a prime vineyard belonging to a snobbish Napa-type vintner named Naboth, who refused to sell and vacate the premises. Naboth was soon conveniently stoned (not with medical marijuana but with with river rocks). Surely, the first amphora of the new vintage was poured into the mouth of the idol and the dregs swilled by the high priests of Baal. “Lacks the subtlety of Phoenician pinot noir aged in a cedar cask, but it will go well with a roast leg of lamb or, hum, Baal’s leftovers.”

Scared shirtless, the Tishbite prophet prayed about what to do about the buzzing queen bee. The answer from Above: “Never mind, you worthless coward”, adding after a moment of Divine thought “I will feed her to the dogs by the wall.” Stern verdict, as usual from that testy Old Testament. To shorten a long scandalous story, things ended badly for hubby Ahab, who was killed in battle by the ruthless Syrians (this stuff is still happening there, now to hapless American troopers). As prophesied, Ahab’s bloody chariot was washed in a pool where dogs licked his blood and bathing harlots luxuriated in that skin-reviving treatment. What? Didn’t they teach you this grotesquely morbid tale at Sunday school?

As for Jezebel, she had diplomatic immunity due to her Levantine pagan family’s vast wealth (bribery is more effective than a declaration of war), and her son Ahaziah ruled over Israel and its shiny new temple of Baal-Zebuh, until his untimely death. As in the case of prophets of our own time, Elijah fell short of the divine mark, like the all-too meek pundits of today and the glum rabbis who dare not denounce their maniacal “patriots” with the IDF and the Netanyahu sycophants rallying on the DC Mall, and so poor Elijah did not deemed worthy enough to get a biblical chapter of his own. The gruesome tale reeking with the harshness of present-day political reality is found at 1 Kings 22. Face it, folks, we today live like Elijah on the run and in hiding, without the aid of a bold young slingshot hero anywhere in our vicinity. Life is indeed Hell.

The Return of Pagan Rites

The adoration of pagan gods secretly passed on to subsequent generations of heretical Jews and their witchcraft-devotee Khazar converts aka Ukrainian Jews, a demonic influence which accounts for the “weirdness” that is interlaced in modern Jewry, not only in the Old World but also in the USA as seen in the occult universe of Marvel comics and the Hollywood genre of horror movies, both Jewish controlled. In the old days, the wizards ate children’s flesh; today the surgeons inject fresh young stem cells into the skulls and between the ribs of doddering old men who rightfully belong under a tombstone.

What we are witnessing in the ongoing Gaza crisis is avaricious bloodshed, intentionally staged by a barbaric modern “Israel”, the equivalent of the self-centered dark-side cruelty of the pagan queen Jezebel, the temperamental high priestess of Baal, the demon-god of child termination. The Old Testament is as much, indeed more an astonishing tale of the moral degradation of powerful elites than of the heroic religiosity of righteous prophets, a truthful mirror to our sinful global condition, an era of homosexual perversion, political backstabbing, blatant deception, pervasive lies, advertising and the desire for life eternal on this mortal coil. Thus, this is a wondrous moment of return for the ancient demons Moloch, the Ammonites’ horned predator of children’s flesh, and the Phoenicians’ enigmatic Baal, a fiery terminator of youthful lives. To comprehend the horrors of the arch-evils in this present day, as being acted out in a sinful Israel, we must go back to the biblical past of sacrificial victims cast into the fiery bellies of metallic idols.

The Bonfires of Baal

This examination of the subterranean practices of paganism under the cover of fringe Judaism is based on my field research in Tunisia at the start of the modern-day Islamic radical upsurge in the late 1980s when Algerian jihadists punished infidels with fine-edged throat-cutting. For an investigative journalist then based in Tokyo, it was a welcome sojourn upon my arrival by Air France at the older Orly airport in Paris, where after pulling my luggage off a carousel I sat in the waiting area for a hotel-van to arrive. Less than a half-hour after I put my bags into the shuttle, a bomb exploded exactly on my seat at the airport killing several French travelers.

Was I the intended target? Or was I scripted by some spy agency to be the fall guy? I did not and shall never know the answer because that blast was followed by a massive mobilization of French security forces and nationwide police interrogations marking the start of the radical Islamist terrorist campaign, which soon put Al Qaeda on the world map. Along rural roads, the gendarmes seemed to instantly recognize me and flagged me to pull over for brief conversations about my intended destination. I was even blocked by Swiss border guards from crossing over toward Geneva, although later I managed to slip into Grenoble with a French acquaintance. Ah, the Sound of Music was never sweeter!

Since direct flights to Tunisia from Paris had been suspended, my alternate plan was to fly from Lyon to tourist-friendly Tunis for overland cross-over into Algeria, the center of the terrorist throat-cutting campaign. Once ensconced in Tunis, my attempted passage to Algiers was officially blocked by the secret services of three Mediterranean nations. The disturbing thought did cross my mind that perhaps the rattled security establishment suspected me of having planted the airport bomb, which marked the beginning of the rise of Al Qaeda. Well, I was indeed a perfect suspect, being a stranger out of the Far East intent on making contact with Muslim radicals in the heart of the soon-to-go global jihad. My departure from a less-traveled Lyon airfield threw the Surete (Inspector Clouseau’s secret service) for a loop, raising my stature to master spy and global terrorist, instead of lowly journalist out to beat the NYTimes to the punch.

Due to the travel ban and frequent visits by an unpaid and unsolicited “translator”, I was afforded a rare vacation, between interviews with security experts (I decided to turn the tables on the hunters, and arrive at their offices to pry out information for my upcoming article on Islamist terrorism). Then, after a brief trek in the Sahara dunes (crossover impossible, even on camel), I opted for a tourist moment in the environs of ancient Carthage. Tunisia had been a huge history topic at my Catholic school, since Carthage was home ground for Saint Augustine, the author of a scandalous autobiography and his philosophical masterpiece “The City of God” and, earlier, the birthplace of that brilliant Punic general Hannibal (who transported elephants on his boats to France for their crossing over the Alps into the Roman heartland, which he came within a hairs-breadth of conquering).

Tunisia was also where my father, a Japanese-American trainer of the Hawaiian 100th Battalion, landed at the start of the American military campaign against Nazi Germany, specifically to fight the legendary Desert Fox Edwin Rommel. For these reasons, the blockade of Algeria was a fortuitous turn of events for me, perhaps in eerie anticipation of this very topic of Baal and child sacrifice.

Carthage is now a beach resort with a lot of cleaned-up ancient ruins. In the past the Mediteranean port was the key trading post enabling the Phoenicians to sail to Spain, through the Pillars of Hercules to Africa and as some archaeologists conjecture, to the North American coastline. Following a brief truce, the Roman legionnaires invaded Carthage in 146 B.C. in a total-war campaign led by Scipio Africanus, with massacres of enemy combatants, enslavement of civilian survivors, torching Carthage and razing every building. The ground plan or floor space of Punic Carthage, however, remained intact over subsequent centuries as the foundation for a hastily built Roman city and later as capital of the Vandal empire. There is a thin line between the civilized and the barbarian, a line in the blowing sand.

Tossed into the Furnace

The most familiar modern source on the Carthaginian practice of child sacrifice to Baal, by throwing a child into the flames in the belly of the idol, comes from the novelist Pierre Loti, who gathered his material from the rather shallow-thinking Christian-biased French colonial officials, archaeologists and various European adventures in the post-Napoleonic colonization of North Africa.

The archaeology team at the National Bardo Museum in Tunis explained to me that Loti could count on Christian revulsion over pagan religious practices and that so-called “human sacrifices” to Baal was likelier a benign means of terminating children with incurable birth defects or who were suffering chronic health disorders and infections that could not be remedied with herbal medicine. Immolation, in this healthcare perspective, was a means to prevent infectious disease transmission and epidemics. In this light, the pagan religious rituals were probably a benevolent practice meant to ease the guilt felt by parents and prevent the family’s social ostracism as “accursed” sinners, early childhood illness indeed being no crime of their own.

The Baal cult is one of very few publicly disclosed examples of far more widely practiced death rites connected with abortion, mercy killing and epidemic prevention throughout the ancient world, which have been voluntarily suppressed by the confidentiality of midwives, priests and physicians along with the moral qualms of the Christian churches. Abortion was a controversial practice even back then, showing that the more things change everything remains the same, especially today, with American women on the warpath voting in favor of their unquestionable right to abortion. How dare we question those worshipers of Baal, who at least had the honesty to toss their unwanted screaming kids into the flames out in the open for everyone to see! Ave Maria, what in hell is wrong with us?

Jewish Crimes against Children

By contrast to benevolent termination of children’s lives for medical reasons in Phoenician Sidon, Tyre and Carthage, what is happening during the theatrical Israeli siege of Palestinian hospitals (replete with phony arms caches with rusty weapons dating back to the Yom Kippur War) constitutes deliberate mass murder of hospitalized adults for the purpose of population reduction of a colonized community and enrichment of Jewish physicians worldwide. That is otherwise known as mass murder.

Meanwhile the preemie infants are the lucrative prize for the Jewish State’s surgeons and their Frankenstein body-parts export trade in organ meat in early development plucked from the innards of Palestine preemie infants. In stark contrast with adult organ donations, for instance from victims of lethal car crashes, infant organs are pristine, being disease-free, and free of interfering antibodies, being still in the earliest growth stage.

Antibodies, as from the postpartum bodies of differing racial groups, can be harmful and indeed fatal to the organ recipient who may lack immunity to specific blockers. Premature babies under nine months in the womb are the creme-de-la-creme of a lucrative Israeli organ trade. The Palestinians, due to millennia of cohabitation with Jews, are close enough genetically to Sephardim and even Turkic Khazar “Jews” for a successful donor-recipient match. As for specific data on this medical black art, there is an absence of clean figures in the USA and most EU nations, since the more match-challenged surgery and therapy are done quietly in Israel itself, outlaw Switzerland or the most expensive upper-crust facilities in Mexico. The Israeli data is a grossly inaccurate underestimate, as discussed below.

Again, much of this dark craft of organ harvesting is never reported or even published in medical journals and certainly not by the mainstream news agencies. The black art of infantile organ transfer is a closely guarded file of secrets due to embryos and preemie kids being plucked out of the womb, a harvest in exchange for black money to the unwed mother or a woman killed in a bombing attack on a Palestinian hospital.

Due to their narrow racial profile, a consequence of millennia on inbreeding, and a heavy diet of animal-sourced red meat and milk, Jews as a cohort are prone to ever-emerging genetic defects and rapid deterioration of vital organs in early adulthood, as compared with say ethnically cross-bred aka mixed Asians with their vegetation-dominated diet. At age 80, a Jewish male is nearly always a physical wreck shriveled like a prune with declining mental powers and impotent without the aid of Viagra whereas elderly Asian men are capable of working, walking, engaging in sports and indeed having unassisted natural sexual liaisons, preferably with younger women. If Jews are indeed the “Chosen People”, then why are they allocated to an early grave or gene therapy? And what about Henry Kissinger? Go ask his surgeon.

Organ Harvesting and Export Trade

Briefly here, before concluding this report with the shocking data on the Israeli organ trade and a deliberate lack of firm numbers, is a summary of my investigative journalism experience of hunting down “chop shops” of human body parts for the international organ trade. (Most of those findings have remained secreted among a circle of top-level physicians with whom I have cooperated in investigation of the organ traffic, often involving official medical authorities.)

Quickly, down the list of culprits I have tracked and helped to suppress:
- There was that high-ranking medical official in the Gulf region who had just returned from the Philippines after spending a tall stack of dollar bills for freshly harvested young organs.
- The high-ranked Chinese medical official, a former military doctor whose face froze grimly during a public speech when he saw my investigative team leader, who had tracked the illegal organ traffic for the NIH and Pentagon.
- There was that cosmetic surgery clinic in Shenzen, just across the border with Hong Kong, where two young island women disappeared. Later, DNA samples from the alleyway dumpster disclosed their misfortune as unwilling organ donors.
- Then the infamous Chinese butcher who chopped leftover body parts of organ-plucked young women for boiling down to broth, which was sold to street vendors for their noodle soup in poorer neighborhoods. Yum!
- The big catch was a huge Muslim lamb restaurant near Guangzhou, where Uyghur “chefs’ removed human organs for transfer to the Turkish military medical corps and for air shipment to and resale across the Middle East and Europe. These cases are merely the tip of an iceberg as wide as Antarctica.

Obviously, further mention is inadvisable if only for the “health” of the cooperating doctors involved in those probes. Unfortunately, none of the media editors, who initially showed great interest, would publish my investigative articles, although they rewarded me generously for my efforts am id the risk of being chopped to pieces with a meat cleaver. Presumably, the elderly press barons who owned those publications were themselves organ recipients or, more accurately, buyers of fresh body parts for insertion somewhere, as in a luxury clinic suite in the Swiss Alps.

The organ market has evolved significantly over the past two decades, by now with fragments, cells or gene strands sufficing as “switchboards” that can reorganize or even revive failing organs. The dark trade has moved upstream from kidney, liver and heart valve transplants to highly selective replacement of nearly every body part from an eye to a penis. Ovarian transplant? Don’t be surprised if the state of art has moved from single egg transfer to ovarian replacement, as in white kids delivered by black mothers.

The Golden Calf versus Moses

Now you might find the Israeli break with Mosaic law to be hilarious or horrific. Under traditional Jewish law, organ transplant is in gross contempt of Judaic law and tradition based on God’s will, starting from the early chapters of the Book of Genesis. The mother of humanity, Eve, stands forever in the shade of the Tree of Knowledge for cross-species copulation with that creepy reptilian in scaly armor. But she set the precedent for the billions of fertile young women seeking weird bed partners.

Under Jewish customary law, human organs are haram (forbidden) and not halal, meaning organ transplants are in violation of the Mosaic health code. Thus, it was not until 2008 that the Israeli Knesset, at the urging of local physicians, enacted rules guiding organ transfers between patients in dire need and voluntary donors. That law criminalized organ sales and brokering (as in online ads), along with involuntary removal from dying patients who are not yet dead, and so on. Currently, there are more than 50,000 organ donors in an Israeli population of less than 10 million, which seems to be a gross shortfall of available body parts, given the horrific gene condition of the Jewish population.

Due to the disparity between potential recipients and organ donors, Israel has become a “pariah” nation of illegal trafficking, according to Organ Watch. Inadvertently during a television interview with Israel’s then chief pathologist at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute Dr. Yehuda Hiss, he admitted that organs were being removed from deceased relatives for donation to a family member without official registration.

Then came the hammer blow in 2009 with a Swedish newspaper’s sensational expose that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was secretly harvesting organs from Palestinian prisoners. The article came close to a diplomatic rift between Israel and Sweden, which was an obvious admission of the truthfulness of that press coverage. By now, organ removal from dead and probably dying Palestinians is a routine affair, like sucking blood out of the jugular is for vampires.

One might wonder where Yahweh stands on the question of a cannibalistic organ trade among Jewry in the Promised Land. Clearly, the modern state of Israel is no Holy Land and certainly no longer the Earthly home of the Supreme Diety of Christians, Muslims and faithful Jewry. The Kingdom of David has been unspeakably violated as a hypocritical Hell on a sinful Earth that has lost, indeed surrendered any privilege of being a quasi-Judiac state. Despite the ethno-religious conflict, several Muslim families in Israel have permitted organ donation from dead kin for Israeli patients, which is another question entirely showing the charitable instincts of the Islamic faithful. As put by the prophet favored by Christians: The meek shall inherit the Earth. As for the guilty, that is our unenviable task to handle without meekness.

To close with a Hebrew expression, “adonai panav eilecha” (May God face you), and may you also face God without shame or regret at the last hour. Avoid vices and try to stay healthy. Shalom. We are duty-bound to save the Palestinian children from the New Moloch and an insatiable Baal.