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The Cardinal Test

By A. Person

Unveiling delusions has never been easy. As Mark Twain said, "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled."

But sometimes it can be downright exasperating. A case in point was my recent flurry of posts to various groups on the 22nd anniversary of 9 /11—videos, articles, documentaries, and such. An old friend rebuked me thus: "Oh, c'mon, mate, enough with these conspiracy theories. Besides, 9/11 is history—it happened 22 years ago!  It's irrelevant!"

Had this come from a young buck who wasn't alive to witness this numbing atrocity, I might have taken the disapproval in stride. After all, their generation never perceived the gruesome carnage of 9/11 firsthand nor experienced its long, oppressive aftermath. 

But my chum, a fellow septuagenarian, was privy to the entire spectacle in Technicolor—of three thousand innocent men and women being immolated live on television, hundreds leaping to their deaths from sky-high towers. Not to mention the ensuing wars and the millions of dead and displaced souls across foreign lands. And, of course, the birth of the endless "Global War on Terror" (GWOT) that continues to strip us of our fundamental freedoms and strangle us with an ever-tightening noose. 

Aside from all that, here's what I find astonishing: the folks who brush off 9/11 as being "irrelevant" are the very ones who, to this day , unthinkingly remove their shoes at the airport and idiotically stand spread-legged to have their crotch groped by some apish TSA goon.

TSA brainiac searching for WMD.

And people still think 9/11 is irrelevant.

It goes to show the power of mental programming.

Today, we should be reminded of 9/11 whenever we leave our homes. Shoes and toiletries sink into silliness compared to the current Orwellian security landscape: Forests of facial recognition cameras that silently map our every move... 24/7 surveillance via our smartphones... blocking of all web content 'The Authorities' deem "dangerous disinformation®"... Social media sniffed by AI denouncing all controversial narratives as "extremist"... purging scientific reports by renowned world-class experts that stray from the "official" storyline, etc., etc.

Mass Surveillance using Facial Recognition.

And, then, there's the ultimate assault—the one on our physical bodies: Mandatory face masks, social distancing, lockdowns, and coerced deadly mRNA injections (aka "vaccines").

9/11 is the first domino that triggered this insane tyrannical cascade.  

But 9/11 was more than that.

What it was, in actual fact, was a two-pronged  Test .

  1. Gullibility Test

Foremost, it was a test of the gullibility of the world population—a test to ascertain its limits.

And Hitler's historically proven formula inspired the ideational blueprint:

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. " 

In architecting the 9/11 false flag, the perpetrators' brainstorming process probably went like this: "How far can we push the sheep before they start pushing back? Let's do something monstrously outrageous and see if they'll fall for it—crash two airplanes into the Twin Towers, claim "jet fuel" [kerosene!] melted 200,000 tons of steel, pulverized 400,000 cubic yards of concrete into dust, and vaporized 3,000 human beings—all in under 10 seconds—and see if they'll buy it."

200,000 Tons of steel were turned into "molten rivers of lava," and 400,000 cu. yds. of concrete transmuted to 50-micron dust —in 10 seconds—all allegedly caused by a relative cupful of kerosene!

"...Next, we'll test their docility and willingness to comply. We'll raise the ante by enforcing ridiculously repressive rules: ' Remove your shoes!! ' (We'll first scare them with a witless patsy 'Shoe bomber') ... 'No liquid toiletries!!'  (We'll set the stage by planting a lamebrained 'Shampoo bomber' aboard)...  'Stand legs apart!!'  (We'll walk a clueless Nigerian kid aboard a flight with a little firecracker stuffed in his shorts: 'Underwear bomber!'), etc., to see how far we can go to gain total control through deceitfully induced terror.

If we can get the masses to stoop to this level of mindless obedience without pushing back, we can get away with  anything  going forward."

And that's exactly what they did .

[NB: All of the above is true and verifiable (only don't bother "fact-checking" on Google, Snopes, etc.). One example: A young married American couple, both attorneys, who were seated by the Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) check-in counter, later gave a statement, under oath, to the FBI: "A tall Caucasian gentleman in a beige suit walked the young man (Umar Abdulmutallab) to the gate. We wit ness ed the lad had neither a ticket nor a passport, which created a stir. The escort presented his credentials to the gate staff, who then permitted him to walk the boy aboard the aircraft before the other passengers were allowed to board."

2. IQ test

The mind mapping for this  pilot study probably went thus: "Let's test the sheeple's intelligence by launching a 'terrorist attack' that's laughably absurd: Claim nineteen Arab camel jockeys who couldn't fly a tiny trainer outsmarted the world's most sophisticated air defense apparatus by merrily flying four jumbo jets around the eastern seaboard for two hours, and then crashed them into the iconic Twin Towers! If the sheep lap up that  ludicrous fairytale, then coercing eight billion humans to strap idiotic diapers onto their faces, stand six feet apart, stay locked in their homes, then— le grand coup —eagerly roll up their sleeves and  beg  for a series of deadly Bioweapons ("vaccines") will be a cakewalk."

Arguably the lowest point in human evolution.

The results of the tests? Exactly as expected: An epic "FAIL." 

[I.e., a Fail for the sheep. A sweeping success for the wolves.]

Obviously, the masterminds behind all this mayhem didn't simply leap into something as outlandish as 9/11. That would have been overly optimistic—even for the most gullible sheep. The fear had to be ratcheted up incrementally ...akin to boiling a frog.

There have been many small false flags in the decades-long ramp-up to 9/11, too many to enumerate here. [One was the "7/7" bombing on a London Underground train—the explosives were planted under  the carriage, not carried aboard in the Muslim patsy's backpack as alleged.]   But the first serious trial balloon was the Oklahoma City Bombing, where a "white-supremacist" patsy, Timothy McVeigh, was entrapped through an FBI sting operation into parking a van containing a farcically ineffective "fertilizer bomb" outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Damage to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, allegedly caused by an explosion

from a "fertilizer bomb" in a vehicle parked streetside.

This noteworthy structure was picked for the Psyop as it had been the target of several prior "extremist" attack attempts. Well in advance, packs of Semtex (massively powerful military-grade explosives) had been strategically prepositioned on multiple floors within  the building by the evil masterminds and synchronized to detonate with the puny fertilizer bomb parked outside.  [Again, this isn't conjecture; there's ample evidence.]  The ensuing explosion killed 168 innocents (including scores of little kids in a daycare center), injured 680, and caused $700 million worth of damage. Numerous explosives experts have attested that the level of damage inflicted couldn't possibly have been caused by a crude fertilizer bomb placed outside the building.

Yet, the TV-addled masses bought the con hook, line, and sinker. They flunked that  preliminary test for gullibility and idiocy in style.

Voila! The threat of "Right-wing terrorism" had been permanently planted in the public mind in one fell swoop.  [NB: The 1993  attack on the Branch Davidians compound in Waco, Texas, was a less grandiose precursor, as was the staged Boston Marathon bombing, among many others.]

The world was now deemed ready for The Big One: 9/11.

And the world's newest arch-enemy: Muslims.

No, 9/11 is far from "irrelevant." It was  the  launch platform from which ensued the litany of other draconian horrors inflicted upon us. And many, many, more still to come.

The latest brutality in the Devil's domino chain of terror—triggered by 9/11—was the use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) in Lahaina. Here we saw melted steel where there were no fires; plastics that survived the 2,500-degree heat (impossible temp for any forest fire) that melted glass windshields; city water supplies that were strangely turned off; emergency sirens that were suddenly inoperative; an entire power grid that died for no reason; Internet and social media services that were inexplicably shut down... And all the while, the police were busy forcing back citizens fleeing for their lives , funneling them right back into the core of the raging inferno.

They murdered thousands that day. They reduced an entire coastal town to ashes. All in broad daylight. [NB: Lahaina was earmarked to be America's first "smart city." It had to be demolished.]

Again, they got away with it.

Lahaina after the DEW attack. Note the unburnt grass, shrubbery, and trees
between the ashen homes. Ready to rebuild as America's first Smart City.

The mass murderers who orchestrated 9/11 walk freely among us today .

In fact, they are the very ones driving "Agenda 2030." (193 nations signed up years ago.)

They know the sheep have now been fully conditioned and habituated to where they'll lap up anything  that's dished out to them.

Only now, the objective is infinitely more demonic.

Global depopulation .

Launched by the World Economic Forum (a puppet in very dark hands), this genocidal program was conceived and planned decades ago. Its principal objective—to "Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with Nature" —was actually enshrined in the mysterious Georgia Guidestones ("America's Stonehenge"), which were recently inexplicably blown up by "an unknown terrorist." [NB: The origins of the program and the hazy individuals, groups, and secret societies behind Agenda 2030 are beyond the scope of this article.]

Given the two key psychological barriers ("gullibility and IQ") that 9/11 successfully surmounted, achieving the depopulation objective couldn't be easier.

Simply announce a bogus virus no worse than the Flu. [NB: Flu "disappeared" after Covid.]

Then, re-purpose an unrelated test (PCR) whose inventor , Nobel laureate Dr. Kary Mullis, publicly and repeatedly claimed:

" Anyone  can test positive for practically anything  with a PCR test if you run it long enough. With PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody. It does not tell you that you're sick ."

You then "test" every human on the planet by boosting the PCR cycle threshold to ridiculously high levels, show a tsunami of bogus "cases"—the PCR yields 97%  false positives—and then use a totally bought-and-paid-for World Health Organization* to declare a global "Pandemic."

Once the number of fraudulent PCR-based "cases" begins to soar, you roll out an endless series of slow-kill mRNA Bioweapons and call them "vaccines."

And make them mandatory for every breathing human being, regardless of age.

Following a long history of brainwashing and mind-programming, the deceived masses will queue up by the billions and beg  to be injected to be kept safe from the "killer virus."

They would thereby have been made to willingly sign their own death warrants. 

Covid wasn't a pandemic—it was a Scamdemic .

It was 9/11 that started this whole Satanic nightmare.

And some still claim 9/11 is irrelevant.

NB: * The WHO is 80% privately funded (so is the CDC, which is a quasi-government corporate-sponsored entity). In fact, the head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom is not even a physician. He has absolutely no background in any branch of science or healthcare. Au contraire "doctor" Adhanom is an Ethiopian war criminal accused of "systematic genocidal violence." And, for good measure, he's a cross-dressing sexual deviant. It's time you knew the man responsible for announcing all current and future "pandemics" and "vaccines." Watch these two videos before they are taken down: