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FTX Crypto Bribed A Corrupt US Congress
To Send Arms To Ukraine - Part 2

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Intro: Here, in Part 2 of this preliminary autopsy on the FTX-Alameda cryptocurrency heist shifts from Hong Kong (discussed in Part 1) just 2 years after startup to relocate to a new base of financial operations in the balmy British colony of the Bahamas. The collapse of FTX in early November along with its affiliate Alameda Research, followed by the arrest and extradition to the USA of its founding CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (aka SBF), was due to the collapse of a complex fraud involving SBF’s role as international anchor for the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation’s Aid For Ukraine (AFU) charity. Funds from duped donors were registered with the partner Kyiv-based Everstake crypto-exchange, but most of the donations were kept in the Bahamas, from whence the money disappeared down a black hole. Oh, well, AFU and his money are soon parted, eh?

The fast-track charitable operation bypassed slow-moving bank transfers for two objectives: first, to collect foreign-sourced cryptocurrency contributions for Ukraine’s defense supposedly for transfer to Kyiv; and second, to be allocated for overseas purchase of military equipment for Ukraine’s beleaguered army. Also because the Ukrainian hryvnia was a weak currency, at least until the arrival of U.S. aid, which spiked price inflation in what is a near-rogue nation. Due to the tardiness and snail’s pace regulation of the banking sector, Ukrainians have turned to cryptocurrency, which in minimally regulated, to purchase needed goods from overseas.

In One Take: Where did all the money go?

The crisis-driven aid project raised at least $60 million, most of that from Ukrainians living abroad, but only about $10 million was transferred online to the digital ministry in Kyiv and Ukraine’s armed forces. The remainder was supposedly spent abroad on army-surplus gear for the Ukrainian Army, items stuff like bulletproof vests, night-vision goggles, scopes for rifles, surveillance drones and ready-to-eat meal kits. The procurement process was dubious, as shown in the theft of 400 used vests donated by the New York Police to a local Ukrainian charity. These were likely resold to FTX-Everstake at deep discount by the ubiquitous Ukrainian mafia.

There are suggestions that most of the donated funds were spent to bid for weapons for sale on the Dark Web. What the FTX staff did not know at the time is that first, online weapons sales have become a thing of the past, drastically diminished due to the Kimberly Process, a voluntary ban on illegal sales of Africa’s black diamonds that were exchanged for arms for militias and gangs struggling to control gem mining (as examined in the film “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio in his best-ever acting role); and second, there’s been a massive increase in government surveillance of the Dark Web, which after all was created by the CIA for communication with its undercover agents and spies. So do not swallow the disinfo being churned out on arms trafficking via the Dark Web, where gun dealers ask in meticulous detail everything the FBI wants to know about the purchasers.

Take It From the Top

At this juncture after coming up blank on heavy-duty weaponry, SBF had to consult with Zelensky’s advisers on the next best way to acquire weapons to repel the Russian onslaught. The brilliant solution came from his parents, Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman, both Stanford Law professors who run a secretive Democrat superPac called Mind The Gap, which channels funds from Silicon Valley donors to Congress in exchange for federal research grants.

If their son desperately needed to acquire murderous weapons to kill Russians, their bright boy could get value for his money by slipping slush funds to members of the House and Senate. There’s no better incentive than naked bribery to get the world’s biggest arms trafficker aka the U.S. government to unlock its arsenal for freebie lethal weapons to be sent anywhere in the world. Of course, none of the Democrat bigwigs could not recall that U.S. arms for Saigon, Kabul, Baghdad and other battle zones ever having led to victory or peace on American terms. Arms shipments to corrupt allies is an excellent way to arm future adversaries. So millions and perhaps billions of FTX and AFU cash disappeared: into the pockets of Congressmen and Senators who later gave umpteen standing ovations in thanks to their campaign contributor Volodymyr Zelensky at his “screw-you tightwads, give me more” speech at the Capitol. Fresh news of the arrest of SBF and bankruptcy of FTX meant that future funding was not forthcoming from Congress, for all the clapping, refused to increase the $40 tranche allocated to Ukraine. In a genuine democracy as proposed by the Founding Fathers, corrupt politicians would have repay the dollars from their pocketbooks for the weaponry stolen from the Pentagon for Ukraine’s lost cause. The FTX connection is why Joe Biden, a presidential campaign recipient of cash from the Bankman-Fried slush fund, did not dare show his face at the Capitol fiesta for Zelensky.

There’s more to the war-chest. On the other side of the Pond, the British military and intelligence agencies were running on-the-ground operations inside Ukraine and underwater detonation of the Nordstream pipeline, and so the other half of this scandal is how the Rothschild fortune has been secretly bribing Parliament to support the Odessa Idiots’ Crusade against Russia. Ever since Putin shut down the Yukos Oil pipeline financed by Rothschild-controlled BP, the Rothschild cabal has had a grudge against the Russian Federation.

How could Sam Bankman-Fried be so reckless dispensing his company’s and clients’ funds to sleazoid war criminals? The Ukraine crisis provided a once-in-lifetime opportunity to “do good” (in this case buying the weapons to kill people) as taught by his guru, Oxford philosophy professor William MacAskill through his 80,000 Hours charitable project, which smacks like all things Oxbridge of being spookery or a scam, and this time with the theme: Redemption through mass murder.

Born in Glascow as William Crouch became a “selfless” do-gooder during the AIDS crisis, emerging as an advocate of charity funding. In deference to women, he adopted the maiden name of his wife’s grandmother, pronounced “Ass Kill” and soon thereafter she (the spouse not the corpse) divorced him. The newly branded W. MacAskill came up with the ingenious concept that a do-gooder should output work, advice and kisses for 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year for 40 years, which adds up the name of his organization 80,000 hours. He appointed Sam Bankman-Fried to the board of directors after receiving a $130 million donation to 80K in a total pledge of $1 billion.

Top priority for world peace, as envisioned by 80K was “to improve relations between China and the USA”, which basically meant keeping the sold-out Democrats in power for the duration for the Chinese domination over the American economy and more, this country’s high tech industry and its military forces in a stealth takeover. Thus, MacAskill became a conduit for China’s political influence in Britain and the USA. Not coincidentally the majority of employees at Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX-Alameda employees were also Chinese.

The Beachcomber’s Guide to Tropical Tax Havens

Let’s step back to happier days for FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried, when in 2021 his headquarters was relocated halfway around the world, a stretch of business strategy that may seem capricious considering the cost of moving more than a hundred staffers. Did it make any sense to give up Hong Kong, the financial gateway to manufacturing power China, for a tropical beach resort? That’s until one considers the parallels between Hong Kong and Bermuda: Both have a strong presence of London-origin banks, British legal systems and due diligence in business practices, and immediately offshore from a Great Power economy (China and the USA).

Then there’s the tight-knit Bankman-Fried family, who wanted their boy closer to home to aid the Democrat Party. Underlying the move was the British Empire spy connections of FTX and the Bankman-Fried family, explored here, exposing with the most world’s most anti-Kremlin financial group in terms of energy industry and global banking, namely ye olde buggers known as the Rothschild dynasty.

Speaking of the Rothschilds, the Bahamas have been associated with British intelligence operations ever since Ian Fleming’s spy novel “Dr. No” and title of the James Bond movie, which starred Ian Connery (“my name is Bond”) and Jack Lord as CIA contact Felix Leiter. Ursula Andress stole the show as the first-ever Bond girl Honeychile Ryder, the beachcombing waif with an awesome pair that makes Pam Anderson of Baywatch look like an anorexic girl scout. The nefarious No was a scientist from Communist China who according to chatter among local Bahamian fishermen had installed a secret lab on a deserted island somewhere in the vast archipelago, obviously for some nefarious purpose.

Unlike the cackling Ming the Merciless or evil slant-eyed Fu Manchu, Dr. No was a soft-spoken gentleman, an emotional iceberg, indecipherable. Reality imitates fiction as in how Sam’s low-key silent partner, the Chinese-Canadian hacker Gary aka Zixiao Wang brought along a large crew of Chinese programmers from Hong Kong for the transit of the FTX-Alameda to the Bahamas. Not to arouse suspicion, Wang was a “Yes man” to Sam, which reassured prospective account holders that he was not the first son of No. To ease any doubts, SBF had his nerdy squirt of bookkeeper Caroline Ellison tag along to run the other half at Alameda Research, for no discernible reason other than her thick eyeglasses. Oh, well, different stokes for different folks. Meanwhile, Sam spent most of his hours on marathon video-game jousts and whatever else with the boys. To paraphrase the Bankman-Fried guru Marx: The first time was a tragedy, the second is a farce. And so it was with the Hong Kong venture followed by a Bahamian caper.

Eye of the Hurricane

Yet something was amiss, or at least undisclosed to the media about plausible reasons for relocation of FTX halfway around the planet, from the far side of the Pacific to the near Atlantic. Contrary to unfounded fears of a Chinese government ban on cryptocurrency in Hong Kong, Sam did not flee an impending ban, which never was more than an idle rumor. There are today a greater number of digital-money exchanges in HK than ever, despite the recent collapse of early-mover firms that had cross-deposited funds with FTX. Thus, SBF was not pushed out of the Asian market; he was pulled to the Bahamas for some undisclosed purpose.

There were several business incentives for FTX to make that long-haul move. For instance, since his relocation to Nassau, thousands of Chinese PLA-allied Venezuelan, Cuban and Nicaraguan “refugees” have flooded across the southern borders of the USA, and many have since been found out to be military intel assets. Cryptocurrency is made to order for infiltration and subversive activities against naive Western nations, as being suffered in Sweden’s jihadist upsurge. Then, there’s been the boom in China’s opioid aka fentanyl smuggling into a targeted USA, for which crypto serves as an untraceable payment method for drug dealers.

And what about money laundering? As disclosed by the OCCPR investigative journalism project “Offshore Accounts”, the sons and daughters of China’s Communist Party elite have favored Caribbean financial havens to shield bribery funds from snoopy domestic rivals and for money-laundering purposes into accounts at unethical American and European banks or invest on Wall Street and at the City of London, home-base for the Rothschilds. U.S. Treasury investigations of the HSBC Bank in Panama (and the USA) curbed its wide-open cash-based banking policy, thereby opening a vast opportunity for the crypto-banks. Thus, SBF had a loyal client based among China’s super-wealthy elite but his heart belonged to Mama, the Stanford law professor in control of the Mind The Gap superPAC for the Democrat Party.

As for the biz-savvy maxim “location, location, location”, Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas is conveniently offshore from Miami and has an international airport with frequent flights to Heathrow, meaning it’s an ideal center for untraceable crypto accounts. There was the potential for a client base among: the Latin American rich evading taxes and currency depreciation at home; fentanyl traffickers from Central America and Mexico; Jewish crooks from nearby South Florida with the Debbie Wasserman Schultz machine and holdovers from the Meyer Lansky mob like Jeffrey Epstein who did not die in prison; corrupt politicians and money launderers throughout the Caribbean region; and ubiquitous Chinese overseas entrepreneurs and party brats. To shady characters, possessing a personal code to an uncrackable secret account online is more prestigious than owing a Tesla or a speedboat of Miami Vice vintage and safer than a bank account.

How It’s Done

The Bankman-Fried familial connections with the Democrat superPAC Mind The Gap was a key factor in SBF’s misappropriation of funds from FTX accounts (via technically “impossible” transfers out of security-code safe cryptocurrency vaults) to sister company Alameda Research, which moved out money without any restrictions through the slush fund to the Democratic Party leadership. Hold it right there, because it is a technical impossibility to loot a crypto account due to the complexity of long access codes.

It’s clearly on record that SBF collected donations Aid for Ukraine via crypto-account transfers to FTX in the Bahamas, following his appointment as overseas agent for Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation. How that connection was made is a good question. There’s that old saw that “The Road to Hell is Lined with Good Intentions.” Well, the FTX charity initiative was the Highway to Hell. That’s because the ad hoc project to purchase weapons for the war-depleted Ukrainian arsenal failed to locate any reliable arms dealers through the Dark Web. The gap between Internet myth and wartime reality compelled SBF to seek out a more reliable source of arms, which of course was by bribing the U.S. Congress to send weapons from the Pentagon to Ukraine, free of charge other than to taxpayers. Another sucker punch to the American public, this time waving blue and yellow flags.

So how could SBF access funds of FTX account holders, if the strong encryption protecting digital vaults cannot be deciphered? Briefly and simply as possible let’s quickly review how cryptocurrency accounts are secured by strong code, which supposedly makes them immune to hacking. Banks and credit unions manage withdrawals of cash with “fiat” currency like dollar bills issued by a government treasury (by fiat, meaning on government authority without any assurance of underlying assets in guarantee). If, for instance, Washington D.C. and cities that house the Federal Reserve are nuked during this war with Russia, your dollars will be worthless other than as increasingly scarce toilet paper.

While banks secure money, bonds and other valuables at closing hour inside a vault with alarm buzzers and videocams linked to a hotline to the local cops, cryptocurrency holdings can be withdrawn solely by the account holder whose access code is a long alphanumeric string that is too impossibly complicated to decipher (other than by putting a gun to the head of the code owner at his or her computer keyboard}. That’s why paranoiac account holders with large troves of illegal funds divide their code into three sections written down on sheets of paper hidden in different locations. Therefore, the main drawback of storing millions in a crypto account is not a run on the bank but kidnapping of account holders along with seizure of their laptops. Advice: Do not inform your drug addict kid about any of this if you don’t want to appear on a TV crime show.

At the customer’s initial step of applying for a crypto-account, his or her fiat money from a bank or credit card is transferred to FTX for conversion into a digital asset. FTX outputs a secure private access code, which is a long alphanumeric chain that is statistically impossible to replicate and then associate with a specific account. The cryptocurrency deposit is thus converted into virtual money protected in a “block”, which is a code-protected “vault” among a series or a chain with other blocks. Since the originating bank did an electronic transfer, there is no cash involved, but only a string of numbers in a computerized record. In case of dispute, the money value of a crypto account can be tracked to the original deposit recorded on computer, eliminating any possibility of an accounting error, or so in theory.

Since the crypto account holder has sole possession of the long code to access the stored value in his or her fund, cryptocurrency is presumably safe from teller fraud, debt collectors and bank robbers. Theoretically, it is impossible for a crypto account to be looted. In reality, therefore, SBF must have kept a secret record of account codes in a server accessed only by his most trustworthy aides. Alternatively, some crypto-banking experts believe that FTX had installed a “back door”, a second access code as a secret short-cut into personal accounts.

The whiz Gary Zixiao Wang (aka Son of Dr. No) led the code-writing team, which could mean that Beijing aka China intelligence had penetrated FTX from its very startup in Hong Kong and ran the crypto-provider as a means to track the sons and daughters of corrupt Party officials. Did the Chinese rig the code to keep track of all account holders? Let me answer that question with another question: Why shouldn’t they? Especially when FTX was an American spy operation from its very inception? Spy versus Spy is a game as ancient as Go and Chinese checkers. And besides, cryptocurrency there to be robbed through fraud and come-on scams. Show no pity for embezzlers, crooks, dope dealers and the children of politicians anywhere anyhow. Add law professors to that list.

Barbarians of the Steppes

The damage done to the global financial sector is not a pressing concern of this study, since the FTX money went for a “good cause”, to feather the beds of the gangsters who run Ukraine. Indeed, the most notorious gangsters in American history have been the spawn of Ukrainian Jew immigrants, from Meyer Lansky to Jeffrey Epstein. One of the common expressions among American Jewry is to refer to guys with a big schnoz and yamulka or fedora as “one of the Tribe.” That expression originates with the Ukrainian and Hungarian Ashkenazi Yids, who bloodlines go back to the Turkic Kipchak and Khazar nomadic barbarians that emerged from the grasslands of Central Asia to invade the Eastern Roman Empire. There was not a trace of Semitic genes among them, The primary motive conversion to Judaism was the acceptance of usury in contrast with the Christian ban of mercenary exploitation of the common man. Jews and money is a familiar theme in western history, as exposed in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in the character of moneylender Shylock who not only demanded interest on the loan to Romeo but also a “pound of flesh” in reference to the lad’s genitals, indicating homosexuality as being another cultural feature among the Tribe.

Led by the Tsars, the indigenous Christian communities of the East fought to regain the Steppes and lower reaches of the River Don from these outrageous foreign exploiters. This historic push-back led to Ivan the Terrible’s recovery of Kazan, Peter the Great’s southward drive toward the Crimean Peninsula and the Romanov’s Crimean War against the alliance of Turkey, France and Britain. Due to the ferocious unwillingness of the Azov Kipchak Zelensky regime to accept historically valid concessions of the Donetsk and Crimea to the rightful owners, the barbarian mindset demands total destruction down to the last “samurai” with the same inherited nihilism as their blood-relatives, the Japanese in World War II.

The mantra of political correctness insists that whites are exploiters and therefore always wrong, showing an abysmal ignorance of the facts of history. Race theory does not fit the historical reality of Christians of the East defending their lands from the barbaric Horde since the destructive invasions of Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and the Turkish sultans. Whites aka Caucasians are the indigenous people of Eastern Europe, a fact that the dogmatic multiculturalists with the Democrat Party refuse to acknowledge. So let the ancient battle continue in Ukraine.


In the pitch dark at 3 a.m. in the Moscow-Kyiv time zone, on Thursday, February 24, the armed forces of Russia launched a sweeping offensive against Ukraine, with the aim of ending decades of border skirmishes in the eastern Donetsk region, which has hosted a large Russian population since Nikita Khruschev established an vast industrial zone there, largely in honor of Slavic solidarity during Nazi Germany’s sweep through Ukrainian territory for the siege of Stalingrad on the Volga. The “sacred” legacy of heroic resistance in World War II was shattered by the Zelensky regime’s sponsorship of the Avov Brigade, comprised of ethno-Turkic Jews whose ancestors supported fascist occupation during the world war out of hatred for Orthodox Christianity.

Caught with their pants down in farmer’s bedrooms, the Ukrainian armed forces suffered crushing losses with the annihilation of their air power, vintage jets bombed on the tarmac, and loss of nearly all its armored vehicles to artillery fire. As the Russian forces approached the capital Kyiv (properly Kiev), Zelensky’s minions were down to a depleted arsenal, most of which had been earlier sold off by gunrunners like Victor Bout to African dictators and Islamic terrorists for a bloody profit.

In this weapons gap for the gangster regime, the nation’s crytocurrency community rallied to the rescue. Ukraine has per capita is the world’s second-largest crypto using nation, due to the worthlessness of that corruption-ridden nation’s hyrvnia tender. Another factor was the large expat population of Ukrainians forced to work abroad in Europe and the USA, who favor crypto transactions as compared with slow and bureaucratic currency transfers to Kyiv’s bureaucratic banks. Given the need to sustain a rapid inflow of crypto from the West, the desperate Zelensky government had established the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which heeded his besieged government’s call for weapons purchases overseas to rearm the troops.

How Samuel Bankman-Fried on his perch in the Bahamas became involved in Aid For Ukraine, a thinly veiled “charitable fund” with the mission of supplying weapons aka gunrunning to Kyiv remains yet untold, since there’s never been a slew of Ukrainian patriots in his domiciles of the Bahamas or Hong Kong. Since research toward this article is much like playing dominoes by linking obvious connections, the mastermind of this MI-6 inspired arms-purchasing scam would have been Oxford scholar William MacAskill, who heads several “charities”, including 80,000 Hours, which was a perfect fit for the Bankman-Fried family’s Mind The Gap, a secretive Democrat superPAC.

While at MIT in Cambridge, Mass., SBF was invited to join the board of MacAskill’s charity. Oddly enough, the surname pronounced “My-Ass-Kill” resonates with the gay proclivities of MI6 agents from Ian Fleming to Anthony Blunt’s acolytes Philby and Burgess, and the British rogues who penned the libelous Russiagate papers against Donald Trump. These sorts of upper-class homosexual inclinations wer shown in the TV version of Evelyn Waugh’s “Brideshead Revisited”. Being decadently gay was a criteria for admission into the leftist Fabian society, as shown by the flamboyant Jewish PM Benjamin Disraeli, a tradition continued in the Trotskyite-influenced Labour Party. Super-wealthy gay “reformers” intent on predetermination of the human future, in nearly all cases are murderous enemies of humanity, as shown in the population control agenda of Bill Gates. Much more needs to be done to sideline these sorts of arrogant madmen with too much money and too little decency.

The British connection of FTX, by the way, can be discerned in the Bankman-Fried Democrat superPAC “Mind The Gap” of SBF’s parents, who supposedly in favour of closing the economic gap between wealthier citizens and impoverished communities but in reality aiming to impose an upper-class dictatorship to quell populist democracy. The Mind The Gap slogan derives from the ubiquitous warning signs on the British rail system urging hurried commuters to step over the space between the platform and train doors. This advice, which actually urges passengers to Mind, that is Avoid the Space or Gap, disciplines the brain to step over the distance between the past and future, means and objectives, resources and objectives, reality and fantasy. It is thus an inducement to cheating, as shown in the unethical behavior of the Biden Dems and Labour hacks and their Jewish paymasters, who constantly try to close the gap between payoffs and policy.

Aid to Ukraine of the Lethal Type

In quick summary: Soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February (2022), a new online charity Aid For Ukraine appealed for funding to provide emergency relief supplies to beleaguered Ukrainians and also to purchase essentials for the national resistance aka military gear for the Ukrainian Army. Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX was appointed as the foreign repository handling donations, which then would be transferred to Ukraine’s largest crypto-issuer Everstake fund run by Sergei Vasilchuk. The crypto-funds were from there transferred to the virtual wallet of the Ministry for Digital Transformation, under its minister Mikhailo Federov, which then handed over the funds to the Ukrainian military for purchases of weapons and protective gear for its soldiers.

So where’s the scam? Hardly any of the aid money went to civilian victims of the war, and nearly all the donated lucre remained in the Bahamas with FTX, since Bankman-Fried was assigned to purchasing “defensive” military gear, stuff like helmets, bulletproof vests, gunsights and observer drones for shipment to Ukraine. Of this low-end protective gear purchased online from army surplus vendors, hardly any reached the battlefield, since the by-weight cost of air-freight is higher than the wholesale price of used camo helmets.

So what happened to the more than 60 million dollars in crypto-donations to aid Ukraine? The war chest was intended to purchase high-powered weapons to knock out Russian tanks and Sukhoi fighter-bombers, meaning shoulder-fired rockets. The people to turn to for these instruments of destruction were expected to be found on the Dark Web, the CIA-created internet zone that does not require identification of users and their computers. (That murky space was originally meant to protect agents operating in hostile regions of the world from detection and arrest by local authorities.) The Dark Web is hardly a black site and more of an entrapment scheme for uninformed would-be gunrunners and wannabe terrorists.

The decline of online weapons trading since the 1980s heyday of Liberian dictator Charles Taylor’s crazed militias fighting to control the blood diamond trade in West Africa. The Kimberly Agreement put the cabosh of that illicit trade by gem-purchasing countries, as depicted at the end of the Leonardo Caprio movie “Blood Diamond“. Anyway, gemstones, ivory, vintage paintings and other baubles of conspicuous consumption have gone out of style with the craze for foodie binges, homemade artisanship and queer clubs. Tastes and the markets have changed, and so bazookas are no longer a boy’s best friend.

With more than $50 million left in the crypto war chest, the lack of gunrunning supplies left the Zelensky cabal in a quandary for how can anyone repel the Russians without firepower? Sam Bankman-Fried did have his moments of brilliance (or he wouldn’t be CEO of the world’s second-largest crypto-exchange. The message to Kyiv went something like “I’ll call home to see if Mom and Dad can use that money to convince Congress to approve free arms shipments from the Pentagon.”

Did you watch all those sycophant Senators and members of the House giving multiple standing ovations to the neofascist dictator’s rambling utterances at the Capitol? That’s because they owe the Bankman-Fried charity Mind The Gap for the bribery-for-votes to approve Pentagon weapons transfers to Lvov and Kyiv and on to the eastern battlefront. This explains why the Ministry of Digital Transformation never once asked FTX Sam for the millions of dollars in donations, since the money was more effective in the pockets of congressmen. Well, the arms flow is about to end, given the revelations about the SBF fraud, which implicates the majority of Congressmen (and women members of the House and Senate).

The other potential weapons scandal is the apparent “disappearance” of Pentagon-supplied drones and rockets to Ukraine. A Russian news report suggests that the Zelensky regime transported some of those U.S. weapons from Lvov through Moldova, southwest of Odesa, for shipment to foreign buyers interested in reverse-engineering of those lethal systems. The electronic targeting and satellite-lined guidance systems are, of course, of interest to many militaries around the world, both hostile and friendly to the USA. In jest, I am posting what online ads for these sale items might look like, at least to aid Kyiv’s next firesale.

At this point along the curve, one should begin to understand why the British authorities in the Bahamas sent golden boy Sam Bankman-Fried back to the USA in shackles, which was to guarantee that he never discloses the facts about the Ukrainian weapons heist by the paid-off Biden Dems and those sold-out Republicans. That in a cola nutshell is the argument for an international war crimes trial against Zelensky, Biden and the Bankman-Fried crime family.

There’s still a huge pile of details relevant to this over-stretched article but way too numerous for an already long read, including: all the major investment funds that were ripped off in the FTX fraud, the collapse of dozens of cryptocurrency firms, nine counts of fraud by federal authorities against SBF, Biden’s absence from the Capitol during the Zelensky visit to DC, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s increasing distrust of the Ukrainian gunrunning scam, and the worldwide search for missing Pentagon-supplied weapons to Kyiv.

If ever there appears Part 3, and possibly more of this series, it will be based on the next round of revelations about the criminality behind the transfer of weapons from a reluctant Pentagon to a gangster regime and the Democrat’s secret cash flows from China. Following this super-complex story has been a chore, I certainly realize, so I hope that you might relax before the next chapter arrives to from my weary desk. At this point, after penning this article while Christmas passed without acknowledgement of Jesus Christ across this sinful fallen nation, I can only hope, and pray, that the ongoing national disaster from lethal vaccines to snow-bound road deaths across a negligent New York State comes to a halt and our citizens move toward a hopeful future when traditional moral values are recovered and citizenship rights and volunteer efforts for our communities are restored. Happy New Year! Sorry for any typos and keep up the fight.