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FTX Was An MK-ULTRA Cult Doing
A Treasury Con And CIA Job: Part 3

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

And you thought MK-ULTRA was ancient history that faded away at the end of the bad old days of the Cold War. Guess again because the state-sponsored mind control program is cruising along like a restored muscle car from the good old 1960s, that little GTO still doing real fine or a Barracuda with pistons keeping perfect time, running way better now after being souped up with an inboard computer, GPS and phone charger. Forget the little old lady from Pasadena, left in the dust with speeding violations by Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison, Gary Wang and their polycule pack of whiz kids. Caroline and Gary faced reckless driving charges but walked scot-free after dumping the entire blame on speedster Sam, who then walked out of court after posting multi-million dollars in bail. He supposedly lost everything when FTX crashed, totaled, and nearly closed the highway in a pile-up of a dozen other wrecked crypto-firms, so where did he get the money for the bail bond, right?

Digging deeper through the dross left behind by the fleeing mainstream media, we find ourselves far from done with the FTX affair, even though none of the culprits are facing jail time since they’ve got the Biden White House and Congressional Democrats by the balls over bribery involving billions of dollars in the CIA-Treasury heist from the Pentagon arsenal to help poor little Ukraine obtain free-of-charge weapons from Raytheon, Lockheed and General Dynamics. With all that insider dope on official bribery and fraud, SBF has the White House and Congress over the barrel. Plus he’s got the controllers at the Agency solidly behind him. From its inception FTX was a top-secret government sting operation run by Treasury and the CIA, entrapping thousands of cryptocurrency account holders, politicians and other suckers known as cheating taxpayers. But there is in all probability and indeed certainly more to Operation FTX than meets the eye or is being reported by the elitist mind-controller news media.

Here in Part 3 of this laughable ripoff of filthy rich tax evaders, drug dealers and Congressmen, along with you and I as collateral taxpayers, the focus is on the state-sponsored mind-control program that pushed the motley crew of FTX nerds to embezzle billions of dollars from the Hong Kong-China elite families and then set a similar money-laundering trap for drug dealers, Cuban and Venezuelan juntas, and copyright pirates of the Caribbean. A greedy fool and his money are soon parted, and that maxim also applies to your basic tax evading fentanyl smugglers in need of a money launderer or, better, a cryptocurrency account. Be warned that crypto exchanges are much like those medical marijuana storefronts that sprout like mushrooms and then disappear with all their clients’ personal info soon to be stolen online or put on the IRS record, or even worse for the local cops to make snide remarks at the stop light about your Rastaman dreadlocks and personal choice of Jamaican ganga. Life just isn’t fair, man, when some people have extraordinary mental powers versus dumb clucks like you and I with no chance at all to get filthy rich.

The All Seeing Eye is watching You

There are two seemingly separate issues involved in the FTX scandal, the first being obviously non-tangible wealth aka cryptocurrency protected by unbreakable codes, and second, the advanced and indeed mysterious techniques involved in hacking super-long access codes to cryptocurrency accounts. To probe the connection between these two projects, securing an account and then stealing from it, a lot of basics need to be discussed, so please excuse me for being pedantic. Perhaps the core issue in the FTX collapse does not involve money at all but should instead be focused on long alphanumeric security codes. Then, what’s code-cracking have to do with MK-ULTRA? Sorry for that advance notice, bait on the hook so to speak, but you shall soon catch up by trudging through this essay.

First off, why is untraceable cryptocurrency so objectionable to Treasury and the ATF? It’s your money and none of their damned business, right? Wrong. To answer the question with another question: How many times have you spent a dollar bill without reading it? There is a divine injunction on every Federal Reserve Note, in the fine print: “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” They mean that every penny of your money is their business to mind and to record for tax purposes and to ink their printing press.

Messing with the Feds soon leads to the same fate suffered by that counterfeit runner George Floyd, pinned to the road by the “park police” and then taken to a safe house for an online conversation about the high-holy sanctity of the legal tender with the Chinese consul general in Houston, who had Big George offload counterfeit dollars from a Canadian Pacific train in Minnesota so that his accomplices could drive cars filled with fake money to the other border down south. In exchange for his appearance “from the dead” with the Chinese consul on behalf of the Treasury, he was enrolled in a witness protection program in some hellhole like Haiti while the Chinese embassy staff burned all their records and bundles of counterfeit before closing shop in Texas and flying home to a reprimand from Beijing for getting caught red-handed. Since then not much has been heard from Black Lives Matter. Who? Oprah and Whoopie seem to have dropped any mention of those heroes of racial justice and urban arson.

Now that we’ve established that T-men are unscrupulous thugs out to patriotically enforce federal law, flip the bill over to its green backside, and stare at the Great Seal. “Annuit Coeptis” translates as “He (Providence aka chairman of the board of directors in the sky) favors our undertakings”. What’s that all about? Undertakers perform burials, right? It means that on behalf of the Creator, the U.S. Treasury serves as hitmen for the all-seeing Eye tracking and eliminating crooks who mess with the folding stuff, the dough, moulah, which losers like you and I seem to have a perpetual shortage of (and are thereby found to be totally innocent and incapable of having a high IQ). In contrast to pathetic us, the shrewd businessmen and politicians with unaccounted-for surplus money are constantly looking for places to hide their troves of lucre. But there’s a catch for the Feds: Printing money is easier than trying to track its whereabouts at any given moment. Dollars are disappearing down rabbit holes to - well, your guess is as good as theirs. Hell? Or somewhere in-between?

So how do the Feds catch the big tax cheats and embezzlers? Well, one way is by setting up a Fictitious Tender eXchange, FTX, that now-closed storefront in the Bahamas. So, the lesson is: Mess with the dollar and evade taxes by opening a cryptocurrency account and you, too, can qualify to get your crevasse kicked by the ice-cleats of T-men bigger than polar bears. What is so objectionable about crypto? Back to what’s written on the almighty dollar bill. Cryptocurrency is not legal tender. Got it? FTX-Alameda was a scam targeting the scamsters, good crook versus bad crook, if that’s how you want to classify merciless Treasury agents with 10 years of your back-tax records in their briefcases. So instead of lusting after lucre, be obedient and accept the vows of poverty, humility and chastity, as urged by the nuns and local priest. Then the IRS will not waste its time counting your pennies. OK, children, Sunday school is dismissed, go outdoors to play hide and seek with the taxman sneaking behind the bushes. (I apologize for reminding you that tax time is just around the corner.)

Inside the Harem

The online community, if that’s how you want to call that motley crew of slackers and wannabee online fraudsters, is gob-smacked amazed at how Sam Bankman-Fried amassed 6 billion bucks in crypto accounts and then blew it all or most of it on, well, certainly not on his sex life in Hong Kong or boozing in the Bahamas since he’s a nerd who prefers videogames to a herd of girls, fake girls. toy boys or heart-throbbing dolls. Five years in the tropics of Asia and the Caribbean and that night owl still doesn’t have a sun tan. James Bond, he’s not. Why is a billionaire crypto-tycoon not sponsoring an orgy every weekend? That pointed question becomes even more puzzling when a psychiatrist was assigned to coach the FTX crew on the biological necessity of post-teenagers to bonk each other for necessary relief of the vital organs or risk medical disorders of the crotch and brains as suffered by priests, nuns, yogins and me.

The shrink Dr. George Kuznetsov Lerner scored a well-paid counseling job but was saddled with the futile task of encouraging polycule (poly = many, cule = molecules), a nerd term for multiple molecular bonds, meaning in English serial sexual couplings aka polyamory (many loves), which result in a web of affectionate relationships that construct an extensive network of warm feelings and uncomfortable memories. This personal identification with/in a group can then be charted with dots and dashes to form a vast polygon representing an experiential aka sensual community, even though life is still meaningless after participating in a tryst with an near-total stranger. Happiness, get it? That’s the come-away. Smiling at someone you’ve been coerced into having a one-night stand with is utterly insincere but more satisfying than a Big Mac, allowing you to feel a little better about being a philanderer who’s broken his or her promises to the fiancee.

OK, I should be apologetic about not being more sympatico with today’s young adults, but my generation of midnight cowboys did not despair about a loveless romp but instead just kept riding toward the next notch on the barrel. Find, Fun and Forget: the 3 Fs that got you kicked out of college. In hindsight jerks like me were in desperado need of psychiatry and possibly jail time. Being older is absolutely no guarantee of being any wiser. Jest joking, ladies.

From what can be gathered from this networking strategy, the female Alameda CEO who was Sam’s on-off again playmate (Caroline Ellison) invented the term polycule (probably inspired by the Qing Dynasty epic novel “Dream of the Red Chamber” or perhaps the earlier Japanese epic “Tale of Genji”). This adulterous social behavior among a cloistered group of aristocrats philandering through a series of transient love affairs is described inaccurately by Westerners as a “harem”. Finding a way to climb into the far-flung bedrooms of feudal estates took a lot out of a horny hero. Those ancient trysts were more like one-night stands under layers of silk robes.

The spider’s web of love and envy formed a subculture accessible only to insiders horning in on their rivals’ turf, which modern fans read about without comprehending these misadventures. Many of those lusty ladies were hoping that a higher-ranking young prince would honor them with a child who could then rise one notch in the pecking order above his dad and uncles. (This sort of sexual conniving is still done in retrogressive places like England, according to Harry and Megan.) As romantically appealing as serial coitus may seem, both the Red Chamber and Genji collapse miserably into a tragic awareness of wistful loss and loneliness, as the aging survivor(s) face the end of their golden years alone, impotent and deeply regretful that they didn’t do more night-prowling after the prettier maids.

This same sort of regret affects me emotionally whenever I cannot get up the courage to stare at tattooed eyebrows and fondle liposuction bruises and get near collagen-fattened lips. I admit candidly to being an esthetic coward unfit for polyculism. It’s an awful lonely feeling much like being disengaged from Twitter. My only consolation comes from taking out the opposition in Assassin’s Creed, fighting to the bitter end and then another restart as my corpse jumps back to life. So have these meditations helped you comprehend the utter loneliness of SBF over there on fantasy island where his sole delight came from ruthlessly killing opponents on a computer screen? Gaming is what got him into volunteering to be a gunrunner for the Ukrainians to the neglect of his crypo business.

As shown by his addiction to League of Legends (by Riot Games), a MOBA or Multi-player online battle arena, the wealthy crypto-banker wanted to be a gladiators not a polycule lover. In the end, he attained Valhalla spectacularly, like his namesake Samson by toppling the Temple of Cryptocurrency, a false religion if ever there was. In this alter-metaverse, SBF was betrayed by Caroline, who cut him loose at her court hearing and is now gone forever, oh my darling! Take it like a man, bro’, with a shot of whiskey and a pass at a stripper. Better times will arrive for you, when the Ukrainians capture Moscow, a great place to start all over at the cryptocurrency business.

The House Shrink

Whatever brief attempt at bonking that might have occurred between sharing a joint of Jamaica LambsbreadXPanama Red and nearly passing out, the $300 million rooftop 8-bedroom penthouse atop the Orchid tower overlooking the beaches of New Providence Island in the Bahamas was basically used as a dingy basement videogame parlor. Oh, well, different strokes, right? (I might interject here is that in my youth during the nature-worshiping ‘60s, upscale time-share condos were considered a total drag for squares as compared with nature-adoring Splendor in the Grass or a candlelit evening in a dark Victorian mansion, where all sorts of sophomoric delusions could readily be confused for love at first sight. Romance is about chasing after ghosts.)

Therefore, the mild-mannered team FTX psychiatrist Dr. Kutnezov-Lerner managed to keep his sanity by retreating to beer, seafood and NFL games on the widescreen at restaurants near his rental apartment by Tampa Bay. His license to practice psychiatry was thereby preserved since he did not create or abet the cult but only attempted to keep his youthful wards from flying off the rails into deep depression or murderous rage. As an adviser, or more of a chaperone, he bears none of the legal responsibility as a non-empowered counsellor, a big brother to the brats, a great gig indeed since the prescription was logic-based: “You should try to get more sex without feelings of guilt for being an emotional retard.” Over-zealous prosecutors might charge the shrink with being an accessory to sanity, but the judge will surely toss out the accusations with apologies to Herr Doktor.

Little is on the public record about the group therapist with a foreign second name. He is a probable product of the out-migration of Russian Jews, as promoted by Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s 1974 Trade Bill with Moscow or, for that matter, non-Jewish Russians. Many of those super-smart Russkies relocated to Texas, with its wide open spaces so reminiscent of boundless Siberia but lacking 10 sub-zero months of ice and snow, paradise on the wide-open American steppes. After getting his psych degrees at Baylor, he married a local sweetheart whose family name is Lerner, which translates from Yiddish as “student of the Torah.” Why is it that women always have the law on their side?

As for Kuznetsov, that’s a Belorussian name taken after the word for “blacksmith”, an occupation once was held by Jews along with selling chicken livers. (I once toiled as a blacksmith banging red-hot steel and also like to eat bagels and liver, but never considered adopting Judaism.) Although one of the most common names in Russia, Kuznetsov is still regarded with awe as the surname of the WWII admiral of the Soviet Navy and therefore of the curved-deck aircraft carrier bearing his name that was sold to China’s PLA Navy (PLA-N). So how did this clean-cut fellow from a reputable Russian-origin family end up working at an MK-ULTRA madhouse in San Francisco?

Bonkers by the Bay

There’s more to Dr. Lerner than being a babysitter for nerds in the Bahamas, which raises the question of who paid his considerable psychiatry fees to be the chaperone for those undersexed brats? With all due apologies to the well-meaning doktor (this is purely a professional matter that has nothing to with his personal conduct), I must broach the topic of the CIA and MK-ULTRA connection aka the hidden ownership of the FTX-Alameda project, which are not his fault but just part of the ecology.

Why reputedly was his main prescription for his young-adult wards Adderol, a drug used to lessen the effects of ADHD, attention deficit disorder, often associated with autism? The therapeutic drug has potential side-effects of organ failure, memory loss, cancer and, oh yes, sudden death, which nevertheless eases the symptoms for a brain suddenly going blank in confusion or irrational rage. Which gets to another disturbing question: What are the health risks of staring at a computer screen 14 hours a day (at work and then playing online games or viewing streaming movies most of the evening)? Adderol in that work environment made sense, to help the FTX staff avoid a nervous breakdown. Obviously, autism in grown-ups, with long-term effects of brain and nerve damage, is one of the occupational hazards of working at a cryptocurrency exchange and other such computer-centered jobs. VA hospitals may soon have to be replaced by Silicon Valley wards.

With apologies, the next question infringes upon his private affairs, but must be raised due to the question of a $6 billion-dollar “fraud” by FTX or perhaps a Treasury-approved covert operation. The assignment of a psychiatrist to a small tech company is unusual enough to raise eyebrows. Was he in the role of Dr. Gottlieb of MK-ULTRA, a witch-doctor in charge of monitoring a secret CIA mind-control project involving FTX? I admit the question is not just rude but also flabbergasting that Sam Bankman-Fried might have been playing a parallel game in the role of Jason Bourne, taking out enemies of the state, figuratively and possibly literally, to protect the secret experiments on autism.

Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Dr. Lerner is based in San Francisco, where his neurological psychiatry practice involves two institutions: the SF Veterans Affairs Medical Center (aka war-related victims of PTSD and trauma from toxic chemical exposure at Iraq burn pits and Agent Orange spraying over Vietnam); and more pointedly for this topic, the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Langely Porter Psychiatry Hospital.

Langely Porter has a deep history of involvement with the CIA and its MK-ULTRA program. For instance, just prior to his committal to Oregon State hospital (the site of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and the Big Nurse) Ken Kesey was initially treated for his psychological disorder at Langely Porter, which then sent him north to the nut-house. The research hospital is located at the epicenter of the 1968 Summer of Love, when LSD became a household word. Hmmm. His field of neuro-psychiatry is involved in diagnosing and treating victims of insecticide poisoning (as in the fruit orchards of Northern California) and also the addictions of multitudes of meth heads, fentanyl users, convicts subjected to truth serum, and other members of Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club.

Mind Control of Computers

Now, by flipping the tube around so as to look backwards through the kaleidoscope, if I were to be a CIA agent tasked with entrapping suspects with too much money, my question to Dr. Kuznetsov would be “did all of the FTX team members pass the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test?” Were there any dropouts who could not handle The FTX Experience? Down in Jonestown, Guyana, most of those simpleton participants earned a score of “F” on their CIA report cards, and therefore required sterner medicine from the cult eraser squad. In contrast to the Reverend Jim Jones’s congregation of ghetto expendables, the FTX staff was comprised of liberal-minded kids of well-off contributors to the Democrat Party and therefore could not be erased away from the police blotter.

Long hours, eye strain from staring at computer screens, and frankly some scary customers must have put a lot of stress on the young staffers, who were perhaps trial subjects in a research study on occupational disorders. Silicon Valley tech firms would pay billions for exactly this sort of research to evade the long-term cost of institutionalization of casualties of computing, nerds who broke under the pressure. Likewise the sexual deficit of the FTX-Alameda staff was probably related to the psychological toll of memorizing long strings of code for accessing accounts.

Normally, a computer spat out the access code to a new customer without leaving any record for retrieval, to prevent account break-ins. The only way to obtain the client’s code then is for the FTX account registrar to memorize the entire alphanumeric sequence, which is seemingly impossible for the human brain. As said famously by Napoleon Bonaparte, “Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of fools”. With training, the human mind can perform astounding feats of recall. During my sojourns in Thailand, monks at a nearby monastery began chanting sutras in the Pali language (foreign to Thai) at 5 a.m., never missing a beat. After training in rapid memorization a FTX staff should be able to recall a new client’s password code for as long at it to takes to jot it into a secret file. Having an impeccable memory was a qualification for hiring further refined by repeated practice on a series of clients. Certain types of autism can greatly enhance memory and recall.

A for Autism

Also used to restrain Alzheimer’s disease, there are two types of FDA-approved prescriptions to enhance the brain’s retention of data: cholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept, Exelon, Razadyne) and memantine (Namenda). Another means of increasing human brain-eye-hand memorization at high speed is by playing videogames, which for the FTX crew was not a diverting pastime but perhaps instead mental calisthenics for “getting up to speed”. The capture of access codes by memory could possibly be the key to understanding the real purpose behind the FTX experiment, which was to enable law enforce monitor and file arrest charges on money-launderers, embezzlers, tax cheats, weapons dealers and, worst of all, politicians.

From this perspective of exploiting the human brain, Dr. Lerner’s prescription of occasional sexual relief was not encouragement of animalistic pleasure but more of a much-needed data dump, flushing the stored-up crap out of the hippocampus, the neocortex and the amygdala, which are regions of the brain involved in short-term memory. Implicit memory function, as in one’s fingertips when typing, are based on the basal ganglia and cerebellum (the latter part of logical cognition). After one of the highly trained and practiced FTX staffers retypes the code to a crypto-account, he or she can recall and output that strong code into a computer while blindfolded. I am speaking here of short-term memory, which requires transcription as soon as possible after a client visit. Of course, there are easier ways to steal or evade code, but many of the dodgier FTX clients and perhaps some regulators would be aware of that risk and keep a watchful of eye on data related to access to accounts.

Exactly how they do it is less important than the fact that they can do just about anything by tampering with computer security systems, aka hacking, back-dooring, eavesdropping and so forth. Of all techniques, however, memory retention of code is a crowning achievement worthy of Mission Impossible, clean and untraceable. If the CIA was involved with running FTX and its networks, then the Federals have access to all the accounts and fund transfers, and indeed locations of account holders.

What then is the point of running a cryptocurrency exchange if codes are readily cracked? None, which is why FTX was destroyed. Among the increasing number of crypto exchanges are there other Trojans of a human kind? Obviously, there has to be inside banks, credit card providers, forex traders and most worrisome of all, sitting at a terminal at U.S. Treasury headquarters. Large account holders are mere sheep and cattle to be sent to the butcher when their time arrives. No wonder they’re all running scared. Bankers used to protect their clients but now they get to keep a share of the reward.

Exploring and Colonizing Inner Space

Langeley Porter’s staff includes the world’s three top researchers in brain-related biochemistry, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, pharmacology, and toxicology. All of them happen to be daughters of Eve, or likelier Lilith. Each is quite good-looking, which further confirms the roots of human intelligence in Genesis. Genes and Genesis, get it? The massive funding required for much of this exotic neurological research came from Stanford “Sandy” Weill, the longtime and now retired CEO and chairman of Citigroup Bank. Globalization’s Golden Triangle included Weill, Hank Greenberg of AIG, and Henry Kissinger, whose personal visits and epic overtures to Beijing ushered China into the inner circle of the global economy.

At the Golden Gate to China and the Pacific Rim, the Weills along with Nancy Friend Pritzker and (Herbert) Sandler brain-research centers have funded a sparkling new research center at USF, the Weill Neurosciences Building, inaugurated two years ago. Compared with the advanced sciences pursued behind those glass walls, MK-ULTRA was a decrepit Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, as in “Turn the crank to run the electricity generator, Igor!”

So the SBF trial is a sham, a sideshow for the loyal media pack and the hoi polloi - CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and Disney Channel - catering to fools who can’t tell the difference between spit and Shinola. The termination of FTX and Alameda Research was a lame attempt at “let’s end this show before the public finds out the truth.” The harsh fact is that almost nobody cares. And this means that Citi, Chase, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Rothschild, Credit Suisse and the rest of the traditional money lenders are not troubled by the cryptocurrency fad, especially if it turns out to be a money trap set by the Treasury Department to protect the big banks.

Fool on the Hill

So what does this Fool on a Hill think it’s all about? My reaction is that the brain is important as a motor-control center and a processor of thoughts about a multitude of problems facing humans. However, it is also the center of insanity, hatred, greed and idiotic ideas such as living for eternity by freezing one’s dead head as pioneered by Timothy Leary and, as rumor has it, Walt Disney, although I am uncertain if this sort of grotesque decapitation was acceptable to Jerry Garcia. For every creative new concept advancing humanity’s progress there are hundreds of truly bad ideas, ever since Adam bit the apple.

My own preferred body part is not the source of most of our troubles, the head, but instead in the opposite direction the feet and legs, which have enabled me to reach the most far-flung places on this planet for amazing experiences beyond imagining. Man is a trekker, starting off somewhere in southern Africa and moving across the Earth to the Arctic Circle and across land bridges to far continents. This biological memory of moving toward distant directions is translated into urban life in sports, nearly all of which are a test of the soles and of the soul, of how far can we take it, sometimes gracefully. Kangaroos hop with their hindquarters and tigers lunge on clawed paws, whereas human walking is humble like when you say to a passing stranger “How do you do today?”. In contrast, the brain’s cognition is inherently privileged and self-centered, as in “I am better than you so I will not look at you, much less greet you”. Fortunately, far more people walk than think and still nod their greetings. And there are some people whose cognitive powers run way past ordinary thinking and bodily controls, and it is up to you to determine whether they are saints or demons.

The A-utism Bomb

As for the destructive purpose behind the creation of FTX as the anti-crypto weapon, this pattern of scheming is both narcissistic and suicidal, like the notion of the beauty of being a young kamikaze pilot. My thoughts flashback to Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic anime “Akira” in which a secret military intelligence operation is trying to harness the brainwaves of autistic children to communicate outside of language or gestures. The developing human brain is discovered to have unfathomable powers of telepathy, mergers of thoughts between individuals aka networking, and paranormal powers of frightening dimension. A decision by astonished higher-ups to terminate this human experiment before it runs out of control leads to the young autistic protagonist Akira to rage on until his overheated brainwaves destroy Tokyo with a blast more powerful than an atomic bomb.

From this angle, the polycule theory of connected cognition, which is the core of the FTX cult or experiment have you will, focuses several independent brains without their motor functions into a collective consciousness operating with more power, speed, reach and intuitive intelligence than any combination of supercomputers. This is the Holy Grail of MK-ULTRA, a human-derived system that can routinely achieve miracles of cognitive connectivity, solving supposedly unsolvable equations, convert wild dreams into design, and most desirable of all enabling the hacking of any human brain anywhere in the world to capture thoughts and implant ideas aka marching orders.

Autism is the key but also a threat since if one of the interconnected participants has a mental breakdown, the entire network could collapse into babble, collective suicide unleashing unfathomable power. Project Polycule is the probable, logical and underlying core rationale for creating FTX and also the multimillion-dollar psychiatric institute at UCSF Langley Porter, to create teams of super-kids, the Jedi order whose supra-intelligence can unite humanity under psychiatric totalitarianism, One World Rule, Hail Caesar! My suspicion, because no damning evidence will ever be release, is that the brilliant psychiatrist involved had detected serious flaws in the Akira Experiment in the Bahamas and on grounds of medical ethics pulled the plug on FTX.

The damned fool bankers, spooks and bureaucrats who hatched Operation FTX aka Futures Trading eXchange will soon discover the underlying meaning of the FTX acronym: Field Training eXercise, the bigger than Hiroshima-Nagasaki financial-economic blast that will blow Wall Street off the map. The big blast may well remove the annoying problem of human error from the Earth but it will not solve the mystery of the ultimate goal of intelligence beyond our immediate needs, for what purpose we exist.

As in the past when the near-perfect Roman Empire was replaced by a barbarian-overrun weedy Italy, greed lodged in our conniving brains shall lead to the downfall of this most brilliant civilization of ours, bringing on misery and depression, a long spell of rudeness that will offer very few options to consider, much less discuss. The cradle of human happiness and goodness is definitely not the brain, which urged Adam to bite the apple, but the heart, which pumps blood with excitement when overwhelmed with joy which demanded that dumb ape to mate with his wiser first wife Lilith instead of the bimbo Eve. So cherish the heart that enables love and also the feet that races your body toward the one you adore. The brain is best left to dreaming rather than hatching new scams, so leave it alone to imagine wonders. Take off your shoes and have a glass of wine to halt all the crazy scheming; relax and smell the flowers before they wilt because spring does not last forever. Let each of us tend one’s own garden and let the fools and maniacs rage inside the gladiatorial pit of the Coliseum where SBF wanted to die. Man was never meant to replace God, that’s for damned sure.

Next chapter of this epic tale of greed and lunacy: The globalist politics of warfare and weapons shipments to Ukraine that abetted the meltdown of FTX and now threatens to backfire on the Biden White House.