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Purple Haze Now Choking Canada And
The USA Blowom Fukushima

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

The deranged anti-scientific “Green” movement is once again blowing smoke rings about “global warming” to divert public attention from the immediate cause of the Canadian wildfires and toxic haze chocking Americans from New York-to-Chicago. As logic has it, the plethora of fires in the northern forests are not the result of industrial carbon emissions but are being ignited by billions of sparks riding the jet-stream from the Fukushima nuclear plant, where millions of tons of radioactive wastewater has been and continues to be dumped into the North Pacific Current, its radioactive fog picked up by the southeasterly jet-stream that sweeps around the Yucatan region, then swings up through Texas and over the Atlantic Seaboard. This late-spring and early-summer pathway in the sky is plain to see on a weather map. Weather science, my dear Greta, begins with the science of meteorology and should not end in convenient fantasies about climate change.

The dry heat from nuclear particles toasts the Canadian forests in the same way that the woodlands along the Pacific coast were in previous years rapidly desiccated by radioactive hot particles to create a perfect tinderbox for uncontrollable fires, impervious to air-drops of lake water and chemical flame-suppressants. Time and again, the pattern of these blazes are in accord with the dip or rise of the northern jet-stream.

Source: The Usual Suspect

Millions of tons of radioactive water from storage tanks at the devastated TEPCO nuclear plant on Japan’s northeast coast emit hot particles of cesium and dozens of other radionucleotides into the atmosphere, which trigger the hot sparks that ignite forest fires and also seriously damage the lungs and eyes of living species, especially humans. Millions of tons of droplets of tritiated water (aka tritium) are especially devastating, penetrating pine needles and other foliage while clogging the bark with hot particles.

The 2011 Fukushima meltdowns have convincingly proven that a thermonuclear blast is not necessary for mass-murder by radioactivity. Free-flowing cesium out of a heat-damaged reactor does the task of continent-wide annihilation and population reduction better than nuclear warheads. The direct causality from a worldwide government-suppressed holocaust against the entire population of the USA, Canada and parts of Latin America certainly makes me wonder which power is the strategic enemy: A China bullying Taiwan (and Hong Kong) or a deceitful Japan incinerating and murdering millions of American and Canadian citizens? Well, Rule 1 in clandestine warfare is: If you can get away with it without taking the blame, proceed as if nothing is happening, continue with the massacre.

The Oppenheimer Fraud

Two years from July will mark the 80th anniversary of the first successful atomic bomb test at the Manhattan Project’s Trinity Site, a part of New Mexico that I know well and have been of some assistance to local residents suffering serious cancer into the third generation. Perhaps I’m being too forgiving in following the Christian ethos of “turn the other cheek”, especially since I was born in a radioactive Japan soon after the A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Manhattan Project was done under a blanket of secrecy, its inhumane goal hidden from the American citizenry. After the defeat of Japan and end of World War II, the Eisenhower administration revived Japan’s nuclear ambitions with the “peaceful uses of atomic energy” under the Atoms for Peace program. That being the historical case, there is absolutely zero ethical justification for the continued release of tritiated water from Fukushima against the United States and Canada.

The first crimes of mass destruction with atomic weapons, however, does demand a global public effort to rip down that evil Temple of Doom, the Department of Energy (DOE), which continues the dire, indeed satanic mission of the Manhattan Project. It is a disgrace that the Hollywood establishment lauds the newly released Christopher Nolan biopick (J. Robert) “Oppenheimer”, who was the chief scientist of the top-secret Manhattan Project. The most repulsive aspect of that Jewish nuclear physicist’s record is his public qualms, late-arriving sighs of remorse for designing and perfecting the bombs that massacred a quarter million Japanese civilians, Korean forced-laborers and downed American aircrews at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If the weapon was instead an AR15 semiautomatic rifle, Oppenheimer would have served prison time while awaiting the death sentence for his little accidental mishap. Oppenheimer killed more innocent people than the toll in any of the Nazi-era concentration camps. If the numbers do not seem to add up that’s because the number of casualties at Auschwitz, in the Allied and Zionist estimates, was grossly exaggerated (as argued by the present Polish government) to surpass and therefore justify the nuclear massacres at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Lesson for Geopolitics: The facts from the enemy are always false, whereas the lies from the victors are the eternal truth - even 80 years after the grotesque war crime.

The Radioactive Seaway

Official denial aka silence, as practiced by the Canadian politicians in Ottowa, is the smarter way to keep the tax-paying public diverted from awful truth about mass killoffs from nuclear exposure. Not a single news channel or major daily press has dared to connect Canada’s otherwise inexplicable spate of “wild”fires to radioactive contamination, not only streaming in from Fukushima, but also released from the massive nuclear reactor complexes on both sides of the border near and onshore of the Great Lakes. On the Canadian shores, there are the Perry nuclear power plant, Fitzpatrick and Nine Mile Point, Palisades, Keewanie, and so on, whereas on the USA shores are Fermi, Darlington, Cook, Bass-Bessi, and so on.

The Great Lakes host a total 18 nuclear power plants with 38 reactors, all of these draining their nucleated effluent down a single waterway: The Saint Lawrence Seaway. Its northeasterly route to the Atlantic, past Montreal, Quebec, Labrador and Nova Scotia has one of the highest cancer rates in the world.

There is dark irony to this choice of name for the great northern river by an early French explorer, in that the original Laurence, a martyr in the Roman era, is the patron saint of cooks who fed the poor. In a depraved gesture, as the sadistic Romans so enjoyed, his torturers literally put the charitable saintly cook on a gridiron over a fire used to roast pigs. In perhaps the greatest comedic repartee ever, at least under fatal torture, Laurence suggested: “I am cooked on that side; so turn me over and eat!”

The Government of Canada prepared the national ovens with nucleated wastewater and emissions from the Great Lakes reactors; and now the final smokehouse grilling is being done by the Japanese iron chefs from Fukushima. And those troublemakers to the south, the Americans are choking on the smoky fumes from their northern neighbors’ barbecue. Bon apetit!

As for me, sitting in 115 Fahrenheit heat, as I chew on strips of homemade beef jerky with a bottle of Shiner bock, I tire of classical music and nonsensical news from NPR. Country music seems to have gone pop, and hip hop is by now an atrocity to the ear drums. Although not a fan of medical marijuana, I slip in a disc from back in the days of Woodstock by The Jimi Hendrix Experience:

“Purple haze all in my eyes

Don't know if it's day or night

You got me blowin', blow my mind

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?”