Headlines 2022

Tony Siragusa, Super Bowl champion dead
at 55 - Second Baltimore Raven In One Day
to die from C19 BioWeapon

Baltimore Raven Linebacker Jaylon Ferguson, 26,
‘Dies Suddenly’ -No Cause Of Death Revealed
…Guess What Is Was

25 Yr old NBA player Caleb 'Biggie’ Swanigan
dies 'suddenly' - another CV19 BioWeapon death?

1000 Athletes - Collapsed, Dead, Clots, Heart Issues

The Athena Agenda - Advancing the Apollo
Program for Biodefense

Doctors Send Powerful Message to CDC & FDA
Stop Targeting Kids Because 'Emergency Phase
of COVID-19 is Over'

Can Aspartame make you fat and cause cancer?

Gates Is buying farmland in ND

Get woke, go broke - Disney stock has
plummeted 50% in about one year

Russia is sidestepping American oil


Biden Blames Putin, Refiners, & Gas Stations
For Record Prices - 'Cost Of Saving Democracy’

Pelosi, Obama Dismiss Biden's Push To
Suspend Federal Gas Tax Into Midterms

Oil Giants Warn Of Much Higher Prices
For The Next 3-5 Years Amid Lack Of Supply

IEA Head Says Europe Could Face
Total Shutdown of Russian Gas Supplies

Revenues of oil and gas companies
could double to $4 trillion in 2022 - IEA

US Refining Capacity Sinks To Near
Decade Low

Ukraine threatens to sue Russian gas supplier

Canada working to return Russian gas turbines

'Inflation Was High Before Ukraine’
Powell Tosses Biden Back Under The Bus

US Inflation Suggests Need to Accelerate
Rate Hikes, Fed Chief Powell Says


Canada Inflation Reaches 7.7% in May
Highest Rate Since January 1983

Fed's Controlled Demolition To Leave
Workers With Less Bargaining Power

Probability Of Global Recession Nearing 50%
...Citigroup Economists

Swiss Refineries Restart Russian Gold Ingots
Imports After Having Halted Them Over Ukraine

Amazon Frets High Turnover Will ‘Deplete
Available Labor Supply’ in US by 2024

Court throws out Monsanto Roundup cancer
damage appeal

Billionaire Dalio explains why US sanctions
against Russia have backfired

Germany to expand its military presence in
Baltic Sea — Scholz

German chancellor vows regular support to
Ukraine including military equipment

Biden anticipates ‘waiting game’ between
Western Europe and Russia


No fast track to EU membership for Ukraine

As propaganda about a Ukrainian ‘victory’
retreats, is a split emerging in the West?

Ukraine Unveils Terminator Robot Equipped
With Machine Gun

BRICS developing global reserve currency
Says Putin

Russian financial messenger ready for BRICS

'Golden Ruble’ - Russian Think-Tank Proposes
gold-backed Stablecoin To Overcome Western

Putin - India may open retail chains in Russia

Russia sets rules for foreign debt payments

Putin sets up procedure for Eurobonds
payments in rubles

Sanctions harm world community,
boomerang on its creators, says Xi


World should team up to fight hegemony,
power politics, Xi Jinping says

China Approves $2.3 Billion Loan for Crisis
Hit Pakistan Ahead of Potential IMF Deal

South Korea seeks NATO mission

Indian retail chains may open in Russia

Death Toll From Floods in Indian State
of Assam Rises to 89

Australia Funds Placement of GPS Trackers
on Sri Lankan Fishing Vessels to Intercept
Asylum Seekers

Indian Military Seeks Signal Jammers To
Protect Himalayas From Guided Weapons
Including Drones

Powerful Afghan Earthquake Kills At
Least 1.500 People

US Reportedly Developing ‘Normalization
Roadmap' for Saudi Arabia, Israel

Turkey, Saudi Arabia seek to turn
page on Khashoggi murder


Fooling Us Badly with Psyops (song parody)

Uvalde School to Be Demolished After
Deadly Shooting, Mayor Says (Get Rid
Of Any Possible Evidence Of Police Fail)

Biden 'Nanny State' Comes For The Smokers

Homeland Security Asks All Federal Employees
To Consider Volunteering At The Border

New Orleans Grill Becomes First Business
Allowed By Court To Recover Damages For
COVID-19 Lockdown Losses

Six-term Rep. Mo Brooks loses Senate
bid in Alabama

Biden Announces A New Plandemic Right
Before The MidTerm Elections

Mexico Will Ask Creep Biden To Free Assange
…Offers WikiLeaks Founder Political Asylum

Lithuania Warned By Russia - in Writing!

Lithuania expands Kaliningrad blockade

Russia Demands Lithuania Lift 'Openly Hostile’
Blockade of Kaliningrad; Panic Buying Ensues

What does the Lithuanian blockade
of Kaliningrad mean?

Russian security chief unmasks Western NGO
ploys to turn Kaliningrad into German autonomy

Diplomat warns Lithuania repercussions on
the horizon over Kaliningrad rail transit ban

Russia Threatens Lithuania With Serious
Consequences Over Blockage Of Rail Goods


NATO Is engaged in ‘direct aggression’ against
Russia And Moscow must defend itself – senator

The United States and Ukraine Intend to
‘Expel' Russia from the UN Security Council

Russia Says New Sarmat ICBMs Will
Enter Combat Duty By The
End of 2022
...Only 4 Sarmats Will Annihilate The US

Russia to collect evidence of Ukraine’s use of
155 mm weapons — deputy envoy to UN

Uke conscripts who gave up in Kherson
ask to stay

Uke troops fire 42 NATO-standard shells
at Donetsk in one hour

Ukraine receives first batch of German
self-propelled howitzers, defense minister says

DoJ Hires Veteran ‘Nazi Hunter’ to
Investigate War Crimes in Ukraine

US think tank’s ‘Kremlin researcher’ cites
fake report by satirical website

Russia condemns ‘arrogant’ note from London
over two British nationals sentenced to death
in Donbass


US ‘alarmed’ that captured Americans
could face death penalty

American idiot fighter killed in Ukraine

US Designates New Mobile Radar to Track
Hypersonic Missiles And Drones

Biden Admin to Limit Use of Land Mines

Russia's Baltic Fleet to launch live-fire
exercises in Kaliningrad Region

Uke missiles hit Black Sea gas platforms
say Russian officials

Poland Says It Can Close Sky Over Western
Ukraine From Russian Missiles

Ukraine Dictator Bans Main Opposition
Party...Seizes All Its Assets

Pompeo Summoned by Spanish Judge Over Claims
US Plotted ‘At Highest Level’ to Kill Assange

Biden leading US to ‘world war’ - Trump


Woman Who Found Ashley Biden's Diary
Detailing Her Father, Creeper Joe’s,
Inappropriate Sexual Relationship With
Her Is now Under Under FBI Investigation

Texans Smell Cover-up as Officials Refuse to
Release Uvalde Shooting Footage, Records

Police Officers Had Enough Firepower And
Protection to Take Down Uvalde Shooter
Sooner, Reports Show

Border Patrol’s Morale ‘In the Toilet’ Thanks
to Biden’s Policies, Union Rep Says

Stephen Colbert Slams ‘First-Degree Puppetry’
After Staffers Were Arrested by Capitol Police

Drought-Stricken Lake Mead Less
Than 150 Feet From Being A 'Dead Pool'

What Is Your Plan To Make It Through The Worst
Global Food Crisis In Any Of Our Lifetimes?

Commucrats Vow 'Transformative' Plan to
Add 1M Foreign-Born Residents to US Voter
Rolls in 4 Years

'Night Of Rage' Flyers Spotted In DC
Ahead Of Roe vs Wade Decision

Fruit Loop US Navy Releases Bizarre Training
Video Urging Recruits To Create Pronoun ‘Safe
Space’ - The US Military Is A Joke To The World


Kids as Young as Four Can Now Change
Gender in Scottish Schools Without
Parental Consent

Venison Was Important Protein Source for
Food Banks, Now It May Be Too Dangerous
to Eat - Prion Diseases In The Deer

Will the Severe Injuries of World Stars
Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the
Eyes of their Fans About The Genocidal
BioWeapon Injections? Doubtful

Rocker Tom Mann 'Broken' After Fiancée
Dies ‘Suddenly’ on Their Wedding Day -
Another BioWeapon Killing

AIDS-Like 'Chronic Covid' is Taking
Over Europe, Australia and NZ

Musk’s Teen Daughter Severs Ties With Him
Announces New Name And Gender - Morbid

Elon Musk’s teen offspring reveals
name & gender change

ICRC Concerned About Data Security
Amid Growing Dependence on Tech Giants

Musk Confirms Tesla to Fire 10% of
Workers in Next 3 Months

Musk Says Few Unresolved Matters
Hindering Completion of Twitter Deal


'Enormous' Sunspot Aimed at Earth,
May Unleash Powerful Solar Flare On Us

72 Of The Top 100 Crypto Coins Have Fallen 90%
Or More - Here Are The Holdouts

Pedophile Marxist Biden White House Blames
Vladimir Putin for 'Weaponizing Food'

UN Food Chief Halved Refugee Meal
Rations As Global Hunger Crisis Worsens

Russia guarantees safe export of Ukrainian
grain, Kiev must de-mine ports - Kremlin

Ukrainian presidential spokesman confirms
preparations for Istanbul talks on grain exports

World Bank Chief Worried About Impact of
Natural Gas Shortage on Fertilizer Markets

Netherlands joins Germany and Austria in
reverting to coal power amid the energy crisis

EU must not ‘backslide’ to coal-burning

EU warned of gas shortages ahead
of winter


UK Fuel Prices Hit New Record High

Asian countries increased Russian oil
import by 4.5 times this spring

Dolt Biden Mocks Chevron Rebuke, Says ‘Didn't
Know They'd Get Feelings Hurt That Quickly'

Europe Can Replace Russian Gas by
Turning Thermostat Down a Couple
Degrees, Von der Leyen Says

Von Der Leyen's Proposal to Reduce Heating
Temperature by 2 Degrees 'Naive', Analysts Say

‘We'll burn anything to keep people warm’
...Czech official

Danish Energy Agency Declares 'Early Warning’
Over Dwindling Gas, Calls to Save Power

CNN Analyst Suggests Inflation Is Needed
To Achieve Green Agenda

Russia adopts law on foreign goods

Anti-Russia sanctions hurting Germany
– Scholz


Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends
Julian Assange

Communists Canada wants to confiscate
All Russian assets

Ankara Hasn’t Seen ‘a Single Advantage’ to
NATO Membership, Should Cut Ties, Turkish
Media Says

Greek Prime Minister Says Europe 'At War'

Scholz Rejects Kiev’s Attacks Over Pace of Arms
Transfers - Weapons Aren’t ‘Cars From Dealers’

Danish Soldiers Sent to Latvia 'Lack Everything
From Ammunition to Underpants'

German-Slovakian arms swap for Ukraine
in limbo – media

Turkey further from EU than decades ago

UK Homeowners to Face Significant Increase
in Mortgage Costs, Reports Say

Kids as Young as Four Can Now
Change Gender in Scottish Schools
Without Parental Consent - The End


Switzerland buys tons of Russian gold

EU eyes Russian gold as new sanction target

Putin - Russian Military to Receive First
Sarmat ICBM in Late 2022 - Only Four
Needed To Annihilate The US

Putin announces deployment of S-500
air defense systems

Second dumb American killed in Ukraine
combat Says US State Department

Russia to overcome hardships, get stronger
...Putin’s speech to military graduates

Russia tells West to stop mixing politics
and health

Senior Russian diplomat slams as
unacceptable EU arms supplies to Kiev

Anti-Putin Russian journalist sells Nobel medal
for $103.5 million to benefit Ukrainian children

Here Comes More Supply Chain Chaos -
US Ban On Xinjiang Imports Starts Today


EU Firms Find Doing Business in PRC More
Costly as West Puts Screws on Xinjiang Imports

Massive Show of Force - China Sends 29 War
Planes into Taiwan Air Defense ID Zone

Taiwan scrambles jets and missiles
over Chinese flight

S Korea Launches Home-Made Space Rocket

Tesla cars reportedly banned from
Chinese resort

Heart-warming Video of Man Wading Through
Flood Water in India's Assam Carrying Baby
Stuns Netizens

Mob Chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Disrupts India
Maldives Joint Yoga Day Event in Male

Sri Lanka Pins Hope on India, Russia as Fuel Supplies Run Out, Triggering Violence and Shutdowns

Colombia’s new president could deal
major blow to US imperialism

Ecuador Expands State of Emergency to
Three More Provinces Amid Indigenous Protests


Egypt, Saudi Arabia Sign 14 Agreements
Totaling $7.7 Billion

Five Major US Cities On Track To
Surpass 2021 Homicide Totals

Black Decapitates 8 Month Pregnant
White Ex-Girlfriend

Ann Coulter - ‘It’s Crucial That You Vote For
Mo Brooks In The Alabama GOP Senate Runoff

Supremes Flee DC Ahead of Rulings on
Abortion, Gun Rights, More

Texas announces they want to secede from
US in 2023 as GOP pushes for referendum vote
and declaring that President Joe Biden was not
legitimately elected...

Are We Sure America Is Not at War
in Ukraine?

Ukraine's arsenal of Western weapons
for Sale on the Dark Web

'Casus belli’ - What Kaliningrad blockade
means for Russia

No blockade of Kaliningrad, Lithuania
only complying with EU sanctions - Borrell

Russia demands Lithuania lift transit
ban against Kaliningrad region

Medvedev - Moscow should not negotiate
on nuclear weapons with Washington

Captured US mercenaries ‘should be held
responsible’ for their crimes - Kremlin


Russia sets example of counteracting
Western sanctions pressure, Lebanese
politician says

Russia says 3 wounded, 7 Missing After
Ukes Attack drilling rigs

Ukes may already be using US-supplied
rocket systems, DPR militia officer says

LPR divulges Washington’s plans to deploy
NATO bases in Donbass republics

Ukraine War Hits Grim Milestone As
Civilian Deaths Surpass 10,000

Ukraine’s top opposition party banned

Pope Postpones Trip to Africa, Announces
Cardinals' Meeting, Fueling Rumors About
His Resignation

Drag Queen warns Keep Kids AWAY
From Drag Shows

Texas GOP Convention Pushes for
Referendum on State’s Secession in 2023

Abortion Rights Activists Dressed In Bloody
Clothing Gather Outside Justice Barrett's Home


One Dead, 8 Injured in Shooting in
New York's Harlem

Gonzo News Update 6-19-22

Dangerous Heat Dome Shifts Eastward,
Triple-Digit Temps Expected For Southeast

Oregon City, OR mayoral candidate says he
will put homeless in 'Japanese-style' pods
as overdoses rise

Cases of Brain Damage in Children
Skyrocket Following COVID-19 Vaccines

Covid vaccine paper on declining sperm
counts is even worse than it seems

Chinese State-Backed Hackers Targeting Major
Telecom Companies - US Security Agencies

Burnout or Homeostasis - Researchers Explain Why
ET Have Yet to Come Knocking at Earth's Door

Mystery of Blue Spiral in NZ Sky Dispelled

Bill Clinton Comes Clean About Checking
for Alien Presence at Area 51


Alien Souls or PLA Trolls? Watch New Footage
From US Warships’ Mysterious 2019 UFO

Ruble hits 7 year high vs dollar As OBiden’s
Destruction Of America Continues

World faces shortages of popular food products

Water Scarcity May Lead to Instability,
Conflicts And Big Migrations

Deutsche Bank Eavesdropping On
Employees With Surveillance App

Facebook Removes Greitens 'RINO Hunter’
Campaign Ad

Poland to launch test route for Ukrainian grain

Ukraine reports plummeting grain exports

Kremlin - Western sanctions are preventing
Nord Stream pipeline deliveries

Russia becomes China’s top oil supplier


Gas crisis warning issued in Denmark

Russian Central Bank: Bitcoin Payments For
International Settlements Is ‘Possible'

Ruble hits 7 year high vs dollar

Producer prices in Germany highest
since 1949 – report

US Could Return to ‘Inflation Decade
of 1970s - Fed Reserve Banker Bullard

NATO should give ultimatum to Russia
…Says Idiot Polish general

Austrian Foreign Minister Fears EU Loses
'Information War' With Russia Across Globe

Austria confirms presence of its fighters
in Ukraine

What's Behind Johnson's New Plan to
Keep the Ukraine Crisis Dragging On?

Boris Johnson Has 'Routine' Surgery on Sinuses
After Returning From Cocaine Kiev Trip (?)


EU Drafting Legislation To Prepare For
'Doomsday' Brexit Protocol Legislation

Macron May Face No Confidence Vote After
Losing Parliamentary Majority

Macron’s election upset ‘poses risk’
to France – PM

Police Neglected to Solve Any Break-Ins
in Three Years Across Half of UK,
Investigation Shows

UK PM and Sport Minister Back Ban on
Trans Swimmers From Women's Events

Germany in Contact With UK on Assange
Case, Foreign Ministry Says

Ukraine Parliament Passes New
Laws Seeking To Purge Russian Culture

Kiev explains Russian literature ban

UN ready to expand presence in Ukraine
...secretary general’s office

Ukraine will ‘very likely’ become EU member
Says Creeper Joe Biden


Georgia to fulfill EC recommendations to
receive EU candidate status, says PM

EU refuses to outline Ukraine’s prospects

Draft of House Defense Bill Includes $450
Million for 'Ukraine Security Assistance'

US Tech Company Helping Ukraine Build
Own ‘Iron Dome’ to ‘Swat Down’ Russian Missiles

China Announces Successful Anti-Ballistic Missile
Test Amid Push to ‘Enhance Defense Capabilities’

China Aims to Outpace ESA, NASA in Returning
Mars Surface Samples to Earth by Two Years

Japan court upholds same-sex marriage ban

One Person Killed, Eight More Injured as
'Mini Tornado' Hits Beach in Normandy, France

Hong Kong's Jumbo Floating Restaurant
capsizes and sinks at sea four days after
leaving harbour

Fossil Fuel Disaster Accelerates As
Australia Runs Low On Coal


Australian Prime Minister Refrains From
Publicly Calling for Assange's Release

US blackmailed Pakistan into regime change
– former PM

Sri Lankan PM Commences Bailout Talks
With IMF as Fuel Shortage Triggers Violence,
Food Crisis

West Creating ‘Impediments’ For Sri Lanka to
Buy Cheaper Russian Oil Amid Fuel Crisis
Says Indian Analyst

India Receives Polish Loitering Munitions
Warmate Ahead of Mass Delivery From
Local Vendors

At Least 59 Killed as Floods Hit
Bangladesh, India - Photo, Video

Israel To Dissolve Government, Replace PM

Israel sees over 10,000 new coronavirus
cases - highest daily number since April

Israel Creating 'Middle East Air Defense
Alliance' Under US’ Wing - Defense Minister

In Rare Expression of Bipartisan Unity, US
Lawmakers Agree Iran Nuclear Deal is Dead


Nuke Deal Breakthrough? Iran Drops Demand
That IRGC Be Removed From Terror List

Saudi Arabia Bans Rainbow Toys, Clothing With
'Homosexual Colors' Weeks Before Biden Visit

MBS Reportedly Kicks Off Own Regional
Tour Ahead of Biden’s Visit

WFP Announces Cuts in Food Rations for
Refugees in East, West Africa Due to Lack
of Funds

Upcoming BRICS summit to usher in new
global development era, says SA president

Hundreds Slaughtered in Ethiopian
ethnic conflict

CDC says 'severe reactions' to the
COVID (Bioweapon Injections) are rare
Nothing Could Be Further From Truth

America is Now the Only Country in the World
that Authorizes COVID Shots for Infants

Pure Evil - 'Calling All Superhero Kids’ - Targeting
Young Children by NHS with COVID Injection Ads

Desantis only gov not preordering baby jabs

Fauci Refuses To 'Stop Funding Chinese’
Research With US Tax Dollars

WARNING! Pfizer Lied About Results in COVID
BioWeapon ‘Vaccine' Trials for Babies, Toddlers

Life Insurance Payouts Rocketed 163%
During First Year Of Vaccine Rollout

Dire Warning To All Americans From Gonzalo Lira In
Kharkov, Ukraine - How Lithuania’s Blockade Of All
Russian Rail Traffic To Kaliningrad May Ignite WW3

Over 50 Uke Generals And Officers
Deleted In Russian Kalibr Missile Hits

Luongo - Russia's New Rules


Surrendered Aidar battalion militants testify
against fellow nationalists

US weapons supplies to Kiev won’t force
Russia to comply with Washington rules - Lavrov

Russia confirms use of 5th generation
fighter jet in Ukraine

Videos Of Americans Captured In Ukraine
Broadcast On Russian TV

New Russian Missile System Tor to Receive
Double Ammunition - Manufacturer

Azov battalion commanders surrendered in
Mariupol taken to detention center in Moscow

Ukrainian Militants Holed Up at Azot Plant
Signal Readiness to Negotiate, LPR Says

Ukrainian troops shell DPR 59 times in past
24 hours, killing 5 civilians - DPR mission

Lugansk official confirms surrender of
Aidar militants near Severodonetsk

EU Could Fall Apart Before Ukraine Joins
...Medvedev Says


Hillary Dismisses 2024 Presidential Run as
'Disruptive' to Creeper Joe Biden Reelection Try

'Democracy Is At Stake' - Hillary Bails On 2024
Election Bid, Backs Pedo Biden Against Trump

Fraud Trump floats pardons for Jan 6 defendants
if reelected (After Leaving Them Swinging In Wind)

TX GOP Declares Joe Biden As Illegitimate
‘We Reject The Certified Results Of The 2020
Presidential Election'

Globalist Surveillance State - WEF Begins Secret
'Smart City' Operations in the Netherlands

Trump Pardoned Crooked Pol Supporters
...But Left Assange and Snowden to Rot

Julian Assange has no prayer against
the ‘Empire of Lies’

Conservatives Spend Big To Highlight
Schumer’s 'Dangerous Threats'

Transportation Secy May Act Against Airlines
Over Massive Canceled Flights

Five Men Have Stolen 37 ATMs In Brooklyn
And Queens Since December 2021


Sam Dodson’s statement to the FDA regarding
the Bioweapon Injections for 6 month to 5 yr olds

Dr. Russell Blaylock MD - Update On The Lack Of
Safety Studies On These BioWeapon ‘Vaccines’ - Video

Swedish Study finds mRNA COVID ‘Vaccines'
enter liver and then alter DNA – Possibly
Causing Catastrophic DNA Damage

Covid Bioweapon Injection BNT162b2 As Least
temporarily Male Reproductive Function

Efficacy Estimates For Pfizer’s Deadly Injection
For Little Children Come Under Scrutiny

More Young ‘Celebrities' Die ‘Suddenly'

UK Scrubs All Mention of Women From
Ovarian Cancer Website

Why Are Twitter Employees So Afraid Of
Free Speech? It's About Market Saturation

Amazon Launches Its 'Invite-Only' Based
Ordering Program

Apple store unionizes in US first


John Barbour's 'Talking Movies' with The
fabulous actor Nick Mancuso!

June Snow at Tahoe - Third Time This Year

Cascading Liquidations Send Bitcoin Below $18,000
As Daisy-Chained Margin Call Contagion Sparks
Record Selling

Musk refuses to back down on crypto token

US oil reserves running low

Why Biden Will Have a Hard Time Trying to
Persuade Saudi Arabia to Boost Oil Output

Coal train sabotage in Kansas

Germany to hoard gas – media

EU warned of years of high gas prices ahead

Energy Transition Goals At Risk As EU
May Label Lithium As Toxic


China And Japan Cut US Treasury Holdings
As Federal Reserve Hikes Rates

BoJo and BoE are to Blame For UK's Looming
Self-Inflicted Recession Say Economists

EU’s new plan won’t save Eurozone from
collapsing – media

Your Government is trying to kill you & Depop
the planet - Official Govt Reports, Confidential
Pfizer Documents & Cost of Living Crisis it

British Army’s New Top General Tells Troops to
Prepare to ‘Fight in Europe Again’ & ‘Defeat Russia’

Erdogan to Present NATO Members With
'Evidence' of Finland, Sweden's PKK Support

Globalist Victory - First Climate Lockdowns
Announced in France

In 'Stunning Blow’ - Macron Loses Absolute
Majority As Far Right, Left Surge

Fresh from banning more opposition parties,
Ukraine's Zelensky takes it upon himself to
shill for war with China over Taiwan

Ukraine Moves to Ban Russian Music
And Literature


Moldovan President Signs Law Banning
Russian News - Media Authority

Edible Insects Coming To Japan - Video

'Acute Enteric Epidemic' Afflicts 800 Families
in North Korea, Media Says

Japanese Split on Higher Military Spending

Duterte's Daughter Inaugurated as
Philippine Vice President

Indian Minister Sparks Outrage After Remarks
About New Military Recruitment Scheme

40 Truck US Convoy Loaded With Stolen Wheat
Smuggled Out of Syria

Israel hit by ‘new Covid wave’

'Retaliation for Insulting Prophet’ - Daesh
Claims Attack on Sikh Temple in Kabul

Dozens of Daesh Militants Flee
Kurdish-Run Prison in Syria


Claims of 'Stolen Millions' Could Scupper
South African President's Re-Election Bid

A Triple-Barreled Gun Is Destroying African
Economies - Inflation, Govt Debt, & Taxes

UN Peacekeeper Killed in Mine Blast in
Northeastern Mali

Yellowstone River flooding is a 1 in 500
year even - videos and pictures

West Is Heading To War In Spaces Says
Russian Space Chief - US Giving Ukes
Satellite Data Costing Russian Lives

OBiden Admin May Double HIMARS Rocket
Launcher Deliveries For Ukraine - Pushing
Harder And Harder For Nuclear War

Trump warns of World War III

New Update Of Fighting In Donbass - Video

UN warns of hell on earth if Ukraine
war goes on

What Russia Thinks Will Happen Next

Russia to help rebuild Donbass

Ukes Kill At Least 5 More DPR Civilians In
New Shelling Of Donetsk


Donetsk authorities urge city residents not to
leave shelters amid relentless shelling

5 injured as Ukrainian ballistic missile
intercepted over Donetsk – DPR

Ukraine Proposed Viable Peace Plan Before
Abruptly Cutting Off Negotiations - Kremlin

Ukraine wants West to stop pushing for
'unacceptable' peace terms

West doesn't want 'complete defeat' of Russia
...Zelensky aide

Public Opinion On Ukraine Shifts As Europeans
Back Immediate Peace Over Seeking Russian Defeat

US willing to risk economic pain and global
hunger to win in Ukraine — WaPo

US Rethinks Plan to Send Deadly Drones to
Ukraine, Fears They'll Fall Into Russian Hands

Uke Officials Claim US Made Harpoon Missiles
Used to Sink Russian Navy Tugboat

Uke Nazis Burned 50,000 Tons of Grain
in Mariupol


Disney employee nabbed in child sex
predator sting

Tucker Torches Creeper Joe Over 'Horrifying'
Claims of Him Taking 'Showers' With His
Now Sex-Addict Daughter

Biden Aides Reportedly 'Tapped Out' as
WH Faces Staff Upheaval Pre-Midterms

Colbert Crew Arrested At US Capitol

Mass Simultaneous Slaughter Of 3,000 Cattle
In KS - A Beam Weapon Or Mass Poisoning

Max Igan - Many Paths...One Destination

The Future Is MUCH Closer Than We May Think

The Kissinger Report (NSSM-200) - Population
Control Agenda - The Genesis of US Government
Population Control

New 'Fossil' Fuel Fan Obama Orders 2,500
Propane Tank For Vacation Home

DEF Fluid, Urea Fertilizer, Diesel Truckers
...And BIG Trouble Ahead


The Great Reset - Turning Back The Clock
On Civilization

New Reuters Survey Finds That Trust In
Mainstream News Is Rapidly Declining

UN Food Chief Says 'Hell On Earth' Looms
From Hunger Crisis Triggered By Ukraine War

'Sauna-like' heat dome is set to smother
50 MILLION Americans In Southern States
with HUMID temps exceeding 100 F

NYC mayor: Drag queens at 'core of
what our city embraces'

Max Igan - Many Paths...One Destination

Las Vegas Drought Update - Lake Meade
is now dropping one foot per week...

Dr. Richard Fleming - Setting The Record Straight

Expert Epidemiologist Reacts to BioWeapon
'Vaccines' for Babies

Dr Jane Ruby Another Jewish Pro Trump Shill?


We are sacrificing our children on the altar
of brutal, Deadly, Communist Left ideology

OR pediatricians ready for COVID Death Injections
for 6 month Old babies, toddlers & preschoolers
Mass Murder Of Children Just Ahead

first probable case of monkeypox In OR

Fauci Under Fire over Millions in 'Royalties'
Payments Received from Big Pharma for
Covid Vaccines

Vaxed Man Said Physically Morphing - WEIRD

More Vaccine-Injured Pilots Speak Out as
Groups Pressure Airlines, Regulators to
End Mandates

How to have SEX with monkeypox
...Bizarre CDC guide revealed

Jeff & Erica - UK's John O'Looney On The Avalanche
Of Thrombotic Deaths - Hospitals Falling Apart

Aspire Food Group completes production
of manufacturing plant That will reportedly
produce 9000 metric tons of crickets every
year for human and pet consumption.

Awareness Wristbands And The Meaning
Behind The Colors...


Musk Hit With $258 Billion 'Dogecoin'
Lawsuit After Leaked Comments On
Twitter-Crypto Integration

Amazon Takes Flight With First 'Prime Air'
Deliveries In California

Agony - Why Long Trips in Electric
Cars Are a Nightmare

Google Fined $245 Million By Mexican
Court Over Defamatory Blog

Tucker Torches Creeper Joe Over 'Horrifying'
Claims of Him Taking 'Showers' With His
Now Sex-Addict Daughter

SpaceX fires workers behind letter
criticizing Musk

Bill Clinton Comes Clean About Checking
for Alien Presence at Area 51

Alien Souls or PLA Trolls? Watch New
Footage From US Warships' Mysterious
2019 UFO Encounters

NASA Worries a Possible SpaceX Rocket
Explosion Could Stop It Sending Astronauts
to ISS

Russia's S-70 Stealth Drone Looks
Like a Powerhouse


GeoEngineering Watch Global News Alert

US Navy has fired a dozen leaders but
won't explain why

Bitcoin price down below $19,000 first
since November 2020 says CoinDesk data

Big Crypto Investment Frauds Are
Happening Via LinkedIn

Crypto Carnage Hits Every Asset Class
Tied to Cryptos

US Economy Is Going To Collapse
...Top Investor Says

'Absolute Explosion' of Inflation to Hit US
in 13 Days, Affecting Midterms, GOP
Pollster Warns

Yellen - The Lingering 'Legacy' Of A
Decades-Old Monetary Policy Freak Show

US dollar and euro are almost equal
...What that means for travelers

Americans are starting to pull back on
travel and restaurants


The OBiden Admin's Ignorant Energy Policies
Higher Gas Prices Are Only The Beginning

Russia With Its Energy Can Be Modern
'Noah's Ark' as West Buries 'Green
Transition' - Rosneft Chief

British Oil Giant BP Shows Desire to Remain
Russia's Rosneft Shareholder - Rosneft CEO

Petroleum producers have humanity by
the throat – UN chief

Europe is committing energy suicide
...Russian oil chief

The UK Is Prioritizing Energy Security
Over Climate Pledges

EU states forced to use gas reserves

Agreements worth Near $100 billion concluded
at SPIEF, says organizing committee

Russia's Mir Cards May Be Adopted by
12 New Countries - Tourism Agency Head

Assange's Extradition to US is a Signal to
All Journalists Who Expose US Crimes


Caitlin Johnstone: Assange is doing his
most important work yet

Boris Johnson Defends Electronically Tagging
Migrants - 'Asylum Seekers Can't Just Vanish'

British PM warns of 'Ukraine fatigue'

No hasty accession for Ukraine – EU official

Macron Mulls Moscow Trip To Meet With
Putin, Under 'Preconditions'

'Absolutely necessary' to talk to Russia
...German chancellor

Brits Suffer Pay Cut As Inflation
Outpaces Wage Growth

Thousands March Through London Over
Cost of Living Crisis - Videos

Washington sanctions Chinese and UAE firms

Watch - Plumes Of Black Smoke Over Shanghai
After Massive Fire at Petrochemical Plant


Russian MPs in Kharkov region - 'We are going
to give citizenship to those who want it. Russia
is here to stay!' - Locals Said Ecstatic

Putin - Russia is not the kind of country that
expels Those Who Fight For Human Rights
...And mentions The Ed Snowden case

Taiwan says it has missile that
can strike Beijing

China offers lifeline to Russian airlines

Washington sanctions Chinese and UAE firms

Watch - Plumes Of Black Smoke Over Shanghai
After Massive Fire at Petrochemical Plant

Canberra Faces Flak for 'Abandoning Australian
Hero' Julian Assange After UK Extradition Order

Giant drone planting 40,000 tree pods a day
in Australian Botanic Garden at Mt Annan

Power Shortages all over Oz and somehow, just by
chance, The Yallah Powerstation goes up in Flames

India's purchases of Russian oil skyrocket

India Offers Job Quotas to Angry Youth As Protests
Over 'Agnipath' Recruitment Scheme Intensify


India 'Deeply Concerned' After Unidentified
Gunmen Storm Sikh Temple in Kabul

Ecuadorian President Declares State of Emergency
in Three Regions Over Indigenous Protests

Russia says US contacts with Latin America
show Monroe Doctrine stopped working

Russian MFA says Maduro's political
approaches proved efficient

Russia says Russia's friendship with Latin America
will get stronger in current context

Israel Faces Possible New Covid Restrictions
as New Variant Takes Hold of Nation

Homosexuality is part of Jewish tradition
- Jewish World

Soleimani's Daughter Blasts Pompeo Over
New Tale on Why US Murdered Her Dad

Where have all of the alpha men gone?
...Holding Out For A Real Hero


The Kissinger Report (NSSM-200) - A Population
Control Agenda - The Genesis of US Government
Population Control

Twit, Shill OBiden Calls for 'Transition' to ‘Zero
Emissions' Cars to Combat Gas Prices Which
His Administration Has Caused

Unelected, Illegitimate Pedo Fraud OBiden
signs new EO promoting LGBT agenda
in law & society

UN warns of hell on earth if Ukraine
war goes on

Ukes Boast Strike On Russian Navy Ship Was
Done With Biden Supplied Harpoon Missiles

Ukraine Takes Out Russian Navy Ship With
Biden-Supplied Harpoon Missiles - Newsweek

UN warns of hell on earth if Ukraine
war goes on

Russia warns Kiev - An Attack On The
Great Crimean bridge is ‘suicide'

Explosion Rocks Russia's Largest Natural
Gas Field - Sabotage Suspected

Putin lambasts the West and declares
end of 'the era of the unipolar world'


Russia Cuts Natural Gas by 40%
to Germany and Italy

Americans 'Shouldn't be Going to Ukraine’
Biden Says After Briefing on 'Missing Fighters'

'Sent to certain death’ - Why growing
numbers of Ukrainian servicemen are
refusing to fight on Donbass frontlines

Kiev relying on military solution for Crimea

Ukrainian militants holed up in Azot plant
begin to surrender, LPR militia reports

Russian president clearly presents vision of
Russia as multipolar world — Italian expert

Ukraine not worth nuclear war – Ex Reagan adv

Russian Reporters Release Video Of
US Mercenaries Captured Near Kharkov

Russia reveals number of foreign combatants
fighting in Ukraine

Putin not planning contacts with Scholz,
Draghi after their Kiev visit — Kremlin


NATO mission creep came dangerously
close to Russian, Belarusian borders

NY Post Correspondent Accuses Biden WH
Of 'Blacklisting' Reporters They Don't Like

With Plenty Of GOP Rino Help, Senate Shoots
Down Rand Paul's Balanced-Budget Resolution

Greenwald - UK's Decision To Extradite
Assange Shows Why US/UK Freedom
Lectures Are A Farce

WikiLeaks Slams Priti Patel as 'Accomplice to
US' as UK Greenlights Assange's Extradition

Snowden Slams Degradation of Human Rights
in UK's Decision to Extradite Assange

The Most Glorious Freedom-Loving Nation In
The World Is Dying - Can We Save Her?

The Men Who Made Klaus Schwab
and The World Economic Forum

Yes, the Products You’re Buying Are
Getting Smaller - Even Though Prices Are Not

Customers Flooding WA Gun Shops
Prior to Magazine Ban


Loony Pelosi refuses to condemn attacks on
churches and pregnancy centers, gushes
about abortion instead

Imbecile Pelosi blames inflation on 'war in Iraq'

How to have SEX with monkeypox
...Bizarre CDC guide revealed

Frontline doctor Simone Gold sentenced
to 60 days in prison for Simply going inside
the Capitol on Jan 6 - Soviet US Worsens

Pfizer Stops Paxlovid COVID Pill Trial After
Latest Results Showed It Did nothing to Reduce
Symptoms, Hospitalizations And Deaths

Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted
Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children

Children’s BioWeapons From 6 Months
To 5 Years could be 'game changer’… Yeah,
20% Will be Killed or Maimed for Life

US Govt Data proves Covid-19 BioWeapon
Injections Up Shingles Risk By At Least 4925%
…Because Spike Gets Into Nerves While Killing
Off The Immune System

The Flash Star Ezra Miller Accused Of Inappropriate
Behavior With 12-Year Old, Allegedly Told Mother
'They Would Be Lucky To Have Someone Like Me To
Guide Them’ (...Into The World Of Pedophilia)

Amazon Takes Flight With First 'Prime Air’
Deliveries In California


Musk Hit With $258 Billion 'Dogecoin’
Lawsuit After Leaked Comments On
Twitter-Crypto Integration

Elon Musk Reveals Crypto Twitter Plans
In Leaked Transcript

Twitter Employees Freak Out At Elon Musk
Saying 'All Lives Matter'

Musk Triggers Twitter Employees - People
Should be Completely Free to Say ‘Pretty
Outrageous Things’

SpaceX Reportedly Fires Employees for Writing,
Spreading Letter Denouncing CEO Elon Mask

Tesla Stockholder Files Lawsuit Against Musk
for Discrimination in Workplace - Reports

US Economy Is Going To Collapse
...Top Investor Says

Aspire Food Group completes production
of manufacturing plant That will reportedly
produce 9000 metric tons of crickets every
year for human and pet consumption.

Amid Surging Inflation, Inventory Swamped
Retailers Push Big Discounts

Yes, the Products You’re Buying Are
Getting Smaller - Even Though Prices Are Not


Seventh Largest US Importer Cuts Shipments
in Half, Shipping Rates Crash

OBiden Hopes To Solve Inflation With Even
More Inflation By Handing Out Gas Rebate
Cards…There's Just One Problem

Luongo - Why The Fed Raised 75bps And
How To Break The Davos Crowd

Kemp - White House Tries To Blame US
Refiners For Its Own Overheating Error

Housing Crash Imminent - As Mortgage Rates
Explode Price Cuts Soar And Buyer Demand

German Official Warns Of Gas Shortages,
Bankruptcies, Massive Price Hikes That Will
Send 'Shockwaves Throughout The Country'

Gatwick Airport Cancels 4,000 Flights
Until September Due to ‘Staff Shortages’

‘Our product, our rules’ – Russia's Gazprom

Putin aide lambasts dollar as 'drug the entire world
got hooked on’ - Obama-Biden Took It All Down

Burgers to remain in Russia, while US companies
lose multi-billion dollars — Medvedev


EC recommends EU candidate status to
be given to Ukraine, Moldova, not to Georgia

Ukraine Not Fit for Accession to EU Despite
Commission's Opinion - Ex-Belgian Lawmaker

UK offers major military training program
for Ukraine

Russian Court Sentences Former US Diplomat
to 14 Years in Prison Over Drug Smuggling

Former KGB General Found Dead In
Apparent Suicide

Lukashenko warns Kiev against possible
attempts to attack Russian cities

Lukashenko warns Poland over
western Ukraine

Lavrov accuses Moldova of ‘extortion’

Russia doesn’t care about ‘eyes of
the West’ – Lavrov

Britain wants to ‘bring Russia to its knees’
– Lavrov


British PM visits Kiev to shift focus from
UK’s problems, Russian envoy says

The old world is over - Key points from Putin’s
first major speech since Russia's military
offensive in Ukraine

US sees itself as messenger of God on Earth
without responsibility - Putin

US is great power with great future,
but elites mistakes make themselves felt

Western elites dwell in illusions, clinging to
Shadows of the past, Putin says

Russia Will cope with any challenges,
all its thousand-year history shows it - Putin

Global migration to increase unless West
stops thinking only about itself - Putin

Russia threatening no one with nuclear arms — Putin

Russia to never agree to forget about
2014 bloody state US coup in UkrainePutin

Operation in Ukraine stems from Russia’s
right to self-defense - Putin


Putin says Moscow regarded Ukraine same
as US would feel about A Russian foothold
in Mexico

Russia had every right to recognize Donbass
republics under UN Charter - Putin

EU is not a military organization, Russia has
nothing against Ukraine joining it - Putin

Economic blitzkrieg against Russia
had no chance for success, Putin says

Putin identifies cause of global economic woes

Trade turnover with China to be
record-breaking this year - Putin

West’s blackmail not working against
countries headed by strong leaders - Putin

EU and US to blame in case of world famine

Putin estimates EU losses from anti-Russia
sanctions could exceed $400 billion in one year

Like a Hoover Vacuum, The West sucked out goods
from poorest nations, leaving behind scraps - Putin


West is yet to face the worst in confronting
Russia – Moscow

Western media and politicians prefer to
ignore the truth about civilians killed in
Donetsk shelling

Hungary set to oppose anti-Russian sanction
that hurt EU, PM Orban says

Conflict in Ukraine is Russia’s standoff with
West, says Bosnian Serb leader

EU leaders call to immediately grant
Ukraine candidate status

EU countries start providing financial support
for Ukraine's reconstruction — Macron

Russia must not dictate peace conditions
to Ukraine, Scholz claims again

Scholz calls for end to conflict in Ukraine, offers weapons to Kiev

Germany to send fewer rocket launchers to Ukraine

Macron vows to send another six 155mm
heavy howitzers to Ukraine


European NatGas Soars 70% In Week Amid
Freeport Delays And Russian Cuts

Nord Stream Can Stall Completely in the Event
of New Turbine Problems, Russian UN Envoy Says

No way to solve problem with Nord Stream
engines so far — Gazprom CEO

Gas supplies via Nord Stream 2 can be
started even now — Gazprom CEO

Russia represents energy stability for its friends
— Gazprom CEO

Europe Switched to Paying Gazprom in Rubles,
90-95% of Previous Volumes, Deputy PM Says

Gas Futures in Europe Top $1,500 Per Thousand
Cubic Meters First Time Since Early April

Another EU buyer says Russia reduced gas supply

Russia to export agricultural products to
‘friendly countries’ only

Supplies of Russian fertilizers to Brazil continue


Turkey & Russia Say 3 Ukrainian Ports Can
Now Be Accessed By Grain Ships

Contacts with Europe no longer among
Russia’s priorities - Lavrov

Moscow’s envoy to EU says Russian-EU
ties reached to lowest point ever

Lavrov says UN officials often act as mouthpieces for fake news about Russia

Stingers and Javelins Sent to Ukraine
Already Being Sold on Black Market - Lavrov

Russia did not invade Ukraine, special
operation was the only way out - Lavrov

Attempts are made to turn Moldova into
‘second Ukraine’ - Lavrov warns

Russia and Egypt to Switch to National Currencies
in Mutual Settlements, Industry Minister Says

Chinese Companies Willing to Replace Western
Goods in Russia - Russian Trade Delegation

China, Russia moving towards reaching $200
Billion trade target, says envoy


Brazil opposes anti-Russian sanctions,
they disrupt economic ties, envoy says

Deliveries of Coca-Cola and Fanta analogues
to Moscow region stores will start next week

Europe underestimated impact of breaking
economic ties with Russia — minister

Russia should rethink its export-driven
economy – central bank

Russia rules out foreign currency ban

Taiwan Has Potential to ‘Attack Beijing’
With Cruise Missiles, Lawmaker Says
Amid Simmering Tensions

Taiwan Admits ‘Long-Time Practice’ of Hiring
Lobbyists, PR Firms to Push Closer US Relations

Beijing Begins Criminal Probe Against
Night Club over Virus Outbreak

China Turns Dissenters QR Codes Red,
Conservative Leader Warns We Could Be Next

How BRICS Became a Vital Global
Economic and Political Force


China Asks BRICS States to 'Inject Stability
Into a Turbulent World', Follow 'Trend of the Times'

Protests Erupt in India Over Govt's New Armed
Forces Recruitment Scheme - Video

Patel Reportedly Mulls Cutting Funding
to UN After ECHR Ruling Against Deporting
Migrants to Rwanda

Spiraling Food Crisis Hits Sri Lanka
as Farmers Abandon Fields

Israeli Air Force Prepares to Attack Iran
by Beefing up F-35s

Parliament of Catalonia - Israel is Guilty
of Apartheid

Russia to welcome DPR and LPR’s
recognition by Syria — Kremlin

Wherever US-led West rules in Syria,
chaos dominates, says Russian top brass

Russia urges Turkey to ditch military operation
in Syria’s north, envoy says

Russia, Iran, Turkey determined to work
together to combat terrorism in Syria


Syrian president al-Assad says US controls
terrorists And neo-Nazis

US-Led Coalition Captures Senior
ISIS Leader In Syria

Murder-Suicides By Pilots Leading
Cause Of Airline Crashes

A Sea Gypsy Howls At The Moon

Detransitioned Man Tells The Horror
Of His Story

Christian Factory Worker Fired for
Wearing Cross Necklace

Venue Cancels Debut Concert for John
Hinckley Jr., Failed Assassin Who Shot
Ronald Reagan

Ukraine Shells Donetsk, Russia Demands
Surrender in Severodonetsk - Economic
Crises In Ukraine And West

Russian MFA says Kiev halted talks with
Moscow on orders from US handlers

Russians name 2 captured US Jackass

Xi Jinping tells Putin he is ready to help
settle Ukrainian crisis

Medvedev doubts Ukraine will still exist in two years

US to Send Ukraine $1 Billion Package With
Harpoon Missile Launchers And Howitzers

Ukraine requests evacuation corridor at
besieged Azot plant – Moscow

Ukrainian troops thwart Azot humanitarian
corridor – Donbass militia

Zelensky displays hypocrisy by saying
Western arms not used against civilians

Ukraine’s military bombards Donetsk from
NATO-caliber artillery guns


Envoy says Kiev wants to open front in
Transnistria but it will be the end of Moldova

Ukraine’s weaponry wish list could
run US arms stock dry – Make it a
Piece of cake For China To Invade

Russian MFA says Kiev halted talks with
Moscow on orders from US handlers

Media outlets publicizing Russia’s stance
hounded in the West, says MFA spokeswoman

US backs UK idea of another military bloc

Japan’s PM to attend NATO summit for
the first time

Macron calls on Ukraine to resume talks
with Russia

Ukraine's EU Run Creates 'False Expectations’
A Will Only Divide Bloc - Portugal PM

UK could leave human rights court

EU Begins Legal Proceedings Against
UK Over N. Ireland Protocol Bill


Biden's Top Lawyer to Leave Office
Ahead of Midterm Elections

House Republicans slam ‘woke’
Pentagon spending

New York State, City Paid $200,000 For Drag
Queens Reading To Kids At Public Schools!

Hunter Biden Magic Laptop - Joe Has Lots
of Guns...'There are 5 guns in dad's house'

Donald Trump was (and is) a Consummate
con man And Fraud

Michigan AG Brags She Will
Sexually Defile All Children

NFL Coach Fined $100,000 for Reflecting
Critics of Jan 6 Narrative

CCP Video Said Verified - ‘All Americans Who
Took The Shots Are Going To Die'

'Fully-vaccinated, double-boosted' Fauci
tests positive for COVID With Rapid Test

Vaccines that Spread Like a Virus
Thought Injection Or Inhalation


This is who will NOT sign the
WHO Pandemic Treaty

Boosted Sputnik V Maintains 97% Effectiveness
Against Omicron, Study Shows

Miss Universe Insists 'Not All People Who
Menstruate Are Women'

Angelina Jolie Admits to ‘Gruesome
Illuminati Blood Rituals’

Elon Musk Slams Twitter's 'Bias Against Half
The Country' & Alleged Inaction On Death
Threats To Conservative User

CRISPR Fried Chicken - Genetically Engineered
Hens Made to Kill Their Male Chicks

Global nuclear weapons spending calculated

China confirms water on the Moon

Biden Sends Threat Letters To Big Oil - Help
Ease 'Putin Price Hike' Or Face Our Tools

'Big Oil' Responds To Biden's Threats - Here’s
10 Things You Can Do To Ease Gas Prices


The Crypto Apocalypse Is Here

Watch - Biden Officials Again Tell Americans
To Buy Stupid, Useless Electric Cars

Ford Halts Sale Of Electric Mustang
Mach-E Over Safety Defect

Fed Raises US Interest Rate by 75 Points,
Biggest Hike in 28 Years

The Loss Of US Refining Capacity Is Helping
Drive Record Diesel Prices And It Won’t Improve
Anytime Soon

Sanctions on Russian Uranium Sales
Likely to Completely Backfire on US

European Gas Prices Jump 25% to
$1,300 PTCM in One Day Amid Dropping
Nord Stream Supply

Ukraine Proposes Lend-Lease Deal With
US for LNG Supplies, Reports Suggest

Israel, Egypt and EU sign gas export deal

Serbia secures energy deal with Russia


37% of Canadians Agree With Idea Behind
'The Great Replacement'

Almost no room left for dialog with EU
says Russian envoy

EU’s may be part of Greater Eurasian
Partnership, if it changes its ideology

Russia, US as nuclear powers must find
ways of peaceful coexistence - FM

US continues to play with fire on
Ukraine issue, senior diplomat says

Why George Soros and Francis Fukuyama
are ‘Putin’s useful idiots’

Moscow - BRICS and G20 Keen to Cooperate
With Russia in Arctic

Russia's Exports to EU More Than Doubled
in Q1 of 2022 Despite Sanctions - Russian Envoy

Russian, South African presidents discuss
food security — Kremlin

Russia, Ukraine, Turkey set up emergency
communication channel on grain exports


Military hotline advances Ukrainian grain talks

US Calls Taiwan Strait ‘International Waterway’
as China Warns Against ‘False Claim’ About Area

China Ready to Back Russia on Sovereignty,
Security Issues, Xi Jinping Says After Talking to Putin

Xi Jinping tells Putin he is ready to help
settle Ukrainian crisis — TV

Oz Energy Operator Announces Suspension
of Wholesale National Electricity Market

Citizens Throng Petrol Pumps Amid Rumours
of Indian Cities Running Out of Fuel

Sri Lanka’s Gov’t Workers Get Additional
Day Off to Farm ‘in Their Backyards’ as
Food Shortage Looms

UAE Bans Exports of Wheat & Flour
Originating From India

Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000
Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle

‘Game over’ - The tiny Central Coast town
of Cambria is about to run out of water


Drought-stricken US warned of looming 'dead pool'

You’ve probably never heard of the Ogallala
Aquifer, but you’ve eaten food thanks to it -
and it is under severe duress

California Lawmakers Mull Buying Out
Farmers to Save Water

Black Store Thief Suffers Severe Injures in ‘Fall’...

WW3 Has Been Declared Says The Pope

Risk of nuclear arms use highest in decades

‘Shilling For The Devil’– Media Explodes As
Pope Admits NATO ‘Provoked’ Russia

The risk of the use of nuclear weapons in the
world has reached its highest since the Cold War

Russia Could Shut Down Huge Chunk of
US Power Grid in One Move

Biden To World - Russia Controls US Economy

Child Molester Hunter Biden Says His Idiot
Pedo Father Will 'Talk About Anything That
I Want Him To’ - Listen

There's a run on Chinese banks and it’s
being ignored by the world

Sean Hannity Proposed Trump Pardon
Hunter Biden to ‘Smooth Over’ Jan 6

War Game Over Taiwan - US Loses to China
...Again and Again


ANOTHER US Food Processing Plant Torched
Get It Now? Famine And Starvation By Design

Slowing Money Supply Growth In 2022
Points To Recession

Trump Could Launch His 2024 Presidential
Campaign Next Month

DeSantis…Another Servant Of Zionism?

Vile Pelosi - 'Drag is What America is All About'

'It will take 20 YEARS to fix this mess’
as record 1,596 officers quit NYPD

Unbelievable Stupidity - Miami Announces No Questions
Asked Gun Buyback...To Be Sent To Ukraine!

Russia seizes 80% of Severodonetsk, will
open humanitarian corridor

Up to 1,200 civilians held at Azot plant in
Severodonetsk — LPR

Hundreds of thousands mobilized to
Ukrainian Army - Deputy Defense Minister


Ukes Killing Their Own Surrendering
Soldiers And Shelling Civilians

LPR’s air defense takes down Tochka-U
missile fired by Ukes, republic says

Ukraine not to target Russia should it obtain
long-range weapons, Zelensky claims

Zelensky calls on the West to ship missile
defense systems to Ukraine

Ukraine got only 10% of weapons it
asked from West — deputy minister

US to Send $1.5B to Ukraine Monthly Amid
Its Own Rising Inflation, Soaring Gas Prices

Uke Red Cross accused of involvement in
harvesting children’s organs - Evil There

US to send heavy guided missiles to Ukraine

Zelensky aide explains why Ukraine
fights in urban areas

Russia blacklists British media & military


West to reap main ‘harvest’ from anti-Russian
sanctions in autumn, Medvedev says

Russian embassy says UK must be held
accountable for arms supplies to Ukraine

Russian stop-list to include UK defense
officials, air, fleet chiefs — Foreign Ministry

Russia condemns ‘barbaric’ shelling
of Donetsk

Diplomat slams Western media silence
on Ukrainian shelling of maternity hospital

Ukes lack US support to make weapons operable

Jan. 6 Prisoner Who Was Denied Cancer
Treatment Now 'In Dire Straits'

Snyder - Hordes Of Americans Are Moving
To Mexico To Escape Rapidly Rising Inflation
In The US

Capitol Police Chief Debunks J6 Committee
Conspiracy Theory

Jan. 6 Prisoner Who Was Denied Cancer
Treatment Now 'In Dire Straits'


J6 Committee Walks Back Chairman’s
Claim Of 'No Criminal Referrals'

White House Spokeswoman Confirms
Biden is Running for Second Term

US State of Montana Declares Disaster
Amid Yellowstone Park Flooding

‘Violent’ Disruption of California Library’s
Drag Queen Story Hour Leaves Kids
‘Totally Freaked Out’

World War III has been declared
– Pope Francis

Pope Francis believes that conflict in
Ukraine may have been provoked

'Queer Ethics Prof' Calls For Pedophilia
To Be Destigmatized And Taught In Schools

Uvalde cops - Evil in action

'It was me or him’ - Homeowner stands
ground during attempted break-in And
Takes out Home Invader

FL sheriff roasts career felon who ‘likes
to beat up cops and even kill them'


Asinine Covid Lockdowns KILLED Hundreds Of
Thousands Of CHILDREN Admits UN

Lockdowns In US Caused At Least 170,000 Excess
Deaths - Genocide Could Not Be More Obvious

US Pro Athlete Vaccine Injuries…Or Shedding?

UK Health Agency Reports Over 99%
Of Monkeypox Patients Are Gay Men

Doc Says Monkeypox outbreak was ENGINEERED
because people are no longer afraid of COVID-19
…must keep the fear drums beating

Stupid WHO Is renaming Monkeypox to avoid
‘Discrimination’ And ’Stigmatizing’ - Hilarious

Self-driving cars to be tested at SPIEF

Watch - Biden Advisor Says Social Media
Should Silence Anyone Who Criticises
Green Energy 'Transition'

Leaked Internal Messages Show Twitter
Employees Debating Whether To Ban
Libs Of TikTok

Instagram to control teens browsing


Japan toughens penalties for ‘online insults’

GT Exclusive: Report Reveals How US Spy
Agencies Stole 97 Billion Global Internet Data,
124 Billion Phone Records in Just 30 Days

Biden's Mandates For Increased Production
Of Engine-Killing Ethanol Are Beyond Stupid

30 year mortgage passes 6%

High Octane Gas Has Never Been This Expensive
vs Regular As Supply Crunch Crushes East Coast

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Blames Nationalism
And Immigration Restrictions For Inflation

US NatGas Crashes After Freeport LNG Terminal
Closure Update - At Least 90 Days To Fix

Worst-Case Market Scenario Begins To Materialize

Peter Schiff - Runaway Inflation Is About To
Collapse The US Economy

The Mood On Wall Street Has Never
Been More Apocalyptic


Microstrategy CEO Shreds Margin-Call
Woes As Bitcoin Nears $21,000

Soaring US Inflation & Looming Recession Are
Bifurcating Democrat Support, Economist Says

Western bullying fails to scare away
foreign investors from Russia, says Kremlin

What Happens When The Workforce
No Longer Wants To Work?

Watch - Now Women Can't Get Sanitary
Products In Biden's America

Wall Street stops servicing Russian debt

Fortunes of world’s richest shrink

UK disposable income to fall at
fastest rate since 1950s – report

German inflation nears 50-year peak

Russia slashes gas flow to EU after Germany’s
Siemens failed to return gas pumping units


European energy crisis will only get worse
– Medvedev

US allows energy transactions with
sanctioned Russian banks

Electricity Costs Soar Across Much Of
Illinois As Risk Of Brownouts Loom

Germany Could Spend $10 Billion To Bail
Out Expropriated Former-Gazprom Unit

UK Wanted to Siphon Off Potential Falklands
Oil Revenue, Declassified Docs Say

Pakistan's Finance Minister Warns Gov't of
Inevitable Default If Oil Subsidies Not Lifted

Fuel crisis prompts firewood rush in Latvia

Greece Releases Iranian Oil Tanker After
Greek Shipping Threatened By IRGC In Gulf

Dozens of new drugs proliferating in Europe

Sturgeon Launches Latest Bid for
Scottish Independence


UK Foreign Minister Says Bill Revising
Northern Ireland Protocol Will Not Harm EU

Millions of Canadians believe in
conspiracy theories

French Secretary of State Clarifies Macron’s
Remark That Russia 'Must Not Be Humiliated'

Putin approves grain allocation for
Afghanistan if needed — envoy

Anglo-Saxons are trying to restart civil
war in Afghanistan — Russian diplomat

Anglo-Saxons keep funding terrorist groups
in Afghanistan — Russian envoy

Xi Signs Outlines That Direct China’s
Military Operations Other Than War

Biden Considers Lifting Some of Trump’s
'Irresponsible' Tariffs on China, Reports Suggest

Elephant Kills Indian Woman,
Returns to Wreck Her Funeral, Too

Mexico condemns Western policies on Ukraine


Israeli politician wishes for Palestinians to

Date of Russia-Africa summit being
discussed, Kremlin aide says

Ethiopia to Continue Trade and Cooperation
With Russia Despite Sanctions, Envoy Says

Ethiopia Could Join Russia's New Independent
International Payment System - Ambassador

China Becomes 'Dominant Foreign Player’
in Minds of African Youth, Replacing US

War Game Over Taiwan - US Loses to China
...Again and Again

Russian Ships, Planes, Troops Move In
To Nicaragua

Russian Army Will Be Deploying To Nicaragua
For 'Humanitarian Operations'

US Imposes Visa Restrictions on 93 People
Allegedly Undermining Nicaragua's Democracy

Ukraine has 'crossed ALL lines' – DPR

Russian Forces Seize Center Of Last
Holdout City In Luhansk Province

Barbaric shelling of Donetsk followed
Western weapons supplies to Ukraine

DPR says Ukraine shells Donetsk with
Uragan MLRS

Ukrainian forces fire 25 Grad rockets on
Donetsk, DPR reports

Three killed in Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk
market – DPR


Death toll in rocket attack on marketplace in
Donetsk rises to three

OSCE mission, MSF gathered intelligence in Donetsk,
DPR militia says

Massive Ukrainian shelling hits maternity hospital

OBiden Admin Quietly Urging Companies To
Purchase Russian Fertilizer

Signs And Symptoms Of Monkeypox - CDC

Ohio Reports First Case Of Monkeypox

Monkeypox Precautions Advised at Summer
Gatherings as Chicago Reports 5 New Cases

Black Monday - All Hell Breaks Loose
As Stocks Plunge Into Bear Market,
Curve Inverts And Cryptos Crater

Remember when adrenochrome was a
conspiracy theory? Now it’s conspiracy
FACT in the form of 'youth transplants'

US Public's Support for Russia Sanctions,
Global Role Down as Midterms Near


David Icke Lays It Out…In 1996 - Video

Tranny Insanity Exploding Among Young People

'Baby Holly' found alive after missing for
over 40 years after parents were murdered

US Govt reports prove Covid BioWeapon
injections can (DO) cause AIDS…And Are
Behind Sudden Deaths And Monkeypox

Growing Concern Of Cell Phone EMR - Video

Over Twenty Million Households Struggle
To Pay Energy Bills, It Will Get Worse

Britain 2049 - You’ll own nothing, and you
won’t be particularly happy about it...

Europe's Fastest Supercomputer Launched
in Finland

Billions of Euros Possibly Laundered Through
Nordea, DNB Baltic Offices in 2010s, Reports Say

Crypto Trading Cycle Flips: Asia's Now
Buying What Americans Are Dumping


Largest crypto exchange halts Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hits December 2020 Low Ahead
of Anticipated US Interest Rate Hike

Ukraine Suspends All Gas, Coal & Fuel Oil
Exports To Meet Internal Demand

Oil Spikes On Reports Libya Shuts
Down Nearly All Its Oil Fields

Russia Replaces Saudi Arabia as India’s
Second-Biggest Oil Supplier

Erdogan announces start of pipe laying
for Black Sea gas pipeline near Turkey

Between Inflation and a Hard Place Fed
Risks Recession by Raising Interest Rates

US economy faces massive recession

Inflation 'Could Have Been Avoided’
If Fed Had Acted Earlier

We Are Trading Like It's A Race Which
Central Bank Can Crash Their Economy
The Fastest


'The Debate Is Over’ - Morgan Stanley
Unloads On The Dismal State Of The
US Consumer

Germany has plan to help ‘prevent global famine’

Trudeau Tests Positive For COVID Second Time

Japan’s farmers to switch from rice to wheat

Japanese yen slides to record low

Japan On Verge Of Systemic Collapse
With 'Dramatic, Unpredictable Non-Linearities'
In Financial Markets, DB Warns

UK Economy Slumped 0.3% in April As
Cost of Living Crisis Began to Bite, ONS
Data Shows

Poland Maniac Former Foreign & Defence
Minister Proposes Giving Ukraine Nukes

Moscow Says If Ukraine Gets Nukes Both It
And Poland Will Disappear With The Whole
Of Europe

West has right to give Ukraine nukes
Says Utterly Insane EU lawmaker

US DOD Admits There Are 46 US Military
BioWeapons labs in Ukraine! - Get It Now?

Russia accuses US of concealing data
on bioWeapons labs

Russia will soon request consultations with
BTWC countries on US bioWeapons labs

US should explain military biological activity
in former USSR countries - Foreign Ministry

Greek Community Reveals Details of
Atrocities of Azov Members in Mariupol

Over 1.8 mln people arrived in Russia
from DPR, LPR, and Ukraine - source

Watch - Russian Ka-52 Helicopters
Strike Ukrainian Army's Strongholds


The US is trying to use Ukraine as a test
lab for its drones, a move Russia is unlikely
to forget

Turner - Ukrainian Official Threatens West
… Says Ukraine Could 'Switch Sides'

Six people were killed in DPR shelling
By Ukes on June 10-11, 27 injured

Population of Mariupol halved since
beginning of fighting - Head of DPR

Ukes Have Little Ammo, Huge Casualties
Thin Lines And Propaganda

Zelensky Says Answer On EU Membership
Bid Is Imminent After Von der Leyen Visit

Ukraine hails Brit monarch with bizarre image

How Russian and Other Minority Languages
are Being Erased in Ukraine

Mariupol Verges On Cholera Outbreak As
Russians Struggle To Provide Services

Caring for people, bonds between confessions,
life areas make Russians invincible - Putin


West wants to ‘absolve’ itself from its
own crimes – Serbia

Head of DPR sees no reason to pardon
mercenaries sentenced to death

Anti-Russian actions of US ambassadors
can be compared to racketeering - Peskov

Fed’s Own Study Concluded Its Ban on
'Assault Weapons' Didn't Cut Gun Violence

Bipartisan Gun Deal Announced - No ‘Assault
Weapons' Ban, No Raised Minimum Rifle Age

Communist Michael Moore Calls for Full Repeal
of Second Amendment - 'You Don’t Need a Gun'

Biden Opposes Armed Teachers Because It’s
Not Easy to 'Blow Someone's Brains Out'

David Fraud Hogg - Putting More Cops in
Schools May Endanger Non-White Students

Biden Tries Blaming Russia for His Own
Energy Policy and Inflation Disasters

Watch - US Declares Energy Emergency...
100% Intentionally Created By Biden, et al


Anthony Sabatini Calls on Every Republican
to Denounce the World Economic Forum

Jim Jordan - Jan 6 Committee 'Has Altered
Evidence and Lied to the American People'

Black Sub-Animals Beat White 17 Yr Old To Death
Ethan Liming Was Playing Basketball Outside A
School In Akron, OH - Race Hate Crime Horror

Another Bright Black Mind At Work - Watch
These Types Do Not WANT Peace

Heat Dome Roasts 40 Million Across
Southwest Amid Power Blackout Threats

Medical School Launches Transgender
Nursing Program, Cites Women's Need
for Prostate Exams...

Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing
Plants Destroyed By/Under Biden Admin

Prepping for the upcoming Govt-Caused
Food Shortages And Health Crisis

Have You Prepared for the Coming
Food Catastrophe?

The Worst Economic Gloom In 50 Years
...All Created With Full Intent - US Is Being
Taken Down


Disney head of wokeness fired

Feds Bust 31 'Patriot Front' Members
For Planned Riot

US farmers struggle amid high fuel prices

US Govt reports prove Covid BioWeapon
injections can (DO) cause AIDS…And Are
Behind Sudden Deaths And Monkeypox

Dr Vernon Coleman - ‘Social Credit is coming
and it’s all part of The Great Reset plan’

Military Official Predicted mRNA COVID-19
Kill Shots Might Be Paused Over Troop Heart
Inflammation - (Permanent Heart Damage)

Paralysis Of Bieber’s Face cancels North
America tour dates - Watch For Further
Health issues In The 28 Year old

Studies Highlight Potential Long-Term
Impacts Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Teens

Visualizing Global Decline Of Fertility Rates

US looks into deaths linked to baby formula


Gonzo News Update - 6-12-22

Modalities Of Effecting Gene Therapy And
The Irresistible Great Gangster Reset Of TransHumanism

The Myth Of German Villainy - It Was All Lies

Watch - Sacramento firefighters fight their
first Tesla Car fire...that kept reigniting

Google Engineer Placed Claims An Artificial
Intelligence Chatbot Had Become Sentient

Google, PNC Bank Sponsor Drag Queen Story
Hour, Dance Show for Kids in Austin - Video

US tries to hide its activities in post-Soviet space

NASA's $10 Billion Space Telescope
Hit By Micro-Meteoroid

Truckers Warn Rocketing Diesel Making Supply
Chain And Trucking Industry Unsustainable

Inflation to Cost Families an Extra $5,520
A Year, Up from Last Projection


Average monthly apartment rent surges to
all-time high of $2,000, real estate firm says

Transportation SHOCKWAVES reverberate
as consumer demand plummets amid
unyielding INFLATION

Gas Prices Soar to Record High for 14th
Consecutive Day, over $5 Per Gallon

Goldman Sachs predicts oil will hit $140
a barrel this summer

Inflation, Oil Prices Will Continue Rise,
Crisis Fully Owned by Biden, Say Analysts

European Auto Industry Decries
EU Ban On Petrol Cars

Thousands of UK pubs may go bust

Jack Dorsey's TBD Presents Bitcoin
Based Decentralized Web5

NATO Must Confront Turkey's Human
Rights Abuses

NATO Working With Turkey, Nordics to
Address ‘Legitimate’ Concerns - Stoltenberg


Finland won’t join NATO without Sweden

Norway dumps NATO helicopter contract

Germany to Fund New War Machine

UK Queen’s Reign Now Second-Longest
in World History

Twitter Fumes Over Video of Met Police
'Punching Teen’ Suspect

UK set to break intl law – Sinn Fein chief

Greenwald Opines On Biden's 'Submissive -
And Revealing - Embrace Of Saudi Despots'

Senate Lawmakers Agree Outline of Bipartisan
Gun Deal With 'Modest' Curbs on Firearms Access

McDonald's reopens in Russia under new name

The Gulag Archipelago By Solzhenitsyn - pdf


Taiwan is open to Talks with China

New 'Unmanned Drone Mothership’
Could Benefit Chinese Navy

Oz Genocide - Healthy young people now dying
en masse across Australia, and the corporate
media still won’t dare mention vaccines

Rally Celebrating Russian-Indian Friendship
Held in India on Russia Day – Photo, Video

'Confront Government's Fascist Tactics’
Imran Khan Launches Tirade Against
Shehbaz Sharif's Regime

‘President' Juan Guaido was beaten by
angry crowd in a Venezuelan restaurant

Ship with 16,000 sheep onboard
sank in Sudan port - report

Alabama man convicted of littering after
placing flowers on fiancee's grave

Death Valley exceeds 120 F
...breaking record highs


Homeland Security Tells Us To Brace For
‘Mass Casualty Violence' As The US Enters
A Summer Of Extreme Chaos

Fox News Airs Segment Endorsing
And Encouraging Child Transgenderism
The Destruction Of The Human Race Is On

Govt Preparing For Complete Societal
Collapse…That’s The PLAN

US Journo - Media's U-Turn in Ukraine
Crisis Coverage Reflects West's Intention
to Abandon Kiev

Ex-DoD Officer - US, NATO Seek Peace
as Russian Military Victory in Ukraine is
All But Inevitable

WEF Puppet Zelensky - ‘I Love cocaine, it gives me
energy all day’ - Video

Rick from Portland
Obama Says Ukraine War Is ‘Far From Over’

We’re almost out of ammunition and
relying on western arms, says Ukraine

Pentagon Chief Dubs Ukraine 'Preview' of
'World of Chaos' to Justify US’ 300,000
Troop Presence in Asia

First Russian Passports Handed Out to
Ukrainians in Occupied South City Of Kherson


Gorlovka hospital blacked out by Uke Shelling

Ukrainian forces fire five more Grad
rockets into Donetsk’s residential
area, DPR says

Ukraine to get heavy German arms
on symbolic Nazi date

Scholz plans to visit Kiev in June alongside
Macron, Draghi - daily

Biden Throws Zelensky Under The Bus
Says He 'Brushed Off’ Invasion Warnings

Ukraine Fears It Might Lose Western
Support Over 'War Fatigue'

Watch - 'Alexa, when does WW3 Start?'

Lloyd Austin warns China's Wei Fenghe
to back off of Taiwan

Tucker Big Broadcast On The Jan 6
War Crimes Trial - Video

FBI Chief Comey Misled Congress Gang Of 8
Over Russiagate, Lisa Page Memo Reveals


Democratic Officials Reportedly Want to
Stop Biden From Running Again in 2024

Biden Approval Plummets To 22% Among
Young Adults, 24% Among Hispanics

Fake Jews, Real Jews, Khazars And Ukraine

DeSantis Aims To Target Gun ‘Lunatics’
...Not Guns

New Yorkers Hold March For Our
Lives in Support of Gun Control Laws

Epstein was murdered – Chelsea Manning

Heat Dome Roasts 40 Million Across
Southwest Amid Power Blackout Threats

Dr. Francis Boyle Says Monkey Pox was/is
Deliberately being released In Order To Use
Fear To Push The WHO Treaty Through

Top health official comments on how
monkeypox spreads

Albert Bourla…Neck Breathing Like A Reptile


Max Igan - Stupidly Demented Adults Syndrome

Genocide Planning For Oil And Gas Company
Employees Who Took The BioWeapon Injection

Airborne Prions Make A 100% Fatal Sniff
Of Mad Cow, Alzheimers, CJD, Etc

US buys more monkeypox vaccine as
global case count grows

Superb Pro-Gun Rant - Video

Edward Riordan Remote Viewed
Clotting Ahead... 5 Years Ago

Russian space chief speaks out on UFOs

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert News

US households are burning through savings at an
alarming rate, and could run out within months -
Families struggle to feed their children

Escobar - Will The Global South Break
Free From Dollarized-Debt?


The Seven Pillars Supporting The
Bitcoin Revolution

Ethereum Tumbles Below Holders
Average Cost Basis

Gasoline prices in Netherlands
hit all-time high

Austrian pork prices skyrocketing

How New EU Sanctions On Russia Will
Shake Up Global Energy Trade

US fuel prices surge past record mark
...All being Done intentionally

Biden Slams Exxon Mobil For Making
‘More Money Than God’ as Inflation
in US Hits 40 Year High

Luxury-Homes Sales Plunge 18% Amid
Interest Rate Shock

Communist Turdeau Says Using Using A Gun
In Self-Defense Is 'Not A Right That You Have’
...Days After Banning Handguns - Video

One in Six Germans Forced to Skip Meals
Thanks to Food Price Crunch: Survey


Germans warned of ‘difficult autumn’
and ‘tough winter’

Forget China, There's Now A Ship
Jam In The North Sea

Poland was too quick to sanction Russia

Italy responds to claim it tracked figures
with ‘pro-Kremlin’ views

Top EU official used poorly sourced disinfo
in attempt to smear Russia at UN

Finland Reportedly Stalling Extradition
of Alleged Terror Suspects to Turkey

Turkey to impose quotas on migrants

US policies led to ‘new G8’ – Moscow

Putin signs into law bills on annulling
compliance with ECHR rulings in Russia

Pentagon comments on ‘Asian NATO’


US Set to Beef Up Taiwan's Military Despite
Promise to Uphold Status Quo, Says
Pentagon Chief

Beijing Blasts US Over ‘Flagrant Plunder’
of Syria’s Resources ‘in Broad Daylight’

Russia Issues Unusually Bitter Condemnation
Of Israeli Attack On Damascus Airport

Iran Slams Israel Over Damascus Airport
Strike as Satellite Snaps Purportedly Show
Extent of Damage

Two Ships Found Near Spanish Galleon
Full of Gold Worth $17 Billion Off Colombia

Biden Admin Dropping COVID-Testing Requirements
For International Travel - What About All Those Who
Took The Shot And Are Now Dying, Dead Or Maimed?

Furious Trump turns on IVANKA after she told
Jan 6 committee she didn't believe the 2020
election was stolen

Trump’s daughter disowns his
election fraud claims

Trump’s daughter broke with him
on election fraud claims

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts
Lindsey Graham On Gun Control Vote

Comrade Obama - We have to ‘detoxify’ the
'scourge of disinformation and conspiracy
theories and hate online’ And only Follow
The communist-Democrat Party Line

SPLC Brags And Admits White Genocide
Was Planned For America for a Long Time

InfoWars' Alex Jones Appeared to Be Viewing
Tranny Marissa Minx Pornography While
Filming A Personal Wellness Segment!

Infowars, Prison Planet, IW Heath bankruptcy
tossed in deal with Sandy Hook parents - Personal
Suits Against Jones Continue

Hunter Biden paid full-time salary to
stripper who had his child - Depraved
Biden Family Has No End Of Surprises


Biden Pitches New Migrant Deal at
Summit of the Americas Amid Record
Surge in Invaders Surging Over Border

Destruction of America via Israel & Russia
An Interview with Trump Appointee

Zelensky's Inner Circle Buying Multi-Million
Dollar Mansions in Switzerland

Ukraine Safe-Passage Grain-Talks Fail,
Expect Still Higher Food Prices Globally

Ukraine torched 50,000 TONS of grain

Ukraine Belatedly Admits 'Heavy Casualty Rate’
In Appeal For More Weapons From West

West reacts to DPR’s death sentences
for foreign fighters

Lavrov - Death Penalty for Mercs in DPR Based
on Republic's Laws, Shouldn't Be Interfered With

Moscow clarifies status of UK
citizens sentenced to death

‘It takes two to tango’ but West is ‘busy
breakdancing alone’ – Lavrov


George Soros among ‘Instigators of war’
in Ukraine says Hungary’s Orban

Ukraine gives update on combat losses

Explosion Heard in Central Donetsk Near
DPR Head's Office - Videos

Ukrainian shelling leaves 22 dead – LPR

Ukraine Again using civilians as human shields

Big winners of West’s military spending
bonanza revealed – media

France will send more CAESAR howitzers
to Kiev, media reports

FBI 'Purging' Employees With Conservative
Views Says Rep. Jordan

Tucker Carlson Slams Jan 6 ‘Show Trial’
Reveals What May Push Americans to
Real Insurrection

Trump's Ex-Adviser Slams Liz Cheney
Over Handling of His Testimony


It's Worse Than Many Can Imagine - Kim
Dotcom Fears 'Controlled Demolition’
Enabling A ‘New Dystopian Future'

China tells US it’ll ‘fight at ALL costs’
for Taiwan

Is a Chinese Invasion Coming?

US is heavily reliant on China and
Russia for its ammo supply chain

Shimatsu - Prime Suspects In Uvalde Shooting
Are A Tranny And The Queer Boss Of DHS

Don’t Forget About The Talpiot program

Soaring Fertilizer Prices Unleash
Global Hunger And Chaos

Trilateral Commission Tightens Grip Over
US Defense Department

TruNews Real News, Latest News

America Has Over 100 Year Supply Of Oil Here
The energy Crisis Is All A Scam - Billionaire Says
'Somebody's On Path To Destroy America'


Snake River Dam Replacement Could
Run to $27.2 Billion

As the Great Salt Lake dries up, Utah faces
an ‘environmental nuclear bomb’

I can't believe it's come to this...

Drag Queen 'Child Grooming' Books Rewrite
Classic Children's Songs with 'Woke' Lyrics

How the Army can work around states
cracking down on abortion, tranny rights

Pop Singer Justin Bieber Injured By Vax
BioWeapon Genocide Shot - Suffers Severe
Face Paralysis - Cancels Concerts

MSM In damage control as more Americans get
sick and die after taking Covid Death Shots
As urged By MSM...

Over 800 In Montreal Receive Monkeypox Vax

112 Cases Of Monkeypox In Canada,
All Among Men Says Public Health Officer

Monkeypox can 'masquerade' as other
conditions with wide range of symptom


Monkeypox is Following the COVID
Plandemic Playbook Step by Step

Cancerous Tumors Appearing at BioWeapon
Injection Site - Another 'Vaccine' Side Effect

Dr. Russell Blaylock, Jeff Rense, Dr. Sherrie
Tenpenny - The story on the Vaccine

Sudden vaccines deaths are now so common
they’ve assigned a SYNDROME name for it
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

Experts warn of more animal disease threats

FL School District Accused Of Ordering Staff To
Hide Student ‘Gender Transitions’ From Parents

Photo shows bizarre figure lurking
outside Texas zoo

Dow drops 500 points as red-hot inflation
blows Right past expectations and drags
Wall Street down

Druckenmiller Warns of Bear Market
...Recession by 2023

Teamsters Warn Potential Work Stoppages Could
Have Major Impact On East Coast Food Industry


Yellen says restrictions on Moscow have
a ‘huge' impact on America’s soaring food
and energy prices

UK Farmers Say Food Supply May 'Grind to
a Halt’ as Major Fertilizer Plant Closes Over
Energy Crisis From Jackass Sanctions On Russia

Britain’s food supply at risk

Ukraine Safe-Passage Grain-Talks Fail,
Expect Still Higher Food Prices Globally

Avocado Prices Hit Fresh Record High
Amid 'Supply-Side Factors'

US Treasury chief proposes new oil
‘coalition’ against Russia

US Inflation Jumps to 8.6% in May,
Highest Rate Since 1981

A Shocked Wall Street Reacts To
Today's ‘Scary' CPI Print

Billionaires' Twitter-Spat Moves On After Gates
Downplays Shorting Tesla's Stock

AL GOP Voter Survey - Does this bother you?


Russia restores interest rate to February mark

EU 'Fragmentation' Accelerates As Markets
Test Lagarde's 'Whatever It Takes' Moment

German Economy Minister Warns of 'Very Tough’
Autumn, Winter in Terms of Energy Supplies

US wants Serbia to ditch Russian gas

Latvia to see gas tariffs double

Hungary's Orban issues grim warning
about European economy

Hungary supports financing peace,
not war in Ukraine, PM says

Serbia unable to join EU without recognizing
Kosovo — Scholz

Erdogan Threatens Greece Over ‘Militarizing'
Aegean Islands: "Come To Your Senses"

Brussels - Anti-Russia Sanctions Raise Questions
About Sustainability of EU's Financial Model


China will ‘not hesitate to start a war’
over Taiwan - Defense spokesman

Beijing warns - ‘If Taiwan torn away from mainland
...China won’t hesitate to go to war’

Lloyd Austin Warns Chinese Defense Chief
To Halt 'Destabilizing Actions' Aimed At
Taiwan In 1st Meeting

Beijing cautions Pentagon not to meddle
in China’s domestic affairs

China Blasts US for Instigating Confrontation
with India Amid Progress in Border Talks

China rejects Wuhan lab leak theory
...calls for investigating US facilities

China demands full information about
US biolabs in Ukraine

NZ Doctors Demand Police ‘Investigate
Deaths Following Covid Vaccinations'

'Era of Impunity is Over': Why is India Facing
the Heat of Islamic Nations?

Muslim Protests Rock India After BJP Spox
Comments on Prophet Mohammad - Video


Two Killed in Indiscriminate Firing Near Bangladesh High Commission in India - Video

New Legislation Will Join Missile Defense
Of Israel & Gulf States Against Iran

Over 170,000 Israelis march in Tel Aviv 2022
Pride Parade - Spread That Monkey Pox!

Israeli jets said to strike targets south
of Damascus for second time this week

Damascus Int'l Airport Flights Suspended
Following Israeli Airstrike, Source Says

Globalization And The Geopolitical Utility
Of Forced Migration And Miscegenation

White House Presents COVID-19 ‘Vaccination’
(Bio-Weapon) Plan for Children Under Five
….This Is Pure Satanic Infanticide

More Members Of White House Press Team
Departing As Biden Approval Rating Hits
Record Low

More Calamity At The White House As
Press Office Takes Another Massive Hit

Russia warns of Ukrainian false-flag
chemical attack

Pentagon Explains How It Will Train Ukes To
Use HIMARS - As US Continues To Push
Russia Into Potential Nuclear War

Uke Army Decimated As Russian Army
Crosses Seversky Donets River - Combat
Videos Show Fighting

British mercenary says he was ‘duped’
into Ukraine conflict by Western media

Brit sentenced to death in Donetsk issues
warning to aspiring foreign mercenaries

Three Foreign Mercenaries Who Fought for
Ukraine Condemned to Death by DPR’s
Supreme Court

Instigators of Donbass war to be punished along
with mercenaries — Crimean official


UK Outraged After 2 British 'Mercenaries' Handed
Death Sentences By Donetsk Court

London vows to cooperate with Kiev to secure
release of British nationals convicted in DPR

Ukrainian War Criminals Will Pay!

Convicted mercenaries have 30 days to
appeal death sentence — Donetsk leader

Moscow vows immediate response if Kiev uses
long-range systems against Russia, says envoy

Russia warns of Ukrainian false-flag
chemical attack

Russian diplomat says US policies
aimed at rival EU, not Moscow or Beijing

Lavrov castigates West’s ‘fierce resistance’
to multipolar world formation

Ukrainian residents may get Russian
citizenship in Zaporozhye

Ukraine-bound arms ending up on black market,
surfacing in Syria, says Russian envoy


Pentagon Explains How It Will Train Ukes To
Use HIMARS - As US Continues To Push
Russia Into Potential Nuclear War

Uke Army Decimated As Russian Army
Crosses Seversky Donets River - Combat
Videos Show Fighting

US House Passes More Gun Control
Legislation to Establish Federal 'Red Flag' Laws

Joy Behar Faces Ridicule For Saying 'Once
Black People Get Guns In This Country, The
Gun Laws Will Change'

American lawmakers demand explanations
from gun manufacturers

House Dems Blocking Bill to Give SCOTUS
Justices More Security Despite Attempted
Murder of Kavanaugh

Activists Plan To Block Entrances And
'Shut Down’ Supreme Court To Prevent
Expected Roe vs Wade Ruling

More Members Of White House Press Team
Departing As Biden Approval Rating Hits
Record Low

Spain admits chemtrail spraying!

Calls for Chuck Schumer's Impeachment over
Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt


Ted & Austin Broer Radio Show Highlights
for June 8, 2022 - Outstanding

Biden Silently Raised (engine-killing)
Ethanol Requirements in Gasoline

George Soros is Funding a Massive Media
Takeover to Try and Stem the Hispanic
Losses on the Left

Summer of death - The world is staring
down a summer of disasters

Communist House Passes Tyrannical Gun Bill
Includes Magazine Capacity Bans And Other
Egregious Abuses of Power

US faces new crisis after baby
formula shortage

International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist Order
against Neural Monitoring Genocidal Conspiracy by
WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau et al and Mandates
Constitutional Law Enforcement of Tribunal Order

Is January 6 2021, A False-Flag State Terrorism Event
like 9/11? Tribunal of Conscience finds FBI-Government
Human Rights violations Crimes against Humanity
June 9, 2022 US Congressional Hearings akin to
'Stalin-era Show Trials'

Simulated Capitol ‘Insurrection’ - FBI-DHS-Staged
False Flag Fraud To Incite Civil War 2.0 (12 videos,
1/8/21 – 6/8/22; 1 article, 6/14/21 Nail It!)

Sheriff’s Departments Behind The Gangstalking
Harassment: Brave TI Testifies (5/18/22): Partial
Transcription Comments and Comments To ‘Circle
of Snakes' by Bobby Towers


Youth Blood Harvesting - Another ‘Conspiracy
Theory’ Vindicated as Fact

Gas Prices Are So High, Police Told to
‘Respond' to 911 Calls By Phone

What Gates is paying leading Euro media to do

WHO Warns There’s A 'Real Risk' Monkeypox
Will Become 'Established' Outside Africa
...If They Want It To, It Will…Simple

Physicians Sue FDA Over ‘Crusade’
Against Ivermectin

Musk's starlink Internet firm enters
business in Ukraine

NASA Announces 9 Month Study of
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Man Paragliding With Black Vulture
Astonishes Internet - Video

Gas Prices Soar to National Average
of $5 per Gallon

Labor Market On Edge - Jobless Claims
Jump Most Since Last July, Hit 5 Month High


The Food Shortage Solution in
Your Own Backyard

Why People Are Flipping Out Over
Target’s Inventory

Buy These 27 Items NOW - Before They
Sell Out Forever (Video)

Trafigura CEO Warns Of ‘Parabolic’
Blowoff Top In Crude As Worst Of
Energy Crisis Just Ahead

DataTrek - Oil Prices Hitting $140 Would
Mean Recession In The Next 12-18 Months

Oil Price Charts

Gas prices in Europe surpass $1,000
following explosion at US LNG plant

US Pump Price of Gasoline Exceeds National
Average of $5/Gallon First Time Ever

UK gasoline prices soaring

How Money Printing Destroyed Argentina
And Can Destroy Others


Good times over for EU citizens – think tank

Greek inflation rockets to 30 year high

‘Shrinkflation’ hits consumers worldwide – AP

How To Protect Yourself From Davos Man

Swiss National Council Approves Revision of
Law to Allow Imposing Sanctions Independently

US faces new crisis after baby
formula shortage – Time

UN warns of global food ‘catastrophe’

Bad harvest forecast for EU

Georgia avoids risk of new conflict by not giving
weapons to Ukraine — defense minister

Paris Police Chief Says Tear-Gassing of
Football Fans at Champions League Final
Was a 'Mistake'


UK Blocking Case of Possible Wiretapping
of Assange, Reports Say

'I'm Not Joking': Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens
Greece Over Alleged Arming of Aegean Islands

NATO boss cancels visit to Germany

Survey shows attitudes of Poles to

Poland's Kaczynski raises German
remilitarization threat

Russia’s grain harvest can be over
130 mln tonnes this year — Putin

Russian fisheries will replace Japanese
in waters near Kurils islands — Deputy PM

No middle way between being independent
country and colony, Putin says

Putin points to boomerang effect of sanctions

Putin Mocks West for Naming Inflation
After Him


Those who curtail business to leave
Russia will regret it — Putin

Putin cancels requirement of 50% currency
revenues sale by exporters

Gas for rubles strategy working successfully
...Dmitry Peskov says

Countries rejecting gas-for-rubles arrangement
cut off from supplies, says Kremlin

Russia filling up rainy-day fund

Creation of Russia's Technological Sovereignty to
Be Discussed at SPIEF, Kremlin Says

Alexey Grivach - With soaring energy prices,
the specter of stagflation haunts the world

YouTube bans Russians who pranked
George Bush

US Approves Possible $120M Arms
Sale to Maintain Taiwan Warships

Saudis Building Gold Refineries,
China Just Smiles


India to Reopen More Than 100 Coal Mines

Hindu Temple, Deities Idols Vandalised
in Karachi, Pakistan

India in Damage Control After Officials
Divisive Remarks on Islam Enrage Mideast

Video - Bridge Washed Away in India After
Heavy Rains and Floods

Why Summit of the Americas Boycott Is Another
Step Towards Latin America’s Integration

Biden Informs Venezuela's ‘Interim’ President
Juan Guaido Of Plans To Ease Sanctions On

Assad explains why Syria is sticking
with Russia

IAEA Chief Warns of 'Fatal Blow' to JCPOA
Talks as Iran Switches Off 27 Cameras
at Nuclear Sites

Michigan Police Officer Charged With Murder
for Shooting Death of Patrick Lyoya

US Senator suggests using cocaine in response
to fuel crisis


US spies urged to buy more private intelligence

Communist WaPo Columnist Claims Blacks
Should Flee US Due to 'Crazy' Whites

Globalization And The Geopolitical Utility
Of Forced Migration And Miscegenation

Uke Army Decimated As Russian Army
Crosses Seversky Donets River - Combat
Videos Show Fighting

Russian air defenses down two Uke
MiG-29 fighters, Mi-8 helicopter

Russia, Turkey highlight need to ensure
security in Black Sea, says Lavrov

Russian diplomat says Kiev still
recruiting foreign mercenaries

Powerful Explosion Hits Central Donetsk

US expert's claims regarding partition of
Ukraine inappropriate, diplomat says

Moscow-Kiev talks must be resumed before
Putin, Zelensky can meet, says Lavrov

Ukraine keeps US in the dark on military

Britain has not contacted Russia to discuss
mercenaries’ future — Kremlin


British, Moroccan citizens, charged in
DPR with mercenarism, partially admit guilt

We Are Now Fighting The War Of The Ages
The Global State vs Free People

Mortgage demand falls to the lowest
level in 22 years

Massive US oil refinery on track to shut
down amid fuel shortages, record prices

Supply-chain interruptions prompt
shortage of pet food nationwide

Protecting Yourself from Bullets is Now
Illegal in NY as State Outlaws Body Armor
(Bullet proof Vests) - Another outrage

First Monkeypox Patient to Go Public Suspects
He Caught Virus From One of 'Around Ten’ Recent
Gay Sex Partners

George Soros Buys Up All Spanish-Speaking
Radio Stations in America Ahead Midterms

Texas LNG Export Terminal Shuttered For
Three Weeks After Explosion

The Scourge Of Abortion


6,000 People Reportedly Join ‘Migrant Caravan
of the Year’ En Route From Mexico to US

Biden to Announce 'Partnership for Economic
Prosperity' in Americas

Man Intending To Kill Kavanaugh Arrested Near
Justice's House - White House Deputy Spox
Caught Lying

San Francisco Ousts Soros-Backed
Uber-Progressive DA In Recall Vote

Healthy young people are dying suddenly
and unexpectedly from mysterious syndrome

Australia To Forcibly Vax Citizens
...Via Chemtrails

Doctors trying to determine why many young
people are suddenly dying - Gosh, wonder Why

AI Again Creates its own language that no
Human can understand

Russia-Turkey trade doubles

Biden Food And Fuel Crisis - It's The Policy, Stupid


Watch - EV-Driving Dem Senator Says It
'Doesn't Matter How High Gas Prices Are'

Watch - White House Tells Americans They
Have It Better Than Europeans On Gas Prices

EU forced to deal with Biden price hikes,
says Duma speaker

UK Could be Worst Hit by Economic
Fallout From Ukraine Conflict

Rickards: The Real Reason Why Gold Has Stumbled

US wants to seize Russian billionaire’s planes

Sweden Says No More Money for
Crisis-Ridden SAS Airline

Russian crude supply to US has almost doubled
despite Washington’s Oil ban – Moscow

EU cashing in on cheap Russian oil

OPEC+ Is Struggling With Oil Production
Hikes, UAE Admits


US seeks to ban Russian uranium

US Reportedly Mulls Sanctions Waiver for
Belarus Potash Fertilizer to Get Ukrainian
Grain Out

UKE grain is just 1% of global supply – Russia

Kiev says 'No grain will go anywhere’
unless Ukraine’s security is ensured

Rising fertilizer prices to lead to crop shortages

Germans warned of further food price hikes

One Killed, Up to 30 Injured as Vehicle
Plows Into Crowd in Berlin

Lethal Berlin car crash was not accidental

Angela Merkel Offers Explanation for
Her Mysterious Shaking Fits

Harvey Weinstein to be Charged With Two
Counts of Indecent Assault On Woman in UK


US violates international law – Russia

New law targeting LGBT propaganda
introduced in Russia

Moscow vows tit-for-tat response if US
continues hounding Russian media

Russia to respond to France’s ban on three
Russian TV channels, Foreign Ministry says

Moldova is being pushed towards cooperation
with NATO — Russian Foreign Ministry

Ex-Moldovan president urges opposition to
conduct mass protests, calls for change of power

British mercenary’s notepad unveils details
of mass grave with 280 civilians near Kiev

Turkey’s NATO wish list revealed by media

Australia to 'Review’ 99 Year Lease of Darwin
Port to Chinese Company, PM Albanese Says

India Mulls Operating Launch Facilities in
Australia to Expand Space Capability in Pacific


Russia working on financial mechanisms
for cooperation with Latin America — Ministry

6,000 People Reportedly Join ‘Migrant Caravan
of the Year’ En Route From Mexico to US

Iran turns off IAEA surveillance cameras at
nuclear sites not based on NPT Treaty

Train derailment leaves at least 17 dead

Iran's Shanghai Pact Single Currency Proposal May
Undermine Impact of US Sanctions, Expert Says

Tombstones, Walls in Israeli Holocaust Museum
Defaced With Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Cokehead Zelensky Rules Out Ceding Territory
to End War, Assuring More Unnecessary Blood
Shed and Mass Destruction

Russian State TV Warns of Nuclear War
That Only 'Mutants' Will Survive

#Russian Guard returned home from #Ukraine
Russia is rotating troops and resting them - Vid

Russian Army adding new equipment to
support ongoing efforts in Donbass

Biden Begging For Apocalypse provokes Putin
to strike US, NATO cities with new long-range
weapons that might include nukes or EMPs

Russian army deliberately refrained from
shelling retreating Ukrainian soldiers near
Svyatogorsk - Russian Honor And Integrity
...But At What Cost?

Kremlin Declares 'Land Bridge’ Complete
From Western Russia To Donbass To Crimea

Russia calls out nationalist regime in Kiev
as hostile to values of Ukrainians

Russian forces wipe out Norway-supplied
artillery gun, US howitzers in Ukraine

Russia brings war crime charges
against Ukrainian officer


How Russia Can De-NATO Europe

the West must accept that Putin will win

Ukraine Envoy Blasts Israel For Refusing
To Send Arms

Inside Raven Rock Mountain Complex,
Biden's Bunker in Face of Nuclear War

Why Is The US-Led West So Afraid
Of Lavrov Visiting Serbia?

Morale of Biden and staff plummeting

Biden declares US energy emergency
All Planned, All By Design

Did Yellen Just Signal Gold-Grab Over
Russian Sanctions Loophole?

15,000 Invaders Approaching US Border
Now Featuring Indians and Africans

Hunter's Hooker Scored $20,000 PPP
Loan As Biden Entered White House


California Lawmakers Want To Buy Up Water
Rights And Cut Farming To Stave Off Drought

Infectious, Fatal Prion Disease In Deer Known As
CWD (Mad Cow) Is Commonly Spread To Other Deer,
Moose and Elk, Etc - See Prion Life Cycle Graphic

Biden admin issues 69 citations to
hospitals for defying COVID-19 vas mandate

CDC withdraws mask recommendation
against monkeypox after backlash

26 Yr Old Football Player Dies After
Two Heart Attacks

NATO To Kick Off Baltic War Games
With Finland, Sweden

In Latest Flailing Attempt To Slow Soaring
Energy Costs, Biden Invokes Defense
Production Act To Push Green Agenda

500,000 UK Small Businesses Could
Imminently Go Bust

Container shipping data shows US
demand for imports is falling hard

Excessive Intervention Exacerbates Global
Food Shortages


Turkey gets discount on Ukrainian grain

Ukrainian grain exported via port of Constanta,
President of Romania confirms

Sri Lanka Mulls Introducing Fuel Coupon
System as PM Ranil Warns of Looming
Food Crisis

US seeks to keep Russian oil flowing to market
but limit Moscow’s revenue

Oil Refinery CEO Warns of US’ 'Destruction’
Unless Biden Boosts Domestic Crude Output

Ukraine looks to import American LNG

Exxon Soars Above $100 For The First
Time In 8 Years And Just Off Record High,
As Wall Street Rushes In

US National Gas Average Approaches $5
As 'A Little Demand Destruction’ Emerges

Russia’s inflation under control, currently
standing at zero, affirms Putin

Yellen - Biden’s Inflation Forecast for 2023
Needs to Be Higher Than 4.7% in Budget


The Fed Will Hike Again Next Week
And It Won't Help Inflation

BoJo May Only Last Months After Scraping
No-Confidence Vote, UK Prof Says

English Paratroopers Caught on Camera
Having an Orgy at Their Barracks

Involving kids in drag-queen shows is
deviance, not Pride

Canadian Gun Stores Report Panic Buying
Following Trudeau's Plan To Ban Handgun Sales

Primary school pupils to be offered insects
to eat in 'alternative protein' study

UK upgrades monkeypox threat

Russia and Serbia to make their cooperation
more all-embracing, substantial - envoy

Serbs Outraged by Disruption of Lavrov’s
Visit, Russian Ambassador Says

Flight ban for Russia's Lavrov sparks
Montenegro row


Serbia blames ‘hysteria’ for failed
Lavrov visit

Russia - EU, not Moscow, refusing to
acknowledge Ukraine conflict truth

Russia may expand ‘treason’ definition

Materials collected over 8 years to serve
as basis for court martial of Ukrainian military

'Drown Russians in Drugs’ - How Ukraine
Unleashed a Hybrid War on Russia

Zelensky aide berates Germany

Ukraine to ban Tolstoy’s masterpiece
‘War and Peace’

NATO against giving nuclear
guarantees for Russia

American weapons will ensure more
deaths in Ukraine, but won’t change
the conflict’s eventual outcome

Poland teases record arms deal with Ukraine


Belgian Families Hosting Ukrainian
Refugees Complain of Exhaustion

Russia's Victory in Ukraine is Needed for
Stability and Survival of Middle East - Journo

China secretly building Navy base
…In Cambodia

US creates fakes about China building base
in Cambodia to put pressure on it - diplomat

US & S.Korean Jets In Large 'Show Of
Force' As White House Warns Kim Against
Nuclear Test

China Warns Australia to Stop Military
Provocations in South China Sea

Beijing Urges IAEA Member States to
Participate in Discussions on AUKUS

‘Threatened Sovereignty’ - China Slams
Australia for Flying P-8 Spy Plane Over
Paracel Islands

Japan Upping Ante on Taiwan Question,
NATO Expansion Causes Concern in Asia-Pacific

Taiwanese F-16 Crash-Lands at Hawaii
Airport in Ninth Crash in 2 Years


Chinese top diplomat slams calls ‘forcing
to take a side’ in Ukrainian conflict

China Finalizing First Space Station Amid
Plans for Manned Flights to Moon & Mars

Australia's Biggest Rate Hike In 22 Years
Sends Aussie Up For Just A Minute

India's Hyderabad Jolted After Wave
of Adolescent Rapes

College in India’s Karnataka Suspends
23 Female Students Over Protest for
Wearing Hijabs

'No Longer US Backyard’ - Latin America
Sends United Message

More than 200,000 face starvation in Somalia
as rains fail - UN

China could put 1,000 nukes in range of US,
Europe with bullet-train missile launchers

Biden puts gender wokery before school meals

Creeper Biden Seething That His Standing
Is Now Worse Than Trump’s

Dekalb Co. Recount Shows Massive Difference
Between Machine Count And Hand Count From
May 24th Primary - Election Results Changed,
Electronic Database Suspected

Biden 'Badly Under Water On All Of The
Top Issues'

Morale of Biden and his staff plummeting

Adam Schiff Teases 'Unseen' Evidence Over
J6 Riot Though Adviser To Committee Says
No 'Smoking Gun'

Superb Professional Update And Overview Of
The Battle for Donbass - Video

Putin On TV Warns If Western Deliveries Of
Weapons To Ukraine Continue 'We Will Strike
Targets That Have Not Yet Been Struck’

Ukrainians flood Europe with NATO
arms shipments


Another Shocking Warning - Top Russian
Official Warns 'Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
Are Already On Their Way’

Medvedev Tells Ukraine To Cut Back On
Cocaine Use And Negotiate Before It Loses
Total Sovereignty

Ex-CIA Analyst: US Military Aid Not a Game
Changer for Kiev Ukraine Has Already Lost

Nuland-Pyatt 2014 Ukraine Coup
...Leaked Phone Call - Listen

Zelensky Claims Ukraine Being Pressed
Into Concessions To Moscow

Russia-Ukraine war latest - Sievierodonetsk sees
‘fierce street fighting’ Zelenskiy says - Update

Russia may strike Ukraine’s government
buildings if Kiev gets rocket systems

Moscow to move threat further away if
long-range weapons supplied to Kiev - Lavrov

DPR says Ukraine shelled Donetsk from
NATO standard 155 mm artillery

Russia's UN Envoy Says Western Long
Range Artillery, Rocket Systems Hitting
Donbass Civilians


Videos of alleged Donetsk strike aftermath
emerge online

DPR head won’t rule out capital punishment
for British mercenaries on trial in DPR

Zelensky says he has enough powers
to introduce visas for Russians

Zelensky says he discussed military aid,
security guarantees with UK’s Johnson

Kiev calls Zaporozhye residents traitors,
giving up region, says regional official

Kiev’s being pressed into concessions
to Moscow – Zelensky

New Alaska Light Infantry Brigade Will
Replace Army's 320 Scrapped Strykers

One of the Largest Egg Factories in the US
Torched at Night Amid Outbreak of Fires in
Food Processing Facilities Across the Nation

Nixon’s Plan to Threaten the CIA on
JFK’s Assassination


Buttigieg Claims Biden's Actions Haven’t
Contributed To Gas Price Doubling

Biden 'Badly Under Water On All Of
The Top Issues’ - ABC Poll Finds

White House’s Media 'Honeymoon' Over
as Biden Struggles to Improve Image

Morale of Biden and his staff plummeting

Adam Schiff Teases 'Unseen' Evidence Over
J6 Riot -- Though Adviser To Committee
Says No 'Smoking Gun'

Poll shows shift in views on Trump’s
role in Jan 6 riot

Gov Newsom Ignores Lax Safety Practices
at California Public Schools

Today’s Extreme Tyranny Caused by Mass Voluntary
Compliance - What We Face Now Is Pure,Totalitarian
Madness, as People Remain Indifferent To Their Fate

Neural 'Poisonous Flowers' Could Be Source
of Alzheimer's Plaque, Says Study

17 III Corps soldiers booted out in May
for refusing ‘vaccine' Death Injection


Yeadon Speaks About This world of frauds

The Accurate Doomsday Prophecy of
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

Japanese Cardio Surgeon - Stop COVID
Vaccine Boosters Now Due to Serious Risk

Swedish Scientists Find New Rodent
Coronavirus Strain, Potential To Migrate
to Humans

EMFs from standard WiFi (2.5 GHz - 5 GHz)
cause Protein Misfolding And Amyloidosis

Looks like FDA will not be granting
an EUA for NovaVax...

Two Countries - There is No Possible Explanation
Except That Covid Bioweapon Shots and Boosting
is Directly Driving Infections and Fatalities Now

Vaxed Female pro golfer Nelly Korda DARE
NOT say the ‘V' word when speaking about
her Near Fatal blood clot

TWO New Studies Show Link Between
Incurable CJD Prion Brain Disease And
The Covid Bioweapon Kill Shot

Microplastics From Many Sources visible
in the lungs of the autopsied


Ivermectin is a powerful anti-cancer remedy,
9 peer-reviewed studies conclude

‘Unprecedented’, ‘Remarkable’ - Cancer Study
Leaves Every Patient Cancer-Free

Twitter Vows to 'Cooperatively Share
Information' After Musk Threatens to Abort Deal

The Next Big Merger - Governments
and Technology

Pelosi’s trading is just uncanny - She literally
nailed the exact NASDAQ bottom on May 24th
buying those $AAPL and $MSFT calls

Follow Dat Money! 26 Goldman Sachs
Alumni Who Run the World (GS)

First Guns, Then They Will Come For
Your Gold

Global oil price jumps amid supply fears

Citi And Barclays Capitulate On Bearish
Crude Views, Raise Oil Price Forecasts

Biden Declares Emergency Over Threat
of Power-Generating Shortages


Perfect Storm Of Factors Sends US
Natural Gas Prices Soaring

Biden Mandates More (Engine-Killing) Ethanol
In Gasoline, Expect Many Negative Problems

US allows Venezuelan oil exports to Europe

Gas price in Europe down below $900 per
1,000 cubic meters first time since February

Turkey to Build Deepwater Facility for Gas
Production in Black Sea, Reports Say

Corporate jets to escape EU’s ‘green’
aviation fuel tax – The Irish Times

Poles told to forage for wood to heat homes

Play stupid games, end up dead

UK Faces 'Massive Political Vacuum' As Boris
Johnson 'No Confidence' Vote Looms

How Johnson Could Win a No-Confidence
Vote But Still Lose Power


Mexican president officially quits
US-led summit

Is This The Stupidest Thing The UN
Has Ever Done?

Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years
in Prison For Saying Biological Men
Can’t Be Lesbians

Ukrainian victory not in the cards
Says former US top official

Germany doesn’t trust Zelensky – Der Spiegel

Eastern Germans oppose anti-Russian course

German spies believe Russia could soon
seize Donbass

Collapse of CIS is West’s long-term aim

West uses Ukraine as pretext to try to
derail Russia, says security official

West wants to resolve electoral tasks by
‘dumbing down’ voters, Russian top diplomat


Hostile attitude to Russia prevails in
Italian media, Russian envoy says

Russia has never posed threat to Finland
or Sweden — Kremlin spokesman

Russia interested in nuclear arms talks
with US — Kremlin spokesman

Moscow will not have face-to-face contacts
with NATO countries in near future - Lavrov

Ukraine refuses to hold peace talks with
Russia on Western instructions - Lavrov

South Korean Companies Ready to Buy
Foreign Businesses Leaving Russia

Putin identifies Western incompetence as
culprit of global inflation

For Russia 2020s will become period of
fortifying economic sovereignty, says Putin

Sales of new cars and LCVs in Russia
fall by 83.5% in May

Results of Mir cards introducted in Latin
American states expected shortly


US, South Korea Fire 8 Ballistic Missiles In
Rare Mirror Response To North

US issues nuclear warning to North Korea

3 Chinese Astronauts Dock At New Space
Station For Six Month Stay

China Willing to 'Cooperate' With Australia and
New Zealand in Pacific Region, Wang Yi Says

Power Games in the South Pacific? Why China
Looks to Sign Security Deals With Island Nations

China Warns Canadian Spy Planes Against
‘Adventurist’ Moves Amid Tense Close-in Flights

IAEA thinks that North Korea may be
preparing for nuclear test

Sri Lanka Court Lifts Ban on Russia’s
Aeroflot-Operated Aircraft From Leaving
Colombo Airport

India wants more Russian oil – media

BJP is Leading the Nation Into a Civil War,
Former Indian State Chief Says


India’s BJP Faces Backlash for Punishing
Spokeswoman, Local Media Chief Over
Anti-Islamic Remarks

Indian Islamic Group Protests After Probe
Agency Freezes Bank Accounts

Indian Cops Face Action for Allegedly
Putting Stick Inside Muslim Man’s Anus

Gulf Nations Summon India's Envoys as
Massive Outrage Erupts Over Alleged
Anti-Islam Remarks

Mexican president officially quits
US-led summit

Iraqi Court Sentences Briton to 15 Years
Behind Bars for Artefact Smuggling

Transnistrian investigators report sabotage
against peacekeepers

EU carries out hybrid aggression to
deprive Belarusians of sovereignty

Over 77% of Kazakh voters support
constitutional amendments

Russian official says simmering conflict
in Nagorny Karabakh benefitted US


NATO needs Montenegro, North Macedonia
for containing Russia — Lavrov

Official says US flight from Afghanistan
'lesson for countries willing to host NATO bases'

NATO Countries Surrounding Serbia Blocked
Russian FM's Plane In 'Hostile Action'

Vucic expresses dissatisfaction with
circumstances of cancellation of Lavrov's visit

Moscow invites Serbia’s top diplomat to
pay official visit, says Foreign Minister Lavrov

US military BioWarfare Labs create system of
dependence on US - Duma Deputy Speaker

France and the EU blew it in Africa
and are trying to blame Russia

'We Believe in Jesus’ Tampa Bay Baseball
Players Say No to ‘Pride Night’

WaPo Forced To Issue Numerous Corrections
To Recent Taylor Lorenz Article About YouTubers


Putin, On TV, Warns if Western Deliveries Of
Weapons To Ukraine Continue 'We Will Strike
Targets That Have Not Yet Been Struck’

Another Shocking Warning - Top Russian
Official Warns 'Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
Are Already On Their Way'

Russia transitioning from 'special operation’
in Ukraine to taking aim at all of NATO in a
sweeping 'demilitarization' move

How Many More Russian Red Lines
Can Be Crossed Before Nuclear
Armageddon Arrives?

Surprise Uke Counterattack retakes half of
Contested Severodonetsk - Russia Hits Kiev

Infamous Secret Speech By Comrade
Chi Haotian, Vice-Chairman Of China’s
Military Commission - They Hate Us

Sanctions On Russia Backfire On West
...Massive Stupidity Or Globalist Plan?

China Could Starve US Military-Industrial
Complex of Ability to Build Weapons With
One Move - Report

US to China - We're hosting world's largest
naval exercise in Pacific

Preparing - US Gun Sales Top 1 Million For
The 34th Straight Month


CA #1 in Gun Control And #1 in ‘Active
Shooter events

Another Planned Shooting - 3 Dead,
14 wounded in Chattanooga, TN

Almost All Gun Violence in Mobile, AL Is
Committed by Blacks - Black On Black
Violence Exploding

GOP Cites 'Skewed' Voting as AZ Woman Pleads
Guilty to Illegal Early Ballot Collection Scheme

Elon Musk Wonders Why DOJ Hasn't Leaked
Epstein Client List - And Media Doesn't Care

Hunter Biden Ex-Wife’s Memoir Reveals
How She Found Out About hunter's Affair
With Brother Beau Biden’s Widow

Monkey Pox Update - 'War Game’ Scenario
Planning - The Controlled Media Have No
Shame - Dr. Robert Malone

mRNA BioWeapon Injections targeting our
and mass depopulation

Canadians Determined To Stay Vax Free
Outmaneuver Trudeau’s Absurd Mandates

Wolf - The Covid BioWeapon Injection leads to
an excess number of deaths in newborns
and unborn children


Dramatic Rise In 'Sudden Adult Death
Syndrome’ - Vax Deaths

Moderna Gets Its Miracle

Musk's Twitter Deal Clears Regulatory
Waiting Period, Closer To Ownership

Musk Wonders Why DOJ Hasn't Leaked
Epstein Client List - Media Doesn't Care

Researchers Create E-Skin Capable
Of Feeling Pain

Doctors Transplant 3D Printed Ear Made
From Patient’s Own Cells

Dotcom - Major global economic
collapse Is coming

China's EVERGRANDE is now officially
in ‘Default’

Biden Instructs Team to Look Into
Lowering Tariffs on Imports From
China, Commerce Secretary Says

How Gold Can Jump $500 An Oz In Days
...If Not Hours


Austrian Monetary Gold Transfer From
London To Switzerland, Planned In 2015
Still Hasn't Arrived

‘World war for bread’ underway – Italy

Russia faces more sanctions – Poland

Russia’s counter sanctions may
cost Germany billions of euros

Half a million small businesses in
Britain could go bust

Germany facing cigarette deficit – media

Price of Beer in London Hits Record
High As Inflation Kicks In

Russia ramps up gas supply to China

Gasoline prices soaring in Spain

Diesel Once Again Racing Higher
Than Prices For Crude Oil, Gasoline


Anti-Green Blowback - ESG Funds Suffer
Biggest Monthly Outflows On Record

The Great Robo-placement? Workplace
Robot Orders Jump 40% In First Quarter

Communist Turdeau wants 'new tools' to
tackle online ‘misinformation'

Spain ready to supply heavy arms to Ukraine
– El Pais

Europe is panicking over conflict in Ukraine
- Erdogan

Turkey’s stance on Sweden, Finland’s accession
to NATO remains unchanged - Erdogan

Finland, Sweden Should Stop ‘Wasting NATO’s
Time’ Over Bid, Turkish Politician Tells Swedish Media

One Person Dead Amid Heavy Rains,
Thunderstorm in France, Reports Say

Massive leak alleges deep-state
Brexit conspiracy

BoJo ‘On The Brink’ as 'No-Confidence’
Letters Reach Crucial 54 Mark - Media Reports


Shanghai in CHAOS as residents flee city After
rollback of COVID restrictions - Fearing CCP
Might Lock Them In Their Homes Again

Aussie Spy Plane Engines Ingested Chinese Chaff
During Intercept in S China Sea, Canberra Claims

Pakistani Security Agencies on High Alert Amid
Rumours of Assassination Plot on Imran Khan

Israel Warns It Will Use 'Right To Self-Defense’
To Keep Nukes Out Of Iran

How Israel’s 1967 war paved the way
for the turmoil in today's Middle East

Iraq Intercepts Light Aircraft Carrying One
Million 'Jihad Pills', Report Says

Clashes Between Muslims, Israeli Police Erupt
on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Reports Say

Over 50 People Reportedly Killed
in Church Attack in Nigeria

'He Bragged How He Loved to Shoot Anything’
Cats Shot Dead at USAFB in South Korea


British Bishop - 'Russia is the Last Obstacle
to the One World Government'

Nuclear war can't be ruled out
Says ex-Russian president

Russian Senator Urges Missile Strikes
on US Bases in Europe

Ukes Shell Residential Donetsk - At Least Five Killed

Medvedev - Russia will strike decision-making
centers in case of an attack from Kyiv

Russia says it struck artillery training
center with foreign staff outside Sumy

Russia brings five large landing ships
into Black Sea

Huge Losses Raise Questions About How
Much Longer Kyiv Can Fight

Russia says retreating Ukrainian nationalists
set fire to Svyatogorsk monastery

Medvedev criticizes West for sanctions
on family members of politicians


Russian legislature speaker - West exhausted
inventory of tools to constrain Russia

US general wants fighter jets sent to Ukraine

Kiev wants submarines from Germany - WW3

Reporters Without Borders condemn Ukes
attack on journalists in Donbass

Loon Zelensky Calls on US Mayors to Scrap
Sister City Ties With Russia

Russia Says It Killed Hundreds of Foreign
'Mercenaries' Working for Ukraine

Ukraine staging battle scenes for propaganda
...Endless Fake News From Kiev

Ukraine to decide range of Its New US
rockets Says US ambassador

Zelensky says Russia controls 20%
of Ukraine

Ukraine May Have to Give Up Some Land
in 'Negotiated Settlement,' Biden Says


NATO Chief Says Ukraine Shouldn't Drop
Goal of Driving Russia Out of Crimea

NATO chief warns West must prepare for
'long haul' in conflict with Russia

Ukraine accused of mass kidnappings

New Information on US Bioweapons
Programs in Ukraine

Russia Churning Out Hypersonic Weapons That
'Threaten Our Homeland', Top US General Says

Biden Admin - Chinese Communist Party Is
'Integral' to Global Progress

Prepper Alert - 'It Is Already Hitting The Fan'

World Government Summit - Are we
ready for a new world order?

Bilderberg Meeting is Taking Place in
Washington for the First Time

US Army Soldier Breaks Down The Cost Of
All The Weapons,Mags, and Gear Uvalde
Patsy Shooter Sal Ramos Was Given By CIA


Uvalde mom handcuffed by 'coward' cops
for trying to rush in and save kids says cops
threatened her

Seattle PD Can't investigate adult
sexual assault cases - Incredible

Fentanyl deaths in US soar, NYC encourages
junkies to "feel empowered

Team Rittenhouse Gains Powerful New Player,
Announces Zuckerberg Is Now at the Top of
Legal Hit List

Rittenhouse hires Sandmann lawyer,
plans to file 10 defamation lawsuits

Trump-backed Dr. Oz Wins PA Senate Primary
By 972 Votes - Do We Believe That?

Bourla, Sinema, Finnish PM Marin Sanna
Attend Bilderberg Meeting in DC

Our Rulers Have Lost Their Minds

Black voters ditching Commucrats in droves

The True Evil Behind America's Mass
School Shootings


Incredible Aerial Photos Show Thousands of
Abandoned Military Aircraft

INFANTICIDE - 10 Million Babies and Toddlers
Targeted for Slaughter by Biden Administration
with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA Injections

Americans have a fear-porn addiction
and it's time for an intervention

Scientists Make A Shocking Monkeypox
Discovery - 'There Are Way More Mutations
Than Expected'

Total US Monkeypox Cases now 21

Russia Develops New Test to Detect MonkeyPox
Virus - Then Creates the Vaccine for it In
Less Than 30 Days

Major Victory - Court Rules Airline
Can't Ask Vax Status of New Pilots

Pilots move to sue major airlines, US Govt
over COVID vaccine mandates

Hospital staff gagged over Covid Vax injuries

WH to set date for Covid vax of babies
...This is Mass Infanticide


Vaccidents keep spiking all around the world
MSM Keeps Lying And Covering Them UP

AI Expert Says Parents Will Choose 'Digital
Babies' in the Metaverse Over Real Ones
Within 50 Years

New 'Virtual' Children 'Will Become Accepted
and Fully Embraced Part of Society'

'UFO Fleet' Over Michigan is '100% Proof
of Alien Life' Blogger Claims - Daylight Video

5 planets to form rare alignment
in the sky this weekend

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert News 6-4-22

Lake Mead water level continues
to tank at unprecedented rates

Amidst A Supply Chain Crisis, US Is Cracking
Down Even Further On 'Forced Labor' Products
From China

Yellen Throws Biden Under The Bus
On Runaway Inflation

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink - Inflation Will
Likely Last 'Number of Years'


Restaurants Adding Inflation Fees
Amid Razor Thin Margins

Soaring Cost Of Living Causes Spike In
Abandoned And Surrendered Pets

Grain prices go down after Putin's pledge

Deliveries of Uke grain by sea may start soon
Says Erdogan's rep

Policymaker Push Against Fossil Fuels Means
'Will Never Be Another Refinery Built In US'
Chevron CEO Says

Britain looks to head off energy crisis

Europeans Urged to Prepare for New Inflation,
Price Shocks as EU Agrees to 'Phase Out'
Russian Oil

Switzerland Risks Power Shortages
Next Winter

What's in the EU's 6th package of
anti-Russian sanctions?

Polish Ex-President Walesa Says EU Should
Dissolve, Reunite Without Poland, Hungary


EU pushes Russia to default by sanctioning
National Settlement Depository — expert

Spain Admits Spraying Deadly Chemtrails
As Part of Secret UN Program to Fight Covid
...Beyond belief asinine

UK Village of 700 Forced to Accommodate
1500 Invaders

British School Trial Has Children Eating
Mealworms and Crickets

Italy's Berlusconi Dismisses Russia's 'Isolation'
...Calls Liberal World Order 'Optical Illusion'

Polish employees protest being hostages
of sanctions on Russia - Video

Potential Dockworker Strike Could Unleash
'Super Meltdown' At German Port Of Hamburg

Kiev's Western supporters discussing
Ukraine's future behind its back – CNN

Western Backers Of Ukraine Must Persist For
'Long Haul War Of Attrition' - NATO Chief

NATO School - Who and What Was Taught by
Western Military Instructors in Ukraine


Japanese PM may attend NATO summit
for the first time

Buchanan - US And Ukraine, Goals In Conflict

Switzerland clarifies rules on arms
shipments to Ukraine

US Reinstates 'We Do Not Support Taiwan
Independence' Line To Fact-Sheet - Not Good

China asks for urgent meeting with US
in Singapore with SecDef Austin

China Prepares New Manned Space Mission
to Complete National Orbital Station

Sri Lankan Authorities Say Not Involved in
Seizure of Aeroflot Plane in Colombo Airport

IDF says troops fire at three Palestinians
after firebomb thrown - teen said killed

Africa's role is growing, Russia will develop
relations with continent's states - Putin

Russian, Senegalese presidents to discuss
food crisis, Kremlin says


Anti-Russia Sanctions Left Africa Without
Access to Grain and Fertilizers, African
Union Chief Says

Kim Kardashian Says She'd Eat Sh*t
Every Day To Stay Young

Bees are fish, US court declares

Reagan shooter, Hinckley, released from
oversight 40 yrs after being found insane

'Political Correctness' & 'Genuine Fear' of Being
Seen as Racist Hampers UK Terror Threat Reporting

Ex-CIA Chief Gina Haspel Reportedly 'Observed'
Waterboarding of Prisoners at Agency Black Site

OH to make it easier for teachers to carry guns

Watch - Major Flooding In Miami After Tropical
Weather Dumps Heavy Rain

Ann Turner Cook, original Gerber baby,
dead at 95


Russian Senator Urges Missile Strikes
on US Bases in Europe

'UFO Fleet' Over Michigan is '100% Proof
of Alien Life' Blogger Claims - Daylight Video

China asks for urgent meeting with US
in Singapore with SecDef Austin

Medvedev - Russia will strike decision-making
centers in case of an attack from Kyiv

Ukraine to decide The range of US rockets
Says US ambassador

Zelensky says Russia controls 20%
of Ukraine

Ukraine May Have to Give Up Some Land
in 'Negotiated Settlement,' Biden Says

NATO Chief Says Ukraine Shouldn't Drop
Goal of Driving Russia Out of Crimea

NATO chief warns West must prepare for
'long haul' in conflict with Russia

New Information on US Bioweapons
Programs in Ukraine


Ukrainian Military Shells Cars With Media
Workers, RT Correspondent Says

Russia condemns US deliveries of rocket
systems, Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine — MFA

Kiev may use US rocket systems for massive
bombardments of Lugansk Republic

NATO's Mission Imperative - Break Russia
Even If Millions Worldwide Die

Russia Churning Out Hypersonic Weapons That
'Threaten Our Homeland', Top US General Says

US Reinstates 'We Do Not Support Taiwan
Independence' Line To Fact-Sheet - Not Good

World Government Summit - Are we
ready for a new world order?

Bilderberg Meeting is Taking Place in
Washington for the First Time

Bolshevik Biden Has Allowed 1,350,000 Invader
Aliens into The US Since Taking 'Office'

Biden Gives Bizarre Inflation Speech Full
Of Obvious, Blatant Lies


'Worst Speech Yet' - Biden Ripped For 'Lashing Out'
at Everyone 'Not Sharing His Gun Control Agenda'

WH Aides Reportedly Bored by Biden's
Scripted Remarks, Find Media Reluctant
to Cover Him

Watch - Communist Dem Rep. Yell 'Spare Me
The Bullshit About Constitutional Rights'
During Gun Debate

White House Officials Still Not Optimistic
About Gun Control

Ex-White House Adviser Peter Navarro
Indicted for Contempt of Congress
After Defying Jan. 6 Subpoena

US Army Soldier Breaks Down The Cost Of
All The Weapons,Mags, and Gear Uvalde
Patsy Shooter Sal Ramos Was Given By CIA

Biden says Second Amendment is 'not absolute'
in call to reinstate assault weapons ban (So, The
Constitution Is Not Absolute And Our Founding
Fathers Were Idiots) - Guns Are To Protect The
PEOPLE From Tyrannical Government & Lunatics

US Social Security, Medicare Near Insolvency

Elon Musk Says He Has a 'Super Bad Feeling'
about Economy, Warns of Staff Cuts

Jamie Dimon says 'brace yourself' for an
economic hurricane caused by the Fed
and Ukraine war


Get Ready for $1 Per Egg - USDA Forecast
Predicts Highest Food Inflation Since 1980
(Globalist Famine Plans Even More Obvious)

Uvalde mom handcuffed by 'coward' cops
for trying to rush in and save kids says cops
threatened her

Seattle PD Can't investigate adult
sexual assault cases - Incredible

Fentanyl deaths in US soar, NYC encourages
junkies to "feel empowered

Team Rittenhouse Gains Powerful New Player,
Announces Zuckerberg Is Now at the Top of
Legal Hit List

Rittenhouse hires Sandmann lawyer,
plans to file 10 defamation lawsuits

Depp Trial & The Demise Of The ACLU

Everything Amber Heard Said at Depp
Defamation Trial 'Came Off Like Bulls***'
Alleged Juror Claims

Incredible Aerial Photos Show Thousands of
Abandoned Military Aircraft

Major Victory - Court Rules Airline
Can't Ask Vax Status of New Pilots


Pilots move to sue major airlines, US Govt
over COVID vaccine mandates

Hospital staff gagged over Covid Vax injuries

WH to set date for Covid vax of babies
...This is Mass Infanticide

Vaccidents keep spiking all around the world
MSM Keeps Lying And Covering Them UP

Superfit Young UK Woman Who Walked 10,000
Steps A Day At The Gym Dies Suddenly In Sleep

Woman's Autopsy Lists COVID Jab
as Cause of Death

AI Expert Says Parents Will Choose 'Digital
Babies' in the Metaverse Over Real Ones
Within 50 Years

New 'Virtual' Children 'Will Become Accepted
and Fully Embraced Part of Society'

Amidst A Supply Chain Crisis, US Is Cracking
Down Even Further On 'Forced Labor' Products
From China

Putin Says US Decision To Print Money
Is Behind Soaring Food Prices


Putin - Europe's 'Stupid, Short-Sighted'
Policies Provoked Energy, Food Crises

US sanctions threaten food security - Moscow

Putin highlights complex and hardly
predictable global situation

Russia ready to export 50 Million Tons of
grain in next agricultural year - Putin

Russia ready to support grain export
via ports under its control — Putin

Russia does not prevent Ukrainian
grain export - Putin

Food situation to exacerbate over new
anti-Russian sanctions, Putin says

Belarus offers to help US with baby formula

Grim consequences of child poverty revealed

Russian oil supplies to Europe will not go
down in summer, experts say


Russia ramps up oil output and exports – media

Turkey suggests alternative gas transit
route to EU

Islanders challenge North Sea drilling plan

Russian Foreign Ministry - Russia Considers
Imposing Ruble Payments for Goods Besides
Natural Gas

West's scheme to isolate Russia, plunge it into
economic ruin doomed to failure - Medvedev

Russian Foreign Ministry Summons Ambassador
of Sri Lanka Over Seizure of Aeroflot Plane

EU sanctions Belinvestbank, Sberbank, two more
Russian banks from June 14

Marriott hotel chain quitting Russia

Russia-China trade to hit $200 billion this year

Oil Soars As Traders Realize What OPEC+ Did


Biden Admin Considering Proposal To Tax Oil
...Gas Windfall Profits

Soros Money Manager Warns Recession Inevitable

UK Village of 700 Forced to Accommodate
1500 Invaders

British School Trial Has Children Eating
Mealworms and Crickets

Spanish court summons Pompeo to
testify on plot to kill Assange - ABC

At Least Three Dead, 60 Injured After Train
Derails in Southern Germany, Report Says

Boris Johnson Gets Booed in London
During Queen's Jubilee Event - Video

Africa's role is growing, Russia will develop
relations with continent's states - Putin

Russian, Senegalese presidents to discuss
food crisis, Kremlin says

Anti-Russia Sanctions Left Africa Without
Access to Grain and Fertilizers, African
Union Chief Says


Indian FM Calls Out West's Hypocrisy on
Russian Energy Purchases - Video

US Trying to Lure Bangladesh Into 'Indo-Pacific
Economic Framework' Despite Warnings From China

Kuwait Summons US Diplomat Over Gay
Pride Month Tweet

Tehran vows immediate retaliation to UN
nuclear watchdog's possible anti-Iran steps

Iran Dismisses Claims Second IRGC Officer's
Death Was Assassination as 'Psych Warfare'

Who Is Klaus Schwab? - Video

Cases of Brain Damage in Children Skyrocket
Following COVID-19 BioWeapon Injections

The Collapse of the Global Food System
Massive Starvation and Death Worldwide
is now Imminent

Putin Was Treated for Cancer in April,
US Intel Says

Russia is winning the economic war
Putin is no closer to withdrawing troops

WHO - At Least 643 Cases of Monkeypox
Detected Across 26 Non-Endemic States

Monkeypox outbreaks raise questions about
US biolabs, says Russian lawmaker

Day After Ending Lengthy Lockdown, Shanghai
Detects Seven New Covid Case Clusters

Sweden to supply Ukraine with anti-ship missiles

Ukraine to get howitzers from Slovakia


UK seeks to arm Ukraine with US
made rocket launchers

Merkel comments on Russia-Ukraine
conflict for first time

Western media openly call to null Russia’s
state sovereignty, says top security official

Russian defense firm delivers 2S3M
self-propelled Akatsiya howitzers to Belarus

Moldovan Parliament Approves Law
Banning Russian News Programs

Kherson region intends to accede to Russia soon
becoming its constituent, authorities say

Several countries actively work on
dismembering Ukraine, says top security official

NATO disrespected Russia's position because
of its desire to rule the world — Lavrov

Denazification issue is not confined to Ukraine

Russian combat aircraft eliminate 290 Uke
militants, Su-25 plane — top brass


Ukraine 'sacrifices' foreigners first – Moscow

Ukrainian neo-Nazis force regular troops
back to Severodonetsk under threat of death

Ukraine hikes key interest rate to 25%

Take the money and run - Ukraine banks
make off with Melitopol pension cash,
official says

$3.5 Billion Project Aims to
Scrub Carbon from the Air

Another nuclear plant closed down in MI
as US energy grid gets systematically
dismantled - No Coincidences!

Another US Nuclear Plant Closes
...Get Ready For Electricity Shortages

Why Nuke Plants Are Shutting Down

Tucker Blasts Trudeau as ‘Botoxed Dictator
to the North’ Over Gun Control Push

Support For Abortion in US Increases as Supreme
Court Expected to Impose Limits, Poll Shows


Watch - Rand Paul's Democrat Opponent Dons
A Noose To Suggest Senator Supports Lynching

Donald Trump Vows to 'Fight Even Harder’
After Hillary Clinton Lawyer's Acquittal,
Signals 2024 Run

Michael Avenatti Sentenced to 4 Yrs in Prison
for Defrauding Porn Star Stormy Daniels

Poll - , Over Half of Republicans Believe US
'Seems Headed' For Civil War in Near Future

Our Culture of Violence Comes From
the White House

US Reportedly Talking to Madrid About
Resettling Latin American Migrants in Spain

Judge Jeanine on The Depp vs Heard Verdict
...She Shreds That Wretched woman

How Big Tech rules the technological society
through culture

Biden Releases Three-Part Plan to Combat
Inflation, Blames Russia… Again

NATO welcomes coordination on export of
Ukrainian grain by land or by sea - Stoltenberg


Reports on Russia’s Possible OPEC+ Deal
Suspension ‘Deliberate Disinformation’

Anadolu -Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and the
UN Working on Roadmap to Open Corridor
for Grain Shipments

Food giant General Mills divests from
Israeli West Bank

WTI Extends Gains After Bigger Than
Expected Crude Draw

Oil Jumps After OPEC+ Agrees To
Boost Output By 648K Barrels

Ruble-yuan trade soars over 1,000%

Economic Confidence in US at Lowest
Since Pandemic Began, Poll Reveals

UK credit card debt soaring

Eurozone Inflation Jumps to All-Time High
of 8.1% as Energy Сosts on the Rise

World's Largest Automaker Misses April
Global Production, Slashes Estimates For June


German Police Raid Deutsche Bank,
DWS Over Allegations Of Greenwashing

UN calls on G20 to abandon coal

EU Approves New Sanctions Package,
Including Partial Russian Oil Ban, After
Compromise With Orban

Sixth package of sanctions against Russia
will be self-destructive for EU — MFA

Europe may have huge shortage of petroleum
products after embargo on Russian supplies

Russia restricts export of gas critical to
chip production

Finland skirts gas-for-ruble requirements

Demand For American Gold Eagles Explodes

It's ‘Unprecedented' - Goldman President
Echoes Dimon's "Hurricane" Warning

The Sheer Stupidity Of Student Loan
Forgiveness While Inflation Rages
Out Of Control


Canadian Bank Apologizes To Freedom
Convoy Protest Participant For Freezing
His Account

Fyodor Lukyanov: Russia’s role in the global
economic order has turned out to be more
significant than the West believed

Latvia outraged by Belgian move to
dismantle Waffen-SS memorial

Finland will not extradite Kurds,
FETO members to Turkey - legislator

US & UK Reportedly Pressuring Sweden,
Finland to Give in to Turkey's Demands
Over NATO Bid

Transnistria foreign minister demands
de jure recognition of region

China to Conduct Military Exercises Off
Taiwan With Worst-Case Scenario in Mind

China should be able to shoot down
Musk’s Starlink – scientists

Chinese military pilots flip off Canadian
aircraft – report

China Reportedly Threatens to Downgrade
Israel Ties Over Paper’s Interview With
Taiwan’s Top Diplomat


China's J-16 Fighter Jets Deployed in Latest
Joint Strategic Patrol With Russia

Taiwan Seeks Deeper Cooperation With
America Amid US-China Tensions

Photos - China’s New AG600 Flying Boat
Makes Maiden Flight

New Australian PM Indicates He Would Ask US
to Drop Charges Against Julian Assange

India, Israel Agree to Co-Develop Military UAVs,
Missiles as Next Stage of Defence Cooperation

Imran Khan Hints at US-Led 'Conspiracy’
to Destabilise Pakistan

Brazilian front-runner Lula slams US
billions for Ukraine

Tensions Grip India's Karnataka After
Idols of Hindu Deities Vandalised

Turkish troops shell settlements in
northern Syria, eight people injured — TV

US Opposes Turkey's Renewed Operations
in Northern Syria, UN Envoy Says


Erdogan Replaces Ambassadors to
Sweden, Finland, Reports Say

Iran Now Has Enough Enriched Uranium
to Build Nuke, Think Tank Chief Claims

Israel's Lapid Says Revived Iran Nuclear
Deal Wouldn't 'Apply to Us in Any Way'

US Carrier Arrives at Scrapyard After
One-Cent Dismantling Deal

Ukraine (song parody video)

Ukraine flees strategic Donbas region
city as Russians Make Big gains

Russia Stages Nuclear Drills After OBiden
Announces More Powerful Rockets To Be
Sent To Ukraine

Russia Officially Warned That The OBiden US Is
Now Risking ‘Direct Conflict With Russia’ After
OBiden Is Sending Heavier, Longer Range Missiles
(HIMARS)To Ukraine…Missiles That Can Hit Russia

US announces new $700 Million package of
weapons for Ukraine, including HIMARS

What is the 'Game-Changer' HIMARS Rocket
Artillery Biden is Sending to Ukraine?

Kremlin does not trust Zelensky’s promises
not to attack Russia with US-made rockets

Ukrainian forces plan provocation with firing
US-made long-range rockets at Russia

Zelensky - Ukraine Losing up to 100 Soldiers
a Day - (Probably Double That Number)

Ukraine Army LGBTQ Soldiers Adopt
Unicorn, No Kidding, As Their Logo

White House walking back Biden remarks
on Banning 9mm Handguns


Babbling Brain-Impaired Biden Says UAL Will
Offer Cargo Space For Delivery Of '3.7 Bottles'
Of Baby Formula

Globalist Plans For Your Dinner - Watch

Johnny Depp Wins Libel Case Against The
Reviled Amber Heard Who Cost Depp And
The American Movie Public The Much-Loved
Pirates Of The Caribbean Film Franchise

Johnny Depp Wins Libel Case Against The
Reviled Amber Heard Who Cost Depp And
The American Movie Public The Much-Loved
Captain Jack Sparrow And The Huge Pirates
Of The Caribbean Film Franchise

Johnny Depp responds to his court ruling
...'the jury gave me my life back'

'It's a Total Loss For Amber Heard’
...Law&Crime Founder Dan Abrams

ACLU Ghostwrote Amber Heard’s WaPost
Article Defaming Johnny Depp

Depp Wins Big In Defamation Case Against
Shrew Amber Heard

Crackhead MILF And Incest Porn - Hunter Biden
Search History Revealed - Texted Pornhub Link
To His 'Dad'

Surprise! The Texas Shooter And The Ukrainian
Military Got Their AR-15s From The Same Place


Uvalde ISD Police Chief Stops Cooperating,
Sworn In As City Council Member Days
After Botched Shooting Response

Looming Price-Hikes On Food Set To Hit
Americans Even Harder This Fall

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Texas Social
Media Anti-Censorship Law

Shanghai Reopens After Two-Month
COVID Lockdown

Will FDA Allow Pfizer, Moderna to Skip Clinical
Trials for Future COVID Vaccines?

The REAL ‘Pandemic’ - Stupid-19 Made Us Fatter

Study links COVID BioWeapons to 25% increase
in cardiac arrest for both males & females

Over 550 Confirmed Monkeypox Cases
Detected in 30 Countries, WHO Director Says

Monkeypox release is PSYOP TERRORISM
to keep humanity paralyzed with FEAR

CDC Issues Hilarious Monkeypox Travel Alert


Biden Announces Third Mission to Fly 3.7
Million Infant Formula Bottles to US

Musk Says All Tesla Employees Must Return
To The Office

Apple Shifts Ipad Production Out Of China
For First Time

India to Launch 'SpaceX-Like Ventures' by 2024

'Alien Enemies' and Nuclear Strike - What
is the White House's Plan for Doomsday?

Researcher - Milky Way Possesses Four
'Malicious' Alien Civilisations - But We're Safe!

General Mills says its divesting from Israel

Federal Reserve’s path of destruction

Russia’s daily oil and gas revenues may
reach $800 Million By Year End

Europe starts comprehending implication
of their sanctions in energy sphere - Lavrov


Nord Stream Gas Traffic Recovers Growth
as EU Wind Power Generation Drops

JPM Sees Oil Rising Up To $136 This Month
Depending On What China Does, As Trader
Bets Millions On Crude Explosion To $200

No, OPEC+ Isn't About To Break Up And No,
Saudis Aren't About To Pump More Crude

The US Oil Boycott Of Russia Will Push
The Eurozone Into A Recession

Fuel rationing may be coming to Europe – IEA

Netherlands still importing Russian gas
after cut-off – media

Hungary claims it received oil concession from EU

Austria warns of downside to Russian oil embargo

UK power crunch may worsen

Beige Book Shows Fed Quietly Freaking Out About Widespread Economic Slowdown


Stockman: Inflationary Pressure Is Worse Than They Say

Bank of Canada Hikes Another 50, Warns It Is
'Prepared To Act More Forcefully If Needed'

Inflation in France has peaked - Finance Minister

Estonia tops eurozone inflation chart

Goldman Sachs Reportedly In Talks With
FTX For Bitcoin, Crypto Derivatives

Britain Only One Catastrophe Away from
Food Shortages - Claim

NATO's Next Strategic Concept Document
to Add China as A Threat

‘Wavering’ MPs Lobbied to Back BoJo as He
Faces Growing Threat of No-Confidence Vote

BoJo Says It Would Be Irresponsible to Resign
Amid Ukraine Crisis as He's Grilled Over Partygate

Pope Francis Warns Against Using Grain
as Weapon in Ukraine Conflict


UN outlines solution to global food crisis

NATO Allies Nearing Limit of Heavy Weapons They Can Send to Ukraine, Ex-Artillery Commander Says

Lithuanian Culture Ministry Drafts Guidance
on Demolition of Memorials to Soviet Soldiers

US cyber chief admits to ops against
Russia in Ukraine

German Military Says It Has No IRIS-T
Missiles and Radars Promised by Scholz
to Ukraine

The West's selective treatment of refugees
can be seen in the warm welcome for Ukrainians compared to those from other places

Switzerland bans NATO member Denmark
from sending arms to Ukraine

Erdogan Announces New Major Military
Operation In Northern Syria Against Kurds

‘Don't dance with Turkey,’ Erdogan tells rival

Putin vows Russia will keep bolstering
its strength, independence and sovereignty


Putin, Erdogan agree Turkey will help clear
Ukrainian ports from mines — Lavrov

Kremlin says Putin, Zelensky could meet
only to finalize `certain document’

Russia to Make High-Precision Weapons,
Carriers Core of its Northern Fleet by 2033

Russia Warns OPCW About Impending
Provocations by Ukraine With Chem Weapons

Lavrov says ‘no smoke without fire’ responding
to Borrell’s vision of EU as military power

Kiev forces bombard DPR with over 300 rockets,
And artillery shells in past day — official

Lavrov stresses unacceptability of West’s
attempt to dominate on world scene

Russia Holds Nuclear Forces Drill As Biden
Unveils $700 Million More In Arms For Ukraine

Lavrov Accuses Ukraine Of Drawing Outside
Countries Into War And US Missiles A ‘Direct

China Drops Bizarre 2 Month Shanghai Lockdown
City Of 25 Million Reopens


China explains reason for show of force
near Taiwan

China’s neighbor expects attack on Taiwan

South Korea brands North ‘enemy’

China Reiterates Warning Against US
Backing for Secessionist Forces in Taiwan

6.1 Earthquake in Southwest China Claims
Lives of at Least 4 People - Reports

Poking the Dragon? US & Taiwan Agree
to Increase Trade

Modi Compared to Hitler Amid Report
About Indian Gov't Preparing Nationwide

India's Mizoram to Declare Outbreak of
African Swine Fever a State Disaster

Thailand Drops Post-Arrival COVID-19
Quarantine, Opens All Land Borders

Israeli forces confiscate tractors from
Palestinian farmers


Young Palestinian journalist killed on her
first day of work - 2 Murdered In One Month

‘Iron Beam’ - Israel’s New Laser Air Defence
System ‘Will Bankrupt Enemies’, Bennett Says

Israel Says Laser Missile Shield to Cost
Just $2 Per Interception

Israel Used US Weapons to Destroy
US Aid Projects in Gaza

Israel Simulates Strikes Against Iran in
Largest Drills in Its History

‘Jewface’ - Bradley Cooper Accused of Antisemitism
After Using Prosthetic Nose for New Role

Egypt Attempts to Tackle Water Shortages
...Can it Evade a Looming Crisis?

Three UN Peacekeepers Injured, One Dead
in Attack on Convoy in Mali

Homeowner fatally shoots home intruders
who were in ski masks


US 4 Star General Cyber Chief Admits To Running
Offensive mIlitary Ops Against Russia In Ukraine

Is Anybody in America Paying Attention
to Russia's Threats to Nuke USA? Tru News
The First 13 Minutes Are Most Important

Russia Says entire US Can Be Wiped Out
with just four Sarmat 'Satan II' missiles

Ukraine Is in Worse Shape than You Think

Something Stinks - Uvalde School Police Chief
Not Responding To Texas Investigators About
Elementary School Shooting

TX Gov Abbott blasts police officials for
lying to him about Uvalde shooting

Creeper And The Kamal Call for Disarming
Americans While Completely Surrounded by Guns

Schwab And His WEF Miscreants Now The
'Self-Proclaimed Overlords' Of Society

Kissinger Warns US Is Running Out
Of Time In The Fight For Russia

Herr Schwab Sees Himself As New
Global Dictator


Ukraine Biolabs Distributed TB
Infected Money To Children

US Harpoon Missiles Arrive in Ukraine

Woman from Mariupol puts end to western
anti-Russian propaganda in 3 minutes

Turner - NATO Says 'Previous Commitments
to Russia Are no longer valid'

Russia Finds Evidence Of Gruesome Crimes In
Ukraine - Red Cross Kept Catalogue of Ukrainian
Children With 'Healthy Organs' To Harvest

Biden Reportedly Irked With Aides'
'Cleaning Up' of His Statements

Hillary-Lawyer Sussman Acquitted Of Lying
To FBI In 'Russia Hoax' Farce

'Blaxit' - Black Staffers Leaving the WH
While African Americans Increasingly

Ron Paul - Don't Trade Real Liberty
For Phony Security

FL School District Accused Of Instructing
Staff To Hide Student 'Gender Transitions'
From Parents


Biden Grovels Before Communist NZ PM,
Says Americans Need 'Guidance' on Guns
and Climate Change

Biden - 'No Rational Basis' For 9mm
Ammo For Self-Defense

Trump To Launch 'Non-Woke' Streaming
Service Featuring 'Canceled Shows'

Supreme Court Demands Cellphone Records
And Affidavits From Clerks In Leak Investigation

YouTube CEO Reassures Davos Elite They
Will Continue To Control The Narrative

Mo Brooks Shreds Fox News Host Who Said
There is 'No Evidence' of Voter Fraud in 2020

ANOTHER Clinton associate, who vowed to
expose elite pedophile ring, found dead

52 Shot, 10 Dead, During Memorial Weekend
in Mayor Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

Chicago High School Will Introduce Race-Based
Grading System - Brilliant! - Give Them An 'A'
For just Showing up To Class

Pelosi's Husband Killed His Brother in
a Joyride Accident 65 Years Before His
Weekend DUI Arrest


Media Silent As NIH Study Finds
'Long COVID' Isn't Real

Dr. Robert Malone Tells RFK, Jr
Don't Listen to Monkeypox 'Fear Porn'

Russia Develops New MonkeyPox Virus Test
Then Creates the Vaccine for MonkeyPox in
Less Than 30 Days

Jeff & Erica - A Expose Of Horrible Amyloid Clots
And Amyloidosis - A Thorough Explanation

NZ Doctors Speaking Out on Deaths
Following The BioWeapon 'Vaccinations'

Monkeypox is the latest tool being used
to usher in The Great Reset

Malone Claims 'Significant Development' in
Monkeypox Outbreak

WHO not confident spread of monkeypox
can be fully contained

First Monkeypox Case Confirmed in Norway

WHO Says Monkeypox Rise Should Not
Stop LGBTQI+ Pride Parades


Gates Says Next Pandemic Likely To Be
Caused By...Climate Change !

EEE Found At Two Locations In Geogia

Electron microscope images appear to show
carbon nanotech, aluminum, thulium in Pfizer
and Moderna's covid-19 vaccines

The president of Facebook's Science Feedback
(fact checker) is hiding in Paris, terrified of
appearing in court

There may be 4 evil alien
civilizations in the galaxy

The Solar Obliteration Experiment - UFOs Over LA

US corporations, banks already control a
portion of European gas market - Russian official

Gazprom Export to suspend gas supplies to
Orsted and Shell from June 1 due to non-payment

Uniper made first payment for Russian gas
under new scheme — company

Japan won't quit Russian LNG project even
if told to – minister


Europe Faces Prospect of Fuel Shortages Amid
Tough Winter, Intl Energy Agency Chief Says

EU grants exemptions from Russian oil ban

Russian gas embargo not on the table – Austria

Greek Opposition Demands Legal Clarification
for Confiscation of Iranian Oil at US Behest

UK Govt report states all UK Airports must close
within the next 10 years, beef and lamb is to be
banned, and construction of new buildings must
cease in the name of Climate Change

Blackouts Looming Over Millions
Of British Households

Danish 'Health Drone' Makes Maiden
Voyage to Deliver Blood Samples

Ukrainian mines hinder shipping of grain
from Odessa - Turkish foreign minister

Russia - Kiev has prevented ships from
exporting grain by mining its own ports

Russia to ensure safe passage for grain
ships if Kiev clears waters of mines - Lavrov


Russian Cabinet extends fertilizer export
quotas until year-end

Only Russia is to blame for food crisis
German Chancellor asserts

Lavrov - West Prevents Russian Ships From
Docking at Ports to Exacerbate Food Crisis

EU reaches limit on anti-Russian sanctions
says Moscow's envoy

New EU sanctions to make Putin smile
Croatian President says

New EU sanctions will hit Europeans harder
than Russia, French politician says

Belgium calls for 'pause' in anti-Russia

Anti-Russia sanctions will last 'a long time'
...Italian PM Mario Draghi

China Elected To The Executive Board Of
World Health Organization

Chinese Media And Influencers Blame US
For Spread Of Monkeypox


China Expanding New Space Station
To Rival ISS

Russian Oil Exports To India Jump 25x
Thanks To Sanctions

India Plugs Loopholes in Wheat Export
Ban Prompting Western Outcry

Watch Iran's Forces Seizing Greek
Tankers Over 'Maritime Violations'

Biden to step up engagement with Palestinians

'Unfair and Unbalanced' - Tehran Slams IAEA's
New Report on Iran's Nuclear Programme

'Iran Lied': Bennett Accuses Tehran of Stealing
Documents to Deceive IAEA Over Nuclear Program

Russia is preparing second Russia-Africa summit

VA School Caught Teaching Young Kids
How to Become Prostitutes

Woman so 'sexually attracted' to planes she
wants to marry a toy Boeing…Insanity Now Normal


Thank You For Your Servitude

New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern to meet
with Biden, discuss combating What Is
Called 'online radicalization'

How YOU Are Invested In When You Are Born
And Remain A Revenue Source Forever…
You Are A Piece Of Stock - When you Die,
’They’ Cash In You! - Video

Is Thomas Massie The Only US Congressman
Not Bought Off By The Israeli Lobby?

Watch - Rand Paul Rages At 'Democrat Plan To
Brand Police, Soldiers As White Supremacists
And Neo-Nazis'

30-Plane Chinese PLA Force Buzzes
Taiwan In Fresh 'Warning'

NATO to Boost Defence Across Entire
Territory, Not Only On The Eastern Flank
Says Stoltenberg

US won't send Ukraine long-range
rockets That Can Hit Russia – Biden

Medvedev hails Biden’s decision not to send
Ukraine rockets That can reach Russia

Watch - Russian Su-25 Planes Destroy
Uke Military Vehicles and Strongholds


Ukraine Losing 1500 Soldiers per day
to death, wounding, capture, surrender
or desertion

Russian artillery wipes out Italy-made
howitzers in Ukraine, top brass reports

Ukraine's unity is crumbling amid serious
military losses in the Donbass and
Zelensky is feeling the heat

Donbass forces free two villages, fighting
their way to Slavyansk, says DPR

Over 350 tons of humanitarian cargoes
delivered to Ukraine, DPR, LPR in past day

Over 15,000 people evacuated from
Ukraine, DPR, LPR to Russia in past day

24 civilians, including 8 children, wounded
in Stakhanov in shelling by Uke troops

Uke army fired two illegal cluster missiles
with Smerch launcher against Donetsk

US Austin Says International Order
Is Now Under Attack

UK Health Security Agency Reportedly
Detects 71 New Cases of Monkeypox


Communist CA Spills Water into Ocean
rather than letting Farmers Grow Rice

No food shortage to take place globally
Says Russian Grain Union

Why an AR-15 Ban is Good for Scoring
Political Points but Bad for Solving US
Mass Shootings

Watch - Sen Ted Cruz Asserts 'We're Not
Responding To Tragedy By Giving Up Rights'

DOJ Announces Probe Into Police
Response to Uvalde School Shooting

TX Gov Abbott Booed by Uvalde Mourners

Republican Rino Rep Adam Kinzinger
...'I'm Open to an AR-15 Ban Now'

WEF Davos peak stupidity…

23 Million People Minimum Watched
Depp-Heard Closing Arguments

Grotesque Lying, murderous, shot-giving
Pharmacy tech is confronted by a
True Patriot…Watch


REVEALED - Fauci’s Recent, $10 Million
Monkeypox Grant

What The Hell Is With Bourda’s Neck?

Now, See How A Reptile Breathes...

‘It’s not even winter yet’ - Doctor fears months
ahead as hospitals fill up with flu, COVID patients

Meet Marsha Gee, a former top ICU nurse
at UCSD who is today one of the most COVID
Vax injured people on Earth

Households Worldwide Wrecked
By Soaring Gas Prices

Mastercard CEO - SWIFT Payment System
May Be Replaced By CBDCs In Five Years

The Case For A Decentralization Premium

Escobar - Eurasian Economic Union Steps Up

Czech Republic To join Poland And Hungary
In Central European Gold Rush


Researcher ‘raped’ in metaverse – report

McKinsey Poll - Most Europeans Switching
to Cheaper Goods in Wake of Higher Inflation

6 Million UK Household May Be Hit by
Power Shortages This Winter Amid
West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions

Japan faces ‘summer of price hikes’

Pakistan On The Verge Of Inflationary
Collapse - Pleads For Larger IMF Bailout

Russian oil exports to India jump 25x

Russia able to provide Asia-Pacific Region
with energy resources — envoy

China to Invest $490 Million in
Joint Oil Drilling Operation in Algeria

Russian ambassador highlights
Serbia’s satisfaction with recent gas deal

Denmark faces Russian gas supply cut


Gazprom Export to suspend gas supplies
to Dutch Gasterra from May 31

Brent oil prices above $117 A Barrel For
The First time Since March 25

EU fails to agree on Russian oil embargo

Greece Alerts Its Tankers In Gulf After
Iran Threatens More 'Retaliation' Seizures

Poland is responsible for protraction of
Ukrainian crisis - Russian envoy to Warsaw

French journalist killed in Ukraine

French national killed in LPR was not
journalist but mercenary, says LPR officer

French national killed in LPR was accredited
by Uke army, was wearing no ID labels

Historically Hawkish Heritage Hits
The Brakes On Ukraine Aid

Europol concerned over fate of
western arms in Ukraine


EU predicts Ukraine conflict will drag on

Germany to amend constitution to
Increase defense budget

Poland halts free fuel supplies to Ukraine

Poland seeks control of world fund
to rebuild Ukraine

Food prices in Germany projected to soar

German Inflation Hits 60-Year-High
'Worse To Come', Says Allianz

Climate Activist Smashes Cake Into
Mona Lisa Glass Covering At Louvre

Turkey proposal on Russia-Uke talks

Putin confirmed to Erdogan that Russia
can export food if sanctions are lifted

Putin, Erdogan agree on new contacts


Russian diplomat slams UK foreign secretary’s
comments on Russia’s influence on Balkans

Moscow court orders arrest in absentia of
two Ukrainian officers for genocide

Russia Plans Bond Payment System
Like 'Rubles-For-Gas' Scheme To Get
Around Sanctions

Resurgent ruble resumes rally

EU's Intent on Confiscating Frozen
Russian Assets Is Legally Challenging

US Sanctions on Russian Diamonds Deal
Severe Blow to India's Working Class,
Trade Union Says

Five killed by Uke shelling of schools and
residential buildings – Donetsk authorities

Blast hits Russian-controlled city in Ukraine

China condemns ‘American rules’

US and Chinese military heads set
for major meeting – WSJ


Taiwan claims 30 Chinese war planes
entered its air defense zone

‘Strategic ambiguity’ or sheer incompetence?
Blinken’s China speech shows the US is
outmatched in competition with Beijing

Elon Musk Praises China for 'Leading World’
in Renewal Energy & Electric Vehicles Era

China condemns ‘American rules’

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar
Jain Arrested for Money Laundering

Proposal to Rename Indian District
Over Its 'Caste' Causes Violence,
Internet Shutdown

Celente - Lunatics Are Leading Us To Death

How Peter Daszak Funded Chinese Scientists
To Insert Spike Proteins Into SARS Virus To
Create 'Killer Coronavirus'

Watch Schwab Cosies Up With Bourla As
They Condemn ‘Conspiracy People’
And ‘Anti-vaxxers’

CONFIRMED - 70,000 people dead within 28 Days
of Covid-19 BioWeapon Injection in England And
179,000 dead within 60 Days (These Are Likely LOW)

CA Poised To Adopt 'Medical Misinformation Bill’
Targeting Alternative COVID-19 Protocols

US Conducting Illegal Biological Research
In Indonesia Despite BioLab Ban

Shocking Pfizer Study Data Reveals 82% of
Jabbed Pregnant Women Had Miscarriages
...So They Stopped Counting

Pfizer and Medicine Regulators hid dangers of
Covid-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy due to
Study finding increased risk of Birth Defects
And Infertility

Peer-Review Paper Out - Menstrual Irregularities,
Uterus Shedding Cases Spike After COVID
BioWeapon Spike Protein Rollout

AstraZeneca COVID BioWeapon Shown to
Cause Serious Neurological Disorder


Bill Gates warns about next pandemic, adds
It could take another '20 Years' To Show - BS

Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes The Plan to
Implant Humanity with Cancer Viruses

Wuhan BioLab Carried Out Gain of Function
Research on Monkeypox Virus

Monkeypox Worldwide Tracker

New Study in Lancet Debunks Widely Cited
CDC Study Justifying School Mask Mandates

The NWO - Descronstructing A Paradigm

Hunter Biden Admits to Working with China’s
'Top Spy' in Leaked Recording

Biden to withhold federal funds for schools
that don’t allow boys to use girls bathrooms

'Woke' School Caught Encouraging Children
to Become 'Sex Workers'

No, There Haven't Been '27 Mass School
Shootings' This MSM Is Manipulating You


Map of Uvalde Shooting…Why did a teacher prop
open a locked school door before the massacre?

Law enforcement allowed Texas shooter to
commit mass murder by BLOCKING parents
from saving their children

We Are Witnessing The Countdown To
Global Famine Under Creeper Biden

Biden's Famine - US Robbery Depriving Syrians
& Ukrainians of Wheat, Syrian Scholars Say

Worries Over Egg Shortages Getting Worse

Hunger games - How the world's farmers have
become collateral victims of sanctions on Russia

Smithfield Foods Is owned by China

Smithfield recalls bacon topping products

Watch 'Russia fires 7,000 mph Zircon
hypersonic nuke missile'

Russia Loads Kalibr Cruise Missiles Onto Subs
As Black Sea Tensions Grow - Video


Poland sends Self-Propelled howitzers
to Ukraine

US Gas Prices Hit Another Record-High

New York loses $19.5 billion in
population exodus

Did FBI Steal 9 Tons of Buried Civil War
Treasure from Remote Pa. Site? - YES

21 Shot, 4 Dead Across Lizardville So Far
This Holiday Weekend - Police

CA drought has caused entire towns
to sink nearly a foot in just one year
This map shows where...

Nancy Pelosi's Husband Arrested For
Drunk Driving

Sen Ted Cruz - We Need More ‘Armed
Good Guys’ Not More Gun Conrol

Elon Musk Says Bill Gates Short Position
In Tesla Has Ballooned To $1.5 To $2 Billion

Pentagon Looks to Unveil New Nuclear
Power Systems in Space by 2027


China Plans to Send Robotic Mission to Moon’s
Permanently Shadowed South Pole Craters

Russia Actively Discussing The Use Of
Cryptocurrency In International Trade

Russian Oil Saves Sri Lanka From Energy Crisis

Davos Reveals Building Blocks For ‘Green’
Social-Credit System

Drought Adds To Pressure On US
Gas Inventories

Russia Sends Record Volumes Of
Oil To India, China

LNG energy market headed for
crunch this winter – experts

EU fails to agree light version of oil
embargo against Russian

The EU Needs More Than $1 Trillion
For Plan To Ditch Russian Oil And Gas

EU To Block Seaborne Russian Oil Deliveries,
Not Pipeline, To Satisfy Hungary


These Public Oil Companies Are Joining Forces
With Bitcoin-Miners To Reshape The Industry

11 Statistics That Expose The Reality Facing
US Consumers In This Rapidly Deteriorating

The Great Resignation is here to stay - survey

Currency Rackets Of Satanic Gangsters Mean
Hell On Earth And End Times Imminent

Turns Out Keynes Was A Commie

Germany Mulls Bailing Out Low-Income
Citizens as Living Costs Spiral

German Farmers Set To Lose Up to 3 Million
Tons of Harvest Due to EU Ukraine-Related

US mass media demonizing Russian
Armed Forces - Russian Embassy

Russian combat aircraft wipe out Ukrainian
army arsenal in Krivoi Rog

Reports on Ukraine’s successful counter
operation in Kherson region not true


Russia has no intention to deliver nuclear
strike on UK, envoy says

Russia to Investigate Actions of UK Lawmaker’s
Son Fighting in Ukraine as Mercenary

Protesters rally near Moldovan parliament
to demand government’s resignation

Zelensky Signals Donbas Could Soon Fall
'Indescribably Difficult' Russian Onslaught

Zelensky makes trip to Kharkov region

Zelensky confronts Dutch PM

'We Had No Chance': Foreign Fighters Leaving
Ukraine Recall Lack of Arms & Equipment

What sort of losses can Ukraine tolerate
before it’s forced to seek a peace deal
with Russia?

Europol Fears Weapons Sent to Ukraine
Will End Up on European Black Market

Shinzo Abe - If Zelensky Refused to Join NATO,
Gave Donbass Autonomy, There Would Be
No Hostilities


China Is Testing Dead People for Coronavirus
Before Accepting Them Into Funeral Homes

Singapore Decides to Tackle Water Shortage With
... Beer Made From Urine

Slightly Edited Bourla Video Exposed And
Compared To Unedited Version - Watch

'The Biggest Question Of The Coming Decade Is
What To Do With All These Useless People’ - Hariri

Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president
for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty

The WHO has lost all credibility

Rand Paul - The New World Order is
‘Not a Conspiracy Theory’

61% of Trump Voters Believe in the
Great Replacement

New Mexico’s Largest-Ever Fire Started
Accidentally By The US Forest Service

Texas Shooting Update - 10 Yr Old Discharged
From Hospital, Other Patients Conditions Improving

Texas Gunman, Ramos, Said To Have Made
'Frequent' Death Threats And Disturbing Posts

Friend of Ramos Says 'He was NOT bullied!
He would hurt animals...He would pick on
people and fail and that would aggravate him'


Is The Horrific School Shooting Another PsyOp?
Men Claiming To Be Father Of The SAME Little Girl
Crisis Actors? Do Pictures Lie?

Photo Comparison Of Uvalde Girl With 'Two Dads'
...A Perfect Match Of The Two Pictures - Look

Andy Ngo Exposed Evil Leftist Who Pretended
To Be Uncle Of Child Murdered In Uvalde To
Smear Gov. Abbott - Top Dems Fell For His Lie

Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN
operation – Local Cops saved their own children
while parents were pepper-sprayed and cuffed

Meet The Manly Police Of Uvalde, Texas

Operation Mass Shooting At Full Throttle
Between Now And Midterm Elections

Buffalo, NY Mass Shooter Had Been Coached
by Former FBI Agent - America Is Being Played

Monkeypox is a coverup (distraction?) for covid
‘vaccine’ hideous Injuries, including AIDS

Link between monkeypox and US bioweapons
Ukraine research Found? Russians Say Yes

Monkeypox BioWar Smoking Guns?


Ukraine vows to reclaim Black Sea with
foreign weapons

Pentagram to replenish Stinger Missiles
sent to Ukraine - To Be Completed by 2026
...a hell Of A Long Time In Today’s World

Uke pledges to enter Crimea ‘by end of year’

Ukrainian refugees losing benefits in Europe

Video of Ukes beating up taxi drivers in Austria

Communist WH Tasks Far Leftist Susan Rice
To Handle Gun Control Effort

Ilhan Omar Set To Lose Citizenship
And Face Possible Deportation?

Mattel Launches First Tranny Barbie Doll

Communist CA to test new digital ID

Young White Woman Terrorized By Black Man
On NYC Subway, Bystanders Do Nothing


OBiden Admin Confirms Investigation into Musk

USAF New Stealth Bomber Moves Toward
'Flight Readiness' After Successful Load Test

Major retailers, e-tailers preparing for economic
implosion as they shed massive amounts of
warehouse space - DC Clothesline

We Could See A Million Layoffs Or More
Here Comes The Job Market Shock

50% Of Millennials Think They Only
Need $300,000 To Retire

Russia Actively Discussing Allowing
Crypto For International Payments

Russia Successfully Tests 6,670mph Zircon
hypersonic nuclear-capable cruise missile

Turkey to jail people for spreading

Harari - Biggest Question In Economics And Politics
Will Be What To Do With All Of These Useless People


Globalists Have Entered The Kill
Phase Of The Great Reset

'Battle of Donbass - The beginning of the end?’
Nothing Compared To What’s Coming

Ukraine Sitrep - 5-26-22

Ukraine Army COLLAPSING - Zelensky Is Now
Saying We 'Must Face Reality’ - Turner

MP calls out collective West for turning
blind eye to massive surrender by Uke army

West, Ukraine geared up for media war
against Russia, say experts

Kissinger turns 99, declared ‘enemy’ by Ukraine

'Dirty Political Trick’ - Bill Barr Says
Hillary Clinton Guilty Of 'Sedition'

Biden Plans To Cancel $10,000 In Student
Debt Per Borrower Ahead Of Midterms

Biden's Rating at Lowest Point While 95%
of Americans Concerned About Soaring
Inflation, Polls Say


TX Police Official - Waiting For Tactical Team
Amid Uvalde Shooting Was 'Wrong Decision'

Texas Official Denies Reports Uvalde
Gunman Was Arrested in 2018 For Planning
School Shooting

Biden Readies Approval Of Long-Range
Rockets To Ukraine - Russia Warns Over
'Red Line'

In Stunning Shift, WaPo Admits Catastrophic
Conditions, Collapsing-Morale Of Ukraine
Front-Line Forces

US warns Ukraine of escalation risk

There is no stockpile of plutonium, enriched
uranium in Ukraine, watchdog claims

NATO won’t offer Ukraine admission
to US-led military bloc, Spain’s top diplomat says

Greece and Cyprus oppose fast-tracking
Ukraine’s accession – media

NATO aspirant Finland hosts US,
French and German warships

NATO Expansion - A Continuing and
Irreversible Landslide


Ukraine should de-mine its ports as
soon as possible - Putin to Nehammer

Over 2,000 hectares cleared of mines by
Russian specialists in DPR and LPR

Russia capable of 100% guaranteeing its
security amid NATO expansion

Healthy relations between EU and Russia
among US’ biggest fears - Russian diplomat

US to be forcing its allies to buy its expensive
weapons - senior Russian diplomat

US seeking to use NATO to preserve
unipolar world - senior Russian diplomat

Russian lawmaker dubs Johnson-proposed
alliance a 'commonwealth of Russophobic nations'

Russian MP calls for harsh sentences against
Nazis to put the kibosh on such extremists

Analysis of Deagel.com Forecasts

Virologists Warn That Monkeypox Has Become
A 'Hyper-Mutated Virus' As It Spreads To More
Countries And More US States


Pet Hamsters & Guinea Pigs Could Be
Culled as 'Last Resort' to Stop Monkeypox
Spread - ECDC

Russian Military Points to Presence of
US-Funded Biolabs in Nigeria Amid
Global Monkeypox Scare

WHO Speaks Out Against Imposing
Travel Ban Due to Monkeypox Outbreak

10 Monkeypox In 8 US States

18 Major Airlines, FAA, And DOT To Be
Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

Cancer patients seek damages from
Fukushima operator

Uvalde Mom Cuffed for Trying to Save Her
Kids, Gets Free, Runs Into School, Saves
Them as Cops Tasered Parents Outside

Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN
operation - law enforcement saved their own kids
while parents were pepper-sprayed & handcuffed

Police Took '40 Minutes to An Hour’
to Breach Classroom And Kill Gunman

'Go In There!’ - Distraught Parents Begged TX Cops To
Enter School As Gunman Inside For 'Up To An Hour'


Shimatsu - From Uvalde, Texas to Ukraine - Biden
Obama’s 'Fast & Furious' Gunrunning Kills Kids

Thomas Sowell - Facts About Slavery
Never Mentioned In Schools

The Kalergi Plan - Blueprint for White Genocide

Adolf Hitler - The Man Who Fought Jewish Usury

Missing children in Nevada on the rise in 2022
Pedophile Child Groomers have been emboldened

Elon Musk - Recession is 'Actually a Good
Thing’ & ‘Some Bankruptcies Need to Happen’

The SEC Is Probing Elon Musk’s
Disclosures Related To His Twitter Stake

Coinbase As The Amazon Of Crypto

Ethereum Tumbles Ahead Of OpEx,
Suffers 'Merge' Hiccup

Winklevoss twins banking on
crypto comeback


Is US Housing Boom About The Bust?

Russia ramps up crude sales to India

Asia outpaces Europe as top Russian
oil buyer – Bloomberg

Putin reaffirms Russia’s contractual commitments
to supply natural gas to Austria

Huge Austrian gas depot risks
staying empty – media

EU hopes to ditch Russian gas hit glitch

Poland is running out of coal

US Seizes Russia-Flagged Tanker
Full Of Iranian Oil Near Greece

Iran Seizes 2 Greek Tankers In Gulf
As Retaliation For US Taking Oil

G-7 Urges OPEC To Boost Oil
Supply To Ease Tight Market


Widespread Anger Grips Pakistan Over Biggest Ever Hike in Fuel Prices After IMF’s Advice

BoJo Requests MLRS Arty for Kiev to Stop
‘Crocodile’ Putin, Acknowledges Russian
Special Op Progress

BoJo Pitched Plans to Zelensky for a ‘New
Alliance’ With Ukraine 'Against Russia'

Russia calls on WHO to investigate US-funded
laboratories in Nigeria — Defense Ministry

Ukrainian biolabs incorporated into global
infectious disease control system - official

Negligence of Ukrainian bio specialists, US
influence pose threat to world — official

Pentagon ordered map of Ukraine’s most
dangerous pathogens — Russian military

Ukraine filed Biological Weapons Convention
reports to UN with discrepancies - statement

Neither US nor Ukraine notified UN of joint
bioresearch, Russian Defense Ministry says

Biolabs in Ukraine opened despite low
biosecurity level - Russian defense ministry


Putin points out real causes of food
crisis to Austrian Chancellor - Kremlin

Putin urges to pay particular attention to
food security in Eurasian Economic Union

Ministry says Russia ready to support food
security nationally and globally

Russian Agriculture Ministry confirms grain
harvest forecast of at least 130m tons in 2022

Russian Agriculture Ministry suggests
temporary rice export ban until 12-31-22

US General Floats Military Options
to Help Export Ukrainian Grain

Crisis in Ukraine Reportedly Contributes
to Baby Formula Shortage in US

China Secures More Deals in South Pacific
as Australia Warns of Security Pact’s

Watch - Mysterious South China Sea Missile
Launch Came Dangerously Close To
Commercial Airliner

China's Global Security Initiative Could
Challenge ‘Barbaric & Bloody’ US-led
World Order - Observers


India's Central Bank Voices Need For Structural
Reforms For Balanced, Inclusive Growth

India decriminalizes sex work

India decriminalizes sex work

Gates Raves About Machines Turning Human Sh*t
Into Drinking Water - Drink Up Billy Boy!

Marvel Actor William Hurt Dead at 71

'Uterus-shaped' cereal aims to normalize
conversations about periods at Breakfast

The machine turning human waste
into drinking water

Sub-Animal Negro shoots White Convenience
Store Clerk In Head - Video

Woman with Pistol Stops Black Man Firing
at Graduation Party Crowd with AR-15


Shimatsu - From Uvalde, Texas to Ukraine - Biden
Obama’s 'Fast & Furious' Gunrunning Kills Kids

Russian forces in Donbass outnumber
Ukrainian soldiers by 7 to 1 – ABC

Zelensky's speech in Davos should alarm
all peace-loving people in the world
United24, the globalization of NATO!?

Western diplomats offer nod and wink to
Moscow’s operation in Donbass

Far from all countries agree to follow
Washington’s lead — Medvedev

Russian Navy Has Cleared Mariupol Port of Mines

Zelensky’s Conditions on Resumption of
Talks With Russia ‘Not Serious’ - Lavrov

Safe passage opens through Azov Sea – Russia

Several houses, school damaged in shelling
of village outskirts in Kursk region - governor

Russian forces destroy 3,266 armored vehicles
in Ukraine operation — top brass


Russia’s latest weapons offer better results with
fewer troops in Ukraine, deputy PM says

Lukashenko orders to set up Southern Army
Operational Command on border with Ukraine

Ukraine does not let Red Cross visit soldiers
held prisoner - LPR's ambassador to Russia

Militants still hiding at Azovstal offering
no resistance to DPR forces, Militia says

More than 4,000 Ukrainian POWs are
kept in Donetsk republic — militia spokesman

Ukrainian ambassador insults Germany again

Ukraine Warns ‘Something Should Happen
’ to Pipeline Delivering Russian Oil to Hungary

US infiltrated post-Soviet states with biolabs

Evidence Points to US Continuing Biological
Research in Indonesia Despite Lab Ban

Food crisis not linked to sanctions – US


'Go In There!’ - Distraught Parents Begged Texas
Cops To Enter School As Gunman Inside For 'Up To An Hour'

Donald Trump Reportedly Defended Mob Chanting
‘Hang Mike Pence’ During Jan 6 Capitol Protest

US Court Rules Trump, Family Members
Must Answer Questions Under Oath

Depp lawyer - Amber Heard used same
photo for 2 different alleged Incidents

Depp attorney snaps at Amber Heard
...'Your lies have been exposed'

Actor Ray Liotta dies in his sleep. Sound familiar?

Twitter shakeup - Former CEO Jack Dorsey
exits board

Twitter Investors Sue Elon Musk,
Alleging He 'Manipulated The Company’s
Stock Price Lower'

Elon Musk to Provide Extra $6.25
Billion to Fund Twitter Deal

Google wants to slow YouTube in Russia


China Leads in 5G Networks Development

BRICS countries to consolidate steps to
combat sanctions and disinformation

Saudi Arabia, Argentina showing interest

The NHS Just Edited Their Monkeypox Page..
. To Make It Scarier

NATO to Exclude Russia From Its Strategic
Partners in New Concept Document, Stoltenberg Says

Truss Urges Ukraine and NATO Not to 'Appease' Russia

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Says US
Trying to Transform NATO Into 'Global Gendarme'

Erdogan and Macron Discuss Finland,
Sweden's NATO Accession

Moscow’s increased activities in Africa
might threaten NATO security UK, Spain claim

EU not prepared for war – top diplomat


Poland reveals arms wish list

The Europe of Solidarity? Prague Shops Display
'No Ukrainians' Signs While Roma Unwelcome

Actor Kevin Spacey Charged With Four
Counts of Sexual Assault Against Three
Men in UK

Turkey has no plans to stop purchasing gas from
Russia at this stage

Ruble up slightly following Central Bank’s
decision to cut key rate to 11% per annum

McDonald’s Russian sites to open
under new brand on June 12 - company

Medvedev says Europe feels consequences
of sanctions on Russia including hyper inflation

Default won’t affect Russians - finance minister

Inflation in Russia under control
– Central Bank

Russian reserves frozen by EU much
smaller than expected – Reuters


Russia warns it will respond to US censorship

Russia’s UN ambassador asks US not to
mislead humanity regarding causes of food crisis

Kremlin - West Should Abolish Illegal Decisions
That Prevent Grain Export From Ukraine

Moldova’s former president says he was
arrested on trumped-up charges

Moldovan Court Places Former President
Dodon Under House Arrest for 30 Days

‘Depravity’: Kremlin castigates desecration
of Russian memorials in Europe

Polish security forces organize attack by foreigners
on Belarusian border guards — agency

CNN apologizes to China

China ‘Undermining' Global Order While
Enriching Itself - US Not Looking For ‘New
Cold War’ - Blinken

US Does Not Support Taiwan Independence
But Will Continue to Expand Ties With Taipei,
Blinken Says


US launches ‘China House’ to coordinate
policy to counter Beijing

Japan, US Conduct Joint Drills With 8 Fighter
Jets Over Sea of Japan

Beijing Accuses NATO's Stoltenberg of
Double Standards for Hyping Up 'China Threat'

Nepal Assures Beijing It Won't Allow Any
'Force' to Carry Out 'Anti-China Separatist Activity'

Hijab Row Rocks India Again as Hindu Students
in Karnataka Demand 'Uniforms For All' - Video

Pakistan Deploys Army as Imran Khan’s
Supporters Enter Into Protected Zone in Islamabad

Ousted Pakistan’s PM issues ultimatum

Epic scenes from Pakistan - fmr PM Khan and
3 million followers head to the capital to
demand fresh elections - He was removed in
April after daring to side with Russia

US Will 'Absolutely' Not Invite Maduro
Government to Summit of Americas in June

Israeli Forces Murdered Star Al Jazeera
Journalist - CNN


Stratospheric Bread Prices Put Lebanon On Edge
But Beirut Struggles to Cope With Crisis

No Way Out But War

Corbett - Bill Gates Lays Out Technocrat
Plan For Global Takeover - Video

Trump Fears Nuclear War ‘More Likely to
Happen Than Not' Thanks to Biden

Virologists Warn That Monkeypox Is Now A
'Hyper-Mutated Virus' As It Spreads To More
Countries And More US States

Mike Whitney - 'there is zero chance this
new monkeypox occurred naturally'

The Mystery Of Monkeypox Global Spread

The Prophetic Monkeypox Simulation

Nolte - Never Forget Democrats Want
to Remove Cops from Schools

Border Patrol Agent Killed Texas Shooter After
Rushing In With No Backup - What We Know
About The Suspect

Communism - Michael Moore Calls For Scrapping
Second Amendment Of Our Constitution


Firearm Stocks Soar Over Fears Of New
Gun-Control Laws

Report - Chuck Schumer Moving Quickly to
'Force' Gun Control Vote

224 Victims Shot To Death Or Otherwise Murdered
In Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago So Far In 2022

Chicago homicide victims in 2022...
Compared with previous years to 1991

NYC Subway Shooter Who Killed Goldman
Banker Had 'About 20 Prior Arrests'
Including Murder Charge From 2017

Hunter Biden Probe Ramps Up Before Midterms

Senators Demand All Internal Records On Biden
'Ministry Of Truth'

Top Trump-backed Candidates Crushed by
Party Hack Republicans in Key GA Primaries

Biden body Double Blows It During BoJo Meeting?

Biden Double Visits WHO In Geneva?


US Sends Heavy Weapons to Zio-Communist
Ukraine After Putin Ally Warns of World War

‘Go f*ck yourselves' Zelensky office to Western
officials Urging Concessions To End War

Putin visits wounded Russian servicemen
in military hospital in Moscow

‘Situation in Donbass extremely bad' - Ukraine

LPR forces make further gains, liberate
township of Toshkovka

Roberts On The Dark Side Of Ukraine And The
NYT Stopping Call For Victory Over Russia

‘Crimes Won't Go Unpunished' - Azovstal
Fighters Who Engaged in War Crimes Will
Be Prosecuted Says Moscow

Intl watchdog is worried about weapons-grade
nuclear materials in Ukraine

Watch Russian Precision Missiles Blast Off
for Uke Motor Sich Aircraft Engine Plant

First Videos Of US Switchblade Kamikaze
Drones Deployed In Ukraine - Video


Czech Republic sends attack choppers
to Ukraine – WSJ

US Customs Questioning Americans
Volunteering to Fight in Ukraine

America's Ukraine policy is on a
collision course with reality

Terminal Insanity - Davos Elite Wants You
To Lick Your Plate To Earn 200 Carbon Credits

Racial Discrimination Against White
Americans Has Been Institutionalized

One Billion People At Risk Of Power
Blackouts As Global Grids Stretched

Comrade Gov Newsom Warns CA Residents
Of Mandatory Water Restrictions Amid The
Ever Worsening (Engineered) Drought

School Board Director Holding 'Queer Night'
for Children '0-18' in Downtown Sex Shop...
Satanic War On Children Gains Momentum

Pfizer's body of lies - More Covid BioWeapon
negative effects and coverups are emerging

New WHO COVID Report Once Again
Proves Sweden Was Right


Moderna CEO Laments Throwing 30 Million
Doses In The Garbage Because 'Nobody
Wants Them'

Now they want to cure cancer with POX
viruses! First-Ever patient was injected
with a cancer-killing POX virus treatment

Vaxidents On The Rise Worldwide -
US traffic deaths soar to highest in 16 years

China military must be able to destroy
Musk's Starlink satellites if they threaten
national security - scientists

AI Inventing Its Own Culture, Passing It
On to Humans, Sociologists Find

US Middle Class Is Shutting Down As
Spending By The Rich Remains Robust

US Durable Goods Orders Disappoint In April

US NatGas Prices Top $9, Hit 2008
Highs As EU 'Convergence' Accelerates

ESG Crusade On Backburner As World
Grapples With Actual Energy Crisis

EU considers building new gas pipeline


Britons facing record prices at the pump

UK Families Face 'Transport Poverty' as
Petrol Prices Hit Fresh 'Milestone of Misery'

Europeans warned of ‘permanently high'
energy costs

Russia backs China's proposal on BRICS
enlargement, says diplomat

Moscow will take adequate retaliatory steps
if Russian assets abroad seized — MFA

Russian Ministry of Industry eyeing export ban
on certain nonferrous metals

Russia will pay debt in rubles due to US refusal
to renew license — Finance Ministry

Ruble sets new record against dollar
and euro

Russia makes move on foreign firms
leaving the country

Sweden hits back at Turkey's allegation


Germany ‘perplexed' by Poland's accusations

UK PM rejects calls to step down

Italy Announces Rollout of Dystopian
Social Credit System

EU seeks to criminalize sanctions evasion

ECB Hopes To End Negative Interest Rates
By The End Of The Third Quarter

US Middle Class Is Shutting Down As
Spending By The Rich Remains Robust

UK Braces For Internet Blackouts Due
To Coming Wave Of Bankruptcies

A New WHO COVID Report Once Again
Proves Sweden Right

'I Beg India to Reconsider Wheat Export Ban,'
Says International Monetary Fund Chief

US to airlift baby formula from Britain


French Municipalities Resort to Distributing
Food Vouchers Amid Inflation Crisis

RT & Sputnik Ban: EU Turned Into NATO Branch,
Limits Public's Access to Information, Activists Say

Dutch Activists File Collective Complaint With
European Court Over EU Ban on RT, Sputnik

Sputnik V Offers Stronger Protection Against
Omicron Than Pfizer, Spallanzani Institute
Study Shows

Putin eases Russian citizenship requirements
for residents of Zaporozhye, Kherson Regions

Russian diplomat warns Poland hatching
‘mission creep' scheme into Ukraine

US resorts to anything to stretch out military
conflict in Ukraine, says diplomat

Over 550 people evacuated from three villages
in Belgorod region after shelling — governor

Russia, UN interact on issue of unblocking
grain in Ukrainian ports, says senior diplomat

Russia ready to grant passage to vessels
with food from Ukrainian ports


Free-floating naval mines reach shores
of Romania, Turkey — IMO

Naval coalition to escort Ukrainian grain
dubbed a risk

Moscow Rejects Claims Russia's Military
is Smuggling Grain From Ukraine

MFA says NATO helps destruction of Ukraine
by supplying weapons to Kiev

China Holds Live Fire Combat Drills Near Taiwan
As Response To Biden Defense Pledge

China Says Philippine Sea Drills Were
‘Stern Warning' Against US Support for
'Taiwan Independence'

Xi Jinping Denounces ‘Preachers' Trying
to 'Boss' China as UN Human Rights Chief
Visits Xinjiang

Washington ‘Taking Lessons' From Ukraine to
Turn Taiwan Into Anti-China ‘Porcupine'

Washington's anti-China economic framework
offers nothing to prospective members

Incredible - China is 3D printing a massive
590' dam...And building it without humans


Washington evaluates breaking Russia-India ties

Pakistani Police Resort to Tear Gas as Thousands
of Imran Khan Supporters Defy Ban on 'Long March'

Violence in Kashmir as Secessionist Leader
Yasin Malik Sentenced to Life

US Warns Turkey Over 'Putting Americans
Forces At Risk' In New Syria Offensive

In Memory of Those Who 'Died Suddenly'
in Israel…Most Injected Nation In World

Russia supports African peoples in their demand
for complete decolonization — Lavrov

Russia will continue to provide comprehensive
support to African countries — Lavrov

South African Opposition Calls On France
to Leave African Continent

Idiot Kamal Lets Out Trademark Cackle After
Supremely Awkward 'Let's Applaud!' Moment
Mars Speech

The Oldest Tree in the World Might Have Been
Found in Chile and It's Dying - 5000 yrs Old
Maybe the Drought is Killing It


Corbett - Bill Gates Lays Out Technocrat
Plan For Global Takeover - Video

S Korea, US conduct missile launches in
response to North Korea’s test

OBiden Prepares For Simultaneous Wars
With Russia, China And Iran

Mitt Romney - US should prepare for
Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine

US warned It ‘must prepare for Putin’s worst
weapons’ as nuclear war is escalating fast as
‘there are few rules left’

Russian TV Says Nuclear War Is The Only
Alternative to a Russian Victory in Ukraine

Johnstone - They’re Just Outright Telling Us
That Peace In Ukraine Is Not An Option

'Civilization May Not Survive' - George Soros
Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else

Herr Schwab - 'We Have The Means To
IMPROVE The State Of The World’

Davos Elite Warn 'Painful Global Transition'
Should Not Be Resisted By Nation-States


Kissinger warns of deadline for Ukraine
peace settlement

Fury After Kissinger Says Ukraine Should
Cede Territory For Peace With Russia

Unprecedented - US Air Force To Join
Israelis In Mock Attack On Iran

Madness! Ukraine Zionist Govt Files Bill to
allow Officers to KILL Surrendering Ukraine
Army Troops

Ukraine to get just 15% of $40 Billion US aid
but must return entire sum, Russia’s Duma
speaker says - The Rest Is To Be LOOTED

War Enters 'Most Active Phase' As Russia
Encircles Ukraine Troops In East

Ukraine pledges to enter Crimea ‘by end of year’

Street battles erupt in Krasny Liman in Donbass

DPR forces won’t enter Avdeyevka,
will blockade city, says militia brass

Turkey Reveals List of Demands in Order
to Approve Sweden’s NATO Bid


Canada to send more than 20,000 rounds
for M777 Howitzers to Ukraine — defense minister

Poland accuses Germany of breaching
deal to replace tanks sent to Kiev

Dutch leader explains why Ukraine’s
accession to NATO is unlikely

Donbass Doctors Say ICRC and WHO Ceased
to Supply HIV and Tuberculosis Treatment

UK May ‘Protect’ Ukrainian Freighters From
‘Russian Threat’ in Black Sea Amid Fears
of Global Famine

Lithuania calls for naval coalition to escort
Ukrainian grain in Black Sea

Ron Paul - What's Biden's End Game In Ukraine?

The US Has Killed More Than 20 Million
People in 37 'Victim Nations' Since WW2

OBiden Says ‘We Have To Act’ In Demanding
Thougher Gun Laws After TX Elementary
School Alleged Lone Gunman Shooting

California Spills 10x Water into Pacific as
Residents Use - Governor Blames Residents


Biden Admits Skyrocketing Energy Prices
Are Part Of The Green ‘Transition'

Davos Oligarch Pitches 'Individual Carbon
Footprint' Tracker

US may waive smog rules to tame
gasoline prices

The story of how the CIA conducted secret
LSD experiments on unwitting US citizens

US traffic deaths soar to highest
total in 16 years - (Gee, Wonder Why)

Smallpox vaccine Side Effects -
Common, Severe, Long Term

Leaked Document Between Bill Gates And
WHO From 2021 Correctly ‘Predicted’ The
Exact Day Monkeypox Outbreak Would Begin

All 16 Runners Who Collapsed and Runner
Who Died at Brooklyn Half Marathon Said
They Were Vaccinated

Washington spends billions on creating new
BioWeapons says top Russian official

Globalist Thug re-elected as WHO Director
General for second five year term


WHO Says Monkeypox 'Can Be Contained’
As US Distributes Vaccines

WHO Says Aware of 131 Monkeypox
Human Cases in 17 Non-Endemic Countries

US baby formula shortage is a symptom
of a broken system

Wooldridge - Absurdities Of Our Times In America Pt 1

Wooldridge - Absurdities Of Our Times In America Pt 2

Barbour - Talking Movies w/Stu Shostak
And CJ Wallis

Navy Sailors Deserting At ‘Staggering’
Rate Amid Mental Health Crisis

Gas Price Hits $7.29 in Los Angeles

Analyst Warns World Has Just 'Ten Weeks’
Of Wheat Supplies Left In Storage

Russia has not yet received invitation to
food summit sponsored by EU, Egypt


Russia’s grain harvest expected to reach 128
Million tons - 85 Million tons of Wheat

Russia’s grain export will reach over
40 Million Tons in 2021-2022

India receives over 180,000 tons of
fertilizers from Russia in May

Russian economy to remain open – Putin

Putin notes necessity of expanding transport
corridors towards responsible partners

Russian oil shipments hit record high

Germany may reactivate coal power plants

Oil giant Saudi Aramco raises green
transition doubts

EU president von der Leyen claims EU still
buying Russian oil to deny Putin even larger
war chest

EU president von der Leyen accuses Russia
of energy ‘blackmail’ even though Brussels is
voluntarily cutting energy imports


‘It’s Not a Party’ - No 10 in Crisis Mode as Pic
of BoJo Raising a Toast at Lockdown Gathering

Disgruntled Swedish Military Pilots Leaving
in Droves

French Hiring Website Under Fire For 'Racist’,
'Sexist' & 'Fatphobic' Ads

Germany Expects Russian Oil Embargo
Decision Within Days

'It's Going To Get Truly Horrific’ - Gas, Electricity
Bills In Europe Could Jump To 4.5% Of Disposable
Income In 2023

UK Cap on Home Energy Bills Set to Rise by £800
in Autumn Thanks to Russia Sanctions

Hungary's Orban Shoots Down Russian Oil and
Gas Embargo Discussions at EU Summit

Saudi Arabia Signals Backing For Russia In OPEC+

Hungary Declares Wartime State Of Emergency

Djokovic slams Wimbledon's Russia ban


London keeps on pushing Kiev to warpath
...Russian ambassador to UK

London attempts to isolate Russian diplomats

Alexey Navalny loses appeal

Russian army engineers clearing Mariupol
port of mines

Russian forces destroy 995 drones,
3,243 armored vehicles in Uke operation

US uses terrorists, neo-Nazi thugs as
geopolitical tool - Russian security official

Russia not chasing deadlines in Ukraine
operation, seeks to wipe out Nazism

Russia had to begin special operation to stop
genocide in Ukraine — Defense Minister

Ukraine could have purged Nazis if had
stayed independent, Russian official says

US secret services urge Russian diplomats
in Washington to betray motherland


Top Russian official blasts Anglo-Saxon
doctrine of ‘select few entitled to prosperity’

Moldavian ex-President Dodon detained
for 72 hours over suspicion of corruption

Political persecution of ex-President Dodon
to lead to split in Moldova - lawmaker

Moldovan authorities dismiss secret services
engagement in terrorist attack in Tiraspol

Moscow concerned over Moldova persecution
of advocates of dialogue with Russia — Kremlin

Moscow explains slowdown of Ukraine operation
allows civilians the chance to evacuate

Russian Defence Minister Shoigu Warns of
Threat of Uke Nuclear Weapons Development

Attempts to undermine Russia's electoral
system to build up by September — experts

Chinese Foreign Ministry says China-Russia
cooperation is not subject to external influence

China warns US will pay high price if it keeps
treading down wrong path on Taiwan


China Embarks on Biggest Diplomatic Outreach
in South Pacific While Warning US Not to Meddle

Biden's 'Strategic Confusion’ - Why China Won’t
Fall Into US Traps in Taiwan & Indo-Pacific

Biden's Statement on Defending Taiwan
'Militarily' Marks a Shift in US Policy, Says
Japan's Shinzo Abe

Tokyo does not intend to join AUKUS,
Japanese PM says

Russian, Chinese Strategic Bombers Complete
13 Hr Patrol Over Sea of Japan, East China Sea

Quad States Will Allocate $50 Billion for Indo
Pacific Infrastructure Region, Japan PM Says

Canberra’s ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ Stance on
Taiwan Unchanged After Biden’s Jab,
Australian PM Says

Pakistan Govt Bans Imran Khan’s Long March
to Islamabad Amid Massive Crackdown

11 Dead, 5 Wounded In Mexican Hotel Massacre

Turkey's Erdogan accuses fellow NATO
Greece of lobbying against Ankara


Three Turkish Soldiers Killed, Four Injured
in Operation in Northern Iraq

Naftali Bennet Incites Ire Online With Tweet
Saying He's Working 'for the Sake of Israeli

'Death to Israel' Exclaimed at Assassinated
IRGC Colonel’s Funeral in Tehran

Biden Admin Reportedly Mediating ‘Breakthrough'
Deal Between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel

UK Parliament's Foreign Committee Dubs Withdrawal From Afghanistan 'Disaster,' 'Betrayal'

We Will Dox You (song parody)

Monkeypox Weaponized In Deep State Labs

Malone - The Truth vs More Fear Porn

Monkeypox Spreads Like Wildfire All Across
Planet As WHO Warns 'There'll Be More Cases'

Gain Of Function on Pox Viruses Confirmed

The Monkeypox Tabletop Exercise
...What Did They Know?

Monkey pox & the curious death of Dr Buller

Here We Go Again - #BillGatesBioTerrorist Trends
as Netizens Blame Billionaire for Monkeypox

UN AIDS Body Says Media Monkeypox Reports
Are 'Homophobic and Racist'

Monkeypox Outbreak Primarily Spreading
Via Sexual Contact - WHO Officials (Oh?)

Scotland, Denmark Confirm First Cases
of Monkeypox


Russia has herd immunity against monkeypox
thanks to mass vaccination against smallpox

De facto full lockdown enacted in Pyongyang
N Korea over fever outbreak - Russian Embassy

Freedom Of Speech Needs 'Recalibration'
Aussie Commissioner Sparks Outrage At WEF

Journalist Jack Posobiec And Film Crew
Detained At Davos

Zelensky tells Davos to impose “maximum
economic sanctions" against Russia

Chinese delegation walks out in Davos
after Zelensky's speech — CNN

Kissinger - Ukraine must give Russia territory

West wants to 'dismember' Ukraine – Minsk

US Omits Neo-Nazi Arms Ban From Ukraine
Aid Bill to Avoid Liability - Ex-Pentagon Adviser

Swapping Azov fighters for Ukraine opposition
leader Medvedchuk out of the question, Kremlin says


Lawmaker says truth about siege of Azovstal
to come out, Nazis were at their worst

Crimea head says case of Russian serviceman convicted in Kiev was fabricated

Ukraine hands life sentence to Russian soldier

Ukraine to seize assets of alleged Russia

Detained Ukrainian opposition leader Medvedchuk
testifies against ex-president Poroshenko

Ukraine Should Ideally Become Neutral State
Ex-US Secretary of State Kissinger Says

Kissinger believes that settlement in Ukraine
must begin within two months

US Should Consider that Russia May Use Nuclear
Weapons, Ex-Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff Says

US has multi-billion dollar Arctic military plans

Nelson - Trump's Endorsements Are Inflating
The Swamp


Senator - So. US Border Resembles A War Zone

Mike Pence Willing to go Head to Head
Against Trump in 2024 Primary

Goldman Sachs Research Analyst Shot
Dead In NYC Subway

Jeffries - America's Obedient Narcissists

White House Mulls Tapping Emergency Diesel
Stockpile To Address East Coast Crisis

Court Rules California's Gun Sale Ban On
Those Under 21 Is Unconstitutional

Sacramento Cops See Big Response To
Gas For Guns Exchange

Watch - Osama bin Laden's Niece Defends
'Thorn' of 'Ultra MAGA Movement' on Steve
Bannon's Show

DeSantis - There Is 'No Way' Florida Will
Support WHO Global Pandemic Treaty

Stacey Abrams Derides Georgia on
Campaign Trail - 'Worst State in the
Country to Live'


New York City Mayor Declares Emergency
Over Shortage of Baby Formula

Amyloid Fibrils...Over 30 Types Exist - Video

New Study from Sweden Confirms Systemic
'Amyloidosis' caused by SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein

Official Data shows Children are 303 Times more
likely to die following Covid-19 BioWeapon Shot
than Unvaxed Children - the ONS is trying to hide it

Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns
the Federal Government and Is thereby
Immune to Normal Contract Law - Roberts

Google And Facebook Targeted By Bipartisan
Lawmakers Over Advertising Dominance

Distrust for Users Choices Breeds US Social
Media Censorship

Tesla To Return To Pre-Lockdown Production
Schedule At Shanghai On Tuesday

'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid Double the
Size of World's Tallest Skyscraper Heads
Towards Earth

US Navy Ships Were Swarmed By Drones
...Not UFOs, Defense Officials Confirm


Tragic Kingdom - Disney Park Costs Soars
Past Affordability for Average American

White House Economic Adviser Plays Down
Recession, Claiming A 'Period Of Transition'

Americans Have Lost $20 Trillion
Since The Start Of 2022

Winners from 'rigged' economic system revealed

COVID Pandemic Created New Billionaire
Every 30 Hours, Reveals Oxfam Report

BoJo's Claim of 'Partygate' Innocence
Undermined by New Bombshell Photos

Italian Orchestra Boycotts Music Contest
After Ban on Russian Violinists

Dutch Association of Journalists, Other Groups
to Challenge EU's RT, Sputnik Ban in Euro Court

Sanctions must be lifted from Moscow to
resolve food crisis — official

Hundreds Of UK Grocery Items More Than
20% Pricier Over Last Two Years


'Some People at the Edge' - 40% of UK Households
May Be in Fuel Poverty if Govt Doesn't Intervene

UK gas prices surge on supply shortage

German cars can't run without Russian gas
– BMW production chief

Poland terminates Russian gas supply contract

HSBC Suspends Head Of Responsible Investing
Over 'Nut Job' Climate-Alarmist Comments

Russia castigates EU's self-centered scheme
to empty grain out of Ukraine

Russia calls on BRICS to create joint oil
and gas processing facilities

Putin vows to have a word with his 'alter ego'
over Western economies' problems

Moscow's turn to settlements in national
currencies contributes to ruble growth - Putin

Despite all difficulties, Russian economy
withstands sanctions quite well - Putin


Russian Economist points to downside of
strong ruble

Unipolar West dying, giving way to fairer
world order, says Russian intel chief

Starbucks Exits Russia After 15 Years,
Closes 130 Stores

Finland Seizes Over $80 Million in
Russian Property Due to EU Sanctions

Russian UN envoy says West creates Ukrainian
cyber army that will threaten world

Cybertechnologies have begun to be used for
geopolitical aims - Russia's ambassador to UN

More US-supplied weapons destroyed in
Ukraine – Russia

Watch - Russian Artillery Landing Direct Hits
on Ukrainian Tank

European armed forces will not give EU
greater security - Kremlin spokesman

Russian Strategist Tells TV Pundit Ukraine War
Is 'Rehearsal' For NATO Conflict


Russia to monitor Chisinau's reaction to possible
NATO arms supllies - Foreign Ministry

China Responds to OBiden's Declaration of War

Waltz - We Can't Wait Until Taipei Is 'Leveled'
to Have a 'Tough Response' to China Aggression

Biden 'Misspeaks' In Vow To Respond Militarily
If China Attacks Taiwan, WH Walks It Back
....Taiwan Will Be Hung Out To Swing In Wind

China hits back at US over Taiwan

China says US shipped $70 Billion worth
of weapons to Taiwan

Indonesia Summons British Envoy for Raising
LGBT Flag at Embassy Building in Jakarta

Kishida Says Biden Backed Japan Becoming
Permanent Member of UN Security Council

Japanese Prime Minister Tells Biden Japan to
Host G7 Summit 2023 in Hiroshima, Reports Say

US Announces 13 Nation Indo-Pacific Economic
Pact To Counter China's Influence In The Region


Underwater Volcano Erupts in Solomon Islands

Ties With China Will 'Remain Difficult' New Oz PM
Claims...Amid Calls for a 'Good Relationship'

Torrential Rains, Floods Leave Over 100 Dead
in India and Bangladesh

Iran Plans to Develop Its Own Heavy Battlecruisers

Iran Blames Israel, Vows Revenge, For Brazen
Motorcycle Assassination Of IRGC Colonel

Why Would the Assassination of Hamas'
Chief 'Open the Doors of Hell' for Israel?

Security Guard at Qatari Embassy in
Paris Killed in Attack

Hundreds Hospitalised in Baghdad as Sand Storm
Hits City, Causes Airport Closures - Videos

Mali's Foreign Minister Says Security Cooperation
With Russia Giving 'Impressive Results'

'Crude Propaganda': Mali FM Slams French
Sidestepping of Military Base Mass Grave


Analyst - Hillary Should Be Questioned
Over Green-Lighting Trump-Russia Hoax

New Jersey Sued For Illegally Concealing
Election Records Policy

US top brass warn of ‘conflict between
great powers’

Global food catastrophe imminent - Economist

Belgium Begins Monkeypox Quarantines,
Biden Warns 'Everybody Should Be Concerned’
Get Ready…They May Rerun The Covid Game

WHO holds emergency meeting over
monkeypox Which Has Infected Less
Than 100 People!

Risk of monkeypox vaccine complications
almost as great as risk of getting disease’

Monkeypox may only be a big distraction
from what's really coming, once 5G is ready
to be used (against the vaxed)

First Mandatory Quarantines for Monkeypox
as White House Warns of More Cases

Belarus accuses Ukrainian military
of border raids

Escobar - Russia Rewrites The
Art Of (Hybrid) War

WATCH - Russian Ka-52 Alligator Helicopter
Eliminates Ukrainian Military Positions


Mayor of Russian-held Ukrainian city
injured in explosion

Ukraine to grant special legal status to
Polish nationals

Plan for US troops in Europe revealed

DPR forces begin withdrawal of heavy
weapons from liberated Mariupol

Ukraine ‘15 or 20 years away’ from joining EU
– France

Ukraine withdraws from several CIS agreements

NATO refusal to listen to Moscow Root cause
of Ukraine conflict - ex-German SPD leader

US Foreign Policy Advisor Warns Against
Further NATO Expansion

US Military Expert - Russia to Score Major Victories
in Donbass, Must Adapt to New NATO Game

CSTO Chief Says Organization Has Enough
Power to Counter Threat From NATO Expansion


Ex-NATO insider offers Turkey plan to
manipulate bloc

By moving to trash their relations with Russia,
Sweden and Finland's leaders are taking their
people down a dangerous road

US ready to Give arms to Ukraine
neighbor, Moldova

US, Moldova Discuss Arms Deliveries
to Chisinau, Congressman Says

US firm McKinsey advised Pentagon and
Russian defense conglomerate at same time

‘Staggering’ Statistics - Number of US Navy
Deserters More Than Doubles From 2019-2021

Analyst of Hunter’s Laptop From Hell - If ‘Big Guy’
Is Biden, He Will Pay a Heavy Price - It May Be
Obama...who is Running The White House

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico Ranch
Where They Abused Young Girls - Photos

Georgia's Record-Breaking Early Voting
Turnout Defies Voter Suppression Accusations

NPR Has Corporate-Snitching Platform
To Rat Out Anti-Mask Coworkers


Netflix Scraps Plan To Produce ‘Anti-racist
Baby' Cartoon Aimed At Preschoolers

Super Confidential RSTP Quarterly Update Email
Links Hunter Biden To Nathaniel de Rothschild

Cloward-Piven Strategy (CPS) - To Overload US
Public Welfare System To The Point It Creates A
Crisis And Bankrupts The Nation Leaving It No
Choice But To Adopt Socialist-Communist Agenda

Seriously, What happened to
Stephen Colbert?

US military plane flies in 35 tons of baby
formula from Germany

We Have No Idea How AI Gun Detection
Will Be Used In The US

Sars-Cov-2 was Lab Made Under
Project DEFUSE

Sars-Cov-2 Kills T-Cells, Just Like HIV

VAERS has been shown to report only 1%
of actual vaccine adverse events - Multiply
Released Figures By 99!

Yeadon on the Covid lies - Part 3
The WHO pandemic treaty must not happen


Bill Gates Just Gave $6 Million To
Genetically Engineer An HIV Vaccine

FDA Approves New Intravenous Monkeypox
Drug Treatment From PFIZER-Linked SIGA Tech

Monkeypox is not the next Covid-19
What’s alarming is not monkeypox
but extreme responses on both sides

Monkeypox Appears To Be A ‘Lab Strain
With Unknown Characteristics’

Your Government published data confirming it
can take just 5 months for the Covid-19
Vaxed to develop AIDS - The Death Of Their
Immune Systems Leading To Death Soon After

Monkeypox - Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

In their quest to live forever, evil elitists admit
through ‘science' that children and babies are
being harvested for their life essence - Can
You say ‘adrenochrome’?

Amazon Seeks To Offload Up To 10 Million
Square Feet Of Warehouse Space

Elon Musk Sex Scandal - Said To Have Paid Off
Flight Attendant After Exposing Himself To Her

Enormous asteroid 7335 (1989 JA)
to fly by Earth on May 27


Majority of Americans 'Uneasy and Worried’
About Economy, Poll Reveals

Amazon Seeks To Offload Up To 10 Million
Square Feet Of Warehouse Space

Global food catastrophe imminent

Global debt Of $305 Trillion about to explode

SWIFT begins preparing for centrally
controlled digital currencies

Extremely Tense Beer Bottle Shortage
Emerges Ahead Of Germany's Oktoberfest

West seeking to enslave Ukraine financially
...Russian presidential aide

Massive Foreign 'Financial Assistance’ Plunges
Ukraine's Credit Rating Amid Fears of Severe Debt

We’ve never seen so much lying, bullshit
and idiocy as attends this Fed collapsing
this RECORD asset bubble at RECORD pace

It’s the end of the global economy
as we know it


Polish Prime Minister Tells Norway to
Share Excess Profits From Energy
Trade With Ukraine

Biden Admin Blames Math Error On
Massive Oil & Gas Permitting Delays

Central Bankers' Narratives Are Falling Apart

What's Up With Gold?

Freedom And Sound Money
...Two Sides Of A Coin

Global debt about to explode – report

G7 warns of inflation danger

Fuel poverty to hit British households,
energy chief warns

Cracks Appear As Subprime Borrowers
Miss Loan Payments Amid Recession Threats

UK Tory MP Reportedly Plied Four Men
With Date-Rape Drugs, Licked Victim's Nipples


Member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary
Guard Corps Assassinated in Tehran

UK, German Tourists Reportedly Face Death
Penalty in Iraq in Antiquity Smuggling Case

China's Pacific Security Pacts - A Response to
the Quad Threat, US-Taiwan Rapprochement?

US Indo-Pacific strategy geared to instigate
confrontation - Chinese top diplomat

US makes another Taiwan move

Peruvian Journo Accuses UK-Based PR
Network Of Financing Fake News About
Russia's Op in Ukraine

Biden’s response to the killing of Palestinian-
American journalist encourages more of same

‘Unnecessary and Costly’ - Taliban Leader
Urges Group Members to Avoid Polygamy

Iran Revolutionary Guard colonel assassinated
...Most Likely By Mossad

In Memory of Those Who 'Died Suddenly’
in Zimbabwe and South Africa


There's a Titanic-Sized Underground 'Tree’
That Feeds Earth's Volcanoes, Scientists Say

CCP Issues 'National Mobilzation Order' To
Switch Entire Nation To 'Wartime Economy'

Romney Says Putin's 'Illogical' Acts Show
Need To Prepare For Nuclear Strike

Turner - Polish Troops Have Entered Uke War
Also - US And UK SAS Troops On The Ground

Braindead Biden Smashes Historic All Time
Lowest Approval Rating For A Sitting President

Judge Orders Biden to Keep Title 42 Barrier

US To Keep, Maybe Increase, 100,000 Troops
In Eastern Europe As Efforts To Push Russia
Into WW3 Obviously Continue

Russia warns of mounting threats to its security
...NATO And The Ghouls Running The US Are
Pushing Russia Ever Harder To WW3

Azovstal ‘fully liberated’ – Russian military

Russian Media Says Head Of Azov In Custody
After 2,439 Fighters Surrender At Steel Plant

Ex French Marine returns from Ukraine shocked
Witnessed Many Wars Crimes, ALL Committed
By Ukes And None By Russians

Russia’s UN deputy envoy to Ukraine’s
foreign minister - Kiev pays weapon bills with grain

Russia bans 963 Americans

Ukrainian military fires nearly 300 shells at
Donetsk Republic over past day


Zelensky Claims An Army Of 700,000
Uke Military fighting Russia

Fork-Tongue Zelensky gives details on
Azovstal surrender

US plans to help ‘destroy’ Russian fleet

Info Saboteurs - How the Ukrainian Centre
for Information and PsyOps Works

Report - Monkeypox Appears To Be
A ‘Lab Strain With New, Unknown
Characteristics’ Says ECDC Source

How Has Monkeypox Spread All Over
The Globe At Lightning Speed?

Swiss Confirm First Monkeypox Case in Bern

Israel reports first monkeypox case

Two Cases Of Monkeypox Confirmed In Oz

Monkeypox - CDC monitors 6 people in US
for possible rare infection, says public
‘should not be concerned'


WHO Warns Monkeypox Could Accelerate During
Summer - CDC Alerts US Docs As Virus Reaches
13 Countries - This is A Synthetic Outbreak

What to Know About Monkeypox

Airlines struggling to find pilots consider
lowering requirements for new hires

Largest US high-tech facial recognition
software rolled out at Miami Airport

US plan to tackle surge in ‘hate' crimes

No Bees, No Food? 75% of World’s Food
Crops Depend on Pollinators

Top Putin Aide Predicts Global Famine
By The End Of This Year

Runner Drops Dead At End Of 1/2 marathon

How To Eat While Wearing A Mask - Video

Pfizer CEO Bourla Pitches Davos Elite
On WiFi Microchip Pills!


First Case of Omicron BA.4 Variant Detected
in Philippines

COVID-19 Pandemic Could Have Emerged
Due to US Experiments on Viruses, Prof Says

Tech Elites, Billionaires Grow Apart From US
Democrats Due to Left's 'Censorship', 'Division'

Federal Judge Dismisses Fraud And Defamation
Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Amid Week Of

Boeing's Spacecraft Docks With ISS
For First Time

Super Creepy Military Recruitment Video Tells
Truth About Bizarre PsyOps US Is Running

USAF Successfully Tests Hypersonic Weapon

GeoEngineering Watch Global News Alert 5-21-22

Let Them Eat Bugs...How Out-Of-Touch Elites
Reveal Their Contempt, & What Comes Next

Global ‘wheat war’ is coming


Germany, Italy agree to pay for
Russian gas in rubles

Russian economy minister against
withdrawing from WTO

Ethereum Creator Says He is 'Not a Billionaire
Anymore' as Cryptocurrency Market Tanks

Swiss Watch Shortage Spreads
From Rolex To Cartier And Tudor

One third of EU countries see
double-digit inflation

Five Warning Signs The End Of Dollar
Hegemony Is Near... Here's What's Next

Washington's Ukraine Aid Spending May
Affect US Economy, Experts Warn

Senator Rand Paul Avoids Russian Travel
Ban After Criticizing Ukrainian Aid Package

'Global Sheriff' Washington DC wants its court
to unilaterally define who’s a war criminal

NATO Plans To Rip-Off Americans Even
More With Sweden & Finland Set To Join


Finland & Sweden Seek To Calm Russia By
Ruling Out NATO Bases & Nuke-Hosting

Top Finnish lawmaker balks at Turkey’s
NATO threat

UK Nuclear Submarines to Reportedly Be Fitted
With Additional Ballistic (Nuke) Missiles

Man Arrested for Threatening to Blow up
UK Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns, Report Says

UK Bread Shortage ‘Inevitable’ as Police Warn
of Surge in Crime Amid Cost of Living Crisis

Finland & Sweden Seek To Calm Russia By
Ruling Out NATO Bases & Nuke-Hosting
Yep, Sure thing, You Bet...Funnier By The Day

Bleeding Russia dry and the
next ‘color revolution’

Biden outlines conditions for meeting Kim

China Coal Imports From Russia Almost
Double Amid Western Sanctions

China Floats Out World’s ‘first autonomous
sea drone carrier’


US using Ukraine to ramp up Taiwan tensions

Australia Election - Labor Party's Albanese To
Take Power After Morrison Concedes Defeat

Syria says Israeli missile strikes result
in fatalities

Syria demands US pay for air strike victims

Record levels of child hunger reported
in Horn of Africa

War criminal George W. Bush admits the
US broke its promise to Russia not to
expand NATO eastward

Tucker - Biden Is Giving The WHO Power to
'Deploy Proactive Countermeasures Against
Misinformation’ - This is Utterly Evil And
Completely UnConstitutional

Gates And Fauci Caught Funding Gain Of
Function Experiments On Bird Flu That Could
Turn It In To The Next Deadly Pandemic

Dr. Blaylock - Covid Update, What Is The TRUTH?

Monkeypox (Intentionally) spreads in West,
baffling African scientists - It’s An OP, Another
Forecast And Sowed Plandemic!

Smallpox vaccine to prevent monkey pox
could cause global small pox epidemics

Rising Monkeypox Cases Suggest It’s
Spread 'Pretty Wide’ Already

Coincidence? Never! A Monkeypox Outbreak Is
Another ‘War Game’ Exercise Taken Straight from
The Globalist Playbook - See It All Right Here

Another 'war game' exercise in March 2021
describes a Monkeypox outbreak - Gosh!

Polly - Caught Red Handed Planning
A MonkeyPox Event


Biden Admin Places $119 Million Order
For Monkeypox Vaccines As Virus Hits US

NYC Reports First Suspected Monkeypox Case
As WHO Convenes Emergency Meeting

Monkeypox Infiltrated Madrid in Late April
...Health Official Says

Belgium Detects First Two Monkeypox Cases,
France Confirms One Case

From Transmission Conundrum to Timing Factor
...Experts Puzzle Over Outbreak of Monkeypox

Key Russian lawmaker reveals illicit Ebola,
smallpox research at Evil US-run Ukraine biolabs

Russian envoy Shows proof of illicit, Evil Pentagon
backed bioweapons manufacturing in Ukraine

US was creating electronic system of bio
Intelligence in Ukraine - Duma’s deputy speaker

Russia can thwart US bioweapons programs
in third countries — Kosachev

Liberation of Lugansk People’s Republic to
be complete shortly - Russian Defense Ministry


177 civilians rescued from Azovstal,
nearly 2,000 nationalists surrendered

Anti-Kremlin exiles suggest way to tell
apart ‘good Russians’

Kiev wants Donbass authorities ‘physically gone’

Rand Paul Says Washington Will Have To Get
Loan From China to Send $40 Billion to Ukraine

G7 Countries Pledge Nearly $20 Billion To Keep
Ukraine's Wartime Economy Afloat

NATO applicant Sweden arms terrorists – Turkey

Russians didn’t want to join NATO, US claims

Fmr French Volunteer Who Spent Time in Ukraine
Asks Paris to Justify Delivery of Arms to Neo-Nazis

Dow Jones Industrial Average On Longest
Losing Streak Since 1932

Every Time This Happened Before,
The Fed Bailed Out The Market


HUGE stockpiles of baby formula found
at the border, proving the shortage was
ENGINEERED by the White House to punish
and starve America’s White babies
Obama Is Likely Behind All Of This

Gary Webb - Murdered For Exposing
The Truth

So much ‘news' coming out of Ukraine
appears to be completely fabricated

Brain Damaged Biden mixes up president’s
name during trip to Southeast Asia

Ted Cruz Shocks The Press With An
Absolute Master Class On How Biden
Is Intentionally Raising Gas Prices

2020 - Twice as Many Traffic Deaths
as Firearm Homicides

GW Bush said in speech on Ukraine ‘wholly
unjustified and brutal invasion’ but said ‘Iraq'
instead of Ukraine

100+ educators arrested for sex crimes
against students so far this year

Wooldridge - Why Is Everyone In America
Avoiding This Topic?

The Coming Meat Shortage - Are You Prepared?


Pfizer knew all along its mRNA vaccine
can't protect people from COVID

FDA is 'rotten to the core’ - Dr Robert Malone

One Of The Worst BioWeapon Injuries Yet

Warning - Terrible Photos - 32 Yr Old Double Vaxed
Woman Dead, Eaten Away By Horrible Necrotic Ulcers

Gates And Fauci Caught Funding Gain Of
Function Experiments On Bird Flu That Could
Turn It In To The Next Deadly Pandemic

Candida Auris Outbreak In Las Vegas Hospitals

Dangerous Fungus Hits Vegas Hopitals

Covid ‘Vaccine’ Injury Ends Orthopedic Surgeon’s
20 Year Career - The Ordeal Of Dr. Joel Wallskog

Warning - Terrible Photos - 32 Yr Old Double Vaxed
Woman Dead, Eaten Alive By Horrible Necrotic Ulcers

Video about baby formula scarcity goes viral


Putin expects prompt results on abolition of
foreign-made data protection means in Russia

Cyberaggression Against Russia Failed,
Moscow Ready for These Attacks, Putin Says

Steve Bannon warns 'the system is collapsing’
global supply chains are cratering and it’s NOT
just temporary

Giant container ships are ruining everything

A Reset that Serves the People

Rabobank - We Are In An Undeclared Global
Economic War & Worldwide Famine Is Coming

Ruble Hits 7-Year High As Gas Buyers Bow
To Putin's Payment Mandate

De-dollarizing the Russian economy is critical
...prime minister says

Russian Finance Ministry Paid Coupon on
Eurobonds Maturing in 2026, 2036 in Dollars, Euros

Russia cannot be isolated from world economy
— PM Mishustin


Sanctions against Russia may last for decades
— Medvedev

US spreading fakes trying to oust Russia
from arms market — Rosoboronexport

Gas Prices Hit Another Record High Today
...And What's Biden Doing?

Russia’s Gas Revenue May Top $100 Billion
as Moscow Wins ‘First Round’ Of ‘Energy Battle’
...French Media

Russia will obviously not supply gas to
anyone for free, says Kremlin

Finland's Gasum Announced Gas Supplies
From Russia to Stop Early on Saturday

G7 wants to cap Russian oil price – US Treasury

Algerian Gas Can’t Be Panacea for Europe’s
Energy Needs, Report Warns

China boosts energy imports from Russia

Russia appreciates participation of Chinese
firms in Arctic energy projects, says ministry


Ex-German chancellor Schroeder quits
Russian oil giant

Brussels & Berlin’s witch-hunt against ex-German
chancellor Schroeder who defended Germany
and the EU against US pressure

Britain names soaring inflation biggest
economic hurdle in 25 years

Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies To Finland

Putin’s credibility rating close to 81%

Russia to form 12 new military units to
face growing threat from NATO

Russia’s updated maritime doctrine to
reflect global strategic changes, says deputy PM

Russia plans to supply helicopters for
over $1 Billion to foreign customers in 2022

US intention to supply anti-ship missiles
to Ukraine not new — Kremlin spokesman

Russian Navy to receive 20 combat
ships in 2022, says deputy PM


Two nuclear-powered (And Nuclear Armed?)
subs to join Russia’s Pacific Fleet in 2022

Russia ‘not happy’ with EU's attempt to claim
dominance in different regions — Lavrov

Opposition stages protests against US
and EU policies in downtown Yerevan

Russians Line Up for McDonald's as It
Leaves, Mirroring When Chain First Opened

China preparing for US land Invasion
Aided And Abetted By Communist CA
Gov Newsom

Oz PM Hit by Election Eve Cabinet 'Leak’
Accusing Him of Rejecting Offer to Amp Up
Pacific Aid

Oz AMA president, Dr Michelle Atchison's
26 Year Old daughter dies in sleep

Russia ready to continue supplying fertilizers
to Mexico, says envoy

Argentina's Inflation Problem

West leaves Russia no grounds for extending
aid mechanism in Syria — deputy envoy to UN


Russia ready to help Mali raise troop
fighting efficiency, says top diplomat

African Countries Ask for Russia's Help
With Food, Fertilizers, Russian Diplomat Says

Mook Testifies That Hillary Clinton Personally
Approved Trump-Russia Disinformation To Media

Ex-Clinton Campaign Lawyer in Heap of Trouble
as Former FBI Official's Testimony Exposes Lie

Tale Of Two Trials: How Sussmann Is
Receiving Every Consideration Denied To Flynn

CIA Should Take 'Immediate Legal Action’
Against Ex-Agents Who Called Hunter
Laptop Disinformation - Trump Lawyer

Nancy Pelosi Finally Loses Some Money

Former FBI Agent Claims Agency Fails
to Curb White Supremacists in US

Two Secret Service Agents Reportedly Booted
From South Korea Ahead of Biden Visit For
Drunken Fracas


Russell Bentley - War Update From Donetsk

Stop The Denial - Ukraine Is A Proxy War
That Will Lead To Wider World War

US to send anti-ship missiles to Ukes To Help
break a Russian naval blockade of Uke ports
As OBiden Begs For Nuclear War

OBiden Unveils $100 Million More In
Weapons To Ukraine Literally Moments
After $40 Billion Approved

With a $40 billion plan, US is setting itself
up for an expensive failure in Ukraine

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to
Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians,
Bankers or Military Heads

Jen Psaki Net Worth $27 Million (Forbes 2022)
Salary White House Press Secretary

Hunter Biden Took In $11 Million Over 5 Years
According To NBC Analysis

Hunter Biden 'Squandered Millions' on
'Drugs, Strip Clubs, Prostitutes', Hard
Drive Docs Show


Is a Red Wave Coming? Poll Indicates Massive
Turnout Advantage for GOP in 2022 Primaries

US media suggests Washington may be
plotting ‘apocalyptic’ false flag, says diplomat

Major NATO War Games Set to Begin
Miles From Big Russian Base

Biden - Countries Joining NATO Pose
No Threat to Any Nation

Germany will not take steps that would
involve NATO in conflict in Ukraine

US Senate Passes $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill
Sending Legislation to Biden for Finalization
($30 Billion Will Be Stolen By Oligarchs)

US Says Destroyed VX Nerve Agent Stockpile
on Track to Eliminate Chemical Weapons by 2023

Russia Uses New Laser Weapons in Uke
...Zelensky Mocks 'Wonder Weapon'

Russian forces wipe out S-300, Buk-M1
battalions in Ukraine special operation

Future of Ukraine's regions to depend
on its residents’ will — Kremlin


US Reopens Kiev Embassy After
Three-Month Closure

Videos Of Avoz Battalion Surrendering
To Russians In Mariupol - Russian Language

Russia puts two commanders of Ukraine’s
Azov nationalist battalion on wanted list

16 Biggest Lies the US Govt Tells America
About the Ukraine War

West’s unwise moves lead to global food
crisis, says Russian ambassador to US

Ukraine expects half of last year's harvest
in 2022, says minister

Turkey working with UN to ensure passage
of Ukrainian ships carrying grain

UN warns of rising global food insecurity
due to Ukraine conflict

How Bezos Washington Post twisted a report
about Donbass refugees to fit its narrative

UN chief calls for climate 'Marshall Plan'


New Evidence Shows Global Warming
has Slowed Dramatically Over Last 20 Years

Biden Invokes Defense Production Act
to Boost Supply of Baby Formula in US

US Navy Amasses 'Show Of Force’
Near China Amid Taiwan Invasion Threats

US, Japan Prepare Statement Pledging
To Jointly 'Deter' China Militarily

‘Plan B’ ready in case of nuclear test
during Biden’s Asia visit

Major NATO War Games Set To Begin
Just Miles From Russian Base

US, NATO employ double standards in
arms sales, says Russian security official

Blinken says US, Turkey will work through NATO
membership For Sweden, Finland as allies

The ‘Strongmen' Are Killing the New World Order

Russia-Ukraine Jewish Fake War Theater?
How The Jews Create The Crisis And
Manipulate The Prices


USAF 747 Doomsday plane CAIN11 circles
conducts touch and go landings at Fairbanks
International Airport

Vaxed Gov Of PA Hit By clots And a Stroke
Hmm…He must Have Gotten The Real Shot
Not The Placebo - Who Did He Step On?

Red-pilled Elon Musk has plenty of reasons
to be fed up with the Democrats

Is Monkeypox Hype a Paid Media Campaign?

Monkeypox Vaccine Maker Bavarian (BAVA)
Stock Price Rises as Disease Spreads

Monkeypox cases investigated in
Europe, US and Canada

Monkeypox Fears Prompts UK Clinics To
Bring Back Social Distancing

Fresh cases of rare monkeypox in
Italy and Sweden

US Confirms Monkeypox Virus In Massachusetts
After UK, Spain, Portugal Cases In Men

Extremely Rare Monkeypox Virus Emerges,
Vaccine Already Ready


WA gas stations run out of gas, add extra
digit in anticipation of $10 dollar prices

CA $6 gas prices could spread nationwide

Tucker - We may not have enough food
soon - (That’s The PLAN)

Get Ready to Be Muzzled - The Coming
War on So-Called 'Hate Speech'

There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This!
Ask Yourself This, Has Voting Ever Made
A Difference?

What is the Covid truth? By Dr Russell Blaylock

Medical Regulators believe Adenoviruses used
in AstraZeneca & J&J COVID Vaccines are to
blame for rise in deadly Hepatitis among Children

One Of The Worst BioWeapon Injuries Yet

Big Pharma-funded Paper Recommends
Taxing the Unvaccinated

FDA Authorizes Pfizer Booster COVID Shot
for Children Between the Ages of 5 and 11
This is Mass Murder And Injury To KIDS


US Govt Tells Americans to Put Their
Masks Back On

Mortality Among White Collar Workers Jumped
24% Between 2020 And 2021 - Life Insurance Data

MO Bill Prevents Doctors Being Disciplined
If They Prescribe Ivermectin Or Hydroxy

Boxer Drops Dead In Ring, Killed By Jab
Taken Before The Fight

Elon Musk suggests up to 90% of Twitter
users are BOTS, not humans

Elon Musk’s fortune has shrunk 20%
since his bid for Twitter – media

Twitter Introduces Policy to Prevent Spreading
of Misinformation During Crises

Disney's new Satanic 'Pride' clothing
line targets babies, children

US Politicians ‘Dragging Their Feet Over
Implications of Making ‘UFO Contact’
Says Physicist Michio Kaku

UFO Hearing - Pentagon Shows Declassified
Footage of Flying Spherical Object


'Hedgehog' With Spikes of Hot & Cold Gas
Revealed During Solar Orbiter's Historic
Close Flyby of Sun

Ex Minuteman ICBM Cmdr claims Pentagon
officials lied about not knowing about 1967
UFO incident Over ICBM Base

Inflation will cause recession, food prices to
spiral 'much further’ - Hedge fund manager

Yellen warns of global ‘stagflationary’ risk
from gas, food prices

Half of Russia’s gas buyers agree to pay
in rubles – Novak

EU Institutions Tentatively Agree to Fill
Gas Storage Up to 90% Ahead of Winter

House Dems Pass Gas Price Gouging Bill
as Biden’s ‘Putin Price Hike’ Talking Point
Bites the Dust

Russia Moves Dodge US Sanctions Aimed
at ‘Crippling’ Oil Sector by Filling Up PRC’s
Reserves - Report

US move to block debt payments will not
affect Russia’s reputation – Medvedev

EU running out of Russia sanctions – Euractiv


Russia will defend its assets abroad and
fight attempts to steal them — Kremlin

The Fed Has Destroyed Our Savings

Wells Fargo CEO Warns 'No Question’
Worst Is Yet To Come For Americans

Goldman Is Quietly Handing Out A
Recession Manual To Clients

Not Only US, But Global Economy Heading
to Crisis, Scholar Says

£3k a day: that’s what UK health officials
are paying 1,000s of management consultants

Another Meteorite Blazes Over UK - Video

Poland ready to build ‘permanent’ NATO bases

US reveals record number of its troops in Poland

London to provide long-range artillery,
anti-ship missiles, drones to Kiev


Russia expects Israel to take more balanced,
objective stance on Ukraine, says diplomat

Deputy commander of Aidar nationalist
battalion unit arrested in Rostov-on-Don

Russia’s Human Rights Council unveils
evidence of Ukrainian army’s terrorist methods

Russian Guard forces uncover mines, detain
nationalists’ accomplice in Lugansk Region

Human rights official calls out global silence
on Russian POWs being tortured in Ukraine

Russia says militants prepare provocation
using roving mortars in Sumy Region

Another 771 Ukrainian militants surrender
at Azovstal plant — Russian top brass

Ongoing Surrender On Far Bigger Scale Than
Kiev Has Acknowledged At Azovstal

Ukraine disappointed with level of US support

Soyuz-2.1 Rocket With Military
Satellite Launched From Plesetsk


US, Japan Prepare Statement Pledging
To Jointly 'Deter' China Militarily

Taiwan combines vaccine passport
with digital ID number

?hinese elites given directive on
foreign assets – WSJ

China calls for BRICS expansion

Arming Kiev, Sanctioning Russia Won’t Lead
to Peace or Security in Europe, China Says

Senior Chinese Diplomat Warns US’ Sullivan
Against Interfering in Internal Affairs

India looks to scoop up divested
Western assets in Russia – media

Pakistan Declares Economic Emergency
as It Bans Luxury Imports to Save Foreign
Currency Reserves

Russia Sends Venezuela 2.5 Million
Influenza Vaccines

For The Very First Time Russia Fires
Missiles At Israeli Jets In Syria


Iran Opens Factory in Tajikistan to Build
Ababil-2 Drones Amid Enhanced Partnership

Houthis Attack Foreign Yacht in Red Sea Off
Yemeni Coast, Report Says

Erdogan reiterates that Turkey cannot
ditch Russian gas

Erdogan says he has no intention of
severing ties with Putin over Ukraine

US lawmaker threatens Turkey over
NATO stance – media

Turkey remains opposed to Finland’s,
Sweden’s admission to NATO — Erdogan

Erdogan To Sweden - Don't Expect Us To
OK NATO Bid Without First Returning 'Terrorists'

US faces biggest energy crisis in half
century - Fully-Planned And engineered

Massive Saharan Dust Plume Over Atlantic
Headed For US By Weekend

'The Invasion Of Iraq...I Mean Of Ukraine’
George W. Bush Makes Mother Of All Gaffes


George Bush’s Iraq slip when slamming
Putin is perfect irony

Bush Jr. pranked - Ex-president duped into admitting
US broke NATO promise to Gorbachev

George W. Bush Tells Pranksters Why West Broke
Promise to Russia Not to Expand NATO

Watch - Democratic Witness At Judiciary
Committee Abortion Hearing Says Men
Can Get Pregnant And Have Abortions

Firm Behind ‘Steele Dossier’ Prodded Journo
to Spread 'False' Trump-Russia Collusion Story

Judge Denies Former Clinton Lawyer’s
Request For Mistrial

A New Paranormal Initiation to 'God’ and
'The Devil' - Mark Russell Bell

Starbucks Fired 20 Union Leaders - Report

The Four Planks Of The 21st Century
'Final Empire' Platform

Large Offshore Wind Farms Can Change
Weather on Land, Danish Researchers Warn


Woman Defines The collective Insanity
gripping America - Terminal Madness

Japan approves dumping Massive DEADLY
Fukushima radioactive liquid Waste Into The
Already Crippled Pacific Ocean

New Combat Videos From Eastern
Front In Donbass - Russian Site

Charles Nenner Warns "One Third Of Global
Population Won't Survive Next War Cycle"

WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is A Clear and
Present Threat to Democracy

1,000 Azovstal Fighters Have Surrendered
Since Monday But Top Commanders Remain

Drained, Exhausted, Defeated - Watch Fighters
From Besieged Azovstal Surrender to Russians

Special think tanks work for heroization of
Ukraine's neo-Nazis - Russian Security Council

Group of women spotted among surrendered
troops at Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine

Kiev Preparing Bucha-Type Provocation
in DPR, Russian MoD Warns


Russia urges West to stop scaring public
with nonexistent Russian ‘chemical threat’

Russia employs laser weapons in Ukraine
special operation, says deputy PM

Russian attack drones, artillery wipe out
US-made M777 howitzers in Ukraine

Russia to Start Serial Production of
Checkmate Fighters in 2027 - Rostec CEO

Chechnya head insists hardcore Banderites
must be punished, not exchanged

Russia up against NATO, not Ukraine,
says Chechnya’s Kadyrov

Those Cheering for Ukraine Are Cheering for
The Slaughter of Ukrainians – and Others

Lake Mead's marinas are being pushed
further out as water levels dive

Biden's 'Disinfo' Board Put On Hold
As 'Scary Poppins’ Jankowicz Resigns

Braindead Biden Blames Tucker for Buffalo
Massacre! How many Human beings Has Biden
Killed By sending lethal weapons To the Ukes?


'Genetically Edited’ (GMO) Food –
The Next Stage of the Great Reset?

Top Twitter boss dubs Musk a ‘loony tune’ while
boasting about limiting free speech – Veritas

‘Interesting' Tweets Elon Musk as Audit Says
Half Biden's 22 Million Twitter Followers Are 'Fake'

GOP's Minnesota Sec of State Candidate
Slammed for Depicting George Soros as
'Jewish Puppet Master'

Musk vs Soros - 'I Can No Longer Support
Democrats, Will Vote Republican'

‘Not a Federal Issue’ - Hunter Biden Laptop
Repairman Says FBI ‘Didn't Seem Interested’
in Hard Drive

Diesel Costs Deliver Body Blow To Trucking
Industry, Impacting Broader Economy

High Gasoline And Diesel Prices
Are Here To Stay

CDC data reveals more Americans are
resisting COVID boosters than you may think

China Pours More Money into Endless
Lockdown Scheme, Plans ‘Permanent'
Quarantine Camps


Eric Clapton cancels shows after testing
positive for coronavirus - No, He Is Suffering
From The BioWeapon Injections he took

Medical Regulators believe Adenoviruses used
in AstraZeneca & J&J COVID Vaccines are to
blame for rise in deadly Hepatitis among Children

Confidential Documents prove Pfizer is guilty
of major fraud in COVID Clinical Trials

Covid ‘Vaccine’ Injury Ends Orthopedic Surgeon’s
20 Year Career - The Ordeal Of Dr. Joel Wallskog

Warning - Terrible Photos - 32 Yr Old Double Vaxed
Woman Dead, Eaten Away By Horrible Necrotic Ulcers

Rogues Gallery Of Talking Heads Summarize
Global Covid Summit, Telling Us The Plandemic
Isn’t Over Yet

US Confirms First Case Of Monkeypox

CDC Has ‘Some Concern’ Over UK
Monkeypox Outbreak, Says Six
Americans Being Watched for Infection

Spain Raises Health Alert Over Monkeypox
in Madrid, Portugal Confirmes 3 Cases

Drug-resistant fungus candida auris
outbreaks investigated at 9 local hospitals
And 3 nursing homes - BioWeapon Caused


Russian Office of Google Initiates Its
Own Bankruptcy

'Long Arm UFO' Spotted Observing
Mars Rover, Blogger Claims

Former US Military Personnel Say They Witnessed
'Flying, Glowing' Objects Over Sinai Years Ago

Massive Ice Cube Neutrino Detector at Antarctica
...The Secret Space Program connection

The Fed Has Destroyed Our Savings

Inflation in Austria highest since 1981

The Fed LITERALLY Just Told Us It
Wants a Recession!

Price Controls Are Coming, Then CBDC

Goldman Economist Warns US Consumers
Maxing Out Credit Cards Will Lead To Late
2022 Spending Collapse

After Calls For Conservation And Generator
Failures, Texas Grid Survived The Weekend
...It's Still May


S&P Cuts World's Largest EV Maker From
ESG Index, Musk Slams 'Outrageous Scam'

Trucking Stocks Massacred After Target
Warns Of $1 Billion In Incremental Freight Costs

Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka Defaults On
Debt As It Runs Out Of Fuel

Sanctions Never Work, Will Have Unintended
Consequences, Says Indonesian Deputy FM

Seizing Russian assets to rebuild
Ukraine illegal – US

Debt default will hardly impact Russia
– US Treasury

EU seeks to sanction ex-chancellor
and former FM – media

Worst of economic shock over for Russia

Gazprom builds over 93% of Power
of Siberia gas pipeline to China

Russia supplies equipment for ITER
international reactor in France — Rosatom


Russia will not default on public debt,
can pay in rubles — Finance Minister

Europeans will have to pay more if EU
slaps duties on Russian oil, warns Kremlin

EU unveils energy rationing plan

Italian energy major agrees to pay
for gas in rubles

UK consumer prices reach 40 year highs

UK families warm themselves at McDonald’s

Council of Europe Human Rights Chief
Urges London Not to Extradite Julian
Assange to US

Greece wants F-35 firepower from the US

About that coming 'food crisis'

Think Tank Says Unlikely Any Country
Can Offset Wheat Export Losses After
India's Ban


Brussels Forcing Ukraine to Send Wheat
Reserves to Europe Despite Deficit Fears

Sixth package of EU sanctions against
Russia blocked — European Commissioner

EU to bankroll Ukraine’s budget
as Washington instructed

Italy forced into ‘economic warfare’ agains
t Russia by US, EU journalist claims

Brussels Reportedly Mulls Giving Russian
Tycoons’ Seized Wealth to Kiev as Loans

‘Tool for blackmail’ - Diplomat calls
out Kiev for using civilians at Azovstal

Court to decide fate of surrendered
militants from Azovstal - DPR leader

Blinken Announces US Embassy Reopening
In Ukraine's Capital of Kiev

US to work with allies to quickly bring
Finland, Sweden into NATO — Biden

Biden - US to Help Finland & Sweden 'Deter,
Confront Any Threats' as Their NATO Bids
Being Considered


Blocks Negotiations on Finland
and Sweden's NATO Entry

'Croats More Important Than Russian-Finnish
Border’ - Milanovic Threatens to Block Nordics

Baltic states demand massive NATO buildup

Russia expels dozens of foreign diplomats

Russia kicks out Canadian state media

EU Vows to Step Up Its Security Role
in Asia-Pacific Amid Concerns Over
Sino-Solomon Pact

US Navy Chief Urges Taiwan to Strengthen
Defences as Billions in Promised Arms
Aid Left Undelivered

China Emerges As Second-Largest
Bitcoin Mining-Hub Despite Ban

Bitcoin Crash Proves No Asset Immune
to Economic Fluctuations

US wants to lure India away from Russia
with $500 million military aid package


Incessant Rains, Floods Affect More Than
500,000 People in India's Assam

Pollution Has Killed More Than 2.3 Million
People in India, Says Lancet Study

India to Regulate Cotton Exports Amid
Surging Prices, Lower Crop Output

Farmers Protest in India's Punjab for
Compensation, State Chief Calls
Unrest 'Unwarranted'

US Tankers Will Refuel Israeli Jets
Simulating Strikes on Iran

Ray Jason’s 3rd Tall Ship Substitute Teacher Essay

New Financial Controversies Rock BLM
As Marc Elias Reportedly Leaves Board

Israel’s Nuclear weapons

New Research Shows Harvesting Blood
& Body Parts of the Young Could Help
Achieve Immortality

Biden’s approval rating hits new low – poll

Herr Schwab’s Guru - Yuval Noah Harari…
What To Do With All of These Useless People?
You better watch this if you are Goyim

Why Ritter Changed His Overall Assessment
Of the Russia-Ukraine war

At Least 300 Azov Fighters Surrender To
Russians At Azovstal Plant, Ending Siege

Uke And Azov Fighters Surrender To Russian
Troops At Azovstal In Mariupol - Video

NY Times Blasted For Writing Uke Fighters
‘Evacuated’ And Didn't Surrender At Azovstal

Eurovision winners thank Pope
for neo-Nazis 'evacuation'

Sweden Signs Formal NATO Membership
Request, Ends 200 Years of Neutrality


Pro-abortion gal says it's fine to kill
2 year old children!

Turkey Should Be Kicked Out of NATO
If It Blocks Sweden and Finland’s NATO
Bid, US Media Says

Erdogan-Allied Turkish Nationalist Party
Proposes Keeping Sweden, Finland in NATO
‘Waiting Room’

NATO starts drills Right near Russian border
With 50,000 Troops! Will Putin Nuke ’em? As
The West Keeps Pushing Russia Into WW3

US recruits ISIS Butcher terrorist Mercs
to fight in Ukraine, Russian intel says

Russia moves to withdraw from WTO, WHO

Russia withdraws from Council of Baltic
Sea States - Foreign Ministry statement

US has become state hostile
to Russia says Kremlin

China, India, Other Rising Powers Won’t
Accept West-Imposed Status of Obedient
Mutes, Lavrov Says

Ukraine puppeteered by US, UK at talks
with Russia, Lavrov says


West sees Ukraine as ‘expendable’ - Lavrov

Lavrov calls out Kiev for trying to
hide anti-Russian policies

Russia won’t be left without Internet
guarantees Lavrov

Russia won’t allow World War III to break out
but is ready to repel aggression - Medvedev

Ukraine controlled by US and UK - Russia

West conducting war against Russia - Kremlin

Biden Lied About Mass Shooting in Dallas,
Falsely Attributing It to 'White Supremacy'

Amber Heard Caught Lying Under Oath In Cross

US farmers sound alarm over coming
food shortage

How Government Created the Baby
Formula Shortage


FDA, Abbott Nutrition Agree to Restart
Michigan Baby Formula Factory

For the first time, abandoning the dollar
becomes possible

What US can face after dollar collapses
- Disintegration Or Dictatorship

Moderna Vaccine Delivered More Risk Than
Benefit in Trials for Children 6 to 11, Despite
New York Times Positive Spin

DARPA wants to model how ‘disinformation’
flows from fringe to mainstream platforms

All They Need Is Fraud (song parody)

Killing Children For Profit - FDA OKs Pfizer Booster
EUA for Kids 5 to 11, Bypasses Advisory Panel

Fully Vaccinated Young Adults suffer 73%
increase in Heart Attacks & Strokes and
92% higher Death Rate compared to Unvaxed

Four US Air Force Academy cadets denied
graduation for refusing To Take The Covid
BioWeapon Death Shot - They are Heroes

New York City Raises Covid Alert Level
To ‘High’...Advises Face Masks - Well,
Well, Well…masks ‘officially’ CAN Help
As we Have been Saying For over A year


Covid-19 and bird flu outbreaks should
prompt a rethink of factory farming

Statistical analysis shows that NOBODY
under 60 should take the COVID Needle

Dr Says Vaxed Pilots Represent a
Significant Threat to Aviation

Musk Says Twitter 'Deal Cannot Move
Forward’ Until Bot Clarity

'Twitter Does Not Believe In Free Speech’
Senior Engineer On Hidden Cam Says
Company Is ‘Communist’ as Hell

Elon Musk's Twitter Detractors Were
Subsidized With Millions In Taxpayer Dollars

Musk raises concerns over US economy

Elon Musk Rips Into Joe Biden - ‘The Real
President is Whoever Controls the Teleprompter'

Project Veritas Sting Catches Twitter
Engineers Proudly Admitting Bias,
Dissing Elon Musk

Declassified Videos of Flying Objects Unveiled
at Rare US Congress 'UFO Hearing'


UFO Researchers: Brits Reported Over 200
Alien Encounters in 2021

Over 1,000 New Asteroids Found by
Researchers Sifting Through Hubble Data

High Gasoline And Diesel Prices
- No Quick Fix

US Electric Grid Has A $2 Trillion Problem

EU Introducing 'Suicidal' Sanctions on
Russian Oil and Gas Under Pressure
From US Overlords - Putin

Growth in energy prices will undermine
competitiveness of EU industries - Putin

Cutting Off Russian Gas Would Be ‘Catastrophic’
German Industry President Warns

Finland mounts legal challenge to gas
for rubles demand

France’s Engie will pay for Russian gas in
euros in May - company’s CEO

Italy's Eni opens accounts with Gazprombank
to pay for gas supplies from Russia


European gas storages 40% full, pumping
underway at record pace in May

Russia's Probable Investment in Nigerian Gas
Will Be Boon for Africa But What Will It
Mean For EU?

Gas Prices Hit $4 A Gallon In Every
State For First Time

JPMorgan Sees Gas Prices Hitting $6.20
By August

America's Electric Grid Has A $2
Trillion Problem

Walmart Tumbles After Missing Earnings,
Slashing Guidance On Soaring Inflation

US set to fully block Russia’s debt payments
after May 25 - Bloomberg

German Finance Minister - West should
seize foreign assets of the Russian Central Bank

Russian asset seizure will have brutal
global impact – analysts

Brussels Reportedly Running Out of
Sanctions to Slap on Russia


Allianz Unit Criminally Charged, Will Pay
Billions Over $7 Billion Hedge Fund Blow
Up - CIO Arrested

'Stablecoin' Tether Supply Plunged $7.4 Billion
Amid Depegging Scare, Terra Carnage

Russia slams EU’s proposal to empty
out Ukraine’s grain stores

Italy's Salvini Warns Food Shortages Could
Cause 20 Million African Rapist, White-Hating
Invaders To Enter Europe

'Genetically-Edited' Food – The Next
Stage Of The Great Reset?

25% In UK skipping meals due to
rising costs of living

Bank of England warns of 'apocalyptic’
global food shortage

Food Crisis, Shortages Pose ‘Apocalyptic’
Threat to UK Citizens

There’s no evidence of a climate
crisis in the UK

Erdogan Slams Door On Approving Sweden,
Finland NATO Bids - Says. They’re ‘Nesting
Ground For Terrorist Organizations'


Ukraine Passes Israel to Become Biggest
Recipient of US Military Aid in Matter of Months

US tells Europe to give more money
to Ukraine

US aid to Ukraine looks ‘like money
laundering scheme’ – Congresswoman

George W Bush Reveals Ukraine’s ‘Mission’
in Convo With Infamous Russian Pranksters - Video

Ex-US Commando Trained Ukrainians to
Use Javelins Despite Having No Experience

Is Balkanisation of Ukraine & Russia
the Major Goal of Biden's Uncontrollable
Arms Flow to Kiev?

Russia needs cars, so it's rebooting this
Soviet brand - Used Car Market Will Boom

Germany has lost final traces of
independence – Russia

Russia finds it worrisome EU becomes annex
to NATO — deputy foreign minister

US attracts Islamic State mercenaries to
participation in hostilities in Ukraine


Moldova, Transnistria should put dialogue
back on solid course, suggests Russia

Moldova to return to Transnistrian problem
after settlement in Ukraine

Crisis in Transnistria - Will the Ukraine
conflict spread into other parts of Europe?

North Korea's Toll of 'Unknown Fever’
Cases Nears 1.5 Million - Death Toll 56

UN Urges North Korea to Expedite Talks
on Humanitarian Aid Amid COVID-19

Threat of Chinese Invasion of Taiwan
at All-Time High, GOP Warns

China's Z-20 Chopper Sling-Loads
All-Terrain Vehicle For 1st Time,
Can Transport 'Artillery, Drones'

China’s Naval Drills Give ‘Reference Point’
for Coming Third Carrier, Analysts Say

China Not Giving Up on ‘Unauthorised
Occupation' of Indian Territory, Says
Congress Party

China Eastern jet crash that killed 132
may have been intentional, report


India Relaxes Wheat Export Rules as
G7 Questions Its Move Amid Global
Food Shortages

Delhi Face Water Shortage as City’s
Only River Almost Dries Up

Curfew Imposed in Madhya Pradesh City
After Communities Clash Over Lord
Hanuman's Idol Installation

Top Indian Probe Agency Raids Congress
MP’s House Over Bribery Charges for Giving
Visas to Chinese

Sri Lankan Protesters Defiant Against All Odds

Over 660 People Reportedly Arrested for
Participation in Sri Lanka Riots

Iran is completing production, installation
of 1,000 advanced centrifuges

Zimbabwe - Food Shortage Fears Grow
as Bird Swarms Invade Farms

$19 Beers in Store for Fans at
PGA Championship


Pew Survey Finds COVID Has Virtually
Disappeared as a Major Concern In US
…Vax AIDS Is Taking Over And The Effort
To Blame It On HIV Surges - BaaBaa Sheep

FOX ‘News' Won’t Allow Mention of '2000 Mules’
on The Channel - Publishes Fraud List of Biden’s
Accomplishments...5 Straight Lies Instead

US Said Ready To Give Military Support
To Finland And Sweden At NATO Members

Sweden & Finland Officially Decides
To Join NATO As Soon As Possible
…Nuclear War Chances Surge

All NATO countries, including Turkey, agree to
admit Finland, Sweden — Italian minister

Azovstal set on fire - Russians fire incendiary
rockets, Using Heavy bombardment - Three
Britons trapped At Least - Lots Of Videos

Gonzalo Lira - Why Did Lloyd Austin
Call Sergei Shoigu? - Excellent Analysis

Dem House Majority Leader Hoyer
Says 'We are at war'

Zio Tyrant Dictator Zelensky bans All
Ukrainian opposition political parties

Zelensky Presses US To Designate Russia
'A Terrorist State' During McConnell Visit


Watch Plane carrying more than 150 Latino
Invaders land in NYC - Buses Loaded Up And
Driven Off To Deliver Them To Relatives Or
Place Them In Small Towns - NO Health Checks,
No BioWeapon Vax Either (They Are Protected)
This The OBiden, WEF, Soros War On Americans

FBI Stasi Used Counterterrorism Measures
to Go After Concerned American Parents

Treacherous RINO McCarthy Attacks ALIPAC Backed
Patriot Candidate Sandy Smith For Congress

Pelosi Calls on Private Companies to
Provide Travel for Abortions

Bolshevik Buttigieg on Huge BabyFormula
Shortage - 'Govt Doesn't Make Baby Formula'

Loon Pelosi - Current Supreme Ct ‘Dangerous'
to Families, to Freedom in Our Country

Hillary - Republicans Want to ‘Starve’ Babies

Clarence Thomas New Message Over
‘Tremendously Bad' Roe v Wade Leak

The Babbling, Bungling Kamal - 'We will work
together and continue to work together…
and to work together as we continue to work
...We will work together'

Buffalo Mass Shooter's Manifesto Complicates
Ukraine War Narrative


False Flag Mind Control? - Buffalo shooter
threatened shooting at HS, was known To
Cops, underwent 'mental health evaluation'

Gun Used in Buffalo Grocery Attack
Was Acquired Legally

Buffalo Shooter Used Same Neo-Nazi Symbols
As Ukrainian Azov Battalion Which Was Trained
And Armed By The US

Watch Negroes Hit New York Jewelry
Store in Smash and Grab Robbery

Woke Insanity - Disney to pay for employee
abortions - Taco Bell hosts 'Drag Brunch' to
celebrate LGBTQ ‘culture’ - America Dying

Sen Ron Johnson Asks Why Madison
Pro-Life Bombing is Not Being Called
Domestic Terrorism

Candace Owens Visits BLM Founder’s Mansion
...Exposes Cullors' Mass Lies - Video

Yeadon Says Injecting Billions With ‘Covid Vax’
Is A ‘Crime Against Humanity’ - May Be An ELE

US Hits Grim Milestone Of '1 Million COVID
Deaths’ - People Often Died Of Relabeled Flu
Treated With Deadly Remdesivir Or From
Forced Killer BioWeapon Injections - There
May Be 15 million Dead And 200 Million Dying

Covid BioWeapon Injections To Bring Avalanche
Of Neurological Diseases - As We’ve Said,
An Enormous VAIDS Massacre Is Underway,
Perhaps Million Americans Already Murdered


White House Admits It Lied About Vaccines...
Tens Of Millions Of American Lives Destroyed

Russell Brand - The WHO Pandemic Treaty
And What It REALLY Means - Watch

No Documents Supporting Claim That
‘Vaccines’ Don’t Cause Variants - CDC

Army vax refusers stranded in 'limbo’
apart from families, Kicked off base

How To Delete Personal Information
From Google Search Results

How Synthetic Biology Is Changing
Life As We Know It

BioWeapon Injected People Are Emitting MAC
Addresses From Nanotech ‘Bowtie’ Antennas

Bezos Blasts ‘Disinformation' Spreading Biden
Over Latest Inflation Blame ‘Misdirection'

American Lunar Eclipse - Moon will turn red for
almost 85 minutes - See It Here

European gas prices forecast to triple


German industry issues shut down
warning of cutting Russian gas

Can the West survive without Russian oil?

Saudi Aramco Says Net Income Soars
to Record $39.5 Billion in Q1 2022

Inflation Is Top Concern Among Americans
As COVID Takes Last Place

The Failure Of Central Banking

Western banks eyeing asset swaps to exit Russia

Trudeau wants freedoms for Ukrainians
that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy

Latvian Mercenaries 'En Route to Ukraine’
Sport Nazi Insignias– Photos

Latvia suspends railway transit of
military cargo of Belarus

Latvian Mother condemns son’s
arrest for bearing Russian flag


Escobar - The Empire Of Bioweapon Lies
& The Return Of Nord Stream 2

Asthmatics in UK torn between new
inhalers and Paying heating bills

Germany proposes Slapping Speed
Limits On Autobahns

World's First Vertiport For Flying Taxis
Opens In UK

The EU Is Streets Ahead Of The US In
Electric Vehicle Uptake

UK waged 'black propaganda' campaign
against USSR, China – declassified docs

Putin - 'Under the UN Charter, We Had the
Right to Help the Donbas Region’ - Video

Are Putin And Xi Gray Champions?

Russia warns Nazi ideology will be 'end of EU'

Russia not to leave Western countries
caddish or illegal steps unanswered


Russian diplomat doubts Europe’s capacity
of coping with refugee influx from Ukraine

Europe loses chance for saving Ukraine’s face

Belarus’ defense ministry does not rule out
military provocations from Ukraine

One person injured in shelling of Belgorod
village by Ukraine - governor

One person died in Security Service of
Ukraine provocation in Kherson colony

Loss of Mariupol plants entail loss of
50% of Ukraine’s steel and cast iron exports

Belgrade Didn’t Slap Sanctions on Moscow
Because Serbia ‘Behaving as Independent Country’

China Asks Five countries for New PLA
military bases

China May Be Retrofitting Nuclear
Submarine With New Missile System

India Assures Supplies to Needy as G-7
Criticises Modi's Wheat Exports Ban


Indian Intel Warns of Tamil Insurgent Attack
in Sri Lanka as New PM Takes Steps

Five reportedly killed at Iran protests
over soaring food prices

Egypt says Russia-Ukraine conflict
has cost economy $7 billion

New Virus Strikes UK - Health Agency
Confirms More Monkeypox Infections

Russians Said To Have Been Driven Back
From Kharkiv - No Clear Winners

Ukraine’s Coke Head Zelensky to
Address Schwab’s WEF Davos Summit

Biden's 'Holodomor' Policies to Hurt
Ukrainians, Americans & Backfire on
Whole World, Journalist Says

Turkey ready to send ship for evacuation
(US, UK, NATO Officers) And Azov Fighters
from Azovstal - Erdogan’s spokesman

Map Discovered Revealing Ukrainian
Radicals Plans to Seize Novoazovsk

Collective West was unable to find traitors
among Russian diplomats - Lavrov

West embarked on robbery, piracy, lost
reputation of reliable partner - Lavrov

Westerners are ready to oppose Russia
until ‘the last Ukrainian’ - Lavrov

Lavrov accuses West of ‘state piracy’


Lavrov - Russia Accepts West’s Challenge
Against All-Out Hybrid War

Ukraine has ‘suspended’ peace talks – Putin

Russia Has No Hostile Intentions Toward
Finland and Sweden, Deputy FM Says

Finland’s rejecting military neutrality
policy would be wrong, says Putin

Russians won’t ‘risk lives’ on US spacecraft
– Roscosmos

US Army To Revamp Alaska Forces To
Prepare For Arctic Conflicts

US Air Force Deployment In Britain Is
Now 3rd Largest In World

The Coming Proxy War With China

Luongo - The Real Reason Behind The
EU's Drive To Embargo Russian Oil

The Bizarre, Unanimous Democrat
Support For The $40 Billion War Package
To Raytheon And CIA...'For Ukraine'


How the US-Hosted Summit of the Americas
May Deal a Humiliating Blow to Biden

Tucker - Doxxing of Libs of TikTok account
by Washington Post was foreign government
funded 'intimidation campaign'

Unhinged Communist journalist now calling
on assets of Fox News owner to be seized for
pushing 'Russian propaganda'

Russia Signals It Wants To Exchange Brittney
Griner For Notorious Arms Trafficker

Dem TX State Rep - There Are 'Over 100,000'
Invaders Waiting for Title 42 to End

TX Power Grid Operator Urges Customers
To Save Electricity After 6 Plants Go Offline

Vile Calvin Klein ran ad featuring female
model as transgender pregnant 'man'

Major US Manufacturer Warns Baby Formula
Shortage Will Last Throughout This Year

Coca-Cola Can Lay Off Employees for
Drinking Pepsi, Report Says

FDA Approved Remdesivir And Paxlovid
cause Organ Damage, Cancer & Death


65% Of Americans Have Woken Up And
They Won’t Take Any More Covid Injections

CDC Admits It Can't Back Claim That
Vaccines Don't Cause Variants

Fully Vaxed Young UK Adults are 92% more
likely to die than Unvaxed Young Adults
according to Office for National Statistics

41,000 people died within 21 days of Covid
BioWeapon Injection And 291,000 MORE Died
Within 6 months - Now Multiply these by 10

WHO plans for 10 years of Manufactured
pandemics...from 2020 to 2030

6 Yr Old Suffered Myocarditis and
Serious Injuries After Pfizer Injection

Synthetic Biology - The $3.6 Trillion Science
Changing Life As We Know It

Climate Change Freak Musk’s Private Jet
Makes A Flight of Just 31 Miles

In Hong Kong, people are being jailed
over tweets

UK MPs to Probe 'Sinister Side' of Smart Devices


Wigington - GeoEngineering News Alert - 5-14-22
Date: May 14, 2022 at 4:17:15 PM PDT

Crypto HODLers getting SUICIDAL as entire
life savings now VANISHING in accelerating
crypto carnage

Egg Prices Soar As 10% Of Nation's Hens
Wiped Out By Alleged Bird Flu

Is It 2008 All Over Again? Global Stock
Markets Show Longest Decline Since
Last Economic Crisis

Rising Costs Making Summer Vacations
Pricier in US

Larry Summers Warns Democrats
Price-Gouging Bill Could Backfire

EU eyes gas-price cap – media

Watch Tommy Robinson's Documentary
Exposing Britain's Islamic Rape Gangs

G7 foreign ministers vow military assistance
to Kiev will continue as long as necessary

G7 foreign ministers say situation in Ukraine
worsened prospects of global economy


G7 calls on China not to assist Russia,
not to undermine sanctions against Moscow

G7 top diplomats urge Russia to withdraw
forces from Ukraine’s nuclear facilities

G7 committed to ensuring Iran will never
develop nuclear weapon, says communique

G7 states to continue countering hybrid threats

G7 states committed to protecting information
environment against "foreign manipulation"

BoJo to Visit Belfast for Key Talks Amid
Escalating UK-EU Tensions Over Northern
Ireland Protocol

Croatia is set to become the 20th
nation to adopt euro

France denies Ukrainian president’s claims


Rumors Swirl That China’s Xi Jinping Will Step
Down Amid Hideous Covid Lockdowns

Pew Poll - Top 12 Concerns of Americans
Nuke war over no one cares about Ukraine?

Dr. Robert Malone - Biden Admin Proposed
WHO Amendments Are An Impeachable Offense

National Intelligence Director Warns OBiden’s
STASI ‘Ministry of Truth’ Is Planning To FREEZE
Bank Accounts Of Americans Who Post ‘Disinfo'
Online - Soviet America Worsens By The Day

EXPOSED - Satanic Pentagram conducted
deadly biological weapons experiments on
allied soldiers in Ukraine And Georgia!

Top Russian Official Says NATO Risking
'Full-Fledged' Nuclear War - How Many More
Warnings Before They Launch?

Does the West want nuclear war?
It seems That Certain Political And
Military Elite want exactly that

Roberts - The drums of war beat louder

Russian Official - NATO Risking Direct Conflict
With Russia and 'Full-Fledged' Nuclear War
Russia Will Survive Nuclear War, The US Won't

Ritter - Why Finland should not join NATO


First phone call between Russian and
US defense chiefs since start of Ukraine
War - The US Is In DIRECT war With Russia

Ukrainian army loots banks
and stores while retreating

Empire of Bioweapon Lies -Escobar

Russia Presented UNSC With New Evidence
of US 'Bio-Activities' in Ukraine, UN Envoy Says

Putin Reveals ‘Evidence’ That Pfizer, Obama,
Soros, Clintons And Rockefellers Created
Illegal Military Bioweapons labs In Ukraine

Russia pushes for UN investigation of military
biological activities in Ukraine — envoy

Bigwigs, Bucks & Biolabs - US Establishment
Has a Lot of Skeletons in Ukraine's Closet

Russia insists there is enough evidence
on US biolabs in Ukraine — diplomat

China finds new evidence regarding US labs in
Ukraine alarming — deputy ambassador to UN

French Volunteer Returns From Ukraine and
Says 'Abominable' Western Media Is Lying
About the War


Russia to halt electricity supplies to Finland
due to lack of payment

Finland’s president to call Putin – media

Food Is The Weapon Of Choice For
The OBiden Regime

Ukraine Says $8.3 Billion Spent On War So Far
As Zelensky Addresses Davos WEF

Zelensky Urges Direct Talks With Putin
Before War Spirals Outside Borders

Barbaric Uke Soldier Says Killing Russians
is 'Like a Sport'

Russian defense minister discusses situation
in Ukraine with Pentagon chief

Russia says nationalists profiteer from fuel
shortages in Kharkov Region

RT crew injured in Ukraine shelling

Russian court extends detention of US
women’s basketball icon


US Intelligence Reportedly Opens Review
of Own Failings in Ukraine, Afghanistan

UK & Sweden Say Relations With Putin
Can Never Be Normalized, Sign Defense Pact

Baltic Sea ‘becomes NATO sea’ – Latvian FM

Protests kick off over plans to demolish
Soviet memorial

Latvian MP suggests turning Soviet war
memorial into prison

Biden Is Threatening Our Freedom
Of Movement

Deceptive calm before the storm!
...New world order is taking shape

Dr. Chetty Was First To Expose The Spike As The
Most Deadly Pathogen Mankind Has Ever Created

AIDS-related Diseases & Cancers reported to
VAERS increased between 1,145% - 33,715%
in 2021

Growing Number Of COVID-19 Deaths Among
Vaxed People (Who Have AIDS) - Federal Data


CA bill allowing preteen vaccines without
parental OK advances

UK Health Officials Trying to Blame the
Hepatitis Outbreak in Children on Dogs…

Probe Finds Zuckerberg Used Tax-Exempt
Fdn To Help Biden Rig The 2020 Election

Elon Musk Says Deal With Twitter
'Temporarily' on Hold

US 'Anti-Disinformation' Chief Wants Verified
Twitter Users to Edit Others' Posts

CNN+ Staffers Received Insulting 'Gift Boxes’
After Getting Fired

Watch Abortion Protests Spark
'Coast to Coast" Conflict

Solar Flare Leaves Sun Quaking

CRYPTO CARNAGE and market mayhem
foreshadowing across the board 'mother
of all collapses' to come

Crash Watch - The template of 1929, 1987
is coming into focus in recent trading days


What Terra's 'Hyperinflationary' Collapse
Teaches About 'Crypto' & Bitcoin

Gold Tumbles Below $1800,
Erases All YTD Gains

Samsung Set To Imminently Hike
Semiconductor Prices By 20%

Pentagon Urges Congress to Allow Funding of
Rare Earths & Mineral Processing in UK, Australia

Shrinkflation In Pictures - IKEA Canada’s
New Line of Tealights Is 17% Smaller For
the Same Great Price

US gasoline prices smash all-time high

"Diesel To Be Rationed On East Coast
This Summer," Warns US Oil Billionaire

Boeing Tumbles After FAA Rejects
787 Certification

Americans aren’t buying ‘Putin’s price hike’

OPEC+ Misses Production Target By
Whopping 2.7 Million Barrels Per Day


Germany Says Russia 'Weaponizing’ Energy
After Gas Supplies Cut To Seized Gazprom Unit

European Oil Majors Report Exceptional
Trading Profits

Germany Finds Over 300 Members Of Security
Agencies Have Links To 'Right Wing’ Patriotism
They Remember The Greatness Of Germany’s

US snooped on UK reporter – Guardian

Turdeau’s Canada To Begin Paying Poor People
To Be Euthanized

Vacation Canceled For Chicago PD After
Nearly 1,000 Cops Quit Last Year

Anti-Russian sanctions will prompt new
world order – Medvedev

UK ramps up “inner circle” anti-Russia

Russia vital part of global economy
Austrian ex-FM

Superyacht Owned By Russian Billionaire
'Goes Dark' In Caribbean


80% of Chinese people have a favorable view
of Russia but views on the US have worsened

China Tightens Restrictions On Overseas Travel
While Shanghai Aims For 'Zero COVID' By Mid-May

India reveals results of new missile test

Turkey Not Favorable To 'Terror Safe-Havens’
Sweden, Finland Entering NATO - Erdogan

Mossad Reportedly Thwarted IRGC
Assassination of US General in Germany

Ten Syrian Troops Killed and Nine Wounded
After Militant Attack Near Aleppo, Reports Indicate

President of UAE Khalifa bin Zayed
Al Nahyan Dies at 73

Watch - Chaos In Jerusalem As Israeli Police
Attack Slain Al Jazeera Journalist's Funeral

US Casinos Have Best Month In History
With $5.3 Billion Take

Amber HEARD 'Breaks Down' with
No TEARS...ex Cop Reacts


Petition To Get Heard Dropped From Movie
Hits 4 Million signatures

School district files 'sexual harassment’
complaint against 3 middle school students
for using the wrong pronouns

Rand Paul Blocks $40 Billion Ukraine Bill
...Explains Why

Randy Weaver hero patriot survivor of
FBI Ruby Ridge massacre passes at 74

Ritter - Ukraine, Finland and NATO…
a Warning to the People of Finland

'When I Was Hungry, You Fed Me’ - Pelosi
Quotes Bible to Justify $40 Billion Military
Aid to Ukraine In US-NATO War On Russia

Russian Official Says NATO Risking Direct
Conflict With Russia and 'Full-Fledged’
Nuclear War

Polish Intervention in Ukraine Might
Unleash World War III - Retired US Col

Finland’s US Ambassador Defends Push To
Join NATO - Says It’s Not A Threat To Russia

Finland’s NATO membership will
trigger response – Moscow

Finnish President, Prime Minister
Support the Country Joining NATO

NATO to Grant Membership to Finland
And Sweden Quickly, Reports Say


Crimes Against Humanity - Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

The West is trying to deny Russia
its Victory

Biden Suddenly Starts Yelling About Food
Shortages During Union Convention Speech

Russian forces destroy over 3,000
armored vehicles in Ukraine operation

French Medical Volunteer in Ukraine Opens
Up About Azov Regiment’s 'War Crimes'

Five Reasons for Washington’s
War Addiction

Czechs allow citizens to fight for Ukraine

Lithuanian recalls its envoy to Russia
since June 1 — report

GOP candidate for NH Congress says
America is starting to look like The
Communist China she fled

Russia set to reap largest-ever wheat harvest


What Sanctions? Russian Oil Revenues
Soar 50%, Hitting A Record High

Bill Clinton Advisor, Who Was Close
Friend of Jeffrey Epstein, Found Dead

Obama-appointed judge sentences
couple to jail for selfies in Capitol

David Paulides - Canam Missing Project
Missing Cases from FL, UT, MI and WA

$1 Trillion Crypto Meltdown - Huge Crash
Wipes Out The Price Of Bitcoin, Ethereum,
BNB, XRP, Cardano, Solana, Terra’s Luna
And Avalanche

Soros Bankrolls Commucrat Candidate Stacey
Abrams as She Runs for Governor in Georgia

Head Of Biden's 'Ministry Of Truth’ Previously
Compared Free Speech To "Fairy Dust"

John Durham Says FBI, Intel Agencies
Slowly Producing Classified Materials

US Federal Judge Prolongs Order Blocking
Title 42 Border Policy Rollback

Meteorologists Warn (engineered) ‘Megadrought’
in US Southwest is Worst in 1,200 Years


GMO Food – The next stage of the
Great Reset?

Great Reset - ‘Famine threatens to wipe
out 300 million’

Amerika’s SPYciety Into PERPetuity - More
Job Ads for 'Surveillance Team-Training Role
Players’Counter-Intel Role Players HUMINT
Instructor, etc By General Dynamics IT, ICE,
Inc, Lockheed, Raytheon, Etc

Enronizing The Global Economy
As A Means of Genocide

Mitch McConnell Urges DoJ to Apply
‘Rule of Law’ to ‘Mob’ Intimidating Judges
After Roe v Wade Leak

The Roe v Wade decision is not about
abortion...It’s about preserving a republic

'When The Mob Is Right’ - Georgetown Law Prof
Supports "Aggressive" Protests At Homes Of

Chinese Scientists Explain Why Orange
Juice and Cola May Cause 'Positive’ COVID
Test Result

Remdesivir ‘Disastrous’ as COVID Treatment
But Govt Pays Hospitals to Use It

‘Famine threatens to wipe out 300 million’


Stunning - new AI 'could be conscious’
Says Elon Musk

AP Suggests Elon Musk Is A Hypocrite For
Supporting Free Speech But Using It To
‘Attack’ His Critics

Twitter To Freeze Hiring, Cut Costs As
Key Employees Fired Or Leaving

Funding Secured? Musk Looks To Completely
Scrap Tesla Margin Loan For Twitter Purchase

The crypto collapse - what you need to know

Bitcoin Hits Session Highs As Terra
Developers Halt Blockchain

Tether Teeters, Crypto Carnage Into Thursday

Worse Than Expected Again - Producer
Prices Up 11%

Labor Market Cracking - Jobless Claims
Rise To 3 Month High

Russia set to reap largest-ever wheat harvest


What Sanctions? Russian Oil Revenues
Soar 50%, Hitting A Record High

Gas prices up as Russia announce retaliatory
sanctions, says German regulator’s chief

Europe's Biggest Steel Maker, Indian
Companies Ramp Up Imports of
Discounted Russian Coal

Ukraine refuses to reopen key transit
point that pumps fuel to Europe

Germany not ready for Russian
gas embargo – official

EU’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis Threatens
to Cut Bloc’s Economic Growth in Half

EU Considers Easing Green Standards
As It Weans Off Russian Petro Fuels

Pelosi Bashes 'Big Oil’ and Pitches Plan To
Make Gas Price Increases Illegal

Gulf State OPEC Members Sound Alarm
About Dwindling Global Energy Capacity

NOPEC Bill Could Send Oil Prices To $300


Oil giant Saudi Aramco overtakes Apple
as world’s most valuable company

Russian Ruble Becomes Fastest Growing
Currency in 2022 - Bloomberg

Ukraine to seize Russian banks

German industrial major Siemens
leaving Russia

Switzerland releases some frozen
Russian assets

Disney reveals losses from leaving
Russian market

UK Economy Shrinking Amid Rising Inflation

'Bad for Irish Peace & UK Influence’ - Senior
Tories Warn Truss Against Ditching NI Protocol

UK Will End NI Customs Checks Without
EU Concessions, Truss Warns Brussels

Metropolitan Police Issue At Least 50
New Fines Over Partygate Scandal


BoJo’s TikTok Debut Trolled as Users Seek ‘Hair
& Party Planning Tips,’ Urge PM to 'Resign'

West ready to sacrifice rest of the world
for global domination, Putin says

Russian senior MP slams as state vandalism
Latvia’s decision to tear down war monument

Russian envoy blasts UN’s Ukraine session
as more politically-stoked mayhem from West

Hague Court not to review refugees mass
murder case filed over Polish soldier’s testimony

Moscow reacts to deadly cross-border

Russia's Economic Isolation Deepens As
Shipping Lines Make Final Port Calls

Shanghai’s Lockdown Now Insane,
Could It Happen Here?

US Navy Alleges China Creating an 'Umbrella’
to Deny US 'Military Access' in Western Pacific

North Korea fires three missiles at maximum
altitude of 100 km - says Japanese minister


DPRK Fires 'Unidentified Projectile’ Towards
Sea of Japan, South Korea Says

China Just Held A ‘rehearsal' For The Coming
Invasion Of Taiwan And Congress Just Greatly
Escalated The Conflict In Ukraine

Chinese Passenger Jet Burst Into
Flames After Aborting Takeoff

Hong Kong Intervenes To Prop Up Local
Currency For First Time Since 2019

‘Easy Target For Chinese Subs’ – Why
China’s New Attack Submarine With
VLS Could ‘Deeply Endanger’ IAF Bases?

Shanghai’s Covid Lockdown Gets Tougher
‘If One Person Tests Positive, the Whole
Building Isolates’

GOP candidate for NH Congress says
America is starting to look like The
Communist China she fled

Truckloads of avocados dumped despite
massive food price hikes in Oz

Over 80 Kids Infected as Rare 'Tomato Flu’
Rages in Southern Indian States

Rioters Burn Over 50 Sri Lanka Leaders
Homes Amid Economic Crisis


DPRK Fires 'Unidentified Projectile’ Towards
Sea of Japan, South Korea Says

China Just Held A ‘rehearsal' For The Coming
Invasion Of Taiwan And Congress Just Greatly
Escalated The Conflict In Ukraine

Chinese Passenger Jet Burst Into
Flames After Aborting Takeoff

Hong Kong Intervenes To Prop Up Local
Currency For First Time Since 2019

‘Easy Target For Chinese Subs’ – Why
China’s New Attack Submarine With
VLS Could ‘Deeply Endanger’ IAF Bases?

Shanghai’s Covid Lockdown Gets Tougher
‘If One Person Tests Positive, the Whole
Building Isolates’

GOP candidate for NH Congress says
America is starting to look like The
Communist China she fled

Truckloads of avocados dumped despite
massive food price hikes in Oz

Over 80 Kids Infected as Rare 'Tomato Flu’
Rages in Southern Indian States

Rioters Burn Over 50 Sri Lanka Leaders
Homes Amid Economic Crisis


Naomi Judd Died from Self-Inflicted
Gunshot Wound, Ashley Judd Confirms

How Fast Are Countries Burning Through
Natural Resources?

Watch - Beach Houses In Outer Banks
Swept Into Ocean

Americans Are Using Plastic To Make
Ends Meet As Prices Continue To Rise

Port Of Virginia's Near-Record Month
Speaks Volumes

Only 8% Of Manhattan Office Employees
Are Back In The Workplace Full-Time

US reveals steps to track hypersonic missiles


America’s diesel supply on verge of
catastrophic collapse, leading to
HALTING of food, fertilizer, coal
and energy

Major Trucking Firms Prepare For
'Imminent Diesel Shortage In Eastern
Half Of US’ - Contrived Catastrophe

Diesel Shortages are Now ‘Widespread'

Tumbling Inventories Send US Gasoline,
Diesel Prices To Fresh Record High

Grid Operators Warn America Of
Electricity Shortages

6 Totally Insane Things That WILL Happen
If Our Power Grid Goes Down

Trump Losing More Primary Races Than
He'd Like You to Know

TruNews - Rick Wiles And Doc Nail The
US-NATO War On Russia - Nuclear Soon?

Sending MORE Weapons Is NOT Helping Ukraine
...'We're at war with Russia'

Journalist Spots Russia’s ‘Admiral Makarov’
Frigate, Intact And At Sea


How True! $40 Billion To Ukraine is Money
Laundering for Globalists and Evil People

Russian MoD Shows Ka-52 Helicopters
During Special Military Operation in Ukraine

One person killed, three wounded when
Belgorod Region village shelled from Ukraine

Ukrainian nuclear workers sacked for
Victory Day celebrations

Germany begins to train Ukrainian soldiers
to use PzH 2000 howitzers - Defense Ministry

Greenwald - Biden Wanted $33 Billions More
For Ukraine. Congress Quickly Hiked
To $40 Billion Who Benefits?

Ukrainian army ‘westernized’ by US and
allies to fight Russia – Pentagon

US Defence Chief Says Russia Does
Not Want to Take on NATO Alliance

Finnish Defence Committee Calls NATO
'Best Solution' as Popular Support Soars
to 76%

UK signs security agreements with Sweden
and Finland


Biden’s FDA Chief Claims Right-Wing
Media Is ‘Leading Cause of Death in US
He Has No Proof To Back Up Claim

Immigration officials created network that
can spy on majority of Americans

Trump Wonders Aloud Whether China Used
Hurricane-Causing Weather Weapon Against US

US Drug Overdose Deaths Hit Record
High of 107,000 in 2021, CDC Says

Multnomah County Oregon Homeless
Population Up 1/3 Since 2019

Biden Disinformation Czar Demands
Power to Edit Other People’s Tweets

Ukraine’s biochemical efforts targeted
children and mentally ill, Russia says

Draghi Warns War Could Bring ‘Drastic’
Changes For Europe

Spring Wheat Hits 14 Year High On
World War 3 & Weather Woes

When Whites Became an Endangered Species


Dem Party Leaders, Pfizer & Moderna Involved
in US Biological Activities in Ukraine - Russian MoD

US Democrats partnered with Big Pharma,
Soros. Gates to use Ukraine biolabs for
campaign funding – Russia

Amber Heard’s Dry Tears Fool No One - Video

Apple Discontinues iPod After Two Decades
As Music Gadget Now Sells For $1,000 On eBay

Elon Musk says Americans 'are trying to avoid
going to work at all,' unlike Chinese workers
who 'will be burning the 3 am oil'

Musk Is Not The Free Speech Hero We’d Like

Nasa Shuts Down Sun Live Feed After
Mysterious Object Emerges

Black Cube Emerges From Sun

'mixed up' sunspot just fired
off a huge solar flare

There Goes The Housing Market


Russian Health Minister proposes to create
medical association of BRICS countries

Record Airfares And Soaring Food Prices
What's Behind Today's Surprise CPI Beat

Major Trucking Firms Prepare For ‘Imminent
Diesel Shortage In Eastern Half Of US'

DOE Numbers Show Big Divergence Betwee
National, East Coast Diesel Prices

Widespread US Diesel Shortages Send
Crack Spreads To Mindblowing Highs

US consumer prices spike even
worse than expected

Banning abortion bad for economy
Says US Treasury chief

Stablecoin 'Terra' Collapses In 'Digital Bank Run’
...Founder Outlines Path Forward

Dollar May Snap Lower Immediately After CPI Data

Bayer Shares Tumble As White House
Urges SCOTUS To Reject 'Roundup' Appeal


Russia sanctions 31 energy companies,
including ex-subsidiaries of Gazprom in EU

Russia, India, China Would Benefit From
EU Oil Embargo: Report

Baby formula shortage hits Canada

Britons facing ‘real food poverty’,
supermarket giant warns

IMF Calls for New Payment System to be
Developed to Iron Out 'Payment Blocs’
Amid Sanction on Russia

Top Tennis Stars in Favour of Penalising
Wimbledon Over Ban on Russian Players

European Sanctions Blown To Bits
Draghi Says 'Most Gas Importers’ Have
Opened Ruble Accounts With Gazprom

Draghi Warns War Could Bring Drastic
Changes For Europe

What Ukraine’s block on Russian gas
means for Europe

Italian operator reports decrease in Russian
gas supplies


Germany signals massive drop in
Russian gas supply

Europe May Face LNG Crisis This Winter

EU has ‘no solution’ to fix damage from
Russian oil ban – Hungary

EU’s plan to quit Russian could cost
extra €250 billion by 2030 – report

BoJo’s ‘Hints’ at Emergency Budget Over Cost
of Living Crisis Were ‘Over Interpreted'

9th EU country sees inflation jump to double digits

EIB head says Marshall Plan for Ukraine could
be valued at trillions of euros — Reuters

EU Commission Confirms Preparing Legal
Tool to Allow Seizing Frozen Russian Assets

Russian Intel Chief Reveals What US
State Department Has in Common With
Nazi Ministry of Propaganda

Russian-Captured Ukrainian Territories
Will Soon Ask To 'Join Russia’ - State Media


Russia hopes West should stop promoting
unipolar world after operation in Ukraine — Lavrov

No plans for martial law in Russia – Kremlin

Russia calls on Lithuanian president not
to spread fake news about operation in Ukraine

Russia demands apology from Poland

Lavrov Regrets UN Missed Opportunity
to Reach Political Solution on Ukraine

Truce in Ukraine is not a prospect of
near future — UN chief

China accuses West of encouraging
‘arms race’

US angers China with Taiwan mission

Indian Health Survey Reveals 89% Children
Aged 6-23 Months Don't Get Adequate Diet

Confirmed - 282 Skeletons Discovered in Punjab
Belonged to Indian Soldiers Killed in 1857 Revolt


India Dismisses Reports Claiming Troops Being
Deployed to Control Violent Protests in Sri Lanka

India's Top Court Puts 152 Year Old Colonial
Era Sedition Law on Hold

Israelis Kill Veteran Pal journalist in
West Bank

US Has Capabilities to Conduct Strikes in
Afghanistan if Threat Emerges, Top General Says

Thai Government will give away one
million cannabis plants – media

World War III is Closer than Ever - US War
Machine to Increase Lethal Military Aid by
Sending ‘Suicide Drones' to Ukraine

Russia Says Nuclear Decisions Are In Their
Military Doctrine which Includes 'Existential
Threat' As Justification For The Use Of Nukes

World War 3 is Closer than Ever - US War
Machine to Increase Lethal Military Aid by
Sending 'Suicide Drones' to Ukraine

Ukraine War 76 - Advance In Donbass Continues
Russia Reveals New Details On Clashes On
Zmeiniy Island

Ukraine Lost 4 Warplanes, 10 Choppers,
and Over 30 UAVs in Attempt to Seize
Snake Island - MoD

Ukraine’s ‘senseless PR action’ at Snake
Island led to heavy losses

Russia to help Belarus build missiles –

Russian Advance In Donbass Leaving
No Good Choices For Kiev's Forces

Video - Bloody Clases On Ukrainian Frontline

Sputnik Correspondent Finds Manuals for
Advanced US-Made Communications
Equipment in Mariupol


Civilians killed in Donetsk shelling

Retired Donetsk Miner Recalls How
Ukrainian Military Ravaged His
Neighbourhood and Pigeon House

Russia Started the War and Other Fallacies

High-Powered Hollywood Lawyer Making Film
About Hunter Biden’s Trials and Tribulations

Joe Biden's Sister Says Meghan Markle Would
'Of Course' Make a 'Good Potential POTUS

White House Finally Condemns ‘Violence’ Following
Protests Outside Supreme Court Justice Homes,
Vandalism At Catholic Churches

Nazi Flags Spotted in Viral Video
Filmed Near Disney World

Actual Insurrection - Chicago Mayor
Urges 'Call To Arms' Over Supreme Court

DHS 'Disinformation Board' Is Even
More Pernicious Than It Seems

Irrefutable Evidence From '2000 Mules’
Has The Communist Leftist Media In A Panic


Leftists Hate Free Speech Because They
Fear Dissent, Not ‘Disinformation'

Wooldridge - Alzheimer’s Disease Rampaging
Across America...It Just Hit Our Home

The Left Eats Their Own - Turns on Newsom

How the fall of human civilization was pulled off
through the deliberate destruction of the PHYSICAL
infrastructure that keeps humanity alive

Vaccines (Song parody)

Baby, Bad Uncle Sam (Song Parody)

Colbert Sick Second Time in 3 Weeks After
Thanking Vaccine For Its Efficacy

7 Year Old Boy Dies from Heart Attack
After Pfizer Injection

Investors dump Apple for Campbell Soup

Musk - Twitter Trump Ban Was ‘Foolish
In The Extreme' -- Would Reverse


Trump Blasts ‘Fake News’ Pulitzer Winners
Over Reporting on Russiagate ‘Hoax’

New DOJ Notes Reveal FBI Panic After Trump
Tweeted He Knew He Was Being Spied On

US House to have public hearing on
UFOs next week

Ukraine turns off Europe-bound gas

EU Gas Futures Jump As Ukraine Set
To Halt Russian Flows At Key Entry Point

US Gasoline Prices Hit Record And Peak
Driving Season Has Yet To Come

Russia's Crude Production Up In May

Brazil’s Petrobras Reportedly Refuses
US Request to Boost Oil Output

German firm meets key demand
on Russian gas payment

'Emergency Loans & Rationing’ - Germany
'Devising Crisis Plan' for Abrupt End to
Russian Gas Supply


Qatar, Germany in deadlock on
LNG supply deal – media

Millions of UK homes face no heat
this winter, power chief warns

President Biden Explains (Again) Why
Inflation's Not His Fault (But 'Ultra-MAGA’
GOP Would Be Worse)

Sanctions hurt US more than Russia – poll

Surge in Americans reporting financial worries

Denmark sees highest inflation in decades

China's Yuan Hits 18 Month Low of 6.7134
Against US Dollar

Revenge Of The Based - Thiel-Backed Fund
To Take On 'Woke' Blackrock Activism

Increasing Numbers of Swedes Diagnosed
as Mentally Retarded

Sweden Faces Civil War Unless Swedes
Embrace Multiculturalism, Warns Celebrity
Fashion Designer


Spain’s National Intelligence Centre Chief
Fired Over Phone-Hacking Scandal

German Chancellor Scholz Rules Out Deal
with UK on Northern Ireland Protocol

Prince Charles Delivers Queen's Speech
Laying Out Planned New Laws

Prince Harry Roasted For ‘Appropriating
Maori Culture’ After Starring in Skit Plugging

Lavrov Calls Borrell's Idea to Transfer Russia’s
Frozen Assets to Ukraine 'Theft'

EU has no foreign policy and fully
relies on Washington’s line, Lavrov says

UN Has 'Credible Information' on Ukrainian
Troops Torture of Russian PoWs

Putin appoints new acting governors
in five regions

Czech Republic replaces Russia on
UN Human Rights Council

Slovak Opposition Leader Says Zelensky
‘Lies on a Daily Basis’, Boycotts Ukrainian
Prez’s Speech


Ukraine Says Russia Has Unleashed
Hypersonic Missiles On Odessa

First Ukrainian president Kravchuk dies at 88

Ukraine places ex-MP Kiva on international
wanted list for his remarks on Russian TV

‘The Promise Was Given’: Kiev Expects
Expedited Delivery of US-Made Heavy Weapons

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis March to Celebrate
Anniversary of UPA

German minister Baerbock lights candle
in Bucha - Video

Sleepwalking Into Disaster - How US
Establishment Lost Fear of Escalating
Ukraine Crisis

America’s spy agencies reckon Vladimir Putin
is preparing for a ‘prolonged' conflict, and
wants to seize territory

Lithuania labels Russia ‘supporter of terrorism’

Czech Town strips first female cosmonaut
of honorary citizenship


Biblical Plague - Swarms of Locusts Invade
Italian Island

China Enhances Medical Checks for Arrivals
to Prevent Introduction of Acute Hepatitis in Children

Shanghai Subway Completely Shut Down
Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Near-miss at Mexico City airport prompts action

India Favors Democracy as Sri Lanka Gives
Emergency Powers to Military Amid Violent Protests

Sri Lankan President Urges Protesters to
Stop Violence in Country

Sri Lankan Military Ordered to Shoot Marauders,
Vandals on Spot, Reports Say

Sri Lanka - Rioters Burn Down Prime Minister’s
House, 150+ Hospitalized, Lawmaker Killed

Mysterious armed robot tank in Israel

US Military Mistakenly Shells 11 Houses in Iraqi
Kurdistan During Exercise, Authorities Say


EU Pledges Nearly $1.6 Billion in Humanitarian
Aid for Syrian Refugees in Both 2022 and 2023

OBiden Inks WW2 Lend-Lease For (Giveaway)
Of Unlimited Arms To Ukraine Bringing The
US & NATO Closer To Nuclear War With Russia

Christian TruNews Discusses Nuclear War Threat
& The Blood Red Sky Over Shanghai & Indonesia

Megalopolis x Russia = Total War

Russia warns Putin more likely to start
WW3 than 'fail' In Ukraine

Putin's nuclear war threat is 'very real'
oligarch warns

Odessa Nightmare - Barrage Kh-47M2 Kinzhal
& Kalibr - Uke Avdiivka defense broken, 400 dead

Ukrainian Nazis open fire on
six towns in the DPR on Victory Day

Russia Deploys 6 Ships, 2 Subs In Black Sea

Poland Will Formally Propose Sending NATO
Troops Into Uke War at Summit This Thursday

Wealthy Americans are buying second
passports as a 'plan B' for their families
citing the pandemic, climate change
and political turmoil


Dinesh D'Souza's New Documentary '2,000 Mules'
Shows How US Election Was Completely Stolen
Full Documentary Here...

Now We Are Being Warned That Shortages
Of Diesel Fuel And Electricity Are Coming
In The Months Ahead - Snyder

Diesel fuel is in short supply as prices surge
...Here's what that means for inflation

Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow Across US

Are the White Boys willing to die in defense
of the Gay Disco?

Borrell's Initiative to Transfer Russia's Assets to
Ukraine Is 'Complete Lawlessness' - Moscow

US diplomats return to Kiev amid plans
to reopen embassy in Ukrainian capital

Over 18,500 tons of humanitarian cargoes
delivered to Ukraine by Russia

Russian Forces Attempt Storming Operations
On Azovstal Plant, Ukraine Says

Ukraine's Zelensky shares image of
soldier with Nazi insignia


Ukrainian forces attempt strike on Kherson

Ukraine's Zelensky Uses Image With Nazi
Insignia in Celebratory WWII Victory Day
Social Media Posts

May 2 Odessa Tragedy - Horrifying Images
of Mass Murder

No Business Like War Business - Lockheed To
Nearly Double Javelin Production Thanks to Ukraine

Ukrainian crisis to change Europe's security
architecture, Cavusoglu says

Macron highlights need to preserve peace in Europe
...keep tensions in Ukraine from rising

Macron Says Ukraine's Accession to EU
May Take Decades

EU to decide on Kiev's candidate status in June

Kiev's military success is 'very possible'
believes UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

Biden - an incompetent fool with dementia
or a ventriloquist dummy?


Tucker - US a failed state in which
Supreme Court cowers in fear

Hollywood Lawyer Reportedly Footed Over
$2 Million of 'Sugar Brother' Hunter Biden's
Overdue Tax Bill

From Court-Packing To Leaking To Doxxing
White House Yields To National Rage Addiction

Ron Paul - Who's Afraid Of Elon Musk?

Guardian - Freeze Fox News Owner Rupert
Murdoch's Assets For Pushing 'Kremlin

NEW Controlled Food System Is Now
In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing
To Accelerate Their Control

Enemies Within and the Discomfort of Truth

BioWeapon Injecting The Sheeple - Covid-19
Is The Largest Conformity Experiment Ever

Prudential Financial, America's largest insurer,
officially ends covid jab requirement...what do
they know that they aren't saying?

Official US Govt data suggests Fully Vaxed
Americans are developing AIDS - Obviously


Gates Says The Code In mRNA Vaccines
Can Be Updated w/o Regulators Noticing

FDA Says Americans Should Treat COVID-19
Just Like The Flu - (How Many Murdered From
The BioWeapon 'Vax' Now?)

Oz News Reader, Anti-Vaxer Tracey Spicer
'Let's Get Jabbed' Is Crushed By Pericarditis
And 'Long Covid' - Can No Longer Stand Up
REFUSES To Blame The BioWeapon Injection

Mandatory Masks On Planes, Trains and
Busses Returns

Health Authorities Tracked Movements Of
Canadians Via Cellphones During Pandemic

Pfizer documents show Over 1,200 people
died during Pfizer's 'vaccine' trials - It Is A

Growing number of Americans are being
left with potentially deadly allergy to MEAT
due to tick bites - New BioWeapon?

Bird Flu Outbreak Nears Worst Ever in US
With 37 Million Animals Dead

Proof Of DOD Being Funded For BioWeapon
Development In 1970 To Create HIV-AIDS Virus

The 1971 Special Virus Cancer Program


Air Pods Never STOP Emitting EMF
You Want This In Your Brain? - Video

Florida at center of bid to slow
Musk's purchase of Twitter

Bezos, Musk Using NASA as 'ATM Machine' in
Billionaires' Race to Space

The Road to Worldwide Digital Tyranny -
The QR Code Verification App Goes Global

'If I die' - Musk responds in cryptic tweet
to Russian threats over Starlink supply

Nelson - Enemies On The Left...
False Friends On The Right

Dr. Carol Rosin On Playing NASA's 'Last Card'
Carol Was Von Braun's Last Personal Assistant

Hedge Funds Are Flooding Into Energy
Stocks At The Fastest Pace In Years

Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow
Across US

'Nowhere near the bottom' top economist
says as global markets crater


An Official Denial Suggests Stagflation is
Now the Base Case for Europe

Payroll growth accelerated by 428,000 in April
...But not Many Entering The Workforce

Bitcoin Crashes To 10-Month Lows,
Correlation With Tech Hits Record High

40% of bitcoin investors are underwater

US Gas Prices Soar As Europe And
Asia Scramble For LNG - Note How The
OBiden Admin Is Destroying America
With All The USELESS Russia Sanctions

Dow loses 300 points, S&P 500 tumbles
to new low for 2022 as sell-off intensifies

Denmark Releases Gold Bar List, But The
Serial Numbers Are Missing

Spring Wheat Hits 14 Yr High On WW3
And (Engineered) Weather Woes

G7 pledges help to nations In food crisis

US faces baby formula shortage


EU rejects ban on shipping Russian crude

US Shale Swings From Losses To
Record Cash Flows

US Gas Prices Soar As Europe And
Asia Scramble For LNG

Brits burn wood due to energy prices,
increase number of home fires – fire chief

Fear spreads through Chinese city
as sky turns blood red

'This is earth not Mars' - Blood red
skies unsettle Indonesians

Germany's Top Banking Chief Warns Of
Bankruptcy Tsunami Amid Stagflation Threats

London unveils new sanctions
against Russia

UK Economy 'One of the Most Vulnerable'
Due to Inflation, Mortgage Tendencies

Faroes Dismiss UK, EU Attacks Over Russian
Trawler Licenses, Say It's 'A Sovereign Matter'


Sirens Sound Over UK Navy Town as Part
of 'Major Incident' Drills

Ex-French Prime Minister Fillon Sentenced
to Four Years in Jail Over Fake Job Row,

BoJo to Unveil 7 Brexit Bills to Tear up 'Old EU
Rules That Don't Work for UK' in Queen's Speech

Russian people will never give up love for
country, traditional values - Putin

Putin - If There Was Any Possibility to Resolve
Donbass Problem Peacefully, Russia Would
Have Used It

Russia Pre-emptively Repelled Aggression
With Ukraine Op, Says Putin in Victory Day

Russia's Ukraine operation 'preemptive' - Putin

Russia called on West for honest dialogue
but all in vain, says Putin

Attack plotted near Russia's borders,
including against Crimea - Putin

Russia Victory Day with Red Square parade


Donbass combatants taking part in Victory
Parade on Moscow's Red Square - Putin

US actually bans its war veterans from
attending Russia's Victory Day parade

Massive 'Immortal Regiment' procession
in Moscow on Victory Day

Russia Will Always Remember India's
Contribution in Great Patriotic War
to Defeat Nazis, Says Envoy

Russian, Chinese diplomats participate
in Immortal Regiment march in Pyongyang

Venezuelan president congratulates Russian
authorities and people on Victory Day

Foreign envoys attend Russia's Victory
Parade on Moscow's Red Square

No Nuclear Threats Or 'Doomsday Plane'
At Toned-Down Victory Day Parade In Moscow

Russian Envoy to Poland Doused With Red
Liquid at Wreath-Laying Ceremony in Warsaw - VIDEO

Poland responds to attack on Russian
envoy in Warsaw


Chinese Navy Stretches Sea Legs,
Encircles Taiwan With Carrier Group,
Warships and Jets - Report

Shanghai Tightens COVID Lockdown
Despite Decline In Cases - What Does
The CCP Know?

Bloodbath - Futures, Yuan Tumble as 10
Yards Yields Soar On Global Stagflation Fears

India strives to cash in on cheap
Russian crude – media

Ruling Party MP Killed, 139 Injured as Violent
Anti-Govt Protests Rock Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Resigns Amid Protests

Demonstrators Stage Massive Protest in Delhi
to Prevent Demolition of Illegally Built Facilities

TTP Warns of 'Intensifying' Attacks Against
Pakistan Amid Friction Between Taliban
and Islamabad

Cuban hotel blast death toll rises to 35,
official says

Israel Passes (More) US Military Tech to China


Tehran Ready to Strike Deal on JCPOA Once
US Lifts Sanctions - Iranian Foreign Ministry

Israel Mulling Military Op in Gaza or Arrest
Sweep in West Bank Amid Surge in Attacks

Red Crescent - 36 Palestinians Injured in
Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in West Bank

Iran readies for grid blackout war with US

Crime Victim Canceled For Allegedly 'Uttering
Racial Slur' After Getting Robbed in Los Angeles
by 'Gang Who Fled in Rolls Royce'

Russia has scalar technology weapons
that can unleash massive destruction

Russia can 'destroy ALL NATO countries in
30 Minutes - Head Of Russian Space Agency

The Creeper Sends Wife Jill To Visit Ukraine

Almost 25 Million Tons Of Ukraine Grains
Blocked From Export

US Spooks Can't Keep Mouths Shut
About Helping Ukraine Kill Russians

All Civilians Have Exited Azovstal Plant As
Holdout Fighters Say Final Days Are ‘Hellish
Reality Show'

Ukraine claims all civilians have left
besieged Azovstal

Kiev lied to its encircled troops – Uke Cmdr

Captured Ukrainian officer labels
American Javelins ‘useless’

Elon Musk Accountable for Starlink Supplies
to Ukraine's Neo-Nazis, Russian Roscosmos
Chief Says


Almost 20,000 people evacuated from Ukraine,
DPR, LPR to Russia in past day

Ukrainian nationalists mine bridge over river
in Slavyansk in DPR — defense ministry

Foreign fighters seek ‘adventure’ in Ukraine
Says captured Ukrainian colonel

2,000 Mules - US Election Fraud Documentary
By Dinesh D'Souza

Communist CA Rapidly Moving Towards
Eliminating LEGAL Handguns in The state

'Targeted Individuals' As Beta Tests For The
Intrabody Nano Network Installed Through
Covid Jabs - Dr. Eric Karlstrom On Jeff Rense
Program 5-6-22 With Extra Posts & Comments

Half of women are now childless at thirty
for the first time ever

Pregnant Trans Man Insists Men Can Get
Pregnant and Have a Uterus - Terminal
Madness Of The End Times

Disney helps fund a group that sexualizes
five year old school children

Firebomb Crashes Through Window
of Pro-Life Headquarters


Reports Indicate Justice Alito and Family
Have Been Moved to Undisclosed Location

Watch Pentagon Coverage that
Aired Just ONCE after 9/11

American Famine? Is The Food Supply In Peril?
Jeff & William Gheen Lay It All Out

German Farmers Warn of Crop Failure
Over Lack of Rainfall - Engineered Drought

Global Kidnapping of American Medicine
Turns Hospitals into Killing Fields

Reality vs Illusion - People have been Robbed
of their Ability To Discern Fact From Fiction

Top psychologist says over half of her
patients now identify as transgender

Non Jewish Whites are the most
underrepresented group at Harvard

Note how often people with names like Pranshu
Verma are contemptuous of Anglo-American
traditions such as free speech

Maxwell Sentence Lowered by Ten Years


Disney Facing Financial Disaster As Anti-Woke
Backlash Builds Across The Country

Official US Govt data suggests Fully Vaxed
Americans are developing AIDS - Obviously

Gates Says The Code In mRNA Vaccines
Can Be Updated w/o Regulators Noticing

Official US Govt data suggests Fully Vaxed
Americans are developing AIDS - Obviously

Sen. Ron Johnson says it 'may be true’
that COVID ‘vaccines' cause AIDS

The WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’ will end Freedom
as we know it and hand the ‘keys to power’ to
its largest private funder, Mr Bill Gates

Musk Plans 'Bloodbath' for Woke Twitter
Employees After He Takes Over - Report

Ghosts In The Machine - A US Psychological
Warfare Recruitment Video

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert - 5-7-22

OBiden running US low on weapons
by Pouring Them Into Ukraine


Economic Armageddon Arrives In America

Europe’s biggest economy faces wave
of bankruptcies - banking chief

Wasting Away in Spendingville

Uber loses nearly $6 billion on investments
due to stakes in Didi, Grab - Crash Begins

The World Is Crying Out For Diesel
...Product Tankers Could Win Big | ZeroHedge

EU Mulls Emergency Energy Sharing Plan in Face
of Possible Full Stop of Russian Supplies - Report

Hungary blocking EU ban on Russian oil

EU’s oil embargo may benefit Russia

Russia makes use of Nord Stream 2

Americans change habits as fuel costs bite


German industry reels from anti-Russian sanctions

Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’ – MEP

EU Meeting Ends With No Agreement
on New Russia Sanctions, Source Says

US sanctions Russian media

US imposes sanction on 33 Russian individuals,
22 companies and 69 ships

US sanctions 8 Sberbank and 27
Gazprombank executives

Escobar - A Menacing Tool To Disrupt
Sino-Pakistani Economics

Take A Look At Who Is REALLY
Running America

G7 announces plans to ban imports of Russian
oil to punish Putin for invading Ukraine

German industry reels from
anti-Russian sanctions


How British spies have launched a full-scale
propaganda war to demonize Moscow

OBiden and western allies hit Russian
media and bank execs in new sanctions

Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’ – MEP

Siberian wildfires cause devastation
And deaths - Video

Sky Turns Red Over Town Near
China's Shanghai - Video

Immortal Regiment March Takes Place
in Beijing - Photos

Former Police Officer Elected As New
Hong Kong Chief Executive

Sri Lanka Declares Second State of
Emergency in a Month

Israel Reportedly Turned Down Ukraine’s
Request to Shift or Ditch 'Victory Day' Ceremonies

Israeli Prime Minister Rejects Any Foreign
Meddling With Decisions on Temple Mount


Video - Knife-Wielding Man 'Neutralised’ in
Jerusalem After Stabbing Police Officer

Saudi King Undergoes Medical Checkup
for Second Time in Under Two Months,
State Media Report

Syria's Assad Visits Iran for First Time
in Over 3 Years - State Media

Iranian General Calls for Tehran Adopting
‘Sea-Oriented Strategy’ to Tackle US Sanctions

Russians Crush Uke Troops In Donbass
Destroy Entire Regional Command Center

Russia has scalar technology weapons
that can unleash massive destruction

The US Is ‘directly’ involved in The
Ukraine conflict – Moscow

US admits it coordinates Ukraine’s military
operations against Russia - speaker

US Intel Assisted In Sinking Russian
Flagship Vessel Say Officials In
Bombshell Escalation

US denies it helped sink Russian
flagship - Right

Putin’s NEW flagship Said ‘on FIRE in
Neptune missile strike near Snake Island’
weeks after Moskva Was sunk Says Ukraine

CIA director weighs possibility of a
Russian nuke Being Used in Ukraine

Tyrant Zionist Dictator Zelensky Seeks To Destroy
All Critics - Popular Critic Arrested In Spain

Bidet White House outlines latest
Ukraine weapons package


US Weapons For Ukraine disappearing into
Black Hole Of Theft And Corruption

Canadian sniper ‘terribly disappointed’ with
chaos, looting and incompetence in
Ukrainian military

US intelligence helped Ukraine target
And Kill Russian generals - America Is
In Direct War With Russia

The Stupid, Dangerous American Game Of
Helping Kill Russian Generals

Over 370 people evacuated from Mariupol
in past day - DPR

Beaten & Denied Safe Exit - French Journalist
Presents Eyewitness Accounts of Azov
Crimes in Mariupol

Azerbaijan Denies Hosting Foreign-Funded
Bioweapons Research Labs

Russian Space Agency Roscosmos
Temporarily Changes Logo to Red Star

Putin Says Pedophiles and Traffickers
Hiding in Azovstal Steel Works

Top German Media Outlet Delete Video
Of Azovstal Evacuee Critical Of Ukraine


Polish leader suggests annexing Ukraine
is planned

Economic Armageddon Arrives In America

Russia defies predictions of collapse
By Sanction which have greatly
Harmed the West

Embassy Alerts Americans To 'Avoid Large
Public Gatherings' On Russia's Victory Day

The Deep State's subversion process
How The US Is Being Taken Down

Hunter Biden Was 'Drunk' When He Brought Me
His 'Laptop From Hell', Repair Shop Owner Recalls

AnalF*ck69 - Sub-human Cretin Hunter Biden’s
Password Revealed In Whistleblower Tell-All

US Military Might Face Lack of Recruits
Due to Obesity Issues, Research Says

Shimatsu - Biden’s Wicked Witch Of The Beast
To Head The DHS Disinfo scam

People have been Robbed of their Ability
to Discern Between Fact And Fiction


Dire Warnings From Past US Presidents
and Other High-Profile Leaders About an
'Invisible Government' That Runs the US
With 'No Allegiance To the People'

The US City Rioting That We Warned
You About Has Now Begun

Watch Gates Now Say COVID Is a ‘Disease Mainly
Of The elderly’ With ‘Low Fatality Rate’…Likens
It To The Flu!

FDA Finally Admits We Should Treat
COVID-19 Just Like The Flu (Because
That Is Exactly What Many/Most Cases ARE)

They don't need Planned Parenthood when
they have the Sterilizing BioWeapon jab

Kailia Posey - 16 year old beauty pageant
winner and reality TV star dead, authorities

UK Health Authorities Report Monkeypox
Case in England

Court Ruling Confirms Merck's GARDASIL
HPV ‘Vaccine' Kills People – Did Anyone
Even Notice?

Unhinged Obama Judge Orders Every US
ISP to Block Streaming Sites Accused of
Copyright Infringement


Outrageous - PayPal now SEIZING accounts
owned by independent media outlets

Musk Announces BIG Changes To Twitter
... Will Fire At Least 1,000 Woke Employees
And More

Musk Summoned To UK Parliament To
Answer For His Pledge To Restore Free Speech

Musk Reveals How Amber Heard
Manipulated Him To Have A Baby

Musk's Tesla to Cover Travel Costs for
Employees Seeking Out of State Abortions

Stunning New AI ‘Could Be Conscious’...

States Sue Bidet Admin for COLLUDING
With Big Tech to Censor Americans

New Renderings Show Inside Luxurious
Space Hotel To Open In 2027

Hindenburg - New Evidence Allegedly
Reveals Exactly how it happened

Luongo - The Great Currency Reset And
Why Europe Is Trapped


Used Car Prices Are Crashing At A
Near Record Pace

Italy Seizes $700 Million Superyacht
Linked To Putin

The EU is destroying its own energy security
with the planned Russian oil embargo

France eyes ag waste to replace Russian gas

Estonia sees wild surge in consumer prices

European banks reveal cost of Russia exit

Life Expectancy Continues To Fall In The EU

UK Train Worker Fired For Questioning
'White Privilege' Training

Sinn Fein Lands Historic Election Victory,
Securing Majority in N Ireland Assembly

No EU fast-track for Ukraine – Austrian minister


Baltic nation sees wild surge in
consumer prices

Mystery of the rising ruble revealed

Moscow Orders Probe Into Crimes Against
Russian Journalists in Berlin

Lives of Russian Journalists Increasingly
Perilous, Observers Warn

Details emerge about ‘explosive device’
at Russian media site in Germany

North Korea Fires 'Sub-Launched
Ballistic Missile’ - 15th Test This Year

Watch - China Worried About US Sanctions
...Starts Contingency Planning

China to Respond Harshly if US & NATO
Try to Use 'Ukraine Playbook' in Taiwan

Chinese Mobile Maker Reportedly Accuses Indian
Agency of Threatening Employees With 'Violence'

Japan warns of Ukraine-like conflict


Russia ramps up sales of crude to India

Trump considered strike on Mexico
Says former Pentagon chief

Are We Watching the Bible Unfold
Before Our Eyes

Antarctic Ice Sheet May Be Hiding Earth’s
Largest Groundwater Reservoir, Scientists Say

You can Live in this Palo Alto Orwellian
Nightmare for ‘Just' $800 Per Month

Megadrought - The two largest CA reservoirs
are already at 'critically low levels' and the dry
season is just starting

Russians Crush Uke Troops In Donbass
Destroy Entire Regional Command Center

Shimatsu - Biden's Wicked Witch Of The Beast
To Head The DHS Disinfo scam

Tucker - The US is 'speeding toward one of the
great disasters in our history' with Ukraine policy

OBiden Arming Ukraine To Deplete America's
Weapons Inventory And Stockpile To Make It
Easier For China To Invade The US

Biden is sending Ukraine billions of dollars
of weaponry it can't use properly

May 6 report - Donbass Massacre...790 uke
Soldiers Killed As Ukrainian defense breaks
Russians 'trampled' Severodonetsk And
Popasnaya falls (In Russian)

2018 'Baby' Factories in UKRAINE exposed

As of 2020, the 'baby' business is still
going strong in UKRAINE

US intelligence helped Ukraine target
And Kill Russian generals - America Is
In Direct War With Russia

Bolshevik Zionist Zelensky Received PR
Help From Netanyahu's Advisers

Russia - NATO Is Not Taking The Nuclear
Threat Seriously


Putin Says Pedophiles and Traffickers
Hiding in Azovstal Steel Works

Reports of Russian 'full mobilization' false
Says Moscow

DPR, LPR appoint their ambassadors to Russia

Russia's operation in Ukraine going on
according to plan, assures Kremlin

Polish leader suggests annexing Ukraine
is planned

Allegations that Russia steals grain from Ukraine
Are more fake news, Kremlin spokesman says

No comments from Kremlin spokesman
about Putin's alleged apology for Lavrov's remarks

Russia says it gave UN evidence of
crimes by Ukrainian troops

Information on organizers of Bucha staging
to be published on time - Kremlin spokesman

Russia's Rostec to Develop Pocket-Sized
UAVs Using Special Operation's Experience


Russia calls on EU to drop neo-colonial
ambitions in Western Balkans

Two Signs US May Be Gearing Up For War

To the horror of Leftists & Communists, Biden
just admitted that abortion involves the death
of a child

20 states threaten legal action over
DHS disinformation board

Tucker - 'You Don't Want to Live in a Country
Where Supreme Court Justices Cower in Fear
...That's the Definition of a Failed State'

Reason for Biden Aides' Push to Avoid Using
Oval Office for Press Conferences Revealed

Imbecile Biden Promotes Mexican First Lady
to 'Madam President'

'Pansexual' Florida Teacher Fired After
Sexuality Discussion In Classroom

Global Grain Reserves 'Extremely Low' And Will
Be Depleted For YEARS, Warns Top Fertilizer Boss

Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage Hits 'Shocking'
Levels, Sparking Panic Among Parents


Global Food Chain at Risk Due to Skyrocketing
Fertiliser Prices

CDC Reports First Bird Flu Case In US
...A New PCR Testing Hoax?

Why Paxlovid Is Failing And Doesn't Work

Washington's Largest Tuberculosis
Outbreak In Decades - Being Misdiagnosed
As 'Covid' - This is huge

Worst TB Outbreak in 20 Years
Reported in Washington State

CDC Probing 'Mysterious' Liver Disease
In Children's Deaths - 24 States Report Illness
Adenovirus Said Found In Half Those Infected
Vax Plays Role - Breastfeeding Or Shedding

FDA Limits Use of J&J Vax Over Blood Clotting
Disorder But Experts Say Pfizer, Moderna Shots
Pose Similar Risk - (They ALL Do)

October 2021 study showing immunogenic
EXOSOMES containing SPIKE protein ARE
generated in the Vaxed

1971 Special Virus Cancer Program...

Newborn Baby Deaths hit critical levels for
2nd time in 7 Months - is Pfizer to blame?


Pilots destroyed by COVID BioWeapon Speak
... 'I Will Probably Never Fly Again'

Musk Reveals How Amber Heard
Manipulated Him To Have A Baby

Stunning New AI 'Could Be Conscious'...

Dow Plunges 1,063 Points in Widespread
Sell-Off Led by Tech Stocks

FDA Limits Use of J&J Vaccine Over Blood
Clotting Disorder, But Experts Say Pfizer,
Moderna Shots Pose Similar Risk (They ALL Do)

Pilots destroyed by COVID BioWeapon Speak
... 'I Will Probably Never Fly Again'

Universe May Start Shrinking Remarkably Fast,
Forcing Cosmos To Collapse In Big Crunch

Gucci To Accept Bitcoin, Crypto In
Select US Stores

Latest EU Sanctions Draft Includes
Putin's Rumored Girlfriend

Moscow allows foreign goods under
trade embargo


US stocks see worst day since 2020

Wall Street's Tech Stocks Index Nasdaq
Slips Below 12,000 First Time Since
November 2020

Global energy watchdog warns against
Russia sanctions

US Distillate Stocks Fall Critically Low

EU Needs 10-15 Years To Replace Russian Gas
With African Hydrocarbons - Energy Experts

EU 'Almost There' On Reaching Russian Oil
Ban As It Negotiates Giving Hungary More Time

EU Policy Chiefs Warn Against Creating New
LNG Dependence

Europe buying natural gas at premium – media

European disintegration - EU loses unity in
assessment of anti-Russia sanctions

Russian Oil Ban Will Be Like 'Dropping Atomic
Bomb On Hungary's Economy' - Orban


Hungary will not allow Russian oil ban
to come into effect in its present form

German industries struggling to replace
Russian imports – poll

Serbia starts talks with Russia on new
long-term gas contract — Serbian President

Croatia insists on its exemption from EU
embargo on Russian oil supplies

Germany's Spiegel deletes Azovstal evacuee
testimony critical of Ukraine

British Ambassador Summoned to Russian FM
Over UK Sanctions Targeting Journalists

Berlin Building Where Ria Novosti Reporters
Live Is Attacked -Video

Western journalists' reports provide evidence
to Ukrainian nationalists' crimes

'Grotesque' - MFA calls out EU on its feigned
press freedom rhetoric and reality

BoJo scuttled Kiev-Moscow peace
talks - Uke media


NATO approves nomination of US general
Cavoli as allied commander in Europe

Poll reveals 75% of Austrian respondents
oppose joining NATO

Russia reiterates readiness to organize
possible intra-Palestinian meetings in Moscow

Ship Explodes in Istanbul Injuring at
Least 5 People, Reports Say

At Least Six Reportedly Injured as
Explosion Hits Madrid Building

France Hid Falklands War 'Kill Switch'
for Argentinian Exocet Missiles From Brits,
French Ex-Military Says

Prince Harry Plotting to 'Bring Monarchy Down'
...Royal Biographer Claims

Europe turning into cocaine hub - Europol

Mexican president roasts US billions for Kiev
while stalling aid for CentAm neighbors

Kiev plans to strike Crimean Bridge on
May 9, Latvian military official says


Masterminds behind terror attacks on
Transnistria fail to sow panic - republic's head

Serbian president describes conflict in Ukraine
as global rather than regional

Russia still open for contacts with foreign media
Foreign Ministry says

Foreign weapons used in terrorist attacks on
Transnistria — unrecognized republic's head

More Kiev-provoked strife in Transnistria
possible, says expert

Feigned brotherhood with Poland to
put nail in coffin of Ukraine's statehood — Medvedev

Ukraine's neighbor Poland sees future
without border

Poland may pose threat to Ukraine's
territorial integrity, Kremlin spokesman says

Ukrainian Ambassador Refuses to Apologise
for Calling German Chancellor 'Insulted Liverwurst'

18 Chinese air force planes have entered
the island's air defense zone, Taiwan's
Ministry of Defense says


West uses Ukraine as cannon fodder to
weaken Russia - China's vice foreign minister

Correcting one mistake with another error
...China castigates NATO's expansion bid

CCP Orders Govt Agencies, State-Controlled
Firms To Dump Foreign PCs & Software

N Korea denounces US-supported drive of
Sweden, Finland to join NATO

India Might Challenge WHO's COVID-19
'Excess Deaths Report'

Don't patronize us', India tells EU official

Indian Traders Breathe Sigh of Relief as
Russia's Aeroflot Resumes Flights to India

India Invokes Emergency Law to Boost
Coal Imports as Power Crisis Worsens

US Crude Exports to India Decline as
New Delhi Goes for Cheaper Russian Oil

'Don't Patronise Us' - India Rebuffs Dutch Envoy
Who Questioned Delhi's Abstention at UN on Ukraine


India Has Put Era of Pleasing the World
Behind It, Says Jaishankar Amid West's
Ire Over Ukraine

Massive explosion destroys hotel in Cuba

Psaki Officially Out As Biden’s Press Secretary

Watch - Psaki Says Biden Will Continue To Call
Citizens Who Do Not Support Him ‘Extremists'

US STRATCOM chief issues nuclear warning

Kremlin comments on situation at Azovstal plant

Moscow - Zionist Israeli 'mercenaries’ fighting
side by side with Zionist stooge AZOV buffoons

Russia compares Uke forces to terrorists

Zelensky is trapped - the oligarchs who own him,
the Nazis who will kill him if he doesn't toe their
line, and the State Department & CIA

US Ramps Up Training Ukrainian Troops
While Still Rejecting 'Proxy War’ Label

CIA Trying To Contact Russians Who Are
Against Ukraine War Via Dark Web

Vladimir Putin has 'no way back but to unleash
nuclear weapons’ - Kremlin reporter


Russia Again Warns Any NATO Vehicle Entering
Ukraine With Weapons Will Be Destroyed

Putin Bows To Zionism, apologizes to
Bennett for Lavrov’s Hitler comments

With America Past The Point Of No Return
Do NOT Fall For Orchestrated Distractions

As Water runs out, CA faces grim summer
of dangerous heat, extreme drought

Communist CA Bill Would Strip Licenses From
Docs Who Spread COVID ‘Misinformation’

US is world's 'greatest propagator of disinformation’
– Senator Rand Paul

Watch - Rand Paul Grills DHS Head On
Creepy 'Ministry Of Truth'

Is the West at war with disinformation or dissent?

US is world's 'greatest propagator of
disinformation’ Says Senator

False flag coming - As US inches closer to war
DHS releases report claiming ‘domestic
extremists' are set to target the power grid


The elite are Obviously implementing an
attack on the global food supply

Rising Number of Teenage Girls Who Identify
as ‘LGBT’ Coincides with the Surge in Mental
Illness among this Demographic

World's Largest Fertilizer Company Warns
Of Crop Nutrient Disruptions Through 2023

FDA Restricts J&J Vaccine Over Risk
of 'Life-Threatening' Blood Clots

Sen Ron Johnson, It ‘may be true’
Coronavirus BioWeapon Injections
cause AIDS - Gosh, Ya Think?

Fauci - We Are Still in the Middle
of a Pandemic - Oh?

Time's Running Out Update - May 4-5 2022

US Passes 1 Million Covid Deaths as WHO
Reports 15 Million Additional Global Fatalities
10-15 Million Dead In The US Alone More Likely

Fully-Vaxed Gorilla Dies of Multiple
Organ Failure - Zoo Employees Killed It

CDC - 74.2 million people living in the US
(Chose LIFE) never got ‘vaccinated' for COVID


COVID-19 vaccines more likely to kill
people than save lives, research reveals

The Many Scandals Of The PCR Test - Part 1

The Many Scandals Of The PCR Test - Part 2

CDC Tracked Millions Of Americans During
Lockdowns To Monitor Movement, Compliance

Bill Gates comments on Novak Djokovic
vaccine stance - Video

Paxlovid - Pfizer (PFE) Says Patients Who
Relapse After Covid Pill Can Take More for $895

Big Pharma In Crisis As Triple-Jabbed Revealed
To Be 391% More Likely To Catch COVID

YouTube boasts removal of 8,000 channels,
60,000 Ukraine war videos

Musk Blasts Soros 'Dark Money Groups’
Threatening Twitter Advertisers

Musk may serve as Twitter CEO – media


Elon Musk is not the free speech superhero
we’d like him to be

Poll - Most Americans Do Not Care About
Musk’s Twitter Purchase

Shareholders sue Netflix

Amazon Will Give Employees Up to $4,000
to Travel to Kill Their Unborn Baby

Wigington - Is It Game Over - New NASA Report

China’s Rover Nearing 1 Year On Mars

The Nazca and Palpa Lines Peru - Mystery Solved

Allgire - Barry Schmelling - The Soul Of Money

Markets Everywhere Reverse All FOMC Moves

Zillow Plunges After Company Issues
Dire Housing Outlook


34% Of US Retailers Couldn't Make
Rent In April

Rickards - Collapse Is Happening Before Our Eyes

China and Russia have no plans to fully
abandon dollar in bilateral trade - Amb

OBiden Begins Buying Back Oil To Refill
Strategic Reserve... Will Send Gas Prices
Back To Record Highs

US Productivity Just Crashed By The Most
Since 1947 As Labor Costs Explode

Markets Everywhere Reverse All FOMC Moves

UK issues grim economic forecast

China's Politburo Doubles Down On Support
For COVID Lockdowns

China, Russia to develop major strategic
projects in energy - Chinese Ambassador

Central Banks of Russia and China to discuss
use of Mir, UnionPay systems - Amb


US Senate Passes NOPEC Antritrust Bill,
Paving Way For Biden To Sue OPEC

Massive Çhinese Fleet Seen Moving
Toward US Naval Base In Japan

Did China just signal it's going to war?

Brazil's Lula names those responsible for
Ukraine conflict

Drunken, Addled Nancy Pelosi Demands US
Go To Full War With Russia, Even If It Leads
To Nuclear War - She Will Be whisked To Her
Underground Bunker While America Is Nuked
...They Do NOT Care About YOU

Russia Again Warns Any NATO Vehicle
Entering Ukraine With Weapons Will
Be Destroyed

Poland Plans to Annex Western Ukraine
Former Ukrainian Lawmaker Claims

Pentagon Trained Over 23,000 Ukrainian
Armed Forces Since 2015, Says US General

Former Brazilian president says Zelensky wanted war

US sending more troops to Romania
...Pushing Harder For Nuclear War

Canadian general arrested in Mariupol
Directed BSL Laboratory With 18 Employees
Already Taken To Moscow To Stand Trial

Ukraine Says Communications With Trapped
Fighters In Azovstal Has Gone Dark

Kremlin comments on situation at
Azovstal Steel plant

Watch Russian Submarine in Black Sea Targets
Ukrainian Positions With Kalibr Missiles


Russia’s air defenses shoot down Tochka-U
missile - Russia

EU Mulls Military Support To Moldova As
Russia Accused Of 'Provocations' In
Breakaway Transnistria

Moldova’s Defense Ministry declares exercise
near Transnistria

Ukrainian shelling hits oil depot in Donetsk region

'An act of genocide’ - A witness recalls the
2014 Odessa massacre

US open to idea of tougher sanctions against
Russia, will consult with G7 - Biden

Barrage Of Cruise Missiles Rock Western
Ukraine, Plunging Lviv Into Darkness

Hunter's Laptop - Adam Schiff, CNN, Politico And
Daily Beast Sued By Repairman Who Blew Whistle

Is Meghan Markle's Rise Part of the Clinton Plan
to Outsmart Team Obama as Biden Loses Grip?

Biden Bans Left-Wing Latin Leaders From
Regional Summit in LA


Watch - Tucker Carlson Reminds America
That Its Bidet Voted Against Roe Vs Wade

Data Reportedly 'Harvested' From Planned
Parenthood Clinics May Be Sold to Anti-
Abortion Vigilantes

Trump-Backed Candidates Win Big In OH Primaries

US, UK Among 60 Countries to Sign Declaration
that Commits to Censoring ‘Misinformation’ and
‘Harmful' Speech

all of the civil liberty protections against
tyrannical central government in the US
Constitution have been eroded, Degraded

'Hail Satan’ opening prayer at AK govt meeting

Hillary Says Alito Draft Opinion Will
'Kill And Subjugate Women'

'Regal' Maskless Hillary Attended To By
Black Masked 'Servant'

Megyn Kelly - Biden’s 'Creepy’ Censorship
Board Chief, Jankowicz, 'Seems Like a Lunatic'

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Don Lemon
Has Suddenly Been Dropped


'Pod' Housing Is Becoming a Reality in SF

Johnny Cash, Joseph Stalin & the
Morse Code Crack

MSNBC Anchor Busted 'Driving 3 Hours’
To Meet Little Boy For Sex

Still Don’t Think Masks Block Pathogens?
Shocking Visible Proof How Masks WORK - Look

Appalling Vax Murder Of 22 Year Old Man

Walgreens publishes data proving that
COVID jabs don't prevent COVID

Woman finds COVID-19 test samples dumped
at Las Vegas park

Almost 20% of US parents with children
under 5 yrs old intend to have them vaccinated
(Killed) 'right away'

‘Serious’ Covid vax side-effects 40 times
more likely than reported – Professor Harald
Matthes of Berlin’s Charite University Hospital

'Faster' Omicron Variants That 'Escape Immunity’
May Drive New COVID-19 Waves, Warn Scientists


Bill Gates Believes Elon Musk Could Make
Misinformation on Twitter Worse

Musk Invited to Speak in British Parliament
About His Acquisition of Twitter

Tesla Planning to Build 2nd Production Plant
in China's Shanghai, Reports Say

First Commercial Brain Computer Interface
Is Entering Human Trials

Low-cost power pledge is blown away by
corrupt wind farmers

It’s clear that CO2 has almost nothing to
do with climate

Dr. Strangelove - Astronaut In Low Level Orbit

Worst Ever US Home Affordability Is
Just 0.5% Away

US Trade Deficit Up 22% in March, Topping $100
Billion Amid Record Imports, Commerce Dept Says

US Gulf Coast Exports Record Amount
Of Fuel As East Coast Supplies Sink


Royal Bank of Canada says one-fifth of all
container ships are currently stuck at global ports

EU Reportedly Mulls Sanctions Against
Belarusian Potash Giant Despite Fears
of world Food Shortages

UK Minister Tells Shoppers to Beat Sanctions
Linked Inflation by Buying 'Value Brands'

US Federal Reserve Increases Interest Rates
by 0.5% in Biggest Hike of 21st Century

Wall Street Reacts To The Biggest Fed
Rate Hike In 22 Years

"Highly Attentive" Fed Unleashes Biggest Rate-Hike Since Bursting The Dot-Com Bubble

The 'Great Reset' & The Future of Money
...Here's What You Need To Know

Consumer Goods Giant Clorox Slashes Profit
Outlook, Signals Further Price-Hikes

Fed raises interest rates by 0.50%...
largest move since 2000

Ruble hits two-year high against dollar, euro


Kremlin: Cost of Sanctions Against Russia
Will Increase For European Citizens Every Day

Beijing Reportedly Conducted Massive ‘Stress Test’
Modeling Impact of Russia-Style Sanctions on PRC

Gazprom supplied record-high gas
volumes to Russian consumers on May 2

EU proposed Russian oil embargo to take
six months

EU fails to give Hungary security
guarantees on oil

Shale Producers Face $42 Billion In
Hedging Losses

US East Coast Diesel Stockpiles Hit Record Low
As Fuel Crisis Nears

Nigerian Minister Says Russian Investors Interested
in Financing African Gas Mega-Pipeline

India Slams Report Claiming It Wants a
Discount on Russian Crude Imports

No spare capacity globally to replace Russian oil
— OPEC Secretary General


German MP urges expulsion of Ukrainian amb

Recalling French War Crimes Amid Paris
Claims of Russian ‘Smear Campaign’

EU needs veto overhaul – Italian PM Draghi

Canada Hides Bill Outlawing Holocaust
Questioning that Criminalizes Free Speech
in Budget Bill

UK intensifies crackdown against
Russian media

German exports to Russia sink 63% – report

Denmark’s Maersk lost $700 Million
in 1Q after leaving Russia — agency

Tennis in turmoil - The battle lines in
Wimbledon’s Russia ban

English football manager accused of
‘racially segregating’ players

Russia blacklists Japanese PM


Kremlin monitoring sixth package of EU
anti-Russia sanctions being readied

Russia Again Warns Any NATO Vehicle Enterin
Ukraine With Weapons Will Be Destroyed

Any NATO Vehicle Coming to Ukraine
With Weapons Will Be Considered Legitimate
Target - Shoigu

Arms Deliveries to Ukraine Can Lead to Higher
Risk of NATO's Involvement in Conflict

Finland, Sweden to become space for confrontation
with Russia if they join NATO — Zakharova

Russia does not pursue nuclear confrontation
aims in Ukraine — chief delegate in Vienna

No agreements on meeting between Putin,
Pope Francis — Kremlin

Kremlin slams publications about plans to
announce mobilization on May 9 as nonsense

Russia jails fake USSR president

China Holds Secret Bank Meetings To Plan
For Protecting Assets From US Sanctions


Australia slaps sanctions on 110 citizens of Russia,
LPR, and DPR, Foreign Ministry says

India Releases Its 2020 Death Data in Advance,
Rejects 'Absurd Overestimation' of COVID Kills

India Stuns Market With Surprise Rate Hike
In Unscheduled Meeting Ahead Of Fed

China Opens World's Highest-Altitude Weather
Station on Everest, Reports Say

Sri Lankan Opposition Tables No-Confidence
Motions Against Gov't, President

CIA Giving Uke Forces Real-Time Intel
Tracking Of Russian Movements

Putin asks Macron to help stop
Ukrainian ‘war crimes’

Putin Tells Macron In 2 Hour Call
...'Moscow Still Open To Dialogue'

Putin briefs Macron on liberation of Mariupol,
evacuation of civilians from Azovstal plant

Putin signs decree on Russia’s new
tit-for-tat sanctions

Russia Slams Israeli Gov’t for Supporting
Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Amid Diplomatic
Flap Over Zelensky

Russian Forces Find Torture Chamber Near
Kherson, Legless Body in Russian Uniform
Rigged to Explode

Final Showdown For Azovstal - Firefights
Break Out As Azov Fighters Briefly Emerge
From Steel Plant

Russia’s air-launched missiles hit three
Ukrainian S-300 radars Tue - Def Ministry

Russia’s Aerospace Force hits 39 military
targets in Ukraine Tue - Defense Ministry


Russian MoD Releases Footage of Onyx
Missile Launch at Ukrainian Warehouses
With Foreign Arms

Western weapons depot destroyed
in Ukraine – Moscow

Probes launched into 75 foreign
‘mercenaries’ in Ukraine – Russia

Russia holding 2,000 Ukrainian servicemen
'who voluntarily laid down arms' including
five brigade commanders

Fighting Resumes At Azovstal Steel Plant
Ukraine, Azov Troops Refuse Evac Ceasefire

Russia Fires rockets at Azovstal plant

Pentagram And US Firms Deeply Involved
In Ukraine Military BioWeapons Labs Says
Russia’s Top Investigator

Russia Retaliates Against Unfriendly Nations

Bill Gates - ‘I caused pain’

White House Says DHS Disinformation
Board Will Be 'Nonpartisan' And ‘Apolitical'


White House Has Not Studied How Forgiving
Student Loans May Impact Inflation - Psaki

A Record Number Of Americans Just Quit
Their Job, As Job Openings Surpass
Unemployed Workers By A Record 5.6 Million

Trump Pays $750,000 to Settle Lawsuit
With Washington Attorney General

Biden Pledges to Work to 'Codify' Abortion
Rights Into Law Amid Roe vs Wade Leak

Biden Picks US Army Gen. Cavoli to Be
New Commander of NATO Forces in
Europe, Pentagon Says

Ukraine hasn't abandoned NATO plan

US Reportedly Monitoring ‘Russian
Surface Vessel’ Off Hawaii

Biden Picks US Army Gen. Cavoli to Be
New Commander of NATO Forces in
Europe, Pentagon Says

Ukraine's Army Is In Very Bad Shape -
More Fighting Will Only Destroy It

Ukraine (NATO, US) Seeks Russia’s Total
Defeat Says Top Ukes


Russell Bentley - The Incredible Lies And
Propaganda From Kiev - Photo Essay Update

Ukraine’s military admits the ‘Ghost of Kiev’
was a complete hoax

US Says Russia to annex separatist statelets
in Ukraine (DPR And LPR) - Totally Logical

Chief Justice Roberts confirms
draft of ruling to overturn Roe

Rowe vs Wade Overturned To Cover Up Covid
BioWeapon Sterilizations

Probe Ordered Into SCOTUS Roe v. Wade
Leak By Staffer

26 states where abortion will likely
become illegal if SCOTUS overturns
Roe vs Wade

Biden says White House preparing
action to support abortion rights

WW2 - Secrets Of The Regenwurmlager
Another Huge Top Secret German Subway
Connected Complex - What Went On There?

Gates Wants Global Surveillance Pact with WHO
to Forestall 'Even More Fatal' Covid Variants


Blaylock - The Covid Pandemic And The mRNA
Shots - What’s The Truth?

Hideous, Brutal, Inhuman Lockdown Of 26 Million
Chinese In Shanghai - Communism Is Satanism

Famine plans Moving Forward - US egg factory
roasts alive 5.3 Million chickens in 'avian flu’
cull Then Fires Nearly All Workers

Food Bank Demand Soars (Again) As
Inflation Crushes Working-Poor

Mysterious URA-3665 May Facilitate SARS-CoV-2
Spike Protein Attachment To Immune Receptors

Shocking Visible Proof How Masks WORK - Look!

Bird Flu - Is It The Next Pandemic? Patent
Application for 'New DNA' Vaccine

Scientists Attempting To Design ‘Self-Spreading’
Vaccines That Can Jump From Vaccinated To
Unvaccinated Populations

22 Yr Old Man Dead After First J&J BioWeapon
Injection - Stunning Before And After Photos

Shocking Visible Proof How Masks WORK - Look!


22 Yr Old Man Dead After First J&J BioWeapon
Injection - Stunning Before And After Photos

US Air Force Wants to Revive Navy’s
Aborted Railgun Shell Programme to
Shoot Down Cruise Missiles

Price Of Diesel Reaches ALL-TIME HIGH
Impacting The Supply Chain

Bulgarian industry prepares to protest
over gas costs

ExxonMobil declares Russia force majeure

African gas suppliers expected to replace
Russia – Bloomberg

BP Reports Massive Loss in Q1 After
Withdrawing Stake in Russia's Rosneft

US Gulf Coast Exports Record Amount
Of Fuel As East Coast Supplies Sink

Hungary Definitively Rejects Sanctions On
Russian Oil & Gas - We'll Get Supplies ‘Without

The 'Great Reset' & The Future of Money…
Here's What You Need To Know


EU Parliament Worried About ‘Severe’
Impact of Russia Sanctions on Aviation

Angola Ready to Bypass Sanctions to Preserve
Cooperation With Moscow - Russian Ambassador

German inflation hits four-decade high

World needs crypto regulation – ECB official

SEC Nearly Doubles Number Of Crypto-Cops
To Combat Fraudsters

WSJ - Grindr Sold Precise Location
Data of Its Users

Germans Ask Gov’t to Deport Ukraine’s
Ambassador After He Calls Scholz ‘Offended
Liverwurst Sausage’

Ever fewer Germans approve weapons
supplies to Ukraine — poll

UK PM Johnson Announces £300
Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Mali pulls out of defense accords with France


Obesity ‘epidemic’ is worsening in Europe - WHO

War and Animals - The Thousands of Animals
That Are Martyrs of the Donbass Conflict

Transnistria’s Interior Ministry confirms
attempted terror act involving drone

Hungary ‘unfairly’ attacked over Russia – FM

Pope Admits NATO Likely Provoked Putin’s
Invasion - 'Barking At The Gates Of Russia'

Russian Investigators Identify US Defense
Officials, Contractors Linked to Ukraine Biolabs

New US Strategy Seeks To Arm
Japan Against China

Taiwan seeks alternatives as US
weapons deliveries focus on Ukraine

China addresses food security concerns

As India Hit by Soaring Temperature &
Heat Wave, Experts Believe 'Worse is
Yet to Come'


Curfew Imposed, Internet Cut in India’s
Jodhpur After Communal Clashes Erupt
on Eid al-Fitr

Exposing yourself to a minor is not a
felony in OR, so suspect gets bail

Vladimir Putin to undergo cancer surgery,
transfer power Temporarily?

Nikolai Patrushev Could Be In Charge Should
Putin Be Sidelined

Russian state TV simulates terrifying nuclear
strike on Europe amid UK WW3 warning

Russian TV Warns Britain Can Be ‘Drowned
In Radioactive Tsunami’ By Single Nuclear
Sub Strike - 100% Correct

Russian FM Lavrov - West Has Just Stolen
Over $300 Billions From Moscow

Citadel's Griffin Warns 'West Faces Existential
Problems’ (That’s The PLAN)

Putin doesn’t respect American leadership
anymore – Trump (Meanwhile, Americans
Don’t Respect Trump Leadership Anymore)

US Has Sent 80% Of The Promised Howitzers
And Half The Ammo For Them Already

Atrocities and Sadism Among Ukrainian
Nazi Police Battalions

Names of Hungarian PM, Croatian President
Appear on Notorious Ukrainian Kill List Site


Kiev Still 'Hunting Down', Arresting Victims of
2014 Odessa Massacre And Relations - Witness

Besieged Azovstal Steel Plant ‘Worse
Than Hell' As UN Brokers 'Safe Passage
Operation' For 100 Civilians

Over 3 million refugees taken in by
Poland, UN data shows

House Republican Introduces Bill To Give
Demented Lunatic Biden Sweeping Authorities
To Wage War In Ukraine - Comrade Obama
In Running The Show

Zelensky’s Top Advisor Tells People To Be
‘Consciously…Ready' For Donbass Defeat

Russia Has A Moral Imperative To Neutralize
Zionist Ukraine’s Weapons Systems That Allows
US-NATO To Threaten Russia And Its People
With BioWeapon Death

UK to announce new Ukraine aid package

Russia's Progress In Donbass 'Minimal At Best’
As 5,000 Javelins Have Entered Ukraine - Pentagon

Klauss Schwab is a Rothschild on Mother's Side

Pelosi's 'Victory' Rhetoric During Surprise
Trip To Kiev Making Some Allies Nervous


US & Ukraine Contract With Private Sector
Spy Firms To Target Moscow's Forces

Popular Dem Says (Arch Communist) Obama
Is Running Biden In The WH And Is Leading
The Effort To Destroy The First Amendment

OBiden’s Approval Rating is Dropping
...Even in the Bluest of States

They Can Print Money But They
Can't Print Food - Snyder

The Ballad of Nina Jankowicz

BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over
centralized food production and will have
near-total control over the future food
supply in US

Putin Mouthpiece Threatens To Obliterate
The UK With Nuclear Drone

US military would be allowed to fight
if Russia uses nukes, other WMDs -
House resolution

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Rejoins Twitter
...Suspended Again Hours Later

NYT Times Unleashes Hell on Tucker Carlson


The New York Times Attacks Tucker
For Pushing 'Conspiracy Theories'

DHS disinfo unit headed by Jankowicz
said Hunter Biden laptop story was disinfo!

New Bill Would Eliminate Biden's 'Ministry Of Truth'

The Third World Streets Of Philadelphia - Watch

Panicked CNN Guest Wonders 'How We’re Going
To Control The Channels Of Communications
In This Country"

Italian President Cautions Against Negative
Attitude Toward Russian Culture

Germany warned about its role in Ukraine war

Finland wants stronger border fence
with Russia

Police Unions Protest in Paris After
Officer Charged Over Fatal Shooting
on Election Night

Food Shortages In Six Months – Globalists
Are Telling Us What Happens Next


VAIDS starting to be reported by NIH -
'Innate immune suppression by mRNA
BioWeapons - The role of G-quadruplexes,
exosomes and MicroRNAs'

Stunning video by Canadian doctors shows
how Pfizer committed massive fraud during
Covid ‘Vax' trials - Genocide For Countless
Billions In Blood Money Profits, Human Horror

Pfizer has been found guilty of Negligence,
Fraud and Bribery over the past two decades
Why should we trust them now?

The FDA Approved Remdesivir Based on a
Trial in Which 3 out of 53 Children Died

FDA Approves Remdesivir for 28 Day Old
Babies and Little Children to Treat 'COVID'

Fauci Ditches WH Event Over 'COVID Risk'
Then Gets Cozy With Maskless Don Lemon

Major Discovery - Children With Liver Damage
Were Breastfed By Vaxed Mothers

COVID Pandemic and the mRNA Vaccine
What Is the Truth? Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Acute Hepatitis of Unknown Origin in Children
Now Found in Denmark

Climate change may cause future pandemics
No, BioWeapons Labs Will Cause Them


Mayo-Trained Doctor Says Cancer Has
Increased 20X In COVID-19 Vaccinated Patients

Anthony Patch 2014 - Rabies, Zombies, Flu
Shots & Third Strand DNA

Mysterious URA-3665 May Facilitate SARS-CoV-2
Spike Protein Attachment To Immune Receptors

Colorado inmate tests positive for
bird flu...a first in the US

Bird Flu Puts Organic Chickens Into
Lockdown From Pennsylvania to France

An estimated 38 million Americans have
developed an autonomic nervous system
disorder following Covid infection Or Injection?

Euro Commission Suspects Apple of Abusing
Dominant Position in Mobile Wallet Market

Netflix dumps Meghan Markle’s project

Musk Tosses Tactical Nukes At ‘Ministry
Of Truth' And Trust-Fund Journo

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Rejoins Twitter
...Suspended Again Hours Later


NBC News admits to plagiarism

International Energy Agency demands
Worldwide Lockdowns to meet Climate Goals

May Day Mayhem - Stocks Dump ’n Pump,
Bonds Blowout, & Commodities Chaotic

'Americans Are Broke' - Peter Schiff Warns
Fed 'Double-Speak' Has Reached A New High

Saudi Prince Reveals Why Kingdom Felt
‘Let Down’ by Biden, Says US to Blame
for Oil Price Crunch

Discussion of Oil Embargo Against Russia
Still Ongoing, German Govt Says

Russia’s oil revenues expected to soar

Germany Threatens Immediate Embargo
On Russian Oil

Russia makes gas payments easier

Italy Says It's Open To Paying For
Russian Gas In Rubles...Then Denies It


EU’s energy ministers condemn suspension
of Russian gas supplies - minister

Paying For Gas Via Russia-Proposed Mechanism
is Violation of Sanctions, EU Official Says

US Department of Treasury authorizes deals with Gazprom Germania by September 30

Germany to be hit hard by embargo on
Russian gas imposed now

Greek Energy Minister Warns of ‘Huge
Energy Crisis' Threatening Europe

Biden Admin. Announces $3.16 Billion Deal to
Boost US Battery Manufacturing, Supply Chains

EU Should Focus on Renewables Due to Inability
to Replace Russian Gas, Commissioner Says

Japan Emerges As Biggest Driver Behind
Recent Surge In Treasury Yields

EU economy to slow through 2023

Central African Republic follows El Salvador
in making crypto legal tender


China’s Economy Appears to Be Stalling,
Threatening to Drag Down Global Growth

Chinese Media Reveals Next Region
NATO Plans to Destabilise

NATO's New Strategic Concept to Address
‘Pacing Challenge’ Posed by China - Pentagon

Taiwan Forced to Go Howitzer-Free as
US Military-Industrial Complex Pumps
Out Guns for Kiev

Taiwan says it’s drawing ‘lessons’
from Ukraine conflict

Russia’s oil revenues expected to soar

Russia's GAZPROM and the
Yamal-Europe Pipeline

Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal Blast Wimbledon
as Backlash Over Ban on Russian, Belarusian
Players Grows

Russia Suspended From UNESCO World
Press Freedom Day Conference

Renault to sell Russian assets for one ruble


Finland scraps nuclear plant deal with Russia

UEFA unveils new sanctions against Russia

Kim Warns Of 'Preemptive Nuclear Strike’
If North Korea Threatened

Japan Remains Divided on Amending
War-Renouncing Constitution, Poll Reveals

China’s Economy Appears to Be Stalling,
Threatening to Drag Down Global Growth

Australian Senate Hopeful Triggers Row
After Holding ‘F*ck Xi Jinping' Sign

'Wicked Bible' Encouraging Adultery
Discovered in New Zealand

India’s record heat wave threatens
wheat exports amid existing shortages
...World Famine Plans Expanding

No One Can Be Forced to Be Vaxed Says
India's Top Court As COVID Cases Surge

'I Will Not Permit Any Change in Status Quo’
New Indian Army Chief on Border Stand-off
With China


Tesla to Get Benefits If It Manufactures
Electric Vehicles in India

Lavrov - Hitler may have had some Jewish blood.
most ardent anti-Semites are Jews, Israel wants
An apology

Israel Summons Russia’s Ambassador, Demands
Apology Over Lavrov Remarks About Hitler, Zelensky

Iranian Petroleum Minister Reportedly Visits
Venezuela to Sign Energy Deals

Hamas Banner Featuring Eid al-Fitr Greeting
Raised on Temple Mount - Video

Israeli Pegasus malware found on phones
of Spanish PM and Defense Minister

DC School Asks Students to Inform on
Their 'Racist' Family Members - The
Destruction Of The US Continues...

Texas mom shoots, kills home invader
while her three kids sleep


Russia Is Now Openly Discussing NUKING
London, Berlin, and Paris

Locations in the US that you should avoid at
all costs if a nuclear war with Russia erupts

Cokehead Zelensky meets with
Alcoholic Speaker Pelosi in Kiev

Pelosi travels to Kyiv, promises Zelensky
more aid for war effort

Avostal Uke Marine Commander Begs Turkey
To Come And 'extract' Them All, Including The
Avoz Nazi Battalion

Russia TV Is Talking Very Frankly About
Nuclear War...While US Stands with Ukranus

Over 123,000 Sign Open Letter to Germany's
Scholz Warning of Third World War

US Sending New High Tech 'Phoenix Ghost'
Drone To Ukraine - Waits around For Target
Then Dives On It And Explodes

US Military Training Ukrainian Soldiers in
Germany, Pentagon Reveals

Russian Aircraft Eliminate Five Uke Ammo Depots
And Over 200 Nationalist Troops - Top Brass


Kiev Confrims Mariupol Evacuaton Of About
100 heading to Uke Controlled Areas

Russian aviation destroys S-300 systems,
ammunition and fuel warehouses in Uke

Depot with Western arms destroyed

Russian Onyx Missiles Destroy Warehouse
With US and European Weapons, Ammo
Near Odessa - MoD

Besieged Ukrainian commander appeals to Turkey

Fire breaks out at Russian military site
near Ukraine – governor

Escobar - Clash Of Christianities...
Why Europe Cannot Understand Russia

Transnistria ready for Talks with Moldova

Neutrality declared by Moldova is fiction
...Foreign Minister of Transnistria

Ritter - Ukraine is winning the battle on Twitter
but in the real world Kiev is losing the fight for
the Donbass - Expert, REAL Analysis


Snyder - A Series Of 'Mega Disasters' Could Make
This A Catastrophic Year For US Food Production

DHS Head Can't Name One Case That He Referred
to DOJ For 'White Supremacy' or 'Domestic Terrorism'
Because 'White Supremacy' Is A Deep State Fraud

US weapons supply to Ukraine prepped in Jan
...Before Russia Was Forced To Move To Save The
Donbass From Massive Uke Invasion & Slaughter

Sanctions on Russian oligarchs? One who is
excluded Is tied to Hunter Biden - Crime, Inc

ANOTHER Food Plant Catches Fire In VA
Amid Wave of Destroyed Food Facilities

Biden reaches new low at embarrassing
White House Correspondents Dinner

Turkey, US Negotiating New Gen F-16 Fighter
Jets Sale to Ankara, Reports Say

Turkey promises to back NATO in case
of 'slightest attack'

The People Behind DHS Orwellian
'Disinformation Governance Board'

Disinformation Board Won't Infringe on
Free Speech, Monitor Americans


Gabbard - Obama Behind 'Ministry of Truth'
...Biden Just a 'Front Man'

Schwab's Daughter Wants Governments
to use COVID Policies for Climate Change
Climate lockdowns are coming

'Shocks are Coming' - Nicole Schwab
Wastes Everyone's Time Discussing
The Great Reset

GOP Congresswoman nails motive behind
transgender push by satanic elite

Communist TIME Columnist Denounces Free
Speech As A White Man's 'Obsession'

Lake Powell water officials face an impossible
choice amid the West's megadrought

Communist IL school district teaching gender
and sexuality starting with PRESCHOOL kids

Diesel For Dinner

Energy Healers And Reflexologists See 'Death'
Signatures In Their Vaxed Patients - NO Energy
Fields, No Auras Left

Spike illnesses emerging - cardiac, neuro,
immuno, hematologic, Cancer, CJD, MANY More


Health woes (the BioWeapon shot) force
Celine Dion to postpone Europe tour

Walgreens, CVS, join list of companies cutting
back sick leave benefits for unvaccinated
workers who test positive for COVID

Doctor Describes Terrible Adverse Reactions to
COVID BioWeapon Injections He Has Encountered

Energy Healers And Reflexologists See 'Death'
Signatures In Their Vaxed Patients - NO Energy
Fields, No Auras Left

Preparation of a Chimeric Armored RNA as
a Versatile Calibrator for Multiple Virus Assays

Medical journals now CENSORING all science
that documents vaccine adverse reactions

Study finds Triple Vaxed are suffering
ADE and/or AIDS in Canada

Musk Wants You To Pay For Tweets
You Use On Other Platforms

Musk Twitter Takeover - 'EU Does
Not Want Free Speech'

All life 'ingredients' found on space rocks


Ingenuity helicopter takes photos of
debris field on Mars

Fireball 10 times brighter than the moon
streaks over MS triggering a massive boom

Astronomer's Mind-Blowing Animation Shows
The True Scale of Our Solar System - Wow

Supply Line 'Crisis' - Observations From
The Seattle Waterfront And Dockyards

Explosive! Dutch Bank Links Customers
Expenditure with CO2 Emissions

No signs of slowing down - Diesel price
jumps 42.8% from beginning of the year,
way ahead of gasoline's 25% increase

Is The US Going To Transition From
Stagflation Directly Into A Full-Blown
Economic Depression?

Investor Who Called Housing Top
and Bottom Says It's Time to Sell

Gazprom reveals increase in gas supplies
to China

10 EU countries quietly buying gas with rubles


Russia Simplifies Tax Registration for Foreign Firms
to Facilitate Ruble Payments for Gas

EU Can't Fill Winter Gas Reserves, Simultaneously
Operate Industry w/o Russian Supplies - Report

Biden Price Hike - Most Americans Blame
US President For Higher Gas Prices

The Diesel Market Is Soaring And Gasoline
Prices Will Catch Up This Summer

Germans Suffer 'Inflationary Shock' as Prices
for Some Foods Surge by Double Digits - Report

'The US Destroyed Trust' - Jim Rickards
...'The World Is Turning To Gold'

Sanctions - The Straw Breaking The
Dollar's Back- Goldman Sachs

Warren Buffet calls Wall St A 'gambling parlor'

Petrodollar Status Threatened As First
Shipment Of Russian Coal Paid In Yuan
On Its Way To China

German Chancellor Opposes Unilateral
Actions on Arms Supplies to Kiev


Moldova Bans Sputnik Correspondent
From Entering Country

Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Crowds
at Paris Demonstration - Video

France Announces Digital ID Plan Days
After Macron's Re-Election

Why is Canada euthanizing the poor?

May Day Protests Take Place Across Greece

'We Must Prove That They Have No Power'
Thousands Rally Against PM Pashinyan in
Armenia's Capital

May Day March Takes Place in Berlin

Paris May Day protest marred by masked
'black bloc' anarchists violence - Video

Time Columnist Denounces Free Speech
As A White Man's 'Obsession'

EU has big plans to normalize Digital IDs


Nadal slams Wimbledon ban on Russians

Putin signs law on data sharing with
'unfriendly' states

Russia tightens cybersecurity rules

China summons banks over sanctions fears

Chinese Regulators, Banks Reportedly Brainstorm
Ways to Save Assets Threatened by US

US Reportedly 'Crisis-Planning' With UK Over
Alleged 'China Threat' to Taiwan

Japan mulls classifying its key defense
document – media

Trump Blasts Netanyahu For Disloyalty
...'F*ck Him' Said The Donald

Israel's Role In Weakening The Dollar

Cardiovascular emergencies in Israel
increased by 25% after COVID-19
BioWeapon rollout


US Base in Iraq Reportedly Targeted
With Rocket Artillery

Empire of Lies Eager to Receive Mr. Sarmat’s
Business Card

Ukrainian troops created navigation
threat in Black Sea - Lavrov

25 civilians leave Mariupol’s Azovstal plant

Ukrainian warplane shells Russia – governor

US ignores Moscow’s inquiries about
US military biological activity - diplomat

Russia to invite Nuland to commission
probing US bioweapons lab activity in Ukraine

NATO doing everything to prevent political
agreements between Russia and Ukraine - Lavrov

Russian troops do everything to avoid
casualties among civilians in Ukraine - Lavrov

Russian operation in Ukraine contributes to
freeing world from Western oppression - Lavrov

NATO views East Europe as possible theater
of military action - Belarus’ Defense Ministry


Roscosmos Chief Takes Dig at German
Chancellor for Avoiding Russian Airspace
on Trip From Japan

Over $300 Billon paid For Russian gas
stolen by US, West from Russia - Lavrov

US Is training Ukrainian troops – Pentagon
Translation - US Is At Direct War With Russia

NATO Believes Attempts to Destabilize
Moldova Likely to Continue

1991 - US Tried To Keep Ukraine In USSR

White House Says It Would 'Strongly Support’
Finland & Sweden NATO Membership

'A Down Payment on World War III’ - Peace
Advocates Blast Biden's Ask for More Ukraine Aid

Number Of Illegal Immigrants Living In US Rose
By 1 Million In Biden's First Year: Report

Why AG Garland's Reluctance to Tap Special
Counsel in Hunter Biden Case Backfires on Joe

Hillary for America Trying to Throw Wrench
in Durham's Gears


DeSantis Vows to Pass 'Constitutional Gun
Carry' Bill Until End of His Term

Oh God, It’s Going To Get SO Much Worse
- Caitlin Johnstone

New US ‘Disinformation Governance Board’
director Jankowicz linked to Ukraine

'Biden's Dominatrix of Disinformation,
Jankowicz, Is Freaking Me Out'

Jankowicz Sang About Sex Fantasy
With Dead Child Harry Potter

Embarrassing - Jill Biden's Biography Sells Just
250 Copies In First Week...The Liberal Media’s
Excuse Is Pathetic

FDA Approves Remdesivir for Babies and
Young Children to Treat 'COVID-19'

Climate change may cause future pandemics
No, BioWeapons Labs Will Cause Them

Mayo-Trained Doctor Says Cancer Has
Increased 20X In COVID-19 Vaccinated Patients

Colorado inmate tests positive for bird flu
...a first in the US


An estimated 38 million Americans have developed
an autonomic nervous system disorder following
Covid-19 infection…Or Injection?

Most US Twitter Users Aren't as Staunch Free
Speech Champions as Elon Musk Imagined - Poll

Elon Musk Shuts Down AOC 'Hitting on Him’ as
She Apparently Takes Dig at Twitter Purchase

Russia sets space station exit timetable

X-Class Solar Flare – Watts Up With That?

Best drone footage of last night’s KS Tornado

Experts Warn About Social Unrest Amid
Rising Food Prices Due to Conflict in Ukraine

Food Processing Plant Fires - Conspiracy
Or Coincidence?

World on brink of commodities shock

Germany Refuses to Pay for Russian
Gas in Rubles


The Schrödinger Euros

Railroad Cars With Russian Gas Risk
Exploding in Poland Due to Sanctions

France shuts down 50% of nuclear reactors
amid energy crunch

Chinese Manufacturing Index Falls to
47.4% in April

Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Police
On Money Laundering Concerns

Australia accused of double
standards by Solomon Islands

Over 50,000 Sign Petition Urging Scholz
to Stop Heavy Weapons Supplies to Kiev

France promises more weapons for Ukraine

New Freedom Convoy-style rally in Canada

Berlin Sues Italy Over Compensations
for Nazi War Crimes, ICJ Says


Yellow Vests Rally for New Round of
Protests in Paris

Liz Truss's militant rhetoric is another sign
that post Brexit Britain dangerously delusional

Both Zelensky & Putin Invited To Attend G-20
Summit In Indonesia In November

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore

NATO Jets Intercept Russian Fighters Multiple
Times In Baltic & Black Sea Regions

Russian pilot describes his US jail hell

NK Observers Say Kim Readying First
Nuclear Test Since 2017

N Korea issues fresh nuclear warning

Observers Say Kim Readying First Nuclear
Test Since 2017

Brazil violated ex-president Lula’s rights – UN


Bolsonaro Jeers Following DiCaprio's Call
on Young People to Vote in Brazilian Election

Turkey Refuses to Participate in NATO Drills
Over Disagreements With Greece, Reports Say

Erdogan Calls Jailed Businessman 'Turkey's Soros'

New Clashes Reportedly Break Out at Al Aqsa
Mosque as Hamas Supporters Urge ‘Bomb Tel Aviv’

Syria grants amnesty for ‘terrorist crimes’

'The Lord Of The Rings' And Russia's
War On The Orks Of Ukraine

Le Pen Robbed Of Victory - French Election FRAUD
Puts US 2020 To Shame — Millions Of Uncounted
Le Pen Ballots Found - Video

Rejections of US ‘Truth Ministry’ Reach Top
of Twitter As Musk Calls Proposed DHS
Panel ‘Messed Up’

No, This Is Not a Parody - Watch Unearthed TikTok
Video of Biden’s New Head of Disinfo Bureau

Biden’s Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz -
Says Online Mockery of Kamala Harris a Threat
to Democracy and National Security

DHS Disinfo Board ‘Attack on 1st Amendment,’
Says Journalist Targeted By Would-Be
Censorship Czar

The Ministry of Truth Just Killed
the First Amendment

Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Says,
'We Are Using the Ukrainians as Our Proxy Forces'

Ukraine champions 'full interoperability’
with NATO weapons systems in 'historic’
partnership - This Is Close To Actually
Joining NATO...

Turkish Media - 50 French Military Officers
Trapped at Ukraine's Azovstal Steel Plant’ -
They May have FIRED The Missiles that sunk
Russia Flagship Moskva


Lockheed Martin to Expand Javelin Production
Due to Urgency of Situation in Ukraine - CEO

Israeli Veteran and ‘Volunteer' Troops are
in Ukraine Fighting Against Russia

Poland has secret plan for Ukraine
Moscow claims - Will Send Troops To
Occupy Western Ukraine

OSCE monitoring mission leaving Donbass

CNN Admits ‘New World Order’ Profiting
From Ukraine War - 'War Is Good Business'

GOP Rep Says White House Hiding
Ukraine's Control of US Spending

Criminal White House Embraces Piracy - Unveils
Plan to Sell Seized Russian Assets And Give
Proceeds to Ukraine - International Crime!

Incoming Carbon Taxes and Worldwide
Climate Lockdowns

Food Shortages In Six Months – The Globalists
Are Telling Us What Happens Next

Spring Wheat Used In Pizza Crust Nears
14 Yr High As Floods Devastate Northern Plains


FBI spying on Americans nearly triples

Tucker - This Is the point where
we have to draw the line

It Was All Planned Years Ago - Take A Look…
Food Chain Reaction crisis simulation ends
with global carbon tax, 11-12-15

US assassinates leaders, bombs civilians And
infrastructure, steals resources from countries,
And now complains about Russia in Ukraine

Covid ‘vaccines' can take a year (or more)
to kill off their victims

US GDP 'Unexpectedly' Turns Negative As
Endless Sanctions Wreak Havoc On Global
Economy - All Part Of The PLAN

Sen. John Kennedy to Hannity - 'Hate Speech’
Must Be Banned From Twitter - Big Problem...
What Is ‘Hate Speech’ And Who Defines It?

FDA Approves DEADLY Remdesivir for
Babies and Young Children to ‘Treat' Covid

Covid BioWeapon Injections can take
a year (or more) to kill off their victims

Pfizer CEO wants Americans to be forced
to take an annual COVID-19 vaccine for
greater ‘compliance’


TN - Ivermectin now avail over the counter

Bill Gates Funds New Vaccine To Vaccinate
Against Vaccine-Derived Polio

Rand Paul - Fauci 'Is A Man That Is Against
Everything America Stands For'

Student kills himself after relentless
bullying for being ‘unvaccinated’

Dr. Paul Alexander - these mRNAs are not
effective And Are not safe - These vaccines
WILL, not may, WILL kill our children

Patient Betrayal

Utah nurses try to hide case of fully vaxed
patient coughing up massive fibrous clot
from one of his lungs

The compromised doctors

Microplastics found deep in lungs
of living people for first time

Hand MICROCHIP includes Antenna used
for tracking payments, people & possibly
nanoparticles from COVID-19 BioWeapons


Hundreds Of CDC Employees Still Haven’t
Received COVID-19 BioWeapon

Vaccine Rollout Correlates With 25% Spike
in Cardiac Arrest Emergency Calls for
Young Adults, Study Finds

Another 34 hepatitis cases confirmed in the UK
amid fears health chiefs won't know cause for months

None of the nine young children in Alabama
who had hepatitis tested positive for Covid

UK £2.2 billion Covid ‘wonder pills’ going
to waste, with just 0.6% of stock used

Hospitals Ignoring Price Transparency Rule
Rack Up Billion-Dollar Profit

Bezos Loses Huge Chunk of His Fortune
as Amazon Takes a Turn for the Worse

Musk's Mention Highlights Twitter
Counsel Baker's Russiagate Past At FBI

Elon Musk - 'Democratic Party Has Been
Hijacked By Extremists'

China And Russia’s 'Space War’...
Where Is The US?


Watch - Falcon 9 Booster Successfully
Carries 53 Starlink Mini-Satellites Into Orbit

Angara Rocket With Russian Military Satellite
Launched From Plesetsk - MoD

US economy on brink of 'major recession’
Deutsche Bank warns