Headlines 2022

Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Vienna
Against COVID Restrictions

Teachers Across France Stage Mass Walkout
Over Ever-Changing Govt COVID Rules

DNA test to be added to Polish Covid screening

Protests Against COVID Restrictions Hit
Hamburg Despite Ban

Tory Rank-and-File Join MPs Calling for
Johnson to Quit Over 'Partygate' Affair

#PartyGate: No 10's 'Wine-Time Fridays'
Prompt Meme flood Online

BoJo's plan to dodge resignation Found by media

Demonstrators Hit London's Streets to Protest
Against Nationality and Borders Bill

US Has Prepared 18 Response Scenarios in Case of
'Russian Invasion' of Ukraine - Victoria Nuland

US to train 'Ukrainian insurgents' in EU – NYT


Why Is Ukraine So Important For Putin?

US citizen detained in Moscow over child
sexual abuse accusation – reports

US seeking ways to profit should Russia-Ukraine
conflict break out – reports

CSTO Chief Accuses 'Well-Organized' Terror
Groups of Kazakhstan Unrest

Russia is right - The West promised not to enlarge
NATO and those promises were broken

Putin 'would eat Zelensky for breakfast' in talks
– former Ukrainian PM

China piling up unprecedented quantities
of food, inflating prices and dropping The
world into famine

Mysterious Ghost Ship Discovered in
Gulf of Thailand

60 years on, lives are still being ruined by
the US Agent Orange campaign in Vietnam

Fully-Vaxed Australians In Hospital For
COVID-19 Surpass The Unvaxed


Argentina - Town goes lights out amid
massive bug infestation

Argentine reporter suddenly collapses during
live broadcast from Covid testing site

Iran Promotes Video Depicting Assassination
Of Trump At Mar-a-Lago

Scientists Discover 'Bioengineered' Hybrid
Animals in Syria

Giant Undersea Volcanic Explosion
In Tonga - Pacific Wide Tsunami Alert

Tongans flee for their lives as tsunami
smashes island nation after underwater
volcano's Mighty Eruption - Vid

Major 6.6 quake hits off Java, rattles capitol
city Jakarta - 2 injured and 900 buildings
damaged in videos and pictures

Tsunami waves crash in Tonga after Huge
Underwater Volcanic Eruption - Biggest
Ever Captured On Satellite

BLM rioter sentenced to federal prison
for burning down Minneapolis shop after
fire killed man

Bizarre study claims masks make
you more attractive - Sure Thing!


US Says Russia Plotting 'False Flag Operation'
as Pretext for Invading Ukraine

US envoy in Europe says 'drumbeat of war
is sounding loud'

Roberts - Insanity Rules in Washington
More disastrous Russian policy

MSNBC's Black News ReaderJoy Reid Again Calls
For Denying Medical Care To The Unvaxed

Dr. Robert Malone Claims His Second Vax Shot
Almost killed him - 'I Almost Died'

Ron Paul - 'We Need A Revolution'

Video of GOP Senator Rand Paul Saying
'Misinformation Works' Resurfaces

Jessica Malaty Rivera says on CNN that
Malone is spreading misinformation

'Moron' moment boomerangs on Fauci as
GOP senator introduces bill targeting top
doc's finances

Mike Flynn Calls Nancy Pelosi a
'Modern Day Pontius Pilate'


US Arrests Leader of Oath Keepers Group
in January 6 Investigation - Justice Dept.

11 Oath Keepers Charged With Seditious
Conspiracy To Prevent Transfer Of Power
On Jan. 6 - This Is Beyond Outrageous

Tulsi Gabbard rips Creeper Biden for
'divisive' voting rights speech

Supreme Court BETRAYES America and
authorizes outrageous vaccine mandate
for health care workers

Epstein Brought EIGHT Young Girls
With Him To See Bill Clinton At The
White House

Texas border crackdown ruled unconstitutional

Eight Young Women Reportedly Accompanied
Epstein on His Visits to Bill Clinton's WH

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) Demands DoD
Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Ove
Covid-19 Origins

Republican Senator Roger Marshall to Bring
Fauci Act to Senate Floor After Spat With
US Top Doctor

Justice Swift denies application to ONS
for release of child deaths caused by vaccines


Route 91 - Uncovering the Coverup of
The Vegas Mass Shooting - Video

Shimatsu - China's Fusion Super-Reactor
Green Energy Or Lethal Weapon?

Allgire - Helmut Stroker...Have You No Faith?

Barbour - Living proof The Powers That Be Are Evil!

CV19 Conspiracy Facts, Mandate Sunk,
Inflation Raging, War with Russia

Gates Predicts Yearly Shots - 1 For Each Variant?

Jan 6 Panel Subpoenas Records From Alphabet,
Meta, Twitter & Reddit After 'Inadequate Responses'

Nuclear Technician Reports UFO Activity
Over Whiteman Air Force Base

Alien Abduction Reported in 1897

French Ufologists Send Public
Letter To President Emmanuel Macron


UFOs, Mysterious Drone Swarms,
the Navy and the Channel Islands

US, China step up race for rare-earth dominance

Worst stock drop yet for Europe's electricity giant

US proved oil reserves diminished by fifth

Yachts To Be Exempt From EU's Carbon
Pricing Plan

France's EDF Crashes Most On Record After
Macron Demands Price Caps

BlackRock's Assets Top $10 Trillion On
Biggest Quarterly Inflow Since 2015

One Bank Predicts $3 Trillion In Quantitative
Tightening Coming

US Senate votes against Nord Stream 2

US Says Oil From Strategic Reserve Sale
Could Hit Market as Early as January


Gazprom in contact with European Commission
on gas supplies to Europe — company

Gas filling of European storages drops below 50%

Have the UKHSA accidentally released
data that they've been trying to suppress?

Finnish Epidemiologist - The IFR of the
Omicron Variant is 0.04%, About Half
That of Seasonal Flu

Negotiations on missile limits should not take
place in public, says Stoltenberg

Baltics in new NATO demand

Massive Hack Of Ukrainian Government Sites
Believed Part Of Russian 'Sabotage Operations'

NATO Chief Slams Cyberattacks on Ukraine
Govt, Pledges 'Strong Support' to Kiev

Russia busts REvil hacker ring after tip off from US

Two NATO Carrier Groups To Sail North
For Large-Scale Arctic Exercises Near Russia


Pentagon Says Does Not See Need for Hotline
With Russia for Deconfliction on Ukraine

US will act 'decisively' if Russia deploys military
to Cuba or Venezuela – White House

America's Attila The Hun Moment

Former JFK Aide - What The West Gets
Wrong About Putin

Russian diplomat says NATO is 'deceitful'
about Russian security demands

Russia says long-range Tu-22MZ bombers
in Syria can reach targets across all The Med

Russia responds to US demands on
military exercises

How Russia is dividing Germany

Russia advises US on how to predict
invasion of Ukraine

WATCH - First Russian peacekeepers
return from Kazakhstan


Peacekeepers from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan
and Tajikistan left Kazakhstan

Pentagon thought N Korean missile
was headed for US – media

N Korea Warns US After New Sanctions
Follow Ballistic Missile Launches

Global Economy Heading For Mother
Of All Supply Chain Shocks As China
Locks Down Ports

As China Declares Type 055 Cruiser Lhasa
Battle-Worthy, Two More Reportedly Begun in Dalian

Shimatsu - China's Fusion Super-Reactor
Green Energy Or Lethal Weapon?

Pakistan Accuses India of Staging Covert Military
Operation to Hide Violence in Kashmir

Construction Projects & Billions in Investments
Israel is Making Over Golan Heights

Ex-Syrian colonel found guilty of
crimes against humanity

Your Favorite Celebrity Might Just Be
Turned Into Your Favorite Sausage


Have a celebrity for dinner, literally

Anger After Illinois School Allows to
Distribute Flyers of Satan Club in Its Lobby

Well, Isn't This Fascinating?
Yellow Journalism At Its Best

Former Chief of Staff to Florida State
Senator Killed in Road Rage Incident

Join the Army or go to jail, Kentucky judge
tells guard convicted of sexual assault

Shocking Video Captures Robbers Dressed As
Amazon Workers Force Their Way Into CT Home

I Am Science (song parody)

Quietly and over some objections, a national
digital vaccine card has emerged

Dr. Oz Challenges 'Petty Tyrant'
Fauci to Debate on COVID-19

Military Documents About Gain of Function
Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky
Lie Under Oath Regarding VAERS Vax Deaths

Biden admin flip-flops And Will Track Covid
jab refusers

Toxic Lipid Nanoparticles For mRNA Delivery

Rand Paul Labels Fauci 'Juvenile Political
Creature' For Playing The Victim

Progressive Dems Push Legislation To Get
Every American Wearing An N95 Mask

CDC to set new mask rules - What you need to know

FT Says Anti-Vax Sentiment In The West Is Being
Fueled By Russia, China PsyOps (Har)


Supreme Court Strikes Down OSHA Mandate
Says Vaccine Mandates for Healthcare Workers
12 Million Professional Health Worker Can
Proceed - Meaning Health Care Will collapse

US Supreme Court rules on Biden's
Vax (BioWeapon) mandate - RT View

Fighter pilot injured By COVID shot says
service members are 'silenced' by military

Walensky blames 'co-morbidities' for
widespread death among fully vaxed
What BS…They HaveNo Immune function
left! They have AIDS from The Kill Shots!

WA State Is NOT Changing Its Detention
and Quarantine Rules

WA Board of Health says it will NOT enact
mandatory covid-19 quarantines during
Wednesday meeting

Biden Approval Rating Falls to Record Low 33%

People Are Still Being SEALED Inside
Their Own Homes in China

Icke - China Takes Over The World
For The Cult...

Airline CEO reveals number of employees
with Covid amid travel chaos


GOP to bar its candidates from
presidential debates

Man who shot Robert F. Kennedy denied
parole - Sirhan Will Never Get Out

11 Oath Keepers including leader charged
with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 riot

DHS cannot account for nearly 50,000
Invaders released By Biden into the US

Ammo supplier blamed in 'Rust'
shooting incident

Elderly couple dies within seconds of each
other after holding hands

18 Yr Old Coerced into Taking Sputnik V
...Now She is Dead

Biden calls for tighter censorship of
Covid-19 content

'Get the Russian Covid vaccine'
Joe Rogan told

Biden Deploys US Military Medical Teams
to Six States With Overwhelmed Hospitals


N95 Mask Prices Skyrocket As CDC Mulls
New Recommendation For Omicron

CA fires unvaxed healthcare workers, then tells
vaxed workers they can continue working while
infected! Is this Even about health?

MI Professor tells 'vectors of
disease' students to not come to class

Capitalism And Common Sense Will
End Vaccine Mandates In 2022

Scientists Develop Tool for 'Printing'
Cheap Quantum Computers' 'Processors'
Using Atoms

Tesla Owners Have 'Buyers Remorse'
As Cold Weather Knocks Out Heat

Helicopter Operations May Be Affected
By Nationwide 5G Rollout

270 Angry Scientists Cite MSM 'Fact Checks'
In Open Letter Urging Spotify To Censor Joe Rogan

Why Climate Disasters Have Declined

Visa announces plans on e-money


UK explains why e-pound launch is
risky matter

US Inflation Rate Hits Highest Level In
Nearly 40 Years

I fear the havoc inflation will inflict
on America in the next year

US aviation authority raises 5G risks
days ahead of launch

US Expects to See More Cyber Attacks
Against Crypto Currency Transactions
...Secret Service

Gazprom in contact with European Commission
on gas supplies to Europe — company

Situation with Nord Stream 2 reveals
Germany's lack of economic freedom

'Putin's banker' loses $14 billion claim
against Russia

Russia records worst harvest in years
amid global food crisis

Two More Downing Street Parties
Come to Light


UK stores cut sick pay for unvaxed
isolating staff

Daily Covid Cases Fall by Nearly 40% in Week
Eighth Day in a Row Cases Have Fallen

Unvaxed father stripped of visiting rights
by Canadian judge

French Court strikes down outdoor
mask mandate

Queen Elizabeth II strips son Prince Andrew
of all military titles amid sex abuse scandal

Mali star Ousmane Coulibaly, 32, in stable condition
after heart attack on field as players pay tribute to
hero medics

Medical emergency in the crowd at Tottenham vs
Chelsea game causes lengthy delay

Biden admin Reverses On Tracking
Covid Refusers

Mysterious illness in 'hundreds' of dogs raises
alarm in UK

President denies Germany turned into
Covid dictatorship


MI5 warns of foreign agent 'active in
UK Parliament'

Four More US Diplomats Reportedly Hit
by 'Havana Syndrome' in Europe

Serbia to File 2 More Lawsuits Against
NATO Over Uranium Bombing

Anti-Cattle Tag Petition With 1.2 MILLION
Signatories Delivered to French Assembly

French Teachers strike over govts
'impossible' Covid strategy

France relaxes Covid travel rules for
British tourists

Global record broken in daily Covid case tally

Downing Street's controversial 'Nudge Unit'
accused of exploiting scare tactics during
Covid crisis

Germany Does Not Rule Out Shutting Down
Telegram If It Continues to Be Popular With

Top 'Remaniacs' Show True EU-Blue Colours
Over BoJo 'Partygate' Furore


BoJo Apology Over #PartyGate
Triggers Wave of Memes

UK Surgeon caught branding transplant
organ banned from practice

Harris sends Americans struggling
to get Covid test to Google

Was the Russian flu a 'coronavirus'? What
the 1890s pandemic tells us about how
Covid might end

Russia not intimidated by threat of 'crippling'
sanctions – ambassador

Russia Remains Open About Military
Deployment to Cuba and Venezuela,
Deputy FM Says

Russia could break off relations if US
sanctions Putin – Kremlin

Russia may assign Navy to take certain
measures if provoked by US — MFA

Moscow to react if US and NATO reject
Russia's proposals — Lavrov

Russia's Roscosmos and NASA in talks
on extending operation of ISS until 2030


Putin briefed on military options in
Ukraine – Moscow

CSTO peacekeepers accomplished mission in
Kazakhstan, time to return home - Putin

NATO set to negotiate with Russia only
informally on not taking Ukraine into bloc

EU speaks out after US-Russia security talks

99% of People in France Contaminated
With Glyphosate, Study Finds

Global Economy Heading For 'Mother Of All'
Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports

Global Economy Heading For 'Mother Of All'
Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports

MP responds to Chinese 'agent' funding

Australian Startup to Build World's First
Hypersonic 'Spaceplane' Using 3D Printers

Double Vaxed Brazillian Model Dies After
Developing Blood Clots - Endless Murders


Iran Releases Animated Video Showing
Drone Strike on Trump's Residence

Watch Air Defenses Gun Down Inbound
Rockets Over US Baghdad Embassy

Iran's IRGC Ground Force holds largest
ever combined military drill in southeast

Iran launches its first satellite carrier
operating on solid fuel

Ahead Of Iran Deal Decision, White House
To Focus On Blaming Trump

Predominantly female Iranian spy
ring busted in Israel

Israel Faces High Fertility Issues as Already
Dense Population Projected to Double by 2050

Israeli commandos shot dead in
'mistaken identification'

Lebanon transportation, labor unions
go on strike to protest economic crisis

Police in Sudanese Capital Use Tear Gas
on Protesters


Supreme Court blocks Biden OSHA Kill Shot
mandate - allows rule for health care workers

Nose Swabs Contaminated With Radiation

Deltacron Is A Lab Contamination Not A New
Variant Claims UK Virologist

Watch - Fauci Accuses Rand Paul Of Using
COVID For Political Gain And 'Kindling Crazies'

Fauci - Rand Paul is 'driving violent
threats against me' - Now He's A Victim

Biden Admin Making Lists of Religious
BioWeapon Injection Objectors

UK Govt Says Vaxed Dying At A Rate 286%
higher than The unvaxed

Virus Hunter Peter Daszak Wanted to Keep
COVID Sequencing Data Hidden From Public

Steep rise in US police deaths linked to Covid

Gates Believes After Omicron, Covid Can Be
'Treated Like Seasonal Flu'

Gates linked Researchers warn of
possible superbug onslaught


Is A Pig Ebola Outbreak Imminent In Europe?

Illegitimates, Illegal 'President' Biden labels Jan 6
Protest 'Riot' An 'attempted coup'

Black Cop Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Was Never
even Interviewed by Cops Before Being Cleared
of any Wrongdoing - Murder Is Essentially Legal

Biden Rehires Obama's 'Gain Of Function'
Risk Analyst

Internet in Stitches as Joe Biden Again
Calls VP 'President Harris'

Trump Appears to Call Ron DeSantis 'Gutless'
For Refusing to Declare 'Booster' Status

Trump cuts interview short, hangs up on journey

Glenn Beck tells Tucker about 'The Great Reset'

Partisan Fight Intensifies as Voting Rights
Bill in Hot Water in US Senate Yet Again

Smash-and-grab squads - How US looting rings
organize online as police are defunded


San Francisco High-Rise Keeps
Sinking & Tilting Amid Efforts to Fix It

Lunatic Biden looking at 30 million acres of
ocean for wind farm

The Cost of Net Zero Electrification of the US

Ivermectin 'Works Throughout All Phases' Of
COVID According To Leaked Military Documents

20 Facts your Doctor 'forgot' to tell
you about Vaccines

Germany threatens to block Telegram

Ransomware attack cripples Albuquerque jail

Hacker Claims To Have Taken Control Of
25 Tesla Cars Worldwide

US Chamber of Commerce called for
doubling Invaders to tackle inflation

The Clarida-Kaplan-Rosengren Affair
...RIP Central Bank Independence


US Consumer Prices Soar At Fastest In 39 Yrs
...Real Wages Tumble For 9th Straight Month

Bitcoin role in 'digital asset revolution' predicted

Crypto promotion lands Hollywood celebs in court

Green Revolution Sends Nickel Prices
To Seven-Year High

Musk hits out at California over 'bizarre
anti-environment move'

Quebec plans to hit unvaxed with a
'significant' tax

Europe's FDA Warns Against Vaccine Boosters,
Expresses Concerns Over Immune Response

Is A Pig Ebola Outbreak Imminent In Europe?

The Children's Revolt - 1233 out 1300 Pupils
in One British Secondary School Are Refusing
to Face Diaper

BoJo Apologizes For Attending 'Partygate' Garden
Party But Refuses To Quit As Public Pressure Builds


High Court - UK Gov't Use of 'VIP Lane' to
Award PPE Contracts is Unlawful

Prince Andrew Loses Bid To Dismiss
Pedo Lawsuit

UK 'Closest Of Any Country' To Exiting Covid
Pandemic Says Chatham House Expert

Victory Over Covid? EU's Top Medical Body
Says Omicron Pushing Pandemic Toward Endemic

Swedish Security Police Warns of Space Wars
With China, Russia

Bulgarian Covid pass protesters attempt
to breach parliament - Video

German Police probed over 'misuse'
of Covid app

Bundestag MP slams requirements to abandon
Nord Stream 2 As irrational

Arctic undersea cable mysteriously fails

UK Govt Suspends Rollout of 'Smart Motorway'
Schemes Amid Safety Concerns


Even flat-earthers should get airtime, BBC says

Elvis Costello retires legendary track because
of 'N-word'

Prince Andrew Loses Bid To Dismiss Pedo Lawsuit

France to prohibit incest

NATO Collectively Preparing for Every
Eventuality With Russia if Diplomacy Fails

NATO - We Won't Give Up 'Right' To Station
Troops In States Ringing Russia

NYT - Putin's Next Move Is a Mystery.
...Just the Way He Likes It.

Russia-NATO talks weren't positive – Moscow

Russia Lays Out Security Demands At NATO HQ
Amid 'Live Fire' Exercises Near Ukraine

Dem US Senators Introduce 'Defending Ukraine'
Bill That Would 'Collapse' Russian Economy


Ukraine ready for Donbass peace deal - Zelensky

White Americans could flee to Siberia
Says top Russian MP

What The US-Russia Talks Are Really About
... Where NOT To Place Missiles

Russia's first newly-built Tu-160M
'White Swan' strategic bomber debuts

Unease, Protests as Yet Another US
Nuclear Sub Arrives in Arctic Norway

China Tightens Lockdown Measures As
Omicron Spreads To Another Port City

China calls on the US to close 'secret prisons'
around the world

china fusion startup creates artificial sun

China builds artificial moon

pregnant Australia woman's baby suffers in
utero brain clot, Born Dead 12 days after Dumb
mother's second Pfizer mRNA injection


'Sneaky Ass*ole' - Australian TV Anchors
Caught Bad-Mouthing Djokovic in Viral Video

Tennis star labels Djokovic 'selfish' for not
bending to vaccination demands

Fellow pro defends Djokovic from 'total bullshit'
claims shared by tennis journalist

Hundreds of thousands left without electricity
amid record-breaking Argentina heatwave

23 Million Afghans On Brink Of Starvation
As Media Has 'Moved On'

Afghan public sector workers get paid in wheat

Playboy Mansion Had So Much Cocaine
That Poodle Became Addicted - Report

Woman Rescues Two Children
from Icy Pond

Cannabis could prevent Covid, study claims


Dr Mike Yeadon - The variability in serious
Injuries From The Kill Shot Is 'The Calibration
Of A Killing Weapon'

mRNA pioneer Dr Robert Malone warns of
'full-on media warfare' to implement Great
Reset agenda

'The implications here exceed those of
the Pentagon Papers' - Dr Malone

If push comes to shove Russia WILL Act As
Imbecile, psychopath DC Communists Give
Cold Shoulder To Russia's legitimate Security

Nurse - 'Everyone Who Died with Covid
Should be Considered Murdered' (Video)

The Green Fields Of Death - Compiled
Video of Athlete Heart Attacks

Huh? Bill Filed On 10-25-19 (!) In WA Would Authorize
'Strike Force' To 'Involuntarily Detain' Unvaxed Families
'They Have Already Set Up The Internment Camps'

Beijing Olympics Nightmare - Hemorrhagic
Fever Outbreak In China - Videos

Dr. Michael Palmer-Catherine Austin Fitts
Interview - Understanding Medical And
Economic COVID Motives

Pfizer CEO Bourla says two Covid 'vaccine'
doses aren't enough for Omicron But A 3rd
Shot Will Protect - It's ALL About Money!


OBGYN Whistleblowers On Devastating Impact

HAR! Insane Employer demands Workers
Masks during Zoom meetings as some
Employees Are scared of Unmasked Faces

WEF issues forecast on pandemic recovery

Report Acknowledges EcoHealth Alliance
Experiments as Gain Of Function Before
NIH Funding was Approved

House Republicans Release Damning Fauci
Emails Suggesting Concealed Knowledge Of
Lab Leak

Gates Flip Flops After Turning Omicron Up To '11'

US reports record 1.3 Million Covid cases
in a day as hospitalizations soar

VERITAS Obtains Never Before Seen Docs On
Origins Of COVID, Vaccines and Suppressed
Potential Treatments

Furious Lord Fauci tears into Rand Paul
for claiming he's 'taking down scientists
that disagree with him'

Ivermectin 'Works Throughout All Phases'
Of COVID According To Leaked Military


US blood supply 'lowest in recent years'
...And Dirtiest In History

'Urgent Reset Needed' - Democratic Insiders
Come Forward To Admit Biden Admin Has
'Gone Backwards' On COVID Policy

Triple jabbed Swiss marathon record holder,
Olympic athlete diagnosed with myocarditis
...Career Over, Life Vastly Shortened

Poll - 77% Say American Society and Culture
Are in a 'State of Decay' (They Are Dying)

LA Times Columnist Says Mocking
Anti-Vaxers Deaths Is 'Necessary'

Anti Vax Barbie - brainwashing kids

Tucker Carlson compares Pelosi
to Michael Jackson

Sarah Palin Strips Bare Ocasio-Cortez's
Tactic Based on 'Obsession With Sex' – Video

Democracy, Autocracy...Or Hypocrisy?
Biden Calls For Changing The Filibuster Rule

DOJ Creates Specialized Unit For Domestic
Terrorism Amid Attempts To Dub Jan 6
'Worse Than 9/11'


The Beginning Of The End For 'The
Divided States Of America'?

Wooldridge - Jan 6th - A Date That Will Live
In Maximum Hyperbole

Mystery Surrounds FAA Order To Halt All West
Coast Air Traffic After N Korean Missile Launch

Biden Admin Reveals 50 Million COVID
Tests Are Just Sitting in Warehouses

If You Doubted COVID Headlines
...You Were Correct

It's Time To Face Reality About The
BioWeapon 'Vaccines'

COVID Survival Rate For Under 20s Is
99.9987% Stanford Epidemiology Prof Study

Turbulence Hits United Air As 3,000
Employees Infected With COVID

Corporate Travel Bookings Slump
As Omicron Spreads

FAA Briefly Grounded All West Coast Flights
Over Claimed N Korea Hypersonic Missile Test


US airline promises non-binary options
after discrimination accusation

Triple lethal injected ESPN's Scott Van Pelt
has 'medical scare' with his heart will be off
air until 'further notice.

A giant asteroid that's 3,500 feet wide is
hurtling toward Earth right now

Mystery of 'Alien Hut' Spotted on the Moon
by China's Rover Finally Revealed

Kilometer-wide Asteroid Heading for Earth

Filer's Files - UFOs From The Sea?

3D Tour Of Ancient Rome Palacial House
of Augustus and Livia - Stunning Beauty
What incredible Art And Architecture - Video

Nancy Pelosi - Insider Trader of the Year!

As Store Shelves Get Barer, Food Industry
Insiders Are Warning That Supplies Will Get
Even Tighter In The Weeks Ahead

Americans 'Running Out of Money' to Pay
Bills After Loss of 'Financial Cushion'


Gold In 2022 - Very Bullish Chart Patterns

A New Conundrum Emerges - Why Is The
US Dollar Falling On 'Good' News

Some Are Beginning To Worry About
A Fed Hiking Cycle Getting Out Of Control

Griffin's Crypto Pivot? Citadel Securities To Get
$1.15 Billion From Outside Investors Including
Cryptocurrency Fund

European LNG Imports Hit Two-Year High
As US Flotilla Delivers Much-Needed Supplies

UK's Ovo Energy Sorry For Advice to
'Cuddle Pets' as Energy Bills Soar

Nuland Reportedly Tried to Persuade Senators
to Reject Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Nord Stream 2 still does not meet EU
requirements Says Berlin

WHO - Over Half of European Population to
Get Infected With Omicron in Next 6-8 Weeks

'Mass Vaccination Should End' - Former UK
Task-Force Chair Says We Should 'Treat COVID
Like The Flu'


WHO warns we're not ready to treat Covid like flu

Omicron in Canadian wastewater
before it was detected in South Africa

UK Govt Advised Against 4th Covid Vax

Watch Saxony police pepper-spraying
'violent hooligans' at anti-lockdown march

Pope gives strongest backing yet to
'moral obligation' Covid vaccine

Sweden's New Restrictions Motivated
by Ordinary Flu Met With Discontent

Austria Makes Skiers Wear Face Masks
Outdoors In New COVID Crackdown

Social and Medical Sector Workers Gather
in Paris For Strike

Watch Macron 'Thank' Woman Greeting Him
With 'F*ck You' Message Written on Her Hands

French Presidential hopeful Zemmour says no to
'politically correct propaganda' in schools


Illegal EU Arrivals in 2021 Above Pre-Pandemic
Levels, Frontex Says

Washington says it won't consider Russian
proposal to end NATO expansion - War Talk

Developer of Russian Sputnik V Vax
Against Quarterly Covid Booster Shots

About 3,000 troops kick off large-scale
drills in central Russia

Kazakh President Appoints Several Key
Ministers in New Government

Zakharova Slams West Calling Russia 'Aggressor'
in Situation With Kazakhstan as Nonsense

20 Million on lockdown after Omicron
alert in third city in China

Taiwan Announces $1 Billion Fund to
Finance Joint Lithuanian-Taiwanese Projects

China wants Russia to help keep 'external
forces' out of Central Asia

China Offers Kazakhstan Assistance As
President Says Afghan Militants Infiltrated


The trade battleground where China can
deliver a serious blow to the US

Marco Rubio blasts Intel for 'humiliating
apologies' to China

GOP candidate wants ban on Chinese
students in Texas

'Novak Djokovic is a Menace' - Players,
Journalists Blast Serbian Star After His
Australian Court Win

Australian Border Force Reportedly
Examining Veracity of Djokovic's Entry Form

Novak Djokovic's Medical Exemption Saga
Gets Murkier as His COVID Test QR Code
Throws Mixed Results

How Oz Exposed its Flawed Immigration
System to the World

Major Australian retailer imposes 'purchase
limits' on toilet paper

Aussies short on chicken & Omicron is to blame

Boosted Mexican president
gets Covid again


Nicaraguan president Ortega defying
the US again

Iran and US are Close to a Deal, As Both
Realise They Have No Other Option - expert

Israel's Bennett Boasts of Biggest Rearmament
Effort in Years Amid Iran Tensions

Dozens of Women in Kabul Protesting
Against Restrictions Imposed by Taliban

Kenya Hit by Large-Scale Blackout - Photos

Coldest Air In Years Pours Into Parts Of US
....Next Winter Storm Nears

How Oz Exposed its Flawed Immigration
System to the World

Forgotten Medieval Habit of 'Two Sleeps'

US Constitution backs ban on 'Black Lives
Matter' masks, grocery chain claims

Law allowing non-citizens to vote
in US challenged in court


Ivy League schools acting like 'price-fixing
cartel,' lawsuit says

Two LA Cops Denied Appeal Over Being Fired
for Hunting Pokémon Monsters During Robbery

Russia warns US of possible
military response

Dr. Robert Malone Warns Of 'Ebola-Like
Hemorrhagic Fever' Super Virus In China
Caused By Mutations Due To Mass Vax

Dr Mike Yeadon - Covid Injections
Are Toxic by Design, They Were
Always Going to Harm People

Moderna Expects to Have Covid Booster
Targeting Omicron by Autumn - What
Utter BS This All Is

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney's Last
Video Warning Before Being Hit With Bad Virus

John O´Looney Narrowly Escapes With His Life
From UK Hospital After Friends Literally Went In
And Took Him Out - Here's How They Did It

Reiner Füllmich and 50 lawyers - 'The vaccines
are designed to kill and depopulate the planet'
...We've been Saying this For nearly a year now

99.9987% of Under-20s Survive Covid,
Study Finds – 97.1% of the Elderly Do As Well

Mr schwab has them all in his pocket

Rights groups demand Israel stop
arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine


80% of airline pilots won't take the booster

Military Docs About Gain of Function
Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

Massive 145 Country Study Shows Sharp
INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After
Introduction of COVID BioWeapon Injections

what a blood clot looks like when LIQUID
blood turns into a semi-solid gelatinous
mass inside your body After Kill Shots

Chief AstraZeneca Scientist Says Annual
Covid Boosters Are 'Unsustainable'

Common cold could protect you from
Covid – study

The Cure For COVID Is Turning Off
The TV

Chicago Schools Close For 4th Day As
Anti-Science Teachers Union Refuses To Budge

Supreme Court Considers Trip To 'Major
Questions-Land' Over Vaccine Mandates

Corrupt alcoholic Pelosi makes $30 million
from tech stocks, scoffs at push to ban
congressional trades


Did Gerald Ford Tell Americans in 1989
The Plan For Ho Harris To Become President?

Almost Half Of NY COVID Hospitalizations
Are NOT Due To COVID-19

NY Just Made Every American Citizen's Worst
Fears About Invaders Come True - allowing
over 800,000 of Them to vote in local elections

Michelle Obama Calls to Vote 'Like the
Future of Democracy Depends on it'

A year on from the Capitol riot, America
remains Fragmented, disillusioned and angry

Jan 6 Panel Reportedly Plans to Take Trump
Communications With State Officials on 2020
Vote Public

American Airlines Evokes Backlash Online After
Apologising for Pilot's 'Let's Go Brandon' Sticker

'I vet them no different than I vet a terrorist'
how the US tracked and blackmailed journalists

The Fourth Turning 2022 - Bad Moon Rising

Man killed bringing birthday cake into
Chuck E. Cheese


Watch - Police Rescue Pilot Just Before
Train annihilates His Crashed Plane

Omicron's spread means more food shortages
at grocery stores - Fully-Planned & Intentional

Madison Taylor - 22 yr old Mormon missionary
and college student suffers 94 straight days
of vaginal bleeding after first Moderna mRNA
injection, says 'this vaccine isn't dangerous' !

25 Year Old Soccer Star Suddenly Collapses
And Dies During Training

Healthy Dentist's Life Destroyed By 2 Moderna

Facial Pain And Taste Issues

Andy Ngo's lawsuit against Antifa moves
forward in legal victory

Monster Energy drink delivers cryptic SATANIC
messages nobody even noticed for the last decade

Twitter pushes 'fact check' claiming that there
is 'no evidence' of 'mass formation psychosis'
Oh, sure…no evidence at all...

Twitter bans Assange support account @Unity4J


Facebook's former public policy director
for elections suggests more censorship needed

SpaceX UFO sighting - Mysterious object
spotted in live-stream of Falcon 9 rocket

What War With Russia Would Look Like

US surgeons transplant An entire GMO
pig heart into A human - statement

World food prices hit 10 yr high in 2021

Tesla Owner Claims He Mines $800 A Month
In Crypto Using His Car For Power

Tesla Slips Under $1000, Continuing Longest
Losing Streak In 10 Months

Musk shows off 'Mechazilla'

Bitcoin Loses $40k, Ether Below $3k As
Cryptos Suffer Worst Start To Year...Ever

PayPal may launch own cryptocoin


Covid spurs luxury car maker's sales

#BareShelvesBiden Trends As Alarming
Number Of People Report Empty Stores

Futures Resume Tumbling After Yields
Spike To New 2 Year High

Europol challenged over data collection

Fully-Vaccinated Are Super Spreaders
Of COVID Virus Shows Ontario Data

UK Supermarket Chain Drops Use-by dates
For Dairy in Favor Of 'sniff test'

European Leaders Double Down On
Demonizing The Unvaxed But Jabs Fail
To Stop Transmission

Berlin to assess the reliability of rapid antigen
tests - (They are essentially USELESS)

Denmark Anti-vax group decries new
restrictions warning - Video

French island Anti-vaccine passport protesters
pelt MP with seaweed - Video


Arrests at Huge Belgian anti-lockdown protest - Vid

France Reportedly Seeking Whole-of-EU
Treaty With Britain on Migrant Channel Crossings

Macron - France to Double Number of Police
Officers on Ground by 2030

Polish Border Guard Officer Suffers Head Injury
As Migrants Storm Polish-Belarusian Border

Denmark Intelligence chief arrested over
top-secret leaks

'Mothers-In-Arms' Slam Blair's Knighthood
For Afghanistan, Iraq Wars, While They
'Got to Bury Sons'

London Teenager arrested over 'extreme right
wing' terrorism links

UK govt demands housebuilders spend billions
to fix dangerous cladding

Veteran BBC presenter quits over 'diversity drive'

Dutch Plan To Boost Gas Output At
Earthquake-Prone Site Sparks Anger


NATO Must Reject 'Military Development of
Territory' of Its Eastern Members, Russia Says
After Talks

'We'll Never Compromise' on NATO Open-Door
Membership Policy, Stoltenberg Says Ahead
of Russia Talks

NATO Prepared For 'New Armed Conflict
In Europe' With Russia If Talks Fail

Sullivan Reportedly Urged By 'Russia Hawks'
to Send More Arms to Ukraine

Ukraine Urges Germany to Impose 'Preventative
Punitive Measures' on Russia, Scrap Nord Stream 2

Ukraine Pushes US Senators To Vote For
Ted Cruz's Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Donbass conflict can't be solved militarily
Berlin comments on Ukraine weapons requests

Denmark Set to Send 4 Fighter Jets,
Frigate to Baltic States

'Maidan Methods' Were Used in Kazakhstan
as Country Faced Threat to Statehood - Putin

CSTO proved its potential in action in Kazakhstan
Says Putin


Chinese top diplomat praises CSTO's efforts
in Kazakhstan

Why Kazakh crisis could worsen China-US

US showing 'Cold War' mentality with
Kazakhstan – Moscow

Who 'lost' Kazakhstan and to whom?

Kazakh Leader Says Order Restored - 'Coup'
Thwarted - 164 Killed - 8,000 Arrests

Foreign Militants From Afghanistan Took
Part in Kazakhstan Riots-Tokayev

Rioters Reportedly Wanted to Seize Swords
of Huns and Sakas From Almaty Museum

China Seals Off Tianjin As Omicron
Outbreak Intensifies With Olympics
Just Weeks Away

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Sentenced
to Another 4 Years in Prison, Reports Say

Australia has Fallen To Bolshevik Communism
Unvaxed not even allowed to go to work despite
just ONE Covid-19 death recorded in 22 months


Australian Court Overturns Novak Djokovic's
Deportation Order, Reinstates His Visa

Cops Pepper Spray Novak Djokovic's Fans
Rallying in Melbourne as Judge Orders His
Release - Video

Australian immigration minister issues
Djokovic statement

Australia agrees on new weapons deal

Quadruple jabbed Israel Losing
Control Over COVID-19?

Bennett Warns Israel Won't Be Bound
by Any Iran Nuclear Deal, Will 'Reserve
Freedom of Action'

In new provocation, Israeli settlers storm
al-Aqsa, perform rituals

US Media Concerned by Iran's Growing Naval
Might, Beefing Up of Asymmetric Warfare

Iran to Hold New Round of Talks With Saudi
Arabia in Iraq, Foreign Ministry Says

'More revenge' for US for killing Iran general


Saudi English-language daily appoints American rabbi as regular columnist

Protest Reportedly Takes Place in Beirut Over Continuous Blackouts

Floods kill 10, leave hundreds homeless
in South Africa

WWII-Era Archive Created on Himmler's Orders
Offers 'Mine of Information' on Freemasons

Man Dies Trying to Rescue Victim of Alleged
Gang Attack in NYC Subway

C19 Lethally Injected Ex-Porn Actress
Diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It's
Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory

700 DAYS into '14 Days to Flatten the Curve'
and the Only Thing That's Reduced is Your
Personal Health and Your Freedom

Judge Gives FDA 8 Months, Not 75 Years,
to Produce Pfizer Safety Data

AOC Tests Positive For COVID - With A
Test That Doesn't Work...

Comedian Actor Bob Saget dead at 65
Recently boosted & bragged about being
lethally injected

LA County Experiences Highest Weekly
'Coronavirus' Totals of Pandemic

How Hollywood Used the 'Pandemic' to
Groom America's Kids

Big Pharma Whore CDC Not Investigating
Myocarditis Death of 13-Year-Old Days
After Pfizer Shot, Emails Reveal

Normieville's 'PCR Test' Crime Wave
- An Allegory

Endless Murder - Three year Old Girl Dies of a
Heart Attack One Day After Receiving Jab


Qatar - Another Young Soccer Star
Collapses on Field, Suffers Heart Attack

Quercetin - A flavonoid that fights COVID
like hydroxychloroquine

Omicron-Delta 'hybrid' gets sinister name...
More Fear Porn...Non-Stop

We are now witnessing the early signs of
the dreaded vaccine zombie apocalypse

Idiocy - US believes Putin wants to restore
Soviet Union Says Communist Blinken

19 Killed Including 9 Children In Deadliest
NYC Fire In Decades - Blaze Started By
A Space Heater

AJ DePriest Uncovers The Enormous
Covid Bribes To All Education

Career criminal keeps getting released
thanks to bail 'reform' in NYC

'Social media influencer' selling $1,000 jars
of Her farts winds up in hospital - It's Over

More US Military Died from Suicide in 2021
Than From COVID Since Pandemic


Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyers Find Third Juror
Who 'Lied,' Bolsters Odds of Retrial – Media

Ex-Michigan House Speaker's Sister-in-Law
Accuses Him of Raping Her For Years

New law allows non-citizens to vote in NYC

Asian man beaten in brutal NYC BLACK
hate crime dies from injuries

Chaos Reigns In Schools From Chicago
To NYC As 1,000s Of Students Miss Classes

CA asks sick healthcare staff to come work

Man who stabbed MA trooper in planned
attack found not guilty by judge (???!!!)

The Number Slaughtered by the BioWeapons
is Much Worse than What We Thought

More and More Vaxed Women Are Now
Lying About Their Vax Status

'Triple-jabbed' Geraldo Rivera shocked he
has COVID, trips SPECTACULARLY over his
HATEFUL tweets about the unvaccinated


There remains no FDA approved COVID
'vaccine' in the United States

FAA identifies dozens of airports
affected by 5G rollout

German Justice Minister Threatens
Telegram With Millions Worth of Fines

WhatsApp, Signal & Telegram banned
by Swiss Army

Roberts - If you observe how Bezos,
Zuckerberg, Bloomberg and the rest
suck up to the deep state narratives...

China's Lunar Lander Makes First On-Site
Detection Of Moon Water

Elon Musk... He's a Fake Fraud

Reddit's 'Antiwork' Forum Booms As Millions
Of Americans Refuse Traditional Employment

In 10 Years Half Of All Financial Transactions
Will Touch Ethereum

Bitcoin racks up longest losing streak
in nearly half a decade


Edible Oil Prices Hit Record High As
Food Inflation Worries Persist

Is Going Green Really Worth It?

Iowa Nursing Home Operator Forced Into
Bankruptcy By Crippling Staff Shortages

Whole Foods Claims Constitutional Right
to Disallow 'Black Lives Matter' Masks

Suicide attempts among minors increased
fourfold amid lockdown in Germany

Germany to delay Covid vaccine mandate

Dems Panic Over Teachers' Union Push For
Remote Learning As Yet Another Study
Shows Academic Suffering

Tianjin tells 14 million to stay home
while mass Covid testing underway

'Year of Freedom' Protest Against Covid-19
Pass Held in Brussels

German Priorities Are a Queer Commissioner
and Female Crash Test Dummies


UK Minister backs cutting Covid
self-isolation period

'I Do Not Want To Have A Vaccination'
NHS Doctor Tells UK Health Secretary On Cam

Covid Can Cause Body to Produce Antibodies
That Attack Our Immune System, Study Finds

Watch - Fans dance outside Djokovic hotel
as new details of his ordeal emerge

UK Health Secretary 'Disappointed'
With Djokovic 'Fuelling' Vaccine Scepticism

Far-right French presidential candidate
gets unexpected ally

Truss Will Trigger Article 16 Unless EU
Shows 'Movement' Towards UK Proposals

Christian Nurse in UK Gets 'Forced Out' of
Hospital After Refusing to Remove Her Cross

Windsor Castle to Become No-Fly Zone
Over Concerns for Queen's Safety - Report

Head of Prominent UK Muslim Sect Reportedly
Advised Alleged Victim to 'Drop' Rape Accusations


How US state media rebrands Nazi
collaborators as freedom fighters

Kazakhstan - Eyewitnesses say unrest is being
coordinated by the usual Zionist intel agencies

Kazakh Sec Chief Arrested For Treason
Was 'Close Friends' With Bidens

Kazakh Chaos On Cue Ahead Of Crunch
US-Russia Security Negotiations

Moscow Won't Stoop to Discussing NATO
Demands on 'De-escalation Measures' on
Russia's Own Territory

Ex-Pentagon Officer - 'Biden Should Accept
Russia's Draft Security Agreements as Basis
for Yalta 2.0'

Russia says it will never make concessions
under pressure

Putin to take part in CSTO Collective Security
Council meeting on January 10 - Kremlin

Moscow - CSTO Allies Worked in Sync at Critical
Moment for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's Minister of Internal Affairs Details
High Level of Organisation Among Rioters


'Terrorist' detained in Kazakhstan identified
as famous Kyrgyzstan jazz musician

More Than 20 Armed People Arrested in
Kazakh Almaty Region, Police Say

Almaty Mayor Survived Assassination
Attempt on 5 January

Sputnik Kazakhstan Journo Points to Main
Error in West's Media Coverage of Situation
in Her Country

Nazarbayev did not leave Kazakhstan amid
protests, his office claims

Russia seeks life sentences in Arctic prison
camps for repeat pedophiles

Buffalo Escapes Slaughterhouse, smashes
into restaurant, sends customer flying - Watch

Merck Anti-COVID Pill Will Not Be Added
To India's National Treatment Protocol
...Far too dangerous

US Building Oil Refinery in Syria's Hasaka
...Plans On Continuing To Steal Syrian Oil

US Reportedly Calls in Reinforcements,
Hunkers Down Near Syrian Oil Field
Amid Spate of Attacks


Palestinian teen held without charge by Israel
in critical condition

White House - Iran to Face Consequences if
It Attacks Any Americans, Including Those
It Sanctioned

NASCAR goes gay - Every American sport
league is now actively, unashamedly pro-LGBT

Wicked Deception & The Unveiling
Of The Antichrist

Nanofiber swabs processed in environmental toxins
were tested with Human Embryonic Kidney cells in
study co-authored by National Strategic Research
Institute and the University of Nebraska

JAMA Article - A National Strategy for the 'New
Normal' of Life With COVID

Mike Yeadon - Mass Murder With Vaccine,
Passports And Boosters Designed to Crush
The planet's Human population - Video

Dr. Robert Malone - Dark Vaccine Wizard

There's something VERY wrong with
Dr. Robert W. Malone!

How to tell if someone famous died
from the BioWeapon Injection

Over 160 Cases Of 'Flurona' Found
in England

Ireland - Another Footballer Dies Suddenly

Rand Paul - 'Is Fauci Advising Sotomayor?'

Top Lawyer Arguing Against Biden Vax
Mandates Before SCOTUS Has COVID
Despite Being Boosted


Biden Trying to 'Work Around Congress' to
Get Votes for Vax Mandate After SCOTUS
Session - Report

Supreme Court Justice fact-checked after
Covid-19 children claims

Get The Courts Out Of Science

Deranged Court Historian Douglas Brinkley on Jan 6

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Mom Sentenced To 3 Months In Federal
Prison For Bringing 14 Yr Old Son To J6

Fox News Drinks the Trans Kool-Aid

Caucasians Vanishing From TV Commercials

Chicago Alderman Wants People to Blow
Whistles And Run at Armed Robbers

346 Cops Shot in Line of Duty During 2021


Are People Who Still Wear Masks Suffering
From a Mental Illness?

Mask Wearers Are More Bitchy,
Immoral And Violent

The Useless PCR Tests Have Served Their
Purpose in the Covid Crisis And They Are
Now Being Cancelled – Everywhere

Cypriot Scientists Detect Hybrid Coronavirus
Strain of Delta, Omicron Variants

Omicron Could End Up Being Less Deadly Than
Seasonal Flu - New US Study Finds

Moderna CEO Scrambles To Sell More Boosters
As Omicron Wave Shows Signs Of Waning

FAA Will Impose Flight Restrictions On
Some Flight Operations Over 5G

Twitter suspends conservative pundit
over transgender tweets

'Free speech' platform Gettr accused
of censoring critics

Why Greta's Climate Panic Failed


'Bigfoot' picked up on live eagle nest webcam
Exceptional Video - Watch

Charles Hall - Walking with The Tall Whites

Wigington - Global GeoEngineering Watch 1-8-22

What the Great Ammunition Shortage Says
About Inflation

National Tire Shortage Emerges As
Snowstorms Pound US

Rickards Exposes Globalism's Achilles' Heel

It's naive to think Bitcoin And NFT
give us freedom

Chip Delivery Times Hit Record As
Shortage Worsens

Musk Says Price Of Full Self Driving Will
Rise To $12,000 This Month

To Attack The Root of The Evil, Fix The Money


Analysts reveal why Beijing is going
after Russian gas

Fully Vaccinated Swedish Crown Princess
Victoria Tests Positive for COVID-19

Queen Refuses To Pay For Prince Andrew's
Pedo Defense, Forcing Him To Unload Chalet
In Fire Sale

Maxwell trial witness testified about
Prince Andrew sex allegations

A Tale Of Two Authoritarians

'Gender Unicorn' - University Students in
Western Carolina Fume Over Mandatory
'Woke' Training

English Schoolchildren Refusing to
Wear Masks, Unions Say

UK Govt Vax Advisers Recommend
AGAINST Fourth Shot for Elderly

Anti-COVID Protesters Rally in Germany

Protesters Gathering in Paris to Raise
Voice Against New Vaccine Pass


People in Beirut Rallying Against Mandatory
COVID Vaccination

Romania outlaws textile face masks
with €500 fine

UK Govt Admits Evidence For Face Masks
Stopping COVID Spread In Schools
'Not Conclusive;

Germany Tightens Covid Restrictions
on Restaurants and Bars

Watch 'Gravitas' - China deploys 'Robot Soldiers'
along the border with India

NATO 'never promised' not to expand - US

Ukrainian President Urges US Senators
to Pass Bill on Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

US Has No Plans to Deploy Offensive
Missile Systems in Ukraine, Says Progress
Possible – Official

UK Preparing 'High Impact' Sanctions
On Russia Over Ukraine

US to discuss only bilateral security issues
with Russia in Geneva - Department of State


Almaty Hospital Employee Recalls Armed
Attack Against Healthcare Facility During Riots

Ex-Kazakh security chief arrested on
suspicion of 'high treason'

Bandits in Kazakhstan Prepared for Mass
Rallies, Had Foreign Backing, CIS Executive
Committee Says

President plans to close 'gates to hell'
...Burning Open Gas Fire In Huge Pit

Djokovic Reveals He Was Given Exemption
To Enter Oz Because Of Recent Covid Infection

Photos of Djokovic Socialising in December
When He Says He Had COVID Emerge Online

'Pro-vax' tennis great makes claim about
unjabbed people in hospital

Gigantic Brazil canyon rock slide hits
tourist boats, killing at least 5 people - Vid

Tehran Condemns WSJ Op-Ed Advising
Biden on Striking Iranian Nuclear Facilities

Iran Sanctions 51 Americans, Including Top
Military Brass, Over Soleimani's Killing


Power Outages Sweep All of Lebanon

VA Police Identify Fifth likely victim Of Black
'Shopping Cart' Serial Killer

CDC - There is are No conditions
For Stopping The BioWeapon Injections

Deranged Court Historian Douglas Brinkley on Jan 6

Supreme Court Holds Hearing On OSHA Mandate
Justice Breyer Suggests Vaccines, Masks
Would Prevent 100% of Covid Infections
(Looks Like The court May Uphold The Mandate)

Justice Sotomayor - Why Can't OSHA Regulate
a Human Body Like a Machine 'if It's Spewing
a Virus?' (Dumber Than Dumb)

Official German Govt Data Suggests the Fully
Vaxed Will Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency
Syndrome (AIDS) And Most 'Fully-Vaxed' Have
Only 12.3% Of Their Immune Systems Left!

JAMA Article - A National Strategy for the 'New
Normal' of Life With COVID And What

Big Pharma CEO Says A 4th COVID Shot
Will Be Needed

Signs Of dreaded vax zombie apocalypse...
Raging 'mask Karens', personality changes,
violent behavior, animalistic lower brain Lunacy

Life insurance policies can refuse payouts for
the jabbed because covid vaccines are 'medical

New symptom of Omicron in young
children revealed

Reports of pilots dying in midflight due to
COVID-19 vaccines are REAL


NYT admits covid booster shots damage
immunity, leave body defenseless against virus

High school teacher charged - locked COVID
positive 13 Yr Old in trunk to 'quarantine'

Chairman Biden Frees Record Number of Invaders
into US via 'Catch and Release'

To Fight Racial Disparity (Arresting Black
Criminals), Manhattan's New Black DA
Downgrades Armed Robbery to a Misdemeanor!

Mass Exodus From Lockdown States To FL
Causes Jaw-Dropping Change In Voter Reg

Men who killed Ahmaud Arbery
sentenced to life in prison

US had 5 rabies deaths last year, highest total
in a decade - 3 deaths in last 3 months

Chinese Scientist Stole $1 Billion Trade
Secrets From Vax Maker GlaxoSmithKline

Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers - US
Credit Card Debt Soars Most On Record With
Savings Long Gone

CES 2022 attendance down 75% - organizers


Covid Jabs To Be Made Mandatory For
Over-50s In Italy

Blair Knighthood Revocation Petition
Hits Million Signatures Milestone

Sweden to tackle 'misinformation' by
'psychological' means but insists it's
not the 'Ministry of Truth'

French Parliament Approves President
Macron's New Vaccine Passports

Brussels Airlines Flew 3,000 Empty Flights
This Winter, All To Maintain Spots At Major

Kazakhstan Orders Protesters Shot
Without Warning

US Sends F-16s To Poland For Joint 'Rapid
Deployment' Training With Eye On Ukraine

Philippines - Manila Bans Unvaxed from
Leaving Homes, Duterte Threatens Arrest

Australia shows the world the wrong way
to keep the virus under control

Dementia cases set to triple globally...
Because of BioWeapon Caused CJD
And Prion Destruction of The Brain


Rise Lazarus, Rise – Time To Join The Living

Love The Love

Finding Our Way...

Your Attention Didn't Collapse...It Was Stolen

Why Ginger Is the Ultimate Winter Ingredient

Biden falsely claims COVID spreading
because of The unvaxed

Tucker slams Ted Cruz for branding Captiol
'riot' a 'violent terrorist attack'

Woman Beaten by DC Police During
Capitol Protests Files $1 Million Lawsuit
on Jan 6 Anniversary

Trump 'rallied the mob to attack', Biden says in
Capitol riot anniversary speech

'Web of Lies' vs 'Political Theatre' - Biden, Trump
Exchange Accusations on Capitol Riot Anniversary

Capitol Riot Investigation Panel Subpoenas
Phone Records of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

What Ever Happened To The Prosecution Of
Donald Trump For Incitement?

America is 'on the brink of a widening abyss,'
former US president Carter warns

crisis in American democracy is only intensifying

White House Press Secretary Responds to Ted Cruz's
Threats of Impeachment


Dr Robert Malone - Fauci 'Lies All the Time'
...And He 'Has No Integrity'

Roberts - Now People Are Dying from the Vax
All Vaccinations Must be Stopped (This Is
A Deployed BioWeapon...Not A Vaccine)

5 more vaxed soccer players DIE of
heart attack - Dropping like flies Now

Stigmatizing the Unvaxxed and Unboosted
'Mass Formation Psychosis'

22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports
in 2022...and Why We Must

Govts Admit Using Mass Formation
Psychosis As Tool of Population Control

Get Out Now Before It Is Too Late - Watch
ANTIFA Directing Traffic In Portland! - Vid

Walensky vs Fauci Continues After CDC
Boss Says 'No Plans' To Change Definition
Of 'Fully Vaxed'

45 Years Of Mask Studies Prove
They Are Worthless

Mayo Clinic Fires 700 Unvaccinated Employees
Amidst Staffing Shortage Crisis


Judge Considers Tossing Ghislaine Maxwell
Guilty Verdict and Re-Doing Trial After Juror
Blunder Is Discovered

Technocrats Replace Meat With Mealworms
For the Peasants

We Are In a New Civil War
...About What Exactly?

We Are Now Witnessing A
Confluence Of Insanities

Manhattan's Soros-Funded DA Lays
Foundation For Next Crime Wave -
Instructs DAs To Drop Prison Sentences!

3 Year Old Girl Dies Of Heart Attack
One Day After Taking COVID Vaccine

Double-Vaxxed 13-Year-Old Dies From
'Unexplained Cardiac Arrest' – Genocide

If You Have No Symptoms, Please Don't Get
Tested Says Florida Surgeon General

Trump and Fauci Met with RFK Jr
about Vaccines

NY Health Commissioner says she blew
numbers Of hospitalized Our Of Whack
To Push Covid Kill Shots on Kids


NFL may move Super Bowl from California
to free state of Texas

Patriot's Agenda For The Return
Of A Constitutional Republic

Class action lawsuit says Google pays Apple
to stay out of the search engine market

What Parler Saw During the 'Attack'
on the Capitol

UFOs, the SoCal Channel Islands and
the Navy's 'drone swarm' mystery

German Spy Reveals Secret US-Hollow
Earth Pact For Global Rule - Have Fun

Reptilian Beings Emerged During CIA's
Inter-dimensional Experiments

China's Zero COVID Strategy Weighs On
Oil Demand Growth

Oil, Gas Outperform ESG As Sustainable
Investing Peaks

US Democrats won't back sanctions against
Nord Stream 2 pipeline – media


Novogratz Sees Bitcoin Bottom Around
$38-$40K, Waiting To Buy

Bitcoin dives after Kazakhstan kills internet

Uranium prices surge as world's top
supplier rocked by riots

Will the Fed crash the economy or crash
the dollar?

Boeing roars back as US low-cost carrier
purchases dozens of 737 MAX jets

Italy Makes Vax Mandatory for Over-50s
(Murder The Adults), Bans Unvaxed from
All Workplaces

Quebec Under Curfew, Unvaxed Banned
From Buying Booze And Marijuana

French President Views Unvaxed As 'Non
Citizens' And Vows To 'Piss Them Off'
...Global Genocide Rolls On

Austria Mall Entrance - Cleared and certified
with A 'meat stamp' for entry

First Briton contracts deadly H5N1 bird flu


Omicron Spreads Faster Than Delta Within
Vaccinated Individuals - Danish Study

French lawmakers approve 'vaccine passes'

As UK Takes Foot Off Throat, European
Authoritarians Escalate Attacks On Unvaxed

UK Hospital Missing 500 Staff Says Only
Come to A&E if You're Near Death

UK Omicron Wave Exacerbates Health Staffing Crisis

UK promises to put the 'fear of God'
into domestic abusers

Johnson Apologises for Lost WhatsApps as
Report Clears Him Over Downing St Flat Fix-Up

Police dogs pulled from duty over new
German animal rights law

EU rights court throws out gay cake case

Mafia boss caught after 20 years following
Google Maps blunder


If chivalry isn't already dead, knighting
Tony Blair should kill it once and for all

Ex-peer Nazir Ahmed sexually assaulted
boy and attempted to rape girl – UK court

Dozens of protesters, 12 police dead in
Kazakhstan protests

Mayhem in Kazakhstan - Police Officers Beheaded,
Stores Looted, Hospitals Surrounded - Video

Dozens Killed As Kazakh Police Battle For
Control Of Streets In 'War Zone' - Banks
Being Looted

First units of Russia's CSTO peacekeepers
forces arrive in Kazakhstan

CSTO to Dispatch 2,500 Peacekeepers to
Kazakhstan, Number Can Be Increased

Moscow Declares Kazakhstan Unrest 'Foreign-
Inspired Attempt' Of 'Armed & Trained Groups'
To Overthrow State

Airports in Kazakhstan seized to thwart
CSTO forces deployment - Lukashenko

Foreign spy agencies behind riots in
Kazakhstan, Serbian president says


Ukrainian Court Seizes All Property of
Former President Poroshenko

Philippines capitol imposes targeted
lockdown on unvaxed residents

Philippines President threatens unvaxed
with prison time

Xi'an Authorities Block All 'Negative' Posts
On Social Media As Lockdown Backlash Grows

Beijing Expected To Keep 'Zero COVID'
Policy For At Least Another Year

Woman miscarries outside Chinese
hospital during lockdown

N. Korea says it test-fired 'hypersonic'
missile on Wednesday

Taiwan flexes back - War fears surge as
fighter jets target Chinese simulation

China plans to finish space station by end
of year And make more than 40 launches

Xi oks mobilization order for military training


Australia, Japan sign defense, security pact

Game over for Djokovic at the Australian Open
His father suspects a conspiracy

Tennis ace Basilashvili struggles to breathe
and treated by doctor before match abandoned

India Won't Add Merck's COVID-19 Pill To
National Treatment Protocol - Safety Concerns

Israel's Vaccination Program Is Failing
6 Month High In New Cases - (No, these
People are sick with dying Immune systems)

Israel advances plans for 3,557 new
settlement units in occupied Jerusalem

Iranian news agency launches Hebrew
language site to fight 'Zionist regime' - Iran

Iran Says Dialogue With Saudi Arabia 'Constructive,
Tehran Ready to Restore Diplomatic Ties

Israeli settler runs over elderly

Turkey hopes to convince 'anti-vaxers'
with fifth dose of COVID BioWeapon!


Persistent blood-clotting may cause long Covid
...according to South African Study

US hits record 1,082,549 COVID
cases in a single day (It's Mostly FLU)

FDA authorizes covid boosters for children
aged 12 through 15, declaring biological
warfare on kids guaranteeing mass death
and infertility

NY Gov Hochul drops covid vaccine mandate
for MTA after workers quit in protest

Rand Paul To Fauci - 'You Created The Virus!'

Specialty Clinic Fires 700 Employees
Over Vaccine Mandate

Interesting - Dr. Robert Malone Called For
'Very Active Surveillance, Tracing, Testing'

Why Should Preppers Care About
Mass Formation Psychosis?

Encore - Countless FedEx Palets Full Of 100s
Of 1,000s Of Body Bags - Constant Shipping
This is from months ago - Prepositioning

Supreme Ct To Hold Special Session Friday
On OSHA Vax Mandate And The Fate Of
10 Million US Health Care Workers

Lord Fauci Says 'Fully Vaxed' Now
Means those 'Up To Date' with Boosters


Trump's vaccine support may cost him
victory in 2024

YouTuber calls out Joe Rogan for thinking
'he's healthier than everyone'

An estimated 10 million Humans Per Day set
on irreversible countdown to vaccine death

Hugging your gran didn't kill her but
getting Vaxed probably did

Ex-Trump Adviser Navarro Says Capitol Riot
Undermined Plans to Overthrow 2020 Vote Results

Jan 6 Detainee At Risk Of Dying From Lack
Of Medical Care, Attorney Says

Manhattan's Soros-Funded DA Lays Foundation
For Next Crime Wave; Instructs DAs To Drop
Prison Sentences

The sinister legacy of January 6

The Kamal Ridiculed for 'Moving Again'
Remark During Enormous Traffic Jam on I-95

Maxwell's Defence Might File for Mistrial After
One Juror Admits to Suffering Sex Abuse as Child


Not enough U-Haul trucks for fleeing
Californians in 2021 amid ongoing blue
to red flight

IL prosecutors seek death penalty for
M&F Blacks Who executed White police
officer while she begged for her life

Covid BioWeapons Shots 'appear to contain
self-assembling nano-octopus micro particles

NIH Re-Opens Door To Creation Of Super-Viruses
...2017 Article On Gain Of Function Research

Stigmatizing The UnInjected

Post-Pfizer jab death of TN doctor highlights
shameless MSM propaganda campaigns that
perpetuate mass formation psychosis

Sport's 'big three' vaccine holdouts are forced to the fore

Disney+ actress Kim Mi-soo, 29, dies 'suddenly'
C19 BioWeapon is killing celebrities almost daily

Google Manipulates Results As 'Mass Formation
Psychosis' Searches Explode Due To Collapsing
COVID Narrative

GETTR Shadow Bans Reporter Who
Queried Ban of America First Streamer,
Has 'Nothing More to Say'


Scam - GETTR Global Communications Director,
Ebony Bowden, Anti-Trump and Pro-Obama Past
Revealed - Anti Zionist GAB Is The ONLY option

Reuters data scientist questioned the Black
Lives Matter narrative - And He Was fired

Moonshot - Strange Destruction Of A Lunar Lander

Goldman Sachs predicts Bitcoin to end gold era

Erdogan Tells Banks To Snoop On Dollar Buyers
& 'Deter' Clients From Hedging Lira Collapse

EU NatGas Rally Continues Amid Russian Shipment
Plunge - More LNG Tankers Come To Rescue

Step Aside 'Transitory' Inflation - The Fed Wants
To Be Dead Wrong About Easing Supply Chains Next

Mercedes-Benz Warns 800,000 Customers
Of Fire Risk, Says Part Shortage Will Delay Fix

Jon Stewart accuses J.K. Rowling of 'anti-Semitic'
imagery in Harry Potter - Utterly ridiculous

Pope Francis accuses childless pet owners
of 'selfishness' - What A Nutcase


Ministry of Defence accused of 'failing British
troops and taxpayers'

UK Govt Urged to Ramp Up Universal Credit as
Households Projected to Face 'Eat or Heat' Dilemma

Belgium complicit in killing of popular
African leader, book claims

Canada agrees to 'historic reparations'
for 200,000 indigenous children

Spanish Constitutional court dismisses
oral-sex debt case

EU Reportedly Angry Over 'No Role ' in Russia's
Security Guarantee Talks With US

EU Wants to Be Part of Russia Security Talks
Pity It Rejected Talks With Moscow in June

Pentagon - No Conditions Met for Deploying More
US Troops to Eastern Europe Amid Ukraine Tensions

Russian, Belarusian Su-30SM fighters patrol
Union State borders

Uranium Stocks Soar As Kazakhstan's
Largest Airport Seized By Protesters


Russia Warns Against Any 'Foreign Interference'
In Kazakhstan Unrest

Russia closely monitoring situation in Kazakhstan

Internet switched off in Kazakhstan amid unrest

First Video of Protestors Storming Mayor's
Office in Almaty, Kazakhstan Emerges Online

Kazakh president vows 'tough' response to
violent protests

Guadeloupe Vaccine mandate protesters
beat up hospital boss

Anti-Vaccination Activist Charged for Staging
Protest Outside Health Secretary Javid's Home

UK care sector declares 'red' alert amid
Covid staffing shortage

Hong Kong Under New COVID-19 Lockdown
After Omicron Outbreak

Taiwan fighter jets act out war scenario


Taiwan cheers rum producer to make China
feel sour

'What a Disgrace!' - Furore Over Reigning Champion
Novak Djokovic's Australian Open Medical Exemption

Novak Djokovic doesn't deserve blame and vitriol

India Vaccinates Its Young Population 'Against
COVID-19' - What A Horrible Joke

India concerned by Merck Covid pill
side effects

India Slaps Almost $88 Million Tax Evasion
Notice on Chinese Mobile Firm Xiaomi

Brazilian President Bolsonaro Discharged
From Hospital After Two Days

Guatemalan Footballer dies aged 25 after
collapsing in training session

Triple-Vaxxed Brazilian Reporter Collapses
LIVE On Air--Goes Into Cardiac Arrest Five Times

Omicron wave shatters Israel's daily
infection record


Israel's Intel Chief Says Revival of Iran Nuclear
Deal Better Than Collapse of JCPOA Talks

An estimated 10 million Humans PER DAY are set
on irreversible countdown to vaccine death that
could exterminate BILLIONS if not stopped Now

CDC says Pfizer-jabbed should get booster
BioWeapon Injection even SOONER now

Chinese Communist Researcher Stole US
Monoclonal Antibody 'Secrets'...In 2015

Pfizer partnered with CCP to develop covid
Vax passport platform, says it's 'proud to
stand with Chinese (Communist) leaders'

14 of 15 post Covid BioWeapon Injection deaths
studied by researchers found to be vax related

Crunch time for workplace vax mandates
...US Supreme Court to weigh in

Inside expert prediction on potential
US civil war and the fall of democracy

Ted Cruz - GOP May Impeach Biden If
They Win Control Of House Again

A shocking 83% of Americans worried
about future of US democracy

Poll - Biden Disapproval Rating Hits Record
High of 56% Amid Economic Downturn


Andrew Cuomo Skates On Breast-Fondling
Case After Albany DA Drops Sex Assault

Texas AG Appeals Ruling Stripping OAG
of Authority to Prosecute Election Fraud

Beverly Hills Residents Panic-Buy Guns
Amid Crime-Wave

Loon NYC Mayor Adams Mulls Booster Mandate
To Jump-Start Big Apple's Economy

Desantis Hits Out at AOC for Dragging Virus-Sane
Florida Through the Mud Then Fleeing to It

Federal Judge Backs Un-Vaxxed Navy SEALs
And Blocks Pentagon Punishment

CDC Admits 61% Of Teens Hospitalized
For COVID-19 Had Severe Obesity

22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022
...And Why We Must!

Bring Back the Boycott - Say 'No' to Big Pharma,
Big Banks and Totalitarian Control

Roberts - 2022


Most Everybody Will Be Infected, No Exceptions
...Stop Pretending Otherwise

24 yr old Mormon missionary dies 'unexpectedly'
as LDS leaders mandate injections and invest in
Big Pharma

2024 - The Coming Q-Anon Threat
To Your Kids

Senator Rand Paul Quits YouTube
Over "Despicable" Censorship, Moves
Permanently To Rumble

Fake Telegram Messenger Apps Hack
Devices With Lethal Malware

Tesla slammed for 'supporting genocide'

World's Largest Coal Exporter Indonesia
Warns Of Energy Crunch, Imposes Export Ban

China moves closer to countrywide e-coin rollout

The world's largest trade pact is a
game-changer for China

OPEC+ Sticks With Existing Agreement,
Will Hike Oil Output By Another 400,000 Bpd


UK, US Media Fear Russia May 'Outsmart'
EU With New Gas Mega Pipeline to China

Dozens of German children mistakenly
given Covid jabs for adults

German Police detain anti-lockdown protesters
in Bautzen - Video

18 Allegedly Dead From 'Omicron' in Denmark
Since There Are No Tests, It is probably flu

French govt left embarrassed after
'vaccine pass' bill suspended

Staffing shortages push UK health
service into 'state of crisis'

UK Hospitals Declare Critical Incidents,
Amid Surge in Staff COVID-19 Cases

BoJo Accused of 'Not Self-Isolating' After Being
'Face to Face' With COVID-19 Positive Aide

Govts Admit Using 'Mass Formation
Psychosis' As Tool of Population Control

Melania Trump to Auction Off Worn Hat, NFT
Commemorating Macron's Visit to US


UK to block takeovers in 17 areas of economy
under national security

The Holmes Conviction Is An Indictment
Of Business And Media Practices

All New Cars Sold In EU To Be Fitted With
Data Recording 'Black Box'

UK Migrant influx hits record high in 2021

UK to address homophobic 'wrongs of the past'

'Harry Potter' star accused of anti-Semitism

NATO foreign ministers' conference to mount
tensions around Ukraine - senior diplomat

Putin wasn't wearing 'bulletproof vest' – Kremlin

Serbia's defenses largely depends on Russia's
reaction to threats to Belgrade - diplomat

Kazakhstan's president urges protesters not to
follow calls of 'destructive individuals'


Moscow Views Africa as Arena for Cooperation,
Not Confrontation, Russian Foreign Ministry Says

China pledges to 'modernize' its nuke weapons

US Retains Nuclear Weapons to 'Preserve
Peace And Stability' Claims State Dep.

Missile Silos or Wind Turbines? China Asks US Not
to Estimate Its Nuke Arsenal Using Satellite Snaps

China's Latest COVID Outbreak Spreads To 2 New
Cities Including Home Of World's Largest Port

Covid-positive nurses asked to work in
struggling Australian hospitals

From Her Hospital Bed, 19 Yr Old Warns
About the Pfizer Shot

Djokovic Set to Defend Australian Open Crown
After COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption

China slams Gen. Soleimani's assassination
as another US 'war crime'

Anti-Daesh Coalition Airstrikes in Syria's Deir-ez-Zor
Reportedly Targeted 'Imminent Threat'


Israeli Ex-Official Points to 'Mammoth, Frightening'
Tool Iran Has to Answer Attack on Nuclear Sites

Stuck For 17 Hours, Motorists Trapped On
Virginia Highway Beg For Food

Incompetent California Regulators Have
created water shortages

Rand Paul Predicts Disgraced Fauci Will Retire
This Year If The GOP Wins The Midterms

Manchin Continues to Hold Biden Hostage on
Build Back Better - Issues New Demands

White House Cancels Press Briefing Due
to First Snowfall in US Capitol in 2022

Tick, Tick, Tick...Supreme Court Readies
Explosive Docket For 2022

FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA
Involvement in SRA & Child Sex Trafficking

Suicided? - Head Of Eastern Germany's Biggest
Hospital 'Throws Himself' From Top Of Building
After Admitting The Covid 'Vaccine' Is Pure Genocide
...Another Hero Murdered

Federal Judge Blocks Biden's BioWeapon
Mandate For The Head Start Program
In 24 States - Video

Life insurance companies sound Death Alert
warnings over nearly 100,000 excess deaths
per month happening right now in the US

Indiana life Ins CEO says deaths are up
40% among people ages 18-64

FDA authorizes Covid vaccine boosters
BioWeapon Injections for children 12-15


New COVID-19 Variant With 46 Mutations
Discovered In Southern France - Fear Porn!

NBA to Disregard PCR 'Positives'
Above 30 Cycles

Lord Fauci Warns CDC May Change Quarantine
Guidelines Yet Again - Confusion Soars

Sewage Analysis Can Help Monitor Covid
Levels Claim US Health Experts

5 Red States Boost Unemployment Ins For
Unvaxed Workers Fired Over Vaccine Status

Woman Required to Take COVID Jab Ends
Up in a Wheelchair - A Mother Of Ten

Developer of Covid Microchip Says
There's No Stopping Its Roll-Out

Defense Secy Lloyd Austin tests positive
for COVID-19 - With What Test? What A Joke

Does The Whole World Revolve Around
Child And Human Trafficking? - Vid

Sidney Powell - Big Pharma Lies Exposed,
Corrupt DOJ exposed, Obama exposed…Video


Freemasonic halls and lodges around
the world are Being burned down - Video

Flights Canceled, 800,000 Without Power As
Fast-Moving Winter Storm Pounds Mid-Atlantic

TX 2020 Election Audit Found About
12,000 Potential Non-Citizens Suspected
of Registering to Vote

Sean Penn slams Hollywood over
'societal cannibalism'

AOC goes maskless to Florida drag queen
party - Video

Military Uses Religious Test Against
Service Members

The Year Ahead In The 'New Normal'

Flights Canceled, 800,000 Without Power As
Fast-Moving Winter Storm Pounds Mid-Atlantic

Iserbyt - Refuse The National ID card!

Iserbyt - Intelligence Reforms Internal Passport


Iserbyt - 'Achtung! Your Passport, Bitte'

Iserbyt - Many Ways To Skin A Cat

Iserbyt - You'll Know It's True When It
Happens To You

Elon Musk's Starlink Receivers Attract Cats
on Cold Days - Photo

Joe Rogan Joins GETTR In Anticipation
Of Censorship On Twitter - Yawn

3D-printed, plant-based burgers on demand?
Israel's SavorEat is ready to take your order

Apple Briefly Tops $3 Trillion Market Cap

$29,000 for a used car? Blame inflation

The Coming Retirement Crisis Will
Affect Everyone

Bitcoin predicted to hit $100,000


Countries set to launch e-money this year

Inflation In Turkey Explodes To 36.1%,
Blowing Away Estimates, As Hyperinflation
Sets In

Wall St Dealmaking Tops $5.8 Trillion In Record
Year As Fed Floods World With Money

Japanese Think Tank Predicts South Korea's
GDP per Capita Will Surpass Japan's in 2027

Goldman Sachs Latest Wall Street Bank To
Abandon Return To Office Plans As Omicron
Surge Worsens

Tesla Shares Surge After Record Quarter
...Here's What Analysts Are Saying

Biden to target meatpacking giants
over surging inflation

Scotland reveals just one Omicron patient
needed intensive care - The Omicron Scam

UK Shortages after rapid Covid test
distributor closed for Christmas

UK Minister Says No Need For More COVID
Restrictions, Despite NHS Warnings


French Health Minister Expects January to Be
'Tough' for Hospitals Due to Omicron Strain

Poll reveals 57% of Germans distrust
official Covid data

February Gas Futures Prices in Europe
Drop By 6%, Trading Below $800

Scotland reveals just one Omicron patient
needed intensive care - The Omicron Scam

UK Shortages after rapid Covid test
distributor closed for Christmas

UK Minister Says No Need For More COVID
Restrictions, Despite NHS Warnings

French Health Minister Expects January to Be
'Tough' for Hospitals Due to Omicron Strain

Poll reveals 57% of Germans distrust
official Covid data

Petition to strip Tony Blair of knighthood
racks up 400,000 signatures

Sensitive UK govt phone records still
easy to delete – investigation


Leaders of Russia, China, US, UK, France
adopt joint statement on preventing nuclear war

Russia registers record low of 16,343
daily coronavirus cases since mid-June

Lukashenko Told You It Was a Psychosis

European NatGas Prices Soar As Supply
Constraints From Russia Build

Russia will 'never' run out of natural reserves

Russian attack in Ukraine should bring
full-time US presence on Kremlin's doorstep
former top generals advise

Joint statement of five nuclear powers
leaders initiated by Russia - diplomat

Scholz wants to place Germany-Russia
dialogue under personal control - media

Kremlin official to hold meeting on Ukraine
with German, French political advisers

Biden, Zelensky discuss upcoming security
talks with Russia, White House says


Moscow responds to revelations of
British political interference in Russia

China plots 'take over' of Latin America
with new 'action plan'

China's 'Artificial Sun' Runs 5 Times
Hotter Than Sun For Over 17 Min

China Builds Bridge Across Pangong
Lake to Speed Up Troop Movements Near India's Military Posts

Seoul Believes Fugitive From South
Was Once Defector From North Korea

Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Shakes Taiwan

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro
Reportedly Hospitalised With Suspected
Intestinal Obstruction - Getting Rid Of Him?

Israel Is Now Offering Healthcare Workers
And Those Over 60 a FOURTH BioWeapon Shot

Israel orders halt to mosque construction
in al-Quds, forces family to demolish house

Israeli military to roll out all-women
combat platoon – reports


Bird flu - 63,000 infected poultry found
in two days in northern Israel

Rejecting Israel's threats, Iran foreign
minister says 'Zionism' has no place in
future world

Trump & Pompeo must be put on trial – Iran

Iran Links 125 to Soleimani Killing, Vows to Bring
'Perpetrators, Sponsors and Plotters' to Justice

Iran Urges UN to Bring United States,
Israel to Justice for Soleimani Killing

Iran to Facebook, Instagram - End social media
censorship of top anti-terror Cmdr Gen Soleimani

Houthis Seize UAE-Flagged Vessel Off
Yemeni Coast, Arab Coalition Says

Air Defenses at Military Base Hosting
US Forces in Iraq Reportedly Repel Drone Attack

US military tankers smuggle crude oil from
Syria's Hasakah to northern Iraq: Report

Fire Breaks Out Again at South Africa
Parliament, Fire Brigade Says


Cancelled Flights and Tall Tales

After Spokane Food Program Officials Turn
Away Unvaxed for Christmas Meals – Patriots
Step In and Feed Everyone

LA Firefighter Responds to 'Vaccine Mandate'
with a Vulgar Act of Defiance - Hilarious

La Palma Post Volcano Reconstruction Begins

Study shows Covid is making Americans stupid
(No, It Is BioWeapon Caused Brain Damage)

The DIY Home Covid Test - The Latest Step In The
Utter Stupification Of The Masses - Wake Up...
You Have Been Viciously PLAYED For 2 Yrs Now

Baffling Neurological Illness Causing Swift Mental
Decline Reportedly Targets Big Canadian Province
...cases said to be surging

CDC may Soon Demand A Negative Test
to Leave Isolation (We KNOW The Tests
Are Being Used To Implant Chemicals,
Hi-Tech Fibers And Other Items)

White House Wants To Cause Class
Warfare Between Vaxed And Unvaxed

The Pfizer Injections Are Antithetical To Life

Don't Forget The Time Scientists Grew 'Dinosaur
Legs' on a Chicken - Genetically mixing Man And
Beast Preceded The Final Demise Of Atlantis…

If you need a firearm, here's why
you should buy it now

More Ventura County (SoCal) Nurses Blow
Whistle on 'Overwhelming' Numbers of
Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes And Deaths


CV Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions
When Used With Many Common Meds - FDA

Lord Fauci Discourages Fully-Vaxed
From Going to Restaurants!

Pilot Whistleblower - 'My Colleagues Are
Dropping Like Flies with Crushing Chest Pains'

Airlines raise staff pay to keep planes flying

Airlines Cancel 1,900 Sunday Flights Amid
Snowstorm, Staffing Shortages

Gov DeSantis Took wife to cancer treatment
while Vile AOC attacked him as 'missing'

David Stockman On The Prospect Of WW3

How to prepare for an EMP threat

The Fall Of The Mainstream Media And
The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021

time to prepare for the post-American age


Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death
in 2021 with 43 Million Killed

'Man Did I Have Fun' - Andy Cohen Speaks Up
After His New Year's Eve Rant About de Blasio

New NYC Mayor Eric Adams Will Keep
De Blasio's Private Sector Vax Mandates
...Plans Expansions

Indiana Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Are
Up 40% Among People Ages 18-64

Watch - Vax Due In New York January 5th

The Everlasting Covid Crisis

Only The Most Brainwashed 'True Believers'
Will Cling To The Failed Narrative

Reflections On Another Year Of Covidian
Lies & How The Truth Will Ultimately Prevail

How Bad Was My Kill Shot Batch?

Segregation returns to American schools


Bill Clinton Should Face Probe Over Ties
to Maxwell & Epstein Claim Experts

50 Things Americans Should Be Stockpiling
For The Chaotic Year Ahead - Good List

797 Killed In Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago In 2021!
Lizardville Is Murder Capitol Of America

562 Murders In Democrat-Run
Philly In 2021!

337 Murders During 2021 in
Democrat-Run Baltimore

AT&T, Verizon Reject Biden Admin Request
To Delay 5G Launch Due To Flight Safety
Concerns - (They Don't Care!)

'Enemy to America' - Marjorie Taylor Green
Blasts Twitter After Permanent Blacklisting

Chip-makers want 2022 to be the year
of the 'always-on' cam

Web3 - What is it and how will it change
the way we use the internet?

How Marxists Captured the Universities
and Will Soon Capture the Nation


Asteroid 'Apophis' Predicted to Skim Dangerously
Close to Earth in 2029 - Who'll Still Be Here?

This weather is not normal or natural

Heavy snowfall hits CO After Being
devastated by wildfires

'Fishy' phenomenon as Texarkana hit by
'animal rain'

Hubble Space Telescope's Most
Magnificent Images - Look

China Releases Astonishing Images Of
Mars Taken By Tianwen-1 Spacecraft

2021 - The Year the Electric Vehicle
Batteries Burned

What If... We're Right About Bitcoin?

2022 Will Be Year for Patriotic Crypto

Crypto 'cloud wars' have a winner
and it's not Bitcoin


'Green' label for nuclear & gas 'absolutely
wrong,' German minister says

Russia one step closer to reaching pre-pandemic
oil output

Mexico To End Oil Exports In 2023

Cuban-American truck driver SLAMS Dems,
shows how supply-chain shortages Are
Killing his business - And Masses Of Others

In Austria, You'll Get A Year In Prison And A Big
Fine If You haven't taken The Deadly Bioweapon
And No Drivers License Unless You've Been Shot up

Prince Andrew Summoned as Ghislaine
Threatens to Expose Elite Pedophile Ring

Ghislaine To Be Placed On 'Suicide Watch'
While Awaiting Sentencing

UK proposes increase in police surveillance
drones to 'protect' women

Netherlands Announces Plan To Give People
Up to SIX Doses of COVID death Vax!

37 Year Veteran UK Nurse Refuses To Take
The Deadly BioWeapon Injection - Video


Premier League Soccer Match Halted After
Yet another medical emergency in the crowd

Amsterdam Police set dogs on protesters at
massive anti-lockdown rally - Videos

Meanwhile, In Amsterdam, Humans Are Mauled
By Police Dogs And Beaten Protesting Dark Age
'Covid' Restrictions.

German Protesters, Officers Hurt in
COVID-19 Rally in Thuringia

France to Ease Quarantine Rules for
Vaccinated Starting Monday

Black patients are over three times more likely
than average to have been hospitalised

New cars sold in the EU will be
forced to record driving data

EU flag taken down after backlash in France

Petition to Revoke Blair's Knighthood
Smashes 220,000 and Rising

UK Might Ease Immigration Rules For
Indians Ahead of Trade Talks


Cyberattack on UK Defence Academy Had
'Significant' Impact, Ex-Director Says

Private schools in England refuse
to admit transgender pupils

Ukraine's Own National Security and Defence
Council Debunks Claims of 'Russian Troop Buildup'

Donbass Militia Accuses Kiev of Illegal
Deployment of Weapons And Equipment
Near Conflict Zone

Ukrainians Poke Fun at Defence Minister
Spotted Wearing 'Armoured Bra'

David Stockman On The Prospect Of WW3

US Would Get 'Big Surprise' If It Tried F-35
Raid Against Russia in Black Sea - China Media

Putin, Erdogan reaffirm determination to boost
partnership in phone call - Kremlin

Russia, CIS states in consultations on
security initiatives - Foreign Ministry

Russian missile approach warning system
detects over 170 launches in 2021


China claims to have beaten US to develop next
generation heat-seeking hypersonic missiles

Maurilio Ribeiro - 28 Yr old Brazilian singer Has
stroke on stage, dead six weeks after second
Pfizer mRNA injection

Taliban Says New Afghan Army Nears
Completion as Tens of Thousands Join In

Iran warns of 'danger' if slain general's
'assassins' go free

Hamas Slams Tel Aviv Over Gaza Strikes
as Bennett Warns Those 'Pointing Missiles
at Israel' Will Pay

Two Killed in Anti-Military Protest in
Sudan, Doctors Say

South African President Says Police Questioning
Person Linked to Parliament Fire, No One Hurt

Thomas Merton's Stage-Prop Fan (song parody)

6 Jan. House Panel Gears Up to Go Public
With Findings

Mum-of-three has both breasts and womb
removed at 27 To Protect From Cancer


Parental Estrangement

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Self-Care
and Stronger Relationships

Wounded Knee Massacre - The Forgotten
History of the Native Am Gun Confiscation

New York Bill Seeks to Forcibly Quarantine Covid
Positive Citizens And Force BioWeapon Injections
On The Unvaxed

Radiologist Reports 360x Increase in Adenopathy
(Swollen Glands) Post Covid-19 Kill Shots

US govt asks for delay in 5G wireless
deployment – media

Fat Fraud Trump continues to support COVID
BioWeapon Injections despite outcry from
conservatives and Alex Jones

2022 Fear Porn - Isrealis Claim To Find Flu
Mixture Dubbed 'Flurona' - Let's See Where It Goes

Jeff & Erica - John O'Looney Hit With Severe
Illness Somehow Escapes Hospital - Is Expected
To Recover - Listen

Bhakdi - 'You will live to see manmade horrors
beyond your comprehension' - Watch

Last Year Covid PCR Tests Were Erroneously
Testing for Bacteria

COVID Testing Has Become Ridiculous
And Even Counterproductive

'Vaccinated' Pilots Are Flight Risks - Video


Missiles On The Doorstep And
Impending Nuclear Winter

Is There An Outbreak Of Hemorrhagic
Fever In A Huge City In China?

From 2015 - The government knew what
the 'gene therapy' Vaccines would do

Why was Pfizer partnering with the CCP
platform for vaccine passports and social
credit scores a year before 'pandemic' started?

Covid, Ivermectin, And 'Mass Formation
Psychosis' - Dr. Robert Malone Gives Blistering
Interview To Rogan

NYT editor made smug, condescending video
bragging about taking booster then dies the
next day of a heart attack

The Psychological Cruelty Of Denying
Natural immunity

Stock Up NOW - Panic Buying May Be
Just Around The Corner As Covid Cases
Smash Through Records

Interesting Report Alleging Alex Jones & Family
Have Multiple CIA And Military Intel Links ??

Watch - Mars Rover photos Of an unidentified
Objects - Seemingly More Pieces OfWreckage
From a Destroyed Martian Civilization


Humanity's Final Arms Race - UN Fails To
Agree On 'Killer Robot' Ban

Russia Tests Large Salvo Of Hypersonic
Missiles To Close Out Year

Asteroid Larger Than Big Ben Nearing Earth

Sensational Hubble Space Telescope's
Greatest Images - Don't Miss These Photos

How To Survive The Mega Collapse Of 2022

Oil records biggest annual gains in 12 years

Turkey Hopes to Start Using Black Sea
Gas Nationwide in 2023

EU Mulls Labeling Nuclear, Natural Gas
as 'Green' Under Pressure From France

Economy risks overheating – Bank of Russia

Turdeau Says 'Unvaxed People Are Racists'


Marine Le Pen Slams EU Flag On
Arc de Triomphe as Insult

German NGO's Ship Brings 440 Refugees
Rescued at Sea to Sicily, Reports Say

Poland set for a big fight with Brussels in 2022

Door-to-Door mRNA 'Therapy Teams' Are
Being Considered and Trialed in the UK

Assisted suicide now legal in Austria

UK Natural History Museum Scientist Sacked
Over Loch Ness Monster - Media

Buckingham Palace Reportedly 'Paralysed'
Over Prince Andrew's Case

Hundreds of vehicles torched In France
on New Year's Eve

Corpse Biden is 'completely misreading' Putin
who will 'lash out & strike' over Ukraine if 'US
isn't careful' expert warns

Kommersant - How Russia Went on a
Diplomatic Offensive and How It Could End


Biden Set to Chat With Ukraine's Zelensky
Ahead of Russia-US Security Talks

Ukraine's civilized development impossible
without banishing Nazism - Crimean leader

Estonia plans to supply Ukraine with
anti-tank weapons, howitzers

Turkey Tells Russia To Drop 'One-Sided'
And 'Maximalist' NATO Demands

Ukraine Unilaterally Closes Ports to Russian Ships

Finnish President Says Russian Proposals
for NATO Challenge European Security

Ukrainians name 9 oligarchs who dominate

Japanese Scientist reveals when Covid vaccine
with lifelong protection might be available

Japan to assist Bill Gates in building
experimental nuclear reactor

China harvests masses of data on Western
targets, documents show


China's Mars orbiter takes selfies - Photos

A tale of two Olympics - China's remarkable
transformation since 2008

China's high-speed rail System reaches
The length of The Equator

Taiwanese leader sends warning to
Beijing in New Year's speech

North Korea's Leader Reportedly Says 2022
to Be Year of Great Struggle

Watch 'Horror, Japan is stopped! No end of snow
and Snowfall in Japan - Weather War By China?

Australian Man Sets Himself on Fire in
'Protest Against Vaccine Mandates' - Video

India May Complete S-400 Missile Rollout
in Punjab in February, Reports Say

Latakia Port Bombing Killed 2 People,
Mainly Burned Grain and Medicine

Nearly 10% of Afghanistan's population
are drug addicts - Taliban official


UAE bans unvaccinated from leaving

Iran Slaps Down US 'Concerns' Over
Space Programme After Satellite Launch

Israel Defence Forces Say Two Rockets
Launched From Gaza Strip Land Near
Tel Aviv Coast

Israel doesn't need US permission to strike Iran

Discovery of Ancient Artifacts dated
to 10,000 BC show Nefertiti's deep
connection to Atlantis

Feds Say Mystery 'Threat Actors' May
'Promote or Commit Violence' on Capitol
Riot Anniversary

Ex-NYPD Commissioner Kerik Turns over
Docs to Jan. 6 House Select Committee

CNN host tries to stop colleague's drunken
rant against Democrat mayor

Truck driver Prison term reduced from
110 to 10 years under public pressure

Thomas Merton's Stage-Prop Fan (song parody)


Asteroid Larger Than Big Ben Nearing Earth

2022 to begin with massive meteor shower

Biden Essentially Says he Will BAN Unvaxed
From Flying If His Top 'Health Officials' (Lord
Fauci) Recommend It - And Fauci Already Has

Sea-Tac Airport canceled most incoming,
outgoing flights in world, website says Amid
staffing shortages (Unvaxed Now Off The Job)

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney
Survives Bad Virus

Mass flight cancellations persist on
2021's final day

Massive Snowstorm To Ring In New Year For
Millions Of Americans

Fauci Takes Professional Gaslighting to New Levels (CTH)

Thanks To Omicron, 2022's Price Increases
Will Be More Painful Than Anything We've
Experienced Before

Pandemic Pandemonia Reaches New Heights


Over a Half of Americans Increasingly Worried
About What 2022 Bring to US - Poll

Buchanan: Biden's Staring Into The Abyss…
And So Are We

COVID-19 Explained In 10 Sentences

Is The Peak Of NYC's Omicron Wave Just
Around The Corner?

US Sets New Weekly Record With More Than
2 Million Cases As New Year's Looms

Immune-Caused hepatitis with Moderna vax
no longer a coincidence but confirmed

The Biggest Junk Science Of 2021

Beloved Actress Betty White Dead at 99

Betty White's Golden Days - Nice photos

Commucrats Want Lighter Sentences For Drive-By
Shootings, Because Whites Disproportionately
Don't DO That - Insanity Gaining Strength Daily


Fauci Finally Admits Kids Not Being
Hospitalized From COVID

CDC Sued For Withholding Post-Licensure
V-Safe Data On COVID Vaccines

BUSTED - AOC Caught Dining Maskless During
Escape From NYC's Communist-Style COVID
Lock Down To Free State of Florida

AOC escapes to red state for holidays amid
record NY Covid cases

Japan Plans to Launch World's First 'Wooden'
Satellite in 2023 – Reports

World faces largest species extinction since
dinosaur era, WWF warns

NY Gov. Hochul signs bill declaring racism
a 'public health crisis'

Raymond Obomsawin dead at 71 days after sending
an important document to RFK Jr - Was he murdered?

Not, The Onion! IRS Wants Its Cut
From Looters & Other Thieves

Tesla Recalling Nearly 200,000 Vehicles In
China Hours After Recalling 475,000 Vehicles
In The U.S.


Oil And Gas Discoveries Plunge To
Lowest Level In 75 Years

Germany shuts half of its nuclear plants amid
energy crisis - Why?

Gas prices in Europe drop below $800 per 1,000
cubic meters, first time since November 10

Nurses Blow Whistle on Staggering Number
of Heart Problems and Strokes in Fully Vaxed

BBC accused of 'deep-seated' biases
against Jews

London records worst year for teen

Fully vaccinated Remote Belgian Antarctic
station hit with Covid-19 outbreak

NHS Chief Says Don't Panic - as BoJo Warns
Britons to Get COVID-19 Booster

UK Regulator Approves Oral COVID-19
Medication Paxlovid

UK Police hunt for anti-vaxxer after VIDEO
captures Covid test site raid


Russia...the Last Remaining Christian Country

UK Vows to Help Ukraine Reduce Its
Dependence on 'Russian Fuel'

Russia - Ukrainian dysfunction has led to
an energy crisis in the country

Xi'an Paralyzes By Panic As Millions
Struggle To Buy Groceries

Japan Plans to Launch World's First 'Wooden'
Satellite in 2023 – Reports

Beijing: China Values Putin's Remarks on
Bilateral Relations and Believes in Development

New Zealand Government to Pay Doctors
to Euthanise Covid-19 Patients

Women-only Bangladesh beach zone
scrapped just hours after opening

Bank Of Mexico Announces Its Own
Central Bank Digital Currency By 2024

Iran rocket launch fails to put payload into orbit


Arctic Ocean Warming Began Already In Early
20th Century, Meaning Natural Factors at Play
...Not CO2

What price truth? How America's
whistleblowers fared in 2021

A Neuroscientist Prepares for Death

How to Calm Your Inner Storm

Being Alone With Your Thoughts is a
Skill You Can Practise

Covid Crisis Actors Working Overtime - Watch

Tsunami of Cases from Covid-19 Variants
Will Drive Health Systems Towards Collapse
(Because Needlessly Panicked Or Flu-Stricken
Idiots Will Overload And Crush The System)

WHO Head Vows To Vax 70% Of The
WORLD By This Summer Of 2022

US to Clear Pfizer's COVID-19 Booster Vaccine
for 12-15 Year Old Adolescents - Reports

COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening
Reactions With Many Common Meds

Dr. Tenpenny is advising people to get
mentally And spiritually prepared for
millions of dead Children…Watch

RFK Jr Explains Why Pfizer And Moderna
MUST Inject Children With Their BioWeapons!

Pfizer BioWeapon Discovered to Contain A New
Mystery Protein, physically larger that the Spike!

RFK Jr On Lord Fauci

The Double-Jabbed Are a Massive
Infection Risk for the Unvaxed


More Evidence MAC (Media Access Control)
Addresses Are Being Embedded In The Vaxed

10 Patterns of Operation Coronavirus
Trends as of Dec 2021

Dr. Pierre Gilbert In 1995 - 'Mandatory Vaccination
Will Make It Possible To Control People

Engineered Protein Crystals Make Cells Magnetic

Doctors Hoffe and Malthouse Warn Canadians
of Vaccine Danger And Damages in Patients -
'People Are Being Deceived'

If the unvaxed should pay for their own
healthcare, then why not smokers, addicts
and obese people?

As US COVID Cases Hit Record High, CDC
Admits Hospitalizations And Deaths Remain
'Comparatively Low'

T-Cells 'Minimize' Damage Caused By Omicron
Studies Show

Nine feet of snow falls in CA mountains
as brutal cold reaches US

Hillary Appears to Throw Shade at
White House, Implies Biden is Not 'Sane'


Sarah Palin - 'I Would Love to'
Get Back into Politics

CA man who backed Clinton in 2016 gets
35 years-life for murder in fight over election

The Deep State and Its Tentacles

FBI 'Secret Spy Plane Surveillance Program'
Detailed In Court Records

CNN Lost Another 38% Of Viewers In 2021,
MSNBC 25% down

Looking back at Bush's blunders

Transgender rules are 'assault on women's sport'
warns hall of fame swimming coach

Will Ghislaine Maxwell's guilt end her silence?

Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates
WHO 'Vax Certificate Passport' - Towards
A WW3 Scenario

The Shadowy CIA Data Firms Behind the
Creation of Digital Vaccine Passport IDs


NYPD Begin Arresting Unvaxed Americans
During Indoor COVID Compliance Checks

Snyder - Have The Pandemics Of 2022
Already Started?

Lockdown Vested Interests Hate 'Omicron'

Big Pharma's War on Scientists
to Mandate Jabs for Life

CDC says avoid All cruise ships
regardless of vaccine status

CDC Says 'Avoid cruise travel, even fully
vaccinated' Amid COIVD Outbreak On 89 Ships

Idiocy - Chicago Woman quarantines in trans-Atlantic
plane toilet over positive Covid test

Recipe For Toxic COVID Stew - Badges,
Guns And Quarantine Camps

There Is Still No FDA-Approved
BioWeapon Injection In The US

Nine feet of snow falls in CA mountains
as brutal cold reaches US


US Sanctions Chinese Institutes Reportedly
Working on 'Brain Control Weaponry'

Safety fears spark recall of 475,000 Teslas

Facebook Fact-Checking Group Apologizes For
Wrongly Flagging Article Questioning Face
Masks In Schools

Children are being 'brainwashed' by TikTok
videos on 'cool' trans surgery

NASA hires priest to prepare humans
for an alien discovery and contact

terrifying space weapons of the future -
explosive 'rods from God' meteorites, molten
metal cannons and weaponised asteroids

Why Is Russia Sending Planes Full
of Gold to London?

From Bitcoin To Gold - A Peek At
Real Assets In 2022

US Jobless Claims Are Now Below
Pre-COVID-Lockdown Levels

Mexico to end crude exports


Spanish bank Santander hands out millions
in Christmas blunder

Mercedes-Benz pulls Chinese 'slanted eyes'
ad after backlash

Germany Doesn't Rule Out New Sanctions
Against Nord Stream 2

Queen's Guard filmed mowing over boy
in their path

UK Advises Government Officials
Against Using Word 'Brexit'

UK COVID-19 Cases Soar as Deaths Slump
Is This The Omicron Effect?

Insane Netherlands Announces Plan To Dole
Out SIX BioWeapon 'Vaccine' Injections!

Prince Andrew's Accuser Says Ghislaine
Maxwell 'More Evil' Than Epstein

Prince Andrew's Lawyers Reportedly Hold
'Emergency' Talks in Wake of Ghislaine
Maxwell Verdict

What Does the Maxwell Verdict Mean for Prince
Andrew & Other Alleged High-Profile Sex Abusers?


Details of secret Epstein deal with Prince
Andrew accuser to be made public

Putin may warn Biden against provocations
ahead of Geneva talks, expert says

Form of EU's dialogue with Russia was
impermissible in recent years - Foreign Ministry

How new Russian-built passenger jet MC-21
took off despite Western sanctions

Putin Grants Russian Citizenship to
Reagan's Adviser Massie

'5 years for murder, 4 years for p*ssing' –
Russian human rights chief slams sentencing

Japan And US agree emergency military
plan for Taiwan

China urges Russia to cooperate against
US hegemony

S Korean Presidential Hopeful Seeks US Help
to Build Subs After AUKUS Tensions

South Korea to ban NFT games


China unveils new plan to spearhead
robot revolution

China Fires Up New Giant Coal Power Plant
In Face Of Calls For Cuts

Downing Street Officials 'P**sing Themselves'
Amid Probe Into Illegal Parties During Pandemic

Britain Erects Field Hospitals As Daily World
COVID Cases Top 1 Million For 3rd Straight Day

China's zero-Covid policy faces major challenge

Amsterdam Prohibits Sunday Protest
Against COVID-19 Lockdown

Over 30,000 French Police Officers Reportedly
Contracted COVID-19 Since Start of Pandemic

France to Penalise Companies Not Complying
With Remote Work Requirement

Darwin rocked by magnitude 7.2 Quake
from Indonesia

India - Mumbai Cancels Holidays for Police as
It Sounds Alert Over Terror Threat


Satellite Images Reveal 'Aftermath of Israeli
Airstrike at Syria's Latakia Port'

PA Leader Reportedly Warns Benny Gantz
of 'Unstoppable' Escalation If Mount Temple
Rules Violated

WATCH - Iran's domestically built space rocket takes off

'Jingle Bells' gets canceled by a NY school

Sarah Palin - 'I Would Love to'
Get Back into Politics

Nine feet of snow falls in CA mountains
as brutal cold reaches US

Ghislaine Guilty On 5 Of 6 Counts

Stunning plan devised by Klaus Schwab
to hand globalists control of the world
using COVID pandemic As Reason

RFK Jr Explains Why Pfizer And Moderna
MUST Inject Children With Their BioWeapons!

Pfizer BioWeapon Discovered to Contain A New
Mystery Protein, physically larger than the Spike!

Flashback - Fauci Discusses How Vaccines
'May Actually Make Disease Worse'

3 Cases of Rare superbug Candida Auris that
poses 'global threat' found In Oregon

Video Of Nurses Around The World Exposing
Horrors And Slaughter Of The Kill Shots - Vid

Schools are Now Vaccinating Children without
Their Parents' Consent - COMING TO SCHOOL

Biden reveals condition for imposing
domestic travel vaccine mandate

Psaki Moves to Add Context to Biden's
'No Federal Solution' Comment After Backlash


National Guard Has Been Deployed To 55
Hospitals To 'Help' With A COVID Surge

Rand Paul - Thousands Dying Every Month
Because Of Fauci's Vax Pushing Obsession

CDC Admits PCR Tests Are Invalid

Pro Athletes Hearts Are Failing Every Day Now

FL Surgeon General - Biden Admin 'Actively
Preventing' Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Meet the Turncoats - What to Do With
These Pharma-Funded GOP Goons?

Global New Cases Top 1 Million For 2nd Day
CDC Changes Quarantine Rules

National Guard Has Been Deployed To 55
Hospitals To 'Help' With A COVID Surge

Gov Kristi Noem Weighs in on Biden's Big
COVID Announcement, Tells Him What's Next

Watch - Moron MSNBC Host Claims Phrase
'Lets Go Brandon' Is Part Of A 'Slow-Moving


Creeper Biden's Top 25 Worst Moments 2021

Lizardville Employees Can't Cash Paychecks
...Chicago Is Bankrupt Under Lightfoot Stupidy

Liberal Israeli-Born PhD Candidate Who Sought
to Prove Justice System 'Racist Against Blacks'
Is Stabbed to Death by Black Male in Chicago!

Eleven Shot on Monday Alone in Mayor
Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

Wooldridge - Looking Back At 2021 - Trans athletes
Climate Change Chicago Killings Open Borders

Figurines deriding Biden deemed off-limits
on US military base

Incoming NYC Comptroller Who Vowed to
'Defund Police' to Have NYPD Security Detail

Report - CIA Tortured 311 Danish Orphans
for 20 Years, Violating the Nuremberg Code

US Marines say they're being 'crushed'
over vaccine refusal - 'A political purge'

Snowmageddon - Tahoe shatters 50 yr December
snowfall record with more than 16 feet of snow as
brutal cold reaches US


Watch - Civil War Time Capsule Being
Opened for 1st Time in 130 Years

Creator Of Kwanzaa Is A Criminal Loon Who
Allegedly Tortured Naked Women With A
Karate Baton And A Toaster

1930s Color Film Of Los Angeles - Fascinating

Stunning Collection Of Earliest Known Photos Of
LA Showing Off The Original Old World Buidlngs

Twitter Suspends 'mRNA Inventor'
Dr. Robert Malone

Russia Fines Google With Record $100 Million
For Corrupting Minors With Porn, Propaganda
And Transgenderism - BRAVO !!!

History is Being Rewritten - Are You Prepared?

Finnish man blows up his Tesla on YouTube
instead of paying $23,900 for new battery pack
Worst 'Modern Car' On The Road - Batteries
Are Horribly Over Priced Environmental Disasters

Amazon Alexa's Deadly Electrocution
'Challenge' Suggestion to 10-Year-Old
Has Origins in TikTok Trend

Wooldridge - Looking Back At 2021...
Some Sobering Perspectives


Black hole eruption as big as 16 Moons
captured in 'most comprehensive' image

Here We Go...Kraft, Heinz Tells Grocery Retailers
Price Increases Beginning 2022 Will Be Up to 20%

Jewish Operated Blackrock Inc
Controls Global Corporate Community

Musk Just Offloaded Another $1 Billion In Stock

Musk thinks he solved Bitcoin's greatest mystery

Turkish Lira Is Plunging Again, And This Time
Erdogan's 'Doom Loop' Guarantees Disaster

Brent Crude Tops $80 Per Barrel First
Time Since November 26

LNG Cargoes Enter Europe As British
Power Bills To Remain High Until 2023

Lack of planning is one of causes for gas
crisis in Europe - Russian official

Huge Number Of Food Shortages Predicted
For 2022 By Variety Of Experts Who Also
Say Things Are Going to Get Much Worse


Boris Johnson Claims 9 in 10 Critical Patients
Have Not Had COVID-19 Booster

Hospitalizations soar as Omicron takes
hold in London

Vaccine workers patrol UK city in hi-tech
TV bodysuits saying 'get boosted now'

French tennis star tests positive for Covid
'for The 250th time' - It's All Such BS...

Proud Italian 'plague-spreading'
anti-vaxer dies

COVID-19 Will Become 'Just Another
Cause Of Common Cold' - UK Professor

France is breaking European Covid records

German Covid data probably inadequate - minister

England's care system found 'unfit for purpose'

12,000 Afghan refugees stuck in
UK hotels – reports


Hospitalizations soar as Omicron
takes hold in London - Fear Porn Grips
The Masses!

US diverts LNG supplies away from China

Russian 'star wars' missile enters service
amid tensions with the West

Ukraine's Zelensky continues crackdown
on critical media

Russia does not supply electric power to Ukraine

The last war - How US-Russia conflict
would play out

Putin's phone call with Biden scheduled
for late Thursday evening — Kremlin

Polish Border Guard Says Gunshots
Fired Into Air on Belarusian Side

Russia Conducts Tests of S-500 Anti-Missile
Defence Systems in Arctic Region - Source

NGO Memorial closed by Russian court over
'foreign agent' breaches


Former US National Security Adviser John
Bolton Calls for NATO to 'Stand Up to Russia'

North Korea's Kim reveals reason for
abrupt weight loss

China Mocks Joe Biden Over His 'No
Federal Solution' To Covid Crisis

China Feverishly Preparing For Coming
Global Famine - US Taking Completely
Different Approach (Does Nothing)

US Military Budget Hike to 'Support Taiwan'
Will Make Few Ripples in Pacific

China - Covid rule breakers publicly shamed - Vid

Traders Start Freaking Out Over Fresh Supply
Chain Collapse As Covid Sweeps Across China

Beijing Pledges Proactive Fiscal Steps to Shore
Up Chinese Economy Next Year

China to use renewable resources for
data centers expansion

Australia mulls putting cats on lockdown


Uncertainty, Chaos Grip Patients as Protesting
Doctors Boycott Duty at Delhi Hospitals

Man in India's Puducherry Climbs Tree to
Avoid COVID Vaccine - Video

US doesn't want Iran to have missiles
Some of its neighbors are fine though

Israeli Military Rolls Out Scenarios to
Strike Iran But Doubts Consequences

Hamas Slams PNA Leader Abbas for Meeting
Israeli Defence Minister for First Time in 10 Years

Israel shells Hamas outposts in Gaza

Jordanian Lawmakers throw haymakers
in parliament - Video

Israel shells Hamas outposts in Gaza

How US Occupation Troops Are
Looting Syrian Oil

RIP - 'Pandemic Of The Unvaxed'


TikTok Tricks Teens Into 'Self-Diagnosing'
Rare Mental Disorders

Mysterious floating tank reclaimed from sea

Fish declared 'un-extinct' after surprise comeback

'Lilliputian Hallucinations' - A Rare Hallucination?

What Animals Think of Death

China threatens to nuke Japan over Taiwan
in video played on CCP-sanctioned channel

Lord Fauci Now Pushing Vax Requirement For
ALL Who Wish To Fly

'A Global coup' - Archbishop Vigano's Christmas
letter to the American people

Fauci Vows More Testing As Omicron
'Spreads' In US

Disgraced Fauci-Funded Researcher Peter Daszak
Reemerges to Insist 'No Cover-Up' From Chinese
Communist Party.

Watch - Fauci Admits Mandates Are 'Just A
Mechanism' To Get More People Vaccinated

As We Know, CDC Admits PCR Tests Are Invalid
The Whole Plandemic Has Been Nothing But Lies

NYC announces door-to-door vax teams
will come to your house and pay you $100
to take the death Shot

NY Democrats Attempt to Bring Australia's
COVID Concentration Camps to the State of NY

Trump's NYC restaurant turns away anti
vaxers for refusing to show proof of vax


DA declines to pursue 'credible' charges
against Andrew Cuomo

Trump's Deadly 'Operation Warp Speed' Jabs

3 Reasons Why 2022 Will Be Unforgettable

What Lies Ahead in 2022? Nostradamus
Predictions That May Come True

World Sees Record Daily COVID Cases As
Less-Lethal Omicron Displaces Delta

COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening
Reactions With Many Common Meds

Nearly a MILLION Americans Leave Dem
States For Safer, Less COVID-Panicked South

Wooldridge - Looking Back At 2021...
Sobering Perspectives

Black Man who Executed 5 yr old White Boy,
Cannon Hinnant, indicted for murder

FBI 'invented conspiracy' to kidnap MI gov
lawyers for five men charged say


Everything Is Falling Apart For Our Enemies
As Americans Awaken To Truth

Missiles on the Doorstep and Impending
Nuclear Winter

Iserbyt - Kissinger Out Of The Closet

'Normalizing' BioWeapon Injection Injuries
To Children - A New Low?

3 Doses Of Pfizer...And Petrified Of the Unvaxed

Man Paralyzed From Chest Down
After J&J Shot

Covid Vaccine Injuries

'You will be Arrested for Trespassing!' - Young Boy
Traumatized After Brave NYPD Officers Kick Him
Out of Restaurant For Not Having Vax Paper

mRNA Vaccines Can Keep Creating Spike
Proteins Forever By Permanently Altering
Kids DNA Warns Doctor

CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test
As a Valid Method for Detecting Confirmed
Covid-19 Cases


Endless Boosters Will Destroy Immune Function

Rand Paul - Fauci Is Responsible for 1,000s
of Monthly Covid Deaths

The Time Come For The Fulfillment
of the 'Third Secret of Fátima'

The Kamal Immediately Called Out
on Her Big Kwanzaa Claim

Delta's 'Karen' is Identified...Police Report Details
Reveal Incident With Former Playboy Bunny, Raiders
Cheerleader Is Worse Than Everyone Thought

They're called the Good Club - and they
want to save the world

Terrifying cyber weapon 'against which there
Is no defense' - Experts on NSO's spyware

China develops AI prosecutor that can
press criminal charges

Nimble Chinese satellite grabs hi-res images
of US city in seconds - researchers

Kissinger - AI will prompt consideration
of what it means to be human


Amazon's Alexa dishes out potentially
deadly challenge

The Woman Behind Hitler's Flying Saucers

Sounds Recorded From Juno's flyby Of
Jupiter's Moon Ganymede - Amazing

Space Force Now Allow Usage of Gender
Pronouns in Electronic Signatures

China hoards over half the world's grain
...pushing up global prices - Nikkei Asia

How Puerto Rico became a tax
haven for crypto millionaires

From real estate to inflation, here's what
to expect from the economy in 2022

Biggest Stock Market Crash Of Our Time
About To Burst With Brutal 80% Collapse

In Latest Ludicrous COVID Measures...
France Bans...Popcorn?

France's Naval Group Denies Knowledge About
Any Discussions Between Paris and Delhi on
Nuclear Subs


UK Defence Ministry Slammed Over 'Grandiose
Spending' on Hire Cars for Its Personnel

EU warns relationship with Swiss is
on the brink

Russia's 'Flying Laboratory' Reportedly Scrambled
to Shadow US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

Russia to Take Hardline Approach in Defending
National Interests at Talks With US - FM Lavrov

Ignorance of Russia among Western
elites is dangerous

Russian top diplomat stresses need to unite
and protect compatriots abroad

Defense chief praises achievements in
rearming Russian troops

Kiev, Washington 'Working' on Deal to
Supply More US Arms to Ukraine

Ukraine 'Enjoys' NATO-Masochist Relationship

Sputnik V counteracts Omicron strain to
high degree - Putin


China's aircraft carriers will operate
in the world's oceans, ex-colonel says

Putin, Xi to approve crucial political document
in Beijing, Chinese politician says

Strip flags and anthems from boycotters
at Beijing Olympics – Russian official

It's not China that's playing 'divide & rule' against the West

Taiwan furious as Nicaragua diplomatic
property is transferred to Beijing

NZ Clarifies That COVID Patients Can Be
Eligible for Euthanasia

India Approves Two New COVID Vaccines
Covovax and Corbevax, and Anti-Viral Drug
Molnupiravir for Use

Risk of Vaccinating Children Against COVID
Greater Than Benefits - Sr Indian Epidemiologist

Israel's Gantz - We won't let Iran move 'game-
changing' arms to proxies

Israel Launches Massive Attack On Syrian Port
...Fires Burn 14 Hours


US Soldiers to Remain in Iraq Despite
Official Pullout But Will It Stabilize
the War-Torn Nation?

Syria condemns 'dangerous' Israeli
plans to double Golan population

Second Israeli strike on Latakia port this
month, Syria reports major damage

The secret Israeli files revealing
massacres of Palestinians

5,000 wild cranes dead in massive
H5N1 bird flu outbreak in Israel

NFL legend John Madden dead at 85

Biden slips below Harris in latest poll

The Democrats Education Lunacies
Will Bring Back Trump

Georgia AG's Office Finds Dead People Voted
in 2020 Election But Debunks Trump's Claims

The bullshit that has destroyed San Francisco
is bad government.


You Know It's Bad When Grim Greta Slams Biden

GOP House Candidate Suggests Executing
Gen. Mark Milley on Air

Shooting Spree In Denver Leaves Four Dead
And Others Injured, Including Officer

Over 2 Million Rats Running Wild In NY City

Hollywood star admits to sleeping with
students in his acting classes

The Covid Lies Never Stop - Video

Snyder - The Great Worker Shortage Is Causing
Basic Services To Really Break Down All
Across America

Reminder - Members of Congress and Their
Staff Are Exempt From Biden's Vax Mandate

Fauci Says 'Masks Forever' On Airplanes

Biden Says Agrees With GOP Governors That
There is No 'Federal' Solution To Covid'

Coming To Grips With Trump And Big Pharma

Alex Jones Slams Trump On Covid BioWeapon
Says He's Either Ignorant Or The Most Evil
Man Who Has Ever Lived'

House Committee to Probe Trump Phone
Call Made Before Capitol Attack

Progressives Hound Biden To Build Back Better
By Executive Order, Starting With Gas

Ashley Biden's Diary - Will The FBI
Raid The New York Times?


Watch How The Kamal Doesn't Get The Death Jab
...See Nurses Hand With The Syringe - Video

They Are Working Relentlessly To Transform
Our Society Into A Dystopian Big Brother Hellhole

Ghislaine trial - jurors resume deliberations

40% decrease in US prison admissions in 2020
Because Of Communists In Government

Female Inmates Seek Protection from
Trans Women Sharing Prison Space

Suspect who murdered man walks after
DA gives him sweetheart deal

California nurses report 'overwhelming' number
of heart attacks And clotting in vaxed patients

Unvaxed NFL star hit with $100K in fines

Sweden Using Microchip Implants
That Track Covid-19 Vaccination Status

USAID Running Out of Money for Biden's
Pledge to Help Vaccinate World, Reports Say


3 yr old Baby Girl Dies One Day After
Receiving Pfizer BioWeapon

Anti-vax kickboxing king dies after
discharging himself from hospital

Boeing, Airbus sound alarm over 5G rollout

China complains about near misses
with SpaceX satellites

US Futures Hit All Time High As Santa Rally
Spreads Markets Cheer

European Gas And Power Prices Extend Slump
As LNG Flotilla From US Set To Arrive

Gazprom sets new record for gas supplies
to China on December 23

Ukraine's Former Prime Minister Reveals
'European' Gas Kiev Has Been Buying is
Actually Russian

Blaming EU Gas Crunch on Russia is Cheap &
Dishonest Way to Cover-Up Europe's Own Faults

Crossbow-Armed Man Tried To Assassinate
Queen Over 'Racial Discrimination'


Chorus Against Anti-Vaxxers Grows in
Premier League as Managers Hint at
Signing Only Jabbed Players

No New COVID Restrictions Before New Year,
British Government Says

Private PCR testing firms gaming UK
government Covid testing site

Switzerland makes gender change easy

Polish president vetoes bill that would have
affected US-owned channel

Celebrity Italian chef wins libel case
over 'insipid risotto'

Russian Defence Ministry - NATO Preparing for
Large-Scale High-Intensity Conflict With Moscow

NATO provocations may trigger armed conflict
Says Russian Defense Ministry

Ukraine may strike Russia first at
West's behest – MP

Biden Signs $768 Billion Defense Bill With $7
Billion For EU Deterrence and $300 Million for
Ukraine Aid





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