Headlines 2022

FDA Criminally Approved Deadly BioWeapon Called
A Safe & Effective Vaccine – Mission Accomplished
And Now The Truth Is Being Let Out (As We Explained
A Year And A Half Ago)

Life Insurance Companies Refuse To Pay Claims
Saying The Person ‘Committed Suicide’ - We Knew
Something Like This Was Coming - So, Billions
Are ‘Committing Suicide’...On Planet Satan - Video

Communist Judge Rules Elections with Broken
Voting Machines in 60% of Precincts and No
Chain of Custody for Ballots Are Free, Fair
and Certifiable

America Is Under Attack By These 469 MSM
‘Journalists' Funded By George Soros

Watch '20 Facts About The Great US' Retail
Apocalypse That Will Blow Your Mind'

The War On Christmas Is A War On America

General Washington’s Christmas Message for
Americans Complying With ‘The Great Reset’

Yes, Jesus Would Have Been Branded
A Domestic Extremist Today

Ukraine Has Lost The War, It Just Isn’t Over Yet
…Col. Richard Black

Zionist Communist Pervert Faggot Ukraine President
Is Leading Faggot Tranny Pervert US By The Nose
$150 Billion Minimum Given To Him To Date - Watch


Russia uses new hypersonic missiles in Ukraine
which cannot be intercepted

'CIA behind spate of explosions in Russia'
US veteran claims CIA and NATO ally behind
sabotage - How Much More Will Russia Take?

Putin says he’s 100% sure US-made
Patriot air defense systems will be
destroyed in Ukraine

3 Russian soldiers killed after air defenses shot
down Ukrainian UAV in Saratov region

All Russian flight crews of the ‘Daggers’
regiment have mastered the use of kinzhal
hypersonic missiles

Russia entitled to do whatever it wants with
assets of unfriendly states — Medvedev

Putin says Russia couldn’t treat Ukraine
cynically, as West did

Iran warns Kiev of the consequences Of
Making threats to Tehran

Zelensky Boot Licking Traitors!

Ukrainian Narrative Continues To Morph Ugly


Ukraine crisis to spill over into 2023 over West’s
support of Kiev — Turkish defense chief

Israeli general explains why Ukraine is
not getting Iron Dome

How the old Soviet fleet will strengthen
the Russian Navy

Arctic Blast Kills at Least 28 in US,
Stunting Travel and Causing Blackouts

Polar blast bomb cyclone that engulfed the US
and Canada in the last few days - Photos

Snowflakes In Miami At Packers-Dolphins Game

Three power substations vandalized in WA
knocking out power

Year in Review - Joe Biden's 2022 Dementia Fails

Your Government Hates You

Department Of Homeland Security Issues
Christmas Warning To Invaders


Whoopi repeats claims that Holocaust was ‘not
about race,' says Nazis targeted the ‘mentally

Researchers Recreate Two Facial Depictions
of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II Using CT
Scan Technology

Latest Rage Is The ‘Carnivore’ Diet
Meat, Salt, Water…Nothing Else

Billions of people Now have Broken, Destroyed
Immune Systems (AIDS) From mRNA BioWeapon

Booster-Caused Immune Tolerance Explains
Excess Mortality and ‘Chronic (Long) Covid’

‘Vaccine’ BioWeapon Shedding Proven REAL

CNN Expert Who Called For Medical Tyranny In US
Changes Tune After Being Called Out For Covering
Up Genocide

We Will Never Know How Many People

ABC Executive Producer Dies Suddently
...Dead of Heart Attack at Age 37
ABC News' 'This Week' producer Dax Tejera dead at 37 (nypost.com)
JABRACADABRA - Abracadabra song parody
from the makers of the 'Pure Blooded' song video

US life expectancy falls to lowest levels
since 1996


UFC icon dead at 45 Dies Unexpectedly

Mysterious Govt Agencies Participated in
Suppressing Twitter Content - Twitter Files

Twitter Files - Staffers Had to 'Triage' Multiple FBI
Requests on Tackling 'Misinformation' Accounts

Musk Admits 'Every Conspiracy Theory About
Twitter Turned Out To Be True'

US spies pushed Twitter to censor ‘anti-Ukraine
narratives,’ files show

Can Machines Invent New Things Without
Human Help? Yes, They Already Have

Tesla Owner Stranded At Supercharger Stn On
Christmas Eve - Cold Weather Paralyzes Battery

Secret Backchannel Between White House and
FTX Operative Revealed - Raises Serious Questions
About OBiden Involvement

Forgotten Nuclear Powered Tunnel Boring
Machines Designed To Melt Through Rock

Martin Armstrong Predictions...January Will
Be a Major Turning Pint for 2023


Repairing of Nord Stream is still possible
but it would take money, time - minister

Russia explains potential oil output cut

Russia keeps amassing forex reserves

Russia Rules Out Possibility of Supplying Oil
at Forced Prices Set by West

Only one nation benefits from sanctions
on Russia

US Winter Storm Causes Biggest Drop in
Country's Gas Production in 10 Years

UK workers face steep slide in real wages

Taco Time Northwest renames 'Mexi-Fries’
to 'Tater-Fries' after backlash

Suicidal Sweden - Woman Gang-Raped in a
Park by Five Teenage Syrian Muslim Invaders
…Another Innocent White Life Destroyed

The Soaring Cost Of Christmas Dinner


Majority of Germans against sending
tanks to Ukraine

UK University - Don't Say ‘Christmas’
Because It's Too 'Christian-Centric'

From Canadian truckers to Dutch farmers, working
people have had enough of the laptop elites

Climate Alarmism Behind Christmas Energy

UK borrowing hits record high

Germany's inflation likely to remain high
for another two years - Top economist

One Woman Killed, Several People Injured in
Shooting at Pub in Merseyside, UK

Gunman Who Killed 3 Near Kurdish Cultural
Center in Paris Transferred to Psychiatric Institution

World faces energy shortage in 5-10 years due
to lack of investment in industry - Russian minister

Russian Cabinet allocates $11.6 Million
for wheat supplies to Cuba


Ukraine demands answers after reports
of UEFA-Russia cooperation

Putin says West’s attempts to break up
historical Russia underlie conflict in Ukraine

Putin - Our Geopolitical Opponents
Triggered Conflict in Ukraine

Russia has no choice but to defend
its interests and people – Putin

China deploys 71 warplanes to skies
around Taiwan in chilling 'strike drill'

China, Japan up military ante on
the Nansei Islands

China calls US a ‘direct threat’ to the world

China hails ‘rock-solid’ relations with Russia

China to strengthen diplomacy at national leaders
level in 2023 - Foreign Minister

Conflict on Korean Peninsula not excluded
in 2023 - Russian expert


China responds to US ‘provocation’

Is China floating military airships over
South China Sea?

Oz Police announce counter-terrorism teams will
be monitoring anti-vax 'conspiracy theorists'
...Coming here soon

New Zealand Carbon Farming

Aussie Controlled Forest Burns are
now Called 'Cultural Burns'?

None Of The 65,000 Patients Treated
With Ayurveda Died Of COVID

Israel grounds top-notch US Built F-35 Turkeys

Israel's Netanyahu Vows To Seek Normalization
With Saudi Arabia

Anti-Israel protests held across Morocco
against normalization with Tel Aviv regime

UN Human Rights Chief Slams Taliban’s
Ban on Women Working for NGOs as
'Blow' to Rights


Türkiye ‘in talks’ with Russia on Syria airspace

Turkey Accuses France of Backing PKK
as Kurds 'Burning Streets of Paris'

Netanyahu 'Wants to Suspend West Bank
Annexation to Clinch Peace Deal With Saudis'

Iran's IRGC Says Arrested 7 Leaders
of Group Linked With UK Intelligence

Iran Ready to Assist Afghan Girls,
Women in Receiving Higher Education

Nigeria's Central Bank Raises Criticized
Cash Withdrawal Limits

At Least Two New-to-Science Minerals Discovered
in 15-Ton Meteorite Found in Africa

Stunning, Award-Winning Images of
the Northern Lights

To Britney Spears - May 2023 Be Bipolar-Aree
And That You Have The Baby You Want So Much
...From Dr. Betty Martini

22 Memes to Help Get You
Through Christmas


Wake Up! Hospitals Are Now Tricking People By
Calling Deadly Remdesivir By The Name Veklury
Write Both Names On Paper And Take With You
If You Need To Be Hospitalized - Tell Them NO!!!

The Unforgettable WWI Christmas Truce 1914 - Watch

The Greatest ‘A Christmas Carol’ (Scrooge) (1951)

A Trump Christmas - Video

Horrifying Pestilences Are Starting To Run
Wild All Over The Globe - Snyder

'Devout Catholic' Joe Biden Avoids Mentioning
Jesus in Christmas Address

The Atlantic - 'The War on Christmas is Winning'

Biden Filmed Groping Little Girl During
Christmas Visit to Children’s Hospital

Joe Biden’s dementia 'Moments
of the Year' 2022 - Video


DHS won't hand over full details about
'anti-disinformation' practices

Hundreds of Radio Hosts Quit After Soros Takes
Over Hispanic Radio - 'He’s Trying To Silence
Conservative Hispanics'

WEF Wants To Cancel Christmas To
Fight 'Climate Change'

Macgreggor - 'We in the west do not see
Russia as Russia is’

Putin now making preparations to finish
Ukraine and take on NATO with massive
military buildup that includes nuke-capable
hypersonic missiles?

US, Netherlands To Buy 100 Tanks
From Morocco To Give To Ukraine

Russian forces obliterate almost 400 air
defense systems in Ukraine op - An Su-27,
Helicopters And 52 Artillery Sites in Past Day

US moving bioweapons research out of Ukraine
Says Moscow

Traitors? the two women closest in line for the
presidency hoisted the Ukrainian flag from the
dias of the House of Representatives

Peace in Ukraine depends on US – Orban


US General Reports ‘Colossal’ Losses Suffered By
The Uke Army And That Kiev Is In Great Danger

Bakhmut has turned into A Meat-grinding
Bloodbath For Ukes - Macgregor

Ritter - Ukraine Getting Wrecked, Casualty
Admissions Are Low - 320,000 ‘Missing'

Kherson Region governor slams Uke shelling
of Kherson as false flag to blame Russia

Romania blasts Ukraine over minorities law

The New Cold War Has Begun

AZ Governor Forced To Remove Shipping
Container Border Wall by Biden Regime

Kari Lake loses election lawsuit to Hobbs,
Maricopa County - vows to appeal

AZ Elections Director Colluded w/ FBI,
Leftist Orgs to 'Secure' Midterms

At Least 15 People Reportedly Dead Due
to Heavy Winter Storm Across US


Utilities Impose Rolling Blackouts As US
Power Grid In Emergency Amid Cold Blast

Here Are 21 Tweets That Will Make You
Smile As You Endure 'Once In A Generation’
Storm Roaring Across America

Snowden says ‘I told you so’

Matt Taibbi Reflects On 'Repulsive, Horrifying,
Dystopian’ World Run By 'Anti-People'

Taibbi’s Christmas Eve edition of The
Twitter Files

Ron Paul Calls for the Abolition of the FBI

Ye’s Handler - Curious Case of Harley Pasternak

Shoplifting A $100 Billion Problem For
US Retailers

Wigington - Global GeoEngineering News Alert #385

Average Global Optimism Plunges For 2023


The Top 20 Stories of 2022

These Forgotten Nuclear Tunnel Borers Were
Designed to Melt Tunnels Through the Earth

OK State Superintendent Tells Districts To Follow
Bathroom Law Which Mandates Birth Gender Use

Dr Ryan Cole - There Is Absolutely NO Graphine Oxide In
Over 100 ‘Vaccine' Vials Tested - Go to 58:30

Full Dr. Ryan Cole Interview With Del Bigtree Revealing
What Is Really In The Covid ‘Vaccines’

Families Being Urged To Get Covid And
Flu Injections On Christmas Day

Vaxicarditis, Vaccidents and Vaximentia all to
INCREASE thanks to Wuhan spike protein ‘boosters’
and toxic seasonal flu shots

Dr Mike Yeadon - The Type Of People Who Created
This Spike Protein BioWeapon Are 'People Who
Would Worship Satan, They Are Not Normal People'

‘Vax’ Makers Did NOT Prove Their Engineered
Spike Protein Is Safe - Dr. Robert Malone - Vid

German VP Calls for Autopsies of People
Who Died After COVID Jab


Bill Gates Plans for New Catastrophic Contagion
...By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Little Did They Know The ‘Vax' Mandate
Would Be A Death Sentence

China Estimates 248 Million People
Infected With COVID in 20 Days - ?

The Tragic Victims of AstraZeneca

Trying To Save Herself, Leana Wen changes tune
in new WaPo article, now says covid jabs are
dangerous and shouldn’t be mandatory

US spies pushed Twitter to censor ‘anti-Ukraine
narratives,’ files show — New batch of Twitter Files
exposes collusion with ‘other government agencies’

Musk warns there's 'great danger in
training AI to lie’ after ChatGPT prohibited
from promoting petro fuels

Twitter Files - FBI's Infiltration of Big Tech
is Step on Path to Totalitarian State, Journo Warns

The Twitter Files - Clandestine Govt Agency Edition

FBI flagged so many tweets, Twitter execs had
to find a way to process stream of requests


Musk Denies Removal of Suicide Prevention
Feature on Twitter

Driver That Caused 8 Car Pile-Up In Bay Area
Last Month Claims Tesla's Full Self Driving
'Braked Unexpectedly'

The Woman Behind Germany’s Flying Saucers

Bizarre Portal Like Circular Cloud Swirling Over Miami

Mysterious Temperature Patterns Uncovered
in Jupiter's Atmosphere

Deutsche Bank - 'A Certain Degree of
Eco-Dictatorship Will Be Necessary'

NatGas Production Collapses As Deep
Freeze Paralyzes US

The Future is Now - Bank of Russia May Launch
Digital Ruble Before End of Year

Credit Suisse Sues, Files Criminal Complaint,
Against Financial Blog 'Harshly Critical' Of The Bank

Russia to divert gas away from West


Kremlin Rejects Reports Of 'Isolated, Paranoid’
Putin Who Is Fed Inaccurate Battlefield Info

Try To Laugh A Little With The Legendary Rodney
Dangerfield at His Best on The Tonight Show
Starring Johnny Carson (1983)

German VP Calls for Autopsies of People
Who Died After COVID Jab

Brits buying less food amid soaring inflation

German coal consumption soars

Charles III Evicts Prince Andrew From Royal
Residence Over Ongoing Rape Trial, Report Says

More Brits not paying their bills – research

UK Thought Police arrest a woman because
of what she ‘might' be thinking while standing
on a street near an abortion clinic

Kurdish Protesters Run Amok in Paris
FollowingDeadly Shooting - Videos

Sunak asks homeless man if he ‘works in business’


Deaths Among CCP Elites Rise as COVID-19
Wave Hits China

‘Stop using salami tactics’ China tells US

Beijing Gives Green Light to Open Border
With Hong Kong

Communist PM of NZ May Face Tough Times
Ahead Amid Sinking Approval Rating

India announces nationwide Covid drill

Communist Cuba Facing Food Shortages
over Christmas

Netanyahu states that the PLAN is a Fully Digitized
Record Of Every Human On The Planet

Rest In Peace, JCPOA

Major lithium producer Zimbabwe
tightens export controls

World Bank to Allocate $311 Million to
Enhance Electricity Generation in West Africa


Togo's President Undertakes Military Reshuffle
Amid Rising Insecurity in West Africa

Soy Globalists Invest in Fake Milk to Replace
Dairy Milk And Breast Milk

Kari Lake 'Wants to Be' Trump's Running Mate
...Source Says 'She Is Working the Deal'

Trump, Kari Lake Play to the Gays at Log
Cabin Republicans Gala

Tucker - Zelensky Shows Up In DC Looking Like A
Strip Club Manager And Demanding Billions More
Which The Communist US ‘Government' Will Give Him

Biden Filmed Groping Zelensky During WH Visit

Two countries will change shape - Here is the
plan of Surovikin attack in Western Ukraine
...Final Attack Weapons Armada Ready

Feverishly Racing Toward Our Own
Destruction - Snyder

Moscow prepares show of force - NATO will
realize it has no air defense - Ukrainian Patriots
will not see The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal Coming

Putin - Patriots are an obsolete weapon system
...We have the antidote - 'S-300s are better'

dramatic decision – Russia will provide
nuclear umbrella to Belarus

Some Long-Term Trends That Are Slowly
But Surely Killing America


Macgregor - Ukraine is Not Going to be
There much Longer… Video

Macgregor Says Petraeus 'Divorced From
Reality’ Vis-à-Vis Ukraine

Why Putin's Winter Offensive Will Prompt
Direct US Entry Into The War - Whitney

Terrible losses - corpses of Uke soldiers are
disposed of on the battlefield, morgues are
not allowed to provide information

Defense Chief Shoigu Announces Russia To
Increase Size Of Military To 1.5 Million Troops

Massive Troop and Armor Movements Begin
in Belarus - New Combat Designation ‘K’

US-Russia Relations In 'Ice Age' & Risk
Of Direct Clash ‘High’ - Kremlin

US lawmaker calls Zelensky’s speech a
‘North Korea style act’

Former NATO commander urges long
range Missiles for Ukraine

Russia launches new Kalibr missile
capable sub


Russian federal agents find caches of
munitions in LPR meant for New Year
terror attacks

FSB busts Kiev regime’s spy network
in nationwide sweep

RT crew comes under Uke shelling

Former NATO commander Breedlove urges
long-range weapons for Ukraine

Zelensky-Duda Meeting: Netizens Accuse Polish
President of Dragging Warsaw Into Ukraine Conflict

‘Extinction is on the table’ - Jaron Lanier
warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity

‘Once-in-a-generation’ winter storm
wallops US

More States Take Emergency Measures As
'Historic' Winter Storm Puts 240 Million
Americans Under Weather Alerts

Pelosi's Office Was Directly Involved In
Failed Jan. 6 Security, Texts, Emails Reveal

Jan 6 Committee Unveils 845 Page Report
Damning Trump & His Supporters One Last Time


Tucker Pushes TX Governor Greg Abbott to
Take Stronger Measures at the Border

Census - Mass Legal Immigration Drives
US Population to 333 Million - Add In The
Invaders And We May Have 340 Million

Biden's HHS Flying Young Border Invaders
into US...'Like Items for Delivery'

AZ Gov Forced To Dismantle $80 Million
Cargo-Container Wall He Just Built

'Kidults' Now Responsible For A Quarter
of All US Toy Sales

Pope Admits An 'Elegant Demon' Is
Lurking in the Vatican

History Of The WEF And Those Who Rule US

Fading Pelosi Speaker Wishes everyone a Merry
Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a 'Happy Shwanza'

Watch COVID BioWeapon Shot Liquid Attack
Human Blood In Real Time - Doing What It
Was Created To Do...Destroy The Blood - Vid

Dr. Lee Merritt - (A Year And A Half Behind Us)
Says SARS-CoV-2 is a genetically engineered
BioWeapon (It's Mass Death Engineered By DOD)


Life Expectancy Dives in Biden's America
of Fentanyl ODs and COVID Jabs

China sees Trojan horse in refused
US vaccine Pfizer-Moderna ‘Vax’ offer

Doctors Warn The Worst Is Still To Come
In This BioWeapon Genocide

Mass chicken killing based on 'avian influenza
outbreaks’ Are mostly Lies - Yet another Vicious
attack on the FOOD SUPPLY To Assure Famine

US Medics Urge Drug Regulator to Halt Benadryl
and Theraflu Sales Amid Flu Spike, Reports Say

'Remdesivir protocol' may already have Already
Killed 1 Million - (How About 25 Million…)

Horrors Being Dealt To US Commercial pilots

A Light Hearted Take on Things That Won’t
Happen In 2023

John Barbour’s Christmas Poem - Video

WATCH - Boston Dynamics' Creepy Robo-Hounds
Decorate A Christmas Tree


Musk Demands Answers on Epstein 'Client List’
'Shouldn't at Least One of Them Go Down!?'

Musk says he’s done selling Tesla stock for now

Meta agrees to settle Cambridge Analytica case

TikTok parent company fires workers over
US users data tracking

Sammy The Bank-Man’s Girlfriend Says 'I'm Truly Sorry
For What I Did’ And Confirms They Conspired To
Steal From FTX Customers

Soyuz coolant leak may force rescue
mission to The ISS

US Space Force practices for war in Europe

US Navy to retain more underperforming
sailors - Down And Down It Goes...

McDonald's Launches First Automated
Restaurant in Texas

November Home Sales Suffer Biggest
Crash In History


EU launches testing of biometric payments
from digital wallets

Gas Futures in Europe Fall by 7% to Below
$935 per Thousand Cubic Meters

Russia sets its own gas-price cap for EU

Russian ex-president dunks on ‘stupid’ EU move

Russian Finance Ministry Says Fully Paid Off
Eurobonds Maturing in 2027 and 2047 in Rubles

Russia Close To Legalizing International Trade
In Bitcoin, Crypto - Head Of Finance Committee

Belgium unblocks some Russian assets

Russian Ammonia Supplies Blocked Only
by Ukraine, Foreign Ministry Says

Gold Trade Between East And West Follows
90 Year-Old Pattern

Understanding ESG Objectives And Goals In
The Era Of Greenwashing


EU Plans To Impose Direct Carbon Taxes On
Individuals - Snyder

Europeans Familiarize Themselves With
Energy-Saving Lifehacks Amid Crisis

Ukraine to tighten fiscal policy to get IMF loan

EU’s $23 Billion for Hungary Held Back
After Brussels OKs $18 Billion Ukraine Package

Three People Dead, Four Injured as Gunman
Opens Fire in Central Paris, Suspect Arrested

Clashes Between Kurds, Police in Paris Intensify,
Police Use Stun Grenades - Videos

Spanish MPs greenlight easier gender change

UK May Block Scottish Gender Recognition
Reform Bill, Reports Say

Russian ex-president Medvedev dunks on
‘stupid’ EU move

US-Russia Relations In 'Ice Age’ And The Risk
Of Direct Clash Is ‘High’ - Kremlin


Kremlin slams inflammatory, colonial-oriented
US policies

'Yes man' Canada plays US ‘stooge’ in dangerous
game against Russia, China, says diplomat

Lavrov warns Armenia That Azerbaijan will
have more incidents if they don’t communicate

Kremlin Has No Information About
Zelensky's New 'Peace Plan'

Fyodor Lukyanov - Why the US has nothing To
lose, and everything to gain, from prolonging
the Ukraine conflict

Russia outlines conditions for launching
talks on security guarantees

How Ukraine has become unsafe for
millions of Orthodox believers

China's Covid chaos could trigger
doomsday variant, experts warn

China Sends Huge Show Of Force Across
Taiwan Strait Median Line

S Korea and US to increase number of
joint military drills


US Closely Tracking Russia-China
Joint Drills in East China Sea

Japan's Leader Urges Cabinet to Prepare
for Possible Missile Launches by N Korea

US pressures Latin America to minimize
communication with Russia, China

Israel - Newborn death rate triples after
‘vaccination' campaigns

Israel welcomes record number of immigrants

Moscow Expresses Concern About Taliban’s
Ban on Women's Education in Universities

US scheme to sow discord between Russia,
African states failed, ambassador says

Nigerian Central Bank Head Alleged of Terrorism
Financing Refuses to Return Home From US

Africa Holds $1.06 Trillion Green Hydrogen
Potential, Study Reveals

South Africa to Navigate BRICS as
De-Globalization & Western Decline Continue


24-Plus Black On White Murders In
The Death Of America

Shame - Woke West Point Purges References
to R.E. Lee, Other Confederate Honorees

OR Trains Magic Mushroom 'Facilitators’
How to Pick the Right Kind

OR, WA Join CA In Banning Gas-Powered
New Vehicles Starting In 2035

Wigington - Winter Weather Warfare On US
Chemical Nucleated Rain, Show And Record Cold
Govt Document Proves This And More - Must See

'Once-In-A-Generation' Snowpocalypse
Sweeps Across US

Good News - Americans Defeat Lame Duck Amnesty
ALIPAC Led The Way...With Your Help

War on Christmas Propaganda Roundup
The Transing of the Santa Claus

US Pro-War Media Coverage of Zelensky’s
Washington Trip Obsesses Over Military Aid

From Bad to Worse - Mobile Air Defenses Now
Deployed Around Moscow

Russia Releases Music Video Showing
NATO’s Destruction - Start At 45:00

Tucker - Zelensky is ‘houseguest who wouldn’t leave’

Russia Assesses Zelensky-Biden Meeting

Russia regrets no calls for peace were made
during Zelensky’s visit to US — Kremlin


Zelensky's Washington Visit Has Confirmed US
Plans to Fight Russia to the Last Ukrainian - Kremlin

Ukrainian president meets with Polish counterpart
on his way home from Washington

US rejected top Ukrainian arms request – WaPo

Only 86 of 213 House Republicans Attended
Zelensky's Speech at US Congress

Russian forces wipe out 57 Ukrainian artillery
sites in past day — top brass

Russian forces gradually envelop Ukrainian
group near Artyomovsk — DPR head

Lukashenko sees readiness of neighboring
states for possible aggression against Minsk

Russian watchdog reports on tackling
fake news since start of Ukraine operation

US views NATO as tool to protect its interests
- Russian General Staff

Germany unable to act as 'honest broker’
between Moscow, Kiev - Russian diplomat


Europe’s largest nuclear plant secure only
thanks to Russian army – Moscow

Russian defense minister visits frontline

'They succeeded’ - Putin pays 'tribute' to
the policy of the West - Fine Speech

Those interested in gas transit via Ukraine
are behind Nord Stream attack, says Putin

US bans exports to The Wagner Group

Kherson official Murdered in car bombing

$1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Package
Passed By Senate

Hoffman - Fight Hate - Repudiate Talmudic Bigotry

Cheyenne, WY Breaks Record - Drops 40
Degrees in 30 Minutes

Hal Turner - We Warned You - Now It’s
Happening -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming


US Leading Economic Indicators Plunge
Most 'Since Lehman'

Lumber Prices Collapse As Homebuilder
Sentiment Falters

Many People Fully Vaxxed Against
COVID-19 Are Now Going BLIND

Panic spreads across social media
following new FDA study linking covid
BioWeapon jabs to blood clotting

Dr Pierre Kory issues stern warning about the
Tera Hertz Wand - Start at 1:11:45 - Listen

WHO 'Very Concerned' About Reports of
'Severe COVID' In China

Why is CDC suddenly deleting VAERS reports?

VAERS isn't overreported - That's a big fat lie

US life expectancy tumbles to 25-year low
Going Down Like A Rock In Water

Guggenheim CIO Scott Minerd Dies From
Heart Attack During Regular Workout


Purple LED Street Lights Everywhere Are To
Identify The Dog-Tagged Jabbed, And Here
Are The Patents!

A Crisis Is Looming For The US Energy Grid
...All Part Of The Plan

CBS News Claims Climate Change Worsens
Air Turbulence Citing Flight Attendant - Video
How About GeoEngineered Weather?

France slaps hefty fine on Microsoft

Musk announces new Twitter feature

Tesla's Market Cap Drop Is Bigger Than
The Legacy Car Industry

Tesla Offers $7500 Discount on Popular
Models as Investors Fume Over ‘No CEO’

Netflix Plans Massive Film Studio At Former
New Jersey Army Base

Unprecedented Christmas weather origin?
HAARP to bounce signal off asteroid on
12-27-22 in new NASA experiment

Sammy The Bank-Man Fried out on
$250 million bond...no problem!


US Leading Economic Indicators
Plunge Most 'Since Lehman'

Russian Oil Shipped by US Prior to 4-1-23
Are Not Subject to Price Cap - US Treasury

Center of Energy Consumption Shifting to East
And Production to West - Chinese Ambassador

Grid Bottlenecks Could Derail Europe’s
Renewable Energy Boom

Nobody investigates Nord Stream explosions
Notes Putin

Gas price cap will not lead to anything good

Oil price ceiling may be road to disintegration
of global energy sector - Putin

Oil price ceiling does not harm Russian
economy Says Putin

Putin says he will sign decree on response
to oil price cap on Monday-Tuesday

Gas Futures in Europe Fall to Below $1,000
for 1st Time Since October 25


'Drain the swamp!’ - PM Orbán tells EU to
abolish the European Parliament

UK worst performing G7 economy – data

UK Standard of Living Falls as Recession
Deepens Amid Inflation Crisis

History Lesson - Trust Gold Rather
Than Sovereigns

Selling a war - Report exposes how German
media stirs up militancy in society and works
to prevent negotiations with Russia

The EU’s freeze of Russian media assets
is a perversion of its own principles

Head of Chechnya announces Putin awarded
him Order of Alexander Nevsky

Putin - Patriot Deliveries to Ukraine Will
Prolong Conflict, Won't Alter Its Outcome

The sooner conflict in Ukraine ends,
the better, Putin says

More fighting, more losses, Putin warns


Unlike Ukraine, Russia has never rejected
talks, Putin says

West Supplied Ukraine With Over 350 Tanks,
700 Artillery Systems, 100 MLRS - Moscow

Moscow mocks Ukraine’s ‘new flag’

Russia hosts the most Ukrainian refugees

Russia Expects France to Condemn Terrorist
Attack on Head of Russian House in CAR –
Foreign Ministry

Russia’s only aircraft carrier Suffers Small Fire

Russia doing better than many G20
countries despite sanctions - Putin

Russia will endeavor to achieve inflation
of 4-5% in 2023 - Putin

Russia's international reserves rise by
$5.2 Billion over week to $581.7 Billion
Notes Bank of Russia

Russia to boost financial ties with India
amid Western sanctions - Foreign Ministry


Grain deal only works for EU - Russian deputy PM

EU sanctions on Russia have reached
their limit – commissioner

Communist US blacklists ten Russian entities

Japan set to return to nuclear energy

The ‘coming collapse of China’ is still a
US hope, not a certainty

Navies of China and Russia engage in
joint maneuvers -

Russia-China Joint Naval Exercises Response
to US Aggressive Capacity Build-Up - Moscow

Moscow blasts Tokyo for embarking on
unprecedented military buildup

China denies existence of ‘secret police stations’
abroad - Foreign Ministry

US Envoy to NATO Accuses Russia,
China of ‘Sharing Toolkit’ to Weaken West


Frazzledrip - Did Hillary & Huma Skin A Child Alive?

From Bad to Worse - Mobile Air Defenses Now
Deployed Around Moscow

Russian Music Video That Is A Big Hit In Russia
Better Watch...The End Of The Line Is Near...
For Zionism, Zelensky & Ukraine? Starts at 45:16
And Listen To Rick And Doc After The Video

There Is No Left & Right - Austin Fitts Warns
Corruption Out Of Control In 'Spending Machine
Financed With Our Taxes’

The Democrats Are About to Split
the Country Irreparably - Roberts

Zelenskyy makes direct appeal to GOP critics
arguing no country is safe if Ukraine falters

Mitch McConnell Says Sending Billions
to Ukraine is The 'Number One Priority’
of Most Republicans

Two Honorable Lawmakers - Matt Gaetz and
Lauren Boebert Stay SEATED and Skip the
Applause as Zelensky Speaks to Congress
and Demands US Cash (And More Missiles)

Tucker - Zelensky's visit to Congress 'was not
to make the world more stable...The point was
to fawn over the Ukrainian strip club manager
and hand him billions more dollars from our own
crumbling economy'

Kremlin says no chance of peace with Kiev
after Zelensky Washington trip

House Republicans Locate Emails and
Text Messages Implicating Pelosi in Failed
Jan 6 Capitol Security Operation

Congress declares itself the enemy of the
people Omnibus and military bills rife with
fraud, deception and abuse

Uke soldier - 'In Bakhmut, we live an
unprecedented hell’ - Kiev sends 2,500
More Into The Meatgrinder - Colossal losses


Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus -
S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ Tanks

Zelensky asks for even MORE Patriot missiles

US reveals more details of Patriot handover
to Ukraine

Ukraine to ask US for long-range missiles

Kremlin Warning - More US Arms to Ukraine
Will Aggravate The War

Putin - Almost The Entirety of NATO's Military
Potential Being Actively Used Against Russia

Ritter - How The US Ruined Ukraine

Ukes Savagely Bomb Largest Donetsk
Hospital For 2 Straight Days - Video

Defense minister Shoigu announces major
expansion of Russian army

More Than 500 US, NATO Satellites, Alliance
Officers Are Working for Kiev - Shoigu


Kremlin warns US weapons supplies to
Zelensky regime 'doesn’t bode well for Ukraine'

Biden Directs Drawdown of Up to $1 Billion
in Defense Articles for Ukraine - White House

Putin provides details on Russia’s
hypersonic missiles

Russia will continue to modernize nuclear arsenal

Russia Starts serial deliveries of Tsirkon
hypersonic missiles to Naval Forces — Shoigu

On this day in history, Dec. 21, 1945 Gen
George S. Patton Was MURDERED by Zionists

West Seeks to Prolong Conflict in Ukraine
as Much as Possible to Weaken Russia - Shoigu

Russia begins deployment of Awesome, new
state-of-the-art Sarmat Nuclear ICBM

Russia to set up group of forces in northwest
due to NATO’s actions, says minister

Radioactive threat from Kiev persists - Moscow


Russia passes law imposing life imprisonment
for sabotage

The US Has Spawned An Entire Generation Of
‘Kidults' That Simply Refuse To Grow Up - Snyder

Pentagon Looking for Signs of Fraud in Contracts
Awarded to Help Ukraine - Reports

Why Criminal Referrals Against Trump
Seem Pointless, Unlikely to Prevent Him
From Running in 2024

Biden administration links Alzheimer’s to racism
(So is brushing Teeth And Mowing The Lawn)

Only 75% in US Say They Have ‘Good’ Mental
Health, Lowest Reported in Two Decades

VA Communists Fight To Abolish Single-Sex
Bathrooms in Public Schools

Kari Lake trial reveals 42.5% improper ballots
in examination, testimony points to Gross voter

Kari Lake Election Challenge Trial Reveals
Major Confession - Is This a Game-Changer?

Increased death rate among US police officers
linked to “pro-criminal” reforms


Biden Admin Asks Supreme Court To Delay
End Of Title 42 Border Policy Until After Christmas

38% of Students at US Liberal Arts Colleges
Identify as LGBTQ - It’s All Over, Friends

It's Wholesale Robbery Of The American People

India And Its Culture Targeted For Takedown
US State Dept (CIA) Will Spend $50,000
on Transgender Activism in India - The
Indian Government better wake up FAST

Alexander Dugin Talks About The Zionist Murder
Of His Wonderful Daughter, Darya - Video

America’s Growing Political Impotence

Twelve cities face the WORST of this
weekend’s 'bomb' cyclone

How to Talk to Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Have Deep CIA Ties

China, Hegel And The Greatest
Psy0p In History


Bombshell Evidence That ‘COVID Vax Injections
Are Chemical Frontal Lobotomies’

Peer-Reviewed - 94% of Vaxed Patients With
Subsequent Health Issues Have Abnormal Blood

UK doctors call for Govt investigation
of mRNA injections

Pilot Whistleblowers Expose Dangers Of BioWeapon
‘Vax’ Injuries To US Airline System

Gruesome Compilation Of BioWeapon ‘Vax’
'Died Suddenly' And Hideous Injury Cases - Video

Dr. Simone Gold - 'There Are No Covid Cases They
Are All Vaccine Injury Cases!’ - Encore Video

Communist NZ Govt Admits You May Fall Ill
And Die After A Pfizer mRNA Injection But
Says Don’t Worry

The Spike Protein Functions As A ‘Micro-tumor’
...Instantaneous ‘Micrometastases’

Pfizer CEO ‘surprised’ that ‘they’ suggested
mRNA technology in the Covid shot - He Knew
It Was Unsuccessful And Sometimes Deadly

Massive Hypertension Signals After the
BioWeapon Injections Are given


'A Plane With The Engines On Fire’
How Musk Averted A $3 Billion Twitter Crash

Musk Will Resign as Twitter CEO as Soon
as Someone ‘Foolish' Enough Accepts
the Position

Musk Asks Schiff If He Approved ‘State
Censorship’ And Advocates New ‘Church
Commission' To Probe FBI Corruption

Musk's Security Team Member a 'Suspect’
in A 'Stalker’ Incident - Police Say

VP Harris Demands Social Media Companies
'Cooperate And Work With Us' On ‘Protecting
Our Democracy'

Tesla Implements Hiring Freeze, Will See
'Another Wave Of Layoffs' Next Quarter

Liberals Who Ditched Tesla And Bought Chevrolet
Bolt Now Hit With Recall Over Fire Risk

NASA Mars Lander InSight Falls Silent After 4 Yrs

Porsche is replacing gasoline with
Brilliant Fuel Made Of air and water

FTX Crypto Laundered Beijing Bribery
To Rig The 2019 Vote For Biden - Pt 1


Jeremy Clarkson to Keep Quiz Show Job
After Meghan Markle Article

UK Parliament introduces 'woke nonsense’

EU Parliament Corruption Scandal May
Be Damaging to EU Credibility

Giant Bitcoin Miner Core Scientific Files
For Bankruptcy

Russia adds new source to China-linked

Germany denies plans to buy Russian oil

EU regulator says price cap on natural gas
unlikely to lower costs

Gas withdrawal from EU’s UGS above average

US Oil Stockpiles Tumble as Fuel Demand Jumps
Amid Holiday Travel, Package Delivery

Finland Dangles Massive Power Aid Package
As Energy Crisis Worsens, Recession Looms


In Nuclear U-Turn, Sweden Eyes Dozens of
Small Reactors

Switzerland Joins EU Energy Saving Goals
Through Winter 2023-2024

Evidence In Nord Stream Sabotage Doesn’t
Point To Russia: Washington Post

Lavrov upbeat on growing role of Black Sea
region in global economy

Aluminum Cost Rising as Indonesia Decides
to Halt Bauxite Ore Exports From June 2023

NHS Director Urges Brits Not to Get 'Blind Drunk’
at Xmas Parties During Ambulance Strike

Eco-activists decapitate Berlin Christmas
tree - Videos

Victor Bout’s First Interview After Release
Remarkable 3 minutes - Video

Putin still sees Ukrainians as fraternal nation

Putin says it was obvious that clash with
hostile forces in Ukraine was inevitable


Russia will not pursue militarization of
country’s economy - Putin

Russia self-sufficient, unlike some neighbors
receiving 'handouts' from others - Putin

Putin says West brainwashed people in CIS,
including Ukraine, after Soviet breakup

Putin says West sought to divide Russia
for centuries

Belarus unveils restrictions on border with Ukraine

Watch Russian-Belarusian Joint Winter Drills

Russia helped prevent color revolution in
Kazakhstan in 2022 - defense chief

Hungary’s Orban says Russia-US talks need
to take place to resolve conflict in Ukraine

China seeks ‘more just and reasonable’
global governance – Xi

Chinese diplomat warns US, NATO against
creating imaginary enemies on international stage


Japan, Sweden Sign Agreement on Transfer
of Defense Equipment, Technology: Tokyo

Russia companies eye construction of power
generation facilities in Thailand - ministry

Russia Ready to Build Nuclear Power Plant
in New Capital of Indonesia - Ambassador

Thailand warship capsizes leaving
31 sailors missing

Mozambique to Cancel '13th Salary' for Public
Employees in 2022 due to Economic Constraints

See a stunning, lifelike reconstruction
of a Stone Age woman

GM chestnut tree poised to restore lost
ecosystems and biodiversity

As Volcanoes Awaken And Earth Shakes
Planet Is Way Overdue For Next Pole Reversal

Draining Lake Powell may eventually be necessary
due to drought and design of Glen Canyon


Elite Ukrainian forces crushed In Bakhmut
Try To Escape through Russian inferno - Vid
Grim Fighting Footage, Ukes Being Destroyed

Ukraine loses Donbass - Russian Army clears center
of Marinka and enters Soledar - Dozens dead and
captured - Videos

Heavy fighting in Soledar - Russian ATGM crew
destroys Ukrainian tank trying to escape - Video

Uke military Fleeing positions near Soledar
Conscripts Said Refusing To Follow Orders

Shocking - Kiev considers 35,382 Ukrainian
soldiers missing!

Russian Troops Take New Areas In Donetsk Direction

No electricity in 80% of the Kiev region
...More than 10 hours black out

Medvedev Says The British should Leave The
Falkland Islands - They belong to Argentina

Phalanxes of upgraded Russian T-90M tanks
enter Ukraine - Video - The Russian defense
industry is in full swing Production - Videos

Ukraine war - ‘General Mud’ retreats,
‘Marshal Frost’ advances


Kim Jong-un's Sister Threatens to Launch
ICBM Towards America in Rant

hidden Taiwan missiles can hit Beijing, Shanghai

Rino Traitor McConnell declares Ukraine funding
Is GOP's TOP priority ahead of Zelensky visit -
The Push For Thermonuclear War Increases

Warmonger Kissinger Worried About
Thermonuclear War

Doomsday plane doing racetrack patterns
on the west coast of Oregon

Congress sneaks $45 Billion MORE for Ukraine
inside Omnibus Bill - We Have No Government

Congress Releases $1.7 Trillion, 4,155 Page
Omnibus Bill To Put Us Further In Debt To Fed

Touch Not the Apple of His Eye

US Congress to allocate over $17 Billion To
maintain nuclear arsenal in combat readiness

Ukraine receives $2 Billion budget support
from US via World Bank - Finance Ministry


US to earmark $126 Million in 2023 to deal
with possible nuclear accident in Ukraine

One Killed in Uke Shelling of Russia’s
Belgorod Region

Uke shelling hits hospital in Donetsk - Photos

Raskin - Trump Is Already ‘Constitutionally
Disqualified from Holding Office’ - What Does
That Make The Walking Cadaver?

Calm Down, Celeste, What Are You So Upset About?

Victor Bout’s First Interview Since Being Traded

Explosion rocks major Russian
gas pipeline

US Col - Uke Losses at Bakhmut Are Tremendous
losses of the Ukrainian Army cannot be replaced

Kiev left completely without water

No timeframe for restoring power in Ukraine


Zelensky makes unannounced visited
to Artyomovsk

Ukrainian military refuse fighting en masse
Russian special forces commander says

Ukrainian forces deliberately wipe out remaining
Artyomovsk infrastructure - LPR officer

Kiev’s move to crack down on disobedience
triggers panic among troops — LPR militia

US fiscal year 2023 appropriations bill bans
allocating funds to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion

US plans to allocate nearly $885 million
to counteract Russian media

Biggest-ever censorship campaign against
Russian media orchestrated by West

US fears Russia, China exchange strategies
to undermine NATO ‘unity' - US envoy

Ukraine is not our ally –

Ron DeSantis Promises To Support
Constitutional Carry In Florida


US Spawned An Entire Generation Of 'Kidults’
Who Simply Refuse To Grow Up - Snyder
(It’s Called ‘Arrested Development'

Malone to RFK, Jr - Americans Have Been
Subjected To ‘Military-Grade Information

Surely A Coincidence

NBC's Ainsley - Invaders Describe No ‘Interactions
at Border – 'They Just Walked Right In'

Kari Lake Election Fraud Lawsuit Goes
To Trial - Says Pronouns Are ‘I, Won'

J6 Referral Falls Short Of A Credible Criminal Case

The World's Biggest Fake Meat Factory Is
Under Construction in the US

Biden Imbecile Press Sec Says 'You're With
The Smugglers If You Claim Border Is Open'

Texas Authorities Sent 400 Troops to Mexican
Border Over Expected Influx of Invaders

Men's Sexual Disinterest in Land Whales Is
Called ‘Fatphobic'


HELP WANTED Signs Everywhere
...Where Are the Workers?

More Than 80 Cities, Counties Using Federal
Pandemic Aid To Fund Guaranteed Income Pilot

Roads Torn Up, Thousands Without Power After
NoCal Shaken by 6.4 Magnitude Quake

CA's Humboldt County Reports ‘Widespread
Damage’ After Powerful Quake

Central, Eastern US Buckles Down for
Christmas Arctic Blast Bringing Sub-Zero

Feds Warn of Increase in 'Sextortion’ Schemes
Targeting Teens, Young Boys

Scientists Want to Use Gravity to Detect
ET Spacecraft

Excellent Short interview with Aldous Huxley
He Knew What Was Coming

Pandoras Box Has Been Opened

Has American Democracy Been A
Hallucination For Nearly 60 Years?


Brittney Griner Smokes Dope for Freedom

Stanford releases guide against ‘harmful language’
including the word ‘American’

WHO threatens 'anti-vaccine activists’
and labels The unvaccinated a ‘major
killing force’ - This is Pure Evil

White House Can't Mandate COVID Jabs
For Federal Contractors - Appeals Court

German Parliament Vice President Calls For
Investigation into Covid 'Vaccine' Deaths
and Damages

Major pharmacy chains limit sales of child
pain meds amid high demand - Poor Shot Up
And Shed On Kids Are Suffering & Dying

Who owns Pfizer? Top stakeholders of PFE
according to 13F filings

Musk Asks Schiff If He Approved ‘State
Censorship'; Advocates Modern ‘Church
Commission' To Investigate FBI Corruption

Musk searching for new Twitter boss – CNBC

Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Criticizes
Musk's Approach to Running Twitter


Anti-TikTok measure added to US spending bill

Timeline of US-TikTok Turmoil

Scientists Want to Use Gravity to Detect
Alien Spacecrafts

General Mills Sliding Sales Volumes
Flash Latest Warning

Australia Buys Gold, Preps for Bretton
Woods 3

Australia Buys Gold, Preps for
Bretton Woods 3

Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay $3.7 Billion
Over Widespread Illegal Activity

US Building Permits Collapse In November
Multi-Family Plans Plunge

‘World is on a slow-motion train wreck’ - Roubini

State AGs Sound The Alarm About BlackRock,
Vanguard Buying Large Stakes In Utilities


EU Imposes The World's Largest Carbon
Tax Scheme, Inflationary Madness Sets In

Forget Oil - Now They Are Coming For Cows

General Mills Sliding Sales Volumes
Flash Latest Warning

Most of Grain Exported Under
‘Grain Deal’ Does Not Reach Africa

Largest Maker of German Stollen Fears
Bankruptcy Due to Energy Crisis

Russian pipeline gas exports to China surge
177% in value terms - China’s Customs

Russia’s LNG supplies to China up 39%
To 11M 2022 — China’s Customs

Gas price cap may worsen EU
energy crisis – Bloomberg

EU Reduces Gas Consumption by 20.1%
From Five-Year Average - Eurostat

Gas Futures in Europe Fall to $1,100 Per
1,000 Cubic Meters in First Since November 17


Minister - Northern Sea Route will bring
billions of dollars to Russia

Moscow Exchange to launch trading in UAE
dirham, Azeri manat, Egyptian pound in 2023

Russian Ambassador Says Argentina
Should Prove Valuable Partner as
BRICS Member

Conquered - Islamization of Great Britain,
There is No Turning Back

Shortage Fears Return as Germany Burns
Through its Gas Reserve

Head of Major German Manufacturer Warns
of 'Deindustrialisation' Risk

New face of British money unveiled

Brits urged to be cautious with
ambulance calls

Germany suspends procurement of
faulty armored vehicles

Nazi Holocaust Camp Secy Gets Suspended
Sentence for Her Part in 10,000 Murders


MPs Urge Action Against TV Host Clarkson
For Meghan Markle 'Naked' Diatribe

Europol Joins Investigation Into Corruption
Scandal in European Parliament, Reports Say

Serbian Defense Minister calls for stop to
violence against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

Top Russian Diplomat Claims US Still
Holding 60 Russians Hostage

Minister - Northern Sea Route will bring
billions of dollars to Russia

Moscow Exchange to launch trading in UAE
dirham, Azeri manat, Egyptian pound in 2023

West’s attempts to isolate Russian in
UNESCO fail — Lavrov

Moscow Condemns UN's 'Inadequate’ Reaction to
Uke Murder of Russian POWs - Foreign Ministry

DHL Employees Arrested in Connection With
Assassination Attempt on Russian House
Head in CAR

Russian Ambassador Says Argentina
Should Prove Valuable Partner as
BRICS Member


US Nuclear-Capable Bombers, F-22 Jets
Deploy For Joint Drills Over S Korea

China's Blood Banks In Emergency Mode
Again Amid COVID-19 Surge

Chinese Cities Race Against Clock
to Accelerate Economic Recovery

Japan Sees Years-Long Streak of Record
Low Births Continue Into 2022

Chinese Foreign Ministry Slams Guatemala’s
Plan to Hold Taiwan Summit

Chinese Foreign Ministry Calls on EU
to Treat Taiwan Issue Cautiously

What’s North Korea’s Problem With Japan?

Japan pauses Olympic bid promotion
amid corruption scandal

If you oppose any government policies, the
Jacinda Ardern regime in New Zealand wants
you reported as a terrorist

India explains record troop deployment
near China border


Joe Biden Admits Iran Nuclear Deal
is 'Dead' Even as Talks Continue - Vid

US bill takes aim at Iranian officials
and their children

Erdogan’s Turkey abdicates role of NATO
stronghold against Russia - newspaper

Turkey Accuses Greece of Trying to Intercept
Turkish F-16 Jets During NATO Training

Mystery disease kills children in Afghanistan

US-backed Afghan officials involved in
massive fraud case – media

Freak wave kills 3 injures 17 at SA Beach

California pulls the plug on rooftop solar

Veteran Wins $25K for Life Lottery Six Times
Plans to Buy Motorcycle


Court verdict on David Icke’s Appeal On
Being Banned In 26 Euro Countries - Video

Switch-Hitting Trump? Hosts Gala For GAY Repubs
At Mar-A-Lagoi After Bolshevik Biden Signs Same Sex
‘Marriage Law’ In His Continuing Efforts To Destroy Us

Sexual Morality May Be Far More Important
Than You Ever Thought - When Abandoned,
All Societies Disintegrate - We Are In That Stage
Of Cultural Freefall Now...The End Is Here

General Public Unaware Of Push To Normalize
Pedophilia In Culture And Academia

Exactly What We Have Pointed Out, Over And Over
No Dads Were at the Christmas Drag Show -
'Mostly Obese Single Mothers With Little Kids'

Listen To Griner’s Voice - Does It Sound Female?

It’s war, and the enemy is our own ‘government’
But, in Fact, it Is NOT OUR Government

Davos 2023 will feature BlackRock & TikTok
CEOs with WEF demanding more

The Outrageous Statements of Jewish Israeli
Homosexual Transhumanist Vegan Yuval Harari

Musk To Send Ukes MORE Starlink Antennas
To Help Kill Russians


Chilling warning US military is 'drained, strained
And shrinking' despite threats from Putin & Xi

Ritter - Russia Seeks Arms Control Agreements
To Prevent Escalation - US Seeks Only Advantage
Pushing Directly Toward Nuclear War

US imperialism steers Eurasia towards
a repeat of WWII

Americans started the US war with Russia

US has put itself and Russia ‘on brink of
direct clash’ – Moscow

Russia’s special operation wrecks West’s
geopolitical games — Lavrov

Russia EU envoy conflict in Ukraine is
part of West’s hybrid war on Russia

Russian armored unit disrupt Uke
Offensive in Kharkov region

US-made HARM missiles destroyed over
western Russia – Moscow

Donetsk shelled with NATO JROF-M rockets


Russian air defenses intercept six HIMARS,
Uragan rockets in Ukraine operation

Kiev regime ramping up use of Czech-made
MLRS in attacks on Donetsk, says DPR head

Rostec - Russia has significantly increased the
production of Iskander rockets and munition

Two dozen co-conspirators detained in
Kherson, Zaporozhye regions over week

Moscow considers Greece's plans to transfer
S-300s to Kiev hostile to Russia

Hundreds of weapons caches found in
Zaporozhye, Kherson Regions

Watch - Everything Biden Says Is Made Up

'We Are In Urgent Need For Help’ - NYC
Mayor Starts Freaking Out Over Impending
Wave Of Illegal Migrants

Watch - Senior Advisor Can't Say Why Biden
Hasn't Visited Border - Democrats Dismiss Crisis

Can the January 6 Panel Really Charge
Donald Trump?


NYC Uber Drivers Begin Strike After
Judge Blocks Pay Raises

Why Tucker Carlson remains a giant that
the establishment media can’t pull down

CNN Boss Slams ‘Uninformed Vitriol’ from Left

NYT Falsely Reports Percentage Of COVID Deaths

NYT roasted over swastika-like puzzle on Hanukkah

Antifa terror cell arrested, found with BOMBS
Bloomberg News calls for climate terrorists to
carry out 'property destruction 'nationwide

Deep state exposed as running a
‘protection racket’ for the Biden Family

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape
in LA sexual assault trial

Bankman-Fried 'Wants To See US Indictment’
Before Agreeing To Extradition - Lawyer

John Barbour’s Time Travel Merry Christmas


2023 Is Will Be A Cascade Of Mass BioWeapon
Murder…Already Seeded, Already Underway

UPDATE on Grant Wahl - disturbing evidence
mRNA shots cause aneurysms in healthy people

Tera Hertz Wands - 'For decades now,
no one’s succeeded in building a consumer
device that can transmit terahertz waves’
So What Is REALLY Being Emitted By These Wands?

What’s the covid jab doing to the brain?
…Dr. Vernon Coleman

Dr. Bhakdi - Every injected mRNA vaccine will cause
severe damage in our body and must be forbidden

German insurance data shows 88 fully-Jabbed
people are dying suddenly every day

Video shows why you should ALWAYS close the
lid before you flush the toilet - Countless Smaller
Aerosol Droplets Don’t Even Show In This Video

US Govt - $2 BILLION on the way to Pfizer
for COVID-19 antiviral treatment Paxlovid -
Iver And HCQ cost $1 per treatment course
...Pavloxid Costs $530

Tesla Shares Jump After Twitter Users Vote
For Elon Musk To Step Down As Chief Twit

TWITTER FILES - How The FBI Moved To Quash
Hunter Laptop Story Before, And After, NY Post


FBI Faces Subpoenas After Twitter Files
Exposing Social Media Ties - House Republican

European Commission Detects Antitrust
Law Breach in Meta's Ads

EU approves gas price ceiling of 180 euro/MWh
from March 15 — EU Council

EU gas price cap ‘unacceptable’ – Moscow

Qatar warns EU of gas trade consequences
amid graft probe

Oil rebounds as China pledges to revive

The Era Of Cheap Oil Has Come
To An End

Bank of Russia to test international payments
in cryptocurrency with companies

Russia’s parallel imports soar –
customs data

Russia’s grain export may reach 60 Million
tons this year


Canada set to seize Abramovich’s assets

Binance To Acquire Voyager Digital
Crypto Assets For $1 Billion

COMEX - Silver Registered Ratio Falls To 11.1%
– Lowest In 22 Years

Ukraine facing threat of FIFA suspension

Ukraine takes shot at FIFA

Macron mocked after ‘embarrassing’ efforts
to console World Cup star

Les Bleus C'est Moi - French President's World
Cup 'Hubris' Compared to Absolutist Monarchs

NATO On Edge As Russia Ramps Up Military
Activity In The Arctic

Brits Erect Penis-Headed Putin Statue,
Throw Eggs At 'Bellend Of The Year'

Poland urges civilians to undergo military


Suspected ‘Russian spy’ discovered in Vienna

Greece, Turkey Hold Secret Talks in Brussels
to Normalize Relations, Reports Say

Top MEP warns of new EU migration crisis

UK Writers Slam 'Lost to Cancel Culture’
Society of Authors Amid Gender Row

Europe can hardly claim to be independent
center of multipolar world — Lavrov

Russia ready to further develop nuclear
cooperation with Belarus, Putin assures

Belarus and Russia implement 60% of their
Union State programs — official

Ukraine Blasts 'Appeaser' Henry Kissinger
For Urging Peace Negotiations

British PM says talks on ceasefire in
Ukraine currently pointless

Putin Embraced By Lukashenko In Rare Visit
As Fears Mount Belarus Could Join Offensive


Russia, Belarus working on joint projects,
military-technical cooperation — Putin

Economic development priority in development
of relations between Russia, Belarus — Putin

Belarusian Armed Forces complete snap
combat readiness check - Defense Ministry

West to ramp up development of advanced,
biological, genetic weapons - intel head

CSTO states concerned over bio laboratories
on their territory, Secretary General says

US to continue to provoke escalation of tensions
in Taiwan Strait — intelligence chief

Seoul believes Japan would need approval
from South Korea for counterstrike on DPRK

Australian FM to Visit China

Hundreds of Aussies Affected by Psychoactive
Spinach Taint Incident

Iran accuses US of ‘propaganda war’


Divide et Impera - What's Really Behind West’s
Repeated Failures to Lift Africa Up From Poverty?

British High Court Permits to Send Illegal
Migrants From UK to Rwanda

A Look Back on History of Dutch Colonialism,
Slave Trade in Africa

Netherlands Expected to Officially Apologize
for Its Role in Slave Trade

Germany to Return 20 Looted Benin Bronzes
to Nigeria on Tuesday

Purple Haired Educator Brags About Indoctrinating
Kids, Then Complains About Right-Wing Reporting It

Federal Agency Warns Thousands Of Medicare
Recipients May Have Had Data Stolen


Hillary Christmas - Can’t Always Get What You Want

Putin has misread the West - if he doesn’t
 wake up soon, Armageddon is upon us

Russia Deploys Third Yars MIRV Nuclear 
Missile Near Moscow

Moscow Bomb Shelters In Apt buildings and 
shopping centers Are being equipped With 
Food, Supplies…Official Statement - Shock
decision of Russian leadership

 How to Know if Putin Is Going 
to Nuke Ukraine (?)

 UK confirms delivering Brimstone 2 precision
guided missiles to Ukes despite Russia warnings

Russian military Has cleared the center of
Maryinka Of Ukrainian troops

Uke Army Crushed In Donbass - Combat Videos
Russian Final Move On Soledar Underway

Zelensky aide confirms Ukraine tried 
to kill top Russian general 

Russia’s defense minister inspects 
frontline troops


US, Germany, Italy Vote to Oppose UN Nazism 
Resolution at UN - Nod of Support to Uke Nazi
Azov Battalion

At least one dead, several injured following 
Ukrainian strikes in Russia – governor 

 UK to deliver hundreds of thousands of artillery
 munitions to Ukraine in 2023 - Pushing Russia
into An Existential threat And Nuclear Response

British Military Goes Public About Covert
 Operations in Ukraine - Directly Fighting
The Russian Armed Forces

How the US Army Is Building a Fully 
Autonomous Fighting Force 

US Defense Contractors Sponsor DC Party
 for Ukrainian Forces Amid Ongoing War

Russia has found an answer to the 
nuclear blackmail of Ukraine

‘Reconquest’ of Crimea has started....in 
people’s heads – Zelensky 

Ukraine Conflict, Fears Over Alleged Russian 
Threat Boost 'US Capacity to Produce Weapons'

Pope calls Ukraine conflict a ‘global war’ 


What Is Happening To Our Wealthiest Cities 
Clearly Shows America's Rapid Decline - Snyder

LA County hospital beds drop to lowest
availability of pandemic (As Vax Injuries 
Get Worse And People Get Sicker and Sicker

New Poll - Trump Has Commanding 23 Point
 Lead Over Ron DeSantis for GOP Nod In 2024

DeSantis vs Trump Polls Mean Nothing 
Until Campaign Begins

DeSantis In A Complete Reversal Of His 2021 
Pro Vax Stance

US prosecutors investigating Democrats 
over FTX donations

RFK Jr - 'CIA's Murder of My Uncle Was a 
Successful Coup’ And America 'Has Never 

We’ve entered into a 'new world order’ 
says BlackRock Chairman 

'Deep dive' into Biden laptop reveals 459 
illegal acts, including 7 felonies by Joe Biden

Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade is ready
 to testify to Congress and believes other victims
 will go public 


 The 'Great Replenishment' Is the New Plan to 
Flood Rural Areas with Cheap Invader Labor

Invaders climbing out of sewer 
manholes into Texas

CO Rep Boebert Intros Bill to Halt Taxpayer
funded Abortions for Illegal Alien Invaders

Invaders Displacing American Citizens From
 US Homeless Shelters - Sickening

Two AZ GOP midterm candidates sue Katie
 Hobbs over abuse of power 

Ohio Teacher Allegedly Forced to Resign 
After Rejecting Students' 'Preferred Pronouns' 

Tens of Thousands Left Without Power After
 Heavy Snowstorm in US Northeast 

Heavy Snow, Extreme And Bitter Cold 
For All Central US Forecast This Week

DeSantis takes aim at 'woke' Pentagon, calls for 
redress for service members harmed by unlawful
 mRNA (BioWeapon) mandate

'I Identify as a PROUD Election-Denying Deplorable
 and My Pronouns are I WON' - Kari Lake 


 Has US Democracy Been a Hallucination
 for Nearly 60 Years?

San Bernardino County Votes to Study Secession
 from Far-Left Communist California

NYC homelessness hits record number

More Seattle homeless camps cleared as 
fatalities on the streets soar

Good Guy with Gun Stops Attack at Amazon
 Facility in AZ

Drag Queen Performer - Time to 'Kick Down 
Traditional Family Values...F**k Family'

Antarctica ozone hole closing a month later
 than usual for the third year in a row

Tera Hertz Wands - 'For decades now,
no one’s succeeded in building a consumer
device that can transmit terahertz waves’
So What Is REALLY Being Emitted By These Wands?

Dr. Bhakdi - Every injected mRNA vaccine will cause 
severe damage in our body and must be forbidden

Video shows why you should ALWAYS close the 
lid before you flush the toilet - Countless Smaller
Aerosol Droplets Don’t Even Show In This Video


Utterly Corrupt, Lying FDA finally admits
covid vaccines cause blood clots 

Lead UK Lockdown Fanatic Jeremy Farrar 
Promoted to be WHO’s Chief Scientist

AstraZeneca Boss kneels before The 
Great Reset King

China seeing rise in Covid-19 infections 
after the lifting of tough health curbs

US & UK Health Agencies Warn About 
Increase in Strep Infections Among Children 

Deluge Of Cancers Come Raging Back In 
Vaxed, Otherwise Stable, Cancer Patients 

 I took my Mom for the Covid jab, four 
days later she was dead 

Fit & Healthy 14 Yr Old Suffers Heart Attack
While Out Biking

?anada Delays Plans to Expand Medically 
Assisted Dying for Mentally Ill 

 Canada’s Health Director Who Lead Canada’s
 ‘Vaccine' Rollout Dies at 35 - Cause ‘Unknown'


Musk Asking Twitter Users Whether
He Should Step Down as CEO

After Twitter revelations, Rep. James Comer says 
Google and Facebook needs to be investigated for
 similar censorship collusion

New Twitter policy limits promoting rival 
social platforms

New York Post: Twitter Is 'Riddled’ with
 Ex-FBI Employees

EU Threatens Musk With Sanctions Over 
Suspending Media…After Ignoring Media 
Bans Under Old Twitter

Gates, Bezos Invest In Australian-Designed 
Brain Implant 

Two-Thirds Of Voters Believe Social Media 
Engaged In Politically-Motivated Censorship, 
Demand Congressional Action

Notorious Washington Post Doxxer Taylor 
Lorenz Un-Suspended From Twitter

US Space Force Space Combat Director Brought
Sex Toys To Work And wore a ‘Mankini’ To
Christmas Party - Still Has Six Figure Job

Pentagon has received 'several hundreds’ 
of new UFO reports 


NYC Sees Surge in UFO 'Sightings' This Year 

Roscosmos - temperature inside Soyuz MS-22 
spacecraft drops after radiator depressurization 

Sending Rescue Ship to ISS to Replace Damaged
 Soyuz May Take About One Month, Source Says 

The Principal Market Worry Is Shifting 
From Inflation To Recession 

Gold Is Money - Everything Else Is Credit 

Soaring energy prices cost EU $1 trillion 

Global Financial Chaos - It’s Now Inevitable 

LNG In Europe - Ready Or Not?

EU Clinches Deal to Overhaul Bloc’s
 Carbon Market 

Von Greyerz: US Double-Speak Will Not 
Stop Gold's Imminent Surge


Bank of France - Economy Faces Sharp Slowdown, 
Unlikely to Bounce Back Quickly 

Goldman Slashing Bonuses As Much As 40%

Why Central Banks Will Choose Recession
 Over Inflation

Sunak Slams UK Rail Union Leader as ‘Grinch’ 
Who Wants to ‘Steal Christmas’ 

Turdeau’s Govt Now Teaching Kids That If They’re
 15 or over, They can kill themselves with Doctors 
Help And It Won’t Hurt A Bit - Beyond Belief

France - Man Yelling 'Allahu Akbar!’ Chops
 Down Town Christmas Tree

'Ice Pancakes' Float Down Scottish River - Vid

Germany Inks Contract to Buy Junk F-35s 
Capable of Carrying Nukes

HK416 Finally Looks Set To Become Germany’s
 Next Service Rifle - 5.56 NATO Caliber

New German infantry fighting vehicle
 'riddled with defects' – Der Spiegel 


Croatian MPs reject EU training mission
 for Ukraine 

Major anti-NATO rally hits Paris streets 

 Nearly Half of Germans Believe Immigration
 is Bad for the Country 

Will The Fallout From ‘Qatargate’ 
Splatter The European Commission?

Participants in rally in supports of Kosovo Serbs
 try to break through police cordons - TV

KFOR Reportedly Tightens Security at Checkpoint
 in Northern Kosovo Over Rallying Serbs 

NATO announces military exercise in Kosovo 

Record snowfall causes chaos in Moscow - Vid

 Ghost of Soviet Union still haunts DC – Moscow 

Beijing's Move To Covid Coexistence
 Is Here To Stay 


China’s largest city tells schools to 
hold classes online

China Boosts J-20 Fighter Production to
 Counter U.S. Stealth Fighters

N Korea fires two ballistic missiles – Japan

Japanese Society Opposes Government’s 
Push For Military Build-Up 

Excess deaths in Australia ‘incredibly high’ at 13%

 Australia eyes B-21 to contain China but will 
US sell its most advanced stealth bomber?

Over 20 Protest Deaths In Peru As 'Coup’ 
Govt Extends Castillo's Jail Term

Journalist is arrested under Turkey's new 
anti-misinformation law

Nigerian Air Force Rescues Seven Chinese 
Nationals Kidnapped by Bandits in June

Junk Food Makers Target Blacks and Latinos, 
Increasing Risks From COVID


TV Abortion Plotlines Skyrocket as Hollywood
 Doubles Down on Roe vs Wade Outrage

 Strengthening these overlooked muscles 
can help you stay healthy 

Reason For WW3 - Russia Announces 'USA And
Poland Hit Targets Inside Our Territory' - Russia
Can Equal The Score Anytime

US Patriot Missiles Head for Ukraine and
Pressure on Israel Mounts

US Believes Ukraine Can Retake Crimea
But May Provoke Nuclear Escalation

Repair of two $2.1 billion B-2 Spirit nuclear
bombers will take several years - entire
squadron out of service

5 Global Flashpoints Which Could Absolutely
Explode During The Early Stages Of 2023

Russia-NATO dialogue out of the question
at this point - Russian source

NATO SecGen Says Relations Between Russia
and The West Have Been Forever Destroyed

US complicit in Ukrainian attacks on
Russian airfields – DPR head

Russian troops get acoustic and infrared
hardware to detect Ukrainian artillery

Russia building protective dome at world’s
largest nuclear plant – senior official

Damage to Ukrainian civilian infrastructure
self-inflicted – Russia


Moscow Lambasts Moldova's Move to Revoke
Licenses of Russian-Language Channels as Censorship

Ukraine Angry After FIFA Rejects Zelensky
Request To Address World Cup Final

Capitol riot committee to seek charges
against Trump – reports

FBI Whistleblower Slams Ted Lieu, Says He
Was Moved Off Child Porn Cases To Focus On J6

Incredible! New York BANS Pet Sales as Part
of WEF Agenda To End Human-Pet Companionship

Disgruntled NYC Students Occupy Univ Bldg
...Demand They Be Given Top Grades

Court Rules Against Biological Females Over
Connecticut Transgender Athlete Policy

US Scraps 1954 Decision Revoking Security
Clearance for 'Father of Atomic Bomb'

Benny Johnson on Twitter - 'Tucker Carlson -
Yes, the CIA killed President Kennedy - Your
government is a lie'

Denver Mayor Says City 'On Verge Of Breaking


Cops ‘Protect’ Town by Arresting Elderly
Women for Feeding Stray Cats, Neutering
Them, and Getting Them Adopted

Trump Vows To Ban Feds From Targeting
‘Misinformation If He’s Elected

Tera Hertz Wands - 'For decades now,
no one's succeeded in building a consumer
device that can transmit terahertz waves'
So What Is REALLY Being Emitted By These Wands?

Spike proteins cause lymphocytes to
'chew a hole in the aorta' warns Dr. Cole

US Hospitals Are Mobbed with every room and
even HALLWAYS occupied with portable cots
has the spike protein apocalypse begun? (Yes)

EctoLife - The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility
This is the PLAN and the female reproductive cancers
and plunging Male fertility stats prove it

Blaylock - A World Gone Mad…A Wake-Up Call

Will The Real Bill Gates Please Stand Up - Vid

Celine Dion Destryed from KNOWN ’Side Effect’
of the COVID BioWeapon ‘vaccine’ (99.6% certainty)

UN health watchdog says cholera outbreaks are
now larger and deadlier than in previous years -
WHO Says Vaccines Running Very Low (Same old)

Beijing's Move To Covid Coexistence
Is Here To Stay

Setting The Record Straight On Ivermectin


Newborn Dies After Hospital ‘Loses’
Unvaxed Blood Procured by Parents!

Mad Deer Disease (CWD) Threatens Herds All
Across the Country - No Way To Treat Or Stop It

Musk Releases Doxxing Journalists From
Twitter Jail After Poll

Musk decides on banned journalists

Former Rolling Stone Editor Perfectly
Describes the FBI Relationship With Twitter

Taibbi Hits Back After Critics Attack Durin
'Twitter Files' Release

Social Media Coordination Between DOJ
And FBI Is Not Limited To Twitter - Nunes

Wigington - Global GeoEngineering News Alert #384
Creating Your Holiday Weather

Pentagon Announces There Are No
ETs On Planet Earth - Endless Lies

Pentagon clarifies position on aliens


Caliber Comparison - Understanding the
DifferenceBetween 308 and 556

Massive Wave Of Car Repossessions And
Loan Defaults To Trigger Auto Market Disaster
& Cripple US Economy

Snow Job - Fed Admits Govt Job Estimates
too High by Over 1 Million, which Means
Serious Peril!

Oil Exports From Key Russian Port Cut
In Half As Price Cap Kicks In

Sammy The Bank-Man Changes Mind On
Extradition To US After Four Days In
Bahamian Jail

Global Gas Crunch Is Set To Worsen
As China Reopens

Oil Exports From Key Russian Port
Cut In Half As Price Cap Kicks In

Russia-Indonesia trade soars – envoy

Thousands protest cost-of-living
crisis in Belgium

Anti-government rally held in
downtown Rome


Investing For The New Gold-Based
Global Economy

Digital Currency Becomes Possible
In Our Future - (Count On It)

Global Rate-Hikes Hit The Wall Of
Debt Maturity

West should never quit talks with Moscow – Scholz

Germany Putting Measures in Place to Curb
Illegal Migration

Over 400 Hotels Being Used To House
Boat Invaders In UK

France to End Visa Restrictions for Moroccans

Seven Far-Right Activists Detained After
France-Morocco Match to Face Trial

China's 'most powerful' carrier group enters West
Pacific for drills amid Japan's breakaway from
defense-only principle

Beijing's Move To Covid Coexistence
Is Here To Stay


Stolen Syrian Oil - The Fuel for Syria’s Partition

Iran’s uranium enrichment rate record-high —
Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization head

No one expects breakthroughs at consultations
between IAEA, Iran - Russian envoy

Libya Rejects Egypt's Demarcation of
Maritime Borders

169 Killed in DR Congo Floods, UN Says

Green Vs Green - Endangered Flower
May Wipe Out Nevada Lithium Mine

Tucker - Source Has Seen the CIA's JFK
Assassination Files - Says the Agency Killed
Kennedy And The US Govt Is 'All Fake' - Video

Source - Withheld JFK docs show CIA
had role in his murder

New JFK Assassination Records released
On 12-15-22 Available To Be Seen Here...

Is nuclear war between Russia and US possible?
(Is Grass green?)

Russian nuclear chief warns of absolute penetration

Medvedev casts doubt on NATO’s assertions
that US-led bloc not at war with Russia

Russian arms makers switch to six-day
working week

US Sends Infantry Unit To Base Just Miles
Away From Russian Border In Estonia

New Barrage Of Russian Missiles, Drones
Hit Ukraine Power Structure Targets

Ukraine returned to the Stone Age in one hour
Storm of Russian missiles from 4 points on the
horizon - Millions of Ukrainians in the dark


Relentless pounding on trapped Uke 79th
Brigade in Marinka Called An Inferno - Vodiane
ends - Avdeeka counts down - Video

Strikes on Ukraine’s power grid slow delivery
of munitions 2-3 times - politician

Water supply disrupted in all districts of Kiev

Ukrenergo declares state of emergency due
to energy infrastructure damage

Zelensky’s Wife Goes to Paris and Begs for Money
and Goods Then Reportedly Goes on 40,000 Euro
Shopping Spree IN ONE HOUR!

LPR units destroy up to 90 Uke soldiers a day

Moscow - Drones Used for Attacks on Crimea,
Other Russian Regions Made by US Spektreworks

Moscow has data confirming US And Poland’s
involvement in terror attacks in Russia

Russia expects answers to questions about
bio laboratories in Ukraine from US

Russian troops eliminate two Ukrainian
subversive groups in DPR


FIFA turns down Zelensky’s request
for pre-World Cup final match address

Zelensky Urges Ban On Russian Athletes
From Olympics, Even Under Neutral Flag

White House - US Does Not See Any
Indication of Imminent Russian Move on Kiev

US Infantry Unit Arrives in Estonia for
Joint Service and Drills

Pentagon Claims US Not Seeking Conflict With
Russia, Focused on Providing Help to Ukraine
…An Asinine, Ludicrous Statement

Czech Republic to launch production of
drones for Ukraine

Arizona judge approves Lake request to
examine ballots

Biden Apparently Joins Those Trolling
Trump Over ‘Major Announcement’

Will Ron DeSantis exorcise Donald Trump?

Rand Paul Slams 'Emasculated Republicans’
For Accepting Bloated Spending Bill


DHS Says It Will Close Gaps Along Southwest
Border Wall As End Of Title 42 Looms

Half Million Invaders cross US-Mex
border in just 74 days

Biden, his administration and His Controllers
seeking to destroy America - Obviously

Butcher Biden to Destroy the Commercial
Fishing Industry Next

S Dakota Gov Noem Proposes Legislation
To Restrict Chinese Purchase Of US Farmland

California’s Ludicrous Slave Reparations Bill

Black Activist Warns CA Reparations Task Force
To Give At Least $800,000 to Each Black Resident
Or There Will Be Serious Trouble!

AOC Climate Change Documentary Bombs
At Box Office - An Utter Flop

$11 for a head of CA lettuce? Here's what’s
behind the outrageous prices

Laguna Beach Leftist residents up in arms
over new police cruiser Patriotic Paint design


Astonishing Photo Of Amyloid Clot Material Taken
Out By A Post-Surgical Abdominal Drain Tube
This Was The ‘Liquid' In The Patient’s Abdomen!

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Says ‘Vaccine'
Misinfo One of the Biggest Public Health Threats

Suddenly It’s ‘Dog Flu’ (Or Is It?) - Don’t Worry,
There Is A ‘Vaccine’ For It, Of Course!

Vote to Reinstate 8,000 Troops Booted For
Refusing BioWeapon Shots Fails, But the
Mandate Is Dead in New Defense Bill

‘Study' Claims Unvaxed People More Likely
To Be Reckless, Cause Traffic Accidents
…An hilarious effort to coverup Vaxidents

Transhuman Horror - Elite Want to Genetically
Alter Children in the Womb, Hybrid Globalist Kids

Roundup Ready Alfalfa - Nothing Is Safe

Claim - Twitter was run by 'gay mafia’ peddling
child porn while censoring conservatives

Fan Sues Tom Brady After Losing Nearly
His Entire Life Savings in FTX Deal

Democrats lied under oath about
social media censorship


The US Is Preparing For The Possibility
Of War With China...In Space?

Space imaging company Maxar agrees
to $6.4 billion takeover

Ancient Egyptians Were Involved With ETs
Here Are 10 Pieces Of Evidence

Arctic Summer Sea Ice Stopped Declining
a Decade Ago – But Scientists Have Hidden It

Flying insect numbers plunge 64% since 2004,
UK survey finds - (Fukushima Rad Buildup)

CBDC in 2023 - Federal Reserve planning to
implement ‘FedNow' digital currency between
May-July of 2023

Ford Raises F-150 Lightning Prices Again,
Now 40% More Expensive

Russian gas supplies to China soar

Biden Wants $8 Billion In Taxpayer Funds
To Shut Down Coal Power In South Africa

Global Coal Production to Hit Record 8.3 Billion
Tons in 2022 Amid Energy Crisis


Crude Spikes After White House Says It Will
Start Refilling Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Bitcoin Tumbles As Binance 'Proof-Of-Reserves’
Removed From Auditor's Site

Germany Unleashed Half-Trillion Dollar
'Energy Bazooka' To Keep Lights On

High Heating Bills Force Some Cafes in
Budapest to Close Until Spring

SEC Begins To Ask Questions As Blackstone’s
Flagship Funds Hit Redemption Limits

Mass Wall Street Layoffs Officially Arrive...
Goldman To Lay Off As Many As 4,000 Employees

Turkish Central Bank says inflation expected
at 66% by year end

EU blacklists 168 Russian defense, energy
and mining companies - No chance For peace

'Where’s the Money for Your Own Population?’ Scholz
Mocked Over 18 Billion Euro Ukraine Aid Remarks

UK Govt Contracts $157 Million Worth of ‘Mini
Drones' for Army From US Lockheed Martin


Cocaine traces found at former UK
PM’s retreat – Guardian

'Never': Spanish PM Sanchez on Renewed Call
for Catalonia Independence

EU adopts ninth round of anti-Russia sanctions

Switzerland joins latest EU sanctions on Moscow

EU imposes sanctions on Russian armed forces,
volunteers, defense companies

EU countries freeze Russian private assets
worth 19 Billion euros — newspaper

Tribunal in Hague Sentences Ex-Kosovo Guerrilla
Commander Mustafa to 26 Years for War Crimes

Belgrade Asks NATO Mission to Allow Serbian
Army and Police in Kosovo

Protesters Demonstrate in Belgrade Amid
Conflict Between Kosovo Serbs and Pristina

Poll - Putin Trusted by 75% of Russians,
77% Assess President's Performance Positively


Kissinger says it’s time to resolve conflict
in Ukraine through talks

OBiden US thinks moment for diplomacy
on Ukraine has not come yet — Sullivan

Unemployment in Russia drops to record low

Kremlin spokesman slams WSJ claims Kadyrov
was told to assassinate Zelensky as ‘nonsense’

Putin, Modi discuss cooperation in energy,
agriculture, and transport — Kremlin

India Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile
After Minor Border Clash With China

Japan announces $320 billion five-year
defense spending plan

Beijing castigates Tokyo’s plan to boost
military might over ‘Chinese threat’

S Korea lodges protest with Japan
over Dokdo islands

India’s Modi calls for dialogue on Ukraine
in phone call with Putin


Zionist settlers Destroy dozens of olive trees
On Palestinian land in Salfit

Fed Appeals Court Rules Against Women, Affirms
Policy of Allowing Transgender Girls to Compete on
Female Sports Teams in Connecticut Case

A Complete Analysis Of How The Bolshevik
‘Democrats’ Completed Their Coup And
Overthrow Of America

Russian Donbass Cmdr - 'nuclear escalation Is inevitable’
...Elite Belarusian Forces begin staging for sweep into
Western Ukraine - 'Russia is unable to defeat NATO bloc’
without using nukes 'a Russian Cmdr has admitted'

Russian Nuclear Forces Chief Explains The
Sarmat ICBM’s Utter Superiority As Russia
Tries To Get The US-NATO To Back Down

200,000 Russian soldiers will arrive
at the gates of Kiev - War fever in Belarus

Russia Warns Of ‘Unpredictable' Spiral If
US Sends Patriot Missiles To Ukraine

Russia Reaching Out To North Korea, Iran
As It Burns Through 40 Year Old Ammo
Says Pentagram

Russians adapted to US-made HIMARS
...top Uke general claims

US Military Expert on Why Patriot Systems
Won’t Be Game-Changer in Ukraine

Ritter - Ukraine is going to lose very badly

Russian troops wipe out command posts of
two Ukrainian army brigades


West openly encourages shelling of DPR
by supplying Ukraine with new weapons

US air force veteran freed by Russia

Russia showcases loading of Yars nuclear ICBM

Vatican apologizes to Russia – Moscow

EU leaders call for accelerated joint arms
purchases to replenish reserves

US plans to train up to 800 Ukrainian troops
each month in Germany

What Are the Smart Bombs That Washington
Reportedly Plans to Deliver to Kiev?

Zelensky-founded studio under fire
for ‘blasphemy’

Ukrainian military ‘on edge’ because of
Russian strikes, chief commander says

Ukraine 'Gift' Explodes in Polish Police Chief’s
Office, Wounds Several People


Epstein Victim Will Release Shocking Video
Tapes of Elites in Monstrous Acts

Financial System Begins To Break - The
Collapse Will Be Sudden

Twitter Exposing the Real Threat
The Communist Overthrow Of America

Dem Rep. Says Term 'Pedophile' Is

Outgoing OR Gov Kate Brown Commutes
All Death Row Sentences

Oregon LGBTQ Members Fear New Gun
Controls Won’t Let Them Buy Firearms
And Will Make Them Vulnerable

LA's New Mayor Declares 'State Of
Emergency’ Over Homelessness

Airlines Lobbying Congress To Allow Just
One (Usually Vaxed) Pilot In The Cockpit
...Air Disasters Will Follow

'Some Sort Of Sex Slave'? Son Of Pelosi’s
‘Attacker’ Breaks Silence, Fuels Speculation

Reporter Behind '50 Former Intel Officials’
Hunter Biden Propaganda Ignored DNI Denial


No Accounting For Gaffes - Biden Mistakenly
Vows $350 Billion for Africa's Digital Economy

Sen Hawley - Biden Officials 'Don’t Want A Border'

Vote Recount Flips MA Midterm Race From
Republican To Democrat By 1 Vote

WaPost Staff Meeting Erupts Into Chaos As
Layoffs Announced

Trump's 'Major Announcement' Turns Out to Be
Own Brand of Trading Cards

Here’s How They Did it - Real-time
Election Fraud by Database Latency

Fentanyl Crisis Is Another Planned Genocide
...It Is Not An ‘Accident'

CDC took down own pro-gun stats when
gun-control activists demanded

Dictionaries shameful redefinition of
the word 'woman'

Commucrat Turns Into Stuttering Mess As
She Is Shown Her Own Tweets - Vid


Communist WA State’s Free, Full Health Insurance
For All Invaders Is Approved - American’s Can All
Go To Hell...

Free Audiobook On Organized Stalking-Electronic
Torture - 'Lifeline- Essential Insights And Healing Music
For Illegally Targeted Citizens’ (Experts’ Testimonies
Narrated W/ Music And Songs by Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

Bolshevik Biden-Created Border Crisis
About to Get Whole Lot Worse

Outgoing OR Gov Kate Brown Commutes
All Death Row Sentences

Accomplished 44 Yr Old Thai Princess, Heir to
the Throne, on Life Support Following Sudden
Cardiac Arrest

People Died From mRNA Vax Damaged Hearts,
New Peer-Reviewed German Study Provides
Direct Evidence

US Govt confirms BioWeapon Jabs caused a 1,433x
increase in reports of Cancer to CDC Database
...And How Many Weren’t Reported?

Biden Admin Moves To Make Expired COVID
Rules For Health Care Workers Permanent

House Committee Bemoans Lack of US Spying
on Chinese Health Figures During Covid’s Earliest Days

Biden Admin Restarts Free CV-19 At-Home
Test Program as Part of Winter Plan


UK doctors warn of ‘biggest cancer crisis’

FDA 'turned a blind eye' to 'submission of
fraudulent data' on covid injections - investigator

McDonald’s, Walmart, Taco Bell Fueling
Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

Tera Hertz Range

Soaring Numbers of People Seeking Porn
Addiction Treatment in UK

Musk Tweets Video Of Crazy Stalker Who
Climbed On Hood Of Car His Son Was In

Apple and Microsoft Not Doing Enough to
Prevent Child Abuse Content, Australian
Regulator Says

Washington's TikTok Ban & Broader Hi-Tech
War on China May Backfire - Author

Israel to introduce sweeping online
censorship law

Former Twitter employee sentenced in US
for spying for Saudi government

Wolves From Twitter - A Group of Social Media
Influencers Manipulated Stock Market in $114
Million Fraud


Swiss Suicide pod That kills in 60 seconds - Video

Watch - F-35B Junk Stealth Jet Crash
Lands At Forth Worth Naval Air Base And
Pilots Ejects With Plane On Ground

Here Comes The Job Shock - Philadelphia Fed
Admits US Jobs Overstated By At Least 1.1 Million

Schiff - The Fed Hikes Rates To Highest Level
Since 2007 - That's A Big Problem

Morgan Stanley Slams The Fed's Inconsistent,
Contradictory Message

Senator Elizabeth Warren uses FTX
collapse as a reason to introduce
surveillance of ALL crypto wallets

Ernst & Young Tells Employees Not To
Expect A Holiday Bonus This Year

Costco To Hike Membership Fees As Soon As January

'Close Associate' Of SBF Tipped Off
Bahamian Authorities

Bitcoin Drops Amid Fed's Decision to
Increase Interest Rate


Cool Head & Cold Wallet: How to
Protect Your Crypto From Scammers

Germany resorts to record borrowing

Bank of England Raises UK Interest
Rate to Highest Level in 14 Years

UK Nurses Begin Biggest Strike in Their History
Over Below-Inflation Pay Offer - Photos

'Anyone Who Thinks This Is A Pivot Is Wrong'
ECB Doubles Down On Hawkish Signals As it
Hikes Into Recession

Gazprom: Gas Pumping From Underground
Facilities in Europe Sets Historic Record on Dec 13

Russia interested in scaling up oil production
in Venezuelan projects

German legislator hits out at EU’s 'absurd’
price cap on Russian energy

German lawmaker supports resumption of
energy cooperation with Russia

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Says China &
Gulf States Stunned by the West Anti-Russia Moves


Denmark sacrifices public holiday to
pay NATO bill

No decisions so far made on Nord Stream repairs
Says Russia

Macron defends World Cup trip to Qatar
amid corruption row

EU parliament chief pledges ‘clampdown’
amid corruption scandal

The Harry Dunn case shows the US-UK
‘special relationship’ isn’t so special

EU States Negotiating Setting Price Cap on
Gas at $210, Reports Suggest

Spain Plans to Persuade Germany,
Netherlands to Agree to Lower Gas Price Cap

French Politician Accuses Macron,
Von Der Leyen of Adding to EU Energy Crisis

EU Leaders Will Not Agree on 9th Package of
Sanctions Against Russia on Thursday

Prompt reciprocal measures to follow EU’s
9th package of sanctions — ministry


Rare Triple-Dip La Nina Spurs Blast Of Cold Air
In Asia While Russia Shifts Energy Shipments East

Russian grain harvest sets an historic record

Putin accuses EU of being a doormat for US

Putin - Russia Will Not Resort to Self-Isolation,
Will Seek Partners in Asia, Africa, MidEast & LatAm

Russia will never follow path of self-imposed
isolation, autarky — Putin

Diplomat reveals under what conditions
Russia open to talks on settling Ukraine conflict

Putin instructs Cabinet to adjust work plan
of defense industry and state defense order

Unlike Western countries, Russia continues
food aid to poorest nations — Putin

Russia holds talks on visa-free regime with
Persian Gulf, Asian states

Russian ambassador says West twisting
Belgrade’s arm over Kosovo


Russia to develop payment mechanisms

Ruble share of Russian trade has doubled

Russian public finances remain resilient - Putin

Russia does not need to borrow abroad - Putin

Putin says Russia will reroute more gas to Asia

Gas hub platform in Turkey can be created in coming months - Putin

Putin instructs government to achieve
tangible growth in real wages in 2023

Putin castigates West’s actions as
economic war against Russia

Putin instructs Cabinet to finance leasing
of domestically built aircraft, ships

Putin calls sanctions ‘incentive to build
fully sovereign economy’


Putin - Supplies From Russia to EU Up 1.5
Times in 9 Months, Total Exports Up by 42%

Russian Tu-95MS bombers patrolled for
seven hours over the Sea of ??Japan - Vid

China Sees $10 Billion In LNG
Tanker Orders In 2022

China Develops Short-Range Missiles Able to
Hit Taiwan's Critical Infrastructure

Balancing Act: US, China Vie for Jakarta’s
Friendship, But West Offers Little More Than Guns

US Expects China, India to Negotiate ‘Very Good’
Prices on Russian Oil But Under Price Cap

China's Xi Strengthens Trade and Energy
Ties With Russia Behind Diplomatic Scenes

Israel to evict Ukrainians – media

Erdogan slams ‘repulsive’ comment by top
EU diplomat about Ankara’s ties with Moscow

€1.5M Stuffed In Suitcase & Paper Bag - EU Parliament
Bars Qataris From Premises As Graft Probe Widens


The European Parliament’s ‘Qatar scandal’
is just the tip of a corruption iceberg

Biden Calls for African Union to Join
G20 as Permanent Member

DR Congo Invites Russian Companies to
Develop Its Gas, Oil Fields, Embassy Says

Algeria's Gas Exports Hit Record 56
Billion Cubic Meters Year to Date

CEO of South African Electricity Provider
Eskom Resigns, Media Say

Remaining 130 French Soldiers Leave
Central African Republic

M23 Rebel Group Says Met DR Congo Army
Officials, Military Delegates as Nation Seeks Peace

Largest Ever Drag Queen Story Time
Coming to Florida In January

GLAAD Invents ‘Dragphobia’ - Really

Disney Not Queer Enough for GLAAD, Receives
'Insufficient' Mark in Annual LGBTQ Inclusivity
Report Card


Toddler survives being swallowed by hippo

Direct From Brasilia - False Flag Trying To Smear
Bolsonaro Confirmed - Exclusive Information And 
Video Of Legit Demonstration - Can President
Bolsonaro Use Military To Reverse Fraud Election?

If They Get The Opportunity, They Will Transform 
Our Society Into A Dystopian Hellscape - Snyder

5 Global Flashpoints Which Could Absolutely
 Explode During The Early Stages Of 2023 - Snyder

The thermonuclear endgame is progressing

Video Of Armed American Troops Who Got Lost In 
Ukraine And Went To A Russian-Speaking Home 
And Asked For A Map To Go Kill Russian Troops!

US Planning to Provide Kiev With Equipment
to Convert Rockets Into 'Smart Bombs' 

Russia Deploys Huge Yars ICBM Outside
 Moscow, Aimed at the West

US missiles in Ukraine will be targeted
 if delivered – Kremlin

Mearsheimer: 'We’re playing Russian roulette’ - Vid


 Viktor Bout on America - 'They’re Losing, Literally,
 Their Country’ - Vid

Shelters, backpacks and FM radios
 Kiev prepares for possible nuclear war

Kiev Seizes Assets Of Russian Orthodox Clerics

Slovakia Prepares to Send MiG-29s to Ukraine

 Poland to be Next Country to be Sacrificed 

Germany 'Runs Low' On Ammunition & Is 
Critically Dependent On China To Restock
 Its Arsenal

Malik Obama AGAIN Posts About 
'Big Mike’ AKA Michelle Obama

White House snubs question on donations
 from FTX founder

'Risk Of Flight Too Great' - Sammy The Bankman-Fried
 Denied Bail, Remanded To Custody

Drag Queen Invited To Biden's White House
 Caught Tweeting About Kids 'Sucking D' 


Klaus Schwab - God Is Dead And The WEF Is
Acquiring ‘Divine Powers’ - Harari Says ‘Jesus
Is The Original Fake News’

'Something Very Strange about This Man’
The ‘Prophet'...Yuval Noah Harari Says
‘Jesus Is The Original Fake News'

Drought emergency declared for 
all of Southern California 

 Maricopa Judge - 'I have no confidence at all 
this election was run fairly'

 Nine Meals from Anarchy 

Andrew Jackson vs the Rothschild Bankers

Pornhub study reveals 2022 trends and which
 countries watch the most sex online

EctoLife - This is The Brave New World 
How Babies Will Be Gene-Edited And
Grown In Synthetic Wombs - Start At 27:00

Sudden death epidemic among young, 
middle-aged Americans skyrockets 

DeSantis to investigate Covid ‘Vax’
related injuries


 Fauci - 'I Don’t Have a Clue' Why DeSantis 
Wants to Investigate Vaccines

Fauci’s replacement is Arguably Worse - Already
Signs Deal With CCP For More BioWeapons

Whopper Of A Promo Video For The 
Tera Hertz Wand 

Dr. Pierre Kory's Warning On 
Tera Hertz Devices

Tera Hertz Wands - Warning From 
Severely Vax-Injured Woman - Video

Tera Hertz Radiation Can Disrupt 
Protein in Living Cells

US Lawmakers Ask Biden Admin Officials to 
Provide Information on COVID-19 Origins
...What A Joke!

Baby Dies of Blood Clots After WA Hospital 
Performs Vaxed Blood Transfusion Against 
Parents' Wishes 

You’re Gonna Get Sick, Get Used To It!

 Experts Sound Alarms as Canada Expands
 Euthanasia to Cover 'Mental Illness’ (To Be
Defined And Decided By Whom?)


 BQ, XBB omicron subvariants pose 
serious threat to boosters

Third Journalist Dies Suddenly At World Cup

Soccer Journalist Grant Wahl's Cause 
of Death Revealed ('an aortic aneurysm')
How Many Shots had he taken?

Amazon Censorship - DC Dave

Stockman - Twitter Implicitly Became The
Ministry Of Truth

Twitter Account Tracking Elon Musk’s 
Private Jet ‘Suspended'

Musk Accused Of Being A ‘Dangerous’ Right Wing
 QAnon ‘Terrorist' After Tweeting Rabbit Emoji

FBI, Ukraine IT Army & Fauci - How Musk’s 
Twitter Files Sent Liberals Into Meltdown

Elon Musk apologizes to Norway

Meta Sued For Promoting Hate Speech 
in Africa, Media Report


Controlled Zio MSM Silence On Twitter 
Files Is Utterly Shameful 

Musk Puts Justin Trudeau on Notice over 
'Attempt to Muzzle the Voice of the 
People of Canada' 

 US Air Force carries out first fully successful 
test of air-launched hypersonic missile 

US Space Force Establishes First Foreign 
Command in S Korea as N Korea Ramps 
Up Missile Launches

We Are About To Witness A MAJOR Move
 Toward A Cashless Society - Snyder

 US national debt passes $31 trillion 
...November deficit hit $249 billion

Jamie Dimon likens crypto investing to
 buying a ‘pet rock’ in CNBC interview

Binance withdrawals jumped to $3 billion
 in 24 hours, Nansen says 

 Leftists Aren't Capable Of Surviving 
Economic Collapse - Here's Why 

Elon Musk sells $3.58 Billion of Tesla shares


Austrian energy exec sheds light on 
Russian gas imports

Switzerland Launches Website for Real
Time Energy Supply Monitoring

Netherlands Taps Gas Reserve as Demand 
Rises by 30% Amid December Cold - Operator

Russia-led EEU trade bloc will soon stop using 
The dollar – Lavrov

Inflation in Finland hits 40 year high

Will Gold Prices Go to the Moon in 2023?

FOMC Hikes By 50bps, Hawkishly Signals 
Rates Will Go Higher-For-Longer

The Fed Believes Inflation Will Be 2% in 2023

No Surprise - Wall St Wants To Raise The 
Target Inflation Rate Above 2 Percent

Germany is now a ‘total dictatorship’ 


Irish Govt Begins Jailing People Who Refuse
 To Use ‘Gender-Neutral Pronouns’ 

EU Reaches Deal To Impose World's First 
Carbon Border Tariff - Globalism Wins

EU, UK Gorging on Russian Diesel as 
Sanctions Deadline Nears

Albanians forcibly seize power in Kosovo’s
 North Mitrovica — Serbian Cabinet

Leaders of unrecognized Kosovo sign bid
 for EU membership

German plotters planned to assassinate 
Chancellor Scholz — report

Macron’s party HQ raided by investigators 

Ten European Parliament Offices Sealed Off
 Amid Bribery Scandal Investigation

Kosovo applies for EU membership

Norwegian Lesbian Woman Faces Prison 
Term for Claiming Men Cannot Be Lesbians


Argentina’s too-white football team falls
 on woke radar in Qatar

German media accused of racism 
over Morocco celebration claims

EU set to freeze assets of RT's parent company 

Russian Research Center to Conduct Static 
Tests of New Homegrown SSJ Passenger Jet

Russia Will File Claim for Damages to WTO 
After Lithuania Bans Transit - Kremlin

By Demanding Russia’s ‘Complete Isolation,’ 
The Baltics Risk Economic Annihilation

Watchdog estimates 4,500 Civilian death 
toll from Ukrainian attacks on Donbass 
since mid-February

Ukrainian forces fire ten Grad rockets at Gorlovka

DPR soldiers exchanged for Ukrainian 
POWs were beaten, denied medical aid

Russian troops eliminate five Ukrainian 
subversive groups in Donbass 


New mobilization wave possible in Ukraine
 to replenish casualties, Defense Ministry says

Kiev fires over 700 HIMARS rockets at 
Donbass since onset of NATO arms supplies 

US charges Russians with illegally 
purchasing electronics

UK training Ukrainian judges for trials 
of Russians

AI Sen Tuberville says America isn’t number
 one on the world stage anymore, China is

US Planning to Sanction Over 30 Chinese 
Chip Manufacturers, Reports Say

US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Restrict
 Huawei's Access to Banks

Report - India Scrambles Jets to Address 
'Enhanced Chinese Air Activity'

China Committed to Developing Strategic 
Partnership With Iran

 Iran among top 10 steel producing states


Iran, China Agree to Jointly Develop Oil
And Gas Fields

Ruble may become main currency in 
Iran-Russia trading relations - ambassador

Iranian ambassador lauds energy cooperation
 between Tehran, Moscow

Talks on free trade zone between Iran, 
EAEU conclude - Iranian envoy to Russia

US-Africa Leaders Summit Opens With 
Warnings Of Russia ‘Destabilizing' Continent

SA Parliament Votes Against Ramaphosa’s 
Impeachment Over 'Farmgate' Scandal

Russia Considers Political Crisis in South 
Africa A Domestic Affair – Diplomat

'Independent' Supply Chain Needed to Boost 
Russian Agricultural Exports to Africa

Africa Should Stop 'Begging' & Develop Itself
 to Earn ‘Respect’ - Ghanaian President

In Fresh Swing at Trump, McConnell Bemoans 
‘Candidate Quality’ Issue Behind Mediocre 
Midterm Success


Trump sues Pulitzer Prize Board – Fox News

Over 1,500 Illegal Immigrants Pour Into El Paso
 In Massive Single-Day Crossing

Oregon Governor commutes all death sentences

Manchin Says He Has No Intention Of 
Leaving The Democratic Party

 Mystery - 8 Yr Old Suddenly Can’t Walk 
Then Stops Speaking Midsentence And Is
Completely Disabled - Finally A Diagnosis 

 Police - Woman Took Carjacker's Gun, 
Shot Him in Head, Dead

Which Countries Believe WWIII Is Coming?

We Are About To Witness A MAJOR Move
Toward A Cashless Society - Snyder

AP Admits Alex Jones Trial Was Just
For ‘Show’ And Will Soon Be Thrown Out

Ritter - Russia Ukraine NATO special
military operations update

NATO Chief ‘Fears’ A Full Blown War
Between The West & Russia This Winter

Kremlin doesn’t plan to change nuclear
doctrine quickly

Kremlin unaware of Zelensky’s ‘peace summit’
initiative, says spokesman

Viktor Bout joins right-wing Russian
political party

Zelensky says 50% of Ukraine’s energy
facilities destroyed

ZNPP came under shelling by Ukrainian
troops on December 11


Russian army systematically pushes
frontline back - Kadyrov

Russian troops wipe out over 230 military
targets in Ukraine operation -top brass

Mobilized Russian Troops Recall Close
Encounter Fighting Off Foreign Mercenaries

Lugansk PoWs Released From Ukrainian
Prison Recount Torture: Ombudswoman

LPR official says remains of 500 residents
of liberated areas were retrieved

Ukrainian troops execute at least 20
people in Kherson region

Ukrainian troops shell LPR’s Kremennaya
from 155mm artillery systems

Pentagon Gives Tacit Support For Ukrainian
Drone Attacks Deep Inside Russia

Ex-Nazis in the service of Uncle Sam - How the
US took control of Germany’s main intel service

Biden welcomes Zelensky's 'openness' to peace
while promising more weapons


US Treasury Chief Affirms Aid to Ukraine
For 'As Long as it Takes'

Beware of Long Wars - Uke attacks on Russia
are Very Dangerous

Ukes Deliberately Kill 20 civilians in five days
of shelling of Donbass towns

The War in Ukraine Is Now a Sanctions War
Between Russia and the West

NATO is Running Out of Weapons to
Send to Ukraine - or Defend Themselves

The World Is On The Edge Of A Catastrophe
Never Seen In History - All By Design...

NYT Mocked for Using Photo of Shotgun
Shells While Referring to AR-15s

Bolshevik Biden’s EPA Prepares To Crack
Down On Home Appliances!

WEF Wants To Slaughter Millions of Pet
Cats and Dogs To Fight Climate Change

World Economic Forum calls for
end to private car ownership


US Judge Dismisses Trump Lawsuit Challenging
Mar-a-Lago Documents Search for 'Lack of Jurisdiction'

US Govt Facing Renewed Push to Drop Charges
Against WikiLeaks Founder Assange, Reports Say

Rand Paul - 'Republicans Are Not Perfect
But Are Not Pushing Your Child To Have
Surgery To Remove Their Genitalia'

Shocking Video Shows Huge Invader Caravan
Crossing Into El Paso

California High Speed Rail - Low Speed Fail

CO Oks treating recycled sewage water
for drinking And Cooking use

Bill Gates Is Planning ‘Catastrophic Contagion’
That Kills Children and Young Adults

Self-Service Kiosks And Keypads, etc, Are
Crawling With Potentially Deadly Bacteria

Oz Senator Blasts Government Over The
BioWeapon Mass Murder And Lies - Vid

German Autopsy Report Attributes 3 Sudden
Deaths to Covid-19 BioWeapon Injection


Strong anti-mRNA, anti-Passport Video

Israeli-Based 3D Printed Lab-Grown Meat
Company is Building World's Largest Facility
in North Carolina

25 Yr Old Former Football Player Dies
Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest While Jogging

Exposure to 5G Frequencies Causes
Depression Official Study Finds

Processed food is the real ‘pandemic' and
the government couldn’t care less about it

Our Gen Z Future...The Great Cricket Crisis

Podesta's niece quits TW as Musk
takes on child exploitation

Musk messenger Bari Weiss shows
where Twitter may be heading

Elon Musk Booed by Crowd at
Dave Chappelle Comedy Show

Musk JUST LEAKED China’s Discovery of
A new mineral on Moon


Amateur astronomer filmed this UFO passing
close to the Moon and casting a shadow on it

'Net Energy Gain' - US Scientists Make
Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion

The Club Of Rome At 50 Years Old

Why Central Planners are Doomed to Fail

EU should mandate electric freight trucks
by 2035 say Unilever and Maersk

Russia and India ditch dollar in trade

Belgian Company Opens Warehouse
Complex in Leningrad Region

EU fails to agree on 9th package of
sanctions against Russia, says Borrell

Sammy The Bankman-Fried Arrested In
The Bahamas - Set For 'Prompt’ Extradition
After US Files Charges

TUC Stats Show 2022 is UK’s Worst in Real
Wage Squeeze For Almost Half a Century


Schiff - The Biden Economy Is A Mess

Who Is Purposely Sabotaging Power Plants
All Over America? - Snyder

Coast-To-Coast Winter Storm Sends
US NatGas Surging

UK to use coal-fired power plants to
keep lights on

The Oil Price Cap Continues To Baffle Traders

Russia has no right to security guarantees -Poland

Sweden won’t send fighter jets to Ukraine

European Parliament Launches 'Internal' Probe
Amid Corruption Charges, President Says

Sweden Witnesses Bloodiest Year on Record After
‘Horrible’ Spike in Gun Violence

Swedish Academy’s Choice of Nobel Prize Winner
Under Fire For Alleged Anti-Semitism


Kosovo Urges NATO Intervention As
Serbia Border Tensions Explode, Gunfire

Kosovo Conflict is Part of US, EU and NATO’s
Broader Plan Aimed Against Serbia & Russia

EU in Close Contact With Kosovar, Serbian
Leaders, Calls for Deescalation: Borrell

Merkel’s revelation proves EU-inked deals
not worth the paper they’re written on - DPR

Putin receives no requests for assistance
from Serbian president - Kremlin spokesman

Pristina, supported by the West, blatantly
bids on use of force, Russian envoy says

Serbia urges EU nations that don’t recognize
Kosovo to bar its entry to EU

Rising tensions in Kosovo could spiral into
bloodshed, Russian envoy to Serbia says

Putin Shrugs-Off US Provocations
and 'Sticks to Business’ - Whitney

US backs Russian Olympic participation
but with a catch


Manhunt Underway as Two Police Officers
and a Civilian Shot Dead in Australia

India to Use Rupees in Trade Payments With
Russia Starting Next Week - Export Federation

Multiple Indian, Chinese Troops Reportedly
Injured in Flare-up of Fighting in Disputed Zone

Jair Bolsonaro has confirmed that he is the
Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, and
they will back the Brazilian citizens

Number of People Injured in Protests in
Peru's Apurimac Exceeds 30: Governor

'First Narrative' in Human History Discovered
in Turkey...And It Contains Nudity

Police - Two Foreigners Injured in Attack on
Hotel in Kabul

Moscow in Contact With African Nations Over
Free-of-Charge Fertilizer Supplies, Deputy FM Says

As You’d Expect, Leftist Men Are Insecure About
Their Masculinity - Result, They Support Aggressive
Politicians And Policies


Russia, West reach confrontation says
Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov

Medvedev says enemy entrenched worldwide
Russia boosting production of powerful weapons

Fantasy TV Scenario - Chinese Nukes in Quebec
Peter Hitchens Breaks Down NATO-Russia
Crisis in Way Americans Can 'Get' It

What is the Nuclear Club and How Many
Countries are Members?

Viktor Bout says suicide of civilization
taking place in West

Russian Viktor Bout flew 1,000 supply
missions in Iraq for US

US Believes Bout's Release Poses
'Manageable' Risks - White House

Claim - Biden released Viktor Bout to RECRUIT
him to offload US weapons for slush fund cash
controlled by Dems

‘Madness’ - Even Biden DOJ Officials Calling
Foul On Tranny Griner Swap For Viktor Bout

NATO military buildup near Belarus
border show no tendency to decreasing


Minsk most seriously concerned over situation
on border with Ukraine - defense ministry

Turkey to offer humanitarian aid to Ukraine
to help it live through hard winter - Erdogan

Ukraine Asks NATO For Leftover Afghan Funds

Ukraine pressures Germany over aid

Zelensky was ready for neutrality
...Col Douglas MacGregor

US has not explicitly encouraged Ukraine
to hit targets deep within Russia - Kirby

Ukes Shell holiday camp with US-made HIMARS
At least a dozen people were injured or killed
in Melitopol, Russia

Ukrainian armed units attack the center
of Donetsk using MLRS

Russian troops disrupt counterattacks by
the Ukrainian armed units in the Krasny
Liman Area

How billionaire George Soros is influencing
global media


How Dem Communists Win Election After Election

Royals, Reich or Wrong

McCarthy To Subpoena 51 Intel Agents Who
Called Hunter Laptop Bombshell 'Disinformation'

Hunter Biden Allies 'Plotting' Hitting
Back at Accussers

Communists Insidious New Billion Dollar
Plan for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Vacations

14 Border Agents Committed Suicide In 2022

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla is stepping down
and now says the mRNA technology was
not sufficiently proven when It was launched

Poll - Est. 12 Million Americans Report Major
BioWeapon Side-Effects - Probably Far Higher

Season Cut Short For Young Athletes Due
To Blood Clots In Their Lungs

WEF-Linked Official Declares 'Climate Lockdowns’
Are Here 'Whether People Like It Or Not'


Lockdowns put us at the mercy of disease

Pilots Speak Out - Captain Alan Dana

One third of all jobs will disappear by 2030
How Many People Will Even Be Left By then?

Did Zionists Poison FDR in 1945?

US Nurses fired after patient-mocking
viral video

The Twitter Files - The Corporate Media
Ignores The Biggest Story Of The Decade

Twitter Files Pt 3 Show Twitter Censor
Joking About FBI Collusion

Twitter Files Pt 4 Shows How Company
Built Case For Post Jan 6 Trump Ban

Twitter to Increase Number of Characters
in Posts From 280 to 4,000

Indiana Sues TikTok For Allegedly Endangering
Children, Sending Data To China


Mission Complete - NASA Orion Spacecraft
Splashes Down In Pacific Ocean

Hidden Messages on NASA's Orion
Spacecraft Revealed

NASA Administrator Hails Orion's Successful
Return as Milestone of US Lunar Comeback

Left Wing In The Dirt - B-2 Stealth Bomber
Damaged During Emergency Landing

Lithium-Ion Battery Prices Rise For First Time

Dutch Gov't Attempts To Forcibly Close
3,000 Farms To Comply With 'Green' Agenda

Gulf nation says oil producers wary of price cap

EU becoming hooked on US energy – Kremlin

Mapped - Which Countries Have The Highest
Inflation Rate?

Masked Bandits Steal Gold From N Korean
Armored Vehicle


Bond Investors Switch From Mutual Funds
To ETFs At Record Clip

EU To Force Crypto Companies To Report Their
Users Holdings To Tax Authorities

Britain Battles Bone-chilling Temperatures,
Energy Crunch With Warm Banks

Kosovo Police Occupy Dam, Rip Up Serbian Flag,
Threaten Locals at Gunpoint as Tensions Surge

Vucic calls on Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo
to preserve peace

Kosovo authorities totally ignore international
agreements - Serbian PM

Serbian president convenes emergency
meeting of National Security Council

Serbia's Vucic Accuses US, Pristina of Not
Complying With Any Agreements on Kosovo

Serbian PM calls on EU to do its job
in Kosovo

Russian Foreign Ministry Says EU Has Been
Modeling Current Situation in Kosovo for Years


German top diplomat says Serbia’s rhetoric
on Kosovo unacceptable

Macron discusses preparations for Paris
conferences on Ukraine with Zelensky

UK to compete with Russia for influence in
Africa, Asia, Latin America - Foreign Office

Germany reveals number of ‘Citizens of the
Reich’ has reached 23,000

Is the Polish government secretly funding a
Twitter account notorious for spreading
disinformation about Eastern Europe?

EU Depleted Military Stockpiles Helping Ukraine

Austrian Chancellor Expresses Readiness
to Keep Contacts With Putin

Moscow Turns Into Winter Wonderland

Filipinos Don’t Want Their Country to Be Used
As a Launching Pad for a US War Against China

Pakistan accuses Taliban of attacking
border town


US forces carry out illegal raid in
eastern Syria

Export of other products to be started via
grain corridor along with grain, says Erdogan

EU Levels Fresh Sanctions On Iran Following
1st Protest-Related Execution

US Arrests Libyan National Suspected of
Building Bomb for 1988 Lockerbie Terror Act

28 Bodies of Foreign Nationals Discovered
Dumped by Roadside in Zambia, Police Say

Senegal’s President Urges African Leaders to
Invest More in Life-saving Vaccines

Kanye West Named ‘AntiSemite of the year'

US Scientists Create 'Toughest' Alloy Ever


Gates Caught Admitting ‘Climate Change'
Is A WEF Scam to Inner Circle

Digital Currency - The Fed Moves
Toward Monetary Totalitarianism

Over 9 Million Millennials Moved Back
Home With Their Parents This Year

Ukraine To Receive US Abrams Tanks
Seems Like a Foregone Conclusion Now

Well Over $100 Billion To Ukraine While 2/3
Of Americans Having Trouble Buying FOOD
...The US Was Overthrown By Communism

Zelensky Admits The Donbass Front Is Very
Difficult And Russia Has Destroyed Bakhmut

‘Very Amused’ - Russian State Media
Mock Biden’s Woke Diplomacy

Appeals to the Ukrainian Command to
Withdraw Units from Lugansk Due to
Terrible Losses

Putin - We made a mistake with the
Minsk agreements

Russian troops destroy US-made AN/TPQ-36
radar system, two Grad MLRS in DPR


Ukrainian forces pounding Energodar along
riverfront, politician says

Ukes fire 10 Grad rockets into Donetsk - DPR

Ukes now have killer robots with machine guns
...The Perfect Killing Fields Laboratory

300,000 Ukrainian citizens received Russian
passports since the start of the war

'One Thing Only’ - For US, Ukraine Conflict
is Exclusively About Money, Analyst Says

France, Germany owe ‘genocide compensation’
to Donbass – Moscow

West decides to take revenge on Russia for its
patience with Minsk-2 derailment - Lavrov

Russian official slams nuclear accusations against
Moscow in Hiroshima as wrongful

Moscow Tells Finland to Bring Those Responsible
for Burning Russian Flag to Justice

My case was a US ‘experiment’ - Viktor Bout


'Even Judge Said I Did Noting Illegal’ - Bout Gives
First Big Interview After Release From US Prison

Russian Media Howls At US Govt's Woke
Trade For Tranny Griner Instead Of Whelan

‘Nazi’-inspired US prison guards, American
‘revolution’ and Ukraine - Viktor Bout Talks

Everything You Need to Know About the
Bout-Griner Exchange

The Removal Of Donald Trump - Pt 1

Federal Judge PERMANENTLY Blocks Biden
Order Forcing Doctors To Perform Gender
Transition Surgeries

Ari Emanuel - Blacks Must Reject The
Politics of Division and Unite With Jews
Against All Whites (Just What We Need!)

CA Mega Storm Rolls In, 11 Inches Of Snow
In Places

Gun Shops And Customers Claim Credit
Card Firms ‘Restrict' Firearm Purchases

Wigington - Engineered Winter Weather Storms
Now Said To Have A ‘Warm Side’


Perfect Storm Fuels Massive Natural Gas
Price Spikes on West Coast; NoCal Hits
$55/MMBtu - Natural Gas Intelligence

Idaho Police Warn Students To 'Stay In Groups’
Over Fears Quadruple Murderer, Who Is Still
At Large, Could Strike Again This Weekend

Pharma Insider, Latypova, Reveals Irrefutable
Evidence of Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder
by the US DoD, HHS and Pharma Cartel Via the
COVID Injections in New In-Depth Presentation

Fauci’s Replacement Signed Deals Pushing
Research Collaboration With Chinese
Communist Party In Wuhan

Pilots Speak Out - Captain Alan Dana

Grant Wahl was 'laughing and joking' just
moments before he fell back in his seat
and died at World Cup

NYC Health Officials Urge Residents To
Mask Up Amid 'Tridemic'

New Zealand Police Force Parents to Accept
Spike-mRNA Blood Transfusion at Gunpoint

CDC directly colluded with Twitter,
Facebook to censor free speech

House Republicans Eager to See Elon Musk
Testify for Biden Probe


Musk - Twitter Child Porn Failures 'A Crime'

Growing Number Of CEOs Issue Warnings
About Massive Retail Theft Epidemic Across US

Cut Interest Rates And The Dollar is Done
…Toast, It’s Over

Egypt has joined the BRICS Bank

By hook and by crook - nudging the
Great Reset along

'Just Stop Oil' Activists Admit Using
Petrol Cars, Claim They're Not Hypocrites

Growing Number Of CEOs Issue Warnings
About Retail Theft 'Epidemic' Across US

Luongo - EU's Oil Price Cap Is 'Simply Moronic'
...Chindia Already Filling Gaps

Russia’s Gazprom Set Historical Record for
Daily Gas Supplies to China on Friday

Germans urged to turn down heating


EU nations multiply trade with Russia

Winter Is Coming - Cold Weather Finally Hits
Europe Amidst Energy Crisis

Germany’s Scholz says talks with Russian
president should be continued

German city to house Ukrainian refugees
in ‘Z’ trailers

The EU demands that the Balkans
pick the ‘right’ side

Poland Does Not Consider Issue of WWII
Reparations From Germany Settled
What About The Polish Slaughter Of 1,000s
Of Ethnic Germans Which STARTED WW2

Finland Mulls Arms Exports To Turkey Amid
Pressure Over NATO Entry

Former French Secret Service Head
Mass Migration 'Threatens Civil Peace'

Hungary Sticks to National Interests Despite EU’s
Pressure on Migration and Sanctions - Orban

Man Detained in Latvia for Setting Up
Broadcasting of Russian TV Channels


S Korea urges EU to team up against US

200,000 Bangladeshi Protesters Call for New
Elections as Violence Grows – Report

Cameroonian Journalist Accuses WH Press Secretary
of Discrimination Against African Reporters

South African Durban Wants to Cooperate
With Russian Cities

Football coach shot 10 times during drive-by
shooting, young boy dies

America Is Being Annihilated - Butt Plugs,
Dildos, Drag Queens - Chicago School Dean
Offers Insight Into Sex Ed Lesson For KIDS
Destroying Childhood Is pure Satanic Evil

2000 Year Old Bible Revealed Lost Chapter
With TERRIFYING Knowledge About Human
Origin (the book of Enoch no doubt)


Americans Hate Congress - Yet Re-elected Every
Senate Incumbent for The First Time in a Century

Zio Disney CEO Calls for More Gun Control

Store Credit Cards Hit 30% Interest Rates
As Consumer Balances Rise

'Climate Change' Lockdowns? Yup - Snyder

Watch Climate Hypocrite Kerry Says It Would Be
‘Great' If Americans Paid Carbon Reparations -
Insanity Rules

Poll - DeSantis Leads Trump by 5 Points
in Potential Matchup

WEF Declares 'Jesus Is Fake News’
…and ‘God Is Dead'

Rickards - Putin Doesn't Bluff

Ukraine can use American weapons to
bomb Crimea Says Its FM

Fire erupts after Donetsk rocket strike - Vid


Scores of Ukrainian Refugees Struggle to
Find Work in US as Local Labor NGOs
Overwhelmed – Report

Poles fighting in Ukraine risk jail – media

New F-35 Cockpit Computer Costs Reportedly
Soar by $680M Through Expenses, Delays

David Icke’s Statement To A Dutch Court
Challenging His Ban From 26 Euro Countries

Bolshevik Behar - All Republicans 'Do Is Hang
Out with Nazis and White Supremacists'

Wooldridge - Did Your Father Die When You
Were Just A Kid? When Your Father Dies
Too Soon...I Miss My Dad

FDA Authorized Deadly COVID ‘Vaccines’ For Little
Children As Young As 6 Months - Pure EVIL

Jacinda Ardern’s Secret Police Snatch
Unvaxed Baby in Midnight Raid - Threaten
To Arrest mother

NZ High Court FORCES baby to receive Spiked
blood, forbidding unvaxed blood donors - Murder

Climate lockdowns coming soon! - Air Pollution
'Just as Dangerous as Covid' Claims UK Bolshevik
Lockdown Goon


John Thiessen - 60 yr old quadruple-vaxed
Canadian homeless advocate dies 8 days
after fourth mRNA injection - 'Kill, Kill, Kill'

Internationally Renowned Cardiologist Turns
Anti-‘Vax’ After it Kills His Father - Video

Damning Documents Show CDC directly colluded
with Twitter, Facebook to censor free speech

Freezing Weather in UK May Trigger Extra
Payments for Vulnerable Households

China Delivers First Domestically Produced
Passenger Jet to Challenge Boeing-Airbus

Xi's Visit to Saudi Arabia - Riyadh & Beijing
Consider Creating China-Gulf Free Trade Zone

China outlines plan for Middle East

Saudi Arabia and China make joint
appeal on Ukraine

Iran slams West over ‘uncontrolled’ arms
shipments to Ukraine


US to Continue Sending Aid to Ukraine,
Blinken Says After Classified Briefing
With Senate

US wants the Ukraine conflict to last
until at least 2025 – Russia

Kremlin blasts Time’s Russophobic, Hypocritical,
Asinine choice of Zelensky as 'Person of the Year'

Germany greenlights Uke strikes
inside Russia

Drone for Attempt to Strike at Russia Was
Modernized With US Participation - Russia

NATO is increasingly involved in Ukrainian
conflict - Russian MFA

BBC recently showed a Donetsk building
destroyed by Ukrainian shelling Claiming
The Opposite Was True - Lies, Lies, Lies

Moscow doctors perform more than 4,000
surgical operations in Donbass

Russia maintains nuclear deterrence
forces at high level, senior diplomat says

Russia to respond quickly, effectively to
US-induced missile risks - MFA spox


Russia may rethink moratorium on shorter,
intermediate range missiles, diplomat warns

Russian air defenses intercept 14 HIMARS
And Uragan rockets in Ukraine operation

Dozens of foreign mercenaries
killed in Ukraine – Russia

Zelensky knows how to end Ukraine
conflict – Kremlin

Washington profiting handsomely off of war
in Ukraine, senior Russian diplomat says

Ukes desecrate DPR flag at US Congress

Ex-Ukrainian diplomat - West ignores
evidence of Ukrainian torture and use
of prohibited weapons when making
'war crimes' claims

Oregon Supreme Court blocks new gun
regulation law from taking effect

Shimatsu - Mr. Brittney Griner Traded for Russian Arms
Dealer Viktor Bout - First Trade Done, Another Trade
For Jailed Marine In The Works? WBA Power Forward
Griner Earlier Summoned Epstein Crony Richardson
To Russia To Try To Evade Outing Mr. Griner As Male

Mr. Brittney Griner Released In Prisoner Swap
For Notorious Russian Arms Dealer, Viktor Bout


Marine Vet Paul Whelan, Teacher Marc Fogel
Among Americans Still Imprisoned in Russia

US Marine Vet In Russian Prison ‘Greatly
Disappointed’ After Britney Griner Swap

John Bolton sees Bout-for-Griner swap
as American surrender

US to continue to engage with Russia
to release Paul Whelan - Blinken

Biden vows more efforts to secure
release of Paul Whelan

Anne Heche Not Impaired by Drugs or
Alcohol in Crash, Says Autopsy Report
...Likely Murdered By Remote Control
Same Thing Done To Michael Hastings

Comrade Schumer Reelected as Senate
Majority Leader

An Utter Betrayal by the GOP

The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion
One Of The Most Important Written Works Ever
The World Cannot Be Understood Without It

OBiden Imposes Strict Climate Change
Mandates On The Pentagon - Madness


Vanguard Quits Climate Alliance In
Major Blow To Woke Investing

War Machine Wins in Washington -
House Passes $858 Billion Defense Bill

Chinese agents caught using TikTok to
manipulate midterm election in favor
of Commucrats

Bolshevik Biden Moving 'Full Speed Ahead’
with Ending Title 42, Inviting Flood of Invaders
To Cross Into US

OBiden Mulls Giving Of Internationally
Banned Cluster Bombs To Ukraine Army
Effort To Provoke Nuclear War Increasing

Five electricity substations in OR And WA
attacked just days after two in NC were
shot up causing widespread power outages

Reuters visually illustrates sharp decline
in global insect populations

Long-Delayed Cold Weather To
Blanket Much Of US

Australia Concerned As People Dying At
'Incredibly High' Pace And It Can’t Figure
Out Why…It’s Called Genocide

'Kill Grid' Has Been Established And Medical
Mass Murder Is Taking Place Worldwide


Insurance Companies REFUSE to Cover
'GMO People' If You’ve Been Injected With
The BioWeapon, aka The ‘Vaccine’, Your
Insurance Is Worthless
21 Yr Old TikToker Dies ‘Suddenly
and Unexpectedly’

Silent ‘Vaccine’ BioWeapon induced Myocarditis
Often Being Missed - confirmed by biopsy

FDA Approves Bivalent BioWeapon Kill Shot
‘Vaccine' for Babies in TWO DAYS

Don’t Shed mRNA On Me T Shirts

Is Musk Turning Twitter Into a Family Firm?

TikTok’s Invisible Challenge Exposes
Devices to Data-stealing Malware

Texas issues TikTok ban

Google told by EU’s top court to
remove ‘inaccurate’ information

FBI 'Deeply Concerned' After Apple Says
Nearly All iCloud Data Now Has End-to-End

The B-21 - another Air Force diva
that can't deliver?


Porch Pirates Awash In Holiday Booty
As Online Sales Top Records

Around 450,000 Homebuyers Are Now
Underwater As 'Early' FHA Delinquencies
Hit 2009 Levels

Used Car Prices Collapse Most On Record

Major Economic Contraction Coming In 2023
...Followed By Even More Inflation

Manufacturing orders from China down
40% In Massive demand collapse

Continuing Jobless Claims Surge
T 10 Month Highs

Development of Northern Sea Route will bring
Russia trillions of dollars, says minister

Exxon Slaps Biden In Face, Redlines Share
Buybacks To $50 Billion Through 2024

West blames Türkiye for oil shipment delays

Ankara: Oil Tanker Jam in Bosporus Caused
by EU Refusal to Provide Insurance


About 10 Oil Tankers From Kazakhstan
Stuck in Turkish Straits

Oil Plunges Into Red For Year Despite Supply
Shock From Keystone Pipeline Shutdown

The Russian Oil Price Cap Isn't As Simple
As It Seems

Gazprom boost gas supplies to China

Gazprom Neft will increase oil refining in
Russia to record 41 mln tons in 2022

US expert foresees oil price surge to $150
per barrel due to price cap on Russian crude

Oil Price Cap: Europeans Set to Feel More
Pain at the Pump Soon, Experts Say

How Price Cap on Russian Oil May
Affect Ordinary People's Lives

Russia Reportedly Agrees to Supply
Pakistan With Oil, Gas & Wheat

'People Are Losing Faith In This Institution’
ECB Staff Threaten To Strike Unless Pay
Hikes Keep Up With Record Inflation


Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals To $45 Per
Day To Force Govt Controlled Digital Payments

Ninth package of anti-Russian sanctions may
be approved on Friday - Polish ambassador

Germany, France and the Netherlands
press EU to ease Russia sanctions

Hungary may take anti-Russia sanctions

EU lacks ‘critical defense capabilities’ – Borrell

Germany’s Scholz hopes EU’s anti-missile
shield to be in place in five years

Swedish prosecution says extradition
of two people to Turkey impossible

Journalist travels to Moscow to see
how effective the sanctions are

Security chief says US long-term goal to
destroy Russia, disrupt Eurasian security

Merkel’s ‘confession’ may be grounds
for tribunal – Moscow


Russia Lambasts Reports of Sharp Increase
in HIV Rates as Provocative Propaganda

Kremlin promises to 'liberate' territory
held by Ukraine

Spokesman clarifies Putin’s comments about
gaining new lands during special operation

Diplomat slams ‘fascist’ Lvov’s denunciation
service targeting Russians living in Europe

Japan forecast to slide into recession

Chinese president, Saudi king sign
strategic partnership treaty

China Sees Saudi Arabia as Important
Power in Multipolar World, Xi Jinping

Saudi Arabia and China Sign 34 Investment
Deals, Reports Say

Saudi Crown Prince Behind Deal To Swap
Griner For 'Merchant Of Death' In Curiously
Timed ‘Breakthrough'

Japan to Refrain From Designating China as ‘
Threat' in New Security Strategy


China's Defense Ministry Accuses US
of Escalating Situation Around Taiwan

US Senators Introduce Bill to Reduce Pentagon
Reliance on China for Critical Minerals

Nine Chinese military aircraft, two drones
seen near Taiwan, its top brass reports

Russia expects peaceful transition of power
in Peru without meddling from outside

Venezuelan Leader Maduro Calls Argentine
VP Kirchner's Sentence 'Political Persecution'

UN votes overwhelmingly for Israel
to give up its nukes - Fat Chance!

US Theft of Syrian Oil Driving Diesel Prices
Sky-High in Areas of Government Control

Israeli scientists derive male and female
cells from same person for first time

WHO Delivers First Batch of Ebola
Potential Vaccine to Uganda

South Africa's Coal Exporter Expects
its Annual Profit to Double


Nigerian Lawmakers Call on Gov't to Accelerate
Oil Exploration for Africa's Largest Reserves

UK Promises Justice for Kenyan Mother Allegedly
Killed, Dumped in Septic Tank by British Soldier

Russia, Ethiopia to develop roadmap for
trade, economic cooperation

Tobacco plant genetically modified
to produce cocaine

Daniel Ellsberg Reveals He Too Had Manning
Leaks, Dares DOJ To Prosecute Him Like Assange

How Sex Scandals are Used to Steal the
Thunder From Corruption & Fraud Bombshells

NYC Bill Would Ban Firing Workers Without
'Just Cause’ - Limit Employee Surveillance

Hardly Anyone Cares About NYT Strike
As Tens Of People Watch Livestream


Wuhan Whistle - Fauci Helped Create COVID
as Part of The WEF ‘Great Reset’ Agenda

Emails reveal Fauci 'covertly contributed’
to COVID article he later quoted From

CDC offers $3M for NEW TRICKS to Get College
Students And Prisoners To Take Death Shots

Dr. Ryan Cole - The Spike Protein Is Causing
Hearts To Violently Explode

Nurse whistleblower - Fetal deaths (Murders) have
SKYROCKETED since pregnant women started
being forced to get Covid-19 BioWeapon Injections

New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died
Suddenly Were Likely Killed by Covid ‘Vaccine'

Watch Woman Given Forced Anal Swab Outside
Chinese Apartment Building Courtyard - Communist
China...Wondrous, Enlightened Jewel Of The East

American Girl publishes 'guide' for girls
aged 3-12 on how to transition gender
...The End Of America Is At Hand

Kirstie Alley Vowed To Expose Hollywood
Elite Pedophile Ring Before She Died Suddenly
…Was She Silenced? They Kill People...


Kiev mayor warns of ‘apocalyptic’ winter
'Be prepared to evacuate but don’t panic'

How Much Money Has Biden Given to Ukraine?

Nuclear War Threat Growing Warns Putin

US deploys nuclear weapons in EU - Russia
does not share its weapons with others - Putin

Putin opens up on how he'd use his
nuclear weapons...or wouldn't

Restoring Ukraine Power And energy
system ‘impossible’ – Zelensky

More than half of Donetsk left without
electricity due to shelling

Russian army units destroy an ammo
depot Storing HIMARS missiles

US Approves Sale Of $3.75 Billion In M1
Abrams Tanks To Poland

Russia ready to employ ALL available
resources to defend itself - Putin


Putin - Russia is the Only Possible Guarantor
of Ukraine’s Sovereignty & Territorial Integrity

Putin says Polish nationalists ‘dream’
of seizing western Ukraine

War in Ukraine unleashed solely by the Kiev
regime in 2014, not Russia, Putin clarifies

Russia doesn't need additional mobilization

ADL issues statement declaring Ukraine’s
Azov Battalion no longer ‘far-right’

Russian soldiers detail brutal torture
by Kiev’s forces

Military sources - Ukraine missiles
used US guidance

Zelensky ‘Toys With Ukrainian Lives
Giving Orders to Shell ZNPP’

New US defense budget extremely confrontational
towards Russia - Kremlin

Turkey can send 300-400 MW of electricity to
Ukraine using floating power plants


Russian troops strike Ukrainian positions
used to shell nuke plant - politician

Russian air defenses destroy four HIMARS,
Uragan rockets in Ukraine operation

Crackdown on largest church intensifies
in Zionist Ukraine

Communist Suspects in assaults on Seattle
firefighters won't be charged

Three Black Chicago Teens Pull Gun On Senior
Citizen In His Car - Unfortunately For The Punks,
The Old Gentleman Was Legally Carrying…

High Murder Rates Aren't Deterring
Seattle Communists From Defunding Police

The real racism afflicting us all is
anti-white hate And bigotry

Communist Judge Allows UnConstitutional
Strict Oregon Gun Law To Be enforced

CA Panel Estimates $569 Billion in Reparations
Is Owed to Black Residents - America Is Dead

Lion in the wild or huge animal park starts turning
round and round 'looking at something' and then
goes to the ground in full seizure and seems dead
Is This Global Genocide To Remove Animals Too?


Hard Proof Of Mass Murder, Intentional Genocide
In Deliberate Depopulation Operation

Pathologist Receives Inflamed Calcified
Placentas from 'Vaccinated' Women Full
of Spike Protein - Video

Duke Univ surgeons refuse to give 14 yr old girl
a kidney transplant because she has not received
the Covid death shot - The Kidney will Be loaded
with Spike And mRNA - She Has No Chance

Rod Stewart's 11 yr old son taken to
hospital with suspected heart attack

Shocking - Millennials Excess Mortality Hit 36%
in August - Something Terrible Is Afoot (ya think?)

Strep A Kills More Children Than Covid
Did in its First Year

Biden Regime Policy to Force Taxpayers
to Pay for Transgender Mutilation of Children

Musk confirms data may have been HIDDEN
and DELETED from the Twitter Files

Most Americans Support Musk's Efforts To
Make Twitter More Free And Transparent

Musk Slams San Francisco Mayor
Over Twitter HQ Probe


Musk's Twittergate & Hunter's Laptop
...Why FBI Have a Ton to Answer For

Musk loses crown as world’s richest man

Russian Firm Seeks Joint Nuclear
And Space Production With India

UN Adopts Russian Resolution of No First
Placement of Weapons in Outer Space

US Army Selects Bell's V-280 To
Replace Black Hawk Helicopters

US New Defense Bill for 2023 Approves Full
Funding for B-21 Bombers Production Program

The Richest Man in the World

Oil nosedives on recession fears

US imports from Russia more than double

Federal Reserve Unveils Climate Risk
Proposal For Big Banks For Public Comment


One of Asia's Biggest Crypto Platforms
Firing Staff to Cut Costs in Wake of FTX

Russia to supply China with record-breaking
4.4-4.5 billion kWh of electricity in 2022

China extends pipeline for Russian
gas supplies to Shanghai

Russian seaborne coal export close to
record high in October

Free Market for Me, Not for Thee - Which
Countries Adopted Price Cap on Russian Oil

EU Likely to Impose Price Cap on TTF Gas
Futures Before Year End - Von der Leyen

UK and US Announce New Partnership to
Increase Energy Security and Curb Prices

Russia-China trade smashes record

China Confirms It Is ‘Mystery' Massive Gold
Buyer With First Official Purchase In 3 Years

Central Banks Start Q4 Buying More Gold


More Chinese police ‘stations’ found
operating in Canada

Merkel Says Minsk accord was meant
to ‘give time’ for Ukraine to strengthen
its military

British PM Warned He Cannot Beat
Wave of Strikes Amid Inflation Crisis

UK PM Sunak Calls For New Police
Powers To Stop 'Illegal Protests'

Stoltenberg Says Finland and Sweden Experienced
Quickest Accession Process in NATO History

NATO Members Steer Clear of Discussing
Ukraine's Membership Not to Enrage Moscow

Paris-Berlin Relations - Why Do the
Two Remain at Odds?

British Man Arrested After Second King
Charles Egg-Throwing Incident

Lithuania joins blockade of liberal
Russian TV network

Coup plot an example of government
diversionary tactics – German MP


German police foil alleged ‘citizens of
the Reich’ coup plot

Former Bundestag MP among ‘Reich’
coup planners – media

Detained German Extremists Planned to
Copy January 6 US Capitol Attack

Those plotting coup in Germany planned
to create new army - prosecutor general

Suspected coup plotters reached out to
Russian officials - German prosecutor’s office

Russia Has Nothing to Do With Group
Planning Coup in Germany, Kremlin Says

Special military operation is lengthy process
but some results already in sight - Putin

History cannot be silenced or turned
against Russia, says Putin

Human rights doctrine is used by West to
destroy sovereignty of states - Putin

Lavrov slams West for lying about guarantees
of NATO’s eastward non-expansion


New world system must not depend
on Western whims — Lavrov

Lavrov – EU could have a place in
‘multipolar world’ if independent of US

India, Brazil to bring added value if they
join UN Security Council - Lavrov

Russia to talk with West when progressive
leaders emerge - Lavrov

West exploiting UN to promote idea of
tribunal against Russia - Lavrov

Lavrov Calls UN Resolution on Reparations
for Ukraine 'Legally Null and Void'

Next generation 400 meter skyscraper
to be built in Moscow

Belarus set to introduce death penalty for
high treason committed by state officials

Russian grain exports to total 4.5 Million
tons in December, says expert

Russia will be able to send over 200,000
tons of fertilizers to Africa


China Faces 'Winter Wave' Of Deaths As
Beijing Eases Zero-COVID Policies Despite
Infection Surge

COVID-19 Boosters Provided Little Added
Protection For People With Natural Immunity

Mongolian Prime Minister Urges Population
to Remain Calm Amid Mass Protests

Mongolian Parliament Announces Probe Into
Coal Theft, Promises Results in 2 Weeks

Protests in Mongolia for days

Australian Think Tank Says Country Poised
to Become Space Power With US Help

Peru swears in new president after
Castillo ousted in impeachment trial

Watch Peru’s Castillo Dissolve Congress,
Declare Emergency Hours Before Being
Impeached in Third Try

Peru President Detained By Police After
Impeachment, ‘Coup'

Xi Arrives In Saudi Arabia For MBS Red Carpet
Treatment, 'Epoch-Making' 3-Day Visit


Xi Jinping’s Visit to Saudi Arabia
...A ‘Double Blow’ to the US?

Xi's Visit to Saudi Arabia - Why is
Riyadh Enhancing Relations With China?

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Saudi Prince
Over Khashoggi Killing Citing Biden Immunity

Putin discusses trade cooperation in transport
energy with counterpart from UAE

Iranian Supreme Leader’s sister supports
anti-government protests

COP15 on Biodiversity Starts Against the
Backdrop of Unique African Wildlife Loss

African Development Fund to Provide Continent’s
Poorest Countries With Record $8.9 Billion

UK Pledges $788 Million in Economic
Support for African Countries - Foreign Office

US Schools Are So Bad, Even Leftists
Are Homeschooling

US Supreme Court Hears Gerrymandering
Case on State Legislatures’ Power to Redraw
Election Districts


Virginia Kids Invited to 'Have Fun' at After
School Satan Club

US Border Patrol Agent Dies While Chasing
Illegal Migrants on Southern Border

CIA hid evidence of JFK assassin’s covert
ops history – researcher

AOC Under Investigation By House
Ethics Committee

GOP Senator Tells Woke CEO 'Best Of Luck’
As He Seeks Republican Help To Avoid
Democrat Regulation

Warlock Defeats Herschel Walker In GA
Runoff Giving Communists 51 Senate Seats

Breggins Prioritize Free Speech Above
Self-Interest in $25 Million Lawsuit by
Dr. Robert Malone

Pentagon, Chinese analysts agree US
can’t win in The Taiwan Strait

Josh Hawley Is Imploring White House To
Prioritize Arming Taiwan Over Ukraine

Planned Famine, Mass Murder - Germany Orders
Farms To ‘Cease Operating’ As WEF Demands The
‘END of Farming’

Russian MOD Confirmed the Ukrainian strike on the
two bases - Russian media Says Moscow is at risk

Proof Uke War Is A Giant Fight For A New Jewish State - A
Zionist Op To Create New Israel - Dupe Blinken Says US Will
Never Stop Arming, Bankrolling Ukraine Until It Retakes ALL
Lands Liberated By Russia - A Nuclear War Is Inevitable

Uke attacks on Russian bases are an
extremely dangerous turn in the Ukraine war

Third Russian Airbase Set Ablaze By Uke Drone
Strike As Ukraine Extends War Across Border
Into Russia Itself.

'Ukrainian missile' lands in Moldova


Russian MoD Over 8,300 dead Ukes Nov Alone
…450 tanks and armored vehicles destroyed

Russia issues new Estimate Of Uke Casualties

Satellite images show new Russian
military facility in Mariupol

Ukraine Lost Over 8,300 Servicemen, 149 Tanks,
300 Combat Vehicles in November - Shoigu

Ukrainian bombs Donetsk, killing six - Mayor

Kremlin dismisses further mobilization rumors

Russia to continue efforts to establish
security zone around ZNPP — senior diplomat

Russian forces gain initiative in Zaporozhye

Russian air defenses down two American
HARM missiles in Ukraine operation

Death toll in Ukrainian attacks on central
Donetsk rises to six, mayor says


US losing credibility with allies over its
manipulation of Ukraine crisis - Global Times

YouTuber Ethan Klein Celebrates The Murder
of Christ - 'If Jesus Was Here I'd Spear Him!
I Liked It The First Time And I'd Do It Again!’

US Nuke Sub 'Buzzed By Underwater Object’
'Faster Than Speed Of Sound’ - Obviously ETs

Communist CA Released over 7,000 Pedophiles
who Served Less than a Year in Prison

Whopper - Crazy John Bolton mulls presidential
run to ‘stop’ Trump

Communists WH Supporting Bill To Spend
$29 Million To Exclude more Middle Class
Americans from white collar jobs

RINOs In The Senate Say They Will
NOT Impeach Mayorkas

Jewish Power will trump Trump - He’s Toast

A Perfect Date With Roman Polanski - Part 7

Unmasking A Stanley Kubrick Production - Part 8


Viles Katie Hobbs Giggles, Looks Clueless
While Certifying Her Fraud Election For Governor

OBiden admin GPS tracking of invaders
misreported by 600%

Lunatic Racist Rutgers ‘Prof’ on White People
'We Gotta Take These Muthaf*ckers Out'

Gates promotes 'surveillance farming'

Oscar Mayer, Kraft Heinz Company products
that were shipped to Ohio recalled

Another Satanic Hollywood Producer Accused Of
Sexually Assaulting Women...Allegedly Used
Harvard Club And Mother's Home To Sexually
Ravage 38 Females

Scientist Ralph Baric KNEW Before The
BioWeapon Genocide Horror Began...

Why there won't be a Nuremberg Trial for
the perpetrators of the COVID genocide.

CDC FAKES High Flu Numbers in the US
to Scare Us into Taking Flu Vaccines Which
Could Be Laced With ANYTHING

TV Sportscaster Has Apparent Stroke, May
Have Died On-Camera - Video


Critics Call Out Pfizer’s Plan for Bivalent
Kill Shot BioWeapon Booster for Kids Under 5

Exposure To Spike Protein Makes Women

Another Autopsy study ties deaths
to The DOD CV BioWeapon

pregnant mom Took mRNA, Baby had
strokes in utero, born with tons of problems
...Won’t Live Long

Neck-Breathing Pfizer Boss Bourla refuses
to testify to EU Parliament COVID panel

Scientist at Wuhan Said COVID was Manmade

Musk’s Monkey-Killing Neuralink brain chip
company Is under US federal investigation

How EU brought down Musk's Twitter amnesty

Musk's SpaceX Developing Military
Version Of Starlink Satellites

WH See Musks 'Twitter Files' On Hunter Laptop
Coverup Are Just 'Haphazard Distraction'


Musk Fires Twitter Deputy General Counsel James
Baker 'In Light of Concerns' About His Role in The
Suppression of The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Why The Public Is Not Buying The Latest
Media Campaign Against Twitter

Meta Tumbles On Report EU Targeting
Firm's Ad Model

CNN Boss Beefs Up Security After Mass Layoffs

Moderate and protect - The EU’s
operation against Musk

Russia orders replacement for Apple, Google Pay

Stealing is now so rampant, Walmart
looking at closing stores

Why the oil price cap is The Final
Death Knell Of the EU economy

Gold To $3000, UnBrexit, & National Meat Bans
Saxo Unveils 2023's 10 'Outrageous Predictions'

‘Cutting the branch they’re sitting on’
Russian diplomat slams US-led West’s price cap


Europe Can't Count On US Shale To
Make Up For Russian Crude

Russian Oil Will Always Be in Demand, Despite
Changes in Logistic Chains - Deputy PM Novak

20% of Cyprus’ tanker fleet changes registration
due to Russian oil price cap

Russia Continues to Surpass Saudi Arabia,
Iraq as India's Top Oil Supplier

Russian Oil Sanctions Send Prices Of
Old Tankers To New Records

Europe voluntarily ruins economy for the
sake of sanctions against Russia - UK news portal

US boosts import from Russia twofold
in October - statistics

US, EU Reportedly Lose Track of $200 Billion
in ‘Frozen’ Russian Funds

Beijing Opposes Possible US, EU Plans to
Impose New Tariffs on Chinese Steel

EU Needs to ‘Cooperate With China’ as
Concerns of Trade War With US Rise


Chinese Shipbuilders Rank 1st in New
Global Orders in November, Reports Say

France’s Greatest Living Author Says Europe
Will be 'Swept Away' by Mass Invasion

EU to station border agents on foreign
soil to crack down on illegal migration

Pope John Paul II covered up child
abuse as bishop – Dutch author

Danish Prince to Relocate Family to US as
Children Are Stripped of Royal Titles

Over 300 Underage Migrants Camp Near
Louvre to Demand Social Housing

Over Half of US Citizens Experience Financial
Hardships Due to Rising Prices - Poll

UK faces decade of lost growth – report

British Rail Union to Ballot Members for
Strike Over Christmas

British Farmers Warn of Looming UK ‘Food
Supply Crisis' Amid Global 'Volatility'


Troops On Stand-By As UK Prepares For
Public Sector Strikes Ahead Of Christmas

Macron talks about contacts with Putin,
but does not take real steps yet - Kremlin aide

Majority of Moldovans consider Russia
country’s best partner - opinion poll

No unity in EU regarding Kosovo’s
membership bid - expert

Georgia can’t help Ukraine with weapons

Hungary Is Lone Veto Of EU's €18BN
Ukraine Aid Package As Rift Deepens

EU postpones vote on Ukraine aid
amid bloc member's opposition

US wants Ukraine to keep fighting - Blinken

Ex-UK Navy Officer Hints at Risks in Prolonged
Patrol of Nuclear Submarines, Reports Say

Almost Half of US Citizens Believe
Washington Should Urge Kiev for Peace Talks
...Just Stop Arming Them And the war Ends


US Congressman Gosar Calls Washington’s
Support for Kiev 'Immoral'

EU’s Borrell Sweeps Aside Security
Guarantees for Russia

Ukraine’s debt has expanded by 45%
since February

New EU sanctions against Russia to include
broadcast channels ban - FT

Kremlin says Latvia’s treatment of Dozhd
TV debunks illusions West has freedom of speech

Russia readjusts foreign policy to push
for multipolarity, Kremlin aide says

Ukrainian embassy in Romania receives
suspicious envelopes - security agency

Ukrainian embassy in Denmark receives
suspicious parcel, says top diplomat

China makes atomic accusation against the US

Beijing Rips 'Old US Trick of Hyping China Threat’
as DoD Projects Four-Fold Jump in Chinese Nukes


China Urges Australia to Stop Sending
'Wrong Signals' to Taiwan - Official

South Korea Slaps ‘Enemy’ Label
on North Korea as Tensions Surge

Mongolian protesters say rally to go on
until govt punishes corrupt officials

Fire breaks out at Malaysian ministry
as corruption probe begins

Russia, China to intensify defense cooperation
in response to NATO moves - Russian expert

‘New world majority’ taking shape in
Eurasia, says Kremlin aide

China President To Visit Saudi Arabia This Week


The Real Balenciaga Story - Video

Putin drives over repaired Crimean Bridge - Vid

NATO push toward confrontation with Moscow
risks conflict between nuclear powers - Lavrov

US controls over 300 biological laboratories in
30 countries along the borders of America’s
geopolitical adversaries warns Russian MP

US funded Chinese lab for intelligence op
Says whistleblower

Colombian Used US-Controlled Bot Farm in
Moscow to Spread Fake News About Russian Forces

‘We Haven’t Got This Figured Out Yet’
Pentagon Says of Ukraine Aid as US
Runs Low on Arms to Send

How Many Nuclear Subs Does the US Have?

US Struggling to Resupply Depleted Javelin
And Stinger Stocks

Three killed, two warplanes damaged in
Uke Drone attack – Russian MOD


Ukraine Launched Drone Attacks on Russian
Military Airfields, UAVs Brought Down by Air
Defenses - MoD

Russian air defenses down two Mi-8
military helicopters in Ukraine operation

‘Worse Than Soviet Mortars From WWII’
Ukraine’s Military Rages Over Vintage
Weapons Sent by Italy

Death toll in Ukrainian HIMARS attack
on Alchevsk in LPR rises to 10

Uke army sites hit in Zaporozhye Region

Hungary refuses to train Uke servicemen

Georgian PM says opposition sending
mercenaries to Ukraine

Macgregor - Washington’s Carthaginian Peace
Collides With Reality

Ritter - Putin Had No Choice Left But To
Launch Special Military Operation In Ukraine

In the center of Donetsk, two homes Burn
after a missile strike by Ukes


IDIOTS - French citizens turning in guns by
the thousands as Communist govt demands
disarmament of the people - Slavery Is Next

The Recurring Threat To Reimpose A Broad
Mask Mandate In Los Angeles County

McCarthy Says Defense Bill Won't Move
Unless Military Vax Mandate Dropped

Population Collapse - A Deflationary Trend
To Keep Watching - (It’s Genocide)

Child Labor - How US is Failing Its Most
Vulnerable for the Sake of Profit

WAKE UP! - ‘General Public Unaware’ of The Push
to Normalize Pedophilia in Culture and Academia

New Disney CEO Warns Woke Employees
to Ditch their psycho Lefty Activism

OR Gun Control Measure Already Backfiring

DHS Says Extending Deadline for US States
to Enforce ‘Real ID’ Requirements

FBI investigating shooting attacks on
power stations - Get Ready For More


Musk Fires Twitter Deputy General Counsel James
Baker 'In Light of Concerns' About His Role in The
Suppression of The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Why The Public Is Not Buying The Latest
Media Campaign Against Twitter

Meta Tumbles On Report EU Targeting
Firm's Ad Model

CNN Boss Beefs Up Security After Mass Layoffs

Moderate and protect - The EU’s
operation against Musk

Russia orders replacement for Apple, Google Pay

Stealing is now so rampant, Walmart
looking at closing stores

Why the oil price cap is The Final
Death Knell Of the EU economy

Gold To $3000, UnBrexit, & National Meat Bans
Saxo Unveils 2023's 10 'Outrageous Predictions'

‘Cutting the branch they’re sitting on’
Russian diplomat slams US-led West’s price cap


Europe Can't Count On US Shale To
Make Up For Russian Crude

Russian Oil Will Always Be in Demand, Despite
Changes in Logistic Chains - Deputy PM Novak

20% of Cyprus’ tanker fleet changes registration
due to Russian oil price cap

Russia Continues to Surpass Saudi Arabia,
Iraq as India's Top Oil Supplier

Russian Oil Sanctions Send Prices Of
Old Tankers To New Records

Europe voluntarily ruins economy for the
sake of sanctions against Russia - UK news portal

US boosts import from Russia twofold
in October - statistics

US, EU Reportedly Lose Track of $200 Billion
in ‘Frozen’ Russian Funds

Beijing Opposes Possible US, EU Plans to
Impose New Tariffs on Chinese Steel

EU Needs to ‘Cooperate With China’ as
Concerns of Trade War With US Rise


Chinese Shipbuilders Rank 1st in New
Global Orders in November, Reports Say

France’s Greatest Living Author Says Europe
Will be 'Swept Away' by Mass Invasion

EU to station border agents on foreign
soil to crack down on illegal migration

Pope John Paul II covered up child
abuse as bishop – Dutch author

Danish Prince to Relocate Family to US as
Children Are Stripped of Royal Titles

Over 300 Underage Migrants Camp Near
Louvre to Demand Social Housing

Over Half of US Citizens Experience Financial
Hardships Due to Rising Prices - Poll

UK faces decade of lost growth – report

British Rail Union to Ballot Members for
Strike Over Christmas

British Farmers Warn of Looming UK ‘Food
Supply Crisis' Amid Global 'Volatility'


Troops On Stand-By As UK Prepares For
Public Sector Strikes Ahead Of Christmas

Macron talks about contacts with Putin,
but does not take real steps yet - Kremlin aide

Majority of Moldovans consider Russia
country’s best partner - opinion poll

No unity in EU regarding Kosovo’s
membership bid - expert

Georgia can’t help Ukraine with weapons

Hungary Is Lone Veto Of EU's €18BN
Ukraine Aid Package As Rift Deepens

EU postpones vote on Ukraine aid
amid bloc member's opposition

US wants Ukraine to keep fighting - Blinken

Ex-UK Navy Officer Hints at Risks in Prolonged
Patrol of Nuclear Submarines, Reports Say

Almost Half of US Citizens Believe
Washington Should Urge Kiev for Peace Talks
...Just Stop Arming Them And the war Ends


US Congressman Gosar Calls Washington’s
Support for Kiev 'Immoral'

EU’s Borrell Sweeps Aside Security
Guarantees for Russia

Ukraine’s debt has expanded by 45%
since February

New EU sanctions against Russia to include
broadcast channels ban - FT

Kremlin says Latvia’s treatment of Dozhd
TV debunks illusions West has freedom of speech

Russia readjusts foreign policy to push
for multipolarity, Kremlin aide says

Ukrainian embassy in Romania receives
suspicious envelopes - security agency

Ukrainian embassy in Denmark receives
suspicious parcel, says top diplomat

China makes atomic accusation against the US

Beijing Rips 'Old US Trick of Hyping China Threat’
as DoD Projects Four-Fold Jump in Chinese Nukes


China Urges Australia to Stop Sending
'Wrong Signals' to Taiwan - Official

South Korea Slaps ‘Enemy’ Label
on North Korea as Tensions Surge

Mongolian protesters say rally to go on
until govt punishes corrupt officials

Fire breaks out at Malaysian ministry
as corruption probe begins

Russia, China to intensify defense cooperation
in response to NATO moves - Russian expert

‘New world majority’ taking shape in
Eurasia, says Kremlin aide

China President To Visit Saudi Arabia This Week


The Real Balenciaga Story - Video

Putin drives over repaired Crimean Bridge - Vid

NATO push toward confrontation with Moscow
risks conflict between nuclear powers - Lavrov

US controls over 300 biological laboratories in
30 countries along the borders of America’s
geopolitical adversaries warns Russian MP

US funded Chinese lab for intelligence op
Says whistleblower

Colombian Used US-Controlled Bot Farm in
Moscow to Spread Fake News About Russian Forces

‘We Haven’t Got This Figured Out Yet’
Pentagon Says of Ukraine Aid as US
Runs Low on Arms to Send

How Many Nuclear Subs Does the US Have?

US Struggling to Resupply Depleted Javelin
And Stinger Stocks

Three killed, two warplanes damaged in
Uke Drone attack – Russian MOD


Ukraine Launched Drone Attacks on Russian
Military Airfields, UAVs Brought Down by Air
Defenses - MoD

Russian air defenses down two Mi-8
military helicopters in Ukraine operation

‘Worse Than Soviet Mortars From WWII’
Ukraine’s Military Rages Over Vintage
Weapons Sent by Italy

Death toll in Ukrainian HIMARS attack
on Alchevsk in LPR rises to 10

Uke army sites hit in Zaporozhye Region

Hungary refuses to train Uke servicemen

Georgian PM says opposition sending
mercenaries to Ukraine

Macgregor - Washington’s Carthaginian Peace
Collides With Reality

Ritter - Putin Had No Choice Left But To
Launch Special Military Operation In Ukraine

In the center of Donetsk, two homes Burn
after a missile strike by Ukes


IDIOTS - French citizens turning in guns by
the thousands as Communist govt demands
disarmament of the people - Slavery Is Next

The Recurring Threat To Reimpose A Broad
Mask Mandate In Los Angeles County

McCarthy Says Defense Bill Won't Move
Unless Military Vax Mandate Dropped

Population Collapse - A Deflationary Trend
To Keep Watching - (It’s Genocide)

Child Labor - How US is Failing Its Most
Vulnerable for the Sake of Profit

WAKE UP! - ‘General Public Unaware’ of The Push
to Normalize Pedophilia in Culture and Academia

New Disney CEO Warns Woke Employees
to Ditch their psycho Lefty Activism

OR Gun Control Measure Already Backfiring

DHS Says Extending Deadline for US States
to Enforce ‘Real ID’ Requirements

FBI investigating shooting attacks on
power stations - Get Ready For More


US Supreme Court hears landmark
LGBTQ case

Arizona Certifies 2022 Election As Flood
Of GOP Lawsuits Expected

Buffalo Mass Shooting Victim Patented
Hydrogen System for Cars

Why Are So Many Major Volcanoes Suddenly
Exploding All Over The World? (Snyder)

Nonprofit Blood Donation Service Starts Matching
Unvaccinated Patients With Donors

Not Even N95 Masks Work To Stop Covid
(This is disinfo - Mask DO make a difference
Look How far they go to try to discredit them)

Canada - Gruesome, Terrifying Culture of Death

I was a happy, healthy postwoman
Two jabs later, my life is a living hell

Evil Media Does Reversal on Covid Mania

Elon Musk Is Worse Than Hitler! (Humor)


Former Twitter Censor Justifies Banning
Babylon Bee

Elon Musk Hits Back at Kanye West After
Rapper's 'Genetic Hybrid' Swipe

FBI Warned Twitter Of 'Hack-And-Leak’
Operation Before Hunter Biden Story Censored

FTX's CEO To Appear Before US House
Financial Services Committee

Why Is No One Asking Sammy The Bankman
What Happened To The $3.3 Billion He Borrowed?

Medvedev tells West to stock up on blankets,
boilers and booze as oil price cap kicks in

Embargo on Russian oil to create more
problems for EU than for Russia - expert

Anti-Russia sanctions obviously damaging
European states themselves, says Kremlin

Russia preparing response to oil price cap

Oil Rises After Launch Of Russia Price Cap
As OPEC+ Keeps Output Unchanged


The G7 Cap On Russian Oil Is A Subsidy
To China

Another German energy firm sues Gazprom

Poland's Krakow City Administration Reduces
Working Hours to Save Energy, Reports Say

Suicidal EU finalizing plan for new anti-Russia

Kremlin dismisses Scholz’s claim sanctions
on Moscow becoming more effective

Cryptocurrency will appear in Russia next
year as legal commodity — Aksakov

From 'Banana Wars' to Steel Tariffs, Trade
Spats That Marred US-EU Trade

Germany set to become guarantor of European
security - Scholz

Scholz explains Germany's plans for a
major military expansion

Germany to adopt new security strategy taking
into account ‘threats from Russia’ - Scholz


Sanctions to stay, if Russia 'dictates’
terms of peace in Ukraine - Scholz

Norway & Germany Ask NATO To Protect
Underwater Gas Pipelines

Macron says he sees ‘resentment’ in
Putin’s eyes

France must change course on Ukraine
...ex-presidential candidate

Finnish government submits bill to
parliament on NATO membership

Italian island Stromboli volcano
eruption triggers tsunami

Spanish police seize three envelopes containing
animal eyes addressed to Ukrainian Embassy

UK Opposition Leader Pledges to ‘Abolish'
House of Lords if Elected

Closer to Radio Wave Exploration? Long
Awaited Construction of Biggest Radio
Telescope Begins in UK

Doctors Fear Wave After Streptococcus
A Kills Seventh Child in UK


Putin signs law totally banning LGBT propaganda

Putin signs law combating foreign interference

How Russia’s President Became ‘Scapegoat’
For the West’s Failings

Russia and China shift further away
from dollar

China, Russia move towards $200
Billion trade turnover

Many Chinese and Russian banks working
through national payment systems - China’s PM

Russian and China step closer to building
lunar station

China ready to boost full-scale
cooperation with Russia

Chinese Ship Enters Indian Ocean Ahead
of Multiple Missile Tests by Delhi

Canada Plans to Increase Traffic of Warships
Through Taiwan Strait - Foreign Minister


Chinese Warship Reaches Bangladesh
for Dhaka’s First International Fleet Review

North Korea fires 130 artillery shells off
its east, west coasts - agency

New Zealand Wants to Bind Google
and Alike to Pay for Local News

Iranians Skeptical That Morality Police
Have Actually Been Disbanded

Sudan’s military and political rulers strike deal

Viking Polaris passengers speak out after
'rogue wave’ Hits Cruise Ship, Kills One

‘Regret is not rape’ – Weinstein’s lawyer


Trudeau Regime Ordered Disabled Veteran To Be
‘EUTHANIZED’ Because She Cost the State ‘Too
Much Money’ - See Where We Are Being Taken?

Hollywood Director James Cameron Says Testosterone
is a 'Toxin' That Must Be Removed From Male Bodies
See Where Globalism Is Taking Humanity?

Brussels Bailing Out Ukraine Will Ruin Europe
For Generations, Hungary's Orban Warns

Ukes lose HIMARS game changer weapon - Winter
& new Russian software turn MLRS into sitting ducks

Russians Liquidate More than 60 Ukrainian
soldiers in Kupyansk - Meatgrinder Continues

The Ukrainian Army is finished

NATO Exists To Solve The Problems Created
By NATO’s Existence - Johnstone

Ukraine escalation proceeding as It Did
In Vietnam - Roberts

Russian air defense intercepts HIMARS,
Uragan rockets in LPR, Zaporozhye Region

Russian armed forces successfully advance
near Artyomovsk - top brass

No, Putin Did Not Start the War in Ukraine

Pentagon Budget Deadline Threatens to
Deprive DoD of Ukraine, Bomber Funding


US Intelligence Chief Predicts 'Reduced Tempo’
Waning Morale Of Russian Forces Entering Winter

Thousands rally in Rome against
arming Ukraine - Video

Conflict in Ukraine entails new cold war
between Russia and West - Turkish official

Ukraine Wheat Harvest Far Surpasses

'Enemies of Christ' – Moscow Denounces
Kiev Govt over Christian Church Raids

Something Terribly Wrong With Balenciaga
and the Rabbit Hole Goes Deep

Boss Netanyahu on US news show -
'I won't accept’ harm to LGBT rights in Israel

Netanyahu REFUSES to endorse his ex-ally
Trump for 2024

Trump Wants Election Rules Terminated
to Overturn 2020 Vote Results

Trump issues statement on Hunter Biden
Twitter files


Rail Workers Fume After Biden Forces
Unions To Accept Deal

Two-thirds of Americans support border
wall to stop The invasion of The US

'Trumpet Brothers' Supreme Court Case
Could RULE Any Moment - Simple Explanation

Hitler's Remarkable Prediction About Israel

The Kamal Leads The Communist Party Primary
Poll Absent Creeper Joe

SNL Jokes that Joe Biden Goes to Work
Every Day 'With Full Blown' Brain Damage

What A GOP House Majority Means For
Corporate America

The Lockheed F-35 Is A Good For Nothing Turkey
It Is A Absolute Debacle & Total Waste Of Money - Vid

The Loss of Human Control - Dystopia Is Upon Us

It Is Official - the DOJ Is Weaponized


San Francisco Is The Canary In The Coal Mine
For Where Wokeism Is Headed

FDA Claims Lab-Grown Meat 'Safe To Eat’
But Scientists Disagree Vehemently

Biden’s 7th Grandchild Shunned from White House
Christmas Display while Dogs and Cats get their
Own Stockings ? Conservative Firing Line

Flu Is Back - ‘Experts’ (Frauds) Previously Claimed
Flu Strains Became ‘Extinct' During COVID - Pure Lies

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole Brilliantly Lays Out The
Spike Protein's Wickedly Ferocious Truth - Watch
Video Begins At 29:51 - This Is What We've Been
Reporting And Building For Over Year - Superb

Dr. David Martin - 3.5 Billion May Die From The
mRNA And Adenovirus Spike Protein BioWeapon
(We project 5 Billion As A Possible Number)

Everybody Knew CV-19 Vax Was a Criminal
Bioweapon – Karen Kingston (The Controllers
And Their Shill Are Changing Course After
13 Billion Doses Have Been Given!)

Mainstream Medical News Admits Pfizer (BioWeapon)
Booster Reduces Oxygen Uptake Capacity In the Body
(Because The Spike Destroys The Red Blood Cells)

Airlines Are About to Cut Corners and
Your Pilot Could Crash the Plane

'Medical Fascism’ - NZ Fights to Remove Baby
From Parents Who Refuse Spike-mRNA Laden
Blood For Child's Operation


CDC’s Walensky In Another Whopper Of A Lie,
Says Men From Tuskegee Medical Experiment
Made ‘Sacrifice’ - No, They WERE Sacrificed

Omicron Strain Probably Originated in
West Africa, Study Reveals

Covid Roundup - Roberts

Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Director Says
Children Should Be Taught Porn

Musk issues warning about his ‘suicide’

Apple is back on Twitter

Apple Accelerates Plans To Shift
Production Out Of China

Mystery Creature Kills Dozens of Cattle in CO
No Trace of Any Wolf Tracks Left Behind - There
Is Something Else At Work…. Chupa? ETs?

Stromboli – an extremely active Italian volcano
offered up a more explosive note today, sending
pyroclastic currents down into the sea - Video

War on Global Agriculture - The Unsustainable
‘Sustainable’ UN Agenda 2030


Summers - Downturn Will 'Be Fairly Forceful'

EU officially adopts price cap on Russian oil

Bleak future projected for crypto industry
Most crypto companies will probably fold
in the wake of the FTX Says BlackRock boss

Will Your State Reject Fed's Digital Dollar?

Russian Central Bank reveals shift away
from dollar and euro

Germany Bans Farmers from Properly Fertilizing
Land to Serve The Communist EU Green Agenda

People in Cardiff 'eating pet food'

Are The Globalists Moving EU Industry To US?
US-EU Trade War Looms as MEPs Roll Out
'Nuclear Option' Hard Line Against Washington

EU must ‘take action’ against US – von der Leyen

EU should sue US – trade chief Bernd Lange


Several Canadian Provinces Refuse to
Take Part in Turdeau's Gun Grab

The German Government Has Proposed
a Law to Criminalize Truth

Winter In Central Europe...And For The Dollar

Saker - Sic transit gloria mundi

OPEC+ Keeps Oil Production Unchanged, Maintains
2 Million Barrels Per Day Output Cut After Launch Of
Russia Price Cap

Turkey conducting preparatory work for
creating gas hub - Erdogan

Brussels Bailing Out Ukraine Will Ruin Europe
For Generations, Hungary's Orban Warns

French supermarkets urged to raise food
prices by producers

Italy's Public Split Over Backfiring Russia
Sanctions, Expert Says

Millions of Brits may unplug from power grid


Greek Intelligence Spying on Country’s
Military Leadership, Reports Say

Russian sports body in talks about
switch to Asia

1,700 endangered Caspian Sea seals
wash ashore in Russia (VIDEO)

Moldovan socialists hold anti-government
rally in Cahul

US eyes Return To Subic Bay, was
Chinese ‘coercion’ of Philippines the reason?

Japan-US Mull Hypersonic Missile Research
Amid Rapid Chinese, North Korean Advances

How Many Nuclear Submarines Does China Have?

India projected to become one Of
top-three global economies

10,000 El Salvador troops surround city
in gang crackdown

Iran abolishes morality police


Iran executes four Suspected Israeli
Mossad Agents on spying charges

Gunmen Attack Mosque, Kill Dozen People
in Northwestern Nigeria, Officials Say

South Africa's Ramaphosa Will Not Resign
Over Farmgate Scandal, Official Says

Another Fashion Designer Tied to Satanism
and Child Abuse

Cop sexually abuses teen, so government
launches Investigation Of His PARENTS!

National Science Foundation spends $500,000
to learn lizards could survive fire ant stings


US General - Russian Have Turned Bakhmut Into
A Meatgrinder - Huge Uke Losses

The Ukes Are In BIG Trouble in Bakhmut

Ritter 2-3 - Russia Has Done A Good Job

Kremlin Special Adviser - 'Ukraine Will Be Ended -
A New Hegemonic State of 200 Million Russian-
Speakers Is Being Created in Northern Europe - Vid

WW3 preparations - For the first time in history,
Russian Tu-95MS bombers landed in China and
Chinese H-6s in Russia - Video

Why Did US Simulate A 100 Megaton Hit On Kiev?

Zelenksy fears Overthrow - Outlaws, Carriers Out
Dozens Of Attacks On Russian Orthodox Churches

Bolshevik Communist Zelensky Moves to
Outlaw Orthodox Christianity

NATO handling of Ukraine crisis may
end in disaster – MEP

Russian Aerospace Forces Receive New
Batch of Sukhoi Su-35S Fighter Aircraft


Russian MoD Journal Details What Will
Happen if NATO Expands Into Nordics

Trump Jr. hammers Zelensky

As winter arrives on the Uke battlefield
what will happen next in the conflict?

UN Silent on Reports of Ukrainian
Refugees Falling into ‘Sexual Slavery’

Over A Dozen Ukrainian Embassies Sent
Mail Bombs, Bloody Animal Parts In
'Terror Campaign'

FTX laundered money to Ukraine for
biological weapons shelter funding

Global Warming? Northern Hemisphere
Snow Cover At 56 Year High

How The Engineered Famine Will Have
The Masses BEGGING For FEMA Camps

The last chance is gone - What Is America’s
Tipping Point and What are You Prepared to
Do When it comes?

Alex Jones Files for Bankruptcy


DeSantis Caves to Perverted Disney,
Works to Give Them Back Special Tax Breaks

Top stars say Hollywood execs are a den of
parasites who feast on the blood of kids
and TRAFFIC them for adrenochrome

House Dems Make Last-Minute Plea For Mass
Amnesty Before Republicans Take Over, Claim
The Economy Will 'Collapse' Without It

States Unite Against Vanguard Purchases of
Utility Companies Due to ESG Concerns

Judge Orders Arizona’s Cochise County To
Certify Election Results

New Federal Data Shows 73,000
Invader ‘Gotaways' In One Month

Phoenix Homeless Creating Trash Nightmare
ACLU Steps in to Try and Prevent City from
Cleaning up the Streets

FBI, social media met weekly to censor
Americans before 2020 election

US Women's Soccer Players Bank 6.5 Million
Dollars for Doing Nothing but Existing

Crooked, Rotten Hillary Likens Pro-Lifers
to Islamist and Russian Rapists


Switzerland Contemplates a Partial Ban
on Use of Electric Vehicles

CA Reparations Plan Would Spend Almost Double
State’s Entire Budget On Race-Based Handouts

1,000 NYT Employees Threaten To Strike
Next Week

MSM Journos Have Meltdown Over
Taibbi-Twitter Biden Bombshell

HHS secretary urges You Take A COVID
Bivalent booster every 2 months

US Surgeon General Warns That Surge
In 'Viral Illnesses' Is Pushing Hospitals
To The Brink (Surge In Vax Injuries)

Oz Doc finds ‘chips’ And ‘self-assembling’
structures forming in Pfizer BioWeapon Vials

CDC Lied about Vax Myocarditis Being Mild
20% of Sudden Deaths Caused by Myocarditis

China Lifts Lockdowns, Shows Protests Work

Secret CDC Report - Since Trump’s Warp Speed,
Over 1.1 million Americans have 'died suddenly’
(Multiply That By Ten)


UK Govt confirms COVID Vaxed Children are
up to 137x more likely to die than Unvaxed Kids

Canadian University ends BioWeapon mandate
after two students, including a TikTok star, die

RSV Vax Given During Pregnancy Protects
Newborns - Pfizer (More Dead Babies Due)

Israeli journalist - whole world duped with
fake (CV) data

New coronavirus variants made monoclonal
antibody drugs ineffective

Horrific - We've stopped protecting children
in our culture

Musk's Neuralink has been ‘mutilating
and killing monkeys'

Apple Accelerating Supply Chain Retreat
From China After iPhone Factory Chaos

Musk Reveals Why Twitter Hid Hunter
Biden 'Laptop From Hell' Story

Musk Is Right - It's A Battle For Future
Of Civilization


Musk exposes Twitter's suppression of
freedom of speech

Musk’s ‘Twitter files’ make it impossible for
Dems to deny their censorship practices

Released Twitter files show ‘election interference’

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou Cleared
of Fraud Charges in US

Major Web Browsers Drop Mysterious Authentication
Company After Ties To US Military Contractor Exposed

Kanye's Subreddit Becomes Holocaust Memorial

Senegalese-American Singer Akon Comes
Under Fire After Defending Kanye West’s
'Anti-Semitic' Remarks

Yellen insists inflation results from consumers
buying too much! - That Is Pure Lunacy

US Plans To Build Huge Oil Terminal
Off Texes In Gulf of Mexico

Russia won’t accept oil price cap – Kremlin


Ships transporting Russian oil purchased
above price cap to face 90-day EU insurance ban

Von Greyerz - In The End The Dollar
Goes To Zero & The US Defaults

America's Insolvency Is Mandatory

Roubini Warns 'The Mother Of All Economic
Crises Looms'

Russia Quietly Amasses 'Shadow Fleet' Of
Tankers To Sidestep Western Restrictions

Russia-China trade soars – official

Future European security architecture must
include guarantees for Russia - Macron

Trump Jr. hammers Zelensky

EU ‘gala’ party draws just six guests

UK lawmakers attack EU chief over
Ireland claims


Germany ‘sleepwalking’ into new
migration crisis – top MEP

Germany criminalizes questioning war crimes!

The Guardian Could Help Assange By
Retracting All The Lies It Published About Him

Russian tycoon Fridman arrested in London

Russian Embassy Sends Note of Protest to
UK Foreign Office Over Arrest of Russian Citizen

EU ‘gala’ party draws just six guests

Number of hungry UK students surging

Real wages drop globally – UN

Parent groups revolt over French power
outage plan

US says NATO will ‘address the problem’ of
China, but allies don’t seem too eager


Germany Reluctant to Surrender to
US Pressure on Huawei Ban

Who actually benefits from Uke war?

Eight People Detained Over Theft of
Banksy Mural Near Kiev, Police Say

Russia's Shoigu Praises Belarus’ Resolve
to Stand Against Hostile US Politics

Belarus, Russia Sign Protocol to Treaty
on Joint Provision of Regional Security

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Says
Russia and China Will Work Together to Halt
NATO Expansion in the Asia-Pacific Region

China Lifts Lockdowns, Shows Protests Work

Musk - Twitter May Have Helped Lula
And Leftists In Brazil’s (CIA Op) Election

‘Death to Israel’ - Bahraini Activists Threaten
Israeli President Ahead of Goodwill Trip

Russian Presence in Syria Keeping Borders
Secure and Stable, Jordanian Expert Says


Nigeria President - West-Supplied Weapons
In Ukraine Are 'Filtering' Into Africa

West's Energy Suggestions Can't Address
Industrialization Issues in Africa

No One-on-ones Set For US-Africa Summit
May Be Viewed Negatively

Gates Pledges $4M to Develop Injectable,
6 Mo Active Contraceptive for Low, Middle
Income Countries

Jane Fonda Says Racist, Misogynistic 'Mindsets’
And Causing ‘The Climate Crisis'

‘Trans' Elementary School Teacher Admits She
Enjoys Confusing Kids About ‘Gender' Identity

Want A Dog For Christmas? Rescue An Invader’s
Dog From Biden's Border Crisis

10 Yr Old Boy Shot His Mother To Death Because
She Didn’t Want To Buy A VR Headset For Him

Baby ODs On Fentanyl In Upscale SF Park


Chevy Totally Rejects Wokeness, Rolls Out Beautiful
New All-American Christmas Commercial Starring
'57 Bel Air Nomad And Wonderful American People

Disturbing study shows people are getting dumber
IQ scores drop 7 points with each new generation

It Is Official - the DOJ Is Weaponized

'Baal-enci-aga' Literally Means ‘Baal The King’ - Snyder

Trump Team Making 'Big Changes' After
Kanye West Dinner - GOP Lawmaker

We Are Trapped In A Truman Show Being
Directed By Psychopaths

GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military
Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped

Slapsy-Maxey Waters Praises Sammy The Bankman
For His ‘Honesty' And Forthrightness

US troops are combat ready on Russian border
…Says Lithuanian commander

US Air Force unveils B-21 Raider - dubbed
the most advanced military aircraft ever built


Russian troops get upgrade against HIMARS

Russian Air Defenses Units Receive 'New Software’
That Can Track & Knock Out US-Supplied MLRS

Kremlin classifies Crimean Bridge,
Nord Stream blasts as acts of terrorism

Ukrainian troops deliberately targeting
crowded streets in central Donetsk

Ukrainian shelling kills civilians in Donetsk

Zelensky cracks down on Ukraine’s
biggest church

Casualties reported as bus comes under
Uke fire in Donetsk

About 70 Ukrainian soldiers, Azov militants
to be tried in Donetsk for war crimes

Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk's Kievsky
district kills two civilians — mission

The death of a US mercenary exposes
the bleak reality of service with Ukraine’s
'International Legion'


US Planned Parenthood Boss Advocates
'Ethics of Porn' In Youth Sex Education

Secret Service Has Hunter Biden Gun
Docs They Denied Possessing

Former Twitter Executive Who Censored
Hunter Biden Laptop Story Admits Mistake

Alex Jones Goes Bankrupt Over $1.5 Billion
Court Damages

Pelosi Says Democrats Might Release
Trump's Tax Returns

Trump Team Making 'Big Changes' After Kanye
West Dinner

Tenpenny Agrees, Says the death tsunami
caused by the CV BioWeapon ‘vaccines’ Is Here

GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military
Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped

Top oncologist reveals INCREASE in cancer cases
among Those injected with CV BioWeapon Shots

Rand Paul - Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die
'We've Caught Him Red-Handed, He Won't Get Away’
(Before It’s Over, Hundreds of Millions will have died
Both here and in Europe…)


Pfizer CEO Bourla Declares Alex Jones
an ‘Agent of Evil’

McCullough - Powerful Evidence The Spike AND mRNA
Are Being Shed On The Unvaxed By The Vaxed - This
Was Our Forecast...And It Is Very Bad News

Dr. Ryan Cole In Superb Summary Of Shedding
The Spike Protein And The mRNA Deadly Protocols
In The Body - Video

Emergency phase of COVID-19 pandemic not over - WHO

Two New COVID-19 Mutations Discovered
in Botswana

Chinese anti-lockdown protesters earn the
praise that eluded their Western peers

No murder charge for California robber
who fatally shot gas station clerk

Apple helps communists abuse and
kill people for profits

Musk Suspends Kanye From Twitter, Suggests
He 'Incited Violence' by Posting Raelian Symbol
(What A Load Of BS)

Ben Shapiro 'Seeds Narrative' That Kanye is
Going to Commit Suicide - Be Careful, Kanye


SD Gov Noem bans TikTok on state devices

Marauding Bands Of Looters Are Stealing Billions Of
Dollars Worth Of Merchandise As America Descends
Into Lawlessness

China tells tech giants to hire more
censors to combat rising dissent

US govt pays $5 Million for software to turn
citizens into online ‘misinformation' responders

Starchild - A Humanoid Skull Like No Other

Never Before Seen Hidden Photos Of Beyond The
Ice Wall In Antarctica - Capt Robert Scott 1912
More Reasons Why The Antarctic Is Off Limits

How To Save Your Skin, According To Sammy
The Bankman-Fried And Fauci

Pentagram Budget Keeps Soaring
Up, Up and Away

EU To Set $60 Price Cap On Russian Oil
Kremlin Vows To Ignore, Cut Supply

Italy to seize Russian oil refinery – media


German Govt Virtue-Signals Over 'OneLove’
World Cup Armband, Then Signs 15 Year Gas
Deal With Qatar A Week Later

Dallas Fed Survey Of Oil Executives
Suggests Biden Is 'Holding Us Back'

EU Testing Legal Options To Use Frozen Russian
Central Bank Assets For Ukraine Reconstruction

Airbus to cut Russian titanium purchases

Something Is Rigged - Unexplained, Record 2.7
Million Jobs Gap Emerges In Broken Payrolls

The Fed Is Not 'A Good Idea That Became Corrupt’
It Always Was Corrupt

Biden Ratifies Law Forcing Deal Between
Bosses and Unions to Avert Christmas Strike

Trade Union - Transport Workers, Civil
Servants Striking Across Italy

Moscow accuses West of ‘legal nihilism’

Assange Reportedly Appeals to ECHR to
Challenge Extradition to US


Cryptome Founder Asks To Be
Indicted With Assange

Kiev asks foreign governments to step
up security at Ukrainian diplomatic missions

Spanish police rule out Russian involvement
in letter bombs – media

More suspicious packages found at
Ukrainian embassies

Exiled Russian TV channel sacks host amid
pressure from Latvia

'Europe isn’t strong enough’ – Finland

Can't Deliver by Christmas - UK's Royal
Mail Clashes With CWU Union

Welsh Reportedly Eating Pet Food
Amid Cost-of-Living Crisis

West’s support encouraging Kiev to reject talks,
Putin tells German chancellor

Scholz wants post-conflict ‘agreements’ with Russia


Scholz tells Putin about Berlin's commitment
to strengthening Ukraine’s defenses

Biden’s terms for peace talks unacceptable – Kremlin

Italian expert criticizes Biden-Macron peace
proposals as naive, media-oriented

Edward Snowden Takes Oath to
Become Russian Citizen

Putin Tells Scholz More Ukraine Energy Strikes
'Inevitable' Due To West Pumping In Weapons

Putin tells Scholz why Russia is targeting
Ukrainian infrastructure

China sends 3 more astronauts to finish
Tiangong space station build

Why China Sucks - It's A Beta Test
For The New World Order

China faces marriage crisis – media

Sex Outside of Marriage May Be
Barred in Indonesia


India Seizes Drone Transporting Narcotics
Near Pakistan Border

Top Pakistani Diplomat in Kabul Suffers
'Assassination' Attempt: PM Sharif

‘India Stands Tall & Proud on Its Own’
New Delhi on NATO Overtures

Oil Tank Explodes, Causing Fire in
Turkish Port City Samsun

Syrian State Media Debunks US Claims
on Daesh Leader Killing

Erdogan, Assad may meet in Russia,
says Kremlin

Iran has material to create more than
one nuclear bomb, IAEA reveals

Ukraine arms fueling terrorism in Africa
– Nigeria

Zambia to Limit Electricity Supply for Domestic
Consumers Due to Water Shortage in Lake Kariba

Sickening P/P Exec Says 'Babies can experience
sexuality’ and All Children Are Born ‘Sexual'


McCullough Confirms mRNA And Spike Shedding
From The Vaxed To The Unvaxed - Great Danger

Dr Ryan Cole - ’They’ KNEW About The mRNA-
Spike Protein Catastrophe All Along - Placentas
Now Full Of Spike Protein, Inflammation, Calcified

Air Force Can’t Punish Members Seeking COVID
BioWeapon Religious Exemption - Appeals Court

Anti-vax Hero nurse who injected up to 8,600
patients with saline instead of Covid BioWeapon
walks free

Russia’s Lavrov warns of ‘huge’ risks of
sliding into nuclear war

US, NATO directly involved in Ukraine conflict

Most of Kiev’s targets determined by its
Western masters - Lavrov

Zelenska - ‘Ukrainians ready to live without
light and heat for two or three years'

Europe Building Security Not With Russia
...But Against It - Lavrov

Russia targets only Ukraine’s military potential
related infrastructure - Lavrov


Zelensky says more than 1,300 prisoners
of war handed to Ukraine

Ukraine hands 50 prisoners over to Russia
in POW exchange - Moscow

Lukashenko says Ukraine using every excuse
in the book to get NATO involved in conflict

Fifty Russian soldiers return from Ukrainian
captivity in prisoner swap, top brass reveals

Explosion rocks Kiev

Russian forces hit three foreign mercenaries
deployment sites in DPR

Support for Ukraine in US softening

Support for weapons supplies to Ukraine waning
among Europeans, poll suggests

France has no more weapons to send to Ukraine

Ukraine sacks engineer at Zaporizhzhia plant
it accuses of collaborating with Russia


Confirmed - Katie Hobbs Office Threatened County
Board With Arrest, Felony Indictment If They Didn’t
Certify ‘Election’ Results - Arizona Is Dead

FL Governor DeSantis may well become
the next President of the US...

GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military
Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped

Thousands of California’s Convicted Pedophiles
are Being Released From Prison in Less Than a Year

NBA star James suggests double-standards
in anti-Semitism BS row

Republicans Are An Endangered Species
At Top Universities - Survey

Biden Administration Gives Trump
Tax Returns To House Democrats

US Expects Low Water Levels to Force Colorado
River’s Hydroelectric Dams Off by July 2023

Officials fear ‘complete doomsday scenario’
for The drought-stricken Colorado River

Railroaders - Morale, Quality-Of-Life At All-Time Low


Illinois non-detainable offences beginning 1-1-23

Ex Disney Star China McClain exposes
Satanism in Hollywood

Entire Season Of Snow Could Dump On Texas
Panhandle - Pipeline Operators Warned About
'Freak Storm'

Wife of Trump Investigator Turns Out
to be Biden-Backer

Top Democrat Congresswoman Investigated
For Alleged Ethics Violations Tied To Met Gala

Wooldridge - If America Stays On This Path
This Is Where It Will End

AMAZING video from 1983 of a CIA agent
explaining how they manipulate MSM reporters
to spread CIA disinformation

CIA Officer Discusses Planting FAKE Stories And
Manipulating Lazy Unintelligent MSM Reporters

J6 Witch Hunt Is What Happens When
Big Tech And Feds Team Up

Kanye Kicked Off And Banned From Twitter Again
...Where Freedom Of Speech Remains A Carefully
Monitored Theory In This Age Of Censorship


Kanye Says 300 Zionists Have Taken Over The US

Kanye says he likes Hitler, Says Everyone Can
Bring Something Positive To The Table - Mentions
The Autobahns, Technology (First Govt To Declare
War On Cancer, Smoking, Promoted Vegetarianism,
Built Cars For All Germans - the VW, & Much More)

media panic attack after Kanye said even Hilter
had made positive contributions to humanity

Parler Stops Kanye West's Deal To Buy
The Social Media Company

Kanye West On How Celebrities Have Remained
Silent about Balenciaga - Says it Shows Who
Really Controls Them

Racist Lesbian On TikTok And More
Astonishing Hypocrisy - Video

Unsolved murder rate in US highest in decades
amid police staffing shortfalls

Healthy 'transabled' man lives in a wheelchair,
tells the media he’s identifying as a woman
paralyzed from waist down...

Death Signal - Canadian Doctors Are Dying
at 4x Prior Rate Under 40, 8x Prior Rate Under 30

Demographic Winter - Male Fertility Plunges 62%
Worldwide And Is Still Accelerating


Sen. Ron Johnson - It's Insane to Force C19 BioWeapon
Injection - It doesn't prevent infection - doesn't prevent
transmission, So why would we make anybody take it?

Musk adding Big New Feature To Twitter

Musk - Robots Will Perform Brain Implant
Surgery As Outpatient Procedure

Conservatives Gain Millions of Twitter Followers,
Liberal Accounts Shrink After Censorship Regime

How Twitter Algorithms Paved the Way
for Election Interference

Facebook Failed to Detect Death Threat Ads
Against US Midterm Election Workers

Elon Musk Warns Twitter Users
About Big Dip in Followers

Elon Musk warned by EU official to
keep Russian propaganda off Twitter

Spectacular Video Of Mauna Loa’s Twin
Eruptions - Major Highway Threatened

Unseen text on Washed Up Aluminum panel
could hold clues to Amelia Earhart's fate


The Numbers Are Screaming That A Giant
Tsunami Of US Layoffs Has Begun (Snyder)

Bill & Melinda Gates Fdn moving
into digital payments game...

EU agrees $60 a barrel price cap on Russian
seaborne oil - EU diplomat

European Central Bank warns Bitcoin’s
days might be over soon

FedEx Freight to begin driver
furloughs Sunday

UK Health Service's 'Winter War Rooms’
Go Live as Demand Soars and Strikes Loom

Electricity-Saving Winter Campaign Kicks Off in Japan

US climate law risks ‘fragmenting the west’ - Macron

India remains fastest-growing major economy

Industry Tracker - US Job Cuts up 127% in Nov
Amid Tech Sector Job Drain


EU seeks lower price cap for Russian oil

Indonesia Plans to Auction One of World’s
Biggest Undeveloped Gas Fields

Finland’s economy shrinking

Switzerland reveals sanctioned $8 billion a
fraction of money held by Russians in the country

EU has no legal way to seize Russian assets – officials

UK Strikes Raise Fears of Christmas Cash
Supply Shortages

Russian Scientists Learn to Double Cyclic
Strength of Titanium Alloys

Euro Parliament passes resolution stating
Russia is A ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Russia responds to EU ‘sponsor of terrorism’
resolution, European Parliament should be
designated a sponsor of idiocy

Russia is not ‘state sponsor of terrorism’
...US ambassador


EU Parliament Hit By Pro-Kremlin Cyberattack
After Russian Terror Designation

UK Supreme Court Rules Scotland Cannot
Hold Second Independence Referendum

Switzerland follows EU in adopting anti-Russian
sanctions package - government

Nightmare Before Christmas - Analysts
Forecast Little Holiday Cheer For UK Retail

Security agents intercept letter bomb
targeting Spanish PM

Explosive package found in US Embassy in Madrid

Spanish Defense Ministry Receives Package
With Explosives Amid Mail Bomb Frenzy

Parcel bomb intercepted at Spanish air base

Why is Russia set to tolerate Turkey's attempt
to launch a ‘small, victorious war’ in Syria?

Lavrov says NATO returned to Cold War
agenda, Russians aren’t wanted in Europe


Lavrov rubbishes ‘lies’ about Ukraine
peace talks

Lavrov points to lack of concrete efforts by
EU to mediate between Moscow, Kiev

Lavrov blames US for leaking spy bosses’
...‘confidential’ meeting in Turkey

Lavrov excoriates Poland’s ‘anti-chairmanship’
for deeply harming OSCE

In early 90s West counted on Russia not regaining
its foothold in Europe, world - Lavrov

Russia condemns West’s attempts to hold
tribunals over events in Ukraine - Kremlin

Russian senator slams EU Commission’s
'propaganda stunt' to set up Ukraine 'tribunal'

French MFA statements about tribunal for
Ukraine have no legal basis - Russian legislator

Moscow slams Bundestag resolution on genocide
of Ukrainians as move to demonize Russia

Germany’s ‘genocide’ resolution shameful
...former Russian president


No European security without Russia and Belarus
Says Moscow

Russia floats new nuclear-powered icebreaker

Mongolia launches new cargo transportation
route between Russia and China - minister

Russia’s financial sector on high alert for
cyberattacks, says regulator

Inflation in Russia down to 12.4%
says PM Mishustin

US to announce new sanctions on N Korea
on Thursday - US official

Beijing blasts trip to Taiwan by UK lawmakers
as interference in China’s internal affairs

Beijing - NATO Must Stay Within
Geographic Boundaries

China giving UK cold shoulder over
Sunak’s antagonization

Most Southeast Asian Nations Oppose
NATO Expansion to the Region, Russian
Envoy to ASEAN Says


Indian G20 Presidency to ‘Depoliticize’
Global Food & Fertilizer Supplies: Modi

India Backs Russia’s G20 Participation,
Rejects West's Call for Boycott

Should Indian Parents of Rapists and
Murderers Be Considered Partly Culpable
for Their Crimes?

Pakistani Court Extends Imran Khan’s
Bail in Foreign Funding Case

India's West Bengal State Raises Alarm
Over Situation on Meghalaya-Assam Border

VZ - If you want to replace cash with
CBDC, inflation is your friend

20 Live Babies In A Truck Hidden
Inside Dead Beef Carcasses

Israeli Intelligence Warns Iran Is
Mulling Terror Attack On World Cup

Russia calling on Israel to stop
airstrikes on Syria - envoy

Russia in close contact with Turkey to
thwart any escalation in Syria


Special services of Turkey and Syria
maintain their contacts, says Russian
envoy for Syria

Russian envoy slams Western attempts
to block stabilization efforts in Syria

Kurds may have been given go-ahead
to commit terror attack in Istanbul
…Says Russian envoy

Russia, Iran, Turkey condemn Israel’s
ongoing attacks in Syria

Turkish air operation ‘just the beginning’

Conspiracy to dismantle Iran foiled – FM

At Least Thirty Jihadists Reported Killed
in SADC Military Op in Mozambique


Who Is Killing The Crypto Millionaires? - Snyder

Schwab Praises Arch Communist China
As The Ultimate Role Model For Your Future

Housing Demand ‘Vaporized' After Rates
Hit 7% - And A New Wave Of Inventory Is Next

Rental Cars Used By Biden's Secret
Service Agents In Nantucket Destroyed In Fire

China Protesters clash with hazmat-clad
Covid Thug enforcers

Democrat-Run House Votes To Push
Labor Deal Down Railroad Unions' Throats

Russian troops advance in Donbass

Putin's Remedy - A Fragmented, Toothless Ukraine
separated by a 100 Kilometer wide No-Man’s Land

Poland Preparing Claims for Western
Ukrainian Lands, Russian Intel Chief Says

Is 'Desire to Conquer' Behind Pentagon
Affiliated Biolabs in Ukraine & Indonesia?


Poland Faces Surge of HIV Amid Ukrainian
Refugee Influx

Azov volunteer Kent McLellan testifies
about torture murder of Russians

Russian air defenses down Su-25 warplane
in Ukraine operation, top brass reports

Russian forces destroy platoon of US-made
M777 howitzers in Ukraine operation

Ukrainian army’s bombardments damage
nuclear waste storage facilities at ZNPP

NATO again dangles membership in front of Ukraine

100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died
in conflict – EU

EU chief’s assessment of 100,000
Ukrainian casualties deleted

Ukraine objects to EU assessment of
its casualties

Russian official criticizes EC data lowballing
Ukrainian losses by half


Medvedev mocks EU subservience to US over
deleted claim on Ukrainian losses

Report - US Considers 'Dramatically’
Expanding Training of Uke Forces

NATO can soon deliver combat planes to Ukes

Germany declares genocide in Ukraine

Ukraine to Receive THeMIS Robots, Russian Troops
Encouraged to Capture Them For $16k Reward

RoboCops - Is Use of Deadly Robots by
San Francisco Police Justified?

Save Your Family From Dems
Homicidal Hellholes, Buy A Gun

Disney Christmas Show Has Kids Holding Signs
Spelling Out 'We Love You Satan' - Photo

Disney+ Under Fire as Kids Spell out
'We Love You Satan' in Christmas Show

Watch - New Disney CEO Wants To 'Quiet Things
Down' After Company Exec Previously Revealed
Open LGBTQ Agenda


Tremendous Shortages Of Antibiotics And
Dozens Of Other Drugs Hit US Nationwide

Don’t Forget - The ‘Covid Vaccine' BioWeapon Is
Entirely A DOD Product - Sasha Latypova

Cancer Skyrocketing Since People Were
Coerced Into Injecting The mRNA BioWeapons
MANY Being Diagnosed With Stage Four!

Cumulative Micro-Clotting - One of the Primary
Lifespan Decreasing BioWeapon Vectors

Massachusetts Offering $75 to get
CoVid Super Boosters - Sound Familiar?

Boston University Is Stocking The New Highly
Contagious COVID Strain With 80% Mortality

'Died Suddenly’ update - Beef Stew Lost All
Credibility for including footage from a heart
surgery that happened in 2019

Pittsburgh Penguins Defenseman Kris Letang
Out Indefinitely After suffering Stroke

Pro-BioWeapon Canadian radio presenter raged
against the unvaxed – now has heart attack

CDC knew COVID vax causes heart
problems but kept silent


COVID Bivalent Booster Falls Flat in First
‘Real-World’ Test - CDC Report

Moving in for the Kill

Celebrity Trainer Eric Fleishman Dies Suddenly
At 53 - The Vaxed are Dropping Like Flies

Another Airline Crew Member Dies In Flight

Tragic - 14 Yr old victim of myocarditis
from BioWeapon

Ambulance driver (23) suffers a heart attack,
causes an accident with the ambulance and dies

Federal Air Marshals Planning Full-Scale ‘Mutiny'
Against Biden Junta After Being Stripped From
99% of Commercial Flights

WEF Police Lock Up Swiss Cardiologist for
Speaking Out Against COVID Mandates

Musk - Twitter Has 'Interfered In Elections'

Musk has calls on Federal Reserve to slash
interest rate to avoid a severe recession


DeSantis - Apple nuking Twitter from App
Store would 'merit a response from Congress'

Google to introduce behavioral ‘interventions'

Google's handing over of location data on
January 6th protesters was a new record

South Dakota Governor Bans TikTok
From State-Owned Devices

'I've Had A Bad Month’ Says Sammy The BankMan
Claims He 'Didn't Knowingly Commingle Funds’
Blames Girlfriend's Fund & 'Accounting Mistakes’
This is beyond Hilarious!

Unexpected Oz housing boom predicted

Gas price in Europe up above $1,600 per
1,000 cubic meters, first time since October

Germany wants Russia to pay for higher
gas prices

Germany Looking for Oil in Kazakhstan
and Poland for Schwedt Refinery

EU facing Russian diesel problem


Price cap on Russian oil fraught with
devastating consequences

Volkswagen Says EV Battery Plants ‘Practically
Unviable’ In EU Due To Soaring Energy Costs

EU Commission Head von der Leyen Proposes
to Create Structure to Manage Frozen Russian Assets

Air travel in the future will be
significantly more expensive

FL woman sues Kraft Heinz over
3.5 minute Velveeta mac and cheese

Sunak and the Net zero zealots who
surround him

Bombing At Ukrainian Embassy In Madrid
Has Diplomats On High Alert

Stoltenberg - Ukraine Should Focus on Preserving
Sovereignty Instead of Joining NATO

Boris Johnson Says His Family Roots
Trace Back to Moscow Rabbi

Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto Warns
NATO Against Turning Into Anti-China Bloc


First-Ever Male World Cup Game Refereed
by Woman to Take Place in Qatar

Moscow - Brussels Frantically Trying to
Steal Frozen Russian Assets

Moscow Will Retaliate if EU Confiscates
Russian Assets, Foreign Ministry Says

Russia announces 50% arms-spending hike

Putin Says Russia Promotes All Art, While
'Uneducated' People Cancel Russian Culture

West’s loss of leadership foothold may
push NATO to make rash decisions - Lavrov

NATO confirms it has no interest in settlement
in Ukraine - Russian MFA

Russia Counters That US 'Lack Of Desire’
Behind Collapse Of New START Talks

Moscow Says Accession of Finland, Sweden
to NATO May Increase Tensions in Arctic Region

Books to replace toys in Russian ‘Happy Meals’


Moldovan Opposition Holds Protest Rally
Against Rising Electricity Prices in Kishinev

Russian MFA - Lavrov to Make Two Trips to Africa
in January-February, Visits Planned to 8 Countries

Guangzhou Protesters Clash With Hazmat-Clad
Riot Police Over Lockdowns

Beijing - US Exaggerates 'Chinese Threat’
to Justify Nuclear Buildup

Beijing Warns US Against Interference in
Sino-India Ties

Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin Who
Ruled After Tiananmen Massacre Dies At 96

Australia Wants to Make Cigarettes Tasteless,
Their Design 'Ugly' - Reports

TTP Strikes With Deadly Suicide Bombing in
Pakistan After Ending Ceasefire

Brazilian president-elect demands
Assange’s release

Brazilian president-elect demands
Assange’s release


Brazil Approves Bill Regulating Use Of
Bitcoin As Payment

Turkey is about to invade Syria and
the US won’t do much to stop it

ISIS announces death of leader – media

EU Wheat Exports in August Went Primarily to
Africa, Middle East

Weapons from Ukraine found at IS
and Boko Haram in Africa

‘France is Holding Africa Hostage’ With Grain
Shipments, Malian Journo Says

Nigeria Plans to Stop Importing Oil Products
Next Year as It Plans to Increase Refining Capacity

Expert - West Detains Fertilizer Supplies to Africa
on Purpose, Pursuing its Commercial Interests

China Cancels Rwanda’s Debt as
Sign of 'Healthy Bilateral Cooperation'

Anti-Russian Sanctions Blocking Fertilizer
Shipments Have ‘Direct Impact on West Africa’


Ivy League Princeton Offers 'Black Plus
Queer in Leather' BDSM Course

The West has formed a concept that the
human species is exhausted

Medvedev Warns NATO Not to Arm Ukraine With
Patriot Air Defense Missiles - TRUNEWS

Here Analysis From Front Line In Donetsk
...Directly From Russell Bentley

More Proof Of The Italian Role In The 2020
Fraudulent US Presidential Elections

Is Trump Mainstreaming ‘Antisemitism?’

Oath Keepers' Rhodes guilty of Jan 6
seditious conspiracy - America Fading Fast
Trump Should Have Blanket Pardoned All

Nelson - The Real Charlie Kirk and TPUSA

Kremlin outlines conditions for Ukraine talks

Moscow lodges complaint to Vatican

Top Chechen legislator debunks Pope’s ‘cruelty’
claims, says Vatican okay with Neo-Nazism

Moscow Sees No Signals That US Ready to
Resume Talks With Russia on Strategic Stability


Kiev turning Kherson into military base,
ready to write it off — regional official

Russian forces cripple 10 command posts
in Ukraine operation

IAEA to strengthen its presence at all
Ukrainian NPPs

Hungary still opposes convening
NATO-Ukraine Commission

Situation in Ukraine fraught with risk
of third world war - Hungarian top diplomat

With arsenals drying up, Europe lacks air
defense systems for Ukraine, expert says

NATO to slash military support for
Ukraine this winter - Chinese expert

Russian strikes on Ukraine cause ‘significant
damage’, claims NATO chief

Ukraine gets more Soviet-era weapons
from NATO member Slovakia

NATO revisiting idea of supplying Kiev with
MiG-29 and F-16 warplanes - former US admiral


NATO to double down on offer to Ukraine

NATO Chief Stoltenberg Claims Constructive
Dialogue With Russia Not Working

Rand Paul Calls Out Complete Lack Of
Oversight On Ukraine Aid

Watch - '8 homicides reported in
5 days in Las Vegas Valley'

Unions Furious As Biden, Pelosi Push
Bill To Avert Rail Strike

Maricopa County Votes To Certify (Fraud)
Election Results

America's Soviet Election System

Netizens Slam Bidens Over ‘Christmas
Stocking Snub' Against Hunter's Love Child

Isn't it time for US teachers to get
‘armed and dangerous’?

Get Woke, Go Broke - Disney's LGBT Kid's Film
'Strange World' Projected To Lose $147 Million


America's Drag Queen Nuclear Waste
Czarina Charged With Felony Theft

Wooldridge - When Your Father Died Too Soon
...I Miss My Dad

Klaus Schwab Says Chinese Lockdowns
to Expand Worldwide

37 Year Old Country Singer-Songwriter
Dies Suddenly Hours After His Wedding

Dr Peter Breggin - Why Did Dr. Robert
Malone File The $25 Million Suit? - Listen

Oncologist Seeing People With Stable Cancer
Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have
a Booster'

'Died Suddenly' is Typical Trash from Stew Peters

RSV Vaccine Given During Pregnancy
Protects Newborns Says Pfizer - Oh, MY

Twitter Stops Enforcing COVID-19
Misinformation Policy

McCarthy Questions Why US Would Monitor
Twitter Under Musk, Calls to 'Stop Picking' on Him


Musk's Twitter Is A Monster Of The Left’s
Own Making

China Launches Shenzhou 15 Manned Spacecraft

Strange meteorite that crashed into Earth
contains two never-before-seen minerals

41% of US small businesses can't pay
rent this month, report warns

Goldman's Supply Chain Congestion Indicator
Signals Largest Weekly Decline This Year

Russia and China have plan to bypass SWIFT

Russian sovereign debt down 25% in
9M 2022 - PM

Russian oil keeps flowing amid EU
price cap uncertainty

Moscow warns West about oil-price
cap consequences

China should increase gas supplies from
Russia via Eastern route, says CNPC


Gas union of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
will allow expanding export routes

Russia does not rule out building additional
oil pipelines to China — Deputy PM

Russian Electricity supplies to China
may grow by 11% by end of 2022

Germany has no alternatives to Russian gas

UAE Plans $150 Billion Spending Spree To
Boost Oil Output To 5 Million Barrels By 2027

A Systematic Challenge - Rishi Sunak States
That 'Golden Era' Between UK and China is Over

Germany at risk of mass exodus of companies

Sweden Seeks To Revoke Permanent Residency
Permits In Migrant Crackdown

German Court Issues New Arrest Warrant for
Madeleine McCann Murder Suspect

London Museum Starts Process of Returning
Looted Benin Artifacts Back to Nigeria


British Media Minister Shows Double Standards
on Free Speech in China and UK

Christians now make up less than half of
England and Wales population – census

Mental health issues plague youth in England

Macron's Visit to Washington Last Chance
to Persuade Biden To Avoid Trade War

Downturn in Eurozone will worsen - Lagarde

Is Dying Good For You? Canadian Retailer
Lambasted for Ad Promoting Assisted Suicide

There's A $19 Billion Backlog Of
US Weapons Bound For Taiwan

Chinese Officials Plan To Ease Covid
Restrictions Across iPhone City

Apple Turned Off Protest Communication Tool
Right Before Anti-Lockdown Uprising In China

Traffic Jam - Chinese Academics Find Starlink
Satellites Routinely Break Space Safety Rules


How Anglophone Countries are Teaming
Up to Curb China's Rise

UK kicks China out of Sizewell C
nuclear project

China Lambasts Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy
as Further Evidence That Ottawa is US 'Vassal'

China’s Donation to Cuba Will Meet ‘Most
Pressing Needs’ Created by US Blockade,
Economist Says

India Emerges as Top Global Importer
of Russian Seaborne Crude

Indian Border Guards Shoot Down
Pakistani Drone in Punjab

Iran's Coach Blasts Politically Charged World Cup
Takes Swipe At USA's Human Rights Abuses

Israel and US to Simulate Strike on Iran
Nuclear Program During Air Drills

West keeps Stealing Syria’s natural resources
— Russia’s ambassador to UN

Turkey May Launch Syria Ground Operation
at Any Moment, Presidential Spokesman Says


Israeli officials slam director over
‘propaganda’ claim

Exxon Set to Wind Down Africa Oil
Production After 2026, Media Report

UN - First Shipment of Russian Fertilizers
Departs From Netherlands for Malawi

Ghana's Shift From Dollar is a Step Toward
Multipolar World Economy, Expert Says

US Justice Dept Indicts Three People for
Alleged Involvement in Insurgency in Cameroon

Cannibal frat boy who randomly killed a FL
couple and chewed the man's face off is
not guilty

Tucker Says UN Carbon Taxes Designed To
Destroy Civilization - No Arguments Here

Dark And Evil Origins of the Davos Great Reset

They Aren’t Even Trying To Hide Who They
Really Serve...

Dr. Malone Sues Peter & Ginger Breggin For $25M

Robert Malone Sues The Breggins For $25 Million

Kanye West Claims America Run by '300 Zionists'

Expert - Ukraine runs out of interceptor missiles

Surgeons Work by Flashlight as
Ukraine Power Grid Battered

Insane Kiev regime Said still shelling ZNPP

Russians capture Spirne, Andreevka, Ozaryanovka,
Zelenopolye - broke through Uke defenses at
Bakhmut and are advancing towards Chasiv Yar


first time in months - Russians advance across
the front line – They also enter the strategic
Novoselovskoye – Vuhledar falls

Russia Says Over 700 Uke commandos are
preparing to attack the Zaporizhia nuclear
power plant

Nuke War Lust - US Considers Giving Bolsheviks
In Ukraine Missiles that can Hit Russian Rear Guard

'Ukraine will be plunged into total darkness
in a short time'

Kiev mayor warns residents power outages
may last until spring

Zelensky Warns Next Wave Of Airstrikes
Imminent As Crews Struggle To Restore Power

Kiev was planning to ‘retake’ Crimea in 2023
...former commander

1,200 Poles killed in Ukraine to get
‘American’ burial – media

Pressure Builds On Biden For Ukraine Weapons
Tracking & Oversight

Boeing Offers to Supply Ukraine With High-Precision
Ammunition for Missile Systems, Reports Say


How Did US Weapons Ordered by Taiwan
Wind Up in Ukraine?

JFK, Thanksgiving And My Brother's Downfall

Eating bugs should be the ‘new norm’ - WaPo says

5 Major Newspapers Send Letter To Biden
Demanding US Drop Assange Charges

Global Media Coalition Urges US to End
Prosecution of Wikileaks Founder Assange

Mike Lindell To Announce Bid For RNC Chair

Bob Dylan Apologizes For Using Machine-Printed
'Signatures' in His 'Hand-Signed' Books

The Fed set to introduce privacy-crushing
digital currency that can be ‘controlled’ and
‘programmed’ by government bureaucrats

Diesel shortages loom as energy crisis enters
'perfect storm’ - (Totally Created Crisis)

Wooldridge - I'm So Sad At What’s
Happening To Our Country


Gun Boom Continues - FBI Ran 192,749
Background Checks on Black Friday

Hawaii's Mauna Loa Volcano Has Begun Erupting

Allgire Remote Views Mauna Loa Volcanic Eruption

World's Largest Active Volcano In Hawaii
Erupts For First Time In Decades

Merriam-Webster reveals ‘word of the year’

Oncologist Sends Urgent Letter - Stable Cancers
and other Diseases Are Exploding in 'Boosted' People

'As an oncologist, I am seeing people with
stable cancer rapidly progress after being
forced to have a booster' - Cancers Go Wild

DeSantis - 'They lied about the COVID gene injection
mRNA vaccine, they lied! They said if you take it, you
Will not get COVID, that is false

A Litany Of BioWeapon Heart Attacks

Fauci Blames Trump For China's COVID Coverup!


Fauci lectures China on lockdowns

Pfizer CEO Blasted By UK Pharma Watchdog For
'Disgracefully Misleading' Statements On COVID
BioWeapon Injections

Very Serious Shortages Of Amoxicillin, Augmentin,
Tamiflu, Albuterol, & Tylenol Have Erupted All Over
The US - Snyder

Only 28% Of Americans Are Worried About
COVID Anymore - New Poll

'Zombie' Virus Reanimated By French Researcher
After 50,000 Years In Siberian Permafrost

Bar Association Votes To Abandon LSAT
To 'Enhance Diversity’ - Down And Down...

Bahamas AG was Previously Employed
by Bank of FTX

BlockFi Files For Widely Anticipated
Bankruptcy, Cites FTX Collapse

Ron Paul Urges Separation Of Tech & State

Apple Threatens To Ban Twitter From
App Store, Won't Say Why Says Musk


Twitter Suffers From ‘Ridiculous' Number
Of Psy Ops - Musk Says

Twitter Bans Multiple Antifa Accounts After Threats
And Attempts To Burn Down Tesla Dealerships

New Twitter Sign-Ups Hit All-Time Record
Despite Cancel Campaign

Israeli Company's Micro-Suicide Drone Swarms
Can Hunt Enemies in Urban Combat

recession Like 1969-1970 awaits US next year

Deeper Than Expected Black Friday
Discounts Stoke Retailer Margin Angst

CA Food Stamps Cost Soars To Record Highs

'Recession Is Coming' As Fed 'Is Going Too Crazy’
Dallas Fed Respondents Slam US Economic Outlook

Oil Rebounds From China Crash On OPEC+
Production Cut Headlines

Gazprom to mothball Nord Stream
pipelines – Kommersant


EU's Energy Chief Says Future Winters
Pose Challenge, Continent Preparing

Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union seeks
joint payment system with BRICS

Indian Stock Market at All-Time High,
Defying Asian Trend

‘Collapse is Coming’ - Experts Anticipate
Sharp Decline in US Real Estate Prices

Green Activists Set to Blockade London Roads for Fortnight of Festive Gridlock - Video

EU moves to equate sanctions evasion
with terrorism

Million Passengers Stranded As Austrian
Rail Strike Begins

Moscow ready to export grain if EU allows key
Russian bank back to SWIFT, says lawmaker

Russian wheat takes Egypt by storm

Economist predicts up to 180,000 Will Die
From The Cold In Euro This Winter


Ukraine fatigue in the US And EU - Scott Ritter

Million Passengers Stranded As Austrian
Rail Strike Begins

German Statesman Slams EU Leaders' Spinelessness,
Demands NATO's Dismemberment, Closure of US Bases

Belgian Police Officers Demand Government’s
Tougher Response to Violence Against Police

Dutch Officials Trying to Curb Work of Russian
Diplomatic Mission to OPCW - Russian Envoy

Russian envoy says OPCW disregards evidence
pointing to false flag Ukraine

US diplomat reveals contents of spy
chief talks

Meeting of Russian-US commission on
New START postponed

Russia Has Not Received Response From US
and Ukraine Regarding Biolabs Near Its Borders

US-EU alliance heading for ‘ugly divorce’
...ex-Russian president Medvedev


Arsenic found in body of jailed ex-Georgian
president Saakashvili – lawyer

Yerevan says Baku handed over bodies of
13 Armenian servicemen killed in September

Russia and Kazakhstan want convention on
Caspian Sea legal status to enter into force soon

Russia Launches Soyuz Rocket With
Military Satellite From Plesetsk

Ukrainian terror plot in Zaporozhye foiled

Kremlin Denies Media Reports About
Russia's Alleged Plans to Leave ZNPP

China dismisses BBC’s claim of its journalist
being beaten

Pentagon Accuses PRC of Militarizing Space
And Threatening US Supremacy

Japan Mulls Equipping Submarines With
Long-Range Missiles, Reports Say

Protests and Quarantine Camps - Covid
Tyranny Is Roiling China


Eye Camps Banned in India's Kanpur
After 8 Lose Eyesight

Auto Rickshaw Drivers' Strike Against Bike
Taxis Turns Violent in Pune, India

Violent Mob Attacks Police in India's Kerala
Over Construction of Adani Port

And the deserts are about to turn green! Devastating
Jeddah storm sweeps away cars, cuts road to Mecca,
floods desert after 7 inches of rain in just 6 hours

Terror Nation That Hangs Gays in Public Square
Hijacks US Soccer Press Conference to Hilariously
Ask Black Player If He's ‘Okay' With ‘Discrimination’
in America

US Soccer Coach Apologizes To Iran Over
Flag Scandal In Unprecedented Presser

Supreme leader’s niece arrested in Iran - TV

Iran Rejects US Accusations of Involvement in
Attack on Oil Tanker Near Oman, Reports Say

Conditions not yet ripe for Assad-Erdogan meeting

Turkish army wrapped up preparations for ground
operation in Syria - report


Russia calls on Turkey to honor its obligations
in Syria’s Idlib — diplomat

Russia for China’s participation in
reconstruction of Syria — envoy

Nigeria's Lagos Gov't Shortlists Chinese
Ventures for Construction of $2.5 Billion Bridge

At Least Four Dead in Somalia's Mogadishu
Terrorist Hotel Siege, Reports Say

The Consumer Economy Has Completely
Collapsed - 'It's A Ghost Town' For Holiday
Shopping Everywhere (Except Online)

Greyerz Makes These Terrifying Predictions
For The World Heading Into 2023

‘I Really Like This Guy, He Gets Me’...
Trump Praised Nick Fuentes During Group
Meeting With Ye at Mar-a-Lago

Trump Hounded For Having 'Unacceptable’
Dinner With Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

Roberts blasts Western hypocrisy over Ukraine

Ex Reagan Aide Bruce Fein Reveals How Congress
Could End Ukraine Crisis, ‘Win Nobel Prize’

Aging, Withering US Nuclear Reactors Among
Oldest In The World - Average Age 41 YEARS

Russia’s Wagner Group Commanders Have Decided
To Declare The European Parliament ‘Dissolved’

Russian forces destroy six Ukrainian
command posts - top brass

No Russian missiles in the air when missile
landed in Poland - Lukashenko


US does not let Ukraine start negotiations
with Russia — Belarusian president

Belarus reinforcing border with Ukraine

Moldovan prosecutor’s office challenges
ex-pres Dodon’s release from house arrest

Domestic violence on the rise in Ukraine
amid electricity outages — media

Third countries secretly arming Ukraine – Kiev

Satellite Imagery Shows Extensive
Destruction Of Ukraine Power Grid

WOKE DISNEY Movie Starring First Openly
Homosexual Bi-Racial Teen Gets Lowest Rating
In Box-Office History For Animated Film

RV Boom Over? Monthly Shipments Plunge
As Dealerships Overflow With Campers

Another Study Finds Heart Inflammation (Damage)
Higher After Moderna Vaccination Versus Pfizer
(Inflammation Usually Means SERIOUS Damage)

China Reports Record Daily COVID-19
Incidence for 4h Day in Row


Zero-Tolerance - Chinese Lockdown Protests
Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance

Musk Blasts Claims That Reinstating Banned
Twitter Accounts Puts 'Lives At Risk'

Musk Offers Sneak Peek Of Features From
'Twitter 2.0 - The Everything App'

Twitter signups at all-time high – Musk

SpaceX's Dragon Cargo Spacecraft
Successfully Docks to ISS

The Great Gold Robbery of 1933

The Diesel Crunch Is Finally Causing
Demand Destruction

VZ Oil Exports Good News But Won’t Buy Much
Goodwill For US From Caracas - Energy Expert

What Is Fractional Reserve Banking?

CBDCs - How Economic Dystopia Will
Come to America


A Grand Unified Theory Of The FTX Disaster

EU Accuses Washington Of Making A Fortune
From Ukraine War

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Admits
Support for Ukraine is Costly for Europeans

European leaders at fault for energy crisis,
continent facing a 'democracy test' – Moscow

US Has ‘Maneuvered Itself Into Position to Suck
Investment Out of Europe’ - Top EU Observer

Western Firms Are Biggest Financiers of New
PetroleumProjects in Africa, Report Says

Russia Determined Not to Sell Energy Resources
to Those Who Set Price Caps - Kremlin

Inflation drives up US household
spending $400 a month – CNBC

Italian Government Declares State of Emergency
on Ischia Island After Landslide - Photo, Video

Riots In Belgium


key Russian oil refinery hit By Explosion

Level of ties between Russia, Turkey helps
to settle differences on Syria - Russian spot

Russia to ban surrogacy for foreigners

Russia rebukes Canada over 'alien' gender beliefs

Russian Region Bordering Baltics Has Been
Repeatedly Probed by NATO Drones

China Reports Record Daily COVID-19
Incidence for 4h Day in Row

Zero-Tolerance - Chinese Lockdown Protests
Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance

China - is this the start of a color revolution?

Over 60% of Japanese Support Acquiring
Counterstrike Capability, Poll Shows

Ex Pakistani PM Imran Khan cancels protest
march for fear of further destabilizing country


Pakistan Authority Arrests Imran Khan’s
Party Senator for Tweets Against Military Officials

Iranian Parliament Backs Membership in
Shanghai Cooperation Organization

US accused of ‘disrespect’ over flag alteration
ahead of Iran clash

Turkish Defense Minister Inspects Troops
Near Iraqi Border

Erdogan Says Mass Production of Turkey’s
First Unmanned Fighter Jet Will Start in 2023

Ivory Coast Unveils its Second Shipping Container
Terminal Enabling Abidjan to Become Regional Hub

Namibia Would Welcome Fertilizer Donation
From Russia as Food Prices Soar - Envoy


Bolshevik Biden Puts The US On The Road
To A Chinese Social Credit System

Communists Are Now in Charge, Can We
Win Back This Republic? (This Dope Thinks
Rigged Elections Are Still The Answer)

Roberts - CRT amounts to indoctrinating white kids

Endgame Ukraine...Putin’s Battleplan - Whitney

Ukraine is committing 'suicide by cop’ - Whitney

Is NATO falling apart?

It Was Never About Ukraine

US Communist Senators Call on DoD to Provide
Advanced Drones With Hellfires to Ukraine - The
Push To Nuclear War With Russia Increases

British Brimstone missiles with 6.3kg warheads
to hammer Russia - Putin on alert - As Push To
WW3 Escalates

Escobar - Electric Wars In Ukraine


Zelensky accuses Russia of turning winter into
a weapon of mass destruction - (NATO’s Best
Propaganda Writers)

It Seems Russia Won’t Require a Winter
Offensive to Win the War

Russians Pay More Attention to America’s
Demise than do Americans

The EU is angry - US profits from the war
at the expense of the EU

Wigington - GeoEngineered ‘Freak’ Snowstorm Hits
Texas - How Much More Obvious Can It Get?

Mind Controlled VA Walmart Shooter Claimed
To Be Led By Satan

Four Men Try To Carjack 23 Yr Old Chicago Woman...
She Had CCW and Shot One Ape in the head - She Was
Shot In The Arm But Managed To Drive To A Hospital

70% of Children Aged 7-12 Now Afraid of
'Climate Change' - Pure Child Abuse

Disney Hosts Company Event Featuring a
'Two Spirit' Merman in Drag - The Efforts
To Destroy The Sexes Ramps Up

Herschel Walker Notes Commucrat
Warlock Is Lying About Him


Balenciaga Sues Producers Of ‘BDSM
Teddy Bear' Pedophilic Ad Campaign

Kari Lake files lawsuit against Maricopa
County over Rigged elections

CDC Says It's Monitoring XBB 'The Most
Vaccine Resistant Covid Strain Ever'

Strong Causal Relationship Between mRNA-based
COVID-19 Injection And The Onset Of Psychosis
...Why People’s Entire Personalities Are Changing

Climate Lunatics Call For Slaughter Of Millions Of Dogs
To Reduce Carbon - How About Slaughtering Millions
Of Climate Activists For The Same Reason?

Pfizer’s CEO Burla Blasted By Regulator for making
‘misleading’ statements about children’s Injections

Oz suffered 15x more Excess Deaths in the first
7 months of 2022 than it did in All of 2020 - The
Global Genocide Is Well Underway

Confidential Pfizer Documents & New Study confirm
COVID ‘Vax Shedding’ has been occurring with shocking
And dangerous consequences - This Article Fails To
Mention The Spike, Instead Calling Graphene The Villain!

‘Infectious’? - Scientists Revive 13 Ancient
'Zombie Viruses' Found In Siberian Permafrost

Scientists Revive 48,500 Year Old Virus


Demand For Unvaccinated, Pure Blood
Is Soaring Worldwide

Oscar Winning Actor and Singer Irene Cara,
Who Got Vaccinated For Her Birthday,
Suddenly Dead

Over 23,000 Children ‘Died Suddenly’
(Murdered) across Europe After EMA
approval of BioWeapon Injections

Belarusian foreign minister Suddenly Dead

100% Of mRNA Jab Recipients Have Heart Damage

Very Serious Shortages Of Medications
Have Erupted All Over The United States

MSM Admits Majority Of Americans Dying Of
COVID Received At Least 2 (BioWeapon) Shots

Inquiry about toxins in Covid rapid tests Still
Unanswered - what is the ministry hiding? INDEED

Virologist Who Voted For COVID ‘Vax' Emergency
Use Authorization DIES SUDDENLY - BioWeapon
Scores Again

Experimental mRNA flu vaccine seen
as potential game changer


Deposition - Fauci admits China convinced
him to push lockdowns

Fauci Could Not Recall Key Details During
Deposition Says Louisiana AG

How the globalist's transhumanist plan
will destroy life as we know it

Lab Grown Blood Given To Humans In
Worlds First Clinical Trial

US Bird Flu Outbreak Officially Becomes
Worst On Record

Foxconn Riot Could Cut China iPhone
Production By More Than 30%

Musk Phone? Tech billionaire raises possibility
of creating his own smartphone if Google and
Apple delete Twitter from app store

NASA Caught (Again) Using Fake Photoshopped
Images From Artemis Mission

Insane Communist CA Mulls Ban On All
Gas And Diesel Truck Fleets

8 More States Eye Limits on Foreign
Ownership of US Farmland


It's a disaster! Mega Drought dramatically
shrinking CA farmland, costing $1.7 billion

Mike Yeadon - No One Is Coming To Save
Us From Totalitarian Tyranny

Goldman issues stock market warning

Death by Derivatives

US bans Chinese tech imports over ‘risk’
to national security

Gold Shines Bright

Russia now fourth largest forex reserve holder

Americans Forced to Fork Out More
as Inflation at 40 Year Peak

Federation of German Industries Fears
Corporate Exodus Due to Energy Crisis

Biden Admin Reverses Trump Ban On
Chevron Pumping Venezuelan Crude


Size of British Army to hit 200 year low

Finland to Return sanctioned Russian property

Finland Tells Citizens To Crap In Plastic Bags

Fickle UN Dumps Grim Greta for Sexy Sophia

Comrade Grim Greta sues Sweden

Deadly landslide strikes Italian island

Thousands rally for housing in Irish capital

Most Germans do not want Merkel to return

Your Car Plate Number Could Be Printed On
McDonalds Bags To Catch Litterers

Putin sets priorities for Russian defense industry


A third of Western howitzers sent to Ukraine
out of action – NYT

John Bolton Coauthored Strategy on Creating
Bioweapons to Ensure US 'Global Leadership’
...Russian MOD

US again sent a B-1B supersonic strategic bomber
to South Korea after North Korea launched an ICBM

Why Guam Will Be a Flashpoint in a US-China War

COVID Lockdown Protests Erupt In Beijing,
Xinjiang After Deadly Fire

China tech giant responds to espionage claims

New Zealand grocery chain to intro
facial recognition tech

Farm Unions March To Governors Houses In India

Pakistani Capital Tightens Security Measures
Due to Opposition Protest, Reports Say

Brazilians Who Protested Election Results
Have Their Bank Accounts Frozen


Missiles strike US base in Syria – Pentagon

Website of Major Iranian News Agency Fars
Down After Hack Attack

An African country kicks out French influence
operations, Macron blames Russian ‘disinformation’

Zion National Park Hiking trip turns fatal in UT
as woman dies and her husband is rescued with
symptoms of hypothermia

Boy runs back into burning building to
save his two year old sister

Utter Nonsense in Ukraine - Col Macgregor

Kanye West asked Trump to be his 2024
running mate - Imagine Trump’s Ego!

West reveals Trump’s reaction to his VP offer

WEF's Klaus Schwab’s Communist Mask Is Off
Watch Him Declare Communist China A 'Role Model'

Klaus Schwab - 'God Is Dead' and the WEF
is 'Acquiring Divine Powers'

Senators Press Pentagram To Give
Ukraine Advanced Drones

Over 300 anti-submarine mines found in Energodar

Russian air defenses destroy five HIMARS,
Olkha rockets in Ukraine operation

Crimean leader slams Kiev’s reports about
‘slain’ Iranian advisers as ‘utter nonsense’

Russia reveals stance on nuclear plant
‘safe zone’


Kiev says half of city left without power

Zelensky’s Crimea threat proves Ukraine
isn’t seeking peace – Kremlin

NATO chief says bloc ratcheting up
production of Soviet-era ammo for Ukraine

NATO doors remain open for Ukraine
Says Stoltenberg

Stoltenberg notes ‘horrific start to winter’
for Ukraine

NATO an accomplice to Kiev regime’s
war crimes, says Russian diplomat

UN says videos showing execution of
Russian POWs are highly likely to be authentic

Putin says Russia isn’t fighting Ukrainians
but those who use them as cannon fodder

Russia-Donbass reunification was
long overdue - Putin

Unity is key foundation of Russia’s success
...says Putin


Putin meets mothers of Russian troops

Russian servicemen, including Caucasus
fighters, perform their duty commendably - Putin

As We Have Explained Many Times - Dr. McCullough
Discusses Potential For mRNA Vaccine Shedding
Which Is The Same As Getting The BioWeapon Injection

Govt reports prove DoD BioWeapon is causing
Hundreds of Thousands to ‘Die Suddenly’
every week & Confidential Pfizer Docs confirm
your Government knew it would happen

Another Commercial Airline Pilot Suffers a Fatal
Heart Attack Mid-Flight, Results in Emergency Landing

Pilot 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Drops Dead
During Flight to Ohio - Video

The BioWeapon ‘Vaxed’ Now Account For A
Majority Of COVID Deaths

Anti-Lockdown Stanford Professor - 'Academic Freedom
Is Dead’ - America Has Been Overthrown By Zionist
Bolshevik Communism

WHO chief scientist reveals key Covid blunder

30 Yr Old Co-Founder Of Crypto Trading Platform
‘Amber' Dies ‘Unexpecteldy' In His Sleep


Can Musk's Twitter Satisfy EU Digital Watchdogs?

Russia’s Justice Ministry puts Meta Platform Inc
on register of extremist organizations

FTX & The Corruption Of America

Binance's 'CZ' Floats Billion Dollar Bailout
For Distressed Crypto

One Of The 'Richest Men In Crypto' Just Bought
9.3% Of Silvergate, Citadel Adds To Stake

Gold's Climb Amidst Wisdom's Decline

The US Shale Boom Is Officially Over

EU Awaits Difficult Time Next Year Without
Russian Gas - European Commission

EU gas prices rise as winter approaches

Russia mulls swapping frozen assets


Russian Scientists Use Software Optimization
to Reduce Computer Systems Power Consumption

UK MPs Watchdog Apologizes for OK-ing
Staff Xmas Parties at Taxpayers Expense

New 'Winter of Discontent' Strike Wave
Threatens UK Christmas Festivities

World shifting from West to East
...BRICS forum president to RT

EU fumes at US over Ukraine – Politico

EU demands Serbia recognize Kosovo,
impose anti-Russian sanctions - PM

Top British diplomat announces more aid
for Ukraine while on Kiev visit - TV

UK urges Ukraine to ‘maintain momentum’
in winter

Belgium Threatens to Sink UK’s Nuclear
Deterrent by Freezing Export of Key Tech

US NED - Global Meddler and Rightful Heir of CIA


Recreational Laughing-Gas Use Mounts
In Europe...Along With Casualties

Scotland Is Still Divided On Independence

Joe Biden Reportedly Pressed Canada's PM
to End 'Freedom Convoy' Protests

China dissuaded US from Ukraine
Soviet-era fighter plan

Australian Government Pledges to Prohibit
Prime Ministers From Secret Self-Appointments

India to Expedite Resumption of FTA
Talks With Middle East Bloc

Imran Khan’s Party Accuses Pakistani
Authorities of ‘Endangering’ His Life

‘Democratic Icon’ or US-sponsored Actor
...Who is Malaysia’s New PM?

Swiss Captain Granit Xhaka Rejects World Cup
Virtue Signaling

Iran manager confronts BBC reporter over
‘political’ questions in Qatar


Taliban Conducts 1st Public Whipping In
Soccer Stadium Since 1990s

Turkey eliminates 326 ‘terrorists' in northern
Iraq and Syria

US ready to pull back Kurdish forces to prevent
Turkey’s ground operation

Russia deems Iran human rights investigation

Saudi Arabia hit by flash floods - Videos

BRICS to boost interaction with Africa
...Russian diplomat

Belarus ready to increase supply of fertilizers
and products to Africa, says lawmaker

Russia to continue training African military
personnel, says diplomat

Africa-Russia dialogue unaffected by support
for anti-Russian resolutions at UN - envoy

Most African countries fed up with pressure
from West - MFA


Ghana Wants to Buy Oil Products With
Gold Instead of Dollars

More Than Enough Burkinabe Want to
Defend Their Country From Terrorism

Western Withdrawal From Mali - Africans
View France as ‘Rogue’ - Expert Says

African Union Extends ATMIS Troops Presence
in Somalia in Wake of Al-Shabab Attacks Resurgence

Why Are Large Groups Of Animals, Insects
And Birds Suddenly Walking In Circles All
Over The Globe? - Snyder

Holiday Hardship - 25% Of Americans Skipping
Thanksgiving Entirely To Save Money

Socialism Sounds Good On Paper But
It Was Deadly For The Pilgrims

Four Mass Shooting Truths To Shut Down
Your Liberal Family Members At Holiday Dinner

The Colorado gay club shooting is being used
to shut down debate on child sexualization

Thanksgiving Political 'Cheat Sheet' From
Biden Admin Prompts Criticism and Ridicule

JFK Assassination - 59 years of lies
still haven’t buried the TRUTH

Police robots may get license to kill in SF

Biden Allocates $1.1 Billion To Keep
California’s Nuclear Power Plant Operating

Ritter - Ukraine War Crimes


World On The Edge Of Nuke Catastrophe
Douglas MacGregor And Scott Ritter

The US backed Ukrainian proxy war was
launched against Russia in 2014

Zelensky asks US for chemical weapons
...ex-deputy of Kiva says

UN staff know who’s shelling nuke plant – Moscow

Russian MOD assesses latest wave of
strikes against Ukraine

Ukrainian army suffering major casualties trying
to break through defenses in LPR

Russian air defenses down four military
drones in Ukraine operation

Lukashenko presses Kiev to end conflict,
otherwise Ukraine's 'total destruction' imminent

US Sending Dying Ukraine $400 Million More
in Weapons, Ammunition, Generators - Bleeding
The US Military Dry - Over $100 Billion Wasted

Russian Soldiers 'Shoot Down' Chinese-Origin
Uke UAV Using Anti-Drone 'Jammer' Gun – Watch


US To Supply More NASAMS, HIMARS To Ukraine
...UK Arms With 'Double In Range' Brimstone Missile
The Push For Nuclear War Increasing By The Day

Russian authorities reveal how many
countries are providing weapons to Ukraine

Russia Slams 'Unacceptable' US Bio
Weapons Research Near Its Borders

Russia points to evidence exposing Kiev’s
intentions to use biological weapons

US military biological activities near Russia
involve third countries - senior diplomat

Ukrainian plot to blow up Russian pipeline
to Turkey foiled – Moscow

Russia points to Ukrainian diplomats
involvement in recruitment of mercenaries

Serbian president feels no ‘joy’ over
EU-brokered Kosovo deal

Eastern Europe Arms Production Highest
Since Cold War as Money Funneled to Ukraine

Fifty Russian soldiers return from Ukrainian
captivity - Defense Ministry


More than 20 LPR servicemen returned
home in recent prisoner swaps - official

Ukraine detains hundreds of civilians in
Kherson for POW swap - official

Ukrainian authorities forming purge brigades
in Kherson, regional official says

Ukrainian law enforcement executes at least
100 civilians in Kherson - regional official

Bye, bye Kiev, hello Cote D’Azur - As Westerners
send Billions, here's how Ukraine's corrupt elite
are Gorging On profits from the conflict

Energy operator reports 50% power
shortage in Ukraine’s energy grid

More than 14,000 Ukrainian troops underwent
training abroad - Ukraine’s General Staff

Scapegoat...Fired AP Reporter Who ‘Risked
Triggering WWIII' Actually Did Nothing Wrong

Self-HARM - US-Supplied Missile Injured
Three in Ukrainian Apartment Block

MA Death Certificates Show Excess Deaths
Could Be Linked to COVID Vaccines


Pfizer and Moderna’s new bivalent boosters
are already outdated, targeting wrong strains

Why The Vaxed Are Concerned About
Close Contact with the Covid-19 Injected

Balenciaga Blasted For Ads Featuring Kids
With BDSM Gear - Video

Musk Claims Twitter Hate Speech Is
Already Drastically Down

Musk To Reinstate Suspended Twitter
Accounts En Masse

Fired Twitter Moderator Reveals ‘Worries’
Over Platform's Free Speech Future

Musk Tweets 'Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta
Models Now Available To Anyone' In US

Biden’s Disinformation Czar Who Tried To Cancel
1st Amendment Quietly Registers As Foreign Agent

Happy Fibonacci Day

US Army Will Select Winner Of Next Gen
Assault Helicopter This Year


Texas PDs issue warning about tactic
being used by thieves

Colorado's 'red flag' law failed to
stop Colorado Springs mass shooter

Black Friday Unlikely To Lift Dark Mood
For Retail Sales

Gold - If China Bought, Who was Selling and Why?

AI use in economy could add 1% to Russia’s
GDP in 2025 - Sberbank CEO

Russia’s international reserves gain
3% over week - Central Bank

Russia warns it will withdraw oil supplies
to ‘price cap’ countries

Kremlin sees 'absurd figures' in EU
discussion of price cap for Russian oil

Estonia warns it will veto 'too generous’
EU price cap on Russian oil

Italian Minister Says Majority of EU Nations
Unhappy About Gas Price Cap Plan


EU fails to agree on gas price cap – Hungary

Most Crucial Industrial Fuel Faces
Global Shortage

OECD predicts how 'energy shock’
will affect Eurozone

Europe may face shortage of petroleum
products by spring — experts

Over Half of Italians Have to Save on Food,
Heating Due to Galloping Prices

Sexual Violence Against Finnish Girls
on the Rise, Study Finds

Pope Fires Entire Leadership From Global
Catholic Charity Amid Harrassment Allegations

French Interior Minister Labels Italy An
‘Enemy' Of France After Invader Row

When Woke Students Ruined Their
University 800 Years Ago

Europe incapable of objectively assessing
human rights in Ukraine - Russian ombudswoman


What does the EU Parliament’s designation
of Russia as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ mean?

European Parliament's 'state sponsor of terror’
label lacks any political sense - Swiss paper

EU parliaments votes to ban entry to holders
of Russian passports issued in new regions

How Europe Created Its Latest Invader Crisis

German and Italian Leaders Deny BoJo
Claim They Wanted Ukraine to 'Fold'

Latvia blocks Russian fertilizer shipments to
poorest countries - Russian Foreign Ministry

Price cap for Russian oil may lead to
grave consequences - Putin

Putin calls for creating international payment
system independent of interference

Russia needs to mass implement AI
in all areas this decade — Putin

Russia is among top ten countries in
digitalization of public services — Putin


Putin instructs Cabinet to support development
of domestic cloud technologies in Russia

Putin offers tax incentives for use of
domestic technology

Lavrov lauds BRICS as model for true
multilateral diplomacy

Foxconn Offers Workers $1,400 To Leave
China iPhone City After Mass Chaos

EU Council Chief Set to Meet Xi Jinping
Next Month in Beijing

'Scum, Stooges & Idiots’ - Top 5 Verbal Barbs
Launched by Kim’s Sister at Foreign Powers

RDIF, Chinese partners eye investment
projects worth $120 Billion

Japan eruption of the Sakurajima volcano
scares the people of Kagoshima - No Injuries
Reported as yet

Western Sanctions & Scarce Investments
Cut Pakistan's Gas Supplies, Leaving Millions
to Suffer

Pakistan Rejects Indian Statement Declaring
'Readiness' to Take Back PoJK


Mangaluru Blast - Obscure Islamic Group Claims
Responsibility, Threatens New Attacks

Mangaluru Blast Suspect Reportedly Wanted
to Target Children’s Event

US - Turkey Has 'Right To Defend Itself’
As 500 Kurdish Targets Hit

Russian envoy slams ‘counterproductive’
session of UN Human Rights Council on Iran

China ready for Syrian peace process cooperation
within Astana format, says diplomat

Terrorists plan UAV attacks on Syrian govt forces
...Russian military

West needs wars to continue to exist,
preserve its hegemony - Syrian president

Cameroon star makes Russian flag gesture
at World Cup

Sierra Leone MPs Fight Over Country’s
New Electoral System

French NGOs Banned in Mali - ‘Evil of
France Has Not Yet Begun in Africa’


Nigeria’s National Assembly Passes
Interest-Free Student Loan Bill

Enjoy These Moments, Because The Outlook For
After Thanksgiving Is Not Promising At All

Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Soars 20%
From 2021 - Imbecile Biden Admin Blames
'Climate Change’ And President Putin

The Collapse of American Identity
...All Warnings Have Come True!

Tucker - There Is a Tolerance (Lust) for Pedophilia
Among the Most Powerful in Our Society

What the devil? Satan club to start meeting
in ELEMENTARY school...

Klaus Schwab praises China’s Communist
dictatorship as A 'role model'

Chief of Czech General Staff Says ‘Prepare
for major war with Russia’ - Turner

Ukraine is about to be annihilated - Col MacGregor

Ukraine Evacuates Kherson And Nicolaev As
Russians Do ‘Colossal’ Damage To Ukraine
Power Infrastructure

Ukrainian stronghold of Marinka falls - Russians
enter city center - Fierce street fighting - Shock
defeat for Kiev in Donbass (maps)


Ritter - The US-Russian Back Channel
...What’s It Really For?

Russians prepares state-of-the-art T-14
'Armata' tanks for Ukraine - Intensive
force training Underway - Video

Message to Kiev from Russian TV - ‘Zelensky
and his circle will be the first to be hanged'

Ukes launched a US made AIM-120C missile
from A new Norwegian made NASAMS air-defense
systems - It missed the target and crashed into
a Kiev residential building - Many residents dead

Germany Gives Poland US Patriot Missiles
To 'Defend Airspace'

Huge Swathes Of Ukraine Without
Power & Water After New Russian Strikes

Wave of huge air strikes reported in Ukraine

Russian troops wipe out US-made
counter-battery radar in Ukraine operation

Russian Air Defense downed five drones
near gas fields and Sevastopol - Defense Ministry

It Was Never About Ukraine


All three operating Ukrainian NPPs
disconnected from power grid

South Ukraine NPP halts three reactors
in emergency measure — report

Russia concurs with IAEA - No direct
threat to nuclear security at Zaporozhye
plant so far

EU has ‘no right’ to Ukraine fatigue – Kiev

Ukrainian lawmakers propose banning
Russian Orthodox Church

Butler - The Gripping Truth Out of Ukraine

UK to support Ukraine with retired weaponry

Johnson Admits 'Sound Economic Reasons’
for Wanting Ukraine to Surrender

The Fear Of Fear Itself…The Gripping Truth
Out Of Ukraine

Wooldridge - This Thanksgiving, Forgive Them Anyway


Wooldridge - Choosing High Self-Esteem
Carrying The Mental Equivalent For Happiness

If you think you're safe from criminals looking
for revenge- you're wrong

All Of A Sudden, Huge Quakes Are Hitting
US West Coast, Other High Risk Areas (Snyder)

Felon released from jail without bond
stabs man 30 times in Lizardville

Transgenderism rooted in massive scientific
FRAUD, says psychiatrist

Republican House majority hits 220
after California win

Kanye 'Ye' West Filmed Walking Through
Miami Airport With Nick Fuentes 'On Way
to Meet Trump at Mar-a-Lago’ Possible VP
Candidate?? Ye For VP?

Michael Cohen - Ivanka Left Trump Campaign
Because She's an FBI Mole

Why Are So Many US Citizens
Moving To Mexico?

The BBC is trying to kill 'Died Suddenly'


Official figures show at least 75% a Million
People have 'Died Suddenly’ across just 20%
of all Countries throughout 2022 & Official
Govt Reports prove The BioWeapon

elephant in the room - astronomical increases
Of Deaths among young, healthy ‘Vaxed’ people...
The BioWeapon Is Working Exactly As Planned

CDC data shows that VAERS is just the tip
of the vaccine Death And Injury iceberg

Excess Mortality is Worse than It Seems
A 52% Increase in Medical-cause Mortality
among UK 25-49-year-olds

Another Commercial pilot dies suddenly at
the controls of a full airliner 1/2 hour after takeoff
…Co-Pilot Manages To Land the Plane

Pfizer and Moderna’s new bivalent boosters
are already outdated, targeting wrong strains

How Money From Gates & FTX Bought
Scientific Silence

WHO and Big Tech Internet Move To Erase The
Truth About The BioWeapon Injection Genocide

Watch - Dr. Scott Atlas Sums Up Fauci’s
Legacy Of 'Massive Harm'

Watch - Biden COVID Minion Tells Americans
'God Gave Us Two Arms' For Multiple Vaccines


The Amazing Truth About Ivermectin

Fauci - The 'Real Danger' Will Be Among
the Unvaccinated This Winter

Dr. John Campbell - How The WHO Is Moving To
Eradicate Truth By Calling It Misinformation And
Working With Big Tech To Remove It From The net

NZ Communist PM Jacinda Ardern Partners
with Bill Gates to Rollout Digital IDs

Chaos Breaks Out As Reporters Ask Fauci
About COVID Origins

Dr. John Campbell - On Excess Deaths And
The Lack Of Data…COVERUP

Dr. James Thorpe Obstetrician On Fetal Still
Births From 'Died Suddenly’ Documentary

Malone Says 'Died Suddenly’ Film Is 'Typical
Trash From Stew Peters - The same guy who
discredited us with the snake venom garbage'
New Omicron subvariant BQ.1.1 resistant to all
therapeutic antibodies - new antibody therapies

Dr. Meryl Nass on CSL-Behring’s new drug
Hemgenix adenovirus Gene therapy drug
...The world’s most expensive drug!

Michael Gerson - 58 yr old vaxx zealot WaPost
writer who beat kidney cancer 10 years ago,
dies of hyper aggressive, post-injection kidney


Supermodel Paulina Porizkova Says Dating
at 57 ‘Sucks'

Musk Trolls Civil Rights Activists With
'Stay Woke' T-Shirts

Elon Musk Says 'Coalition Of Political Groups’
Behind Lack Of Moderation Council

Anti-Twitter Advertisers Have Been Under
Performing The Market For Months - Here Is
Your Chance To Short Them

Howls Of Outrage After NYT Confirms Sammy
The Bank-man Will To Speak Alongside Zelensky,
And Janet Yellen!

Why Isn't Bankman-Fried In Handcuffs Yet?

New Home Sales Unexpectedly Jump In
October, Prices Surged To Record Highs

Labor Market Weakens As Continuing US
Jobless Claims Hit 8-Month Highs

Largest US Rail Union Rejects White House
Brokered Contract

After Years Of ‘Stimulus' Come Surging
Debt & Falling Wages


US Weekly Jobless Claims Hit August Highs,
Boosting Chance for Fed Rate Hike Pivot

Why Costly US Railroad Strike Could
Become a Trap for Biden & Dems

Why Is The US Losing Oil Refining Capacity?

Oil Tanker Rates Hit Astronomical Levels

US Flips Into Withdrawal Season As
NatGas Prices Surge

Illinois Has Created No Net New Jobs In 20 Years

Why Is The US Losing Oil Refining Capacity?

Tap Oil Fields, Not Our Emergency Reserves,
To Lower Energy Prices

Goldman Explains Why 'The Only Good Thing’
About EU's Proposed NatGas Cap Is That It’s
Unlikely To Ever Be Triggered

EU 'Plans to Postpone Price Cap on Russian Oil'


EU waters down Russian oil price cap

Five Reasons Why G7's Price Cap on
Russia's Oil is Doomed

Sri Lanka Exploring Ways to Import Discounted
Russian Oil

British Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire During
'Top Secret Mission' In North Atlantic

Credit Suisse Craters To Record Low After
Revealing Staggering $88 Billion Bank Run

Germany and France against US incentive
plan for electric car makers

UK debt soars due to energy support measures

EU claims to have fully substituted Russian gas

Ukraine halts Russian oil transit to EU – Transneft

Dutch Homeowners Expect Energy Bills to Rise
by Over $2,500 by 2024, Reports Say


Leaders of Russia, Armenia, Belarus,
Kazakhstan Attend CSTO Summit in Yerevan

Russia passes bill banning LGBT, pedophilia

Secretaries of CSTO Security Councils
condemn any attempts to spread and
justify Nazism

NATO contacts claim is media ‘invention’
– Moscow

Mass power outages begin in Moldova,
says Deputy Prime Minister

TV reports total power outage in Transnistria

China Restricts Movement Across iPhone City

Hundreds of Chinese drones flying over DC
as govt races to contain threat

Bolsonaro seeks to overturn
Brazilian election

UN to Vote on African-Proposed Resolution
Paving Way for New Global Tax


South African's Ramaphosa Gives Speech
to UK Parliament on Climate Change

Felon released from jail without bond
stabs man 30 times in Chicago

What A Choice - A Tyrannical World
Government Or A Nuclear War - Snyder

Suppression of Free Speech Has Close to
Majority Support in America - Roberts

Communist Dems Sue To Block Election
Recount In New Hampshire

AZ Criminal Election Day Problems Far Wider
Than Maricopa County Admits

Tyrant Democrat Whitmer pushing for
sweeping gun-control legislation

Supreme Court Clears Way For House
Dems To Obtain Trump's Taxes

Democrats Exploited The Fatal Flaw
In The US Constitution

US Republicans slam ‘woke’ military leadership

GUNNING FOR US - OBiden admin continues
arming more federal agents than members of
the US military - Why?

US Announces Another $4.5 Billion for Ukraine,
Days After Zelensky Caught Trying to Con NATO
Into WW3


Ukraine Tells People Not To Panic As WHO
Warns Of 'Life-Threatening' Winter

President of Russian National Research Center
Blames US for Abusing Science Worldwide

Russia reinforcing border with Ukraine

Ukrainian attacks on Zaporozhye NPP
pose nuclear threat — Kremlin spokesman

Over ten Ukrainian spies nabbed at Zaporozhye
nuke plant since June

Ukrainian units in Kherson using civilians
as human shields, says advisor

Europe turns blind eye on Kiev’s massacre
of POWs — DPR legislature’s speaker

Ukrainian prosecutor’s office files charges
against executed Russian POWs

Ukraine seeking to legitimize execution of
POWs to preserve US support

Ukrainian nationalist ‘hero’ dies in Germany


Emergency power outages begin in Odessa

US to Disburse Additional $4.5 Billion Direct
Budget Support for Ukraine - Begging For WW3

US Military Strives to Replenish Stocks After
Sending over $2.6 billion of Weapons to Ukraine

Ron Paul - Washington's Dangerous Ukraine
Boondoggle Is Starting To Unravel

Buchanan Warns Of Putin's 'Winter War’
On Ukraine

AP fires journalist behind Faking ‘Russian
missile’ Attack On Poland story

AP Fires ‘Reporter' Who Tried To Trigger WW3
by Falsely Blaming Russia for Missile Attack

Beyond meat is on life support - Terrible Toxins
Found Amid ‘Horrid’ Manufacturing Conditions

Creep Biden Teaches Kids Terrible Lesson -
Since You're Bored, You Can Steal Something

Former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon - Depopulation
agenda 'in the minds of' tyrants behind COVID
pandemic - What Took Yeadon So Long?


Dr. Russell Blaylock - How Vaccine-Induced Spike
Proteins Damage the Brain and Cause Cancer

Ice Cube Says He Turned Down $9 Million Movie
Payday to Avoid 'Motherfu**king' COVID Vaccine
...He saved His Life

RED ALERT - New WHO pandemic treaty in final
stages - would overrule the US Constitution and
unleash medical dictatorship - Dr. Francis Boyle

For the ‘crime' of promoting Vit D during covid
a Missouri doctor faces $500 billion in FTC fines

Satanic ‘Humor' - Big Pharma blames Covid and the
Russian invasion of Ukraine, instead of toxic spike
protein injections, for exploding cancer epidemic

Pfizer CEO Bourla Declares Alex Jones
an ‘Agent of Evil’

App Store 'Gatekeepers' Urged To Deplatform
‘Dangerous' Twitter Itself

Meta Denies Report Of Zuckerberg 2023

Musk’s wealth drops by $100 billion

Musk Stops Firing, Starts Hiring


Musk Mulls Updating Twitter's Notification System

Musk Defers Relaunch of Twitter Blue
Service Amid Huge Drop in Employees

UK Launches Antitrust Investigation Into Apple, Google Mobile Browsers

Humans Could Live On The Moon ‘This
Decade’ - NASA Official

Ex-CIA Insider - ‘Biden Just Signed the US
Dollar’s Death Warrant’ - Digital Is Coming Fast

Fedcoin - It Starts With A Trial Run

Fitts - A Sovereign State Bank and Bullion
Depository for TN with Sen Frank Niceley

Davos Will Use CBDCs To Destroy
Commercial Banks

Highlights From First FTX Bankruptcy Hearing
'Substantial Amount’ Of FTX Assets Stolen,
‘Dueling' Bahamas Liquidation Comes To Head

Sam Bankman-Fried's Parents Bought Bahamas
'Vacation Home' Among $121 Million In FTX Property
Purchases - Hilarious...makes Madoff Look Dumb


CZ Hopes UAE Will Anchor Crypto Bailout
Fund As Dubai, Abu Dhabi Emerge As New
Crypto Power Centers

Suspects in Multimillion Dollar ‘Cryptocurrency
Ponzi Scheme' Busted in Estonia

Gazprom threatens gas cut-off over
Ukrainian theft

Gas price rises after Gazprom's statements
about possible transit cuts through Ukraine

EU destabilized global LNG market - Gazprom

EU's Proposed NatGas Cap Draws Ire
As Market Intervention Could Worsen
Energy Crisis

Ukraine to hike transit fees for Russian oil to EU

US & Allies Close to Agreement on Russian
Oil Price Cap at $60-$70, Report Suggests

Oil Prices Slide After EU Appears To Fold On
'Tough' Russian Crude Price Cap Scheme

Key OPEC members deny output hike reports


EU Unvails Plan to Deal With Invader Arrival
Surge - Speed Up Relocations, Give Illegal’s
Country of Origin Millions

Communist Macron Comes Clean -
'We need A Single Global World Order'

Macron gets another slapping from a
member of the public - Video

Canadian Government Literally Proposes
State Execution of Living Babies

Europe's First Major Cold Snap Of The
Season Is Imminent

What Countries Trade With Russia
Despite Imposing Sanctions?

Scholz names growth in Asia behind
European economy downturn

Finnish Flag Carrier Cuts 150 Managerial
Jobs Following Closure of Russian Airspace

Corporate Defaults Would More Than Double
Even In Mild Recession, S&P Global Warns

ESA Mulls Providing Power to Earth by
Collecting Solar Energy in Space


Finnish Navy Launches Baltic Sea Drills

France to Deploy Rafale Jets in Lithuania
From Friday as Part of NATO Buildup

Why is West Eager to Give Ukrainians Billions
Worth of Weapons But Not Refugee Benefits?

Polish president shares stance on war
with Russia during prank call

Polish Chancellery confirms president’s
conversation with Russian pranksters

Orban angers neighboring countries
with ‘irredentist’ scarf

Farcical COP27 Debacle Ends In Tears, Frustration
As Furious Eco-Delegates Realize Who's In Charge

Gazprom - Gas production methane emissions
in US 18 times higher than in Russia

Russia, Cuba to jointly defend values of
freedom, equality, justice — Putin

Havana appreciates Moscow’s role in transitioning
to multipolar world — Cuban president


Russia and Cuba Both Oppose Various
Trade Restrictions and Embargoes, Putin Says

Russia Proposes Creating Entity Under
UN Auspices to Ensure Maritime Security

Ukraine’s security service raids Orthodox

Kiev is trying to intimidate Orthodox faithful
...Moscow Patriarchate

Russia’s former southern capital renounces past
...How Ukraine is destroying its heritage

Kim's sister warns US of 'a more fatal
security crisis'

China to Have Moon Base Powered by
New Nuclear Power Plant by 2028,
Lunar Exploration Chief Says

US and EU Could Cut Their Dependence on
Chinese EV Batteries by 2030 - For Only $160 billion

Chinese armed forces capable of ensuring
country’s unification, says defense chief

China to give resolute response to any
US steps on Taiwan, defense chief vows


China names reason for deteriorating
relations with US

Chinese Grand Prix scrapped amid
Covid concerns – media

Japan to Send F-15 Fighter Jets for Military
Exercise in Philippines

The Kamal’s Philippines Visit Aims to Fan Conflicts
Surrounding South China Sea and Taiwan Straits

Solomon Islands 7.3 Quake Hits

Oz Parliament Ratifies FTAs With India & UK

Internet Suspended in India’s Meghalaya
After Six Killed in Borderline Shootout

Russia becomes India’s top fertilizer supplier

India & UAE Hold Talks to Boost Non-Oil
Trade Revenue to $100 Billion

India Explores Investment in Venezuela’s Oil
& Gas Sector


6.2 Quake Slams Baja CA, Mexico coastline

Brazil's Bolsonaro Sues To Invalidate 250,000
Votes Over 'Malfunctioning Ballot Boxes'

IAEA to step up oversight at Iran’s
Fordow nuclear facility

Erdogan Threatens Large Syria Ground
Operation 'As Soon As Possible'

US endorses Turkish operation in Syria

Russia cautions Turkey on military
Operation in Syria

Turkey’s Russia-supplied S-400 air defense
system ready to engage targets - minister

Kurdish militants shell northern Syrian city
killing three people, wounding eight

Turkey resumes airstrikes on Iraqi Kurdistan

Iranian warnings about domestic unrest
should be taken seriously


Iran Requests Expert Meeting With Ukraine
to Remove Confusion About Drones

Astana Talks on Syria Between Russia, Turkey,
Iran Underway Following Turkish Air Strikes

Israeli Woman Files Lawsuit Against US
Secret Service Officer for Assault

Biden Invites 49 African Countries Leaders
to US-Africa Summit

Russia in Africa - ‘Macron Sees Only Predation
Everywhere,’ Nigerian Writer Says

Uganda to Deploy 1,000 Troops to DRC
to Join East African Regional Force


12 DIRE Warnings Of US Recession Crash From
Bezos, Musk, Icahn, Dimon, Roubini & More

AZ AG - Maricopa County Broke the Law
on Midterm Election Day

Now Another County is Suspending Certification
of Arizona's Election Out of 'Solidarity'

TX Gov Abbott sends TANKS to the border after
invoking The State's invasion clause

Kanye West Confirms 2024 Presidential Bid

Kevin McCarthy Plans To Oust Ilhan Omar
From House Committee For 'Anti-Semitic' Comments

Kanye West Confirms 2024 Presidential Bid

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Reveals
Chilling Warning From FBI Agent - America
Is Gone…Now Ruled By Tyrants And Killers

CNN's New Boss Announces ‘Unsettling’
Layoffs Coming In December

Biden Declares Emergency in NY State
Due to Severe Winter Storm


Young Uke Tank Driver Breaks Down Sobbing
Says They are treated ‘like meat’ And There Are
HUGE Losses - He's Just A Teenage Kid And
They Are Dying For Zelensky And Oligarchs

Russia isn’t seeking a ‘change of power’ in Kiev
...Kremlin (Is Russia Happy With The Communist
Fascist Zionist Murderous Zelensky Regime?)

Kremlin pledges to find Ukrainians
who executed POWs

Uke military uses new kamikaze drones
in Zaporozhye, regional official says

Situation at ZNPP on brink of catastrophe
due to Uke shelling attacks — diplomat

Russia implores other countries to help stop
Ukraine shelling nuke plant — Kremlin

Kiev regime wants to use Zaporozhye
residents as human shields

IAEA experts are provided with evidence
ZNPP was shelled from Kiev-controlled area

Black on White violence at liberal universities

Can Disney’s ‘new’ boss fix its
‘gay agenda’ problem?


Cross-country storm threatens to disrupt
Thanksgiving travel for 55 Million In US

Jay Leno Discharged from Hospital After
Surgery for Burns from Car Fire

US Seeks to Catch Up With Russia & China
in Developing Hypersonic Weapons - US Is
YEARS Behind

Harris Tells Marcos So China Sea ‘Armed Attack’
on Philippine Forces Would Trigger Defense Pact

Indonesia - Over 160 killed as earthquake
hits island of Java

They Will Lock You Down Again

Dr. Campbell And The G20 Plans For The
’Next’ Pandemic - Video

US Sees Almost 350,000 Excess
Deaths In 2022...So Far

Died Suddenly - New Beef Stew Film Is Released

875 Vaccine-Related Bills Filed in 44 States
...What’s Happening in Your State?


New study finds meat is healthy,
no real health risks (hahahahahaha!)

Musk Plays The Game - States Alex Jones Will
Never Be Allowed Back to Twitter over His Sandy
Hook Comments

Baphamet GOATS giving - Giant sculpture of Elon
Musk as a goat, riding a rocket is coming to Austin

1 Killed, 16 Hospitalized After SUV Plowed
into MA Apple Store

Globalists Won’t Stop Hacking Humans - Mercola

NASA's Orion Spacecraft Makes Moon Flyby

Berlin and Paris Braced to Outperform
Musk's SpaceX

Two Largest US Railroad Unions Split Over
Labor Deal As Christmas Strike Looms

US - 2 Estonian citizens arrested in $575 Million
crypto fraud And money laundering scheme

US Prosecutors Opened Probe Of FTX
Months Before Its Collapse


Bankrupt FTX Owes Creditors More Than $3 Billion

'You're An Absolute Fraud’ - CME CEO Terry Duffy
Recalls First Meeting Sam Bankman-Fried In March 2022

Traders fleeing crypto markets

'Crypto Is Here To Stay' - Billionaire Bill Ackman
U-Turns With Several Investments

Silver Demand On Pace For Record Year

Russia will not supply oil to countries
introducing price cap — Novak

UK bypassing its own sanctions on Russian oil

Oil Rebounds After Saudis Deny WSJ Report
On OPEC Production Hike

Qatar Signs 27 Yr LNG Supply Contract With China

EU hoarding Russian diesel before ban


Teams Abandon Rainbow Armband For
World Cup Matches After FIFA Threat

Portuguese PM says EU cannot accept
new members, including Ukraine

Italy 2 - 0 France - Meloni Crushes Macron
Amid Invader Crisis

Russia, Tajikistan creating joint air defenses
amid growing regional tension - ambassador

Serbia-Kosovo negotiations ‘a failure’ – media

Situation in Kosovo, Metohija tense, on brink
of violence - Serbian president

Vucic says Pristina has deployed special
police force to northern Kosovo

Former president of Georgia Saakashvili
responds to rumors of poisoning

Sweden Approves Constitutional
Amendment Limiting Press Freedom


US Extends License Authorizing Payment of Taxes
and Import Duties to Russia March 7, 2023

Why EU's Plan to Sideline Russia and China
in Central Asia is Sad Joke

Asia-Pacific Region to become pillar of emerging
multipolar world, says Russian lawmaker

EU Mulls Introducing 'Exit Tax' on Assets of
Sanctioned Individuals - Reports

Germany Could Use Subsidies Instead of
Tariffs to Stop Industry Decamping to US

German exports to Russia continue to drop

EU struggles to seize Russian assets

UK Business Chiefs Reject 'Swiss-Style’ Deal
With EU as Ministers Rush to Deny Report

More weapons for Ukraine needed before
There Can Be peace talks – NATO chief

NATO wants to expand military assistance
to Kiev without being involved in conflict


Norway to Donate $195 Million to Purchase
Gas for Ukraine Through EBRD

Controversial Ukrainian diplomat tells
Germany to threaten Russia

Russia upholds huge fines for LGBT
propaganda ahead of bill’s second reading

Russian Media watchdog blocks LGBT
propaganda on over 5,500 websites

Selective animal breeding a matter of
national sovereignty — Putin

Russian Agriculture Ministry Expects
Agricultural Exports to Reach $40Bln This Year

Russia is helping and will continue helping
countries facing food deficit — Putin

Quake Rocks Indonesia's Capital, Killing Dozens
As Buildings Reduced To Rubble

Water Tank in India's Karnataka Purified With
Cow Urine After Dalit Woman Drinks From It

India Facing Lack of Dairy Products Amid
Lumpy Disease Outbreak


10 Central Mexican Cartel Gunmen
Die in Police Clashes

Iranian sources claim Turkey attacked a
US Military base in Hasakah, Syria where
allegedly US forces train terrorists - US
silent On Report

Egypt to Begin Construction of Giant Wind
Farm in 2024, Plans to Export Electricity

Jewish groups unhappy at Qatar
World Cup treatment – media

Iran players silent for anthem before
World Cup defeat to England

Turkish President Erdogan Says Air Operation
in Northern Syria and Iraq Ended Successfully

Western policy on Syria failed, says Turkish
presidential administration

Erdogan says, operation in Syria, Iraq
not discussed with Putin, Biden

Turkish military operation 'not limited to air’ – Erdogan

Over 8,000 Yemeni children killed,
injured since 2015


France's Macron Accuses Russia of Pursuing
'Predatory Project' in Africa, as Paris Loses Influence

Measures ‘Under Way’ to End Power Cuts
Says South Africa’s Official

Erdogan unveils plan with Russia to provide
flour for poor African countries

Biden - '9.5 million turkeys?…that's like
some of the countries I've been to'

Mom Handcuffed, Jailed for 8 Yr Old
Son Walking Half a Mile

Col Douglas MacGregor on Poland And
The Status Of The Ukraine War - Video

Putin's Sledgehammer - 'Strictly speaking,
we haven’t started anything yet’ - Russian
President Putin - (Mike Whitney)

90% of the weapons supplied by Biden
And the US to Kiev cannot be found!

Zionist Fascist Ukraine's Demands for weapons
is Dangerously Draining western stockpiles

Insane Uke Troops Shell Zaporozhye NPP,
Damaging Strategic Facilities - Rosenergoatom

Ukes shelled radioactive waste storage
Why Is Russia Permitting this? There are
Multiple ways To End the Whole Thing

Zionist Media Hides Key Reason For Russian
Retreat From Kherson - to Prevent the Uke
Destruction of the Nova Kakhovka Dam

Communist UK PM Makes Surprise Visit
To Ukraine Will Support Kiev 'Until Ukraine
Has Won’ - WW3

Globalist Communist UK PM Sunak visits Kiev,
pledges more air defense for Ukraine


'Freezing' Kiev Residents 'Without Electricity,
Heating And Water’ Says Mayor - He’s lucky
The city hasn’t been leveled

US Has Pumped At Least 90 billion dollars
For its Proxy War into Zionist Kiev Govt

Zelensky Manipulating Washington Into Actions
Against US Interests - Top DC CIA-Linked Observer

Maligned in Western Zip Media, Donbass Forces
are Defending their Future from Uke Shelling
and Fascism

American Neo-Nazi outlines the crimes of
his Ukrainian ‘colleagues’

Russia targets Ukrainian aircraft
engine plant

UN demands investigation into Russian
POW ‘execution’ video

Russia has ‘impressive weapons’ – US SecDef

Biden Cracks 80, Oldest Sitting (Babbling)
US President To Date

Arch Communist OBiden Junta Calls for
‘Immediate Gun Ban’ in America


Nikki Haley on possible 2024 presidential bid
...'I've never lost’ - Let’s See…Trump, Noem,
DeSantis, Haley and still 2 years to go!

Nikki Haley Rips China - with Communist
Chinese Ambassador in Attendance

Communist Chinese Ambassador to US
Schmoozes at Republican Jewish Coalition

Senate Snake ‘Republicans' Ready To Sell Us
Out To Invaders Only 2 Weeks After Midterms

'Truth Social Has Been Very Very Powerful’
Trump Says He Won't Return to Musk's Twitter

The elite will get their global Marxist tyranny
...but can we slow it?

US to extradite embattled FTX ex-CEO Sam
Bankman-Fried from The Bahamas

Disgraced FTX founder Bankman-Fried admits lying
about being MORAL, says ethics is a ‘dumb game we
woke Westerners play’

Sammy Bankman-Fried and FTX Donated
over $300,000 to Lawmakers Investigating Him

Sammy Bank-Man-Fried and the Pandemic
Industrial Complex


Five killed, 18 injured in Colorado Springs
Homosexual club shooting

Christian Zionist Pastors are Often MOSSAD
Israel's ‘Christian' Viper Pastors Dump Trump

STDs Surge Among English Men Over
65 Years Old

FDA Declares Lab-Grown Chicken
'Safe to Eat'

RNC Had Roving Attys Quietly Monitoring
Maricopa Voting Centers - One Has Released
His Damning Findings

AZ AG Launches Investigation Into Maricopa
County 'Election Irregularities'

OR gun law Barely passed by voters with
no system to administer it in place

New York Farmers Have Nowhere To Sell
$750 Million Worth Of Cannabis

Wigington - Engineering Winter…The
Untold Story Of Hurricane Nicole

Tesla recalls over 300,000 EV Junk cars


Watch - 'Tesla Of The Skies' Takes Flight
In Paris - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Communist Philly DA impeached by state
Senate over far-left policies

The Sign of Power is Protected Free Speech,
Blacks And Whites don’t have it, Jews Do

Epstein 'Planned To Extort The Queen
by Blackmailing Prince Andrew'

Long Covid MORE Likely to Happen SOON
After Injection (No, It’s Not ‘Long Covid’ It
Is Injuries From The BioWeapon Injection)

17 yr Old Daughter Of Congressman Dies
Of ‘Heart Attack’

Dr William Bay Gatecrashes Oz Medical Assn
Meeting - Warns Docs To Stop The ‘Vax’ Slaughter
Watch The Cowardly Doctors Leave The Room

Humanity In Peril From BioWeapon Destruction
Of Reproduction - Death Of Our Species Nears

CO Extends Covid ‘Emergency' by Including
Cases of Flu and Other Respiratory Diseases

Lying CDC confirms COVID Deaths among
Americans aged 5 to 44 increased by 160%
in 2021 despite roll-out of COVID ‘Vaccines'


The Kalergi Plan...Genociding the white race

Disney boots CEO, brings back Bob Iger
to lead company

Europe Warns Musk He Must Hire 100s Of
‘Moderators' To Limit Free Speech

Musk Bids ‘Final’ Farewell to Alex Jones?

Musk Restores Trump's Twitter Account,
Tells ADL's Greenblatt 'Stop Defaming Me!'

Or...'Truth Social Has Been Very Very Powerful’
Trump Says He Won't Return to Twitter

The Digital Revolution Has Destroyed
the Usefulness of Telephones

LA Port’s October Imports Drop 28% Year
Over Year As Labor Negotiations Drag On

Unstoppable Crash Worse than 2008 Coming

US household debt skyrockets 1/3 Trillion
In The Third Quarter


Germans face over 50% energy price hike

European Refiners Now Have Too Much Oil

World headed for silver deficit

Zelensky making Ukrainians ‘suffer’
- ex-Japan PM

FTX Hacker Starts Dumping Massive
Haul Of Ether Tokens

The Bitcoin Revolution & How Fiat Money
Ruins Civilization

The Upside-Down World Of Currency

People are turning off heat as prices surge

World headed for silver deficit

‘We Need A Single Global Order’ - Commie Macron
Calls For Global Govt to 'Avoid World War'


Swedish Prosecutors - Nord Stream Pipeline
Leaks Caused by Explosives, Sabotage

Sweden Approves Constitutional Amendment
Limiting Press Freedom

One million fake coronavirus tests
confiscated in Nijmegen warehouse

Alberta's PM fires all health care
lockdown fanatics

Germany is Now Looking at Meat Shortages
Thanks to Inane, Stupid Govt Regulations

German Civil Protection Agency Says
Outages Unlikely After Official Warns
of ‘Big Winter Blackouts’

German army Semi-Disarmed -now
has €20 billion ammo shortfall

France Looking Into Political Solution to
Ukrainian Conflict, Defense Minister Says

French Defense Minister Calls for Avoiding
Escalation Over False Assessment of Incident
in Poland

NATO Needs Enemies to Justify its Existence,
Keep Allies in Check, Experts Say


Serbia's Vucic Wary of Tensions in Kosovo
After Pristina Enforces License Plate Policy

Finnair Cancels About 100 Flights on
November 20-21 Due to Cabin Crew Strikes

Swiss Scientists Locate Neurons That
May Allow The Paralyzed To Walk Again

Fire Breaks Out in Moscow, Reaching Area
of Over 20,000 Square Feet

China announces first Covid-19 death since May

China's 'Offensive Defense' Strategy From
'Defensive Offense' Gets A Boost With
Intercontinental Range Weapons

Beijing Warns US of ‘Red Line’ in Relations

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Dismisses
Internal Affairs Minister Over Bribe Scandal

US GOP leader McCarthy pledges crackdown on
China's Intellectual Property Theft From US

Oz Sees 63% Drop in Births After Introduction
of Toxic COVID Jabs – Govt ‘Baffled’ (Bullshit)


Dozens of Zionist settlers storm
Al-Aqsa Mosque

US to Deploy Over 100 Unmanned Vessels
to the Persian Gulf

Budweiser Cases Fill Warehouse Due
to World Cup Ban On Beer Sales

Kazakhstan’s incumbent President Tokayev
winning 85.52% of votes - exit poll

Three Turkish law enforcers wounded in
attack on checkpoint on border with Syria

15 Syrian soldiers killed in Turkey’s
air strikes at Kurdish areas - TV

Iran Blasts ‘Futile’ IAEA Resolution on
Nuclear Program, Vows Retaliation

First Commercial Flight From Israel to
Qatar Leaves Ben Gurion Airport

East Africa Facing Rise in Cost of Living due
to Increasing Food and Energy Prices

Kenya Gov't Defends Decision to Import
GM Corn Amid Drought-Caused Food Crisis


South Pole Hits Record Cold November

Researchers find rare bird for first time
in 140 years

Commucrats Declare the First Amendment
to be a Fascist Document

The Ideal American Is One Who
Can Neither Think Nor Speak

Nuke War Craving European Parliament Set
To Designate Russia A 'Terrorist State'

One Way Or Another, The Population Of The
Globe Will Soon Be Much Smaller Than It Is
Right Now - Snyder (We Said This Years Ago)

Zelensky wants no talks in order not to
acknowledge fact of Ukraine’s break-up

The calm before the storm in Ukraine

Russia blasts Poland’s move to deny Lavrov
participation in OSCE ministerial meeting

UK to provide Ukraine with 125 anti-aircraft
guns to counter drones — PM Sunak’s office

Ukraine’s Zelensky informs about his talks
in Kiev with visiting British PM Sunak

Ukraine could seize Crimea before year ends
if helped by a ‘black swan’ event – MOD


Report - US Told Ukes to Tread Carefully
After Missile Hit Poland

‘Pot Calling Kettle Black’ - Lloyd Austin’s
Stupid ‘Russian Aggression’ Speech Evokes
Snickers Online

French Politician Urges Paris to End Help for
Zelensky Over Attempt to Provoke World War

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden for Sending Cash
to Kiev While Squeezing Americans Using
IRS Agent Army

House Committee Advances Bill To Have
Trackable Mail-In Ballots - So What?

FBI receives reports about drones being
weaponized with homemade IEDs

First Images Reveal Snowmageddon’s
Aftermath Across Buffalo

Sam Bankman-Fried's Law Firm Drops Him As
A Client Amid Ongoing Bankruptcy Revelations

Warning - Meat Prices Could Go Up
Another 40 Or 50% - Snyder

Hoover Dam Brings Electricity to 1.3 Million
…Is At Risk of Shutting Down


Biden Takes Air Marshals Off Flights,
Deploys them to Check on Illegal Aliens

The Homosexual...Boys Beware - A 1961 Film
Warning Boys To Avoid Potential Molesters

The Fast-Spreading New COVID-19 Subvariant
XBB Is Part of a ‘New Class’ of Omicron

China’s New Daily Covid Cases Jump
Above 24,000

Group Calls On Authorities To Investigate CDC
Over Misinformation About Child COVID Deaths

Lethal Bio-Weapon Injected NBC Today Show's
Al Roker Hospitalized for Multiple Blood Clots

Communist Coercive Methods Compared
To Those Used With The Covid BioWeapons

Five COVID Investigations the GOP House
Needs to Launch on Day One

Musk Twitter Poll To Reinstate Trump
Tops 11 Million Votes

Poll on Reinstatement of Trump's Twitter
Account Gets 1 Million Votes Per Hour - Musk


German Public TV Compares Musk To

German Public TV Compares Elon Musk To Goebbels

Europe Warns Musk He Must Hire Hundreds
Of Moderators To Limit Free Speech

Major US broadcaster responds to Musk’s
Twitter takeover

Small asteroid discovered only hours earlier
disintegrates over Canada - Video

Stratolaunch Announces USAF Contract To
Launch Hypersonic Vehicle From World’s
Largest Plane

Back to Eden Gardening? Part One

Back to Eden Gardening? Part Two

Unstoppable Crash Worse than
2008 Coming

'Kanye was Right' – Black CoinDesk Journalist
Fired for Noticing Everyone at FTX was A Jew


WEF's 'stakeholder capitalism' is just
global fascism by another name

Canadian Bank Launches Credit Card
Linked To Carbon Emissions

FedCoin - It Starts With A Trial Run

China's Xi Advocates Inclusive Economic
Cooperation System in Asia-Pacific Region

Russia wants to decouple national-currency
trade from dollar – RBK

French TotalEnergies to Push Offshore Oil
Exploration in South Africa Amid Global
Energy Crisis (It’s a Political Crisis)

Napolitano interviews MacGregor on Poland

Escobar - Goodbye G20, hello BRICS+

UK Hotelier Refuses £1 Million Offer From
Home Office To House Invaders

Canada Will Boost Military Presence in
Indo-Pacific - Will 'Challenge China'


There is a dangerous pack of
hyenas on the loose in Europe

Germany warns against escalation
between Russia and NATO

European fighter jet development to
go ahead – Berlin

Bulgaria makes arrests after Istanbul

Finland To Erect Costly High-Security
Fence Along Russian Border

Belgian drug seizures overload incinerators

Austria speaks out against Schengen

Yellow Vest Activists Hold Rally in Paris to
Mark Movement's Fourth Anniversary

‘Big proportion’ of officers unfit to serve
– Scotland Yard

UK Hotelier Refuses £1 Million Offer From
Home Office To House Asylum Seekers


US redeploys long-range B-1B bomber
to Korean Peninsula

N Korea warns of ‘all-out’ nuclear response
to US ‘aggression'

Iran blasts world silence over ‘terrorist’ attacks

UN Security Council Cannot Remain 'Frozen in
the Past' as Africa Demands Changes

Africa's Industrialization: Continent Is ‘Rising'
But 'A Lot of Work Yet to Be Done'

UN - 3.6 Billion People Live With Substandard
Toilets (no toilets)

Sierra Leone Seeks to Import Fuel, Grain
From Russia, May Discuss Barter Trade

Construction of a Road Between Kenya and
Tanzania Launched by Kenyan President


60% of US Consumers are Now Living
Paycheck to Paycheck

Power Blackout Risks Loom For Quarter
Of All Americans

Jeffrey Epstein Documents to Be Unsealed

Hunter Becomes the Hunted - Timeline of the Biden
Laptop Saga as GOP Announces Criminal Probe
Creeper Joe Will Simply Pardon His Pervert Son
…and Himself as Well, Of course

AG Garland Names Hague War Crimes
Prosecutor As Special Counsel To
Investigate Trump

Trump Asks Court To Revive Lawsuit
Against Twitter

Thermal Drone Footage Shows Army Of
Invaders Entering US

Castro - 'Imperative' to Ram DACA Amnesty
through Congress Before GOP House Majority

Election Machines In VA Reported More Votes
Than Actual Ballots - Video

Schumer Ripped After Admitting ‘Ultimate Goal’
to Grant Citizenship to ‘All’ Invaders Who Get In


Why has the BIS bought back 500 tons of gold?

Snyder - US Consumers Are Doing
Exactly What They Did Just Prior To
The Crash Of 2008

Why has the BIS bought back 500 tons of gold?

Snyder - US Consumers Are Doing
Exactly What They Did Just Prior To
The Crash Of 2008

Bombshell Report - Ukraine ‘DELIBERATELY’
Fired Missiles Into Poland In FF Attempt

Ritter - Ukraine cannot win this war - pt 1

Comedian Zelensky claims he has eradicated
corruption in Ukraine

Uke Troops Massacre Surrendering Dis-Armed
Russians Lying Face Down On The Ground

Moscow accuses Ukrainian soldiers of killing
Young Russians POWs (Disturbing Images)

Ukraine has policy of executing POWs – Russia
...Time To End This Once And For All


Sweden Finds 'Foreign Objects' &
Explosive Residue On Nord Stream Pipelines

European Parliament prepares resolution on
recognizing Russia as ‘terrorist state’

Ukraine Has Lost 40% Of Energy System As
Kyiv Sees First Snow, Freezing Temps

West using Ukraine as proxy to fight Russia
...top Turkish official

NYT suggests why Russia hasn’t run out of missiles

Ukrainian missile-production facility destroyed
...Russian military

Ukraine tried to pressure Georgia into
joining fight against Russia – PM

DPR says Ukraine conducts pseudo-investigations
into referendum organizers

Fully-Jabbed Al Roker Hospitalised for
Blood Clots – Doctors Baffled - (No, the
Doctors are lying, they know exactly what
The cause of the clots is)

Popular ‘anti-aging’ supplement may
lead to brain cancer


MA Illegally Installed Covid Spyware on
Android Users Phones

Over 2400 Excess Deaths Each Day In
The Us - 876,0000 A Year - Probably FAR
higher Than That - Europe - 300,000 in 2022

UK hospital in lockdown! First suspected
Ebola case being investigated in the UK

Musk - Twitter Will NOT Bring Back Alex Jones

Twitter On Lock Out After Mass Resignation
Exodus - Operations At Risk

Tesla Recalls Nearly 30,000 Model X Cars Over
Airbag Issue - US Road Safety Authority

The Five Wildest Things in the FTX
Bankruptcy Filing

Wealthier Shoppers Flocking To Walmart
As Inflation Bites Hard

Bankman-Fried Secretly Cashed Out $300
Million During FTX Funding Spree

JPM Makes 2023 Recession Its Base Case,
Expects Million Jobs Lost By Mid-2024
...(More Likely Mid-2023)


Foreign Central Banks Continue To Dump US
Treasuries At A Record Pace

Oil Prices Are Plunging, Curve Crashes
Into Contango

'Most Ridiculous Idea’ - Ex-US Treasury Secretary
Mnuchin Dismisses G7 Price Cap on Russian Oil

Putin and Emir of Qatar confirm interest in energy
sector coordination - Kremlin

Italy may apply for deferral of embargo on
Russian oil for operation of refinery in Sicily

Russia, China plan to jointly develop power equipment

Power Blackout Risks Loom For Quarter
Of All Americans

UK Hikes Windfall Taxes On Oil And
Gas To 35%

India PM Modi warns cryptocurrencies
being used to fund terrorism

British Supermarkets Start To Ration Eggs


Turkey makes arrests in Istanbul blast case

West should not ‘dictate’ Ukraine peace terms
– Czech FM

Poland qualifies Ukrainian missile strike
as ‘unfortunate accident’

German fireman arrested over Ukrainian
refugee shelter arson

Poland team escorted by fighter jets
on World Cup flight

France takes jab at US-led Indo-Pacific bloc

British Supermarkets Start To Ration Eggs

Finnish Food Prices Hit Record Highs
as Economy Tightens

Hungary loses €10 Billion due to EU sanctions
against Russia, says Prime Minister

UK's Heathrow Airport Challenged by
'Major Disruption' As Pay Strike Looms


China Calls for Dialogue on Korean
Peninsula After North's New Missile Launch

South Korea simulates strikes on North

Russia and China to abandon dollar in
energy trade – Moscow

China, Russia partnership rock-solid
— Chinese ambassador in Moscow

China Accuses UK of 'Abusing State Power’
to Block Microchip Factory Takeover

Businesses From Asian, Arab Countries Could
Replace Western Companies in Russia - Lavrov

Belt and Road Initiative Helped Keep Asia-Europe
Ties Intact Amid Ukraine Crisis - Researcher

President Macron Says France Rejects
‘Hegemony And Confrontation' in Asia-
Pacific Region

Australia Won't Support Taiwan's Bid to
Join Pacific Trade Pact, Albanese Says

Imran Khan Blames ‘Regime Change
Conspiracy’ for Pakistan’s Economic Woes


India's Modi Calls for Global Coordination
Against Radicalization, Proxy Wars

India Says Has ‘Adequate’ Availability of
Fertilizers as Winter Crop Season Kicks in

Brazilians Fight Back - Millions Flood the Streets
to Protest Vote Fraud, Bolsonaro's Party Calls
to Annul Corrupt Election

Biden Admin Suggests Saudi Crown Prince Be
Granted Immunity In Khashoggi Murder Lawsuit

Biden accused of ‘capitulation’ to Saudis

Pentagon casts doubt on Iranian hypersonic
missile claim

Protesters Set Fire To Iconic Home Of Islamic
Republic Founder Ayatollah Khomeini

'Well, This Is Awkward' - In Last Minute Flip-Flop,
Qatar Bans Beer Sales At World Cup

‘Putin Expresses What Everyone Else Is
Thinking’ - Says Former Senegal Minister

Russia, Mozambique to sign economic
cooperation program, says ministry


Second Russia-Africa Summit to Work Out
Solutions for Boosting Economic Cooperation
- Lavrov Says

Nuclear-Able Russian Cruise Missile Shot Down
Over Kiev This Morning - BIG Warning To The West

Ukraine Unlikely to Defeat Russian Military
Anytime Soon Says Milley (How About NEVER)

Why is Klaus Schwab preaching to everyone
about his plans for world domination at G20?

Why Is The Government Arming More
Bureaucrats Than Marines?

OBiden Has Left Our Strategic Petroleum
Reserve In Horrible Shape - Intentionally

They Are Testing A Super Creepy Digital Dollar
That They Plan To Introduce Soon - Snyder

Buffalo hit by THUNDERSNOW blizzard, as
locals share clips of snow and lightning - Vid

Arizona Gov Candidate Kari Lake Challenges Race
Outcome, Calls for Legal Team to 'Correct' Wrongs

DeSantis Leads Trump By Big Margins
In Key Primary States

Luongo - The Mid-Terms...The Hunger
Gaming Of America


Corrupt Nancy Pelosi Steps Down As Leader
Of House Democrats After 20 Years

New York Post ridicules Trump 2024 bid

House Republicans Announce Criminal
Probe Into the Biden Family

Swastikas & 'Kanye Was Rite' Graffiti Used
to Deface Tombstones in Jewish Cemetery

New York Declares State Of Emergency
Ahead Of Snowmageddon

DeSantis Catches Up To Trump

Poland WWIII scare shows why top US
general wants peace - Doug Macgregor

Brazil Truckers and farmers have joined in the
protests agains election Stolen From Bolsonaro

Ukraine says it's not to blame for Poland
missile strike - Entire planet Is drowning
and controlled By Liars and Lies

Russia Hits Ukraine Gas And Other Facilities
With New Wave Of Missiles - Updates


Tucker Says Zelensky’s Lies Could Get
Millions Of Americans Killed

NATO Disarming Its Forces as Ukraine
Tries to Provoke World War III

West tries to blame Russia for non-existent
intentions to use nuclear weapons

NATO Admits Zelensky 'Openly Lied' About
Poland Strike as Observers Slam Kiev for
Pushing for WW3

Russia to insist Poland reveals info
on who fired missile - envoy

Ukraine may join missile investigation
only on legal grounds - Poland’s Duda

Drone shot down over Kafa substation
in Crimea, power supply unaffected

Kiev asks US for ‘Patriot’ missiles

After pushing CV depopulation BioWeapons
Schumer demands AMNESTY for 11 Million
Invaders as REPLACEMENTS for Americans
Who are dying off (Being Mass Murdered)

NASA Warns Asteroid Could Strike Earth in
2023 Causing ‘Devastating Loss of Life'


Pastor James David Manning - Understanding
The House Negro And The Jewish Business

Citizen Addresses Maricopa County
Supervisors Tells them 'You are the
cancer that is killing this nation'

Schumer & McConnell are Colluding to
Purge MAGA Republicans From the Party

Wooldridge - Humanity Just Hit Eight Billion
On This Planet What Does It Mean For The
US, Canada And Europe?


Demand for Unvaxed Blood is Real
...Doctors Acknowledge

Australia sees 63% drop in births after
intro of covid BioWeapons

'Climate change' is making migraines, strokes &
DEMENTIA more severe and common - report

Sperm Counts Plummeting Dramatically
and Faster Than Previously Thought

CLOWN SCIENCE - Pfizer and Moderna to self-
investigate their own covid jabs for heart risks


McCullough Tells RFK, Jr. Board Investigation
May End His Career — But It Won’t Silence Him

Elon Musk Vows to Crackdown Even
Harder on Hate Speech - The ADL
Will Moderate Twitter

100,000 pounds of ground beef recalled
...Here’s what you need to know

New York Declares State Of Emergency Ahead
Of Snowmageddon

US regulator makes landmark decision
on lab-grown meat

Clinton Linked Dark Money Group Urges
Advertisers to Push Musk Not to ‘Toxify
Our Information Ecosystem'

Fired Facebook Employees Took
Bribes To Hijack User Accounts

Musk looking for new leader to run Twitter

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and
celebrities who endorsed the platform
hit by $11 Billion suit

FTX - The Dominoes Of Financial Fraud
Have Yet To Fall


Enron Liquidator Overseeing FTX Bankruptcy
Speechless - 'I Have Never Seen Anything
Like This'

From Crypto Carnage To A Financial Crash?

FTX - The Dominoes Of Financial Fraud
Have Yet To Fall

FTX panic spreads to other crypto platforms

El Salvador to Start Buying One Bitcoin
Per Day - President

Pentagon Fails 5th Consecutive Audit Amid
Ukraine Oversight Concerns

Diesel vs Gas - What Is the Difference?

Arbitration Confirmed Gazprom's Right
to Suspend NatGas Supplies to Finnish
Gasum Says Gazprom

Serbia buying gas from Russia at lowest
price in Europe - head of Srbijagas

Russia, China continue discussing terms
of gas supplies via Mongolia, says amb


Russia Becomes India’s 3rd Largest
Exporter Amid 700% Jump in Oil And
Fertilizer Supplies

UK'S Hunt Hikes Taxes, Slashes Spending
To Tackle "Cost-Of-Living Crisis"

Norway Sees Exodus of Wealthy Tax
Refugees Headed for Switzerland

Demonstrators Rally Over Energy Crisis
And Military Aid to Ukraine in Czech Capital

British government slammed over arrest of
journalists covering ‘Just Stop Oil’ demonstrations

Swedish parliament takes heat over
crackdown on freedom of speech

Record number of Brits regret Brexit – poll

France to Boost Cooperation With Indonesia
on Warplanes & Submarines in Wake of
AUKUS Humiliation

MH17 verdict is ‘political put-up job’ – Russia

‘Zero Possibility’ MH17 Verdict Could Have
Been Anything Other Than Anti-Russia
Show Trial - Analysts


Kiev Joined Minsk Peace Process Only to
Build Up Army With NATO’s Help - Poroshenko

Russia can attain its goals in Ukraine both
via special operation, talks — Kremlin

Ukraine confirms signals from West
on peace talks

Russia believes Ukraine is making a
mockery of peace talks – RIA

Kiev’s demand for public talks points to its
unwillingness to negotiate, says Kremlin

Zelensky cracks down on popular news
outlet as repressions against media Worsen

Attempts made to ignite separatism in Russia
...people show unity — Kremlin

Russian MFA calls for investigation into
British troops crimes in Afghanistan

Diplomat points to more proof of atrocities
committed by Ukraine army, mercenaries

Special operation does not depend on
weather conditions - Kremlin spokesman


Kremlin spokesman hails G20’s final
declaration as victory for common sense

Russian diplomat lauds Saudi Arabia’s
balanced position on Ukraine

Russia allows extension to grain deal

Grain from Russia to be delivered to poor African countries — Erdogan

Erdogan confirms grain deal extended
for another 120 days

Russia's SR Space to Launch Country's First
Internet-of-Things Satellite in 2024

N Korea fires missile, warns US of ‘fiercer’
military responses

3 Reasons China's Xi Was Right to Chide
Canada's Trudeau Over Talks Leaked to Media

Seoul may change stance on nuclear weapons

21st century belongs to Asia-Pacific – Xi


UK Abandons Strategic Autonomy by
Joining Semiconductor Blockade of China

Attempts to Disrupt Supply Chains in Asia-Pacific
Region Lead to Dead End, Xi Jinping Says

Ambassador praises ‘high-level’ Russia-China
coordination on world stage

WWIII Trends on Twitter as Indian Netizens
Mock Zelenskyy After Poland Missile Incident

All You Need to Know About Measles
Amid Outbreak in India

India Rejects Claim Covaxin was Rushed
Through Trials Due to 'Political Pressure'

India Has No Reason to Fear Western
Sanctions on Russian Crude

India Conducts Biggest-Ever Maritime Drills
Along Entire Coastline

Default on Foreign Debt Looms Large in
Pakistan Amid Political Instability

Communist Brazil Supreme Court Orders Banks
to Block Funds of Businessmen Who Supported
the Protesters in Mass Democracy Rallies


Deaf Mute Trans ‘woman’ sings in Brazil ’Talent’
Show - Sounds Exactly Like Howling Dog

Israel caves in to US pressure over Ukraine

Israel's 'Most Wanted Gang Leader’
Arrested in South Africa

IRGC Chief Says Israel, Saudi Arabia
Ganged Up With West Against Iran

Western disinformation about Iran
is the kind that starts wars

Calls Against African Fossil Fuel Investment
'Politically Motivated'

EU Pledges to Fund Climate Adaptation
in Africa

SF Unveils Free Money Handouts To Trannies

COP27 Climate Virtue-Signaling Boondoggle
Ends In Failure, Leaves Out Fossil Fuel Pledge

Extinction Rebellion Activists Have Worn Out
Their Welcome And The Public Is Angry


Energy Transition Can Come Quickly If
Developed Countries Keep Their Promises

Trump Attacks Candace Owens, Big Mistake

Cruz - It Would Be ‘Nuts’ For GOP To Stick
With Same Leadership After Midterm Failure

CCP Turtle McConnell Re-elected As Senate
GOP Leader...The GOP Is Finished

Democrats Abolished Safeguards Preventing
US From Vote Abuse, Researcher Says

'Arizonans Know BS When They See It'
...Lake Defiant

The Birth Of Cultural Marxism - How The
Frankfurt School Changed America

FBI Director Chris Wray Gets Trapped
and Proves Jan 6th Was a Set Up

Feds Had Informants In Proud Boys And
Oath Keepers For J6

4-6 Feet Of Snow Could Cripple Buffalo

Kevin Spacey slapped with more
sex charges


'Organized Crime' Looters Steal Astounding
$400 Million In Goods From Target Stores

White House - Ukrainian Missile Landed In
Poland But Ultimate Blame Still On Russia
...What Idiocy

NATO says Ukrainian S-300 missile fell
in Poland but blames Russia

Ukraine admits firing missile near
Poland blast site

NATO aircraft tracked missile that
hit Poland

Kiev Demands Access To Poland Blast Site
Doubles Down On 'Russian Attack' Narrative

‘No indication’ that Russia plans to attack
NATO – Stoltenberg

Invoking NATO Article 4 may not be
necessary, Polish PM says

Trump’s son calls for cutting off funding
for Ukraine after Polish missile incident

Poland missile incident is step towards
World War III – Medvedev


Suspected Uke Drone Strikes Fuel Depot
Deep In Russian Territory

Russian air defenses destroy 11 HIMARS,
Uragan rockets in Ukraine operation

Belarusian border guards down drone violating
airspace from Ukrainian territory

Ukraine blowing up bridges near Belarusian
border, Minsk says

Ten million Ukrainians without power

Nearly 8 Million Ukrainian refugees arrive
in European countries since late February

Watch - NBC News Advises Parents To Keep
Kids Away From 'Unvaccinated Individuals'

Dr Vernon Coleman - ‘Parents who allow their
Children to get the COVID Jab should be charged
with Child Abuse’

The Lancet Openly Calls For UN-Run
Mandatory Vaccination Programs

Patti Bartsch, PhD - You say you started having
problems since THIS happened?


Webcast Host Says His 'Hands Were Tied’
in Hunter Biden Interview

Elon Musk Purges Thousands More Twitter
Employees – No One Notices The Difference

Musk To Employees - Commit To ‘Hardcore’
Twitter Vision Or Take 3 Months Severance
And Leave

NASA Releases Breathtaking Views Of
Earth From Moon-Bound Spacecraft

Artemis 1 Unmanned Moon Mission Launched
After Being Delayed Several Times

US Homebuilder Confidence Collapses In
October, Future Sales Hope Hits Lows

Next year’s global harvest in jeopardy
due to shortage of Russian fertilizers

Grain deal results necessary before
considering its extension — Kremlin

Afghanistan could face food shortages
again this winter — diplomat

Crude Prices Jump After Israeli Tanker
Hit By Iranian Drone Off Oman Coast


Global Oil Inventories Hit Lowest Level
Since 2004

Germany Preparing For Emergency
Cash Deliveries, Bank Runs And ‘Aggressive
Discontent’ Ahead Of Winter Power Cuts

Oil supplies to Slovakia resumed

Russian oil deliveries to Hungary resume

Poland wants to buy Russian oil next year
despite plans to abandon it

No-fly zone over Ukraine not on
the table – Germany

Germany ready to patrol Polish airspace
Defense Ministry says

NATO member Poland should guard part
of Ukrainian airspace – Polish general

UK inflation hits 41-year high

Air France Employees Threaten Strike
During Christmas - Reports


G-20 Members Differ on Assessment of
Ukrainian Crisis, Sanctions

No-fly zone over Ukraine not on
the table – Germany

Germany ready to patrol Polish airspace
Defense Ministry says

NATO member Poland should guard part
of Ukrainian airspace – Polish general

Russia ramps up fertilizer exports
Says trade ministry

Moscow mocks Zelensky's allegations

Chief of Ukraine’s Auditing Chamber resigns
after decision to audit defense sphere

American attempts to preserve hegemony
will only make the transition to a new world
order harder for Washington

Russian Deputy PM Slams IOC President’s
'Double Game' After Bach 'Condemns’
Politicization of Sports

Russia, China launch traffic on the
first-ever railway bridge across Amur River


Chinese President Xi Scolds Canadian PM
Trudeau Over G20 Leaked Talks - Video

Xi roasts Canadian PM at G20

‘I See, You Shoot’ - Chinese Fighter Pilot Explains
How ‘Deadly Trio’ Of J-20, J-16 & J-10 Jets Can
Wreak Havoc On Opponents

Law Partially Banning Firearms Goes Into
Force in New Zealand - Police Minister
...Kiwi Freedom Is Evaporating

Over 1,000 Tesla Cars Recalled in Oz
Due to Malfunction, Reports Say

UK Announces 3,000 Visas for Indian Professionals
Amid Reservations in Sunak’s Cabinet

Jamaica Declares Public Emergency as
Country Struggles With Gang Violence

Russia advocates creation of nuclear
weapon free zone in Middle East

Taliban Holds Parade Showing Off Weapons,
Equipment Abandoned by Biden And US

Canadian PM deletes viral tweet about Iran
death sentences to thousands of protesters


Syria Confirms Almost 1,400 Cholera
Cases, 49 Deaths

Why US & Israel are preventing aid to one
of the poorest countries in the Middle East

Israel deploys robotic guns in West Bank

Jeff & Tom Luongo - Remarkable Overview Of The
Big stories Of The Day

Donald Trump Announces 2024 Run For
A Second Term In The White House - A Two
Year Campaign Begins…

Trump Launches 2024 Presidential Bid

DeSantis 2024 banner flies above Palm
Beach ahead of Trump announcement

Supporters For Kari Lake Call For Military
Intervention To Stop The Steal In Her
AZ Governor’s Race - Video

Mitch McConnell BUSTED Taking Zelensky’s
Stolen FTX Money According To New FEC Docs

McCarthy Wins GOP Nod For House Speaker

Rick Scott Announces Plan To Unseat
Mitch McConnell As GOP House Leader

Trump-Backed Kari Lake Calls 'BS' After
US Media Declares Katie Hobbs Winner
in AZ Governor's Race



Ukraine can't win this war, It's a fantasy
- Scott Ritter

How Ukraine launched a missile attack on Poland

Ukraine blames Russia for alleged ‘missile strike’
on Poland - Probably A Uke S300 That Missed An
An Incoming Russian Missile And Crashed In Poland!

Russia Pounds Ukraine Power Infrastructure
...Kharkov Now Without Power - Ukes Fired S300s
At Incoming And Missed - S300 Came Down Across
Poland-Ukraine Border

Massive missile strikes reported across Ukraine

Over a dozen power facilities damaged
in Ukraine on Tuesday - Zelensky’s Office

Biden Unveils $37 Billion MORE More ‘Emergency’
Ukraine Aid On Heels Of Polish Border 'Attack’
...This Is Sickeningly Hilarious

Russia Destroys Osa SAM the Ukes Were
Trying To Hide In An Old Building - Video

Russian Lancet UAV Destroys New
US M777 155mm howitzer - Video

No end to the war in sight - US quietly
announces new Ukraine command with
A 3-star general


Roberts - We are living in the era of the
collapse of Western civilization

Zelensky's Office calls situation with
power supply in Ukraine critical

Ukraine’s Internet traffic slumps by one-third

Latest Images Show Russia May Be
Analyzing Deadly US HIMARS Rockets

US Tells Ukraine Talks Don't Need To
Happen After Milley's Diplomacy Push

Russian air defenses intercept three HIMARS
rockets in Ukraine operation — top brass

Kiev redeploying tanks in breakthrough
attempt on Lugansk front — LPR militia

Ukraine comes up with petition to ban
Russians from entering country for 100 years

Washington reveals details of high-profile
US-Russia talks

Kremlin tight-lipped on Russia-US talks
in Ankara


Algeria, Russia Kick Off First Military Drills on Algerian Soil

World Population To Hit 8 Billion Today 11-15-22
...Where Will The Total Be In Two Years?

'All We Know He's Alive' - Jay Leno Seriously
Burned At His Car Collection Garage

The Worst Famine In The US Killed 3 Out Of 4
People - Lessons for Preppers - Turner

Exposed In 90 Seconds - Biden, Ukraine,
Cryptos and Pedos…All Connected?

Ritter - America’s Hubris Is A Threat To World Peace

Russia stands alone against NATO – Medvedev

The Big Steal II - It’s Clear The Communist
Left Just Stole Another Election

Maricopa County Election Judge Believes the
Machines Were Programmed to Reject Ballots
on Election Day

IMPOSSIBLE - Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout
on Election Day - Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are
Winning Over 50% of Maricopa Co Election Totals

More Voters Prefer DeSantis to Trump in
2024 Election But Twice as Many Prefer Neither


Trump Says McConnell 'Blew The Midterms'

Pelosi Says Trump 2024 Bid Would Be
'Bad News For The Country'

Dozens of AZ GOP Voters Describe How Ballots
Were Not Counted, Ballots Were Tossed in a Box,
and People Were Not Allowed in to Vote - Montage

How Did Maggie Hassan Get 1100 Votes in
NH Town With a Population Under 700?
(This Was The Most Corrupt Election Yet
’They’ Learned From 2020…Piece of Cake)

Grass Roots Groups Call On GOP Senators
To Ditch Mitch McConnell

Jewish organization honors Trump as the
'most pro-Israel President in history'

Russia and US hold secret talks
in Ankara

Zelensky Visits Kherson, Hailing It As
'The Beginning Of The End Of The War'

MiG-31 Armed With Kinzhal Missile Spotted
Over Belarus - Russia Orders More Hypersonic
Weapons Amid Ukraine War

Communist UN calls on Russia to pay
Ukraine reparations! Sheer Insanity


F-35, F-22, B-52, B-2, B-1B and others
Can’t Pass Combat Readiness Tests

Nuclear risk - How does Zaporizhzhia
compare with Chernobyl?

US won’t hold talks on Ukraine without Kiev
Says Biden

Russia reports on Its military advances
in Donbass

Russian Defense Ministry says DPR’s
Pavlovka community is liberated

Russian air defenses destroy six combat
drones in Ukraine operation

Zelensky Shows Up in Kherson

Ukraine ready for peace, Zelensky says

AP photo shows two men suspected of
collaboration with Russia tied to pole
in Kherson

Ukraine bans US and UK media outlets
from Kherson


Kiev regime to pin Ukrainian crimes in
Kherson on Russia, warns politician

Ukrainian special services plotting
provocations in Kherson

Where Military Aid To Ukraine
Comes From

Children Party with Drag Queen Strippers
and Play Dildo Ring Toss at Govt-Sponsored
'Pride Event' in Venice, FL

Dr. Alim - Brilliant, Simple Spike & Shedding Explanation

Study - 100% Of mRNA Jab Recipients
Have Heart Implications - Mercola

Dr. Michael Yeadon - 'This Is the Clearest Signal
of Reproductive Harm After C19 Vaccination I’ve
Seen to Date'

'Black Hairy Tongue' Now Latest Cover Excuse
For COVID Vaccine Induced Death

Olympic Athlete Genevieve Florence (24)
'Barely Functional' After Pfizer BioWeapon’
I Wanted To End My Life’ - Video

Many Chinese Are Killing Themselves Rather Than
Suffer Any More Covid Lockdowns And Tyranny
Warning - These Are Graphic Videos


Elon Musk Gets Into Ugly Spat With Former
Top Twitter Exec Over Cost of Employee Lunches

Amazon To Fire 10,000 Employees,
Largest Layoff In Company History

Billionaire Bezos joins the philanthropy game

Rumble announces record 71 million
monthly active users for Q3 2022

Flashback - Charles Lieber’s Liquid Computing

China’s new satellite-hunting radar
aims to blind US

Lights In Evening FL Sky Might Have
Been Parachutists With Flares

Lab-grown meat & nuclear yeast vats
COP27 reignites the war on food

Sam Bankman-Fried - Drugs, Orgies,
Intimidation, & Possible Pedo?

Alameda Frontran Crypto Tokens Ahead
Of New Listings On FTX


FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Lists
Bahamas Penthouse For Sale For $40 Million

Crypto market unravels after FTX collapse

Manhattan US Atty Office Probing FTX Collapse

FTX implosion takes its first crypto victim

Cryptos Rebound After Binance CEO Announces
Industry Recovery Fund, Calls For Regulation

A Shocking Defense Of Crypto From JPMorgan
'The FTX Collapse Will Be A Massive Ramp For
Institutional Adoption'

US Inflation Likely to Continue Rising Despite
Recent Drop in Consumer Prices - NY Fed

Chinese real estate stocks rally on bailout plan

Pentagon Considers Canadian Mining
Investments to Outdo China

OPEC countries reduce oil output by
225,000 bpd in October as part of OPEC+ deal


Poland decides to seize Gazprom shares
in EuRoPol GAZ

German authorities to nationalize former
Gazprom subsidiary, says agency

'Hotel Britain' Must End To Deter 'Asylum Shopping’
UK Immigration Minister Says

UK Home Secretary Signs New Channel
Migrant Deal With France

Sale of Greek port used by US, NATO
for Ukraine arms supply canceled

Netherlands to Allocate $25.7 Million
to Support Ukraine

Switzerland Will Not Supply Weapons to
Ukraine Despite Pressure, Swiss President Says

UK PM labels Russia ‘rogue state’

France warned of possible blackouts

West wants to Steal frozen Russian assets
to finance arms supplies to Kiev


West illustrates double standards by using
sanctions selectively - senior diplomat

EU expands sanctions against Iran on
drone supply suspicions

US introduces sanctions against procurement
chain of Russian defense industry - Treasury

German farmers’ costs up 40% in September
year-on-year stats

Finland sees record 15.7% jump
in food costs

Denmark authorizes Nord Stream AG to
survey gas pipeline damage points

Reports of Lavrov's Hospitalization Are Fake,
Minister Prepares for G20 Summit - Video

Lavrov urges more honesty in Western media
amid fake news about his hospitalization

Moscow denounces EU’s military training
initiative for Ukrainian troops — diplomat

Hungary will not let EU make decisions
worsening conflict in Ukraine


Demand for private bunkers skyrockets in Russia

Russia Plans to Create 'Iron Man’
Military Suit for Its Soldiers

Russian MFA tells EU ambassador grain deal
must be implemented in full

Russia emphasizes it's bolstering food supplies
to global markets, says Kremlin

US, UK and EU support purchases of
Russian fertilizers

CCP Shortens Quarantines But Continues
Zero COVID Policy

Chinese, US leaders call meeting in Bali constructive

Xi warns Biden that Taiwan’s independence
from China inadmissible

Xi tells Biden US and China should respect
each other’s political systems

Beijing should make it clear to North Korea
that new nuke test is inadmissible - Biden


Biden Sees 'No Imminent Attempt Of China
To Invade Taiwan' After Xi Meeting

This Christmas, Santa Will Present Energy
Cost Cuts to the Citizens of Australia

New Zealand Studies Ways to Prevent Cows
from Burping - Sheer Idiocy

Vikram-S: All You Need to Know About
India's First Private Rocket

Indian Chief of Army Staff to Discuss
Defense Cooperation in France

Bangladesh Seeks Russia’s Help in
Resolving Rohingya Refugee, Energy Crises

Pakistan’s Imran Khan 'Still Holds US Responsible’
for Ousting as Aides Debunk Alleged U-Turn

COP27:India Accuses Rich Countries of
‘Enormous Failure' Over Climate Finance
for Developing Nations

Pakistan Faces Widespread Gas Shortages
as Financial Crisis Worsens

European countries ask Ankara for gas supplies


Turkey won’t accept US condolences over blast

Turkey releases footage of Istanbul bombing suspect

Kurdistan Workers’ Party denies involvement
in Istanbul blast

Iran hails Russia’s readiness to act as mediator
between Riyadh and Tehran

South Africa Minister Urges West to
Provide Climate Change Adaptation Help

Uganda's Leader Denounces West for Double
Standards in Regard to Climate Change

Trans cyclist takes first place in US women’s race

Blue states gang up on Indiana over transgender law

Three killed in Virginia college shooting


Dems take Senate In Grotesquely Rigged ‘Election’
Communist Cortez-Masto edges Laxalt after DAYS
of 'slow tabulation' In NV - Voting Except Locally
Means Virtually nothing Any Longer

Control of House Could Be Decided by ‘Close'
(Rigged) Communist California Races

Mass Mail-In Drop Box Communist Voting
GOP Will Never Win Again Unless It Is Stopped

Sammy, The Bank-man Is Fried
The Next Warren Buffet?
How About The Next Bernie Madoff

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried is Under
Constant Observation by Bahama Authorities
…in a Luxury Hotel

FTX Facing Criminal Probe By Bahamas
Authorities But Musk Counters There Will Be
'No Investigation’ Of 'Major Democrat Donor’ SBF

$32 Billion Implosion Of FTX May Usher In
Collapse Of The Entire Global Financial System

MT shamed as communist residents vote ‘No’
on measure to protect babies after they’re born
This Said ‘Unimaginable’

Hollywood Exploited Brooke Shields at Age 10
Stunning Photos - Evil Under The Pretense Of
Movie-Making ‘Art’ From Satanic Hollywood

FBI admits flirting with banned Israeli spyware


Destruction of the bridge at Kakhovka
Hydro Plant With US Supplied HIMARS
Missiles - Video

Damage to key dam from Ukrainian
strikes revealed

Zelensky And Bush To Give Joint Pro-War

Kiev planning offensive to get access
to Sea of Azov - authorities

Death of Japenese Mercenary Debunks
Claims of No Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

America’s Neo-Nazi bedfellows in Ukraine
are latest in long line of odious allies Washington
has used against Russia

Ukrainians ‘zombified’ by propaganda

West Tested Narcotic Analgesics in Ukraine

Alleged Winter Pause in Ukraine Conflict
‘Could Last as Long as Six Months’ - US
Report Suggests

Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts obsession
with Putin among US elites


US govt issues warning about US warplanes
Readiness To Fly

Male Pilots Will Be Allowed to Wear Makeup
on British Airways

Ghislaine Maxwell Befriends Double-Murderer,
Becomes Prison Darling

20 million US households are now behind an
average of $788 on their utility bills ...here are
3 simple ways to drop your monthly costs

27 yr old man robbed, face slashed in NYC subway

Veterans Killing Themselves To Protest
Inhumane Treatment at VA

Comedian Dave Chappelle speaks the truth
about Jews live on ‘Saturday Night Live'

Chappelle Defends Kyrie Irving on SNL

Farrakhan Regarding Ye and others

CO Woman shocked when Her Home Is falsely
Listed As For Rent And someone shows up
Asking for a tour of her house


Sick, Psycho Teacher claims ‘Porn
can be good for kids'

All-Cause Excess Deaths are up 1,314% in
past 6 Months compared to 2020 And
731% compared to 2021

COVID Deaths are up 82% in past 3 months
compared to 2020 despite roll-out of 3rd
Booster to Over 50s And The Vulnerable

First RSV Emergency Declared as Pfizer,
GSK Race to Get Vaccines Approved

As COVID Spike Proteins Slowly Take Toll on
Endocrine System, Expert Warns of Rise in
Hormone-Related Diseases

Ruling Marxist Class Has No Intention Of Ever
Removing The COVID Public Health ‘Emergency'

Baby boomers can’t stop staring
at their phones, either - Powerhouse

$1.5 million Babe Ruth baseball glove
smashes record

A Cold Winter For Europe - Blame Strategic
Blindness…(No, It Is The PLAN)

Yellen outlines US plan to trap Russia on oil


Russia boosts forex reserves

World Bank Chief - About 60% of Developing
Countries Face Debt Crisis, Reduction Needed

IMF boss warns of consequences
from new Cold War

Beijing Pivots - China Issues Sweeping
Property 'Rescue Package' To Kickstart

IMF boss warns US against building
economic barriers

Again - Male Pilots Will Be Allowed
to Wear Makeup on British Airways

Over 40,000 Invaders Crossed English
Channel to Get to UK Since January

Britain and France Plan to Tackle Illegal
Migration Over English Channel

The ‘garden versus jungle’ worldview of the
EU top diplomat not only racist, it’s delusional

Erdogan says he plans to discuss gas hub
project with Azerbaijani, Turkmen leaders


Six Dead, 53 Injured After 'Bomb Attack’
Rips Through Busy Istanbul Street

Erdogan condemns ‘treacherous’ deadly
attack in Istanbul

Terror attack in Istanbul committed by
A woman - Turkish vice president

Russia seeks SWIFT reconnection for
grain exports

Chinese car brands conducting major
expansion in Russia

China Issues Sweeping Property ‘Rescue
Package' To Kickstart Economy

US and NATO try to absorb Asia-Pacific
region by militarizing it - Lavrov

Russia and China United in Defending
ASEAN Central Role in Region - Lavrov

Number of Chinese car dealerships in
Russia trebles in 11 months – report

Indonesian president calls on G20 leaders to
tone down rhetoric about Russia at G20 summit


East Asia Summit joint statement not adopted
because of US demands on Ukraine — Lavrov

India Seeks to Double Trade With Russia

Sabre-Rattling and Friendshoring - Failing
US Strategies to Break India-Russia Links

Syrian air defense systems repel Israeli
missile attack in Homs governorate

IEA - Number of People in Sub-Saharan Africa
With No Access to Electricity Set to Grow in 2022

Mozambique Sends Off its First Shipment of
Liquified Natural Gas

Kenya Says Sends Troops to DR Congo
to Protect its Strategic Investment Interests

Hurricane Nicole Exposes Native American
Burial Ground in Florida


Declassified Secret Document
See How Jews Stay Out Of The Military And
How They Laugh At ’The Dumb Goyim Who
Fight (And Die) While We PROFIT’ - Read

Russian Rally Urges Putin to Strike US
With 15 Nuke Capable Sarmat ICBM

We Are in End Times – Snyder

General Surovikin’s Difficult Choice

Kherson Region names provisional capital

Ukes Trying To Stop Evac Of Citizens Of Town
That Will Be Drowned If They Blow The Dam

Top Zelensky advisor threatens war with Iran

US Is Pushing The Ukraine War To Unthinkable
Thermonuclear Consequences

Trainloads of NATO Military Gear in Poland
Moving Toward Russia's Kaliningrad

American Soldiers Found in Kherson - Turner


Mercenaries from over 40 countries fighting
near Zaporozhye - official - Russia - TASS

West's attacks on Russia are ‘without limits’

44 of 49 US Military Aircraft Types
Not Ready to Fly, Watchdog Warns

Russia has more weapons in its arsenal
for use in Ukraine, Medvedev says

Russia stands alone against NATO

Russia Blocks Passage Via Kerch Strait
for Ships Loaded Abroad Says Turkey

Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter downed by
Russian forces in Zaporozhye Region

What's Behind Peace Signals From
Washington Amid Russo-Ukrainian Conflict?

Donald’s 29 Yr Old Daughter, Tiffany, Marries
Billionaire At Mar-a-Lago - Photos

Tucker Says Dems (Communists) conditioning
Americans to passively accept ELECTION Fraud


Corrupt AZ Senate Race Is Called

Trump alleges election fraud in Arizona

In Utterly Criminal Maricopa, Reporters Denied
Media Credentials Moved To 'Free Speech' Zone

Trump’s rivals told to be ‘ready for war’

Trump attacks another possible 2024 rival

DeSantis moves ahead of Trump for 2024
GOP nomination

Biden mixes up countries again

'Your Words Are Violence!’ - Coulter
Cornell Speech Canceled

'There May Not Be An Election In 2024’ And
'The US Won't Exist After 2032’ - Armstrong

FTX Held Just $900 Million In Liquid Assets
Vs $9 Billion In Liabilities As Video Emerges
Confirming Alameda Knew It Was Pilfering
Client Funds


Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund
laundered Ukraine donation money to
Dem candidates to help rig mid-terms

FTX was a massive money laundering slush
fund for Democrats – Apparent self hack in
progress to DRAIN all assets

FTX Hit By Mysterious $662 Million Outflow
Amid Revelation That SBF Implemented
Bookkeeping ‘Backdoor'

Three Oregon sheriffs will refuse to
enforce new gun magazine limit bill

Texas Gov Abbott Says 300th Bus Of Invaders
Has Been Sent To Democrat-Run State

Democrat Communist Kathy Hochul Engages
in Celebratory Dance Surrounded by Masked
Little Children In Puerto Rico

Communist WEF Aligned Spanish Govt Launches
Campaign To Celebrate History of Communism

Consumers Reject Beyond Meat fake
processed imitation meat products
...company massively downsizing

Macy's department store manager who
fought off armed suspect is fired - Incredible

Pentagon sued by LGBT group over HIV ban


B-17 Disintegrates Over Dallas Air Show
...Hit By A Small Fighter Plane

The REAL story behind RSV & the so-called

Sucharit Bhakdi explains how mRNA
spikes damage And Destroy the brain

Former Australian MP warns 75% of
COVID-19 vaccinated women are
experiencing miscarriages

New Covid variants Said dodge immunity

Alleged ‘Protection' From 4th Dose (2nd Booster)
Of COVID BioWeapon Is Said Gone Within Months

HARD EVIDENCE - This is what CDC Director
Little Rochelle Walensky is criminally liable for

UK govt confirms 1 in 310 boosted individuals
died within 48 days of Injection - Figures likely
much Higher

Martini - COVID Dictators Plead For Amnesty (?)

The Stealth Grim Reaper Is Coming This Winter


Big Tech Crash! Twitter Near Bankruptcy, Amazon
First Company to Lose $1 TRILLION, Facebook Fires
11,000 Employees

Musk Warns Of Possible Twitter Bankruptcy
Says 'Difficult Times Ahead'

Amazon Unveils Warehouse Robot To Replace
Human Pickers Amid Unionization Threats

‘Held at Gunpoint’ - Area 51 UFO Researcher
Decries ‘Humiliating’ FBI Raid

Large Piece Of Destroyed Space Shuttle
Found On Ocean Floor

Giant Human Mummies on display
at the Gold Museum in Lima, Peru
There WERE Giants Here - Coverup

Video on Vanguard & Blackrock holdings

Kiyosaki says hot inflation will 'wipe out
50% of the US population'

Woke Fail - Disney Begins Layoffs,
Hiring Freeze, and Limiting Employee
Travel as Stock Crashes

As Planet’s Population Approaches 8 Billion
are WEF Neo-Malthusians’ Fears Justified?


It's All About Money - US Climate Policy is
Driven by Corporate Interests, Scholars Say

EU Needs $460 Billion Investment To
Maintain Nuclear Power Capacity

Ports Clogged With Containers As
World Trade Stumbles

Surge In Trans-Pacific Blank Sailings

World Food Import Bill to Reach an All-Time
High of $1.9Trillian, FAO Says

Up to 280,000 Tonnes of Russian Fertilizers
Arrested in Europe, Deputy FM Says

Russian fertilizers to leave EU port

UN Calls for Speeding Up Removal of
Obstacles to Export of Russian Fertilizers

London exchange won’t ban Russian metals

UK 'Misery' To Worsen As Economy
Shrinks More Than Expected In September


Spiraling inflation cools Norway’s economy

UK's Defense Spending to Shrink in Real
Terms Due to High Inflation - Reports
Sweden’s Foreign Minister Tones Down
General’s ‘No Red Lines on Spurning Nukes’
Rhetoric on NATO Bid

Anger As Spanish Government Celebrates
Communist Party With Commemorative
Postage Stamp

Housing Crisis, Stagnant Wages, Fractured Society
The Bleaker Side of Canada’s Immigration Boom

Putin, Raisi discuss enhanced cooperation
in political, economic areas

Erdogan says he expects to hold talks with
Putin in next two to three days

Colombian, Russian Military in Close Contact
on Helicopters Trade - Ambassador to Russia

Chinese Singles’ Day sales top 1 trillion yuan

India Can Buy All Russian Oil It Wants
Outside 'Price Cap' But Can't Use Western
Services, US Says

India may sue Germany over undelivered LNG


Pakistan ‘Has No Option But To Ration’
Natural Gas Supply This Winter

Pakistan keen to trade in national
currencies with Russia – official

India, ASEAN Raise Ties to Comprehensive
Strategic Partnership in Uncertain Geopolitical

East Timor's Accession - How ASEAN is
Expanding Amid Global Shift to Multi-Polarity

US Forces Reportedly Steal 94 More
Truckloads of Syrian Oil and Wheat

Somalia’s President Visits Troops
Training in Eritrea, Holds Talks About
Security Issues

Germany Reportedly Seeks Kenyans
for Nursing Jobs Due to Lack of Local
Medical Staff

Africans Working in Sicily's Olive Fields
Live in Grim Conditions, UK Media Says

French Army Is an 'Enemy' of Africans,
Pan-Africanist Believes

Ye Says His Mother Was ‘Sacrificed’ By
Hollywood Elite - ‘They Want to Monetize
And Traumatize’


Veterans' Day Message
From Harry Cooper

DHS Censorship Agency Strange First Mission
...Banning Speech That Casts Doubt On Election

OBiden Junta Plans to Extend Covid-19 'Public
Health Emergency' Through Spring of 2023

AZ and NV Using Slow-Count Vote Fraud

What Was Katie Hobbs Doing Inside
The Ballot Rooms? - Photo

Trump Hints Real Biden was Executed - 1 Min

Trump Declares WAR On DeSantis

NV vote counting center cams go blank

Now We Know...the Conspirators Want
World War III

Poll shows ‘surging fear of Nuclear War’
Protests in 40+ US cities demand de-escalation

Stage Set for US Combat Troops in Ukraine


Zelensky is awarded the American
'Medal of Freedom’ - Nobel Next?

Questions Every American Should Be Asking

Ukraine Plans to Create 'Israel-Like' Arms
Industry To Produce NATO-Caliber Weapon

Uke Soldiers Celebrate Massacre Of
Civilian ‘Collaborators' In Kherson

Ukrainians Fly EU Flag In Kherson To
Celebrate Russian Retreat

Kherson remains part of Russia,
despite withdrawal across river – Kremlin

Russian Defense Ministry issues update
on Kherson withdrawal

US to Manage Norway’s Defenses

Ukraine ups number of foreign mercenaries
in Zaporozhye Region - authorities

Kiev’s forces shell Donetsk 3 times in
30 minutes from NATO-standard weapons
says DPR


Kiev introduces new restrictions on
the Russian language

Butler - Russia-Poland-Cargill Split Ukraine
...Americans Wait On Reach Around

Where The F*ck Are The Western Media
A Worthy Rant From Luhansk - Vid

Are the SEC and The Fed Part of the Story
of Bankrupt FTX? Derivatives Become an Issue

Maricopa Co. Election Judge Threatened by
Supervisors After Speaking Out About gross
Tabulation Errors

Trump TORCHES Fox News and the Rest of
the Murdoch Empire for Going 'All In' on
'Ron DeSanctimonious'

MAGA Disruptor or Neocon Plant?
Who is Ron DeSantis?

Trump’s rivals told to be ‘ready for war’

Drazen concedes To Kotek In OR
…Big Loss For Good People

15 US states Refused OSCE election observers


The Opening Of The Hunter Biden Laptop
Could Expose The Cottage Industry Of
Influence Peddling

Cameras Go Dark At Vote Counting
Facility In Key Nevada County

Supreme Court's Sotomayor Denies NYC
Workers' Bid To Halt Vax Mandate

Cruz - Dems Did Well In Midterms Because
They Engaged 'Whacked-Out Lefty Nut Job' Base

US Conservative - It's Amazing That Voting
Machines Glitch When Most Republicans Vote

What Are Some of Joe Biden's Major
Policy Agenda Debacles?

Republicans Promise to Start Investigation
Against Hunter Biden in Case of Victory

Two More Fed-Up OR Counties Vote to Leave
And Become Part of Conservative Idaho

How the Super-Rich Control the US Govt

CA sues ‘forever chemicals’ manufacturers


Death Of The American Dream And
Home Ownership?

Alex Jones's Assets Are Frozen by Judge
in Sandy Hook Case

Europe burns a controversial ‘renewable’
energy source - trees from the US!

History - Faked Deaths In Weimar Germany

Pfizer (DoD) Targets unborn life with Special
‘vax' to ‘immunize' babies in the womb

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Explains How The Spike
Protein Destroys The Brain - Video

With more ‘vaccinations’ comes A major
increase in kidney disease - McCullough

Fully Jabbed Four Time British Motorcycling
Champion Dies Suddenly at 35

Musk isn't a renegade misfit — he's a
hulking Pentagram contractor

Germany Prohibits Chinese Takeover Of 2
Semiconductor Chipmakers, Citing Security


Everything Elon Musk told Twitter employees
in his first company meeting

Media Elite Doing All They Can To Stop Twitter
'Elevating Citizen Journalism', Says Musk

So much for Musk the Twitter liberator

Twitter Pauses Paid ‘Blue Checks for All’ Scheme
as Wave of Impostors Wreak Havoc Online

Elon Musk’s Blue Tick System Spawns
Spoof Account Galore

Prepare for alien encounter now before
it's too late, warn scientists

FBI Conducts No-Knock Warrant At Home
Of Owner Of Website Devoted To Area 51

Detecting The F-35 - Iran's Upgraded Bavar-373
Missile Can Reportedly Engage US F-35 Stealth
Fighter From 300 Km

China Develops Jet Propelled Skateboard
That Might Reach 10,000 Feet Elevation

Free Market Famine - the logical conclusion
of a system predicated on manufactured


Sam Bankman-Fried's $16 billion fortune
evaporated in less than a week

Tyson Foods CFO arrested after being
found nearly nude in wrong house

C.H. Robinson Announces Largest Layoff
In The History Of Freight Brokerage

Apple’s $191 Billion Single-Day Surge
Sets Stock-Market Record

Shock Rally Sweeps Markets in Rebuke to
Overconfident Bears

Twitter Brings Back ‘Official' Badge, Appears
To Pause $8 Verification Program

Canadians resorting to skipping meals,
stockpiling food to deal with inflation

Germany makes NATO expansion call

Polish nationalists demand ‘loyalty’
from Ukrainians

Are British Troops Training for WWIII in
California's Mojave Desert?


Why Western Leaders, Populations Call for
Halting Money Flow to Ukraine

EU Slow With New Russia Sanctions Due to
Lack of Tools, 'Sanction Fatigue' - Source

Eurozone to 'Tip Into Recession' Amid Bleak
Growth Forecast as Russia Sanctions Continue
to Backfire

European Commission Increases Inflation
Forecast in EU From 8.3% to 9.3% in 2022

European Commission Lowers Forecast for
Decline in Russia's 2022 GDP From 10.4% to 5.1%

European Parliament Calls for Setting Up
Defense Union to Complement NATO

Eco-activists fail in attempt to vandalize masterpiece
in Oslo

UK Police Chief Questions 'Just Stop Oil’ Media

The EU's Embargo On Russian Oil Will
Be A Boon For OPEC

EU Leaders Accuse US NatGas
Producers Of Profiteering


Two Unknown Ships Passed Near Nord
Stream Pipelines Prior to Blast, Satellite
Company Says

Insurers demand clarity on Russian oil price cap

US extends sanctions waiver on Russian
energy transactions

German MPs vote to keep nuclear plants

Russia, China, Turkey save Balkans during
COVID-19 pandemic - Albanian PM

Putin won’t address G20 summit – Kremlin

Poll reveals Russians’ level of trust in Putin

Holders of Meta’s shares in Russia may
soon face criminal liability, regulator says

Russian-US Meeting on New START to
Be Held in November-December

Vatican Chief Auditor Says He Was Raided
And Forced Out For Digging Too Deep


Binance Blasts 'Rogue Actor' Bankman-Fried
As FTX Files For Bankruptcy

FTX Crypto Exchange Goes Bankrupt,
CEO Replaced by Figure Registered by
SEC for Insider Trading

Global markets rally as China eases
Covid restrictions

UK Heading Into Recession as Economy
Shrinks in Third Quarter

China Successfully Launches Tianzhou-5
Cargo Ship to Tiangong Space Station

China warns US not to disclose details of
Xi-Biden talks

South Korea On Defensive After Secret Deal
To Supply Munitions For Ukraine Exposed

‘China Already Surpasses US in a Number of MIC
Areas’ - Russian Military Expert Says

PLA’s Newest Amphibious Assault Ship
Anhui Joined ‘Combat-Oriented’ Drills,
Chinese Media Says

Hollywood’s Superhero movies unlikely
to be released in China – media


China responds to Biden’s claim about
ties with Moscow

US Continues to Provoke Chinese Dragon
Over Taiwan, But Admits Conflict Would
Cause Global Meltdown

The Politically-Correct Group Photo In Oz

Jacinda Ardern – presiding over Marxist
propaganda and racial bullying

Failed assassination of Imran Khan
may push Pakistan's US-backed cou
regime to tipping point

Over 50 Developing Countries Face Threat
of Bankruptcy, Says UN Official

South Africa's Example Raises Other Countries’
Interest in BRICS, Says SA Professor

Putin confirms Russia’s pledge to supply
of food, fertilizers to Africa

Communist School Board Rules Male Teacher Allowed
To Wear Huge Prosthetic Breasts While Teaching

Obsese Male Wins ‘Miss America’ Pageant


World Needs Russian Grain Irrespective
of Other Countries' Attitude to Moscow

UN issues ‘alarming’ food security outlook

Russian Food Under Grain Deal Should Not
Fall Under Sanctions - Algerian FM Says

US Should Rethink Russian Sanctions as It
Inflicts Pain in Global South - Indian Academic

Why West's Sanctions Spree Directly
Contradicts Its Own Climate Goals

History - OBERSALZBERG Then and Now WW2

More Thoughts on the Stolen 2022 Election

US democracy slides toward ‘competitive

US Exit Polls - 73% of Voters Angry About
Direction of Country - So They Voted Democrat?!

GOP starts boosting Walker in runoff amid
calls to keep Trump away from Georgia

We're Done - American Voters Are Idiots

Democrats Steal Midterms, Communism Comes
Home to America... Crime, Inflation, Record Gas
Prices, War, Open Borders and Corruption WIN BIG

Biden Announces More Death Weapons For
Ukraine Further Provoking Nuclear War...
Nothing For Americans - Get It?

John Fetterman's Bizarre Shotgun
Incident With A Black Jogger…

Trump-Appointed Judge Strikes Down Biden’s
Student Loan Forgiveness Plan - Blasts Biden
Regime in Blistering Opinion


The Antonovsky Road and Rail bridges
were blown up by Russian sappers

Photo Shows Antonovsky Bridge Is Down

Russian TV Compares Kherson Retreat to
Worst Military Defeats in History

US conducts ‘provocative’ Arctic missile test
aimed at Russia - Pushing Nuclear War

US Spec Ops Admit to ‘Intentionally’ Provoking
Russia With Arctic Missile Drill – Video

How the Pentagon Is Preparing for War in
Europe and Asia

Emergency workers to leave Kherson at last
moment together with troops, official says

Sun Tzu Walks Into a Kherson Bar - Escobar

Zaporozhye official reports tens of Azov
Neo-Nazis killed in breakthrough attempt

Russian troops moving to prepared positions
on left bank of Dnieper — top brass


Zakharova Accuses US Bio Laboratories
of 'Criminal Negligence'

Zelensky’s readiness for talks with Russia
points to rift within NATO - Turk newspaper

Biden’s top security official encouraged
Zelensky to negotiate – NBC

Some US Officials See Winter As Opportunity
For Diplomacy In Ukraine

Zelensky Says EU's €18 Billion Aid Is
What 'True Solidarity' Looks Like

Kiev authorities ban reporters from
traveling to Snigiryovka during purge

convoy of the Russian MP Member hit
by French Land mine

Russian military surgeons remove live
explosive from soldier’s body

118th Congress: What Will New GOP-Dem
Balance Mean for Biden & Nation?

Kanye Touched The 'Third Rail’
...Now He Must Be Destroyed


Biden wishes Republicans 'lots of luck' In their
attempts to investigate Hunter - Joe Will Just
Pardon Him And Himself

Lizard Lightfoot calls the 75% of Chicagoans
who don't support her 'racist sexists'

Trump Calls For Action Over ‘Complete
Voter Integrity Disaster' At Polls

AZ election results delayed until after
weekend Maricopa officials say

Kari Lake puts pressure on Maricopa to report
as election officials promise more delays

GOP Rep Lauren Boebert Pulls Ahead
in Tight CO Race

CA Rejects ‘Millionaire Tax To Put More
Junk EVs On The Road

Wooldridge - A Few Post-Election Thoughts
Our Tumultuous Future

Some Political Leaders Are Now Pushing
Back Against The Satanic WEF

Steve Pieczenik Prays to Lucifer thru poem
at Public Open Mic - 'Impending Chaos'


Watch - Biden Thinks Russia Invaded Iraq

Jimmy Kimmel - 'I Have Lost Half Of
My Fans' Since Targeting Trump

Activists launch ‘Don’t Run, Joe’ campaign
against Biden

MSNBC guest makes vulgar prediction
about Republican lawmaker

Allgire - Cryptos Are Probably Really Going To Crash

Our National Parks Belong to The UN

SARS CoV-2 Omicron's newest Sub Variant BQ.1.1
shows extraordinary immune evasion potential
against vaccine sera

Leaked documents reveal US paused
‘Ministry of Truth’ is back online

Musk Bans Remote Work In First Email To
Twitter Staff As The 'Road Ahead Is Arduous'

Biden Says Elon Musk's Relationship With
Foreign Countries 'Worthy Of Being Looked At'


Apple limits popular file-sharing feature
to appease China

Psaki Starts Twitstorm by Claiming GOP Won
FL Through Spanish-Language Disinfo Campaign

Russia Discovers How to Make Spacecraft
Maneuver More Accurately

’Sir' Evelyn de Rothschild Is Dead - Mike King

The End Of World Dollar Hegemony
...Turning The US Into Weimar Germany

Feds say they seized 50,000 stolen Bitcoin
stored in a popcorn tin after a 10 year search?

Auto Loan Delinquencies Hit 10 Year Highs

Steep Discount On Russian LNG Disappears

Auto Loan Delinquencies Hit 10-Year Highs

Energy Bills In Europe Are 90% Higher
Than Last Year


‘Black Thursday’ strike hits Paris

Public Transport Workers Hold Protests
in Paris Demanding Wage Hike

Von der Leyen - EU Allocates $200M
to Moldova to Buy Gas

Top -6 Countries That Still Struggle Under
The Yoke Of Western Sanctions

UK Nurses Who Voted to Strike Over Pay
Take Patients' Leftover Food to Survive

Why is There an Energy Crisis in Europe
and is Russia to Blame?

British Economy May Be Left Paralyzed Due
to Soaring Mental Disorders

Eco-warriors glue themselves to
dinosaur in Vienna

EU’s road and rail infrastructure must be
revised for military purposes – Borrell

Swedish Foreign Minister Says Responsible
for Explosions at Nord Stream Remain Unknown


Norway Buys South Korean Howitzers in
‘Milestone’ Improvement of Land Capabilities

Swiss activists seek neutrality referendum

US, NATO would like everyone forget about
their crimes in Afghanistan, UN envoy says

600 yr old coin may be oldest found in Canada

German KFC Excoriated for 'Absolutely Hideous’
Chicken Promo on Anniversary of Kristallnacht

France charges right-wingers over plot
to attack Macron

Multi-billion UK nightclubs industry might
be dead by 2030 – Times

Russia Gives Priority to Development of
Arctic Territories - Putin

Hungary explains ‘total failure’ of sanctions
on Russia

Foreign Ministers discuss energy cooperation
between Russia and Hungary


Russian economy defying Western sanctions
– key Putin aide to RT

Russia finds way around Western
product deficit

Britain reveals Over $20 billion of Russian
assets frozen

Lavrov laces into West’s schemes at
undermining international law

Bowing to US leaves no room for EU’s
independent foreign policy - Russian MFA

Erdogan lauds very high confidence
he shares with Putin

Russian Scientists Develop Remote Control
for Targeted Drug Delivery

Top Pentagon Officer Says US Will ‘Train
and Equip' Taiwan as Xi 'Recalculating’
Potential Conflict

Biden, Xi to Hold First In-Person Meeting
as Heads of State on Nov 14 in Bali

China Revises Military Doctrine To Focus
On Troop Deployments Overseas


Indian Scientists Warn of Possibility of Major
Earthquake in Himalayan Region

Khan's Supporters Resume 'Long March’
Week After Failed Assassination Attempt

Killing of Journalists Becomes Endemic
in Pakistan as Perpetrators Walk Free

India - International security should be
a collective effort, not a zero-sum game

Iran has developed A hypersonic weapon

Watch Israeli F-35s Escort US Nuclear
Bombers as Regional Tensions Rage

Congolese Foreign Minister Calls Grain
Supplies to Europe a Hypocrisy

Cholera Death Toll in Malawi Soars to 214

Canadian Company Accused of Neocolonialism
...Natural Site Endangering in Southern Africa

Barkhane - Paris to Change Strategy to Continue
to Occupy Us Illegally


International Team Creates Database
of Benin Bronze Stolen by Colonialists

CT 7th grade teacher details sexual fantasies
with minor students to Project Veritas

Nelson - You Really Expected A Red Wave?

Kari Lake Speaks Out Against Massive Election
Fraud - ‘Election Being Stolen Again Right Under
Our Noses’ - She Is Correct

DeSantis Vows 'We Will Never, Ever Surrender
to Woke Mob'

Kristi Noem Wins SD Governor's Race

House-Big Stacey Abrams Wasted $105
Million in Donor Money on Failed Campaign
Remember, She Keeps The Leftovers...

AOC Blames Tucker for Death Threats On Her

Farage - ‘Titanic Clash’ Brewing Between
Trump and DeSantis

Herschel Walker and Raphael Warlock to
face off in Dec 6 Senate runoff election

Iowa Voters Pass Constitutional Amendment
to Protect Gun Rights

Carville - Dems Should Have Lost 57 Seats
...Trump Is Reason We Didn’t


The Red Wave That Wasn’t - (The Vote
Was Rigged Beyond Belief)

STUNNING - Maricopa County Exit Polls Show
Only 14% Of Voters Are Democrat! - Video

LA Mayor Race Too Close to Call, Could Take
Two Weeks To Count - Hilarious

Russia to pull troops out of frontline
city of Kherson – MOD

Ukrainian army delivers strikes against
evacuating noncombatants in Kherson

Russian air defenses down over 20 HIMARS,
Olkha rockets in Ukraine operation

Sky News says another British man dies
fighting in Ukraine

Moscow comments on US electoral
system ‘crisis’

Ukraine wants to drag US into War with Russia
…It’s Already there

US, Russia Agree To Re-enter Nuclear Treaty
Talks For 1st Time Since Ukraine Invasion


IAEA finds no evidence of dirty
bomb preparation in Ukraine

Russia urges IAEA to continue ‘dirty bomb’
related inspections

Communist Sean Penn Gives Spare Oscar to
Ukrainian Communist Crisis-Actor Zelensky

Outrageous - Man Who Raped Child After Hitting
Her With His Car Released for Good Behavior

Biden Vows to Legalize Nationwide Killing of
Unborn Babies - US Won’t Survive 2 More Yrs

No Lives Matter

Wife of Dead Pastor Reveals He Saw Sinister
Creatures Before Suicide - 'There Is Evil in
This World...And It Is Truly Dark'

US Livid As Brittney Griner Transferred To
Russian Forced Labor Camp

US Livid As Brittney Griner Transferred
To Russian Forced Labor Camp

Climate Fanatics Are Weaponizing Mental


Kirsch - Data shows COVID-19 vaccine is the
MOST DANGEROUS vaccine ever made -
NO, It's NOT A ‘Vaccine’…It's A DOD BioWeapon
To Do Only One Thing...To Kill People, Lots Of Them

The Spike Protein Is Probably One of The Most
Toxic Proteins The Human Body Has Ever Seen’
…Dr. Paul Marik - Video

Dr. Rochelle Walensky Is Responsible For
Mass Murder - Dr. Naomi Wolf

Global weekly CV-19 incidence down by 15%

Global COVID-related mortality down almost
by 90% since February - WHO

Mark Zuckerberg To Fire 11,000
Meta Employees

Meta announces mass layoffs

FedEx Parks Planes, Maersk Cancels Sails
World Trade Appears To Be Rapidly Deteriorating

One In Four Londoners Don't Have Savings

UK food inflation soaring


Protesters Hit Streets in Athens Over
Cost of Living

IMF Announces a $4.5 Bln Bailout Deal With
Bangladesh Amid Dipping Forex Reserves

How Taiwan's Outsized Clout in Semiconductor
Manufacturing is 'Weaponized' by Biden Admin

Joe Biden Extends US Investment Ban on Firms
Washington Claims Aid China's Military

Germany blocks Chinese chip takeovers – media

Oil Prices Are Primed To Spike This Winter

Schiff - The Gold Train Has Left The Station

Establishment Supports Central Bank
Gold Secrecy instead Of Exposing It

Can The Government Ban Bitcoin?
Three Things You Need To Know Today

Cryptos Tumble On Reports Binance
'Highly Likely' To Scrap FTX Deal


Spain prosecutes and sentences its first
case under online 'fake news' law

5 Warning Signs You May Be a Party
to the Ukrainian Conflict

Cabinet - France Increases Military
Budget by Over 20%

NATO applicant Sweden to vote on
changes to appease Turkey

Hungary blocks $18.1 billion EU
aid plan for Kiev

French Ambassador to CAR Loses
Privileged Status

Man Throws Eggs at UK King Charles, Screaming
'This Country Was Built on Blood of Slaves'

Norway to Map Thousands of Nazi Defense
Facilities in Massive Local History Project

Number of children killed during UK army action
in Afghanistan four times higher than previously
thought – charity

Russia ready to conduct talks with Ukraine
based on realities - MFA


Russia views actions of US, unfriendly states as
threat to traditional values - document

Russia to Introduce Basic Military Education
in Schools Next Year - Education Minister

Potential UN resolution on Russia’s frozen
assets would be ‘highway robbery,’ - diplomat

Russia’s annual inflation down to 12.63% - statistics

China's Comac Receives Over 300 New Orders for
Home-Grown C919 Airliner After Zhuhai Air Show

Chinese investors decry Kiev’s ‘plunder’

Japan’s authorities drift towards militarization
...Russian MFA

Chinese military contractor to test jet-powered
flying skateboard – media

Taiwan Allocates $1.6Bln for Drone
Production Amid Tensions With Beijing

Australia Orders Probe Into Ex-Military
Allegedly Approached to Train Chinese Soldiers


India Says Coal Will Dominate Its Energy
Mix Beyond 2040

Western Intelligence Services Played Key
Role in Staging Mass Riots in Iran - Moscow

Equatorial Guinea Accuses Western Countries
of Election Interference

Eco-protesters attack iconic Warhol artwork

Rich Nations Offer Some 'Loss and Damage’
Aid, Shrug Off 'Liability' at COP27 - Experts

Midterms Post-Mortem - Comprehending
GOP's Underwhelming Performance

DeSantis scores ‘win for the ages’ in US midterms

US voters don’t want Biden to run for re-election

Ron Paul = Hey Incoming Congress,
Here's 3 Simple Tricks For A Successful Start

Vindman Witness Intimidation Case
Against Trumpworld Tossed


Tucker Calls to Ditch ‘Glitchy' Electronic Voting Machines
Probably Nothing ‘Glitchy’ About Them - They Are Totally
Rigged And Doing What They Are Supposed To Do...

Pentagon Expects Congress to Provide
Wartime Purchasing Power

Three-Star General to Lead New US Command
Overseeing The Arming Of Ukraine

Wake Up Americans - Typical Russian Supermarket
After 8 Months Of OBiden’s Dumbass Sanctions Stop
Being Conned By ‘Hate Russia’ BS - NicePeople
Beautiful Store - Watch And Learn

Dr. Naomi Wolf - CDC Director Rochelle
Walensky Is Guilty Of Mass Murder

Naomi Wolf - 'CDC Director Rochelle Walensky
was working with the Chinese Communist Party
People’s Liberation Army the whole time'

FBI Announces ‘Enhanced’ Firearm Background
Check (Long Wait Periods) For 18-20 Year Olds

Trump Says 'Big Announcement' Coming On Nov. 15
Amid Expectations Of Presidential Bid

Trump Changes Tune, Tells FL Supporters
To Vote For DeSantis

Trump Warns Ron DeSantis About Running
in 2024 - 'Could Hurt Himself'


Why America will keep accusing Russia
and China of 'election interference'

Same Old Outrage - NJ County Confirms Dominion
Voting Machine Malfunction

China’s Xi Orders Nation To ‘Prepare For War'

US & Russia to hold nuclear talks – State Dept

Zelensky - A Dwarf Actor In 2013, Still An Actor
Today - How Many Have Died Since Then? Watch

Zelensky sets out Impossible conditions
for talks with Moscow

Kanye West Exposes Celebs on ‘Monarch
Mind Control' Kill List

Vanderbilt Asst Football Coach Suspended
After Voicing Support for Kanye West

We're in the Beginning Stages of the Worst
Global Food Crisis Ever Seen Before

Fascinating - Has Cleopatra’s Tomb Been Found?


Ukraine asks US for new anti-drone weapon

The Importance of Silence After the SHTF

The BS 'No Virus' Theory Psyop Being Run
from Substack is Uncovered

BIG Study Of 197,000 Israelis Shows Proof That
Myocarditis And Pericarditis Are NOT Caused
By Covid-19 Infection But By The BioWeapon
Injections Themselves! Pure Demonic Evil

The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in
Post COVID-19 Un-Vaccinated Patients...Here
Is The Stunning Large Population-Based Study

We have papers to prove HIV (Glycoprotein 120)
was inserted into the spike protein PRRA insert
that insert is known as Furin and no other CV
has that insert And The US Govt owns the patent

Pfizer chief boasts Covid pandemic will be
'multi-billion dollar franchise' for years to come

Ebola Outbreak Still A Risk As Designated
Hospitals Can’t Treat Deadly Waste On-Site

US is officially in a flu epidemic and federal
health officials say are preparing to deploy
troops and ventilators

US hospitals are so overloaded that one ER
called 911 on itself


The Funeral Business Is Booming
…It’s The Shots, Stupid!

NY Has Started Erecting Thousands
Of Giant Gray 5G Towers

Tsunami Of Tech Layoffs Could Soon Be
The Largest We Have Ever Seen

Tesla recalls 40,000 vehicles in US over
potential loss of power steering assist

Ocean Cleanup begins In the Great
Pacific Garbage Patch

Antares rocket shoots over Manhattan -
Visible along entire US East Coast

Navy Wants to Turn Submarines Into
Drone Motherships

2 Billion Dollars Wiped Out in One Day
Amid Huge Dumping of Crypto Token FTX

Warning - None of the ‘Jobs' Created
Last Month Were Real

UK to Fight Energy Crisis by Buying
NatGas from US


Levy - My tour of Vancouver’s depressing,
horrifying Downtown Eastside

Mass Layoffs Come To Wall St - Citi Fires
Dozens Of Investment Bankers

Italy's New Govt Stops 'Healthy’ Invaders
on Soros-Funded NGO Trafficking Ships from

Blood-Soaked North African Invaders Fight
with Scissors and other Weapons

Mafia rule? Murder and attempted murder
among organized crime and gangs up 25%
in France

UK To Announce A Stealth Tax Raid On Pensions

One Of Spain's Largest Hydro-Power Plants
To Halt Operations As GeoEngineered Drought

Russia Says Averting Nuclear Disaster
Is Its Top Priority

China’s Xi Orders Nation To ‘Prepare For War'

China Shows Off New Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile


China Seethes As UK Trade Minister Makes
Rare Taiwan Visit

Taiwan President Says The Island Nation
could be invaded

Taiwan Wants China to Think Twice
About an Invasion

Wake Up Americans - Typical Russian Supermarket
After 8 Months of OBiden’s Dumbass Sanctions
Stop Being Conned By ‘Hate Russia’ BS - Nice
People, Beautiful Store - Watch And Learn

Ritter - 10,000-30,000 Polish Troops Fighting In Ukraine

ADL Orders Global Advertiser To Boycott And
Destroy Musk's Twitter For Not Censoring Kanye
...The ADL Tyrants Show Their True Colors

If Voting Changed Anything, It Would Be Illegal

The Shortages Are Coming - Snyder

'People Are Fed Up' - Soaring Electricity Bills
Become New Pain Point For Unelected Biden

Musk Tells 'Independent-Minded Voters’
...Vote For Republican Congress"

Constitutional Defamation - Democrats, Not
Democracy, Are In Danger This Election

If Midterm Elections Held Fairly, GOP
Likely to Win & Markets Will Go Up

Fetterman sues to have undated, misdated
ballots counted in PA


Watch - NY Democrat Gov Kathy Hochul
Really Did Say It's A ‘Conspiracy' That
Violent Crime Is Rising

Russia’s new nuclear submarine completes
tests for service

Kiev’s nuclear ambitions spurred Moscow’s
military operation - Dmitry Medvedev

Moscow dismisses claims of ‘Russian
interference' in US midterms - Oh, Please

All HIMARS rockets fired by Ukrainian
troops at Kherson Region’s Berislav downed

Majority of Uke soldiers in Zaporozhye
region are foreigners — authorities

Ukrainian troops once again shell Donetsk on
Monday with Grad multiple rocket launchers

Donetsk Airport fully cleared of Ukrainian
troops, DPR colonel confirms

Russian forces wipe out seven command
posts in Ukraine operation, top brass reports

Russian troops destroy over 330 military
aircraft in Ukraine operation - top brass


Zelensky ready to send ‘all' his forces into combat

Batch of NASAMS, Aspide anti-aircraft
systems reportedly delivered to Ukraine

Millions of Ukrainians affected by blackouts

Ukraine nationalizes company of
one-time Zelensky backer

US Greenlights Guided Rockets For
Finland To 'Bolster Europe’s Northern Flank'

Finland has no plans to deploy nuclear
weapons on its territory after joining NATO

Europe ready to return to dialogue with
Russia at any time — Spanish top diplomat

EU official reveals how far Ukraine
is from membership

When the Americans stop feeding Ukraine

Oakland police plan to equip robots with guns


The farce with the meat substitute

Foreign companies taking US water from
drought-Ravaged Southwest

Lithium-Ion Motorbike Battery Causes Massive
NY Apartment Building Fire - 38 Injured, 2 Critical
...EVs Are Dangerous Deadly Junk

McCullough on what really happens
when people 'die in their sleep'

Pfizer Develops RSV Vaccine for Pregnant
Women to Immunize their Unborn Babies
in the Womb - More Dead Babies Soon

Genetic fingerprint reveals synthetic
origin of SARS-CoV-2

‘Vaxed, Boosted’ Idiot Food Blogger Who Cheered
Anti-Vaxer Deaths Dies Of Sudden Heart Attack

IRS employees stole from CV relief programs
went on vacations and shopping sprees

Remember these groups were exempted
from getting Covid shots in 2020

UN tells Elon Musk to monitor ‘harmful
disinformation' and 'hate speech'


Musk Does Not Support Free Speech As His
Twitter Suspends Politician Who Criticizes
Police and Mass Illegal Invasion

US Homebuyers Are Fleeing The Market

UK property market plunging – mortgage lender

Ex-Wall Street banker predicts dollar’s demise

Bitcoin technicals - is it finally due for a major rally?

(Junk) Electric Cars...Inconvenient Facts - Pt 1

Dems Are Shaking Their Heads After Biden
Accidentally Admits HE Is The Reason Oil
Prices Are Skyrocketing

Shipping giant Maersk forecasts ‘dark
clouds on the horizon’ for global trad
as supply chain crisis worsens and
consumer demand plummets

Used-Car Prices Collapse The Most Since
Lehman Meltdown

Schiff - Very Scary Admissions From The Fed


Comcast Begins Laying Off 'A Very Small
Portion' Of Its Workforce

China’s oil imports surge to five-month high

EU and UK energy bills smash record high

Austrians urged to save ‘every kilowatt hour’

US NatGas Futures Jump As Frigid Weather
Set To Swoop Across Country

Vietnam Gas Stations Start To Close Due
To Widespread Shortages

Inflation and Rising Cost of Living Main
Concerns for G20 Businesses, WEF Says

Germans reveal fears for financial
‘survival’ in poll

Quarter of Europeans on the Brink of Ruin,
New Survey Finds

Algeria Reportedly Applies for BRICS


UK PM, With Ties to the WEF, Pushes
Digital Cash - Zero Surprise

British nuclear submarine caught fire

Billionaires Emit Million Times More Greenhouse
Gas Than Average People, NGO Says

Hundreds Of Climate Protesters Block Private
Jets At Amsterdam Airport

London Unable to Pay Climate Change Reparations
Former UK Prime Minister Johnson Says

COP27 - Will Rich Nations Walk Their 'Loss and
Damage' Talk or Sweep It Under Rug Again?

UN Secretary-General Rolls Out Alternatives
as COP27 Kicks Off in Egypt

EU more reliant on Beijing for its green
transition than it is on Russian energy,
Josep Borrell has said

UK and Kenya to Fast-Track Green
Investment Projects Worth Over $4B

Watch 'Shortage of diesel’ As Told
By two dumbass America farmers


Putin not go to East Asia Summit
...says Kremlin spokesman

Russia urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to refrain
from raising tensions - Kremlin spokesman

West pushing situation around Kosovo to
open conflict - Russian foreign ministry

Moldovan authorities libeling opposition leaders
to hide own failures - ex-President Dodon

Russia Dissatisfied With How OPCW Collects
Information on Syria, Envoy to UN Says

Unrest in Iran Caused by US in Order to Disrupt
JCPOA Talks, Army Commander Says

Pope issues warning to German Catholics

Students at Chicago School Threaten Strike
Over Classmate's 'Nazi' Halloween Outfit

N Korea - Missile Tests Were Practice
to Attack South Says US

Beijing opposes G7’s interference in China’s
internal policies - Foreign Ministry


Taiwan registers 64 PLA planes, 4 Chinese
military ships in the region

China reacts to UK minister’s Taiwan
visit plan

After Snubbing Biden, Saudi Arabia Reportedly
Preparing to Welcome Xi

Netanyahu's Win Means Israelis Aren't US
Administration's Vassals, Author Says

Terror attack in Iran’s Shiraz was staged
by Azerbaijani citizen - intelligence ministry

Zimbabwe's President Says Sanctions Were
Imposed on his Country to Install a 'Puppet Govt'

David Icke’s Amsterdam Speech Used To Ban
Him From 26 Countries For Two YEARS - Watch!

Trump Doubts US Can Survive 2 More
Years of Biden's Tenure

Biden Admits Republicans Will Impeach Him
if They ‘Win Back House and Senate’

Nearly Two-Thirds of Republicans are Concerned
About Election Tampering After The Constitutional
Rape Of 2020 which Americans ACCEPTED

GA Political Ad Calls Out Anti-White Racism

Biden Betrayed As CNN, NYT Fact Checkers
Set Stage For His Downfall

Biden gets urged to shut down secret
Chinese police station in NYC

Hunter’s Secret $40 Million In Russia

Biden continues to terrorize the country after
declaring ALL Republicans are a ‘threat to
democracy’ (We're A Constitutional REPUBLIC)

Police Refuse To Release Mugshot Of Pelosi
Hammer Attack Suspect - So When He ‘Suicides'
It Will Be Difficult To Definitely ID Him?


FBI investigating suspicious powder
mailed to Kari Lake's office

State Dept gives law enforcement, intel agencies
unrestricted access to Americans personal data

Russia Says Major Dam Hit By Ukes With
US Sent HIMARS - Damage Said Not Catastrophic

Ukraine bombed dam with US missiles
...Kherson officials

Russia Has Shifted To Wartime Policy Against UK
…LaRouche Organization

Russia claims it will present ‘evidence’ that
UK special forces were behind Crimea attacks

What Can Creeper Joe Do If Putin Goes Nuclear?

Dead Hand’s nuclear revenge - What would
happen if the West launched an attack on Russia?

Dr. Patti Bartsch - What To Do In A Nuke Attack (humor)

Russia Game-Planned Possible Nuke Attack
on Ukraine - How Many Computer Simulation
Nuclear Attacks Has The Biden Regime Run?


Russian forces eliminate mercenaries from
US And Poland in Krasny Liman

Kiev preparing plan to evacuate
3 million people Says official

4 HIMARS rockets fired by Ukes at LPR village

Escobar - No Pain, No Grain - Putin's Black
Sea Comeback

Ukrainian firm asks Turk drone maker for
solution to disperse 'aerosol contents' over
wide areas - BioWeapons!

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu
Says NATO has Double Troop Presence
in Central and Eastern Europe

US Mainstream Media Want Black People
'to Still Be on Democratic Plantation'

US Democrats find themselves at the mercy
of Big Oil ahead of the midterms

Biden's US Gas Price Figures 20% Lower
Than Figures of Automobile Association

Racist History of the Democrat Party 1863-2020


Republicans Will Sweep Both House And Senate

5.5 Million Invaders Have Crossed US
Border Since Biden Took Office

Biden Press Secretary Under Fire For
'Mega MAGA Republican' Comment

Decisions On Wisconsin Election Integrity
Lawsuits Revealed As Election Day Nears

Police Refuse To Release Mugshot Of
Pelosi Hammer Attack Suspect

Nov 8 Measure Could Make Oregon End Up
Having the Strongest Gun Control Laws In US

Top Detroit Election Official Admits Under Oath
Thugs Tasked With ‘Security' In Upcoming
Election At Detroit's Former TCF Center Are
‘Volunteers' Who He Also Calls 'Poll Workers'

Did fireball Destroy this NoCal home? Video

Sweden Recommends Halting Use Of Pure Spike
Protein NovaVax In People Under 30

Dr. Patti Bartsch - Why You’ve Had Problems Since The Vax