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Uvalde Deaths Linked To Swiss Banksters
Behind Biden-Newsom's EV Scam

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

The Uvalde school siege was the lead-off among the summertime shootings involving the murders of American inventors, as reported in this series on the suppression of patents following the two-year COVID hiatus. What sort of emerging technology could have precipitated, indeed justified the cold-blooded killings of 19 grade school kids and two teachers? Why was this quiet rural town in west Texas selected as the lead-off shocker in the state-sponsored terrorism campaign by corrupt federal officials and Biden cronies?

Obviously, the transsexual gun-boy Salvador Ramos being jobless and after squandering his handful of dimes on girly cosmetics could not personally afford the price of two AR-15 type assault rifles and dozens of ammo clips; so someone had put him up to the hit job with the promise of an escape plan. This grandfather had a suppressed personal history for felonious crimes in North Dakota but was released to migrate to west Texas. None of the mortuaries in town received his body for examination and burial, raising hard questions of whether that tranny shooter was actually killed by the secretive CIA-linked DHS Border Tactical Force (BORTAC), which is under the command of a retired gay cop who in his earlier position as the police chief of Fargo, North Dakota, had probable connections with Ramos’ felonious grandfather.

The Uvalde shooting has more loose ends than all the sneaker laces at the Ross School. Officially sanctioned covert operations always have a heinous purpose, which a free press is responsible for digging out relentlessly if justice is to be served and democracy preserved. To repeat the theme of this article series, the motive had to do with technology, which is a scarce commodity in rural small-town Uvalde, as I have so patiently learned.

Secret by the Nueces River

In the wake of the May 24 shootings, I drove to Texas from the west along I-10, passing the dreaded Devil’s River, named by frontier troopers for the brutally hot and rugged terrain, and then passed by the Devil’s Sinkhole, a vertical shaft down to a massive cave harboring thousands of bats, warning of a diabolical hand in the accursed crime. The hellish heat and twisting roads abated upon reaching the calm banks of a gurgling Nueces River, which meanders downhill toward Uvalde.

The colonnaded Southern architecture of old-town Uvalde is grander than its depleted population of less than 16,000 American citizens mostly white and Hispanic, along with some 8,000 resident illegal immigrants, mostly originating from Mexico (not counting tens of thousands of border-crossers constantly streaming northward to San Antonio and beyond). The townspeople cling to a traditional Texan lifestyle of game-hunting for deer and doves, having a beer with the good ole boys and a quiet family life, and when asked direct questions seem dazed and confused about the onslaught of illegals on the dole from social welfare, food stamps and day labor jobs along with the wages of petty crime.

A month later I was back in west Texas on my return journey, after the road trip to Buffalo, New York, where I reported on the Tops supermarket shooting, which took the life of the African American cop/security guard who was the first successful inventor of a method to use water to fuel a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. Still puzzled about the motive behind the Uvalde school shooting, my thoughts kept returning to the same blank page. Located in the boondocks near the border with Piedras Negra (Black Stones), Coahuila state of Mexico, there is no research university, laboratories or high-tech business park in that tree-lined town, hardly more than a village where goat-rearing for mohair shipments to distant textile mills has been the prime economic activity for over a century. Oil and gas extraction has been dormant for more than 15 years, and even back then was minuscule as compared with the gargantuan energy production in the Permian Basin to the north. That genteel town has been withering, gradually dying, clinging to its pastoral origins.

For the sake of bladder relief on the long drive, I stopped briefly at Midland, Texas, bustling with an army of new workers hurriedly driving pick-up trucks to job assignments at training center or rushing off to local oil fields, reopened due to the fuel shortage related to the Russian fuel embargo against Europe related to the Ukraine crisis. Noticing a jobs board, I used a thumb to whirl through the pages like a deck of cards. Curiously, I spotted a rough map of a new pipeline recently completed along the edge of Uvalde County. The Whistler gas pipeline starts at the Permian Basin, right near Midland, and then hugs along the west Texas border of Mexico brushing up against Uvalde County, and then reaches the Gulf of Mexico at Corpus Christi.

The 450 mile-long Whistler pipeline moves 2 billion cubic-meters of gas a day through its 42-inch pipe. What in Sam Hill is its connection to the Uvalde school shooting, I wondered. Strange that I never heard of this mega-project sponsored by four partner corporations: Ohio-based MPLX limited partnership, Austin pipeline operator WhiteWater Midstream, New York private equity firm Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, and Midland-based West Texas Gas, the latter which months before posted this now-outdated jobs notice.

Flipping once more through stack of notices, there was a posting from late 2019 for local land owners announcing that “a second public meeting is planned for 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Herbie Ham Activity Center in the Hill Country town of Uvalde.” OK, I noted in silence, this has to be a smoking gun somehow to do with the Ross School shooting that transpired a year and half later. In -Texas, pipeline operators can usually obtain a right-of-way for a new pipeline with a modest annual fee to local landowners, with any objections offhandedly overruled by regulators and judges. As depicted in the Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson movie version of Edna Ferber’s “Giant”, megalomaniac oil tycoons are used to riding roughshod over the peasants as brilliantly depicted by James Dean. It goes with the terrain, which little ole Uvalde could not avoid.

Gnomes of Zurich fund the EV monopoly

Internet access at a motel enabled my hunt for Uvalde’s dreaded pipeline connection to big money and politics. The twin evils turned up with a financial group called Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), which provided $1.75 in debt financing to the Whistler Pipeline sponsors. The chairman of GIP is Adebayo “Bayo” Ogunlesi, a Nigerian who is also a board-level corporate officer with Credit Suisse bank, who had earlier invested in a gas pipeline project in Central Africa. His name rang a bell, having to do with coddling brutal dictators. Since mid-January, Credit Suisse has been under intense investigative journalism scrutiny from the Munich-based Sud Deutchland (South German) newspaper and the OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project), an international investigative journalism group.

Having previously done research on the wartime and postwar OSS-CIA spymaster Allen Dulles, I am familiar with that Swiss bank’s postwar “conversion” from loyal servant of the Reichsbank of Nazi Germany to being a handmaiden of the CIA and British MI6. One of the first missions of the postwar Bretton Woods Agreement was a worldwide campaign to track down and seize the Reichsgeld, 99.99 percent purity Nazi bullion, which involved the likes of MI6 spy Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels. (In the past, during my years in Asia I’ve investigated the Nazi gold secreted in Macau, linked to the so-called disappeared Yamashita gold.) The entire Bretton Woods effort by the Roosevelt-Truman and Ike regimes was to secretly confiscate gold in exchange for the U.S. dollar as the world’s money.

Allen Dulles, at his desk at No.23 Herrengasse Strasse in Bern, Switzerland, had other ideas, however, since gold was still the most trusted illegal tender for postwar dictatorships in Latin America and the Arab world. With the glint of precious metals, these thugs could be bought by the CIA. With the aid of Pope Pius XII and his loyal fascist Jesuits, German officers and Nazi officials had to be positioned around the world, for what would be known as the Cold War against the Soviets and Red China. For this covert program, Credit Suisse was revamped as the bookkeeper for the Nazi “rat-lines” running to overseas dictatorships. Thus, there came into being two poles of international finance, the public IMF-World Bank official standards for banks worldwide and the covert dealings of those “gnomes of Zurich” aka Credit Suisse to handle the payments to unsavory war criminals, gangsters and brutal dictators.

The underworld transactions still continue, despite the jawboning by the Federal Reserve and Bank of International Settlement (BIS), tut-tut, for instance through the Credit Suisse bribery (ignore that) “bank employee donations” of more than $100,000 to the 2019 presidential campaign of one Joe Biden, hanging by a rat line onto electoral victory. More on Suisse Secrets is mentioned farther down this essay.

So, what does it all add up to, a pipeline is easy connection range with Uvalde, a rural town with a tiny population that just became a bit smaller in late May? A New Cold War against oil-rich Russia and electronics exporter China, which requires the depopulation of Uvalde, now being steered into bankruptcy by a crooked lawyer from the Biden Democrat cabal. What then is the underlying strategic purpose of the pipeline that makes its sole whistle-stop at Uvalde? Switching off the computer to get some shut-eye after the drive from New York, the mystery remained unsolvable because the secret purpose of the mystery pipeline would not be disclosed until California Governor Gavin Newsom formally issued his executive order on total conversion to electric vehicles a couple of weeks later.

San Francisco Democrats Aim to Bankrupt Uvalde

To ensure the depopulation and destruction of Uvalde, the California Democrats have unleashed their mad dog lawyer against the State of Texas to launch a $27 billion (up to $68 billion) lawsuit supposedly “on behalf of the families of the dead schoolchildren” by the jive-time African American lawyer Charles Bonner from wealthy liberal Sausalito, CA, the home district of former Democratic heavy Barbara Boxer, who was the early mentor of Nancy Pelosi prior to the latter’s rise to the House Speakership

Who is this carpetbagger bringing a nightmare to Uvalde? Bonner is a self-styled activist who as a boy in racially troubled Selma, Alabama, became a brainwashed disciple of the radical agitator from Trinidad and Tobago named Stokely Carmichael, founded of SNCC. Bro’ Stoke gave lie to the name of his cult “Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, when he declared on hearing news of the 1964 Watts Riot: “Burn, Baby, Burn!” After M.L. King’s Christian movement disassociated from the mad-dog SNCC radicals, Carmichael jumped aboard the Pan-Africanist bandwagon and moved to cohabit with a radical regime in West Africa and dispatched lil Charlie to Tanzania.

Out of heartfelt principle, Bonner should have stayed in Africa to take up arms against the Apartheid regime, but instead took the safe and easy route back to, you guessed it, San Francisco, where he went to a third-rate law school. Now the jive-time “lawyer and community activist” Bonner has just launched his law suit against the City of Uvalde and State of Texas, when anyone in their right mind should be suing San Francisco for giving needles and money for dope to new arrival homeless vagrants. The fool must’ve have never heard the local slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas”. If I happen to pick him up on the roadside with motor problems, I promise to give him a lift to where he belongs, back in Alabama where all the locals will laugh their heads off at the sight of this fool.

The evil intent of the Pelosi Democrats is disclosed in Bonner’s promise to gain each family of one of the murdered schoolchildren an award $1 billion, it would be the largest settlement for wrongful death in American history, to be paid by citizens and residents of Texas and not by the alleged perpetrator who is probably alive and under the protection of the DHW. It is an outrage against American citizens not to be informed by the authorities via the news media of how many of those Ross school victims are children of illegal aliens, who violated American sovereignty by uninvited border-crossing without applying and qualifying for a change of citizenship. If the greedy parents has stayed in Mexico, their child would have not been sacrificed on the pagan altar of Green Energy for California Liberals.

The Remake of Camelot

As frivolous and obnoxious as his lackey lawyer’s criminal plot may seem, Gavin Newsom has bet his political career on a total ban of petroleum-powered transport and mandatory ownership of electric vehicles (EVs) within 35 years. Since he’s going to be driving a wheelchair by then, Newsom is obviously pushing the Green Agenda as a ploy to gain support for an upcoming presidential campaign as the reincarnation of King Jack of Camelot.

Any sober person should realize the difference between John Fitzgerald Kennedy who attended Harvard and served in combat aboard a PT boat in the Pacific during World War II. By contrast Newsom, who possesses zero eloquence, went to the third-rate Jesuit-run Santa Clara U. and got his start as the manager of the PlumpJack liquor store. Now this imbecile, whose family is connected with Getty Oil, that Armenian trading with the enemy outfit during the Cold War, wants to president. To accomplish this horribly Possible Dream, Newsom’s allies in DHS (note former Obama-era AG Eric Holder is holed up in Sacramento) arranged for the Siege of Uvalde, near the banks of the Nueces River, the key to Governor Nitwit’s dream of an EV monopoly. It all goes to prove the main problem with Democrats is not their cult of Do Evil, but instead resides in their sheer stupidity.

Why California’s All-EV Dream is Impossible

A vast increase in electricity production for California is a pipe-dream given the total failure of nuclear power plants, including SoCal Edison San Onofre, PG&E Diablo Canyon and Palo Verde near Phoenix. Hydropower is a diminishing option, given the long-term drought that has dropped water levels in the region’s dams, including the massive Hoover Dam. Offshore oil drilling has been banned by holier-than-thou California, and coal is anathema. As for Green Energy, the recent grass fire at Tehachapi started by a faulty wind-turbine raised local household bills from less than $20 per month on average to a monthly bill of $200 or more. Solar panels, all made in China, will soon be prohibitive to buy as tensions increase with the USA over Taiwan policy. L

The only possible new power source for Gov. Newsom’s dream of 30 million EVs on California roads is gas-fired steam-turbine generators sucking up year-round water from the Nueces River in Uvalde County, Texas. The power output from this type of technology has been proven at the PNM (Power New Mexico) plant in Deming along I-10. There is a downside of sulfuric fumes during the dry season, caused by sulfur and other caustic minerals, which cannot entiredly be filtered, causing a public health crisis. Given the vast amount of electric energy needed by millions of EVs in California, fine filtration cannot possibly be efficient or cost-effective. The solution is therefore to depopulate Uvalde sooner than later to avoid health-related class action lawsuits filed by the Sausalito Law Office of Burn Baby Burn!

Crimes of the Swiss Bankers

Here is a brief summary of the “Suisse Secrets” based on whistle-blower release to the Sud Deutschland Zeitung (South Germany Daily newspaper) and research by OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

From it political war-chest, he Swiss bank gave more than $117,000 to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, while the employees of a law firm representing that Swiss bank, Steptoe and Johnson, contributed an additional $140,000 to Biden in the 2020 cycle. This long-standing cozy relationship with the Democrat White House was affirmed when President Barack Obama received secret funds for extending a waiver for the Swiss bankers for aiding asset managers who hid American retirement and pension funds in offshore investment accounts for their private gain in violation of federal law.

“Suisse Secrets” is a global media exposure of Credit Suisse’s financial services for brutal dictatorships started in February with revelations from a whistle-blower who released a vast trove of bank record to the Munich-based newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (South German Daily). What follows are selected quotes from the OCCPR investigative journalism website.

“More than 163 journalists from 48 media outlets in 39 countries across the world spent months analyzing bank account information leaked from Credit Suisse, Switzerland’s second-largest lender. The leak included more than 18,000 accounts that held in excess of US$100 billion at their peaks. It is the only known leak of a major Swiss bank’s client data to journalists.

“15 intelligence figures from around the world, or their close family members, have held accounts at Credit Suisse. The accounts, many of which had large balances, raise due diligence questions for the bank. Account holders include spy chiefs and their relatives from Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, and Pakistan. (YS note: These are allied spy agencies in the War on Terror following the Bush-era invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.) Some have been accused of financial crimes, torture, or both.

“In the 2008 spy movie ‘Body of Lies’, the fictional character Hani Salaam helped CIA agents portrayed by Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio to catch terrorists. What cinema-goers may not have realized was that Salaam’s character was based on a real person: a Jordanian spymaster named Sa’ad Khair. Khair headed Jordan’s General Intelligence Directorate (GID) between 2000 and 2005, acting as a key U.S. ally in the War on Terror. Although lionized in theaters as a stylish hero helping the U.S., Khair’s real-life activities were morally questionable. As well as allegedly smuggling oil, he oversaw Jordan’s role in America’s extraordinary rendition program, running an agency accused of torturing prisoners and overseeing kangaroo courts.”

Do not expect contrition from Credit Suisse for the Uvalde Massacre or the coming capture of the Nueces River and resultant air pollution and water contamination, as indicated by the arrogant response from Credit Suisse to OCCRP: “Credit Suisse strongly rejects the allegations and inferences about the bank’s purported business practices. The matters presented are predominantly historical, in some cases dating back as far as the 1970s, and the accounts of these matters are based on partial, selective information taken out of context, resulting in tendentious interpretations of the bank’s business conduct. While Credit Suisse cannot comment on potential client relationships, we can confirm that actions have been taken in line with applicable policies and regulatory requirements at the relevant times, and that related issues have already been addressed.” How Ugly is That?