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The mRNA Elephant In The Room
Has A Critical Mass

By Stephen Martin

'The deadly angle of the totalitarian dangle is proportional to the formational mass of the satanic ass'
Metapolitical paraphrase of a witticism

There is no doubt that mRNA experimental gene therapy creates a form of GMO or genetically modified organism. The term GMO is something we , sense of Zamyatin and as his tractors in human form, mostly yet associate with food crops; and it is recognized that such GMO crops can have an effect on nearby non GMO crops thru 'cross-pollination'. Indeed 'hard core' friends of death companies such as Monsanto have already furthered profitability through such death of non GMO crops by their GMO crops leading to cases based on patent infringement such the sic transit.

The term 'critical mass' is used in nuclear engineering to refer to the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a nuclear chain reaction.

This small article examines the possibility under ponerology that transhumans as GMO's can impact upon humans as non GMO's under 'chain reaction', and if this is the case, dares to wonder whether this was known beforehand of experimentation; such the 'malice aforethought'.

Are patent infringement acts pending concerning 'transhumanist' cross fertilization, such the horror, the horror of the heart of darkness, such the 'apocalypse now'?

The concept of 'critical mass' is metaphorically deployed in this article to analogously refer to the smallest number of GMO individuals as a percentage of population such that non GMO status becomes threatened/ non viable under some parallel of cross-pollination as is the case with food crops. In the metaphor the inevitability of 'cross-pollination' of non mRNA GMO's is the equivalent of a chain reaction. The legitimacy of examining possibilities is based on the fact that mRNA genetic therapy is an experiment, and while these small quarters lack the equipment and skills to provide answers, they certainly have the ability to ask questions?

(Ironic tautologies are a key component of metapolitical rhetoric)

The possibility that genetically modified humans effected thru m.RNA intramuscular injection or swab stuck right up the nasal passage to test(?) can effect genetic modification of non genetically modified humans is a proposition of immense significance concerning the transhuman agenda, as includes as neoliberally incorporates the destruction of natural DNA and of natural immunity. We do not yet know the full implications of experimental human DNA modification on such an unprecedented level of global implementation, and allied to such the exact contents of the m RNA 'vaccinations' are unknown under rationalization of trade secrecy concerning nanotechnology presence. We do not yet know whether parallel of 'chain reaction' can occur thru interaction of transhumans with humans; whether genetic modification can spread or be effected other than thru vaccination is alas, part of the great unknown as concerns m.RNA therapy.

The term 'spikey shredders' is yet to pass into common parlance as of a genetic chain reaction of mRNA cross fertilization cognized?

What is frightening to contemplate as being under the 'poxy blanket' of a hidden agenda nefarious are other means of effecting gene therapy than thru injection; i.e. what the vectors are as capable of effecting such gene therapy of human DNA. Can DNA modification be effected thru ingestion of food or liquids (Think of polio vaccination thru sugar cube ingestion)? Through inhalation (think of nasal sprays)? Can DNA modification be effected through non ionizing radiation (WCR)? We already know that ionizing radiation can effect genetic mutation and genetic damage. Can DNA modification be effected thru skin contact and chemical absorption? These are all possible vectors for the delivery of gene therapy and destruction of 'natural immunity'?

The smart as eugenical money is on WCR, by the way of silently targeting for reduced natural immunity or premature mortality covertly effected .Plus it has psychotronic mind over mind potentiality.

'm.RNA candy is Dandy, but WCR beam formed as a helical array 'licker' is quicker'

Of course such questions, propositions and paraphrases are mundane.

What such questions as the above boil down to is trust in authority: a trust in cultural hegemony; a trust in the benign nature of those in power.

Either you trust in such as Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, the WHO and 'Big Pharma' as benign, or you do not. Even a moral idiot as fortunate son 'Dubya' could utter some truths very occasionally, in this case as pertains to an either/or. Poor dumbed down bastard to truth rendered as he is , he probably thinks a Kierkegaard is something to be eaten, part of a Smörgåsbord perhaps?

Small quarters here do not blindly as unreservedly trust such parties– and certainly reserve the right to question same. The tragic reality is that there is a lot more wealth and power behind promoting gene therapy and establishing trust (as a phenomenon facilitative of exploitation?) than there is for supporting open debate and questioning of same. The tragic reality is that such questioning of authority is under an unprecedented level of mass formation assault such the angle of the totalitarian dangle; with this particularly the case concerning experimental gene therapy and 'mind over mind' abuse; to say nought of 'good Ukranian Nazis ' such the angle as the madness of inversion goes further. The tragic reality is that mass media conveys a narrative which is not open to doubt or questioning; and will not as cannot provide a platform to opposition in the sense that Democracy demands. That same mass formation as expressive of collective psychoses as holds Democracy in contempt as 'surplus to requirements' holds humanity in contempt as largely 'surplus population'?

It is difficult to hide an elephant in the room; much easier is to disguise it and surround it with ideological taboo and 'don't look over there, look over here!' hypnotic valence aka propaganda aka denial aka inversion. 'There is no elephant in the room!' repeated sufficiently - and those who insist there is removed from same room - leads to an effective censure and denial of truth, for any such elephant is composed of lies as much as of evil?

There is no room under mass formation for the child as states 'The elephant has no clothes!'. Such is a fairy tale as of 'fake news' or 'crimethought'.

For there is no elephant in the room is the mantra of mass formation as totalitarian madness, so it goes put Kurt.

The elephant in the room of gene therapy is the denial of the fact that so many people are dying as a result of 'vaccination' against Co-vid; a vaccination accepted if not mandated under trust of 'Big Pharma' and the medical authorities it sponsors as global hegemons; a 'Big Pharma' as hard core friend of death which is undoubtedly as manifestly making a tragic killing on an epic scale both commercial and genocidal – and here there are no questions here concerning that death and war can be profitable under madness. There are no questions concerning that 'surplus population' reduction is a part of such satanic madness as rages mass formational against Peace and Love and Diversity as natural.

The question is 'how big must the elephant get before too many people start to see it'? In this case of experimental gene therapy this equates with how many people to experience 'adverse reactions' or die prematurely before it is recognized that experimental gene therapy is toxic genocidal shit designed as weaponized to effect 'surplus population' reduction on a hitherto unprecedented scale of satanism rampant explicated, described above as the 'mass of the satanic ass'?

The sad thing is, especially given contemplation of the 'chain reaction' of m.RNA gene therapy, is that we may already be dealing with a 'fait accompli'. Like the proverbial dinosaur of such size that it took a while for its nervous system to realise it was dead and fallover, or indeed as the proverbial decapitated chicken running around for a while, we may be as dead men walking in a panopticon of apocalyptic ecocide surreptitiously effected under a chain reaction of m.RNA therapy which has already attained a 'critical mass of Thanatos'?

Which mentioned 'dead men walking in a panopticon' was considered for title this small article by the way, but then have always liked elephants – except for those metaphorical of lies and illusion as constructed under satanic abuse of mass formation and as give elephants a bad name.

It 's being so cheerful as keeps these small quarters going indeed.

Stephen Martin can be reached at