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Of AI, Graphene And Social Credit

Stephen Martin

Of AI , WCR, Graphene and Social Credit - A Schematic of the Global Killing Field Infrastructure as a WIP Ponerological.

Killing Field noun

1, a site of indiscriminate and cruel killing of large numbers of people, especially a place of wartime genocide: The concentration camps of Germany and the killing fields of Cambodia are graphic displays of the presence of evil in our world.

2. a dangerous place where an excessive number of people have died, as by murder, riots, or drug overdose: Some 300 lives are violently ended each year on the killing fields of New York's streets and sidewalks, about half of them pedestrians or cyclists.

This small article details the monstrous schematic of a 'Global Killing Field' concerning the deliberate destruction of Nature and of Man as is in the early 21st C. a ponerological 'work in progress '(WIP), alas.

Such the extent of evil such schematic must operate under a 'hidden agenda' : deception, lies and illusion being the quintessence of evil.

The control and issue of 'currency' is in process of being furher extrapolated/contextualised from money to existential experience and digitally expanded to point of facilitating as rationalising social credit as an apotheosis of economic abuse and the control and devaluing of Life to be destroyed - and whereby a means of further facilitation and implementation of Genocide on a scale hitherto unprecedented in the history of the World attained? In the abominable schematic of the Killing Fields social credit is a form of 'soft kill 'as thru poverty, alienation and maginalisation effected, such the nails as but remaining to be driven down? Poverty and the stress it causes is a killer, and the power of social credit must be acknowledged in a 'Killing Field' context as much as the Armory thereof ID'd as part of the racket?

The eugenical concept of a Global Killing Field as a horror of resource transfer from Eros to Thanatos is truly shocking as difficult to conceive or imagine such the abysmal level of manifest degeneracy and the sheer evil it represents as an Age of Endarkenment as of Apocalyptic End Times?

'The horror, the horror 'as of Conrad wrote; such as the heart of darkness appercieved?

Satan now has the technological infrastructure to 'build back better' and to destroy Nature thru imposing his beastly mark upon all that lives, including as incorporating the debasement of genetic identity as Natural? While the phrase 'build back better' may sound innocuous enough it should be noted that it entails destruction.

In terms of 'Transhuman Resources' and control of Corporations, never before has there been such a concentration of wealth; which has led to concentrated power to control and issue 'currency' in its widest sense as includes as incorporates the power over life or death. Such control of currency is being increased under the digitalization of money - as can impact the scope and range of 'social credit' as increased under digital surveillance and the enforcement of compliance as a euphemism for blind obedience such the fiat accompli (sic) as money for nothing?

Critical to the infrastructure to be detailed here as schematic is the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a level of development and co-ordination which can carry out surveillance and implement 'social credit' on a Global basis. Such AI already has a role in monitoring and controlling 'cyberspace' and telecommunications as a growing number of de-platformings substantiate: this; alongside such phenomena as 'shadow banning' and the manipulation by algorithms of search engine results? Censorship of Truth being as to some synonym of satanism such the times of universal deceit as philanthropic?

The worst form of same being 'self censorship' under fear as the ability to lie to oneself?

As for voice analysis as to content monitoring algorithmic, AI has come a long way since 'Echelon' , Transatlantic land line communication and 'trigger words' ? The final panopticonic as killing field frontier for AI is fuller corporatist synergistic interaction with Wireless Communication Radiation (WCR) and with digital currency control and issue? Thru such interaction a dual purpose can be served: that of the vast as global reduction of population deemed to be 'surplus' thru algorithms modulating and beam forming levels of WCR instanced and the control over social credit concerning the remainder as 'transhuman' as to own nothing; i.e. not even their own genes, let alone their own psychophysical parallel sense of 'minds' under psychotronic 'voice of god' as but a pitiful simulacrum - and as but a travesty of God given Freedoms instanced under abominable killing field horror ? (see below)

It is notable such context as Orwell considered 'The Last Man in Europe' as title for what became '1984' – do 'Transhumans' qualify as Mankind or are they patentable as ownable?

Such the 'cryptocurrency' indeed.

How this hell on earth schematic 'works' as a Technocratic Panopticon such the Killing Field effected Global is as follows:

Concerning some 92% global population reduction WCR and AI can be used to target identified individuals under geolocation. That little app. as can smart phone guide you to destination way of 'In 100 metres take the turn left'/ you have now arrived at your destination' is capable under adaptation/innovation of pumping up the volume of 5G beam form in identified masts or small cells constituting a 'geolocation? (Not that it would tell you about it - imagine the reaction to 'In 100 metres you are about to be subjected to a frequency of Gigahertz geolocationally informed which beam formed and modulated will fry your gonads and render you infertile in addition to probably causing cancer and premature fatality. You have been determined as 'surplus' ? (This in the spirit of Martin Luther such the jeer and scorn -Scriptures not exactly being mine forte)

'Satire' is demanded as an expression of the denial of 'mind over mind'?

It is notable as far from a matter of 'happenstance' that experimental gene therapy innoculants have been found to contain numerous nanotechnological contents including graphene, as well as being capable of giving rise to a bluetooth address as a MAC (BD-ADDR) as identifiable in context of geolocation further facilitated. WCR as weaponised is capable of being beam formed and modulated ; in effect a '5G' telecommunications network of oft disguised masts and 'small cells' (it's only a streetlight!) is capable of being a mass killing field which of a high level of geolocational precision concerning targeted as to discriminate deadly beam formed modulation.

As well as being of a high degree of plausible deniability under hidden agenda?

The implementation of quasi autonomous AI and algorithms obviates against labor intensity;that is to say the process can be automated under capital intensity; such also has the added bonus of taking 'morality' out of the equation as truly hellish. The ability of AI to process and implement algorithms being as something not even the Stasi as once leading as bleeding edge fascist degenerates of their times could contemplate or have sick satanically sponsored wet dreams concerning? (Audacious alliteration apposite?)

The new AI as under mass formation as a 'Stasi parallel' is far more efficient and concentrated as powerful concerning surveillance, identification and ruthless covert elimination of 'Enemies of the Global State' or 'New World Order' such the killing field?

AI working together with WCR non ionizing radiation modulation is the perfect assassin such context of 'willing executioner'; an execution as demanded by a 92% reduction of human population under Genocide as proscribed by the Georgia Guidestones. And as to plausible deniability; in such a killing field the introduction of Graphene into the bloodstream as transhumanism effected -it is no mere matter of happenstance concerning the SAR that such can be viewed as psychotronics on nanotechnological steroids? A 'pump up of the volume' can make such graphene covertly perform a deadly dance electromagnetic?

That Genocide of Billions can be attained by emergency experimental inoculations can be magnified in the killing field of WCR is but part of the truly hellish as Global 'big picture'.

For those permitted to 'survive 'such the 'one in ten' approximated a new level of cat and mouse as 'ownership of nothing and yet happiness' such the playful glee of power over life and death; this part of the abominable as technologically facilitated infrastructure of transhumanist and psychotronic hell on earth?

Satan is the ultimate degenerate raging psychopath?

It is being so cheerful that keeps these small quarters going , indeed.

By the way -did small quarters omit to say:

'Fuck Satan and schemes!

Social credit in a digitalised context can mean prohibitions applied as to purchase; as well as fines effected for lack of compliance/obedience. In a social credit context as aspectual of a panopticon People are not free to spend as they please; Universal Basic Income (UBI) on a digitized basis is but food stamps on steroids, much as a supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) contains restrictions as to what can be purchased, e.g no alcohol or tobacco- social credit expands upon financial control in the manner of an unavoidable noose tightened step by step as algorithmic?

For example, careless words were uttered in the vicinity of a mobile phone, all of a sudden the ability to purchase certain items is denied. Such is aspectual of owning nothing, albeit any happiness restricted to the abusive Corporatist State.

Under 'digitalisation' there can be no escape from such 'mind over mind'?

Hell on earth is an electromagnetic phenomenon.

As elaboration imagine trying to use a debit card to purchase items deemed as to be denied under a social credit whereby algorithms of AI at work concerning Freedoms such as to spend money as owned as on what one wants; currently China is the Global prototype for social credit and 'no room at the inn/blackisting'. Make the wrong move in China by way of social media post as analysed under AI or telecommunicate inappropriate deemed and you can be fined instantly or your rights to freedom of movement restricted. No use of public transport let alone air travel such the panopticonic noose as all set to be tightened under 'digitalisation'? Fucking lucky such the crumble of the panopticonic fortune cookie to be able to buy bread and water such the 'lookee, lookee' what we got here.?

The selective prohibition against certain purchases as implemented under social credit as AI moderated is coming soon as panopticonic hell on Earth to a theater or supermarket or corner shop as near you such the consumerism corporatist?

But it gets worse!

At present under the manifest structural adjustment prorgam (SAP) absurdity of austerity as under 'there is no alternative' (TINA) to the killing field people can be driven out of their homes as out of their jobs as out of their minds such the abrogation as a mass formation or collective psychoses expressed. 'Psychotronics' is a whole new ball game of evil sense of technological dispossession; a whole new paradigm as expresses takeover as the realisation of owning 'nothing in a hellacious panopticon of technology deployed in the service of satan by way of Empiricism become a religion and Technocracy effecting a re-build.

At present even the poorest amongst us can still have privacy of thoughts as an expression of individuality; we can yet have 'Hope'; we can still Dream as be Human as opposed to graphene dancer in an inhumane environment; we can yet share in the 'er cogito sum' as of Descartes; we can suffer as feel albeit their wisdom accrued as sacrifice unacknowledged . One uses 'We' as in sense of Zamyatin. Of course these small quarters find such hard to write as much as to realise the extent of mine hypocrisy; the point to be made here is that even such alienation and marginalisation as an abrogation of Humanity can be destroyed as under the dispossession of the greatest naturality given as gifted to Man by God; the ability to think, to feel, to be as able to 'sing the body electric'

One despises cultural hegemony as to morph under psychotronic technology to point of dispossession of the final something as to become nothing as but a form of satanic slavery.

Hey, but on the bright side of the killing field existence is ephemeral and our souls are eternal?