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In Austria, You'll Get A Year In Prison And A Big
Fine If You haven't taken The Deadly Bioweapon
And No Drivers License Unless You've Been Shot up

1-2-22 stories/3136858/

Translation -
Currently no driving license for unvaccinated people

No driving license without CoV vaccination - the ÖAMTC, ARBÖ and the Association for Driving Schools warn against the upcoming vaccination requirement. They are calling for an "exceptional offense" for those starting their driving license, otherwise unvaccinated people would be denied driving licenses now and in the future.

Since December 12, driver training and the legally required driver safety training have been linked to the 2-G rule, the consequences are serious, says ÖAMTC Director Oliver Schmerold. "At the moment the situation is such that it is not possible for people who have not been vaccinated to obtain a driver's license. This is of course a condition that cannot be permanent, because a driver's license is a very essential element in order to be able to move both professionally and in private life. "Only those who can prove that they need the driver's license professionally are given it's an exception.