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Truth About Dr. Oz Being Far MORE than a RINO

By Kelleigh Nelson

Mehmet Oz is far more than a RINO. He is a WEF attendee, believes in Critical Race Theory, is a Deep Stater constantly on mainstream media, he’s a Muslim and a new ager.

Why Trump would endorse such a filthy evil man is beyond me, but I’ve been told that his communist Slovenia born wife urged him to.

Throughout his campaign and presidency, he chose only a few righteous and truly Constitutional Conservative men for his administration. The rest were all deep state swamp creatures who helped in his destruction and are still doing so today, including Pence and Conway, two of the worst.

The lack of discernment and the promotion of the “Operation Warp Speed” death vax have destroyed any credibility he may have once had. He has become a walking pariah egotistically repeating the same accomplishments over and over again at every rally. There is little mention of what needs to be done to save America. And not one state has yet to recall their electoral votes because of proven fraud.

The country is owned by the enemies of freedom and all the talk in the world will accomplish NOTHING.

The bottom line is this: God has been tossed from every portion of our culture, and without Him, the nation ceases to be blessed, the murder of millions upon millions of unborn is a sacrifice to Moloch. The majority of our pulpits are infiltrated so much so that they take govt. funds to promote the evil jabs and kill people...

Catholic and Lutheran organizations get federal funds for taking in illegal aliens, when the first job of the Presidency is to protect the country from invasion.

For the love of money is the root of all evil, and our entire government, federal, state and local are in on it.

Our righteous men are screaming, most of them veterans, but will America heed their warnings?

Pray for our country and for those few voices crying in the wilderness.