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Dr. Strangelove, Astronaut In Low Level Orbit

By Stephen Martin

'Concerning some 92% global population reduction WCR and AI can be used to target identified individuals under geolocation'

From 'Of AI, WCR And Social Credit'

Dr. Strangelove , from the 1964 Film

Small article here elaborates upon a schematic of 5G weaponization purposive of a 92 percent population reduction objective as detailed in the first hyperlink above. The objective of mass killing as ecocidal is the ultimate expression of a mass formation and is indeed an idea characteristic of the fictional character Dr. Strangelove.

Previous schematic in the article linked above looked at the eugenical bioweapon utility of primarily digital terrestrial based 5G telecommunications infrastructure as a 'broadcast': essentially small cells and Towers operating from a fixed terrestrial geo location, and upon which such as 'route map applications' depend.

In Wuhan, China as a prototype of 5G metropolitan implementation or ' global rollout', such applications are extended into 'social credit': people can be fined almost instantly for, for example walking the wrong way down a street or sidewalk; they can find certain their purchases prohibited e.g. of rail travel tickets subject to their social credit rating. Facial recognition as much gait analysis surveillance technology abounds such the alas, such the algorithm of AI progress/processing power as Wuhan represents...

But it gets worse !

Part of the 'transhumanism agenda' is to obviate the contingency of mobile phone 'possession and carry' requirement by way of the injection of nanotechnology into the bloodstream and central nervous system such the hack of the CNS as an 'operating system' become variant of a DNS; in essence such nanotechnology can interact with a 5G infrastructure and assign a unique media access control (MAC) address as a BD-ADDR as broadcast telecommunication – and as part of a targeting system in a killing field?

Don't know about you, but sometimes these small quarters find themselves despite the collective psychoses/mass formation thinking 'you couldn't make this shit up'?

A recent natural news podcast explicates a lot of what is said here, albeit the concept of 'satellite payload' another piece fitted in the jigsaw of madness/ mass formation? To the the implications of 5G activation of graphene oxide and other nanoparticulate components of gene therapy injections in context of adverse health must be added the ability of 5G WCR to be an independent form of weaponized electrosmog?

In the contemplation of mechanisms of 92 percent population reduction, non metropolitan areas and the absence of terrestrial 5G infrastructure, the increasing refusal of 'vaccination' or gene therapy leads to the proposal that satellite 5G could be the 'answer' to such psychopaths as Dr. Strangelove and the rendition of 'hell on earth' as an abomination spawned satanic as electromagnetic? This is before alternative means of reducing population deemed to be surplus , attaining transhumanism and the introduction of nanotechnology other than by intramuscular injection are considered.

Apropos of consideration of such as Dr. Strangelove, a quote from 'Apocalypse Now' is apt:

' The man is clear in his mind, but his soul is mad'

Much as we do not know what exactly is in those 'vaccines' by way of 'payload', but as we accept on the basis of trust in such as Dr. Fauci, 'Dr.' Gates and Dr. Schwab ( PhD University of Fribourg)., so we do not know of the payload of satellites launched as of by 'Starlink', so we trust in the saviour of Twitter, to be Elon Musk?

And so to the exegesis of WCR modulated as a bioweapon; and as same now circling the earth as in extraterrestrial low level orbit, alas , and as in a manner hitherto unprecedented.

The extension of a global killing field from terrestrial into extraterrestrial by way of satellites placed in orbit is of true Ecocidal potentiality; all it takes is for AI to decide on a geolocational basis under satellite footprint? The fact is that satellite bioweaponry is to be the final mass formation; such satellites already being up there, and just awaiting suitable programming under an agenda of 'R2P' the Planet by way of the madness of a necessity seen to reduce the population?

'Global problems demand global solutions via global satellite orbit'?

Suitably armed as with imaging systems , infrared technology and capable of WCR modulation as beam formed plasma facilitated, satellites in orbit can attain a capacity of bioweaponry as unparalleled by way of satanic technology deployed as a form of 'Thanatos'; they are of such stuff as could give rise to wet dreams as of Dr. Strangelove? This includes the wipeout / genocide of non transhuman, non phone carrying populations in undeveloped territories/ footprint such the 92 percent reduction of population deemed to be surplus necessitates? To 5G a human body is viewed as an helical array of antennae – as much as can any life form as birds, plants and insects constutute under an ecocidal imperative?

For the 5G kill switch as extraterrestrial is soon to be flicked, such the madness of mass formation we in the midst of?

There are of course additional or supplemental means of effecting population reduction; it seems that famine by way of economic sanctions and infrastucture modulation if not destruction is on the deep state agenda concerning 'end times'.

It also seems that the world is in the hegemonic grip, not to say satanic grip of Dr. Strangelove types implementing a hidden agenda and posing as philanthropists? From ideas to block out the sun, to destroying natural DNA and natural immunity thru gene therapy, to transhumanism and nanotechnology facilitated psychotronics or neuralink technology, to bioweaponizing space thru death ray satellites emitting beam formed non ionizing radiation, to culling billions of people deemed as surplus, mass formational madness is raging in the 21st C.? This is before the looming consequences of global economic sanctions as a further means of effecting a cull by economic warfare are considered.

One cannot leave the subject of Dr. Strangelove types without reference to Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, whom is placed in ponerological context in an interesting video to be found here

It is being so cheerful as keeps these small quarters going, indeed.


In theory as to an 'extra terrestrial / low orbit killing field extended' a sample dialogue /data transmission between AI as Ecocidal as extraterrestrial un encrypted could go such as:

'This is Hlink-447 operating in low earth orbit at position and trajectory intimated. Targets identified and beam form capability within G.Hz range awaiting modulation instruction. We have systems at high alert status. Please confirm data receipt and advise. Estimate 2,000 could be hard or soft eliminated this sweep and pulse of approximately thirty seconds duration with high level of confidence targets surplus human. Please instruct. Atmospheric conditions are conducive. Repeat conducive. Critical parameters follow. Hlink-447 out.'

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