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Satanic Technology & Policy- Destroying Nature
and Eros in the 21st C - The Age of Endarkenment


Iain Davis, to enlarge :

The existence of evil as a degenerate religion capable of impacting existence politically adversely is contemporaneous a necessary posit, as much as to the paraphrase of Voltaire concerning 'if Satan did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him' ?

The post modern 'prohibition' against such posit despite the manifold evidence of our senses as corollary of 'the greatest trick the devil ever pulled 'is admirably explicated by Naomi Wolf in an article to be found here

At no time in the course of human history as 'Anthropocene', albeit the concept of plus ça change , has such an imperative to recognize evil as in context of ponerology and as a political force concerning 'moral economics' been so demanded ; the 'natural' is now manifestly in a state of being technologically as politically intermediated /assaulted as threatening to destroy as debase all Life on this wondrous planet?

In short: we are now entering 'End Times' as a political phenomenon and as to 'Thanatos' prevailing over 'Eros'; once again it appears as to some reiteration or as of the ryhme of Twain, Man is to be caste out of a God given kingdom on the basis of satanic control and manipulation as false promise and misplaced trust/faith. All creatures great and small to join us such the 'End Times' as of Eschatology/Ecocide?

Given certain 'clues' as to a fuller potentiality of interpretation of the meaning of life incarnate as an epiphenomenon we have clearly fucked up - or rather been fucked over by trust abused - as failed again to recognize and deny evil; this time irrevocably it would appear as concerning incarnation in an Earthly material as opposed to ethereal realm leading to the most hellish as Dystopian Panopticon being in the final stages of schemed imprisoning construction?

Such the Age of Endarkenment as the greatest of 'Luciferian enlightenment' cannot hold but a mere flickering candle up to God such the primogeniture - but yet can reward as to immediacy (see below such the profit of 'man' as 'anthropobscene' (sic).

Can't you taste that fruit of the Empirical Tree such the ontology as to bitter or sweet such the divide et impera?

The plea here is to blame satan as capable of exploiting temptation in form of an immediacy relating to the epiphenomenon which life incarnate as a psychophysical parallel instances; material need being effectively a license for ponerology to thrive. Being by nature 'omniscient' as under metapolitical speculation including prescience as a concept, 'God must have known this would happen' such the friction of the finitude as the existence of material need represents.

Call it the 'miserable wretch defense' if you will – one suspects these small quarters not the only immiserated little man as in such wretched times of spiritual darkness and illusion to question how things have come to be as they are , such the alas given an Eros yet existent?

And as to 'dance Damoclean' - it better to be a miserable little man as suffering than but a stateless bastard as profits from such sufferance inflicted?

The problem is indeed as to a veil such the etymology of 'Apocalypse' - such the 'Aha!'?

Please note the intention here is not to deny God; it is rather to express a humility of a limited understanding trying to grasp the' mess entropic' being made of things while at the same time being disgusted at mine own ignorance- and at how fellow Man can be rendered so satanic.

But yet the paraphrase goes as: 'satan is the source of all our misfortune' apposite?

Satan -who put the sin in 'business', who put the sap in 'Homo Sapiens? (SAP being an acronym for 'Structural Adjustment Program' or 'Great Reset', it also can be used in a derogatory sense as of precipitated weakness)

Stateless bastards as placed in power are in such sense the least of our metapolitical worries - it is what is driving them sense of Ephesians 6:12 -23, such the 'wrestle'?

The blueprint of the organizational as hegemonic power structure of evil is provided in a most perspicacious article here as concerns the Global Public Private Partnership, where the ultimate 'private interest' at the apex of the hierarchy delineated is construed by these small quarters as being of an extra dimensional or metapolitical nature.

It is a blueprint which has not suddenly as extempore arisen as to implementation, but rather the product of Centuries of scheming as Robison of mine alma mater pre 'corporatisation' evidenced back in the 18th. C?

The development of relevant satanic technology under a determinism born of the fruit of the Empirical consumed is in process of facilitating the coup de grâce or metadeath realization of such scheme; this after the manner of a triumvirate as explicated below.

Metapolitics questions the concept of 'happenstance ' and reserves the right to speculate as an expression of metaphysics as a natural phenomenon concerning Human potentiality and determinism as a circumscriptive paradigm utilitarian exhibiting a morality or ponerological potentiality as 'pragmatic;/realpolitikal'. The proposition of 'happenstance' is often integral if not quintessential to the politically favored orthodox interpretation which is produced as spawned of cultural hegemony as that 'most dangerous mind' Gramsci explicated. The divide et impera maxim of cultural hegemony is ideological and polymorphous; the division is not just of Man against Man, but of Man from Truth – as being the first casualty of the fog of War. The concept of controlled opposition as of Lenin reflects at a highly pragmatic/utilitarian level the power of illusion concerning service of a hidden agenda and the abuse of trust?

For we are 21st C. such the hidden agenda contended as to necessity or as needs must in the midst of a War against the Natural as may prove to be the final war and resultant in the extinction of Man as a species and any and all God given Rights as aspectual of same in this Earthly realm?

The triumvirate of Satanic technology is represented by: money, artificial intelligence and gene therapy through nanotechnology and electromagnetic radiation deployment.

Without such technology as ontology we would not be staring 'hell on earth' in the face such the technological determinism as 'mind over mind' ; without such technology the blueprint of 'hell on earth' concerning a feasible 'panopticonic' horror could not have been facilitated or implemented by a political power structure of global dimensionality? Without such Technology narcissistic 'man gods' as but degenerate apostles of satan could not assume such an extent of abusive control and manipulation under concentrated wealth become concentrated political power aka tyranny on a global scale?

From a ponerological as metapolitical perspective which seeks to examine evil using empirical methodology beyond Okkam's materialist discipline of 'one dimensionality' as explicated by Marcuse, the distinction between 'megadeath' and 'metadeath' is salient.

Megadeath is death on a large scale as in casualties of War thru deployment of military or economic technology as immediate sense of generation impacted as reduced prematurely as abortive; Metadeath is where satanic military technology impacts upon the ability to genetically reproduce, and future generations are effected. Ionizing radiation is capable of precipitating metadeath through genetic mutation, unfortunately it is the case that non ionizing radiation is also able to effect metadeath through impact upon genetic identity. A non ionizing radiation which can cause cellular DNA damage of three types; single and double DNA breaks and oxidized DNA bases.

In the early 21st C. ionizing radiation as satanic technology is being increased dramatically thru technology deployed to point panopticonic. The control and issue of currency to purposes of resource transfer is seen as economic technology as can effect megadeath.

The horror of satanic warfare as a 'totalerkrieg' is not just that of the elimination of species and biodiversity; it capable of abominable extension into the debasement of ability to reproduce as 'natural' as an obliteration of species as precipitative of greater pathological glee as extra dimensional.

The death of Nature to point of metadeath as Ecocide is the abominable strategic aim.

Satan looks up at Man and all Creatures great and small with a vow to drag down; to narrow the frith...

It is in such dark times of 'metadeath' being effected under satanic technology that these small quarters write. That a concentration of power has been facilitated through the technology money or currency represents as facilitative of a quantitatively easy transfer of resources is reflected in the diagram hyperlinked above where the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is at the apex. Money as debauched under abuse of trust can be utilised to buy or corrupt people and organizations by way of their understanding abused; a point which Sinclair Lewis made concerning contingency surrounding the individual and his or her livelihood. In Christian terms it is contended that the love of money is the root of all evil. It must also be metapolitically contended apropos that satan has deep pockets concerning the abuse of the belief which money represents when debauched to purposes of resource transfer and the concentration of wealth- and the operation/imposition of a deep state under hidden agenda and illusion effected under policy? Deep pockets of money magic which fund a deep state of global moral economic degeneration as to contingency or strings pulled by way of ponerological extrapolation upon Sinclair Lewis's perspicacious proposition?

The satanic scheme was always to destroy Man , and poverty and immiseration consequential of the debauching of currency with attendant resource transfer continues to effect megadeath commensurate?

- But real satanists want 'metadeath', and it is tragically evidential of technological progress that an unprecedented infrastructure for the attainment of same degenerate abominable objective exists in the early 21st C., such 'the horror, the horror' as of the heart of darkness?

Hereby an explication alongside further metapolitical speculation concerning how 'it' works; the shackles as of Socrates are off metaphorically to point of an albeit ironic 'pleasure' - being that as of cultural hegemony abandoned and the veil of illusion as apocalyptic pierced such the memento mori.

In short; these small quarters quite frankly do not give a damn for the illusion which orthodoxy as cultural hegemony aka the death of thought represents; one refuses the fear of death which is so manifestly being exploited under an agenda as would be pathological as abominable as indeed requires to be hidden by falsehood and hegemony and precipitative of slavery under tyranny?

One should rather die free than 'live' as but a slave!

Metadeath can be attained through gene therapy as destruction of the natural through the deployment of technology; apropos in the 21st C. we are seeing as witnessing the largest genetic therapy experiment in the history of the world under the cultural hegemony of an emergency in the face of a global threat declared by world authority; a hegemony facilitated through a global power structure of a public private partnership of a corporatist nature? This power structure as concerns life for the vast majority of Mankind is as a hierarchy of hell on earth raised primarily by way of the control and issue of 'currency' as a pathological abuse and manipulation as increasingly manifest?

For those experts and individuals not part of the hierarchy and whom elect to buck the system or dissent from orthodoxy such the refusal by way of heresy to be but a pattern in the 'mind' of satanic corporatism there are a range of punishments capable of being inflicted which can be qualitatively scaled as to adverse impact upon their lives as to censorship prevailing. The basis of censorship is surveillance and categorisation as to subversion/ heresy. Censorship can also be attained through the carrot of reward; such indeed being the source of self censoring ideological whoredom as ensuring the hegemonic line or narrative followed and promoted as' mainstream'?

Censorship can also mean assassination, such the stick as rattles the swill bucket as Orwell put concerning 'propaganda' and as to antonym of carrot offered by way of 'dialectic'. Technology has undoubtedly a central role to play in facilitating surveillance and censorship and the translation of concentrated wealth into concentrated political power.

The satanic technology currently being deployed in the 21st C on a Global Scale under a Global Hegemony offers both megadeath and metadeath potentiality. Foremost amongst metadeath mechanisms is the destruction of God given genetic identity thru genetic engineering and the alteration of DNA; the outcomes of the most incorporative genetic therapy experiment in history by way of injection of m.RNA under 'emergency declared' remain as yet unknown: the implications of 'transhumanism' being under a censorial narrative of a Global as Unipolar power structure by way of trust demanded and a 'there is no alternative' (TINA) prevalent such the abuse; such the questioning 'Verboten'?

The satanic relationship of 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' and 'Orde Ab Chao' is attaining a penumbra of dark and deadly panopiticonic obscurity in the 21st C. ; this through the liberation of a satanic 'Trojan Horse' as diagrammatically illustrated above; this to an Age of Endarkenment as a war to point of Ecocidal racket attained by way of smoke and mirrors illusion prevailing as 'policy'?

The moral obscenity of concentration of wealth facilitated through the debauching of money as a technology and its translation into a unipolar political power structure of global proportionality as to a nefarious ubiquity is as to some tragic parallel of dead men walking in a panopticon ecocidal; the mechanisms for the attainment of same are as to a hitherto unprecedented development and deployment of 'satanic technology' concerning 'mind over mind' at a Global level of obscenity/obfuscation?

The detailing of which technology this small article now turns attention towards from the perspective of metadeath as opposed to megadeath.

Metadeath is construed metapolitically as satanic puppetry; as a debasement or despoiling of the natural whereby consciousness is given to be a psychophysical parallel based upon a genetic identity as denies of an epiphenomenon continued; the methodology being or arising from the deployment of satanic technology concerning debasement of the will of God as is of Love or Eros concerning Nature.

Satanic technology is expressive of Thanatos, or of a hatred of Life, and attains its apotheosis abominable thru metadeath as expressive of such rage. Concerning Man; metadeath as self inflicted has the objective of destroying the ability of thought as an individuality and God given autonomy of free will; metadeath denies the 'Er Cogito Sum' of Descartes commensurate the debasement of God given soul to relate autonomous to psychophysical parallel.

When Man cannot think as expressive of diversity and autonomy as natural, Man ceases to be : when Man cannot be free even in the privacy of own mind Man becomes a slave; but a mere simulacra, or as a pattern in the 'mind ' of satan; dead to Eros as to morality, as to compassion and mercy, dead to hope as to making of the World a better place for others as the majority thru however humble the effort denied.

Dead as yet 'walking'?

In such context it is remarkable that over a Century ago, Rudolf Steiner posited a vaccine which would destroy the ability to relate to God?

How is satanic technology to achieve apotheosis?

Such has been the product of Centuries of scheming as in there a 21st C. implementation looming concerning the deployment of technologies developed and the infrastructure for global policy established?

As adjunct to the digitalisation of currency there are two other satanic technologies in process of deployment circa; these being of genetic therapy and of non ionizing radiation deployment.

Both of these technologies exhibit metadeath potentiality concerning the destruction of the natural by way of technological intermediation. Genetic therapy goes by way of medical care, non ionizing radiation (5G) goes by way of care for ease and speed of the telecommunicative transmission of data. Both are experimental technologies; the results of their deployment concerning impact upon Nature remain to be established, both are subject to cultural hegemony and punitive consequences concerning their Global Rollout being questioned or cautioned against; both technologies can be weaponised as expressive of Thanatos?

The exact contents of the m.RNA gene therapy vaccines are not available such the private interest neoliberal prevailing, however the existence of graphene oxide in the 'vaccines' indicates a potentiality for a panopticonic synergy between Genetic Therapy and Wireless Communications Radiation (WCR); and there is at least one Patent concerning crypto currency facilitated thru electromagnetic radiation and nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence filed.

How much denial does it take to facilitate hell on Earth by way of a mind over mind attained to point of a perfect panopticon facilitated whereby all Natural debased; what level of staring evil in the face does it take before the limitations of Empiricism become apparent as facilitative a denial of Human potentiality in a ponerological context?

Must we cease to be as 'Natural' under satanic technology, under an eschatological prescience as to 'End Times' such the consumption of the fruit?

Does 'memento mori 'resound as resonate by way of Anthropocene era as much as to the individual epiphenomenon of individual life a transience?

- One way or another it seems we are to find out, alas.


The infrastructure of the global panopticon under 21st C. construction is largely predicated on the ubiquitous presence of wireless communication radiation (WCR) as capable of being beam formed and frequency modulated under Artificial Intelligence processing geo locational data emanating from identifiable mobile devices or from modified or chipped individuals as identifiable targets. Surveillance is unavoidable in such a panopticon of the unnatural as to physically move is to change geolocation as trackable and as such targettable. Sociometric data as gathered through analysis of data transmission radiated in the wireless network can be enhanced as rendered no longer contingent upon the possession and carry of mobile telecommunications device presence thru the chipping of individuals at a nanotechnological level. Sociometric data is of a utility concerning the identification or cluster monitoring of subversive movements or organized resistance attempt; this can be enhanced thru targeted content monitoring of relevant data transmissions. Artificial Intelligence algorithms as technology are pivotal to the reduction of labor intensity concerning panopticon implementation; such also obviates any moral reservations particularly as concern implementation of surplus population reduction through modulation of WCR by 'human' agency; that is, under suitable infrastructure a relatively simple change of algorithm can attain a leverage on a highly effective as scalar basis concerning the minimising of labor intensity requirement.

Concerning 'surplus' population reduction as an objective of the global panopticon, the potentiality of WCR modulation/attenuation as a silent deadly weapon has a high degree of plausible deniability. As most people are unaware of the exact contents of gene therapy inoculations such the 'fog' so as they as are unaware of the weaponisation potentiality of electromagnetic radiation modulation; the measurement as quantification as by mV/M impact upon health is unknown to them, as is the concept of thermal ablation, or indeed the concept of the body as a helical array of antennae. As indeed are the health implications of experimental gene therapy.

'See, your murderers come with smiles. They come as your friends, the people who have cared for you all of your life, and they always seem to come at a time when you’re at your weakest and most in need of their help.'

The above quote from 'Goodfellas' apposite, such the gangster smile of murderous satanic technology and policy such the 'plus ça change'?

Satan is a gangster: the power structure as to policy referenced above explicates but a racket; a war?

An offer which cannot be refused, indeed?

Concerning 'psychotronics' as manipulation, the presence of graphene oxide in the nervous systems of 'panopticonic transhuman slaves' is desirable under pathology; this both in sense of amplification the 'word of god' and concerning the interpretation of neurophysiological thought processes and the invasive control and manipulation of same.

Ultimately the perfect panopticon as of hell on earth raised proceeds step by step as under illusion and as to a hidden agenda, such the veil, such the Apocalypse.

In such a tragic abuse of technology to destroy Nature it is not only the case that the individual has no ownership of body or of genetic identity, but no ownership of mind?

Psychotronic debasement of natural psychophysical parallel is to be the ultimate death of thought, the ultimate panopticonic destruction of soul?

No doubt such lack of ownership of mind shall be levelled against these small quarters should this small article be published, not that one gives a damn, sense of answers not so much blowing in, as 'Gone with the Wind' indeed.


T'is an ill wind as blows no good?