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COVID Dictators Plead For Amnesty

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl

Many have made their feelings known.   Rep. Jim Jordan  said:  "They closed your church. They closed your schools. They took your job. They made you wear a mask that didn't work. They made you cancel family gatherings and funerals. And now they just want you to forget about it. NOPE."

Another wrote:  "Now after the hell they have put everyone through, the attack on everyone's Constitutional rights,  the destruction of the economy, and all of their other nonsense, they now want amnesty! Forget that. Each and every one of them should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law" sites/articles/archive/2022/ 11/08/covid-tyranny-amnesty. aspx    It couldn't be written any better than what Dr. Joe Mercola said.

Ronnie Cummins wrote his story on Amnesty:  https://www. amnesty-yes%E2%80%94and-here- price?utm_medium=email&utm_ source=engagingnetworks&utm_ campaign=OB+781&utm_content= OB+781  The point of his article:  "There is something much more important than seeing the guilty punished: It is to make sure the crimes don't happen again." He says "   The Atlantic  magazine, a faithful propaganda outlet for the Establishment narrative on the COVID-19 pandemic the last two and a half years, recently published a widely-read article, Let's Declare a Pandemic Amnesty, admitting that the pandemic powers that be (government, indentured scientists, Big Pharma, and the mass media) got it all wrong on the origins, nature, virulence, treatment, mandates, and prevention of COVID-19, and that it's time to forget, forgive, and move on."  It's not so easy for so many who lost loved ones, their home and their job. The Children's Health Team  says they want accountability.    

Ronnie explains what he lost and list of  what would have to be changed in this country for his forgiveness.   The complete list would be pages long.  I would add that poisons like aspartame, a biochemical warfare weapon, listed with the Pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress, would have to be removed.   It has been on the market for 40 years because of Donald Rumsfeld.  It interacts with even your drugs. Think of diabetics.  It even interacts with insulin and blinds and causes diabetics to lose limbs because of the free methyl alcohol.  Who was the idiot who allowed Big Pharma to fund the FDA?  As the FDA said, "they are now our customer".   Six class actions were filed on aspartame and obesity and were refused by the judges.  The courts would have to be honorable, and not stop cases from being heard because your good friend doesn't want to be sued or whatever the excuse.   

Organizations like Calorie Control Council, front groups for industry sweeteners/calorie-control- council/  would have to be dissolved.  The bottom line is you would have to close down crime and dishonesty.  That's the reason we pray for the Kingdom of God, a heavenly government over the earth. Buckminster Fuller said:  "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. You change something by building a new world that makes the existing model obsolete."   How do you clean up a mess where millions of people died for no reason but to make vaccine companies/Big Pharma more money and powerful people want to depopulate.  Forgive?  It's like opening the doors of death row  with nothing but killers and say:  "Will you now agree to be honest and makeup for your sins, and you can go free.  Forgiveness will have to be left to God.

Whose life has not been effected by the COVID FIASCO.  I know mine has.  I put in writing and told the hospital not to vaxx my husband and yet on the bill there is a vax.  The hospital was so upset about me giving the right information on the nano bioweapon they sent Risk Management to my husband's room to tell me to stop.  They didn't want the facts known.  They didn't want the money to stop, $40,000 when the patient is diagnosed with the corona virus.  $3000.00 more if they die.  It's okay to mandate a kill shot but don't tell physicians the truth.  

It is easier to forget if something is done in ignorance and not planned for decades.  The patent dates back 22 years under the classification of nano bioweapon.  As the documentary screams to the public:  PLANdemic.  It was so planned and already in the polio and flu vaccines.  Fauci even told the public the so-called pandemic would come during Trump's administration in 2017. watch?v=puqaaeLnEww  How did he know if it hadn't been planned.  Why were they allowed to use flu statistics when the flu deaths all but disappeared as the corona virus added statistics that didn't exist for such a virus.  Who is for forgiveness when in California a bill is passed to remove a physician's license if he misinforms (the word used for in actuality telling the truth).  In Fresno, California hospitals are being sued for homicide.   

If it were in ignorance than why was Dr. Judy Mikovits asked to manipulate her findings and make the nano bioweapon more contagious so it could be given to other people on purpose?   She was thrown in jail for 5 days and when she was released told if she told anyone she would be returned.  That's not ignorance, that's evidence of a planned overthrow to bring in the New World Order and depopulate.  The courageous Dr. Mikovits instead of accepting their threat worked to save the public by writing the book "Plague of Corruption" and setting up an operation to educate physicians.  She is also in the documentary "PLANdemic", Plandemic 3 now available for the real facts.  She said the AIDS epidemic never would have existed if it weren't for Dr. Fauci.  They have tried to discredit her to prevent people from listening.  Fact checkers were created to misinform.  Dr. Mikovitis has worked so hard to alert the public she was even awarded Hero of the Year by the National Health Federation.  

Are the monsters behind the killing even  sorry and aren't they continuing to release more systemic poisons.  https://go.selfrely. com/sales-page- 569331831667155133706?aff_sub= CFLG&aff_sub2=112022am& affiliate_id=2439131&click_id= &cookiepreview=false&imt=1& noautoplay=false&nopopup= false&utm_campaign=UWS&utm_ content=11-11-22&utm_medium= Dedicated&utm_source= Legendary+Ventures

Even children haven't escaped this death dealing act.  

How do you get amnesty when even mother's lost their babies when the vaccine company's own information says it should not be given to pregnant women because of birth defects.  In one trial all but one woman lost her baby.  In another 8 out of 10 women  had their baby sacrificed.  Then the audacity of telling women they should get vaccinated anyway where more babies can be lost.  They knew it would cause sterility and how many women today will never have families because they listened to industry and the FDA.  

Why would they include children who they know are not at risk for any corona virus?  Furthermore, the jab is not even a vaccine but a gene therapy.  Dr. Mikovits said 50 million would lose their lives, and with the amount of deleting deaths the estimates keep rising.  You see articles where its mentioned that even babies are being cremated in hospitals so they don't have to report. 

An Alberta physician asks for an investigation into the sudden death of  80 young Canadian physicians after the booster shots.  // alberta-doctor-calls-on- medical-association-to- investigate-sudden-deaths-of- 80-young-doctors_4805760.html The article was on line and then deleted with the continued cover-up and the fact checkers trying to change the story.  

About lies of the CDC and FDA's refusal to give accurate information to the public here is the evidence from Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Don't miss this one:  

How the FDA and CDC Are Hiding COVID Jab Dangers sites/articles/archive/2022/ 11/11/hiding-covid-vaccine- safety-signals.aspx?ui= f5dac161a37e42cd9b7f7eaf995d7c 7c87113cec61561d5c65184684b7ed 5c02&sd=20121222&cid_source= dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_ content=art1HL&cid=20221111& cid=DM1284458&bid=1642297508

Even the CDC has confessed:  I even wrote them  knowing usually the guilty never answer letters. general97/to_dr_rochelle_ walensky.pdf
So we have the confessions, and the pleas for amnesty after the death and disability of millions. I think of the deep sorrow of women who took the shot who may now be sterile and never have a family.   The country has been destroyed.  Lawsuits are flying.  Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico finds it difficult to understand why its not on the front page of every newspaper but understands fake news.  

He has worked with heads of state and people the world over making changes to rid the planet of poisons like aspartame and MSG and this nano bioweapon masquerading as a vaccine.  He has gotten eliminated aspartame and MSG in some countries.  He wrote the other day about severing ties with the World health organization, given that the primary donor at 200 million dollars, William Henry gates, III, as well as Ethiopian director general of WHO, were two of the 16 indicted genocidists named in the 46 page indictment by British Lawyer Hannah Rose and Whistleblower - former Pfizer VP, Michael Yeadon, Dec 6th, 2021  accepted by the Hague prosecutor,  the British born Pakistani, Karim Kahn, and given the number 0TP CR473 021 .   Perhaps that was done quietly with little external clarification in , for example, the New York Times, which would hardly be expected to report on something that profound and cataclysmic, eh?  USA's prime media's sources generally wallow generally in bathtic  ignorant  inculcations and incantanations to "not frighten the readers" who we assure you would rather be frightened by the truth about the genocidal chromosomal implosion injections and, thus, could have avoided them, to lead normal long lives, rather than capitulate to the "herd immunity" and fill with clots, graphene oxide, aspartame, mercury, radioactive substances, plus whatever else USA's miserable corporate corrupted Food and Drug Administration allows, ending up permanently disabled, and then die in ignominious death."  

It is sad, indeed, as you continue to read about fraud and corruption.   While planning more shots they call vaccines they want amnesty.  Having run for Mayor of Atlanta as a young woman I got a glimpse of political corruption and power except today its worse.   I remember during the 2020 election the expected fraud in Arizona.  Listen to the sad story told then : video/OOI5tIx5gC4r/  Here we are two years later and what is going on in Arizona?  About the same thing. But back during the 20/20 election you even had the confession of the  man who admitted  he  changed the machines so Trump's votes would go to Biden.    https://www.bitchute. com/video/8tHrg7FEUFF8/? fbclid= IwAR3oaQsW9ktoObkAnwzkojiNdp1F RrPM4IdkdyJyHIKABHakZgmExW_ MSpU 

Video was  taken from BounderandTiger. - It says: "Here is the first video with Maria Zack on the electoral fraud that took place in the embassy of the USA with the collaboration of the Italian government, the Italian intelligence, the CIA and MI6 using the Italian communication satellites of the Leonardo SpA Group (3rd largest defense contractor in Europe, 8th largest in the world). The data was encrypted from the central EU data hub in Frankfurt (also CIA directed and monitored) via Leonardo and transmitted in real time to the embassy in Rome. There the falsification (Vote Switching from Trump to Biden) was done and the falsified data was sent. If you will, this is the electronic equivalent of money laundering!"

YouTube: com/user/BounderandTiger/ videos

Nothing ever happened,  Today I hear Mike Lindell is back discussing Arizona and I'm sure the left is already calling it a conspiracy theory and probably CNN is up front.  Facts don't seem to matter these days.  I remember in 2020 Hannity at Fox News said they covered the Biden rallies and Trump's rallies.  First he showed Biden's rally and counted what he said amounted to about 15 people and some of them Trump supporters seeing what was going on.  Then he went to a Trump rally and showed what he said was about 35,000 people admitting that CNN would show closeups so the huge crowds wouldn't be seen.  

I wrote a friend an update of what is going on in former free America and said:  "So this is an update from the former land of the free.  -- We are now living in an Orwellian world  centering on the consequences of totalitarianism, mass surveillance and repressive regimentation of people and behaviors within society.  George Orwell's famous last words were "Don't let it happen!"  Yet Orwell himself was  a democratic socialist.  Today the land of the free is more like an American Holocaust even down to the concentration camps for those who won't take the kill shot.  

So where is there hope?  It certainly isn't in politics because even if you win you can lose, and the corruption is unbearable. There are good people out there who are trying to make a difference and  help each other. People like Stephen Fox spends everyday of his life working with some country on how to make  good changes.   Consider if there were no warnings from experts millions more might be dead. Organizations work to save everything from our freedoms to rescuing animals.   The earth itself is fragile because of the poisons being used by the demon possessed, everything from chemtrails , aspartame and MSG to fluoride, pesticides and nano bioweapons like  the one they want amnesty for.   Jehovah God says in Revelation 11:18 he will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.  Today we're running out of diesel , there are food shortages while they speak of water shortages, war, inflation and other claustrophobes.

"The cabal" planned the New World Order with depopulation, disability, suffering, pain and death,.  Forgiveness?  I was complimented to be one of the International Tribunal judges before my husband's death who indicted Don Rumsfeld, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. They are in the wrong pew for my decision.  I believe they need to look higher for any amnesty for their crimes.  I believe my husband would still be sitting beside me if he hadn't been vaxxed when I said "NO".  I would add for the public when someone calls names like conspiracy theorist and tries to discredit scientists and physicians who have tried to warn, that usually is the evil cabal.  It is the modus operandi of propagandists.  As one physician wrote, "At least in years gone by there was some outer shell of a Government,, but it has now been completely bled out from the inside and their purpose is to serve the "Liberal World Order." Well, their agenda is the destruction of the USA so they can come in and retake it under their rules and conditions."

  Where are we today?  It's answered in the Holy Bible:  

And  unless those days had been cut short , no life would  have been  saved; but for  the  sake of  the  elect  those days  shall be  cut short ...

Matthew 24:22-26  Tom Armstrong often quotes Habakkuk 1:4-5   "So la w is paralyzed, and justice is never carried out. For the wicked surround the righteous, that is why justice is perverted. Look among the nations and pay attention! Stare in amazement and be astounded; for something will happen in your days that you will not believe even if it is told to you."  

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl     770 242-2599  

Also, www.