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The 21 st C Transhuman Panopticon Of The Soul
In A Manner Hitherto Unprecedented

By Stephen Martin

'All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.'


'The horror, the horror...'


This small article develops further by way of denying universal deceit on a theme as earlier explored, in which ponerological distinction is made between 'megadeath' and 'metadeath.'

The term 'panopticon' as introduced by Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) he defined as 'mind over mind in a manner hitherto unprecedented'.

The proposition of this small metapolitical article is of an even greater abomination of panopticonic form(!) than of Bentham's brick built become click built. and is that of 'soul over soul' - in which incarnation can be altered and the soul imprisoned as locked down in a psychophysical parallel for an indefinite period which terminable as but by the flick of a gigahertz switch, or change of frequency fatal: such a hell being as a phenomenon electromagnetic; such the 'pragmatic ponerological pump up of the volume' utilitarian the 'inversion' form of a eugenical 'live and let die'.

For we as to metapolitical essence dare to contemplate as intimate not so much the destruction of the soul which only God can effect, but alienation and marginalization of the soul as synonymises a form of 'zombiedom' ; of demonic possession as an intermediation.

That such a process can be handed over to AI and the WCR algorithms of genocide fully automated is indeed a truly horrendous contemplation of ' a 21st C. panopticon'?

'In ze future you vill own nothing and you vill be happy' – where nothing includes your mind as reduced under psychotronic externalisation aka 'the voice of god', or the ability of your soul to contribute towards your consciousness as a unique God given autonomy denied?

Such psychotronically effected zombiedom being a form of demonic possession?

Essentially such proposition is a further explication of 'metadeath' in a ponerological context, which permits the euphemism 'surplus population reduction ' to be synonymous with 'Ecocide' such the control and issue of currency extrapolated upon.

Over 100 years ago Rudolf Steiner wrote of a vaccine which would destroy the capacity of man to communicate or relate to God, and certainly mRNA 'vaccines' of the 21st C. can effect God's creation thru modification of human DNA and natural immunity, and this is congruent with the vow of satan to destroy God's creation of nature as sublimely detailed by Milton? Allied to such contemplation is the concept of a god gene (VMAT2)? It was Descartes who proposed that the pineal gland was the seat of the soul - and the happenstance of fluoride impacting upon such gland is evidential further of the armory of 'satanic technology'?

In the conception of psychophysical parallelism as an epiphenomenon here there is a tripartite conception of an ephemeral fusion of incarnation; of physical body, astral body and ethereal body through which as a dynamic or dialectic 'mind' as consciousness arises. There is communication possible between all three bodies in as much as mind and behavior can be effected. For example physical damage to the brain can effect the mind as consciousness as the discipline of psychobiology seeks to explicate; the influence of the astral body upon mind and of the soul upon mind remain as yet subjects of metapolitical speculation, such the 'anamnesis' as of Socrates. As to the astral body such is part of the challenge which incarnation represents.

No less a metapolitician than Descartes identified the pineal gland as the seat of the soul as reiterated.

Perchance one day small quarters shall dare to metapolitically elaborate upon the tripartite communication as in defiance of Okkam's Razor, wielded as to 'cut it out!' by way of Empirical hegemony and the materialist conception of consciousness as has such clear political ramification.

For a detailing of the technological aspects of the determination of mind; reference is again made to concept of 'The Empirical Tree 'as an exogoneous as technologically determined concept of the ontology of mind.

One draws a picture as below; as much as the pretension such already 'noospheric':

Metapolitics has as premise that we cannot 'understand' life without acknowledging the existence of evil as a force: to paraphrase of Voltaire:

'if satan did not exist it would be necessary to invent him'.

Looking around at events in the 21st C. with manifold pretension as to perspicacity, form metapolitical, it is clear that a collective psychoses or mass formation is in process of metastasising, and that this has been effected thru what these small quarters have described as 'satanic technology'?

This in a context of Trojan Horse as Empiricism represents via technological determinism?

So in an albeit circumlocutory as 'obscure' manner we reach the point of this small article: being as to detail as succinct the means and mechanisms of establishing the presence of a new operating system as Moderna describes gene therapy by way of a 'hack' into the natural- and to contextualize same within a ponerological paradigm of truly horrific proportionality: so fucking evil as a new normal of soul debased it demands reiteration as in quote from Conrad above such the 'alas, alas'?

That 'mind over mind' as technologically as satanically assisted such the needs must can become 'soul over soul' is as closer approximation to a heart of darkness pumping out Thanatos/death is really something these small quarters would rather not contemplate let alone intimate; one should rather as TS Eliot put it be a ragged pair of claws scuttling across the shores of silent seas.

One would rather bury ones head in the albeit shifting hegemonic sands as of 'ignorance is bliss' – but the reality of the 'Thanatos' is now overwhelming by way of dystopian denouement as hegemonic?

For mind as much as soul become 'surplus' such this new technotronic panopticon of 'Great Reset', and as the soul can become 'locked down' to some parallel of satanic transhuman zombiedom precipitated? Ownership of genetically modified organisms under patent is the thin end of the satanic wedge as hack into psychophysical parallel; this to a satanic glee of 'look how I can make them wicked, just like me?'

Or 'look how I can deny their souls any ability to contribute to their consciousness. Look how I can own them, body, mind and soul!'

Such deploys a metapolitical technique as pioneered by CS Lewis in his 'The Screwtape Letters'.

But digression: 'metapoliticians have always sought to understand the world, the point has always been to resist the entropy of satanic narrowing of the frith' to paraphrase of Marx and Milton such the sic transit as would be affirmed/denied respectively?

A large part of the proposals made here can be found in this remarkable video.

The new 21 st C. transhuman panopticon is not so much of 'mind over mind' as of such the great reset 'soul over soul' such the psychotronic lockdown to point of satanic zombiedom as an abomination in process of being effected. It is a truly terrifying explication of megalomania in which all natural is destroyed, and this as includes the relationship of soul to mind and the concept of freedom of expression in a psychophysical context as 'sovereignty' destroyed..

The inclusion of graphene and nanotechnology in gene therapy vaccinations is of profound ponerological as metapolitical as psychophysical parallel significance concerning satanic ownership as a killing of the host which is 'mind' as soul influenced; it is the ultimate evil given as satan has not the power to destroy the eternality of the soul he can yet lock it down as incarnate and thru such assassination as denial reduce it to the status of mere 'chattel' as patentable.


Imagine the horror of man god status affirmed under WCR modulation as to some perversity of 'worship' under psychotronics. For example Klaus Schwab is in town/en ville, and the geolocation his man god prsence is used to modulate the pump up of the psychotronic volume such that all in the immediate vicinity will find themselves bowing or kneeling in the 100m. presence thereof , and find themselves such the 'voice of god' as electrosmog descending uttering ''All hail the Great Schwab!' under a silent ticker tape parade effected psychotronic.

Is this not a terrifying form of 'soul over soul' panopticon?

'Are you not entertained?' - as this small metapolitical 'gladiator ' would ask, such the arena?

What the fuck -you gotta laugh?

Stephen Martin can be reached at