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Enronizing The Global Economy
As A Means Of Genocide

By Stephen Martin

Enron was a company which used its control over the utility of electricity supply to hold the state of California to ransom. The motivation for so doing was to increase profit. The contention this small article is that the Enron model or business strategy of abusing control over infrastructure is being rolled out on a Global scale and is motivated under the objective of the reduction of surplus population, or Genocide attained thru the manufacture of scarcity.

Enron effectively economically sanctioned the state of California thru denying it electricity unless they met the demands to pay at a price determined by Enron. Not to pay meant a scarcity in this case of an essential utility, that of electricity. The control Enron had meant they could shut down generational capacity unless their demands as to price levels were met. As stated, in implementing such a corner the market strategy Enron was motivated by profit, they did not set out with the objective of destroying California, but they utilised this as a threat to increase their profits.

What the world is witnessing in the 21st C. is the Enronizing of the economic infrastructure at a global level across a broad spectrum of said infrastructure being choked , and it must be realized that this is a key component of a policy of Genocide in which the primary objective is to reduce surplus population, such the meaning of 'profit' expanded, and such the metrics become not dollars made, but numbers of people killed and surplus population so reduced. This is a whole new ball game such the evil madness, such the concentration of power and wealth on a global level as makes Enron appear relatively benign and small scale, though when Enron went under it was one of the largest bankruptcies in the corporate history of America.

Never in the world has the concentration of wealth and power existed as to facilitate a global choking of economic infrastructure, so much that so few corporations have the power to create an artificial situation of scarcity in the midst of a plenitude? The Global marketplace as Economy has effectively been 'cornered', and the message going out is one of 'shut it down', with the madness behind this being of limiting the human population to a determined level some 92 percent below current levels.

The Ukraine Crisis has been utilized as a rationale to implement an unprecedented scale of global economic sanctions with the ostensible aim of choking the Russian Economy, but in reality the objective is to reduce human population globally by choking the global economic infrastructure.. Such global economic sanctions are but the final plank in a deadly trifecta of 'experimentation' as already includes global gene therapy and global roll out of WCR. It is questionable as to what the final death toll of such great reset by way of experimentation is to be as attributable to each 'plank'; what must be borne in mind is that we are talking of a horror unprecedented in magnitude as much the objective to reduce human population by 92 percent entails the death of billions of people.

Such an agenda is so repugnant as abominably vile that it demands to be hidden ; to be rationalized under philanthropic aims. In the case of experimental gene therapy the rationalization of the plank is that of defeating a deadly new virus, in the case of WCR experimentation the rationalization of the plank is that of improving telecommunications infrastructure, in the case of global economic sanction it is that of punishing Russia for invading the peace loving and Democratic Ukraine. The outcomes by way of population deemed to be surplus so reduced will inevitably be 'hidden' as aspect the global power play as in deadly motion.

Concerning the Enronization of the global economy a number of tragedies are starting to bubble, and are all set to explode or metastasize by way of 'knock on effect'. What must be emphasized is the importance of both Russia and the Ukraine to the global economy and the implications of sanctioning or choking such contribution. One is reminded of the poem about the want of a horseshoe nail in a knock on context, and is unable to contemplate the complexity of the nature of denial of free trade as the current unprecedented sanctions represent alongside the complexity of global infrastructure as an economic phenomenon. Scarcities are already beginning to appear and as are alas, but the thin end of the wedge of Global Enronization. We are in the early 21st C. indeed in the middle of a deadly chain reaction; the real tragedy is that this no matter of 'happenstance' but rather of an agenda which would be hidden from us up to the very end?

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