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'The Lord Of The Rings' And Russia's
War On The Orks Of Ukraine

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Part 5 of this series on the current Ukraine-Russia conflict, caused by murderous provocations and deceptive propaganda from  criminal elements of Kipchap Turkic descent, examines how J.R.R. Tolkien based the major battles in "The Lord of the Rings" (LOR) on Russia's centuries of struggle to spare the Christian realm from atrocities and enslavement by these same pagan barbarians. It took no stretch of the imagination for Tolkien to base his brutish Orks on the Kipchak Turks who arrived to Europe from Central Asia as mercenaries for Attila the Hun and later serving in the vanguard of the Golden Horde of Genghis Khan. To foment th is NATO conflict  with Russia, the ethnic Kipchaks have resurfaced as commander s of the Azov Battalion, the paramilitary force comprised of deranged criminals and tattooed  convicts , who are  convinced of their racial superiority to lord over the native white Europeans. First, however, a wade through the Ukraine morass (as briefly as possible since it is a sewer) needs doing to deal with the slimy propaganda obscuring the causes of the present conflict.

Unthinkable as it may seem, 1,500 years after Attila the Hun devastated the Roman Empire and cruelly oppressed the European peasants, thereby bringing on the Dark Age, the imperious Barack Obama and now his henchman Joe Biden have been arming the descendants of those Turkic fanatics for another round of senseless slaughter of white Europeans. As in  its countless battles against barbarian hordes,  Russia is the sole defender of European Christendom against this relentless menace  from the East . Meanwhile NATO has been reduced to a splintered  broken  shield for c orrupt  p olitician s, money-laundering bankers, weapons manufacturers and crime accomplices  profiteering from this war.   Secretary of State Antony Blinken's foreign policy is nihilistic,  being based on a crazed drug-induced drama hatched by Hunter Biden, when all along a Russian military victory has been a foregone conclusion. Kipchek belligerence is rooted in the mentality of medieval vendetta rather than modern demographic reality. Why then  should lock-down bankrupted Americans finance  a losing war?

The Post-Soviet Mess

If there was an easy way to summarize the causes of the present war in Ukraine, I'd give it to you over coffee and a donut in one minute flat. Here's the skivvy as quick as it gets so make a large pot of tea instead. The break-up of the USSR was based along the existing boundaries of the Soviet republics (similar to states in the USA) without any regard to ethnic Russian settlement or industrial investment from Moscow during the Soviet era. It would be as if the new nation of Free Nevada got the Hoover Dam scot-free or Neuvo Mexico Libre gains control over the Los Alamos nuclear-bomb complex.

The post-Soviet demographic shifts were largely based on practical reasons, with ethnic Russians departing those isolated enclaves geographically distant from Russia, for example, in Kazahkstan and Kyrgystan, where there were no longer jobs for non-Muslims. In the near-abroad European zones of ethnic Russian majority population contiguous with Russia proper, the future of long-time residents-turned-expatriates was ignored during the Yeltsin era, which was beset by the Clinton-sponsored Islamist guerrilla campaign in Chechnya. The brutality against local schoolchildren by  those jihadist combatants, who included the CIA asset Osama bin Laden, prompted a reappraisal of continuing the Cold War against a shrinking Russia. Then former Harvard professor Mikhail Sashikavilli, as president of Georgia, sent his army to crush two Russian-majority enclaves, which had defied his belligerent orders, (Similarly, a how American citizens residing in Mexico's northern borderlands might request U.S. military protection in event of a Cartel coup in the Federal District of Mexico City.) Instead, the Georgian Army was blasted to bits under cannon-fire, courtesy of Vladmir Putin.

The situation in post-Soviet Ukraine was largely stable by comparison, with violence limited to fist fights between rival presidential campaigns. That is until the rise of Kipchek Turk nationalists, whose admiration of Georgian militancy revealed their anti-Russ racism and nihilism based in ancestor worship going back to the glorious pagan Kipchek Empire, which was vastly reduced in size and spirit by Russian Tsars Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great. The psychology of tribal vengeance (as in Tecumseh's revenge-motivated scalping spree during the War of 1812) led to the violence against the eastern Donetsk, aimed at killing, maiming and evicting the ethnic Russian population in that far corner of Ukraine. This sort of savage vendetta was shown during the Civil War when the Five Tribes, who had been evicted from the South to Oklahoma by Andrew Jackson, joined the Confederacy and scalped Union soldiers at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas.) In reality, despite the romanticism of the aboriginal lifestyle, prehistoric America was no paradise. Kipchek tribalism on the steppes was not idyllic freedom and dancing with wolves but a short brutal life haunted in constant fear of being caught by their victims.

The present plight of Donetsk Russians was largely due to the legacy of Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev who had invested massively in the industrial development of Ukraine and, indeed, transferred Crimea from Russian control to Ukrainian receivership. His boundless generosity was due to romantic attachment to his Ukrainian wife, which in turn was based on the Russian romance with Ukraine and the Black Sea.

Americans have harbored a similar vision of idyllic seaside dreams about Florida, California and Hawaii, and therefore native resistance was forcefully suppressed in wars against the Seminoles and Tule tribe led by Captain Jack. Ethical example, which is always better than condemning the sins of others, as taught in the Catholic faith, should compel Joe Biden to practice what he preaches, by returning California and Florida to the Spaniards and declaring independence for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Western Samoa and other overseas paradises, and return Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to Mother Russia. Proclaiming "Indigenous Day" is not enough! Give them back every square inch of America. Mayflower movers can handle the return baggage to Plymouth, England, the white man's homeland. Joe, if you're unwilling to do that, shut the duck up about Russian behavior and stop wasting taxpayers' money on those merchants of death Raytheon and Lockheed. Two billions dollars down the dumper is addition to the trillions in financial losses from your lockdown scam.  

Excuse me for that diversion from gentlemanly discourse. And if you know the directions to a Penny Tree store in driving distance, let me know now. To resume: then, topping Khruschev's generosity, Mikhail Gorbachev actually dismantled the Soviet Empire, a grand gesture that left many local boundaries unresolved (while setting the moral example of self-determination for the politically correct Democrat Party to follow by declaring the Disunited States). If this folly comes to pass, I will join the patriotic resistance against political buffoonery and national suicide, at least to prevent Spanish shipments of anti-tank missiles and drones to the more hostile of these newly created nations out to vent revenge on loyal Americans.

The new Ukrainian leadership hewed to a sensible policy of not antagonizing ethnic Russians, that is until the government in  Kiev fell into the hands of the Kipchek faction that incited  the Donetsk conflict and finagled the Euro-Maiden shootings, the latter with the aid of 50 snipers provided  by  Soros asset Shashikavilli. There you have two sides of the coin, th ose respectable Ukrainians  who are friendly to their neighbors  and the underworld Kipchek  thug s, to put it bluntly, are warmongering the brown s to murder whites . The upshot is that the fake "refugee crisis" is being used to pump Kipchek ganglanders into the West for their next heist. Time and again, the European homeland  w as the victim of  assault, rap e , theft  and humiliation  by the Kipchek warlords and, yawn, it's happening again with a little help from their  Fifth Column in the White House and NATO.

Mobility is the core strength of the Kipchek tribe, which had its origins in Siberia, but then opportunistically hired out as mercenaries to entrench themselves with the Mamuluk c orps  in Egypt, tagged along with Attila the Hun to carve  Hungar ian plains out of the Roman Empire , joined the Alans for the looting spree in  Italy and then switched sides to sign up with Genghis Khan's more lucrative robbery expedition

Thereby through false-flag operations and murderous violence, Turkic henchman Volodymyr Zelensky and his weapons-trafficking mafia boss Ihor Kolomoisky, the chieftains of the Kipchaks' Azov Brigade that now controls the Ukrainian National Guard, got into the catbird's seat to steer the USA into a war with Russia. The Western news media should have been skeptical about these self-proclaimed "patriots" by the very fact that the Azov Brigade was started as a group of riotous soccer hooligans in support of the Khakiv football club. Likewise Western governments and nonprofit charities should have been wary of so-called Ukrainian "refugees", since this fraudulent migration to the West is a ploy to establish mafia groups in wealthy countries. Indeed many of the so-called refugees are actually Roma gypsies and prison convicts released on orders from the sly Zelensky as a ruse to infiltrate crime networks into wealthy European and American cities.

Ancient Threat to Civilization

Civilians fleeing the siege of Mariupol have reported that Russian soldiers are ordering the removal of  shirts at checkpoints. This security procedure is necessary toward arresting anyone with SS tattoos of the Azov Brigade and satanic insignia of mafia gangs. The pro-Russian media has suggested that Azov is a "neo-Nazi" group, which is like accusing Charlie Manson of being a Boy Scout. The rightist Thule Society that indoctrinated Adolf Hitler in a Bavarian prison were nationalistic dabblers in mysticism, timid and polite reactionaries as compared with the ruthless pagan Turkic doctrine of Turanian racial supremacy.

The swastika and SS insignia worn by Biden's beloved Azov gang  precede the Nazis by more than a millennia, their symbols derived from the ancient belief in their pagan Sun God, whose daily cycle and changes of seasons are represented in the original Swastika. The tribal flag of the Kipchek Turks, similar to the Japanese navy's rising sun banner, is derived from the worship of that blood-thirsty solar deity who demands ceaseless battle for domination over lesser peoples along with ritual human sacrifice. Indeed, the only Turanian nation ever pressured by the West to apologize for war crimes against vulnerable captive peoples is Japan, which has evaded confession in contrition of war crimes and instead under the unrepentant dictator Shinzo Abe has again salute the banner of aggression through rearmament and weapons sales including to defense-treaty partner Ukraine.

The Turkic Horde has been the mother lode of far right extremism in Germany, the brutal imperialists of wartime Japan, the Gray Wolves terrorists of Turkey, and the fascist-era Arrow Cross Party of the Soros family in Hungary that deported Orthodox Jews to the death camps. As an investigative journalist based in Asia for decades, I had the rare "privilege" of being probably the only history-aware citizen of a Western nation, the USA, to visit the mother lode in the Turkic homeland of Turan. In the heart of the Altai mountains (between Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Mongolia and Xinjiang), I gazed upon the ancient gods of the Turkic tribes, including the Kalmiks, Khazars, Koreans, Uyghurs, Japanese, Finns, Hungarians, Ukraine Khazars and Kipchaks and the Turks. The carved round faces at the top of elongated stone columns, their eyes staring upward at the night sky, represented the ancient gods and goddesses descended from a distant solar system. The message from these alien ancestors of mine was simple enough to decipher: "Here's a head's up, lads, go forth, conquer and spare no one!"  

Being of Japanese and therefore Turanian ancestry, I am expected to but do not count myself among the master race (Sunday school must have disconnected the cosmic receptors in my cerebral cortex), a hesitancy that leads to my suspicion that the highest-level leaders of the Nazi Party were not blond Aryans but secret Turkic Turanians with bloodlines going back to black-haired swarthy Huns of Attila's Horde. The pre-feudal classic tale, The Niebelungenleid (Song of the Niebelungs), clearly indicated that the Huns were then the master race of Europe and murderous overlords of a lesser ranking native German nobility waging warfare and psychological domination over indigenous tribes, whose confused courage was exemplified in the ineffectual resistance of Siegfried.

Ancient Enemy of European Civilization

What does mythology have to do with the present battle in Ukraine? Everything. The sworn Turkic foes of Orthodox Russia has historically included the two dominant Turkic tribes that swarmed into the Black Sea region to conquer the Russian-Ukrainian steppes, the Khazarians who have since converted as pseudo-Jews in the Odessa region and their predecessors, the die-hard bandits known as the Kipchak Turks, who were the mercenary vanguard for both Attila and Genghis Khan's conquests of Europe. The Kipchaks from the Azov Sea and Donetsk regions comprise the current leadership of the Zelensky government and main cadre of the fascistic Azov Brigade, the ruling clique since the Euromaidan false flag shooting of democratic-minded protesters. Blamed on the Russian-friendly faction, that staged incident became a pretext to launch military attacks on ethnic Russians who were also citizens of Ukraine.

Now, the history background to much anticipated Lord of the Rings revelations. The key difference between the U.S. Indian Wars and Russia's Turkic Campaigns is, as put by Abbott and Costello, "Who's on first?" White settlers were latecomers to North America who stole the continent, whereas the Scandinavian Rus were on Russian soil before arrival of the Turkic Hordes and therefore had first rights. The Kipchek tribal name translates as "hollow tree", based on a myth that their ancestress gave birth to a son in a rotted tree, a story indicative of their nomadic history.

Inspired by the birth in the wild myth, their bands of warriors called home wherever they won battles and seized land from Siberia to Mameluk-controlled Egypt, Mongolia, Hungary and Ukraine. Loyalty to allies is not part of their mercenary ethos, as shown in numerous examples of opportunistic switching sides in the middle of wars, for instance abandoning the Alans to join the Mongols. After a falling out with the Hungarian king, one of the more numerous bands of Kipchaks fled to Ukraine, where they were hired by the Turkish Sultans to put up fierce resistance to the southward drive of the modernizing Tsar Peter the Great, who ordered the Russian Army to push southward toward the Black Sea.

The Turkish sultanate repeatedly dispatched their favorite henchmen, the Kipchaks, to block the Russian quest for maritime access to the Mediterranean. The geopolitical conflict of Tsarist Russia against the Turkish Sultanate repeatedly led to forced retreat by the Turks from southern Russia, which accounts for the "bad blood" between Kipchak and Russian. The relationship between these foes is somewhat similar to the American westward migration against resistance by Indians and their Comanchero allies, the latter being renegade white and Mexican war profiteers who traded guns to the Indian in exchange for loot robbed from settlers . By all rights Joe Biden should be supplying Stingers and Javelin missiles to the Comanches and Apaches, who were here first and therefore have are a better case for territorial rights than the marauding Kipcheks who raped, robbed, mutilated, took blood sacrifices and forced the native Slavs into slavery for centuries. Comanchero Joe, trading weapons for loot from Burisma, is truly a Kipchak in heart and soul.

Some attention needs to be given here to those other pseudo-Jews of Ukraine, the Khazarian tribe, which invented the business practices of property rent and interest on credit during the Dark Age. As compared with the front-line fanaticism of the Kipchak  warrior creed, the Khazars were indolent slow-moving hedonists, who liked nothing better than to tantalize their eyes with gold necklaces and bejeweled baubles, as the model for Smeagel the Gollum who constantly mutters "My Precious!". Under early feudalism, which replaced Roman slavery, the rulers of the Khazar tribe "granted" land use to their Slavic peasants in exchange for a fixed amount of crops, usually grain and linen, since game and forest products were abundant for mounted men with bows and hunting knives. To the Khazar lords, the ousted European nobility worked much too hard to fill their larders and treasure chests.

The clever Khazarian solution was to forgo crop-sharing and instead impose annual rent on land and housing, paid in metallic money. The introduction of a cash economy forced peasants and poorer Khazars to sell a portion of crops at markets, roadside stalls and public kitchens (where blinis, bagels and matzo ball soup were on the menu at reasonable price). Other renters had to enter income-earning trades as seasonal carpenters, blacksmiths, tailors, goldsmiths and so on. For the Khazar master-race, the hitch was that the dominant Christian church of the Slav underclass considered usury to be sinful and harmful to peasant welfare. Therefore, the Khazarians mass-converted to Judaism for business reasons, which enabled their financial exploitation of the clueless Christian goyim to this day, hour and minute. So munch on a Nathan's hot dog while you're thinking over how to pay off that loan shark otherwise known as a credit card company. Go on, spend your last dollar on a Dr. Brown's seltzer. Mazletof!

Therefore it was profitable for a Khazar to become a penny-pinching usurer or a jewelry salesmen, while the macho men of the Kipchak tribe thrilled at grappling, physical training and weapons-handling to prepare for their next assignment by a warlord and nowadays quality for mixed martial arts. Thus, the upper class of the pseudo-Jew Khazarian upper-crust was divided into two castes, the merchants and the mercenaries, much in the same way as feudal Japan's stratified hierarchical system. The warriors dominated the political bureaucracy and military industries, whereas the merchants provided the financing for government officialdom and the "entertainment" district. Today this division of labor is shown in the militarism of the Azov Brigade and Zelensky's posturing in fatigues, while the financials for warfare are provided by their patron, mafia businessman Ihor Kolomoisky, who is probably reselling the shiny new American weapons on the world market to rich Arab sponsors of jihadist terrorism, African warlords, the Iranian mullahs and Mexican cartel for their upcoming offensive along the U.S. border.

When the Zelensky-Kolomoisky thugs abandon Ukraine, they can move on to greener pastures and more lucrative global trouble spots. Ukraine is already the biggest weapons dealer to Black Africa; its pilots and defense contractors forming the largest cohort of advisors and weapons trainers in foreign insurgencies; and also the most numerous nationality in the French foreign legion. The present occupant of the White House is obviously a shortsighted moron who should ponder: The USA just lost its longest conflict ever  in Afghanistan, so why in hell are we escalating the war in Ukraine? If the Europeans are so eager about their NATO pretense, then let them do the heavy lifting.  Now let's move on to "The Lord of the Rings", the archive of real-world battles of the Russians versus the Kipcheks.

Classics of Resistance to Barbarism

Nowadays, depth analysis of warfare is not readily available due to press censorship and archive suppression by intelligence agencies and their controlled media corporations, with the silent consent of the politically correct, race-exploiting politicians. Fortunately, Americans and Europeans do have an unlikely alternative source of knowledge about the barbaric tribalism out of ancient Central Asia that overran Europe, which is the sword-and-sorcery genre of fantasy fiction, action movies and comic books, including:

- "The Lord  of the Rings" the masterpiece of J.R.R. Tolkien on Russia's defense of the Eastern frontier from Turkic aggressors aka the Orks;

- "Dracula", the horror classic by Bram Stoker, whose primary source on Turkic cultural geography in the region known as Turan, the Land of Darkness, was the Hungarian explorer Arminius Vambery, the role model for the fictive vampire hunter Van Helsing; and

- Robert E. Howard's "Conan the Cimmerian", the basis for the "Conan the Barbarian" comic books and movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Momoa, based on the struggle of highly cultured Indo-European nomads battle against Turkic savagery.

You've possibly read these masterworks or watched the movie spin-offs while assuming such stories to be purely fictional rather than a real-world guide to the Land of Darkness, known to folklorists as Turan, the pastoral heartland of barbarism. This little known historical background is as essential today as that chain-mail vest and Bilbo's sword "Sting" were to young Frodo on his epic journey toward the fiery cauldron of Mount Doom. Without a map of Middle Earth, you are fated to be a quick snack for Orks on the run from the Riders of Rohan.  Count yourself a member of the Second Fellowship of the Ring as we venture into Mordor to meet the latest incarnation of that necromancer Saruman and his master Sauron. Don't forget to bring along a band-aid and toothbrush, and please do not whine constantly like that wimp Frodo.

Blatant Racism or Official Secrecy?

In these times of sympathy for the Kipchak Orcs of Ukraine, there are a few humorless individuals who vent online at Tolkien's "racism" due to his grotesque portrayal of the courageous soldiers of the Ottoman Empire as hideously ugly Orks. After LOR was first published in 1954, Tolkien's response to accusations of racism was to claim that the Orks are a stand-in for the Japanese, which was a plausible claim given the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Bataan death march and the Nanjing massacre, none of which made for a positive image.  

On leave from Oxford to man the cryptography desk in the Foreign Office intelligence bureau, Tolkien was well informed of the dreadful atrocities in Japanese-occupied Manchuria during the 1930s. The Italian diplomat posted in northern China took note of how the Japanese Imperial Army resurrected Mongol and Manchu cavalry brigades and unloosed them against unarmed Chinese civilians. The barbaric methods included routine chopping off of fingers to remove precious rings and extracting gold teeth with an iron club, while leaving the victims untreated to bleed. Fact-based reports of these barbaric incidents, however, were hushed up by the Vatican due to the Jesuit coziness with the Japanese military along with the Tokyo regime's support for Mussolini.

More recently, adding fuel to Tolkien's characterization of Turkic nationalists, the Ork-like behavior of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shown in signing a defense-technology treaty with Zelensky's government in 2018, an step toward revival of the Asian Co-prosperity Sphere, the 1930s militarist alliance with the Manchus, Mongols, anti-British Muslims and pseudo-Jew "Zionists". At this very moment, there is a two-horse race between Shinzo Abe and Joe Biden for who gets the role of Saruman, the bent wizard with an armaments industry in his basement. It amazes how the harsh "lessons of history" never got passed along to eager aspirants in Ivy League academe or freshmen "experts" at the State Department, who are eternally kept in the dark like the Goblins of Moria.

Whatever the horrifying behavior of the Japanese Turanians, there can be no mistaking that the word "Ork", when gargled in the throat, sounds awfully like "Turk" (while the three-letter term "Jap" just doesn't rhyme). For reasons of British diplomatic protocol, Professor John Ronald Ruel Tolkien could not state publicly that Turkey abounded with anti-Christian savagery as expressed in the Armenian genocide and brutality against the Kurds. The whitewashing of Turkish crimes, now hushed up by NATO, continues to this day, as a legacy of the CIA's Operation Gladio, which trained the fanatic Grey Wolves in assassination and terrorism in preparation for a world war with Russia. Given this background of repeated denial of Turkic malfeasance, I tend to brush off complaints about Tolkien's "racism".  If the truth hurts, TS.

Deciphering LOR

Aside with several wars against Russia the Kipchack mercenaries had earlier waged a series of brutal campaigns against Hapsburg Europe as the vanguard of the Turkish Sultan's army. Despite their repeated battlefield losses, these fanatics, who inspired the "Lycan" werewolves in the Kate Beckingsale movie series "Underworld", seemed impervious to pain, imprisonment and defeat while regrouping time and again for renewed attacks against Western civilization. Is it any wonder then that Attila and Genghis Khan assigned the Kipchaks to spearhead their invasions? A backhanded reason was to get rid of those potential turncoats as a perpetual threat to any regime. Their treachery was shown in the Kipchak participation in the coup staged by Mameluk mercenaries against the Egyptian Caliphate.

The truly Big Question about Tolkien's masterwork is why the main mortal heroes, Boromir, his younger brother Faramir, and the mysterious "Strider" aka Aragorn, the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, are Russian. The historical record shows that more than any other nation, Russia has rolled back the inflated boundaries of the Golden Horde's domain to recover the integrity of Europe. This is not to say that wiping out the Turkic hoards was a charitable donation; the Tsars pushed back the Kipchaks in their own geopolitical interest. The brutality of this primal conflict during Russia's southward drive is undeniable, especially during the capture of Kazan khanate as disclosed in the Eisenstein film "Ivan the Terrible".

Now onto another key question about LOR, why did Tolkien's Ring have Two Towers when one, Sauron's eye, suffices? Any power as unpopular and oppressive as the Ottoman Empire needs a insider diplomat like Biden or Saruman (Sauron's man) to soft peddle its next aggression. Following the failures of the Crusades and the fall of Constantinople, the Vatican or at least some of the popes established friendly diplomatic contacts with the Sultan's court, a deal with the devil, so to speak. One of the reasons, as shown in Marco Polo's journey to China, was to locate Prester John, a Mongol warlord whose horde had converted to Christianity but then returned to northern China.

In the trade-offs between Vatican and Sultanate, Orthodox Russia  was expendable. Thus more often than not, the Catholic princes refused to render aid to the Tsar against the remnants of the Horde. This rupture in inter-church fellowship was viewed by Tolkien as a betrayal of Christian solidarity. The alliance of Pope and Sultan was thus depicted in LOR as the secret pact of the turncoat wizard  Saruman with the absolutist warlord Sauron. This duopoly of world power had to be fictionalized by Tolkien, who was a devout but maverick Catholic with an obsession for pre-Christian folk religions. Placing these issues into a pre-Christian mythical past was a brilliant literary strategy for Tolkien who was well-versed in the historical chronicles and ancient myths, along with folk music and demonic legends, all the stuff that makes LOR delightfully amusing as well as thoroughly intriguing.

The Secret Life of Tolkien

Now to the next big mystery at hand, why was the Oxford don so evasive about the Turkic identity of his arch-villains, the Orks? While Lieutenant Tolkien's military service in the signals detachment is well-known, few if any of his fans realize that the task involved his unique skills at code-breaking. Radio code and print messages in that era involved obscure slang expressions and archaic dialects us as ciphers (as opposed to present-day computer-based alphanumeric strong encryption).  His expertise in the British school of philology as opposed to linguistics focuses on the usage, and abuse, of language both written and spoken in all its manifestations on the streets or in the archives, as shown with flair in LOR.

Tolkien served on the intelligence staff of the Foreign Ministry during the 1930s, tasked with deciphering communications between Nazi Germany and the Turkish Republic. The British objective was to prevent a repeat of the military alliance of Ottoman Empire and Kaiser Wilhelm's Reich in World War I. Although patronized by the British and French, the reformist Young Turks government remained suspicious about the western spy-craft that had led to the Arab revolt, the loss of Palestine to the Brits and Syria to the French, which divided the former Turkish colonies along the Sykes-Picot Line. Official records have never been released as to whether the philologist visited the Near East. In any case, access to diplomatic communications increased Tolkien's distrust of feigned democratization of that nation's centuries-long tradition of militarism, a distrust that powers his Lord of the Ring.

Youth of the Man

Tolkien never lost or left behind his juvenile delight in folklore, myths and ancient humor, which shines through in the antics of the Hobbits, who were modeled after the youthful soldiers of the Lancashire Fusiliers from western England. His childhood years, however, transpired in South Africa, where his father worked at a bank, and in Birmingham with his sickly widowed mother. It was therefore through his paternal uncles and aunts of East Prussian descent that the lad was introduced to the Grimm Brothers and folklore of their old fatherland. Birmingham had an opera house and city newspapers, which along with his schooling, would have exposed him to the then-popular works of Richard Wagner, composer of the "Ring Cycle" and its source-work, the early German "Song of the Niebelungs", Das Niebelungenleid, based in the Dark Age when the Huns were overlords of the Germanic knights.

The Charge of the Light Brigade and Polish Winged Hussars

The other major influence on his early beliefs was the result of the conversion of his mother from the Baptist sect to Catholicism, putting J.R.R. and his siblings under tutelage of the Welsh-Spanish Friar Francis Xavier Morgan who taught at the Birmingham Oratory school. The priest was one of that long-departed generation of maverick multilingual non-accredited  intellectuals in robes (similar to my own early education at a Marist order school in Japan, where Basque brothers taught courses in French, Latin and biblical Greek in addition to Cambridge English and Japanese along with Euclidean geometry starting in the fourth grade). This sort of intensive training across the breadth of European cultural history prepared Tolkien for rigorous research in folklore studies. Conversion to Catholicism also introduced the young Tolkien to an iconic blessed Virgin Mary, who figures so intensely in the Cate Blanchette portrayal of the Elf prophetess Galadriel.

His schoolboy days during the Edwardian turn of the century coincided with that halcyon interval between British involvement in the Crimean War and World War I, when a carefree British youngster could indulge his fantasies without anxiety over the call of patriotic duty. Young Tolkien was without doubt familiar with the most popular poem of that era, Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade", based on the devastating impact of Russian machine-guns against Turk-allied British cavalry in the Crimean War of 1853-1856, a horrifying scene duplicated in Spielberg's "War Horse". Peter Jackson did it earlier in his rendition of "The Return of the King" with the futile assault led by Faramir against the walls of Ork-captured Osgiliath, the Citadel of the Stars, no doubt informed by Tennyson's poetic masterpiece.

Tolkien's fictional battles of Russian knights against the Ork horde are derived from historic clashes between an aggressive Turkish Sultanate and Christendom on the defense. The Ork capture of Osgiliath by naval assault and ground attack recalls the Fall of Constantinople to the Sultan Mehmet II's navy and army corps, following a 53-day siege in 1453 and marking the worst setback for Greek-liturgical Orthodox Christianity.

The subsequent Ork attack against the steep city of Minas Tirith, The Tower of Guard, is a close replica of the Second Siege of Vienna, the capital of the Hapsburg Empire. In 1653, led by the grand vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha, whose armaments included a gigantic siege cannon more fearsome that the catapults of the Orks deployed against Minas Tirith, the royal seat of Gondor.

Astounding more relevant to the present conflict in Ukraine as well as to LOR, the Turkish invasion force massed on the outskirts of Hapsburg Vienna was spearheaded by a fanatically anti-Christian vanguard of 40,000 "Crimean Tatar" troops, otherwise known as Kipchak Turks, who are ancestors of Zelensky and the CIA-condoned Azov Brigade in present-day Ukraine). These front-line warriors for the Sultan, the real-world model for Sauron,  outnumbered Austian King Leopold's troops by a ratio of 2-to-1. Meanwhile, their Kipchak brethren from the Golden Horde, those Hungarian Kipchaks opposed to European civilization began their slow advance from Budapest to aid the Pasha's plan to storm the walls of Vienna.

In the parallel story, the next move on the chessboard of Middle Earth is the arrival of the Riders of Rohan to break the Ork siege of Minas Tirith. That magnificent horse charge, along with the incoming flight of eagles, is a reenactment of the bold cavalry intervention outside the gates of Vienna by Polish King John Sobieski III and his "eagle-feathered" royal cavalry. Tolkien did his research down to the details. Taken by surprise and cut down in their tracks by lances and swords and pistol fire, the massed  Kipchak fighters and their Turkish officers fled from the road to Vienna while being pursued by the hard-charging Poles, unlike the Polish serfs of NATO who have sided with the Kipchak thugs in Mariupol, blowing all possibility of inter-Christian solidarity.

Had not the Russian Tsar's forces kept the pressure on against the front-line Kipchak fanatics and their Turkish patrons, there's no doubt that Hapsburg Vienna would have fallen to the Sultan's wrath, joining Constantinople as another major Christian center wiped off the world map. Deliberately, there exist no references to Christendom in Istanbul, its history and religious legacy wiped off the map. As stressed in The Lord of the Rings, barbaric evil is never completely dispelled but will plot its return through malice and deception, as has happened in contemporary Ukraine with the revival of the Kipchak Turk menace. Just a point to note in passing, the Hungarian pseudo-Jews, including George Soros, are also descended from the Kipchak detachment of Attila the Hun and later Genghis Khan.

Secret Decoding for Churchill?

Other major sieges in LOR were based on the Eastern Front in the early fighting in World War I, where the British sea and land forces were directed by the UK Naval Secretary Winston Churchill. Tolkien's linguistic expertise, creativity with novel turns of phrase and his revelatory instincts probably may well have accounted for his early release from the disaster-struck Somme front to an as-yet officially undisclosed posting in military intelligence, probably as a naval decoder. Churchill would have been confident of a creative mind as original and complex as his own. That would account for the striking similarity between the Ork siege of Helm's Deep and the WWI battle of Belgrade for the Southern Slav homeland and the Ents' destruction of Saruman's tower with the fighting in Transylvania, translated from Latin-Romanian as "across the forest".

The so-called "Hun" alliance of the Central Powers included Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm II, Austro-Hungary, Turkey (amid a transition from Sultanate to a Republic under the Young Turk officer corps), along with Bulgaria. Against the Powers was the Allies including Great Britain, France, Russia (which pulled out under orders from Bolshevik revolutionist Lenin), Italy, USA, Romania, Serbia and others. Early on the Austrian-Hungarian dual crown order mobilized 19 army divisions to easily break through Serbian defenses for a major assault on a weak-willed Greece, whose queen was a sister of the Kaiser, to capture the British Mediterranean naval base on offshore Salonika.

That campaign over rugged terrain was one of the most lopsided military contests in history, with the small but hardly band of Serbs, short on arms and ammunition, taking the attack to the massed invaders, routing the Austro-Hungarian columns, thereby preventing the fall of Belgrade. That stunning and unlikeliest of victories inspired LOR's siege of Helm's Deep with its last-hope ride by Aragon and the lord of Rohan followed by the dramatic charge of the Riders of Theoden to annihilate the vast army of Orks.

The destruction of wizard Saruman's by the Ent foresters was inspired by the Romanian defense of Transylvania (translated as "across the forest") in this Balkans theatre of war. The entry of Bulgaria into hostilities on the side of the Central Powers pushed back the weapons-insufficient Romanians, opening a path for a rapid German advance through Hungary against Greece, while the Austrians marched on the Russian province of Ukraine. Counterattacks by the Russians followed by toughening resistance by the cornered Romanians turned back the enemy drive toward the Black Sea. Meanwhile, the king of Greece under his wife's influence betrayed the Allies, prompting a revolt by the Greeks of Macedonia and Serbian troops who had evacuated to the island of Corfu, preventing the loss of that strategic naval base.

The wisdom of defending Salonika remains an open question for naval tacticians, due to the high malaria rate from nearby mosquito-infested swamps and the naval over-confidence that led to the disastrous Gallipoli venture. Saved from capture at Salonika, the Royal Navy fleet was dispatched by an overconfident Churchill to capture German warships laying siege to Russia's Black Sea port of Odessa. Sea mines blocked the strait, forcing the Allied force to make landfall at Gallipoli in April 1915, where for 8 months the Turkish army inflicted 250,000 casualties on the Allied force of Brits, Australians and New Zealanders, a traumatic shock depicted in the Peter Weir film "Gallipoli", which led to Aussie and Kiwi disenchantment with King and Empire. There can be no doubt about the Gallipoli fiasco accounting for Tolkien's portrayal of a insensibly ruthless and barbaric enemy, the Orks, was based on the Turks and their Kipchak minions. This sort of disenchantment with hidden agendas led to the executive decision of Barack Obama, who gave his first foreign-policy "Islamist" speech in Ankara, to order the CIA to launch a coup attempt against Turkish President Erdogan, whose spy service handily crushed that plot. Turkey then retaliated against its NATO partners by enabling vast numbers of Third World migrants, including known terrorists, to swarm into Europe, aided by the Khazarian "Jews" with Rothschild-Soros "charities" during the 2015 Summer of Migration. Obama woke up to the strategic deception, whereas Joe Biden is hopelessly lost under the Sauronic spell.

Turan as a dark vast space

To wind up this long discussion on the Dark Side, this final section is focused on Turan, the Land of Darkness, as opposed to Arya, the Land of Light, and its Aryans. While doing research for his novel "Dracula", the English author who created the vampire horror genre Bram Stoker was in desperate search of historical evidence of vampirism in the Transylvanian region. In Budapest, the author met an explorer and folklorist named Arminius Vambery, who was then the only living European to have explored the region of Turan, in defiance of the Sultan's travel ban by disguising himself as a Turkish religious scholar to get past the Turkish sultan's no-entry policy.

On that journey of ethno-historical discovery, while trekking northward along the Caspian Sea coast, Vambery noticed a sharp decline in daylight hours as well as a difference in livelihood, from agrarianism in the south to shepherding in the north.  These measurable differences enabled Vambery to define the boundary between Arya with its Indo-Aryan language groups and Turan, dominated by Turkic tongues. By extending that geophysical line westward into Europe, where the contrasts were less noticeable, he realized that invading Turkic tribes, including the Kipchak (Huns and Turkic Ukrainians) and the Khazarian horde were, indeed, Turanians.

A significant exception to the flat topology of the plains was Transylvania along the Hungarian-Romania border, which by its very nomenclature is a mountainous and deeply forested territory, which happened to be the abode of Vlad the Impaler, who despite the Slavic name was a Khazar Jew with a rare type of red blood cell deficiency. Another Hungarian aristocrat also apparently suffered the same or similar genetic disorder was Elizabeth, Lady Bathory, who bathed in the blood of her maidservants. (My own theory was that it was actually menstrual blood and a placenta-derived infusion from afterbirth tissue, rich in collagen and iron, for treating the Bloom skin disorder, which causes lesions.) The Bloom syndrome is apparently gene-based and mainly limited to the Turkic Khazarian bloodline "Jews" and not authentic Sephardic Jews.

Prince Vlad's regimen of drinking fresh warm bull's blood is the probably cause of the Dracula myth. I have witnessed this same  refreshing medicinal practice among Tibetans living in the higher pastures of the Himalayan region, some of whom teased about cutting my throat for a health drink. From such self-effacing jokes, an entire genre of horror movies developed. In any event, the Hungarian "Jewish" aka Kipchak folklorist expert on Turan, Armin Vambery, later became the role model for "vampire killers" in dozens of anime, comic books and horror films.

One of the interesting aspects of the Transylvania region is the concentration of Hasidic Jews, whose synagogues, traditions and impression of Vlad as a heroic indicate a long presence and the strong possibility that the Count was a convert to Judaism, which contrary to Christianity does practice blood sacrifice. In the feudal era, the Catholic clergy at the provincial level often tended toward a leguminous diet supplemented by Friday fish in avoidance of unnecessary cruelty to animals valued for their farm labor and endearment to peasant families. The massive consumption of offal, organ meat, by Jews was considered repugnant and akin to savagery. Even in battle, Christians tended to be horrified by bloodshed, a reminder of the Crucifixion.  This Christian revulsion to blood-rated practices may well have contributed to rumors of Vlad's vampirism.

As for werewolves, depicted as foes of the vampire coven in the Kate Bekinsale series "Underworld", these ferocious killers are based on the Turkic creation myth of Ashina, the wolf mother (in a somewhat similar account as the savior of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome". In the cultural arena, the presentation of vampires and werewolves as horrific mutants external to Christendom illustrates the "foreignness" of the Turkic peoples and their myths.

For both sides of the cultural barrier, physical separation is not entirely the evil of racial discrimination but instead can be a means of spiritual integrity, a boundary between essentially different psychologies. For instance, the Kipheck raiders would probably benefit from isolation in Siberia, much like the Tuva tribe, rather than as the henchmen attacking Europeans. The similar situation has existed among American Indians, when physical proximity to Euro-American civilization has promoted casino gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction and the disappearance of young Indian women. This position on respecting differences between the modes of human survival was advanced by that outstanding scholar of nomadic history, John Smith at U.C. Berkeley.

Conan the Barbarian rules!

The Conan novels of Robert E. Howard in the 1930s were later adapted to Marvel comic books and films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Momoa (both movies miss the bull's eye about Turan). The earlier book series was titled "Conan the Cimmerian", the latter being an ancient Indo-European tribe that pioneered horse-riding and the use of wheeled vehicles, whose descendants some believe were the Scythians. The author Howard sometimes defined the vast continental interior, where Conan roamed, to be "Turan", which was also back up by his battles with Turanian warlords and savage herders resembling the Huns.

These fictive encounters between Aryan and Turanian forces in the Conan series is yet to be explored, a situation complicated by the obscurity of the earlier editions of the comic book series and waned interest in the novels by pop culture historians, which is regrettable today when the Aryans of Europe and the Turanians armed to the teeth, this time around by Joe Biden, are at it again.

The Final Verdict on JRR's Reluctance

Unfortunately for LOR fans and historians, we have be bereft of Tolkien's personal reminiscences of his Turkish and Kipchak discoveries as a foreign-intelligence analyst, which is the key to deciphering LOR's connections to European history. If the Foreign Office archives are ever opened to scholars, that background could be a veritable Dwarfish gold mine of literary discovery and reassessment. In the field of Tolkien studies, I've noticed a lot of dithering by self-proclaimed "scholars" hedging their bets by backpedaling, perhaps out of fear of being labeled politically incorrect about race-based conflict.

In my opinion, accusations of "racism" are an argument in favor of censorship and suppression of the freedom to ask questions about identity. Race is a fact of human biological and cultural descent, and every person should be proud of their ancestry with the caveat of rejecting the extreme brutal and immoral behavior of one's ancestors. For better or worse, the nomadic way of life with its virtues and vices has gone the way of the ox-cart and the chariot. The same can be said of the American tradition of horse-riding, cowboys and posses.

Unless one gets down in the dirt of agrarian living, yesterday survives only in our diminishing cultural memories. However, instigating wars to realize our ancient dreams, as being done by the retro fanatics of the Azov Brigade, is not just criminal, it is absurd, a lost cause that should have been put to rest before the invention of the Gatling gun. The moral power of "The Lord of the Rings" is expressed in its assertion that one must rise to moral challenges while coping with the passage of time and the losses thereof.  J.R.R. Tolkien's instincts, honed by spy work along with linguistic pondering, enlarged the dimensions of his literary genius, enabling the Kiwi director Peter Jackson to produce a visionary trilogy beyond imaging.

To conclude in honor those now-timeless icons of realistic fiction, the knights of Middle Earth, Boromir, Faramir and Aragorn, exemplars of the Russian spirit in defense of Christian civilization, I salute to courage! May this generation of men and women have the same foresight and moral gumption to block the inexorable drive to unify the world under a sole Sauranic power, the evil goal now being pursued by Joe Biden, a veteran of the Knights of Malta, which exists solely to defend a corrupted Papacy and his patrons, the Rothschild moneybags. The old alliances are dead, and today only Russia resists this drive toward global unification.  Others need to join the fellowship of resistance, humanity's only chance to rid itself of the "One Ring to bind them all".

- Journalist, editor and war reporter Yoichi Shimatsu earned a degree in European history at Purdue University.