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Promises, Promises - Where In Ukraine Is
The American Hero Hunter Biden?

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

The current military setbacks for Ukraine are not as much acts of Russian aggression as they are self-inflicted wounds for NATO and the USA, whose phony “human rights” campaigns and criminal attempts at financial takeover of the former Soviet sphere have incurred the wrath of the traditionalist leader Vladimir Putin, his diplomatic team and Russian military commanders. The White House crew of Joe Biden, State Secretary Antony Blinken and Defense head Lloyd Austin, have stirred up a one-sided war for cheap political propaganda purposes without assuming any personal responsibility for casualties inflicted on our American troops and civilians on the ground.

Empty words without action from those myopic cowards from a corrupt Democrat Party are a disgrace to the land of George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Dwight Eisenhower. The Ukraine situation was at most a distant foreign policy issue that should have been handled with diplomatic deftness rather than vile provocations daring Moscow to take military action. Putin called Biden’s bluff, and now Ukraine must face the music.

Where’s Hunter now that he’s needed?

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow has endured more than 35 years of nonstop NATO threats, political meddling, financial fraud, attempted theft of energy resources, phony “human rights” campaigning and hysterical Western media accusations. In the context of nonstop EU-NATO harassment, opportunist Ukrainians with itchy palms were used (or rather allowed themselves to be used) as pawns of Western piratical interests, as in the Burisma energy scandal, which saw a drug-addled Hunter Biden receive more than $3 million in bribes in exchange for diplomatic influence over the Obama White House and congressional Democrats.

Where now could the American hero Hunter Biden be hiding from Russian special forces? Ukraine was a mere instrument of anti-Russian propaganda to be played in exchange for molah. With that ill-gotten bribery Hunter Biden moved into a 4-story house in the art colony Venice, California, where he posed as an “artist” (no doubt of the psychedelic school of mud painting). Then due to influx of homeless vagrants under Southern California’s sanctuary city policy, which provided drugs and syringes to addicts, Hunter moved out to parts unknown. Most certainly, since he owes ripped-off Ukrainians a bundle of Hryvnia notes on a cold winter’s day, Hunter could now play the hero by parachuting into the Donestsk battleground, with a Barrett rifle instead of a brush to splatter colors on canvas. The coward for his next scam is likelier planning to establish a “charity” to collect donations for “Ukrainian orphans”.

This conflict, in short, is Hunter Biden’s War, a crusade-gone-wrong, while his spiritually impotent daddy remains unwilling to fight or risk losing an inch of territory when confronted by China’s imminent threat to Taiwan and the ongoing collapse of law and order along the Mexico border. The unmitigated military disaster for Ukraine stands as a warning to weak-willed amoral foreign leaders who have placed their trust in bank accounts in the West and Wall Street share-holdings. Now comes the bill for the fraud and posturing. When the Russian bear knocks, the western chickens squawk.

Toothless NATO

As for the much-touted North Atlantic alliance, the Obama-sponsored ISIS bloodbath in Syria has permanently angered Turkey, the only NATO ally with sufficient troop strength and gumption to take on the Russian military. Across former Soviet-bloc Eastern Europe, support for Ukraine’s corrupt “democracy” is negligible in the wake of the phony “human rights” campaigns financed by MI6-CIA asset George Soros. Even Canada would have difficulty sending troops after its all-out military mobilization along the northern Arctic front against a nonexistent Russian invasion on ice. Canadian president Justin Trudeau is now more rattled by angry truckers along its U.S border.

For Boris Johnson, concern for the Queen’s cold casts aside any concern for events at a 2,500 kilometers distance in the Black Sea. That leaves little Norway, whose hardline NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg got his youthful start on cross-country skis and a hunting rifle along the border of Murmansk during his youthful years as a hard-core member of the anti-Soviet Norwegian communist party (Marxist-Leninist), which was a CIA propaganda operation hatched by William Colby.

As for our shared democratic principles, in the three decades since the collapse of the Soviet-run Warsaw Pact have the nations of Eastern Europe emerged as models of popular rule, economic justice and good governance? Hardly, instead these mini-states have become clones of a bicoastal liberal America, as immoral pits of uber-expensive fashion shows, supermodel hooker bars, gay prostitute spas, and dating websites that are cosmetic-surgery showcases for tech-savvy under-age influencers. European cities are by now havens for international drug dealers, pickpockets, phone scammers, commercial fraudsters and illiterate criminal immigrants breeding like bubonic rats while living in social welfare dependency. The shrinking white middle class across Europe is futilely clinging to a “green eco-fantasy” of life without fuel in the gas tank or logs in the fireplace. Vladimir Putin, a neo-Christian crusader, has just done a post-decadent Europe a huge favor by pressing his little finger into its bloated belly to topple the corrupt Western juggernaut into a pit of wretched despair and self-pity

History Repeats

The pretense of a middle ground in Europe is ablaze under rocket fire. Ukraine is the flashpoint of conflict between two opposing realms, the corrupt Catholic and Jewish secularists of the West and, on the other side, traditionalist Orthodox Christians, Buddhists and liberal Muslims of the Eastern realm. In the hypocritical viewpoint of arch-Catholic Joe Biden and his State Secretary Antony Blinken, a Hungarian Jew, the underlying political and historical issues are going unmentioned in their New Cold War propaganda. The Democrat White House’s ulterior motive is to eliminate the cultural identity and geopolitical history of an Orthodox-rooted Eastern Christian realm, which has encompassed Kiev Rus, Belarus, Russia, the western Tartar-Mongol realm, the Balkans and Greece, under the traditional mantle of Constantinople (until the Islamist Turkish conquest in the 14th century).

Under the one-sided influence of Roman Catholic absolutism, the NATO powers have been attempting to bury, once and for all time, the legacy of the Church of the East. The ongoing campaign of sectarian denial and media deception by major Western news agencies and their Jesuit spy masters is a continuation of the Great Schism of 1056, when the traditional Greek and Aramaic linguistic tradition centered in Constantinople was challenged by the Latin-speaking advocates of the Church of Rome, which was modeled after the Jewish priestly Sanhedrin council.

The simmering dispute between the Pope and the Orthodox clergy erupted into brutal violence with the Crusaders’ murderous Sack of Constantinople in 1204. While virtually forgotten in the minds of guilt-evading Western European Christians, that unholy sacrilege still burns in the memory of Eastern Christianity, now more than ever given the mantra of NATO threats against the Russian Orthodox realm, which are aimed at coercing Ukraine to accept Catholic domination.

For the arch-Catholic revisionists at the Vatican and NATO, the greatest inspiration for subduing Orthodox Russia comes from Catherine the Great, the lusty Prussian princess who ascended the throne of Russia after the assassination in prison of her cousin-husband Emperor Peter III. The foreign-born empress “reformed” Russia by inviting in waves of Germanic immigrants and western advisers, especially into Ukraine. She also gave a huge swath of Ukrainian territory to the Austrian Hapsburg Empire. This history of an ethnic German presence in Ukraine later provided the pretext for Nazi Germany’s invasion of Ukraine in June 1941.

Despite her dubious morals, Russian historians have expressed little criticism of her majesty’s high-handedness since it was Catherine who annexed Crimea into her Russian empire (a historical precedent that NATO apologists still fail to admit). The complexities of history show that there are no permanently fixed borders across most of Continental Europe, except in the throats of propagandists.

To comprehend the Russian aversion to papist alliances like NATO, a foreigner should attend Mussorgsky’s opera Boris Godunov, based on the royal regent of Tatar (Mongol) descent, whose troubled reign marked the start of Russia’s Time of Troubles. The mysterious death of Prince Dimitry triggered internal revolts and invasions by the Catholic-rooted Lithuanian-Polish Confederation, which cleverly ran a destabilization operation known as the Three False Dimitrys. The most successful of the imposters was a Jew, Pseudo Demitrius II or the Third False Dimitry. In many regards, the anti-Russian campaigns of the late 16th century marked the beginning of the Age of Psy-ops, or psychological warfare, which have continued into the current military intervention by Russia against NATO puppet Ukraine (following the Syria engagement and other battlefronts)

Since then conflicts between Western Europe and Russia, backed by the ignoramuses of Democrat Washington, have been a tennis court of disinformation and psy-ops, from the Ribbentropp-Molotov pact prior to World War II to the Cold War and Reagan’s CIA-orchestrated Fall of the Berlin Wall and puppet Gorbachev’s “collapse” of the Soviet Union 1988-89. In this context of geopolitical deception and political subversion, Vladimir Putin has emerged as a formidable obstacle to the Vatican-Jewish strategy for global domination. After busting the Rothschild’s Yukos Oil takeover, then crushing the Army of Georgia run by Harvard-educated Mikhail Saakashvili in 2008 (the latter who also staged the Euro-Maidan Square shootings of 2008). The Russian government then imposed strict rules on NGOs, in particular the George Soros-sponsored fake “democracy” disinfo campaign. With Moscow’s regional alliance with the People’s Republic of China under the SCO or Shanghai Cooperation Organization, master geopolitician Putin now holds all the cards. Biden and Blinken are amateurs by comparison, left to biding their time at the stoplight while blinking at the oncoming headlights of a bulldozer. Democrat Washington is hopelessly lost, out of its pony league in geopolitical affairs.

While media-fixated Westerners consider Putin to be an unsympathetic and downright chilly character, well, so was Ivan the Terrible, the first-ever czar who transformed a disorganized Russian army into the Continent’s most formidable land force. The vast interior of the Euro-Asian continent is held together by force of will, and not as the West would have it, dancing girls on smart phones.

Kiev Rus Restored

Through direct action rather than by mere diplomatic words, Vladimir Putin is upholding the banner of that central realm of the Kiev Rus and the legacy of defenders of Mother Russia, including Alexander Nevsky who defeated the papist invasion of Catholic German knights; regent Boris Gudenov (whose loyalties proved to be for Russia and not his native Tatar-Mongol roots) against Polish aggression; Tsar Alexander I (who fought Napoleon’s onslaught) and then-commissar Nikita Khruschev’s bold resistance to the German assault at Stalingrad.

As for Ukraine, Kiev Rus will undoubtedly witness a revival when the yoke of Western European decadence and Catholic subversion is stripped off. Russians perceive a special role for that Western region in the cultural identity and geopolitical history of the larger Slavic realm, being the settlement of early sailor-settlers from Scandinavia and the Baltic who established the trade routes and Orthodox Christian connections with Constantinople and thereby with the Holy Land. The suppression of Vatican intrigues and restoration of a larger role for the Orthodox rites can restore the vitality of Ukraine as in the days of Vladimir the Great in the 10th century, when Kiev served as the trade and travel hub to Constantinople.

The revival of cooperation between the Orthodox centers in Russia, Ukraine, Greece and the Holy Land should strengthen and stabilize Christian communities in the Black Sea region and Eastern Mediterranean. Here, in the United States, an Orthodox revival will hopefully also provide a counterpoint to Catholic domination over American politics, now unfortunately associated with Irish and Mexican criminality and subversion in the United States as is now represented in that despicable national disgrace Hunter Biden and those sinister U.S. Postal employees who tampered with electoral ballots in the recent presidential election.

Dialogue with Russia, rather than a self-mutilating confrontation, is the way forward for the security of Europeans and stabilization of the all-important cost of energy on U.S. highways. Cooperation and dialogue instead of another failed crusade is the only sensible way forward for Americans in a shrinking leadership space worldwide. Just like everyone else caught in the throes of change, Americans must summon the courage to adapt to new realities or be left to flounder in futility and frustration. Rather than being our worst enemy, Putin provides a lesson to Americans about the dangers of indolence, luxury and corruption. Americans, like Russians, are a stern people, indeed a nation of heroes, with strong ethical commitments and religious traditions, which must not be allowed to wither under commercialism and media-driven fantasies. It’s high time to get tough - on ourselves and shape up and end all fantasizing about being a heroes in dangerous times and exotic places.