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Ukraine was doomed by the Catholic fanatic
Brzezinski's NATO expansionism

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Geopolitical over-stretch without any real-world intention of defending Ukraine drops President Joe Biden to the bottom of the list of would-be conquerors, far below Napoleon Bonaparte on a wintry French army retreat from Moscow, Adolf Hitler who threw away his finest shock troops at Stalingrad, and centuries earlier, the crusader Teutonic Knights routed on a frozen lake by the Russ peasant army of Orthodox Tsar Alexander Nevsky. Failed strategy invariably ends ugly. Leave behind the corpses and the wounded along the roadside like a bad memory, wash one's royal hands of the bloody mess, and turn a new page onto the next glorious victory! That is, until your last date with destiny arrives with enemy tanks rolling through the gates or when Russian hypersonic missiles zoom toward the nearest nuclear reactor.  

Ambitious military campaigns deep inside the Heartland of continental Euro-Asia are only for crazy brave dictators and berserkers seeking eternity in Valhalla. Facts indicate the "sensible" but cowardly Western abandonment of Ukraine, without a hint of blazing glory much less minimal honor, is ringing a death knell for the NATO military alliance, scuttled along with White House dreams of global dominance. More disturbing and irresponsible is any advocacy of suicidal civilian resistance to overwhelming Russian firepower by major Western news organizations. The deaths of hopeless defenders shall serve merely as a fig leaf pasted over the betrayal of Ukraine by a pompous NATO and a loser White House.

Here my second essay on the roots of the Ukraine debacle, retraces the primary causes of the present setback for the NATO expansionism promoted since Jimmy Carter's term by his insidious Catholic National Security Advisor Zbiegniew Brzezinski and the power-hungry Pope John Paul II, both being diehard Polish foes of the Orthodox Slavic realm located at the center of the Euro-Asian region. The relentless NATO policy of Eastward Expansion has been based on the Continental Heartland geopolitical theory of British geographer Halford MacKinder, examined further below.

Social Media Warriors

Meanwhile, Instagram images of gun-toting Ukrainian fashion models and social-media influencers, "beautified" grotesquely by cosmetic surgery and dressed in thousand-dollar designer jackets, is absurd online posturing without any serious intention of combat to the death on the battlefield. The infamous photo of former Miss Ukraine beauty queen show her holding an AirSoft toy rifle used by gamers, similar to paint-ball guns but not loaded with pigments. Against a Russian T-90, her air gun is about as lethal as spitting a wad of chewed bubble gum, even if her cocky image might sell a few $1,000 jackets on Instagram.

The GI Janes are poseurs for a degraded social media morphed into cheap propaganda organs for a toothless NATO. The reality on the ground is not about anime heroes; it's a one-sided campaign of brute conventional warfare under a nuclear umbrella of ballistic missiles. The Russians have so far refrained from launching missiles, even the small subsonic cruise missiles from their naval vessels in the Black Sea, leaving the possibility to the improbable event of NATO airstrikes against the Russian intervention. The deliberately slow pace of the Russian military incursions are obviously to force Ukraine President Zelensky to reconsider his refusal to engage in bilateral talks over the future of a Ukraine disengaged from NATO and U.S. influence.

So far front-line incursions are being carried out by Russia's scout vehicles, while a three-front Russian military offensive is being held in check until talks are completed with the Ukrainian president and his advisers. Meanwhile, deliberate distribution of automatic rifles by the Ukraine police appears to be an attempt to provoke increased Russian violence, mainly for propaganda purposes to incite a NATO intervention. Surrender and acceptance of the Kremlin's demands is the logical outcome, given the extreme reluctance of the NATO alliance to provoke a European-wide war with Russia.

 Admitting defeat may be tough on the national ego of Ukrainians but that is the reality check. Putin called the American bluff, and NATO folded, game over leaving the Russians with the pot and all the cards in the deck.

Notably, most of the fake bravado seen on television news is being orchestrated by Odessa Jews, historically proven to be traitors and a criminal element in a Slavic society, as exposed in "Taras Bulba", the historical novel by Nikolai Gogol. Ukraine's greatest writer, fully fluent in the Russian language, advocated a regional alliance with Russia to ward off any invasion by a military coalition of Catholic Poles and Eastern European Jews, in a repetition of their past anti-Russian alliance. The comedian-president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky must now lower his head from the clouds and face the reality on the ground of total defeat, even before the first shots were fired.

Contrary to the Western media fantasy of brave Ukrainian Rambos, the Russian military is by no means being turned back by rifle fire from a rat pack of Georgian mercenaries and released prison convicts posing as locals. Nobody of any significance in combat is coming to Ukraine's rescue. Instead of going for the bait, the Kremlin's tactical plan continues to stand back and gradually squeeze wit coiling pressure like a snake crushing a scared rodent. NATO's financial speculation, pot-shot border warfare and grand promises to Ukranians is over, and in hindsight was sheer folly abetted by hubris. If anything it is the toothless NATO alliance on the brink of collapse, after it chose to bail instead of fight.

Unless we are willing to see Kiev flattened like Stalingrad, its inhabitants sacrificed on the bloody altar to the self-serving demigods of NATO, laying down arms in immediate surrender is the only realistic course of action in this crisis. As for the mercenaries on the CIA payroll, play-acting out "resistance" for the social media and television news cameras, the Spetsnaz will surely strike a blow for truth in media reporting, by capturing and exposing the fakers who are just hired guns and homicidal convicts let loose from Ukrainian prisons. It's a sorry show, pathetic indeed.

From a purely military standpoint, the other decisive factor is terrain, since Ukraine is a flat plain ideal for Russian-style mechanized warfare whereas Afghanistan is an imposing natural fortress of the Himalayas, which enabled decades of guerrilla warfare by the Taliban. If the last embers of peace talks and compromise fail, then resistance will be snuffed completely. At that point, a scared world will have to accept millions of Ukrainian "refugees". Instead of assigning blame on Moscow for this disaster, Americans should put the entire responsibility for lies, deception and disaster on the CIA and its State Department, along with the Soros propaganda mill for spinning "democratic" fantasies that do not even exist in the USA, Canada or Britain.

Legacy of Spymaster Brzezinski

The double-whammy for the Biden White House over the past six months with the U.S. military rout out of Afghanistan and now the cowardly "threat" to impose ineffective financial sanctions against Moscow instead of troop deployments to Ukraine, mark an absurdist finale to the grand strategy of NATO's "eastward expansion" as interpreted by Zbigniew Brzezinski in a policy formulation that has evolved for more than three decades ago, long after his own 2017.

It was that Polish-born national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter who in 1979 proposed American support with weapons and cash, funneled through the Saudis and Osama bin Laden for so-called "men of God", aka jihadists. The longest armed conflict in American history, 42 years of guerrilla warfare, ended predictably in horror with the airport bombing that killed  13 homebound American servicemen. More famously, it was Brzezinski who played a key strategic intelligence role in the fall of Soviet Union with his (still officially secret) liaisons between CIA officers of Catholic persuasion and their counterparts from the KGB. A graduate of a Jesuit university in Canada, Brzezinski served as the "Vatican's man" at the National Security Council over several presidential administrations, coordinating the church's intel assets with American power.

Sins of the Ultramontane

Born in Poland before the dual Nazi-Soviet occupation, Brzezinski hewed to the "ultramontane" school of arch-conservatism in defense of the "other side of the (Alps) mountains", meaning the Vatican. As a National Security adviser he was mandated to protect America's imperium,  yet Zbigniew Brzezinski remained steadfast as modern-day crusader beholden to Pope John Paul II, a fellow Pole, and his horde of priestly spies and Catholic propagandists. The teaming-up of the Catholic priesthood with the CIA has been a partnership since the predecessor OSS was founded by William Donovan, a graduate of the Catholic Niagara  College.

This underhanded and barely secret partnership of church and state exploited the confession booth along with idle promises of a heavenly afterlife to sway soft-headed Soviet-era communist officials who in their youths had been indoctrinated in old-style religious fanaticism. The church-state cooperation succeeded wildly with joint support for the Polish Solidarity movement, the turning point for Vatican and White House leverage on the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. The subversive strategy of Catholic-CIA intrigue would soon thereafter achieve stunning political successes in the Czech Republic and later, nudging Ukraine toward a hostile stance against neighboring Russia.

The executives of the CIA have been predominantly Catholic, since the early days of Donovan, Casey and Angleton, alongside a few retrogressive Episcopalians such as the Bush dynasty and eager Baptists like Jimmy Carter. Those river-dipped souls  have been in lock-step with "Saint" Paul of Damascus, a Jew in  the service of Rome's intelligence operations who never met Jesus but started out as a persecutor of the disciples. After a horse famously threw him, the Pauline strategy switched to subverting the early Church of Rome into becoming a new Jewish Sanhedrin council, like the one that condemned an innocent man to crucifixion on false charges. The early life experience of Pope John Paul II reflected the Jewish influence during his prewar schoolboy mentoring by the wealthy families of his Polish Jew schoolmates.

This unholy cooperation between Catholic spies and Jewish financial interests enabled Pope JPII and the National Security Adviser to wrest back Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine from the Warsaw Pact in an "inside out and top down" counter-revolution. Their not-so hidden partnership in subversion also involved the glasnost-spouting Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, a blood descendant of arch-Catholic Spanish diplomats posted to the Tsar's court in Moscow, with even earlier family roots in the Sephardic Jewish community during the Moorish occupation of Spain.

This deep background of subversion based on Jewish racialism and religious subversion, as discovered during my journalism career in  Tokyo, is not taught at any university in the USA or Europe, kept in deeper secrecy than than the Index of Prohibited Books. Any institution that rigorous and strict about censorship is an overt threat to freedom of thought and the right of expression.

When it came to brainwashing, the Soviet Communists were cub scouts as compared with the pseudo-moralistic guilt-tripping at the parish school. Indeed, as one might gather by now, that as a child I learned those lessons the hard way at the wrong end of the Irish nuns' paddle. Undeserved corporeal punishment is key to inculcating blind loyalty. Needless to say, my cognitive capabilities and moral bearings survived that constant ordeal, thanks ironically to many hours spent in chapel detention gazing at the Stations of the Cross, that most significant ordeal of a savior Jesus passing through a compromised world. It's something to consider during Lent.  

To quell dissent from the pews, the Glasnost-era bishops simply copied the tried-and-proven psychiatric methods from the Spanish Civil War, taking note of heresy in the confession booth and then assigning the dirty work of a prearranged "accident" to local mafias of Catholic persuasion. "God" acts in mysterious ways, or so say the mafioso to avoid hellfire for political assassination of the Church's critics, for instance, in the case of the "mysterious disappearance" of Italian politician Aldo Moro, which was falsely blamed on the so-called Red Brigades that, in any case, was a CIA covert operation.

The repackaging of mortal sin in service to a power-hungry Vatican is heresy in gross violation of basic Christian ethics. A truly devoted clergyman would never bless grand larceny through spycraft and worldwide theft of oil and mineral resources by Western petroleum corporations and mining enterprises. Without a shred of ethics, these same subversives in robes robbed the charity-focused Vatican Bank, a crime which led to the Black Friars' Bridge hanging of an Italian banker in London.

Moving  past the post-1989 Soviet collapse, the Catholic-dominated CIA triumphantly called on timid Europeans to push back Moscow's influence in sync with the Clinton era policy of Eastward Expansion of NATO for murderous military interventions against Yugoslavia and Russian-controlled Chechnya. The warmongering enabled other power-hungry players to follow the Vatican lead, for example, Dick Cheney who dreamed of seizing the energy resources of post-Soviet Central Asia, and then the George W. Bush's financing of a gangster uprising in Stalin's old atomic pastures in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of westernmost China.

What does mass murder have to do with arriving at the Kingdom of God? Like you, I am not a Satanist and therefore do not subscribe to pseudo-religious hypocrisy, bedding down with mobsters and urging death wishes on aware co-believers, as is being hatched at this very moment in Ukraine with CIA calls for Ukrainian citizens to fight to the death without a clue about social responsibility in crisis and for no possible national benefit. If you cannot fight your foes, kill your followers, Amen.

Tear-jerking for an abandoned Ukraine

The Brzezinski-inspired campaign of mayhem and madness is now being swept off the board like fallen chess pieces by Putin's Kremlin. In this campaign against pseudo-religious geopolitical deception, the Kremiln is receiving full support from the Beijing-sponsored Central Asian alliance (Strategic Cooperation Organization or SCO). The recent CIA-inspired riots in Kazakhstan were nothing more than a minor annoyance for the Russians and Chinese who are protecting the region's oil reserves from the Rothschilds and other piratical crooks. The mainstream media claims Putin has no international support. Clarification: China, with its vast financial reserves, high-tech manufacturing capabilities and, if required, a 2-million man army. The West is outgunned and under-qualified for this geopolitical contest. That is not my personal wish, just a hard, cold look at reality.

And now, after all the deceptions and hopeless media propaganda out of Kiev and Lviv by an intelligence-controlled western news media, Europeans and Americans are sooned to be coerced to give "charitable donations" to "Ukrainian refugees". Many of those fleeing the conflict are not even natives but hustler "refugees" from Africa and the Arab world. By any sound logic or just street smarts, it is safer for citizens of Ukraine to keep their children tucked in a crib at home rather than risk abduction by child-sex rings across a Europe rife with perverts profiting from pedophilia. Before long, fresh blond kids with blue eyes will soon be sold online in the West through PayPal and Craig's List.

History repeats itself when it comes to refugee kids, as befell Serbian youths kidnapped by Albanian crime rings for sale in the pedophile black market across Europe and the Americas. Nowadays the flesh auction is conducted over the Dark Web. Be certain that NATO and the White House are themselves havens for pedophiles, just go ask Jimmy Alefantis of Pizzagate notoriety. Arguably worse than that sort of riffraff desperado are the CIA-MI6 connected "charities", such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Save the Children (StC), whose undercover mission is to train another generation of spies, agents of influence, mercenaries and prostitutes for the next cycle of imperial war and mass destruction.

Instead of taking the risks of exile in crime-ridden refugee-swarmed Western Europe, it's safer to keep one's children at home, even if the apartment block is at risk of a stray bomb. For a child, early death in war is preferable to a short life of sadistic sexual predation with a snuff ending. I recall how Kosovar refugees tried to rent me a young boy on their escape from the Clinton-NATO bombing campaign over war-torn Yugoslavia. Instead I bought them dinner and gave them money for a train ticket out of the bombing zone.

Cruel Realpolitik vs. "Benign" Idealism

The current round of self-inflicted defeat and retreat by NATO and the Vatican is rooted in American-European imperial hubris, which was spotted back in the early 1980s by my editorial mentor at the Pacific News Service (PNS) in San Francisco. A former CIA analyst disgruntled by the sectarian Catholic motivation that led to the Vietnam War, U.C. Berkeley professor Franz Schurmann often pointed out that the Brzezinski strategy of NATO enlargement and Eastward expansion was directly based on the continental Heartland geopolitical theory of British geographer Halford MacKinder. Although personally religious in his beliefs, Schurmann was a critic of strategic idealism and far more accepting of realpolitik trade-offs without the veil of moral pretense, that is, international relations based on logical decision-making rather that feigned outrage.

Today's ill-prepared college students have probably never heard of daddy Zbigniew and are more familiar with Mika Brzezinski, who tossed her father's Catholic morals overboard for that sinful glazed donut affair with her co-host Joe Scarborough. Oh, well, Catholic girls .... so easy to get into bed and so hard to divorce. Her flippant private behavior hints at a darker side to her family's supposedly pristine-as-snow religious values, or perhaps my pop-psychology impression of Zbigniew are skewed by Hollywood, given that his high forehead, arched eyebrows and devious slanted eyes reminded me of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". Who or what really is in control of the Vatican?

Pivot of World History

In his influential essay "The Geographical Pivot of History" (1904) the British geographer Halford Mackinder challenged the then-prevailing notion that sea-power alone, given the dominance of the Royal Navy as "mistress of the seas", sufficed to guarantee a geopolitical monopoly over world affairs. Halford perceived, as it turned out correctly, that the ongoing expansion of railroads would transform land war, from remote skirmishes between horse-mounted tribesmen into large-scale offensive capability in ways similar to how coal-fired steel battleships from English shipyards enabled British naval supremacy. Indeed long-distance military campaigns innovated in Bismark's rail-conveyed troop movements against Austria and then France, were soon fully realized in World War I, when German train transport enabled the Kaiser's Landwehr divisions to launch a two-front war against France and its ally Tsarist (and then Menshevik) Russia. (Rail was also the means by which the federal United States defeated the Confederacy and then gained absolute control over the American far west.)

This military-logistical revolution based on efficient train transport was not lost on the most infamous train robber of that era, Vladimir Lenin, who was covertly relocated aboard a sealed railcar from Switzerland to the Finland Station in Saint Petersburg, thanks to the Kaiser's spy service. Arriving at the terminus platform, the fiery orator launched the second and more radical phase of the Russian Revolution. The strategic importance of train conveyance was soon proven by the ragtag Red Army, which soon overwhelming fragmented Tsarist cavalry corps, as depicted by the Trotsky character in "Doctor Zhivago".  In the world's largest territorial entity, the railroads remain assets for national defense.

On Track for National Survival

To avert express delivery of foreign troops against Moscow, the Russian train system notably does not conform to standard European gauge (distance between the twin rails), meaning all cargo and passengers must be reloaded at the borders onto trains specifically built for Russian track width. The strategic rail system, pioneered in the Soviet era, is what enabled Putin's military forces to easily amass the weaponry and  troops on three sides of Ukraine, including Crimea, Russia proper and Belarus for the overwhelming "war games" against Kiev. Astutely, the Kremlin has resisted the Chinese OBOR plan for a Beijing to London express train line, if only because China shares the European standard gauge system, which could potentially result someday in a two-front war against Moscow. Likewise, a proposed Mumbai-to-Moscow rail line also remains shelved, despite the advantage it offers of rapid access to a warm-water port in the Indian Ocean.

In terms of the alternative of truck transport and highway logistics, Mackinder was correct about the strategic disadvantage posed by geographic distance on a continental scale. For instance, London is at a highway drive distance of 2,400 miles to Kiev. The road distance from the NATO front-line capital of Warsaw, Poland, to Kiev is 490 miles, or 790 kilometers, guaranteeing any NATO convoy to be ducks in a row along a shooting gallery for Russian helicopter gunships and organ-pipe artillery, basically a one-sided massacre along a land-bridge too far. This geographic reality explains the European reluctance to jump feet-first to Ukraine's defense, meaning that the NATO promise of membership for Ukraine was a bold ruse, a deception all along, until Putin called the bluff.

The British geographer, writing before the advent of armed biplanes in World War I, did not calculate in the soon-to-arrive strategic role of airpower. The glory days of American bombing runs were depicted in Joseph Heller's "Catch-22", launched from Sicilian airfields toward the Nazi-controlled oil-fields of Ploesti, Romania (south of Ukraine). By the late 1950s, winged aircraft were overtaken by self-guided antiaircraft rocketry (see Anthony Lake's novel "China Lake" on the development of the Sidewinder missile, based on Nazi German design concepts in the caverns of Nordhausen) and then by the unstoppable thrust of ICBMs. Mackinder's theory of ground war has been both challenged and augmented by ballistic missiles and recent development of hypersonic nuclear-isotope powered drones.  

The factors of air speed over distance has muted the response of major NATO member-nations to the Ukraine crisis. French President Emanuel Macron's two-hour phone conversations with Putin were obviously motivated by the vulnerability of France's 40-plus nuclear reactors to Russian ICBM and hypersonic missile strikes, which could terminate the very existence of France as a viable habitat. Thus, for Western Europe, NATO with its pathetic reliance on outdated American military power is by now a dead letter. A proposed French-German defense partnership would provide a minimum shield, at reasonable cost to European taxpayers, making it more costly for a Russian offensive against Western Europe, since the disadvantage of long distance applies in both directions. An American pullout from Europe will have the positive affect of forcing Western Europeans to adopt a more disciplined attitude toward homeland defense, and hopefully dent their nonstop addiction to fashion, discos, drugs and prostitution. Men must again be centurions, warriors along the frontiers.

New Era of Homeland Defense

The combination of weapons-technology advancement, logistical systems and geopolitical revival has put an end to warfare and geopolitics as we've known it since my Nisei father served in the U.S. Army's 442 nd  combat team from the American landing at Oran, Morocco, through Sicily, up the Italian Apennines chain, along the Gothic Line in Austria, northward through eastern France and across the Siegfried Line and the Rhine for the Allied occupation of Munich. That glorious although brutal era of American military supremacy is by now as distant a memory as our family's warlord heritage in Satsuma Domain, the real-world site of "The Last Samurai". Increasingly, dependence on technology and bureaucratic decision-making have stripped warfare of the last vestiges of arete, masculine glory.

Instead of vain dabbling in Europe, the Pentagon must shift its ground forces to the vulnerable 4-state region along the US-Mexico, in response to the build-up of armed power by weaponized cartels and Mexico's military allies China, Venezuela and Iran as well as other disgruntled rising powers. The present lack of firepower and troop strength means that there is no possibility for an outgunned Border Patrol and patriotic survivalists to turn back foreign foes armed with drones, shoulder-fired rockets, AKs and Barrett rifles. The struggle for hearts and minds along the border is already lost given the overwhelming influx of illegals, along with lingering Mexican-American loyalty to the old homeland and the Catholic church. Disaffected new migrants from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are by now lodged and financed with American welfare funding  in every "sanctuary city", town and village throughout the Southwest. Our limited social-welfare funding, food stamps, medical assistance and free school tuition are mainly allocated to illegals while American citizens are being taxed far beyond their means and reduced to abject poverty.

Mexican ingratitude along with increasing demands from haughty black beggary, without any sense of political responsibility and civic duty to city, state and the nation, are an absurd outrage for our natural-born citizens and an affront to the Constitution's expectations of citizenship rights and individual liberty. Everyone must work and contribute, even if that means being assigned by prison wardens to a chain gang. Let America be the USA again and not a plush refugee camp..

Next Up: Taiwan

The vulnerability of the borderlands to a brutal invasion abetted by treasonous Democrat politicians and social workers, is now being exacerbated by the looming probability for a People's Liberation Army naval invasion of Taiwan. The coming crisis in the Western Pacific may also involve devastating military strikes against Japan by North Korean missiles, resulting in the annihilation of the 7 th  Fleet and bases of the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan. Australia and any combination of Southeast Asian countries cannot possibly intervene effectively in a regional coalition to defeat the coming assault on Taiwan.

With a Ukraine moment soon to arrive in the Pacific Rim, I have already conveyed my willingness to host Taiwanese friends here in the USA in event of a devastating invasion of their fortress island. Yet my commitment to Taiwanese refugees comes with a caveat, as during my past advocacy for the Vietnamese "boat people" refugees in the 1980s in the aftermath of the disastrous war in Southeast Asia. I am ready to leave aside my antiwar misgivings to aid the average civilians, of any and all faith traditions, fleeing harsh, possible lethal consequences of yet another half-hearted American promise to a small nation in peril. China has its own national perspective, but what to do about the expendable victims of war is an international issue.

As in the case of Catholic-dominated governments in Ukraine, and earlier in the Republic of (South) Vietnam, the prime factor for war is the sinister arrogance of the Roman Catholic diocese in Taipei, which strongly has influenced the island's pro-independence Democrat (DPP) party. The Papal Nuncio, the diplomatic service of the Pope, recognizes Taipei as the capital of the Chinese polity, which in pragmatic terms is advocacy for a coming military conflict with China. The Vatican's stubborn position repeats the Catholic refusal to accept political reality in Vietnam, resulting in "Cardinal Spellman's war, in which more 50,000 American servicemen lost their lives, 2 million Southeast Asian civilians were brutally killed and the United States economy was nearly bankrupted. The nexus of Catholic authority and CIA intrigue must not be permitted to lead the USA down that rosy path again.

It should be noted that mainstream Protestants are active in China, much of that due to Chinese gratitude for American and European missionaries who put their own lives at risk to prevent even worse atrocities during the Nanjing Massacre. By contrast, in the Western intervention against the Boxer Uprising in 1900-01, Catholic priests ordered Italian, French and German troops to commit horrific atrocities against Chinese civilians in Peking and Tianjin, including armed robbery, summary executions and rape on a grand scale. Actions indeed speak louder than words. The criminal and blasphemous Vatican does not have a monopoly on Christian policy worldwide, and Protestants must regroup to enact the compassionate mission of their faith to prevent another Counter-Reformation.

The fall of Saigon in the 1970s, the Angola massacres in the '80s, Afghanistan since 1979, and now dismal defeat for Ukraine demand answers to the question "How many more innocent victims is the arrogant Vatican willing to sacrifice for its pretense of global unification?" In the present ethical vacuum in Biden's Washington, it remains the moral duty of Protestants and Buddhists to promote dialogue, the rule of law, and protection of every individual's personal beliefs by proactive engagement, and sincere dialogue especially with secularist governments in countries with different traditional belief systems. There is no such thing as a morally "good" war. Instead peacemaking demands moral courage, conscientious ethics in conduct, and faith-based social cohesion in the face of a corrupt, unjust and brutally sinful and hypocritical world.

One thing is assured. The USA is not a pitiable Ukraine, at least not yet. Americans will fight honorably, eventually win and rebuild this great republic established upon the enduring Protestant Enlightenment principles of the Founding Fathers, no matter the scale of casualties inflicted, mass destruction, property loss and self sacrifice. Any would-conqueror shall meet a horrific fate because the last man standing when the battle's over will surely be American. Our patriotic duty and call to battle are not somewhere "over there" far away but mainly here at home, today as much as it was for Crockett, Bowie and Travis at the Alamo. Stand tall, live and give, defend and if required die, under the Stars and Stripes so that it may wave forever as the banner of freedom and justice for all.