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The Mengelian Transformation - from Hippocratic
To Hypocritic under Mass Formation Politics as
Nihilism Globalized

By Stephen Martin

Above all, I must not play at God. 
The revised Hippocratic Oath

Once you understand the nature of mass formation, you also understand what you can do about it. But that doesn’t mean that it is easy to do something about it. The process of mass formation is a kind of hypnosis. Most scholars agree that it is very hard to wake people up from such a state of mass formation. Mass formation is a phenomenon that’s provoked by a voice.

It’s the voice of a leader, the voice that is distributed time and time again through the mass media, that keeps people in the grasp of mass formation, and the leader himself is also grasped in this process of mass formation … both the hypnotist and the hypnotized are into the process

Mattias Desmet

It is a sad as demonstrable fact that 'Eugenics' can be facilitated on the basis of the corruption of the Hippocratic Oath by way of hypocrisy bought as paid for, and that so many medical professionals are not above or beyond political alignment with a totalitarian system which 'plays at God'?

The most notorious individual example as epitome of such incorporation of medical professional into a totalitarian system is currently, such the retrospection: Dr. Josef Mengele of the Third Reich?

'History' may yet record a different as revised greater notoriety concerning medical professional incorporation evidenced by way of number and intensity of eugenical operations as under the Fourth Reich/Industrial Revolution?

One says 'may yet' as Orwell was sublimely perspicacious concerning the political utility of revisionism; in particular as to his concepts of 'memory hole' and 'crimethink' as well as insight into control concerning the past, the present and the future.

The reduction of population deemed to be 'surplus' is the quintessence of Eugenics and is inherently a product of a totalitarian politics as expressive of divide et impera as a sine qua non where inevitably there exists an 'enemy' continuously morphing under pragmatical propaganda; an enemy as must be destroyed under imperative of the protection of 'civilization' as 'realpolitik' .The progressive nature of such degeneration as to the metastasis of a mass collective psychoses or formation as 'State' as to such 'morph' as entropic was detailed succinctly concerning the 'Third Reich' by Martin Neimöller.

'First they came' as a phrase is yet associated with him, as even algorithmic intermediation of cyberspace under AI yet substantiates - this as by way of trust in 'Google™'.

(Personally these small quarters trust in Google as much as in DARPA such the ontology proceeding 'goose step by goose step')

Hannah Arendt did much by way of studying The Third Reich to abstract and stage the stereotype of how totalitarianism 'works'; the degenerate Herman Goering precised how 'it' goes concerning the war on Democracy proceeding by way of the exploitation of fear and the manufacture of a deadly threat.

It exists as a parallel between the Third Reich and the Fourth Reich that the 'Aryan Ideal' has morphed into the 'Transhuman Ideal'?

To paraphrase apposite by way of the modern Mengele:

'Whenever I hear the words' Human' or 'Natural Immunity' I reach for my syringe'?

It is a tragic proposition to make that the profession of Medicine has been largely debased as corrupted under a global political degeneration through concentration of wealth as the concept of 'Big Pharma' exemplifies resource transfer; of Eros to Thanatos as dream become nightmare thru financialisation and the dominance of private interests; that the love of money can corrupt; that power is as Acton claimed, and there is so little of spiritual or religious belief remnant such the 'Force Majeure' -this: given that one wants to believe, to trust?

- But that there is money in them thar 'pills' - however bitter?

As has corollary in the contrast between 'sweet lies' and the bitterness of 'truth' – which Orwell contextualised concerning 'times of universal deceit'?

Apropos this aspires to be a 'revolutionary' small article against cultural hegemony as that most dangerous mind Gramsci explicated.

If it permitted to be published such the control and issue of currency as extrapolated upon to point of a necrotrophic parasitism paradigm denied then small quarters shall at the least be surprised.

The ability to question remains foundational of Human diversity as much as of 'Democracy – as much as to dare to propose 'there is alternative!'? It is only under a mass transformation as a collective psychoses that there is no alternative and all who question such death of thought are ruthlessly persecuted.

There are yet medical professionals of high calibre whom question the narrative surrounding the biggest ever genetic therapy experiment ever to occur in History. They are truly courageous individuals whom face defamation, censorship and financial loss in their steadfast adherence to the Hippocratic Oath and Humane concern that they and the practice of Medicine does no harm, or indeed refuse to silently permit harm to be done to others, as Martin Neimoller so perspicaciously detailed apropos of how things can come to be so bad under 'acquiescence'?

Such courageous individuals adhering to the Hippocratic oath are evidently a minority and struggle to find or sustain a platform on mainstream and social media.

Dr. Vernon Coleman, here's looking and listening to you - if only more Doctors were like you.

One is reminded of the insight by Upton Sinclair that:

'It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It'

As well as of studies in Social Psychology such as represented by Milgram, Asch and Zimbardo, all of which bear relevance concerning the political degeneracy which any totalitarian system enshrines by way of the mechanics of abusive control and manipulation as divisive and hypnotic. This to say nought of the application of behavioural psychology as a discipline in respect of using fear by way of mind over mind 'Incorporated'

The profession of Medicine as evidenced by the global response to the Coronavirus crisis has become part of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) as of Eisenhower warned against; this has occurred as an expression of concentrated wealth facilitated thru fiat currency translated into political power and which accordingly has subjugated the profession of Medicine into a political system which is 'Global' as to a Unipolarity; such state expressed most medical professionals are tragically now reduced to the status of being but a 21st C. parallel to 'Dr. Mengele'?

A Dr Mengele and medical experimentation not so much a stooge as of 'Big National Socialism', but of 'Big Pharma' such the Inc., such the payroll, such the fear – and such the harm caused?

Such the degeneration of 'Hippocratic Oath' to 'Hypocritic Oath' under 'philanthropy'?

The vision of aforementioned MIC concerning 'Medicine' is as detailed in publications of the World Economic Forum (WEF); and it is notable that such vision entails the deployment of new technologies, largely which are of a medical nature, to effect a transhumanism through experimental gene therapy as thin end of the wedge?

There is no denying of the tragic fact that experimental gene therapy by way of m.RNA is pivotal to the implementation of the WEF Agenda; nor that details the exact ingredients of the vaccines as approved under 'emergency' as declared are in few hands/claws as by way of market capitalisation and commercial 'secrecy' . There is no denying that a small number of Corporations have 'made a killing' by way of turnover and profit from experimental gene therapy and that they were granted immunity from any indemnity against any harm arising from medical deployment regardless whether such happens to man woman or child as includes the unborn in state of fetal development such the nihilism, such the obscenity.

One is alas reminded of the degenerate Aleister Crowley concerning 'Do what thou wilt' such the neoliberal freedom as to be 'too big to fail' - as provides a carte blanche to potentially commit harm with impunity under the guise of medical emergency and the propagation of an enemy fearful? Reinforced in the case of Big Pharma through indemnity against any harm caused by experimental 'vaccine' products.

In circumstances where there was not such control by a MIC over the practice of medicine 'Globally' one would have expected to find a range of treatment of coronavirus as a viral infection given consideration and evaluated as part of Empirical based research and experimentation as opposed to a 'there is no alternative' reflective of the cultural hegemony of a power complex manifestly of a global nature and of unprecedented concentration of wealth. This cultural hegemony on behalf of the 'too big to fail' is reinforced through the selective as systemic distribution of resources contingent upon conformity by way of understanding as Sinclair succincts above: concerning the Profession of Medicine it means funding can be withdrawn or withheld, reputation can be ruined or in extremity license to practice revoked.

Questioning the narrative as opposed to adopting a Dr. Mengele like 'understanding' and conformity to essentially political ideology is punished, while blind obedience to diktat and promotion of the TINA line is rewarded. The profits roll in to 'Big Pharma'; they roll out to the Dr. Mengele like such the waves under satanic gravitas as a 'Dialectic' of a mass formation psychotic?

Not all Doctors have been degenerated or transformed under hypnosis into parallel of Mengele and the abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath; one suspects that many have questions but are fearful to ask them openly. A minority of medical professionals are alas outright ideological whores whom have abrogated their Humanity in profiting from the abandonment of their Oath and in causing harm under a perverse as eugenical conception of 'greater good'? Unfortunately such the concentration of wealth and power structure prevailing way of 'gravitas', such a minority under cultural hegemony continue to determine events at a global level. This includes the mandate of experimental gene therapy regardless the wishes of individuals in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Laws which define enforced participation in medical experimentation as a Crime against Humanity. One shudders to think that an additional stage of degeneration could be realised by parallel to the concentration camp system the Third Reich operated; Dr Mengele being part of the medical administration at Auschwitz - the internment of the 'Unvaxxed' has already begun in Australia, form of 'Howard Springs' , and the notion of such collective punishment for 'refuseniks/covidiots' as the new 'untermenschen' is growing globally as mooted under cultural hegemony by mainstream media such the divide et impera? The devaluation of Life is central to 'Nihilism' as used in title this small article.

The Great Reset manifestly includes not only horrendous damage to Economies with attendant immiseration and sufferance such the Ordo ab Chao, but also includes damage to one of the noblest of professions, that of Medicine such the 'Inc''?

As to whether such damage is irrevocable, time alone will tell.

Dr. Mengele was never captured or tried other than in absentia for his Crimes Against Humanity.; there was no 'Operation Paperclip' for him.

Final quote this small article goes to Martin Luther:

'The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn.'

It is a sad indictment of so many Medical professionals contemporaneous that they play at god by following the devil's agenda and deserve scorn?

Such the Mengelian Transformation under the Fourth Reich/Industrial Revolution as aspectual a mass formation.