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Hantavirus, Not Ebola, Prompted The
Pre-Olympics Lockdown Of Xian

Covid Part 31

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

As the countdown begins for the Beijing Winter Olympics, scheduled to start on Friday, February 4, the Chinese capital region is on full alert not only for bioengineered COVID-19 but also a vintage Korean War-era biological weapon called Hantavirus. A specific variant called Hantaan virus (HTNV) erupted in mid-December to shut down the ancient capital of Xian, a metropolis of 13 million residents along the Silk Road, which is now just barely resuming public activities.

Named after the Hantan River that flows through Seoul, Korea, Hantavirus was first developed as a biological weapon during the pre-World War II occupation of China by that infamous Unit 731 of the Japanese Imperial Army, based in Harbin, near the Amur River (Heilongjiang, or Black Dragon River), as still disclosed by infections among the Amur rat species. After the defeat of Japan in WWII, Hantavirus subtypes were further weaponized in the postwar era by 731 veterans recruited into the U.S. Army biological warfare program at the Dugway Proving Ground, 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. What a fine partnership it was, heralding a new bilateral era of better bioweapons!

Disinfo from the Mouths of Charlatans

In a cover-up of this direct association of rat-borne Hantavirus with the U.S. Army biowarfare program, the showoff researcher Dr. Robert Malone has taken it upon himself to blame the Africans for the Xian imbroglio. His disinformation seeks to divert public attention away the actual cause of the Xian outbreak, by referring to this all-too familiar rodent virus as an "Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever". Correction, Dr. Malone: The Xian infections involve the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) caused by the bunyavirale family as opposed to the filovirus group that includes Ebola.

Visually, though an electron microscope, their overt difference is that bunya viruses are spherical enveloped viruses, whereas Ebola filovirus types have elongated RNA filaments in various configurations, U-shaped or curled in rings. This difference in morphology is just so basic, Dr. Malone, that either your eyesight or your honesty is deranged.

Also in the real world, as opposed to microbiological disinformation, the carriers of Hantavirus are rodents, usually household rats, whereas Ebola is conveyed by giant fruit-eating bats, as discussed in detail in my multi-part series on the West African Ebola outbreak of 2014-16 series posted at , which has since been butchered and removed from the Internet by the biowarfare establishment. I take your censorship as a complement, touche'!

As the common sense of any orchard owner dictates, giant fruit bats infected with Ebola do not swarm over barren trees in northern China in the freeze of December, but instead nestle in their caves in balmy subtropical Yunnan some 700 miles to the south, their natural habitat of confinement. Indeed, as a environmental adviser, I have visited Pingliang, the apple-growing orchards a bit west across the border of Shaanxi, China, and can testify that the copious amount of pesticides there in Gansu Province mercilesslya kill any creature with or without wings that dares to bite an apple, including Robin and Batman. Scrub and peel before eating is my sincere advice, or better just stick with the hot noodle soup.

Researcher Malone self-proclaims to be the sole pioneer of the mRNA techniques that are used to micro-assemble the Pfizer and Moderna COVID double-dose vaccines (which, by the way, have proven ineffective enough as to require a third inoculation). Contrary to his self-centered claim, mRNA has been widely applied in American agricultural research for many decades, as pointed out by this writer years ago in an article on swine flu research in the American Midwest. Malone's ascent to self-proclaimed genetic-engineering genius and a potential successor to Tony Fauci (there is a resemblance when it comes to quackery) started with his research with the Salk Institute, yes, of polio disrepute, and then onto AMRIID, the long-discredited U.S. Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, MD, the same military outfit that weaponized Hantavirus. So is it any wonder that biowarfare shill Malone cites "Ebola" in Xian rather than Made-in-the-USA Hantavirus?

Virus of Choice for the CIA

Despite nearly century of R&D on the Hantavirus, no cure has ever been found for this infectious disease spread in rat urine and feces, meaning prevention is especially difficult wherever rodent populations are concentrated, for instance near urban sewer systems, garbage heaps and landfills. On my first visit to China in late spring 1977, my translator-guide Bing disclosed that as a teenager during the Korean conflict he had been dispatched by the Youth League for the clean-up of "straw, horse hair and rat dung" dropped from CIA-operated aircraft over the northern bank of the Yalu River, in Chinese territory in contravention of the UN Command's combat zone limited to Korea proper.

Langley HQ vociferously denied Chinese and Soviet accusations of biological warfare, primarily because the Dugway-sourced infected dung soon thereafter spread to the UN command center in Seoul, killing 3,000 UN soldiers, mostly American GIs (whose nearest kin were never compensated for the cockamamie live-experiment), which set a grim precedent for the Pentagon-CIA recklessness repeated in the Agent Orange debacle on Vietnam veterans and their families, on down through at least two generations of their children? The CIA lied, so what else is new? That's what they're paid to do with taxpayers' money.

Unit 731 legacy of modified Hantavirus along with biowarfared bubonic plague have never been totally quelled across rural China, showing up even in the New Territories district of Hong Kong. These early-generation biological weapons have also cropped up along American roadways from Dugway, Utah, to March Air Base near Riverside, California, and onto to American military staging area in Okinawa. Virus outbreaks have occurred on Indian reservations in the Four Corners region and campgrounds in the Yosemite National Park, along with permanent infection of squirrel populations in Riverside County, Southern California, indicating that animal-control measures cannot prevent either Hantavirus and bubonic plague from becoming endemic in once-pristine natural areas and presenting a potentially lethal threat to nearby communities.

Haunted by Hantavirus

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), was the forerunner of "gone nuts" pseudo-science that created COVID, as practiced at veterinary laboratories, medicals schools and research hospitals in  the Biowarfare Archipelago across the United States, Canada and Britain. After a gestation period of 2 to 8 weeks, the symptoms in patients include acute shock, leaking blood vessels, kidney failure and low blood pressure.

The average mortality rate in HPS-infected humans is 38 percent of patients, way far worse than COVID, which runs from a 1.7 percent death rate among infected persons in the USA up to 6.9 percent across the border in Mexico, the nation with the highest coronavirus mortality rate. (And the US-Mexico border remains wide open for illegal migration, thanks to the open border dogma of Joe Biden and his Democratic Party liberals, even while clinics and hospitals in the border states are so swamped will illegals that American citizens cannot get treatment.) Just be damned happy that Hantavirus isn't running wild across these United States and, meanwhile, to hell with the statistically unjustifiable and absurd COV lockdown!

Official Apologies instead of Diplomatic Cowardice

"Diplomatic boycott" of the Winter Olympics is a hypocritical cop-out by the Biden administration, along with allied governmental leaders in Tokyo, London, the Hague and other nations that had a role in the creation and sinister spread of Hantavirus across the Korean Peninsula and China. Instead of blaming the victims of sinister, indeed genocidal biowarfare by a domineering West, official apologies from Washington are long overdue along with a cooperative international program to reduce and, wherever possible, eliminate these bio-agents and other types of lab-enhanced infectious diseases. Stop making and spreading them, and the outbreaks will cease.

Meanwhile, it is high time for the American press, under First Amendment protection, to root out the cynical biowarriors out of their labs and cloisters in our national health bureaucracy, starting with that maniacal deceiver Tony Fauci of the the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), who is nothing less than an unpatriotic, sinister, and indeed diabolical war criminal.

City of Ten Thousand Warriors

Once again, contrary to regional environmental factors mitigating against an outbreak, as was the case of coronavirus in Wuhan, the Hantavirus event in early December seems utterly suspicious inside Xian, the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, gateway to the Silk Road and resting place of the Ten Thousand terra cotta warriors. One might argue that Wuhan is situated in a river valley divided by the great Yangtze; whereas the view from Xian's central tower is of a vast grassy plain, so the dissimilarities outweigh their commonality. Vistas even from high bell towers, however, can be deceiving, since just beyond a fold in the nearby mountains, there flows the Yellow River, the vast waterway of Northern  China, which contributes to soil fecundity and a large rodent population. And that factor tends to lean toward a natural cause rather than heinous foreign-organized biowarfare as in the Wuhan case.

Inside the massive brick walls left by the Ming Dynasty, high and mighty Xian has been impregnable to invasions and peasant uprisings, in contrast to Nanjing or even Beijing. After deboarding the Silk Road train and entering its sanctuary, without fear of intimidation or hard stares, visitors may dine among the many Hui Muslim lamb barbecue restaurants near the Bell Tower and then stroll to the ancient Taoist and Buddhist scroll-and-painting district with its Beilin antiquities museum. Up on its high ramparts, a visitor notices the refreshing dry, crisp desert air of a healthy environment, carrying none of the cloying humidity of the coastal cities, which renders suspect the recent travel ban to Xian due to the outbreak of the Delta variant of coronavirus and then by another infectious agent dropped by tiny squeaky creatures scurrying inside the kitchen walls. Obviously I still have doubts of whether the Xian outbreak stemmed from natural causes.

Imposed on December 22, the travel ban into and out of Xian, has recently been eased somewhat to allow for entry of food supplies and so as not mar the glory of the Beijing Winter Olympics. There's an  air of mystery, however, in the recent tightening of health checks in Beijing and other major cities, as if in dread of leakage of an infectious agent out of Xian.

Here, as in the earlier quite ineffective bat-borne attack on Wuhan in early October 2019, the deployment of giant fruit bats was selected by the biowarfare perpetrators, in all probability the Japanese colleagues of rogue researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka (U. Hokkaido, U. Wisconsin-Madison, U Tokyo), as the most effective means of long-distance delivery of a highly infectious diseases into the food supply of the Chinese population. Bats are not readily trained, being rightfully suspicious of apes in general and humans in particular, and certainly do not intend to freeze to death on a long winter's flight.

Bat Failure in Wuhan

The earliest sections of my COVID series showed that coronavirus as a biological weapon was targeted at the French-led World Military Games (CISM), held in Wuhan over two week, starting in mid-October 2019. The first attempts at contaminating that region of the Yangtze River valley in late autumn was done with infected gigantic bats with a wingspan of nearly 6 feet (2 meters), but failed due to a regional drought that had withered local tree-bearing fruit crops. After bat-borne transmission went awry, the lab-modified coronavirus was delivered inside of infected Tilapia fish, which lack natural immunity due to bioengineering. The targets were two lakes used for the CISM aquatic lifesaving, boating and swimming events, where seafood workers with a Korea-based religious cult infected the military athletes and their supervisors, many of them military intelligence officers, rendering a serious blow to military forces around the world, with the exception, of Japan, Britain, Australia and Israel, which are not CISM members.

In the wake of my reporting, based on leaks from whistle-blowers, a massive disinformation campaign was mounted to put the blame on bat research done at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan. In fact, China's officialdom passively encouraged that cover-up to distract public attention away from the huge number of deaths by coronavirus infection of Chinese soldiers assigned to facilitate the CISM games, which my series proved with the bright flare from large plasma-furnace incineration near the Chongqing PLA garrison at same time as mass cremations at Wuhan, made clearly visible by infrared-tracking Earth observation satellites.

Although new lockdowns are ordered even as COVID radically diminishes both in potency and frequency, we can now safely resurrect the Chinese idol Marx, who ironically uttered: "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." So long, Tony, after all the horrors you inflicted and  now at the end of your reign, good riddance! As for me, I hope Part 32 of this series will be unnecessary as American society rushes out of its 2-plus years of comatose hibernation.