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The Deadly Blood Money of Necrotrophy
Now Circulating Genocidal

By Stephen Martin

This small article proposes under metapolitical analogy an ontology of a world which is now manifestly in the terminal stages of necrotrophic parasitic infestation as a result of the increasingly corruptive and highly toxic presence of 'blood money' as a highly toxic 'secretion' which kills the host thru absorption alas . To take the blood money and to run with it as a host is to abrogate such aspects of humanity as morality and the ability to discern the difference between truth and lies. Sinclair Lewis described such a situation of 'blood money pathology' when he said:

'It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his livelihood depends on his not understanding it'.

Much as these small quarters hold Dr. Vernon Coleman in esteem, his recent metapolitical prognosis as based on a sublime grasp of medicine is unfortunately optimistic, his medical sagacity yet demands 'consultation' as much he is truly a great man?

'How long we got Doc'?' , indeed.

The term 'blood money' as a polymorphous concept as necrotrophy attained by way of an accretion geopolitikal of 'drip, drip' as a form of necrotrophic metastasis of deadly 'hsi nao' as collective psychoses precipitated is explicated below.

Necrotrophs are a form of parasite which by definition kill their hosts. Unlike the humble leech as a parasite, which will feed off the blood of a host and drop off same host once suitably bloated, and secretes anti- coagulants to facilitate such feed which weakens the host, necrotrophs are deadly; their nature is to kill the host, at such juncture as 'mission accomplished' they 'move on'.

In this analogy based on parasitology 'mass formation' is the result of blood money secretion into the host as an economic body by necrotrophs operating at a level of infestation which is disguised; much as an anti -coagulent secretion considered in the case of leech is a form of 'disguise' thru which sensation minimised as of thereby blood suck/loss can facilitate greater control and manipulation of the life of the host by way of surreptitious arrogation and expropriation.

The secretion of anti-coagulents to minimise sensation of blood loss is a very basic form of 'mind control' by way of the subversion of sense: leeches 'quantitatively ease' the extraction of blood from the host by way of introducing anti- coagulents and possibly local anaesthetic agents into the bloodstream of the host, and there is no visible 'blood all over the place' as could serve as a warning to the host - way of 'What the fuck?' as a result of awareness of presence unaverted.

Parasites perform best under conditions of low visibility to the host, e.g. under the skin as in the gut as right up the ass, whereas the leech as attached to skin perform best by way of bloat attained when attached to areas of 'low visibility' such as the back of the host. There is even a parasite as can swim up a stream of urine and enter the host through urethra.

We shall come back to the analogical implications of the term 'quantitative ease' as facilitative of parasitic feed in a necrotrophic context in this small article.

'Analogy' is a central component of metapolitics as a resistance against cultural hegemony; 'The Analogy of Necrotrophy' being considered as title for this small article by these small quarters.

The ontology of the metastasis as explosive growth of necrotrophy in an analogical context as now tragically as imminently demanding 'bend over and kiss your ass goodbye' as some form of Genocide euphemised demands 'revelation' as an unveiling?

What really pisses off these small quarters metapolitical is some variant not so much as of the 'little man' syndrome such the Reich as of Wilhelm as much as of Schwab's Fourth Reich/Industrial Revolution, but that one is unfortunately looking at a situation of inevitable mass formation on a hitherto unprecedented scale; necrotrophic blood money having attained such a level of circulation in the host of humanity in the 21st. C. that it can tragically be diagnosed that 'necrotrophs rule the world' and with attendant sympotomatology of 'mass formation' - at a highly pernicious level of geopolitical unipolarity.

And so to the tragic ontology of how necrotrophs have taken over the world. Their primary mechanism has been thru the control and issue of currency such the 'fiat accompli' (sic) and the quantitative ease of selective circulation applied to buy up everything thru the practice of neoliberal corporatism at the level of International Finance. The ability to print money as to profit from quantitative ease thru resource transfer by devaluation, as to an invisible pick pocketry steal from all using that currency is a critical consideration of the life cycle of the most deadly form of necrotrophy the world is ever to witness or experience by way of Genocide, if not Ecocide, effected. The resource transfer under quantitative ease and the disbursing of funds to controlled financial institutions with instructions to 'buy, buy buy!' can be evidenced by looking at the assets under management of such behemoths of necrotrophy/neoliberal corporatism as BlackRock and Vanguard. The TARP program was nectrotrophy on a scale too big to fail.

Necrotrophy in this analogy means that all the currency stolen is not hid under the bed, rather it is used to purchase tangible assets. Such the concentrated scale of such asset consolidation it is difficult to hide, even though there is the attempt to disguise blood money running by different trade names, in reality the ownership is by 'Necrotrophy Inc'. It is not just in the commercial sphere that blood money can bear influence concerning control and manipulation, to such necrotrophy political systems and parties and individuals are also hosts, and this also includes mass media. Such control is effected by the circulation of blood money in the form of an offer which cannot be refused. If a politician on the payroll tries to refuse, or a talking head or yellow journalist goes 'off script' concerning the manufacture of lies and illusions as to the deep state of necrotrophy as rampant thru blood money, then they are punished. To run with the blood money as taken is as demands unquestioning obedience, and compliance with the necrotrophic line. For doctors this means ignoring questions, complying with governmental and Big Pharma instructions, and ensuring that protocols are followed, for politicians this means that policies and key phrases as mantras are repeated, for journalists this means scripts and editorial lines are followed. The litany of woeful influence of blood money as corruptive and deadly could go on and on such the extent of the mass formation as world wide.

The ultimate expression of such necrotrophy is to kill the host. This is what necrotrophy is all about, even though such agenda may be disguised under plausible deniability or casus belli as of 'R2P' , or under the euphemism 'surplus population reduction' the imperative for necrotrophy is to kill the host. This brings us to the ponerological consideration of necrotrophy, and the proposition that the chief necrotroph is no less than satan, whom as in Milton's sublime 'Paradise Lost' vowed to destroy Man if not all creatures great and small as of God's creation and are as hosted by this wondrous planet. There is no doubt that transhumanism and the deployment of new technologies such as gene therapy, wireless communications radiation, genetic modification and artificial intelligence Technology are congruent with a necrotrophic objective, or that such list is far from inclusive as could include ionizing radiation, and the deployment of toxic pesticides and plastics. Nor is there any doubt concerning the ecocidal potentialities of such technologies as part of the greatest trick the chief necrotroph ever pulled.

Barring divine intervention the fat lady is soon to sing funereally, alas, such the extent of mass formation as necrotrophically abounding, and such the metapolitical prognosis based on analogy.

God help us.

Stephen Martin can be reached at