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Unipolar Mechanisms of the Apocalypse

By Stephen Martin

'And the animals looked from Power Block to Power Block , and back again, and could see no difference'

George Orwell. (Paraphrased.)

The world is now run by a unipolar authority of unprecedented concentration of wealth and power and pathology commensurated as per Acton's proposition of power corrupting. This unipolarity transcends on a global basis not only the sovereignty of nations, but also the geopolitical power blocks which Orwell conceived of as 'Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia'.

While most people suspect that on a national level the two party system is in fact an illusion, ie. that there is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats in the USA, or New Labour and the Conservatives in the UK to give but two examples , it is yet the case that at a geopolitical level there is still widespread belief in a 'difference' when it comes to power blocks apperceived under cultural hegemony?

That is, to propose there is no real hegemonic difference between China, Russia and the Western World under a unipolar authority controlling them all is still met with incredulity. The unipolar public private partnership which has taken over the world neoliberally as technocratically is well aware such the 'illumination' of the pragmatics as of Lenin that 'the best way to control the opposition is to lead it', and has attained this at a geopolitical as global level in the 21st C., alas.

Attained under assistance of satanic technology?

Again, reference must be made to Iain Davis and his highly insightful diagramming of the public private partnership.

Consider the Corona Virus Crises in a geopolitical context and as clearly evidences a unipolar global authority emergent as revealed. If we are to believe the mass formational narrative of global hegemony it started in China, as did the policy of Lockdown, which was rapidly adopted with few exceptions throughout the world. A similar situation of single global response under World authority prevailed in the promotion and adoption of experimental gene therapy as the solution to the Corona Virus, to which it was, and still is claimed 'there is no alternative' (TINA) as a maxim of hegemony alongside 'Trust in Me' when it comes to the control and issue of medical currency. Alternative methods of treatment such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin supplements were all decried under a unipolar authority; and medical practitioners world wide retaining allegiance to the Hippocratic oath daring to propose same alternatives or to question the safety of experimental superceded m.RNA gene therapy, regardless their credentials, faced ridicule and loss of livelihood, if not loss of life as the case of Andreas Noack illustrates? Similarly the PCR testing for the virus was adopted globally. Those few political leaders who were openly sceptical of the coronavirus narrative were confined to African Nations, their 'happenstantial' as tragic deaths meriting a 'fact check' by no less than Reuters as 'too big to fail', indeed.

In a situation in which there were real political differences and genuine national sovereignty as a heterogeneity one would have expected such differences to lead towards different approaches and experimentation, rather than a unipolar lockstep march as a homogeneity evidencing a global power structure.

Consider the 'global leaders' and 'global shapers' of the World Economic Forum , all reading from the same script as an expression of unipolar power structure determined to effect a 'great reset' and 'build back what destroyed better'. Technocrats from all over the world attend Davos, where they are informed as to what the Global problems are, and what the solution to these problems are to be as 'cascaded' down to the lowly proles such as me and thee.

To hark back to Lewis Carrol, the term 'technocrats' is a euphemism for 'satanists'

("When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.' .)

Consider the remarkable concentration of wealth Globally, where it can be contended that but two or three companies operating transnational as globally control the economic infrastructure on a global basis. Such control over economic infrastructure was furthered by the destruction of so many SME's on said global basis as a result of 'lockdown' policies selectively applied .

Such consideration of a global unipolarity with a hidden agenda is furthered thru the new global crises of the Ukraine conflict under the mantra 'global problems demand global solutions'. It is difficult to calculate the 'knock on' effects of the economic sanctions in process of being imposed in lockstep and on a global basis as a 'solution' to the Ukraine crisis; what is certain is that there will be an austerity experienced polymorphous on said global basis which is highly congruent with a surplus population reduction agenda. Already the world is seeing increased energy prices and the generic disruption of manufacturing and transportation logistics; and it can be contended that the full explication or denouement of economic sanctions awaits. The choice to 'heat or eat' may well be superseded for so many of us deemed 'surplus population'- by way of no such choice form of inability to heat or eat?

'Empty shelves, no gas, no electricity, no fuel for car , no fertiliser, no food = surplus population reduction'?

We in the early 21 st C .are in the midst of an Satanically sponsored Apocalypse which is to result in Ecocide. Genocide rationalized as an 'R2P the planet ' is for suckers; deluded narcissistic man gods whom suckle at the teat of Baphomet, those twisted stateless bastards as can such the pathology lie to themselves that they are, as Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs/ the great vampire squid stated 'carrying out God's Work' - as they wreak 'profitable' havoc in a manner that Enron could look upon with awe. The real work satanic is Ecocide, such the 'Devil's Playbook''? Tomas de Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition was a mere 'enfant terrible' as satanic spawn goes vicious and twisted; nowadays such adult fully blown spawn of 'neoliberal religion' as Soros, Gates, Fauci, Bezos, Schwartz et al have the capacity to effect millions tortured to death such the mass formation technologically facilitated? The names above are as but of 'bagmen'; the real abominations as pull their strings are as have recourse to disguise as conjoining/co-practioning the 'greatest trick the devil ever pulled'?

Goodness knows how many people world wide are to die prematurely as a result of the economic chaos which global economic sanctions as unprecedented in geopolitical scale as an expression of the Ukraine crisis are to result in, such the dogs of war unleashed. Such global sanctions of ordo ab chao may prove to be an even more effective means of reducing surplus population than experimental gene therapy and adverse reactions; this given consideration of for example, an engineered global shortage of fertilisers in context of food production minimised, and the impact upon global transportation infrastructure which rapidly rising energy costs is inevitably to have. It almost seems that the globalization of the economy with outsourcing and transnational corporatism was designed to facilitate such deadly control and manipulation. This in conjunction with the globalization of agriculture meaning an additional power over food supply and production. Recently Bill Gates became one of the biggest owners of farmland in the USA, and such does not bode well as concerns philanthropic furtherance of the eugenical agenda thru the economic manufacture of scarcity on a global level?

The lunatics have taken over the asylum indeed.

While these small quarters are well aware of their powerlessness to reverse the trends detailed above the rationale for writing is to deconstruct and expose an agenda as would be hidden because it is such a monstrous abomination. The more people as see thru the lies and illusion the more the possibility that it can be resisted.

Stephen Martin can be reached at